Ronin (1998) Script

We are closed.

Just a small drink.

The toilets?

A quick drink and then I'll leave.

I don't understand.

What does she mean? After that, we're on our own.

It's a military term. That's right.

Don't let him get you down.

I say what I think.

Don't make any sudden moves.

Just because we're buying guns doesn't mean we didn't bring any.

Don't worry. Everything's fine.

Have you got it all?

You're sure? Of course. Come and see.

There it is.

If he agrees, we have no problem. Here, take the car keys.

Go on. Take them.

There you are. No problem.

Come along. Come on.

Stay where you are.

So, everything's fine.

The money is here.


Can I help you, sir?

We're just looking at the menu.


Take my luggage up right away.

So who are they?

Our employers.

We must get out of here.

Clever girl.

You liked it? My little sun.

You make me so happy.

My sweet love.

Excuse me.

Is it done?

On the terrace?

Facing me? I see him.

Yes, I'll get him. Hang on, please.

Excuse me, sir. Are you Sam?

A phone call for you.

Is everything ready, Jean-Pierre? Yes, everything.

He's tough, your Yank.

You're right about that.

But who is he?

That's not important.

Didn't he work for the CIA?

He used to.

Not anymore?

He's on the run.

You're sure?

I know what he can do. I've seen him.

Why would he carve himself up if he were still CIA?

He makes a phone call, and it's taken care of.

And you? How have you been?

We need some information.

We need to find some people in Paris.


An Irish man and woman... and a German, ex-KGB.

They're professionals.

And they're in hiding.

This is really important to you?

He saved my life.

I'll find them for you.



You've lived in Paris a long time. You know the people.

I get around.

You meet the new Russians.

You know how it is. Ex-spies. Now it's Mafia.

Under diplomatic cover.



Heavy hitters. Gamblers. Lots of money. Big cars.

They live like Tsars, throw money away.

Fur hats are expensive.

And bodyguards.

Expensive coats. Dr. Zhivago.

I have a lot of work. No time.

I understand.

All right. Let's go.

It's going to be fine.

If I wanted to find Russians in Paris this week...

I would go to the ice show.

I'll trade you a favor for a cigarette.

The favor is, steer clear of those guys.

The Russians?

They sure throw money around here.

Mikhi, is everything all right?

Everything is fine.

Sweet girl.

Go. Go on.

Ladies and gentlemen... we are very proud to present... two-time Olympic champion... and three-time world champion...

Natacha Kirilova!

Wait out here.

We have to see somebody inside.

You can't pass without badges.

There were two of them. They were looking for those guys.

Just a minute, sir.

I am a Chilean citizen, as you can see from my passport.

You can't pass this way. It's blocked.

Sir, over here, please. Wait, wait.

There are more back there!