Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Script




Show them the Courage of Allah!


MAN 1: He says you stole the bread. MAN 2: It's a lie.

I caught him stealing ours.

Cut off the infidel's hand.

No, I took the bread!

PETER: That's not true. They're not interested in the truth.

PETER: But he's lying! You're too weak, Peter. You won't live.

MAN 1: As you wish.

Cut the other's hand off as well. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Robin.

Oh, God!

No! No! No!

This is English Courage.


That's for five years of hell!

Behind you!

Come on, Robin, for God's sake! Come on!

Wait! Take us with you!

You cannot save those people, Christian!

But you can save me! PETER: They're coming, Robin.


Why should I? For pity's sake.

Mine is a sentence of death. He's a Moor! Don't listen!

Set me free! I will show you a way out.

Why should we? If you do not, we are all dead men.

No, Robin, for God's sake! Robin, they're coming!


I'm sorry. Hurry! Come, Christian! Come!

This Way!

Thanks. I misjudged you.

AZEEM: You are fast with a sword.

ROBIN: Five years I have waited to smell free air. That makes a man fast.


It's mortal.

Leave me.

Give this ring to my sister, Marian.

Now swear you'll protect her for me.

His wound is by the heart. We cannot save him.

Swear it, Robin!

I swear it. AZEEM: They're coming!

PETER: Tell Marian I died a free Englishman.

Peter! Peter. Peter!

PETER: For England!

Come, my friend. Make his sacrifice an act of honor.

Come now!

Why did you cut me free, Christian?

Whatever blood is in your veins, no man deserves to die in there.


Farewell, friend.

God speed your way.

Our way lies together with the speed of Allah.


You have saved my life, Christian.

I will stay with you until I have saved yours. That is my vow.

Thanks, but I go to England. I relieve you of your obligation.

Only Allah can do that.

What if I say no?

You have no choice.

I am Azeem Edin Bashir AI Bakir.

You may call me Azeem.

Robin of Locksley.

MAN 1 [IN VOICE-OVER]: Kindest sir:

It is rumored you fought in King Richard's Crusade... with my beloved son, Robin.

I fear you have returned home to desperate times... when dark forces p/ot against our absent king.

I am anxious for word of my son.

Were you present at his Capture near Jerusalem?

Do you know the name of the potentate who ho/ds him?

Does he still bear me ill will?

A little news, please, sir.

I would give all that I own for his release.



MAN 3: Stop there! Help me, my lord!

You should have waited!

I'm sorry you were disturbed, master. Duncan, it's all right. Let him go.

MAN 2: They've taken my Gwen. My daughter!

Who's taken her? Men! On horses.

In masks.

We tried to stop them, but...

My son is dead.

He's dead.

Master, stay. There is an evil moon tonight.

Never fear, Duncan. Good will overcome.

Trust in that.

I'm sorry, my lord. I had no choice.



The king shall hear of this!

Join us.


Join us... or die.

God and King Richard!


Thank you, Lord.


I'm home!

I'm home!

You are strange, Christian.

Yes. But I'm free!

Now I beg you to free yourself of your vow. Return with the boat.

I know how it feels to be so far from your home and family.

Because I love them so much, I cannot dishonor them.

I thought you'd say that.


No man Controls my destiny.

Especially not one who attacks downwind and stinks of garlic.

Come, Azeem!

Our fighting days are done.

By nightfall, we'll celebrate with my father.

You understand, of course...

I had to try.

AZEEM: I would have succeeded.


ROBIN: Why must you walk in back of me?

AZEEM: In your country, am I not the infidel?


It seems safer to appear as your slave rather than your equal.

For an infidel you have uncommon clarity of thinking.

Yet you tell me of nothing of yourself. For instance, your name.

Azeem. What does it mean? It means "great one."

Great one, really? Did you give yourself this name?

It's a joke.

Azeem the great one, I am home!



Many a maid's lost her resolve to me thanks to this little plant.

In my country, we talk to our women.

We do not drug them with plants.

ROBIN: What do you know of women?

Where I come from, Christian... there are women of such beauty they can possess a man's mind so... that he would be willing to die for them.

Wait. Is that why you were to be executed?

Because of a woman?

That's it, isn't it?

That's it!

It is close to sunset.

You painted old dog. Who was she?

The mullah's daughter?


Another man's wife?

What's her name?

Is there no sun in this cursed country?!

Which way is east?

Her name? East!

Her name.


That way.

You are sure? I'd know blindfolded.

I'm five miles from home.

Was she worth it?

Worth dying for.



MAN 1: Come on, boy, run!

MAN 2: You're dog's meat, son!


You're dog's meat, son, do you know that?

Get down here! You know what you've done. Come down here!

Down! You're not playing by the rules, boy.

Deer don't climb trees.

Perhaps he thinks he's a game bird.

Shall we teach him to fly?

Get him down.

ROBIN: Hold.

I'm curious as to what manner of Creature is so fearsome it takes six men to attack it?

Stand down. This is no affair of yours.

Well, have we treed the devil himself? Let me see.

A small boy, a truly dangerous animal.

This boy killed one of the Sheriff of Nottingham's deer.

You starve us! We needed the meat.

I advise you to move on, pilgrim. This is the sheriff's land.


This is my land and my tree. Therefore whatever's in it also belongs to me.

Might I have the pleasure of your name before I have you run through?

Robin of Locksley.

Well, well... Locksley.

Welcome home.

Kill him! MAN 1: To arms, swords!

Come on, hurry up! MAN 2: He's armed!

Azeem! It's time to redeem that vow!

Unleash the hounds!

Get off your damn knees!

Look out!

WULF: Yeah!

Now, sir... if you'd be so kind as to give me your name before I run you through.

Guy of Gisborne, the sheriff's cousin.

That little bastard was poaching deer. Poach?

Is it not a greater Crime to starve a family?

Go on, Locksley.

Go on.

I've seen enough blood spilt to last two lifetimes.

Now get off my land.

Tell Nottingham what happens to his scum when they pick on small children.


You travel 10,000 miles to save my life, then leave me to be butchered?!

I fulfill my vows when I choose.

Which does not include prayer times or meal times... or any time I'm outnumbered 6 to 1.

You whine like a mule.

You are still alive.

Have no fear. Come down, boy.

Is it true, boy? Did you kill a deer?

Hundreds of them.

You scared him.

AZEEM: Interesting place, this...


MAN: Hold up, Sir Guy. The sheriff's not to be disturbed.


I trust you justify your intrusion with news of profound value.

I met a hooded man today who bade me warn you not to harm his people.

Who told you to cover up?

His name?

Robin of Locksley.

The prodigal son returns.

He's a whelp! This girl could best him.

Put it there!

Yes, well, this whelp bested four of my men.

NOTTINGHAM: Yes, well, your men were probably drunk.

Yet you survived, cousin. I barely survived.

GUY:... markings of Islam.

NOTTINGHAM: I'm sure it will take an army to match these rogues.

I trust Locksley visited his manor and found the home fires still burning.

Time for portents, cousin.


Shut up.

You called, madam?

What do you see?

The son of a dead man. Locksley.

Does he affect us? He precedes the Lionheart.

King Richard returns from the Crusades. That could prove awkward... and will soften the spines of the barons. Soon?

Make haste.

But my plan is still intact?


What is wrong?

I have seen our death.

The painted man, he haunts my dreams.

Adorned with strange, foreign markings.

Locksley's Companion!

MORTIANNA: Kill him. Kill them both.

ROBIN: Father?

Father! Anyone here?





AZEEM: Who is it? ROBIN: It's my father.


Who's there?

Who's there?

DUNCAN: Master Robin?

Is that you?


Praise be! I thought God had abandoned us.

Duncan, my father...

DUNCAN: It's a miracle! Why...?

Why didn't you cut him down? DUNCAN: It's a miracle, I never thought...

Damn you, Duncan, are you deaf?! Easy!

Look at him.

I would have done if I could see.

ROBIN: Who did this to you, Duncan?

Guy. Guy of Gisborne.

With the sheriff and his witch looking on.

Why? They say the sheriff captured your father... worshipping the devil.

That he signed a confession before the bishop.

No, that's not possible.

Nottingham declared all Locksley lands forfeit.

Did you believe the Charges?

Not even when they took my eyes.

AZEEM: We must go.

He loved you to the end, young master.

He never gave up hope of your return.

I should have been here.

He called the Crusades a foolish quest.

He said it was Vanity to force other men to our religion.

But you must flee now.

Head south to safety. Gisborne will surely seek revenge.

ROBIN: I hear you, Duncan.

You should go home.

My world is turned upside down here.

I cannot ask you to come where I am going.

Alone, Christian, you will only get yourself killed.

Besides... there is nothing left for me to go home to.

I will not rest until my father's avenged!

I swear it... by my own blood.

AZEEM: What is this place?

ROBIN: Peter's home.

It's nearly six years since we left together.

We'll find food and shelter here.

WOMAN: No more beggars!

Tell the mistress of the house Robin of Locksley's at her door.

Her ladyship's not here.

Is the child Marian at home?

Maybe she is, maybe she isn't.


The hospitality in this country is as warm as the weather.

It's a joke. Really?

WOMAN: Leave your Weapons.


Wait here.

Right here?

A Curse on Moors and Saracens!

Were it not for their ungodly ways, Master Robin would never have left.

What manner of name is Azeem?

Irish? Cornish?


WOMAN: Who are you?

Robin of Locksley.

WOMAN: You lie. Robin is dead.

Step into the light.

Turn around.

Am I to dance next?

Who are you? WOMAN: I am the Maid Marian.

Well, then show yourself, child, for we knew each other well.

The years have...

...been kind. Thank you.

With the king away, we must guard against villainous outlaws...

...who would kidnap a relative of his. You can see I am not one of those.


Now remove yourself from this house.

I would, my lady, but I'm sworn to protect you.

Protect me?

Robin of Locksley was nothing but a spoiled bully.

And besides, as you can see, we have enough protection.

Marian, wait!

You are truly courageous against an unarmed man.


DUNCAN: Point me toward danger, Azeem! I'm ready!


Hello, Marian.

ROBIN: His last thoughts were of you.

Oh, Peter.

I'm sorry, Marian.

I'm sorry.

How do I know you didn't abandon him to save your own skin?

No one feels his loss more than I.

Next time I'm in London, I'll give my mother your condolences.

I would think for your safety that you would join her there.

I have no interest in life at court.

All that gossipmongering and currying favor.

But you're alone here.

Hardly. These years have left us many in need.

While you and my brother played heroes, Nottingham plundered the shire.

I see you still have your lands.

Because I give him no excuse to take them.

I am the king's cousin. It is my station to look after these people until his return.


Marian. Marian.

My purpose in coming here was not to hurt you.

I swore... I swore to your brother that I would protect you.

You cannot replace my brother.

I don't want to replace him.

I've returned to find my home destroyed and my father murdered.

The only explanations for it are the ramblings of an old blind man.

All I remember of you is a spoiled bully... who used to burn my hair as a child.

Please allow that years of war and prison may change a man.

Robin, whatever happened between you and your father, you mustn't believe... what they accused him of.

I don't.

AZEEM: Christian!



How did your uneducated kind ever take Jerusalem?

God knows.

What is it?

What is it? It's Nottingham's soldiers.

Coming here? Is this your protection?

I killed some of the sheriff's men. Oh, dear.

I fear I have placed you in danger.

I can take care of myself. Just go!

No, that's my horse!

A truly magnificent animal, my lady.

Come on!

Go! I said, I'm sworn to protect you.

And I say no more boyish gestures.

I'm not leaving.

Stop them! They're stealing my horses!

You're so kind, Marian. Ooh!

Been sheltering outlaws, Lady Marian?

They're thieves, you imbecile. Lucky he didn't steal your virtue as well.

A Crown to the man who brings me Locksley's head! My lady.

Have we lost them?


My horse carries two. Yours is lame. We cannot outrun them.

Leave me, Master Robin! I slow your escape.

We can lose them in the forest. Sherwood Forest is haunted.

Either we take our chances with ghosts or become ghosts ourselves.

GUY: Come on, damn you!

There are only three of them!

It's not the men we fear, sir. It's the evil spirits.

GUY: Robin of the Hood!

Son of a devil worshipper!

Your father died a coward... cursing your name and squealing like a stuck pig!

You will bring no justice to your father by dying today.


DUNCAN: Master Robin?

There are your ghosts, Duncan.

Wind chimes.

A child's toy put to good use.

You scare easily, my painted Moor.

This forest has eyes.

I swear it.

In my dreams alone have I imagined such a place.

Then imagine a way to cross it.

There's hope!

MAN 1: There was a rich man from Nottingham.

Who tried to cross the river.

What a dope He tripped on a rope.

Now look at him shiver.

Beg for mercy, rich man!

I beg of no man.


This here is our river, and any man who wishes to cross must pay a tax.

I will pay no tax.

As you can see, I have nothing.

Not even my sword. MAN 2: Bollocks!

Any man who travels with two servants... and claims he's got no bloody money... either a fool or a liar. Yeah, he's a liar!

Who are you? John Little.

Best man of the woods. Eh, lads?

MAN 3: Tell him, John! That's right!

Well, best man, you lead this rabble?

Yes, I do, mate.

And if you tosspots want to travel through Sherwood Forest, it's gonna cost you... that gold medallion.

This is sacred to me.

It's sacred to us too, mate.

That there will feed us for a blooming month.

You'll have to fight me for it. MEN: Ooh!

Love to, mate.


Be careful, Father.

He walloped 12 of the sheriff's men.

Is that so?

Reckon I'm gonna enjoy this.


That's your father?

[MOUTHS] You should help me.



He's drowning!

JOHN: Lost something?

Thanks for the taxes.

Looks like the little rich boy's lost for words, eh?

ROBIN: Any great ideas? Get up! Move faster!

Move faster. Great idea.

MAN 1: Watch it, John!

We're not through yet. All right, my old cooker.

You want another good walloping?

You shall have one.

Seems I've made it past the gate, John Little.

Or should I call you Little John? WULF: Hit him, Father! Wallop him!

MAN 2: You can do it! MAN 3: Good shot!

MAN 4: You've bloodied him, John, you've bloodied him.

Swimming time again, old chum.

WULF: Where is he? Do you see him?

It's a blooming shame!

He was a brave lad!


Do you yield? I can't bloody swim!

'D° You ' y' I - Yw e d?

Good. Now put your feet down.

I'll be buggered.

ROBIN: The medallion. Give me your name first.

Robin of Locksley.

JOHN: Well, Robin of Locksley... you got balls of solid rock. Come on.

That's Much, the miller's son, Harold Brownwell.

That stumpy one is David of Doncaster, but the lads all calls him Bull.

Because you're short? Nope.

It's because I'm so long!

They ought to have a look. No, Bull, save it! Save it for the ladies.

Give the man some mead.

Now, I made that myself.

Has English hospitality changed so much in six years... that a friend of mine's not welcome at this table?

But he's a Savage, sire!

That he is.

But no more than you or I.

And don't call me sire.

With regret, I must decline.

Allah forbids it. Your bloody loss, mate.

How is it there are so many of you in hiding?

We're all outlaws. Got prices on our heads.

Even the young lad there.

It's that blasted sheriff, he says we owes him taxes.

You know, your ghosts will only keep the sheriff's men at bay so long.

They've worked so far. You have a better idea?

We can always fight back.


I reckon I must've Cracked that noble head of yours.

These are all good lads here.

They've got hearts of oak, but they're farmers.

It'd be lambs to the slaughter.

MAN: They say the sheriff was raised by a witch.

A witch? WULF: She knows every man's thoughts.

You can see through her. And she flies. That's a load of codswallop.

What does the rich son of a devil worshipper care what happens to outlaw peasants?

DUNCAN: My lord was a kind and generous man!

Who among you dares believe him capable...?

My father was no devil worshipper.

And I'll have words with any man who says otherwise.

But he's right.

I was a rich man's son.

But when I killed the sheriffs men...

...I became an outlaw like you. You are nothing like us.

JOHN: That there's Will Scarlett.

Don't take no notice of him. He's full of piss and wind.

Come on, lads, drink up.

Stop talking so much bloody rubbish.

This here is the best that we simple men can expect.

Here we're safe.

Here we are kings.

Too much mead, old friend? Forgive me, I oversleep.

No. No, no. Rest yourself.

What day is it, Duncan? Sunday, I think.

Do they still give alms to the poor at Mass?

That they do.

These days, the need for mercy is greater than ever.

Well, my other god calls.

Oh, don't upset yourself, Mortianna.

Appearances are important to that lot, especially on a Sunday.

You know my true faith lies in the old ways.

Although... frankly, sometimes...

I can't see much difference.

Did my parents truly tell you to instruct me in all this?

Their dying wish.

MAN: We beseech thy blessing, Lord... on all your people, but most especially... on our noble Sheriff of Nottingham.

Grant him the Wisdom to guide and protect... our glorious city.

Grant him also the strength... to bring to justice the lawless men... who would threaten its safety and prosperity.

And the judgment to punish them... in your name. Amen.

MEN: Amen.

PRIEST: Go in peace.

Sarah? Yes.

That's all I have. WOMAN: God bless you, ma'am.

ROBIN: Alms for a blind man, my lady?

For one who cannot see your beauty?

Hello. What are you doing here?

Searching my soul.

I do not wish to be seen with an outlaw.

ROBIN: Do you prefer the company of Nottingham?

There's a price on your head.

How much? One hundred gold pieces.

Is that all?

I shall have to annoy the good sheriff more. Soon it will be 1000.

For 1000, I would turn you in myself.

Nottingham is mounting an army.

He has every blacksmith in the county holed up in the Castle making swords and armor.

What is he planning? I don't know.

But there's no limit to the man's ambitions.

Go. Quickly, go! Thank you.

Robin, do something for me.

What? Take a bath.

Take a bath?

These are my private Chambers, my son.

I have priests who would hear your confession.

Ah! Shh.

I see the boy I knew in the man before me.

Welcome home, Robin.

You shine like the sun, my lady.

You've been meeting with Robin of Locksley.

My cousin tells me the knave deprived you of some horses.

Yes, a most disagreeable experience. Yes, I know.

And for inflicting that upon you...

I'm going to hang him from the walls by his entrails.

I'd like to see that.

If you'd bring your household within the city...

I could give your needs personal attention.

I do thank you, but I prefer to stay in my family's home for now.

Well, then perhaps you'd do me the honor... of accepting a small token of my undying devotion to your safety.

King Richard would be deeply moved to hear of your concern for my welfare.

Yes. Um...

I'm afraid the king has many enemies both abroad and at home.

I fear for his safe return.

Oh, no, fear not, dear sheriff. He will return.

And when he does, he will wish to reward his faithful subjects.

I asked your father three times if he worshipped the dark one... because his answer vexed me so grievously.

He said... he must meet God with a clear conscience.

You lie.

On your souls, do not shed blood in the house of God!

NOTTINGHAM: You bastard! In there!

Get him!


I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!

Then it begins.

WOMAN: He's taking the sheriff's horse! MAN 1: He's stealing the sheriff's horse!

Close that gate!

MAN 2: The sheriff's horse! Close the gate! He's stolen the sheriff's horse.

NOTTINGHAM: What are you looking at?!


Thank you. For the animal.

How can I protect you, Christian, if I know not where you go?

You've hardly raised a finger when you do know... great one.

I prefer to have the choice.

WILL: Wonderful! You've stolen the sheriff's horse?

You've stirred up a bloody hornet's nest now!

Are you afraid, John? Yeah, a little.

So is the sheriff. And today I gave him a sting he'll not forget.

You fool! You've started a war! ROBIN: We're already at war.


And I say we strike back at the very man who takes our homes...

...and would hunt our children. We?

You planning to join us then, matey?

No, to lead you.


These are simple people.

They are not Warriors.

Be careful you do not do this for your own purposes.

You forget yourself, Azeem. I do not ask for your company or Council.

Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an ax?

NOTTINGHAM: Because it's dull, you twit! It'll hurt more!

I want this brigand found.

Starve them out!

Slaughter their... No, take their livestock.

I want Locksley's own people fighting to bring his head in.

Perhaps we could create a name for him.

Something to drive fear into the hearts of the populace.

"Locksley the Lethal" or "Wreaking Robin." Whatever.

I want him dead by the next full moon, before the barons come back.

Now sew!

And keep the stitches small.


He's not here, sir.

Where is your mate, the man they call Little?

He died last winter. Burn it down!

Leave us the sow. Her young will feed us through winter.

You heard of the Sherwood bandit? Robin of the Hood? Yes, sir.

Pray he is brought to us before winter.

Over here!

MAN: Alfred! What's happened to you?

Oh, John! JOHN: Fanny!

Will, they burned it, all of it. WILL: Are you all right?

Where is this Robin Hood?

He's there.

Look! Look what they've done!

If it's fame you seek, Christian...

I think you have it.

You brought this misery on us, Locksley.

ROBIN: It's Nottingham trying to divide us. We are divided, rich boy.

I'm not blind as that old man over there.

You're still trying to be lord of the manor.

I heard today that the sheriff now Values your neck at 500 gold pieces.

I say we take him in.

Will, do you think the sheriff will give everything back after I'm gone?

He'll give us the reward and our pardons. ROBIN: Wrong!

He'll stretch your necks one by one.

What would you have us do?

Fight armored men on horseback with rocks and our bare hands?

If needs be.

But with the one true weapon that escapes you, Will.


Look out!

Thank you, Wulf.

You wish to end this? MEN: Yeah.

You wish to go home? MEN: Aye.

Then we must stop fighting amongst ourselves... and face that the price for it may be dear.

I, for one, would rather die... than spend my life in hiding.

The sheriff calls us outlaws.

But I say we are free.

And one free man defending his home... is more powerful than 10 hired soldiers.

The Crusades taught me that.

I will make you no promises save one.

That if you truly believe in your hearts that you are free... then I say we can win.

They got armor!

They got armor, Bull?

Even this boy can be taught to find the chinks in armor.

But we ain't got nothing to eat!

What do we need that the forest cannot provide? We have food.

Wood for Weapons.

We'll find safety and solace in her trees.

Yeah, but what about our kin? Sheriff's taken all they got too!

Then, by God, we take it back.




What's the meaning of this?

Milady. A woman of your beauty has no need for such decorations.

How dare you!

Please don't take that! Don't take that!

Please, sir! Those belong to our Lord. Now they belong to my lord sheriff!

JOHN: Give it back.

ROBIN: Good.

Tell the sheriff for every harm he does these people, I will visit it back on him tenfold.

Something vexes thee?

What the devil? ROBIN: 'Tis a hot day, my friend... to burden your horse with such a heavy purse.

The sheriff will hear of this!


I truly hope so.

There you go, love. Buy yourself a new sow.

God bless you, Fanny.

And God bless Robin Hood!

MAN: We reckon he's nicked 3 to 4 million in the last five months, sire.

All right then, fine. Raise the bounty on his head.

Twenty-five thousand crowns.

Begging your pardon, it won't do no good how much you raise it.

Really, scribe, and why is that? Because, sHe... the poor, you see. He gives them what he takes.

So, well, sire, they love him.

Just a minute.

Robin Hood steals money from my pocket... forcing me to hurt the public... and they love him for it?


NOTTINGHAM: That's it then!

Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans.

No more merciful beheadings.

And call off Christmas!

The treasury is empty.

All day and all night people plague my door... whining for tax relief and safe passage through Sherwood Forest.

"We can't pay thee what the highwayman's taken."

It's the shortest route to London, sire!

It's the only road to London, you little ferret.

Sir Guy's patrols have found nothing, sire?

No camp. Nothing!

This hooded Viper simply slithers into the forest.

You, my room, 10:30 tonight. You, 10:45.

Bring a friend.

Tongue offends thee.

Whose? One who writes all.

That horrible little scribe, his tongue? Cut it out.


How many?



How many?


They can't count anyway. Come on.

Why scare them?

And they call me barbarian.

GUY: Friar!

You shall find it more difficult to sing with a sword in your gullet.

Yes, my lord.

MAN 1: Shut up and help me move this log! MAN 2: This isn't a log, it's a tree!

MAN 1: Shut up! You're supposed to be helping me!

I'm supposed to be meeting a girl!

You men in front, after me. The rest stay with the wagon!

On to glory!


Bastards. Come on. Find them!



Welcome to Sherwood, friar! Giddap!

Surrender your Weapons!

Surrender your Weapons, and I give you my word you shall go free.

Don't do that!

What are you...?

I'll be buggered!

This treasure had a purpose. We must find out what.


ROBIN: Good morning, my reverend friend.

You travel with poor company when you travel with Nottingham's soldiers.

MAN 1: Tax him! MAN 2: Tax him!

I'm Robin of Locksley. And my men are thirsty.

That's right. Robin Hood!

Lord bless me.

I mistook you for common thieves!

Kindly let me pass, sir.

Surely the Lord has the charity to spare a few barrels for good Christian men. Yes?

We have much to celebrate.

Well, if you wish them to share in the good Lord's brew... you must best me for it!

Confess, Robin Hood, that Friar Tuck is a braver... holier and wiser man than thou art!

He giveth and he taketh away.

Do you yield?

I'd rather roast in hell.

Shoot him! Shoot him!


I think the good friar's taken us far enough.

MAN 1: Well done, friar.

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me humility.

Well, Tuck... MAN 2: Thanks for the beer.

Are these not the meek of the earth?

We're in need of an honest man to minister to them.

What say you, friar?

The Lord reveals himself in mysterious ways.

Iaccept. Good.

You will not regret it.

Aye, but you may!

We were ambushed, cousin.

Spanish Steel. Much stronger than our native blades.

Any losses?


In truth, all of them.

And the gold? Taken.

Robin Hood?

They were woodsmen, cousin.

Robin Hood.


I tried. Cousin...

I tried. I tried. Cousin... we must be strong.

We can't allow an outlaw to make fools of us.

And I can't allow a lieutenant... to fail me.


Well, at least I didn't use a spoon.

That's good steel.

Take the one on the left. Which one's left?

Which one you taking? What do you mean?

If you take the one on the left, I'm taking the one on the right.

Which one's the one on the right? The one next to the one on the...

Bollocks. We'll just jump out and grab them.

NOW? 'Now!

Donation, if you please.

Donation? For what?


For passage through Sherwood. Very well.

Come and get it.

You stunted shrub! How dare you attack us?

It's me job, my lady. Job?

And who is your employer? Robin Hood.

I insist on seeing him at once.

BULL: I'm trying to stop them!

You cannot go down there! SARAH: My lady, don't rush, you'll fall.

He's not expecting you! My lady's intrusion is simply tit for tat.

Out of the way, old traps! Don't "old traps" me!

BULL: I told you, you can't go down there!


Ooh! Oh, I say. Cover your eyes.

My lady, don't!

You could've said!

Robin! You got visitors!

It weren't my fault! SARAH: Madam, you be careful there.

It was Much! Careful you don't slip.


What are you doing here?

Taking a lady's advice.

What happened to your eye, Bull?

We was set upon by 10... Twelve!

Fifteen large, big lads! Oh, yeah?


You've been busy.

We have guests! MAN: Bring them down!

It works.

Kind of.

AZEEM: Of course it works.

MAN 1: Great shot!

Take your time, now.


That's good, Wulf. But can you do it amidst distraction?

Can you make the shot when you must?

MAN 2: Show him, Wulf.

Can you?

MAN 3: Well, go on, then. It was a dirty trick.

MAN 4: Aren't we all very serious? Is his Shirt coming off?

Fair's fair. Come on, chaps. Fair's fair.


Well done. Well done.

This is grain, which any fool can eat... but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption.

Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty... by learning about...


Did you bring me here to brag?

This is blood money, Marian.

It's intended to bribe King Richard's enemies to unite against him.

We intercepted it.

But who would...? Nottingham.

He would not dare challenge the king. The king is not here to be Challenged.

While he's away, he may lose his country.

You thought...

You thought I was keeping it all, didn't you?

Didn't you?

Well, here.

A contribution to your cause.

Keep it. This dagger would fetch a great price.

Keep it. It's not dear to me.

I mean, it is... It's not.

I'm saying everything wrong. I'll...


How do I get down?

Wait! Wait!

We don't go that way anymore.

MARIAN: I'm happy to hear that.

ROBIN: Grab on.

We have a rule here, you know.

Once someone has seen the way to our camp, that person cannot leave.

There's too many lives at stake.

That's why Sarah and I asked to be blindfolded.


Well, perhaps you mightjoin us for dinner?


Salaam, little one.

Did God paint you? Did God paint me?

For certain. Why?


Allah loves wondrous variety.

You see, that is why your hair is brown and your...

Keep thy heathen words away from the ears of this innocent... or you'll answer to me.

You know nothing of our God.

Is not Allah the god of Abraham... as is your God?

Don't trick me with twists of the devil's tongue.

Come, child, come.

How is it that a once arrogant young nobleman... has found contentment living rough with the salt of the earth?

I've seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle.

And I've seen the lowliest unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body... to defend a dying horse.

Nobility's not a birthright.

It's defined by one's actions.

It's interesting to hear you say that.

I didn't.

My father did.

Did the holy quest erase your hatred of him?

I don't know.

All I know is that our last words in this world were Spoken in anger.

I was lost after my mother died.

My father too. And for a short time he found comfort... in the arms of another woman. A peasant woman.

I thought he was betraying my mother's memory.

So he gave her up?

For the love of a 12-year-old boy who would never forgive him.

Anyway, who...?

Who says I'm content?

I have my plans for the future.

A grander scheme than this? No, a simpler one.

A home, family... love.

Men speak conveniently of love when it serves their purpose.

And when it doesn't, 'tis a burden to them.

Robin of the Hood, prince of thieves.

Is he capable of love?

WULF: Father!


It's Mother, she's dying!


Your baby has not turned.

It cannot be born without help.

He's the devil's seed sent to lead us astray. Don't listen to him. He'll kill her!

If you do not listen to me... she will certainly die. And the child.


The good friar's done all he can.

I Suggest you let the Moor try.

So be it. Then be it on your head! I warned you.

Marian. Get me a needle, thread, water.

And hurry. Yes.

Come with me. Come, John!

What are you going to do?

I've seen it many times... with horses.

With horses?

Bite down. Bite down, yes.

Help me, sadiq.

MARIAN: Give me your arms.

It will be all right.

I tell you, John, the barbarian is killing her.


No, Father! Out of the way, boy!


Quick, take him. Take him.

Ooh. What is it? Ooh, ooh.

Your son, milady. There you are.

You truly are a great one.

MV Son!

Look at the lovely little baby. Isn't he wonderful?


Today the Lord has taught me a fine lesson.

That though I may think I am godly, I know I am not worldly.

Please. Please.

Come, my barbarian friend, let's open a barrel and try to save each other's souls.

Alas, I am not permitted. Well, fine then. You talk, I'll drink.

Miladyl MARIAN: Sarah?

May I have this dance?

ROBIN: This lady is spoken for.

MARIAN: Why this way?

So you cannot find the way back or be forced to tell others the way.

It was good to see you again, Marian.

It was good to be seen.

I have two favors to ask of you.


Take Duncan with you. I fear for his health with what may lie ahead.

Besides, I grow tired of his bellyaching.

You wish me to leave, Master Robin?

Old friend, listen to me.

Can you take Lady Marian safely home?

I fear for her safety.

Of course, sire. Good.


And two? Yes, two.

You're King Richard's cousin.

You can get word to him of Nottingham's plan.

He would believe you.

If the sheriff found out, I could lose all that I have.

That's true.

But will you do it for your king?


I'll do it for you.

He fancies you, my lady.

I am blind, but some things I can still see.

NOTTINGHAM: In 10 days' time, the barons are coming.

Robin Hood has stolen what I was to pay for their allegiance.

And I am surrounded by fools who do not realize my obligations.

Tell me, Mortianna... am I thwarted?

Recruit the beasts that share our god.


From the North. You mean Celts.

They drink the blood of their dead.

Yoke their strength.

Hired thugs.


Put thine own issue on the throne.

A Child? How?

Ally with royal blood.


It's a personal matter, my lord. But one of vital importance.

I understand, my dear lady.

This is my most trusted emissary.

You must travel to France immediately and put that directly in the hands of the king.

My lady in waiting shall accompany you.

My dear, I could not vouch for her safety.

The journey is fraught with danger.

I appreciate your concern... but Sarah's an accomplished rider, and I insist she go along.

As you wish.

What is wrong?

My horse is favoring his foreleg.


What's this?

An appetizer. You promised us wagons of gold.

Well, there are greater things than gold.

More land and power than you have ever dreamed of.

When I rule this land... it'll be divided between just the seven of us in this room.

You get Cornwall, you can have Wales... and Scotland is all yours.

You recruit us to treason... and yet you cannot even get gold through your own forest.

Why risk life and limb for a man who cannot even snare the bandit who marked his face?

MAN: Why, indeed?

That's a good point, my lord.

How can I control England when I cannot even control my own county?

I'm bringing in a little help.


By God.

You'd ally us with the Celts?

What can these mercenaries do that we cannot?


Very impressive.

All right, my lord sheriff... but you must wed royal kin before we act.

Then your claim to the throne will be... legitimate.

I'm as good as engaged.



Duncan, is that you?



Ah! God!

Nicodemus. Go.

Find mice.

Ha-ha! Ah!

I've never seen the breasts of a noblewoman.


Pardon, my lady, we couldn't hold them! Someone wants a word with you.


MARIAN: No! MAN: That's it, sir. That's all of them.


Tonight I need your eyes, old friend.

MAN: Robin! The warning arrow!

All is well! It's Duncan!

Duncan. Duncan.

What happened?

I found you, Robin. Thank God, I did it.

Nottingham's men attacked us. Marian?

They took her.

MAN 1: What is it?

Over there! Look!

On the hill!


MAN 2: Celts! God help us!

Allah, be merciful.

To the trees! To the trees!

MAN 3: Celts! They're coming!

Poor old fool led them straight to us.

MAN 4: Hide in the trees!

Get me prisoners.

Children! Come to me!


My God.

WOMAN: Save us!

AZEEM: Come! Hurry!

MAN: Save yourselves!

We've gotta go, Robin! We go now!


This way, my lambs. Come on!

MAN 1: Got you! MAN 2: Hold or I fire!

It's gold! Gold!

JOHN: Fanny!


John! Come on, girl!


FANNY: Go! Save yourself, John!

JOHN: No, Fanny, I won't leave you!

FAN NY: Go on, John!


FAN NY: Oh, God!

Okay. Oh, thank God.

John, you'll have to catch her! JOHN: Come on!

I got you, girl!

Quick! Quick! Robin!

Come on! Come on!

Get over here! Go on!

Come on!

Don't wait for me! John, go on!



PRl EST: Corpus Christi.


My Lady Marian.

By what right do you keep me prisoner?

You misunderstand my intentions.

You've been brought here for your own protection.

Protection from whom? From yourself.

It seems that you've been consorting with outlaws.

Where do you hear such lies?

By your own hand, my lady.

I'm sorry, my child.

I feared you were being led astray.


It's over.

Today I return justice to this land.

I shall have to hang the ringleaders, of course, but I would like to be generous... and give you the lives of the woodsmen and their families.

The children!

And, of course... of your traitorous lady in waiting. MAN: Get in there!

As a wedding gift.

And just who am I supposed to marry?

Search your heart, my child.

Why not a union with the house of Nottingham... and heal the wounds in our land?

There is only one man who can heal the wounds of this land.

Robin Hood.

I'm truly sorry, my lady.

He wasted his life. How many more lives would you waste?

What a beautiful child.

So young.

So alive, so unaware of how precarious life can be.

I had a very sad childhood. I'll tell you about it sometime.

I never knew my parents. It's amazing I'm sane.

Our bonding would allow these children to grow up as my allies.

You understand...

I cannot allow them to grow up as my enemies.

I have no choice.

That's true.





MAN: Leave him be!

Sorry to keep you hanging about.

Would you prefer pain or death?


Torture him.

What about you? Pain or death?


Torture him. You see?

It makes no difference. Spare me.

Will you keep the noise down, please?!

Now, I have heard that Robin Hood may still be alive.

Either tell me where he may be hiding... or you'll all be hanged, and we'll catch him anyway and do the same to him.

I'd love to kill him for you. Will, no!

So he is alive, then?

I'm not really sure.

Then why would I need you?

Because, my lord, if he is alive I can get close to him.

I'm one of his men. He would never suspect me.

He knows you always hated him, traitor! Shut up!

He's a trusting fool. And if he doesn't believe me, he'll kill me... then you've lost nothing.

If you fail...

I will personally remove your lying tongue.

And if I succeed...

I want my freedom and the bounty on his head.

The lash, I think.

Sorry about that. It'll make it more convincing.

My pride brought us to this. No, sadiq.

It was you who gave pride to these people.

I was a fool.

I was a fool to let him leave... to believe I planned it all so perfectly.

I once heard a wise man say:

There are no perfect men in this world... only perfect intentions.

You were an honor to your countrymen today, Azeem.

You fought better than 20 English knights.


I thought you were taken. I was.

ROBIN: How did you escape?

JOHN: Traitor!

I'll wring your scrawny neck!

You get in there! Get in there!

Nobody escapes the sheriff, not unless he's lining his pockets.

FAN NY: Where are the others?

JOHN: Where's my son?! FANNY: He'll have his blade in your side!

JOHN: I'll have your guts for garters, you little toad!

Bugger me! 'God!

Let him Speak.

I bring a message... from Nottingham.

Our men are to be hung in the square at high noon tomorrow.

And what about my boy?

The boy too. Ten men in all.

The hangings are to be part of the celebration for the sheriff's marriage.

Marriage? To who?

Lady Marian.

He takes a bride of royal blood.

And with King Richard gone... he'll be after the bloody throne.

You were to use this news to get close to me and then kill me, right, Will?

What are your intentions? That depends on you, Locksley.

I've never trusted you, that's no secret.

What I wanna know is, are you gonna finish what you started?

I want to know if he's gonna run like the spoiled rich boy I always took him for.

Did I wrong you in another life, Will Scarlett?

Where does this intolerable hatred for me come from?

From knowing... that our father loved you more than me.

ROBIN: Our father?

We are brothers, Robin of Locksley.

I am the son of the woman who replaced your dead mother for a time!

Your anger drove them apart! It's a lie!

It's not a lie! You ruined my life!

I have more reason to hate you than anyone.

But I found myself daring to believe in you.

What I wanna know, brother... is will you stay with us and finish what you've started?

I have a brother?

I have a brother.

I will make my stand with you.

Side by side.

To the end.

To the end!

We're all bloody in.

Daft buggers.

We finish this.

Overwhelmed with happiness, thank you for asking.

Yes, all is well. I got all my money back...

Robin Hood's probably dead, and I'm gonna be king, all as predicted.

Now, I want you to tell the hangman...

I don't want to see any broken necks in the morning.

I wanna see some dancing!

Don't touch that!

I can do that myself.

Thank you very much.

Have you been spying on me, you little insect?

Well, who else would have made a...?

Where are you?

You come early. The signs have not aligned yet.

And you can stop all that, you old fake!

I will try for thee anyway.

The union. The blood of the lion and the house of Nottingham... new power, new soul.

I found the hole!

You dare to spy on me?

I want the truth.


Truth has never served you before.

Truth didn't put Nottingham where he is today.

Mortianna did.

You freakish imp, I despise you.

After the wedding, you're on the streets.

The people will rip out your heart and burn it!

Without me, you're nothing.

You're straw. A fleabite. A speck.

I birthed you from this body.

I stole a babe in this very Castle and killed it... so that you might rise in its place.

You're my son.

You despise me?

You are me.

You know, from your empty soul, that is the truth.

All my life, I've been a freak.

But when you stud the Lady Marian... my grandchild takes the throne. My blood.

This twisted Seed will rule through him.

We'll see Who's freakish then.

TUCK: Damn! MAN: What was that?

Truly, you are a Wizard.

The mystery is in the black powder.

Surely the Lord will grant us Victory.

Bull? Yeah.

Position by the gate to cut off reinforcements.

John, you sit on this wall to protect our escape.

I will conceal myself here, below the scaffold... to cut our men from their nooses at the signal.

I'll do that. You have to cover us with your bow.

It's too dangerous, Will.

So is your aim.



Whatever Azeem is concocting, we must each be in place for it.

Now, our success depends on total concert.

We may be only six men... Seven.

What are you doing? Where's the little ones?

Safe with my mother.

You gone bleeding Cracked? You'd get hurt.

I've had eight babies. Don't talk to me about getting hurt.

I'm not just gonna sit here and let one of them die.

You should be bloody well minding the other seven.

Tell her, Rob.

Fanny... you will take position here.

No blades, no bows. Leave your Weapons here.

No blades, no bows. Leave your Weapons here.

No blades, no bows. No blades.

What have you got there, Father?

The Lord's finest brew for the good sheriff's fighting men.

It has a mighty kick.

GUARD: No blades, no bows.

Don't anger him. He is a Celt.

FAN NY: Psst. John. John!

GUARD: Hey, you.

Do I know you? ROBIN: Please, sir, don't hurt me.

Oh, my God, you stink.

Pardon my blindness. I'm always falling... Get out of here!

Thank you, sir. AZEEM: Careful, friar.

What are you doing?

Distributing libations for the celebration of the sheriffs nuptials.

Why, is something amiss? Yeah, you are. Get this out of here!

Caesar has spoken, my leprous friend. We shall collect our offerings and depart.

Is this your finger? Leper, what? Get this cart out of here!

Leaving bits and pieces of himself all over England.

What are you doing here?

I ain't doing no harm. I likes a good hanging, I do.

What's in this bundle? That's firewood.


Hello, my lover.

TUCK: Make way for the Lord's work! Make way, do you hear?

Make way for the Lord's work!

A benediction for these poor bastards who are about to stretch.

God, receive them in thy mercy... and show them the love that they do so richly deserve.

Hey! Nothing there but trouble, boy.


That's a little inappropriate, don't you think?

No more than your wedding present.

Bring them out!

Get your hands off me, you dog.

TUCK:... and suffer knowing the lord and his ministers are watching over you.

MAN: Make way!

Traitor! Traitor!

What's going on?

Bring him here!

I'll kill you! What do I do?

Oh, the turncoat.

Did you succeed?

Well, I found his lair... but he was already dead.

You sure? You saw Hood's body?


I saw a grave.

We found this on him.

String him up with the others.

WILL: Put me down! Let go!

Let me go!

Leave him! He's only a boy. Shut up!

Bastard! You all right?

Now, Robin?

My lord, it appears there's no more room!

I'm afraid I'll have to respectfully decline! Come on, you. Down!


Come on, move it. Hold your tongue!

There's always room for one more.

No! That's my son!

I'm coming, Wulf!

My boy!

Locksley. Robin!

Get some troops in here!

What are you waiting for? Get on with it!


Wulf! Father!

Oh, thank God.

JOHN: Come on, you milksops!

Fight your way free. WILL: Look out!

This way! To the wall!

My lord sheriff, is this your idea of control?!

Shut up, you twit.

Come with me. MARIAN: Robin!



AZEEM: English!


Behold Azeem Edin Bashir AI Bakir!

I am not one of you...

.ubutlñghü I fight with Robin Hood!

I fight against a tyrant who holds you under his boot!

If you would be free men... then you must fight! Join us now!

Join Robin Hood! MAN: Freedom!

Come on!

ROBIN: Marian! MARIAN: Oh! Robin!


Close the gate! No!

Guard it with your life!

Bring the bishop to my chapel!

Right there.

That's good, John. That's good.

Is she worth it?

Worth dying for?



Fuck me, he cleared it!



We're doomed.

'Tis rebellion, my lord. We must escape. Marry us!

I will never marry you!

That's my wife, crone!

Get away!

She's ripe. She will give us a son.

You must take her now.

I will not take her until we are properly wed!

For once in my life, I will have something pure! Will you stop interfering?

'Tis madness to delay.

Marry them or face me!



Where is she?

The Lady Marian? Up the stairs, that way!





Get on with it! Robin!


Do you, George, Sheriff of Nottingham... take this woman to be your wife?

To have and to hold... in sickness and in health, for better or Worse, richer...

Yes, yes! Come on! Make haste!

And do you, Marian of the house of Dubois, take this man to be your husband?

Yes, of course she does.


Damned English oak!

MARIAN: Robin! Robin! Marian!

I'll try another way.

What do you want?

I can't do this with all that racket!

How could you? How could you?

The painted man! The witch!

I didn't know. I didn't know it was you. Please, sire, have pity.

Don't harm an old woman.

You may take this body, but it will not be me! It will not be me!

NOTTINGHAM: Not again!

I now pronounce you man and wife, in the name of the Father... the Son and the Holy Ghost.



Do you mind, Locksley?

We've just been married.

Recognize this?

It belonged to your father.

Appropriate, don't you think, that I now use it to send you to meet him?

I shall never fear my father's sword.


Now we're even.


If I must, I will take you a piece at a time.

I'll do the only taking today.

You sold your soul to Satan, your grace.

You accused innocent men of witchcraft and let them die.

Brother friar, you would not strike a fellow man of the cloth.

No. No, I wouldn't.

In fact, I'll help you pack for yourjourney.

You're going to need lots of gold to help you on your way.

You're a very rich man. This too.


Here's 30 pieces of silver... to pay the devil on your way to hell!



Get ready.



I have fulfilled my vow, sadiq.

You came for me.

You're alive.

I would die for you.

By the power vested in me by God's holy Church...

I say any man who has reason why these two should not be joined... let him speak now... or forever hold his peace.

Then I now pronounce you... MAN 1: Hold!

I speak.

Richard! MAN 2: It's the king.

I will not allow this wedding to proceed. My lord...


I'm allowed to give the bride away.

You look radiant, cousin.

We are deeply honored, Your Majesty.

It is I who am honored, Lord Locksley.

Thanks to you, I still have a throne.

Friar, proceed.

Husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

I know that.

Now, get out of it.

We waste good celebration time.