Rosetta (1999) Script

Come to my office.

I said come to my office!

Did you tell them I'm always late? That's not the issue!

Yes or no? I said it was 'cause of the bus.

That's not important. Come to my office.

Why'd you say she said that? That's not why you were fired!

Am I a good worker? Then why fire me?

Because your trial period is over. Why me, if I'm a good worker?

You're the only one on a trial basis. Now change and come to my office.

Come on!

Stop it!

Leave or I'll call the -

Calm down!

Open this door!

You have to leave! You have no right!

I did my job well. Everyone says so!

I'll force this door open!

That's enough now.

Let me go!

Shut up.

Any mail?

There's a fox on the prowl. Don't leave food out.

Why are you planting all that?

We're not staying here.

What's this?

It wasn't me. I don't even like that brand.

How'd the cork get here? I don't know.

You reek of beer.

He brought you booze so he could fuck you, right?

That's not true. I'm your mother! Don't talk to me that way!

Swear it's not true.

That's my tub.

Leave me alone. Go dry out.

Where'd you get that?

Someone gave it to me.

Was it him? The people I pick up clothes from.

You've been begging. They gave it to me!

Why didn't you say no? I don't turn down mending -

That's different! You mend clothes and I sell them.

Throw it out.

We're not beggars.

Not this one either.


They're summer clothes.

I'll take this dress.

Nothing else.

That's 450 francs.

You need a salesgirl? Not right now.

'The Grand Canyon' - is that your address?

Is that a cafe? A fairground?

A fairground.

I can't put you down as unemployed.

I worked. Not long enough.

Go to window 8. You may be eligible for welfare.

Why won't you take them?

They're out of season. I have dozens from last summer.

The whole bunch for 500 francs. That's still too much.

Name a price.

Four hundred.

Three hundred.

Three fifty.

All right, 350.

One waffle, three beers, and three nonalcoholic beers.

Did you take that girl's place?


No problems?

I'm leaving 2,000 in the till. Okay.

Sir, are you looking for anyone to sell waffles?

Or anything else?

Not at the moment.


What did you talk to the boss about?

You looking for work?

Get me some water.

When I used to get that - I don't care.

I can tell you at least. You tell me every time. I'm not you.

Hold the glass for me.

It's not 6:00 yet. But you're home.

'Cause I got fired, not so you could go drinking.

Give it back!

Give it back!

Give it to me.

All you think about is drinking and fucking.

Let me have one.

Get out of here.

Why do you bring her alcohol? Just one drink.

You know she's trying to stop.

Give it back! Leave her alone!

Give it back!

You owe me 120 francs!

Go to a whorehouse if you want to fuck!

My mother's not a whore!

Leave her alone!

Leave her alone!

Who told you I lived here?

There's an opening. The boss fired someone.

Okay, now we add two quarts of water.

Get the measuring cup down there and set it here.

Hold tight here, and careful with the pressure.

A little more.


Pour it in.

No, always back where you got it.

Now four sacks of flour.

I'll show you how to carry them.

Slide it onto your knee and grab it like this.

Lay it over the edge of the bowl.

Pull on the string and move around the bowl as you pour it in.

Then back this way.

Now I'll add 200 eggs.

Six trays of 20 each. You get the other sacks of flour.

You forgot to stamp my form.

I did?

They said I was entitled to miss work. You can't fire me.

They're wrong.

You know my baby's sick. Not ten times a month!

It's caught under the wheel.


Anyone here? I'm coming.

Wanna go for a drink? I'm off at 4:30.

Then see you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.


That's good.

You wanna take it to him?

Tell him he can't turn it off without telling us first.

Get out.

The 500 francs.

A receipt.

Turn the water on first.

Pay and I'll turn it on.

I'm here to pay the rent, not to get the water back on.

I don't see the difference. I do.

Brush your hair.

Get up.

And put your shoes on.

Where's your ID card?

In your box?

I don't want to go!

Let me go!

Come on.

It's the only way you'll make it. They'll take care of you.

I don't care if I make it!

Come on.

I'll try to get you a sewing machine when you come back.

What's a used one cost?

It's all muddy!

It's all muddy!

Come in.

How'd you know I lived here? I asked the boss.

You can put your cooking stuff there, and there's water there.

You can plug a heater in there.

I don't think she's asking much. How much?

Less than what I pay. Less than 5,000 francs.

There's a shower over there.

Needs a little work. I could fix it up for you.

Could I have those boots? What boots?

Down there.

You make waffles?

No, it's just a waffle iron I'm trying to fix.

Want a beer? Just water.

Give me the boots.

Did you win that?


I was a champion in floor gymnastics.

Well, provincial champion.


You been doing it long? Doing what?

Your scam with the waffles.

From the start.

What did you come behind the stand to tell me?



I wanted to watch you work.

More to drink? Yeah.

A beer.

More French toast? Yeah.


What music do you like? What?

What music do you like?

I don't know. Anything.

Wanna hear some drums? Yeah.

It's me playing some stuff. I tape it to get better.

You play in a group? I'm starting to.

I practice on a friend's set.

You play anything?

It's pretty bad. I'll turn it off if you want.

This part I do okay.

This is the same stuff with my group.

Not bad, huh?

Wanna dance? I don't know how.

Doesn't matter.

Come on.

It's easy.

Come on.

Hold my hand tight.

Keep your arm firm.

Hold on.

That's where I mess up.

Watch my feet. That's the basic step.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Rosetta, what's wrong?

What's wrong?

I forgot the boots.

You want a ride home?

I don't want to go back to the trailer tonight.

Good night.

Your name is Rosetta.

My name is Rosetta.

You found a job.

I found a job.

You made a friend.

I made a friend.

You have a normal life.

I have a normal life.

You won't be left by the wayside.

I won't be left by the wayside.

Good night.

You're replacing me? It's just temporary.

Where am I gonna go?

If a job opens up, it's yours, but I have nothing right now.

Where are you going?

Why are you taking my job?

Calm down!

Calm down!

He can go to some other school! It's my job!

I'm the boss here. Settle down!

Okay? Just calm down!

Get up, you big lump.

How can I make it any clearer?

It's only been three days. You can't do this.

I wish my son wasn't a fuckup, but -

He messes up and he gets a job, but I'm out in the street!

Give me that sack.

I'll give you severance pay.

No, I'm staying! It'll just be a few weeks -

I want a job and a normal life like everyone else!

That's enough now. Give me that.

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

No, sorry. Maybe later on?

Anyone on a trial basis? We have a waiting list.

If you need help, you can tell me.

I'm looking for work.

We only hire the long-term unemployed.

What about cleaning your offices?

Volunteers do that. I'm sorry.



Thanks. Good-bye.

Maybe his son will hate it.

Or maybe he'll hire you for the counter. He has 12 stands.

A waffle, please

Forty francs.

Here's 40 francs. Don't worry about it.

See you tomorrow. Hold on.

I'm catching the bus. Hold on!

Wanna come to my place tonight?

Want me to come by the campground?

You still mean what you said? What?

If a job opens up, it's mine? Yeah. But the light's changed.

But will I have a job?

I don't know. I can't say in advance!

The entrance is on the other side.

What do you want?

If you need money, I can lend you some.

No need. You sure? What about the apartment?

I don't care about the apartment.

What are you doing?

I thought you were the attendant. I threw my lines in.

Your what? My lines, with my trout traps.

I caught one.

Gimme that.

Give me your hand.

I'm sinking!


I'm sinking.

Grab hold!

Quick! I'm sinking!



I slipped.

Wring it out more.

If you want, you can come dry off at the trailer.

No, I'll change at home.

Didn't you see me? I didn't think it was open.

Want some coffee?

Come on.

You coming?

Come inside.

Come on.

It's hot. It'll do you good.

You could make the batter for my waffles.

I sell ten a day. Comes to 15,000 francs a month.

You'd have a job.

Working under the counter isn't a real job.

At least it's something.

You open?

In five minutes!

You can keep it all.

You interested?

No, I want a real job.

Is the boss in?

Yeah. In the back, in his office.

I came to see if you had any news.

It's too soon.

I said I'd write you. I have your address.

That's my old address.

Okay. Give me your new address.

The Grand Canyon. The campground?

252 Route de Marche.

Riquet's ripping you off.


He's selling his own waffles.

How? He has a waffle iron at home.

How do you know? I saw it.

His waffles are under the counter.

If I come, he'll know I told you. He'll know anyway.

Hello, boss.

Where are they? What?

Cut the crap. Where are they?

Where are your waffles?

Right here.

What's this?

Why'd you do it?

Give me your apron.

Come on. Give it to me.

Pick it up.

You owe me three days' pay.

Go on. You owe me three days' pay!

You gonna pick it up?

Pay me my three days!

Get out, you fuckin' little thief!

Beat it!

Put this on.

Let me go!

Why'd you do it?

Go on, hit me!

Why'd you do it?

I wanted a job.

Let me by.

Let me by!

I wasn't going to help you out of the water!

But you did!

Let me by.

That's 40 francs. Have a nice day.

A waffle and an Ice Tea. Coming up.

Here you are.

That's 75 francs.

Two waffles, please. Coming right up.

Thanks. Good-bye.

Eighty francs.

A waffle.

A beer.

One waffle, please. Right away.

That's 40 francs.

Thanks. Good-bye.

Two beers, please. Coming right up.

Here you are. Thanks.

Thank you. Good-bye.

Help me.

Sit down.

Hello. ls the boss in?

This is Rosetta.

I won't be coming back to work.

A canister of gas.