Running Scared (2006) Script

Come on! Come on, kid!

The fuck?!

Look at me. Fuck!

Come on, Oleg, stay with me.

Come on. Come on!

Come on, kid. We're gonna make it.

We're gonna crash!

Yeah, mon.

Sweet like cola wine.

Come on, we count the hundreds only.


Why don't they finish it?

We're good.

What you have there?

It's all looking very good.

Nobody fucking move!

Eat the floor, fucker!

Down on the ground!

Get down!

Now, you cocksuckers!

You heard him! Get down!

You're makin' the biggest fuckin' mistake--

Ohh! Shut up!

Down, motherfuckers, down!

Everybody, eat the fuckin' floor!


Now, very fuckin' carefully, reach into your jackets and take out whatever you're packin' and slide it under the bed!

Fuck you.

Come on, all of you!

Move it! Come on, fuckheads!

Keep it moving! Now!

You better spend it real quick, shitbags.

You ain't long for this fuckin' world.

Yeah, right. I'll be sure to have a Mai Tai on you.


All of you goombah fucks.

Come on. I'll have one on you, too.

Go, go! Come on!

Come on! Move, move, move!

Hurry! Fuckin' move!

Get going! Move!

Let's go, let's go, let's go! Come on!

Come on! Now!






No, man.


You fuckers! You motherfuckers!

We don't give a fuck about these niggers.

Now, you spill Perello blood, you're deep-six invested. Walk clean.

Piss on Perello blood! Fuck him!

Aah! Ohh!

Oh, shit!

God damn it!

I don't think so.


Aah! Son of a bitch!


Oh, fuck!

Come on!

Get up, you fuck!

Come on!



Guys, let's blow this cunt!

What a fuckin' pussy!

What? Where you goin', you fuck?

We can work this out! Let's talk!

Fuck you!

Uhh! Aah!

Shut the fuck up!

Where the fuck you reachin'? Huh?

Please-- tell you what...

Have a Mai Tai on me, huh?

Fuck me. He's a cop.

A fuckin' cop?!


Get the shit, and let's go! Now!

Hurry the fuck up!

Fuckin' dirty mooks.


Is there one fuckin' honest cop in this fuckin' city, huh?


Give me your gat.

Take this shit and get rid of it.

And do me a favor-- don't fuck it up.


Give, loser punk!



Oh, sorry. You ok?

Oh, shit.

I didn't mean to do that.

Call now.

Hey, boss.

What are you doing there?

Whacking off to the E! Channel again?



I just want to smell you. Stay just like that.

You didn't call, you son of a bitch.


Let me guess.

Those are my pearls you've been promising?

No. No, it's nothing.

It's just a little recycling.

Joey, come on. You are looking for trouble, 'cause if Tommy ever found out about that-- shh. Just remember, it's just our little insurance policy, all right?

'Cause there's no way in hell I'm gonna be thinkin' about gettin' some of this right here lookin' at you through some glass window.

There's no fucking way.


No, Joey, come on. No, no, no, no, no, no.

No. No!

Come on, baby. Baby, look. Look at me.

What? Nicky's around.

No, Nicky's busy.

Come on, I'll be quick and real quiet. Come on.

Quiet? I don't think so. Quick, I can believe.

You know somethin', Mrs. G?

What? You're bad.

Ha ha! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.

I got a rep.

Yeah? You got a rep.

Yeah, some things-- you got a crazy rep.

Teresa likes to make it on washing machines.

On select occasions, yeah.

Uhh! Ohh.

Oh, no, no. What?

My sauce! My sauce is bubbling!

Wait, that's how I like it!


Aw, fuck! Come on!

Hey! You use language like that, you ain't gettin' no after-dinner dessert.

Go find Nicky.

I think he's up in the bedroom with Oleg.

Why's he always with that russkie kid?

Don't he have no other friends?

Joey, you know, they get along.

It's fine. What do you want?

I don't want him going over there no more, that's what I want.

I know. He knows.


He knows.

I'll go get him. Mm-hmm.

Yo, Nick.


Oh, shit.

Come on.

Get down.

Ahem. Dinner.

Can Oleg stay?

Babe, it's already been 3 times this week.

I'm sure his mom would like to have him home for a change.

It's ok.

I'm not even hungry.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Go razors.

You, go wash up.

Those hands are scary.

Good night, Oleg.

Good night, Mrs. Gazelle.

He's not even up there.

They turned the damn basement into a sports complex again.


Come on, T, how many times am I supposed to tell him?

Joe, what do you want? They're just boys.


Dad, I won't do it again, I swear.

Don't you expect me to make book on that.

Now go get your grandfather.

I just washed my hands.

All right.

Hey, Nick.

Razors and blues Friday night?

120 Yellow, pal.

No way!

It's gonna be a total deathmatch between Chester and Erlich.

They're going home in body bags!

Red ice!

Hey, um... Can Oleg come?

He's never been to one game, and-- no. No, not this time.

Sal can only score me a pair of tickets.

Maybe next time, though.

Go get your grandfather.

Get up.

Get up.


Come on.

Come on, man.

Make it different this time.

Get up.

Get up.

I said, get up!

What is this?

Wolfgang puck. It's your favorite.

It's thick-crust...

You damn Blyad.

I cut off crust for you.

It'll be better.

Bring me another Moskova.



Come here.

Come here.


Watch this.

John Wayne in the cowboys.

I don't like cowboys.

Come on.

It's the Duke.

Come. Sit.

When I was growing up in Kishinev, we had no VHS, no DVD back then.

I remember...

I did a job for this friend of my father.

I pickpocketed a key off this apparatchik.

The man gave me as a reward this children's projector.

It came with 3 films--

Speedy Gonzales, Tarzan of the apes, and John Wayne in the cowboys.

I watched that thing...

A thousand times.

Anzor, it's getting cold.

I was 9 years old.

I didn't know how long movies were supposed to be.

My version of the cowboys, it was only 10 minutes long.

No John Wayne getting shot.

Because it was for kids, they left that part out.

I didn't know this...

Until I arrive in America and see it on TV for the first time.

I hate it.

I want my 8-millimeter back.

Because on that one, the Duke lives.

Some things were better in the old place.

Not too many.

Some things.

Let me show you from the beginning.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Oh, go forward.

This part's better.

Without the Duke?

Where are you going?!

You don't walk out on the Duke!

She said he's always distracted and he never finishes his work, and she wants to get him tested.

Wait, she wants to get him tested?

Tested for what?

I think maybe, uh, attention disorder or something.

I'm not fucking a.D.D.

Hey! You don't use that word in front of your mother.

What's wrong with "A.D.D."?

The other one, smart-ass!

And he don't use that word, period!

I don't want to be on medication.

You can't make me take it, 'cause I won't.

No, no, Nick. You know what? Don't even worry about.

There's no way in hell anybody's gonna put you on meds, ok?

T, why don't you tell that teacher to come down to the rink and watch him wax that puck?

That's perfect concentration every time.

That's different, Joe.

We're just--we're just trying to find out what's going on with you.

Ok? Buddy, she said some great things, too.

She said--she said that he's very bright.

She said he's very creative.

You left that part out before. I like that part.

I got potential.

What are you doing?

You takin' a collection down there?

He must eat.

The little prick...

Insults the Duke.

He don't eat in this house.

You hear me, you little snotface?!

Stay in your room!

Jerk off to your fucking razors!


He's a growing boy.


What did I fucking say, Suka?

He has to eat, anzor.


Who puts food on this fucking table?


Not you, Blyad.

I'm the big man of this house.

When I say the little shit don't eat, he don't eat.


John Wayne was a faggot.

So, uh, Vicki Goletto told me she saw you walking hand-in-hand with Jeannie's daughter.

The fat one?

That sounded like a gun.

Hey, Nick, throw me some bread.

Aah! Shit! Get down!

Get down! You ok? You ok?!

Jesus, Joe. What the hell?

Stay here. Motherfucker.


I'm gonna kill that fuckin' piece of shit!

Where are you going?

You Russian piece of shit!


Shoot my fuckin' house. I'm gonna fuckin' kill you.

Dad, wait!

Get back in the house.

Get back in the house!

Get back in now! Go!

Stay right here. Don't you move, son, ok?

You fuckin' piece of shit. I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!

Nicky, get inside.

Fuckin' piece of shit!

Joe! Joe! Aah!

What's the matter with you? I just called 911.

Leave it for the cops!

Get the kid and take him back in the house!

You fuckin' piece of shit!

I'm gonna kill you! Open the fuckin' door!

Oleg's my friend! I'll kick it in!

He's my friend! Open the door!

Joey, don't be a damn hero!

Open up! It's Joey Gazelle from next door! Open up!

Open up!

Get back! Get back!

Where is he? Is he upstairs?

He's in-- what? He's-- listen, get down.

What the fuck?

Where's the kid?


Where's the kid?

Fuck him. I'm the one who's shot.

Who is he? Is he still in the house?

The little snotfuck ran out back.


Oleg? What are you trying to say?

Oleg shot you?

What are you...

A fucking idiot?

I didn't do this to myself.

The little prick put a gun to me, too.

Look at him.

She used to fucking make-- where'd he get the piece?

Where'd he get the fuckin' piece?!

Fuck should I know?!

What, it wasn't yours?

No! No way!

I got a .357 in the safe out back.

He had some fucking snub-nosed thing.

Silver. Chrome.

This is bullshit, Nick!

Now you tell me! I'm not playing around!

We saw where you put the gun, but he didn't take anything-- not with me.

Well, he went back, Nicky.

Well, I didn't know.

I swear I didn't know.

Come here. Listen to me.

Listen to me. That piece, that's not just any hot piece.

Tommy used it to burn a dirty cop.

Oh, no. Yeah.

Joe. Yeah. No, no.

Listen, listen. On top of it, that kid's out there right now.

The cops are on their way.

If they find the gun or they find the kid and he talks, I'm dead.


Calm down! Calm down.

Yeah. Calm down.

We can get to him.

You can get to the gun before the cops do.

Oh, shit.


Hey, so where you gonna take him?

Grimley Memorial.

Hey, Mila, you know, I think you should go with him, ok?

Nyet. Ya padazhdu.

Yeah, no, you should go with him.

I'm gonna go look for Oleg.

Me and Nicky are gonna go find him, ok?

And I'll get Teresa to stay here in case he comes back.

All right? All right, you should go.

Ok. Thank you, Joey.

Yeah, no problem. I'm sorry.

Yeah, no problem.

Yeah, we're gonna find him. Don't worry about it.


Come on.

Police officers.

Sir, you live here?

No, no. Actually, I live next door.

I heard some gunshots, so I came over, you know, to see what's going on.

What did you see?

Uh, I saw anzor, my neighbor.

He was in the kitchen. He--he's been shot.

He say who did it?

Nah. He was screaming in Russian.

His wife, she asked me to stick around for the kid. He's out somewhere.

You don't know who shot him?


I'm gonna need to take a statement outside.

I can't have you messing up the scene, ok?

All right.

Hey, check it out.

I don't see nothing inside.

Maybe all the way back.

Got it.

Leave it for forensics.

Sir, I need for you to wait outside.

All right. No problem.

Fuckin' havin' a heart attack.

I can't--I can't-- breathe.

I got to find this kid, t.

I got to find this kid tonight.

Nick, I need to know places, all right?

I need to know hideouts. Go to your room right now and make a list. Nick, make a list!


I'm not fuckin' around, Nick.

Joe, just-- just take it easy.

There's no fuckin' time!

All right, I want you to wait next door, and the second he shows up, call me.

I got to fuckin' do something about this.

I can't have the kid fuckin' talking to the cops.

You understand me?

The fuckin' gun is on the street.

This whole fuckin' goddamn thing is about to fuckin' blow up.

If fuckin' Tommy or any of those fuckin' guys find out about it, I'm a dead man.

You got to fuckin' help me.

If I fuckin' have to.

Hey, grab your jacket, Nick. We're going for a ride.

All right, Nick.

I want you to stay in the car, all right?

Don't get out for anything, and if I'm not back in one hour, I want you to call your mother.

She'll come and get you, ok?

Excuse me.

Ok, take her to burn now.

You're going to be fine.

Dr. Gutierrez, 745. Dr. Gutierrez, 745.

Excuse me.

Um, who's in the other room?

Is that Yugorsky, gunshot victim?

Teenager, D.U.I. Car wreck.

I think they just lost a G.S.W. in 3.

Lost? He--he's dead?


No, wait. He took a bullet right here.

No, a major trauma to chest.

Been in surgery all day. Guy was a cop.

Oh, wait. No. Yeah, they did bring someone in about 40 minutes ago.

O.R. number 2. I think he's gone upstairs already.

That's this way?

Can I help you... Dr. Donaldson?

Yeah. The cops are waiting outside, and they need to run a match on this bullet asap.

Well, I'll make sure they get it right away.

Excuse me.

You looking for this?

Yugorsky, G.S.W., shoulder?

You got to help me find him, Nick.

What are you gonna do to him?

I'm not gonna do nothing.

I just need to get my gun back and bring him home.

You sure?

Talk to me, Nick.

It's this old abandoned rec center in the park.

Me and Oleg would hang out there sometimes, read comics.

He might be there.

Nice gun.

Lo Chan to admitting.

Detective Rydell, narcotics.

I already made a statement.

I don't know who the shooter was.

Fuckin' niggers all look the same.


Anzor Yugorsky.

Any relation to Ivan Yugorsky?

My Uncle.

The czar of Brighton beach.

I been to his club a couple of times.

Nice joint. He even sang a few songs.

He sings like a fucking toad.

Well, Sinatra he's not, but he's a man with a serious reputation.

He has a lot of enemies.


I told you. It was just some fucking crackhead.

Yeah, well, I spoke to the officers on the scene.

There was no sign of forced entry, but they did find some interesting shit out back--

6 cases of Nyquil, and it ain't even cold season.

Now, what do you think a search warrant is gonna turn up, huh?

Dr. Cookson, call imaging services.

Dr. Cookson, call imaging services.

Come on, where?

It's this way.

Let's go.

Quick, come on.

Come on.

Go. Go, go, go.

This way.

Be cool...

And let me do all the talking.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

Help you?

Yeah. How much you got?

Oh, I got a lot.

Ha ha ha. Yes.

Oleg, it's Nicky. Are you in there?

Is this the spot?


Now, where's the stash?

Last stall, motherfucker.

Go. Find the stash.

Find it.

Go on.

Find it.

Find it!

Heh heh heh.


We're gonna search this entire fuckin' park.

He might still be around.

What the fuck do you think you're doing, white boy?

All right, drop it, man, or I'll fuckin' waste the midget!

Come on!

He's just a tagalong.

Plug 'em, Dale! Plug the motherfucker!

Fuck him up!

I'll fuck you up, man! Just let my boy go!

Pop a cap in his ass!

Wait, motherfucker, wait!

Man, shoot this motherfucker! Shoot that--

All right, stay right by me.

Here. Against the wall.

You stay right there. Don't you move.

You stay right there.


Hey, hey, I didn't do nothing, officer.

I--I--I just came-- you put your fuckin' hands against the stall now!

Put your fuckin' head down!


I--I told you to stay outside.

Did you find him?

Get the fuck outside!

Get out of here!

I'm fuckin' talking to you! Turn around. What'd you see?

Did you find the gun?

Did you find the silver gun?

Did you find that fuckin' silver gun?

I--I--I don't know.


You want to study for your G.E.D.? Here.




Look what you done to my fuckin' ride, bitch.

It's just 6 weeks, baby.


I only been taking one class-- one class, two hours a week.

I still got time to be pullin' tricks.

3 fuckin' gs I find you for these fuckin' airbags, and what do I get in return?

Fuckin' night school?

I'll quit.

I'm super-proud of you for showing some initiative.

Maybe I'll even come to your graduation.

But first you're gonna give me back my fuckin' property!

You learn how to use that watching sesame street?

You ain't even holding it right.

What's the matter, kid?

You got the shakes?


Now I'm gonna put a smile on your face, boy-- cheek to cheek.

You're gonna be the happiest little brat in school.

Say cheese.


Who's laughing now, you fucking gray meat limp dick motherfucker?

Mack daddy!

Who's mackin' now, bitch?


You got some cojones, kid.

Let me see your fingers, son.

Is this--hey, hey. Is this your son?

I'm taking care of him tonight, ok?

Well, unless you have the name and number of his doctor and I can get a prescription over the phone, you're gonna have to take him to emergency, ok?

Now, if you want me to call you a cab--

I don't need no fucking cab.

I need some spray shit for him.

Well, that spray shit happens to be a controlled substance, ma'am, so what can I tell you?

Keep the change.

I can't--this is stupid. I can't do this.

Listen, why don't we go out in the back, and we talk about it, ok?

Look, lady--

I'll take care of you.

There's nothing I can do, lady.

There's nothing you can do?

Take him to emergency.



Nothing you can fucking do?

Get what he needs...Now.

It's Beclovent.

Yeah, I know.

Beclovent, bitch!

Come on, let's just go back.

No. No. If he turns up, your mom's gonna call.




Do girls really get naked in there?

You'll find out when you're 21.

I've seen mom naked. It's no big deal.

Trust me on this one. It's always a big deal.

Stay here.

Put your hands together for the sexy redhead...



It's taken care of.

Oh, it's taken care of. Lucky us.

Guys, sit down. Have a seat.

Don't be shy.

They make a good Mai Tai for a twat bar, but seriously overpriced--

$2 million for a round of drinks, and the pussy ain't even that hot.

Hey, baby.

Jodi, I'm doing business here. Jodi...

Come on. Get the fuck out of here.

$2 million.

Suck a dick, you prick bastard.

You don't have shit on us.

What do you think of this?

The cops never found these at the scene, just 2 dead narcs and 3 dead Jamaicans.

Ballistics is going to reveal that the slugs that killed my partners didn't come from the Jamaicans, so there were others involved.

As for myself, uh...

I was never there.

Well, dead guys tell no tales.


Why don't you ask your pal here?

What the fuck you talking about?

You blew my partner Stevie's balls off with a .38 snub nose, a real distinctive piece-- stainless, polished up like a spic's hubcap.

Now, let me take a wild guess here.

I think that you gave him the gun to dump in the river.

Now, I'm assuming that he never got around to it, because 2 hours ago, his next-door neighbor took a slug in the shoulder.

The shooter was the guy's 10-year-old stepson, who was over at Gazelle's house

2 hours earlier.

What the fuck you trying to do here?

Huh? You trying to fuckin' play us?

Because you're wasting our fuckin' time.

This is goddamn fuckin' bullshit.

Bullshit? Bullshit, huh?

This punk anzor Yugorsky, he describes the gun to me in vivid detail.

Makes mention it's a snub nose with a serious shine to it.

What the fuck is this guy talking about, Joey?

He's talking about a fuckin' shiny gun.

Big fuckin' deal.

There's a thousand of them on the street.

It ain't the fuckin' piece.

Oh, yeah? What were you doing at the hospital when they brought Yugorsky in?

Huh? Sniffing around emergency?

You know what I figure?

I figure you were there to pull a switch on the slug they took out of him.

My wife asked me to go to the hospital.

She was concerned--you know, in a neighborly way.

She wanted me to go to see-- all right, you know what?

Enough bullshit.

I expect to find a bag in this locker at Dominic station by midnight.

If the bag is not there one minute after, I'm taking you all down any fuckin' way I can, even if I have to manufacture the case.

And you know I will, because I got the toughest mob in the world.

I'm the law.

All right, stay put.

I'm gonna grab you a burger.

I'm not hungry.

Yeah, but you didn't finish dinner, so I'm gonna grab you something to eat.

Stay here.


Don't go in there. Let's just go home.

It's gonna be all right.

No, it's not.

Hey, Frankie, how you doing?

Hey, how are you?

Yeah, it's good to see you.

Sit, Joe.

How you doing, guys?

Hi, Joey.

How you doing, man?

Joey. I'm fine.

You want some coffee, something to eat?

Nah, I'm good. But, listen, I got my boy, he's waiting out in the car.

I want to get him a burger or something.

Tony, go and take care of that, yeah?

Yeah, Tony, get him some fries and a strawberry shake.

And don't scare him. He don't know you're coming.

So, Joe...

I just got off the phone with Ivan Yugorsky about this thing with his nephew.

I told you. It's not the fuckin' piece.

Look, everybody knows the nephew is a brain-fried retrobate.

Yeah, whatever.

He's a fuckin' tweaker piece of shit.

And he's cooking meth in his backyard.

I know I told you this already, but it's just a matter of time before he blows up the whole fuckin' neighborhood.

We notice, but it's a sensitive issue with me and you.

Now, I'm in bed with Yugorsky on this gasoline deal.

Hey, it's a good deal.

I don't want to rock the boat.

Aw, fuck that. Fuck those Russian cunts, huh?

Pa, it's the fuckin' narc that's got his dick in our ass.


Calm down, Tommy.

You see, Joe, the tweaker's got it in his head that maybe you were looking to knock him out of the cooking business and help the boy out.

Made a piece available to him.

I would never use a kid to do something like that.


All right, all right, look.

I made a personal reassurance to Yugorsky that I would have my entire crew in the street out looking for that kid.

Now, in the interest of professional harmony, I think we all want to get our stories straight.

You agree, don't you, Joe?

One hamburger, and you're out of my life.

That's it.


Oh, shit.

Hey, kid...

How you doing?

Your old man sent this stuff out for you.


Ain't it a little late for you to be out, huh?

I got twins your age. They're in bed by now.

What are you, like, 9?


And a half.

I got to go to the bathroom.

Hey, Joey...

Looks like your kid don't listen too well.

It must run in the family.

Hey, Nicky, get over here.

Get over here.

What the hell you doing?

I thought I told you to wait in the car.

I had to go to the bathroom.

How you doing, Nicky?

You want, uh, you want some gummy bears?

Hey, Nicky, you wouldn't by chance know where your friend got that gun, would you?

No. Uh...

I have to go to the bathroom.


Nicky, you go to the bathroom.

Have you decided yet?

I have a bus to catch in-- ah. ¿cuando?

I'll have a cheeseburger and a coke.


I got to go to the bathroom.

Don't worry. We're gonna take care of the cop, ok?

I know. Ok.

Where is it?

Hey, Nicky.

Where the hell are you?

I'm almost done.

Well, hurry up in there. Come on, we got to go.

Razors. Razors.

Get over there and wash your hands.

We got to get out of here. Come on.


Hey, sweetie, how you doing?

Good, hon.

All right, Nick, listen to me.

I want you to think really hard about where your friend might be right now, because the others, they're looking for him, and if they find him first, I'm-- they won't find the gun.

What did you say?

What did you say?

Don't you mess with me, Nicky.

I want you to fuckin' talk to me now.

Just promise me you won't hurt him.

Nick, I don't have time for this shit right now.

Now fuckin' tell me. Promise!

Promise you what?

What, what? I promise. I swear to God.

I'm not gonna fuckin' hurt your friend.

Now, just come on. Just tell me.

Just tell me what you know.

Come on.

Uhh. Uhh...

This one here?

Uhh. Uhh.



Uhh. Ohh.

Come on, where is it, Nick?

I thought you said you put it in there.

Well, I did. I put it right there.

Then where is it?

I thought you said you put it in the tank.

I put it in here.

Aw, shit. Which one did you put it in, Nick?

Huh? Which one did you put it in?

God damn it, Nicky.

Why'd you lie to me?

Why did you lie to me?

I didn't.

Why did you lie to me?!

Why did you lie to me?!

I'm not fucking lying! I put it in there!

You just fuckin' killed me, Nick.

You just fucking killed me.

You come here.

Now, I want you to keep an eye open, right?

If you see anybody come, I want you to cough really loud, all right?

You're like a broken record.

I'm telling you. You got to see this.

You better not be jerking my chain.

What are you doing here, kid?

I was looking for the bathroom.

See? Even the kid thinks it's a shithole back here.

Shut up, Ralphie.

All right, just...

You go on out through that door there, turn left, go all the way down to the end, turn left again, and you're there.

You got it?

Uh, which door?

Come here, kid. I'll show you.

Come here, kid.

Hey, yolanda.

Come on. Wait up.

Where you going with my cheesecake?

No, this is for paying customers, not you.


Where are you? Here.

There. I got your number, fucker.

Forget it. I ain't dragging your butt across no state lines.

Look, papa, why don't you just go home?

I bet you things are not as bad as you think they are.

Come on, papa.

Oh, motherfucker!

Be careful what you say!

Get down! Over here.

Run! Run, little man, run!


Let go!

Get off! Get off!

Get off!

Do you know these guys?


Baby? Hmm.

Where the hell are you?

Taking care of things.

Well, forget about it, because they picked up Oleg at a bus station with some hooker.

Who picked him up? The cops?


Jesus Christ. This is fuckin' bullshit.

Hey... Fuck!

Hey! You got Nicky with you?

Yeah, he's right here.

Then stop using your mouth around him and bring my son home now.

Yeah. Yeah, that's what I'm doing.

I'm bringing him home right now.


Do you mind?

I'm feeling kind of parched.

Big game Friday night.

I bet you're excited about that, huh?

It's gonna be red ice and plenty of blue shirt body bags.

Am I right? Ha ha ha.


I could help you, kid-- you and your mom, if need be.

Now, I could get that prick out of your life, lock him up.

I could do that. I'm a cop.

All you have to do is tell me where you found the gun and where you stashed it.

That's it. What do you say?

You let me help you.

Get out of here, Mila.

You know, go to a shelter.

I mean, I can get you an address.

You don't understand.

I belong to him.

No. No. No, no, no. I don't understand.

I was prostitute in moscow.

Yugorsky escort service offered to bring girls over with promise of big bucks.

We would owe $50,000-- you know, pay back through work.

I take offer, not tell them I'm pregnant.

When they find out...

They insist I have an abortion.

Tss. I told them no.

They sent anzor to kill me.

Anzor's not a killer.

He's not hard man like big yugorsky.

He thinks...

He thinks he's, you know, John Wayne.

Must do right thing.

He goes against his Uncle.

He tells big man yugorsky he will pay off my debt.

His Uncle refuses, tells him...

He will send others to kill me to set example.

So, anzor make me wife.

Big man yugorsky can't kill his nephew's wife.

But he tells anzor to leave little Odessa.

He's no longer working for yugorsky family.


I'm gonna get you the name of a shelter.

You ok?

This ain't right, Joe.

He don't need to be put through this.

Nick, I'm proud of you. You done good, all right?

Look, I'm gonna head up to community hills.

The cops don't got the gun yet, but I may have a line on it, so I'm gonna go over there.

I'm scared, Joe.

I am pissed at you, and I am scared-- equal measures.

Be careful.

Hey. Hey.

Just got word. The cops picked up the kid.

Anything you still want to tell us?

Tell you what? There's nothing to tell.

Where you headed, Joe?

Uh, I was supposed to head to the store and pick up some milk and eggs.

In all the excitement, I forgot to do it, so...

Hmm. Yugorsky's gonna call us when he talks to the kid.

Don't go too far.

Later, Joe.

Yeah, see you.

Hey, t...

Lookin' fuckin' good.

He keeps giving me this bullshit story about finding the gun in some abandoned locker in school.

What do you want me to do?

The little fucker shot me.

He ain't gonna spill dick to you.

You know, I don't think I'm being clear enough here.

You know what I mean?

Let me be crystal clear.

You get the boy to give up Gazelle, or I'm closing shop on your tweaker ass, and I'm taking you down fuckin' hard.

Understand me?

Hey, cowboy.

Want to go get some ice cream?

Yo, we got good shit, daddy.

Get the fuck away from my car.

Hey. Hey, I'm looking for Manny Perez.

He--he's not here. No!

Manny? Where the fuck is he?

He's not here. Where is he?

Where is he?!

He's not here!

You better not fuckin' lie to me!


Where the fuck is he? Where is he?

Ok, ok. Where is he?

He's at Armando's.

Armando's. Uh-huh.

He's at Armando's.

Yes. He's at-- get the hell out of the way. You stay right there.

What's your name? What's your name?



Now, you listen to me, conchita.

You listen to me real good.

I don't want to hurt Manny.

Ok. All right?

I don't want to hurt him, but he has something that belongs to me-- a gun. Do you know anything about a gun?

No, no. No.

No. It's block 5, number 602. That's where he is.

Ok. Now, listen to me.

We are now on what we call the honor system.

You comprende? You understand what I'm saying?

Sí. Ok.

You don't call Manny. Ok.

You don't tell Manny I'm coming.

You don't warn him for anything, because if you do, I'm gonna come back here!

I can be an asshole.

You've made your point.

You showed some balls.

I like that.

But now it's time to be smart.

You tell me what I want to know, and I'm gonna reward you-- razors season tickets.

I'm sorry.

It's ok.

I told you, we're cool.

Just tell me.

I'm sorry I missed.

You little shit.

Tell me where the fuckin' gun is.

You tell me, or I will fuckin' kill you.

Uhh! Fuck!




Where are you?

You little shit!


I'll find you!

I'm gonna kill you, you...

You're only making it worse on yourself!

Do you hear me?

Jeez, Edele, I think we picked up a stray.


Hello there.


And who might you be?

You know, I think we should get another ice cream cone.

Oh, I think you're right, papa bear.


Hey, are you Manny?

Manny? Nah. He's upstairs.

What you want with him?


If he owes you any money, forget about it.

Heh! I just cleaned the cabron out.

Yeah? Who is it?

It's conchita.

Ah, conchita.

Oh, la conchita.


Faces on the fuckin' table!

Heads down and fuckin' hands behind your head!

You move, and I will fuck you up!

I will fuck you up! Don't you move, partner.

Don't you fuckin' move.

I'll fuck you up.

Which one of you is fuckin' Manny?

Who's Manny?

Are you done?

You mother-- ¡pendejo!

You Manny? You motherfucker!

Don't call me pendejo, you fuck!

I want my fuckin' gun!

I want my fuckin' snub nose!

You lifted it from the fuckin' Arlington!

Now, where the fuck is it?

Where the fuck is it?



Aah! Aah!

Fuck you! Where the fuck is my gun?


Fuck! Motherfucker!


Look at that.

That's a good smile.

Look at those braces.

There's a little dimple there.

They are.

Yeah, that's super cute.

Isn't this cool, huh?

Here, come on. Look back in the camera.

Try it again. And you push that.

Look in there and push-- oh, my gosh. Yeah.

You can't see, right?

Hey, Eric.

That's very smart. Yeah.

You want to hug your sister?

Yeah. Come on.

Just a little bit. Get a little closer.

Come on, you guys love each other.

You need a little hug.

A little closer.

Come on.

Extend the arm.

Heh heh heh heh.

Come on. Come on, Eric.

You can do it a little better than that.

I mean, that's your sister, right?

That's very good.

You love your sister, don't you?

What about you, Oleg?

You want to be in the film as well, don't you?

My stomach hurts. Can I go to the bathroom?


I'll just hold on to this.


You go outside, you take a right and then a left.

Hurry up though. You're missing out.


Who wants to play dress-up?

Oh, good, dress-up.

We have the burning rocket and the volts.

There you are.

I thought you needed to go to the bathroom.

I couldn't find it.

Silly boy.

I told you to take a right, then a left.


I'll show you.

Don't forget to wash your hands when you're done.


Mrs. Gazelle?

Who is this?

Is this-- Oleg.

I'm sorry about taking the gun, Mrs. Gazelle.

Oleg, where are you?

I think I'm in trouble.

Sweetheart, I know what happened, ok?

I need you to be straight up with me.

Are the police listening in on this call?

No, I'm not with the police.

I'm at Dez and Edele's apartment.

There's 2 other kids here.


I--I think they're gonna to hurt us.

Oh, Jesus.

Come on. No. Is this some kind of a joke?

Oleg, you have caused enough trouble today.

Where are you?

I don't know. I was in the back of a van.

They brought us here.

They got this room with all these toys in it.

They're making a video.

Ok, ok. Oleg, I need you to look around for an address for me, ok?

Um, is there any mail laying around?

I'm in the bathroom.

She's gonna come back any minute.

Bathroom. Oh, Jesus, I don't know, I don't know.

I don't know. Um...

Uh, I don't know. Just call 911.

No. I don't want to go back to the police.


They want me to say I got the gun from Mr. Gazelle.

Do you need some help in there?

I'm ok.

It's my stomach. I'm almost done.

Oh, you poor thing.

Well, I'm right outside.

Oleg. I'm still here.


Ok, so look in the medicine cabinet.

Do you see any bottles?

Prescription bottles usually have the address on the front label.

Do you see anything?

Is there anything in there?

Oleg, what-- what's happening?

Oleg, it's Dez. You want to open up, please?




Ok. Oleg?


Come on. Oleg?

Oleg. Oleg!

What is-- what's going on?


Just open the door.

Mrs. Gazelle, I got a bottle.

So, now read me the address.

1456 Owens Park Lane, Hoboken.

Oleg! Let's go! Open the door!

Oleg? Come on! Oleg!


Wake up, wake up.

We got to go get Oleg.

Come on, put your coat on.

I thought he was in jail.

Hey, homes.

I got a busted headlight.

Hey, Lester, my man.

Ouch. Who got over on you, bro?

Some puta who's forwarding address is gonna be in 10 different zip codes, all of 'em dumpsters.

Heh heh heh. Ha ha ha!

I got you covered by tomorrow night.

Hey, check this out. Is that sweet or what?

Hey, a royal flush put her in my pocket.

300 cold puts her in mine.

No, man. She's a beauty.

Think I'm gonna hold on to her.


Heh. I won't miss 'em-- not until Cinco de Mayo.

Oh, Joe. Shit!

I'm under a lot of stress tonight, so whatever I say don't count.

Do I still have to go to school tomorrow?

I don't know. We'll see.

Remember me?

Who in the fuck are you?

You got something that belongs to me, a snub nose .38.

You just scored it off of Manny in a card game.

I need it back.


I want my fuckin' gun!

Where the fuck are you? Huh?

Don't be fuckin' stupid.

Whoa! Fuck!

Unh! Unh! Unh!

Uhh! Uhh! Aah!

Aah! Uhh!

Aah! Fuck!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

You fuck!

You fuck! Where's my fuckin' gat!

Aah! Help me!

Where's my gun? Where's my gat?

You gonna fuckin' tell me where my gun is now?

Tell me where I can find it, or in about 30 seconds, you're gonna have third degree burns.

You know what that means?

No cock, asshole!

You're gonna have a fuckin' melted dick!

I--I sold it to a pimp, Lester!

Say, what you waitin' on?

Where the fuck can I find him?

Where can I find him?

I need to fuckin' know now!

Buckhill Cab, Union Street!

Ask them!

Aah! Aah!

Stay here. Do not move.

I'm not touching it. Get away from me.

Fuck you!

Ow! The little shit! He just bit me!

Who the hell is that?

I'll go see. Throw me my robe.

Take the kids into the bedroom.

May I help you?

I'm looking for Oleg.

Oleg? You must have the wrong address.

No. He's a 10-year-old boy.

He's pale. He never smiles.

He's my neighbor's kid.

He called me from this apartment.

Owens park Lane, apartment 303.

Well, he must've given you the wrong address, or maybe you heard wrong.

There's no Oleg here.

He also said that he was being held against his will.

That is ridiculous. There's only my husband and my 2 children inside-- no one else. And it's late.

Well, I'd like to take a little look inside just to satisfy my curiosity.

This is absurd. What are you suggesting?

That I kidnapped Oleg?

Or you know what? I'm just gonna call the police, and I'm gonna stand here for the next half-hour waiting for them to arrive when all's you got to do is just let me in.

If you must.

Do you mind?

Go right ahead.

The children's room is on the right.

They are asleep.

Please, go right in.


Don't even ask. It's too ridiculous.

Sorry. I'm really embarrassed.

Excuse me, but I seriously doubt he's hiding in there.

What's through here?

The playroom.

Whoa. Wow.

You guys got your own little Disneyland in here.

Well, it's all about the children, and as you can see, there's no Oleg.

I really hope that you find him.

You hear too many stories these days.

God only knows if it were our children.

Where are your children photographs?

Excuse me?


No photographs.

If they were your children, you would have at least one photograph somewhere in this apartment.

This is ridiculous.

We only just moved into this place.

Everything's in storage.

Now, I really must ask you to leave.

I insist!


What the hell do you want me to do?

You let this bitch in here in the first place.

All right? Right. Ok.

Oh, man. This is too much.

It's too much. It's like some kind of a lure.

You're making a mistake.

Tell her to leave, Dez.

Ma'am, if you don't leave right now...

I'm calling the police.

Call 'em. Call 'em. And be sure to mention that you got 2 abducted children in the next room.

2 children who don't appear in any photographs in this house.

This is insane. Where is Oleg?

How dare you suggest that we-- ohh.

Where's the boy?

Where is he?!

Oh, God.

Oh. You better pray he's not dead. Oh.

Back off, you sick fuck.

Jesus. Oh, God help me.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

I said back the fuck up, you sick, twisted, motherfucking cunt!


Holy God.

That's right.

That's right. Breathe. You're gonna be ok.

You're gonna breathe now, Oleg.

I'm right here. I'm right here.

Just breathe. That's right.


Just cutting through wire.

Uhh. Uhh.

Back off!

I said back off!

I will blow you away!

Ok. Ok, get up.


Go to the bedroom, get the 2 kids.

Bring them downstairs. Nicky's there.

All right? Wait with them. Ok?

Move over.

Get out of his way.

No, I've got a safe in the bedroom.

There's 100,000 cash in there in diamonds.

All you gotta do is take the boy and walk away.

Oh, my God.


Oh, God.

No. Oh...

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


Oh, you sick fucks.

You're right. We're--we're sick.

We are. We're sick.

This is really great. This is gonna help us-- give me your phone.

Please. Yeah.

What are you doing?

She wants the phone-- who are you calling?

911. What is the nature of your emergency?

I just heard shooting across the hall.

1456 Owens park Lane.

What is your name, ma'am?

You're not serious.



Hey. Hey, listen, one of your cabs just picked up my brother at Al's automotive.

Yeah, well, listen-- listen to me.

I was supposed to pick him up, but there's been a family emergency.

So what I need you to do is I need you to find out where the cab dropped him off at.

Yeah. Call me back. My phone number's 555-7556.

Hello? Yeah.

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

Hey, calm down.

What happened to your face?

It's nothing.

I need to talk to you, Joe.

Later. No. Now!

Why couldn't you just have taken the kid and left?

Why couldn't you just have taken the kid and left?!

I have never seen evil before tonight, Joe.

Real fucking evil.


And I know that's not what I see when I look in your eyes.

That's a lot, t.

I'm trying to make a point here!

No, I know the point you're trying to make!

I did not marry an evil man, ok?

I did not marry an evil man.

Shady, sleazy, mixed up with the wrong kind of people, but definitely not evil.

I know what you're trying to say, t.

Do you?!

I hope so. I have turned my back on a lot of things since we've been married.

My eyes are wide open on this one.

Nicky, go home with your ma.

Oleg, let's go take a ride.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Huh? You listen to that techno shit?

You listen to rap music? You like rap music?

They don't have what I listen to on the radio.

Yeah, what's that?


It's my mother's tape from Russia.

What the fuck? Kvasha?

You're an American. You weren't born in Russia.

What are you listening to that shit for?

My mother said I started in her belly in Russia.

So I'm Russian.

You're not a fuckin' Russian.

You're an American. You know that.

'Cause you were born in the United States of America.

You're an American. You're an American.

Say, "I'm an American." You say it.

Say, "I'm an American." Say, "I'm an American."

I'm an American.

You're an American. You were born in the fuckin' United States of America.

That makes you an American.

Listen to this.

This guy right here is gonna be warming up the back seat for you when you're ready to get laid.

You mark my words.

fuckin' kvasha.

Jesus Christ.

You put me through the ringer tonight.

You know that, don't you?


I won't say nothing.

Yeah, and what about the cops?

What'd you say to them? What did you say to 'em?

I told them I got the gun from Steven Monroe's locker.

He doesn't go there no more. Nicky told me to say that.

Nicky told you to say that?

Smart kid.

He's my best friend.

We're both gonna play for the razors.

Yeah. Hello?

Yeah, that was me.

The royal towers? How long ago?

All right, thanks.

All right, kid. Hold on.

We're gonna reclaim some stolen property here.

Don't worry about it.

We're just gonna sit tight for a while.

You know, uh...

I used to know this kid.

His old man was a real fuckin' piece of shit.

Always drunk.

Always smackin' him and his mom around.

This kid, he takes his licks, and he waits this old fuckin' prick out.

And on the morning of his 14th birthday, he walks into his old man's room with a baseball bat...

And he mark Mcgwires the fuckin' living shit out of him.

After that, the old man...

He can't even hold a spoon without shaking.

He don't remember things too good, either.

He's neutralized.

Which is a good thing.

4 more years Max.

Maybe 3. If you get some size early on, you'll be all right. You just gotta hang in there.

'Cause it's more money.

It's lonely at the top.

I'm telling you, this corporation...

Get your hands off of Lester's property.

That's my property.

I'm sorry.

All right, you stay right there.

Don't you move.

Stay just like that.


Jesus Christ. Not now.

All right, let's get in the car.

I can hide it for you.

No, give it to me.

They're gonna think you got the .38.

They're gonna frisk you.

Come on, give me the fucking gun.

Yo, Joe.

Who you got there?

He's one of them Christmas elves.

I found him hitchin' a ride on broad street.

Heh heh heh heh heh.

Joey's a funny fuckin' guy, huh?

Let me take a guess, Joey-- you were just about to call us.

That's pretty good.

You must have telepathy or something.

Must. Give me your piece.

Think I'm fuckin' around with you?

How about that, huh?

Cocked and ready to go.

What are you, fuckin' nervous, tough guy?

You're gonna follow us, Joey.

The kid'll ride with us.

Stay the fuck in the car.


Nah, nah. I'm with him right now.

Yeah, 100%.

I fuckin' knew it.

Nah, don't worry about it.

I'm takin' care of this motherfucker right now.

Come on, what the fuck?

What, are you gonna fuckin' whack me?

Come on, man, I fuckin' told you.

You got any fuckin' doubts, I'm fuckin' tellin' you-- shut your mouth.

Shut your fuckin' mouth now.

You see, my old man, he says to me, "nobody...

Knows nobody."

Man, you fuckin' put that piece of shit away.

I fuckin' told you, on my fuckin' family-- fuckin' family? When I leave here, I'm gonna fuck Teresa in the ass.

That's how much I give a fuck about your fuckin' family.

On my fuckin' family, it ain't the fuckin' piece!

Now, how fuckin' far do we go back?

How fuckin' long have we known each other?

Come on, what the fuck?!

This is bullshit!

Like I said, nobody...

Knows nobody.

You fuckin' take that shit off me-- not in front of the fuckin' kid.

What kid?

Not in front of the fuckin'-- you grab this fuckin' gun out of my hand one more time, I'm gonna blow your fuckin' brains all over this fuckin' place, and I'll fuck that kid up right in front of you! You got that, nigger?!

Nobody knows nobody! You got that?!

Shit! What the fuck?!

Ha ha ha ha!

Heh heh heh. Oh, shit.

You see, pop reached out to a friend of ours in the department, had him pull the paper on Rydell's recent busts.

Turns out our friend sal here was running his own little thing on the side.

Hey, sal.

How's fuckin' business, huh?

A few weeks back, sal gets bagged by Rydell and his partners.

They let him walk...

As a situated informant.

We just got confirmation 10 minutes ago.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Get the fuck up.

Get the fuck up.



Oh, he's alone?

Good. Give me the fuckin' number.

Have a Mai Tai on me, guys.

One nike gym bag--

60 bucks.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

You motherfuckin' Guinea cocksuckers.

One Nokia cell phone--

100 bucks.

You have just fucked yourselves!

One ounce Semtex--

500 bucks.

Gettin' rid of a dirty cop-- heh heh heh heh.

Fuckin' priceless.


The jury's still out on you, pal, so do me a favor.

Get your ass in that car and follow me.

And hey, hey.

Don't get lost.

Where the fuck we goin'?


Come on down, come on down.

Let him go.

So, Oleg...

You want to see something really cool?


It's called a jet ice.

Black light paint.

You gotta do crazy shit like this to fill the seats.

Now, Oleg, this is very serious matter.

This man-- he give you the gun to shoot anzor?

Bullshit! He gave it to you!

He told you to whack me! Stop fucking protecting him!

You shut the fuck up. Ah.

Ha ha ha ha!

Oleg, you listen to me.

Where did you get gun?

At school.

I found it in a locker.

Don't you fuckin' touch him!

You don't fuckin' touch him!

Don't you fuckin' touch him!

I'll fuckin' kill you!

You shut the fuck up! You turn is coming.

Oh, yeah? Well, fuckin' eat me!

You fuckin' Vor cocksucking bitch!

Fuck you!

What you call me?

Nah, you fuckin' heard me.

Fuck you, you fuckin' bitch!

I'm impressed.

You know Vor.

Vor V'Zakoni.

The brotherhood. If you were smart man, you would learn to fear this symbol.

Yeah, well, fuck you, and fuck your brotherhood, Boris, 'cause I don't have to fuckin' answer to you!

Fuck you!

You gonna let him muscle me around like this, Frankie?

Well, we're just trying to establish some truth here, Joe.

I mean, to be honest, I think the man's got some grounds for inquiry.

No, that's fuckin' bullshit. I told you, I didn't give the kid the fuckin' piece.

Come on, Frankie!

Oh, come on! What the fuck, Frankie?!

I told you, I didn't give him the fuckin' piece!

Don't you let 'em hurt the fuckin' kid, anzor!

Don't you fuckin' hurt the kid!

You fucks! You fuckin' motherfuckers!

I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!


How's that feel, Joey, huh?

Aah! Aah!

Fuck you, Tommy!

Don't you do this, Frankie.

Don't you do it!

Don't you fuckin' let 'em do this!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm not fuckin' lying!

I'm not fuckin' lying!



Just tell 'em what they want to know!

Uhh! Fuck!

I told you I didn't know anything, Frankie!



Shit, it's a fuckin' human hockey puck.

I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!

Oh, you're gonna kill me?

You're gonna fuckin' kill me?


Give anzor the gun.

Frankie, don't you fuckin' let 'em do this!

Kill the kid.


I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't you let them do this, Frankie!

What do you want me to do?

You brought it on your goddamn self!

No. No. Wait, no!

Don't do it!


I'll fuckin' talk! I'll fuckin' tell you whatever you want to fuckin' hear!

No, my friend!

First you will see that I am serious.

Then afterwards, believe me, you will talk!

No, come on! Jesus Christ! I'm fuckin'-- don't you-- I'll fuckin' talk!

I'll tell you whatever the fuck you want to hear, you fuckin' motherfuckers!

Finish it! Do it right this time!

No, anzor!

Anzor, look at me! Don't fuckin' do it!

Shut up!


I said finish it.

Ha ha ha ha!

He's not your blood!

Don't fuckin' do it.

If you do it, I swear to God, you better fuckin' swallow a bullet.

There's no fuckin' way you're gonna be able to live with yourself!

Trust me, anzor. Don't do it!

Say something bad about the Duke.

Let me hear you call him a faggot.

Come on.

Don't do it!

Say it.


Shoot him!


What are you fucking doing?!

Pick up the fucking gun.

Oh, you pick it up.

You do it.

Gutless piece of faggot shit!

Come on, faggot!

I said finish it!

Pick it up and use it.

Pick it up and do it.

Pick it up and do it.

Don't you fucking walk away from me!




Get up...

You fuck.

Uhh. Uhh!



Fucking bullshit.

Frank! Frank!

Fuck you, Frankie!

I ain't takin' the fuckin' heat for you no more!

It wasn't supposed to go down this way!

What are you talkin' about?

The czar of Brighton.

Vor whatever the fuck you are.

Fucking Perello didn't like it that your nephew was cookin' a dealer in the neighborhood.

So he said-- he said, "well, let's send him a message."

He said, "let's use the kid."

Yogi, would I put our thing in jeopardy for some two-bit fuckin' meth lab?

Think about it, ok? That's number one.

Number 2--

I don't even live in that fuckin' neighborhood!

What do I care if it blows up?

The gun-- it was Tommy's!

You fuck!

Tommy. Tommy, don't get involved in their goddamn jackpot!

It's all bullshit!

He fuckin' put it in my right hand!

A fuckin' snub nose .38, stainless steel.

It was Tommy's gun!

You motherfucker.

I told you to get rid of that fuckin' piece.

Yeah, well, not to my fuckin' recollection!

He said, "interest the tweaker's kid in the piece."

That's what he said.

"Interest the tweaker's kid in the piece."

Ask the kid!

Ask the kid.

Mister, 'cause he-- he gave me the gun.

He said I'd get to go to the game if--if I shot anzor...

And it would make his friends happy.

I'm sorry, kid.

Ok. Ok.

Fuck this bullshit.

Fuck you, Joey! Aah!

You fuckin' bastard! Aah!

You're fuckin' dead, nigger!

Aah! Aah! Aah!




I'm fuckin' shot!

You dancin' bear motherfucker!

Fuckin' Vor!




You Russian cocksucker.




You son of a bitch!

Aaah! Die!

You die, motherfucker!

Where's the fuckin' gun?!




Aah! Aah!



Mr. Gazelle!



Fuck you.

Oh. Ohh.


Get off him, you fuck.

Do you know you got my son killed, you fuckin' scumbag?!

Aw, Frankie, I'm glad it's you, 'cause there's somethin' I've been--

I've really been meaning to get off my chest.

You rat cocksucker. All this fuckin' time?!

Yeah, this whole fuckin' time!

This whole fuckin' time!

And the only thing we don't have is your finger on the trigger, so fuckin' do me!

And it's one more nail in your coffin.

Oh, you got all that, do you?

How come it took you so fuckin' long, tough guy?

Huh? How come so fuckin' long?! Tell me!

You had to climb in bed with yugorsky, didn't you?

I was all but out, and you had to go mix up with the fuckin' Russians.

12 years undercover, and my own wife don't even fuckin' know!

Oh, you cocksucker. You don't have to worry.

She ain't never gonna hear it from your fuckin' lips anyhow, you fuckin' scumbag!


I'll tell her all about it while she sucks my fuckin' dick!

Heh heh.

Aw, come on. Come on!

Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

What are you gonna do with that, little boy?

Do you know that I had a little boy?

My Tommy. At one time, he was your age.

What are you gonna do with that, kid?

What are you gonna do with that?

What are you gonna do with that, you cheerio-bred little motherfucker?!

Uhh! Aah!

Let's go home.

In position!

All right, Johnny! On the other side! Let's go!

Jesus Christ, Joey. We got shorted out.

We lost you back at Newark.

Last thing we heard, you were headed for little Odessa.

Air support finally made your mustang.

I'm taking the kid home to his mom.

Joey, where you going?

You're hurt. We got to get you to a hospital.

I'm going home.

What are you thinking?

I don't want to go home.

Well, I'm next door to you, remember, and I'm gonna be keeping my eye on you.

Why don't we get some breakfast before we have to start making with the heavy explaining.

Get ourselves cleaned up a bit.

Hey, listen.

I'm taking Nick to the game on Friday night.

Maybe we could find you another ticket.

If you'd like to go, that is.

All right, that's good.

You want to get some more orange juice or something?


Well, uh...

What do you say we get out of here?

Well, lookie, lookie, if it ain't little Charlie Bronson.

One thing about Lester, he always makes good on a promise.

Hey, asshole.

Aah! Fuck! Motherfucker!

Shoot that fuck!

Fuck him up!

Fuckin' piece of shit!

Plug that asshole!

Unh! Cocksucker!

Oh, shit!

In your face, motherfucker!


Say hello to my little friend.

Heh. That's real fuckin' original.

What are you, a fuckin' cartoon?

I'm a mack daddy pimp. You know that.

And now I'm gonna cap your ass.

And when I'm finished with you, I'm gonna take your little punk friend, and I'm gonna put him in my posse, and I'm gonna pimp him out for a couple of months.

And then I'm gonna take that knife of yours, and I'm gonna cut him from ear to ear, just like I should've done yesterday, you fuck!

I'm sure that sounds great to you all in your fuckin' pimp world and all, but, listen, right now, that's not the fuckin' thing you want to do!

You want to put down that fuckin' gun, and you want to walk away, 'cause I swear to fuckin' God I'll fuckin' kill you, you stupid fuckin' pimp bitch!


Only one of us is walking out of here.

Guess who?

Oleg, get behind me.

Oleg, get behind me!

Heh heh heh heh.

Come on.

Oleg, talk to me. Come on.

Ok, gotta make it home now.

Gotta make it home.

Joey, please. You're bleeding.

I got some, see? I got some.

Come on! Fuck!


Look out!

Mr. Gazelle, stop the car.

We need to get some help.

Come on. Got to meet t.

Please, Mr. Gazelle!

I'm coming home!

Mr. Gazelle, please, stop the car.

We need to get some help.

What's happened?

You're hurt!

We're gonna make it home.

Stop the car.

Uhh! Uhh!

You're bleeding!

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Nicky, stay back, stay back!



Joey, please! Stop!

Mr. Gazelle, come on, wake up!

Mr. Gazelle, wake up! Come on!

Stop the car, stop the car!

Please! Stop!

Joe! Come on!

Something's wrong! Let's go!


Aah! Joe!


Oleg, wait, wait!

God. Mom!


Joe! Mom!

Uhh, uhh, uhh! Fuck!

Nicky, call 911!

Oh, don't do this to me, Joe.

Don't fucking do this to me.

Oh, sweetheart...

I loved you, ok?

Just remember I was always stuck with Joey. Ok?

Only once did I lie.

Shut up, shut up. Look at me, look at me.

Hey, baby, look me in the eye.

Joey, look me in the eyes.

I don't care, ok? It doesn't matter.

Whatever it is, I'm gonna kick your ass over it later.

Stay with me, Joe. Stay--look at me.

Look at me. I'm right here.

I'm right here for you.


Nicky, come here!

Nicky! Nicky!

He's right here. He's right here.

They're coming. They're on their way.


We're still going to the game Friday night, right, dad?

I love you, Nick! Aah!

Ok, he wants--he wants to go to the game, baby.

Yeah. We're gonna go to the game.

We're gonna fuckin' kick their asses, right, mom?

They are going down big fucking time!

You--you have a bad mouth.

Ha ha!

Yep. Yep.

It's not that bad. You'll be ok.


Ahh. Unh.

I'm right here.

I'm right here. I'm right here.

Joe. Joe!


Joe. Oh, God, no, don't!

Oh, God, no!

Oh, God! Joe!

Keep the kid outside.

I don't want him going in there.

Keep that boy over there. We got to move in.

This guy's C.P.T. Come on, let's move.



Good girl. How's it going?


The alternator's in the car.

All right.

Don't ever ask me to bury you again, Joe.


Oh. Hey.

So, what did they put in that coffin really?


What did they put in that coffin?

What'd they put in the coffin?


Why? Did it seem kind of heavy?


I don't know. I'm thinking, uh...

Probably a couple of blue shirts.

Must've been Lashaub and McCall.

That sound good?

And Cavin.

And Cavin? You want some of this, too?

For sure, Marishka.

Marishka? You want some of this, too?

I'm gonna check the both of you right now, right in this house. How about that?

Grab his head.