Rudraksh (2004) Script

(Voice Over) 'Hundred of years ago, Lord Rama had..

..destroyed demon Ravana and his city Lanka.'

'That brought an end to the era of the demons..

..and the present good era started.'

'Even today we celebrate their victory.. burning the statue of Ravana at Ram Leela festival.'

'Every year this gives man a warning that..

..the demons may have died but evil is not wiped out.'

'According to the Purans it will return.'

'Like every era..

..even in the evil era the return of the demons is inevitable.'

'Yala Lanka

..was a metropolitan city during the Ramayana times.'

'It was the capital of many demon kings.'

'One can feel the powers from these huge statues.'

'Because at the core of this earth..

..the secret of Ravana's success and the seed of his evil..

..called his Rudraksh is hidden.'

Come on, come on!

Come on! Hurry! Work faster!

(Voice Over) 1990.

'First time in history a team of international.. -Ok!

..archeologists have come here searching for that Rudraksha.'

Sorry ma'am!

'But what they didn't know..

..was that Ravana's seed had selected his first slave.'

'His name was Bhuriya.'

Bring it over here. What is it?

Bhuriya! Bhuriya!


Oh Bhuriya! Stop!

Wait Bhuriya! What did you put in your pocket?

Do you want to see anything else?

Come on! Come on!

Take the men from this side and start digging.. -Yeah! Yes!

Hey! What's happening? Speed up! -Hey Lali!

I know what you are doing!

I'm not afraid of you! You are thieves!

Robbers! I'm not afraid of you!


Very good, Lali!

Come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on! -Come on everybody! Pull.

Pull! Pull!

Hey! Come on! Move it!

Come on! One man can't pull it! Move it!

Come on!


Pull it!

(Voice Over) 'One night, they took out the demon king's idol..

..which was centuries old.'

'It was from the Ramayana times.'

'It was buried after the Lanka's great war.'

'After finding the idol..

..there were strange changes in Bhuriya.'

'He used to keep staring at the idol in the dark night.'

'Slowly, the idol began to reveal to Bhuriya secret roads..

..and paths which could take him to the hidden Rudrakh.'

(Wind Whooshing)

(Bats screech)

Lali I've got it.

I've understood.

(Whistles Blow)

I knew it from the beginning that this man is a thief!

And she is a robber too!

This is my Rudraksha.

It has been revealed after centuries just for me.

Do you know why?

Because I am the true heir. I am!

You aren't a heir but a thief.

This is a part of our history and culture.

Bhuriya, you're fired!

Watchman, don't let this man in! Her too!

This Rudraksh..

.. Is beautiful.

Its mine.

Its mine.

It is mine.

It's mine.

(Indistinct Conversations)

(Thunder Rumbling)

(Gun Firing)


Hey! Who's that?! Hey!

(Gun Firing)

What did you do?

Did you kill him? Not a problem!

(Voice Over) 'From here begins..

..the strange story about Bhuriya and the Ravan's Rudraksh.'

'The aim of the Rudraksh

..was to return the kingdom of the demons to the world.'

'For that purpose it was necessary to..

..raise Bhuriya from the status of a human to a great demon.'

'Years passed while achieving it.'



We've tolerated enough of this!

Nothing can be achieved by pelting stones.

If you want to do something, pick up a sword and kill them!

Kill each and every one of them!

No one should be spared!

If you want revenge then do something!

(Utensils Clattering)

Get ready!

We must kill them all!

We can't bear the pain anymore!

An eye for an eye! Come on!

Come on! Come!

What did you see?

What did you see?

(Voice Over) 'With his new knowledge, Bhuriya changed Lali's image.'

'He erased every memory she had about Lanka.'

'She began to think of herself.. one of Mumbai's underworld's killer.'

'Bhuriya got lost in meditation for the Rudraksha.' (Phone Ringing)

'Slowly, he acquired new devices..

..chants and techniques.'

(Phone Ringing)

'Today evening at Lokhandwala you need to kill.'

'He's a man from the company so play it smart.'

'The payment will be ten thousand. Do you agree?'

'Hello Bhuriya? Do you want the job?'

Yes, we agree. -'Who is that? Is it Lali?'

'Ok, fine. I'll send you the photograph.'

He's getting a shave, he'll come out.

(Tires Screeching)

Take this car away.

I'll split you open, get lost.

Bloody dog.

Go and kill him.

(Engine Starting)

(Motorcycles Approaching)

Come on! Come on!

See, he's coming, shoot him.

Kill him.

What are you doing? Shoot him.

(Car Brakes Squeaking)

What got cold feet?

He has taught me something new today.

Do you want to see it? -Yes.

(Indistinct Chattering)


This is nothing. Do you want to see more?

You don't remember anything.

You remember nothing. No, no.

Look into my eyes, Lali.

Look into my eyes.

(Music Playing)

(Bell Tolling)

When Ravana's aim is completed.

When every man in this world will become a demon..

..then I will gift you an iron mask.

I will groom you with blood.

I have spent fourteen years in exile with this Rudraksh.

It has tested me many times.

But it has taught me a lot too.

It's time to finish this exile.

But I'm still far from over.

I need to get the complete power of this Rudraksh.

Actually, I didn't deserve it.



It doesn't let me touch it yet.

That is why I need a brother.

A brother who can become a demon and work together with me.

Someone who has knowledge and power.

Someone who is good at heart and selfless.

And when the time is right..

..someone who will give up his powers for you..

..and sacrifice himself. Right?

Lali, This is demon policy.

A brother can kill a brother.

God bless you.

I know that..

..even after so many years you are childless.

Don't worry. Take this offering from Lord Shiva.

Pray to Lord Shiva with complete concentration..

..for the next eleven days and nights.

Here, in our ashram's Shiv temple.

I will accompany you in all these prayers.

Then watch the miracle!

Thank you for your blessings, Swami.

Please guide my friends too.

They need a miracle too.

Come here, dear. Take this offering from Lord Shiva.


Very interesting, Gayatri.

There is a small electric motor to pump the ashes.

Pick up the equipment. We need to get out of here.

Come on. Give that back to him.

Madam, please listen to me.

You are a fake, mister. You are a swindler.

But I don't have time to know everything.

But madam, madam please listen to me.

This world is filled with frauds.

Who call themselves high priest..

..gurus shamans and spiritual leaders.

It's difficult to pick the real one from these fakes.

My team of California university and I have roamed..

..the world to search that one real spiritual man.

Did you find him? -Maybe.

This man. His name is Varun.

This old woman has arthritis. She can't move her fingers.

She is restless because of pain. Ready girls?

We're ready! -We're ready!

He's a strange man. He speaks both Sanskrit and English.

He spends his day here and works as a bouncer at night.

He doesn't charge for the treatment. I like this man.

But he has very long hair.

But we can only see his hair..

..instead of his face in this camera frame.

Look at the evidence of him being genuine.

The wounds on the her hands have begun to disappear.

But they can be seen on Varun's hands.

How is your hand? -The pain has reduced.

Show me.

He has taken my pain. -Come on. -Come.

Varun has taken my pain.

The patient has recovered. What about Varun?

He fell down because of the pain.

He is not a human.

Come on.

He's not a man. He's not a man. He's a God!

Come on! Go on! -No one can take my pain.

Look! I'm a scientist. I am only interested in the truth.

I've finally found a genuine person after a long search.

He has some powers. Real powers!

Now we need to see how powerful he is.

Gayatri, look at his hands.

Greetings! -Greetings! -Go quickly!

The master has been back since long. -Greetings!

Are you ready? -Rolling.

I don't know how I cure people.

I look at them and pray to Lord Hanuman.

I tell him, why are you making him suffer.

Give me his suffering instead. -What!

Why? Do I lack something?

God has given me everything, mind, body and soul.

Can't I bear a little pain?

The patient's pain goes away in a little time.

And I'm left agonizing.

Lord Hanuman is everyone's master.

And he loves me a lot.

He can't bear to see me in pain.

He takes away the pain.

That is how I cure them.

Varun, is that the truth? You are telling the truth, isn't it?

When both your eyes are closed, use your third eye.

This is Lord Shiva's eye.

The wheel of fire, the power of your eyes.

Bring it to the third eye,..

..slowly in the darkness you'll see a strange light.

No, you yet won't see anything.

Because seeing is the virtue of the eyes.

But you'll recognize everything.

Because without seeing..

..and recognizing is the work of a third eye.

To understand you is very difficult..

..and you don't even take money for it.

In this world nothing moves without money.

What do you get by doing all this?

I've found a beautiful fairy from America.

Who loves me in her strange way? -Varun, be serious.

This is my little home.

What is all this?

I am a Brahmin. I am a priest too.

My father is the head priest at the Himalayan temple.

Praying everyday for me...

Praying everyday is cool!

You get that? -Sure.

What is this Rudraksh?

Rudraksh means a part of the soul.

Lord Shiva's eye.

No one can touch a Rudraksh.

We can only worship it.

Why? Will it bite me if I touch it?

If you don't deserve it, its power can destroy you.

How is that? -You ask a lot of questions.

You try to frighten me. -I think you're sweet.

I like you a lot too, except one thing.

You're hair is very long.

What! What did you do?

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love is the desire of a crazy lover."

" Love has fun. Love is peaceful."

" Let love's magic make you high."

" Let love's fragrance fill you."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love is the desire of a crazy lover."

" Love has fun. Love is peaceful."

" Let love's magic make you high."

" Let love's fragrance fill you."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love is all knowing. Love is life."

" Love doesn't listen to anyone."

" Love is a promise. Love is an oath."

" Love has the power to bear anything."

" Let love's magic make you high."

" Let love's fragrance fill you."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Let love colour your youth."

" Let our love bloom our youth."

" Love makes our memories colourful."

" Love shows us the meaning of life."

" Let love's magic make you high."

" Let love's fragrance fill you."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

" Love and divinity are made by God."

Ten thirty one. Varun's brain scan shows..

..that the dark areas of the brain..

..which are never used are slowly becoming conscious.

Particularly the deep cortex and the hypothermic.

Tracy, focus on the primary gland.

Primary gland hyperactive. (Device Beeping)

Suzy, blood pressure?

Blood pressure reducing quickly.

Hundred going down to ninety five.

What about the heart rate?

Heart rate falling steadily. Fifty five,..

..fifty four, fifty two, fifty. (Device Beeping)

Ok, electromagnetic field? -Raising steadily.

Varun is now in a state similar to that of a dying patient.

BP, heart rate and everything is falling.

Only his electromagnetic field is increasing.

No, this man won't die.

He will wake up in a new light.

This state is called meditation (Samadhi) in yoga.

Science hasn't been able to understand it till today.

Oh, my God! He's exploding! (Device Beeping)

Ten thirty three and twenty nine seconds.

He inner consciousness has awaken.

At this time, his pro-static zone has been activated.

(Device Beeping)

Dr. Gayatri his heart rate is rising.

Sixty four, sixty six, seventy.

Blood pressure is normal. Hundred and twenty by eighty.

All systems stable.

An ordinary man uses more than one percent of his brain.

But right now seventy percent of Varun's brain..

..has been activated.

Oh, my God! Wow!

Varun, you're a million dollar baby!


From today, my university will give me the money I want.

Actually I shouldn't have done this.

If my father was here, he would have scolded me.

How did you do that can magic?

God again! What is God?

What is Suzy doing?

Downloading a file through wireless internet.

Where is that file? -It could be anywhere in this world.

With the help of internet and a password..

..we can get any file in cyberspace.

Think of God as internet. A divine internet.

He connects every man, creature, animal, flora and..

..fauna of this universe.

If internet is in cyberspace..

Then the divine internet in the enlightened realm.

Enlightened realm is a place beyond time and space.

Einstein called it the quantum domain.

Here the past, present and future are one.

There is no meaning to far and near.

Enlightened realm is God's playground.

A universe is born every moment.

Everything is possible here.

The way I raised that can.

Similarly, I can enter someone's bank locker and..

..take their jewellery.

I can unlock someone's brain and enter it.

If I want I can play with his brain.

That's why it's a dangerous knowledge. And a secret one.

What if a thief or a dangerous man..

..enters your enlightened realm?

There will be destruction.

Like the way it happened in the Dvapa era.

Such people are called demons. -Oh, come on! Demons!

They are only in tales.

Why am I here in this mental hospital? -Come.

(Device Beeping)

Thank you, doctor. Please leave us alone for sometime.


Come on.

How's it going, girls? -Great! All systems up.

Varun, this experiment is a part of my research.

We've been studying this mad man for some days.

His electromagnetic radiation is similar to yours.

The only difference is that his radiation is black..

..and yours is white. Look!

If you can cure him, my research will be successful.

The whole world will be awakened.

A mind healing a mind.

The world will never be the same again.

Gayatri, wake up!

Before I cure him, I'll need to accept his madness.

So what? Lord Hanuman is there to protect you.

I can't do this. (Device Beeping)

Look, mister! I haven't come here with the team.. watch a song and dance after spending millions.

Do you want money? Tell me!

Tell me! What's your price?

Hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, three?


Start recording, girls.

(Device Beeping)

Keep recording, girls.

(Device Beeping)

How long will you remain a slave?

Have you forgotten that a new world is waiting for you?


Its only waiting for your affirmation. -No.

Try to understand, Varun.

They tried to wipe us out in each era.

But in reality no one can destroy us.

I was the past.

And I will be the future.

I am the past and future of this world.

I am ready to share my throne with you.

What more do you want?

Give me a sword so that I can slay you.


Why one, take two!

Now you're looking like my brother.


(Swords Swishing)

(Swords Swishing)

(Swords Swishing)

(Conch Shell Blowing)

Excellent, Varun!

I'm impressed.

Why are you chasing me?

You don't know who you are.

How deep are your powers.

Forget all the relations of this ordinary life.

Learn to fly with me.

No, no!

No! Try to understand, Varun.

I have many burdens.

We need to create a new world.

How can I handle this big task alone?

I want a brother. -No.

You are that brother. I'm your brother, Varun. -No!

I'm your brother, Varun. -No!

I'm your brother, Varun. -No!

Don't leave me, Varun! -No! Varun!

Varun! Varun!

Oh, hi! Good morning! -Good morning!

Where am I? -This is our home.

You were unconscious so we brought you here.

How long? -Two days.

Two days?!

But what happened to that patient?

His electromagnetic field became normal.

Hospital staff said that he never slept.

Now, he's in a deep sleep.

Congratulations Varun. You cured him.

He's been repeating the same words.

(Phone Beeps)

We think there's a connection..

..between those words and his madness.

Dr. Gayatri has started a new experiment on him.

(Phone Beeps)

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Crazy! You all are crazy.

The casualty in the riots taking place across the world..

..has been eight hundred and fifty so far.

There have been riots in the four major cities in Russia.

In order to control these riots, the...

We're playing that madman's ranting to this mouse.

Every since he's heard the sound the rat's become silent.

There's a strange transformation in his body.

(Device Beeping)

(Rat Squeaking)

Suzy, he's looking at you.

(Rat Squeaking)

Suzy! Suzy, are you ok?

What's wrong with you? Suzy!

Dr. Gayatri, I think you should see this.


Suzy! Suzy, are you alright? -I guess so.

Wow! This is amazing.

There has been a change in the rat's DNA molecule.

There has been genetic mutation.

This means it's no longer a rat but a new species.

This is the first time this has happened in any experiment.

Now I understand why we have met.

Should I tell you why? Because I'll get a Nobel prize.

That's why God has sent you to me.

So that I can do this experiment and change the world.

Right? Its all being done to stop him.

(Rat Squeaking)

(Helicopter sound)

Thank you for coming, Suzy.

Sometimes the gap between heaven and earth.. a single small step.

You are so right.

The mouse's genetic structure..

..changed with a single sound wave..

For you only.. gesture is enough.

Suzi! Welcome to our world.

(Indistinct Conversations)

No! -Hey, Suzy! Where were you?


Why did you do all this? Why are you doing this?

It's a test, baby!

You just passed it.

Test! Who wants to test me? Tell me!


Are you alright? -Yes.

Where are you going? -I need to stop him.

(Sirens Wailing)

Riots continued in the city even today.

The police couldn't control it.

In Mumbai, the casualty has increased.. over one hundred and fifty.

I am sorry. -I represent the U.S. Consulate.

Dr. Gayatri is a U.S. Citizen.

Dr. Gayatri is a U.S. Citizen.

You cannot stop her.

These are her papers.

Ok, you can take him. Sign here.

I want to forget everything.

I don't want to remember anything.

You can cure everyone, Varun.

Cure me, please.


Oh, my God! He's exploding!

Ten thirty three and twenty nine seconds.

He inner consciousness has awaken.

At this time, his pro-static zone has been activated.

(Device Beeping)

Keep recording girls.

(Device Beeping)

" What is this pain! What is this thirst!"

" This thirst, don't ask!"

" Don't ask!"

" What a strange feeling! Strange feeling, don't ask!"

" Don't ask!"

" This is a unique struggle."

" I can't control myself."

" What is this pain! What is this thirst!"

" This thirst, don't ask!"

" Don't ask!"

" What a strange feeling! Strange feeling, don't ask!"

" Don't ask!"

" Your single touch has made me fragrant."

" My warm breath has become fragrant."

" No one has touched me this way before."

" How can I tell you what condition I am in?"

" My heart has become crazy"

" Your magic is strange."

" What is this pain! What is this thirst! Don't ask!"

" Don't ask!"

" What a strange feeling! Strange feeling, don't ask!"

" Don't ask!"

(Airplanes Approaching)

Trishakti mountain. -Wow!

Greetings! -Greetings!

Let's hear it.

Where is that sound?

(Phone Beeps)

Is it some black magic chant?


It's his... -Shadow, isn't it father?

Yes, shadow. -You mean like schizophrenia.

Where a patient is..

..constantly repeats the same thing over and over.

Not schizophrenia, my child.

More like a spiritual virus.

Firstly, the main chant is placed in his mind.

A person begins to change once he hears it over again.

The transformation depends upon the listener's weakness.

And the player's strength.

So what are these sounds? These shadows?

On the face of it, it sounds like the ranting of a mad man.

But the main chant lies in it.

Can we derive the main chant from it? -Yes.

No, no! If father tries, he will be affected by it.

Dear, get father's laptop.



(Device Beeping)

For years my father has been trying to teach people the..

..secrets of the Vedas through the computer.

Now I understand why you have such hair.



I got it.

Never say out loud such a evil chant, dear.

I'm sorry.

This chant isn't present in any of the four Vedas.


Gayatri, this is my father!

I understand, but I want to know.

My doubt has been proved right.

The Akhand Puran states, many demon chants..

..begin with the word, Rak in the Demon book.

This chant has been derived from it too.

What is the Demon book?

There were many demons.

They all got their powers from the Demon book.

Alright. And then?

At the end of Draupa era there was a war.

Where the demons..

..and their book were annihilated from this world.

Don't know how..

..but centuries later the demons returned in the Treth era.

You mean, Ravana the demon king?

They say that Ravana meditated to Lord Shiva.

And he got a Rudraksh.

Ravana summarised that Demon book in that Rudraksh.

And he made it a powerful seed.

Lord Rama defeated the Ravana.

What happened to that Rudraksh?

Who knows!

They say that Rudraksh was burnt along with Lanka.

Hold on, guys!

The demons were wiped off the earth, right?

Then how did he return as Ravana?

Ravana's Rudraksh was burnt millions of years ago, right?

Then how did it reach the mind of a mad man in Mumbai?

If the Puranas are right the demons can return at anytime.

Because these demons are like the tail of a lizard.

If you cut it, it grows again.

If you cut it again, it grows again.

If you still cut it...
















Great darkness will befall on this world.

No man will remain a man.

Father! Please don't leave me! Father!

Father! -Have you forgotten..

..that the soul is immortal?

I will always remain with you.


Father! -Don't cry, dear!

Don't cry!

Do you remember the chant..

..I had taught you as a child? -Yes!

Say it with me.



Varun! Varun! Look at this!






Tracy, go get the scanners.

Kaushal, start recording.


Dr. Gayatri, at a time when his father...

Maybe we should leave him alone. -Shut up! Get to work!

Don't forget you are a scientist first.

And this, this too is an experiment.

21, 41.

Subject indicates a dramatic increase of the aural patterns.

Specially around the solar-plexus.

(Device Beeping)

Whether you are a man, animal or demon..

..your picture is forever embedded in my mind.

I will use my powers to find a clue to your true identity.

Who are you? Where have you come from?

Show me!

(Thunder Rumbling)

What's happening, Lali?

What's happening?

I can't understand anything. Can't...

Everything will be fine.

Everything will be fine.


Don't leave me, Lali.

Don't leave me, Lali.

No, I won't leave you.

I won't!

Who was that girl?

Where is that place?

Who are you!

Tell me!

I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

I'll tell you. First, let me go!

No! Let him go! (Crying)

No! Let me go!

I haven't committed a crime.

I haven't committed a crime.

Let me go!

Let him go! Let him go!

Let my Lali go! (Whip sound)

Leave my Lali!

Don't hit him! Don't hit him! (Whip sound)

Don't hit him! -Let my Lali go!

Don't hit him!

(Whip sound)

(Gun Firing)

Put your hands up! Come on!

Put your hands...

Lali, we'll lead a different life.

In a different way.

Yala! Yala police station.

Yala? Where is it? -Yala...

It's not in India. Just wait. I'll check.

Yala is in Sri Lanka.


Varun... -Calm down.

Come out!

Come out! You're obstructing!

(Tires Screeching)

Yala police station.

This is the place.

It's not appropriate for you to wait here.

Then record everything in this recorder.

Will you be ok?

I've travelled the world. I'll be ok.

What! This man beat up the entire police station?

That is impossible!

In ten years of my service, this has never happened.

I need to go. There have been riots here. Ok.

Come on. Come on! Come on!

Come on! Hurry up! Hurry!

Come on! -Excuse me, have you seen this man?

Come on! -Have you seen this man?

Hello! Hello!

'Put your hands up, come on!'

'Put your hands...'

Do you recognise him?

This story is fourteen years old.

Nearby there is an archaeological site.

Very old.

From Ravana's era.

Do you know archaeology?

Those foreigners wearing shorts brush everything.

Then what happened? -Murder!

One night someone murdered five to six people.

There was a theft too.

Near Yala's highway number eleven there is a cave.

In a search we found a mad man there.

This man? -Yes.

He was a wild beast.

Even ten people couldn't control him.


Get him inside.

Beat, the scoundrel!

Hold his hands!

(Gun Firing)

You let him walk away?

Didn't you try to catch him?

Who would try to catch him? He scared us all.

Sir asked us to close the file. We closed the file.

That girl? What happened to that girl?

Girl? There wasn't any girl.

Try to recollect again.

Someone told me that you beat him up in prison.

Pierced his hands with nails.

Tried to rape that girl too.

What will he do if he doesn't thrash you all?

No, no! Who told you that story?

It's all a lie. -What about your story?

Is it the truth? -Mum's swear. Look, I was hurt too!

How can this policeman's story and my visions be different?

It means this demon has entered my mind and is..

..playing mind games with me.

He is very smart.

He's begun to understand your strategy.

That's why it is so important to get him.

To say the truth, there is no one like Varun in this world.

Both his life and death will be useful for me.

What about the girl?

She won't let him go.

We'll kill her whenever we get the chance.

(Birds Chirping)

I haven't seen the visions of my father's killer.

I've been shown those visions.

You mean, those visions were fake.

Not fake, but they weren't real either.

How is that possible?

Who can reach your mind?

Through the divine internet.

Through the divine internet.

But how did someone get the password to your mind?

I'm looking for that answer.

Near Yala's highway number eleven there is a cave.

In a search we found a mad man there.

Was it this man?

Camera check.

Let him search in heaven's realms.

We'll search in the earthly caves. Come. Let's go.

Come on.

Varun, do you recognise this cave?

It was raining heavily.

It happened there.

Jackpot! We are going in.

Come on.

(Bats screech)

Oh God!

Bats! There's no need to be afraid of them.

Come on.

Very interesting!

There is a mark of a left hand on this man's face.

(Phone Beeps)


(Birds Chirping)

'I'll never touch you again!'

'I'll never touch you again!'

'Why are you torturing me so much? Why!'

'I have become your slave.'

'I have become your slave!'

'I have become your slave!'

Behind that there is an eight feet tall statue.

It's not the statue of any Hindu God.

(Phone Beeps)


(Camera Clicks)

(Bell Tolling)

Hey guys!

It looks like dried blood.

Don't touch anything there. Gayatri, don't touch anything.

Gayatri get out of there!



Stay there!

Come on! Get out! Hurry! Quickly!

O God! Save us!

Come on! This way!

Looks like someone's listening to us.

Come on! Hurry! Quickly! Come on!



Where are you going?

To finish an incomplete job.

It was buried for hundreds of years.

Now with Lord Shiva's blessings.. is time to send it back.

(Conch Shell Blowing)

(Bell Tolling)


(Bell Tolling)

(Pigeons Coo)

Twelve June, year nineteen ninety one.

Today our search has come to an exciting part.

I think there will be a new turn to India's history and culture.

This is the Ravana's Rudraksh.

There is no doubt about it.

As per the Puranas there are three things based on it.

Statue of Shiva (shivling), the tri-pod (trishul)..

..and the word Rak in Sanskrit language.

Who's inside? Who's it? Come out!

Rogue! Come out! Speak up!

Raise your hands! Raise your hands!

Can't you see the sign? Are you blind? -Calm down.

Lower your gun.

No one has used it in years.

And there are no bullets in it.

Who are you?

Don't bother about that.

Just think that I am here to help you.

You haven't slept for many years.

From today, you'll never have any nightmares.

His name was Bhuriya.

He was from Bihar.

He would lend workers.

I knew him well.

(Thunder Rumbling)

(Bats screech)

(Whistles blow)

(Gun Firing)

There was a lot of bloodshed.

A lot...

You've faced the problems very bravely.

Pray to Lord Hanuman..

..and this fear will go away forever.

(Thunder Rumbling)

(Wind Whooshing)

'I am neither a demon nor a ghost.'

'Why are you scared of me?'

'I've been searching you for so long.'

'Won't you meet me?'

(Wind Whooshing)

What happened?

I've finished the work that we had come here for.

So where is he gone? -He could be anywhere in this world.

All I know is that he left this place fourteen years ago.

And never returned. -You mean...

I mean, My Lord a brother betrays a brother.

He's a traitor.

It may be correct in the eyes of law..

..but it's a heinous crime in a relationship.

It's a huge crime! -How did this channel change?

You should be punished for this!

I know you well. Isn't your name Varun?

Do you know how I guessed it?

Why are you staring at me?

Won't you recognise me?

Come on, Varun. Stop this game. -What is happening?

He's sending me a sign.


But this is a television program.

How'd he know that you are watching which channel..

..and when you're watching it?

He knows everything.

Fire, earth, air, water and sky.

He's learnt to play with the five elements.

So what should we do? -I'm in Mumbai.

Where are you?

If you want to meet me you must come to Mumbai.

We must go to Mumbai.

Welcome back! Wow! You're looking different.

Thank you. -The key to your car. -Thanks!

Let's go!

Hey! How are you? Hey!

And I love you, Lali.

Now the time has come.

Our demon chant is being cast on..

..every television channel and radio station.

Ravana's great chant..

..which will turn every man into a demon once he hears it.

Lali, our exile is over.

We're getting ready for battle.


Where are you, Varun? Come to me!

" Come into my arms today and embrace me."

" Fulfill all your desires with me."

(Voice Over Radio) Riots have begun in many parts of Mumbai.

According to our correspondents... -Oh, my God!

Why are there riots?

Riots continue for the third consecutive day.

Riots have also been reported...

It's happening all around the world.

India, China, U.S.A. There are riots everywhere.

Now I understand.

It was the same sounds. Yes.

(Gun Firing)

Why did you fire that gun? -They were killing our leader...

There is no leader.

There is no reason.

You don't remember anything. Yes.

O demon! You want to meet me?

Now I want to meet you.

Tell me. Where are you?

As all action happens at Radio City.

The capital of fun, Radio City towers.

We are here and you should be here too.

" When will you get such an opportunity?"

" A strange frightening moment."

" Come! I'll show you cacophony!"

" There is no such sight here."

" There is nothing difficult here."

" We need to explain to everyone."

" We need bring down the sky on this earth."

" For the last time embrace the heavens."

" Fulfill all your desires with me."

" Hold me and name my name."

" Drink something that will awaken you."

" On your lips... -Have the seas."

" On your eyelids... -Enjoy every moment."

" From the flowers... -Make your world."

" Steal the limelight. -For the last time embrace the heavens."

You role is over in this game. -But, Varun...

I will go on alone from here on. -No, Varun.

Your life is in danger. I won't leave you alone.

The experiment called Varun which you had started..

..has been made successful by God.

I've reached Bhuriya.

This war is between Bhuriya and me.

There is no place for you.

Who are you to decide that?

Varun, I will go with you.

This is the end of the road for you, baby.

Go back. Please.


I love you, Gayatri.



I have created this new tune for this new age.

Did you like it?

Welcome to our world, Varun.

I know it will be difficult for you to forgive me.

I'm your father's killer.

It's true..

..that I am no longer a man.

My every cell has turned demonic.

I can learn more powers will it.

You're thinking that this is Bhuriya.. ordinary labour contractor?

How did he get here?

Isn't it, Varun?

Ravana's Rudraksh..

..has returned to rule the world.

It's not an ordinary Rudraksh that saints and sages wear.

In the words of science,..'s a multi dimensional hologram.. the form of a seed.

Do you get it? How would you know..

..the quantum of the olden day demonic powers?

Unfortunately, when I got that Rudraksh,..

I didn't have the ability to understand it.

I didn't have your knowledge or values.

I was a wild beast.

A demon and that ignorant Bhuriya.

This Rudraksh has tortured me a lot.

I showed you those dreadful conditions, didn't I?

You mean, your thought transmission?

It was all a lie!

It was just to distract yourself and me.

Why did you murder my father?


That old man?

No, no! Varun, that wasn't your father.

I will change that image too.

From today, you'll never remember your father.

From now on, you're not a human but a demon.

Just like me!

So much power.

So many forms.

You won't get anything from this, Bhuriya.

Remember the Ramayana.

Although, Ravana had the powers he didn't have the knowledge.

He invited his death by kidnapping Goddess Sita.

Lord Rama looked like an ordinary man.

Never displayed his powers without reason.

But when the time was right..

..he slayed Ravana with a single stroke.

Crazed by his powers, Ravana was yearning for his death.

He had to will to live until he had opponents.

He reached Panchwati searching for death.

He reached the doors of Goddess Sita in the form of a beggar.

Begging for death just like you.

You'll have beg for death. You!

No use fighting, Varun.

This electromagnetic field..

..won't allow you to open your chakras (divine circles).

It will take you straight to hell.

Look! Look everywhere!

(Sirens Wailing)

The riots have begun in this world.

Millions are adopting the demonic chant.

From today a strange change will begin.

World war has started.

Between the demons and the humans.

I have to go, Varun.

I have to leave.


I am being erased from your memory.

I have very little time left.

What's happening to me, father?

This is the experience of death.

You are dying. -Where am I?

Between life and death there is a darkness.

It is called the underworld.

Your soul is reaching there.

I don't want to die, father.

Please save me somehow.

Your life isn't over yet.

There is still time.

But in order to live..'ll need to adopt the demonic..

..chant with all your mind, body and soul.

Then it's better that I go to the underworld.

Don't think that way, dear.

Aren't you aware..

..that you're the only one in this world..

..that can destroy him?

If you accept being a demon,..'ll get more powers than Bhuriya.

Priest Ved Bhusan's son cannot be a demon, father.

If I slay Bhuriya,..

I'll become even more ruthless and frightening than him.

Then his sword will become my sword.

Then his hate will become my hate.

There is one way to escape, Varun.

You can become a human from a demon.

But its secret.

Father! -Its secret...

Father! -Its secret...

Father! -Rudraksh!


Rudraksh! -Rudraksh!

Rudraksh! -Varun!



Welcome, Varun! Welcome!

No, Varun! My brother!

My brother! No!

You feel like showing off your powers, don't you?

Do everything, brother.

That time will come too.



(Glass Shatters)

Till today, this Rudraksh didn't let me touch it.

But you have achieved it.

Varun, my brother.

Don't betray me! This Rudraksh is mine!

Return it to me!

We are all yours.

But that Rudraksh is mine alone!

I made you my brother with so much love.

In return,..

..this is the death you gave me.

Why, Varun?

But why?

This is demonic policy.

Brother kills a brother.

But this Rudraksh...

I worshipped it.

I became its slave.

Let me touch it once before I die.

Varun, please!

Varun once!

Varun, please!

Let me touch it once.

Let me touch it once, Varun!

Let me touch it once, Varun!