Run (2013) Script



Suspect is running towards Warren and Chase, on foot.


Okay. Adam 4 here!

We're in pursuit of suspect!

Get down here!



Help! Help!

Tredman, are you okay? Oh no.

I'll catch him in the alley.



Where are you going?

Good evening, sir.

My name is Sam Burns, I'm a member of Neighboorhood Watch.

I might have seen a young man breaking in to your apartment.

I'm sorry, I didn't.. No, I didn't hear anything.

Maybe the sound of your TV..

It's probably what it was. I'll turn it down, sorry.

Okay, thanks for looking out.

Sorry. Okay, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Again with the broken watches.


Wake up.

Quick, get up.

What is this? You know we can't make money of this stuff.

How many times do we have to have this discussion?

I'm sorry. You know the rules.

And you're nearly get caught by neighborhood watch dog?

Pack your stuff. But I didn't.

Pack your stuff, we're moving.

Come on dad, not again. He's a nobody.

You got cocky.

That's why we're leaving.

You're jeapordizing our freedom, again.

What am I gonna do with a broken watch?

Who's gonna buy a broken watch?

Here we go. His paranoia kicks in and we're packing again.

I know I should have stopped messing with the cops, I just can't help myself though..

There was a time I actually enjoy the change of scenery.

It was exciting, like a game.

Now, it's just routine.

Keep what matters and don't leave a trace.

You learn to live light and tight when your life is a hit and run.

In a strange way, he's doing the best he can for us.

Funny thing though..

The fact with this doesn't bother me at all.

Just another place to leave, another identity to forget.

There's a bright side though.

I'll miss that math test tomorrow.

We spend more time in this car than any apartment we've ever lived in.

We go wherever we want, whenever we want.

For me, the only time I'm truly free is when I'm running.

So we're in constant motion cause if we stop, we're dead.

Stay with me, stay with me.

Why have we stopped?

A little change of plans, Danny.

Where are we going?

New York.

New York?

You said we could never go there. I know, it's too dangerous.

I gotta face what's chasing us.

Apparently when you work for a crime boss and fall in love with his sister..

You're looking for trouble.

I think my father still feels responsible..

For what happened to her.

My mother was shot..

And died giving birth to me.

My uncle blames my father and has been hunting him ever since.

He doesn't even know I exist.

Really, besides my father..

Who does?

Want some hot tea?


That'd be great.

Remember.. New town..

Same rules. Same rules.

I got it. Okay.

I got it.

The rules are simple and easy to remember.

Rule number 1: Know your world.

It all starts to look the same.

Hallways, windows, exits, classes, faces..

More kids I'll never get to know.

Rule number 2:

Follow your instinct.

You can't go wrong with that one, right?

Rule number 3:

Let me go! Let me go..

Trust no one.

The fact I know the rules, doesn't mean they're easy to follow.



Shut it! Shut it!

Not today, officer.

Dude, I owe you one. Catch you around.

Hey bro.

Thanks a lot for this morning.

Mark Baltimore.

Sean Preston. DeShawn?

Just Sean, I stutter sometimes.

Where are you from, bro? Detroit.

I would have guessed Milwaukee, but.. I've been there too.

Hey, Mark.

You got that I-phone locator? Yeah.

Good, next time you lie to mom, turn it off.


Who's that? That was my sister.

She's crazy, don't say I didn't warn you.

About those rules..

Should I follow my instinct here?

What happened to her arm? New fashion.

So look, you're the newbie here, right?

Normally I spend some time kicking your ass, but..

Since you saved mine this morning, I'm gonna give you the grand tour instead.

I appreciate that, but.. But what?

I got.. You hear this kid? Unbelievable..

Yo, what's up dude? What's up, man?

Yo, what's up man? How are you doing?

Yo, this is the newbie, DeShawn.

I'm giving the grand tour, so?

I'm sorry, yeah you guys are alright.

What's the first stop?

Well, what do you..

What about the cafetaria?

I like you, man. You got your priority straight.

You know Jeremiah. He's old school..

Betray the business, betray the family.

It's just a missunderstanding. It's an oversight.

Saved by the bell.

Who's this?


Mikele? It's been a long time, my friend. How are you?

Blast from the past.

You know what they say..

Live free or die, right? Yeah.

Where are you?

Listen, Lucius I need you to do me a favor.

Think you can arrange a meeting between me and Jeremiah?

Arrange for a truce?

You know it wasn't me who pulled that trigger, Lucius. You were there.

Just plain old Luke, these days.

And I don't anymore, I wish I could believe you.

Can you do it?

For old time sake? I can't promise you anything.

You know Jeremiah.

He never forgets.

Do the best you can, okay? I'll call you.


He's a tough little bastard. He says he doesn't know a thing.


Can you track a number for me?

No, I'm betting it's local.

Yo, are you good?

Yeah, it's nothing. I just pulled a muscle.

Have I seen you in my building?

You know Squirell? No, nice to meet you.

Check this out.

Bro, we don't compete, remember?

We'd totally win this.

Wait, what are you guys talking about?

These guys want to compete in.. Junior High cock fight?

My ape of a brother here didn't introduce us properly.

I'm Emily. Sean.

It's weird how you stutter your name, bro.

Nice to meet you.

Me too.

So yeah, like she said, we do park core, we don't compete.

Come on, maybe we should. First place team gets 5k.

No, spider. Why don't you guys just won the money?

It's not why we do it.

To fit and endure.. You're too conservative.

We'll be training the same way, it wouldn't be any different.

The motivation is different.

We could really use the money.

We can fix the gym up. How beast we can all get?

We can make a video like those crazy Russian guys.

And think about all the free runners you can meet.

I'm still not getting it.


It's self expression.

Moving through the environment, freeing your body.

It's physical art.

Like taking this whole place and turning it into a canvass.

And you're the brush, it's really fun.

'can be dangerous though.

He might hurt himself. He's right, he's too scared, man.

I'm not scared.

If you're afraid, you just shouldn't try. It's for real men.

Hey, get down! Stop it, get off all of you!

Alright, it's time to take him to the Oracle.

Sean, this way. Enough, come on!

You two, get to class.

Only if you're worthy, you can make it into her den.

Up there?

I told you, it's for real men.

Focus, you can do it.

Guess that'll have to do.

Damn it.

Piece a crap. At least it didn't shoot firework this time.

Maybe if we got that money, we could fix the lights.

The school doesn't think we should..

Share the gym with other more noble sports so..

We found this sketchy place.

And we love it.

So, are you ready?

Show time.

This is definitely going on Youtube. No, please don't.

Hey, nice try.

He's about as agile as my crippled sister.

I guess I'm not cut out for this.

You.. How did you..


Do you.. No.

My mom would kill me if there was another neck breaker in the family.

Grandpa fireman, father fireman.

Brothers aspiring firemen.

Too much testosteron in the family.

I did this practicing ballet.


How do you know?

Cause you're..

The way you walk.

You usually notice how people walk?

I guess. H, show rookie some moves, will you?

Why they call him H?


Be like water, my friend.

Like water?

You never heard of Bruce Lee?

The actor?

No, the philosopher.


Be like water, my friend. Shapeless, formless, like water.

You see, water can flow and crash.

As water you can find your way around or through obstacles.

As water, you can be as light as air..

Or strong as a bullet.

I can hook you guys up if you want.

Just saying. I'm not..

I will see you later, DeShawn.

I'm not gay.

Poisonous. Come on.

Hey man.

You're late. What happened?


Then what happened?

Just checking out the neighborhood.

Know your world, right? Absolutely.

What are you cooking? Meatballs.


Wash your hands.

I found a new hit.

You're gonna love this place.

You gotta be careful.

Cops get involved, we're toast.

This is the spot.

Don't be late.

You got school tomorrow.

No watches this time, in and out fast.

No messing around.

I like the night cause I can watch people living their lives.

Without having to deal with them.

It's kinda like sightseeing.

Come on Mark, give me your best shot.

Come on, daddy's right here.

You got lucky on that one, bring it back.

Alright Mark, $5 says you can't get by me again.

I learn to cherish these moments.

Come on dad, this is soccer.

Some more than others.

Tom, get off me! Come on, babe..

I'm serious. Back off!

Come on, babe. I'm serious, get off me!

She said stop. Mind your own business, dude.

You want to fight? Then get out of my way.

Sean, it's okay.

Next time I'll bite your tounge off.

You like is so much, you want a souvenir?

Hey, hey!

There's where your face caved in, D-bag.

Stay the hell away from my sister.

She's broken anyway.


How's school?

Having fun?

Yeah, just..

Just been checking the school out..

Finding out any place I can get in and out fast. I was..

Actually gonna go tonight, and also I'll check out the neighborhood.

I was thinking maybe we'd see a movie tonight.

We could do it tomorrow maybe. If that's okay with you.

Yeah, that's okay.

But be careful, they're still looking for us.

Lucius? It's Michael.

This is the third time I've called you.

If I didn't know better, I think you're avoiding me.

You got my numbers. Just call me.

Stay with me. Gun shot wound..

Stay with me! Maria! Stay with me!

Stay with me!

I hope I'm doing the right thing.

So it's true.

He's back.

He has a kid with him.

It's his son.

He's registered at the school under the name Sean Preston.

Sean Preston.

Sean Preston.

You know, Lucius, Sometimes life..

Has a wonderful taste.


I want the boy too.

Alive, understood? Absolutely.

I'll deal with it personally.


The last time you dealt with it, personally..

I lost my sister.

I can't stand this freaking thing.

Just few more days. No, 2 more weeks.

It's getting late. I should probably get back.

Our place is on fire. Squirrel's still stuck inside.

Go! Come on!

Fuck! Squirrel is still in there.

We gotta get in there. Don't be stupid.

I'll call for dad. I don't have service.

Don't move, Mark.

Come on..

Firemen will be here soon.

The surface will be hot, so be careful. It'll be too late.

It's suicide!

Squirrel, where are you?

Okay, the firemen are close. I've talked to dad and..

Where is Mark?

We tried to stop him.



Where is Mark? Is he okay?

He's still in there.

What are you doing?

Just shut up and give me your pocket knife.

I have to do this.

Grab him!



Come on, get the water going. Dad, thank God.

Where is Mark? He's still inside.

Come on!

Are you okay?

You're good?


Yeah, I'm in the shower.

What's that smell?

Actually, it's me.

My clothes, there was a fire at school today.

Fire at school?

Yeah, the smoke got into everything.

They had to walk us out.

Are you alright? Yeah, fine.

Anybody hurt? No, not as far as I know.




How's everything going? It's good, you?

Sean! Sean!

You're alright? Yeah, I'm good.

I love you, man.

You sure learn quick, one time with my brother and you're a pro.

Emily.. You said you never done it before.

Why would you lie to us? I didn't.

You got bitten by radioactive spider or something?

I didn't even know there was a name for it.

But that doesn't explain how..

Sis, let him breathe, alright?

Sean, man..

I owe you big, our lives..

That's why I'm gonna give you what you've been dreaming of, ever since we met.

A date with my sister. What?

Let me explain though.. Do I get a say in this? -No.

It's a date, right? And I can't guarantee the usual perks.. Mark!

Hey, it's up to you, bro.

Come on, let him know where we live.

And be nice.

I understand this is really awkward.

Maybe I should give you the proper street address.

And use the front door this time.

Now you need a nickname, brother.

How about "Balls of fire"?

Yeah, Fireballs, what do you think? Fireballs on fire..


Hello, nice to meet you sir. Is Emily home?

You bastard!

I'll get you, little bastard!

I swear to God!

Nice, you got that from my neighbor?

No, well..

I think that's for me.


What happened to the cast?

I waited long enough.

How did you know it was up there?

I followed my brother and his friends here once after they snuck out.

I saw some pretty crazy stuff here.

And that stage.. That stage is where I had my first dance recital.

Once I saw what they could do that night, I just..

I just saw things differently.

It's no longer obstacles, but opportunities.

How did you learn?

Just by myself.



You don't say much.

I don't really have much to say.

We move a lot.

What does your mom think about that?

She died when I was born.

I'm so sorry. It's fine, happened a long time ago.

Come on, I want to show you something.


It's awesome.

You first.. I..

Actually already tried.

So it wasn't ballet.

It's not so hard.

You can do it.

But how do you know that you can do it?

Just see it.

Get to know your world.

Examine the setting.

You have to see all the little details.

Where you put your hands, your feet..

Or your land.

Imagine it.

If you can't imagine it..

You won't make it.

And you just trust nothing but yourself.

And the last thing..

Don't think..


You can do it. Trust me.

I can't.

Thank you for walking me home.


I had a nice time tonight.

I had a great time too.

So what got you into running?

My brother mostly.

A little sibling rivalry, I guess.

What do you like about it?


It's freeing.

Yeah, I got that.

Your brother is right.

You listen to my brother too much.

He says you're dangerous. Not for you.

Are you getting me? You can see everything from here.

Now I see what you're up to that night.

I'm.. really sorry about that.

Crap, my mom. I gotta go.


Here you are, you must be Sean.

My hero!

I'm Tim's grandmother.

I'm sorry I didn't come over sooner but..

Who knew you were right here.

This is you, right?

Tim just told me that you were our neighbor.

I couldn't believe it.

I hope you like cake.

It's his favorite.

I made it just for you.

Thank you.

I know it's kinda late, I don't want to keep you.

Thank you so much for..

Bringing the cake.

I just..

Want to thank you, so much.

You're an angel.

You have an amazing son.

Tell me about it.

Can I walk you to the door?

I don't want to leave again.

What's her name?


The ponytail that's making you all stupid.



You love her?

Love is a funny bird, man.

Bird that doesn't fly straight, makes you do funny things.

Like bring somebody into a world..

They have no idea how to swim in.

This has nothing to do with her.

It has everything to do with you, Danny.

You being reckless..

And risking our ability to be free.

Free? This? Yeah.

This is not freedom.

Not being able to live where we want.

To stay with who we want, to do what we want.

This is not freedom.

Danny, I promised your mother I would take care of you.

I would make sure that you stay safe.

Keep me safe.

You really think she wanted this life for me? For us?

It's a mess out there, and you know it.

I know.

I know.

I'm sorry if your life hasn't worked out the way you wanted.

It felt good, you know?

Helping someone, being appreciated.

My friend Mark, he's putting together a team.

I could be a part of something real.

Something good.

He said I'm the best he's ever seen.

He's right.

You're incredible.

You're special.

But that what he wants to steal from you.

He'll wreck you for it.

And in the end, life ain't gonna turn out like you wanted.

I tell you to trust no one.

It's not a..

You trust no one.

Not because they might hurt you, because they will.

Did mom hurt you?

What? Did mom hurt you?

Your mother never hurt anyone.

We were young and stupid.

I was careless.

But there's just some things you can't control, son.

Danny! Yeah?

They're here. Shit.


Just focus with me, okay?


You know the escape route? You know where you're going?

Yeah. Know it.

Okay, I'll meet you there. Go.


This is a fight I can win. Go.

I'm okay.

Get inside. Get inside.

I got you.


Lucius. I don't want to fight anymore, okay?

You were like a brother to me.

I just want to sit down with you and Jeremiah.

Cause I'm done running.

I want a truce.

Nice kid you got.

Where is he?

Who's up there? Put the gun down!

I'll see you later.

Hello? Jeremiah, I found Mike.

Local PD picked him up, but the kid got away.

I'll take care of it.

Steward here.


What's his name?

Sean Preston.

Alright, I got it. I'm on it, thank you.



John, Bill, come back.

John, Bill, Stewart here. Come back.

406.. We're looking for a student named Sean Preston.

I just got a call from local PD.

Hey. I need to talk to you, okay?

Wait, what's wrong?

There he is, hey you!

I'm really sorry.

Stop! Wait, Sean!

I got him, he's in the gym. He's in the gym.

I lost him.

I've got him, he's heading for the fire escape.

We really need to stop meeting in the man's bathroom.

The only exit is the front. Lock it down.

Hold him right there, I'm on my way. Hold him there.


Why do you have Sean's jacket on? What is going on?

Officer Steward here is on his period.

So he.. Get out of here.

Chill. Go out!

You got one minute.

What the hell are you doing here?

Do you mind?

Thank you.

What the hell are you doing here?

You don't remember anything I've taught you?

I'm not leaving you behind.

Danny, do you understand what's going on here?

I do. Okay.

You gotta promise me, you're gonna run.

You're not gonna turn back.

Just remember everything I taught you.

Your time is up.

I love you son. Come on!

I'll find you. Dad, please..

Go, go!

The kid just left.

Don't worry, we'll take care of it.

This is bigger than what you've been doing.

Than jumping off balconies, jumping off windows.. I get it.

I know you don't want to hear me, but I'm telling the truth. Alright.

What did they say?

They want to know how we met and what we knew about him.


He's a criminal.

The cops are after him, he's a thief..

Sean is not a criminal.

He's name is not even Sean, it's Daniel. He lied to us.

Look, Emily.

I want you to forget about him, alright?

And if anything else, it's my fault. I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have trusted him. H, don't beat yourself up.

We should just be happy nothing happened to you.

He's right.

They're wrong.

Emily.. No, I don't believe it.

They have proof, I saw it. I don't care what they say, Mark! I know him.

I thought I knew him too, but it's a lie, it's all a lie.

Your brother is right. No!

You're all wrong.

Emily please! No, stop!

What are you doing here, Squirell?

Relax, what are you doing?

Mark told me to give you his jacket if I found you.


They say your father's in jail?

I don't want to talk about it, alright?

I don't think you're all bad.

Just go, Squirrel.

You're not a bad person.

Let's see if I can trust you.


Man, I'm so sorry.

You should go before I call the cops.

I know.. You lied to us.

We took you in as a brother and you lie to us.

I know you can't understand but.. I can't understand because I don't even know who you are.

Who are you, man?

My name is Daniel..

Da da da Sean?

You're not even a good liar.

What do you want from us?

I need your help.

It's a long story, I didn't have a choice.

There's always a choice. I know that now, that's why I'm here.

I want to do the right thing. Then leave!

No, I can't! I can be very persuasive.

Get out of here! Leave!


I ran my whole life.

For the first time, I have something..

Someone to trust.


Mark, run! Run!

Shit! Shit!

Go go go!

Get the girl.

No, no!

Emily! Emily!

Stop! Stop! Call the cops!

They control the police. They?

They who?

There's no time to explain right now. They have Emily.

Shit. She has her phone with her, right?

You're gonna call her? We can track her.

Where's the kid?

I sent the boys.

Well well well..

It's been a long time, my friend.

I almost didn't believe it when Lucius said they find you.

I guess this time it's for real, huh?

After all this time.

So tell me..

What the hell brought you back?

Nevermind, it didn't matter much anyway, does it?

You are a mess.

He is a mess, Luke.

I want you to live long enough..

To know what it's like to lose someone you love.

So I'm really glad they didn't kill you.

Then I have no reason to kill your kid.

And I'm gonna kill your kid and you're gonna watch.

And then I'll take care of you.

Well done, Luke. Could not done it better myself.

He's Maria's son.

He's your nephew.

He can't be! She died.

I forged the documents... and bribed the doctor.

He's lying! He's just trying to safe his ass.

His name is Daniel.

She always liked that name, remember?

He was born May..

Enough. May 17th.


Shut up.

Who is that?

It's his girlfriend.

His girlfriend? The girlfriend.

I don't want the girlfriend.

I want him.

Nobody touches that man.

He's mine.

She stays here.

I'll deal with him.

You touch her, Luke..

Don't you dare lay a finger on my son.


Come on.

What are you doing? The boy, I said the boy.

We didn't have time.

I thought.. You don't think..

You execute, you understand? Luke.. -What?

He'll come for her. You better hope so.

Tell your man to watch out for him.

Do not kill her yet.

We can do this.

Let's go.

Dude, who are these guys?

What the hell, man?

I know you said no cops, but we need some sort of artillery here.

I thought my father was paranoid.

I'm sorry I drag you guys into this. We got to get her back.

Let's go.


Are you okay?

I don't know you.

But I know my son.

He's gonna be okay.

I want to know the second my nephew arrives.

You can't really believe that bull.

Maria died because of him, you remember?

The truth will be known when I can look into his eyes.

It's just another one of Mike's tricks.

He's a con man, he's trying to confuse you.

Petty thieves, stealing garbage from the poor, we've seen this.

Calm down.

You don't understand.

If this is Maria's son..

Then Maria is alive in this boy.

You're the one let her leave the family for him.

I wanted to give her a chance, a life away from all this.

That's what I wanted for her. You?



Not that you ever noticed.

I don't dance.. I need you to find..

Take her to the basement, you make her scream.

The kid shows up, shoot to kill. But Jeremiah..

He won't know a thing. What if he does?

You better decide whose side you're on.

Come on, get up.

Let's go, it's alright.

It's alright, Emily.

Shut up!

Shut up.

Joey, come in!

Joey here.

Keep a look out, we're expecting guest.

Copy that, the docking area is secured.

What are you not comprehending?

I want them alive!

This way.


Go on.

Shut up!

Luke! Son of a bitch, Luke!



Luke, what happened?

Whose side are you on?

Wrong answer.

Go go..

Go, right here.

Shut up! Did you hear that?

I don't know.

You don't know? I hear something.

Okay, I've had enough of your little games.


Giving you 5 seconds to come here.

5 seconds before little lover girl..

Says goodnight.


2.. Make her scream.



You don't want me to put a hole in her pretty little head.



Jesus Christ!

Are you okay? You're okay?

Who are you?

He's gonna explain that later. We gotta go. No, wait.

Your dad's here.

Where? They have him on the second floor.

Go to the roof, I'll meet you there.

It'll be quicker if I take you. No way, I can handle it.

I want you safe.

That wasn't a question, okay? Come on.

It's a mess.

Come on.

I told you to run. No.

Not anymore.

We're done running.

That's my boy.

You want to get me down?


Come on!

Go! Go! Go!

Dad, come on! Daniel, go!

Dad, dad come on!

Go, you take care of them!

Come on! Dad!

Dad! Dad!


Let them go, man.

Come on, it's me you wanted.

I just need to know one thing.

Did you love her?

Did you love her?

With all my heart.

You know it was me.


I'm the one who took her away from you.

But that bullet was meant for you.

Dad strucked up a plea bargain.

He helped shut down Jeremiah's syndicate.

The NYPD got snared a huge scandal.

That was on the front page of every New York paper.

We're finally free.

And this time..

We're home.

In life, there will always be rules.

Rule number 1..

Know your world.

Rule number 2..

Follow your instinct.

Rule number 3..

Trust who you love.