Room in Rome (2010) Script

(♪ Russian Red: "Loving Strangers")

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Love, your love

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Oh, oh, oh

♪' Oh...

(Low chatter)

(Chuckles) Yeah. I know you're a good person.


So how long are you staying in Rome?

I fly back to Moscow tomorrow.

What a coincidence! So do I.

You fly to Moscow? Back to Spain.


This is my hotel. Mine is down there on the left.

So, this is closer. For you, yes.

For you too. No.

Come on. Please, just a little stop, to drink the last one.

We drank plenty in the bar.

Mm, yes, but we only talked about Russia and Spain, not about us.

I prefer not to talk about us.

It's a deal.

What is? We don't talk.

We can stay without talking, you know? And even better.

See, that's my room. It's got two flags.

Must be a reason, no?

Yes, one for Europe and one for Rome.

I'm talking about what's in the middle.

The middle flag is missing. Uh-huh, exactly.

That's because of you. You have to come up and hang it there.

And what do I hang there? I don't know.

Your clothes, for example. You are long enough.

Hm. Come on.

(Chuckles) I've never gone up to a woman's room.

It's just a hotel room in Rome.



If you keep pulling, you’ll win and we’ll end up in your hotel.

You choose. (Both chuckle)

(Key in lock)

(Door crooks) (Chuckles)

(Keys jangle)

Drink? Wine.


Sorry, what was your name?

I told you twice already.

Maybe at the third time I get it.


Natasha. Was that the name you said before?

But you are not saying it right. It's Nata-sha.


Sha. Sha.

Mm. And you are Alba, which is Spanish for dawn.

That's my big moment. You'll see.

(Clock chiming)

Tonight is the first night of the summer.

Ah, yes, that's right, in Europe.

In Russia, summer has already begun, the first of June.

Really? Do you have summer in Russia?

Of course. Well, it's Russian summer.


And this is my last night in Rome.

Mine too.

You're not on your own, little Russian.

You know for sure this is the shortest night of the year, here and in Russia, so we have to make the most of it.

I'm not...

I'm not a... What?

Come on, you're a woman, and...and I’m a woman and we were drinking alone at a bar and we exchanged looks and felt attracted to one another.

Isn't that how it works?

It's the first time in my life I look like this at a woman.


Never before a woman looked at me this way.


It's not the first time you look at a woman like this.

But every woman is different. (Metal clinking)




Would you like to see me naked?

Mm-hm. I would love to.

(Car pulls up outside)

(Car door opens) (Low chatter)


Wherever you like. Do you prefer inside?

Yes. OK, let's go inside then.

I think it'll work better if you undress me.

(Gasps) Shh.

(Whispers) It's OK.

Shh. It's OK.

It's OK.

We'll stay like this, close but not touching, while you relax.


(Speaks Russian) It's better if you're asleep.

That way we don't have to say goodbye.



You're right.

I'll say a few words.

Goodbye, Alba.


I don't want to imagine what might have happened.

This secret will stay there, sleeping with you.

Thank you, Alba.


(Mobile ringing)



(Sound off)

(Speaks Spanish) Who changed my ring tone?






What the hell happened?

(Knocking at door)


(Speaks English) Who is it? 'Natasha


(Speaks Spanish) Natasha, right.


I think I’ve left my mobile in your room.

Did you hear it ringing? Yes, it woke ma up, actually.


It must have fallen out of my bag.

I'm very tired and I want to goto my hotel.

Come in and take it. It's waiting for you under the bed.

I'd rather not coma in again.

Why? What happened?

Nothing. Nothing, actually. Nothing we have to regret.

Why did you chew up my panties? I didn't chew anything.

See the state you left them in.

(Man singing Italian opera and wheeling trolley)

(Speaks Italian) Good evening.

Good evening.

How thoughtful, Natasha! I wasn't expecting this.

Hey, come in and leave it in the terrace.

Sorry, madam. It's for this room.

But if you want, I can come afterwards and take your order.

Feeling hungry? No, no.

You heard. What’s your name? Max.

Max, we are not hungry right now but in a couple of hours we will.

You just call me. I'm free all night.

I mean I'm on duty the whole night.

It's there.

Where is your hotel?

This is Tevere... Mm-hm.

...and you get to my hotel this way.

This is the Roma of the Caesars.

Yes. It's a map to lose yourself.

Where should we lose ourselves? Choose.

We have, um...the gardens.

Tempio della Fortuna, Tempio della Ninfa.

My hotel is called "Ninfa".

And yours? Pompeo.

Look, it's this way.

You pass through the gardens, and...and here we are, we are on top of the theatre.

No, we are...we are inside of Teatro di Pompeo.


History’s looking at us Mm-hm.

We are surrounded.

Can you feel it? How could I not?

I think you like history. Yes.

That's good.













(Moaning) (Smooching)

(Gasping and moaning)




(Clock chiming)

-Alba -Hm?

This stays hers, OK? In this room.

In Rome.

Within these four walls. Mm-hm.

But since we're here, let's have some fun, no?

All I ask is that this doesn't affect my life.

And how do you do that? By agreeing, the two of us.

You also have a life outside of all this that you want to protect, don't you?


Very far from yours.

But tomorrow Rome will send each of us to an opposite end of Europe.

What if I'm not Russian? Coma on, you have to be Russian.

I love that. (Snorts)

Well, then I am.

What’s great is not knowing each other’s name.

But don't we?

Don’t tell me you gave me your real name.

So your name isn't Natasha? I knew it.


Alba is the name I was going to call my daughter.

What happened to her?

Alba never saw the dawn.

I'm sorry.

That put an end to the worst time of my life, when my Alba died inside of me.

My mother took me to Marbella one summer when I was 16.

She was almost broke and what little money she had left she spent on fortune-hunting, and she was lucky.

An Arab sheik, Hamir Osemin, he...he bumped into us one day when we were shopping and we spent the rest of the summer in his yacht.

That winter he invited us to Saudi Arabia.

He has a palace.

Even if I describe it to you, you could never imagine the luxury.

He bought my mother everything.

So she left there with bracelets, necklaces and rings worth a small fortune.

She left?

What about you? I stayed.

Hamir persuaded my mother to leave me there in exchange for a monthly allowance for four years.

That was the deal. I was all he was interested in.

So you accepted?

You can't imagine how easy it was for ma, falling into that type of lifestyle.

I had everything I wanted!

Hamir bought me a purebred horse that only I was allowed to ride.

I began to love him like a child.

Everyone around me was very nice.

Also, Hamir's other wives treated me like a real princess.

And he got you pregnant?

That was at the and.

Hamir started to get annoyed with me because I didn't get pregnant.

That was when I wanted to leave. But I couldn't.

I'd married him so I was his property, like my horse.

He sold him to punish me.

Hamir got his way, because shortly afterwards he got me pregnant.

He was over the moon.

He began treating me royally again, this time like a queen.

Then I realised that as soon as my child was born...

Well, I'd be shut up with the rest of his harem.

The day the doctor told me I was expecting a girl, an Egyptian nurse who I'd told the story to helped me escape in a Greek ship.

I arrived in Athens at dawn so I decided to call her Alba.

How did you lose her?

I'd found out that Hamir had gone to the authorities.

There was a warrant out for my arrest in Saudi Arabia.

I knew that if I'd had Alba, ha...

He couldn't have rested until I was caught.

I was only 18 so I got an abortion.

I sold my necklace and managed to start a new life in Spain.

What about your mother?

I've never seen her again.

And is that how you became a lesbian?

This is how I became a woman.


What about you? How did you become a woman?

I don't feel like talking about my life.

You owe me.

What do I owe to you?

The truth or a lie?

Whatever you prefer. Why? Do you think I lied to you?

(Door crooks)

It's the Agora in Athens.

Did you know that?

Which came first, the picture or your story? Who inspired who?

Hm, good question.

This picture has been hanging here since before you were born.

Long before, and it's been waiting for me all this time.

Let's make a deal. No stories.

Just tell me where you live, your area and everything, so I can get an idea of your surroundings.

-Hm? First go to Moscow.

(Alba) You have the biggest map in the world.

Now go to the Volga, further east.

Ala! Even further east.

From there towards Ostrov Nekrasov.

(Chuckles) Where? Ostrov Nekrasov.

Ostrov Nekrasov. (Chuckles)

(Alba) You write it, please.

What is that there?

Ostrov means island.

Tell me this is your house and I'll have to spank your ass.

(Laughs) Wow!

It's as hard as a rock.

Hey, tell me, what are you doing here in Rome?

Auditioning. I'm an actress.

A Russian film actress.

Are you a good one, a very famous one, or just married to a mafioso?

I'm single. So, you must be a very good one.


Show me your Arabian palace.

It's not mine. Hm.

Aren't you going to show it to mo?

The thing is, if Hamir finds out that we are sniffing over his house...

What? Ha's capable of...

Anything could happen to us. -(Laughs)

Look, if you don't show it to me, I'll think you are the one who owes me a story.

A true one.

I want to know where you live.


(Alba) Do you like it? (Natasha) Is it a village?

(Alba) No, it’s a city. s called San Sebastian.

Looks a bit small. It depends what you compare it to.


I’d say about, um...20 times smaller Ha. Moscow is three times the size of Rome.

Well, I like it, and you look a lot like your city. Small, pretty face.

It's not my city.

I'm from Valladollid, which is like three times bigger.

(Natasha) Show ma your house. (Alba) It's here.

(Alba) They left the chairs out. (Natasha) So?

I wasn't expecting this.

(Natasha) What? A child? (Alba) A boy and a girl.

You have children. What? Can't I be a mother?

Of course.

What's up, Alba?

The father of your children know you like women?

It's not that. It's the picture. It's...

It's quite old.

Look at the beach. It's full of people.

I'm sure we were there. (Beach-goers chattering)

(Alba) Or on the island.

We used to love spending Sundays on the island.

This picture is from the summer I started living in San Sebastian.

Two years ago.

What's wrong? (Sighing)

Alba, is there something you need to tell me?


(Speaks Russian) Poor thing.

(Speaks Spanish) Where did you come from?

How could you just show up like this, without warning?

(In Russian) I can't believe I'm doing this.

(In Spanish) What are you doing to me?

You're scaring ms, little Russian.

(In Russian) Is this ms?

I can't recognize myself.

(In Spanish) Russian sounds so beautiful.

(In Russian) Only for you.

(In Spanish) I'm trembling with fear too.

(Speaks English) I'm going to give you the best orgasm of your life.

Are you ready?


You know what I'd love? Tell me, anything you like.

Do you have a vibrator?

I'll come better if you put something inside me.

I don't use vibrators. (Gasping)

And you're not going to need one either.

(Smooching) I know myself.

What about a little wine bottle? Hm.

I don't really fancy the idea of anything masculine coming between us.

(Smacks lips) It's from "La Toscana". Sounds very feminine.

Mm, I’m not sticking anything inside of you Natasha.

Alba, don't forget I like men.

But you like me as well.

Yes, but I like men more.

You know, I know plenty who, once they've tried it with a woman, never want to go back to man.

Well, I won't let that happen to me.

In fact, I prefer the opposite.

So after me you expect to like men more?

That would be terrific. (Gasps)

It's not very nice telling me this now.


I don't want us to argue, and even less over a bottle of wine.

An empty one too.

I'm going to order you something.

(Laughs) What are you doing?

Spaniards and Italians we understand each other’s language.

(Max speaking Italian) 'Good evening} (Speaks Spanish) Yes, it is.

(In Italian) 'Hungry yet?'

(In Spanish) The lady needs a vibrator.

(In Italian) 'I'm sorry, we don't have any.

'But I can bring something else. We have fruit.'

(In Spanish) That's not good enough.

(In Italian) 'Something else might work...'

(In Spanish) No, forget it. Thanks, Max.

You are out of your mind. You know that?

I did it for you.

What if Max takes it as an invitation and comes up himself?

Well, then you’ll be able to choose between Max or a bottle of wine.


Well, Max comes from Maxim us It is also the diminutive of Maxim us.



(Moaning and sighing)


(Moaning and sighing)


(Knock at door) (Gasps)

Maximo. (Bottle clinks)


(Speaks Spanish) We're fine, Max. We don't need anything.

(Speaks Italian) I brought a hot cucumber.

(Spanish) What?

(Italian) I boiled it for two minutes.

It's sterile.

(Spanish) My friend would rather use the wine bottle.

It's Tuscan.

(Italian) What about you?

(Spanish) Me?

I'm a virgin.

(Italian) Congratulations.

Spain beat Italy. Fair and square.

(Spanish) What's that? (Italian) The Eurocup. Soccer.

(Spanish) Soccer bores me.

(Italian) What about your friend?

Her as well. She's a Russian tennis player.


What? I love Russian tennis players.


Though I'm starting to wonder.

(Italian) Check her arm. (Spanish) What?

(Italian) One arm should be stronger than the other.


(Speaks English) Yes, you are a tennis player. Look at your right arm!

(Laughs) I'm left-handed!

I mean left, sorry. And you've got calluses. This is the proof!

(Knocking and shouting) Shh! Shh.

(Speaks Italian) You two wanna have a trio?


Wanna see it first?

(Speaks Italian) No, Max.

It's nice of you to offer, but no.

(Speaks English) You speak Italian?

(Continues in Italian) It's a beautiful language.

Please, go. Leave us alone.

I got my hopes up.

I thought it's what you wanted.

I'm sorry, it was a misunderstanding.

We shouldn't have called you.

(Singing Italian opera)

Good night.

I was only joking about the cucumber.

(Continues singing opera)

(Speaks English) Well, thanks to Max, I've discovered a Russian tennis player who speaks Italian.

I like football too. You lied to me.

That mansion on the island couldn't be yours. There is no tennis court.


So you understood me before?

When? When I spoke to you in Spanish.

Yes, and I was thrilled.


To hear that you scare me? Yes.

Come here.

I'm beginning to realise that everything about you scares me.

Your eyes. Your mouth.

Your smile.

The way you speak. The tone of your voice.

Your smell. Your scent.

Your breath.

Your stunning body.

Your skin.

Your skin is incredible.

I'm more scared by the colour of yours.

(Alba) Your skin is like the Russian steppe.

That's very scary.

A question.


If I had a twin sister, identical in every way, with the same eyes, same mouth, voice...

And the same skin?

Yes, especially the skin.

Would you be that scared? (Snorts) Do you have a twin sister?

It's just hypothetical.

I don't know. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't.

What do you prefer?

I just feel very fortunate that it’s me here, and not my twin sister.

OK, you have to explain me this.

I have a twin sister with a degree in history of art.

She just finished her thesis on the Italian Renaissance.

I came here with her.

What's her name? Dasha.

Like you. Because you told me your name was Natasha.

I don't know your name either.

(Sighs) Now I know why your Italian is so good.

I also studied history of art.

But in our third year, we both auditioned for a film and they chose me.

Since then, my sister and I drifted apart.

Can you prove it?



(Clicks and whirs)


What does that say? Sasha Veronina.

Sasha? Natasha, Dasha, and now Sasha? You're triplets or what?

(Alba) So whats with the tennis?

My sister Dasha and I have played since we were kids.

But she was always better than me.

When do you get to play tennis?

You can't have much time between filming, parties and premieres.




Can you show me your sister?

(Natasha) Dasha is number tan female tennis player in Russia.

And she's left-handed like you. Yes, I am left-handed too.

There is no reason why twins should both be left-handed, even though they're identical in every other way.

But we are.

Is there not anything different between you two?


I was the first one to become a woman.

(Sighs) Though not like you.

What do you mean?

My mother died when we were 13.

From that time, my father started to treat me like a woman.

He used to only touch me.

And your sister?

No, just me.

Why? I don't know.

But I felt like I should keep it secret from my sister, until one night...

Dasha saw us.

How did she react? Badly.

She felt rejected and...

That's how her inferiority complex began.

She got a complex because your father didn’t touch her up?

She should have been grateful.

That didn't last long, less than a year.


Are you crying? (Tuts)

You can cry if you want.

The thing is I don't cry.

You don't? Well, I haven't in a long time.

Crying is good for you.

I know.

So cry like an actress. Come on, please.

Act for me. That's what I am doing.

I will love to see you cry. Then I'll have the chance to comfort you.

(Whispers) Come on.

Cry, CW-

Sorry, Alba. I'm not a good actress.


Do I sing well?

(Singing in Spanish)

♪ Y es que yo solo tengo rumba pa ti

♪ Ay, mi rumba, mi rumba es pa ti... ♪

(Music playing)


(Singing in Russian)



(Music off)







(Moaning and gasping)

(Moaning and sighing)





I imagine in that Arabian harem, you had all kinds of relations with women.

Or was it forbidden? I never lived in Saudi Arabia.

Shame. I liked that story. -So did I It was my mother who fled away from Saudi Arabia in a Greek ship.

She was pregnant with me, running away from my father.

I'm Hamir's daughter, and I was born in Athens.

I'm glad Alba exists. Hm, thanks.

So, you are Greek not Spanish?

No, few months after I was born my mother brought me back to Spain.

Did your mother also become a lesbian?

Hm, come on!

My mother had several men and several problems, but she always took care of me and I took care of her.

And you, have you ever been with a man?

I’m a lesbian from birth, like you are a twin from birth.

Look, Alba, I...I haven't been completely honest with you.

I'm getting married next Sunday. Who?

The actress or the tennis player? The tennis player.


So you are not the actress, you are the twin.

My sister's also a twin.

Yeah, but I mean the...the Renaissance one.

You are the Renaissance one.


Mm-hm, OK, in... in one way I prefer it, but I...I don't like the idea of you getting married so soon.

(Snorts) We've been planning it for almost a year.

Who with? The tutor supervising my thesis.

Is he Italian? No he’s from Moscow.

We’ve bought a small apartment. We’ll move in after our honeymoon.

In one of those Russian beehives? Yes, very different from my sister.

I'm glad you are middle class.

But especially happy that your father didn't touch you up.

So, then, you are the one with the inferiority complex?

I don't get it.

One night I woke up and saw my sister's bed was empty.

I decided to get up and go to my father's room.

I remember his huge hands with long and strong fingers...

caressing Sashas naked body identical to mine.

I stayed there hidden for a while, watching.

It was the first time in my life I experienced sexual pleasure.

Every time I woke up and my sister wasn't there, I undressed and touched myself.

I understand you, little Russian.

That put an immense distance between Sasha and me.

But now I like my life so much more than my sister's.

That's good.

Now you can have your own family.


(Children scream and shout)

(Speaks Basque) 'Please, hold still.'

'Alba, you said it wrong.'

'Then teach me how to say it!'

'We'll hold still when you say it right.'

What are they speaking in?

Basque. It's a very, very ancient language. It's quite difficult.

I'm trying to learn it, but every time I make mistakes, the kids make fun of me.

I want to have children too.

(Alba) They're Edurne's kids.

How long have you been with her? Two years.

She had just separated and I had just come out of a stormy relationship.

One weekend she passed through Madrid and we hooked up, and a month later I moved to San Sebastian to live with her

(Basque) 'Mommy.'

'Give me a kiss.'


What's wrong?

Come on, Alba, please tell me.

The little boy, he died last winter.

It was in a stupid accident in the house.

I haven't watched this video since it happened.

Edurne hasn't...hasn't got over it.



The boy died with me at home. We were both alone.

Edurne doesn't blame me, but I wish she could have been there that afternoon with him and not me.

Who knows? Maybe the accident wouldn't have happened.

How do you run with these legs?

What a wonderful sense of speed!

I bet you sprint like a gazelle.

How long have you been with him?

With Vadim? Mm-hm.

Four years. Intense years.

And you love him? Actually, I do deeply.

I learn a lot being with him. He is very cultured.

And he always knows what to do.

Had you ever been unfaithful to him?


Had you to Edurne?

Me neither.

It hurts us both equally, right?


Would you like to give me a wedding present?



These are the ones left.

I don't know. What do you prefer?

Whatever you choose.

And what do I put? From Alba, the Spanish girl in Rome? Mm?

Well, if you were a man it might look suspicious.

I'll say that while I was in Rome I meta very sweet Spanish girl.

And cute. Gorgeous.


Why are you here in Rome?

It's a wedding present from my sister, a week in Italy, an attempt to bring us together.

But tonight we had a fight and I went off on my own.

So, I mat you thanks to an argument?

Is your sister a good actress? Yes, very good.

And she can cry wonderfully.

But it's also true that her boyfriend is...


What about you? What are you doing here?

Here? Yes, in Rome.

I'm here for the Alternative Locomotion Energy Fair.

Future means of transport.

Ecological, clean vehicles with low energy consumption.

Huh. Nice.

What is it? It's called Aspasia.

It's perfect for getting around in the city.

Maximum speed, 70 kilometers per hour. 40 miles.

It works like a bike. You pedal it. Mm.

But if you need help getting up a slope, you connect a silent, compressed air motor, and if it rains, you don't get wet.

Who invented this thing?

Me. -(Laughs)

(Speaks Spanish) What?


Don't I look like an inventor? Actually, no.

I am a mechanical engineer.

-(Laughs) Came top in my year.

It makes sense. Why?

Because you are the best woman I've ever met.

Thanks, love.

Don't call me love. Why?

Love is something else. It is also for me.

That which I'm feeling right now is very similar to love.

Almost identical.

Any love there might be here right now is pure fantasy.

Like anywhere else!

Now I know what you can give me as a present.

Hm, it's not in your wedding list.

I'm adding it now, and if you don't get it for me, someone else will.

OK, I'll leave it here.

It's in the fair, for whoever wants to come and pick it up.

Was it a success? Ha, you bet.

I love it.

I'm sure it won't be long before they ban all cars from cities and introduce your Aspasias.

At the moment, this is the only prototype.

One is enough for me in Moscow.

Be sure that if you get my Aspasia as a present, it comes with me inside.

We are inseparable.

Even better.

I also know who Aspasia was.

She lived there in that painting.

As soon as I walked into this room a week ago, I noticed the picture and I thought that was a good sign for my Aspasia.

But just today I was told there is..

There is no chance of it being manufactured.


So you went out and got drunk?

The truth is, since last winter, after what happened to the boy, there is not one night I goto bed without drinking.

It helps me sleep.

Except tonight, you woke me up.

I should get going.

Can I have a shower first?


(Speaks Russian) I'm sorry, Vadim, but I can never tell you about this.

Now I have a secret too.

But it's much further away than yours.

(Speaks Spanish) Maybe I missed the sign in the painting.

It's you, my little Russian.

The good thing I was expecting.

(Speaks Russian) You'll always have that... my reflection.


Is mine alone.

(Running water)

(♪ Sings "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu")

♪ Penso che sogno cosi non ritorni mai piu

♪ Mi dipingevo Ie mani e la faccia di blu

♪ Poi d'improvviso venivo dal vento rapito

♪ E incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinite

♪ Volare ho ho

♪ Cantare ho ho hoho

♪ Nel blu dipinto di blu

♪ Felice di stare lassu

♪ Nel blu dipinto di blu

♪ Felice di stare lassu

♪ E volavo volavo felice piu in alto del sole ed ancora piu su

♪ Mentre il mondo pian piano spariva lontano laggiu

♪ Una musica dolce suonava soltanto per me

♪ Volare ho ho

♪ Cantare. ♪






(Gasping and moaning)

(Gasping and moaning)

(Moaning and panting)

(Gasping and moaning)




♪ Loving strangers

♪ Oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Oh

♪ I've got a hole in my pocket

♪ Where all the money has gone

♪ I've got a whole lot of work To do with your heart

♪ 'Cause it's so easy

♪ Mine's not

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers...

I want to tell you something. Whatever you like.

Tonight before I met you, my sister told me something at dinner that deep down I imagined but never had the courage to ask.

We had drunk a lot of wine and we were having a very good time, until she told me that Vadim was with her before me.

He was also my sister's teacher but we were in different classes.

When she got the part we auditioned for and stopped coming to the university, he called her and they were together for a while.

It was her who left him.

I imagine between them they decided not to tell me anything, until tonight my sister let it slip.

Don't tell anyone, but I like you much more than your sister.


And white suits you much better.


The guests are waiting.

My sister was thinking of inviting several friends of her boyfriend.

Dodgy people. Hm.

Actually, that was why we argued.

Well done. We don't want mafiosos here.

If anyone has anything to say, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.


We are all listening, bride.

The weird thing is, I’m worried about Vadim now.

In case my sister's boyfriend finds out. Ha's an animal.

And you? What about you?


I know Vadim is in love with me.

I love the way you are. You're such a good person.

The best of all of us.

And I'm sure you're right, Vadim loves you.

You above all.

Another strange thing.

Vadim has always reminded me of someone from the Renaissance.

One person in particular.


That guy, the one speaking over your bed.

It's Leon Battista Alberti, one of my favourite humanists.

Ha said that you can't pull the string without having a dartboard to aim at.

What does that mean?

The idea is that the artist must know at all times what he's representing.

The picture shows a symposium in the Medici Palace.

I'm sure he was talking about the Greeks.

He was fascinated by them.

That painting speaks of the other.

There are 20 centuries between these two pictures.

In our case, only one room.

We look like we're at a tennis match.


(Birdsong outside)

(Signs) Conclusion.

Here beneath the city of my birth, do you love me?


Well, I don't know why, but right now...

...yes, I am loving you.

With fantasies or without?

(Birdsong outside)

With both. (Vehicles passing outside)

I look good in white too, don't I?

(Natasha) A new day is coming.

(Alba) Dawn is my moment.

(Natasha) I'll stay and watch the dawn with you and then we say goodbye.

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh

♪ I've got a hole in my pocket

♪ Where all the money has gone

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh

♪ It's just a start of the winter and I'm all alone...

(Bell chiming) (Vehicles passing)

(Birdsong) (Bell chiming)

(Bell chiming)

I'm going to order breakfast for two.

(Click and beeping) (Chuckles)

I'll call my sister, then. Very well, little Russian.

(Max speaking Italian) 'Can I help you?' (Speaks Spanish) Yes.

We want to be the first to have breakfast.

(Italian) 'Glad to hear it.

'What would you like? Something light, heavy?'

(Spanish) As heavy as it gets.

(Italian) 'You want it to last?' (Spanish) Yes, please.

(Italian) 'A nice big breakfast then.' (Spanish) Thanks, Max.

(Speaks Russian) Don't worry.

Can I hear your sister's voice?

(Natasha's sister speaking Russian) 'I hardly slept because of you.

'And I don't like flying when I'm tired}

It's like they split your voice in two.

(Russian) 'Who is that?'

Room service.

She brought breakfast.

'You're having breakfast?

Yes. I'm hungry.

I'll see you at the hotel after.

Are you never going to tell her?

So, then, what's the plan? Pass through here without a trace?

Without... without ever telling anyone?

That's up to each of us. Hm.

But there has to be something of us, of both of us, to remind us of this night.

Like what?



(Birdsong) (Panting)

There is no wind yet. It's early. (Vehicles passing)


When it blows, they’ll take the photo.

(Birdsong) You'll see. They owe it to us.

(Gasps) What a beautiful thing you've just said, little Russian.

Your idea was the best of all. We make a good team.

(Seagulls cry)

But we can only be seen from a satellite.

Oh, wow. You're inspired.

By you.

(Seagulls cry)

That deserves a kiss.

(Birdsong) (Seagulls cry)



Max. Maximo.

Our breakfast.

(Speaks Spanish) Hi.

(Speaks Italian) Good morning. (Spanish) It certainly is.

We're outside, on the terrace.

(Italian) Today's the first day of summer.

There you go.

This time it was easy.

You wanted two large breakfasts and here they are.

(Spanish) Thank you, Max.

(Italian) What's that?

(Snorts) -(Laughs)


(♪ Sings Verdi's "Libiamo ne' lieti calici")

♪ Libiamo, libiamo ne' Iieti calici

♪ Che la bellezza infiora

♪ E la fuggevol, fuggevol ora

♪ S'inebrii a volutta

♪ Libiam ne' dolci fremiti

♪ Che suscita l'amore

♪ Poiché quell'occhio al core

♪ Onnipotente va...

(Trolley rattling)

♪ Libiamo, amore, amor fra i calici

♪ Piu caldi baci avré ♪

(Door closes)

Well, now we have a best man.

Couldn't be better. (Loud chatter outside)


I think the daylight will be good for us.

I'm sure. It usually is.

Hey, the sun looks fantastic on your face.

In your eyes. On your lips.

Well, look at your skin. The steppe is turning gold. Scary.

I'm even more scared. Why?

Because I know what I'm seeing and feeling.


(Vehicle sounds horn)

Shall we play at being brave?


If we didn't have partners, what would we do, you and me?

I don't know. It's all so new to me.

Shall we stay and live in Roma? I'm in love with Rome.

We'll stay and live in Rome, then.

Would you do it? Would you leave Edurne and her kids?

Sorry. Her daughter.

To live with me here in Rome?

(Horns sound)

This is real, Natasha, not a fantasy.

I feel it with absolute clarity.

The gates are opening for us. Can't you hear them?


Close your eyes.

If our hands meet in the middle of the table, we enter together, deal?


♪ Love me just a little bit

♪ I am about to like you anyway

♪ Love me

♪ Well, I am 23

♪ All my flesh to fold down as soon as it hits... ♪

(Squeals and laughter)

(Speaks Spanish) You gave me a shock!

(Speaks Russian) You're the one who shocked me!

(Spanish) What, my love?

(Russian) Electricity.


This is because we are very sure about this, no?

I don't know, but right now it's what I most desire in this world.

(Spanish) Yes.

(Russian) Yes.

Yes? Yes.


(Speaks English) And how do you want me to call you? Dasha or Natasha?


(Speaks Spanish) What?

Natasha. Shh.

Sha. Sha.

This is the name I invented for you.


♪ Love me just a little bit

♪ I am about to like you anyway

♪ Love me...

And I get to see you run. -(Laughs)

I can't wait to go outside and...and watch you sprint with your long logs.

I promise you will. Mm.


(Hammering nearby)


(Bells chiming)

(Bells chiming)

(Hammering nearby)

(Running water)

(Mobile ringing)

(Speaks Russian) What is it?

(Natasha's sister) 'Dasha, what's going on?'

Nothing, I'll get dressed and come right over.

'You're not dressed?' No, I'm wearing white.

'You're ahead of the wedding.'

Yeah, way ahead.

'I don't understand you, Dasha'


Get into the bath with me, please.


Just a bath together in each other’s arms.

Without doing anything.

We will suffer more and it will make it harder to say goodbye.



Never before in my whole life have I known a love like this.

Not this way.

And it can't all be nothing.

Are you sure you want to part forever?




Don't lower yourself.


(Sighs) That's what I'm doing.

I'm fighting for you.

Do you think it's not the same for me?

Let's hold each other.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know what's happening to me.

I'm sorry. You're right.

I will stay here.

I will stay here. I prefer it.


What is it, Alba?

Don't suffer like this! Please!



You are right. I understand you perfectly.

Never before I had loved as intensely as I do tonight with you.


From now on, we can think that for once in our lives we experienced it.

The best thing is to leave it here.

Keep it forever between the two of us so it never fades.

In the bathtub? (Laughs) Sure.

Where else?



One last turn?


In our bathtub.

To leave everything here.



(♪ Russian Red: "Loving Strangers")

♪ But I've got my eye right on you

♪ Give me a coin and I'll take you to the moon

♪ Give me a beer and I'll kiss you

♪ So foolishly

♪ Like you do when you like when you're not in my thoughts

♪ Like you do when you like

♪ And I know it's my imagination

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, 0h... ♪

(Vehicles sounding horns outside)

(Vehicles passing outside)




(Clunk) (Lift pings)

(Gate closes) (Seagulls cry)

I'm taking a taxi to the airport. It's that way.

Hotel Ninfa is in the other direction.


No kisses.

You're sure? Absolutely.


But don't forget, I kissed the soles of your fest.

I didn't kiss yours. No.

Shall I kiss them now? No.

It would make the goodbye harder.

(Chatter nearby)

(Vehicles passing)

(Natasha) Alba! (Alba) What?

(Natasha) Look!


(♪ Russian Red: "Loving Strangers")

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh

♪ I've got a hole in my pocket

♪ Where all the money has gone

♪ I've got a whole lot of heart To do with your heart

♪ 'Cause it's so busy

♪ Mine's not

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh

♪ It's just the start of the winter

♪ And I'm all alone

♪ But I've got my eye right on you

♪ Give me a coin And I'll take you to the moon

♪ Give me a beer and I'll kiss you

♪ So foolishly

♪ Like you do when you lie When you're not in my thoughts

♪ Like you do when you lie And I know it's not my imagination

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Loving strangers, oh, oh

♪ Loving strangers

♪ Oh, your love

♪ Loving strangers