Road to Salina (1970) Script




What is it?

Come with me. Comandante, I can't go back there.

Don't need them.

So you claim you're not Rocky Salerno?

No, I'm Jonas Armstrong. I'm not Rocky Salerno!

Since when haven't you been? I've never been!

When I got here I was broke.

I needed a job.

That's why I took the road to Salina.

Want to go to Salina? Yeah, if it's no bother.

I thumbed a couple rides.

I'd walked almost 10 miles and I was pretty beat.

That's when I saw the house.

All I wanted was water.

Maybe sleep in the shade a while.

Sooner or later a truck or car headed for Salina had to pass.


Rocky! Hey, I just wanted some water.

My darling boy.

My son, my little boy.

My darling. Senora.

I knew you'd come back. Senora!

What's the matter?

I knew it, I knew it! Alright.

She thought I was her son. And I thought she was crazy.

What harm could there be in pretending a couple hours.

Or even a day or two.

It made her happy.

Besides I was hungry and tired and didn't know anywhere else to go.

You look tired. Get some sleep and then we'll talk.

It's exactly the way you left it. Nobody's changed anything.

I'll get some sheets.

Warren's here.

I told him you'd come back and he wants to see you.

Oh come on. After you left he was very nice to me.

I'm tired, I need to sleep. Can't I see him tomorrow?

We're waiting. Be quick.

Mara, how can I help you with your books, if you don't keep any.


Do you think he's changed, Warren?

Been four years. At his age a man can change a lot.

And he's a man now.

Mara always said you'd come back some day.

Yes, yes I did.

Well, speak up boy, say something. You talk less than before, if possible.

Give him a little time to get used to us again.

D'you want something to drink? Got any beer lad?

How much? It's all on the house.

Oh, no, no! I'm buying this drink. We are celebrating your homecoming.

That's the price.

No, no nothing's changed. Still the same drawer.

Remember, that's it.

It's good to see her happy again.

When you left she nearly went mad, without saying anything, never writing.

Everyone thought you were dead. The police even investigated.

Now that you're back, everything will be as it used to be.

You understand what I mean?

We're getting it Mara. Come on boy.

He's about your age. There've been several boys like this, passing through.

She took them for her son.

They all laughed at her. Now you've come, it's over.

She won't cry any more.

But you're not to go away again. That's all.

Pretty soon Warren went home and I was alone again with Mara.

Then she began asking me questions. I didn't have to lie too much.

I'd bummed around a lot, so most of what I told her was true.

No one cam around for two days. I felt almost secure.

Two days? What happened on the third?

That's when things really got started.

I'm not too early?

I'm thirsty.

Billie! Rocky's back.

Did you hear me? He's come home. Yes.

Is that all the reaction I get?

Be nice to him. I'll go get him.

Your sister's here.

Did you hear me?

Billie just got in. Come on lazy bones, get up.

That was four years ago. Fight's forgotten, isn't it?

Yeah, I guess so.

You know I...

When you left, I thought it was because of her.

I treated her badly for a long time.

D'you tell her I was here? Yes.

What'd she say? Just... Yes.

Like it happened every day.

Neither one of you is easy to handle.

If you take the first step, everything will turn out just fine.

Hurry up.

Well, all good things end.

A crazy mother I can handle.

But a sister who knows what's what. That complicates things.

So, I saddled up.


D'you want to go for a ride? Sure.

Rocky, your breakfast is ready.

Later. I should have expected it.

When you two get together, I'm always left alone.

Don't be long.

Come on. I want you to meet a friend of mine.

Here? Why not?

It's good to see you Billie. You look as bright as the sunshine.

My brother, has just come back. I already know it.

The police are very clever in Salina.

Warren? Yes he came by yesterday. Won't you please come in?

Come on in. why didn't you come over to see me the other night?

I really miss you.

I couldn't figure Billie at all. I was a little worried.

Why was she taking me to your office?

I was sure she was playing a game.

She hadn't said a word to her mother, but had taken me straight to the police.

Well, I was wrong. Things couldn't have been more relaxed.


You say your predecessor had been investigating my disappearance.

You called for the file. Bring me the file on Rocky Salerno.

It didn't look good for me now.

Even if Rocky and I were twins, a 4 year old picture would show differences.

But you were a lot more interested in Billie than the old file.

It's not important.

By the time we left, you were convinced Rocky Salerno was home.

I think the Comandante likes you. He likes my body.

When he's happy, I feel safe..

It's better to be with the police than against them.

The cop who was here before him nearly drove us crazy.

Remember when we used to come here?


It seems like it was only yesterday.

After you left I came here often. Imagined you were still with me.

Swim? I haven't got a suit.

Since when do you need a suit?

Think I've changed very much? No.

You've not noticed I've become even more voluptuous?

What's going on? A homecoming celebration for Rocky.

Ed bought everything.


The driest martinis you've ever tasted. You've run out of martini.

You're terrific Get away, you're too old for me.

Come on this is a celebration, remember. Let's get with it.

Get 'em in here. Come on honey.

Let's have a "here's to toast". and since I bought the gin, I'm first.

Here's to your being back, Rocky.

Here's to right now.

And here's to... May you never go away again.

Here's to all of you. To Rocky!

I've been meaning to talk to you.

It gets very lonely out here.

You need someone to look after you.

I know how much older I am.

But what else is there for us out here? Or anywhere?

They dance well together don't they?

They always did.

I remember when they won the dance contest in Salina.

I can still see that photograph when they accepted the prize.

Things were working out fine for me.

What worried me was Rocky's picture. The real Rocky.

But everybody took me for him, So I relaxed.

I must have really looked like this guy.

We even wore the same size... almost.

So, little by little, I became Rocky.

Should have called me I'm used to doing it.

Where's Billie? Oh, she left early.

You know where she went? I'm lucky if she says good morning.

Too hot? No it's fine.

Sorry, I was afraid it would get cold.

By the way, that picture of the dance contest?

Where is it? Billie has it.

I asked her to give it back but she wouldn't.


Well after you left, she had a fit and she burned all your pictures.

She regretted it and took and two or three I had.

And she won't give them back?

Everything for Billie and nothing for anyone else. Remember?

Here we are, just like we used to be.

My last memory of you was in this room.

You stormed out, slammed the door. I didn't see you for four years.

You'd smell good if it weren't for that lousy shaving lotion.

I never did like it.

It's as it nothing happened.

Want to know the truth? Yeah.

You're very lucky to have a sister like me.

And you?

I'm lucky too, that goes without saying. You're luckier.

How's that? I'd never leave you alone for 4 years.

How long then?

Certainly not less than... ten years.

But really never.

Children! Dinner's ready!

We're coming!

I'd become a different person, almost. I liked it there.

I was secure, calm, maybe even a little happy.

But every now and then, I wondered what I'd do if the real Rocky turned up.

It couldn't possible get any hotter.

But then... the temperature'd rise.

Billie made it a habit now to have a siesta, every day, in my room.

So it's starting all over again. Just like before.

Someone step on your grave?

What's the matter?

Wanna go somewhere else?

Did I do something?

What're you afraid of?


What's going on? Why?

All the people. It's Wednesday.

Tired? A little.

Happily there are market days, or there's be no one here at all.


Would you mind if I asked you a question?

Have you seen Linda?

You haven't seen her again?

Come and sit with me for a while.

Poor Linda.

I thought at first you went away with her.

But no. She's still around.

The fit Billie threw when you brought her here, scared her half to death.

Poor Linda.

She hasn't lived with her father for almost two years.

I wonder if she still thinks about you?

You won't leave again? Ever? No.


I think I'll take a little siesta.

Sleep well. In this heat?

Can I help? Don't bother.

Let me give you a hand with that. Thank you.

What happened to Linda?

You mean my Linda?

Mara says she hasn't seen her in a couple of years.

You still think of her.

You're something you are.

Yes. I see her now and again. She runs a restaurant in Salina.

Where? Near the salt works, by the harbour.

The sign in front is a windmill.

Linda was the first person who hadn't recognised me.

Go on.

I began to believe I looked more like Rocky than he did.

But it wasn't true.

The whole thing was more mysterious than ever.

Hey, where were you? Just travellin' around.

Where d'you go? Salina.

You might have told me.

Goodnight honey. Sleep well, happy dreams.

Good night.

I didn't sleep that night. I kept trying to sort it all out.

Linda hadn't recognised me so I didn't look like Rocky.

Yet everyone accepted me as him. Why?

Why hadn't Warren said anything?

OK. Mara was crazy, but Warren? And Billie?

What kind of game was she playing?

I began to suspect I'd been caught in some kind of trap. But how?

Could you help me?

There wasn't any doubt about it now.

We didn't look alike at all.

Still pouting?

Where you been?

I felt like driving around.

You heard anything about Linda?


Didn't Mara tell you about her?

She moved into town.

Why did she leave?

Don't know.

Give them to me! You had no right to steal them.

It's Rocky isn't it?

I want to know what's going on!

I did it for Mara.

She was so sad and lonely before you came.

It made her so happy. And me too.

Besides you do look like him. I don't look like him at all.

Yes, more than you know.

No. Why?

Things are different now. Nothing's different.

I'm not different.

Who are you? Just me.

Why d'you come here?

I was just passing through.

I would have left.

But I met you.

My name is Jonas.

Billie! Come out and help me. No, leave us alone.

I need you both. Come out here and help me.

Sorry, we don't feel like it.

Make love to me Rocky.

Are you happy? Yeah.

Are you homesick?

You know...

It might be better if I left.


In Mara's mind, I'm your brother.

It just isn't fair to her.

It'd be worse if you left.

I wanted to see Linda again. Talk to her this time.

But when I told Billie I wanted to see Salina, she insisted on coming along.

What d'you want? A beer!

Anything else.

I'm a friend of Rocky's Where is he? Right now?

When did you see him last? Not too long ago.

That's a little strange. But then, so was he.

Did he say why he went away like that? Yeah.

I've been made a fool of a lot since then, but...

He was the first.

And he did it good. What happened?

He never told me. It's so unoriginal I'm ashamed to say.

I was jilted.

I looked a little better then. Less make-up, not quite so worn out.

I'm still a hell of a good looking girl. but then I was fresh.

But we had a date, going to run away together, elope.

I waited on that road for hours. Even after it got dark.

Nobody came.

Finally I had to go back, took my suitcase and went back in.

I never got to talk about it before. Who's to listen.

Most guys don't want any talk. They pay and get it over with.

No please go on. I'd like to hear it.

Nothing to tell. My father slapped me so hard he knocked out a tooth.

Then, I heard Rocky was gone. I couldn't believe it.

I had the police investigate. Nothing! I never heard from him again.

Did he send you to talk to me, No.

Better not. If he thinks he can come trotting back whenever he wants to...

You know, I think he made it with his sister.

How much? Two pesos.

What were you doing in there? Having a beer.

With that slut?

I just wanted to see what she looked like.

Come on Mara, it's your turn.

What is it Mara? Something wrong?

Nothing. I know you better than that.

Something's troubling you. No. I'm very happy.

Look, you wanted Rocky back. He's here.


I know they go off and leave you alone a lot.

But, Mara...

I'm here... And I'm alone too

Perhaps one day they'll leave this little place.

Go away for good.

No! Never!

You can't stop them.

I think I'd better leave.

Hi Rocky, Everything OK? Sure.

Good night. Good night.

Another fight?

Nothing serious? I don't think so.

I'm worried.

Why? When you two fight...

After the last one...

I didn't see you for four years. Hey, I'm not going to leave you.

Are you sure? Sure.

You know... it's funny.

I tried to remember what happened that last day.

All the little things.

It's a... a sort of blank spot in my memory.

I just can't do it. But that's normal, you were upset.

Don't worry about it. Yeah, but I do.


Maybe if you told me what happened, I'd remember.

I can tell you what I saw.

It was early.

And I was playing solitaire.

As usual.

There's no possible future.

I'm leaving. That's final..

Don't go!

No, Billie!

It's alright Billie, it's alright.

He's leaving!

He won't leave you honey. He'll come back.

Now stop crying. Stop it.

Billie didn't come back until after dark.




And that was all.

Next morning Billie went out early.

I went for a walk hoping I'd run into her.

But it was Warren I met.

I was glad to see him away from the house.

I wanted to ask him. Why he was pretending that I was Rocky.

Why he was helping me try to discover the truth.

Why he sent me to Linda's.

Are you alone today? Yeah.

I come by here often.

You and Billie been coming here for years.

But suddenly another piece of the puzzle fell into place.

In fact... the last time I remember seeing you was here.

Four years ago. he very day you left. The day I left?

What time? In the afternoon. Don't you remember?

You were here, stretched out on the sand with your head in Billie's lap.

Nice pillow.

I guess you didn't see me. More likely you didn't want to.

You used to hold it against me? No.

Just someone else in love. Was he hoping to use me in some way?

And why?

I decided to continue playing his game.

Lonely in these parts. We're here.

Yes There's Mara.

Was Mara his sole motive for acting in this way?

Drive you back? Thanks, I'd rather walk.

Billie lied, saying she saw Rocky last, when he left, slamming the door.

That morning.

She lied because that afternoon she was with him on the beach.

I had to know why.

But when I got back, Billie wouldn't even talk to me.

That was the day Charlie arrived.

Yeah, I need some water.

Rocky, wanna fill it up?

Hey Jonas, what're you doing here? Cool it will you.

So your name's Rocky now?

I'll tell you later. OK. What are you doing in this hole?

Long story. Jesus!

Talk about a coincidence. Look, this is a million to one shot.

Here, meet some of my friends. Hey look here, it's a buddy of mine.

Last person in the world I'd expect to find here.

Paul, Ellie, Pat, Siarra. This is Rocky Jonas.

Hey why don't we get something to eat here?

Is that alright with you? Yeah, I guess so.

If you like, I can fix some dinner? That's great.

It's been a real long day.

Are you and Rocky really good friends? I'd say we are. Right Rocky?

We've had a lot of good times together. And maybe one or two bad ones.

He's a good man, Rocky. He's a real good man.

Where'd you meet him? Well, we met up in Silverstone.

Travelled a long haul together, without a cent.

And now to meet up in this one hell of a hot box.

Bad it is, isn't it.

My sister.

You told me you didn't have any family. That you were an orphan.

Things have changed.

This is Charlie, an old friend.

The food's almost ready.

This'll keep you patient. Delicious.

I see why you're staying in this dump. You always were the quiet type.

Personally I'd stay for that reason right there.

Honestly what is keeping you here?

Why don't you come with me, I've got a few bucks now.

I don't think so Charlie.

Look, I need someone I can trust. Someone I can talk to.

They're just along for the ride, for the dough. that's all.

No I'll stay.

I wanted to accept Charlie's offer and go. Drive away and never look back.

But I couldn't.

Billie was all that mattered to me now.

Rocky, are you listening?

Come on laugh, he's funny.

Are you sure you won't go? Yeah, I'm sure.

Are you sure? Yeah.

OK, but don't lose too much weight in this steam bath.

So long y'all.

You look pale.

I'm going to leave, Billie.

You've had too much to drink. No, I really mean it.

Charlie asked me to go with him tonight.

I said no.

I've changed my mind, I've had enough of these lies.

And me?.


You and me?

I was afraid to ask.

You know, he was supposed to leave with Linda.

She's a liar.

I think he really loved her.

He didn't love her, he loved me.

Did you love him?

Did you sleep with him?

Did you?

Tell me, I want to know.

Did you?

Of course.

Why did he go like that?

Without saying anything.

Did he go to Warren's place?

That's where he was going. Did you follow him?


I think you did.

I didn't follow him. I went looking for him.

Did you find him?

I didn't find him.

You're still lying.

The last time you saw him was in that room?

Yes. Yes, that's what you told me.

Only that was in the morning. Bastard.

And Warren saw the two of you lying on the beach that afternoon.

Rocky's head in your lap.

I killed him.

No, Billie!

Where are you going?

Billie, don't do that.

Please don't leave me. Please!

But I've got to.

You don't have to.

Why do you have to? I can't stay. You know that.

I love you Let me go.

You have me! You love Linda!

You're leaving with her. Yes.

Why is she better than me? That's enough.

Take me with you. No!

There's nothing more to say.

Where d'you bury him?

The reservoir of the gas pump.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

What's to do?


Even at night.

Even at night!

What's wrong?

Don't do this to me again Rocky! I'm not Rocky and you know it.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Mara would have done anything not to be left alone.

I waited for Billie all afternoon.

But she didn't come.

She never came into my room again.

Billie wouldn't even look at me any more.

She stayed away from the house. More and more.

Longer and longer.

Some days I didn't see her at all.

She was driving me up the wall...

and she knew it.

I just couldn't figure it out. What have I done?

We were so close.

Maybe she was just pretending to... be indifferent.

To make me want her more.

Hell, it was working.

Or, there could have been someone else.

She could have told me.

If she was playing a game, I could wait it out as long as she could.

But she wasn't playing.

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to see her again.

I just wanted to talk to her.

Make her tell me what was wrong!

Man, I would have done anything for that girl.

Anything she wanted.

I'd like to have a talk with you.

I haven't time.


Don't touch me.

What's the matter with you?

You smell bad.

I love you.

I don't love you.

I love you Billie.

You already said that. Tell me what wrong.

Talk to me!

I can't stand the sight of you.

You're lying.

Don't be ridiculous.

You mean nothing to me.

I wanted you to be Rocky.

But you're nothing like him at all.

Nothing! That's enough.

Not quite.

I believed you were him.

I believed you'd come back.

Everything was the way it had been.

But you weren't satisfied.

You had to know everything.

You had to kill him again. Be quiet.

I love him.

You killed him! Be quiet.

I should have known how stupid and mean you are.

Shut up!

Shut up!

I've killed her.

Where are you going?

What are you going to do? The police.

No, you can't do that!

No, you can't. Please, no, Rocky.

Rocky. Rocky, no... Rocky!


We won't say anything. We'll hide her.

Tell everyone she went away. That she went away.

I know where to hide her.


Don't leave me alone.


Don't leave me alone again...