Rush (1991) Script

Hey, Will. Did you take care of that tab, Bobby?

First thing Wednesday after I get paid, Will. First thing Wednesday, I promise.

Some bad motherfuckin' shit there.

You're listening to Rock'n'Roll Radio on the last three days of the year 1974.

A year in which we saw Watergate go down, Patty Hearst get abducted, and Hank Aaron beat Babe Ruth's record.

Here's something to bridge the gap between '74 and the New Year.

You son of a bitch.

Hey, man. I just wanted in out of the cold.

You came real close this time, Pancho.

Speaking of the devil, Mr. Raynor just walked in the door.

Well, he's right here. Right.


Hold on there, boy. We got things to do.

Will you leave me alone? Gotta be, Jimmy.

Can't you see I'm bleeding?

Nettle says it's time to sacrifice a virgin.

If you listen to everything Nettle says, you end up mowing the grass in December.

The man ain't reasonable, but you go along with him, or go someplace else.

That's the choice.

Right now we gotta go pick you out a partner, separate him from the flock.

There's one. Which one?

That nice-lookin' boy, right there.

Shit, Dodd. He ain't nice-lookin'. He looks just like you.

Maybe 100 years ago.

Nothin' the matter with that.

What do you think?

Grow him some long hair and borrow him some of your clothes, he'd be just right.

Jimmy, what do you think?

I think it's too fucking cold to be running in circles.

Could be worse, man. Could be us.

There, you see there?

I bet you five dollars he wears that skinny boy down and beats him by 50 yards.

Girl beats 'em both.

Might oughta told you he won the 220 for Katterly High School a few years back.


Sixty-two, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67.

All right. Good race. All right. Y'all got 10 minutes...

She got an edge to her, don't she? Jimmy, the girl ran track somewhere.

That doesn't mean you want her watchin' your back.

Nettle ain't gonna wanna put her in with you. I'll tell you that right now.

First thing he's gonna think is you'll bang her.

You know how he is about that.

The second thing he thinks, if she gets hurt, how's it make the department look?

Throwin' a little girl like that into the world.

I can just hear what he's gonna say. She looks stout to me.

Pull her out and talk to her for me.

I gotta call Nettle and see what he says. It's not Nettle's ass. It's mine.

You don't have to do this, you know. I know.

It isn't gonna be the way you think it is.

It gets ugly. Yes, sir. I know.

No, you don't know.

You get ugly with it.

What d'you ever wanna do this for, anyway?

Seems like a chance to make a difference.

I'll tell you what's gonna be different. You.

Miss Cates, this is Jim Raynor.

He was pretty himself once.


How do you do?

Let's take a ride.

It does that by itself. It gets cold, it just falls down on its own.

Summertime it works perfect, though. That's convenient.

Broke in Montana.

I kept meaning to get it fixed. Then I came down here, where it's warm.

And I lost my motivation.

Is that where you're from? Montana?

The eastern part.

The "Big Empty".

But now I'm from Katterly, Texas.

Were you a narc up there, too?

Ruins you for anything else.

That's probably not a joke.

So was that bullshit on your application?

Coupla joints in high school? What?

Your application. It said you'd done two joints in high school. That was it?

That's it, except once in junior college.

It was a Catholic school.

We're just talkin' now, you and me.

That's not bad.

Most people pull off to the right at first. You're steady.

Thank you.

Why'd you ask me that about high school?

'Cause I'm still trying to decide if I wanna get you into this.

It's a long haul, and you hate yourself most of the way.

Is that how you live? No.

It's simpler than that for me.

But then I got low self-esteem.

I still can't believe I have to move.

Thank you.

Gotta do something about your hair. What?

Quit washin' it.

There are some things we gotta talk over.


We buy drugs.

Larry Dodd gives us the money.

And he's the only one we ever talk to in the whole department.

To everybody else, we're junkies.

What that means is if we get into something, we ain't gonna call in no "Officer assist" to get out.

Our "Officer assist" is each other.

So, what I'm saying is when you come into this it can't be halfway.

I didn't think it was.

You know what you're doin'?


Gotta be able to lie better than that.

I can do what it takes.

Let's see you roll one.


You wanna try to light that up?

You do that on the street, I guarantee you're fucked.

You're fucked.

And I'm fucked with you, 'cause we're partners.

It's simulation. Simulation's something you say in court.

Outside the court we're here to buy dope.

You go in thinkin' these people are stupid, it'll get you hurt, and me hurt with you.

That's what happens when the shit comes down, one of us is fucked, we both are.

And that's what this is about. You and me.

'Cause people find out what we do, I mean either side, the DA or the dealers, it's over.


All we got is each other.

All right.

How you doin'? All right.

Hey, baby.

How 'bout a couple of longnecks? Jimmy! Where you been?

I've been around. Been around.

This here's my friend, Kris. Hey.

Listen, we were wonderin' if maybe you could get us some toot.

I might, but not here. Will's turned paranoid.

Okay. Whenever. You just let me know.

Where did we meet? Houston, two years ago.

I worked in an ice-cream parlor and you ran a Pizza Hut.

Where am I from? Montana.

I don't know why I have to come from an ice-cream parlor.

Because the closer to the truth it is, the easier it is to remember.

But you never worked for Pizza Hut.

No. But I ate there a lot.

Where did we get our money? Insurance. Old woman ran into your car.

You know what this is, right?

It's gonna come up sooner or later. Might as well be sooner.

Can you handle this? Yeah.


I'm gonna put a needle in my arm.

This is called cooking.

Okay, you cook heroin. You don't cook coke.

Some people cook speed. Mostly they don't.


Ready to run.

You wanna let it cool first.

Shoot now, you'll parboil your heart.

Let me have your belt.

You do this with a dealer, you let him go first.

Or your snitch, you make the snitch go first.

Hot shot, fast as a bullet.

Okay, take it off.

So there it is.

What's in there, anyway? Baby laxative.

Come on. You can't put that in your vein. In a spot, I might.

Makes you piss like a racehorse.

But it looks a little like speed. It'd pass.

I'm gonna go wash this up. Okay.

Listen, I know this is a little hairy.

I'm not scared. It happens.

All this shit about addiction is a matter of how strong you are.

I've seen agents brought up for air.

They've been doin' it steady five, six months, plenty strung out.

Gotta get strong.

You kick the bed covers a week or two, you run a little temperature.

You get up on your feet, stand and walk.

Cops? That's how it's done.

A fuckin' dealer won't split down with nobody till he knows he's cool.


That's the way it is.

You gonna need a ride home later?

No, man. I'll get a ride.

See ya.

I got an itch And I don't know where to scratch

Come on, baby Scratch my back

What's up, man? You all right?

That feels so good

Now we've got some chicken scratch


Get up


Mr. Walker. How you doin'?

Kris. Hi, Kris.

You remember that Blue Hawaiian last week? That's the guy who had it.

Yeah, that's me. That was good.

A little of that Hawaiian now could make a person waterproof.

I got some more, if you're interested. Always.

A quarter-pound?

Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Wouldn't have any of that other stuff? What, that white stuff?

Yeah, man. I got some of that.

You wanna go and get it? Come on, let's go.

Come on, man. I'll drive.

Didn't know you drove a Caddy, Walker. Yeah. I had a few of 'em, you know.


Stuff's all right?

It's all right.

Krissie, why don't you come over here? Let me fix you a bump. Sit down.


There you go. Thank you.

I got this stuff here from a man who stuffs deer for a livin'.

This is a screwy world.

Last call, Jimmy.

I think we're about skunked.

Unless you got somethin' besides beer.

I can't now. Will's still out back.

You all right?

I still can't believe I did that.

It just went so natural.

You were good.

If nothin' else, the boy deserves some slack for havin' such jam-up drugs.

But he's gotta stop stealin' these cars.

Will Gaines.

Mr. Will Gaines just might be the biggest dealer in Katterly.

Then again, he might not.

Nettle wants him the way most guys want pussy.

It's all he ever thinks about.

Why? I don't know.

The chief's a deacon at the Church of the Savior.

Mr. Gaines owns this bar, the Driller's, the bookstore peep shows out on the highway west o' town.

I'd say the chief sees him as the Devil.

Chief Nettle tends to see things in fundamentalist terms.

One of those.

As you all know, I took over the job of chief of police six months ago.

Acting chief of police. Acting chief of police, yes, sir.

At that time I had a cursory knowledge of the volume of drug trafficking in the city.

This syringe was found two weeks ago on a playground at Lamar Junior High.

A high-school teacher took this off a sophomore.

This here came off a little colored boy who was selling marijuana to his friends.

I believe we've seen enough now to appreciate your point, Acting Chief Nettle.

With all respect, sir, I think the people of Katterly need to know what their children are facing when they send them off to school in the morning.


You said you wanted some brown.

There it is.

I like to relax, you know.

Like, I don't know you.

But I like to relax, you know.

So you best be showing me you ain't the man.

Hey, handsome.

Easy, man. Just gettin' my works.

No puzzle, cuz.

I've got you all fixed up.

Go ahead.

Check it out.

That's some righteous shit there, man.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Do it, man.


Sweet heaven, here we come.

Jack it off, man.

Yeah. Jack it off.

That's some nice shit, man.

And you know that.

Willie Red gets the best.

Only the best.

Kinda make you feel like floatin' on a cloud of titties.

So what about you, sister?

You wanna taste?

No. No?

No, she don't fix.

The lady, she don't fix.

Oh, man.

She be missin' out on the good things in life.

I think she fix.

I think she fix, else you don't walk outta here.

Walker told us everything was cool with you, man.

He said "Just come on by, everything's fine."

Damn straight. Walker cool as the other side of my pillow, honey.

But you ain't showed me shit.

What the fuck you come down here for?

You don't wanna get down, tell me that.

There you go, baby.

Ain't nothin' to it but to do it.

Yes, Lord.

Pretty soon you'll be feelin' all unnecessary.

I know.

Don't get nervous, baby.

You amongst friends.

Take your time, girl.

Gonna be high as a Georgia pine.

That's it, cuz. Help her out.

Be a gentleman.

Won't be long now.

Look at 'em.

Bitch got a rush.

Dreamland, honey.

Kinda taste it myself, you know, just sittin' here watchin'.

Just watchin'.

Don't worry about it, baby.

Happen to the best of us.

You know, you're pretty stout.

You're the first white boy that takes some of this and don't puke.

Well, I'll be wantin' more.

I know you will.

Oh, Lord.


You sick?

Did you smell him?

Yeah, they don't take many baths.

It's a better high if they're dirty.


Yeah. It doesn't leak through the skin.

So what happens now?

We go back to sleep. No, I mean to him.

He's already asleep.

He's just like anybody else. We don't touch any of them until we get them all.

How bad did that scare you last night?


But I didn't mind.

And I liked it.

What did you like?

I liked being there with you.

And I liked being scared.

I liked knowing he was going away for it.

Don't like it too much.

D'you like it too much, Jim?

Yeah, I like it too much.

You cutting it? Yeah.

Mannitol. What the fuck, Jim?

What the fuck what, Kristen? What are you doing?

I told you. I'm cutting it with Mannitol.

It's all right. Be plenty left for evidence.

What if I don't think it's all right?

You're a cop.

Arrest me.

Who is it?

Come on, man. Hold on.

Come on, Jim.

Just a damn minute. We ain't got a damn minute, Jimmy.

Hey, baby. Hey, Walker.

This here is Scully. And this is Glenn.

This is Jim.

You people nervous? Hey, Scully, I told you everything is cool.

Hey. Come here, man.

You wanted somethin', man? 500.

I don't got that in the house, man.

You wanna negotiate? You wanna split down?

What you got on your mind, man?

Gimme half.

See, the thing is we came over as a favor to Walker here, you dig?

We got other things to do at night besides come by, find out you ain't got the cash.

Well, you come back tomorrow then, man.

I'm gonna keep this for the trip. We'll be back.

And next time, you'd better fuckin' have the money.

You dig?

You know somethin'?

You stink up this room.

Fuckers look at my woman like they can't decide where to stick their dicks in first, then tell me they're gonna come back!

Right there, you motherfucker.

You dig, man?

You got a piece?

Take it out.

It's just business. Take it out!

It's finished.

What the fuck are you trying to do to us, boy?

What's goin' on? I mean, you said you wanted speed.

It's what he said.

I'm scared.

Of them?

That's the Hell's Pussies.

Not them. Us.

Somethin's changin' here and we've got less control of it all the time.

That's the whole game, baby.

Nobody's got control.

It's just bein' out here you can see that.

I've been thinking since Willie Red's, what if you got shot?

What do I do then?

You mean dead? Yeah.

I would take it as a personal favor if you'd shoot 'em back.

That's not what I meant.

All I know is that if somebody shoots your partner, you don't leave it for the lawyers to sort out.

"Diminished capacity" and "mitigating circumstances".

That happened, didn't it?

It happened.

Hey. Hey.

You're losin' weight. We're working day and night.

You're closin' in on a dozen cases.

Not bad.

Jesus. Jimmy's buyin' a shitload of crystal.

That and coke. There's a lot around.

The motorcycle element's takin' it over.

A lot of familiar names here.

Any news on Gaines? We're workin' on it.

We're lettin' him see us, lettin' him know we're interested.

You're wired.

Not bad. I came here from a coke buy.

You're not taking your work home at night?

I'm so sick of the Driller's Club I could puke.

Then at home it's the same people lyin' on the couch or bangin' on the door to get in.

That's not what I mean.

I know. But it's a fine line, Dodd.

I used to do a lot of that shit onetime, till it got me shot in the toe.

You don't know what hurt's about till you've been shot in the toe.


You and Jim still sharin' bed and board?

Off and on.

You still got the other address, though, right?

Nettle'll have my ass if it turns out you and Raynor don't have separate places.

We got the other place.


There's 4,500.

Get some rest. Right.

All right! Jeez.

Did I bring her home last night? Jesus! Come on in.

Need a wake-me-up? I was thinkin' more the other direction.

Well, I might. Ludes or a Valium?

Well, I've got some Kool-Aid. Great.

So, I'm glad you came by.

'Cause I've been wanting us to, like, you know, hold a conversation, for quite some time.

So, my friends and me, well, we're kinda concerned.

Well, they're kinda concerned about Jim.

Damn. This darn thing.

Every day this thing comes up 40 minutes slow.

Like, every time, you know, I'm looking at it, it's like this little voice in the back of my head saying "Rolex, my ass", you know?

Take it back.

Guy gave it to me for some blow.

There are some people that think Jim might be a cop.

I'm not sayin' he is. It's just that some people are wonderin'.

I mean, he shows up last October. I mean, the dude, he don't work.

He buys dope from everybody in town.

Look, I'm not saying he is. You understand that?

It's just that folks were wondering... A man could get hurt.

Well, that's the thing, Walker. A man could get hurt.

Look, I don't think he is.

But I'm in deep shit if I'm wrong.

I just figured you were the one to talk to 'cause, you know, I know you're cool.

I mean, I like you.

And I know, you know, you'd know if Jim was a cop.

You wanna talk to Jim about this?

Just get this whole thing cleared up?

Yeah, let's talk to Jim.


Y'all tryin' to hatch somethin'? Must be 90 degrees in here.

What time is it?

Well, maybe somewhere around 5:00.

Excuse me a minute.

You want coffee?

He probably went in there and fell back asleep.

I'll be right back. Go ahead.

We got a problem.


What's on your mind?

He thinks you're a cop.

That right, Walker? You been tellin' people I'm the heat?

I wouldn't do that, man.

I just think you should know...

People are concerned.

What made you think I was the heat? I don't know exactly.

I guess ain't nobody can do as much dope as y'all have been buying.

And I ain't heard anyone buyin' from you.


Let me get somethin' real clear here.

You ever tell one solitary motherfucker one word of what I say, and I'll kill you.

That simple.

I'll drop this fuckin' hammer on your ass so fast you'll be dead before you got here.

You understand? Yeah.

Well, you got it right.

Oh, hell, boy. You didn't think we were the heat, what the fuck you come up here for?

All this time I was tryin' to hit on you.

I just figured maybe I could do it without old Jim findin' out.

Yeah, well, that's nice, but we need some answers now, boy.

You wanna slide or not? What do I have to do?

You do what you've been doin'. You make the introductions and you will walk.

What does that make me? Makes you free.

Yeah, well, don't I get a lawyer? I wanna talk to somebody who's in authority.

And I wanna know what's goin' on, man.



Look, we've got someone here who wants to work for us. Yeah.

No, no, I checked it out.

No, that, that won't be a problem.


Let's go. Where?

We're gonna go see the chief.

Look, I think I oughta have a lawyer, man.

There's a phone.

You call your lawyer and I'll call the chief, tell him I made a mistake.

You wanna do 40 years? You wanna do 40 fuckin' years, Walker?

Which way is it gonna be?

This is Mr. Walker.

How much of Mr. Walker's ass do we own?

Eight or ten cases.

We bought from him at least eight times.

You know a fella named Gaines?

Well, yes, sir. I do.

You get us Gaines, son, you got no problem.

That and cooperate with the officers on the others.

I could try, sir, but Will Gaines don't deal with nobody he don't know from Houston.

You try hard, son.

Wipe that fuckin' smile off your face and figure this out.

If you don't, you're goin' away.


Cool it. You'll be okay.

They want Gaines, and y'all want my friends.

I'm not gonna be okay. That's my friends, man.

Hey, you won't even see the inside of a courtroom if you do what's right.

Maybe we can work somethin' out for some of your friends, too.

But first you got this in front of you. You hear what we're sayin'?

You gonna do it, let's go. Right now.

You show me where your loyalties are.

What? Your buddy that drives that hearse.

Is he holdin'?

Man! Answer me.

Yeah, man.

Hey, Bobby. What's up, Slick?

How you doin'?

Hi. Hi.

So what d'you have in mind, man?

Walker here said you might be able to score us some coke.

Well, if Walker says you're all right, that's good enough for me.

How much you want? Well, how much you got?

I'm a little bit country And she's a little bit rock'n'roll Hey, baby.

Some party. Yeah. Look who gets to do the dishes.

Blue ringers.

I never heard of it. Well, me either.

But the dude's got thousands of 'em.

This is the best I've felt since all this happened.

Dude's name is Monroe.

I told him you wanted a coupla hundred of 'em, if they're any good.

You mind if I just lay here a while?

Don't feel too comfortable at my own place any more, you know?

I'm tellin' you.


Watch your step.

You live for music, right?

You want a beer.

Guess I do.

Sit down.

Body temperature.

I keep everything here human temperature.


How many you want?

Where's the break?

$3 apiece up to a hundred. More than that's $2.50.

A hundred sounds good.

Walker said you'd want more.


A hundred's fine.

You wanna count 'em? No, I trust you.


Let's get fucked up, honey.

I got people waitin' on these. I gotta drive back.

Let's get fucked up.

I gotta git.

Peace. Peace.


Happy motorin'.

If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again.

If you need help, hang up and then dial the operator.


We're sorry. Your call did not go through. Will you please try your call again?

Officer Cates.

You all right?

I don't know.

Wanna go back to my place and talk about it?

I got a cold beer.


What's wrong?


I just don't feel like bein' in anybody's house right now.

Can I get you somethin', Jimmy?

There's gotta be more here somewhere.

You want some Preludin? Yeah.


There's nothing in the house. Where's this all going, Jim?

We just have to wait and see.

Don't do that.

Don't... Don't... Don't... Don't do that.



Listen to me.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.







A cab?

On it like a hawk on a June bug.

Everybody's always sayin' "Why don't you just take a cab?"

So who kicked in your door?

It was like that when I got in last night.

Jim was here. He probably knows.

Where's he at lately?

Out on a deal maybe.

He's worried about Gaines.

Well, Gaines is somethin' to worry about.

Well, listen. Are we workin' tonight?


I got some stuff comin' through from that taxidermist you introduced me to.

I ought to have him bring it by here, though. I'm not much up to goin' out.

All right.

Well, maybe I'll just hang out here a while.

If you want.


Where are you?

Lock it.

Just lock the door!

People comin'.

There is nobody comin', Jim.

Yeah, there is.

Preludin, Desoxyn, crank.

Preludin, Preludin, Biphetamine.

There's no evidence here.

What are you doin'? What the hell do you think you're doin'?

My job.

I'm doin' my fuckin' job.

Hey, Jim, talk to me about handlin' it.

I need to hear about kickin' the covers for a week or two.

Gettin' up on your feet and walkin'! Tell me that!

All I can do is wait and get everybody out of the way. Away.

They're comin'.

I don't wanna be out of the way, Jim.


What's wrong?

My chair is gone.


My chair's gone.

I sucked it up my ass when Nettle asked what the hell was goin' on with you two.

He's hot. About what?

About what? He wants to know where is his case on Gaines.

We're workin' on it.

What? That nickel-and-dime shit you're givin' us on Walker's friends?

You're givin' us nothin' lately.

Where's your partner there disappeared to?

He up there?


He's on a run, isn't he?

He's on a run and you're hidin' him.

Think he's up there turnin' over a new leaf?

How long's it been?

A week or two, maybe longer. Jesus.

Well, let's go see him.



What have you done?

It's all right. He's been there.

But he ain't there now, is he?

Not now he's nine-to-five.

Back home with a wife and a family.

How many cases are bad?

D'you see?

I gotta know, man. Give me a number. Well, I don't have a fuckin' number.

Look, Jimmy. I've been there, man, right where you are now.

We got a problem. I need to know how bad it is.

You tell me how bad it is, Dodd.

Tell me how bad it is.

This is a great deal. You've landed us both in prison.

Nobody's goin' away over this. Not you, Dodd. Get back to the suburbs.

I gotta know. Nettle's gotta know!

Fuck Nettle!

You got somethin' to make him sleep?

Yeah... Yeah.

Fix yourself, Dodd.

You wanna fix up, old buddy?

Gloria has been reading a book about women's lib.

Oh, jeez.

Three books, Daddy. I didn't read 'em, I devoured 'em.

Not only that, I had Michael read 'em, too.

Mike? He recognizes, and you'd better too, that women are individuals.

It ain't enough that he's an atheist? You're turning him into a morphodite.

What's a morphodite?

A freak with a little too much of each and not enough of neither.

You pulled up.

The needles, anyway.

Okay. Under.

Now, will you need anything else?

Well, I'll just let you have your meeting.

It was nice to meet you, Miss Cates.

So, we have a situation.

How bad is it?

Well, let's say I've had a rough time.

Exactly what are we talking about?

Let's pray together.

Lord, please offer this man your help and your strength as he faces a difficult task, for we are soldiers in your army, and we fight your enemies with our very lives.


Looks like you could use a few days off.

Why don't the two of you go to Corpus Christi, get some rest, then come back and make the case on Gaines?

Appreciate the confidence.

Wait a minute.

What'd you say if we told you Gaines isn't dealin' drugs?

I'd say "When are you gonna make the case?"

Will Gaines isn't dealin' drugs. At least not to us.

We've tried to get next to the man for five months.

He won't come across with anything. Nothin'. He won't even talk about it.

Now, Will Gaines is a dealer in drugs and pornography, and that is a fact.

Make the case.

Are you tellin' us to plant evidence?

I'm tellin' you that sometimes good work is accomplished in mysterious ways.

We can't do that.

Make the case.

An arm like that could be hard to explain to a jury, don't you think?

Here we go.

Look, I need something you've got.

Somebody told me you were a badass.

There's no bad-asses.

Ain't nobody can't die.

Tell me somethin', badass.

D'you think I'm stupid?

So it's "Us or them" time.

It's got that feel, you know?

Somebody's about to get the short stick.

I just want it to end.

It isn't gonna soon.

He'll make bail. And then what?

And then we'll see.

You know what scares me?

The thought of all those people gettin' up in court, tellin' what we did.

Nobody believes them, except other dealers and other cops.

That's what makes the whole thing work.

You never admit to anything.

Someone's holdin' the evidence in your face.


What about your arm?

I haven't decided yet.

What's goin' on?

We're doin' it this afternoon.

We can prearrange your bail, arrest you with everybody, make it look like you weren't involved.

No, I can't do that.

That'd make it worse than it already is.

Well, you better get outta town, stay with relatives somewhere.

Well, hey, I can't do that either. My relatives, they all live here in Katterly.

Well, there ain't no place to hide.

People know where you live, Walker.

Well, I expect they do. I mean...

We could set you up in Houston. I'll talk to Dodd.

I got friends gonna be doin' 40 years. Isn't that what Jim said?

40 years for sellin' somebody a dime bag that I asked 'em to sell.

You don't want me to just run off now and hide. No.

You gonna make me arrest you, Walker?

Lookit, Kristen, everything I've done for the past three months has been because I was scared of somethin' else.

And now there ain't nothin' I'm scared of 'cause it's right here.

I'm fuckin' ashamed. D'you understand that?

Yeah. I understand that.

Well, you don't got nothin' to scare me with no more.

Officer, put him in the cell, then go ahead and start the paperwork.

Hey, man, you're a fuckin' dead man.

A fuckin' dead man.

You're out on bail in 12 hours, right? You come find me.

You come find me, then we'll see who's dead, okay?

Okay, they're up on the second floor.

Cut him, cut him down.

I'd like to direct your attention to case number 97 involving Mr. Will Gaines.

Yes, sir.

Now, Sergeant Raynor's already testified in this case, so we just want to go over it with you.

31 st of May. Do you recall that date?

Yes, sir.

In the afternoon of that date did you and Sergeant Raynor have occasion to speak to each other concerning Mr. Gaines?

Yes, sir, we did.

What was the nature of that conversation?

We discussed the possibility of making a cocaine purchase from him that evening.

Where did you make the purchase? The Driller's Club.

And what time did you arrive? Shortly after 11:00.

Did you meet with Mr. Gaines?

Sergeant Raynor did. I sat in the car while he bought the cocaine.

From Gaines? Yes, sir. From Will Gaines.

What exactly did you see?

I saw Will Gaines step out the back door of the Driller's Club, where he engaged Sergeant Raynor in a short conversation.

He turned over to Sergeant Raynor an envelope filled with white powder which proved to be cocaine.

Are you sure that it was Will Gaines? Yes, sir. There is not a doubt in my mind.

Thank you, Miss Cates.

The grand jury appreciates your time and your testimony.

We appreciate the courage you've shown these last months in buildin' this case.

You and Sergeant Raynor are to be commended.

Yes, sir. Thank you.


Did he make bail? $250,000.

He got Sam Austin out of Fort Worth to represent him.

I rented us a trailer this morning over at Spider Lake.

So many of 'em turnin' on each other, they won't have time to look for us.

I don't know. We're on TV enough to remind them.

There's nothing at the garage that would interest a girl. Go to bed.

No, Daddy. Please tell me a story. I won't be able to fall asleep. Please!


Feels like a long ride to nowhere, doesn't it?

You know, after I finished with the grand jury, they applauded me.

It made me feel sick.

I feel sick.

You pick a side, because you have to.

It isn't supposed to be the right one.

The difference being our intentions were good.


The difference is there isn't any difference.


Do you think about Walker?


When I think about him now,

it's like he's a saint.

No! Jim!

Press here. Shit!

Press hard here, okay? Press!


I got you.

Okay. Jim, I'm gonna get you some help.


Get away! I already called the police!

Please! I'm warnin' you! I got a gun!

Go on now! Get away!


Just a little while longer. Help's coming.

I think I'm gonna puke.


I'm here. I'm here.

Squeeze my hand. Can you squeeze my hand?

That's good. Good.

Jim... Jim...

It's okay.

You're doin' great.

They're gonna be here any minute, Jim.

Jim, look at me.

Good. Good.

I love you.

I love you.

They're gonna be here soon, Jim.





Oh, God!

Oh, God!

No! Please!



Oh, please, please, God!


Now, what happened after the gun woke you on the couch?

I tried to push the barrel away, and it went off. And then it went off again.

Hittin' your partner?

And you never saw the man firin' the gun?

No, sir, not at all.

You're sure? If he was leanin' in the window with a shotgun...

I'm sure.

I understand you quit the department?

That's correct.

You'll be someplace we can find you?

The prosecution calls Kristen Cates.

Raise your right hand and be sworn.

Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I do. Be seated.

Miss Cates, you were an undercover narcotics officer for the city of Katterly.

Yes, sir, I was. You don't currently hold that position.

No, sir. I'm no longer with the police department.

How long were you on the force? Approximately seven months.

And you were responsible for how many arrests?

I wouldn't know. Well, a hundred?

Possibly. With my partner.

Can you briefly describe that process?

The process? Yes.

We purchased drugs, put what we bought into evidence envelopes and turned them in to Captain Dodd.

Miss Cates, would you read the name and date on this envelope, please?

"Gaines, William Robert."

"May 31 st, 1975."

Is this an envelope you turned over to Captain Dodd?

Yes, sir.

Can you tell us what was inside it?


State exhibit, Your Honor. That's received.

You and your partner purchased this cocaine from Mr. Gaines?

Miss Cates, did you and your partner purchase this cocaine from Mr. Gaines?

You testified under oath in front of a grand jury that you and your partner purchased this cocaine from Mr. Gaines.

Miss Cates?

Did you and your partner purchase this cocaine from Mr. Gaines?

No, sir.

It was a stash. Miss Cates?

My partner and I were ordered by Chief Nettle to falsify a case against Gaines.

Your Honor, the witness has committed perjury.

Order in the court, please. Order!


The prosecution requests a mistrial.

I told you sorry bastards to stay outta my car.