Roti (1974) Script

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These children as innocent as flowers...

... are searching their future in this dirty drain.

And this is the place,...

... where lakhs of innocent people are born in poverty...

... and the poison of hunger and unemployment...

... compels them to become criminals!

This story is about an innocent boy whose name is...


... how come you are early today?

Mother.. What happened? l got expelled from school. Expelled?

Don't you worry. l was anyway going to work...

... and l've already found one.

And the doctor also said that you need food and not medicines. lf you eat well you will become absolutely fit. lsn't it, mother? Go, my son...

... l have kept a 'roti' for you, eat it.

Okay, mother.


Did you eat? Yes, son. l did.

Mother, you are lying. Swear by me.

We shall share and eat. l'll just get it.

Listen O' Lord l'm going to fetch food for mother.

Look after her. As many as l get l'll distribute half in your name.

Sir, money. What money?

You told me that you'd give me. Mother is hungry.

Get lost.

Hey, this is not your cup of tea get going.

Eat food, become healthy then come here. Go!

Only if l work l'll get to eat.

And only if l eat l'll become healthy. Let me work. lf you die who will be responsible? Get lost!

Stealing! Will your father pay for this broken glass?

Add the damage in my bill.

Eat my son.

No, Sir.

Only one 'roti' for mother.

Mother! Mother!

Look how many 'roti's' l brought for you.


Mother! Hey Mother!


No, mother! Don't leave me and go.

Don't leave me.


Take all this, but return my mother to me.

Return my mother, otherwise.

What will He do? Who is He?

Your mother died of hunger.

Come with me.l'll teach you the style of living...

From today, hunger will not even touch your shadow.

Come with me.

You go from here, we'll come from behind.

Count the goods for your satisfaction.

Had someone else got it l would've surely counted. lt is not wise to trust anybody in smuggling and illegal business. l have complete trust in you.

Because you do illegal work very honestly.

The intoxication l get in eating two 'rotis'...

... perhaps you won't get it, even after consuming two bottles.

l've got fed up of this life give me my share. l'll start a small hotel.

Where the rich and the poor and all class of people...

... can eat to their hearts content.

Those who have money and even those who don't have.

So that no poor boy turns Mangal for a piece of 'roti'.

Mangal is born in every situation. l worked so hard on you...

... taught you so many things, only to leave me and start a hotel?

You can't leave this business now.

Because after me you have to handle the enter show.

Right? Now sit and eat.

No, l can't digest this food.

Why? What is wrong in it?

Nothing, it is my stomach. lt have got used to eating dry rotis.

You eat l'll go. My dinner must be waiting for me.

Give. l'll eat this.

Sir, had you come earlier l would've given to you.

Now it's Mangal's, so bad luck. lf Mangal wants it then first he'll have to fight me.

My friend, l've come to fill my stomach, not fight.

And why fight for a single 'roti'?

Even our government says there's shortage of grains.

... ''share and eat'' Excellent! l have never left any work half done, my boy.

My friend, neither have l till date.

You looked hungry, hence l was giving you half of it. l'll eat the enter thing. My intentions are always firm.

Ask this boy.

Mangal, let him take this. l'll prepare hot rotis for you at home.

The matter has become very hot here.

Now it won't be decided at home, but here in the market!

Now it is a matter of my honour. l asked for it first, hence l'll eat it. - You've the guts?

Shall l show you? Yes!

Keep this in the centre of the road,we'll walk ten steps behind.

One who snatches it first, shall have it.


Hey my friend, wait.

The fight is for this 'roti' and you're keeping it on the ground?

Respect it my friend, ultimately l'll only eat it.

That we'll know very soon.

This man who is standing in the witness box...

... whose hands are stained with blood...

... whose habit is breaking law and who is a criminal.

... should be punished so severely...

... that even death should tremor.

So that no one dares becomes, Mangal!

Mangal will be born under every circumstances, lawyer!

Till helpless poor mothers continues dying on the streets due to hunger.

Till innocent children are raised in unhealthy environment.

And till devils take advantage of these innocent children...

... and compel them to become criminals.

You'll find Mangal in every nook and corner of the streets!

He is right.

My lord....

... if you want to eradicate crime from the face of this society...

...then first put an end to those sadists...

... who take advantage of poor people's humanity...

... and sow the seeds of crime in their hearts.

They raise them under the shadow of crime...

... and compel them to become murderers.

Ultimately that innocent, helpless person...

... becomes on outlaw in the eyes of the society.

Put an end to those devils! killing one Mangal won't make any difference.

My lord. l have committed the crime, the evidences have reached the court.

Your pen is anxious to sign my death sentence.

Please read out your verdict.


... but before going l'll tell you...

''The fault is not mine, l swear by food...''

...'' in this world of hunger, fidelity wavers.''

Mangal, the court sympathises with you.

But all the evidences are against you.

Hence keeping in mind all the evidences and witnesses...

... the court sentences you to death punishment.

Here is your last wish.

Not only mine, this roti is everyone's first and last wish.

This 'roti' is a miraculous thing. l became a convict for the sake of 'roti'.

You became a jailer for the sake of 'roti', isn't it?

Where are you taking this 'roti'?

Up! Up? - My friend.

... suppose l don't get it there?

Oh lovely!

My farewell has been very well arranged.

So many big personalities have come.

And the D.C.P too? But there's one thing missing.


A helicopter to go up.

Well, that will be arranged for.

Stop joking, and think about the lord.

Your death is near. Mr.superintendent. l was born on Tuesday got caught on Tuesday...

... and was sentenced on Tuesday itself.

Hence l'll die on Tuesday.

But not Tuesday but Monday.

Do you still think you will succeed in escaping?


Till today, no noose has been made that can fit around Mangals neck.

Hey, god of death! Look, here is my helicopter.

Mr.D.S.P, don't follow me. lt shouldn't happen that in the bargain, you land up in hell.

l think, Mangal is dead.

Come on.

ln the eyes of the police, Mangal the murderer is dead.

Today a new Mangal will be born.

Oh, so even you are here? lt appears l was being awaited for?

Why this distance?

Okay, l'll raise the curtain.

The moment l touch you, somebody will surely intervene.


Looks like you are very hungry.

Go ahead. You ordered it, you eat.

What difference does that make, brother?

The one who is destined for it will eat it. lt is said, ''Each morsel has a person's name written on it.''

You are talking about yore years. ln today's world, two people have to share a single morsel.

Possibly we both are destined to eat this.

Possibly. Then start.

Sure. Yes, eat. - Thank you.

What is your name? Name?

You are getting scared as if you have committed a murder.

What is in a name?

A man is known by his deeds.

Some people name themselves as, Suraj, (Sun)...

... but only spread darkness in the world.

You appear to be a philosopher.

Where do you belong to? To this world!

Where are you going? Where fate takes me.

You talk in riddles. Hope you are not in the police?

No, l was but not now.

Why did you leave?

They were not ready to leave me, l left with great difficulty.

Hey, he didn't get water l'll order it.

You are a convict! A fugitive! lf you are scared of me, then l'll go.

Abetting criminals and committing a crime, is in itself a crime.

My friend, don't compel me to become ungrateful.

Where is your father? Gone to the market.

My friend.

Can you cut this? l'm a blacksmith's son why can't l? - Bravo, cut!


Not handcuffs, only cuffs. Come on cut.


See you soon!


Mangal cannot die so easily.

He has not only fooled the police, but all of us too.

l'll see...

... how far he goes!

Let him go, Sir. lf you wish you can make anyone Mangal. - No!

Mangal has deceived me!

My cat purrs at me! l won't spare him!

Hey folks, the bus will wait half for only ten minutes.

Have tea and come back to your seats.

What's the matter? Why are they stoning that girl?

Uncle, this prostitute is ruining the entire village.

Her staying here, is not good for our women folk.

Who are you to interfere? Who is she to you?

There is something called humanity too.

Hey you rascal! He also looks like a sinner. Throw him out!

Beat him! Beat him!

''My friends, listen to me''

''Choose such a person...''

''... who has not sinned or is not a sinner''

''Some men are clever while some are naive''

''We all are sinners, some less, some more''

''Some agree while some get angry''

''Someone is caught, while someone goes free''

''Today all of us will punish a sinning woman''

'' But the one who is not a sinner will throw the stone first''

''First clean your own mind''

''Then judge about other people''

This dress looks like that of a hero.

Salutations, Sir!

Look, my luggage is up, unload it carefully, l'm very strict.

Sir, you must be tired should l order tea... Hey boy!

Children drink tea, l drink milk.

A glass of hot milk, with lots of cream and listen... lt should be very creamy, otherwise l'll have this motel shut!

Hey you moustache!

Out with the money! Money? What money?

Of the hot creamy milk.

Half of which is in your stomach and half on your moustache.

You ask money from me. When l was in Pathankot...

... no one asked money from me. No wonder you are here.

Hey girl! Talk obediently. l'm very stiff.

Why? Have you just come from the laundry?

Talk within your limits or l'll put you in the lock up.

Out with the money.

Shut up! How much is it?

Ah! That's like a good boy.

One rupee! Out with it.

This is an expensive motel, one rupee for a glass of milk?

Very soon, a glass of water will cost 75 paise.

Besides, it was not pure milk either.

There was 1%%% milk and 4%%% water!

Hey Sentry! Take down this motel's number.

Take down her parents number, she adds cream in milk.

Potatoes in mutton.

Tea leaves in tea. l say bring down her motel!

Hey, what are you doing? This is pure ghee!

The customer has ordered 'Parathas' made in pure ghee.

You'll make me a bankrupt.

Here, make parathas out of ordinary ghee.

And sprinkle pure ghee on top for aroma.

This is cheating. Cheating, my foot! l at least tell you to add ordinary ghee.

The neighbouring motel owners add grease instead of ghee.

Look, don't touch the ghee tin without my permission. lt will work for another five years.

And one more thing...

Don't ever do as the customer says.

People have got used to eating ordinary ghee.

Try to understand. They will get an upset stomach.

Keep this paratha aside for me.

Got a shock? My name is Bijli. l give shocks!

Hey you! couldn't you find another motel to steal from?

Steal? Who was here to steal? l only came to see whether this 'roti' is properly cooked.

Oh! So you were here to supervise the motel?

Why don't you say that you were here to steal?

Tell me!

Mortgage my clothes. Hey...

... l don't believe in giving debts and mortgaging, get lost.

Keep the egg.

Come on. lt is rotten anyway.

Hey! Come here.

Come here!

And this is for you.


l'm a girl and that too lonely.

Yet l manage to earn a livelihood. l don't beg before anyone.

You are a well-built man. Aren't you ashamed of stealing?

That does it!

First time l said something nice to someone...

... and he got angry.

Go to hell, l care a damn.

''You a well-built man, aren't you ashamed of stealing?''

Leave me.

Leave me.

First time l'm running away from stealing and you're stopping me.

Who is there?

Who is it, Moti? Who is it?!

Why don't you speak? l'll shoot you.

Speak up!

Where is my rifle?

My rifle.

Hey, mister!

Who are you?

Where is my rifle?

Hey mister, who are you? l... l came today itself. From where?

From the city. From Jalandhar? - Yes, Sir.

Are you my son Shravan's friend, Ramu? - Pardon?

Yes...Yes...l'm Ramu.

Then son come in.

Your dog is very faithful.

Yes, but he cannot recognise his own people.

Son, tell me something, why didn't you reply?

Well...seeing the rifle in your hand l had got scared. l thought it was a thief hence l picked up my rifle.

Besides, Moti was also barking as though a thief had sneaked in.

Look, our son's friend Ramu, is here.

And l mistook him to be a thief.

Greetings. Greetings.

You think everyone is a thief. Now you tell me son...

... is the character of a person written on his face?

Even if it is, what difference will that make?

Can those blind, read it?

You too? Yes, son.

First eat, then rest.

You must be tried.

No, mother. You eat, l've already eaten.

How can this be?

You have to eat two morsels with us. Come on. lf you insist.

Sir, this card.

Mangal's finger prints match with those of Shravan's murder case.

Keep it in Mangal's file.

This means Mangal is still alive!

Re-arresting Mangal is your responsibility.

This is my Shravan's room.

You rest here.

Paul Shankar, attend to sir.

Salutations, Sir. Have you seen this man here?

Yes. Where?

Come with me.

Where is Mangal? Who Mangal?

The one who is staying here, is a a fugitive and not Shravan's friend.

Don't try to run.


Mister, is this your father's inn...

... that you were snorting away to glory?

You didn't find anything in my motel, so you sneaked in here!

To fool the blind parents whose son is not here, right?

You are getting me wrong. l know everything.

What did you steal? Steal?

Speak up! Otherwise l'll pluck your eyes and give it in your hand.

Hey girl! l'm not in the habit of listening to threats.

Talk politely or l'll disfigure your face understood.

Get lost! l have dealt with the likes of you.

What happened, dear? A thief has sneaked in. - Thief!

Where is he? This one.

Mother, she thinks l'm a thief.

Dear, learn to keep cool.

You always picks up fights with someone or the other.

He is not a thief but Shravan's friend, Ramu.

What nonsense? lf someone says that he is Shravan's friend...

... will you let him in? Don't blame me if anything happens.

Then don't say l didn't warn you.

Son, don't mind her words she is very talkative.

Get an extra meal from today.

As soon as Shravan comes, l'll clear your debts.

Have l ever asked for money? That you... Tell me...

... what do l get for dinner?

Landlord! ls anyone home? You devil...

... you are back?

You shut up! Listen blind fellow... l've received the plan for the hotel, vacate this house.

Sir, l've told you many times l don't want to sell this house.

Then why do you trouble us time and again?

A hotel will surely come up here.

Otherwise mind you, l'll throw you out. Come on sign! lf you do as l say, you'll get the money for your house.

Otherwise mind you, l'll throw you out. Come on sign!

No, Sir. l came here in a litter as a bride.

Let me leave this house on a bier. lf your dying is a must for building a hotel, l'll make the arrangement.

Before making arrangements for other people's bier...

... make arrangements for your bier, oldie!

No son-of-gun has the guts to harm those living here!

Who are you? l have many names.

Poor parents call me their son and helpless sisters, their brother.

A friend, of those orphan and homeless and foe of the tryannt!

Whom do you want to meet?

You talk a lot.

Uncle and aunty come in.

Rascals! Had l got you here to get beaten?

Bijli, get water.

Tell your dogs to stay put. Dogs...

-... stay put! Bravo.

Give it to him. Hold it.

Now stuff the paper in his mouth.

Open your mouth. No. - Open!


lf you find this paper anywhere...

... don't get it here or l'll stuff it again in your mouth. l'll get even with you.

He must have been our son in our previous birth.

He doesn't know who l am, that chit of a boy!

Enough, landlord.

You've come to respectable people's house, hence l'm letting you go.

Otherwise... You talk a lot.

Don't you wish to see the sunrise tomorrow? l accept everyday as a challenge!

Besides, tomorrow is not Tuesday.

But it is Sunday l'll have your bags packed.

This is the last warning. Get lost you rascal. - Shut up!

Don't you dare step into this house again.

Son, l'll definitely step in...

... but some other time. Come on.

He made me chew paper, l'll make him chew grass.

Oh my hot chilly! l feel like garnishing my beans curry with you!

You spoke like a real man.

But hope you don't run away when time comes? lt is written in my destiny to run.

But friend, when l stop...

... such rascals stop breathing. That's more like it.

Here, have a smoke.


Aren't you ashamed of smoking being a woman?

And aren't you ashamed of not smoking, being a man? l do, but for a second.


This is your daughter who had got lost in a fair, years ago.

Look at this mark.


Dear! Mother! - My dear.

Where had you left me? Move! Move.

You cheat!

Take them both and push them out!

Wonder how long will these thugs...

... keep fooling me?

Till you continue inflicting atrocities on the poor.

And till l don't find my lost daughter, l'll continue doing it.

When l am not at peace, l won't let anyone live in peace.

Listen, how are we going to remain alive?

Let us abandon everything and take god's refuge.

Someday He will pity us.

God's refuge! We have tried doing that.

For months together we visited several temples.

Made promises, and announced huge rewards.

We had taken our daughter to lord Kumbh's fair for blessings.

This is the blessing he gave us?

Wonder how and where will my daughter be?

Who, Mr.Suraj? Yes, partner. l'll become your partner the day you...

... get the papers signed and get the hotel work started.

Look, don't worry; very soon l'll give you a good news.

And if you don't, then mind you...

... l'll break your house and build a hotel.

And make you perform the first caberat.

Rascals! What are watching?

Go and bash that Shravan's friend in such a way...

... that he shouldn't even dream of coming to Pahalgaon.

Greetings, sir. Greetings. - ls this Shravan's house?

Yes. Ah! Ah!

Who are you? l'm Shravan's best friend.

Professor Ramu. Ramu!

Where is he?

He...He has gone to city.

He didn't reach here as well? Strange man.

He said he'd pick me up from Jalandhar.

Neither did he come here nor there. l had to come alone from Jalandhar Where is he?

Where are his parents?

They have gone to the temple. Good! Very good.

Look mister, l've come to Kashmir to improve my health.

Where is my room? Feel at home.

Thank you.

Oh God, what an absent minded professor l am. l forgot to ask your name. Who are you? l... l am also Shravan's friend.

But l know all of his friends. l never heard about you. l am not so famous that you'll hear about me.

Even Shravan doesn't know me. Pardon?! l mean we got separated in childhood, and still haven't met.

Oh, l see!

This appears to be like the film 'Ram Aur Shyam'.

Yes sir. Think that way.

Now you are here. l'll go.

Won't you meet Shravan?

When Ram is here, what will Shyam do?

Strange friend.


Greetings! Who are you?

Are you Shravan's friend? Best friend! What is your problem?

You'll be in problem now.

What is this? What is the matter?

Which school are you from?

Listen to me. l'll get angry.

l don't understand what my fault is.

Eat this. Don't beat.

Now l'm getting angry. l'll kill everyone.

l didn't do anything, mister.

He deserved it. l didn't do anything.

Why this rolling-pin?


lf you find this rolling-pin, don't get it back.

Or l'll shove it again in your mouth. Understood!

Thank you.

Which school are you from? Shut up!

You will never pass.

You beat me? Yes. What will you do?

Stop! Stop!

Some goons are after me, drive fast.

Driver, drive fast.


You! After you left some goons came.

They asked me whether l was Shravan's friend, Ramu. l said yes and they pounced on me.

They beat me like a washerman beats his clothes on the stone. l thought l'd eat apples in Kashmir, they fed me a rolling-pin.

His parents? They didn't meet me.

Won't you go back? Back?

Have l gone crazy? lf ever l come across the name of this town in any book...

... l'll tear that page. Hurry up, driver.

Where are you going? Back, l forgot something. - What?

Duty. Oh! - See you soon. l won't see you. Drive fast. Stop the bus.

Rice bags here and wheat here, good keep it.

Arrange them, you too.

Arrange them peacefully my brave boys.

Get the last one too.

Keep it here, my brother. Grass.

Grains are gold, my friend.

Bravo! Bravo! Our work is done.

The police won't even know there are grains beneath the grass.

How do l explain to you that the grains are out of stock.

Look, there was no rainfall last year hence no harvest.

This year there was such a heavy rainfall that the crops got destroyed.

Just think, when there has been no harvest from the past two years...

-... where do l get it from? Hey you...

When you knew there has been no harvest from 2 years...

... then why did you take the advance?

Answer us? l thought this year America would supply us with some. lf not the Americans then there are our Russian brothers.

None of them sent it, what do l do?

Take back your advance.

Beware! Don't listen to him. lf the grains come in a day or two, he'll sell it to us double the price.

Only if l get will l sell it to you. Now get going!

My friend!

Dogs! How did he get here?

When one is hungry...

... one is even ready to eat grass.

Then feed them grass and spare me. l won't spare you, landlord!

Friends, listen to me and take back your advance.

Grass contains lots of vitamins.

Talk sense. Are we animals to eat grass?

Listen to me, today l'll feed you a special kind of grass.

''This is the public''

''This is the public, it knows everything''

''What is there inside''

''What is there outside''

''lnside, outside, it recognises everything''

''When it wants, it can adore you''

''Or it can also throw you down''

''First they run behind you...''

''... then you have to run behind them''

''lf thier heart breaks or they get angry...''

''... then they never reconcile''

''lf an actor or a politician try to decieve the public''

''All his fame flies off like a gust of wind''

''Don't use force''

''Don't make noises''

''Ours is a peaceful city''

''You hid jewels but we did not say anything''

'' But when you hid food grains, the hungry mouths are speaking''

''We are not begging or asking for loans''

''They are just asking for thier rights''

''Mister, this is the public, Mister''

Aunty, today l have cooked such a scrumptious food...

... that along with it you'll start chewing your fingers too.

This contains roti, potatoes, cauliflower, sweet dish.

Hey, what is wrong with you?

The school's head master has sent a message...

... that they can't wait for Shravan any longer. lf he doesn't come soon, they will appoint someone else.

Oh God! That is too bad.

Don't you worry, aunty. Till Shravan doesn't come...

... our Ramu will teach them.


Have you gone mad? How will l teach them?

Why? Even you are a teacher, what's the harm in teaching? lnstead of lazing around, if you work what is the harm?

Bijli, l can't teach children. And why? l'm a very learned man, l can teach elders but not younger ones.

Then teach them what you know. lt's only a matter of 2 days.

She is right, son.

Your time will pass.

And Shravan's job will be secured.

Son, if he loses this job we will be in a fix.

Say yes, son. l...

Should l butter you? You don't seem to understand!

No buts, get going. Don't push.

l didn't go to school in childhood, hence l'm getting scared.

What? l mean, no one took me to school like this in childhood.

Hence l'm getting scared. ls this a prison, that you are getting scared? l can escape from a prison, but how do l escape from here?

Who will catch you here?

No one, but l'll get caught. l mean, l'll get to learn something.

You have come to teach and not to learn.

Your talks are beyond me.


Okay. Get going.


After school, meet me under that tree.

l've come.

Are you the head master?

Do l look like a peon to you? l've come in place of Shravan.

Hurry up, the new teacher is coming.

The bell is about to ring. l've finished.

l've straightened all the devils in my class.

Here. Keep it with you. l'll send for it if need be.

That's fine. Do you know what your subject is? History.

Principal, l'll teach them history in such a way...

... that the history of this school will change.

What are you doing?


That is the way we greet our elders.

When a new teacher comes we welcome him by bursting these.

Right! Yes!

Are you through? Now to your seats.

Sir, till you don't sit, how can we?

The carpenters here are bad, sir. They use spit instead of glue.

Should l get another chair? No.

Look children, my style of teaching is different.

So is our style of learning, sir!

Before starting the lesson...

... l would like to you to introduce yourselves to me.

Hence, first tell me your names.

Sir, tell us your name first.

My name ... is Ramkumar.

Mine is Monday. Mine is Tuesday.

Mine is Wednesday. Mine is Sunday.

Shut up! l want to know your real names.

Nowadays nothing is real, sir!

Milk, ghee, oil, curd everything is fake.

Are you also fake, sir?


This won't do! Tell me do you want to study or no? - No!

That's more like it. l don't want to teach either, sit and relax.

Present, sir!

l just got a message that Mangal is hiding in this area.

Hence keep a strict vigil on every new comer.

Sir, if you order, l'll put every new comer in the lock up.

No, tonight Mangal's posters will be coming.

Hmm... posters!

When an ants death is near, his posters get printed.


You saved me from the gallows and trapped me here as a teacher!


Look, how l have bedecked.

Hey! No reply?

What happened? Got angry? l got delayed hence you got angry?

Look, l got my name engraved. l was going to your name engraved too.

Then l thought if you write it on your own it'll be fun!

Here, l've got the fountain pen.

Here, write it.


Aren't you ashamed of making love talks to me?


Aren't you ashamed that being a woman l'm telling you all this?

Bijli, l'm a fire.

Don't play with me or you'll get burnt. lf you are fire, then l'm lightning.

What a lovely duo we will make!

Don't talk nonsense with me. l'm very angry today.

Hey! What impudence is this?

Hey girl, you shut up! l'm a stiff man.

Hey you coward! Come out!

Come out!

Look, don't act smart. Raise your hands!!

Raise your hands.


Come here. Not there come here!

Mangal Singh, have you come to fight me? l'll bash you!

l scared the daylights out of you!

The day l catch Mangal, he'll get scared exactly the same way. l'll give him a run for his life. Run for his life! My foot!

Constable, Mangal is a very clever man.

Possibly he must have come before you and escaped stealthily?

That's impossible! l'm a very stiff man!

Shut up! Constable...

... when you don't recognise Mangal how will you catch him?

By tomorrow every child of this village will recognise him.

How come? Tonight in the police jeep...

... his posters will be coming in the village . l have also given my picture to the press.

To publish my picture with that of Mangal's...

... the day l arrest him.

Let us see whose poster is pasted tomorrow.

The road is blocked. Let us remove it.

''One who arrests Mangal will be given a reward of Rs. 25000.''

There he is!

Salutations, constable. Same to you.

Why are people running away on seeing you?

They get scared of me. They know l'm a strict man!

But till yesterday people didn't fear you so much?

They will fear me more, the day l arrest that murderer Mangal.

Then they won't even peep out of their beds.

After that. l'll get a promotion.

Okay l'll leave, l think your promotion is near.

That will come!

Salute me. Hands up.

Whom are you telling? You! Arrest Mangal.

Mangal must be in the jungle l'm constable Kadaksingh. l'll shoot everyone.

Shut up! You are dacoit Mangal...

...disguised as a police. You can't cheat us.

Take him. What nonsense! l'm Kadaksingh.

That stupid teacher is not going to come today.

How do you know that he won't come?

Friend, l've not spared anybody.

After what happened yesterday even his father won't step here. ls that so? Yes. - Then lay a bet.

Five to one. Anyone there.

Yesterday you gave me salutation of ten cannons. lsn't it?

Today it's my turn. Greetings. Come on.

l returned you what you gave me yesterday.

Does that settle the score?

Don't look over there!

Hats off to both of us. Neither did you win, nor did l lose.

What is it? - Out with the money! He won't come, eh?

He turned out to be your father.

Out with it. Giving.

This new teacher spoilt my mood.

May l ask why is money being distributed...

... so mercilessly in this poor nation? Answer me.

Yesterday l had laid a bet. What bet?

That... that. Answer!

... that you'd run away.

Yes, l did run.

But instead of going out l came in.

Get sweets from this money and distribute it in Karan's name.

Okay, teacher!

So children, now we shall learn history.

Tell me, who was Akbar?

Shall l say? Shall l say!

Humayun's son. Wrong.

You. Barbar's grandson.

Wrong again.

Akbar was Salim's father. Wrong!

Then who was Akbar? Prithviraj Kapoor was Akbar.

History does not say this. Forgot Mughal-e-Azam?

Now tell me, who was Salim?

Bravo boys!

How many sons did Akbar have?

One was prince Salim.

Wrong. Sir, Salim was Akbar's son.

Akbar had three sons. Three! l know them personally.


Bloody, our kind of teacher. Abusing me! You.

Stand here.

Hey teacher! Should l come in or will you come here?


This rascal is a dog! Quiet! This is a school!

Throw the cigarette. What effect will it have on children?! l care a damn. l know everybody! They smoke in discreet.

He is my aunt's son. Teach him.

He is very mischievous. lf he acts smart while studying...

... give him one bash and smash him to pulp.

Okay you go.

What's your name? Hey listen!

Now what? What will you eat for dinner!

Turkey. Shut up! l'll eat what you cook. Now don't eat my brains.

Let me teach the children, get lost!

Now that he has become a teacher, he is acting smart.

Okay children remove your history book.

You read the lesson.

My friend.

Where did you find this bangle? This is not a bangle...

... but a handcuff.

Where did you find it?

Teacher, looks like you've forgotten me, but l haven't. l remember everything.

You didn't tell anybody, did you? - Not yet.

You are a very nice boy. Don't ever tell anyone, okay!

There is no guarantee of that.

Give me my cuff.

Not cuff but handcuffs.

But not like this. Then how will you give it?

Give me your mouth organ.


Hey! Where is the other one? l'll give that if you promise not to teach me. - l promise.

You won't beat me. l won't. - You'll pass me.

Yes. You won't tell my aunt? - No.

Hey, even you shouldn't tell anybody. lf l wanted to, l would've said long back. - Smart boy.

Give me the other one. lt is not here. lt's at home. Come in the evening. l'll give you.

You are a big scoundrel. Yes, but not as big as you.

No doubt.But you turned out to be my father.

Hey wait.

Come here.

Don't waste my time. l'm bankrupt go and catch another scape goat.

What will l do with a goat? l don't touch worldly wealth. l have achieved the divine light, hence people worship me.

Come and sit! l'll make you divine.

Hey sage! l've also played this drama. l'm well-versed in all this. Don't act smart.

Cruel fellow. Your heart is not as beautiful as your face.

Sit. Okay! Okay! Don't shout.

Stretch your hand. Eh?

Read my leg too if you wish, but you won't get anything.

Parents gave birth to me but forgot to write my fate.

Excellent! Don't bluff! - Really.

Pluto is going towards Uranus.

You will become rich now, very soon you'll go up!

The authorities are trying to send me up...

... but l think l still have time.

But there is absolute darkness in one house. lt can be evaded.

When lightning strikes, your life will get illuminated.

lt already has! l've begun to see everything.

Listen. There is a girl. - ls it.

Very beautiful. Very talkative but naive at heart.

She doesn't love you. But woo her and fortune will favour you.

Her name?

Riding on the chariot of clouds she thundered in the sky...

... and struck on earth, her name is Bijli.

Bijli? Disgusting! Who will marry her?

Black as charcoal with long teeth what will l do with her?

What? Yes sage.

Short, dark, snubbed nose small eyes, dwarf.

Do l want to die marrying her? Am l dark, do l have long teeth?

What else?

What do l lack, tell me?

Thank your stars that l selected you. lf you find anyone like me in the neighbouring villages...

... then l'll be enslaved to you.

Get lost. Did you see this fair skin?

Even if you scrub yourself for ten years day and night...

... yet you won't get this colour, understood?

''Don't have pride on your fair complexion''

''lt will fade off in two days''

''l am the flame and you are the moth''

''You will burn before me''

'' Beauty fades away...

''... but this love does not fade my dear''

''Just by one flower fading...''

''... the garden does not end''

''You have said a very great thing''

''lt will create excitement in this unfaithful heart''

''lf you don't want it, than leave this love right now''

''This is the weather of love, leave all the fights aside''

''Give your hand in mine''

''All the time will pass in talks''

''Will you agree if l intoxicate you in my love''

''Proud lady, will you agree if l go away from you''

''No matter how hard you try to go away from me''

''The magic of this beauty will affect you''

Have you seen this man? l think l've seen him, sir but l don't know where.

Okay, next time you see him inform at the police station.

lt was here. Where is it?

You must've kept it elsewhere Try to remember. - No,one minute.

Did anyone see you hiding it?

No, sir. Then where is it? - Here!

You are looking for this, aren't you?

But aunt, where did you get this from? lt flew to me. Now get going.

What will you do with this?

What will l do? l thought this ornament is adorned by thieves...

... it's better if kids stay away from it.

Will you wear this ornament? Who me?

What nonsense! Do respectable people wear handcuffs?

Why are you staring at me?

Are you Mangal?

Who Mangal? l don't know any Mangal!

Tell me the truth or l'll call the police now. l'll gather the entire village, then you won't be able to run.

Aren't you that murderer Mangal...

... after whom the entire police force is?

Yes, l'm that Mangal.

Today lightning has struck Bijli (lightning)!

Go away! Get lost.

Don't ever come back l say, get lost!

But Bijli. Don't take my name!

Don't chide me so much.

No doubt l'm a criminal, a murderer...

... but l've never hurt you.

That is what you think, Mangal!

A man dies only once if pierced with a dagger.

But when someone's heart breaks...

... he dies everyday, every minute!

When you've committed so many crimes, commit one more...

Pierce a dagger in my heart.

Remember l had told you...

... l'm fire don't play with me or you'll get burnt.

How many times l wanted to tell you about myself.

My present and my future...

... wanted to hide my criminal past. l know, every new day brings a message of death for me.

Any moment...

... any moment a bullet from the rifle...

... will be pumped in my chest...

... and get me rid of this sinful and disgusting life for good.

Wonder which was that accursed day when God wrote my fate?

Those who were my own, death snatched them away from me.

First time l wanted to hold someones hand and make him mine.

But law had already held him.

Good... that l learnt it before hand.

Otherwise after marriage...

... instead of embellishing my brow with vermilion...

... you would've embellished it with someone's blood.

Man is not a criminal by birth.

Time and circumstances compel him to become one.

The other day you called me an angel.

But today time took a turn and l appear worse than a devil to you.

Man is always the same...

... but time changes his identity.

You don't appear to be a murderer in anyway.

Then you...? Had there been no stomach...

... then l would not feel hungry nor anyone try stealing my food.

This is my story. lf you wish, then get me arrested.

l'll set you free.

But how can this blessed heart set you free?

Officer, what is the matter? l'm sorry to inform you.

Your son Shravan...

-... is no more. No!

You are lying! The landlord has sent you.

So that we vacate this house out of fear, isn't it?

Brother, let alone this house, we'll leave this village.

But tell me once that all this is a lie!

Wish this was a lie, uncle.

But what harm had my son done to anyone?

That they killed him. Mr. lnspector...

How did this happen?

The compartment your son was travelling in...

... Mangal the fugitive was also travelling in the same. lt appears they had a tussel on something.

And Mangal threw him out of the train.


Can you tell me something about your son?

We can't say anything.

Yes, one of his friend is here.

Perhaps he can say something.

Don't you worry.

Once l get that scoundrel Mangal in my clutches. l'll have him sent to the gallows!

Birbal and Jayraj, the two of you...

... will get Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru to the platform.

Salim, you will ask them their last wish.

Sir, if they don't wish to be hanged?

Hey boy... Bhagat is not a thief like me...

Bhagat Singh was not a thief that he would get scared of death.

Till the last breath he happily put the noose around him.

Sir, when Bhagat Singh was so brave...

... then why didn't he escape from the prison?

Has anyone been able to escape the gallows till date?

Some even succeed.

But for how long even they don't know.

Now show me how you will walk upto to the platform?

Bad! ls this the way freedom fighters walk upto the platform?

Then you show us. Okay.

Teacher, the police is here to meet you.

Come on and please show us...

... how the police hang criminals?

Our teacher is a simpleton, he doesn't about all this.

He'll know only if he has experienced it.

Fools, won't you give up your mischief?

Did you see how mischievous they are? l say, even teachers must be given police training.

So that they can set them right. lnspector, the platform is ready and you are also present here. l say hang them!

Headmaster, children are bound to play mischief.

Call the teacher.

Will you go from here or the other way? - The other way.

Come. Drama's were good in our times.

Once a wrestler banged me on the ground.

After that no more plays.

Let us see how our teacher is.

Teacher, are you okay?

Come out, the police wants to talk to you about Shravan Kumar.

Don't delay, straighten your back afterwards...

... or the police will straighten you.

Have you locked the door from outside?

No. But isn't it open from inside? lt is, just push hard.

Why? - This door is not opening. - Okay.

What is this? l'm the jailor in the play, so l thought l'd change since l'm down.

Are you the teacher? Yes. l want to ask you about Shravan Kumar. l was about to ask you, where is he? Why hasn't he come as yet?

His parents and l are anxiously waiting for him.

He was not in the compartment of the train he was travelling in.

Blood stains were found in the compartment.

And from the finger prints it is quite obvious...

...that Shravan Kumar had a fight with Mangal Singh...

-... who escaped from the gallows. - No! No!

Possibly Shravan Kumar must have recognised Mangal.

He must have tried to catch him...

... and in the bargain lost his life.

After killing him, Mangal pushed him in the river.

His body must've been eaten up by turtles and crabs.

Because we haven't found his body as yet.

Can you tell me something about Shravan Kumar!

When did you last meet him?

For god sake inspector no more questions.

Don't you see what's happened to him...

... on hearing his friend's death news?


But till our investigation is on, don't leave this village.

Perhaps l'll need your help.

Come on.

l'm responsible for Shravan's death. l'm responsible for his death! l... l will have to atone. l will have to atone for it.

l will have to do it.

Where are you going? To do the work...

... which l should've done earlier.

Aunt, what happened?

Looks like he has been very badly wounded.

Definitely the landlords men must have beaten him.

Sit here, l'll get turmeric.

What happened? How did it happen?

The venom of sin had entered in every vein of mine. l'm letting it flow out through this wound. l'm that man...

... who snatched the support of these blind parents.


Yes, Bijli. l did.


That's more sensible. Here is Rs. then thousand.

Had you done this earlier you wouldn't have to face so much.

Difficulties have become our destiny, landlord.

And our destiny has been written in tears.

Pack your bags we'll leave this house tomorrow itself.

Father. Hey.

You came to your senses, son?

Yes, father. At the right moment.

But why...

... why are you leaving this house, father?

Where did you get the money from? l sold the house to that landlord. - No!

No, father. This house won't be sold at any cost. l won't let a hotel come up here.

Let it be son. We can't endure our own sorrows.

How long will we endure his atrocities?

Look son, the money that l got...

... with it, the two of us will go on a pilgrimage.

My Shravan always desired...

... to send us on a pilgrimage.

But instead of sending us...

... he himself left us.

Once that rascal Mangal comes before... l'll these bullets in his chest!


Here is the rifle. Shoot... your son's murderer is before you.

Where is he?

Before you. You?

Yes, shoot.

Your heart will be at peace...

... and this way even l can die.

l know why you are saying this?

You can't endure your friends separation.

Hence you want to go to him.

No! No!

God stole one son and gave us another.

He also wants to leave us now.

Father. l'm your son, am l not?

You consider me to be your son, don't you? - Yes.

Go and return this money to that landlord!

This house will not be sold! l'll send you on a pilgrimage!

Where will you get the money from?

Even if l have to toil l'll do it. l'll do it.

With my money.

My money.

Will you dance or no? No! - No?!

You'll have to. No! l won't! Even if you take my life!

Once l've left that dirty work, l won't do it again.

Rascal. lf she didn't want to do it you should've got someone else.

Will your father dance tonight before Mr. Suraj?

Go get someone else!

Boss, we'll have to go very far. lt'll take 2 days.

Fool! Couldn't you think of this before?

Now you tell me? Get lost! l'll set this girl right.

Look girl, listen to me...

... we'll make you happy and pay you double the price.


Had your daughter been in my place...

... would you compel her to tread on that dirty path?

My daughter? lf l don't do this, Mr. Suraj will send me to the crematorium.

Hey, my friend!

One day everyone has to go there.

The only difference is, some people shed tears when someone dies.

Where as some rejoice.

How dare you come here?

l have plenty of guts, landlord!

So much that no one can stop me from going anywhere.

But today l've not come to display my guts, but to beg you.

Take this money and return the house document.

Don't render those blind people homeless.

Stop talking nonsense!

That blind fellow sold the house on his own will. l didn't force him. Go help them pack their bags.

And remember, vacate that house before dawn, got it!

So much pride is not good, landlord. l'm an atheist. l've never bowed before the lord...

... the first time l'm bowing before you.

No, brother!


What are you doing here?

The anklets that you had removed from my leg...

... these sadists are forcing me to wear them again.

Landlord, give him what he wants. l'm ready to dance. No!

You won't do this dirty work. Don't stop me, brother.

One day you protected me from these villagers. l can't endure...

... my brother's head being hung in shame today.

She is right.

You'll get the papers only on one condition.

Let her dance tonight...

... tomorrow l'll send the papers across.

Say yes, brother say yes.

Hey girl, here are the anklets.

Get ready soon. My partner is waiting.

Okay. Hurry up.

Who are you? - Did you not recognise? Your brother.

But all this? Listen. lf a sister can stake her chastity for her brother.

Doesn't a brother has any duty?

These betel leaves have sleeping doses,they'll sleep till dawn.

And do as l say. But the one who have come with me? l've made their arrangements.

How long will you make me wait?

Call the girl soon.

Wait for some more time partner. l've got a dancer whose much more intoxicating than liquor.

The girl is at your service, sir.

Who are you old man? l'm not even the dust of your feet. ln the world of music people hail me. l'm her teacher, she is my disciple.

But sir, what do you do?

Serve you, sir.

God has given me one more chance today.

Sir, l play the music and she dances to my tune.

Listen, who will play the tabla and the harmonium? l'm a master of all trades. l'll play in such a way...

... that you'll remember it all your life.

Let the girl do something too.

Sir, what are these wrestlers doing in your gathering?

Get rid of them so that l can start my show.

Okay, disperse everyone.

Now start dancing. l won't dance. l have changed my intention.

Changed your intentions? What does this mean? l change peoples intentions like this, Bulbul.

Dance! Dance!

''Dance my Bulbul...''

''... we will get money''

''Where else will we get an appraiser like this''

''Tie him to your feet like anklets''

''Where else will we get an appraiser like this''

''The environment is intoxicating''

''Your appraier is generous''

''Then do whatever you want''

''This is a good chance''

''Where else will we get a naive person like this''

''This wealthy man...''

''... is so thirsty''

''Then you make him drink...''

''... a drink full of fun''

''Where will we get a ignorant man like him''

''My desires...''

''My desires are very few...''

''Just food and clothing''

''Where else will we find a house like this''

This mark. ls by birth.

Exactly the same mark my daughter had. - Landlord.

She has finished dancing, so let go. - Wait.

Don't try to play any tricks.

This is no trick, my heart says she is the one. l'll call my wife. Please wait here.

What is it, brother? He must've gone to call his men.

Wait! Wait! Listen.

Dear, where are you going?

Wife, look at this mark. ls this the one? Yes, it is! Yes!

Dear, who are you? l am an orphan, mother.

At the age of 4, l got separated from my parents in the Kumbh fair.

We are that ill-fated parents, who had lost you.


Yes, dear.

You are my parents! Yes, dear.

My dear. Mother!

Brother, where are you going? l'm going. l had come to steal the papers.

This turned out to be my sister's house.

And brothers don't steal in sisters house.


Aren't these the papers that you were here for?

The separation of my daughter had turned me into a devil.

Today that devil will get burned along with these papers.

You saved me from committing a sin.

Son, today you have transformed me into a man.

Go, go and tell them their house won't be demolished.

No hotel will come up there.

Give them this token.

Even if l get life in alms l won't take, this is just money.

This is not alms. You found our lost daughter.

Take it!

One doesn't take money for reaching his sister home.

Brother, take it.

Send your blind parents on a pilgrimage with this money.

This way even our sins will be washed away.


Greetings, sir. Will you drop us till school? lt is enroute. Hop in.


Listen, have you seen this man around?

This! This is our teacher.

Teacher? Will he be at school now? - No, he left the school.

Where does he stay? Why? What is the matter, sir?

He is wanted. We don't know where he stays.

There he is!

Police is looking for our teacher. - For our teacher?

Why? l know.

They are here to arrest him. Let us go and tell him.- Come on.

Salutations, sir. - Any news about Mangal the fugitive?

We have already held him.

Yes, come in.

Sir, now will l be promoted?

Where is he? There. l told you l'm not Mangal. ls this Mangal? Yes, sir. l told you so many times that l'm not Mangal. l'm constable Kadak Singh.

But they refused to listen. Fools! lunatics.

Put him in and get me out. Where are the keys?

How can this be, sir?

The posters you sent had his picture on it.

Where is that? Look there.

lt is the handiwork of that rascal Mangal Singh. - Yes.

Should we release him? Yes. - No let him be here.

Why sir? Because he is mad and wanted.

He considers himself to be a police. - Yes!

And somehow managed to escape from the asylum in this uniform.

He belongs to a good family. Yes!! - Come with me.

When an ants death is near, his posters get printed.

Even mine have got published, look!

Father, here.

Son, have you loaded the bedding and suitcase?

Yes father, on the roof. Okay.

And the tiffin box? Tiffin box?

That... that l forgot in the house, mother. l'll fetch it right away.

Hey Bijli! Where are you going? - With you. l'm taking them on a pilgrimage. l'll also come along. This way my sins will get washed atleast.

What sin have you committed?

Supporting a sinner is also a sin.

Hey! Are you running away?

Going to fetch the tiffin. Come soon.

Hurry up. The bus is about to leave.

Hey conductor! Wait our teacher will be back soon.

Girl, be it anyone it is time for the bus to leave. lt can't wait. Get going.

How come you got in? l'm here! l thought you vanished.


You take them in. l'll wait outside.

Won't you come in, son?

No, mother. l don't believe in God.

Don't say that, son.

Had God existed, your son would've been alive today.

After that.


Not ghost! Call me Shravan. l'm back!

Oh yes, that's him!

But where had you been all these days, teacher?

With the fishermen, who saved me. l gained consciousness after many days, only then l realised.

And when l started walking, l came here.

Tell me, are my parents fine?

Boss has called you.

Mangal is dead for you.

Not yet, but if you refuse you will surely die.

Welcome, dance master.

Will you have betel leaf?

You are very good at making betel leaves, here have some.

Sir, l didn't know he was your partner.

Really? Cheating me? l feel like chopping you to pieces.

But wonder what attachment l have towards you?

Come with us now. No, sir. l told you the other day that l want to leave this profession.

Hence you came here to atone for your sins?

And l'm such a fool. l thought my Mangal would be wandering, thirsty and hungry.

Hence look, l brought 'rotis' for you.

Do you recognise it? Eat them.


These have been prepared at the cost of poor peoples lives. l don't want it.

'Roti' is a 'roti' after all!

There is a difference in it, my friend.

One that is snatched and eaten...

... smells of peoples blood. l don't want that 'roti'

But l want one which l have sweated my blood for it. l don't like hearing sermons, Mangal; come!

Let those blind parents complete their pilgrimage. l don't know whether they'll complete this pilgrimage.

But if you refuse to come with us...

... l'll send you on the journey of death. - But sir.

Beat him!

Listen. lf you exist, then show your miracle.

Save me from these devils.

Let me help those blind parents complete their pilgrimage...

... then take my life if you wish.




Thank you a million times, lord.

Now our life has become complete.

Not we, but our son Ramu...

... should get the fruit of this pilgrimage.

Yes, lord. May he have a long life.

Call us to you soon.

So that we can meet our Shravan.

No, father. No!

Father! Father!

You take them to the ashram l'll fetch the doctor. - Okay.

Your wound has healed completely.

This wound has healed, doctor.

But the real wound will heal only after l re-arrest Mangal.

And send him to the gallows!

How do you know that he'll come here?

He'll surely come here.

Doctor, please hurry up? My father is unable to breath.

Don't worry.Often old people get asthma attacks on such heights. l'll give you the medicine, he'll find relief.



This is Mangal's picture. lf you see him inform the police station here.

This is Mangal? Yes.

He just left from here. What? - Yes.

Father, medicine.

Look, son.

Finally God pitied us.

He answered our prayers.

And sent Shravan to us safe and sound.

Yes, son. The credit goes to you.

Had you not got us here with so much difficulty...

... how would we get our son?

May you be happy!

May you live a long life.

Son, why don't you speak?

Why are you quiet? Father...

... perhaps he thought l would never return.

Seeing me alive, he is unable to say anything out of joy. l've been waiting for you here from the past 15 days.

Badrinath's journey is the last journey, my friend.

Perhaps you won't believe me.

But honestly my friend...

... seeing you alive today, my burden has reduced.

That l don't know.

But the burden of my body has definitely reduced.

The killer had tried his level best...

... but perhaps death was not written in my fate.

Hence the fishermen saved me.

Forget the past, Shravan. lsn't it enough that God saved you from death?

Think that He gave you another life.

God gave me another life only to...

... repay the favours of my friend...

... under which l am burdened.

Come my friend, l need to talk to you in private.

Shravan, even l...

You! No.

Only the two of us.


Son, have food and go.

No, mother not now.

We have met after a long time.

Unless we don't embrace each other and speak our hearts out...

... neither he nor will l feel hungry.

So friend, shall we go?


Come soon.

l won't beg you to spare me. You have a right to seek vengeance.

But Shravan, when you wanted to pull the chain, l felt...

... that you are trying to send me to the gallows...

... from which l had escaped, so l couldn't control myself. l... l didn't know that you were the support of parents...

... who are blind and helpless and who have no one except you.


Shravan, lift this rifle and pump the bullets in me...

... so that l attain salvation by your hands.

Do you see that mountain?

Across that mountain is the border.

Cross the border, the police will never be able to get you.


... you are leaving me?

Don't you want to kill me? No. l came to the village with some other intention.

But when l learnt how you served my parents...

... and how on different occasions saved their lives. ln lieu of that, even if l had lost both my legs...

... l would have forgiven you.

The police is very close.

Before they arrest you run away from here.

And if they get here, l'll stop them with this rifle.

No, my friend one bullet against the law...

... can give rise to another Mangal like me.

All my life l fought my own battle so will l, today.


You'll need this. Take.

Don't tell your parents about my reality.

Otherwise their love for me might turn to hatred.

They know everything, Mangal.

They still love you very much.

You are so lucky to have been born to such parents. lf l'm alive tell them...

-... see you soon. Sure.

Hey, cheater!

You promised to be together and now you are running away?

Bijli, you go away!

Where to? l'll also come with you.

But l'm going in the jaws of death.

Fool! You took Bijli to be a coward? l'm not your shadow to be with you in times of joy...

... and disappear in times of distress.

When you won't be there what will l do? Come.

Look we are here to get you.

Who are they? They are the ones...

... who mould small criminals into big ones.

Thousands of Mangal like me work under them. Come!

No! No! What has happened?

Coward! You were running away with a woman!

You are not brave, either!

Being a man you shoot a woman?

We knew it Mangal.

... that till this girl is with you, you won't come to us! l'm not in a position to run with you.

Give me this rifle. l... l will stop these scoundrels.

But... but you cross the border.

No Bijli, no!

We'll cross together.

Whether it is this border, or that one.

Don't think, Mangal! Throw that gun! And come to us! lt seems a sound of bullet can cause an avalanche.

This is my last warning, Mangal. - Wait!

What's the hurry? l'll die my friend! And so will you!

Mangal, you run away.

Mangal, you run away.

Wait! No one will shoot unless l order.

Mangal stop!

Or l'll shoot!

l'm feeling suffocated! No!

No, Bijli. Don't hurry up.


We'll go together.

What day is it today?!

Mangal, today is Tuesday!!

Then today Mangal will embrace death. - No!

You had said...

... that l'd embellish your parting with someone's blood.

Not someone else's blood...

... l've embellished your parting with my blood!

Yes, Bijli.



You left me, didn't you?

You went alone!


Didn't l tell you, inspector...

... that no noose in the world can fit around Mangal's neck!

Empty. lnspector!

Here are, the bullets!

So you aimed an empty rifle at me! lf l wanted, even l could've fired.

But the burden of my sins is so much...

... that in the long journey...

...l will be unable to carry it.

Don't go Bijli even l'm coming.

Where are you? Where are you?



... have you got food for my journey?

All my life l've been running after it.

Wonder whether l'll get it there or no.

Don't say that. Father. l'll go there. But l won't find Him.

Yet l'll find Him somehow and tell Him, look...

... give heart, mind and soul to human beings...

... but not this blessed stomach. lf He gives a stomach then don't give them hunger.

And if He gives them hunger then arrange for their meals!

Otherwise you have no right to create man!

See you soon!