Robert (2015) Script

This movie you will now see, is based on the real and tragic events a family.

After a strange doll named "Robert" came into their lives.

Wherever Robert is following it death and destruction.

Some call it coincidence.

Others claim that the supernatural events of Robert is a manufacture of disturbed spirits.

Many people believe that Robert de is most haunted doll in the world.

Whatever the truth may be, Robert Doll has acquired a legendary and fearsome reputation.

Robert is now in the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida Visitors and the Museum staff a large number of unusual events reported since the arrival of Robert.

Agatha, take this. I put it down here.

How is she doing?

She's ... it's not really good with her.

I hope you do not mind me asking, but ... What happened?

Lately there are a lot of things happened Always at night. Like what?

... As we hear things.

As if there were people walking through the aisles.

Like moving the furniture.

A few nights ago I went out and was written on the walls. horrible messages.

As if there really was someone in the house, you know as well as I do.

We have to move.

I know you do not want to believe at first, but you can not deny it anymore.

There is a dark presence here.

I know, Debbie. I know that.

There is a presence here ...

but you're wrong about one thing. What?

It's not the house that's possessed ...

It's the doll.

THREE YEARS LATER Thanks Mom. You're welcome.

Good morning, Mrs. Otto. Good morning.

Is everything alright?

I'm looking for the dustpan.

It is located in the closet.

Oh, of course ... oh, yeah.

Ah, sorry.

Good morning, champion. Hey, Dad.


Did I mention that Agatha is a little senile?


Sure, it's getting worse.


Yes... she begins to forget things.

It starts to become a problem, to be honest.

What do you want to do?


I know we have to do it, but ... God, I feel so bad, you know.

I think they need help, family or someone close to her.

Jenn do not feel bad, it's our worker, if she can not do her job, We have no choice andwere.

She's only been here two years and not 20.

Would you tell her? No I can not.

I have an important meeting, Jenn.

Come on, this kind of things make me anxious.

Sorry but I believe I have a I encounter in court at 11am.

I gotta go, I'll see you tonight.

Do your best at school.

Have a good day, to tonight, okay?


Yes, Mrs. Otto?

We have to talk.

Hello Darling.

It's nine o'clock.

The dinner is ruined.

Yes, I know ... Gene is still awake?

Yeah, I doubt it.

Look, I'm sorry Jennet.

It was very hectic today, okay?

You've Agatha surely given her notice today? Yes.

How did she take it? She was very upset.

Like me.

Jenn, you do not have to feel bad about that, okay?

I know... it is normal...

Every confrontation makes me anxious.

And you know it.

Do you think I should fire her?

You know my symptoms caused by stress?

Yes, I feel that I am a damn stressful thing did.

Sorry, Jenn. You knew I today had to go to the Court, right?

It was an important appointment.

Be not angry alsjerblieft on me tonight, okay?

No, I'm not angry, it's just ...

I just want you a little effort to understand my illness.

That's all.

As I understand it, Jenn.


Look ...

I go upstairs to see how it is with Gene then I come back downstairs and ...

I'm going to cook something fresh, something delicious.

Will you cook for me? Yes.

If you want to.

Okay, it would be nice, thank you.

How are you?


You continue to amaze me.

Come on, Jenn, this is the least I can do, after all you did for me.

Is something wrong?

I can not help it...

Sometimes I think you see me as ... a mother.

A housewife.

I am more than that.

Remember when Gene was born, we promised that we would rely on our careers.

Jenn ... my work is our main source of income.

Maybe I can get some more free My werr so I have more time for him.

You know, I've got my hands full with Gene.

We need our share responsibility but we have little time the last few days, huh?

Well then.

I will do my best to be here, okay?


Look, I hate this. Come on, Jenn, too bad it's not.

Maybe it needs a little more salt.

Not the food!


This makes me ... so angry!

It is well.

It is well.

Look ... I know that life with ...

With someone like me ... it's not exactly a picnic.

But as long as you medication taking in everything is fine right?

Makes my illness scare you, Paul?

Jenn, do not be silly.

Because you work so much and so late on, you keep more and more from me.

Jenn. Jenn, look at me.

Look at me.

You and Gene mean the world to me.

What should I do to prove it, huh?

All I need is your support, Paul.

You did.

It's fine, it's just ...

I did not know it would come back so soon, after a month already, you know?


Uh ... I'll call you back.

Yeah, okay, bye.

I collect what I'm entitled to, Mrs. Otto.

Need help with your bags? No, I'll be fine.

Is it okay if I take a moment farewell Eugene before I go?

It is a big part of my life has become the last couple of years.

Of course that's possible.

He's in his room.


Hi Eugene, I'll just say goodbye.

Why are you gone?

I do not want that. But your mother says I should go.


I do not know.

I want to give a gift before I leave.

What is it?

Now I'm no longer needed here, Do you need a new friend.

This is Robert.

I want you to give him a home.

But ... dolls are for girls.

Not this doll ... this doll is different.

How? Robert is special.

He will protect you from the evil.

He will be your best friend forever.

He looks strange.

You should not say.

Never be rude to Robert.

As he does not like.


Robert always take with you wherever you go. If you fit him, he also fits you.


Good boy.

Look juluie two sometimes.

It's like Julie have always been together.

Look, Agatha ...

Look, uh ...

I really appreciate everything you've done for us.

You know, I ...

I hoped it would not have had to go ...

really, I'm sorry.

You certainly will.

Hey, baby.

What is that? What?

The doll.

Oh, that's Robert.

Where did you get this? Agatha gave it to me.


She wanted me to make a new friend Now she was gone.

Mom ... why had to leave Agatha?


She was... a little forgetful be on it, and ... because I had no job for her.

I feel sorry for her. I know, me too.

You were so mean to her.

Do not say that, Gene.

That's what Robert said.

It was not my intention to onstslaan Agatha, okay?

It's not nice to say.

Sorry, Mom.


I will bring Robert Cheap Eats attic, you have enough toys here.

No do not do that... you make him angry. Is that right?


Do you want this thing really have here with you?

Yes, I like him. He's funny.

Well then.

You should not sneak sneaking around when I'm painting.

That was amazing!

I just wanted a mustache on the Mona Lisa?

Certainly not.

You're early. How was your day?

Hey, Agatha left today? Yes.

Oh, God, it was so uncomfortable.

Do not worry. It had to happen.

I know.

Gene has a new boyfriend.


He's in his room him, go say hello.

Hi Gene, how are you buddy?

Hey, Dad.

Your mother says you here have a new friend?

So, where is he? He is here.

Is this your new friend? A doll?

His name is Robert.

How did you get that little guy?

Agatha gave it to me.

Since when do you play with dolls, Gene?

I normally do not. but he is different.

He talks to me.

Does he? Yes.

Well, okay.

Well I'm going to go down with dinner to biginnen.

I, uh ...

I leave you with your new friend alone.



So, uh ... his friend is a doll, huh? Yes, he is ugly.

Oh my God.

Agatha gave it to him. Truly a strange gift, huh?

It's a boy, Jenn.

Boys do not play with dolls, especially at his age.


What are you perhaps still a asshole full of testosterone.

I'm Jenn.

Oh yes, you freak out just because he's a doll.

You're afraid that our son is a sissy.

I never said, right?

Yes, but your face says something quite different.

It's just a little weird, that's all.

Anyway, do not worry yet he is growing up.

He says that pop talk to him.

Yes, children always talk their toys.


What's the matter with you? Nothing.

Ah, okay, I understand.


You're afraid that he hears voices, like me for my medication.

Do not be silly, not all to deal with your illness, you know?

Okay, why are you so defensive?

I do not pretend to have the think of all the time, okay?

Well then, fine!

Look, I'm sorry if I afsnauw.

But it's been a difficult day, okay?

It is not always easy to find and to defend my clients.

It is well.

You want me to cook tonight?

No, I do.

Are you sure? Yes.



? Gene, is that you?


Have you been down here last night?



In the kitchen.

Last night.

Would you come down and have you sugar thrown on the ground?


Are you sure? Yes.

You tell me the truth? Yes.

Maybe I need it ask your father if he did it.

It was not Dad.

Who was it?

It was Robert.

When Robert was here below, it was you here below.

It was not me.

Robert does not want me to go with him when he goes to investigate.

Look ... okay ...

Listen, if you do something in the future or knocks I want you to tell me, understand?

Even if you have it cleaned up.


Gene Good morning, good morning Jenn.

Want to make some juice for me?

Okay, buddy ... it's a beautiful day, so I thought we can go out with the bike. What do you say?

Okay. Robert also can be taken?

Of course, Robert is also invited.

Claro Robert también puede venir.


Hey ... you'll ... you come to bed?

No, I want to finish my painting.





What is this? What?!

Why have you ruined my painting?

I have not done.

Do not lie to me! I do not lie.

I saw the footprints, Gene!

They are not mine. Oh, who will?

Robert! Do not be ridiculous!

But mom ...

It is enough, what you did was very common.

I want you never to my study comes. Never again!

Did you understand me? Hey!


What is going on?

My painting down there.

Gene has there anywhere paint thrown over it.

Gene, why did you do that? I have not done.

Stop lying!

Okay, calm down, okay? it is late.

Just go to bed, we act it off this morning.


Gene, you've really screwed up your mother's painting?

Go to sleep, okay?

What happened?

I left the studio for a few minutes, and when I came back there was paint on my canvas.

Weeks work is fucked!

Do you really think the Gene really did?

Who should have done it differently?

Maybe it was an accident, Jenn.

That was no accident.

Okay, look ... you have to do not overdo it, okay?

Paul ... you please stop to treat me if I'm made of glass?

You see if I can break at any moment.


Yes. True?

You are here.

That was not me, you know.


I did not.


What do you mean.

It is late.

Why are you awake?

I can not sleep.

I heard two voices.

Who are you talking to?

Robert. And Robert talk back?


He talks to each Horticultural, or just to you?

All against me.

Look ...

I'm sorry I went on like that against you.

I did not mean it like that...

I worked very hard to that painting, and I ...

I do not understand why you destroyed But Mom.

No, please ...

I want it not happened, okay.

It is...

I hope you understand, how disappointed I am and why I was so angry.


It is...

Let's forget this.


Now go to sleep, you should tomorrow morning to school.


Hi, I'm Martha.


I have an interview with Jennifer, is that your wife?

Oh yeah, come in, please.

Then you must be Paul.

That's right.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Oh yeah ... you're welcome you come from far?

Yeah ... no, uh ...

I was just down the road. Give me your coat.

Thank you.

Okay, Jenn is in the kitchen with our son, Gene.


You can still meet him before he goes to school.

Okay. Thank you.


How are you?

Well, I'm going upstairs to clean the Toilleten.


I just got uh ...

I'm going shopping. Actually ....

for an hour or something.


What is that thing?

What an ugly!

Shit! Jesus!

Oh, Jesus Christ! Martha ...

Oh my God. Okay, uh ... do not move.

Yeah, uh ... an ambulance please.



I do not know, uh ...

OK, wa ... wait a minute, wait a minute.

Say that again sweetheart, say it again.


It was him. It was the doll.

I just talked with Gene and He seems fine to orphans.


Are you okay, Jenn?

Yeah, I'm just a little shocked.

There was so much blood, Paul.

Martha is in the hospital and everything comes back to normal with her.

She said something very strange when I had found her.

What did she say?

She said it was the doll.

The doll?

That's what she said.

It was the doll.

What exactly does that mean? I do not know.

Maybe she struikeklde the pop Gene but ... I did not realize it was on the stairs.

I have an idea.


Let's go out tonight.

Oh no, no, I do not feel good now. No.

Come on Jenn, I do not accept no for an answer.

Okay, we go out ... we go good food ... we have a nice de-stress.

He'll be fine. And what about Gene?

I'll call Marcie, they'll want to be careful.

The last time she was here the house was a mess.

Jenn, stop the exuses, she is a sweet girl and her cute Gene vinst.


No, I do not know...

Come on, Jenn.

You've had a shock.

You have to relax.


Besides, it's been a long time since We had time for ourselves.



Hi Marcie. Hey.

Hello, come in. Thanks wanted to come on such short notice.

It is well.

Are you, Jenn? are you looking for something?


My lipstick.

As if the earth is gone.

Marcie is down, you ready to go?

Yes, you can ... give me five minutes?

Yeah right.

Thank you.



Hi Mom. What is going on?

Have you played with my lipstick?

Of course not! I'm not a girl.

Did you write something on the mirror in my bedroom?

No! I was down at Marcie!

Are you sure that you do not have messed with my lipstick?

I did not do, really!

What do you think about Robert to put in the attic.

I would not do it if I were you.

Why not?

Robert because you can not.

He will be angry, very angry.

You ...

To keep it in your room?


It is not always common.

Most of the time he makes me laugh.


But if you want me to get rid of him hit ...

I want that.

Which is good.

I go down to Marcie.

Hey, you look beautiful.

Are you ready to go?

I gotta show you something.

The bedroom.

Oh, you want ...

I thought we were going to do later.


No, Paul, I'm serious. Okay?

Look ...

What is it, Jenn?

What the hell?!


There was something written on the mirror.

Remember when I was looking for the lipstick? Yes.

I came in ... there was death ... Die was written with my lipstick and then went to the room of Gene and Robert had my lipstick in his hand.

Jenn ...

Jenn, Jenn, look at me.


No, no, look at me.

Look at me.

There is nothing in the mirror now. But ... I saw it ... it was ...



Marcie is downstairs with Gene.

Yes... and we're going out tonight.

You have an impressive and had a stressful day.

Look at me, Jenn.

We would go together, right?


We go out like we used to, just you and me.

We're going to have a nice evening, I promise.

Come here.

Come on.

It's alright, it's alright.

Can you leave the lights on?

Goodnight, Gene.

Okay, come on.

What are you thinking of?


You're doing all night like that.

What is it?

Paul, something strange about the house going on, do not you see it?

What do you mean?

Well, I found the vacuum cleaner in a puddle blood down the stairs.

Curiously, do not you think?

It was an accident.

And then there was written on the mirror.

Here we have already talked about?

Yes, there are other things.

Like what?

Last night went into the room of Gene.

I heard two voices from his room and when I went inside was he talking to that doll.

You heard ... you heard voices?

Look, I know what you think but these were not my symptoms, okay? it was real.

Maybe it seemed real. I'm serious, Paul.

Since Agatha doll to Gene has made strange things happen.


Gene ...

Gene told me that pop talk back.

You have a stressful time and had a stressful day, Jenn.

Sometimes when you are stressed the smallest things can disturb you.

Do you think that these things only in my head?

You say you hear things and see things. I do not know what to believe.

So you believe me?

What does that mean?

Maybe you're forgetting that I over the years had a diagnosis. But not me!

My God, I do know also.

I feel betrayed, Paul. Do not be ridiculous, Jenny!

I've never cheated or something?

Why do men always it cheating is the only way to to win the trust of a woman?

You do not support me, Paul!

Okay, Jenn! Please! It's all good!



She's not down here. Marcie!

Gene ?!

Ah, thank God!

It's okay, honey. Go back to sleep.

What is wrong with this girl?

She goes away and leave our son alone!

Jesus, what kind of game she plays.

You know what? This is ridiculous.

I'm calling to her house.

Calm, Jenn. Okay?

I'm calling to her house.

Do not tell me that I need to calm down, you let the damn door!

Anyone can enter!

Okay thanks.



What is going on?

She is dead.



What? Police responded.

They want to have a conversation with us or something.

A conversation with us? what happened?

Oh, God. It was only a child!

Swe was just a child!

What the hell's going on, Paul ?!

I can not handle this. Look ...

I was so ...

Sometimes things happen all at once, Jenn.

It's just how life is.

Do not fucking be ridiculous!

There is seriously something seriously wrong, why can not you see.

Why can not you see, Paul?

Jenn ... just go to bed, okay?

It was a strange day. I am coming also so to bed, okay?


You, filthy fucking ... go!

Gene ... wake up honey, I need to talk to you.


I need to ask you something.

And ... I want you to tell me the truth.



You told me that Robert is talking to you.


What is he saying?

He said we best friends, forever and ever.

Did he ever say anything ...

evil has?


What does he say?

I will not tell you. Gene ... look ...

It is well.

Whatever it is ...

I promise you that I will not be angry.


He says he should not you and Dad.

Why should not he to us? Jhij because he can not.

Who says we do not like him?

That says Robert.

So he should not Julie.

Gene ...

Robert hurt anyone?


Martha has pushed down the stairs.

Did he tell you that he did that?


Did he tell you what happened to Marcie?

They made him angry.

He wanted from her.

Robert lives? like a real person?


Robert goes with me. What? where are you taking him?

You no longer be afraid of him.

Talk to me, little bastard!

Come on!

Vertekl me what you've done.


What are you doing?

This ... thing ... alive.

Gene has told me.

Jenn, it's a doll.

It is not a normal doll, Paul!

Agatha since this doll to Gene has given happen here strange things.

Agatha must have known that there something strange with this doll.

That's why they gave it.

It is her revenge for the dismissal.

I mean when she got away I said I was sorry and then she said ... you certainly will.

Jenn ... now you get really scared me.


You're talking to a fucking doll, Jenn? come on?

This is ... this is not good.

No, no ... No listen, Gene ... Gene told me that Robert talks to him and now he has to talk to me.

Ptaat Tegern me.

You have to talk to me!

Jenn, look ... you know I'm here for you?

Look, you're the world to me, really ... but ...

This is normal Niwet Look ... maybe we need to talk with the doctor about your medication.

Fuck you, Paul!

I'm not crazy!

Tomorrow I go to the home of Agatha.

I'll find out what's in the damn thing.



What are you doing here, ma'am?


I, uh ...

I thought maybe the door could open.

Well ... not.

No, uh ...

No, uh ...

Okay, uh ...

I'm looking for Agatha.

Do you know her? Sure.

I lived 25 years next to her.

Okay, uh ...

'IF you expect her to come home?

Unfortunately not.

Agatha's new home is in "Old Park".

At the cemetery. You mean she's dead?

I'm afraid so.


What happened?

Who are you, ma'am?

Agatha has a few years worked for me.

The truth is that I Agatha few important items to know.

And, uh ...

I really want her back as ... as I can.

Do you mind?

Well then.

Hello, hello, Doctor Franklin.


Yeah, uh ... this is Paul Otto.

Pretty, uh ...

Do you have a moment, anyway?

It's about my wife, Jenny.

And, uh ...

and my son, Gene.


Hey... Can I help you?

Steven, right? Yes.


I'm Jennifer Otto and I want talk to you about Agatha.

She has worked here, right?

Yes, she has.

I'm afraid she's recently deceased.

Not like to hear it, which is really bad news.

Yeah, uh ...

anyway, uh ...

I want to know if we can talk.

This is I think not so good. I am sorry.

To be honest ... I come from far away, and ...

I will not take up too much time.


5 minutes.


Yes that is...

5 minutes.

Thank you.

Come on in. Thank you.

Hey, Gene ...

Did you Robert caught the scvhuur? No.

Why was he in the barn?

Are you... your mother has put him in there.

Oh no!


Robert is going to be angry.

So you want to talk to me about Agatha?




What does that mean?

Well, uh...

Agatha has a number of years worked for my family.

But she was a bit of ...

senile and forgetful.

Yeah ... I think actually, uh ... her hearing though slightly deteriorated when they still worked for us.

Yeah, I mean ... maybe you already know, but ... we had to let her go.


Before she left she gave my son a doll.

The doll name is Robert.

Quiet, please.


My wife... my wife is upstairs.

My wife is upstairs and is not quite right.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I know of pop.

Why are we whispering?

Because the doll is why My wife is not well.

What do you mean?

You have to get from there.

Evil can be contagious.

Hey, where you going, buddy?

To bed.

Goodbye, Dad.

Maybe we can just say goodnight, Gene.

I know that.

But this time it's "goodbye".

I never knew puppets could be spooky or possessed.

When a spirit finds its way in the heart of a house a doll or toy the perfect host.

Evil disguised as innocence.

No one would suspect anything.

And the evil spirit in the pop, I mean, you know who he is?

Honey, do not wer here talking about it, it is ...

Stop me underrated, I'm fine.


I summoned a clairvoyant in order to do a reading in the house.

And they told us that the doll ever Make belonged to a child named Robert Crow.

He was murdered.

His body was found in a river ... he is still attached to the doll.

The police investigation revealed that Robert was murdered by his father.

After Robert's death was the doll to his nephew who named it for his family.

And, uh ... she soon realized that the doll was possessed ... by the ghost of the murdered boy.

They put him in an attic and the spirit remained there for years.

Agatha moved to the house Robert Crow's cousin and she found the doll in the attic.

The Prophet said ... Agatha was a troubled soul and had experimented with the dark cards.

She went straight to the spirit and it gave the power to manifest.

My son says Robert ... my husband does not like me.


Because the mind to proceed.

Robert Doll has something against other dolls.

When he was confirmed a child he could be very possessive.

Jenn, you and your husband in great danger.

I locked him in the barn.

This is not enough to make these to stop evil spirit.

You should go home and destroy the doll.

Chop, shred it, burn it, Do what you have to do to destroy it.

Or it will destroy you!

Oh, come on!



Lieverrd, wakes up?

Are you okay, honey ?!

Oh no, dear, will please wake up!

You must wake up!






Gene, open the door!

Alsjebklieft darling, open the door!

Gene, please!


Please open the door, then everything will be alright.

But you need to open the door!

Gene, open the door!


Open the door!

Please, open the door!

Honey, please.



No, please, no.

H É!

Okay okay.

It's all good.

It's all good.

It's alright.

It is well.

Gene. Gene?

Gene! Gene, my boy.

Oh, dear.

Everything will be fine. He is dead..


I am going to take a bath.

Is everything alright?

I am fine.

Things will be different from now on. You know that right?