Run All Night (2015) Script

I've done terrible things in my life.

Things for which I can never be forgiven.

I betrayed friends, turned my back on the ones closest to me.


I've always known that my sins would eventually catch up to me.

No sin goes unpunished in this life.

Your life doesn't flash before your eyes when you're dying. That's bullshit.

It's your regrets that haunt you in your final moments.

Everything you failed to be.

Everyone you let down. Run!

Everything you'd go back and change if only you had more time.

Look who's up. Sleeping beauty.

You were fartin' in your sleep again, you know that, Conlon?

How would I know that, dickhead? I was sleepin'.

More like dead to the world.

Danny in yet? In the office.

Here he goes.

And he's chasin' her around the house with his thing all night.

Finally she goes: "How is titty-fucking me gonna make my tits any bigger?"

Boyfriend says, "Hey, baby, it beats me, but it worked on your ass."

All right, there you go. Merry Christmas.

I appreciate that, Danny. Thank you.

All right, get outta here. Shit, shower and shave time for me.

Hot date tonight? Little grab-ass under the mistletoe?

I wish. I'm introducin' my father to some new business partners. Oh, yeah?

Been workin' on it for about nine months and finally he agrees to hear me out.

Hey, well, he's a busy man, your father. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no shit.

All right. See ya later, fellas. All right, see ya.

Hey, guys. What's up, Jimmy? How you doin'?

Christ! Can I get one moment to myself?

Hey, Danny. Hey. What do you want?

I talked to your father this mornin' and the heater blew over at my place.

He told me to ask you about a loan.

A loan? Yeah.

Or a handout? Naw, it's just a loan.

Why he keeps you around, I got no idea.

All right. How much do you need? About eight hundred.

I don't know what "about eight hundred" means, Jimmy. Give me a number.

Eight hundred? Eight hundred?

All right. Thanks, Danny.

Jee... you know... McCauley, he... the son of a bitch canceled on me.

I need a Santa for a Christmas party this afternoon.

Santa Claus? Yeah.

Jeez, Danny, I... You'll be great.

Find someone else? I gotta get home. Yeah. I'll get somebody else.

You freeze your little nuts off.

Come on, Danny.

You see that? You see that switch? I switch, and then I get out.

Yeah. And then you're out.

You control him with the jab. Yeah.

All right? Right.

Put the phone down. Watch me with your own eyes. Okay?

What the fuck, man?

Oh, shit! Yo!

Yo, look at his face. Sorry, man.

Get the fuck outta here.

You started it. Walk of shame.

Yo, Mike, you knocked him the fuck out. What'd I tell you about talkin' like that?

My bust.

See how I kept my elbows tight? Yeah, I saw 'em.

You gotta be careful fighting Garrity. He's gonna wanna push you against the ropes.

Just give him one of these. Knock his shit-talkin' mouth right out.

Sorry. It slipped. Go ahead, Legs.

Gonna find out real soon how fast it can all slip away.

Relax, Mike. I was just messing around. That's your problem.

You got all the talent in the world and all you wanna do is mess around.

I'm told that you're a man of influence, Mr. Maguire, that nothing moves in or out of this borough without your approval.

And my employers are looking for a partner to help bring our product into the city.

We use our contacts in the union, pop.

Three bins a month, dockworkers know which bins are comin' in and all they gotta do is make sure they pass through without inspection.

What exactly is your product?


99% pure. The very best in the world.

And my son told you I'd be interested in this?

Very interested.

The business has changed, Mr. Grezda.

Twenty years ago, I made a living the same way we all did.

Couple big scores a year, but mostly I was a grinder.

Now, you want to lay down on a few ballgames, you came to me.

You want to open up a butcher shop and the bank said "fuck you" on a loan, you came to me.

You know what that butcher shop is today?

No. An applebee's.

Why are you telling me this?

Because I've had to adapt to the times. I am a legitimate businessman now.

I know your business, Mr. Maguire. That's why I'm here.

You're wasting your time.

Hey, hey. Wait! Come on, now.

Pop, just listen to what he has to say. You haven't heard the offer yet.

Two million dollars up front. After that, you'll receive 20% of all the product you allow to pass safely through the port.

The answer's no.

Take the night to think it over.

Once you've considered it more carefully, you'll realize the mistake you are making.

How do you think I survived in this business for 35 years?

Everyone I came up with is either dead or locked up in federal prison waitin' to be buried.

I don't make mistakes.

It's Christmas time.

My friends are here to celebrate with me. Get the fuck outta my house.

Take this shit with ya.

Guys. My old man. I don't even know what just happened.

We paid you to guarantee your father's support.

Just let me talk to him, all right? I'll get it all figured out.

I'll be stopping by your house tonight... to pick up our money.

You know what happens if you don't have it.

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, guys.

Fucking garbage. I hate Albanians.

What the fuck was that?

Did you even listen to what he had to say?

That's not our business, Danny.

Shut your mouth. I'm talkin' to my father.

What's the problem, Danny? The problem is... all I ever hear outta your mouth is when am I gonna pull my weight?

And now I bring you a piece of business...

A good piece of business. And you're mad because I let it walk out the door. Yeah.

When I was younger, somebody made me the same proposal.

I made so much money bringing cocaine into the city, I had to rent a storage unit to store all the cash.

The problem was, everybody got hooked on the shit.

I watched my friends rot away in front of me until I couldn't recognize them anymore.

I had to kill people I loved because I couldn't trust them.

Not enough money in the world to pull me back in.

Pop, I made promises to these people.

I can't just walk away. You made a mess.

It's time somebody other than me cleaned it up.

One, two, three, four, five, Lily, what are you doin' in here? I'm hiding from Catelyn.

...nine, ten.

Is she in here? Is who in here? She's over there.

I see you. It doesn't count!

You have to tag me! I said I see you.

Doesn't count unless you tag her. It doesn't count unless you tag her.

You didn't touch her. Tag!

You got tagged. Didn't I tell you girls to get ready?

We're going to your uncle Ricky's house. Go on. Get your butts in that room.

I thought you were off tonight. I was.

Till somebody broke her wrist fallin' off-a the jungle gym.

So you're not comin' to Ricky's for dinner?

I can pay the hospital bill or go to Ricky's for dinner. What do you want me to do?

I want you to do what you promised. And you said Friday...

Don't tell me what I said. I know what I said.

Fine. I don't want you there anyway if you're gonna act like an asshole.

Hey! Come on.


Come on. I'm sorry. You better be.

What're you working on? It's for the baby.

Show him what our lives were like before he came along. You like it?

I'm sorry. I forgot to take it out. No, it's all right.


Now I won't have to see him for another five years.

We want Santa! We want Santa!


Kids are waitin' for you. Yeah, I know. I'm comin'.

And a bitty baby and a Barbie power wheels car and a Nintendo 3DS.

And a hello kitty backpack... Yeah.

Merry Christmas. There you go.

But I wasn't finished.

I'll read this on the way back to the north pole. Okay? There you go.

Whose idea was it to get Jimmy to do this thing?

Okay. Who's next?

This little girl.

What's your name, sweetie?

Kristen. Kristen.

Mommy? Santa smells funny.

You think Mommy wants to sit on Santa's other knee?

I think Mommy's a little too big. Oh, Santa can make lotsa room on here.

That's my wife, Jimmy.

Frank. It's Christmas.

Gimme a call if you wanna break the Irish curse.

I'm skinny, but I'm long.

Okay... let's see what Santa brought you this year, Kristie.

Shit! Fuck! Fucking kids!

Jesus Christ! Where is he going?

Santa'll be right back, kids. I didn't get to read my list.

Get in there!

Jesus, guy, come on. It's Christmas.

Oh, God.

Hey, Pat. When you get done in there, get him a meal... and some water. Come on, Pat, gimme a drink.

You remember what that's from, don't you?

Must have been, what, the summer of '71? Point Pleasant.

'70. We enlisted that fall.

That's right. I was in that bed with Jenny Blake.

You were in this one with... you know, what was that redhead's name?

Maureen Galvin. Yeah.

All of a sudden, from downstairs, my father's voice booms out:

"Who the hell's been drinking my scotch?"

And Jenny, she jumped off me so fast... bam!

She smacked her head right on that thing, knocked herself out.

You get enough to eat? Yeah, yeah.

Got plenty left over, you wanna take some home.

No. I'm fine.

Rosie mad at me?

She'll get over it.

Gimme a cigarette, will ya?

She'll think the smell's coming from you.

You wanna tell me what's goin' on?

Come on, Jimmy.

You look like a goddamn castaway.

I can't sleep no more, Shawn.

I keep seeing their faces in my dreams.

Whose faces? All of 'em.

Terry Burke. Vince Amato.

Ernie Hayes.

It was different then, Jimmy.

We did what we did because we had to.

Billy, too.

I see Billy a lot.

I got no one left in my life because of the things I done.

I chased everyone away.

Look at me.

Look at me.

What do I always tell you?

Wherever we're going, when we cross that line, we're going together.

Me and you.

Me and you.

Yeah. Yeah.

Excuse me, buddy, where the hell are you taking us?

There's construction on the Manhattan bridge.

Traffic's a mess over there, so I'm tryin' to save you a little time.

Or make yourself a little more money?

Trust me, okay? I lived there my whole life.

Just one hour away from another chapter in a historic rivalry that is the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden in New York.

It is a crucial game in the eastern conference standings for both teams.

Look who it is.

You wanna join us? I'm expecting someone.

Bullshit, Jimmy. You don't got any friends. Detective Torres, meet Jimmy Conlon.

Jimmy and I spent a lot of quality time together back when he was killing people for Shawn Maguire.

Nice to meet you, Jimmy.

We had a name for him on homicide task force. Jimmy The Gravedigger.

What happened to the other guy? That ginzo?

Tornetta. Yeah. The ginzo.

He retired. I guess he got tired of workin' with a D.A. on Maguire's payroll.

Tired of watching murderers like you walk free.

Maybe you should have taken a bite outta that pie, Harding.

You still wouldn't be wearing suits like that.

You're breaking my heart. You don't like my suits.

What's the number, Jim?

What's the number? Tornetta had you at sixteen.

I always thought it was more. I made a list once. All the names.

How'd that work out? Seventeen.

You see, Tornetta, he didn't have Ernest Hayes.

But that was yours. Doesn't ring a bell. Sorry.

I get a letter from his widow, every year, handwritten, asking me if I got any new information.

25 years later, she's still lookin' for closure.

I got stacks of those letters... crowdin' my fuckin' desk.

That get under your skin at all?

Why don't you whisper it to me. What's the number, Jim?

What's the number?

Tell your partner they don't serve chimichangas in here.

You know when the nightmares... when they get so bad you can't look at yourself in the mirror no more, you give me a call.

Let's go. Suddenly I lost my appetite.

...and we are now less than an hour to go until the puck drops.

Get the door.

Hey, guys. Hey, there the boys are!

Be gentle. Be gentle.

You're grabbing the real weapon there, baby.

Hey, Danny! My boy!

What do you think? Nice apartment.

Come on in. Sit down.

So, Danny...

Where's our money?

You're a businessman. I like that about you.

All right. You heard him. Get him his money.

In New York City, which means we're less than twenty minutes to go till the opening face-off between the New York rangers...

Jesus Christ. Hey, Legs!

Come here.

What'd I tell you about riding around these streets alone?

I don't gotta answer your questions. You're not my dad, Mike.

So that's how it is between us now. Yeah. That's how it is.

Your mom know you're out here?

What if I called her? Let her know you're out here on your own?

We have some serious weapons here? That's loaded! That's loaded!

Look. I'll go home if you give me a ride.

I can't give you a ride. I'm with a client right now.

Come on, Mike. Just let me sit inside. I ain't never been in a limo before.

Look. I won't break anything. I promise.

All right. If I let you inside, you'll go home straight after?

You go home straight after? Promise. Straight after.

Caught him.

It's all there. Count it.


Do you find this funny, Danny? Think about what you can do with that money!

You can put up a luxury high-rise on park place. excited at what they can do in the playoffs...

Oh, dang, this is my song, Mike.


Do you have any idea what we gonna do to you?


Look, I'm...

I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I was upset with myself, not with you.

It's all right. I was just worried you weren't gonna come back.

I'm not going anywhere.

Yo, Mike. Mike, check this out.

Shit. Get down!

Get outta the car.

Danny. It's Mike.

Get out of the car. Get out!


Move. Move. Move.


I found this in his jacket.

What do we do?

Move! I think you should call your dad. and we are ready for the opening face-off center ice at Madison square garden in New York.

Off the face, New Jersey in control, Henrique.

Henrique gives it to Jaromir Jágr, and he gets the puck all the way down near the goal line.

Sends it in front and it's cleared out by Lundqvist...

Hey, Shawn.

Listen, sorry again about...



My Michael?

Yeah. Yeah. Sure.

Gabby? Gabby?

Gabby? Catelyn?


Tell Danny to stay put until I hear from Jimmy.

What about the Albanians?

It won't be long before they realize Grezda's not around.

They'll come after Danny.

What are you thinking about? The exact moment my son went wrong.

Hey, Ricky. It's me. Put Gabby on the phone.

Michael? Hey.

Listen. I need you and the girls to stay at Ricky's until I call you back, okay?

What? Why do we have to stay here? Gabby?

No! Tell me what's going on, Michael! Gabby? Goddamn it!

I don't wanna yell, but it's the only way I can get through to you! Hello?


Can I come in? What are you doing here?

I got a call from Shawn. You talk to the police yet?

Talk to the police about what? We both know why I'm here, Michael.

Now, let's figure this out so no one else gets hurt.

You stay out of my house, you understand me?

What are you gonna do with that thing?

So, what, they sent you to keep me quiet?

Shawn would... well, he'd appreciate your support.

You mean he'd appreciate me keeping my mouth shut.

Yeah. Who were they?

I don't know.

Whatever Danny did, I'm sure he had a reason for it.

You always had a reason?

Or were you just... following marchin' orders?

Let's just get through the night?

After that, you can go back to hate me all you want.


Yeah, I get it.

I get it! All right. Yeah.

No, I'm not goin' nowhere.

Oh, that's the house here.

3428 56th Drive. That's it.

Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, your old man told us to stay put.

He wants me to clean up my mess. That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Well, I think we should wait for Jimmy to get here.

Maybe you shouldn't think so much.

You don't smoke in my house.

The place looks nice.

I haven't been here since... Since Mom's funeral.

It was nice of you to show up. Well, I heard there was free booze.

It's funny to you.

Just trying to be... Yeah.

Five years and it takes Shawn Maguire for you to come see me.

You never wanted me to come see you. Because you're trash.

And I don't want trash around my family.

They shoulda locked you up a long time ago. Made you pay for the things you did.

Just because I'm not behind bars doesn't mean I'm not paying for what I did, Michael.

So, what happens now?

I'll go see Shawn. Let him know we talked.

I'm sure he'll wanna show his appreciation.

A little money he could set aside for the girls.

Catelyn and Lily. What's that?

My daughters' names.

Catelyn Grace Conlon and Lily Margaret Conlon.

I know what their names are. Do they know mine?

They don't got a reason to know yours. You're not a part of their lives.

It's bad enough you were part of mine.

Goodbye, Michael. Goodbye, Jimmy.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

Call an ambulance.

What are you just standing there for? Call an ambulance!

You're wasting your time.


Yeah. It's me.

How'd it go with Michael?


I just killed your boy, Shawn.

I just killed Danny.

I had to. He was gonna shoot Michael.

Are you sure he's dead? Yeah. I'm sure.

Who is it, honey?

You know how this has to end.

Yeah, I know.

For Michael, too.


Hey, Shawn.

Wherever we're going, when we cross that line... we're going together.


What are you doing? I'm calling the cops.

You don't wanna do that. Trust me.

Get out of my house.

Get out of my house! Get out of my house!

Get out!

911, what's your emergency?

This is Michael Conlon.

3428 56th Drive.

A man's been... shot and killed here.

In self-defense. Did you shoot the victim?


My father did.

Oh, no.

Report of a shooting at 3428 56th Drive. All area units respond. Over.

You Michael Conlon? Yes, sir.

Officers Randle and Colston. Come on in.

I don't know where to start...

I work as a limousine driver, and earlier today I picked up a reservation.

Two gentlemen at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

And... and they wanted me to take them to Ridgewood.

Lift your arms for me, please. Lace your fingers together behind your head.

Turn around, please. Yes, sir.

What the he...? What the hell? I'm trying to explain to you.

You feel that?

Say another word and I'll blow your fuckin' teeth out your ear.

I'm not hiding anything. I'm trying to explain to you.

Officer, you're making a fuckin' mistake here. I'm trying to tell you...

Six-double-0-five at 3438 56th drive. That ALS unit en route?

Ten-four, six-double-0 five. Westbound on 32nd.

All right. Let 'em know there's a deceased white male in the kitchen.

Neighbors saw an armed suspect flee the building just before we arrived.

What the hell are you talkin' about? White male, black sweatpants, black hoodie. Approximately 6'3". What the hell you doin', man?

Suspect is armed. He's lying! I'm in the car!

We're gonna take a drive around to see if we can locate him.

Hey! Let me outta here! Ten-four, six-double-0 five.

Let me outta here! Let me outta here!

Where you takin' me?

Hey, that's Frank.

He wants us to follow him.

Get outta here!

Oh, shit!

Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!

He's still comin'.


He's comin' back. This fuckin' guy won't quit.

Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!

Get back! Get back!

Get back!

Mike. Mike!

My God.

Cover your face!

Give me your hands.

You okay? No! I'm not okay.

Come on! Let's move!

Come on.

Don't do it, son!

Come on. We gotta move.

Come on!

What the fuck?! Hey!

Hey, asshole!

Slow down.

Come on, let's go! Move, move, move!

You owe me $2.50, dickhead. Back off, pal.

I'm not gonna back off! You stole my fare.

I'm not gonna say it again.

Are you kidding?! Get lost!

I'm not gonna get lost.

You should at least apologize. Look, I'll give ya the money.

Take it easy, man. Jesus Christ.

Forget about it. It's just $2.50.

Hey, Frank. Your wife called me earlier.

Yeah? What'd she say?

She wants to take me up on my offer.

Is that right? I gotta tell ya.

I've never seen a woman swallow twelve inches the way she does.

South entrance clear.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are being held momentarily by train traffic ahead of us.



Rose is asleep. Don't wake her till the mornin'.

Load the bodies from Danny's into Michael's limousine.

Dump the car where the cops can find it.

Make sure everything points to Michael.

I know. It's my fault. Every shitty little thing in your life is my fault, right?

I'm turning myself in. Not yet, you're not.

Shawn's gonna come after you, Michael.

And if he can't get to you, he's gonna go after your family.

Right now you've gotta worry about staying alive.

And I'm the best chance you've got. I know how this works.

I want people at his house.

Right now, Shawn's got everyone meeting at the Abbey.

And from there, they're gonna start pulling your life apart.

Friends, family, coworkers.

Go! Anyone that can connect them to you.

And the cops? They've got their own motivation.

You know what they do to cop killers?

They don't like to leave it in a jury's hands.

Hey, Paul. Yeah.

I got what you need. Got it.

Let's go. Woodhaven, Queens.

There's gotta be a few good cops. Someone'll listen.

The good cops won't listen to you 'cause you're my son.

25 years, I've been chasing this son of a bitch. This has gotta end tonight.

And those two bodies from Danny's place, Shawn will make sure they point back to you.

This is fourteen-eighty two. We got a one-eight-seven in the suspect vehicle.

They just found two bodies inside of Mike Conlon's limousine.

Albanians. Part of a gang that operates out of Brooklyn.

Right now, we're the most wanted men in this city.

Michael, listen to me.

One night. That's all I'm asking. Listen to your father for one night.

If I can't figure this out by the morning, I'll walk myself into the precinct and tell 'em I blew those two officers away.

One night. Then you never have to see me again.

One night.

This way.

Gimme your lace. What?

Your shoelace. Come on.

What're you doin'?

Where's your family? My brother-in law's.

I want you to drive there. Make sure they're safe.

Don't move until you hear from me.


Where're you gonna go?

I'm gonna talk to Shawn. See if we can fix this thing.


Stay off the main streets. Yeah?

I'm so sorry, Mr. Maguire.

I'm so sorry for all of this.

He was my best friend.

I shoulda done something. Look at me. Look at me.

Did he suffer?

Danny? Did my boy suffer?

He just kind of went down. It was real quick.

Thank you.

It's okay. Come here. It's okay. Sorry, I didn't want him to die.

Did anybody see who killed the cop? Witness couldn't identify the shooter.

Conlon and the son were both seen pulling their weapons.

They couldn't get to Michael. I know.

Jimmy called. He wants to meet in the old neighborhood.

You need to see this.

A city-wide manhunt is underway tonight as police search for two suspects identified as James Conlon and his son, Michael Conlon, who they say took the lives of two police officers during a deadly chase on Jamaica Avenue earlier.

We're also getting reports tonight the two could be linked to a double homicide.

Two bodies were discovered inside a limousine believed to have been driven by Michael Conlon.

What do you got? Just got off with the dispatcher.

Last contact she had with the patrol car was at 3428 56th Drive.

Officers responded to a report of a shooting at Michael Conlon's house.

Do you wanna guess who the victim is? Danny Maguire.

Michael Conlon told the officers his father was the one who killed him.

Harding. Evening, Detective.

This is Jimmy Conlon.

You got some fuckin' nerve. You better be on a plane to Shangri-La.

I tried. Flight was full.

I got fifteen witnesses that say you ran a cop car at Jamaica Avenue killin' an officer, while your son killed his partner.

I killed that cop. Not Michael. Bullshit.

If your son's anything like you, he was probably laughing when he pulled the trigger.

I need your help.

I am the last person on this earth that you should be asking help from.

You're the only cop I can trust.

And what's in it for me? I'll turn myself in, confess to killing those cops, if you agree to help Michael.

I'll die in a prison cell.

That's what you always wanted, right, Harding?

You're gonna die in a prison cell anyway, Conlon. There's no way out this time.

And I'm pretty sure that I can find a witness that says your boy did it.

Tell me what you want. Names. All of them.

Every life you took. Every family you ruined.

If you give me that... maybe, fuckin' maybe, I'll listen to your son.

Not yet. I need to take care of a few things.

Turn yourself in. You drink coffee, Harding?

Yeah. Six cups a day for the last thirty years.

Put in a little extra sugar. It's gonna be a long night.

Gabby? Where are the girls? What happened to your face?

They're asleep upstairs. Hurry up and go pack their stuff.

Why do you have a gun?

Look, Michael, whatever you're going through, there's a way out.

Mike. Mike. Look, Michael, we get...

Sit down, Ricky. They said you killed two cops.

It's all over the news. Tell me you didn't do it.

I picked up two clients today, took 'em to Danny Maguire's house.

And he killed 'em, he shot 'em both, and then he tried to kill me, too, 'cause I saw him do it.

Did you call the cops?

It's not that simple. What do you mean it's not that simple?

Look, I grew up around this stuff. I know what these people are capable of.

And now they're comin' after us.

You gotta take the girls and go.

I'm calling the cops. Baby. Baby, baby. Baby.

I'm gonna fix this.

But you gotta trust me.

Okay. You gotta tell 'em you haven't seen us.

Do I have to? They're not gonna just go away, Ricky.

Open the goddamn door!

Can I help you?

Okay. Come here, sweetie. Come here.

Where we going, Daddy? We're gonna play hide-and-seek.

Where do you think you're goin'?!

Be real quiet, okay? Uncle Ricky's gonna try to find us.

Can I help you find something in my house?

Who was here for dinner? Just some work friends.

You always serve your friends chicken nuggets?

We're on a budget.

Where's your friend?

I know your sister called. What are you, stalking me?

What did she want? She was cooking dinner.

She asked about a recipe.

A recipe?

Chicken nuggets?

I'm calling the cops.

Call 'em now.


Okay. I got it.

Tommy! We gotta go!

Be quiet.

They just left.

It doesn't count! You have to tag me!

Driver, pull over. Turn off the lights.

Anyone gives you shit, your transmission blew and you're waitin' for a backup.


You want a drink? Nah.

Don't make me drink alone.

Miss, get him a scotch, will you? On the rocks.

So I heard you... left Frank face-down in the subway.

Frank was an asshole. Frank had 15 years and 30 pounds on ya.

I thought he woulda worn you down. So did I.

Gomez shoots... Close game.

Coming up on two minutes to go...

It's gotta be fifteen years since I've been in here. The place looks different.

All the old places look different now.

Me, Richie Ryan, Mickey Featherstone would meet every Saturday night for drinks.

Sit in that back booth, back there.

Yeah, I used to bring Danny here when he was a boy. Special occasions.

His first communion, I ordered him a lobster.

Waitress brings it out. Big as this table. Beautiful, too.

He takes a look at it, and he says, "do you have any chicken fingers?"


How's Rosie?

Hell of a thing to know you're never gonna make the woman you love happy again.

I'm here asking for my son's life, Shawn.

I pulled the trigger. I killed Danny.

You wanna send someone for me, tell me when.

I'll keep the door open, I'll put my gun on the table.

Michael... he's a good kid. He's got a family. He don't deserve this.

Michael was not gonna talk. If Danny hadn't shown up...

You think I sent him there? I told him to stay put. He wouldn't listen.

He was into some bad shit, Shawn. Don't talk to me about my son.

I'm gonna do what I have to do to protect Michael.

If that means I gotta talk to someone...

Talk to someone? Cops. John Harding.

The things I know. Things that mattered twenty years ago?

What, you think the feds are parked outside, listenin' to this conversation?

Take a look out there. Nobody gives a shit about what you know anymore.

Nobody gives a shit about you.

You die tomorrow, you'd rot away alone in your bedroom until the stench gets so bad the neighbors got no choice but to call the cops.

Wouldn't be any point in having a funeral because no one would come.

He shoots! Forty seconds to go. Kick save by Lundqvist.

I'm the only one ever cared about you.

And all of that ended an hour ago when you killed my son.

I'm comin' after your boy with everything I got.

I won't let you take him, Shawn. You got no choice.

And when it's done, and it will be done, you and I are gonna meet back here at this restaurant, at this same table that I used to share with my boy, and I'm gonna look you in the eyes, just like you're looking me in the eyes right now, and I'm gonna see how empty they are without your son in the world.

Same thing I saw in my wife's eyes.

Same thing you're seein' in my eyes.

And when I see that... then I'll let you die.

Lundqvist couldn't get his stick on it. And it just missed. Two, one...

And it is over at the Garden. The Rangers win it 3-2.

Thanks for the drink.

Where do you think you're going?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy.

I left my wallet in my seat. I'm leaving town tomorrow.

I'm screwed without it. Please. All right. Take this guy down to his seat.

Thanks, pal. All right.

Easy, fellas. Game's over. No re-entry. Sorry.

Sir! I got it! Thank you!

What'd he say? You need to get your family out.

Remember the cabin I used to bring you to when you were a boy?

Up by north-south shore? Take the throughway all the way up to Haines falls.

Yeah. You'll be safe there.

Stay here.

Yeah, that's... that's Danny.

That's my son.

Who's that man, Daddy?

It's nobody, honey. Let's get in the car.

You know where you're going? I'll find it.

Hey, babe. Look at me. It's gonna be okay. Go.

What're you doing? Get in the car.

If I run now, I'll never stop running. Michael. You have to leave the city.

There's this kid I train down at the boxing gym.

He was with me in the car at Danny's house. He saw everything.

Can you keep me alive long enough to get to him?

I'll drive.

Get me Price.

So you keep in touch with your mom's side of the family?

What, you're the big family supporter now?

Listen, I came home a few times. Your mom and I tried to work things out.

The only time you ever came home was when you needed a place to lay low.

And I'd find a gun hidden in every room in the house.

And I'd be scared to death that you'd end up like cousin Billy.

This is Price. I got a job for you.

Two people. I'll double your quote. But it's gotta be done by the morning.

They killed two cops and a couple of squarehead gangsters in Queens.

The whole city's huntin' 'em down. I need you to get there first.

What are their names?

Michael and Jimmy Conlon.

You're fuckin' with me, right? You want the job or not?

Conlon? I'll kill that motherfucker for free.

Just make sure his son dies first.

Your next one, is it a... a boy or a girl?

A boy.

Boy? Got a name picked out?


You like what you do, driving a limo around?

Sure. I do cartwheels on my way out the door every night.

That bad?

Since when do you give a shit if I'm happy?

This is for your own sake, right? I say I'm happy, that life turned out all right and then you don't feel so guilty about leaving.

That's right. Yeah.

So, are you?

I'd be happier if I were still fightin', but...

I used to watch your fights. That's fuckin' bullshit.

Over on Church Street. I'd stand in the tunnel.

I was there when you lost to Ramirez.

You didn't have the killer instinct to make a top-class fighter, Mike.

I got fucked by the judges. The judges didn't fuck you.

You were ahead at the end of the fourth, and you stopped using your jab.

You could've made the rankings if you'd've used that jab more.

That's life. It don't offer any do-overs.

Believe me, I know. Otherwise, I would've put in for one a long time ago.

You've got a lot of anger in you. Wouldn't you? With you as a father?

Because I left? You got it backwards.

The things I did, the things I seen... it becomes who you are. You can't just go home and scrub it off.

The only way I could protect you was to walk away.

Forget about you and your mom.

I wanted a better life for you than the one I chose for myself.

That's it.

I'm sorry, Michael.

Hey. You know this kid called Legs? You know where he lives?

Building three. Which apartment?

What do I look like, Google maps? Thanks.

His name's Curtis Banks.

You know, his mom works as a nurse. No, sorry.

Yeah? I'm lookin' for Legs.

Yeah. Me too. Preferably spread.


911. What's your emergency? Yes. The bad guys that was on the TV?

They're outside the door. Just hold the line.

All units respond to a code one. Positive I.D. on the I-278 shooting suspects.

648 Park Avenue, Marcy Houses, building three.

Hi. I'm lookin' for this kid called Curtis Banks?

Open the door, please.

He not ready. He not ready. No, you not ready.

Terrell is gettin' his ass beat. Boy, you see!

Yo, go get the door. Hurry up.


I'm lookin' for this kid Legs, or Curtis. Who are you?

It doesn't matter who we are. Do you know him or not?

Sorry, but my mom told me not to talk to creepy-ass old men.

Hey. You. I seen you before. Down at the boxing gym.

You know Legs, right? Yeah, that's my brother. Is he okay?

I need to get ahold of him. It's really important.

He's not answering his phone. Where would he go?

I don't know. Well, think.

I need you to tell your brother that Mike needs his help.

It's really important. All right.

Let's go! We gotta get out of here.

It's a big building. We've got some time. Let's wait.

We're looking for a white male, in his thirties...

Anybody in there? Open the door, please.

Let's go. Everybody out. Come on, folks. Let's go.

Police! We need to evacuate this building.

Everybody out!

Copy that. I'm covering the southeast... Sir! You can't be back here.

You don't understand. My mom lives in this building. She's having chest pains.

There's two fugitives hiding in the building. I'm not allowed to let anyone in.

Could you check on her for me?

What's her apartment number? 317. I have the keys right here.

Two tactical units are heading inside now. And you're sure Conlon's in there?

Why do you think I saved you a front-row seat?

Open up! Police!


What's goin' on? Now's our chance.

Let's move.

Fools are in there! He's got a gun!

Get back! Get back! Move! Freeze!


Targets are on the twelfth floor, headin' down the west stairwell.

Repeat, twelfth floor.

Let's go! Let's clear 'em out!

Shots fired in the west stairwell. Two officers down!

Holy shit!

Attention. An emergency has been reported in this building.

Repeat: Do not use elevators. Please leave the building.

We gotta get everybody outta this building now!

This is some bullshit.


Easy does it. Okay.


Do not use elevators.

Shit! He's got a gun!

Please leave the building, utilizing...

You ever wanna see your family again, leave. Leave now.

Who was that? He's a professional killer.

He won't stop until we're all dead.

Go, Mike. Go!

Hey! Price! Come on, you fucker!

Come on, Price! You dumb fuck!

Don't do it, Michael.

Don't do it!

Don't fuckin' move! Let's go!

Police! Freeze! On the ground!

All right, we're comin' down.


Conlon! Stay there, Conlon!

Goddamn it, Conlon!


Stay back.


Come on. Hey! Jesus, Conlon.

Come back up. Come on. I'll give you a hand.

They're inside on the ground floor!

I want them in custody.

Easy. Easy.

Get on the ground! Put your hands up! Suspects heading north toward the rail yard.

We have the area surrounded!

Get on the ground!


Don't fuckin' move!

Hold it right there!

Eyes on the suspects.

Headed to the east quadrant!

I lost visual.

Conlon, it's Harding. It's over. Do ya hear me?

You gotta surrender.

That's it. We're comin' in.

He's not in here.

Is he fuckin' here?!

You can't ever pull that trigger. You understand me?

You pull that trigger, you're no better than I am.

We get everybody to go back to the edge of the perimeter, and we work our way back in.

We'll go to your uncle Eddie's house. Come on.

Hey, uncle Eddie. Michael.

Just pull the sleeve.

I got it.

Don't wipe off the tattoo.


There you go.

What the hell happened to you?

We were jumped. Over on Bedford Avenue.

One of 'em had a knife this long.

Took my wallet, too.

Where's Mom? Is she asleep?

Mom... is in the hospital again.

Jesus Christ. Yeah.

What you got yourself into now, Jimmy?

It's been all over TV. All night long.

Showin' your picture. Cops come here. Asking me, have I seen you?

Do I know where you guys are, both of yous?

So, what's going on?

I'll need your car. Mike and I need to lay low for a while.

It wasn't enough that you ruined your own fuckin' life?

Now you're gonna bring Michael into this?

I'm not bringing Michael into anything. I'm trying to get him out.

Who you running from this time? Shawn Maguire.

I killed his son.

I killed Danny.

Get the fuck out of my house!

Get the fuck out of here!

It's not his fault this time. He's trying to get me out of this.

No, he's not trying to get you out of this, Michael. He's not.

He's only loyal to one person. He's gonna turn you over to Shawn.

I'm his son. He's not gonna turn me over to Shawn.

He killed his own cousin for Shawn Maguire.

What the fuck you talkin' about? I'm talking about your cousin Billy.

No. Roy Demeo's guys killed Billy. Everybody knows that.

For God's sake, Jimmy. Tell your son the truth.

Billy had problems.

Yeah. Sure. Billy had problems.

He couldn't quite quit the dope.

Billy used to follow Jimmy and Shawn around everywhere.

He thought they were some kind of goddamn heroes.

And then the night he got pinched, the D.A. wanted him to rat out Shawn.

Otherwise, they were gonna lock him up for ten years.

And he's just a kid, and he's scared to death. And he was gonna talk.

But Jimmy, he wasn't gonna let that happen. Were you, Jimmy?

I had to tell the boy. He can't trust you.


Mike! Wait!

Michael. Wait. Michael!


Whose side are you gonna choose this time, Jimmy?


Yeah, Cheryl's off tonight.



We heard from Price? Not yet.

Is it done? Not yet, Shawn.

I'm giving you one more chance to walk away from this.

You're giving me one more chance? That's right.

As long as you're comin' after Michael, I'm comin' after you.

Walk away, Shawn. Walk away to what, Jimmy?

Ain't got nothing left to walk back to anymore.

This is between you and me. Leave my son out of it.

Fuck you.

Then we do like you always said.

We cross that line together. Right now.

Tell everyone to get ready.

Jimmy's comin'.

I'll take another, Terry. All right. One sec.

Hey, Terry.

You fuckin'...

Drop it.

Open the door. Come on. Move.

Been a long night, Jimmy?


Growin' up, all we wanted was to be like those guys we saw walkin' down to their social clubs on tenth Avenue.

Now look at us.

I never wanted to be like those guys.

All I wanted was to be like you, Shawn.

I'm sorry, Jimmy.

Shawn. Stop.

Come on, Shawn.


We got a walk-in.

Young kid. Says he's got information about Mike Conlon.

Get down!

Why didn't you bring this to me earlier?

I thought they killed Mike and maybe they were comin' after me.

My little brother found me at my friend's place and told me that Mike came by the apartment and said he was in trouble.

So... that's why I'm here.

Can you tell me how you know Mike again?

Trains me down at the gym on fourth ave.

They... they got a program for kids who don't got dads.

He's my mentor.

All right. Sit tight. I'll be right back.

Call ballistics. Tell 'em to check Danny Maguire's gun.

See if it matches the bullets in the Albanians the patrol found earlier.

All right. Got it. Call for you, Harding. Line two.

Tell 'em I left for the night. It's Michael Conlon.

Says he wants to turn himself in.


I won the first round, so... You won the first round?


Catching up to me.

You lose!

I'm getting over here.

What the fuck are you doin' here? Cops are on their way.

I'd get the hell out of here, if I were you.

I'm too old to run.

Where the hell would I go anyway?

It's over, Michael.

You and your family don't have to worry about Shawn no more.

When the cops get here, I'll tell them everything they wanna hear.

That you... didn't have any part in all this.

You mi... you mind if I wait inside?

The girls are still in there.

Yeah. Right.

It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Gabriela.


Nice to meet you, too, Gabriela.

Why don't we go inside.

Babe. Let's go inside.



Girls. This is your grandfather.

Hi. My name's Catelyn.

Well, hi, Catelyn. I'm Jimmy. Nice to meet ya. You're a pretty girl.

Why were you standing by my house earlier?

I was waitin' on your dad.

Did you get all wet? Oh, just a little.

Wanna say hi to your grandfather?

Could we go feed the ducks now, Mommy? Come on. Let's go put your coats on.

Okay, Lily, you got the bread? Yep.

You're gonna hold on to it? Got it!

You have to give some to your sister, too, okay?

No, I won't eat it. Let's go.

I'm gonna go and keep 'em busy. Okay. All right.

I don't want the girls to be here when the cops come around.

Yeah. Yeah, they shouldn't see that.

Goodbye, Michael.

Duckie. Remember to walk really slowly, okay?

You don't want to scare them.

You okay?


I gotta go back up there.

It's for me.

Okay. I'll be right back.

Get the girls out of here. Come on, let's go.

Stay quiet, honey. Stay quiet.

Oh, God.

Where's Daddy? I'm scared.

It's okay, honey. You have to be quiet-quiet.

Gabriela, run!

You should have killed me when you had the chance.



Mike! Put that gun down!

I'm innocent! I didn't do anything! I know. I know.

I need you to put the gun down.

Get on the outside, Legs. Get on the outside.

Get off the ropes, Legs. Get off the ropes.

There you go. Roll to the left. Get outta there.

Check him with a jab. There you go. There you go. Quick feet.

Yes! Two! Three!

He's done. Four! Five! It's over!

That's what I'm talking about. Beautiful! Now get in the middle.

You're gonna get a big, big sugar rush.

Take the nose. Put that there, like this. There you go.

What's that supposed to be, Cate? Frosty the snowman, duh.

Duh! What about you, sweetheart? Rudolph the reindeer.

He's so pretty I might have to take a bite. No, Daddy! It's mine!

Okay, I won't do anything.

I gotta go get ready for work. Don't take all of them.