Rob the Mob (2014) Script

Right there.

What, the liquor store?

No, the flower shop. Valentine's Day, baby.

Aw, sweetie.

Guess what? What?

I love you.

Why the fuck would you say... I told you!

It's Valentine's Day. I told you, that's bad luck.

Why do you always do that? I'm superstitious!

You know I'm fucking superstitious. Sorry.

You look nice. Really?

Yeah. Like, what do you mean?

Like handsome. You look handsome. Really?



May I help you?

Uh, how much is a dozen roses?

Twelve for fifteen.

Fifteen dollars a dozen? Fifteen dollars a dozen.

Can I get a dozen for twelve?

No. You can have twelve for fifteen, and I'll put this pretty card in with it.

Yeah. Give me a card.

What do I write on the card?

Give me all the cash in the cash register.

Don't move! Don't move!

Don't move, lady.

Don't move, all right? I don't want to hurt anyone.

Open the cash register.

Hurry up, come on. Is this all?

It's Valentine's Day. What kind of fucking business are you running here?

Happy Valentine's Day, you fuck!

Oh, shit.

You got me flowers!

Fucking drive!

Ms. De Toma, this is your first offense.

Because your brother is a transit officer, I'm giving you the minimum sentence, but if I ever see you in my courtroomagain... Can I get a tissue?

I promise you I will not be so lenient.

Your sentence is three months at the Rose M. Singer...

Don't fucking touch me.

With one year probation.

Don't... - Quiet, please.

I am quiet! Mr. Uva... quiet!

I am! Mr. Uva...

This is your second time here.

Excuse me, Your Honor, can I approach the bench?


Can I talk to you for a second?

I would like a new lawyer.

Tommy, can we talk for a second?

With no possibility of probation.

Please... Baby! Baby!

Get them out of here! Get them both out of my...

Get the fuck off of her, you fucking asshole!

Fuck you! You fucking happy now?

Hello, my name is Robert, and I'm calling from the Lux Et Veritas Collection Agency.

Mrs. Demarest? How are you doing?

You feeling better?

Oh, your dog's sick?

Oh, that's too bad.

Yeah, fleas are the worst. Listen... are you ready to make some payments?


Lady, I don't give a rat's ass about your dog, all right?

Either you make your payments, or I'm going to garnish your wages and you'll be so broke you'll have to eat your fucking dog.

Oh, you found the check? Oh, miracles happen.

Thank you for your business.

Good morning.

Hey, Rosie, good morning. I love your style.

Thank you. And I think you've got a real future here.

Yeah? Can I just make one comment?

Okay, I know. The F-bomb, shouldn't have thrown it.

That, too. Yeah.

But I think... I'd like you to try to think of these people as your friend.

Okay. All right?

"A positive spin will always win."

Oh, my goodness, look at you.

Um, Mr. Lovell?

Oh, yeah...

Sorry. My boyfriend Tommy, he's been away.

I know that one. Yeah...

He's a real hard worker and he really needs a job.

Because he wants to do the spin.

Positive spin. Positive spin.

Is he willing to advance his pants?

I am!

Then I might just give him a second chance.

Oh, look it! Who are you?

Mr. Lovell, what are you, a poet and a dancer, too?

You know, I know I had some money in here.

I had some money in here, sir. Is it...

Look, I don't expect to get my money back, but could I get a bus pass please?

Wow! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Yeah, baby!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yeah, baby. Yeah, baby.

You miss me, baby?

You know I did. How much?

A lot. A lot a lot?


But you were bad though.

With other boys, right?

Yeah, right. You know it's only you.

Come on, you can tell me. No.

Don't ever fucking tell me.

Zero. I don't want to know.

Always. Come on.


I'm clean.

And, you know, I want a fresh start.

Yeah, me too. We got to cool it with that shit.

Yeah. Fresh start.

We got a brand new life. Yeah.

We're getting old. No.

Yeah. I mean kind of.

I got a job.

You did? Really? Mm-hmm.

What are you doing?

I'm working at a collection agency.

That's very exciting. Yeah.

Hey, and if you want, I can talk to my boss.

His name is Mr. Lovell, and he's real sweet, you know?

I don't really think that's for me.

No, baby. No.

Well, why don't you think about it?

Well, I can think about it.

I mean, I thought about it.

And? I don't think it's for me.

Ten years ago, I was in your very shoes.

Fresh off a stint and looking for a new start.

Wait, you did time?

Seven months at Otisville.

It was actually one of my better business ideas.

What I'd do was I would send out these fake invoices to all the big companies, and if it was under a thousand bucks, they wouldn't check them out.

I netted 800 grand until Uncle Sam caught me.

That's genius. Thank you.

I feel small-time.

But what I realized after I paid my debt to society...

You can't vote anymore. One.

Is that everyone deserves a second chance.

You know, I always say that.

Yeah. That's why I hire ex-cons, like Rabies over here.

Hey, meet Tommy. New guy.

Hey, what's up, man?

Sex offender, but actually a nice guy.

So you only hire ex-cons?

Well, I hire people who have been abandoned by society.

Yeah. By everyone but me.

Yeah. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

Yeah, I'm not ashamed.

Oh, say it again.

Say... I'm not ashamed. Yes, say it again.

I'm not ashamed. Louder.

I'm not ashamed.


I'm so proud of you.

Welcome back.

Oh, my God!

My name is Tommy.

I'm calling from the Lux Et Veritas Collection Agency.

I'm sitting here, not so thrilled, because you owe me $4500. What do you know about that?

Rich people, you know what they do.

They pay lobbyists to write the fucking laws.

Let's... Hey, let's cross.


What, for them?

Tommy, in this neighborhood you give those guys space.

Arguing that Gotti was responsible... for other murders as well...

Bunch of greasy old guys coasting on their reputations.

Bullshit. They used to fuck with my father every day.

They would humiliate him because he borrowed money to start his flower shop.

They were all fucking rats. Even before RICO.

Who's RICO?

If you see it, then you will...?

Live it! You will...?

Buy it! Be it.

Be it! I was going to say it.

If you see it, you will be it!

If you see it, you will be it! Yes! Be it!

Yeah, look at that.

Little miss pretty pants in the front row.

Are you calling me? Yes, hello.

How you feeling? Good.

What you got going on?

I'm ready to believe it.

Believe it!

Achieve it! Achieve it!

Succeed it.

All right, take Tommy.

Tommy baby, how you're feeling.

Where's Tommy?


Yeah, I'll be right there.

Tommy. Hey, Bobby.

Hey. How you doing?

Hey, it's good to see you. Good to see you.

You look good. Yeah, you too.

You look real good.

Actually, how-how long you been out?

A little bit now. Like a month, you know.

I'm just... I'm getting organized.

So was it a h-hard time, or...?

No time is easy time. - Yeah, sure.

Hey, so is Mom around?

Uh, nah...

She's not here? Mm-mm.

All right, because I wanted to talk to her.

All right, you'll tell her I stopped by, right?

Yeah, sure I'll do that. Look at this, I've still got it.

Hey, you know what? So I moving in with my girlfriend, Rosie.

That's good. I really want you guys to meet.

I was figuring that, you know...

I thought that maybe the three of us could get a beer.

Okay, yeah. Well, you know, not now you know.

It's just been crazy, crazy busy. Crazy busy, yeah...

Crazy, crazy busy. Crazy.

Yeah, well I didn't mean like right now.

No, sure. You know, when you're free.

Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

Oh, Jesus. What?

I haven't seen this picture in so long.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah... Look at that. You remember that?

Yeah, yeah...

Well, you know, things change.

You know, Bobby, I was thinking...

You know, maybe I could come back.

Yeah? We could turn this into something, you know?

We could get it making some money, I think.

You know, with some help.

You know, I mean... yeah, I could talk to Ma, you know.

Would you talk to her?

I mean, I can't make any promises, but you know...

That'd be amazing if you could talk... Bobby?

I need you to recut these and add some more...

Hey, Ma. pink to them, please.

And I need some help in the back.

Hey... Ma, seriously?

You're not even going to say hello?

Yeah. Hello.

What do you need? Money?

No, I... I don't need anything. I just...

When do we see you, huh, Tommy?

Either you need bail or you're in trouble.

Come on, Ma. Stop it.

You come around only when you need things and then you leave, and you go on again, and it's bye-bye.

And then I'm stuck here every night wondering if the next time I see you, I'm burying you.

Don't say that.

All right? I just... Things are going to be different, all right?

I'm doing better. I'm picking up the pieces.

Go. Ma?

- Bobby, go back to work. Okay.

You know next week, maybe we could grab that beer. Yeah?

Yeah. Yeah. I want to do that, you know. Okay.

You know, I want you to meet Rosie.

Yeah, Rosie. Yeah.

We can start your payments at 25 a month.

Yeah. You're welcome.

You're dealing with a bureaucracy, right.

So you got to think like a bureaucrat.

I'm going to tell you what to do. You listening to me?

You fill out the slip.

Right? You send it in.

But you don't put any money inside, right?

Then you call, and you raise hell.

"Yeah, I paid you. I paid you. Don't you have the slip?"

And they say, "Yes, we have the slip but we don't..."

And then you say, "Well, you lost my check!"

I'm telling you, it's going to buy you like six months.

I'm serious.

Positive thinking!

I can't believe how old Bobby Pills got.

And he just walks in with the houndstooth jacket and I'm like Jesus!

That's not Bobby Pills, that's Tony. That's Tony Caruso.

- That's Tony Caruso.. Yeah, Tony's the snake.

He's always changing it. That's why he got the nickname Slippery.

They couldn't find him, ever. Right.

When they'd finally tag him, he'd have the perfect alibi.

His wife got on the stand and said, "Yeah, Tony couldn't have whacked Jimmy

"because every Friday night, Tony's with his mistress."

- And his wife said it? His wife told them that, yeah.

All right, I'm going to go back up.

That man. John Gotti.

I do what he says, when he says.

He tells me to jump, I jump.

It's always been that way. He's the boss.

Now, by boss you mean...

The Skipper, the Chief, the Capo-regime.

He's the boss of the Gambino Family.

And he told me to take care of it.

Take care of it?

To whack. Ice him. Smoke him. Get rid of him.

Kill him.

Can you talk to me about the night of August 20th?

We was at a sitdown at the Pizalo Club over on Union Avenue.

That's the Mafia Social Club at 140 Union Avenue?

Objection, Your Honor.

Move to strike the word 'Mafia' from the record.

There is no such thing as a Mafia.

It is just an ugly ethnic stereotype.


So at this social club, you had your gun with you?

No. No guns in the club. It's against the rules...

Guns and wiseguys is a bad mix.

You'll love the ocean view.

And you're going to have to put down some big credit, too.

Like your life. Don't fuck with me.

All right. Later.

Uh, is this the library?

It's a private club.

Is there a library on this block?

This is 140, right?

140 Union?

Get the fuck out of here.

Okay. All right. All right.

You think I can get a drink? You have Campari?

Go on, get the fuck out of here!

Okay, I'm going to get the fuck out of here.

Fucking jerk off.

Hey, baby.

Hello, you don't just walk out of your job whenever you feel like it.

"Rosie, do you need help?"

Can I help you, baby? No.

Did you get peanut butter? Yeah.

Where were you? I went to one of those social clubs.

Like a mafia social club?

Yeah, the Italian social club out on Union Avenue.

I was curious, you know. So I walked in.

You know what was going on in there?

No. Nothing.

Nothing was going on. Absolutely nothing.

A bunch of old guys playing cards.

You know, there's no guns allowed in those clubs.

Did you know that?

- Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Where did you hear that?

At the Gotti trial.

You went to the Gotti trial? Yeah.

When? Before the social club.

Now you're, like... Now you're freaking me out.

What are you, like a fucking groupie?

You know Sammy the Bull?

No, I don't know Sammy.

You know Sammy the Bull.

Well, I saw Sammy the Bull today, on trial.

He was giving his testimony, right? Sure.

And he said that. He said, "Wiseguys and guns is a bad mix.

"No guns allowed in the club."

Yeah, because they're actually social clubs, like they hang out like they're normal people.

Yeah, right. Like they're normal people.

They're not doing anything. I got to thinking, baby like... when I walked in there, I mean, wiseguys, they got cash.

I mean, a lot of fucking cash, right? Yeah.

I could clean them out. I mean, like, clean them out.

No, no, no. What?

You're not serious, are you? What?

Please don't tell me you're fucking serious.

I'm just saying it's easy money. I'm just saying, baby.

Give me all your money! Give me all your fucking money!

Give me all your money! Give...

A spokesman from Mayor Denkins office denied all allegations.

In Manhattan, a grand jury has rejected an indictment against reputed crime family boss Alfonse Fiorello, citing lack of credible evidence.

The reclusive Fiorello has long been thought to be behind the assassination of Gambino family associate Anthony "Clams" Opstrepo an incident that sparked an inter-family war which resulted in the murder of Robert Fiorello, he only son of the alleged boss.

The FBI has long sought to prove that Fiorello, a Brooklyn-based owner of a food importing business, is, in fact, the head of the notorious Vazallo crime family, but the Feds have been consistently thwarted by the shroud that surrounds Fiorello.

Daryl Strawberry will be returning to train for the first time since exchanging his Mets uniform for Dodger blue.

Marissa. Hey, miss pussy.

Now this is for Tommy. Okay.

And this is for my biggest earner.

That's me! Thank you.


We're going to have to sell your car.

My father gave me that car.

I am not selling the car.

Well, then we're going to have to go back to your mother's...

I am not going back to my mother's!

Well, then we're going to have to go to plan B.

Okay, what's plan B?

Plan B, baby. Yes. Tell me.

Listen, just hear me out.

Oh, no! No. No.

Honey, listen, they're criminals.

They're not going to call the cops.

And the cops aren't going to fucking care if we rip off some fucking wiseguys.

Look, we get in the car, you drive me to the end of this corner, I run in, five minutes, and then bam!

We're outta there. What happens if you go to jail?

What do you mean? What are you talking about jail?

Who's going to jail? Who's going to jail? I'm not going to jail.

Okay. That's why this is good.

All we need is a grand, maybe 1500 bucks, and then we're over this hump and then we can go back to business as usual.

What happens if you get hurt?

No one is getting hurt.

Nobody is going to get hurt, baby.

Hey, if you've got a better idea, don't be quiet.

I don't. Look.

All you got to do is drive.

That's all you got to do.

No one is going to get hurt.

Okay. Yeah?

All right. Just relax.

I been working on this.

I said I'll think about it. I'm not saying yes, though.

What the fuck is that?

Whoa, what?

What is that? Oh, my God!

What? It's an eggplant.

No, next to the eggplant!

Oh, shit, I'm sorry.

I forgot I had this in there. What is that?

It's... listen. Oh, my God!

Overwhelming force.

If it works for the U.S. Army, it's going to fucking work for us.

Now please, I need your help because I have no idea how to use this thing.

Don't bring it in here.

You're better with mechanics than me.

I think I fucking broke it. You turn it to the left.

Turn what to the left?

If you move this. Hold it like that.

Okay? What would I do without you?

Pull over. Pull over. We just passed it.

What are you doing? Pull over. I can't do this.

You can't... you can't do what?

I can't. I cannot.

I cannot go back to jail, Tommy.

I'm not going back to jail either.

Rosie, I need you, baby.

Just this one time, like we talked about.

Just to get ahead.

Make a U-ey.

Those are our new bed sheets.

It's a pillowcase. Yeah, but it's part of a set!

I thought a trash bag would rip.

Oh, God.

You mine?

I'm yours.

Tommy. Yeah, baby.

I love you.

What... Don't fucking say it!

I told you it's... Fine, I don't love you.

Shut the fuck up! You shut the fuck up!

Shut the fuck up, I swear to God. Shut the fuck...

Shut the fuck up right now! Stop it.

Stop. Put your hood on.

Keep your eyes open. Keep the car running.

Can I help you? Yeah. Yeah.

Whoa, whoa, are you fucking kidding me?

All right, this is a robbery.

Hey, get the fuck over there.

Come on, come on! Get the fuck over there.

No one behind me, all right?

Kid, you know where the fuck you are?

Yeah, I'm at 140 Union Avenue.

I got the address right, right?

Yeah, that's it. That's the address.

Yeah, then I know where I am.

All right, I want everything!

I want everything. I want your fucking...

I want your... I want your... your-your, you know, your chains.

Your fucking watches.

I want your fucking rings. I want your fucking wallets.

I want your fucking rolls. I want everything!

Wait, wait. Hold on.

What is this, a Halloween costume? What are you doing?

No, this fucking thing is real, man!

Is this Gotti? Did Gotti put you up to this?

Hey, do you think I'm fucking playing around here?

I don't know what's going on.

Kid, take your... take your... Kid, take your finger off the trigger.

That's right! Okay, listen now.

No one is going to get fucking hurt, all right?

All right, come here. Come here and hold this shit.

Yeah, okay.

Gorgeous, right? Hold the fucking sack.

Everything inside the sack. Everything inside the fucking sack.

Hey kid, let me tell you something.

I'm going to find you, and when I find you... you're going to fucking die!

I'm going to fucking die? That's right.

I'm going to fucking die? Everyone fucking dies!

Everything inside! Inside!

Inside with this stupid fucking hair!

This stupid fucking hair! Kid!

This stupid fucking hair! Everything in there.

Hey, what the fuck! What are those?

Are those... hey! Are those Italian?

Give me the shoes. I want the shoes, too!

I want your goddamn shoes.

Put your fucking shoes in the bag. In the bag.

In the fucking bag, Gorgeous.

Stupid fucking guinea. Stupid fucking...

Yeah, you heard me!

All right, now everyone... I want everyone to lie down.

Now lie down. Oh, come on.

Lie down on the goddamn ground.

Lie down on the ground.

Lie the fuck down!

Lay down on the floor. Face down!

Now you lie on top of him.

Pops, get on top of him. Just like that.

Look, I said lie on top of him.

That's what I mean. Now lie on top of him.

Yeah, just... yeah, like that.

I ain't no fucking queer!

Now you, lay down. Lay down!

Now move your hips. Yeah, just like... yeah, like you're fucking him in the ass!

Just like that!

You get on top of him.

Yeah... hey! You! Come on, chubby, over here!

Fuck him in the ass!

- You're fucking dead. Everybody... oh, I'm fucking dead.

Where the fuck is my camera?

This is for Frank Uva!

Open it! Rosie, fucking open the door. I'm trying!

Open it! Rosie, open the goddamn door!

Pull it on the handle!

Pull? I am fucking pulling it! I'm trying to open it!

Push on it! Push it down. Oh, my God!

Who the fuck was that?

Pull it! God!

I can't fucking believe... Go! Go!

You're in fucking reverse!

Shut the fuck up!

Don't drive stupid.

I'm not robbing the fucking mob and then getting pinched by the cops on a fucking traffic beef!

Then what did you do?

What could I do? I gave him the money.

There were ten guys in here.

You couldn't take him?

The kid was waving an Uzi, Sal.

And you were waving your prick.

Respectfully, that's not fair.

Hey, go fuck yourself!

Fair? What am I, your mother?

You want a hug?

So who's this kid with the Uzi?

Is he one of Gotti's crew?

That's what I thought, but I ain't never seen this kid at no weddings or no wakes.

Sal, I think he's the kid who came in last week.

What kid? The kid who mentioned 140 Union.

The kid who peeked in the door?

Yeah. Yeah, it was him.

You going to tell the Boss?

He already knows. On my way over there now.

What does he know?

That you guys got robbed. You got held up.

Why? Did something else happen?

No. We got robbed.

What else happened? Nothing.

Nothing, I swear.

A fucking headache I didn't need.

Today of all days.

What do you say, Ange? Hey.

Hey, Carrie. Hi.

Listen, I want you to know that I think about Bobby every day, not just on this day.

My husband's been dead a long time, Sal.

It's my son you should be thinking about.

Okay Robbie, let's review.

So you get the risotto.

You get enough to make a nice, big rice ball.

Like a baseball?

Like a baseball, exactly.

Then you make a little hole like that, get it ready for the meat, for the cheese.

You take a little meat, you stuff it in there.

A little mozzarella. Put it in there. Then you close it up.

Put it in the egg wash.

Then you put it in the breadcrumbs, and dust it off with little breadcrumbs.

And this is an important part here.

You take a toothpick, and you make a little hole like that, right?

So when you put it in the oil, the oil goes in there and melts the cheese, right? Got it.

Rice balls.

Your grandpa makes a hell of a rice ball, pal.

The most complicated thing I was ever supposed to do, arancinis.

That's it.

Arancini, Robbie. What's that mean?

"Little orange of rice." Right?

And what's the most important thing in a rice ball?

The rice? Everything but the rice.

The love and the patience.

It's worth it, right? That's right. Mm-hmm.

Okay Robbie, take your Ma a rice ball. Okay.

Me and Uncle Sal are going to do some business, okay?

Got it. All right, big kiss. Love you.

People all over Long Island talked about Fiorello's Mobile Lunches.

You couldn't make those rice balls fast enough.

That was a different life back then.

Back then, all I was concerned with was building my business, looking after my family.

My boy Bobby had just been born then.

It's eight years, Sal.

It's been eight years since they took my boy out.

May he be at rest.

It killed my Missus.

So that thing we need to discuss.

Not in these days, Sal.

Eagles don't hunt flies.

They scare them.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

I really like it.

It's nice.

It's a very nice piece.

You like it? Yeah.

How much?

With tax, I could give it to you, six hundred.

Six? It's a good deal.

Six? How about like 540? No.

Five... hey!

Hey, how about a trade?

What you got?

That's what I've got.

Where did you get this?

My father left it to me.

Oh, your father's. Yeah.

Mm-hmm... All right.

No, thank you.

What, no thank you? What do you mean "No, thank you"?

I'm not interested. Thank you.

What are you talking about? Listen, you know this didn't come from your father.

Next time, come in with a better line.

Come on. Okay, are you kidding me?

Like this place is fucking legit?

Like all this stuff is legit.

Take him out of here. Don't look at her.

Don't look at her! Fuck you! Get out of my store.

Get this guy.

Look at that! Look at that!

They covered the fucking line!

That touchdown just cost me ten G's!

Dom, there's a flag on the play!

Oh, look at this! A flag, a flag! It's coming back!

Oh! Listen to me. I don't know this ref, I swear.

All right, this is a stickup!


But he's okay in my book.

Hey. Yo! This is a stickup!

What do you want? He pushed off this fucking guy!


Shit! Hey, hey! Get on. Get on! What?

This is a fucking stickup!

This is how it's going to work.

I want your fucking chains. I want your watches.

- I want your rings. I want your fucking cash. What the fuck?

I want your fucking firstborn children!

You know whose club this is?

Whose club is this? It's my fucking club!

That's whose club it is.

My club. My club today!

You're making a big fucking mistake here, I'll tell you that.

Oh, my God! Shit.

You think I'm fucking around?

Is that a fucking machine gun?

Yo, goomba, grab that spaghetti bowl.

Grab it! Grab it and put it on the fucking table!

Calm down, everybody calm down. Put it on the table!

Put it on the fucking table!

Hey, whatever he wants.

All the cash inside! I swear to God...

Is he holding up the place?

Everything. Everything. Your fucking chains!

Come on, give me that shit. Everything!

Fuck... Fuck!

Yo, what are you doing? Where are you?

What, are you on vacation?

You think this is a good idea?

Yeah, I think it's a great idea.

Do you know why? Because I'm fucking stupid, that's why!

Now give me this shit! - Nobody's got to get hurt.

Get over there. Get the fuck over there! Get over there!

Take it easy.

Go ahead. You got it.

You got it. Just take it and go.

We're doing what you want, okay?

We don't want a cowboy here.

All right, now here's what I want you to do.

I want everyone to strip. What?

I said take your goddamn clothes off! Come on.

You're making a big fucking mistake here!

I want all the fucking clothes off, come on!

Let's go! All right, all right, all right.

Take them off! Come on! Let's go!

They're going to kill him.

They're going to take his balls, cut them off his body, and put them in his ears.

He's going to have ball earrings, this fucking kid.

They're going to take his picture, then they're going to kill him.

Somebody called the cops. What?

First stake down here.

Who's calling the fucking cops, goddamn it!

Everything! Everything on the fucking table! Let's go!

Hey, back up. Back up. You're too close to me.

You're fucking too close to me.

Who bought that shit for you, your wife?

Oh, my God!

All right.

This is for Frank Uva.

He's coming out now. Get it, get him.

Who's got a fucking piece? Who's got a piece?

Go! Go!

Take a picture! The cam's dead or something.

Move out of the way!

Are you keeping track of all this?

I'm not...

Seven eight, nine, ten! 25,

30,000 dollars in cash on this fucking table, and that's not including the gold or the fucking silver.

John broke every rule in the book doing what he did.

Can you imagine? Wearing fancy suits, strutting around town like he was some kind of movie star.

Taking out your own boss in the middle of the street.

He brought this all on himself.

Man, he's going to ruin this life, John.

I mean, if he didn't make us look like a bunch of fucking idiots, those two kids wouldn't be out there knocking over our clubs.

Those two kids are still out there?


What, are you on vacation?

With John on trial and the whole city waiting for a verdict, I mean, this is a sensitive situation we're in.

It's embarrassing, Sal.

Well, maybe if you would have let me take care of it when we should have taken care of it it wouldn't be so embarrassing right now.

And then what, Sal?

Blood on your hands?

Blood on my hands?

Fuck it, come on.

So I'm shylocking out of the old Waikiki joint. Shylocking?

Loaning out money. A point a week.

That's Sammy the Bull. 25 per cent per year.

That's the fucking rat.

Credit card rates.

You could say that.

Some guys charge two, three points.

It's too much. People get in trouble.

They can't pay you back.

Now, what happens if they don't pay you?

Don't pay me. You got no choice.

I'm cracking your head open with a baseball bat.

You know, Sal, I never was supposed to be who I am.

I was just a guy and a food truck making rice balls for a living. Yeah.

Everybody thought I should open up my own restaurant, right? Yeah.

But where was I going to get the money for a sit down?

I didn't even have money to pay my own rent.

But then one day, someone asks me to make a delivery.

So I say why not, you know.

It's on my route anyway, so I said okay.

So he handed me a manila envelope.

That one delivery, it bought my son a bicycle.

Then pretty soon I'm dropping off manilas all over Long Island.

But then one day, a manila came up short.

Fifty Gs short.

So everybody's looking at me because I'm the guy driving a food truck making rice balls for a living.

Who? Nobody knows this, Sal.

Come on, who took it?

It was Tony Vella.

Tony Vella?

Tony Vella, who used to run the whole north shore?

So I went to see him.

Pretty soon, Tony Vella, he didn't run the north shore no more.

He didn't run any shore no more.

Whoa, whoa, whoa wait a minute, Al.

Are you telling me that you took out Tony Vella?

He made me look like a fool.

Thought I'd just roll over and take the lumps from the boys.

Leave his office with my tail between my legs.

I was just trying to take care of my family, Sal.

And that's when I got the call.

The boys came to pick me up, they took me in.

I thought they were going to take me out.

Of course, you can't take out a made guy!

So they put me in a room.

You're talking about...

Our boss.

It turns out Tony Vella had been skimming off the top for years.

So, he was thankful. He took care of me, Sal.

He offered me a loan. He gave me a restaurant.

I thought I was taking care of my family.

Now here I am.

Mrs. Hoffman, look, it's very simple.

You leave the keys in the car, poof, the car goes missing.

No more car payments.

Yeah, my cousin Nicky will pick it up.

Yeah, he's got a chop-shop.

Well, then what's your big idea?

I'm just trying to help you out here.

You know, Mrs. Hoffman, I'm on parole.

I can't have this conversation.

Honey, you're not going to believe what this...

Listen to this. What?

Gotti: "If I went in and robbed a church

"and came out with a steeple sticking out of my...

" ass, I'd never plea."

Did you read this? I just can't get enough Gotti.

It's crazy! I know, it's great. Amazing.

Oh we follow, do you follow? Oh, yeah.

Do you follow the Gotti trial? Oh, yeah.

So do we. Yeah?

Yeah. It's going on today, right now.

I mean, it's going on right now.

If we weren't here, we'd be at the trial.

Anybody can go to the trial? You just walk in.

You don't need a badge?

No, anyone can just walk in. Yeah. Anybody can go?

Really? Oh, yeah.

You know, we should go. Mr. Lovell, I really think that you will find it very fascinating.

I know because of your mind. Your mind.

I can't and you can't. We're working.

I'm the boss.

I don't understand, you're the boss.

I mean, the only guy who can do that is the boss.

You tell this punk, I, me, John Gotti, will sever your motherfucking head off, cocksucker.

Now Mr. Gravano, would you explain Mr. Gotti's words for the Court?

Oh, yeah. John was upset.

One of our soldiers didn't want to go to Spark's Steak House.

See, that, the rat, Sammy the Bull.

Steaks at Spark's are all right.

He didn't want to be part of the hit on Paul Castellano.

Why not? This is amazing.

Right? Are you happy? You look so happy.

I am... and get them all to agree to it.

Now Mr. Gotti said that he was going to ask for permission?

Yeah, he was going over to Waikiki Club to get it straightened out.

That's the social club at 103rd Avenue in Queens.

Big Al's joint.

Now, did Mr. Gotti receive permission to kill Mr. Castellano?

Nah. Al... That's Alfonse Fiorello?

Yeah, Big Al told John to fuck off.

See, it ain't easy getting permission to whack a boss.

It violates the natural order.

A mouse don't attack a lion. And you don't whack a boss.

Hey. Hey.

I almost couldn't show for our monthly meeting.

Could I get a glass of water?

I figured the poet laureate of pimps and scumbags would be over at the 'Trial of the Century.'

I'll be there for the verdict.

I don't need to watch Gotti toy with you guys again.

You sound burnt out.

Maybe you ought to retire, write a book.

Don't all you newspaper guys got a novel buried somewhere in your heart?

Yeah, I don't want to write a novel.

I'm trying to find a six letter word for marsupial.

Maybe this will cheer you up.

What is this?

What the fuck is this?

This isn't real.

You recognize that guy?

- Bobby D? Yeah.

What is it? Seriously, what's going on?

Two kids, they held up two social clubs.

Kid walks in with an Uzi, cleans the place out, and what are these guys going to do, call the cops?

Who's this? Who's doing this?

I told you, two kids.

Who? What, local kids? Yeah.

- Who-who are they? Where are they from? No fucking idea.

A boy and a girl.

A girl? A girl is doing this?

Yeah, she drives the car, he holds the gun.

Why are they in their underwear?

What's going on? I couldn't tell you.

Maybe they stole their pants too, I don't know.

Thirty years I've been doing this.

I never thought them for boxers, I'll tell you that.

Yeah, I'm thankful for the boxers, believe me.

That was incredible. Kill that guy. Whack that guy.

"A mouse never attacks a lion."

Yeah, I'm going to use that. Put it up on the board.

Baby, let me get a cigarette. - Hey, mouse.

Hey, I'm just a mouse.

Yeah, I'm a lion. Fuck off.

I can't attack you.

You know what's crazy to me is that Giuliani started all this.

Yeah, that's the guy.

So it's like an Italian taking down an Italian. That takes balls.

"You never, ever go against your own blood."

Well, my editor is going to like this.

Yeah, but you can't have these.

What do you mean? Do you want a story or don't you?

I gave you the story.

You can't have these photos. They're classified.

So lose one. I need a picture.

You want a front story, I need a picture.

Y-y-y-you're a writer.

You paint the picture with your words.

No, no, no, no, no one is going to believe I'm going to write this story.

I... I... I'm looking at the picture and I don't believe it.

I need a picture. You want a front page, I need a picture.

Look at that.

That's gold right there.

All right. You can have one.

But I want that on the front page. You got it.

You did that on purpose, right?

You made me promise you a front page.

I can't promise. I didn't say I promised.

Those guys are psychotic. They don't belong in jail.

They belong in a psych ward. And those names, Big Al and Fat Tony.

What was that club?

Waikiki Club. - The Waikiki, yeah.

Where the fuck did he say that was again?

Waikiki was like, in Asia, right?

Yeah, he said Asia. Yeah.

China? No.

No, it's a state of America.

Okay, yeah. Good one. Waikiki, America.

I don't know what kind of America you live in.

- Where was that social club? 103rd.

Avenue, right?

- I'm standing fat. What the fuck?

All right. All right, this is a robbery.

What did he say?

I said this is a robbery. A robbery.

I want all your fucking rolls.

There's no food here. It's a bar I don't want a roll with butter on, I want your cash, old man.

I want your cash. Come on. Everything.

Yes, yes, yes. Put it... Come on, pick it up.

Put everything... Gramps, where the hell you going?

Over there, come on. I don't have nothing.

Oh, yeah? What's that? What's that?

Nice try. Nice try, old man. Nice try.

Yeah, you don't have anything.

I need that wallet.

Take the money. I need that wallet, please.

You're not getting the wallet back. Please... Take the money.

That's for my liver. That's for my prostate.

My false teeth, do you want them?

M-m-my wife gave me that wallet.

Tell her to buy you a new fucking wallet. She's dead.

Have a little decency.

And I need my bus pass.

Listen, if you're going to give him his bus pass, I want mine, too.

It's only fair, you know. It's fair.

Nobody's getting their bus pass!

Come on, sir. You look like a good kid.

Come on. Come on. Please...

Come on.

Need my head examined. What color is it? Black.

Here. Here's your wallet. That's brown! Black!

- Come on. Hold on. I got it, I got it, I got it.

Here's your fucking wallet, all right?

Take the money. I'm taking the money.

What the hell is this, five dollars?

Take my money, but give me the wallet.

You know what? I don't have time for this bullshit!

I don't have time for this. I got to go.


Come here, you little fuck, you!

Hey! Hey!

Just leave the wallet here.

You know, he still can throw a punch.

Come here! You don't know what you're doing, you little prick!

Fuck this.

Is this it? That's it. I told you.

A bunch of senior citizens in there.

- How does this thing work? On. You press on.

Obviously, I'm pushing on.

If you yell at it, that's what actually makes it go on.

Oh Rosie, just... I mean, Jesus Christ.

Did you see this?

Little Anthony (C)


Wait a minute, let me see.

What is that? Let me see this.

You know what this is? It's the family tree.

This is the entire Vazallo family.

What do these initials mean? "A." Associate. "C." Capo.

Underboss. Do you know what the fucking feds would do for this?

- What? Get on their knees and start sucking.

- Why? Well you see, the Mafia's defense, their entire defense is that they just deny that they exist.

They deny that they're organized.

This is all mapped out for them.

This proves they're organized.

Look, it's got the ranking, everything.

Who talked to the paper?

Listen to this. "A pair of Mafia social clubs have been robbed

"by a lone gunman who marches into the secret societies

"waving an automatic weapon.

"A female companion waits for him outside

"while he empties the gangster's pockets.

"The pair, who have reportedly earned the nickname Bonnie and Clyde, "then drive off in a gun-metal gray Buick Century."

Motherfucker! Shh!

This is bad.

They want us to talk. Who?

I don't fucking know, whoever wrote the fucking article.

How can they want us to talk if they don't know who we are?

Listen. Rose?

What? - Are you listening to me?

Yes. It's not the fucking cops, right?

No. It can't be the fucking cops.

Right. Because if it was the cops...


If it was the fucking cops, right, we'd be arrested.

But it's not the Mafia. No.

Because they're embarrassed. And we'd be in the back in the trunk by now.

So who the fuck is it?

Where the hell would they fucking get a picture like this?

You know what?

Tommy. We should call them.

Call who? Who?

The mob guys.

Oh yeah, we should call them.

What the fuck are you talking about?

We have to get to them before they get to us.

Hey, hey, hey, you want that good stuff.

Here you go.

Did you hear me?

We can't fucking call them.

We got this list. It's not worth nothing if they don't know we have it.

So call them and blackmail them?

Say we got the fucking list so don't fuck with us.

Because why? We're fucking crazy!

Who should we call?

Hello? Hey, Vinny?

How's it going?

Yeah, it's going fantastic. We're having a bowl of soup and ice skating. Who is this?

Bonnie and Clyde, motherfucker!

Come on, who is this? Is this a joke?

You know, I was just checking in.

I just wanted to give you some hair compliments.

You know, I'm wearing your fucking shoes right now.

Oh yeah, motherfucker? - Yeah.

You like the shoes? - Yeah.

How about I put them back on and I fucking kick your ass until both shoes are shitty?

How'd you get this number?

How did I get your number?

Vinny, I don't just got your number.

I got your number, I got your fucking rank.

I got your nickname.

By the way, you're pretty low on the list.

What's the list? What the fuck are you talking about?

- I have everyone. Trace the call.

The entire fucking family, all the way up to Big Al. That's right.

What are you telling me for?

Vinny, I want you to tell everyone.

I mean all your fucking grease ball friends.

It's the same kid from the holdup.

Fuck with us, and every single Fed is going to have this list.

How about you fucking hang up the phone and you go fuck your mother. Right now.

Let me reiterate, motherfucker. All right?

I got a will.

In that fucking will, I got a P.O. box.

In that P.O. box, I got a list.

- Yeah? Yeah.

Anything happens to us, I mean, man, anything!

Anything happens to me or fucking Bonnie, we're going to take the whole fucking family down, asshole.

That was so good! That was good?

What are you wearing, tights?

It's just fucked up, Sal.

You're telling me. What?

I just got off the phone with Clyde. Clyde who?

Bonnie and fucking Clyde, Sal.

This Clyde? How the fuck did he get the number?

That's what I asked him, but he's talking about he's got "the list".

A list? Vinny, he said a list?

Talking about he's got names and ranks.

Goes all the way up to Big Al.

What the fuck is the list, Sal?

It's a pact.

A guy gets picked up for something, whatever, he calls the guy with the list who lets them all know the other guy's in trouble before the Feds can get to them.

That way the Feds can't get everyone to rat each other out.

And this guy carries the list with him? - Yeah. Joey D.

Anthony? It's Monday afternoon. Where's Joey D today?

Joey D is at the Miracle Lanes Bowling Center.

All right, pal. Make sure you feed him.

Bowling shoes!

I'm going to bring you your food. Just stay where you are.

I'm going to stay here. Okay.

I will not go away from here. Okay.

I will stay here.

Yeah, that's good. I'm going to bring you the food.

You can do that. And I'll-I'll eat it.

Cardozo. Mr. Cardozo...

I read your story in today's paper and I am disappointed in its many inaccuracies.

Yeah? Okay, I'm sorry about that, lady.

I said no cheese, Gary.

Yeah, so I read in your article today that you said that we held up a pair of social clubs.

Right? And so I looked it up, and in the dictionary it says that...

Yeah, so a pair is a set of two things used together or regarded as a unit. Two mated animals, nasty.

Two playing cards.

Yeah, so a pair is two, and we hit three, so joke's on you.

Listen to me, I don't know if you're for real or not, and I don't have time for make believe, okay?

So if this is bullshit, you're not helping me, you're not helping yourself but if this is real, if this is who I think it is, then what you're doing is fucking great.

People are talking about you. People have opinions about you.

It's on everybody's mind, but none of that shit matters.

The only thing that matters is, what's your story?

People want to know that.

Why don't we meet?

And have you turn me in to the cops? No, thank you.

No, no, no.

I haven't spent thirty years covering the mob by giving away my sources, ever.

- I mean, we should get together and talk about this. Maybe.

Where do you want to meet? Where do you live?

- You know Queens? I'm from Queens.

No shit! - Yeah.

Me, too. That's funny.

So anywhere. Pick a place.

You like pizza?

I do eat pizza.

Remember you put your finger like that, you open the bail.

I'm going to let you reel it in this time, all right?

Then you throw it out there. Whoa, that's far.

Yeah. Now you catch the bail and reel it in.

Yeah? Hello?

Yeah, hello. Put Al on the phone.

Who is this? Who is this?

Who the fuck are you? Fuck you.

Put Al on the phone.

There's no one here by that name.

There's no one there named Al?

You better find somebody named fucking Al.

Big Al. Fiorello. 718-555-4377.

Does that sound about right? 41 Ocean Avenue, Howard Beach?

Oh, you fancy, huh? Listen, you got some crazy fucking list, you know what I'm saying?

And I got it. And that's what I am trying to explain to you.

I got a fucking P.O. box.

Yeah, and in that P.O. box, I got a will.

And in that will it says you better not fucking mess with me or my man, you understand me?

Hey, Al.

Get over here. Get over here! Get over here.

She called me, Sal. She called me at my house and got me on the phone.

I've been violated here. Who gave her my number?

Al, it's a helluva lot worse than one phone number.

So she told me. Who gave it up?

Joey D, but it wasn't his fault.

He had it in his wallet when the kid jacked him.

He had it in his wallet? In his wallet? Yeah.

How the hell are you going to let a guy old enough to be a statue carry that shit in his wallet, Sal?

Someone's got to keep track.

We figured Joey's so old school, he'd be the last one to give it up.

Can I trust you, Sally? Of course.

Call a meeting tonight. Seven o'clock. My club. All right.

I want everyone there.

Tell them I'm catering dinner.

You're really going in, Al?

Everyone, Sal. Everyone.

You get me that list at all costs.

You get me that list at all costs!

Okay, skip. Okay.


Hey. Hey!

So how are you doing, fellas.

How you doing, boss?

Thanks for coming out.

I'm starving.

Garlic bread. You guys see this garlic bread?


I'm sorry, Al.

You all know what's transpired.

And the potential ramifications of the trail. Correct?

Right, boss. Right, boss.

Unity is the only solution in times of crisis.

Our principles, our honor, sacrifice, and above all...


That's right.


If we throw away our solidarity, we throw away our strength. Correct?

That's right, boss.

How's the family? - They're fine, thanks.

And the little one? - He's getting bigger every day, Al.

Can I trust you, Vinny?

With your life, boss.

Let me put it to you another way.

If you want to run a food truck, you got to keep it clean, right?

That's right, boss.

And I don't mean run a rag over the counter clean.

I'm talking about top to bottom, get down on your knees and scrub clean, right? That's right, boss.

Otherwise, you get rats.

You got one rat, you get two rats.

Pretty soon you got rat shit in your rice balls.

How are you doing, Anthony? I'm all right.

Good. Feeling good? Yeah.



where's Joey D?

Joey D couldn't make it here tonight.

He's not feeling so good.

Enough said.

So I got something for you, Bobby.

I know I wasn't always there.

And I know I wasn't much help.

But maybe this will help.

W-where did you make this much money, Tommy?

When you talking about, Bobby? Take it.

Where did you get it?

It doesn't matter.

What you mean it doesn't matter?

Where did you get this much money?

It doesn't fucking matter where I got it.

I just want you to have it. I just want you to have it, Bobby.

I'm trying to say I'm sorry.

Bobby, look...

I know what you did, all right?

I know you did everything.

I know I was a shitty older brother.

Bobby, I know you took care of the shop.

I know you took care of Mom.

I'm trying to say that I appreciate it.

I'm trying to say thank you.

Thank you? Yeah, thank you.

W-w-what, you think you can just walk in here ten years later, say thank you, and then everything is going to be okay?

Well, no. Where were you, Tommy?

I was fucked up, Bobby.

I was fucked up. I'm sorry, Bobby.

Bobby, I'm sor... look, that's the point, all right?

Sometimes you do everything right.

You run the shop, you pay your bills, and you're the guy that gets fucked!

I mean, look at Pop. Look, he broke his fucking back on this place.

Look what it got him.

It's no one's fault. Bobby, I...

Just take the money.

Your father did everything right.

Up every morning, early.

No man worked harder than him.

I know that. That's not what... You want to know why?

So that you can have a better life.

Look, me and Pops, we were okay, all right? We reconciled our shit.

You broke his heart, Tommy.

- You killed him. He died of a broken heart. I killed him?

Yeah. I killed him now?

How can you say that to me?

I didn't kill him.

I didn't fucking kill him, and he didn't kill himself.

The fucking mob killed him, and you know it. Oh, we don't want to talk about that, right?

You know it.

You know it. All right, Bobby?

Come on. Speak up. Come on, Bobby.

He had to keep this store going, and those people were the only way he knew how.

You know, he wanted to help you.

He did. He wanted to help you.

He wanted so much for you.

And for what?

Come on, don't say that, Ma.

What did you do with your life, Tommy, huh?

What did you do with your life?

I did the best I could, all right? I did something. Really?

Yeah, I did something with my life.

This? This is what you did with your life?

I don't want it. Listen...

Ma, I'm sorry, all right?

I just... I want you to have the money, Mom.

Please take the money.

I don't want this money.

Just take the fucking money!

I don't want the fucking money!

Bobby, take the money! Don't touch that money!

Fine, fine! All right, you know what?

I'm out of here. I'm out of here, all right?

This piece of shit is leaving the fucking building, all right?

I'm out of here. I tried to do something nice.

You know what? Fuck it!

I tried to do something nice!

Yeah, so is this going to be, like, a big story?

You're going to... For, like, the front page?

Well, you know, we got a saying in the newspaper world.

I love sayings, slogans.

This is a good one. This is a good story.

It's like a hot girl with a miniskirt, you know?

I... I messed it up.

A good story is like a miniskirt on a hot girl.

Okay. You want it long enough to cover the subject, short enough to be interesting Oh, yeah! I like that.

I didn't make it up, but you know what I'm talking about.

All right, so Rosie? Yeah, Rosie.

You're from around here?

Yeah, I grew up two blocks over.

Oh, I'm over at Elmhurst.

No kidding. Yeah.

And Mom and Dad still here? Still live here?

Yeah, my mother lives in the house I grew up in.

And my father passed.

Oh, I'm sorry. Miss him?

Do I miss him? Yeah, I miss him.

Yeah? Yeah, so get this.

So when he got sick, he says, "When I go, Rosie gets my car."

So when he died, my mother and my brother they want to sell the car.

Can you believe that?

And I said no, because he loved that car.

You know? Right.

Yeah, and then every Christmas, we would take the car into the city to go and see the tree and all the windows on Fifth.

Right. Yeah, that was, like, our thing.

That's good.

So it's like the regular things that I miss.

If you're going to... Right, right.

And that's the car you use to hit the clubs? What?

Is that the same car? Yeah.

All right.

What about your friend? Where is he from?

Oh, Tommy? He ain't from around here.

Tommy. Tommy and Rosie. Yeah, two M's, yeah.

What's Tommy like?

Oh, first of all, super handsome Yeah, and he's like... he's just like a genius.

So this was his idea then? All this stuff?

One day, I come home from work, Right.

And Tommy was thinking these guys are assholes.

No one is getting hurt, so is it really a crime?

Yeah, well... I guess that's something to think about.

What do you think? You think it's a crime?

No, I don't.

- That's probably don't make sense, huh? No, I get it.

- Yeah? Yeah, I get it.

Not for nothing, but I like the way you write. Oh, thanks.

- All right, so Tommy and Rosie. Yeah.

Tommy is how old?

29. Tommy!

This is Mr. Cardozo from the newspaper.

I know who the fuck it is.

What the fuck are you doing?

What did you fucking tell him?

- I didn't say anything. What did you tell him?

I assumed... No, shut up.

No one is talking to you, all right?

Pardon me, excuse me. Get the fuck out there. We're just doing an interview.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

He's going to tell our story. He's going to tell our story!

Listen to me. Stop talking.

- Sorry about that. No.

Are you a cop, or working with any law enforcement agencies?

No, not a cop. I don't work with any associated agency.

I'm a reporter. That's all I do.

Ask questions and say whatever you want. That's a cute picture.

Thank you. Yeah, I mean, we read your column.

So, uh... All right, so how does this start?

Well, I'd like to ask a couple of questions.

You know, how this works is you don't want to answer, You don't answer. That's all.

I'm only going to write what you tell me.

Well, what did she tell you?

She talked about herself.

You, I don't know where you are from.

I'm from the Bronx.

From the Bronx.

Let me ask you... can I ask you where did you two meet?

Where did we meet? Yeah.

A party. A party? We didn't meet at a...

What, you mean when you were with jerk off?

Yeah, basically she was with some jerk off at a party.

Ask him... go ahead and ask him the next question.

Yeah, actually let's not talk about that, because, you know, we don't have an anniversary and the reason we don't have an anniversary is because...

Let's not talk about that.

What's your next question?

You want to get married?

Are you serious?

Yeah, yeah, I'm serious.

I'm serious.

And you're not just fucking with me right now?

Baby, no. I'm asking you...

will you marry me?

Yeah, all right.


Well, I was thinking, you know, Christmas is coming up.

I thought maybe we could get married on Christmas Day.

Oh, my God. I love that.

That's right. Yeah, right?

No, it will be, like, my two favorite days.

Like, Christmas and our wedding anniversary.

That's what I was thinking.

It would be like a... you know, like a twofer.

Yeah, like a twofer.


I was thinking that, you know, we could get married, and then maybe after that, we could, I don't know, move to Florida.

And what, and open a flower shop?

Yeah. Really?

Yeah, I mean, I was thinking that.

You're right. We could... we could do it, babe.

We could do it if we made a little bit more money.

We could buy a shop.

We could live above the shop.

I mean, that's a good life, right?

Yeah. With your charisma...

And your charm.

And my charm, yeah.

Well, I never been to Florida.

Oh, Florida, it's paradise.

Really? Yeah, they have palm trees.

Oh, yeah, right. And coconuts.

And alligators and air-conditioning I mean, I haven't been there myself, but that's what I hear is it's fucking paradise down there.

Oh, my God.

Wait, when will we go?

Well, what I was thinking was

- get married, Yeah.

- January first, go to Florida. That's smart.

Yeah. A new year for our new life.

Yeah, it will be like a new life.

Call it a day. A new year.

Newlyweds. New everything.

Yeah, a new everything.

Start over. Do you want to do it?

Yeah, I want to do it.

- Yeah? Yeah.

It would make you happy?


All right.


Yeah, let's do it.

You serious? Yeah, we got goals.

You ended up getting awfully friendly with those two.

All her words. I just took notes.

I liked them. He's a little out there.

He's on his own little planet. She could make a fortune running a P.R. firm.

They're a couple of small-time scumbags as far as I'm concerned.

With a couple of brass ones though.

They did end up taking down a pretty big fish.

What do you mean?

- Not for publication yet, okay? Okay.

But they got something that we've been trying to get our hands on since J. Edgar ran the show.

They got something hat's going to help us take down Big Al and the rest of the Vazallos.

And the final nail in the coffin of the whole mob.

What have they got?

A list.

Joey D sends his regards.

Joey D? Joey D...

Oh, yeah, sure. Joey D.

Is he still building docks?

He remembers you, too.

He's got a lot of stories about the old days.

A lot of names.

A whole list of them.

Yeah, well, he's a storyteller.

He's got a wild imagination.

How about that? They're heroes.

What are you going to do?

What kind of deal are you going to give them?

Deal? - Yeah, deal.

Protection. They gave you a gift.

You're going to give them something, right? They didn't give us anything.

They don't even know we got it.

What can I do you for?

Gotti's going away.

The Gambinos are done.

The D.A. is already planning his next show, and the Vazallos are going to be up.

Oh, yeah?

Joey D was just the first to flip.


Get three more Mortadella heroes for my friends here. Put it on my tab.

Your days are numbered, Mr. Fiorello.

It's like Yogi said, "The future ain't what it used to be."

It doesn't matter, because the mob has already got a contract out on them.

And what are you going to do? Are you going to let that happen?

Me? Yeah.

You want to take down the king, you got to sacrifice a couple of pawns.

Bullshit! Fuck that!

I wrote this because of you. You got to do something for these kids.

What did they do? They robbed from the goddamn mob!

It's a public service, what they did.

W-w-what do you expect me to do?

Put them in the witness protection program or something?

That's not up to me.

Do you know how much money that's going to cost?

They're not going to do it for these two fucking idiots.

You guys are worse than them.

Yeah, you are.

At least with the mob, you know where you stand.

- Rosie. Yeah?

- You read Cardozo this morning? No.

Can I read it to you? Sure.

"In the history of crime, few have been so foolhardy

"as this striking young woman and her Uzi waving partner.

"Queen's own Bonnie and Clyde. They make a dashing pair.

"Bonnie's silver, sparkly nail polish matches the paint job on her Buick.

"With her wide eyes and sly smile

"she asks, 'Is it really a crime?'

It's good, right?

What kind of car did those two drive? Who?

Joseph and Mary.

Bonnie and Clyde, you fuckwit.

A Chevy. A Chevy?

You sure?

It ain't a Chevy. They got a Buick.

You sure? A Buick Century.

I bought one for my mother.

Hm, four door?

Two door.

Two door. What color?

Gun metal gray.

Gun metal gray!

Gun metal gray. Buick Century.

Two fucking doors. Just like it said in the goddamn paper!

You know I'm running around this neighborhood and I run into it. I practically crash into the goddamn fucking car!

They live three fucking blocks from here!

And you fucking idiots are sitting in here with your heads up your asses!

Get out there, find these fucking cocksuckers and bring them in! They're done!

In New York, the crime boss John Gotti has been sentenced to life in prison, with no parole.

Gotti was said to be the most powerful crime figure in America.

He was certainly the most visible and the most flamboyant.

A grand jury agreed, with the district attorney's office that there is sufficient reason to proceed with a 19-count indictment against reputed crime boss, Alfonse Fiorello crime boss Alfonse Fiorello, after former underboss, Joseph De Luisa reportedly struck a deal to avoid prosecution.

For years Fiorello has operated covertly.

Hiding in plain sight while running a business.

A spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the D.A.'s office called this an event of major importance.

- Hey, Grandpa? What?

Are you ever going to go away, like my dad did?

Here's the thing, one day we all go away.

You understand? Why?

'Cause I need to know how to make everything you cook before you go. I want to be exactly like you.

No, you're not going to be exactly like me, you're going to be much better than me.

- Much better than me. Why?

Robbie. Yeah?

One day you're going to hear things about your grandpa.

What kind of things?

Well, you're going to hear things.

And you're going to wonder who I really was.

You might wonder what it all means.

You understand? Mm-hmm.

The point is that those things you're going to hear what you got to know is that I had to pay the price for them.

Because that's the way you make things right in life.

You pay the price for the things you do wrong.

You understand?


So if you don't want to pay the price, what do you do?

- Don't do anything wrong, right? I know.

Just do what? What kind of things?

Good things. - Good things.

Okay. And that way, you never have to pay the price.

You promise me that? Mm-hmm.

You'll always do the right thing?

Okay. Okay.

I got a question for you. What?

What's the most important thing to making a good Arancini?

The rice.

What... the rice?

What-what are you talking about?

I'm kidding.

Okay. The love.

The love. That's right.

That's the only thing you need to know in life.

That's the secret. Love.

Okay. - Right?


Look at that.

Mortadella, what a beautiful thing.

It's the caviar of baloneys.

The thing about Mortadella is everybody thinks they don't like it.

Until they try it. Then they realize there's nothing better.

And there's nothing like a cavatelli and bruschule on a Sunday.

In fact, there is no Sunday without cavatelli and bruschule.

Recently I started hearing that... that there's a guy who may be living in this neighborhood who is involved in certain, you know, questionable activities.

Where do people get these ideas?

There's always that guy living next door.

Oh, what does he do? He's so mysterious.

He never comes out of the house.

There's always people coming in, people coming out.

People's imagination running wild.

The one thing I do know about some of these people is that you don't want to embarrass them in front of their family.

Especially in front of their family.

So if... if you got to do your job, I suggest you treat him with dignity.

Otherwise, there's going to be hell to pay.

You know, I can't believe you never saw the tree.

I've never seen the tree. I'm from New York.

Why would I see the tree. It's only for out-of-towners. What do you mean?

What the fuck?

What's this?

What's going on?

I want to give you this. I want...

You guys ever been to Mexico?

To Mexico? We're not going to Mexico.

We got a plan. We're going to leave in a couple of days.

Please, listen you guys.

You're a little bit more exposed than you should be.

Yeah, no shit. Yeah, I think you guys got to get out of the country.

These guys, they're not going to let you go.

They're never going to forget about this.

It's not going to go unpunished. Ever.

Okay? I've thought this through.

We got a plan, all right?

- We got to go. Yeah, we got to go.

This is the way out of this. I'm trying to fix this.

No, you pretended like you were our friend and you exploited us.

Think for a second. Rosie, get in the car.

Take the goddamn tickets. Take the goddamn tickets, we don't want them.

We don't want them. Rosie, get in the car.

You're smarter than this, Tommy.

You know what's going to happen.

I know these guys, Tommy. Take these tickets.

Take these tickets. You got to get out of here. Close the door.

We got to go. You got to get out of here.

Baby, close the goddamn door. I'm trying to close the door.

Use these tickets. I don't want your goddamn tickets.

Just keep driving, all right? Close the door, goddammit.

You love me?

Do I love you? Baby I love you, all right.

You know I love you.

You really love me?

Rose Marie, I love you, all right?

I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.

You're my favorite fucking person in the world.

How many times do you want