Rose scarlatte (1940) Script


May I come in? Anyone here?



Anyone home?



Good day, Mr. Lawyer.

Hello, Rosina, I wonder.. - Excuse me, Sir, but I need to pack this bag for Madame.

Hello, Saveli. What a nice surprise.

How are you, Saveli? Good day, Ma'am, I'm here because..

Excuse me a moment, I have an urgent call to make. - OK.

Ah, if you only knew, for a woman, preparing a trip is always very complicated. Ah, you're leaving, ma'am?

Yes, I leave tomorrow.

Do me a favor, Saveli. Gladly.

Look in the timetable to see when the train leaves. Who's speaking?

What train, ma'am?

Is that you, Clara? It's me, Marina.

I've made up my mind. Yes, tomorrow.

You see'll me off at the station? You're very kind, dear.

Of course, I'd be thrilled.

When does the train leave? When does it leave?

I don't know, you didn't tell me.

What? Don't you know how to use a timetable?

Of course, but first I need to know.. Cortina, Cortina Danpecho.

I've told you a 1000 times. No, you didn't. Ah, here it is!

Let's see, Cortina.. Cortina..

There's no Cortina. How could be that? Wait a second.

Here: Danpecho Cortina. You see where it is?

I was being rushed. Listen, let me call you later.

Thanks, later. You still haven't found it? Now, I'll see it.

May I ask why you're going to Cortina?

Why? What a question. There's winter sports.

If you knew what a nice itinerary I've planned.

I want to dance all night, lots of dancing. I want to have fun.

Is Alberto going too?

Oh, no. He can't bear the snow or the mountains.

Do you want to speak with Alberto?

No, it was he who phoned me to come and see him.

Then I don't get it, because he told me he wasn't coming home to eat.

He's not coming? - No, he told me he had a meeting or something and that he's lunching in a restaurant. A restaurant?

But he invited me to eat..

I'm not surprised, he's easily distracted. He invites people and then forgets.

But he was so insistent.

He said, "I'm going to give you some green tomatoes so good," they could raise the dead "

Are there any green tomatoes at least?

No, you need a lot of time to prepare and cook them.

He's out, but we'll manage. Forget it, ma'am, that won't do.

Alberto is out. You're very busy, and besides if I don't eat lunch at 12:30 exactly..

Then, I won't insist Saveli. I wouldn't want any regrets, it'll be another time.

Another time then. See you later.

Hi, Tomas.

How are you? Sorry, Alberto, didn't you tell me..

Hey, now that you're here, can you do me a favor? - Sure. Whoops!

Man, why won't you get glasses? Aesthetic reasons.. - Forget aesthetics.

You know where the electric company is? No.

Never mind. I'll give you the directions and then you'll take a taxi..

Fine, but listen Alberto, it's after 12:30 and I haven't eaten yet.

You won't die, you can eat after.

But didn't you invite me to lunch?

Oh, that's right, forgive me. I forgot!

Another time then.. - Oh, no, let me at least get you something to eat and then..

But, listen..

I listen to nothing. You were invited to lunch and now I brought you back, eh?

Wait, I'll give you some green tomatoes alla bolognese that could raise the dead!

Forget about the green tomatoes. Why don't you like them?

I do, but your wife told me that you forgot to tell her and that you were eating out. What? I didn't tell her?

It was just an oversight.

What, Saveli, you still here?

I really wanted to go, but Alberto came..

Tomas is lunching with us today.

But didn't you have a meeting? A meeting?

Oh, yeah, I had forgotten. Well, you'll see, I'll take care of it.

You're going out now?

I'll be right back. Clara and I are seeing the dressmaker.

The dressmaker? I see, today we won't eat.

What? I told you I'd be right back.

I've only one dress to try. 10 minutes and I'm done.

Yes, 10 minutes. Yesterday it was 10 minutes that became 3 hours.

You see, Alberto, when ladies visit the dressmaker.. they forget.. Listen, I'll come back another time.

Oh, no. The idea! I told you, it's coming right up.

Hey, didn't she tell you.. that she's leaving? Yeah, she did.

She's going to Cortina Danpecho. Yes, Cortina Danpecho.

We went before. I'll bet you'll find the green meadows covered with daisies.

Don't say that, I was looking forward to some winter sports.

Spring sports now, let's be accurate, spring.

Anyway you've decided, and made yourself a polar kit.

You're hell bent on going. But what can I do? I can't stop you.

Go, go. Wait a minute, you could've have told me before that you didn't want me to, now I'll have to undo all of my plans at the last moment.

I don't want you to undo anything, I just meant that I don't like to remain alone for two weeks.

If that's why.. don't you think I might be tired of it after a few days.. - OK.

Let me go so I can come back. Do you need the car? - No, you take it.

See you soon. See you soon, ma'am.

In the meantime, if you like, have some lunch. Bye.

So we're going to eat?

Forget eating. You see my sweet dear friend, my wife is leaving for a week of winter sports.

And you don't mind? Why should I?

I'm thrilled: a week of freedom, a week of winter freedom.

Almost all husbands are free in the summer when their wives go, But it's not nice: too hot and the streets filled with husbands with nothing to do.

There's too many people, but in winter, it's different.

It's a great time to be young.

Let me tell you that you're a wretch, a hypocrite. - Why?

You put on a show to take advantage of her absence to cheat. - What cheating?

Who said anything about cheating? I'm just happy to be free.

Perhaps nothing will happen, but I'm excited to know I can do what I like.

A week of freedom, to see new faces, feel new things.

Doesn't that sound interesting? Yes, but I wonder where you got this desire to travel.

Because I like it, it's fun.

Any cookies? - Why? Why? To eat them.

You know I'm used at 12:30 exactly for years, if not, I start to feel really bad.. Fine, how many do you want?

Excuse me a moment.


Who is this? The Contessa.

Please send me two dozen roses immediately.

But don't forget, they must be those nice deep red ones. That's what I like.

Excuse me, ma'am, but to be honest..

Well.. very well, ma'am, I'll send them right away.

And.. where should I send them?

Allow me to write it down.

Contessa Arduini. Very good, Contessa.

The Contessa Arduini? Address?

Vittone Riudresso 22.

Yes, 22. Don't worry, Contessa.

Was that the Contessa Arduini? Yes, you know her? Who is she?

The most beautiful woman in Rome.

Oh, yeah? But man, tell me more!

If you saw her you: tall, slender, with blue eyes and such a mouth! But tell me, why did she call you?

I'll tell you, but do you know her personally? - Yes! By sight.

I spoke to her for a moment. I followed her into the streets but had no luck.

I've spent several days under her window, but tell me do you really know her?

No, I've never heard of her. Then why did she call you?

It's quite droll. She has a fine voice. I know, but what did she say?

She said, "Please, send" with such a strong, nasal voice

"Please send me two dozen roses immediately."

"But don't forget, they must be those nice deep red ones. That's what I like."

It's like a movie. It was a wrong number.

She has a fine voice, I assure you.

Two dozen roses..

That's it! This is the adventure I was looking for my weekend of freedom.


Wait, wait, wait. I wasn't thinking, how stupid.

Alberto, don't be foolish, this is a serious lady!

I got the number!

But you're not going to call her! Leave me be, I know what I'm doing.

Whose speaking? Alejandro Flowers.

Yes, sir, we have beautiful red roses.

Two dozen? Let me write that down.

Contessa Arduini. Street: Vittone Riudresso 22.

I'll send them right away. Yes, as soon as possible.

See? The Contessa, in a bit, will receive the two dozen red roses.

Some joke! She'll think that's the order she gave to the florist.

Ah, yes, that's right, how stupid. How stupid.

Yes, but I'll fix that.

Hello? Hello? This is Engineer Verani again.

Listen, don't send those roses to the address I just gave you.

No, wait until I call you later.

Or send them here, it'll be better. Do you know my address?

Yes, that's it. Good morning.

I have an excellent idea. Oh, yeah?

You'll bring the roses. Me? - Yes.

Don't even dream it!

It's nothing. Jump in a taxi to Riudresso Vittone street.

Alberto, it's almost one. You expect me to start jumping at this hour?

What do you think? Right on the money.

But I would put some buttons. Right away.

Excuse me, it'll only take a few minutes.

Are you happy you're leaving?

Very! If you knew how happy I am to be having a change for a few days.

You know what I'd do?

Not tell anyone that I'm married. No? Why? - I don't know.

I want them to think me single, a widow, a divorcee, anything they like!

Thank you. Good day.

Tomas, here are the flowers.

They already here? - See how fast? They're pretty. - Yes.

Sit down.

Now we'll get a pen, a piece of paper..

You write it. Me? Why?

Because, I've very poor writing, no one can understand it.

That's true, when you write.. However, you write like an archivist.

Alberto? - What? There's no pen. - The fountain pen.

Got it! Write.

First, we need something provocative, romantic.

How should we start? Let me see.

Write: Yes. - Beautiful.

Each petal of these roses..

What? "Every petal of these roses." Write.

Roses.. - "Is a word of love.." Love..

"Which, which.." Two "whichs"?

No, one.

"Which I think but do not say."

I do no.. Read it to me.

"Every petal of these roses is a word of love which I think but do not say."

So? What do you think of that sentence?

It's old fashioned.

You don't know anything, it's lovely. We just need to sign it.

Something enigmatic.

I don't know, a word, an adverb.. A gerund.

What gerund!

I got it: Mystery Man.

What? Mystery Man.

Mystery Man? Yes.

Mystery Man! Write, "Mystery Man". Fine, I'll write, "Mystery Man".

Mystery Man. That's perfect.

Now we put a pin.. Give me a pin.

Fold the paper like this, in two. And put it here.

No, it's better here. A little bit hidden. Like so.

Do you get it? Me? Nothing.

Mystery Man is nobody, an unknown and you know the unknown always make a certain impression.

What impression? You think a woman like the Contessa can be conquered with these schoolboy tricks?

Schoolboy? You don't know who the Mystery Man is.

What? Isn't it you? No, the Mystery Man is Love.

Love as a woman imagines, as she dreams, as she sees as ideal.

When certain things are stirred in the heart of a woman..

And her husband? - What does her husband have to do with it?

When he sees the flowers?

She'll say they're from a friend or that she bought them.

The men are used to being lied to, they'll believe it with pleasure.

What do you think? I think..

Alberto, I think it's almost one. Could you give me a roll with a bit of cheese?

Of course, you should've said something before, man.

Want some cheese or ham? I don't know.

Both. - OK, but first promise you'll bring the roses.

Hunger gives me no choice. - Exactly. She's really lovely? - Fantastic.

You don't see too well, she may look like a fright.

No, she's lovely. Everybody says so. Call me a taxi.

Is she honest? Faithful?

Very honest and faithful and crazy in love with her husband.

Good, the more difficult it is, the sweeter the victory.

Are you so sure of victory? Quite sure.

Every woman, no matter how honest and faithful she is, has within her fidelity a certain inclination, a certain, how shall I say.. a certain small margin for unsatisfied desire.

And the Mystery Man will seize the chance. But give me some bread. - Huh? Yes, Rosina!

Ah, Rosina, do me a favor and put this in my bag.

Yes, ma'am.

Rosina, who brought these flowers here?

I don't know, ma'am.

How's that? If they're here, somebody brought them.

I don't understand, ma'am. It's the first time I've seen them.

How strange.

Here. Take this to my bedroom.

A minute. Can you find out who brought these flowers?

I don't know, ma'am, they weren't there before. - They didn't fall from the sky.

And my husband..

Have you seen my husband? I don't think so, ma'am.

Well, put them in a glass and take them to my room. - Yes, ma'am.

No, wait! Wait! Where are you going with those flowers?

Nowhere, I just bought them.


Yes, I was passing by the florist and I saw these lovely red roses and I told them to send them here. Aren't they magnificent?

Take them to my room. Yes, ma'am. - Right away.

Excuse me a moment, I'll freshen up and be right back.

She bought them!

Why is she making up this story?

That she told the florist to send them. Do you get it?

"Mmm"! You know no other word but "mmm"!

It's a question of politeness. Answer!

What can I say? I don't know, she claimed them.

But it's not true, not true! It's a useless and silly lie.


Wait here.

Looking for something, sir? No, nothing.

It wasn't there.

What? The note, she kept it.

Then.. What are you thinking?

Me? Nothing, I said, "Then.."

No, I know what you mean, she has seen flowers.. and perhaps believed they were for her. Well, so what?

What are you doing? Where are you taking the flowers?

Ma'am told me to take them to her room.

To her room? Yes, sir.

What are you doing?

Nothing. Ma'am told me to put these flowers in the dining room.

No! Give them to me!

Yes, sir.

Twelve, only twelve. The others remain with her.

Fine, if she thinks I'm so stupid to believe that..

Now I'll tell her off, loud and clear.

Are you going to tell her that the roses and the note were for Contessa Arduini?

Oh, yeah. But you admit that this isn't right?

It's really not nice on Marina's part, it isn't honest. - Excuse me.

Poor Saveli, I made him wait so long, but I had so many things to do.

It was an unlucky, bad day, but we'll eat immediately.

Thank you, ma'am. Oh, wait, Saveli, I want to give you a rose. No, ma'am, don't deprive yourself of it.

Do you want one too? Oh, no.

Then you'll look nice. Just see how it looks once it's in.

There it is. You see, Saveli? I very much like flowers, but I always have to buy them myself. Because if I waited for my husband to..

The taxi is here.

A taxi? Who called for one?

I called one for Tomas. - For Tomas? Why? Were you thinking of going?

Well, I really don't.. - Yes, he has important business. He has to leave.

See you soon. Goodbye.

Saveli! Don't forget to come and say goodbye at the station.

Don't forget that the train leaves at 5:30. Bring me some chocolates.

Ah, yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, chocolates.

Bon appetit. Thanks. You already have it.

Where are we going? - To any restaurant, but hurry, I beg you.

Excuse me, do you have change for a 50?

I'm sorry, miss. Try the newspapers.

Thank you. You need some change?

Yes, thank you. Here.

Thank you. Thank you.

Snacks for the trip!

Ham sandwiches! Candies!

Excuse me, is this for Cortina? No. 15.

Thanks. Welcome.

Excuse me, the train for Cortina? No. 15 Ah, thank you.

Marina! Ah, it's you, you scared me.

What are you doing? Your train leaves in 10 minutes.

Yes, but I changed my mind.

You're not going? - No, I thought it over and a trip to Cortina would be boring.

But weren't you so excited?

Yeah, I was excited, but I was only going to have a little fun, but there's no reason to. I don't know how to ski, skate and there's probably no snow. Besides, I can be with you, because to leave you alone for so long.. Didn't you say you didn't want me to go?

I did say it, but since you made all those plans.. - I'm not going.

Chocolate, candy and snacks!


Ham sandwiches!

Fresh beer!

Magazines and papers! Candies, snacks!

Magazines and papers! Chocolates!

It's open, ma'am.

Say, sir, can you tell me what you mean?

Me? Nothing. - Nothing? Either you're insolent or a ding dong.

Morning, Alberto. - Morning, Clara. Look, there's a jerk following me.

A jerk? But that's Tomas.

Tomas! Let me introduce to you the lawyer Tomas Saveli, Miss Viali.

Excuse me, I thought.. Thought what, ma'am?

Oh, nothing, nothing.

And where's Marina? In her room.

She didn't go on her trip? No.

Excuse me.

She changed her mind.

If I only knew. I waited at the station and brought chocolates.

Why didn't she go? Why indeed? I know why.

The roses. The roses?

What do the roses have to do with it? She wants to know who sent them.

Maybe she hopes she'll receive more.

She'll have to wait! Maybe..

It's better to test her. Test her how?

To send her more. Are you crazy?

No, I'm not crazy. If she is honest, the second time she should come to me and say, "Look, there's a jerk who's sending me flowers."

So you.. Me?

You're going to do me the favor and order two dozen red roses.

It has to be me? - Yes and you'll write the same note as last time.

"Every petal of these roses"..

"is a word of love which I think but do not say."

Very nice, isn't it? Very romantic.

And you don't know who it is? No, I've been trying to guess all day.

What did your husband say when he saw them?

Alberto understands nothing. I said I bought them and naturally he believed me.

You haven't found out yet?

No, absolutely nothing. And I've been receiving the same flowers for a week now.

Have you tried asking the delivery person? Yeah, but there's always..

Yesterday, it cost me three lire each. What do I owe you?

24 times 3.. you owe me 72 lire.

Here. 50, 60, 70, 75. Give me the change.

Don't forget the taxi fare. Then take it all. - All?

Truly, the taxi was 8.50. Add that to 72 you get..

Fine, whatever you want: 10, 20, 30. Now's not the time for bills.

My mind is elsewhere. - Alberto, it's not fair to be angry with me.

How grateful! You got me running around all of Rome buying flowers.

You think I'm enjoying this? I'm losing cases, clients, and instead of thanking me, blah, blah, blah, nothing but whining!

I'm having a rough time. - But tell me what you're trying to accomplish?

You've been pestering your wife with these roses for days. I don't get it.

I need to know. What?

What it'll take to betray me.

Betray you? Yes, sir, betray me.

She receives flowers and hides them. Where do they wind up?

Don't ask, 24 roses in my house just disappear.

Either she gives them away or better, throws them away.

Three lire each.

Meanwhile, tomorrow at the same time, do me the favor..

Fine. I've gone through the Esquilino district completely. And the center too.

Ah, we still have the Ludovisi district.

Miss? How can I help you, sir?

I want two dozen..

Oh, good day, counselor. Hello.

I'm glad to see you again. Likewise.

Then sir, two dozen..? Two dozen..

Two dozen of those plants.

Nice, sir, do you have a collection of cacti?

Yes, I'm crazy about them.

Shall we send them to your home? No, no.

Outside is my taxi, I'll take them like so.

What time is it?


Already four? Yes, four. Why?

No reason.

I'm pleased to invite you to the masquerade charity ball at the Villa Rempler for the night of April 28.



Marina! Yes, what do you want?

That's the third time I called you! Sorry, I didn't hear. I was distracted.

Yeah, I've noticed.

Do you want to go to the masquerade ball?

Oh, god, that's all I needed!

How come? It'll be a nice night. No, no. I don't feel like it.

You would think I'd like dressing up.

I don't get masquerade balls, they're out of fashion. It's just that beldame's whim.

You don't have to dress up, you just put on a domino.

Don't insist, I'm not going.

What's wrong with you? - Nothing, I'm just nervous, if that's OK with you?

Yes, yes! Very OK!

But these pots..

Aren't you going out today?

No, maybe later.

Saveli is coming to get me. Saveli, always that damn Saveli!

May I?

Good afternoon, ma'am. Good afternoon.

Hello, Tomas. Hello, Alberto.

Ah, look, I brought you the contract I told you about.

Look it over.

I'll in the meantime, have a little conversation with the lady.

No, don't bother. I'm a little tired and I have things to do. Excuse me.

What's the matter with her?

The matter? Because they haven't arrived yet.

She gets like that when they're late. But what have you been doing?

Don't ask me my dear, a true misfortune!

I bumped into Miss Clara at the florist's.

Oh, but you didn't tell her?

Oh, no, I loaded myself up with cacti. They pricked my fingers.

No matter. Are the roses coming or not?

I ordered them. They should be here any minute.

You see? As soon as the roses arrived, she calmed down right away.

She becomes cheerful, she smiles, she treats me with affection.

You know, she started calling me nicknames, short names.

Coco. She calls me Coco, see?

Ah, Coco. You never told me.

It's nice. Nice, idiot?

What am I, a parrot?

Honestly, dear friend, I can't take this anymore.

Sorry, Alberto, but I think you're exaggerating.

Exaggerate? But you don't know all.

What? There's more?

You bet there are other things.

Listen, Tomas, I haven't told you this. I wrote her.

You wrote her? Yes.. not me, Mystery Man.

Ah, but.. what about her? She? She answered me.

She answered?

I faked the handwriting and gave her a conventional address.

Four pages, eight pages, I get every day.

And sometimes twice a day. What does she write?

What does she write? It's frightening, horrible.

She loves me, you understand? She loves me.

She loves you? Yes, she hasn't said so openly but..

I could read between the lines. She speaks of ideals, dreams, yearnings.

She speaks of her poor soul that yearns to be free. You understand?

Yearns to be free from a mediocre reality.

Ah, then.. What did you write back?

What could I say? I also talked about my poor soul.

What else could I do? In the meantime, I'm trying to understand, to find out.

Imagine, I got to the point where I asked her to talk of her husband.

What did she say?

It's best not to speak of it.

Ah, poor Alberto.

How'd you get the devilish idea to create this infernal plot?

As the months passed, I got caught up in it.

I must continue and will continue until I know.

Do you know she hates me? Hates you?

But didn't you tell me she loved you?

Yes, she loves me as Mystery Man but hates me as a husband, get it?

It's a bad situation. I thrust myself between her and me, by drawing her closer to me, I pushed her away.

Incredible! - But I don't get it.. Don't be stupid, it's clear as day.

Imagine if Mystery Man were another, somebody unknown, and my wife had fallen in love with him.

With him? Which would be you. No, not me.

Oh, aren't you still the Mystery Man?

But Mystery May is a shadow, a ghost. He doesn't exist.

That's even better.

Look, sometimes I find her still, absorbed, her eyes closed, smiling just a bit. At those times, I know, that she's thinking about him! Him? Which is you. - Yes!

Yeah, fine, it's me.

But if I go near her, talk to her, she answers me with a gesture of annoyance, barely answers me, she's angry, irritated.

Because now I'm no longer her dream.

I'm the husband, the annoying husband. The mediocre reality.

The more she loves the other one, the more she becomes my enemy.

Dear Tomas, our house has become a hell, and I can't utter a word or make any remarks without her blowing up.

At the same time, I get her passionate letters which I hide like a thief.

First we argue, then we say the most bitter horrible words, and then we run into our rooms and write each other secret love letters.

What must you think?

Come here, Rosina.

Your orders, ma'am. - Take these and hide them, OK? - Yes, ma'am.

# I want to be your love all my life.

You hear that? It's the radio.

What radio? It's her. Her? - Yes, now she sings.

She's no longer nervous. Of course, the roses arrived.

# I want to be your love..

"She wants", "she wants". I know what she wants, Tomas.

Ah, Saveli, are you still here?

How glad I am. Yes, but I'm leaving soon, ma'am.

Don't go. Forgive me, if I seemed rude a little while ago.

Will you take some tea? No thanks, ma'am.

Please, it's no trouble. With milk or lemon? - Well, with milk.

And you take lemon too, right, Coco?

Marina, I told you a thousand times, don't call me Coco!

What, you don't like it? Are you feeling OK? Is he OK?

He's not feeling bad.

You heard her: Coco!

Don't fret so. - What should I do? Laugh and sing? - Yes, sing.

# I want to be your love..

Saveli, were you invited to Baroness Rempler's ball too? - Yes, I was.

But really, I don't care for the idea of disguising myself.

It's not required. The masquerade is just a theme.

Shall we go? No, I'm not going.

Why? - Because I'm not. See how you are!

Saveli, why don't we dance? Excuse me, ma'am, but I can't dance.

Then do me a favor and get me a drink at the bar. I'm thirsty.


COLLECTION FOR THE POOR The prices may seem expensive, but our poor have many needs.

Ah, counselor! Good evening. Good evening, ma'am.

What I can do for you? I don't know yet. I'm not sure.

Sparkling Liqueur? No, no, no, thanks.

A glass of water, but I don't know the price.

Don't worry, I'll set the price, 100 lire.

100 lire?

Then put a little liquor in it.

Why not? All you want. Anise, French, Curacao?

I'll have Curacao. Good.

Have you seen Marina? I've brought her here.

This drink is just for her. Ah! - Thanks.

Evening, Contessa. Evening.

Have you collected a lot? Not yet, I've just started.

Allow me. Counselor Saveli, the Contessa Arduini.

I think you know each other by sight. Ah, yes, I think so.

I'll go see Marina. Give it to me, I'll bring it. - Thank you.

Contessa, my respects. Counselor.

Want to buy a flower for your lady?

To be honest, I don't have a lady.

Oh, that doesn't matter. You surely will find one.

Here is a gorgeous red rose. Ah, you like the red roses!

They're my passion. Yes, I know. Too much so.

Why, what do you mean? Oh, nothing!

How much are they? 100 lire.

Here's 500. Give me the change, please.

I don't have any, so sorry. I'll give you four more roses.

And thanks on behalf of our poor.

Hi, Tomas. Alberto! You're here too?

I was bored and had nothing to do.

Where's Marina? She's over there.

Hey, I have an idea.

Give me your mask and cape.

I want to try something. What?

Give me the roses. Hey, they cost 100 lire each.

I'll pay you back. What are you gonna do?

Hurry up, I'm losing time.

Don't move! Mystery Man!


Tomas. Well, how did it go?

Bad, very badly. She stood stock still, shocked.

You should've seen how she trembled when I said, "Mystery Man".

She was about to faint. And what did you do?

Nothing, what could I do?

Look at her. Look at her there.

See? She's looking for him.

Who is she looking for? Him.

I mean me, Mystery Man.

But you can't keep this up forever.

No, we need to find a way out of this.

I even thought about suicide. Suicide? But Alberto, that's nonsense.

To kill yourself for that!

Not me killing myself! Mystery Man.

Ah, his suicide! Fake a suicide and send a letter saying, "When you receive this letter, I'll be dead."

Then kill him. - Yeah, kill him. And if she keeps loving his memory?

And if she wants to remain faithful to this dead man?


That dead man would always be between us.

While Mystery Man is alive, I can manage him as I like.

But if he dies, I lose him, he escapes and becomes an ideal.

She'll keep him in her heart and then, forget it, I'll never get rid of him.

Then let him live, after all, how is he hurting you?

Marina! Do not move!

They might see us. But who are you?

I can't tell you. But, why, why?

I want to know. Tell me. Tomorrow you'll know. Meet me at 5:30.

I can't. Why not?

Meet me at 5:30 at the Forum. - No. Yes, under the arch of Septimius Severus.

At 5:30. No..

What time is it? It's 5:10

20 minutes to go.

Listen, this'll be the decisive test. If she goes, everything is over.

Over? Don't exaggerate.

She'll go, meet nobody and return home.

Look, Tomas, even just going proves she's guilty.

It's a moral failing which allows one to betray.

It's as if she betrayed me already.

Oh, no, Alberto, don't exaggerate. In the end, let's hope that..

Hey, Tomas, do me a favor: You go.

Where? To the Forum.

Observe what happens, but hide so that she can't see you.


Marina. Ah, are you here?

Yes, I'm here. Where are you going?

You're here? I thought you left with Saveli.

No, I didn't, but where are you going? I need to go to the dressmaker.

I must tell them do redo a dress and if I don't tell them, they'll never finish.

I must go or I'll be late. And where is the dressmaker?

In the center. What's the name of that street? How silly, I can't remember.

Why not call? I can't. They don't have a phone.

What do you mean? You call them everyday.

Ah, yes, but this is a different one that Clara told me about.

It's very good: less expensive, better selection, great service.. and.. I must go. Wait a minute.

Let me bring you. Where?

To the dressmaker. Thank you very much, but I need to go to Clara's house first. It's better she comes with me.

You'll understand that..

That's fine then. Go on, you may leave.

You're not upset, are you? No.

It's almost finished. I promise to be back in 5 minutes.

Until then, Coco. Don't call me Coco.

Yes, sorry, I forgot. Goodbye, Mr. Engineer Verani.


Marina. - What is it? Listen, come here.

I don't know why, but I'd like it if you could spend a few moments with me.

We two alone, like in the old days. Please sit.

We used to sit here, I'd write, you'd work, night would come on slowly.

Remember? Yes.

This is what's wrong with us: what's lost can never return.

Small things grow from arguments, they're stupid but they get bigger, nonsense that when hidden appears as a grave fault.

Oh, no, I'm not pretending to reproach you. It's my fault, I know.

Almost always mine, that's why I beg you to forgive me if at anytime..

Well, let's not dwell on this. Know what we should do?

Get the car and go for a ride.

No, Alberto, we'll go another time, tomorrow if you like.

But today, I can't. But, why can't you?

Like I said, the dressmaker. It's 5:25 and at I was expected at 4:30. Let me go.

See you later then.


Wait! Why?

It's not true you're going where you say. What?

It's not true, you have an assignation. What?

Yes, an assignation in the Forum, under the arch of Septimius Severus!

I want to know. Not what you've done, because I already know that. but why you're doing it, the reason. I have the right to know.

Alberto, you can believe me or not, but I swear to you this is the truth:

This is the first time I dared.. - Yes, because up today, it's been all letters.

You know that too? Yes, that and many others.

Maybe more than you realize. How? - That's my concern.

But let's not say anything foolish that can only hurt both of us.

You know what you've done and what you should think.

I want to be generous and forgive, but you must promise between him and you, it's over.

Do you promise? Marina, do you promise me?

No, I can't.

You can't? What do you mean you can't?

I tell you that I forgive you, as if nothing had happened, I only ask that you'll promise me never to think of him not to write him, not to see him, my god, it's the least that I ask. I can't promise, Alberto.

I can't lie. But why?

Why? Because I love him.

But who do you love? What nonsense is this? Who you love?

Yes, I love him. Forgive me, Alberto, I want to be honest with you.

I don't want to make a promise I can't keep.

Let me tell you this is absurd because if I told you that he..

No, Alberto! Leave him alone. Don't even name him. That's our business.

We have reached a turning point in our lives.

We need to find a solution. We can't keep living like this.

Fine, but does that mean between us..?

Yes, Alberto. The fault is mine, Please forgive me.

But I don't love you anymore, Alberto. Is that true?

And all this because of a..? But you're joking!

No, I'm not. I've been thinking about this and accept all the consequences.

I hate to talk to you like this but.. but it was necessary. - Marina.. No, don't speak. It's no use.

Heh! Very well.

Heh! As you wish.

Go! Go on.

"I've instructed Counselor Saveli to deal with any financial questions"

"and through him, I'll relay all decisions."

What does this letter mean? I don't know, I don't understand it.

It's been two days since I've seen him.

He's never here, returns at late hours.

I know he sent for his bags and is thinking about leaving.

What about the other? I haven't heard from him.

Since I had that talk with Alberto, I haven't received any letters or roses.

But what could've happened? That's what I like to know.

I'm very worried. Why? Do you think Alberto..?

Yes, I'm pretty sure. This morning, he left in a mood.

Maybe he went to find him. A duel?

A duel? No, it's not possible. I would've found out.

But there's no way you could know. Duels are done with the utmost secrecy.

Ah! Naturally.

They get together with their seconds, conditions are set, weapons are chosen and at dawn, the adversaries meet in the field.

Then maybe today..? - Why don't you call Saveli? He's Alberto's friend, isn't he?

If there's a duel, surely he'll be his second.

Hello, is Counselor Saveli in?

No? Do you know where I can find him?

I don't know, ma'am. He left very early this morning.

I think he's attending a function, because he left with his hat and coat, ma'am.

Hat and coat? Thank you.

Did you hear? With hat and coat. Really?

Rosita! - Yes, ma'am? What time did my husband leave?

Very early, the milkman hadn't yet come. The milkman hadn't come yet!

But tell me, how he was dressed? With his hat and coat.

With hat and coat.

Can you please explain this to Marina?

Who, me? - I prefer not to say anything to her.

Anyway we must separate, we have nothing to talk about.

Poor young man. Huh?

And all because of an oyster. Oh, yeah.

I told him many times not to eat them.

He caught typhus and in 20 days..

Is he dead? Yes, he's dead.

And was he young? 32 years old.

Handsome, charming, intelligent. Oh, my god.

What's wrong with you, ma'am? Do you feel sick? - No, it's nothing.

Tell me, Saveli, how did it happen? Tell me.

What, ma'am? The death, the death of this young man.

An oyster. An oyster?

Yes, everybody told him not to eat them. He caught typhus and in 20 days..

But who are you talking about? Who am I talking about?

The son of Ambassador Slivorich.

Poor young man, we accompanied him this morning to the cemetery.


Then nothing happened!

Excuse me, ma'am, what was supposed to happen?

Listen, Saveli, I know Alberto tells you all, that he has no secrets from you.

I don't want you to betray him, but I'm asking you to help me.

I don't know whom to ask.

Tell me, tell me the truth. What happened between Alberto and him?

"Him"? Who's that, ma'am? Well, the one that I..

Ah, the one you.. Nothing at all, ma'am.

But he hasn't written me for days. I haven't been able to see him.

Have you seen him before? Well, naturally, I saw him before.

Oh yeah? Yes, why?

Nothing, but..

Do you see him often? Almost every day.

Every day!

Then tell me one thing, ma'am: what's he like?

What's he like? But why all these questions?

What's he like? Tell me.

I'm curious, why the sarcastic tone?

Do you know him by any chance? Me? Lord, ma'am, I've never seen him!

Don't lie, you've seen him, I know it!

Give me your word of honor you've never seen him.

Why should I? - Give me your word of honor you've never seen him!

It's true, I know him. You see him?

Yes, but don't ask me anymore. Because I'll lose my honor, if I say another word!

Come, Tomas. No, stay Saveli, I want to talk.

Alright. Then I'll leave you if you must talk.

Tomas, listen. If you want, meet me at the station. My train leaves at nine.


Then, I'll see you later. Goodbye.

Saveli, can you keep a secret?

I think so. You promise?

You promise to tell no one, not even Alberto?

Yes, ma'am, I promise.

Well, Saveli, that man..

I've never seen him.

No? No, I only know his name: Mystery Man.

One day, I received some flowers. After a letter, and then I don't know how to explain what happened. No one could understand.

Excuse me, I'm ashamed to admit it but.. but it's true: I'm in love.

In love? Yes, in love.

In love to the point of leaving Alberto, and leaving my home, and lose it all. Neither gossip scares me nor the fear of scandal.

For Mystery Man. For Mystery Man.

For a man you don't even know? For a man or a shadow.

But you won't deny that this Mystery Man is very lucky.

He's there so quiet, so peaceful and everything is love.. while there are many others who..

Tell me, Saveli. Who is Mystery Man?

Don't oblige me, ma'am, don't insist, I can't, I can't.

But why can't you? What would it cost you to tell me?

You, do you really love him so much? Yes, I already told you.

And you have no clue, no suspicion?

No, I have tried to guess but I don't know. - Nonetheless..

Nonetheless.. it's someone you know.

I know him?

You've known him for a long time.

But who can he be, Saveli? Tell me, who is he?

Do you really want to know? Yeah, who is it?

You promise not to tell anyone?

I promise, no one will know. But who is he?

Do not make me suffer any longer, who is he?

Who? - Well, Mystery Man is.. Mystery Man is.. is me.

You? Yes.

Ma'am, every petal pe.. pe.. petal.. It's me, ma'am.

It's me! It's me!



Ma'am! Marina! Listen to me! How dare you?

Please listen, you threw me out without letting me explain.

What can you explain? Only a rascal would dare to do that. A rascal!

Excuse me, not another word.

Roses, letters, arches. I should've known it was you!

But ma'am, I only wanted.. What did you want?

You write some stupid letters and think I'd fall into your arms? How funny!

Mystery Man! Vain imbecile!

Well, ma'am, after all, Mystery Man..


Oh, Alberto, finally. We need to talk. I don't want you to go, to leave me.

Alberto, forget everything that happened between us, it was foolishness.

Silliness? But you told me you don't love me no more.

No, it's not true, there is no other. Listen, Alberto, listen.

I must make you a confession. The other man doesn't exist, you understand?

He didn't exist? No, I was stupidly obsessed over nothing.

I received some flowers, letters and you know how women are.

Sentimental, romantic and the idea of a Mystery Man. That's how he signed them.

Mystery Man? Coach or bed? - What?

Coach or bed? Ah, yes.

I don't know why I was so crazy. If you knew how ashamed I am.

If you knew who Mystery Man was! You know?

Of course, an idiot. An idiot?

Naturally, if you have to hide incognito, that's a dead giveaway.

He has to be an idiot, right? Yeah. Who was it?

I've put it in the coach. Well, take it down.

So who was it? Who was it? Can't you guess?

No, I don't know. Saveli.

Ah, no. Yes, Saveli.

Ah, no, poor guy, that's not possible. Why not, he told me so himself?

He said so? Yes, I assure you.

He said he was Mystery Man? Of course.

Oh, take me with you, Alberto, please. But it's not possible, don't you see..

Never mind, I'll take the next train.

Where is this one going? To Venice.

It leaves in ten minutes.

Then, take the bags on. No.

Don't say no, I beg you, take me with you.

Do you mind taking me with you? Why are you like this? Look at me.

Yes, but.. The baggage is on the train. - What?

The baggage is on the train. Ah, right.

Listen, Marina. Yes.

If that Mystery Man, instead of being Saveli, had been..

I swear I would've felt the same way. Listen, Alberto, Saveli is a fool, but in his letters there were words, that you, forgive me for saying so, you've never said to your wife.

Really? Yes.

They may seem silly, but occasionally they are necessary.

If you had told your wife any of those words.. all the flowers, the cards, all the mysteries in the world couldn't take me from you.

Maybe you're right, let me think about it.

Let's go.

Alberto! Ah, it's you.

Alberto, listen to me! Yeah, yeah. Mystery Man.

Forgive me. I hate to think that you thought it was..

Honestly, I don't know how it happened.

Why bother justifying yourself, Tomas?

You already know you're a rascal.

But I don't hold any grudge.

On the contrary, I thank you.

You thank me? Yes, because I saw no way out.

Disillusion was needed and someone who could give that disillusion.

You offered yourself, thank you. You have done me a favor for the future.

The future? - Yes, because if one day my wife receives flowers, letters, she is attractive, I'd never know what would happen.

Now, she'd just need to remember you and the danger would disappear.

Thanks, Tomas, thank a bunch.

See you later!

Bon Voyage, ma'am. Goodbye, Mystery Man.

Goodbye, Mystery Man.