Road Games (2015) Script



Should we stop?

Absolutely not.

We don't pick up hitchhikers.

You can't be serious. It's too dangerous.

Come on. Come on!

Calm down, or I'll make you calm down.


Get out of the car. No!

Are you all right? Hey! Hey!

I said, get out! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

What the hell do you think you're doing?

You want this guy? You're trying to pull a fast one on me?

I took you everywhere! I was at your beck and call!

Get out of here! Just go! You can keep that whore!

Asshole! Dickhead!

You're just a slut! Get out of here!

What a nightmare, this guy. I can't believe this.

Thank you.

This could have been really bad.

What are you doing here? I'm sorry, I don't speak French.

Are you English?


You speak English? But of course.

Oh. Are you all right?

It's nothing. I am an idiot.

What about you?

Oh, just a little accident.

So, do you know that guy?

No, I was hitchhiking, and he picked me up.

I don't know how you say it in English. Stop.

How do you...? Stop. You understand? Yeah. No.

My name is Véronique. Jack.

Where do you go, Jack? I'm just trying to get home.

To England? Hmm.

I've been down south, just hanging out.

I thought it was time to get back.

The journey should've taken me a couple of days, but the lifts just dried up.

Feels like I've walked halfway across France.

I know what that's like.

Life on the road.

What about you? You've been traveling long?

I'm always traveling.

It's good for the soul, you know?

Got to keep moving.

Yeah. I'm a bit of a restless soul myself.

Where you headed?

Wherever I can get to.

You don't have a home?

No. Not anymore.

I'm sorry.

One, two, three...


I win! Again.

What the fuck?

Come on! What is wrong with these people?

No, seriously, what the fuck?

I think it's because of the road killer.

I think it's because of the killer of the road.

How do you translate?

Road killer?

Yeah, you've heard of him? No.

He's famous, though.

He's a serious killer, like, um, Jack the Ripper.

You mean a serial killer.

Yeah, well, that's what I said.

They found corpses on the road, their throat slit.

Like, really bad things have been happening lately.

People are scared...

The whole area is terrified.

Like dead people on the road, do you understand?

You're not scared?

Of course I am. That's why I don't want to stay here.

Well, you know...

We need to help each other.

Ah? You speak French now?

A little.

I see.

I agree, it's better if we stick together. It's safer.

Safety in numbers, yes?

One, two, three...

Paper! Are you serious?

And why would you stop?

Do you want some...


Yeah. Thanks.

Do you want a chair?

At least, I hope this is what you mean...

Ah. "Do you want a chair?"

Yeah. Good.

I was practicing.

My signature.

What about you? Why don't you learn French?

Why don't you carry a bag?

It's a bit weird that...

To travel without bags?

Well, I lost them.

Lost them?

Actually, they were stolen... Oh.

In the train station in Nice.

Worst day ever.

Lost everything except my... passport.

Oh, come on.

Wait! Give it back.

I'm just looking.

Jack Withe. Born on August 12.

They don't like you smiling in those things.

I mean, what's wrong with a little smile?

They need to lighten up.

I look proper.

No. You look cute.

We were born a week apart.

I'm older.

Cool. Yeah, it's cool.

You're not afraid of me?


You're a good guy.

I can feel it.

How do you know I'm not a killer?

Come on in! The water is so nice! Come on!

It's great.

Wondered where you'd got to. Thought you just left.

Not yet. I'm not going anywhere.


I mean...

It's fine. Good.

Uh, you know how I told you that I lost my, um...


My girl...


Never mind. No, tell me.

What did she do? Did she steal your bags?

She just dumped me for my best friend.

That's not exactly a best friend.

We had this big plan... to meet in Nice and travel all across Europe.

Instead, I walked in on their... sweaty, naked bodies.

It was complicated.


Bad luck.

Like I said, worst day ever.

I can imagine.

I don't give a shit about that anymore.

You should forget about her.

Or she will stick to you like a bad odor.

Live in the present.

Do what you want.

You are free.

You're a nice kisser.

Do you understand?

Come on!

Come on, let's go! British reg.

Please tell me you're going to England. I am sorry.

I can take you as far as I can, but not so far.

Oh. I just thought with the registration plate...

The car? It's the car of my wife. She's English.

But do come in!

Véronique! You coming or what?

Your girlfriend?

Could you just give me one minute?



Let's go. Safety in numbers, remember?


You travel light.

All the way to England with nothing?

Long story. Well, then, you have to tell me the story.

I am interested. Where did it start, how does it end...?

Et cetera, et cetera.

Well, excuse me. Make yourself at home.

I thought it was a bit quiet.

What I really like is to listen to the sound of this car.

You know? This engine sounds beautiful.

What the...?

What was that? My God.

Stay in the car. I'll go see what it is.

What'd he say?

He said, "Stay in the car."

Sorry, I laugh from the nerves.

It's a rabbit.

It's crazy how many animals die on the road.

Poor thing.

Yeah, well...


As long as we're not stuck in a ditch.

I've known dumb ones, but as far as rabbits go, this one takes the cake.

Mistakes happen.

We should bury it.

You must be joking. I'll deal with it.

You must be hungry.

So we're going to eat some rabbit.


I haven't been to England for a long time.

It must have changed a lot.

What about you, miss? Which way are you going?


I was just wondering.

I was just wondering if you were going the same way.

Both of you.

It's plausible.

It's none of your business.

I don't know.

I have nowhere to go.

Fair enough.

Tired, right?

Well, it's getting late.

Weather may change.

It's not safe on the road in the night.

You can stay the night with me.

My wife likes to have English company.

That's very kind, but I've really got to get back.

I'm supposed to be visiting my parents. They'll be worried.

I understand. Parents worry. That's what they do.

What about you, miss? Your parents?

Dead. Both of them.

They're dead. Véronique, I'm so sorry.

Don't be sorry. It was a long time ago.

A long time.

That is very sad.


They are important.

Well, uh, Jack, here is my suggestion.

You come to my home, my wife will make, uh, good, uh, food.

You eat, you sleep, and tomorrow...

Tomorrow, I will take you where you need to go.

To Calais for the ferries.

You'll be home in the afternoon.

Sounds too good to be true.

But you know what... Oh, wait! I am such an idiot!

I forget completely, there is strike in Calais!

A strike? Mm-hmm.

No ferries.

Oh, I didn't know.

We'll figure something out.

Oh, yeah? And what is that?

You're going to swim across the Channel?

No, maybe better to come to my home.

And I will make you some nice, hot coffee.

Actually, I could kill for a cup of tea.


How very... English.

Ah! Damn it.

I've looked everywhere for it.

Why did I put it here?

Jack, this is a bad idea.

Let's just get some food and clean up.

We can leave after dinner, yeah?

I completely forgot where I put it.

Here. Please.

Thank you.

My wife will be very happy to see you.

Here we are, my house.

Mary, darling, look who I've brought home. Two young travelers lost on the road.

Our friend here is a young Englishman, Jack, and his friend is a poor... orphan with nowhere to go.

Come in.

Darling, would you show Jack his room?

Of course. Follow me.

And I'll show you yours.

I can carry that.

Monsieur said you were English.

Have you lived in France long?

Too long.

I lived in England for a while, before I ended up here.

But I am originally from the States.

My husband seems to forget.

Oh. It hasn't been used in a while.

Your visit is...


Good God.

I didn't have time to clean the room properly.

Well, why would I? I mean, you've only just arrived.


I hope you'll at least be comfortable.

Oh, believe me, anything beats sleeping rough.

Oh, but you mustn't do that.

It's very dangerous.

Yeah, so everyone keeps telling me.

But it's not every day you meet someone as kind as you, Madame.

You can call me Mary.

Well, thank you, Mary.

Is everything all right?

I don't know why I did that, um...


That's the word I was looking for.


Have a rest and freshen up.

I'll see if I can... find you some clean clothes.

We can have a chat later.

What do you think of this place?

It's cozy.

Cozy? Yeah.

What's your room like?

Who cares? Let's get out of this place.

I really don't like these people. No. They're all right.

I think they're just lonely.

Did you see how they were looking at me?

They're weird.

I don't trust them.

They didn't even give us the same room.

I think they're just a bit old-fashioned.

And why do you want to stay in the same room as me anyway?

I told you, I'm dangerous.

Youngsters, dinner is ready.

Oh, I'm just finishing up here.

As soon as you'll be ready.


To your good health! As we say in French.

My love. Bon appetit.

You know, my wife is an excellent, uh...

What's the word in English to say...

I'm afraid my English is... rusting.

Uh... Cook.

Of course! Cook.

It hits the nail right on the nose.

You mean, on the head.

You say tomato, I say open-heart surgery.

Is something wrong?

I don't usually eat meat.

Though it does look very good! Oh!

I'm sorry. I didn't know. Oh. Why didn't you say?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.

I'll take it off.

Are you vegetarian?

Yes. Oui.


Um, we have some salad.

No, it's fine, honestly. No.

Are you sure? No.

You don't know what you miss, young man.

In life, meat is... one of the most important... pleasure.

Not only pleasure, but, you know.

We say in France, you know...

It melts in your mouth.

Like truffle, chocolate. Chocolate truffle.

You should try. Try it.

Anyway, how can you imagine such a handsome boy... being a homme-lette?

Don't mind him, he's just... teasing.

Well, no, no, I am not.

What is wrong with you?

I would rather be a vegetarian than stuff my face with all the flesh that you eat.

Leave him be.

She speaks.


Oh, my God, what are you doing?

I'm sorry.

What's happening?

Is there any problem? Or what?

No. So, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, okay? That's it.

I really appreciate you taking us both in like this.

I mean, it feels like we've been hitching forever with this road killer business.

What did they call him?

"Le tueur de la route."

You've... you've heard of this killer?

Well, he's famous. He's a serious killer.

Serial killer.

I don't...

I don't want us to talk about it, okay?

It upsets my wife, you know.

They found a body close to here in the last weeks.

Young man.

Would be the same age as you.

I would rather talk about something else.


I just wondered, you know. It's kind of freaky.

He'd been cut up and buried in several pieces.

I'm sorry, darling! Oh!


God, I am so sorry. Oh! It's not your fault.

It's not your problem, no.

Everybody's upset.

People have lost their loved ones... in many ways.

What... what do they know about the killer?

Are there any leads?

Nothing. Nonsense!

That's not true.

Everybody knows around here that he's lurking, looking for his next victim.

I'm sorry, but everybody knows. Yes, that's true.

He only attacks the weak and the vulnerable.

Children, old people.

Women who travel alone.

And hitchhikers.

But anyway, you're safe here, you know.

Really, Jack, don't worry.

I'm sorry, I must assist my wife.

What the hell did you just say to him?

You're a pain.

You want one?

Look, I'm sorry, okay? Will you stop saying you're sorry?

You English spend your time apologizing. Why do you always apologize?

I don't want to argue with you. It's fine. Forget it.

How did you get that scar on your back?

I saw it in the shower.

Oh, my stepdad.

Mom's boyfriend, whatever.

We got into an argument when I was 12.

We were on a road trip in France, actually.

He lost it and hit me with a metal bar.

Got 10 stitches. Shit.

I hit him back, in the face.

He didn't bother me again after that.

Never actually told anyone about that before.

Well, my father never hit me, but...

I don't know. I never fought back.

How did they, you know...?

Sorry. No, no, it's okay.

They say it's good to talk about it.


When I was little, my brother and I would play hide-and-seek in the fields.


One day...

We went a little too far.


A tractor drove by.


It was too late.

The tractor... mauled my brother.

So, now, whenever I think about my brother, I see blood.


My mother always thought it was my fault.

Do you understand?

Do you understand? Yeah.

You have a brother, right?


It's silly, but I've never been to England.

Why don't you come with me, then? Really?


It's not just an empty suggestion?

No, it's not an empty gesture.

Seriously, come with me.

But just for the record, I really like France.

I wanted to do that since I first saw you.

Liar. Really.

What, when you saw me in the car with that weirdo?

Well, maybe it was just a minute after that.

See? I'm not lying.

I'm tired. I should go to bed.

I can't wait to get back on the road and get out of this weird place.


It's flashing outside.

You just missed it.

Good night, Jack.

Good night.

Are you all right? I'm fine.

Come here.

I'll be all right, really.

Thanks. It's the least I could do.

I'm sorry.

For what?



Don't be. It's not your fault.

Thank you.

What happened to you, Jack?

It's complicated.


It always is.

I like your tattoo, by the way.


From when I was young and free.

Like a butterfly.

Somehow, it seemed personal to me.

Like, a butterfly reminded me... of myself.

What can I say?

I was young.

You're still young.

And what's age anyway?

Help yourself to anything in the kitchen, Jack.

Make yourself at home.

What are you playing at?

What is all this melodrama?

Everything was going well.

You're going to ruin everything.

Why are you doing this?

I can't do this anymore!

Did you take your pills?

No. No! Fuck the medicines!

Fuck them!

The company that charters ferries across the Channel announces a day of strike and blockades.

Unions did not find an agreement with the leadership regarding a salary increase.

It will be the third day of strike... I didn't mean to disturb you.

You're not disturbing me at all.

Come in.

I'm happy to see you.

Passengers have been stuck for several days...

I'm sitting here in the dark, alone, by myself.

I'm afraid you can no longer go home.

I'm sorry?

Tomorrow, you'll have to stay.

What do you mean? The strike.

Oh, right.

By the look of things, the ferries will run again in two or three days, maybe, at the best.


But as I said, you stay here and make yourself comfortable.

I'm not sure.

I need to speak to Véronique.

We'll see more in the morning.

We say, "Tomorrow is another day."

No need to worry.

What are you doing?

I am looking for...

Let's see, a piece of cloth... of this size.

Yeah, right. I saw you looking at his passport.



That's hardly a crime, is it?

Anyway, he put it on the desk. It was just there.

I can't believe this.

You're not ashamed of going through other people's stuff?

I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse me.

I'm a bit of a night owl, you know.

Anyway, I think it's time to go to sleep now.

Now, following an unexpected turn of events, the police seem to think...

Beautiful house. Must get a bit lonely.

Just you two with all this space.

I like quietude. It's good for peace of mind.

What about your children?

Like a taste?

Ah! Just for my sake.

Just to taste it.

The police are concerned there may be a dozen other victims whose corpses haven't been found, and they are investigating cases of missing persons in the area.

We don't have children.

Such is life.

Some things you have, some things not.

I am happy to have a drink with you because my wife, she doesn't like to drink.

The police advise people not to pick up hitchhikers...

More than enough, thank you.

Meanwhile, temperatures are reaching a new high.

She claims it distracts her, and she can't focus on her painting.

But then she drinks wine.

My wife's artwork is all over the house.

Oh, I didn't even realize she was an artist.

She is very talented.

And you?

I am a composer.

I travel a lot, you see. So, it depends.

I am not always a composer. Sometimes.

It's a happy coincidence.

You two being artists.

What kind of music do you compose?

I don't believe in coincidence.

Just destiny, or inevitability.


And you?

Me? Sure. What do you do?

I'm not really sure yet.

I was thinking of studying archaeology.

I'm fascinated by what societies from the past have left behind.


But you know, that's really dangerous.

I knew you were one of those.

Prying, snooping around.

But, you know, some things should be left alone.

Some things are asleep and should stay that way.

Well, I don't mean to be rude, but...

I don't really understand what you're saying.

I should probably go and get some sleep.

Right. That's understandable. You've walked a lot.

And all this chatting is tiring, right?

We'll talk more about it tomorrow. Good night.

Good night. Hmm.

Keep your door... locked.


Oh, wow.

You're a vegetarian, Jack?


Ah, shit!


It's locked.

I was just looking for Véronique.

Oh. She left.


I said your friend is gone.

What do you mean, she's gone? She left.

She said to tell you good-bye and good luck.

No. I don't understand.

There's nothing to understand. She left.

And you should also leave now.

You said you'd give me a lift to Calais.

I'm afraid I won't.

I'm changing my plans.

Have you a phone I could use? No phone.

What's that you've got there?

What? Oh, this?


I'm just fixing things.

As you can see, this house is old.

There's always something that breaks, and I have to fix it.

Where is she? What have you done?

What are you talking about?


What are you worrying about?

No point.

Relax, Jack. Véronique?

Why? Véronique, Véronique... Véronique!

I told you. She left... Véronique.

Véronique! Calm down.


Véronique? Véronique!

Jack, what are you afraid of? Véronique!

Look, she left a note for you.

Read it!


Poor Jack, love is fickle.

But you're young, you'll get over it.

It's just...

Probably for the best.

Where's Mary?

Madame Grizard.

She's not here.

You must leave now.

Are you awake? I put you in the back with the animals because there was no room in the front.

You've reached your final destination, my poor man.


I made you some food.

What the fuck?

I hope you like rabbit.

I want to leave.

What? What is it?

Ah, sorry!

What the fuck?

Don't get all worked up, man. I don't speak English.

I am sorry.

Here. You see, this one, I am keeping for later.

Beautiful animal, right?


Yes. I've been doing this for 10 years.

The State pays me to do the dirty work nobody else wants to do.

Pick up road kill.

They don't understand, you see.

It's the best job in the world.

Yes, it is. I am being paid to eat.

But I can't eat it all. Right, Jeanne?

Sometimes, the poor things are in such bad shape that I can't do anything with them.

So, I bury them.

And then, sometimes, I stuff them, when they're not too damaged.

You see? Like this one.

Or this one.

It's pretty, isn't it?

You know...

Some people are ready to pay the big bucks to have stuffed animals.

Yes, yes.

Here you go.

Please, I don't understand.

I don't understand. Please!


I found you on the road, unconscious, lying on the ground like those dead animals.

I didn't see that coming.

Although, it's a nice change.

What are you going to do to me?

Yum, yum.

Eat. It's really good.

There you go.

Come on.

No, fuck off. Oh, yes, yes.

Come on, eat.

Well, shit. I invite you over for dinner, and this is how you thank me?

Oh, fuck!

Wait, please... Please!

Stop! No! Why are you doing this?

And why not? Huh?

Wait, don't move. Or I could cut your little toe.

Please. Please, don't do this. Please!

"Please don't do this." "Please don't do this."

Stop, stop! No!

What a fool you are.

I am not going to cut your little toe.

That would be pure cruelty.

"What did I do to deserve this?"

Is that what you were thinking?

There you are. It will do you good.

What, you're not eating?

No eat? Eat.

Come on.


Look at me.

That's it.

You're a good boy.

See, I knew you weren't a "homme-lette".

Here. Let me taste it.

Damn, it's so good.

Don't even think about it.

What do you mean...


No, no, no, no. Wait a second.

You know Grizard?

Shit, you should really see your face.

Poor little boy.

All right.

Say, I'll do you a favor.

I'll take you to the highway.

It's not that big of a detour, and I have to go by the Chabrol farm to finish the job.

You won't remember anything when you wake up.

You'll be back where you started.

On the road. Imagine that.

You shouldn't have pissed off Grizard, boy.

But since he didn't kill you, you must be strong.

Come here.


Damn it, the stove!

All right, let's finish this once and for all.

Where the hell did I put them?


This little punk is really in trouble now.

In any case, they don't pay me enough for this shit.

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? I need help!


Goddamn it. Where did he go?

At least we have his picture.

We really scared him, huh?

What are you doing?

Something must be done.

Listen to me!

The only thing we need to do is go to town in order to get some pills.

And then what?

You think everything will suddenly be fixed?

When are you going to wake up and be realistic?

This is a terrible, awful mess!

There's no way out!

Not this time.

We'll never get out of it.

It wasn't so...

It will be a hazy memory for Jack at the most.

I spoke to Delacroix less than half an hour ago.

And everything was under control.

Ah, shit.

We can go and check on them on the way.

No, I don't want to do that.


Fuck! What have they done?

Jack, they said you left! It was a nightmare!

I'm such a fool. I should have listened to you.

They told me you had left! No! They tried to trick me.

I knew it. I knew you wouldn't leave me.

You're so sweet.

Where are those fucking weirdoes?

They've left. I don't know where to.


You need to cut this thing.

It's going to be all right. I feared you...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


They're back. We have to get out of here!

That girl cannot leave this house.





What the fuck are we going to do?

Drive. Just keep driving.

We need to call the police. Jack, there's no time.

We need to go very far, very quickly.

Shit! I am losing it.

This is all my fucking fault! Jack, please don't say that.

It's not your fault.

I should've listened to you from the beginning.

How am I so naive? I thought they were nice people.

I'm always so fucking wrong!


He's trying to run us off the road. Can't believe it!

Be careful, for God's sake!

Leave me alone. I know what I am doing.

Leave it to me.

This is nuts!

Come on! This bloody engine!

Jesus! What the fuck are they doing?

Come on.

What the fuck are you doing, you sick people?

Are you crazy?

Fuck, something's wrong!

Look out, Jack! Oh, shit!

Jack, are you all right? We have to get out of here!


Come on. What happened?

Come with me.

We are cursed.

Don't ever forget how much I love you, no matter what happens.

They won't go very far on foot.

Running away is pointless.

What the fuck are you doing? Go away!

Come on, what are you waiting for?


I knew this would happen.

I knew it, didn't I?

It's out of control! What are we supposed to do?

Calm down, my love. Calm down.

I am calm! Don't tell me to be calm!

You English people aren't so strong after all.

Just unlucky.

What's with you and all the bad luck, seriously?

Ah, I don't know.

It can't be all that bad, though.

I met you, didn't I?

Ah. Oh.

Oh, God.

Are you okay?

Everything's going to be okay.

Is anyone in here?

Who is there?

I've had enough of your nonsense.

Get out of there.

I have a knife that cuts, and I know how to use it.

Stay here. Don't worry.

What are you doing here?

I knew I heard someone.

Are you crazy? Fuck.

I can't believe you did that.

Leave us alone!

Stop playing with that thing.

It's dangerous. Come on, put it down.

Leave us alone!

Come on, little girl. Calm down. That's enough.

Leave us alone!

Come here.

Hey. Don't you fucking touch her.

No, no, no. Wait, wait. Stop it.

Don't do anything stupid.

Help me, please.

Help me.

Fuck. Shit.

Fuck, my head really hurts.

Jack? Jack!

God. It hurts like hell!

Help me.

Help me.

We're talking about flesh.

Flesh and blood. Do you hear me?

You're listening, but you won't hear.

No! You listen to me, but you don't hear me!

Come out!

We know you're in there! Shit. Shit.

Come out! Come out!

He didn't want to play with me.

But you want to play with me, Dad, don't you?

What did you do with the boy?

This is the last time I can do this for you.

I hope you understand.

I said it was an accident.

How many times have I heard you say that?

Why won't you believe me? He tripped and fell.

Yeah, right. And as usual, Daddy has to clean it up.

I am Mr. Clean, right?

I'm sorry, Daddy.

Listen to me. Get out of the car!


I said, get the fuck out of the fucking car!

I thought you said he ran away.

I can't believe it. Get out of the fucking car!

Give me the keys!

Don't fucking move. Don't fucking move.

You don't know what you're doing!

Oh, really?

Shall we see, shall we?

Please... Shall we fucking see?

Please, put the gun down. Let's talk. Yes! We can explain everything.

I know everything. You're trying to make her one of your mannequins.

You sick fucks! No, Jack, you have to understand.

All of this, I was trying to protect you. Stop talking!

Yes, Jack, there's something I've been... Shut the fuck up!

Tie them up!

Get down! No.

This is going way too far, darling.

Oh, yeah? Too far?

Then, you shouldn't have come!

It's your own fault.

Sooner or later, they will find out if you keep doing this.

Jack! Shut up!

You won't always get away with it!

No! Véronique!

I've been wanting to do this for so long.

You have no right to do this to us, baby.

I am not a baby anymore.

And now, of course, you're interested in what I do. That's too easy.

Come here. Don't talk to those lunatics.

So, what are you going to do now? Are you going to kill us? Kill me?

Is that it? You want to kill your mother and I?

I am leaving with him. I can't live like this anymore.

What's gotten into you?

Shut up, damn it!

Shut up.

Dad, I love you.

I love you, but I hate you.

You will never understand.

Why? Why? Because I can't take it anymore.

I can't be stuck in this idea anymore.

I am going crazy with you two!

You don't help me.

You can't help me.

For a long time, I hoped you would stop.

But I must admit it, you're crazy.

Shut up. Shut up, okay?

Yes, you're crazy.

Shut up! Shut up!

You will never stop.

I try to get away, but I always come back.

This time, it's over. I won't come back.

You will never stop.

Never. That's the problem.

You are a killer.


Listen to me. That's enough.

Don't forget that we are...

That's enough. Listen to me.

I know you will do it again.

You need me. We are your only family.

Listen to me!

Don't leave! I don't want you to leave.

Do you understand? I will do anything for you.

One, two, three.


Free, at last!

I couldn't have done this with anyone else.

Only you.

What did you say?

You brought me back to life.

"You brought me back to life?"

I love it when you speak in French.

"Tu me fais revivre."

You're so beautiful when you speak in French.

You have to teach me.

A little bit every day, okay?


What was that?


Just something I don't need anymore.

Calais? Just drive.

But where are we going? Anywhere!

Anywhere but here.

Shouldn't we go back to your family?


They'll be worried, no?

No. They never have.

Anyway, I feel safe here.

With you.