Rupture (2016) Script

- and a big good morning to you all, this is Kansas city's morning news with Bill Thomas and Michael Petrenally here on 94.2 KTCV. Your FM station in greater Kansas City.

I'm Anthony...


Evan! Mom!

Oh, really? No, don't kill it! Don't kill it.

Ok... Just don't.

These things are terrifying but I can't kill them.

You're still freaking about it. It's fine.

I'm sorry. It's OK, mom.

-Thanks sweetie.

Evan, do you remember what we talked about last night? About getting registered in time?


I don't want to have another drama with your dad.

You are the one who woke me up with that crazy screaming.

You may recall that I had a few thoughts about you getting asleep last night.

I told you I was doing homework!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Stop!

Homework? You were on Facebook for like three hours. Come on, sweetie, we gotta go.

- Are you ready?

Are you kidding? Of course I'm ready. Are you ready?

That's what I want to know.

- I was born ready. There's nothing that scares me.

You're the chicken.

Ah, Once we've done it you won't believe how great we'll feel.

It will redefine us. I need that.

Any time we start to think "Can I really do this?"

The answer I'll always tell is "Hell, yeah."

Hell yeah.

I went skydiving. Jumped a little fucking plane. I'm capable of anything.

- I can tell. This is what you need. Yeah, Oh, yeah.

- The environmental devastation we are suffering now, the damage to the water supplies and the food...

I was going to make you eggs.

- that was strategic...

I don't like eggs. - All of us...

You can't eat the same thing every morning. -Why not?

Stop. I'm gonna make the eggs and you're gonna eat them.

I love you and I want you healthy.

You should call dad about that. I can handle a simple lighting job.

What are you looking for? My Exacto.

Strip off the ends of the wires.

Get a clean connection, problem solved.

I don't need your dad for that. Just call an electrician anyways.

At least he doesn't need to sweat about money.

Hey mom, I need help, in another assignment besides the math stuff, by the way.

-Sure, which one, hon?

The one about that family tree. Well, I thought we did that one already.

We did your side of the family. So talk to your dad.

-Could you... call him for me?

Uh....what is the point of the assignment anyway?

Miss Delgado says everybody should know where they came from and who we are.

I hate doing your homework. Come on, mom, you know dad.

He doesn't like helping me.

I'll do three more math problems right now, if you call him for me.

Hmm... four? Three.


God damn it! Fucking homework!

I hate that shit.

Hey champ, forget about the math. We need to go. I'll wait in the car.

Are you seriously texting me from upstairs? Mommy!


Renee, I got the tickets. The flight's ready.

Don't be too scared. See you soon, sweetie.

Who was that? Margaret work.

-To erase message, press nine.

Scared of what? Where are you going? I'm going skydiving today.

What? You didn't tell me that. What if something happens?

It will be insanely fun. I'll be fine, baby.

- Next message. Hey, Renee. You're not calling me back?

I thought we had a great time. Give me a call when you have a chance.

Was that Adam? Alan, yeah.

Do you like him? None of your business.

-Next message.

- Don't take him to school Friday. I'm going to start the weekend short so don't fucking drag us down with your nonsense. Alright?

-Was that dad?

He is not always as nice to me as he is to you, baby.

It's okay.

Pick him up 5 PM, because I've got a date Tuesday night.

Listen, Cliff, you'll should know he heard you cursing at me.

Whoa, when was that? On my voice mail.

Well, that's your fault for letting him listen to your messages.

I mean, come on, you play them in your car, right in front of him.

He's doing that thing again with his homework.

He just... He needs to focus. You know what his tutor said.

Well, maybe he needs a better tutor. So you want to spend more?

It's the way he reacts when he can't solve a problem.

-He's good in school.

He's good in school.

If you could just help him a little bit more...

I'll try. Alright? I'll try. You'll try?

That is why it is good thing that we only have one kid.

You realize he knows we're talking about him. Just say goodbye.

Bye, honey! Are you really going skydiving?

Don't worry. I'll be fine, I'll... I'll send you pictures.

-Just don't die, okay?

I promise. I love you. Love you, too.

-Ok, do it.

-What the fuck?

Oh shit!

Oh no...

What the hell?

Want some help? Well..

-Sucks to have that happen.

Yeah, yeah, I don't know what that is. It's something jammed in here.

Come off!

-I don't know.

Did you drive over that? I didn't feel anything.

Maybe it was dropped off a truck out here?

I wouldn't just pull it out of there. A garage will do that without tearing up the whole tire.

You got roadside insurance? 'Cause then you could get that replaced for free.

-Why should I do something so practical?

It's okay. I've changed tires before.

I'm fine. -Are you sure? I'm here. I can help.

Why do you want to do it yourself?

If you insist. It's... it's pretty nice of you.

-No problem.

Listen, I've had my share of flats in my life, I could probably do this with my eyes closed.

Tommy, wait in the van. -If you guys are talking I want to smoke.

-You must have some place to be.

-No, we're just headed to a swap meet. We've got to check out crockpots.

Everybody's talking about crock pots.

My sister even has got me this crockpot cookbook.

She said they're everywhere now. I said, "Are you sure you don't mean track pots?"

-Okay. Shall we? -Yeah.

I'm gonna get your spare on, and then you get to a garage and get past this...???

Should be one just a little ways down, right at the intersection of 42 and I-70.

There's a Mike's ice-cream shop right there. Got the big cone outside.


Do it.

-All good? -No worries.

-This is gonna wear off in about fifteen minutes.


No, no, it's okay.

Hold still.


We're going to be driving for a long time.

Nod yes if you want me to pull off your panties to make it easier to pee.

Okay. I'm going to undo one of your legs.

You can put your underwear aside.

Good girl.

-Fill it up, I'm going to hit the head.

-You seem to be holding up fine.

Open your mouth wide. I mean it, I mean it. I don't want to jab you.

This has some sleeping pills dissolved in it.

Now, you're gonna some need to rest before what happens next.

Swallow, swallow, swallow.


Well done.

What do they do???

-What do you want from me?

No, no.

Where are we putting her? We need to check with Terrence.

-They need us.

-What for? What are these fucking people?

-G10-12 x.

Remember that. -What's that?

-G10-12 x.

-Where are we?

G10-12 x, G10-12 x...

-Okay, let's take the tape off you.

You take care of the pants.

-I'll be right back.



-Don't joke around. This will loosen up the tape.

We have food for you, as long as you don't scream.

-I'm not going to eat your fucking food.

-Not that you can't scream all you want.

The facility is secure, but the screams...

They'll unsettle the other subjects.

Hold still.

Interesting skin.

If it's going to happen, I'll tell you. It will happen fast.

You will think that you can't survive, and then...


You will be amazed. Unless, of course, it doesn't happen, in which case,...

we'll handle you another way entirely.

-Where are you taking me? No, don't take me back there. No!


I am the room next door!

My name is Blake!

I can hear you struggling. I promise I am not one of them!

What is your name?

-Renee. I'm Renee.

How long have you been here? I've lost track!

They say I have one last chance to perform!

-To perform? Well, what do you mean perform?

-They bring something into your room, something you don't want brought in.

-Like what?

-Whatever they figured out by watching you. It's different for everyone.

-What is G10-12X? -What?


I saw someone in the hallway. He said they need us, they need us for G10-12X.

-I have no idea.

-This isn't about ransom.

-Are you rich? -Hardly.

-Do you know anyone rich?

-Not really.

-Me neither. Where are you from?

Kansas City... Missouri. Maybe that's where we are.

-No, I was in that van forever.

They drugged me. I don't know how long we drove.

-Me, too! -Where are you from?

-Elko, Elko, Nevada.

Are you trying to get free?

It won't happen.

-How many people are being held here? -20.

The first day I arrived here, I heard someone in your room being released.

-Why wouldn't he tell people what's going on here?

He knew you were still here, right?

-Maybe he didn't know where we are.

-Maybe he's dead.

Blake, we asked you to stay quiet. I just wanted to talk to someone.

No, not my eyes! Not my eyes! Not my eyes!

-Hold him down.

-How's are you so far, Renee?

-Blake told me you sometimes let people go.

-Who is Blake?

-You know, Blake.

Next door.

-Is Blake the name of some voice you heard? And you believed everything it said?

Maybe that gave you some comfort. Or maybe everything here's been arranged to mislead you and this Blake is a part of that.

Or you maybe you should believe this Blake, because maybe I'm just fucking with you right now.

-We often find after we're done we need to record everything that happens.

The footage can help us see exactly what went wrong.



If you need me to like me not... say anything.... I won't.

But you have to let me go. I have a son.

-Evan. Yes, we know about your son.

-Is... is this about him somehow?

Is he here somewhere? Did you take him? You didn't take him, did you?

I need to see my son, Please! -We haven't taken your son.

He is with his father for the weekend, just where you left him.

What do you want from me? Try to breathe normally.

-if you let me go, I'll fucking breathe normally!

-This is just a blood-pressure test.

-State your name.

-Renee Morgan. -Your full name.

Renee Marie Morgan.

-Place of birth? -Montreal, Canada.

-And your date of birth? -August 25th, 1980.

-Is that the date of birth you...?

-Are you the Government? -Your height?

-Are you the Government?

-Your height, please. -Five foot five.

-Are...are you some government? -Weight? Your current weight.

-150. Are you ...?

Oh, wait, are you the CDC?

Was I exposed to some germ or...or disease or virus?

You would tell me if I was sick, right?

You would tell me if there was something wrong with me?

-Renee, the questions that you're asking just aren't pertinent.

-Shut up! Shut up, you fucking freak and let me go!

What do you want me to do? I'll help.

I'll cooperate.

You have to let me go.

It'll be easier if I cooperate, right?

Just tell me what to do.

-Read the bottommost line.



I don't know.

-Try again.

-I...I can't make those out.

-Any food allergies? -No.

-Not sunflower oil or sunflower seeds?

-Uh...I don't know. I never really liked eating seeds. Why you ask?

-Did you notice any change in your allergies after you gave birth?


Please, please, don't leave my son without me.

-42, 67, 44...

-What? -What do you think I just said?

-Four, something. I...I don't know.

-Say yes if you suffer or have ever suffered from one of the following:

Angina. -No.

Asthma, -No.

-Bronchitis. -No.

Scarlet fever, -No

-Rheumatic fever. -No.

-kidney stones... -No.

Sinusitis. -No.

-Emphysema... -No.

-Anemia ... -Sometimes.

-Reproductive system issues? -Good.

-Number of children? -One.

-Desired number of children?

-None of your business.

-Report suggested that you wanted more than one child.

-The report should know that I am divorced.

-Compulsive habits such as nail-biting, restless pacing, finger drumming Cracking knuckles? -No.

-No? You don't drum your fingers sometimes?


How long have you been watching me?

-Fear of darkness? -No.

-Fear of sex? -No.

Fear of snakes? -No.

-Fear of drowning? -No.

-Fear of spiders?

Fear of spiders?

-Right now I'm afraid of everything. Okay?

-This is just so that we don't have to go poking at you again and again.

-You'll feel it soon.

I'm sure. of it

Come on!

Fuck! Fuck!

Oh shit!

-Good color.

-Hungry? -No.

-Interesting skin.

And her file is impressive, isn't it? Yes, it is, Dr. Raxlen.

I'll gladly make my mark.

-If it were up to me, we'd go straight to your desk but I have agreed with the others to go through protocol.


-Is that the G10-12 x?

-How do you about G10-12 x?

-I don't.

-If she already knows about it is extremely good news.

-No. I...I just heard about it in the corridor.

-This is hardly a G10-12 x.

If you find out what it is then, you have made great progress.

This is a solution that can help accelerate the process.

Think of it as chemical encouragement to an entirely different way of life.

-40 ccs administered at ...? -11.39 AM.

Renee, you are being very brave.

You don't have to cater to her, Diane. If she's going to help us, she'll understand.

If she doesn't...

What do you want from me?

What do you want with me?

Please let me see my son again.



My Evan...

-Leave her right there. I'll get her feet up in the stirrups.

-Yes, Doctor. ???

-You have something very special in you, Renee.

-Evan... -Of course you will see your boy again.

But we need you first.





-I am very pleased with that little nap you took.

Not everyone absorbs the solution that way.

An excellent sign.

-I won't last long. -You don't know that.

-I was supposed to get married next month. Tell my fiancee I love her.

-She can't help you now, Seth.

-Renee, we're trying to help you. -What?

Oh, no! Oh, please, no!

Oh, no...


Oh, no.

Oh, please. Please, please, please, stop it, please!

We're not the ones who can stop this.

-Oh my God!

-Oh please....

Oh please...

What do you want from me? -Stop asking us. It's up to you.

-The venom of this particular species is extremely virulent.

Human spinal fluid literally boils when it encounters the poison.

-Renee, don't fight it. Let it happen.

-Nothing yet. -Please, stop.

-I thought that it would happen right away.

-Maybe on the second test.

-Did you understand?

Did you learn what I was telling you?

-I don't understand anything of this.

Every time I touch her, it feels right. I just know she's going to rupture.

I believe in her.

-If he's right, it will be over soon.

And then you'll know who you are going to be for the whole rest of your life.

Of course this will involve pain.

Let her rest now.

-Help me, please! Please!

What the fuck do you want from me?!!



-I am nothing more than your mind, you know that. ???

The time we spent was special to me. Just the two of us.

Our special bond. You know how much I adore you.

You're safe, my son. Right here.

With Dad.

-Do not be mistaken. It's entirely up to you, Charlie.

-Try to breathe normally. I'm just checking to make sure you're absorbing the accelerator.

-Dr. Raxlen. -Let's see.


Seth, do you remember going to the lab?

-No. I don't know.

-Maybe his DNA is just too corrupted.

-Try drowning him again. Probably he'll respond.

-No! Please, please, no!

Please, no, please, no!

-Yes, but it's in six weeks. ???

The fucking generator is pulsing again. Yeah, I'll get on it.

I'll get a part in town.

-Did you hear about Budapest? -What about it?

-There's a new rupture there. She's for real. ???

-With the guy in Boston, that's a total of 47 ruptures.

-What's the fertility test on the Budapest chick?


Sterile. -Fuck!

-Yeah, 24 women and none of them fertile.

-Raxlen got any ideas?

-I don't know. I haven't heard of it.


-Hello? -Who's that?


-Are you Renee? -Yeah.

-How did you get up there?

-If we can just figure out where they keep those bracelets...

...we can work the doors and get out.

-They're gonna let me go. I'll survive it.

-I don't think freedom has a plan for us. You sound different.

I'm in the middle of my final test. Which is...?

I can't say it. Did he mention G10-12 x?

-They said I have it. They think it's inside me.

What is it? -There is something about the skin.

They've were rubbing my face.

Blake, you were close. Your terror almost initiated the DNA change.

What's gonna happen to me now? You'll be home soon.

I just need to stake you for the journey. ???

Please, I...I want to go home. This may feel a little cold.

-Blake, you're going to wake up back in Nevada. Near your home.

And you will remember an experience that will change the way you look at the world.

-I don't want to remember anything.

-When you're outside again, you will feel wonderful.

You'll have answers to questions that people have been asking for a long, long time.

Doesn't that sound exciting? Yes, yes, it does.

-Blake, we're going to teach you how to think about what went on here.

Do you understand? -Yes.

-No falling asleep just yet. Alright?


-I'm Collette. I'm in charge of reintegration.

Are you ready for that? Are you ready to go back to life?

-I want to.


-Try to get the rest. -You sure?

You see? He was so close. He and Blake. Don't talk to me about close.

-There's still Renee Morgan.

-It's time to see if you could help her along, Diane.

-Yeah, good idea, let's get ready for her.

-Any hallucinations?

-No. I...I... know.

What’s in that orange stuff? -You’re not sure if you're hallucinating?

I've seen some weird shit. If you tell me it's not real I'll feel much better.

-Well, this confusion is all part of the process.

The pulse is good. She is ready to go.

I'll let them know.

Good luck, Renee. We all have very high hopes for you.

-This would be so much easier if you'd just stopped fighting.

If you try to frighten people to death, they fight back.

No, Renee, We're trying to frighten you past death.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

-Your son is going to be just fine.

The problems he's having with math, his inability to control his emotions, his anger.

We can solve those problems.

How do you know? -You just told me through your skin.

We learn things that way.


-G10-12 x is a genetic code.

We all have it in our chromosomes.

We are trying to rupture that part of your genes.

What happens when you rupture? I think you know what to do.

When you take the fear in your bones, it changes the shape of you.

Accept it. Be yourself.

I'll show you what we really are. Maybe that will help you.


-How long have you been...???

-He is back.

-I'll show you what I'm talking about. The ovum we removed from Renee Morgan.

It's not behaving like any other ovum I've examined before.

Is that good? -I hope so. Take a look.

What's so unusual? -Those are human sperm, not ours.

The ovum is no longer permitting any human sperm to penetrate to the membrane.

I think Renee is close. Her egg might only receive our DNA now.

I'll have to take more samples, but... -What?


-You've taken out your IV again. Would you like some solid to eat?

-What was in that? -Just a sugar solution.

We had to keep you going somehow. It's been a day and a half.

It doesn't feel that long. -Time moves differently for us.

We don't degenerate at the human pace.

-Are you going to punish me for breaking into the lab?

-No...Why would you think that?

We like the ones with a strong survival instinct and spirit.

Some food, perhaps? -I don't want anything from you.

-42, 67, 44.

-Tell me what I just said. -No.

-You heard her.

-42, 67, 44.


-Can you read this?

-It is my medical record. -It was too small for you to read before.

Have your eyes become sensitive to white light, like ours?

We prefer softer bands of the spectrum, like, uh, purple, yellow.

-Are you trying to make me into you?

-This is something you have to do yourself, Renee.

From within.

-I don't want to change.

-Why would you fight this marvelous transformation?

The rupture will spare you so many fears.

This is the next step on the evolutionary ladder.

All that human emotional nonsense can be obliterated forever.

-Please, you have to let me go. My son needs me.

-You need to eat, Renee.

-Dr. Raxlan's told us that you've been strikingly resourceful in your time with us.

Did you think you ran all over this facility without us knowing?

-Now, perhaps you'd like to see your son.

-Once you rupture, you will no longer feel this human love.

-Now that medical records are available online, we'll find more leads.

There are markers in your profile. Your blood pressures, certain allergies, family histories.

All these details showed us the G10-12 x-sequence in your gene be accessible.


-I have seen you. You're not human. None of you are.

-We started as human, just like you.

But then...

If you pass the test, Renee, your terror will transform you... into someone fundamentally new.

The human race is destroying everything. The Earth, the oceans, even the sky.

-People are the virus and we are the cure.

Order must be restored. Do you understand?

And only we can do it.

All of this will become clear, as it did was for us with our own ruptures.

And then you'll join us in our world.

-Which is? -First, we must build our numbers. ???

And if you rupture, we'll be one stronger.

-And if I don't?

-Sometimes we're mistaken about the potential of certain prospects.

When they survive, Collette has found a way to safely return them to their lives..

When they don't...

Their skin corrodes. Because their DNA is corrupted.

Honestly, I think we're doing the gene pool a favor by raiding them out.

Cull in the herd, so to speak.

-Another bite? -No.

-Let's move forward then.


Oh no...

Take it off me!

It is entirely up to you, Renee. Go to hell!

Tell everybody that Evan and I are great. I've just got this incredible job and...

I can't release anything about it yet.

-That's good, Renee. But you'll fool people by adding enthusiasm to your voice.

Le's try again.

-I've got this incredible job. -What is it?

-I can't really talk about it yet. -Why not?

-If I'm...If I'm lucky, you hear about it soon.

-Now, your friends and colleagues will notice you've changed but never give them any explanation, no matter how hard they might pry.

-Five tornadoes in Oklahoma, another three in Nebraska and two in Kansas, and that is in the last twelve months .

-I really never really expected to be one of those people.

The abductees.

-Blake, where did it happen?

-I was at home in Nevada. And not the desert, the nice suburbs.

I'd just gotten out of dinner from Red Lobster and this white orb descended from the clouds.

It pulled me up. I melted through the wall.

They wanted to know all about the people in this planet. They took fluids from me.

It wasn't painful, but I had no choice.

-Hi, mom. -We don't have any milk?

Didn't you go shopping while I was at dad's?

I can make you toast. You're wearing colored contacts?


-Why? -I wanted to try something new.


Sweetheart, while you were at your father's, I met people who...

...who are incredibly good with math.

They had these... workshops that....uh... I think could help you make good progress.

-Mom, I don't... think so. It will only be for a few days.

Be open minded. -No!

Who are these people, anyways? -They are very smart.

-Forget it, I'm not going! You're acting really weird.

What the hell is wrong with you, mom?

-Where is Evan, Renee?

-Is that necessary?

Please don't use it on him. No, no, only if we need to.

-He doesn't need--- -Stay... calm.

You must recognize the amazing potential that exists in your genetic line.

-That's wonderful news, Renee. We got the test back.

You're still fertile even after the rupture.

This also builds extremely well for Evan.

-Where is he now?

-He will be down soon. He's just packing some stuff.


-Try the bedroom.

-Evan? -Mom! Mom!

-The door is locked. -Kick it open.

-Get out of here!

-He got out.

-We're not going to be chasing him. Do you know why?

Because you and I, we're gonna find him.



I know how painful this can be.

The vestiges of our old feelings. they don't always disappear as quickly as we would like them to.

But soon they will.

And what you really care about of your many children you'll give us.

We believe that you will be the mother of a brand new generation.

The world as humans have known it will be changed... forever.

We've been waiting for you for a long, long time.

And finally... we have you.