Roots of Evil (1979) Script






Get into position.




Harder. Come on.

Little harder. Come on.


My God.

You're getting better every day.

Not bad, really.

Jambo, do you have a firm stance?

A firm stance? Yes.

Okay, let's see.

I think you didn't have a firm stance.

Okay, come on. Now, the most important thing in karate is a firm, strong stance.

The power comes from the hips.

Good morning. Can I help you?

Yeah, of course. We want to know about this karate business, and all the other things around here.

I see. Frank. Yes?

These gentlemen were asking me about our karate classes.

Uhm, well...

For example, you. What you do want in karate?

Well, I wanna know if that karate thing is better than my way.

Uh-huh. And what's your way? Tell me, mister...

Ramirez. Alberto Ramirez.

And this two fellows are my pals.

Uh, Mr. Ramirez, please tell me your way of fighting.

You know, a pow here, a kick there, that's all.

Well, you know, that might be very interesting for my pupils to see somebody with your pow-pow here and there.

Perhaps you'll give me a demonstration.

Who do I fight with? With me. If you don't mind.

Just hit me. Try and hit me, and if you hit me you'll be accepted.

What? Are you kidding? Let's try it. Come on.

That's the way? That's the way, Mr. Ramirez.

He want it.

Too slow, Mr. Ramirez.

Try it again.

Come on, come on.

Oh, I didn't intend that to happen. I'm sorry.

You know, you better see a doctor.

You lost your opportunity.

I can't accept you. You know, I'm sorry.

Come on now, you better see a doctor.

Good bye, Mr. Ramirez. Here's your jacket.

And don't forget to see a doctor. Okay?

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Well, bye, Mr. Ramirez.

Well, what are your names? My name is Carlos DelGardo.

Mine is Fernando Ferella. I'm Frank Mertens.

If you like, you can be registered and start right now.

If that's alright with you. Thank you, Mr. Mertens.

No, no, no. Just call me Frank. That's all.

Now, Ingrid, be a darling and show them the place, will you?

Okay now. Thank you, gentlemen, and welcome to the school.

Come on.

Here are some clothes.

I think this will fit you. Okay.

But for you...

I'm not sure.

Okay, we'll try it.



It happened a year ago.

Just one year today that our master, the great Takimura, Takimura. left us.

He went forever.

He was killed.

He was tragically killed.

The man who committed such a terrible murder has not yet been arrested.

Our master was a good man.

He taught us to avoid violence, because it's violence that causes a misfortune of men.

And he became a victim of just such violence.

In a fight, he would never lose.

He was an aged man.

He was strong like a bolt and faster than flight.

I'm sure you can all remember him in his show a year ago.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a demonstration by the famous karate teacher Takimura.

Now let's remember our master's words.

He said:

Breath is the answer to all questions, shows the way to you.

Listen to it in the silence, then it will get strength to you.

His words fill us with wisdom.

Is this the house? Yes, sir.

Leave him alone, Komo.

Good morning, Mr. Van Bullock. Glad to see you here.

If you're glad or not, it's the same to me.

I like the house.

I think I'll buy it.

Yes. I'll set it here.

The greatest fighting school that has ever been.

With the most modern equipment.

It's going to have everything.

We'll make it the best. What do you think, Komo?

We'll do the same as we did in Tokyo.

But this time much more expensive and greater.

With all that, we earn much money, sir. Like we never had.

The karate school is a good deal, Komo.

But we're going to do something else here.

If I can advice you, sir.

You can't.

And you can be glad if I buy this hut from you.

What is that?

Frank Mertens Karate Academy?

Who's that man Frank Mertens?

I don't know, Mr. Van Bullock.

A poor karate teacher who hasn't got a being.

As so many like him in Madrid.

But for you, he won't be any competition.

Let me make it clear:

Either you manage to make that man disappear, or I won't buy your hut.

Komo, let's go.

I promise you to do all that's possible, Mr. Van Bullock.

You better. Tell that karate teacher...

What's his name? Mertens. Frank Mertens.

Oh, yes. Say to mister Mertens, that I'll buy him another school somewhere else in the city.

But he gotta disappear from here as soon as possible.

Of course, of course, Mr. Van Bullock. Komo, let's go!

Yes. Yes.

Mr. Mertens?

Yes. What can I do for you?

It's you, I'd like to know if you're happy with your school.

Why? Did the owner send you? Didn't I pay the rent or what?

Well, you see, I'm the owner of the house in front of yours, and...

How could I tell you?

I've got a buyer for my house.

He wants to set up a fighting school in this place, and of course, he wouldn't like you to be here.

You understand?

No, I don't understand.

Mr. Van Bullock, the buyer, would be glad to pay for you a place like this elsewhere in town.

Well... No, I'm not interested.

I mean, nobody will throw me out of here.

Tell that mister... whatever his name is, that I'm not moving, and I'm not interested in hearing about his offer.

Is that clear, Mr...?

It is not a threat, Mr. Mertens, but Mr. Van Bullock might become very unpleasant.

I couldn't care less what Mr. Van Bullock wants or not.

Now, what would happen if you just left now, please?

Well then, it's all right.

Good bye, Mr. Mertens. Good bye.

Good bye. And never come back, please.

What did he want, Frank?

You look worried.

Any problems?

Not yet. Not yet.

Do you have it?

Yes, sir.

It must be heroin.

Yes, it's first class.

Do you know what we're supposed to do, Komo?

We're gonna do just like in Rome, Tokyo and Copenhagen.

First, we spread the stuff around free, then we wait until the kids get so hooked on it they can't live without it.

After that, we put the squeeze on, and after all, we bleed them good.

Always the same simple system.

And every time they fall into the same trap.

Why didn't we get the merchandise earlier?

Stoneman sent a letter.

The merchandise has just arrived in Los Angeles.

It wasn't very easy, chief.

Time is gold!

Pay him ten percent less!

Okay, milord, I will.

Hey, you over there.

Here you got the merchandise.

Just distribute it like always. Come on, let's go.

Van Bullock, there's someone here to see you.

The name is O'Blonski.

A moment, please.

Right. Send him in.

Come in, O'Blonski. Don't be scared.

I came to talk to you about that man Frank Mertens.

Well? Go on, explain to me.

He said even if you pay him a million, he won't give up his school.

Oh yes? I see.

Okay, I don't need you anymore. You can leave.

You'll buy the hut, Mr. Van Bullock, won't you?

On concerning the price, I reconsider.

I said you can leave. Now!

Frank Mertens won't do what we're asking him to do.

So I think we'll help him a little bit to decide.

Don't worry so much, Van Bullock.

Forget that poor karate teacher.

We have to be very careful.

Why don 't buy a house somewhere else?

You're right, my dear Cora, but I don't surrender so easily.

And don't forget, that O'Blonski needs money.

It must be Fanetti from Rome.

Nobody else knows this number.


Oh yes, Mr. Fanetti.

I do as much as I can, you know that.

But I have to act with discretion.

Of course I'm sure of it.

Yeah, the merchandise from Los Angeles is already here.

Yes, I'll take care of them.

Of course, Mr. Fanetti, you don't have to worry.

Well, give me one more month.

The school will be ready, and we'll be able to start.

Yes, Mr. Fanetti.

No, no, no, Mr. Fanetti, I wouldn't cheat you.

Why would I do that to you, Mr. Fanetti?

Thank you for calling, it's good to hear from you.


One day, Fanetti, you're going to shine my shoes!

You son of a bitch!

He's getting impatient.

We just have a month.

Just the time to launch the merchandise in the market.

It's not really enough time.

Why is he in such a hurry?

In his place, he has a stock worth 12 million dollars.

We can get a very good price for it.

Even if we just get 30 percent of Fanetti's share, we could be rich, Komo.

Yes, rich as a gold mine!

This means, we have to start everything as soon as possible.

Then, Fanetti will send the heroin to us.

In a short time, we'll build an empire!

Yes, I'll become very powerful!

People will respect me and will follow my rules!

Yes, Van Bullock will be remembered and will be known all over the world!

Yeah? What is it now?

You ordered us to come here, sir.

Yes. Yes, I did.

Come here, you two.

I've got a job for you. Somebody doesn't want to do what I ordered him to do.

So give him a good lesson of kung fu.

Good afternoon. Can I do anything for you?

We came to take a look, baby, if you don't mind.

Just a minute. You can't just shove your way in here.

You'll wait right here!

Don't get mad at my friend. He's just a joker.

He must be the teacher.

Yes. He looks like a teacher.

Very good. Real good. Thank you.

Arigato sensei.

Please, everybody sit down now.

Thank you.



Right. Now we'll show you the backhand blower.

Uraken-Uchi. First time, slow.

Second time, faster.

The ending is powerful. The beginning is very quick.

Okay. At first slow. Uraken-Uchi, it's this.

Now a little faster.

No, no, no.

Don't believe a word of it.

It's totally different.

I will show it to you.

Kokutsu-Dachi position.

I'll show it to you slowly.

And now fast.

That's enough now! I said enough now!


This one also needs a lesson.

What do you want?


Out I said!

Good bye, gentlemen.

Have a good day.

Very good, Frank.

You want to be kung fu fighters?

Being beaten by such a poor karate teacher.

How could it be?

Tell me all about it. I wanna hear.

We couldn't do anything. He's too speedy.

Too speedy? Out of my sight!

Before I become really angry.

There's something else, boss.

Now, what is it?

In that karate school, there's a photo of Takimura.

That school belonged to him before.



That dirty dog?

Did you know anything about that school?

No, I didn't have the least idea.

When a year ago we saw that sign by accident, we went immediately to a demonstration...

It's all right. It's all right. Like this, Komo.

Now you leave!

And don't forget the training. You need it.

Or you'll have some other job very soon.

Those two Chinese we saw yesterday, I'm convinced that Van Bullock sent them to us.

Well, so what? I'm sure they won't be coming back.

Thomas, please wait here for me, okay? Okay, Frank.

I would like to tell you so many things, master.

Excuse me if I don't come very often, but I'm so busy with the school.

I try to maintain it in your memory, and it isn't easy.

Hey. Hey. Wait, wait.

That man's for me.

Now it's my turn.

Let's go. Yeah, let's get outta here.

And you taught us what violence means, and the principle of non-violence.

Till a while ago, it was possible for me to live in the way of this principle.

But now, for the first time, something's happened.

Something that...

That is worrying me.

For the first time, I had to fight back.

I had to use violence.

It's the reason why I've come today, to explain it to you.

It's just that I wanted to tell you, sensei Takimura.

I don't know anymore what I'm supposed to do.

Shit Japanese!


Don 't forget, Frank, never use weapons.

Finish him off!

Watch this one.

That's all.


Why did they do it to you?

Why did they do it to you?

Get out of here! Oh Thomas, it's you.

I'm sorry, Frank, I couldn't stop them.

Are you all right? I just got a couple of bruises, but besides that I'm okay.

Why did they do it?


So you have failed again.

Maybe I have to ask Komo to shake you up a bit.

You are nothing but a bunch of cheap street fighters!

I ain't a bad fighter, boss, and you know it.

But that man is too strong for us.

He's fast. He hits hard.

Besides, he has a very special style of fighting I haven't seen before.

You bore me!

Go and do some training!

You need it!

Let me take care of him, chief.

With just one hand, I'll break all of his bones.

For doing this, we still got time, Komo.

I've got another idea.

It would be a pity, really a pity, to hurt such a good fighter.

I'm going to make him an offer.

An offer that he won't refuse.

Oh Komo, by the way, we've got new people in the garden.

I would like you to shake them up a bit.

Yes, sir.

All right now.

The chief says I got to work you out.

Come on, I want to see what you're made of.

For example...

You. Attack.

Slow. Too slow.

Now two.

Next. All right.

I'm a sumo fighter.

All right, in a few days I'll give you another workout, and I expect progress.

I want you to train hard because otherwise, I'll take it very seriously.


May I speak to Mr. Mertens, please?

Just a moment, please.


Frank, it's for you.


Good morning, Mr. Mertens, my name is Van Bullock.

I would like to make peace with you.

I think my men paid you a visit in the last days.

I would like to make you an offer.

Let us bury the war axe.

And why don't you come to my office, so we can talk.

All right, Mr. Van Bullock.

When and where can we meet?

Ah, I knew you'd be reasonable.

Let us say, in a hour at my place.

I'll send a car to pick you up.

Yeah. I'll be there. Bye.

Bye, Mr. Mertens.

See you in an hour.

Van Bullock.

Van Bullock?

He's the one we have to thank for all the troubles.

Don't go, Frank.

Surely, it's a trap.

I have to go.

All right.

But if you decide to go, please take Thomas with you.


No, Ingrid, this is my own business.

I want to settle it myself.

It's a foreboding. There's something behind all this.

And I want to discover what it is.

He's just arrived.

You stay here. I don't want him to see you.

He may come in.

This way, sir.

Please, sir.

Good morning, Mr. Mertens.

It was very kind of you coming here.

Please, do sit down.

Okay, you wanted to talk to me.

The Arabs have a very wise proverb:

Kiss the hand that you can't cut off.

Well, I'm ready to kiss yours.

I don't understand.

You'll understand soon. When I make you an offer.

I offer to you 20.000 dollars right now.

And you'll get monthly a thousand more, if you decide to work for me.

It is to say, if you want to train my men, and teach them your fighting style.

I'm very sorry, Mr. Van Bullock, my answer is No.

But maybe I could ask you a little favor.

I'm listening.

I don't want to fight against anybody.

I want to go and taking care of my school as was my master's desire.

What I want to ask you: Leave me alone, Mr. Van Bullock.

I don't wanna have anything to do with your men nor with you.

I raise my offer to 45.000 dollars, and you'll get monthly two thousand more.

My answer continues to be the same. No!

It would be a pity if you don't.

For the last time:

Leave me alone, Van Bullock!


I was very frightened for you today, Frank.

I was afraid that something would happen to you.

That this man would trap you. Well.

As you can see, I'm still one piece.

Listen, near here, they showing a very good film.

Let's go and see it, okay?

Not tonight, Ingrid. I'd like to be by myself.

There's so many things I want to think about.

We can go to the movies some other night, okay?

Yeah I know, but I still think that you should go.

We can go some other night. All right?

Okay. Bye then.

Good bye, Frank.

Hey, Frank! Give us some money for a coke.

Okay. Here...


Hey! What are you doing down there? Leave him alone, you bum!

You're gonna kill him! Help! Police! You kill the man!


Police! Call the police!


Put me here!

What happened?

What the hell happened?

Why didn't you kill him?

You aren't good for anything! Just like the others!

I might as well put you back in a hole of shit, from where I took you!

I can't afford so many mistakes, Komo!

I must get rid of that Mr. Mertens!

Is that clear?

Let me take him on. I'll smash him like a cockroach!

No, Komo! You ought to obey once!

Next time you do as I say!

Here. Get me a new one!


My dear Cora.

Come if you please.

Now I need you.

Now I really need you.

Here I am, Van Bullock.


Come here.

My beautiful Cora.

Come close to me.

You like the melody?


It's nice.

I wrote it specially for you.


Thank you.


I love you.

Oh, I love you so much.

I have so many things to be grateful to you for, Van Bullock.

So many...

I know you don't love me.

You just give me your body.

Your beautiful body.

I need a little favor from you, Cora.

An unpleasant favor.

A while ago, I had kill anybody who said to me I would ask you such a thing.

What do you want me to do?

You know I'll do anything for you.


For love or pity?

You know I never lie to you, Van Bullock.

Please don't ask me to answer that question.

Well, what do you want me to do?

I want you to make love with another man.

Just for one night.

We must call the police, Frank.

They'd been try to kill you.

No, it won't be no use. I can't prove it.

And Van Bullock would only become more aggressive.

No, that's not the solution.

And why is this man doing this to you?

I don't know, Ingrid. I don't know.

I'm just a little suspicious.

But let's hope I'm wrong.

Otherwise, it'll be terrible for all of us.

I'm scared, Frank.

I'm really scared.

Maybe all of this is just a bad dream.

Hi. My name is Cora. Cora Ramada.

And you must be Frank Mertens.

That's right. Would you like to see how we work out?

Of course, Mr. Mertens, but...

I was wondering if you could give private lessons as well.

I'm going to finish my typing. Excuse me.

Well, normally...

Normally, I don't give private lessons.

Oh, I know you are a very good teacher of karate.

Perhaps you'd make an exception.

You'd earn more money.

Miss Ramada, money doesn't mean everything to me.

It might sound a bit strange to you, but I think there are more important things.

I see. You're a man of principles.

And an idealist. Am I right?

It's possible.

Excuse me. I've got to change the outfit for my training.

If you don't want to give me private lessons, would you allow me at least to look at the training?

Of course. Please, sit down.

Good. Very good. Get up now, please.

I'm now going to demonstrate this technique with Thomas here.


Now another technique. We do it with this and then, punch.


Hello, Frank.

It's me. Cora.

I must talk to you.

Could we see each other?

Yes, of course.

I left my scarf there.

Have you seen it?

Yes. I found it.

If you want, I can be there in a little while.

All right. See you soon.

Bye, bye now.



Am I too late for a private lesson?

No. Just in time.

You're so beautiful.

Will you come back?


Open up. It's the police.

It's open. Come in.

Are you Mr. Frank Mertens?

What do you want? We have to search your place.

Here is the warrant.

I don't understand. I mean, what...

What's the matter? We've been informed there are narcotics in here. Excuse me.

Narcotics? You two, search the office.

What are you doing?

Here it is.

I found it.

You'll have to come with us, Mr. Mertens. You are under arrest.

Under arrest? But for what? Drugs.

This is heroin.

You might as well get dressed now, you're come in headquarters with us.

But it must be a mistake.

I mean, there's something wrong. Please, believe me, I...

Take this to the fourth district station.

Roberto. Yeah?

Go see what our friend is doing. What do he wanna do?

He spends all day long sitting on the bed and looking in front of it.

Never mind. Just go look. Okay.

What did I tell you? He's just sitting there and looking like a statue.

You have visitors, Mr. Mertens.

Ingrid! Frank.

Ingrid. Thomas.

The school is going all right.

All the pupils are asking about you.

Please don't worry, Frank.

Our lawyer will do everything he can to get you out of here.

We brought you some clothes.


Well, I'll leave you both now.

I must get back to the gym. The lessons will begin soon.


Give my best regards to the pupils, and tell them that in my thoughts, I'm always with them.

Okay, Frank. Good bye, Thomas.



There's something else I would like to tell you.

Yes? What is it?

I know it's not the place, or the moment, but I can't go on with this inside me.

I don't know how to say this because...

Well, it's men usually take this step.

I want to be something more than a friend, or a secretary to you.

Don't you understand?

I'm not a little girl anymore.

I love you, Frank. Ingrid.

My little Ingrid.

Of course you're a woman.

And a very beautiful one.

But don't you see what's happen to me?

What can I offer you?

Nightmares, tears, insecurity?

No. I need your help, Ingrid.

I need your help. I must get out of here.

To prove that I'm innocent.

I need time, Ingrid. I need time.

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

I've been very selfish, but I wanted you to know my feelings. Oh, Ingrid.

Soon, the day will come, and all this will be over.

And then, we will...

Time's up.

Good, Cora.

Very good.

I have to congratulate you.

Finally, we managed it.

He's in jail.

Now he won't bother us anymore.

Dance for me, Cora.

Dance, my dear girl.

No, I can't.

I can't!

What's the matter with you?

You look very sad.


I understand.

You pity Frank Mertens.

Isn't that it?

You like that poor karate teacher.

You love him. Don't you?

Poor Cora has fallen in love.

Tell me. Is it good making love with him?

Tell me! Tell me, you cheap whore!

Please. Please, Van Bullock, I need the dope.

Please help me.


You want me to inject you.

You just think of it!

Think of it!

Now get out.


To whom shall I be grateful for it?

Who put me into this garbage?

It was you! You! You!

I said out! Out!

Here's yours.

You've got to get more clients.

You've got to double your current list within three weeks.

If you like yours free.

Yeah, yeah, all right.

But it's not very easy, police are getting closer every day.

The prices are higher.

You've heard me. Now, beat it!

Well, guys, you've got to distribute this in the usual locations.

Right on.

It's very good.

You've got to get more clients, and you've got to do it real quick if you want to get your piece.

So, let's move it.

You. Get out! Hey, Joe.

Come on.

Have you seen this guy lately? Yes, he's here.

He's just come out of hospital. He's all dry now.

Not for long.

Hey, fellows. Ah, Ria.

Get us a couple of drinks.

What's up?

We longed this man.

We've something for him from Van Bullock.

Bring him to us. Okay.

And now, our Ria will sing for us.

Come on, baby. Do your number. After the show.


Did you see him? No.

Let's look in the john.

Next time, he'll beg for more.

That's all for today.

Yes? This is Mertens karate school. Who's talking?

You are Ingrid, the blond girl, aren't you?


It's me, Cora. You remember me?

Listen to me, Ingrid. I know that you're in love with Frank.

That's why I'm telling you.

It was me.

Last night, when I was with him, while he was asleep, I dropped a package of heroin in his pocket.

Believe me, I didn't want to do it.

I was forced to.

Van Bullock told me to do it.




Cora! My love.

My love. What did I do?

Cora, my love!

Speak to me.

Speak to me. Please don't leave me.

Don't leave me. Please don't leave me, Cora.

My love. Speak to me.

Speak to me, Cora, my love.

Speak to me.

I love you.

Please, Cora, speak to me.


A girl named Cora called me.

She told me it was she who dropped a little heroin bag into your coat.

Van Bullock sent her to you.

No, I can't believe it. Yes, Frank. Yes.

About an hour ago, she called me at the school and explained everything to me.

It was Van Bullock.

Van Bullock! Frank.

Van Bullock!


Where the hell do you think...

We've received your message. There's an escaped prisoner.

Over and out.

Let's go.


Yes, Komo?

I have a present for you.

What is it?

Good, Komo.

Very good.

Come here, my angels.

Come here.

Sit down, my angel.





Champagne! Champagne!

Come on, my angel.

Come on.

He's the finest.

Hey, you over there.

Let's dance.

Open up. It's Pepe.

Stop it!

I want to talk to Van Bullock.

I have nothing against you.

I just want to talk to Van Bullock!


I break his back.

Come on, let's get him!

Come on!

He must be in here.

Here he is!

Get him!

Come on! Break the door! Open the door!

Open it.

Hey you, bring more champagne.


Ta-didi, ta-dada...



Make way.


Thank you, my angel.




Everybody out!


Van Bullock! You destroyed my life!


What do you want?

Throw him out, Komo! Throw him out!

Just throw the bastard out!

All of you! Surround the house, so he can't get away!

Hold it!

The police is here now.

There he goes!

They've arrived.

Yes. I hope they kill him.

We'll search the woods. Get the dogs.


What will we do now, sir?

They didn't find him.

But I know he's hiding in the woods.

That damn Mertens is hiding in the woods.

But where?

With his master, things were easier for us.

Yes, that's right.

We'll drag him out of his hole.

What do you mean, sir?

It's very easy, Komo.

By daylight, we go into the woods, and then you'll shout as loud as you can that it was you who killed his master.

Then he'll be furious, and will come out of his hiding place to avenge his master.

That guy is a fanatic.

He will be easily trapped.

He will want to fight you. The rest depends on you, Komo.

I've been waiting for this moment a long time, sir.

I'm going to get a chess set out of the bones of his skull.

Hey! He went over this way!

Come on, it's a dead wolf.

Frank Mertens!

Son of a bitch!

Come out!

Don't be a coward!

It was me! Me, who killed Takimura.

Same as I'll kill you!

Come on, Komo. You're afraid, eh?

You, you're afraid!

The great fighter, he's afraid!

Believe me, inspector, Frank is innocent.

It was Van Bullock who planned all this.

Do you have any proof of what you're saying, miss?

No, I can't prove it.

Inspector, what will happen to Frank if he is arrested?

That will be up to the judge.

He has injured three persons, two policemen and some other people.

Gonzales. What's the matter?

I see.



Thank you.

One of Van Bullock's men just died at the hospital.

Your friend, Frank Mertens, killed him.

That way, Komo.

Where are you, rat?

Are you afraid of Komo twisting your neck off?

Come out, Frank Mertens!

Come out, coward!

I know you are there! Come out!

Come out, so I can get my hands on you!

Come out, Mertens! We will kill you!

As we did with your master Takimura!

Come out, coward!

We know you're hiding someplace here!

Here I am!

I'm not afraid!

Why did you kill my master?

It's very clear.

Before you'll die, I'll explain it to you.

Before Takimura came to Spain, he lived in Tokyo.

He was very good friends with the police.

He made them put me in jail.

By that time, I was already dealing in heroin.

I spent nine years in jail!

Thanks to that swine of Takimura.

I spent nine years in jail!

Each day, each all of those nine years, my only thought was, when I get out of jail, I'll fix that Takimura!

But when I got out of jail, Takimura wasn't there anymore.

Later I knew he was in Spain.

I followed him. The rest, Komo will explain to you.

Go on, Komo. Go ahead.

Then it was you who killed my master.


It was me.

It was very easy.

I'm going to explain how I did it.

And then I'm going to kill you.

He's castrated!

Kill him, Komo! Kill him!

Kill the bastard! Break him in pieces!

Now it's the end for you, Mertens.

Komo! Somebody help me!


Son of a bitch!