Rockaway (2017) Script

And I would still not be surprised to see John Starks try to win it.

A little known player from the New York Knicks, my childhood hero, John Starks.

Like my brother, Anthony and I, he had come from a tough life.

He had a chip on his shoulder and no one expected him to succeed.

But when he finally got his shot, he played with heart and determination.

It was that heart on display June 19th, 1994.

I had no idea how much that night would change me completely.

Starks for three.

It was the summer '94.

We had high hopes of a Knicks championship and a plan to kill a man.

All right. Blast it. Quick in, quick out.

Does it have a number on it? Is it three?

Let me see. Come on. You and three, always three.

It doesn't matter what number it is, it matters that we have a bunch of them.

John Starks is three, and he is the most best basketball...

Player ever, I know.

I know. Better than Ewing? Yes.

And Jordan? Yes.

Don't worry. It's two.

You're up. Remember, in and out.

Argh! Damn it! That's definitely out. It hit right here.

It hit right here. Right there.

Woah, hey you little shits? Stop stealing our balls.

Maybe you should keep your balls to yourself.

A funny one we have here?

Stay right there you little brats.

Shit. Come on. Let's go. Right there. Come here.

Anthony. Anthony. Come here.

I'll teach you a lesson about taking from others.

Back then, I saw things my own way.

Get back here. Get back here. Stupid brats.

Come on! Keep moving. He's tired.

How many more do you think we need?

I don't know, at least 20.

Starks, steps up to the plate, wait for the pitching.

John Starks doesn't even play baseball.

But if he did, he would be the best ever and always hit home runs.

Maybe you choke up a little bit. It might be too big for you.

Plus we need to get up your strength.

It's not too big for me.

All right.

I wish there was more kids to play with us.

A team.

Well, I'm here and we, we are our own team.

You ready?

Think I'll grow to be 6'5?

You know those aren't real, right?

He's not actually 6'5.

That's what the number say on the back of my cards.

Those are just stats.

He's probably more like 6'2 or 6'1.

Does that mean I'm taller than I really am?

No, that's only how it works on basketball cards.

We only found one ball today.

That's OK.

Hey, do you think the Knicks could take the Rockets?

They have to. I like it when we get home late.

Mom makes us pork and beans.

You know what?

Walk real slowly then.

Alright you're gonna eat up and then it's right to bed.

No. Why?

I better not hear you playing video games.

Late boys don't get to play games.

Look at you. Did you leave any on the field?

No. Why can't we play games? Why can't we?

We haven't played in so long.

Can't we just play one game? Please.

You played the other night and I heard you.

No, we didn't. That was John singing.

Now, this was something my brother and I actually practiced.

We could hum the exact tune of any stage of the old systems.

Secret levels included. We went with stage one, one. A total layup.


The day I was born and it wasn't yesterday.

The day before that, Mama? You better watch yourself.

You're lucky there's not a Knicks' game on tonight or you wouldn't be watching it.


I thought he was supposed to be late tonight?

Hey. Hey.

The boys were just finishing up.

What? No hello for dad?

They're exhausted from the day.

Yeah, they're exhausted.

Look what I got.

Maybe there's some Knicks in there.

Look, Karl Malone.

Is that a Knick? No.

What the fuck is this?

It's nothing. Was I talking to you?

I'm out there busting my ass to pay for food and clothes and for his cards and this is the thanks I get from these goddamn kids?

Just, just bring me my dinner.

I can sew it. It's OK. Just go.

Get out of here before I have another reason.

Hey, I promise, I'll never let him touch you or hit you again, OK?

You want the cherry flavored one tonight?

In my head, this was the tastiest thing ever.

Sort of like Play-Doh before you actually eat some.

You didn't have to hit him.

I barely touched him.

You're not even trying to change.

My old man used to do a lot worse to me for a lot less.

We'll leave. -Where the fuck do you think you would go?

You're nothing without me. I guess nothing worked all day.

Nothing made dinner, nothing paid the bills last month.

Just keep talking. Go ahead. Just keep talking.

Make yourself feel better. So fucking sick of this shit.

Come here.

You are such a fucking pain in the ass like you and these goddamn kids.

Smoke's getting closer.

Don't worry. I'll protect you.

Who will protect you?

Don't worry about me.

Let's just take a look at the plan.

All you care about is those fucking kids.

OK. So, first, we smash the light from behind the boiler.

So then, he can't see them because he's drunk. He'll slip on the tennis balls.

And then you push the boiler over?

Yeah, exactly.

It's going to be really heavy and I can't do it alone.

I need your help, OK?

You should be so strong.

Can you do that?

Then he leaves us alone?


But, how do I break the light? It's so high.

I don't know. I'm still working on that part.

I'm scared.

...since that fucking kid was born.

Don't be.

Hey, you wanna hear a story about Mr. Doo?

And that's the truth you can't say nothing about.

All right. Close your eyes.

So, remember, in Dooland, the smellier you are the better.

And Mr. Doo, he's the smelliest of them all.

Harder this time.


Not bad.

Hey. Your shot, Dom.


Great, now a little bit harder.

Come on, Dom. Take a shot.

Hey. Whoa.

Maybe, you need a little pump up there, Dom.

Maybe you need a kick in the face.

Yeah. Whoa.

Good shot, Dom. Now we can't play.

Maybe those guys wanna play.

Hey. You guys wanna play a game?

No, we're fine just shooting. You sure?

What about you, Starks?

He's fine, too.

Come on, just a friendly game.

We would have to be friends to play a friendly game.

I'm Billy.

We're fine just the two of us.

Hey, they're just a little chicken.

Bah-gawk, bah-gawk!

He said the magic word. Tell my brother he was scared to do something and he'd show you otherwise.

Scared of what, that awesome jump shot you got goin' on?


And you?

His name is John. He's my little brother.

That make sense.

John with the John Starks jersey.

You see the game the other night?

Starks scored 19, even the series off.

That's Brian and that's Dom.

Sal! Look here, boys.

That's Sal, he doesn't stop talking ever. -No.

You boys ready for me? I got more hang time than the chandelier.


What does that even mean?

And what's with the knee braces?

It's so hot right now, I mean look at them.

Never mind. Sal, this is Anthony and John.

Billy, take first pick.

You know you want me, Bill, I'm the best player here. Come on.

I'll take John.

Until then, only my brother had thought of me first.

I'll take Sal.

Yeah. Woo.

Anthony. Let's go. Let's go.

Great choice, Brian. All right. I would take...

Should we wait and see if anybody else shows up?

Brian, you're such an ass.

If I dunk, do we get five points?

You're not gonna dunk.

OK, dunks with five.


The bank's open today.

The bank is open today.

God, he really never shuts up, does he?


Yeah. -Nothing to say on that one, Sal?



Worse than me, short stack.

Hey, don't call him that.

Hey, hold on, time out.

John, come here.

Push me. Come on.

Now do it again, but this time, pretend your elbows are glued to your sides, keep them in.

Whoa. Yeah.

See how much stronger you can push that way?

Give me the rock. Now...

Push the ball through like you just pushed me, elbows in.

It was as if Billy had unleashed some super-human power and strength within my hands.

Yeah. Wow. See, Anthony, I did that!

He speaks. -Hey, Bill, how come you never taught me that?

Well, Dom, you see, John's got potential, you, my friend, don't.

Hey, stop. Stop. You're an asshole, Bill.

Well, if Billy's an asshole, you're definitely an asshole.

We're all assholes. Are we gonna play or what?

I'm not an asshole. Yes, you are.

Yeah. Yeah. No way.

That way.


Nice one, Dom. Dom, back here, back here. Come on, Dom.

Guess I'm gonna have to save all for a new ball.

Hey, John.

Awesome. Nice. Just like that.

Wait, why didn't you just do that earlier and then we could have played with it all day?

We figured if you guys were jerks, we'd at least get a new ball out of it.

I'll play.

Fellas, I gotta get on home before momma, dinks, come lookin' for me. Let's move.

Hold on, I'll head out with you.

I don't wanna go home. Later, d-bags.

We have to head home too. Really? Where do you live?

Over on 4th Street. That's on our way.

Here, we'll take you. We've got pegs.


Right here on the left. That one?

Yeah. All right.


Hey, we're playing these prissy Catholic school kids in baseball tomorrow.

You guys should come. Hey, what do you say?

You and John wanna help us beat up on some preppies?

I don't know.

I mean, you had fun today, right?


Come on. What else are you doing?

I'm busy.

Busy? With what?

Nothing. Yeah, we'll come.

You always such a hard ass?

All right. Sweet. Pick you guys up at 9:00 a.m.

All right. Hey, are you guys the home or the away team?

Their field, so I'd say away. Why?

John will wanna know what John Starks' jersey to wear.

To a baseball game? Yeah.


All right. See you in the morning.

I'll see you. Billy?

Yeah. Thanks.

For what? Just today.

See you guys tomorrow at nine. See you.

Hey, Mom. Did John tell you about basketball at...

Hey. Listen, I made your favorite dinner.

The Salisbury steak. Just, it's on the microwave.

Take it upstairs. Take your brother up.

You can watch TV, play video games, you know.


An accident with the vacuum cleaner.

Making too much noise, man. You should have read the instructions.

How you have an accident with a vacuum?

You've got something to say to me, tough guy?

Hey. Fuck you.

Listen to you.

Look at you with the language. You are a tough guy.

Hey. Mr. Tough guy.

Although, I don't really think you're that tough guy.

I think you're just a scared little shit.

Not scared of you.

Lucky I was coming in. Yeah.

Hey. Tough guy.

Let's go. Get off of me.

Hey, you're gonna learn that life is dog shit. You understand me?

Right now, you feel like you're invincible, but you're not.

Are you OK, Johnny?

I swear I'll kill you.

Why don't you kill me now?

Kill me. Put me out of my fucking misery.

Yeah, happily.

Please, please for me, just stop.

He said he's gonna change and he hasn't changed for shit.

I'm gonna fix it.

Please, don't give him, don't give him the satisfaction. Come on.

Take your brother upstairs.

It's gonna be OK.

Come on. Let's go.

Eat up before it gets cold.

Hey, look at me.

I promise I'll never let him hurt you again. OK?

Do you wanna hear a story about Mr. Doo?

Salisbury steak kinda looks like him, doesn't it?

OK. How about your favorite movie?

How about we pretend that this sheet is a magic carpet that can take us anywhere we want.

Wouldn't that be great?

A movie.

All right.

You have to take three bites of food first, OK?

He always knew just the right thing to say to me.

No, here, it strikes.

Freeze all.

They're ruining my fucking life.

It's your own life. It's your own fucking life.

You want something. You could've had a career.

They didn't get in the way of that.

I didn't get in the way of that, you did.

You got a smart fucking mouth.

You'll never fucking get rid of me. You understand that? Never.

Go ahead, take all your failures out on me, but you leave them out of this.

Freeze all. Freeze all. Freeze all.

Melt him, melt him.

Round two, round two.

John! Hey!

Wake up. Are you OK? You're having a dream.

Got to pee, be right back.

Anthony, come here.

We're leaving.

You said this before, Mom.

When you get stuck in something,

you do everything to get this back?

I don't ever remember him being good.

He wasn't always like this.

Come here.

OK, next week, he has a job in Pennsylvania.

On June 20th, you, me and John, we're getting out of here.

You never have to see him again.


I wish it could be sooner.

I'm sorry it's taken this long.

I could help with that.



You know it's his fault, right?

It's not yours.

So, do you have a plan?

The three of us will get a place and things will be better.

You believe me, right?


You know I love you and your brother, right?


Of course we do.

We love you too.

Go get some sleep.


You too.

Good night, Mom.

Good night.

Wake up, wake up. They'll be here soon.

Do you think we need headbands like Sal, do we?

No we don't need wristbands or headbands.

We need tennis balls.

We need pumps like Dom. Maybe with three pumps on each shoe, I could jump higher.

Look, we just need a way to break the light bulb.

Hey, they're here.

Hi, guys.


Hey, not so fast.

Are you gonna introduce to me your friends, or what?

Brian, Billy.

Nice to meet you.

Hey, boys. You're gonna go play at the diamond?

This is nice.

Good weight, solid wood work. Where'd you get it?

My dad. Used to be his.

Yeah? Did he play? Yeah.

I don't know if Anthony told you, but I was All-State in high school.

Really? Yes, for real. They even got me one of those scholarships to a good school.

Wow. Wow.

Wait, really? Yeah.

Fuck, yeah.

I had me a killer swing.

Killer swing.

I could fly around those bases.

You look like you're fast.

I'm OK.

I'm OK. I'm OK, don't be so modest, all right?

Look at this guy, look at the biceps on him.

I'd bet you're a home-run-hit and lady-killer, am I right or what?

Listen, the girls always love a good ball player.

Remember that.

Back when I was still playing their mom used to come to all my games.

Sit up on the stands, cheer me on, watching me crush them over the wall.

What happened to your career?

Well, you know.

You know how it is, sometimes you get a curveball and you time it right and you just knock it right out of the pluck and at other times, you get a changeup and you miss.

Let's go.

Hey, hold on, Ant, hold on.

Don't you, want to get some chewing gums and some sodas for you and your boys over here.

You like that? Yeah.

Here, take it.

Hey, John, John, come here, I'll give this to you, all right?

You're in charge, OK?

Don't lose it.

Alright boys. Enjoy your youth 'cause it's gone like that.

I got to go to work.

OK, so we've got a grocery list to hit for the game.

We need beef jerky, chewing gum, packet of balloons, rubber bands, some quarter drinks, and Vault sodas.

Boy, is it a Dom and Vault day? Just might be.

Wait, did you say balloons and rubber bands?

You'll find out.

You guys got anything to add?

No, I think you got it all.

Plus, we don't have any money.

I've got five dollars.

We need seven dollars and 25 cents.

That's 145 cans.

Wait, cans? -We will pick up around the town.

If we use John's fiver, we only need 2 dollars and 25 cents more.

No, no, stop, stop.

Give me the five.

What's up?

We don't have any money.

'Cause this, this isn't real.


I guess it's 145 cans, then.

You got to tell me about that later, you nut.

So are you guys rich?

Throwing away money like that.

That was your dad?

If you can even call him that.

Are your parents divorced?

They should be.

Mine are.



I only see my dad on weekends.

I mean, when he's not working.

It kind of sucks.

Could be worse.

He tries to come to my games, though.

Yeah, come on, go there, ready?

Brian's parents are together.

He's super smart.

Kind of too smart for all of us clowns hanging around.

Well, there's something funny about having someone to protect you.

That's true.

Is that what you are, his protector?

Yeah, you can call me that.

So what about Dom and Sal? They're the type of people who'd do anything for you.

They're like, react first, think later.

So he really loves John Starks?

He loves him to a disturbing level.

Yes, I mean, don't get me wrong.

I like him too, but...

Not the way your brother does.

He might be the only one who likes him that much.

No, no, no, no, no.


It's, it's OK, right?

It's just a small rip.

Buddy, it's OK.


Good work.

Hey John, haven't they had a number three?

What, tennis ball?

Yeah, he's forever on the search for a number three tennis ball.

Let me guess, John Starks.

Well, why don't we find out?

Sounds like a good plan to me.

Quick, quick, come on.

I don't know where my family went. Could someone help me?

Three! I found one.


Come on, John, come on.

John, come on.

Fun's over, boys.

Wait, I know you. You're Brian.

I gave your parents a tour of the facility yesterday.

You think this is the type of behavior we accept into our rack?

These are the thugs you hang out with?



We love you.

Come on, Yeah.

Come on.

Hey, Brian, do I have to go to the private school to get a membership at those courts?

Wait, wait, you're switching schools?

My parents talked about it.

But, that's bullshit, you can't.

I guess I just miscalculated their seriousness.

Look at all those tennis balls.

Quite a score.

What are you gonna do with all of 'em? Er, you know, just, you can never have enough, right? -Yeah.

So, what flavor did you guys get? I got chocolate.

Classic, vanilla chip.

I got V-chip, too.


Jerky and ice.


That's nasty.

Hey, I am what I am.

How about you, Sal?



What's wrong with rainbow?

It's gay.

You're gay.

Man, the rainbow is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Alright Dom, what did you get?

Lemon custard pie.

Come on.

You're disgusting.

It's not weirder than cherry lip balm, right?

Well, is that my girl, Gina?

Who's Gina?

This chick Sal always kicks game to.

Her parents own a pizza place.

Watch and learn, boys.


Hey, hey, Gina, lookin' good.

You got that kiss for me yet?


Please, girl.

You can't resist my style.

Come on, look at me.

I'm perfect.

She's looking.

So, check it, I wrote a song for you.

Just for you.



Kick that beat.

My love is pure, this for sure.

And you're my cure To my summer blues Put it in the news, bold letters You never had better Sal loves Gina now and forever What?

Hey, yeah.

That was cool. I know, I know.

That kiss is a miss So stop this dream As it may seem, I ain't part of your team Whoa!

What? What? My gosh.

No. Hey stupid, sit down.

What! Here just sit, just sit on my knee.

Hey, what are you drawing?

It's today's special.

Two slices and a coke for $2.99.

You should have a special for the Knicks big game four tomorrow.


Um, I have a question, what are those pink things?

It's a hand holding a pizza, idiot.

Hey, those don't even have five fingers.

Right on that one.

Man, if you look at it sideways like I am, you could kinda see it, kinda.

Yeah, right? Is that your thing, Gina?

A four-fingered guy?

Because I'd tuck my thumb in all day for you, baby.

Think you guys could do better?

Hell, yeah. Sure.

Thank you. I see this.

It's a coke and pizza special, OK.

Pepperoni, that's key. All right. All right.

Another pepperoni, another pepperoni.

Another pepperoni. Yeah, there you go.

A guy eating it.

Sal, make him smile.

How about a coke? How about a coke?

I'll make a coke, a coke.

I got the coke. Excuse me.


Great job, guys.

So, what's a specal?

She got you there. Allow me to teach.

A specalby definition is when you give my boy, Sal, a peck on the lips.

It's a good deal, you know. Specal.

You wish.

Specal's great. -Hey, guys, like no joke, where is John?

I don't know, I was watching this. Have you seen him?

Nobody's seen John?




Holy shit.

That's goddamn amazing. Wow.

Why didn't you say he could do that?

I didn't know.

You're a tough little boy, aren't you?


Hey, Johnny boy.

He stole your kiss, Sal.

Hey, what are you gonna do?

Shit! The game, guys. Come on.

Goodbye, Gina.

Bye, Gina.

Bye, boys.

A little late.

Didn't think your team would show up.

Can we call that a team?

You gotta tee stand for him?

Excuse me?

Hey, enough fun, Bradley.

You're a new face.

And Dom, when did they let you out of your cage?

When your mother finished cleaning my ass.

Alright, are we gonna stand here and talk all day or we gonna play?

You guys bat first.

10-run mercy rules in effect.

If you guys get 10 runs up, I'll shave my ass stick right out on it and call it Bradley.

Come on, boys.

Let's do this.

Sal. Sal. Sal. Sal. Sal. Sal. Sal.

Give me a minute. Give me a minute.

This one's for you, Gina.

Yeah. Back it.

There you go.


Let's go.


Alright, Anthony! You got this.

Come on! Anthony! Anthony! Anthony! Anthony!

Felt the wind on that one.

Try again. Come on, you got it.

Alright buddy, don't let him pitch that.


Steal that one?

Yeah. Good job.

Go, go, go.

Anthony. Yeah.

Do you know how to pick the right bat?

You want one that isn't too heavy but also not a toothpick.

So when you swing, it's got some power. Hey, get a batter up.

How do you know all the stuff? My dad.

He used to take me to the park when he got time.

Didn't your dad ever take you to the park?

Let's go, come on.

This one feels right.

Come on, John. Alright John, you got it.

Let's go. Come on, John, you can do this.

It's a pint-sized John Starks.

Anyone bring a Woofable set?

Shake it off. Shake it off.

Try again. You have two more.

No wonder you guys listen to the Rockets.

Good, try again, swing.

Try again. So close.

Come on, John, you got this.

Come on, John, third time's a charm.

The baby lost his footing.

Hey, what do you guys do for fun?

Shh, not a talker, are you?

I'm a talker. Most times I don't even need someone to talk to.

Come on, who's next, come on.

Who's it?

Strike two.

There you go, come on. Hustle.

You're like a tornado spinning around there.

Wow, come on, you need to work on your swing a little bit.

Go home, practice and then come back.

Sucks, right?

Tom sucks, get out of here.

You're out.

Look, it isn't my little sunshine Bradley?

Good to see ya.

Shut up, Sal.

Who, me? You know...

Sometimes my mom says I gotta get people agitated.

Now it sounds like a fun board game.

But you know what, Brad? It's not.

Shut up, Sal.

I got a hunch that you got Dom agitated.

Just shut up.

Come on Billy. Do it again.

Come on Brad. I believe in you.

You're a little late that time but I believe you can do it.

Alright, Al, shut up.


Go to first. The first.

Hey, nice throw.

Easy out, Bradley.


What's wrong?




Moving on.

Yeah, Bri.

Come on.


Chug these.

Fast, fast.

Shit, man. We forgot the knife.

Don't worry about it, guys. I got a knife.

He never went anywhere without that knife.

If you found him right now, he'd have it on him.

Wherever he is.

What? I always carry one.

Yeah, because that's normal, you savage.

So first, cut off the bottom of the quarter drink.

Take a balloon and wrap it around the end.

Now we'll take a rubber band and put it around the top.

And there, my friends, you have the finest peashooter on this side of Nassau County.

Nice. Now, grab some pebbles.

Ammo all up.

Wait for it.

I got it. I got it.

Get this fucker.



Nice shot.

Bradley, you're like a bullet.

What is it?

Is it a bee?

Now, you're one of us.

What are you doing? Come on, get it in.

Run, run. Go, go.

What are you doing?

No. Yeah, Bri.

Hey, Bri. Hey John. John.

Baby Starks again?

You want an underhand this time?

Hey, Anthony.

Hand me the Vault.



I got this.

Here we go.

Boy. - Here it comes. He's gonna be good.

Domino. What's he doing?

We'll see.

What? Not wanted at home, in your own dugout now too.

Such an asshole.

My God. He pumped it.

He's pissed. God.


Caught your first base, loser.

Come on, John. You got this. Come on John.

Yeah, John. Let's go, John.

Come on, John.

Anthony and I finally had a team.

A real reason to cheer.

The plan was coming together. And in six days, the Knicks would be champions andhe would be gone.

A new life.

No one could've anticipated what that life would be.

We only have one shot.

So, you need to nail it.

Think about John Starks, how did he do tonight?

Six out of eleven.


What's better than that?

His free throws, six out of eight.


Now, if you had one shot in the clutch, who do you want?

John Starks.


The Knicks win and tie up the finals two-two.


You need better aim.

We only have one shot.

That's all it takes to change everything.


I don't know why I just feel like he's gonna walk in any second all the time.

No, I'm not telling the diner, I'm just gonna go.

Yeah, it started again.

It's bad.

I've been looking for jobs there.

Hopefully, something will happen soon.

Yeah, I know.

I should've done it a long time ago.

Are you sure this is OK?

You're a lifesaver, Jean.

See you on the 20th.

Look at those fun bags.

You know, I don't get tits.

How are they much different than ass cheeks?

We didn't have the answer, but none of us would admit it.

Sal's mom's tits do this to me, beeb!

Asshole. -But you haven't even scored yet.

Gin and juice.

Wow, nice shot.

It's all about breathing, my man.


Gin and juice.

Are you saying gin and juice?

Now load, put the pebbles in.

Put the pebble right here.

So now, it's all about breathing and aim.

OK. Look, shoot.

Not bad.

I only get one shot, right?

What do you mean, shoot again.

It's fine.

I don't know, he must be confused or something.

Hey, Sal, would you rather stick your head between two ass cheeks or between two tits?

There's the difference.

Yeah, good point.

Now, why am I sticking my head between anything?

Have you seen them before, like no bra?

Yeah, once.

You have?

When? Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Give us a tease.


I was watching that movie, you know, about the four boys that go to see that dead body. Yeah.

So, I remember it was the best part.

Yeah, when lard ass pukes.

No! I'm done.

Let him tell the story.

You're an asshole.

Everywhere. He makes everyone else puke.


Anyway. I heard this weird sound coming from Mom and Dad's room, so, I had to go investigate, just when they came out and they were just hanging there flopping.


What happened next?

My dad came out of the room.

Ew, you sick fuck, you saw your mom's titties? So, what?

I've seen my mom's.

Yeah, me too. Guys, it wasn't his mom.

No, it wasn't.

What did you do then?

Um, I told my mom and that night...

I'm sorry, did I wake you up, son?

How can you sleep when you got so much to say?

Cracks through my ribs and bruise on my face that night.

You know? Weirdest thing is I remember being happy.


Happy that it was me and not John or my Mum.

Fuck this asshole. Just give me the word. I'll go double Vault on his ass.

It's fine. My Mom said on the 20th we're just packing up and leaving.

You're leaving?

What about the plan?

What plan?

Look, bud, in four days you don't have to be scared anymore.

Then we won't have to deal with Dad. Me, you and mom could be happy, OK?

What plan?

Wait, will that kill him? Yeah.

This looks dope.

Need any help?

You're joking, right?

No one will suspect us. After all, we're only kids.

Don't be an idiot, you'll get caught.

Going to jail with him, Dom? Better than being home.

Are we really talking about this? It's not in you.

You're not a killer. -How do you know what I am and what I am not?

You are a good kid in a shit situation. Gee, thanks, Dad.

I never said he didn't deserve it, I'm just saying sometimes you need to do the right thing, at least not do the wrong thing.

You know what? Fuck you. You don't know me, you don't know how bad it gets for us.

Yes, I do know, I see the bruises, throw this tough guy act, but really, you're just a scared kid.

Get back. -How's that for an act? You want the fucking sequel?

Is that what you want? To be just like him?

Hit me again. Show your brother that you're no different than your dad.

Take it. Fuck up your life and his.

Idiots! It's just like that movie. What?

But instead of writing and shit, John draws.

Yeah, he's right, John's like Gordy.

Your brother's got this special talent.

What if Gordy shot Ace? What then?

No book, no movie.

Hey man, don't shoot Ace.

Four days, it isn't that long.

What could go wrong?

It's just stupid to try that shit.

Come on guys, bring it in.

Tear down, man.

Do it. Do it.

Come on guys, bring it in.

Four days, 96 hours.

We go through together.




Gin and juice.

Mom, guess what we did today.

Um... Made a three point basket?

Saw boobies.

He's kidding, he's kidding. Yeah, he better be.

Watch your legs. Augh.

What were you up to today?

I'm looking for a new job. A lot is gonna change in a few days.

Find anything good yet?

There's a listing here for a part time nanny and there's one for a cashier at a party goods store.

My friend Brian he's really good at math, he'd make a good cashier.

OK. -Know John is actually a pretty good drawer.

Why, what did he draw? We were walking down the street and this girl had some side walk shop, he made a picture of Starks and a pizza that was really pretty good.

Do you remember our first apartment?


Now, I came in one day. He was like two. He had a box of crayons and he'd drawn all over the walls.

Really? Yeah, at first I was pissed but then I looked and he'd drawn these amazing mountains, with this rainbow out of colorful butterflies.

Wow. -Yeah, quite the imagination.

How come I've never seen him draw?

You know, I tried to, I tried to push the couch in front of the wall, but your dad found out anyway.


You told him.

I did? I don't remember telling him that.

When you were little, you used to sing about all the stuff John would do.

♪ John ate all the medicine

♪ John swallowed a quarter Really?

And not to be forgotten B-side.

♪ John's in the street naked All classics.

Did those things really happen?

Scared the crap out of me.

You should hear Sal.

He sings, well, he raps.


Hey, why don't you invite your friends over for the Knicks' game tomorrow?

I'll get some cold cuts and popcorn.

It's the fifth game, right?

Yeah, but...

What about him? -It's Friday. He'll be at the bar, the track.

You're in the clear.

Alright, I'll tell 'em.


You know you deserve better, right?

You too, kiddo.

You too.

Hey, in four days we'll all have better.

Yeah. I told John. You did.

I put a suitcase under my bed.

When your dad's not at home, just put some of your stuff in there.

It's not that big, so just the important stuff.

I'll tell him.

Will you take him up to bed?

Hey, Mom, in our new house you should get him some crayons.


Alright. Good night. Good night.

Love you. Love you, too.


We're gonna do that. Just throw the gun at the wall.

What happened? O.J. Simpson?

What happened to the game?

Alright here we go, boys. Yeah.

There you are. Give me some.

Thank you. Yeah. Woo.

You know, your mom kind of looks like a Elaine from Seinfeld.

Sal, that's kinda gross.

Yeah, I see it.

Yeah, definitely.

I'd bed your mom.

You're lucky I like you.

What did I say?

I don't get this. Why do they keep showing those cars on TV?

Can't see the game.

He was a famous football player.

I think he killed his wife and her boyfriend.

By accident?

Don't worry about that. They'll bail on him.


Hi, honey.

You're drunk, go upstairs.

Go upstairs. Shit, please.

Get out of the way. No.

What the hell's the matter with you? Get out of the way.

What the fuck is this? There was cold cuts in here this morning.

Where the fuck are they? Who ate them?

Who ate them? -They were for the boys, for the Knicks' game.


Go upstairs. Get the fuck out of my way.

Who ate my goddam cold cuts?

What are you, deaf? Who ate my fucking cold cuts?

Who ate them?

I did, sir.

Who the fuck are you, short pants?

I did too, Sal.

Look, maybe you should just slow it down. Maybe you should sit your ass down and shut the fuck up.

Shut up. I said shut up.

Fucking brat. - Your kids need you.

Yo, I need to say goodbye to my kids. - Listen now, you are not gonna say goodbye to your kids, you are gonna see them again.

If you wanna see them again.

Please you are scared now. Please...

I take you for one of the good guys.

I know you are doing your job.

OK, thank you for this. Your people love you.

Don't throw it all away, don't throw it all away.

Can't take this. Yes, you can. Yes, you can.

I can't. - You got your whole family out here.

Hey buddy, don't throw this away, don't do this.

They love you.

Don't do it, O.J.

It's gonna work itself out, it's gonna work.

It's gonna work.

Get the fuck away from me.

Hey, it's all right. Hey, it's OK.

You can't guard me, starting from the three of the mix for the championship.


You don't get to come, only champions get that.

You get to come, you're gonna be a champ, tomorrow you win, you will get a new life.

One shot changes everything.

I don't know much about this game, but I know it's not looking good for the guys in blue.

Shut up, Dom.

So, tomorrow is the day?


Do you know where you guys are going?

No, Mom is still trying to figure that out, but whenever we get where we are going, I'll make sure to find you guys.

Hey, Brian, you eating that?


Just sucks.

He should have to leave, not you guys.

C'mon guys, step it up.

These guys looking like me out there, that's never a good sign.

Shut up, Dom!

Um, they are better than this.

It's just not fair.

Hey, we're only three down.

One shot to make it even.

Yeah! take the last four shots.

Hubert, Starks for three. Defense!

Yes, yeah!

Yeah, baby, whoa!

11 of his 22 in the four. Yes!

Hey, maybe they will cut off the game right now for another O.J. Simpson car race.

Shut up, Dom!

Thank you. It all comes down to one shot.

One shot. One shot. Changes everything?

I would still not be surprised to see John Starks try to win it from beyond the arc.

All right, Starks!

Rockets do not want a fault. Starks for three.

Come on.

Came up short. Come on!

You lied to me, you said it was going in.

You said, "One shot, one shot." It didn't go in. You said it.

I, I didn't... I... It didn't go in. Look at it.

You lied to me, I trusted you.

You said it was gonna go in. -Listen, listen. This is just going to make it better.

No! -I swear. Stop. It'll get better, I promise. -Look at it. It's not gonna change. You don't know.

I swear, if this is the last goddamned thing I do, I will fix this.

Where's he going?

What the fuck?

Anthony, Anthony. Anthony. No, you can't...

Mom? Anthony, no. No, no.




He found out. It doesn't matter now.

Help! Help! Help!

Anthony, mom, mom, mom!

Guys, back it off. Mom.

Give them some goddamned space.

The last time he did this to you.

Guys, he's still in there.

Anthony, Anthony! No.

That's my son. No!

Help. Anthony, help me, please. I can't, I can't move my legs.

Please, help me, please. I can't, I can't move my legs.

What happened to Mom? What! Didn't she get out?

Yeah, I got her. What did you do? What did you do?

You always have so much to say, now what?

I wasn't ready to be a father.

I'm trying. I'm trying to change, son.

You gotta get my leg, I gotta get my leg, I can't move it.

What are you doing?

What? I'm sorry, please.

Please, I'm sorry. Please. Please.

Pull me out, pull me out.

You gotta pull me out.

Come on.

Aw, aw, you got strong.

Let me go. Let me. Anthony!

Tell us a story, Sal.

You've always got something to say.

No man, I got nothing.

This shit's messed up.

That's my story.

I just don't get it.

Why did he go back in?

To save his dad. -Should just let him do his plan, this wouldn't have happened. You don't know that.

Yeah, I do. I goddamned do. We should have gone in with him.

İt all happened too fast. There was nothing that we could do.

It's not Brian's fault, Dom.

Well, we could have done something.

You think I don't feel bad about it, man?

OK, I've been thinking about it every second, and I will probably think about it for the rest of my life.

Anthony is gone, man.

He's gone.

He's gone.

Now John's leaving.

You're leaving too.

What's next, you'll leave me too, Sal?

And what will I be left with?

My shit parents who don't even want me?

Screw your parents Dom, I'm not going anywhere.

We have to stay strong, guys.

Screw private school.

You think I want to hang around with a bunch of Bradleys?

I'd miss you guys too much.

Come on, guys.

Game seven is coming up.

The Knicks can still pull it out.

Did your Mom say where you guys are gonna go?

I mean... You'll be surprised how far Brian and I can go with people on our pegs.

If we just knew where you guys were going, with our bikes and pegs maybe, maybe we could come visit?


Honey, say goodbye to your friends.

We've got to get going.

So you'll throw us all a punch.

Johnny, please.

Have heart, like Starks.

No fear.

Come find us, wherever you are.

You're tougher and stronger than you know.


I wanted to tell Billy and all the guys everything.

Love you, John! Love you, bye.

I wanted them to know where we were going and what they meant to me, to Anthony.

I just couldn't muster the strength.

Mom never could let go of the guilt she felt for Anthony's death.

She kept that with her through the rest of her days.

That was the last time I saw the guys.

Starks for three, came up short.

The game is over and it will go to a seventh and decisive game on Wednesday.

Remember this summer chill with the tweets.

Enjoy your friends and family in three dimensions. And get outside.

Holy shit!

Holy shit!

20 goddamn years.

7,300 days?

You sound like Brian.

Keep your elbows down, push me.

Fellas, fellas, fellas.

Hey. Nice birthday present, Dom, a case of beer?

Is that who I think it is?

Hey, Bill.

Bill look who it is.

I knew I'd see you again.

Shouldn't you be 6'2 or 6'3 by now?

Wise ass?

It's my birthday today.

Well happy birthday to you, man. What's your name?


Shall we do it? Woo-hoo.

It's about time. There he is. What's up?

What up, fellas? Yes, what up, fellas?

My God, look at those two.


Nice. Look at this. Look at this.

Johnny, man. What's up, Sal?


This is my kid.

Wow. Look at that. Hey.

You don't touch the hair.

Ooh, OK.

You got a chip off the old block over here? -You mean he's super handsome?

Well, that's what I meant. That's what I meant.

You know what I miss? Vault soda. Whatever happened to that?

I think the FDA put the nix on that.

Something about too many fat kids. Hey.

Yes, too many kids sittin' home, playing video games on computers all day, drinking sodas.

No one goes outside and plays anymore, man.

Nobody gets dirty, sweats. Like we did.

Yeah for like we did.

Hey, I drew something on the train.

Yeah? Yes.

Whip that shit out.

Yes, whip that shit out.

Jesus. You let him talk like that?

I do. - Like we were any better at his age.

Here, check it out.


You remember that? You remember those kids?

I remember every kid I knocked down?

You should do a reading down at the elementary school.

Yeah. How do you know about...

I know all that, we all do. Yes, my kids love your books.

Yes, mine too. He's trying to finish one.

How do you think the Knicks are gonna play this year? We've got a shot, right?

No. Come on, dude.

Yeah, hopefully Melo stays.

They could go the distance, right?

Nah, I don't know. One guy, can't do it on his own. He needs a team.

Well, that's true. Everyone does.

And we all do.

Cheers, you guys.

It's great to see you guys.

Come on. Not yet.

Yes, next year. If the Knicks win.

If the Knicks win.