Roma (2018) Script


English and Spanish subtitles in white [Mixteco subtitles in brackets]

Other languages not subtitled

[door opens]

[birds chirping]

[door closes]

[objects clattering lightly]


[faucet turns on, water pours into vessel]

[water splashes]

[water splashes]


[water splashes]


[water splashes]


[airplane flies overhead]

[water splashes]


[water splashes]




[water splashes]

[faucet turns off]

[footsteps depart]

[dogs barking in distance]

[dog panting]

Borras. Borras, Borras.

You need a bath, Borras.

[toilet flushes]

[whispering] Borras, Borras.

[music plays softly on radio]

[Cleo sings along]

-[Adela] [ Manita, manita. ] -[ Yes? ]

-[Adela] [ It's almost 1:00 p.m. ] -[ I'm coming. ]

-[ Manita, my keys... ] -[Adela] [ There they are. ]

-[ I'm leaving. ] -[Adela] [ Take care. ]

[street vendor shouts]

Borras, stay.

[people chatting]

[horn honks]

[Borras panting]

[keys jangling]

-Don't let him get out. -Hi, Borras.

[Adela] [ Manita, manita! Fermín is on the phone. ]

[Pepe] What are you saying?

-[ Go away. ] -[ Okay, but I want to know. ]

-What are you saying? -Go upstairs.

Stop talking like that.


[music plays softly on radio]

[birds chirping]

[ What did Fermín say? ]

[ Just hello. ]

[ Yeah right. ] You're dating!

[ Of course not. ] He's just a friend.

Besides, you introduced us.

-I'm just messing with you. -[bell chimes]

-They're home. -[Borras barks]


Borras, Borras.

Borras, stay.

Come in.

[children yelling]

Manita! Adela!

[Paco] So that kid was throwing water balloons at cars that were driving by.

Then an army jeep drove by, the kid throws a balloon at it, the solider gets mad, he gets out, and shoots him.

Oh, God! Is he okay?

He shot him in the head. He's dead.

How awful.

-Adela? -[children crying out]

Mrs. Sofía is here and the kids want strawberries.


Thank you.

-I got an A plus. -That's great!

And Sofi did too, I imagine.

Cleo, my husband's two suits need to be taken to the cleaners.

-Yes. -But do it today, please.

-He needs to pack, he's leaving Friday. -Yes, ma'am.

-Thank you. -Dad's going away?

Mm-hmm. To a conference in Quebec.

[Sofi] Where is that?

-[Pepe, Paco, Toño] In Canada! -[shushing]

-You're so stupid! -Hey, hey. [shushing]

I didn't know, so what?

Not for Sofi, she'll get fat.

[Cleo singing along] ♪ When I tell you that I'm poor ♪

♪ You won't ever smile again ♪

♪ I long to have it all ♪

♪ And lay it at your feet ♪

♪ But I was born poor ♪

And you'll never love me ♪

-You shouldn't be up here. -[Paco] I'm taking care of him.

Your mom won't like it.

Don't go near the edge.

[song continues on radio]

[dogs barking in distance]

-You were supposed to die. -Why me?

-'Cause it's my game. -Then I don't want to play anymore.

Well, I don't want you to play it, you little sissy.

[news plays on radio]

[Cleo] And what's up with you?

Aren't you going to tell me?

Can't talk. I'm dead.

[Cleo chuckles] Then resurrect.

I can't. I'm dead.

[Cleo] All right, then.

[church bells toll]

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Tell me.

I can't. I'm dead.

[Pepe] Ah.

-Hey. -Hmm?

I like being dead.


[dogs barking in distance]

[horn honking repeatedly]

[honking stops, Borras barks]

Here, Borras.


Come along.

[Borras whimpers]

Dad's home early!

[classical music plays on radio]

-Who's here? -Daddy.

-[Mrs. Sofía] Hello. -Who are these kids?


-[Sofi] I'm glad you're home early. -[Mrs. Sofía] What a surprise!

[continue speaking excitedly]

[Borras barks]

-Money for the hurdy gurdy? -I don't see any.

No, money to get one.

[children laugh]

-So tell me, Your Excellence. -Your Excellence.

Thank you, sir.

Have you heard the latest news? What about?

[Cleo] Your strawberries, Doctor. Hawaii, Doctor.

I'm very well, thank you.

[TV continues]

[children laugh]

[all laugh]

Cleo, can you bring the Doctor a tea?

-[Pepe] No! She's with me! -[Toño] She'll be right back.

[Pepe] Just a few more minutes.

-[Toño] She'll be right back. -[shushing]

[radio plays softly]

[ Scoot. ]

[ Hey! ]

Make Dr. Antonio a chamomile. [ Move. ]

[Cleo and Sofi] Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here.

Ever this day, be at my side, to light and guard, and rule and guide.

♪ [ Little one, sleepy little one ] ♪

♪ [ Sleep with the angels ] ♪

[Cleo and Sofi continue singing]

Time to sleep, my darling.

Good night, Cleo.

Good night, Sofi.

[Sofi] I love you.

[Cleo] I love you too.

Sweet dreams.

You too.

Toño, go to sleep!

[Mrs. Sofía] And if your mom asks when you'll be back?

[Dr. Antonio] I'll call her. Where's my brown tie?

-I'll ask Cleo. -This house is a mess.

The fridge is full of empty cartons.

And there's dog crap everywhere.

[muffled conversation continues]

[dog barks in the distance]


[Borras barks softly]

[Borras barking]

-[radio plays softly] -[ Why so long, manita? ]

[ Pepe turned on the lights again. ]

[Adela laughs]

[ He's a prankster. ]

-Yes. My boy. -Little devil.

Yes. But I love him.

Turn off the light.

[ Mrs. Teresa doesn't like it on. ]

[ Oh, that Mrs. Teresa. ]

[ She is probably spying on us. ]

[both laugh]

Yeah, she's there stalking you.

-Hurry up. -She probably stays awake.

[Cleo laughs]

Taking care of us.

Taking care we don't waste electricity.

[both laugh]

-Ready? -Yes.



[laughing] Three.

[both laugh]

[Cleo] [ Mrs. Adela. ]

[both laugh]

[Adela] One.

[both laugh]

[Adela] For the tamales.

[Cleo] They were yummy.

[Adela] Two. For the tortas.

[both laugh]

[indistinct chatter, whistle blows]

[Adela and Cleo laughing]

[dog barks]

Oh! [laughs]

-Ah! -[tires squeal]

[horn honks]

-[ I won. ] -[ We drew. ]

-[ No, I won. ] -[ But the car. ]

[ Let's eat. ]

[man groans on TV]

[TV announcer] No movement yet.

Professor Zovek is used to challenges.

[Adela] [ Do you remember "pushy" Moises, from town? ]

-[ He kept sending me letters. ] -[Cleo] [ What did they say? ]

[Adela] [ That he can't stop thinking about me. That he needs to see me. ]

[Cleo] Ah.

[ Then my cousin arrives carrying a bunch of letters. ]

[ And I recognized Moises' handwriting on one. ]

[ So I grabbed it and opened it. ]

[ "I can't stop thinking about you. ]

[ I want to see you." ]

-[ Sweet thing. ] -[ Yeah right, "sweet." ]

-[ That letter was for another girl! ] -No!

The bastard sends exactly the same letter to all the girls.

[both laugh]

Why so lonely eating your tortas?

Hello, Ramón! Hello, Fermín!

-You guys want a bite? -Thanks, we ate.

If you're done, let's go. I like watching the previews.

Let's go.

[people chatting]

You really feel like seeing a movie?

I like movies. Don't you?

But it's so nice outside.

Yes, it's nice. Want to go to the park?

Sure. Give me a sec.

What, you're not coming?

-It's really nice outside. -Look at you.

I'd rather play in the dark. Tell me everything later.

Shall we?

[rain pattering]

[Fermín grunts]

[Fermín exclaims]


[speaks Japanese]

[Fermín] What?

You train every day?

[Fermín] I must.

I owe my life to martial arts.

I grew up with nothing.

My mother died when I was a kid.

I moved with my aunt to the slums.

There, my cousins beat me.

And I met the wrong crowd.

And I started drinking, and then huffing.

I was dying.

But then I discovered martial arts.

And everything came into...


Just like when you look at me.

[inhales deeply]

[metal rod clangs]

[Cleo breathes heavily]

[clock ticking]

[alarm rings]

[ringing stops]

[dog barks in the distance]


[church bells toll in the distance]

[birds chirping]

-Borras. -[Borras whimpers]

[Cleo] ♪ [ Kitty, kitty, sleepy kitty cat ] ♪

♪ [ Wake up as here comes the mouse ]

♪ [ Kitty, kitty, sleepy kitty cat ] ♪

♪ [ Wake up as here comes the mouse ] Good morning, my princess.

Morning, Cleo.

Time to wake up.

-I need to pee. -Okay.

-[Mrs. Teresa] Good morning, Sofi. -Good morning, Grandma.


Wake up, my angel.

Come on.


It's time.

[toilet flushes]

Let's see.

[engine turns over]

[news plays on radio]

[dog barks]

-I want one! -They're mine.

-I got them for everyone. -But I put them in the freezer.

Give Sofi one and I'll get you a box.

Hurry up, kids. It's 7:20.

Nah-uh, it's 7:17.

Here. Get fatter.

-Turn that off! -No!

-Turn it off! -Okay, I'll turn it off.

-[Mrs. Teresa] Cleo, hold the dog. -Yes, ma'am.

-Get out of my way! -You get out of my way!


[music plays faintly on radio]

-Put on Radio Exitos! -I'm up front. I choose.

[man rings bell]

-Be careful. -[Mrs. Teresa] Move over.

-[Toño] Change the station! -[Paco] No, it's Creedence vs. Beatles.

-Move! -[Mrs. Teresa] Calm down, for God's sake!

[Paco] You choose when it's your turn.

-[Mrs. Teresa] Settle down. -[Sofi] Shut up.

-[Paco] I'm not going to shut up. -[Mrs. Teresa] You too, quiet!

[Cleo] Come.

[Pepe] When I was old, you were there, but you were someone else.

[Cleo] When you were old?

[Pepe] Yes.

Or when you get old?

No, when I was old.

And when was that?

Before I was born.

And what did you do then?

I was a pilot.

-A pilot? -Yes, a fighter pilot.

Did you like it?

No, it was scary.

Was it? I'll be right back.

[marching band plays outside]

-[ Good evening. ] -[ Why didn't you wake me? ]

-God forbid you'll get tired. -[Cleo laughs]

-Prepare Dr. Antonio's oatmeal. -Ah.

[Mrs. Sofía] My love.

-[Pepe] Mom! -[Mrs. Sofía] Good morning!

You're almost done.

Your juice.

Pepe will wait to say goodbye to Daddy.

-It's fine if he's late. -Yes, ma'am.

-I'll take the bags, Doctor. -Thanks.

-Hi, Daddy! -Your oatmeal is ready, Doctor.

Pepe waited to say goodbye.

Morning, Pepón!

Yuck! Cigarette!

[marching band continues outside]

-Damn... -Mom, Daddy stepped on dog poo.

-Let me help you, Cleo. -Thank you, Doctor.

-Bye, Pepón! -Bye, Daddy.

-Take care. -You too.

-Go with Cleo. -Yes, Mom.

We'll be here.

It's just a few weeks.

[engine turns over]

[news plays on car radio]

[marching band grows louder]

[Mrs. Sofía sniffles]

Goddammit! I told you to clean up the dog shit!

I'll take him. Come on.

-Bye, Cleo! -Bye.

[airplane flies overhead]

[audience laughs]

[movie plays in German]

Hey, I have to...

[movie continues in English]

[audience laughs]

It's just that, I'm late.

[audience laughs]

[audience laughs]

I think I'm pregnant.

Ah, well...

That's good, right?



I need the bathroom.

But it's almost over.

Yes, but I have to go now. I won't be long.

-Want an ice cream? -No.


[street vendors speaking rapidly]

No strings! No tricks!

Boom! Bones is dead!

[children singing in the distance]

♪ It's raining, it's pouring The old man is snoring ♪

[ Manita. You take it. ]

[ Don't be afraid. ]

[Mrs. Sofía] And when they ask about their dad?

[Mrs. Teresa] Say he's on a business trip.

[Mrs. Sofía] Right.

Thank you, Cleo.

Thank you, Cleo.

Mrs. Sofi? When you have a minute, can we talk?

Sure, but just call the kids first.


-[Mrs. Teresa] Stay calm. -Paco, Toño, your mom is calling you!

[Mrs. Teresa] You have to be strong for the children.

[Mrs. Sofía] Okay, Mom.

[children play and sing outside]

[Cleo] Sofi, Pepe, your mother is calling you.


Come, sweetie. We'll come back after.

[Mrs. Sofía] Oh, wet hair!

-[Pepe] I got more hail than Sofi! -[Sofi] I got more than Pepe!

-[Pepe] No, I got more. -[Mrs. Sofía] You both have the same.

-I'm going to the stationer's. -You can go later.

Sit down, Cleo.

I have news.

-We're going to Disneyland! -Yeah, Disneyland!

No. We're spending Christmas at your uncle's.

-It's so boring there! -No it isn't, my cousins are there!

And New Year's we'll go to the Bárcenas' hacienda.

-Are the Richards going? -Yes.

-And the Matos family, and the Larssons. -When's Dad coming?

His research is keeping him in Quebec a little longer.

-Until January? -He doesn't know.

But I brought paper so you can write him a letter. Mmm?

Write him-- Hey!

Tell him that you love him and to please come home soon.

I'm going to the store.

You're not going anywhere until you're done with your letter.

-Where are you going? -[Toño] Can't I write it in my room?


Sure. Go to your room.

Then I'm going up, too.

[Paco and Toño continue chatting]

Sofi, help Pepe write his letter at the table.

I need to talk with Cleo.

Help him write, ''I miss you a lot, Dad."

-Make lots of pretty drawings. -Let's go, Pepe.

Let's go, Pepe.

Wait, Sofi!

Come, Cleo.

What's up?

What is it?

Are you all right?

-Yes. -Sure? What's wrong?

Is your mom all right?

-Yes. -Yes?

Oh, Mrs. Sofi...

What's wrong?

It's just that I think I'm pregnant.

[Mrs. Sofía exhales]

What do you mean you ''think''?

I haven't gotten my period.

Since when?

I don't know...

[Mrs. Sofía laments]

Who's the father?

Fermín. The cousin of Adela's boyfriend.

Does he know?

He's gone.


[sniffles] Are you going to fire me?

Fire you?

Of course not!

We have to take you to get checked.

Look, Mom! I drew a plane.

Let's see.

Why is Cleo crying?

She has a tummy ache.

Pain, pain, go away, I don't want this pain to stay.

Sofi! I told you to help Pepe write, "I miss you a lot, Dad."

[Sofi] He wouldn't let me help!

[whistle blows]

[Mrs. Sofía mumbling]

[man exclaims]

[metal scraping]

-[honking] -Sorry.

[horns honking, indistinct chatter]

[car rattling]

[siren wails in distance]

[people chattering]

-Hello. -Hi, how can I help you?

We have an appointment with Doctor Vélez.

-Under what name? -Cleodegaria Gutiérrez.

Here she comes.

-Sofía! -Margarita! How are you?

Thank you for seeing us. Remember Cleo?

-Hi, Cleo. How are you? -Fine, thank you, Doctor.

I'm going to check her and we'll see you later.

Okay. I'll go say hi to Dr. Zavala.

It'll take about 40 minutes.

Cleo, come with me.

[Dr. Vélez] When was your last period?

About when?

-Three months. -[Dr. Vélez] Three months.

Are you sexually active?

You are.

When did you start?

Has it been long?

Not long.

One or two years?



[Dr. Vélez] But more than three months?

How many sexual partners have you had?

Just one?

Very well.

Don't worry. This is common.

We'll examine you from the waist down.

She'll get you in position.

Lie down, carefully.

Put one leg here.

And the other here.

I'll see you in a month. Any questions?

There she is. I'll go with you.

He hasn't even called the kids.

-Mario! -Doctor.

How's Cleo?

Cleo is fine.

She's three to four months pregnant.

With some rest, she'll be fine.

When's she due?

Around the end of June.

-Thanks for seeing her. -It's nothing!

-Take care. -You too.

-Mario. -Doctor.

-Take care. -Thanks.

Cleo, why don't you go to see the newborns while I finish up with Dr. Zavala?

You have to talk to Antonio.

[woman] Look at your little sister, Azucena.

I'm glad she's a girl.

[woman] Yes. So you can play with her.

I'll do her hair, and bathe her...

Soon we'll take her home so you can play with her.

-[people exclaiming] -[girl gasps]




Get the babies out!

-[nurse 1] Don't run! -[nurse 2] Use the stairs!

Our Father, Who art in Heaven...

[woman screams]

Hurry, the babies!

[babies cry]

[birds chirping]

[men chatting]

[horn honks]

[Paco] Are they gonna be talking in English the whole time?

[Toño] Yes. And Ricky isn't even a gringo, he was born in Mexico.

[Paco] Yeah, but his mom is a gringa.

[Sofi] Leslie scares me. She makes me feel like I stink.

[Paco] Because you do stink, fatty.

[Sofi] You smell even more, idiot.


Shut up, idiot.

[children shouting]

[Mr. José] Benita, help them with the suitcases.

[all greeting each other excitedly]

[woman in English] Hi! So nice to see you!

-Comadre, welcome! -Hi, "commy."

That belly of yours?

I'll tell you later.

Yes, you will.

Sure, but give me a hand.

You sure you can carry it all?

I'm pregnant, not sick. Why, are you tired?

-As if! -You've gotten so old since last year.

Mountains are old, but they're still green.


You're pregnant and forgetful?

That's one bed.

This goes here.

And there's the other one.

This one's for Paco.

They were in storage.

They're all the dogs that lived here.

Look. That there was Pirata.

He died in 1911.

Do you remember Canela?

[Cleo] Yes, where is she?

Look at her. She died last summer.

They say she ate a poisoned rat.

But I'm sure it was the villagers angry with Don José over the land.

Come on.

[dog approaches]


[birds chirping]

[children play in the distance]

[gun fires in the distance]

[children laugh]

-[gun fires] -[children scream]

[children laugh]

What do you think of these city folks, Celso?

-Should we send for more bullets? -There's plenty, Doctor José.

-Paco! Don't go there! Cleo, get him. -[man in English] Hey Ricky, try this one.

Paco, I'm telling you. Stay there!

-What? Women don't shoot? -[woman] Oh, no.

No, no, no, no. Not that. Leslie is our representative.

Doesn't count, she's a gringa.

Okay, I'll go.

[in English] Yes, go!

[in English] Leslie, can you please help Claudia?


Now darling, this is a loaded weapon. You have to be very careful with it.

Point the gun down.

Point the gun down when you're not using it.

Come on, Lola! You're really going to wear a mini skirt and platform shoes?

Honey, we're in the woods!

-You look great, Lola. -That's fine.

Okay, honey, just put your feet in the "T" position, pull the trigger way back, and shoot.

Okay, one more time.

-Oh! -Yes!

Watch out, Pepe! Your wife is going to join the guerrilla!

Come away. You might get hurt.

-She's gonna expropriate your hacienda! -Nah, I'll whack her first.

[both laugh]

Okay, come on. Do one more.

[mid-tempo music plays, people chatting]

[children shout]

[man in costume yelling playfully]

-[music stops] -[woman screams]


[dance music plays]


[people sing along]

-Come with me. -Where?

-Just come. -What about him?

Is the boogeyman coming?

[Cleo] Where are we going?

Don't ask.

The city's made you distrustful.

No, Benita.

Look at the dogs.

They're tired.

The kids won't leave them alone.

[dance music plays, chickens clucking]

Be careful, don't roll down with that belly of yours.

[laughs] No, Benita.

[Cleo] There's a lot of music.

[Benita] It's New Year's!

[Cleo] Should I call Lupe and Yola?

[Benita] No, we don't want those city nannies here.

They feel fancier than their bosses. Come.

-[Gloria] They allowed you out? -Move aside.

Sit here.

What are you drinking?

Nothing, thank you.

You're not going to toast the New Year with us?

It's not good for the baby.

A little won't hurt.

Celebrate while you can!

See that man over there?

They killed his son in August over the land dispute.

-You're carrying life, right? -Yes.

So then? Mezcal?

No, just a little pulque.

That's the spirit!


To a beautiful 1971 and your baby's health!

-Sorry, manita... -Go dance, Gloria!

Don't worry. Don't worry.

I'll pour you some more.

Here it is. Clean yourself up.

Salud! Salud!

Cheer up!

[dance music plays in the distance, people chatting]

What's wrong with you?

I know you need it.

Billy, no!

I just wanted to comfort you.

You're drunk.

You're not even that hot, comadre.

[dogs bark in the distance]

-[man] Fire! Fire! -[bell tolls]

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Fire! The woods are burning!

Everybody come! Quick! Fire in the woods!

Come on! Move! This way, everyone!

[people shouting indistinctly]

Careful! Cover that side!

-Come here. Now! -We need water!

Make a chain!

We need water! Pass the buckets!

Kids! Stay back!

Kids! Don't step on the flames!

-Cleo, help the little ones get water. -[Cleo] Yes, ma'am.

Just the little fires.

That's it, Andy! Gerardo, Cleo will help you.

[man in English] Eleven, ten...

-Not too close to the fire! -Nine...

Eight, seven... six, five... four, three, two, one.

Happy New Year!

[fireworks explode in the distance]

[man sings in Nynorsk]

[people screaming]

[fireworks continue]

[dog barks]

[birds chirping]

-[Toño] Ricky! -[Ricky] Toño!

[Sofi] It ran away! Ah!

[woman in English] Catch it! Catch it!

[Sofi] Got it!

[boy] Pass it!

[boy shouts]

Go, go, go, go, go, Toño!

Hey, Toño!

[children shout indistinctly]

[Benita] We'll reach the hill skirt and come back!

[Toño] Skirt?

[Benita] The hillside.

[Toño] The hill has a skirt?

[Bonita] The slope then!

[Toño] Alex! The hill has a skirt!

If we peek under, we can see its panties.

-[Benita] What are you doing? -[Alex] Looking at the hill's panties.

[Layla] Hills don't have panties.

-[Paco] Neither do you! -[Layla] Asshole!

[Benita] I'm going to tell your parents!

[goats bleat, dogs bark]

This feels like my village.

It's drier there. But it feels like it...

The animals do that too.

It sounds like this.

And smells the same.

[insects chirping]

[speaking local dialect]

-[Toño] Come, Beto! -[Beto] They repaired the Galaxy.

It looks like new!

The Cowboys won because Baltimore got cocky.

We won anyway!

Baltimore got cocky. Who likes the Cowboys?

-And Cruz Azul champions forever! -[telephone rings]

-Hello, Beto. -Afternoon, Señora.

-Can we go to the movies? -To see what?

-Marooned. -[Paco] I wanna see it too.

-Only Beto and me. -[Paco] Why?

-[Sofi] I wanna go too! -No!

-Everyone can go! -Not fair!

-I'm going. -You're not.

-Everyone goes! -That's not fair!

If you don't like it, go live elsewhere!

Mrs. Molly is on the phone.

-I'll get it upstairs. -I'll take them.

No! You won't like it.

-[Mrs. Teresa] I like movies. -[Toño] Not this one.

[Mrs. Teresa] Eat poo!

[Pepe] Is it a cartoon?

[Mrs. Sofía exclaims]

-No, it's not. -[children laugh]

-[Toño] You don't know what Marooned is. -Yes I do!

[Borras whimpers]

Borras, Borras.


We're late!

Are you coming?

-Grandma, we need to go. -Toño, let's go.

We're leaving!

-Wait! I'm coming. -Let's go.

Borras, Borras!

-Catch him! -Hurry up!

Come on, we're late!

[children chatter]

[Toño] What are you waiting for?

[Mrs. Teresa] Toño!

Toño, Beto!

Don't run!

[street vendor whistle]



-Toño! -Run!

-Cleo, get them! -I'll see you at the movies!

-[woman] Control your children! -[Cleo] Toño!



[horns honking]

[tram bell dings]

[whistle blows]

[street vendor speaking rapidly]

[music playing faintly]

-Check her out! -Look at her!


Hey, watch out!

-[Beto] Look, your dad! -Run, Antonio, run!

-[Toño] No, it wasn't my dad. -[Beto] Yes, it was your dad.

[Toño] I said no!

Put the magazine away!

Let's go.

Your grandma is worried.

Come on, let's get the tickets.

[electronic beeping]

[music plays on radio]

[passengers chatter]

[man over loudspeaker] ...following our illustrious governor's instructions...

[applause] improve the infrastructure, I've come here today to respond to your demand for water.

This can only happen by uniting the will of the people with the leadership of our illustrious President Luis Echeverría Álvarez.

Excuse me, do you know where this address is?

-That way. -Thank you.

[man] We will move... above and beyond!

[crowd cheers, band plays fanfare]

[rock music plays in the distance]

[children giggle and chatter]


[singing loudly]



-Hold up. Wait. -[music stops]

-What's up, Cleo? -Hi.

I just came to give Fermín his jacket.

I'll give it to him.

But I need to talk to him.

He's not here.

It's important.

But we're rehearsing.

[rooster crows]

Adela said you would help.

One sec.

Hold on to this.

Can you give me a ride?

Let's go.

Hold on, let me put on some pants.

Here is where he trains.

Thank you, Ramón.

Don't tell him I brought you.

No. Thank you.

[man yells commands in intervals]

[all exclaim]

[man continues yelling commands in intervals]

[all exclaim]

[all exclaim]

[all exclaim]

[all exclaim]

[all exclaim]

[all exclaim]

Right flank!


[shouts command]

[wind howling]

[woman] It's Zovek.

[Cleo] No! Really?

[woman] Yes! Look at him.

The Professor Zovek?


Does he always come here?

No. But sometimes he trains them.


May the energy dwell in you.



And you as well!

You can become a warrior!

Every human has a great potential... that can be developed through physical training.


But most importantly, through the evolution of the mind... and the spirit.

You can develop this potential.

But don't expect a miracle!

The only miracle resides within your own will.

Remember, the mind... is the motor... for the physical.

And up next...

an act.

This act requires total physical and mental focus.

Only the Lamas, martial arts masters, and a few great athletes... have been able to master it.


Yes, you. Come here.

Please cover my eyes.

Make sure they are properly covered.

Thank you. You may return to your place.

[low humming]

[Zovek] What? Disappointed?

What did you expect? For me to levitate or lift a jet?

You are witnessing an incredible feat!

If you don't believe me, then try it.

But with your eyes closed.

[low humming]

[indistinct chatter]

[Fermín] Hey, Lobo!

-How are you, Fermín? -Good.

-How did you feel about the training? -It's tough.

What about the new trainers?

The Korean coach is good.

Yes, but tough.

[Cleo] Fermín.

Do you have a minute?

[men jeer]

Piss off!

Hi, Cleo.

Hi, Fermín.

What brings you around?

I've left you messages, but I couldn't find you.

I'm sorry, training has been intense.

They even brought a gringo coach and a Korean.

Well, the American was already here, but the Korean is new.

Is it for the Olympics?

Something like that.

Who told you I was here?

A neighbor's brother-in-law trains here with you.

It was Ramón.


I'm gonna kick that fat fucker's ass.

It's just that I'm pregnant.

What's it to me?

-It's just that, the little one's yours. -No fucking way.

I swear it is.

-[horn honks] -I told you, no fucking way.

And if you don't want me to beat the shit out of you and your "little one," don't ever say it again, and don't ever come looking for me again.


Fucking servant!

[men whistle and yell]

Hurry up, Fermín!

[Mrs. Sofía cries]

[Mrs. Sofía] He went with his mistress to Acapulco.

[crying] He hasn't sent a dime, and it's been six months.

He says he's short on money and doesn't have any to send.

But now he likes diving and is buying all the gear.

You know how much that costs?


He sends letters to the kids pretending he's in Quebec.

Such bullshit he invents.

-[Cleo whispering] Paco! Come here! -That the landscape is beautiful...

[Cleo] Paco!

That he misses them but his research is delayed.

-Lies! -[Cleo] Paco!

-Paco, come here. -Okay, don't worry, I'll call you later.

Are you spying on me?

-[Paco cries] -I'm sorry, my love. I'm sorry!

[both cry]

[screaming] And you! Why did you let him? Why?

Why are you still there? Don't you have anything to do?

Get out!

Please don't tell your siblings.

[Pepe] You're winning by two laps!

Ah! He's passing you, Paco!


[Paco] But I'm still winning.

[Pepe] I want to play!

[Paco] No. Move!

-Move, Pepe. -No.



-I said move! -No!

-That's mine, Paco! -No, it's mine.

[music plays softly on radio]

[Sofi] Cleo!

-They're fighting. -I'm coming.

[boys yelling]

[Mrs. Teresa] Let go, please!

Paco, Toño, stop! You're going to get hurt!

You're not animals!


Toño! Let him go!

Paco, drop that!

What are you doing? Drop that!

Don't be an idiot!

Are you stupid? You could've killed him!

It's very dangerous.

[ Hey, manita. ]

[ I heard the government came to the village... ]

[ to seize land, and they've taken your mom's. ]

[ How can I help her? ]

[ You could go see her. ]

[ Like this? ]

[ Don't worry. ]

[horn honking repeatedly]

[ Go rest. I'll open the gate. ]

[dog barking]

[car radio music plays softly]

[Mrs. Sofía laughs]

We are alone. [laughs]

No matter what they tell you, we women are always alone.


We'll have to park here. The students are protesting.

Oh, God. I hope they don't beat them again.

Look. Someone's leaving.

[demonstrators chanting]

Go ahead.

[demonstrators continue chanting]

[demonstrators continue chanting outside]

[Mrs. Teresa] Good afternoon, Señora.

My maid needs a crib. Can you show them to us?

-[woman] She'll show them to you. -[Mrs. Teresa] Thank you.

[woman 2] This way, please.

How about this one?

Do you like it, Cleo?

It's very pretty.

How much is it?

No, but with a long-standing client discount.

Let me ask the manager.

We bought the furniture for the boys' room here.

-[indistinct shouting outside] -Which is now in Sofi and Pepe's room.

-[Cleo] The blue set? -[Mrs. Teresa] Yes.

[gunshots fire, shoppers chatter nervously]

[man] Please help me! They're killing us!

Where is he?

Get in! Leave him alone!


-Shut up! -Come here!

[gunshots, people screaming]

I said shut up!

Fermín! Let's go!

[Mrs. Teresa exclaims nervously]

Fermín, let's go! Now!


[woman crying] Help me! Help!

[woman cries]

Help! Help!

[Mrs. Teresa] Be calm, Cleo.


[gunshots firing, woman screams and cries]

Help me!

Help me! Help me!

Jorge, please, let's go!



Help me!

Help me! Help me!

[horns honking]

[Mrs. Teresa] Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee...

[continues praying]

[Cleo cries]

[horns continue honking]

Dr. Vélez!

-With Dr. Vélez. -[man] Get in line!

-You have an appointment? -Her water broke.

-Find Dr. Vélez. -Here she comes.

Doctor, your patient is here.

Orderly, please. Sofía just called me.

Hello ma'am. Cleo, you're having contractions.

Let's get her to delivery. You'll have to fill out some forms.

Paty, take their information. We're going to delivery.

Yes, Doctor. Please come this way.

-What's her full name? -Cleodegaria Gutiérrez.

Her middle name?

I don't know.

-How old is she? -[crying] I don't know.

Her date of birth?

What's your relationship with the patient?

I'm her employer.

-Is there any family member here? -No. No.

That's fine.

One last question. Is your patient insured?

[Cleo panting]

Good evening.

Careful. Let's go.

One moment, please.

Excuse me.

-Doctor. -Doctor.

Hello, Cleo. How are you feeling?

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Isn't it, Dr. Vélez? How many babies have you delivered?

Hundreds, Doctor.

Give me your hand. Give me your hand.

And breathe.


-We must hurry. -Yes, Doctor.



[elevator dings]

Excuse me. Over here.

This way.

Dr. Vélez won't let me go in. You'll do great, Cleo.

Feel free to come if you like.

I can't. I have an appointment.

Come on, let's go.

I'm taking a patient to delivery. Ask admissions for her file.

[woman groans in pain]

Please assist me.

Pass me the partogram. Let's examine her.

Yes, Doctor.

She is in labor. Her water broke.

Cleo, when was your last period?

-September. -September.

I'm removing your underwear and shoes.

We're moving you into position.

-I'm going to listen to your baby. -When did your water break?

-Around two hours ago? -We couldn't get here quicker.

-Don't worry. Breathe. -I'm uncovering your belly.

-Easy, Cleo. Breathe deep. -Breathe.

How is the heart rate?

-I can't hear anything, Doctor. -Okay.

-A glove, please. -Glove, Doctor.

I need you to breathe deeply.

I'm going to inspect you. It'll bother a bit.

[Cleo cries]

-Relax. Easy, please. -Breathe.

-How is it? -Complete. Direct. Third plane.

-Meconium liquid, Doctor. -We need to canalize.

-Moving patient to surgery. -Let me listen to your baby.


-I'm not hearing anything, Doctor. -Let's move.

Get the stretcher.

Cleo, breathe deeply. We're taking you to surgery. Okay. One...

-[all] One, two, three. -[Cleo grunts]

-Let's go! -Easy.

Patient coming through, please.

Call Pediatrics!

[woman grunting]

[woman straining and groaning]

[baby cries]

-Call Pediatrics. -No scrubs. It's an emergency.

Turning on lamp.

Everyone ready? One, two, three.

Pediatrics to surgery!

[Cleo panting]

Move your waist further down, please.

[Edwin] Doctor, she's crowning.

-No time for your scrubs. -[Dr. Vélez] Okay.

-Pediatrician to the room! -[nurse] He's in the room, Doctor.

-[Edwin] Doctor, she's crowning. -[Dr. Vélez] I'm checking.

Where is the pediatrician?

[pediatrician] I'm here, Doctor.

[Dr. Vélez] Breathe.

-Patient ready to deliver. -[Cleo cries out]

The head is out.

Easy. Good.

Edwin, please.

[Cleo panting]

Cut the cord.


Cut the cord, please.


[Dr. Vélez] We couldn't hear a heart rate, Doctor.

[nurse] Your stethoscope.

[Dr. Vélez] We're going to give you a few stitches.

[nurse] I can't hear a heartbeat.

[pediatrician] Listening.

[Dr. Vélez] Easy.

[pediatrician] It's in arrest. Begin resuscitation.

[Dr. Vélez] Your placenta is coming out.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.


[Dr. Vélez] Your placenta is coming out.

Ma'am, I can't hear a heartbeat.

[Edwin] Placenta coming out.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.


There's no response.

Another cycle, Doctor?

Let's continue.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.

-One, two, three. -Ventilating.

-Here it is, Doctor. -Listening.

No response.

We're suspending CPR.

[Cleo panting]

[pediatrician] Doctor, what's the patient's name?

[Dr. Vélez] Cleo, Doctor.


[pediatrician] Cleo, I'm very sorry. Your baby was born dead.


We did all we could, but there was no response.

Would you like to hold it?


Here is your baby. It's a girl.

Say goodbye to her.


I need to take her now, Cleo. Say goodbye to her.

Let me have her, please. I need to prepare her.

Allow me...

-Prepare her, please. -Yes, Doctor.

Gutiérrez, Cleodegaria.

-Here's the file, Doctor. -[pediatrician] Thank you.

[Dr. Vélez] There's a bit of bleeding.

We gave you a few stitches.

We're very sorry, Cleo.

[dog barks]

[birds chirping]

[street vendor whistle]

[Borras barking]

[street vendor whistle]

[playing whistle]

Cleo! The knife sharpener. [ Shake yourself off. ]

[horn honks in the distance]

[Adela] Borras.

[horn continues honking]

[Adela] Borras. Come, Borras.


Come, Borras.

[music plays softly on car radio]

-Toño! Sofi! Come! -Mom bought a new car!

You like it?

How fast does it go?

Why not a Maverick?

Too expensive. I wanted a smaller car.

I've had it with that Galaxy.

I like it, Mommy.

-What about the Galaxy? -I sold it.

-It goes next week. -Does Dad know?

No, it's a surprise.

-Do you like the new car, Cleo? -Yes.

And speaking of surprises, we're taking the Galaxy for a goodbye trip.

-Where to? -Tuxpan.

Where's that?

-I've got a match. -Skip it.

Tuxpan is near Veracruz.

-Is there a beach? -Yes.

The beaches in Veracruz are ugly.

And we're going to invite Cleo along, right?


[Mrs. Sofía] Will you come?

Come on. It'll do you good.

-Right, Adela? -Yes, ma'am.

Besides, the kids will miss you if you don't come.


But she'll be on vacation, you can't make her work.


Are you coming?

[ Go, manita. I'll take care of the house. ]

So, you're coming?


Perfect! Would you help me pack?

-Yes, ma'am. -Let's go pack.

[ Go. It'll lift your spirits. ]

-I'm gonna help her pack. -Pepe, bring the guns.

[radio plays, stations alternate]

[Toño] Stop changing it.

La Pantera doesn't reach this far.

[Paco] I just heard it.

-[Toño] That's not true. -[Paco] Yes, it is.

[Toño] No, it's not! It's only in the city.

[Mrs. Sofía] Look! The sea!

[Paco] Mom, stop, stop!

-[Mrs. Sofía] Let's go to the hotel first. -[Toño] No. It'll be dark by then.

[children chanting] Beach! Beach!

Beach! Beach!

Beach! Beach!

[Mrs. Sofía] All right. But just for a little bit!


[Mrs. Sofía and children exclaim excitedly]

[Mrs. Sofía] Let's go!

Come on!


No, I don't know how to swim.

Come on.

You go. I'll watch you from here.

[Sofi yells excitedly]

[Mrs. Sofía laughs]

-Which way? -Follow me.

-Can we go back again? -Yes, of course.

-But now a hot bath. -Yes.

[Paco] I want to go back.

-[Mrs. Sofía] It was amazing! -[Pepe] I jumped over a huge wave!

-[Toño] When are we going to go back? -[Mrs. Sofía] Tomorrow!

[Paco] Ow! Mom. Ow! Don't!

-[groans and exclaims in pain] -[Sofi whimpers]

Ow! It burns!

Did you like the waves?

I did.

Do you know how to dive under them?

Have you gone mute?

No. Let's go.

[Mrs. Sofía] I told you to put on a t-shirt!

-[Paco] But it was cloudy! -[Mrs. Sofía] The glare burns the most.

[Paco and Sofi groan in pain]

Dressed already?

Yes, but Cleo's gone mute.

-Thank you, Cleo. -You're welcome, ma'am.

[Pepe] You two smell like salad.

[Paco and Sofi continue groaning in pain]

[mid-tempo music plays]

[children playing]

[Mrs. Sofía] Children!


Kids! Listen!

I have something to tell you.

Your dad isn't in Ottawa.

Is he back?


Your dad never went away.

Well, he did, but only for a week.

Your dad isn't coming back home.

We came here so he can take his things.

[Paco] What things?

What he says are his things.

His clothes, his books, his bookcases...

Are you getting a divorce?

He doesn't know.

[voice breaking] He doesn't love us anymore?

Of course he loves you, a lot.

-He says he wants to see you. -[Toño] When?

He doesn't know.

But soon.

[Paco cries]

There's going to be changes. But we're together!

And it's going to be an adventure!

I'm starting a full-time job at a publishing house.

[Toño] But you're a chemist.

I know, but your dad hasn't sent us any money.

And teaching isn't enough.

And I love books! And I never really liked chemistry.

[Paco cries]

It'll be another adventure.

And we must stay together, really close.

Right, Cleo?


Very, very close.



Very close.

Are you finished?

For dessert, we have ice cream.

Coconut, strawberry, vanilla, banana, and flan.

[man] Ready for the picture.

[cheers and applause]

[band plays music]

[Paco] Are you coming in?

[Mrs. Sofía] No, I have to go check the tires.

We're leaving early tomorrow. Want to come?

-No, it's our last day. -I want to stay too.

Okay, but no swimming. Cleo can't swim.

-But it's really calm. -If you want to stay, that's the rule.

-Near the shore? -Okay. But only near the shore.

-Yes! -Can I swim too, Mom?

-Yes, but only near the shore. -Yeah!

[Mrs. Sofía] Can you watch over them? I won't be long.

[Cleo] Stay close to the shore!


Come, I'll clean you up.

Paco! You heard your mom.

Otherwise, you're getting out.

Sofi! Paco! Closer to the shore!


When I was older, I used to be a sailor.


But I drowned in a storm.


The waves were huge!

Sofi! Paco! Near the shore!

[Pepe] It was dark, and there was lightning, and I didn't know how to swim.

Wait here.

Paco! Come closer!


Paco, help your sister!









[children cough]

[continue coughing]

What happened? Are you okay, my love?

Cleo saved us.

Thank you... Thank you.

Are you okay?

-[cries] I didn't want her. -What?

-I didn't want her. -They're okay.

I didn't want her to be born.

[Cleo cries]

We love you so much, Cleo.

-Right? -Poor little thing.

We love you so, so much.

I love you, Cleo.

I love you too, darling.

[marching band plays]

[children chatter excitedly]

Hey, Toño, Sofi, Paco, come help. Don't play dumb.

[Pepe] Hi, Borras.

-[Toño] Hi, Adela. -[Adela] Hi.

-[Sofi] Hi, Adela. -[Adela] Hello, kids.

-[Paco] Hi, Adela. -[Adela] Welcome back.

-[Mrs. Sofía] Hi, Adela. -Welcome, ma'am.

-Can I leave this with you? -Yes, ma'am.

It looks awful.

Without the bookshelves, it's awful.

[Paco] I like it like this.

[Toño] It's awful.

-[Sofi] What's awful, Mommy? -He misses the bookshelves.

-[Sofi] Which bookshelves? -The ones that were there.

[Adela] [ I'm going to make dinner. ]

[ I have so much to tell you. ]

-[Mrs. Teresa] Hello, how was it? -[Toño] Good.

[Paco] They've switched the rooms!

-[Sofi] Where's mine? -Over here, love.

-[Toño] Why change them? -It's better this way.

-[Toño] I liked the old way better. -Go check yours.

-How did it go? -[Cleo] Hi, ma'am.

-Sofi and Paco almost drowned. -Oh, no!

Hi, Cleo. Mrs. Sofi's room is there.

Thank you.

[Mrs. Sofía] It's bigger.

-Cleo, check out my room! -In a bit, okay?

[Sofi] Wow, it's much bigger!

-[telephone rings] -I love it, Mom!

[Mrs. Sofía] And we'll have more adventures! We'll travel a lot.

[Paco exclaims excitedly]

[telephone continues ringing]

-Hello? -[Paco] Disneyland!

[Mrs. Sofía] We can't afford Disney, but we can go to Oaxaca.

-[Sofi] Yes, and visit Cleo's village. -[Mrs. Sofía] Great idea!

Sure, whenever you like. Mrs. Molly is on the phone.

Ah, thank you.

[Mrs. Teresa] Tell me, you almost drowned?

Yes, the current pulled us.

-The waves were 15 meters tall. -No, they were only two meters.

-No, they were taller! -And Cleo saved us. Right, Cleo?

-Cleo, can I have a banana smoothie? -Yes.

-Me too. -Are there any Twinkies?

-Let me check. -Yes, I got a box.

[ Wait. ] Where are you going?

-[ We need ham. ] -[ I have so much to tell you. ]

-[ Did you have a good time? ] -[ Yes, it was very nice. ]

[ I'll be back soon. ]

[ But just get the ham. No flirting. ]

[Adela laughs]

[birds chirping]

[airplane flies overhead]

For Libo