Rushmore (1998) Script

[ Student ] If, and only if, both sides of the numerator... is divisible by the inverse of the square root... of the two unassigned variables.

Good. Except when the value of the "X" coordinate... is equal to or less than the value of one.

Yes, Isaac? What about that problem?

Oh, that? Don't worry about that. "M" is -

[ Isaac ] Wait. Why?

I just put that up as a joke.

That's probably the hardest geometry equation in the world.

[ Isaac ] How much extra credit is it worth?

Well, considering I've never seen anyone get it right... including my mentor, Dr. Leaky at M.I.T...

I guess if anyone here can solve that problem...

I'd see to it that none of you ever have to open another math book again... for the rest of your lives.

[ Students Murmuring ]

[ Teacher ] Max? Care to try it?

I'm sorry. Did someone say my name?

[ Chuckles ] [ Class Chuckling ]

[ Drops Chalk In Tray ]

You got it.

[ Classmates Applauding, Cheering ]

[ Classmates Chanting ] Fischer! Fischer! Fischer! Fischer! Fischer!

[ Chanting Continues ]

[ Applauding ]

[ Man ] Thank you.

You guys have it real easy.

I never had it like this where I grew up.

But I send my kids here because, the fact is... you go to one of the best schools in the country:

Rushmore. [ Whispers ] - Shh.

Now, for some of you... it doesn't matter.

You were born rich, and you're going to stay rich.

But here's my advice to the rest of you:

Take dead aim on the rich boys.

Get them in the crosshairs... and take them down.

Just remember: They can buy anything... but they can't buy backbone.

Don't let them forget that.

Thank you.

[ One Person Clapping ]

♪ [ Organ ]

Free for graduation, Herman? Perhaps you could give us an encore.

Nicholas! Copernicus! I don't give a shit.

I paid for the whole damn natatorium.

The least these little pricks can do is hear me out.

[ Dog Barks, Whines ]

Hi, Dr. Guggenheim. Hello, Max.

Hello. I'm Max Fischer.

I just wanted to say that I strongly agree with your views concerning Rushmore.

Um... your speech was excellent.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Hello.

Oh, Mr. Blume, this is my chapel partner, Dirk Calloway. [ Guggenheim Whistles ]

Nice to meet you, Dirk.

Well, thanks.

You know...

I really think you're right about Rushmore.

Come on, Dirk.

What's his name again? Max Fischer.

Sharp little guy.

He's one of the worst students we've got.

♪ [ Rock ]

♪ Makin' time ♪

♪ Shootin' lines ♪

♪ For people to believe in ♪

♪ Things you say ♪

♪ Gone in a day ♪

♪ Everybody leavin' ♪

♪ Everybody leavin' ♪

♪ Why do we have to carry on ♪

♪ Always singin' the same old song? ♪

♪ Same old song The same old song ♪ You! You're out!

♪ Tellin' lies ♪

♪ Closing your eyes ♪

♪ Making more excuses ♪

♪ Pullin' the wool ♪

♪ Actin' the fool ♪

We're putting you on what we call "sudden death academic probation."

And what does that entail?

It entails that if you fail another class... you'll be asked to leave Rushmore.

In other words, I’ll be expelled.

That's correct.

Could I see some documentation on that, please?

Too many extracurricular activities, Max. Not enough studying.

[ Max Reads Scores Quietly ] Mm-hmm.

Dr. Guggenheim, I don't want to tell you how to do your job... but the fact is, no matter how hard I try...

I still might flunk another class.

If that means I have to stay on for a postgraduate year, then so be it, but -

We don't offer a postgraduate year.

Well... we don't offer it yet.

Just bring up the grades.

Do you remember how I got into this school?

Yes. You wrote a play.

That's right. Second grade.

A little one-act about Watergate.

And my mother read it and felt I should go to Rushmore.

And you read it, and you gave me a scholarship, didn't you?


Do you regret it? No, I don't regret it.

But I still might have to expel you.

Couldn't -

Couldn't we just let me float by?

For old time's sake?

Can't do it, Max.

They want to kick me out. Oh, no. Not again.

What are you gonna do? The only thing I can do: try and pull some strings with the administration, I guess.

Did you hear they're teaching Japanese next year?

That's the rumor.

And they're canceling Latin. What?

I tried to get Latin canceled for five years.

"It's a dead language," I'd always say.

Well, I guess they finally heard you.

[ Waves Crashing ]

[ Indistinct Voices ]

[ Gull Squawking ]

Excuse me.

Could I please see a list of all the people who've checked out this book in the past year?


Look at that.


[ No Audible Dialogue ]

"I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both;" and I believe they both get paid in the end.

But the fools first. [ Seagull Squawking ]

"Chapter 15. The Lad with the Silver Button."

[ Continues, Indistinct ]

Meet me on the corner in 10 minutes. Where are you going?

I'll tell you in the squad car.

Oh, and, Willie... you were wrong about Enrique Sanchez.

He died in his sleep.

[ Max ] Excellent. That was excellent.

That was great. That was great.

Um, Irving. Could you get some root beers for anybody who wants one?

I don't want one, okay? Okay.

All right. Next scene.

Frank, you enter stage right with a bag of cocaine.

I was just telling Mr. Calloway the other day how fortunate we are... to have someone like you looking out for Dirk.

Oh, don't be silly.

Dirk's a great kid, and I'm just trying to impart... some of the experiences I've accrued to help him.

This has my number on it if you need to call me... or need help with Dirk or anything like that.

[ Mrs. Calloway ] Well, thank you very much.

Hello, Dirk. Hi, Mom.

How are you, honey? Fine.

Bye. Bye. It was so nice to see you again.

Hey, Dirk. How'd your math test go?

What math test?

I thought you had a math test today.

No. Did you turn in your paper on the Berlin Airlift?

Yeah, I got an extension.

Hey, George. So how'd it go with Mrs. Calloway?

We shook hands.

Big deal.

And I gave her my phone number.

Buchan said he'd have already banged her by now.


Just tell that deformed Scottish gorilla to shut his fat face.

[ Blows Dart ] [ Kid Screams ]

That's my best friend's mother he's talking about.

I always thought that's why you picked Dirk as your chapel partner.

What are you, a lawyer?

Hey, Mr. Blume.

Hey. It's Max Fischer.

Oh, hi.

[ Boy On Radio ] Hey, Max. My mom just showed up. Is it okay if I leave early? Over.

Sure, Charlie.

What's the secret, Max?

"The secret"?

Yeah. Well, you seem to have it pretty figured out.

The secret. I don't know. Uh -

I think you just gotta find something you love to do... and then do it for the rest of your life.

For me, it's going to Rushmore.

[ Boy ] Shotgun. Hey, Ronny. Hey, Donny. How you guys -

Get in the back. I said "Shotgun." Get in the back, Donny.

Let's go.

[ Air Conditioning Blasting ] [ Turns Off Air Conditioning ]

Did you invite that kid to your party? Max Fischer?

Come on, Dad. There's gonna be girls there. I'd rather die.

Pull your head out of your ass.

Good night, Mr. Little jeans. Good night, Max.

I'll see you tomorrow.

♪ [ Jazz ] ♪ [ Barber Humming Along ]

♪ [ Continues ]

May I see the back, please?


How's that?

Thank you.

[ Sighs ] I need a signature on this geometry test, by the way.

Let's see.

Hmm. I know, I know.

A 37.

Oh, I don't know what to do anymore.

It could have been worse.

You almost got the "A."

"Almost got the 'A" '? Dad, what are you writing?

[ Max ] Maybe I'm spending too much of my time starting up clubs... and putting on plays.

That's possible.

I should probably be trying harder to score chicks.

[ Laughs ]

That's the only thing anybody really cares about.

It's not my forte, unfortunately.

It'll happen, Max. It's just -

You're like one of those clipper ship captains.

You're married to the sea.

Yes, that's true.

But I've been out to sea for a long time.

[ Max ] Hello.


I like your hat.

Oh, thank you.

You're a teacher here, aren't you?

And this is your first year at Rushmore, I take it.


And how long have you been a smoker, if you don't mind me asking?

Well, let's see now.

H-How old are you? Fifteen.

Since I was your age. You're kidding.

You should quit.

You're right.

And I should mind my own business.

Where did you go to school, by the way?

Harvard. Really?

That's a coincidence.

My top schools where I want to apply to are Oxford and the Sorbonne.

My safety's Harvard.

That's very ambitious. Thank you.

What do you want to study?

Well... I haven't decided for sure... but probably a double major in mathematics and premed.

What was your major?

I didn't have a major, but my thesis was on Latin American economic policy.

Oh, that's interesting. Did you hear they're not going to teach Latin here anymore?

This was more like Central America.

Oh, Central America and whatnot. Hmm.

But moving on: They're gonna cancel Latin.

They've got to make room for Japanese.

That's a shame because all the Romance languages are based on Latin.

Yeah, they are, aren't they?

Nihilo sanctum estne?

What's that?

Oh, it's Latin, isn't it? What does that mean?

Is nothing sacred?

Sic transit gloria.

Glory fades.

I'm Max Fischer.

Hi. Hi.

Come on, come on. File out. Sign here, please.

Sic transit gloria. All right, all right.

♪ You to me ♪

♪ Are sweet as rooses in the morning ♪

♪ And you to me ♪

♪ Are soft as summer rain ♪ In summation, I have only one question:

Is Latin dead?

♪ The sidewalks and the street ♪

♪ The concrete and the clay beneath my feet ♪

[ Thick Scottish Brogue ] Why don't you just piss off, Fischer, you dotty wee skid mark?

Was that Latin?

[ Grunting ]

Never in my wildest imagination... did I ever dream I would have sons like these.

What's your dad do, Max? [ Wrestlers Grunting ]

He's a neurosurgeon at, uh, St. Joseph's Hospital.

[ Grunting Continues ]

Personally, I could never see myself cutting open somebody's brain... but he seems to enjoy it.

Oh, no, no, no. I got this one. [ Ref Blows Whistle ]

[ Ref Talking, Indistinct ]

So you were in Vietnam, if I'm not mistaken?

Yeah. [ Sighs ]

Were you in the shit? [ Ref Blows Whistle, Starts Match ]

Yeah, I was in the shit.

[ Wrestlers Grunting ] See you Sunday, Mr. Blume.

All right.

What's on Sunday?

Oh, that's right. The twins' birthday party.

[ Grunting Continues ]

Do you want to come?

I'd love to, except I've already got a previous obligation to attend to.

[ Ref Slaps Mat, Blows Whistle ] Yeah. Thanks for the invitation though.

Come work for me.

What do you mean? I mean, I-I-I could use someone like you.

Look, I may not be rich, Mr. Blume.

My father may only be a doctor, but we manage.


Excuse me, Mr. Blume. Nice talking to you.

You're on the team? I'm an alternate.

[ Max ] How you doin'? Good to see you again.

[ Ref Blows Whistle ]

Whoa. Neat.

♪ Met a girl, fell in love ♪

♪ Glad as I can be ♪

♪ Met a girl, fell in love ♪

♪ Glad as I can be ♪

♪ But I think all the time ♪

♪ Is she true to me? ♪

♪ 'Cause there's nothing in this world ♪

♪ To stop me worrying about that girl ♪

♪ I found out I was wrong ♪

♪ She was just two-timing ♪

♪ I found out I was wrong ♪

♪ She just kept on Lying ♪

♪ Now she tries to tell the truth ♪

♪ And I just can't believe ♪

♪ 'Cause there's nothing in this world ♪

♪ To stop me worrying about that girl ♪

[ Max Knocking ] Miss Cross?

I thought I'd just let you know as per our conversation the other day -

Latin? Right. The Romance languages.

Well, I gave a little speech. I heard about this.

Oh, you did?

I understand you made a very convincing argument.

I just thought you'd be pleased to hear they're gonna continue the Latin program.

I'm very impressed.

Well, thank you very much.

Hey, you need an assistant?

Do we get to have an assistant around here?

No, I doubt it.

I'm on scholarship though - academic scholarship - so I get to do odd jobs and -

Say, how did you decide to teach at Rushmore?

My husband went here.

I, uh -

I didn't know you were married.

Well, he's dead now.

So I'm not, actually.

When did he die?

Last year.

My mother's dead.

I'm sorry to hear that.

She died when I was seven.

I guess we both have dead people in our families.

What's going on in here?

These were just born.

I don't want alloys. I want steel.

I don't give a rat's ass what he says.

[ Capsule Sucked Through Tube ]

Steel, Harry.

So you've changed your mind, and you want the job?

No. But I've got an idea, and I need some money.

What Rushmore needs is an aquarium - a first-class aquarium - where the scientists can lecture... and the students can observe the marine life in its natural habitat.

I don't know. What do you think, Ernie?

An aquarium? What kind of fish?

Barracudas, stingrays, electric eel, trout... hammerheads, piranha, giant squid, octopi -

Piranhas? Really?

Yes, I'm talking to a guy in South America.

What'd Guggenheim say? Nothing. I felt I should go to you first.


Because at this moment, I feel the best strategy is to keep it low profile.

The more preparation work I can do... the stronger our case will be when we take it to the administration.

How much money do you want?

$35,000, for the initial plans.

[ Inhales, Exhales Deeply ]

I'll give you 2,500.


♪ Trees ♪

♪ Swaying in the summer breeze ♪

♪ Showing off their silver leaves ♪

♪ As we walked by ♪

♪ Soft ♪

♪ Kisses on a summer's day ♪

♪ Laughing all our cares away ♪

♪ Just you and I ♪

♪ Sweet ♪

♪ Sleepy warmth of summer nights ♪

♪ Gazing at the distant lights ♪

♪ In the starry sky ♪ Thank you. You're welcome.

[ Dry Pen Scratching On Paper ]

[ Writing ]

[ Softly ] Max? Mm-hmm?

Can I ask you something? Sure.

Has it ever crossed your mind that you're far too young for me?

It crossed my mind that you might consider that a possibility. Yeah.

Quite apart from the fact that you're a student -

I'm not trying to pressure you into anything, Miss Cross.

I'm surprised you brought it up so bluntly.

I just want to make sure - [ Electric Pencil Sharpener Whirring Loudly ]

We've become friends, haven't we? Yes.


And, um... the - the truth is neither one of us has the slightest idea... where this relationship is going.

We can't predict the future.

We don't have a relationship, Max.

But we're friends. Yes, and that's all we're going to be.

That's all I meant by "relationship."

You want me to grab a dictionary?

No. I just want to make sure that we understand each other.

I understand.

You're not attracted to me.

C'est la vie.

Max, you're 15 years old.

Attraction doesn't enter into it.

If you say so.

Look, all I'm getting at is that -

that I've never met anyone like you.

So you can take that for whatever it's worth.

I think I can safely say I've never met anyone like you either.

You haven't, have you?

Want to shake hands?

I'm glad we had this conversation.

So am I.

[ Actor ] I can't wear a wire. They're feeling me up every day.

[ Actor ♪2 ] Oh, come on, Frank. You’ll have complete protection.

Yeah, I've heard that one before.

I gotta put a dime in the meter. Sit down, Frank.

Joe, go put a dime in the meter for Officer Serpico.

Look, Serpico, if you agree to testify in open court -

No! No, what?

No, I'm not gonna testify.

Go, go, go.

I'll expect your gun and your badge on my desk -

[ Glass Shatters ]

Promise me one thing, O'Reilly. Name it.

That you're gonna follow this thing all the way to the end...

[ Snaps Fingers ] Of the line... where I got to be.

So help me God.

[ Man Over Radio ] Someone coming out of the building. I've got something!

Wait. This could be it. There's action across the street.

Yeah, it's him. It's Snowman.

[ Radio Transmission Continues, Indistinct ]

He's getting on the el train! Take him!

[ Gunfire ]

What happened to the cannoli line? Max -

You're supposed to say, "Forget about it, Sanchez. The old man likes his cannolis."

Look, I made a mistake, all right? It didn't make any difference anyway.

Hey, I'm letting it go, but don't say it doesn't matter.

Every line matters. Get off my back! [ Throws Cane ]

Don't fuck with my play!

You fucking cocksucker - Hey, break it up. Break it up.

I'm gonna kill you.

[ Audience Applauding ]

Max. Max.

[ Applauding Continues ]

[ Audience Cheering Madly ]

[ Cheering Continues ]

I thought the acting tonight was excellent.

Thanks. Well, it was better in rehearsals.

I’ll catch up with you later, Dad. I got a dinner to go to.

Oh, yeah? Yeah. Cast and crew only.

Oh. You need some money? No, Dad.

Well, how was the slap? It was good.

There he is. Max, that was great.

I'm so glad you could come.

I want you to meet a friend of mine. Peter Flynn, Max Fischer.


Who's this guy?


I really liked your play. It was really cool.


What happened to your nose?

I got punched in the face. Oh, boy.

What's your excuse?

[ Blume ] Hey, author.

How you doing? Nice job.

Thank you. Gonna get to meet your dad tonight?

Oh, no. The old man's on call.

Mr. Blume, I'd like you to meet Miss Cross -

And I didn't catch this young gentleman's name.

I like your nurse's uniform, guy.

These are O.R. scrubs.

"O.R." they? [ Blume Snorting ]

Well, they're totally inappropriate for the occasion.

Well, I didn't know we were going to dinner.

That's because you weren't invited.

Take it easy, Max.

You were the one that ordered him a whiskey and soda.

[ Max ] So what's wrong with that?

I can write a hit play. Why can't I have a little drink to unwind myself?

So, tell me, curly, how do you know Miss Cross?

We went to Harvard together. Oh, that's great.

I wrote a hit play and directed it.

So I'm not sweating it either.

Can we get a check, please?

What do you think you're doing? Getting the check.

No, you're not. Excuse me.

I just want to thank you for accommodating us.

You see, we only thought we were going to be three... but, uh, someone invited himself along, so I apologize.

Quite all right, sir. Okay.

Very well.

You're being rude, Max.

No, I'm not. Yes, you are.

No, I'm not. I'm just trying to figure out why you brought this gentleman to my play... and my dinner, which was invitation only.

Would you like me to pass you the creamer, Doc?

Yes, please.

What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

You hurt my feelings! This night was important to me!

How did I hurt your feelings?

Oh, my God!

I wrote a hit play!

[ Sighs ]

And I'm in love with you.

Put that a little bit there.

Put that a little bit there.


Were you hiding over there?

Uh, I didn't want to disrupt class.

What's that you're painting?

That's a - a jellyfish.

What can I do for you, Mr. Blume?

Max wants to talk to you.

What for?

To apologize, I think.

Should we talk over here?

He sent you? Yeah.

Are you his messenger?

No, I'm his friend. [ Scoffs ]

You were right. I should not have allowed him to drink.

I don't think I should see Max anymore.

Well, he's not gonna like the sound of that.

No. No, I know, but...

I think I let him get too attached.

What do you think?

Well, I think you did your best.

Tell him I'm sorry.


What is your first name?


What's yours?


He wrote you a letter.

[ Max ] Dear Miss Cross...

I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize... for the events of the night of the 23rd.

I'm not accustomed to drinking alcohol.

Please do me the service of coming to the unveiling of a new venture I've undertaken.

I hope you will attend, if possible.

I remain your friend, Max Fischer.

♪ [ Fanfare ]

[ Camera Shutter Clicking ] ♪ [ Stops ]

Cut the music, and no more pictures.

What time is it, Alan? 1:15.

Excuse me, gentlemen. Hey, lay off the chips, Buchan.

[ Buchan Belches ] Did you see her?

She's not here. Well, go check her classroom.

Shall I go ahead and take care of this tree?

Let's wait a few minutes. What's going on here, Maxie?

Oh, hey, Coach Beck. Good to see you.

This is where we're putting in the new aquarium.

I'm in charge of the committee, if you can believe it.

This is my baseball diamond.

Yeah, I know, and I believe it's being relocated a few feet over.

Is it true the aquarium will have piranhas?

Where did you hear that? My source indicated that it was a possibility.

Yes, it's true, but piranhas are a very tricky species.

[ Dirk ] Max?

Excuse me, George.

Bad news. What's the story?

She had a substitute teacher today. Why?

I guess she got sick. You know she's not sick.

Give me the phone.

[ Dialing, Phone Rings ]

Janet. Max Fischer. Is Mr. Blume there?

[ Slurps Water ] Well, where is he?

Goddamn it. He's supposed to be here.

[ Chain Saw Revving ] I don't give a shit about the barracudas... but fuck it, I'm building it anyway.

♪ [ Marching Cadence ]

[ Guggenheim ] Max! [ Coach Blowing Whistle ]

Where are those damn chain saws coming from?

He's right over there! Max! Max!

Oh, hello, Dr. Guggenheim.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

We're having a fund-raiser for the - Turn that damn thing off!

Tell me this isn't happening.

Dr. Guggenheim, I'd rather not have this conversation in front of my crew.

[ Thunderclap, Thunder Rumbling ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Muffled Yelling ]

[ Teacher Speaking, Indistinct ] ...chapter seven.

One more thing. We have a new student with us today.

His name's Max Fischer... and he's actually asked to say a few words to the class.

Max, do you want to take it away?

Sure. Thanks very much.

I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Max Fischer.

I'm a former student of Rushmore Academy... which I recently got expelled from.

This is my first time in a public school.

I know you probably think I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth... but I'm no elitist.

I think you've got some great facilities... and I'm really looking forward to making the best of it here at Grover Cleveland.

One footnote.

I notice you don't have a fencing team.

Well, I'm gonna try my hardest to start one up for you guys.

[ Bell Rings ]

Max? Yes?

Hi. I'm Margaret Yang. I'm in Mrs. Whitney's class.

I just wanted to tell you that I liked your speech.

Thank you.

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone asking to give a speech in class before.

No? How unfortunate.

The silver spoon remark might rub some people the wrong way.

But I think I know - What do you mean?

Well - You know what?

I gotta go into class in here. I'll see you later, Mrs. Chang.

[ Yelling ]

[ Door Opens ] En garde! [ Speaking French ]

[ Basketball Players Chattering ]

Janet. Max Fischer. Is he in?

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

[ Phone Beeps ] Yeah?

[ Panting ] Okay.

Hey, Max, how's it going? Terrible.

Tell me something. When you talked to Miss Cross the other day -

Do you have a telephone pass? Excuse me.

Do you have a telephone pass? One second.

I gotta tell ya, I don't know what you see in her.

I- I don't think she's right for you.

What's that supposed to mean?

I mean, she's not that beautiful.

She's not that intriguing.

I mean, she has something that you can't put your finger on, but -

Look, Mr. Blume, your comments are valuable, but let's get to the point.

Son? Will she see me again, yes or no?

No. Hang on.

I'm talking on the telephone. [ Coin Drops ]

Oh, come on. [ Scoffs ] That's rude.

♪ [ Quick Drum Cadence ]

[ Buchan ] Hey, Fischer.

You better beat it, sonny.

You know, Fischer, I've been watching you.

Showboat. Always talkin'.

Picking a kid like Dirk because his mother's a great piece... and then getting nowhere.

Like everything you do.

Big show. No results.

What do you call getting a hand job from Mrs. Calloway in the back of her Jaguar?

A fucking lie.

You think I got kicked out for just the aquarium?

Nah. It was the hand job.

You want to know something else? It was worth it.

[ Max ] I'm sorry I embarrassed you at dinner.

And please apologize to what's-his-name for me.

I will.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, but I miss Rushmore.

I miss the seasons.

Watching the leaves change.

By the way, what time does the library close?

I've got an overdue book to turn in.

That is your handwriting, isn't it?

[ Cross ] My husband gave me this book... when he came to visit England when I was 13.

And he went to Rushmore, so when he died...

I gave it to the library here.

You remind me of him, you know?

I do?


Well... you were a member of the Rushmore Beekeepers, weren't you?

Yeah. I was president of them.

He founded that club.

Do you think we can be friends again, Miss Cross?

In-In a strictly platonic way?

Of course I do.

Do you think you can make a go of it and settle down at Grover Cleveland?

Yeah, but I need a tutor.

♪ In the midnight moonlight ♪

♪ I’ll ♪

♪ Be walking a long and lonely mile ♪

♪ And every time I do ♪

♪ I keep seeing this picture of you ♪

♪ Here comes my baby ♪

♪ Here she comes now ♪

♪ And that comes as no surprise to me ♪

♪ With another guy ♪

♪ Here comes my baby ♪

♪ Here she comes now ♪

♪ Walkin' with a love With a love that's all so fine ♪

♪ Never could be mine ♪

♪ No matter how I try ♪

♪ You never walk alone ♪ [ Hooting ]

Fighting Owls, let's go!

♪ And you're forever talking on the phone ♪

[ Crowd Cheering ]

♪ I try to call you names ♪ [ Hoots ]

[ Max ] Let's go!

♪ But every time it comes out the same ♪

♪ Here comes my baby ♪

♪ Here she comes now ♪ Okay, what else do we got?

Alan's got the birds for your approval. I'll take the green one.

And here's the knife. That's too fake.

[ Margaret ] Hi, Max. Hello.

What's your name again? Margaret Yang.

Margaret Yang. What are you doing seventh period, Margaret Yang?

I have guitar lessons.

Classical guitar or - In what school? Rock.

Ro - That's good. We can get you out of that.

Could I see you without your glasses on, please?

Let's put Margaret down for 3:30 in the auditorium, Woody.

Thank you.

And-And bring a head shot, please.

[ Knocks ]

[ Door Opens ]

Hello, Herman.

How are you, Rosemary? I'm fine, thanks.

I just got home, and I'm having a little snack.

Having some carrots? Yeah.

Nice house.

Yeah. Um, it isn't mine.

I'm just sort of house-sitting.

Um... you were in the neighborhood?

Uh... did Max have something planned for us today?

A trip to the museum or something?

No, I don't think so. I-I think he's rehearsing tonight.

Oh, that's right. He's doing his new play.

Yeah, he's really making a go of it over there at Grover Cleveland.

Yeah, he's doing very well, isn't he?

Do you want a carrot?

Yeah, I’ll have one of those.

Thank you.

[ Crunching Carrot ] [ Chuckles ]

Well, I'll probably be seeing you soon.

Or we could go for a walk now, if you like.


The weather's nice, isn't it?

A little brisk.

I’ll just get a sweater. I’ll be back in a minute.

[ Talking, Indistinct ]

[ Brakes Screech ]


I know about you and the teacher.

[ Car Door Shuts ]

Does Max know?

No, and I don't want him to know, ever.

I just want it to stop right now.

You're a married man, Blume... and you're supposed to be his friend.

Look, Dirk, I am his friend.

Oh, yeah. And with friends like you, who needs friends?

Unlock it!

Little Calloway.

You're standing up for the wrong guy. Fischer ain't your mate.

What are you talking about, Buchan?

He thinks your mom's good for a bonk.

That's the only reason he picked you as his chapel partner.

Who sold you that crock? He told me himself.

He says she gave him a hand job in the backseat of her bloody Jaguar.

Max would never say that.

Yeah. I suppose you're right.

After all, the son of a brain doctor... doesn't need to impress anybody now, does he?

[ Laughing ]

The killing's gotta stop, esse. It's getting too loco.

No more gats. Nigger, you're the crazy one.

People be trying to kill you.

Are you talkin' about you're gonna get rid of your gun?

It's time, homey.

Kiss me, Little Juan.

All right, then he kisses her and we're out. Okay.

Is that for me?

[ Dirk ] Dear Max, I am sorry to say that I have secretly found out... that Mr. Blume is having an affair with Miss Cross.

My first suspicions came when I saw them Frenching in front of her house... and then I knew for sure when they went skinny-dipping in Mr. Blume's swimming pool... giving each other hand jobs while you were taking a nap on the front porch.

Why am I telling you this now?

Because you're such a good friend.

Take care, pal.

Fondly, Dirk Calloway.

[ Gasps ] God.

How was she, Herman?

Jesus Christ.

Was she good? I bet she was.

Although, I wouldn't know 'cause I never screwed her.

[ Sniffles ] Going skinny-dipping while I took a nap.

"Are you comfortable, Max?

I'll just, uh, be out back, nude, getting hand jobs from the woman you love."

We never went skinny-dipping.

Sure you didn't.

And next you're gonna tell me you didn't just walk out of her house at 2:00 in the morning.

I'm in love with her.

Well, I was in love with her first.

And all that crap about...

"I don't think she's that great. I don't think she's right for you, Max."

That was all bullshit, wasn't it?

Do you think she's in love with you?

I don't know.

Well, I guarantee you she's not, and she never will be.


I saved Latin.

What did you ever do?

[ Young Student ] On the planet I come from... the sun only comes out once a year.

[ Knocking ] ♪ From a tiny piece of colored glass ♪ That is why my skin - [ Max ] Excuse me.

♪ My love was born ♪ Oh, I'm sorry.

I just came by to thank you for wrecking my life.

♪ And reds and golds and yellows were the colors of the dawn ♪

[ Guggenheim Shouts ] Max, what are you doing?

♪ Night brought on its purple cloak ♪

♪ Of velvet to the sky ♪

♪ And the gulls were wheeling, spinning ♪

♪ On Jersey Thursday ♪ [ Answering Machine Beeps ]

Hello, Mrs. Blume. This is Max Fischer.

I have some information regarding your husband.

Please return my call on my voice mail: Grover Cleveland High School, extension 23.

Thank you very much. [ Answering Machine Beeps ]

Thank you for meeting me.

You're welcome.

Would you like a sandwich?

All right.

I have a tuna and peanut butter and jelly.

Sorry it's not something more exotic.

I'll take the tuna fish. Okay.

Milk or apple juice?

Get to the point.

[ Sirens Approaching ] Okay.

Your husband's - [ Sirens Drown Out Max ]

[ Sirens Continue, Fade ]

And how long will you be staying with us, Mr. Blume?

Indefinitely. I'm being sued for divorce.

Very good, sir. Yo, shorty.

Say, can you tell me where the pool is located?

I might want to take a dip after I have dinner and hit the bar.

It's on the roof, sir.

[ Insect Buzzing ]

[ Buzzing Continues ]

[ Yelling ]

[ Buzzing ]

[ Rock ] ♪ Dang, dang ♪

♪ Dang, dang ♪ [ Buzzing Continues ]

♪ Dang, dang ♪

♪ Dang, dang ♪

♪ [ Continues ]

♪ Cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello ♪

♪ Cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello ♪

♪ Cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello ♪

♪ Cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello ♪

♪ Can't believe it ♪

♪ Do my eyes deceive me ♪

♪ Am I back in your arms ♪

♪ Away from all harm? ♪

♪ It's like a dream to be with you ♪

♪ Again ♪

[ Bicycle Crunches ]

♪ Can't believe that I'm with you ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪ ♪ You are forgiven ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪ ♪ You are forgiven ♪

♪ You are forgiven, forgiven, forgiven ♪

♪ Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, forgiven ♪

♪ Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, forgiven ♪

♪ Know you're forgiven ♪

♪ Come on, baby ♪

♪ Know that you are ♪

♪ Know you're forgiven ♪

♪ Know that you've been reprieved ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪ He's about 5-foot-3, 112 pounds... black hair, glasses, oval face.

♪ For - ♪

♪ You know you're forgiven ♪

♪ You are forgiven ♪ ♪ You are forgiven ♪

♪ Forgiven ♪ ♪ Know you're forgiven ♪

♪ Forgiven ♪

♪ Know you're forgiven ♪ Thanks for bailing me out, Dad. Can you drop me off at Rushmore?

I gotta go get a teacher fired. I don't think that's wise, Max.

[ Clicking, Strange Hooting ]

Whoa! What are you doing? What are you doing?

This is private property. You're trespassing!

What, are you crazy?

[ Groans ] Wait a minute!

Stop! Let's have a truce for a second.

Wait! Truce! Truce!

What's this all about?

Did you say my mom gave you a hand job?

[ Max ] What? Did you say it?

Who told you that goddamn lie?

Never mind. I know who said it. And I'm gonna stick a knife in his heart.

Then I'm gonna send him back to Ireland in a body bag.

He's from Scotland.

Well, tell that stupid mick he just made my list of things to do today.

I'm gonna pop a cap in his ass.

So you received the package?


I just wanted to inform you about what's going on.

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

I never took you for an informer, Max.

What's that supposed to mean?

[ Mocking ] "What's that supposed to mean?"

She resigned this morning before I even got your little snapshots.

[ Camera Shutter Clicks ]

So your latest attempt at sabotage backfired.

But she's one of the best teachers you've got. How could you let her go?

Why are you trying to get her fired? You stupid old fool!

I'm trying to win her back! [ Glass Shatters ]

[ Shuffling ]

Miss Cross?

Hi, Max.

Need any help? No, I have it.

Oh, damn. [ Throws Down Tacks ] Oh, here. Let me see.

No. Please, look. I don't think you should come in here.

Look, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

I'm sorry I love your friend instead of you, but -

Please, Max -

You honestly believe you love Blume instead of me?


Well, you’ll have to forgive me if I don't take your word for that.

Oh, stop. Miss Cross.

Listen, if you don't stop, I'm gonna lose it. I mean it! Don't -

It's too late.

It's too late.

Wait. Please.

I got kicked out because of you. No, you got kicked out -

Rushmore was my life.

Now you are.

No, I'm not.

What do you really think is gonna happen between us?

Do you think we're gonna have sex?

That's a kind of cheap way to put it.

Not if you've ever fucked before, it isn't.

Oh, my God.

How would you describe it to your friends?

Would you say that you'd fingered me?

Or maybe I could give you a hand job. Would that put an end to all of this?

Please get out of my classroom.

[ Footsteps Departing ] [ Door Opens ]

Fisher, you spotty wee fuckup.

Hey, Magnus.

Got any good hand jobs lately?

[ Door Opens ] Hey, Dirk! Look who's here.

It's your stepfather, waiting for your mom so that he can get a piece.

[ Chuckling ]

Your mind's as warped as your ear, Buchan.

Don't get nasty, brother.

We got him, Dirk.

We got him.


Oh, hey, Mr. Blume.

You said you wanted to meet?


Right now. You said you wanted to put an end to all this.

Oh, yeah. I, uh, was gonna try and have that tree over there fall on you.

That big one?


It would have flattened me like a pancake.

What stopped you?

I don't know. What's the point?

She loves you.

She's my Rushmore, Max.

Yeah, I know. She was mine too.

♪ [ Guitar ]

♪ I am waiting ♪

♪ I am waiting ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪

♪ I am waiting ♪

♪ I am waiting ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪

♪ Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere ♪

♪ Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere ♪

♪ You can't hold out ♪

♪ You can't hold out ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪

♪ You can't hold out ♪

♪ You can't hold out ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪

♪ Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere ♪

♪ Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere ♪

[ Mr. Fischer ] Hello. Hi.

I was wondering if Max was home.

♪ See it come along and don't know where it's from ♪ He's not in. ♪ Oh, yes, you will find out ♪

[ No Audible Dialogue ] ♪ Well, it happens all the time ♪

♪ It's censored from our minds ♪ I'm sorry.

♪ You'll find out ♪

♪ Slow or fast ♪

♪ Slow or fast ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪

♪ End at last ♪

♪ End at last ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪

♪ Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere ♪

♪ Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere ♪

♪ Stand up coming years ♪

♪ And escalation fears ♪

♪ Oh, yes, we will find out ♪

♪ Well, like a withered stone ♪

♪ Fears will pierce your bones ♪

♪ You'll find out ♪

♪ Oh, we're waiting ♪

♪ Oh, we're waiting ♪ Good night, Stan.

Merry Christmas. See you next time.

It's been nice having your company here at the shop, Max.

You put any more thought into giving school another shot?


Max, I like being a barber. I'm good at it.

But I always thought you'd try another line of work.

You talked about being a senator or a diplomat.

Pipe dreams, Dad.

I'm a barber's son.

See you at dinner.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

Hello, Dirk. Hi, Max.

What can I do for you? I thought I might get a haircut.

We're closed.

Well, I just want to say I'm sorry I threw rocks at you that day.

But I guess I'll go now.

Merry Christmas.

What in the hell's that?

So, did you hear the news?

I doubt it. I don't really follow the news anymore.

Dr. Guggenheim had a stroke.

I’ll send him a box of candy.

Maybe you ought to go visit him.

[ Door Closes ]

[ Knocking Quietly ]

Mrs. Guggenheim?

Hello, Max. Come in.

It's so good to see you.

Oh, these are glorious. I’ll put them in some water.

Have a seat.

Should I say hello to Dr. Guggenheim or can he not hear me?

No, he can hear you.

Hey, old-timer.

It's, uh, Max Fischer.

You probably can't hear me because...

I don't know if your brain is damaged or -

What do you want?

[ Mrs. Guggenheim ] Nelson? [ Groans ]

That's the first thing he's said in 10 days.

Do you think he recognized me?

[ Mrs. Guggenheim ] Oh, I don't think so.

It's Fischer.

[ Elevator Bell Dings ]

See ya later. Bye. Hope you feel better.

Hey, amigo.

[ Max ] So, who gave you the shiner?

[ Pouring Liquid ] Either Ronny or Donny.

Can't tell the difference anymore.

Well, whichever one it was really clocked you.


Kids don't like it when their parents get divorced.

I don't blame 'em. Neither do I.

[ Elevator Bell Dings ]

[ Elevator Door Closes ]

[ Elevator Resumes Running ]

How is she?

I really wouldn't know.

Why not? I haven't seen her in six weeks.

What happened?

She left? Yeah.

She's in love with a dead guy anyway.

Edward Appleby.

You know, uh... she's sweet, but she's fucked-up.

[ Snaps Lighter Shut ]

[ Elevator Bell Dings ] Adios, muchacho.

Hey, are you okay?

Mmm. I'm a little bit lonely these days.

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Knocking, Softly ]

[ Knocking, Louder ]

[ Knocking Continues ]


What are you doing here?

I don't know. Jesus. They came at me out of nowhere.

It was so sudden. What?

I'm sorry. Can I use your phone? I just got hit by a car.

Oh, my God. A-A-Are you okay?

Hmm? What did you say? [ Gasps ]

Come inside. Thank you.

I'm gonna get something for your head. Okay.

[ Inserts Cassette Tape Into Player, Turns On ]

♪ [ Quiet Instrumental ] [ Sighs ]

So, this is where it all happens.

[ Cross ] All what happens? I wouldn't know.

So, why did you dump Blume? ♪ [ Man Singing, French ]

That's none of your business.

I know it's not.

But I just got hit by a car, and I'm a little confused right now.

I mean, I thought you dumped me for Blume. Then I hear -

I never dumped you because we were never going out.

It would just help me if you talked to me for a minute.

Tell me what happened.

♪ [ Continues ]


Um, A: He's married.

B: He hates himself.

And C: Well... he smashed up your bicycle, didn't he?

My previous bicycle, yes.

Well, what sort of a person does something like that?

I don't know.

War does funny things to men.

He thinks you dumped him because of Edward Appleby.

What does that mean?

Well, I mean, you live in his room... with all his stuff. It's kind of -

I was married to him.

I know you were.

Although, I will say that Edward has more spark and character... and imagination in one fingernail... than Herman Blume has in his entire body.

One dead fingernail.


One dead fingernail.

How did he die, by the way?

[ Sniffling ] He drowned.

How did your mother die?

She got cancer.

Hold still for a moment, okay?

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

You're very pretty.

Thank you.

[ Thunder Continues ]

Is this fake blood?

[ Sighs ]

Yes, it is.

You know, you and Herman deserve each other.

You're both little children.

Let me show you the door.

[ Sighs ] I'll just go back out the window.

[ Ejects Tape ] ♪ [ Stops ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

Good-bye, Miss Cross.

Good-bye, Max.

[ Max ] Hey.

I'm, uh -

I'm sorry about what I said about your mom giving me a hand job.

[ Sighs ] I know, Max.

I'm sorry I didn't take your hand when Buchan kicked your ass.

[ Laughs ] Hey, uh, that's okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Engine Whining ]

What's that?

[ Whining Continues ]

I don't know.

[ Whining Passes ]

[ Engine Whining Continues ]

[ Engine Revving ]

Nice landing.

What's, uh - What's that you got there, a little flight plan or something?

Hmm. Pretty good.

Do you know Dirk Calloway? I don't think so.

Dirk, this is Margaret Yang.

I, uh, heard about your science project on Action 13.

They said the Navy wants to buy it from you. That's -

No, not anymore. Why not?

Because it was a fake.

What do you mean? I faked all the results.

Why? Because it didn't work.

I thought it would, but it didn't.

You were a real jerk to me, you know that?

I'm sorry, Margaret.

[ Sighs ] Well, anyway, nice to see you.

[ Engine Revving ]

[ Plane Engine Whining In Distance ]

Do you want to take over for a while?

[ Exhales ]

Take dictation, please.

Possible candidates for Kite Flying Society.

David Connors. Murray Marshall. ♪ I listen to the wind ♪

♪ To the wind of my soul ♪ Greg Holloway. Duncan Wright.

Margaret Yang. Woody Jackson. Shoeshine Pickens.

♪ Where I’ll end up Well, I think only God really knows ♪

[ Continues Dictating ]

♪ I've sat upon the setting sun ♪

♪ But never, never, never, never ♪

♪ I never wanted water once ♪

♪ No, never, never, never ♪

♪ I listen to my words ♪

♪ But they fall far below ♪ Thanks for meeting me, Mr. Blume. What can I do for you?

♪ I let my music take me where my heart wants to go ♪ What's this?

♪ I swam upon the devil’s lake ♪ That's the Perfect Attendance Award and the Punctuality Award.

I got those at Rushmore. ♪ [ Continues ]

I thought you could choose which one you like more... and you could wear that one, and I could wear the other.

♪ No, never, never, never ♪ I'll take Punctuality.


Come here.

Thank you.

Come on inside.

♪ [ "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" ]

Well, well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.

♪ [ Continues ] [ Max ] Sorry I'm late.

[ Chuckling ] That's okay.

I want you to meet someone.

Mr. Blume, this is my father, Bert Fischer.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Fischer.

Now Mr. Fischer was my father's name. Call me Bert, please.

Okay, Bert. So, Max tells me you need a haircut.

I can see that. Why don't you sit down, and we’ll have a look.


I don't know, Bert.

Don't worry, Mr. Blume. It's a relatively painless procedure.

Maybe we'll throw in a shave as well. [ Pushes Chair Lever ]

Okay. Are you fond of that mustache?

Do you think you want to keep it for a while? Mm-hmm.

How much are you worth, by the way? I don't know.

Over 10 million? Yeah, I guess so.

Good, good. Why?

'Cause we're gonna need all of it.

♪ In the middle of the night ♪

♪ In the middle of the night I call your name ♪

♪ Oh, Yoko ♪

♪ Oh, Yoko ♪

♪ My love will turn you on ♪

♪ Oh, Yoko ♪

♪ Oh, Yoko ♪

[ Seagull Squawking ]

[ Waves Crashing ]

♪ [ Marching Band ]

She's not coming, is she?

Hmm. Doesn't look good.

But don't worry. Come on, Herman. [ Sighs ]

Shit. What am I doing here? Hey!

Scatter. Scatter. Damn it!

How in the hell did you ever get so rich?

You're a quitter, man!

I paid eight million dollars for this. [ Chuckles ]

And that's all you're prepared to spend?

I'm, uh, sorry you couldn't make it to our little groundbreaking the other day.

It's kind of a shame since he's building it for you.

Well, you know, I never asked anyone to build me an aquarium.

I'm not quite sure how that rumor got started.

Me neither.

You think Edward Appleby would have built one for you?

Yeah, I think he would have, if he'd had the money.

That's what I thought.

Blume's got a bit more spark and vitality than you expected, doesn't he?

I thought the aquarium was your idea.

Well, I gave it to my friend.

Fifteen sticks? Yes, please.

And... [ Muttering ] could you make the order out to Ready Demolition...

Tucson, Arizona?

Thank you very much.

Make sure these don't get wet.

[ Exhales ] I’ll see you at 3:15.

Where are you going? Rushmore.

I've got one last piece of unfinished business to attend to.

[ Dragging Crate ]

[ Screams ]

Fischer, you fuck! Hello, Magnus.

I'd have shot you in the other ear, but it got blown off a long time ago.

Besides, now we're even.

[ Scoffs ] Not for long, Kemo Sabe.

We’ll see.

I got a proposition for you.

Well, you can stick it up your mother's ass, you little prick.

[ Sighs ] I gotta hand it to you, Magnus.

You've got a way with words.

You want to be in a play?

What's all that shite?


I just think you're right for the part.

I always wanted to be in one of your fucking plays.

I know you did, mate.

[ Crowd Chattering ]

This is gonna be exciting. My son Max wrote it.

[ Beeper Beeping ] Oh, boy. I gotta call the hospital.

[ Man ] Excuse me. Are you Mrs. Whitney, the English teacher?


Hi. I'm William Yang, Margaret Yang's father.

This is my wife, Lucille. Nice to meet you.

Hello. That kid's gonna burn this place down.

You better believe it.

Well, the plans were never formally submitted to the city.

Were they supposed to be? I assume so.

[ Older Man ] Too late now. [ Woman On Police Radio ] Officers Brooks and Donovan... requesting additional units at Grover Cleveland High School.

Units responding, identify.

[ Guggenheim ] The program. Let me look at that. Turn it. Turn it.

That's enough.

Excuse me. Right here. [ Cross ] Thanks.

Hi, Herman.

Looks like Max pulled a fast one on us.

♪ [ Drumroll, Cymbal Crash ]

[ Applause ]

Thank you very much.

I don't usually do this, but this play means a lot to me... and I wanted to make a dedication.

So, I’ll just say that this play is dedicated to the memory of my mother...

Eloise Fischer... and to Edward Appleby, a friend of a friend.

Also, you'll find a pair of safety glasses and some earplugs... underneath your seats.

Please feel free to use them. Thank you very much.

[ Applause ] [ Mutters, Indistinct ]

[ On Radio ] Bravo Company, this is Tango 7. Do you copy?

[ Man ] We order the military forces of the United States to take action -

[ Man ♪2 ] This is a different kind of war. [ Explosions ]

[ Man ♪3 ] We are making progress, progress, progress, progress.

[ Rotors Whirring ] [ Explosions Continue ]

[ Buchan ] Take point, Surf Boy!

How long you been in country, soldier?

I ain't even here, Sergeant.

I'm in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

[ Chuckles ] Right on, brother.

[ Twig Snaps ]

Hoo. Hoo-hoo. [ Explosion ]

[ Cranking Radio ] Let's rock, Esposito!

I repeat, let's rock! [ Helicopter Rotors Whirring ]

[ Whirring Continues ] Let's rock and roll!

Lock and load, Surf Boy!

[ Shouting Continues ]

[ Gunfire, Explosions Continue ]

[ Shouts ] Nape it, now!

[ Gunfire ]

[ Ferocious Shouting ]

[ Gunfire Continues ] [ Groans ]

[ Buchan ] Fischer!

[ Whispers ] I'm okay. Go, go, go, go.

[ Dirk ] Damn it! Take it easy, Dirk.

How much time do we got, Wood? Two minutes.

All right. Bring me some more ketchup very quickly, please.

Effects! This is gonna look stupid.

No, it's not. It's gonna look real.

[ Rain Falling ]

[ Rain Continues ]

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hold this one too, okay?

So, what do you think of Max's latest opus?

It's good.

But let's hope it's got a happy ending.

Adios, Esposito.

Adios, Sarge.

Say a prayer for Surf Boy... wherever he is.

Semper fi, soldier. Semper fi.

Sic transit gloria.

Maybe we'll meet again someday... when the fighting stops.

[ Helicopter Rotors Whirring ] ♪ [ Bagpipes Playing ]

Tag 'em and bag 'em, cherries! We're movin' out!

[ Shouts, Indistinct ]

♪ I don't know, but I've been told ♪ [ Laughing ]

[ Soldiers ] ♪ I don't know, but I've been told ♪

[ Plane Passing Overhead ]

Hello, Esposito.

Will you marry me, Le-Chahn?

You bet I will.

[ Cheering, Whistling ]

That's my son. That's my Maxie.

[ Laughing ]

[ Cross ] I just didn't expect to see you here.

Did Max send you an invitation?

[ Flynn ] Yeah, and he told me to wear a tie.

Congratulations, Max. Thank you very much, Mrs. Yang.

I, uh, actually wrote a different version of the play two years ago... but I couldn't get it done over at Rushmore.

Oh, really? Why? Too political?

No, a kid got his finger blown off during rehearsals.

[ Blume ] A very good evening to you, Fischers. Hi.

Miss Cross, I'd like for you to meet my father, Bert Fischer.

He's a barber.

This is my friend, Rosemary Cross.

Hello, Rosemary. Nice to meet you at last, Bert.

Of course you know Mr. Blume.

I'd also like everyone to meet Mr. and Mrs. Yang.

This is Margaret. Hello, Margaret.

It's nice to meet you, Miss Cross.

I'm surprised they let him build a real campfire on the stage.

It's clearly a safety hazard.

Well, last year he tried to raise piranhas. Yeah, I know he did.

What did you think, Mr. Little jeans? Best play ever, man.

I thought it was a very realistic performance.

Yeah? Fischer stepped over half my bloody lines.

That's funny. I didn't notice.

Mr. Blume, how are Ronny and Donny enjoying military school?

They love it. Lucky bastards.

I understand you're a neurosurgeon.

No, I'm a barber. But a lot of people make that mistake.

[ Laughing ]

You were incredible tonight, Margaret.

You were that poor girl. Thank you.

I loved it when you grabbed onto the bottom of the chopper as it was taking off.

That was totally improvised. I know.

Can I ask you a question? Of course.

Can you do an Australian accent?

I'm working on something that's set in the outback.

I really feel like celebrating, you know?

Would you care to dance?

Oh, yes, I-I would love to.

Great. Come on.

You're looking good, Bert.

Hello, Mr. Blume.

Hello, Margaret. May I cut in?

I haven't had a chance to cut a rug with your new girlfriend yet.

Ah, new girlfriend.

Yes, I am.

Find your own dance partner, Mr. Blume. I'm spoken for.

No, it's okay.

He's my friend.

Well... you pulled it off.

Yeah, it went okay.

At least nobody got hurt.

Except you.

No, I didn't get hurt that bad.

Come on, you two. Shake a leg.

Would you like to dance?

Yeah, but - Here, let's see if the deejay can play something with a little more -


[ Record Skips, Static ]

♪ [ Guitar: Upbeat ]

♪ Poor old Granddad ♪

♪ I laughed at all his words ♪

♪ I thought he was a bitter man ♪

♪ He spoke of women's ways ♪

♪ They’ll trap you, then they use you ♪

♪ Before you even know ♪

♪ For love is blind and you're far too kind ♪

♪ Don't ever let it show ♪

♪ I wish that I knew what I know now ♪

♪ When I was younger ♪

♪ I wish that I knew what I know now ♪

♪ When I was stronger ♪

♪ The cancan's such a pretty show ♪

♪ Will steal your heart away ♪

♪ But backstage back on Earth again ♪

♪ The dressing rooms are gray ♪

♪ They come on strong and it ain't too long ♪

♪ For they make you feel a man ♪

♪ But love is blind and you soon will find ♪

♪ You're just a boy again ♪

♪ When you want her lips, you get her cheek ♪

♪ Makes you wonder where you are ♪

♪ If you want some more, then she's fast asleep ♪

♪ Leaves you twinkling with the stars ♪

♪ Poor young grandson ♪

♪ There's nothing I can say ♪

♪ You’ll have to learn just like me ♪

♪ And that's the hardest way ♪

♪ Ooh la la ♪

♪ Ooh la la la la ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I wish that I knew what I know now ♪

♪ When I was younger ♪

♪ I wish that I knew what I know now ♪