Saathi (1968) Script

Keep the garland ready, and ask every flower to tell Ravi... your true feelings for him. You're pulling my leg again!

I'm like a brother to you. So I have your happiness in mind.

There he is!

He's looking pretty smart!

Isn't he? Yes.

How are you? Fine.

What are you standing there for?

Come and garland him. You?

You've grown up so much?

I didn't recognize you. How are Uncle and Auntie?

Awaiting you at home. Really? Let's go then.

Welcome. Bless you, Ravi.

Give me a hug, son.

My Ravi is a famous doctor now. All due to you.

You reared me, educated me. What was I otherwise?

An orphan in an orphanage. Whom you brought home.

Don't say that. Whatever you are is due to your efforts and caliber.

Wish I had become a doctor 10 years ago. I'd have cured your leg.

Don't worry about me. I'm much better off than others.

There must be many more worse off than me. Serve them, son.

Uncle, you'll be glad to know that before coming to India...

I have agreed to serve in a general hospital.

We'll done!

May God keep you. I'm really very happy.

You mean you'll be leaving us?

After 4 days. What's this?

He's going to Kalkaji Hospital. Ashok is leaving for London and I...

Okay, I'll join the Red Cross!

You're going to London? Yes.

He'll become an ophthalmologist.

But I thought we'd work together. It's just for a year. After that...

But why go today? Go later. Sorry, but my ticket is booked.

Also, my course starts the day after tomorrow. I'm feeling bad too.

Rajni is giving a big party for you and I won't be able to attend it.

Never mind, you come back with success, and we'll have another one.

"Who's this person whose very name has lit up this party so brightly?"

"Who's this person whose very name has lit up this party so brightly?"

"It's as though the sun has risen in my house. Who is that person?”

"Am I remembering something, or, are the sun's rays wavering?"

"For the dormant songs in my heart are stirring yet again”

"The heady desires have over-flowed from the rims of my eyes”

"So, who's this person whose very name has lit up this party..."

"as though the gun has risen in my house. Who is he?"

"A his every footfall, my anklets softly beat a beat"

"A his every footfall, my anklets softly beat a beat"

"Every girl's name is asked by the folds of my sari's end"

"Every Juliet whispers this question to her Romeo..."

"Who's that man?"

"What does one say to this guy who has come to pester me so?"

"He has looked upon his own, and strangers, with a smile”

"Yet he's so indifferent to my accosting”

"Who's this man whose very name has lit up this party so brightly?"

"It's as though then sun has risen in my house tonight, who is he?"

Dr. Ravi, meet your colleagues.

We're very proud that a doctor of your caliber has agreed to join us.

And I'm proud that I can serve my countrymen with you all.

Well said, doctor!

I've got a letter from home again. I'll read it to you when I'm free.

It hurt me when that other nurse bandaged me up. Where were you?

Okay, I'll do it today.

Sister, you've come. Yes, Munna, I'm here.

Now take these chocolates.

You've served me so sincerely, but I didn't give you anything.

Take this. For you.

It's for you. Don't insult me.

It's my duty to serve the sick. I'll never sell my duty.

It's not that. I, like a father, consider you as my daughter.

I do.

Uncle, put this money in the box meant for the poor on my behalf.

Many poor patients come here, who have no money for medicines.

Truly, Florence Nightingale. You're absolutely right.

She's our best nurse, Sister Shanti. And he's Dr. Ravi, Chief Surgeon.

Today, Mr. Phillips is being discharged.

Shanti's care has made me well.

Miss! Are you awake? What is it?

Hadn't you said that if I get Kalkaji on the line...

Got it?

I'm Rajni here. How are you?

Why have you called so early?

To check how you were. We're all worried.

I'm fine and begun my work.

Ask uncle not to worry about me. He's not the only one who worries.

Then tell Auntie not to worry too. Okay.

Tell them I'll pen later.

I've to get ready and go to work. Go later. I don't ring you daily.

What did you say? Not you. I was calling my servant.

What for? When I phone, where does your mind wander?

To my shoes. I won't talk to you! Hear that?

Yes, I heard you.

I won't speak to you forever! Apologize, or I'll hang up!

Forgive me, and hang up now. I'm getting late for my work.

So what? I phoned you so early, and you can't even speak to me?

Are you listening?

Who's speaking? The servant.

Where's your master? He gave me the phone and went away.

I'm sister Shanti speaking, doctor. My mom's very ill.

I can't bring her to the hospital. It'll be better if you send someone.

Alright. Don't worry.

I'm right here, Mom. The doctor will be here soon.

How long has she been ill? You, sir?

What's the problem? I'll get the X-rays.

Why wasn't she operated? She needs one immediately.

Why are you scared? I'm not scared for myself, but her.

Who'll care for her if I die? Don't say that. You'll be fine.

I'll send an ambulance. Bring her to the hospital at once!

Sir, the patient's heart has stopped! What!

It's just 4 days your mother... And you've resumed already?

I was very worried about you I even wanted to meet you.

But how could I face you? Because of me...

Don't say that.

It's all God's will. Don't blame yourself.

You've been through a great loss. Wish I could share it.

I've but one aim. To eradicate the cancer that killed your mother.

That's why I also resumed so soon. I want to help you in your work.

I'm sure my mother's soul will rest in peace with this small effort.

I was also hoping you'd help me.

You're still here? It's 11 p.m. You must be tired. Go home and rest.

Rest? No, Sir. Here I try to forget my loss by doing some work.

I can't bear being at home. I remember my mom every moment.

Man lives on hope, not memories. People die, but life doesn't.

It goes on, hoping for a new support.

Support? Hope?

What hope can an orphan have? Who'll support her?

Don't cry. Please. I can't bear it.

I didn't know you were so touchy about my loss.

We're partners in work, ideals. If we can try to erase other's sorrow... can't we share our sorrows with each other?

Will you marry me?

Marry? Yes.

But I'm just a poor girl...

My heart tells me I'll not find a better life-partner than you.

Beautiful. Leave this here too.

Is my diamond set ready? I'll get it in a couple of days.

Unclel Ravi.

You're here?

He's actually here!

Welcome, son. Bless you.

Auntie... Bless you.

What's all this? Making lots of ornaments, eh?

Getting married, are you? Good you came, Ravi.

It was vital that I take your opinion too.

Anything you say.

See? Didn't I say he'd have no objection? Very obedient.

That's why I've come to seek his permission.

Suddenly my life has come to a turning where I had to decide myself.

About what, son? Marriage!

There's a girl named Shanti. She works with me at the hospital.

We work together, share same ideals. I'm sure we'll make a great couple.

What happened to Rajni why did she go away?

Why don't you say something? Auntie, have I done something wrong?

You didn't do wrong, we did. We had false hopes about you.

About what? That you'd wed Rajni.


We had everything ready. Even the ornaments.

No, my dear.

Whatever's happened is for the best. Son, ignore what she said.

Yes, ignore what I said! Go ahead and marry in style.

We'll wrap ourselves with the shroud of our hopes and weep!

Auntie! Oh God! How did this happen, uncle?

Had I any idea about this, I'd have never promised that poor orphan girl.

Anyway, I'll apologize to Shanti.

She's had her share of sorrows. One more won't make a difference.

You've reared this orphan, uncle. I owe you a lot.

I can't disappoint you. I'm not so callous!

I'm not so lowly either to put a price on love, son.

Shall I ask you to pay so heavily?

Shall I ask you to ditch the girl whom you've promised marriage? No!

I will never settle my daughter by destroying Shanti's world. Never!

Uncle! Son!

I've found my destination. That's what my heart says too.

Really? Let's hear it.

See? You stopped me from listening to your heart... and your bangles complained.

This symbol of marital bliss... know what they're saying?

That you're mine, Shanti. Forever!

The tinkle of your bangles makes my soul dance with joy.

Let them tinkle like this all through the night... please.

"Your love will be my crowning glory, I'll spend my life with you"

"Your love will be my crowning glory, I'll spend my life with you"

"All dressed up in the morning, I walk around smelling sweetly”

"All dressed up in the morning, I walk around smelling sweetly”

"See for yourself how I look open your eyes, dear beloved"

"Your hands... let them lift the sari from my face"

"For I'm going to spend my whole life with you"

"Your love will be my crowing glory and I promise to be yours forever"

"I'll keep you in my heart, and peep at you very shyly"

"I'll keep you in my heart, and peep at you very shyly"

"“Your home shall be my temple and you'll be my god in it"

"I'll light a lamp of my fair body, and be yours forever"

"Your love will be my crowning glory and promise to be yours forever”

Guess who's speaking? The listener's husband!

What is wife doing? Waiting.

For you to come home in the evening.

It's still 4 hours away, and every moment is trying for me.

When away from me, you're with your patients, so think about them, not me.

Concentrate on your work now!

I've to tell you something. Yes?

One more, okay?

I'll come back a little later. I was just talking to my wife.

I've brought you some good news. Your leave has been sanctioned.

Really? Also, you can have a lab at home.

So that you can do research there, instead of working late here.

Shanti too can help you like before, and you find success in your work.

How do you like Kashmir? With you, every place is beautiful.

But do you know what a great poet has said about Kashmir?

He said... Meaning?

"If there is heaven on earth. It's here, it's here, it's here"

He was a poet, not a wife! Know what a wife would say?


“That is my world, and heaven too, where there is you, you, and you! *

Let's go.

Go on. Why don't you eat? Feed me Are you a baby? Had I been a baby... would I be eating like this?

Shut up!

What are you doing? Reading your diary.

You're a poet. You pen beautifully. Where all we went. What we saw.

Enjoying it? Yes.

Read ahead. You'll enjoy it more!

Why pen this? Dear Madam...

When we become grand parents, and read this diary at leisure... we'll recall our fun-times too! You're the limit!

If I'm that, what are you? How do I know?

Shall I show you?

Go sleep now!

Which fool can sleep in the shadows of these tresses?

Then what do you want to do? How long have we been married?

Two weeks.

And I have to tell you what I want to do?

What are you looking at? My love, and the spring in my life.

Get lost!

"“You're my love, and the fountain of youth in my life"

"“You're in my eyes, and also in these scenic surroundings”

"“You're my love, and the fountain of youth in my life"

"“You're in my eyes, and also in these scenic surroundings”

"“Your like heaven with your eyes bright and shining with love"

"And you're like clouds, with your head bowed on my shoulder..."

"and your curls fluttering all over”

"“You're my love, and youth... In my eyes, and in this vista too"

"My heart has but one destination; where your shadow rules the roost”

"Your arms are like rocks, and your love, these flowers"

"No wonder I'm so fulfilled"

"You're my love, and my fountain of youth"

"“You're in my eyes, and also in these beautiful surroundings”

"Look at this intimate day today as a daydream"”

"Your eyes are drunk with passion; shall I look at you, or this world?"

"Or the crazy one?"

"“You're my love, and youth too in my eyes, and this scenic beauty"

Greetings sir, madam. How are you?

Come with me. I want to show you something.

What is it?

Just come, sir. You'll be thrilled. But where?

In that room there.

Okay. This way.

Come dear. Let's see what it is.

Laboratory? How come? Oh! I forgot to tell you.

It's given by the Superintendent as a wedding-gift to us.

It's the best gift we've got! That man has really obliged me!

You? How come? Now you won't have to go out.

You'll be with me every moment. Yes! I always want to be with you.

But away from all this. Wander like a cloud with you...

Doze in the sweet warmth of your love, get lost in its deep passion.

Enough, doctor. Cool it.

How delicious this is! Only one thing faster better.


Go to the hospital now. Okay. But I'll return early.

Today's Friday.

Let's go out for the weekend. Where?

Simla! With lots of snow. Cold nights... It'll be fun, right?

Look, pack-up and be ready. Take all the woolens too.

Even that great-coat of yours. I'll keep that too.

Okay, darling. Come soon.

He has just come back from leave. And he wants leave again?

Can't understand it. He's a changed man after marriage.

All set to go?

All your orders have been followed to the T.

I'm ready and so is the luggage. Then I'll be ready in a jiffy too!

Till then, ask the servant to put our bags in the car.


Hello, doctor. Bless you, dear.

Going out somewhere together?

You had gone away last week too. To Sonavar. That's lovely too.

And that place? Isn't it nice anymore?

How long hasn't Ravi worked in the lab?

Quite some time now.

Before marriage, he was not aware of anything but lab-work.

But now, your love has distracted him from his work.

He attends hospital daily, sir. Before both of us lead a lovely life.

We dreamt of nothing but work. But now we have marital bliss... to which every married couple has a right to. For our work... do we have to forfeit our joys which even ordinary persons attain?

Correct. Ordinary people may be attaining marital bliss.

But then, they achieve nothing more. Your husband is no ordinary man.

If he's successful in his research, he could become a great man.

To achieve greatness one has to sacrifice common joys, Shanti.

Many a husband has become great because of his wife.


Yes. Take Mahatma Gandhi.

His wife had a big hand in him becoming a "Great Soul".

She stayed away from him for years, yet never complained.

It's all up to you now, my dear. Make your husband 'great'... or let him remain 'ordinary'. That's all I had come to say.

Madam's in the laboratory. You mean...


What are you doing here?

Don't you want to go to Simla? Who are you?

Have you been drinking or something? Don't you recognize me?

No, I don't know who are you? Shall I show you?

Your husband.

I was married to a doctor, who had promised me...

And he didn't keep those promise. No, he had promised that he'd... find a cure for cancer.

Why don't you understand? Youth comes but once in life.

Enjoy it, till we have it. Cancer can be seen to later.

Don't touch me. What nonsense!

It's not nonsense.

I didn't know you were so weak. Once you had some lofty ideals.

Granite-like, firm intentions. That fool hadn’t seen heaven then.

Hadn't tasted nectar from rosy lips. He didn't even know... that flowers bloom and that there's spiring. Let's go...

I'm not going anywhere, I feel I am distracting you from your ideals.

Had you not married me... you'd be searching for your heaven in this lab...

You were right up there... How you've fallen because of me!

I've hurt you badly. No, dear... in fact, I'm obliged to you.

You've awakened the real me in me I'll not wander ever again...

I'll find a cure, and prove that your husband is no ordinary man!


In which magazine was there an article which I wanted?

Get it for me please.

Madam, I've told you so many times to let me do the kitchen work.

A least you'll get some rest. My rest is in this only.

That I make everything for your master, myself.


The honor given to you by the Vienna Academy for your research... is bestowed on very few doctors in this world.

Dr. Ravi should he very proud of his achievement.


My achievement is incomplete. My aim is still far off.

But whatever I've achieved till now, you've also contributed to it.

In what way? This is all due to your efforts and your wife's support.

What's the matter, Shanti?

Wear this garland. A sign of your first success. Let's see you wear it.

Yes okay, but you're not well. Come and rest now.

Please listen. Wear this first. Then I'll rest.

What's wrong? Since when have you been unwell?

Why did you hide this from me?

Poor girl!

But why did she hide it from me? She sacrificed her health for me.

Why? Only one solution now. Operation.

But it's a very dangerous one. 90% of the patients die on the table!

I know, but how long will she live in this condition? I'll take my chance.

I've full faith in God. He'll never snatch her from me.

She's so weak, we can't operate now. After a couple of months then.

I'll serve her night and day. May God give her the strength for it.

"Without you, dear Lord, there can be no day, nor night"

"All my joy and peace, is in your hands, dear Lord"

What's this, my dear? I'm so unfortunate.

Instead of me serving you, you're serving me like this.

Don't say such things, my dear. We are one.

"Don't go, my beloved, I am your mirror"

"Don't go, my beloved, I am your mirror"

"I'll take care of you... Give me all your woes"

"Don't lower your wet eyes. I'm your mirror, remember”

"“You've gone through so much... Yet, given me joy day and night"

"Let me kiss your eyelids... and bless you a long life"

"Let your eyes shine like lamps, and please smile for one"

"0 picture of loyalty, I'm your mirror, remember”

"“Your wish is my command, and I can look at you face forever"

"My temple is your home you the goddess, and me your devotee"

"Let me pray a hundred times, 0, let me love you"

"Come into my arms I'm your mirror, remember”

"I'll take care of you. Give me all your woes"

"Don't lower your wet eyes, I'm your mirror, remember”

"Don't go, beloved, come home I'm your mirror, remember”

What's time is it? 1 A-M-.

You're still awake?

Why are you troubling yourself? No... I was sleeping actually.

But you turned and your bangles tinkled, and woke me up.

Stupid bangles! Remember those days... when you loved the tinkle of my bangles?

But today...

Those days will also come back soon.

Why do you give me false hopes?

Who could be calling now?

Go and see...

What is it? I can't come now. Ask somebody else.

Was it from the hospital? Nothing serious.

Don't worry. It's always ringing. Relax.

A call, so late at night... means somebody's life is at stake. Just see who it is.

Okay, but don't worry.

Why don't you understand? If a patient's serious there, here my...

I just can't come! I've told you, get some other surgeon. Yes!

What... why did you get up? I heard everything.

Go to the hospital. Easy, dear.

Is this the time to leave you alone?

Time? The disease sees no time, nor awaits the doctor's presence.

It engulfs the patient anytime. It's your duty to serve the patient.

Whether day, or night. My dear, you're a patient too.

I maybe your husband, but now I'm with you as a doctor.

Don't argue. Nothing will happen to me in your absence.

Go and see the patient. No my dear. No!

For my sake!

He has others to go to. I'm not the only one!

I won't leave you like this, and go. Okay; Then I'll phone the hospital... and tell them never to call you!

For Dr. Ravi duty means nothing. His wife is everything to him now!

He had become a doctor for fame. Not to realize his ideals.

Let me go till the phone to give them this good news.

Dr. Ravi will now treat only his wife, and nobody else.

In his eyes, other lives have no value now.

Ravi speaking. The patient's not dead, is he? I'll be right over.

"The patient's not dead, is he?"

How could he utter such harsh words? How come he's changed so much?

All because of me. O, cursed me! Dear Lord...

If he becomes a slave to me, he'll never attain greatness.

My life has become shackles for him.

How wretched I am!

The operation was successful. You needn't worry now.

How can I thank you? You've given a new life to my wife.

Who am I to give life? It's somebody else.

It's said if love becomes penance, the Maker hears one's prayers.

He heard yours. He may hear others' too!

Fortunate are those women who get a good husband I got a God like husband, but, being lucky, see how unlucky I am.

Today I'm losing that husband... forever!

Because of me, you're straying from your work and ideals.

That's why I'm going away. I know it'll be traumatic for you.

Take courage, darling. My life is a candle in the wind now.

Nobody can save it now. If you want my soul to rest in peace... then continue with your work, and become a great soul.

You've always waived happiness for ideals. Now accept sorrows too.

Forget your Shanti, for your ideals. Yours, Shanti.

Forget you, for my ideals? How, my dear? How?

I could talk of my ideals, because I had you in my life.

You were my support and inspiration, my dear...

Interrupting your own treatment, where have you gone my dear?

Where! Wherel! Where, for God's sake!

My dear...

Shanti! Uncle?

Where are you going in this state? What's happened to you?

Oh God! Such a dangerous illness?

But don't worry. I'm still around. I'm there for you.

You'll get the best treatment now. I'll give it to you. Your uncle.

There's an empty bed here. Be careful and hurry back.

"My heart has but one destination where your shadow rules the roost”

"“Your arms... hard as rocks, and your love... like these flower..."

"No wonder I feel so contented”

"“You're in my eyes, and even in these beautiful surroundings."

Still no news about my wife. Take courage, son.

I've come to tell you... What? Any news about her?

My wife's purse?

Where did you find it? Where is my wife?

Son, she's no more.

No! No!

She died in that train accident. Because her body was not found...

"I've found my goal in life. My heart says the same thing"

"Really? Let's hear it"

"“Your love will be my crowning glory for I'll spend all my life with you"

"You've always waived happiness for your ideals. Accept sorrows now"

"Forget the one who has gone"

"Forget the one who has gone"

"She won't be able to hear you, so forget one who has gone away"”

"Forget her..."

"This is the path of life and death. Some under the ground, some above it"

"This is the path of life and death. Some under the ground, some above it"

"Remember, she was nobody... She was a balloon, your spouse”

"Who was carried away by the wind. So forget one who has gone away"

"No prayer, no medicine could ever help”

"No prayer, no medicine could ever help”

"Man made many attempts; but they were futile"

"No prayer, no medicine could ever help”

"So forget one who has gone away. She won't hear you"

"So forget the one who's no more”

What's this? You're resigning?

Yes. But why?

It has become impossible for me to work and stay here anymore.

I miss my wife every moment. I want to go away from here.


Your telegram, sir.


Uncle... Welcome son.

I was really worried about you.

I know about your poor wife. Take care of yourself first, uncle.

Don't worry about me. How can you say that?

I couldn't share your joys with you. There were others... But, son... there's nobody but one to share your sorrow with you.

He shouldn't talk so much.

Uncle, listen to your doctor. Get well soon.

Okay, son.

How's his B.P. Like? It was a severe attack.

He's still critical. Needs proper attention.

Of course.

Auntie, don't worry about him. He'll get well soon.

I'll see he's looked after well.

He's beyond medicines now. Auntie!

What are you saying? The truth.

The shock that reduced him to this...

He'll be well only when it reduces.

Shock? What shock?

I thought uncle has always led a happy life.


When one's only child is out to ruin her life, how can he be happy?

She harps on just one thing... "I'll marry nobody else"

She has made her father so ill, even then she's adamant about it.

By refusing to become a bride she may make me a widow!

Do not be upset.

I ran here the moment I saw him.

Dr. Ravi's here. Really?

Senseless girl! Out to kill uncle. You're the doctor, not me.

What can I do when his own daughter has become his nemesis?

Don't your mother's tears move you? Do you want to make her a widow?

Oh surel I'm the villain you ruined me!

What nonsense!

Why do you blame me? Sure we spent our childhood together. We frolicked...

But, by God, I never crossed my limits. How could you fall for me?

What wrong did I do? I accepted what my parents always hoped for.

If you're so obedient, why be stubborn? Why not marry the boy they approve?

That is impossible. Why?

Because I can't forget Shanti. Ever!

Her memory is etched on my heart. I can't even think of another woman... peeping into my hearts. Then how will I marry you?

I also can't accept any other man's love... so how can I wed anybody but you?

Don't argue! If you wish your Dad to live, then get married.

Once you get used to marital life you'll love your husband too.

Is it possible to love a stranger after one gets married to him?

Why not? In our country, most of the marriages are arranged.

Love is kindled after marriage, and in fact, it grows as years go by.

You said love kindles after marriage. If it's true for others, why not you?

Why not accept what you preach? You ask me to think about my dad...

Why don't you think about him? Don't you owe him anything?

I don't deny I owe him much. Really? But you can't save his life!

when he comes to know, I can't truly be a husband to his daughter?

He won't come to know anything. I'll pretend we're very happy!

You may not love me now, but can't I hope that one day you may do so?

No! Never! Shanti's love will become a wall between us.

I'll break every wall between us by being a good wife. I know it!

I'm loving you for years now. I'll belong only to the one I love.

I'll die, but I'll not marry any other man! My decision is final!

Uncle's life is at stake! You have won, Rajni... You've won.

By God's grace, the operation was fine.

There's no danger to your life now.

Don't you worry. Uncle.

Don't strain yourself now...

Yes, my dear, you must take complete rest now.

What are you up to? Let me read.

This is no time to read...

How long will you make me stay up? I never asked you to. Go sleep.

My luck is asleep; that's why I stay up at night. Wonder when it'll awaken.

There's lot to be done. Have to send this article tomorrow.

The doc said you'll have to stay here for 2 weeks more. Take this.

If you stay here a month, you'll look just like it.

All due to you. You've given me a new life.

You gave me life.

When I was sick you took care of me. In the accident I was unconscious.

With the help of Red Cross, you got me to a hospital.

Without bothering about your own illness, you nursed me.

God gave me a new life to get you treated in this country.

I'm still very grateful. Even even my husband will be obliged.

Husband? You got married? When?

Who's your husband? Dr. Ravi.

Why didn't you tell me before? So that he won't know where I am.

He was very disturbed because of my illness. Couldn't work properly.

That's why I left. My dear!

Don't tell him about me now, else he'll get upset again.

Let me get fully well, then tell him.

Need this? No.

Then how about this? No.

It must be this then. No.

Why do you bother? I'll find it.

Go and relax now.

But you always kept Shanti at hand.

Didn't you take her help in here?

That was different. She was talented.

She know all about this work. You know nothing.

I can return to India next week. Yes, that's what the doctor said.

I'll cable Ravi right now. Not yet. I wish to surprise him.

He'll be so happy to see me so well!

Listen... Yes?

Today's 1st July. Just reminding.

Why? Anything special about it?

Not really, but I was born on this day!

Oh! I forgot. I expected it.

Many happy returns.

Is that all? Is this the way one wishes one's wife?

Have I done something wrong?

Anyway, my friend is giving a party to celebrate my birthday.

She was so adamant, I couldn't avoid it. We'll have to attend.

Okay... of course, we'll go.

We're going to Gita's party, Okay?

See? How happy they are!

Now cut the cake Rajni. Not alone but with your hubby dear.

Please feed a piece to her.

Made for each other couple! They look so happy!

They really dote on each other. Who can separate this pair of swans?

Excuse me, but let her be with us today. Come on...

"0 my dear life companion I was but a thirsty bud...”

"which you saw blossom fully 0, dear life long friend"

"0 my dear life companion I was but a thirsty bud...”

"which you saw blossom fully 0, dear life long friend"

"Your eyes are high with yesterday's intoxication"

"And my face is all red with your love, my darling”

"I'll shake a twig of your roses"

"0 my dear life-companion I was but a thirsty bud..."

"which you saw blossom fully. Dear beloved friend"

"What morning do you mean? It's still night time"

"With your hand on my fair arms"

"my dear life-companion, I was but a thirsty bud...”

"which you saw blossom fully 0 my life long friend"

"I'd give you, dear beloved, all my love”

"This garland in my hair and kohl in my eyes..."

"Are gifts from you... Let me shower them on you"

"My dear life-partner I was but a thirsty bud..."

"which you saw blossom fully, My dear life-long friend"

What a lovely song! Ravi...

Where's Dr. Ravi?

He has gone. Gone?

He left you alone and went off?

Does anyone leave a party like this?

That too a party to celebrate his wife's birthday?

You left me alone there and came. You insulted me. What did you gain?

Forgive me.

I don't know myself why I came away from there.

I know!

You don't like me. You want to show that I was forced on you.

That you've no interest in me. And you're still crazy about Shanti!

Till now I've made it a point not to mention Shanti to you.

But you only remind me of her. If you keep bringing her between us... how can I make you happy? Happy, My foot!

The way I've pined for you... even a stone would've melted!

You get pleasure in hurting me! Have you accepted me as a wife yet?

Ever loved me as a husband should? Why blame me now?

I had made this clear before that I'd never love you.

Why not? Others have lost wives. They don't sit and mourn like you.

Left your job; Refuse to practice. Won't see your 2nd wife's facel

The more I try to come near you, the more you walk away.

Why? Am I not young, beautiful and madly in love with you?

Then why this distance? Because you hate me!

No! I don't hate you. You're wrong!

I'm right!

You stay in this lab just to be away from me! Work is an excuse.

I hate this damn place! Enough!

This work is my life's goal. In fact, my life itself!

If you don't like me working here, I'll set it up elsewhere and work.

Sure! After insulting me, you want to.

You wish to leave me! It's better!

Before you leave me I'll go away myself! I don't want to live!

Let me go! Give me that!

Don't be a fool. Let me go!

What's wrong? What's happened?

I can't see, Rajni!

My eyes are burning and I can't seel Oh God! Can't you really see? No! I can't see anything!

O Lord! Mom! Come quick, Mom.

His eyes are very badly damaged. Then call an eye-specialist.


What! Dr Ravi's had an accident? I'll be right over.

Excuse me, but my car has stalled. I'm a doctor in route to a patient.

If you'd drop me... Please, get in.

Thank God you're here. Ravi's upstairs. Please go.

The doctor forgot this, Madam. Turn back.

Excuse me, a doctor had come here. Yes, he's examining my son-in-law.

He forgot this in my cab. I hope this isn't badly needed.

Will you please go upstairs and give it in that room there?


How long will he remain unconscious? Tell me, why doesn't he wake up?

Take courage, Madam.

Don't get so upset. Come with me. I'll explain everything.

My Lord and master... How did this happen?

Dear Lord, did you give me a new life to see this?

That when I return, I would see my husband in this condition?

Why didn't you let me die before showing me this day?

My husband's a stranger now. I'll bear it. But don't let him die!

I told you Ma'am, your husband will not die. Trust me.

But his eyes... will they be okay? We'll try our best.

You forgot this in my taxi. Sorry to have bothered you.

You just referred to his eyes. Is his retina injured or is it...

How do you know these technical terms? Are you a doctor?

No, I'm a nurse, I've just come from Switzerland.

Yes. I was... in the Red Cross. I'm in search of a job here.

I'd be grateful if you'd appoint me. As a private nurse to this patient.

I'll need a private nurse won't I? Yes, she has already served him.

She brought me here to Dr. Ravi in her taxi.

How kind of her, I feel she was sent by God to nurse Ravi.

Okay then. May I go now? I'll come in the morning again.

What's your name? Shan... Sharda!

Who is it?

It's me.

You are my Shanti. Tell me you're her...

What are you doing?

Let go of her. She's not Shanti, she's Shard a.

Your nurse.

Forgive me.

I got misled by your voice. You sound just like Shanti.

How long will you go in hurting yourself by remembering her?

Because you're so obsessed with her, I lost my temper and you, your eyes.

And with them went my happiness and peace of mind.

Who was Shanti? His 1st wife. Who's no more.

She's here Rajni... not in your world, may be.

But in my dark world, she's always with me.

Unclel Come in, Ashok.

I've just returned from London, but, I was so eager to meet Ravi...

I came straight here. Where is he?

He's here alright, but... But?

Poor Ravi... He has become blind. What!

Where is he? Upstairs.

Who is it? It's me friend, your Ashok.

When did you return? How are you?

I can't see you with my eyes however.

What's this? No... No, dear friend.

I had come with such hopes. We'd live together, practice together.

How did this happen? Rajni? What can I say? Destiny.

Whatever I learnt in England, will be used to treat my friend.

You'll be able to see again, Ravi. A small operation should do it.

No! I refuse to get operated. Why? Don't you trust me?

Don't say that! I've full confidence in you.

But I don't want my sight back. Why not?

Want to suffocate in your dark world all your life?

It is not that.

How do I explain? This blindness is God's gift.

My dark world is peaceful. If I get my eye-sight back, I'll lose that.

I'll just come.

Don't feel bad. I'll convince him to get that operation done.

Will you be able to? Why not?

Of course I will. Take courage.

This pudding is very tasty.

Who made it? Your wife.

Rajni? Is that the truth? Yes.

Who told her it's my favorite?

Every wife knows what her husband likes and dislikes.

No, only Shanti knew what I liked. Rajni still has no clue.

You never gave me a chance! Rajni! You're here?

And you're scared because you're caught back biting me to strangers.

He wasn't back-biting you. It started with the pudding...

I told Shard a that... Why degrade me to praise her?

There you go again! You are unnecessarily jealous of Shanti.

I'm not jealous of anybody. I just want to know... how to keep a husband happy who doesn't give me a chance!

Who doesn't want to see my face. Nonsense! Who told you this?

why you're refusing that eye operation?

Because you don't want to see my facel! You detest me!

No. If he hated you, why would he wed you?

He didn't want to wed.

He married me under compulsion. To save my father's life.

What! Yes, want to hear more?

I never had a moments happiness.

Where did he have the time for me? He clung to his 1st wife's memory!

I never complained before, because I thought better if our differences... are kept private. But today when I saw that... he was going public about it, I had to tell you the reality.

Do you really hate her? No! In fact I pity her.

I wish I could really love her! But... I'm helpless.

I just can't forget Shanti! You're re-living your past life... and ruining the present one? If you can't get love, give lovel The biggest joy in the world is in giving joy to others!

Give her love and you be happy too. Forget Shanti.

Easier said than done, Shard a.

You won't understand it either. Nobody understands... nobody.

Don't complain of your woes.

In his sorrow, the poet writes the sweetest, saddest elegies... that others sing... you could... Let's change the topic, Shard a.

Take me out. I'm feeling suffocated. Okay.

Wait a moment. I'll just come.

Your husband is upset If you take him out he'll feel better.

No, if I go, he'll feel worse. Better you take him out.

But she even feeds him now. She just took him out, alone.

If she asked his wife, would she refuse?

Then why didn't she?

That's what I say. Think, madam...

You mean...? I'm damn sure!

People say that past never returns. That's for those with sight... who can see time go by. But for the blind, time stands still.

Forever we are lost in our past.

An image of those memories is in this dairy; Read it.

Awaken my golden days again. What for?

It will only make you sadder. No, Shard a.

It's the cure for all my sorrows ...the salve for my every wound.

My peace of mind...

For what I lost... I do not grieve. I'm proud for what I had once.

Read, for God's sake!

"I heard bangles tinkle near my ear. And once again a day dawned”

"The world welcomed the rising sun, and my eyes; a moon-like face"

That face is still etched in my memory. Shanti looked so lovely!

We had gone to Kashmir, and... Read further, Shard a.

"“You are my love, and spring too." Shanti once sang this song with me.

Please sing the song. It'll comfort my soul.

How shall I sing...?

"“You are my love and fountain of youth too"

Sing with me...

"“You are in my eyes... and in these surroundings too"

"“You are my love and fountain of youth too"

"“You are in my eyes... and in these surroundings too"

"Look at this intimate moment like a day-dream"”

"“Your eyes are filled with passion shall I look at you, or this world?"

"“You're in my eyes and in their scenic beauty too."

"My heart's destination is there where your shadow is revered”

"“Your arms, strong as these mountain. And your love, like these flowers”

"No wonder I feel so fulfilled"

"“You're my love, and my fountain of youth”

"“You're in my eyes, and in these lovely vistas too"

"I'm all alone for days now but you're with me even today"

"I'm still drowned in your memory. And feel your hand in mine"

"So how can I forgot you?"

"You're my love and fountain of youth."

"“You're in my eyes, and in this scenic beauty too."

They've come, Madam.

Wait, Sharda!

Where had you taken him? Have you been employed here... for such carelessness... that you get my son-in-law drenched in rain?

She's not at fault, aunt.

I had asked her to take me out. But why didn't she refuse?

You're blind, but she could see that it was so cloudy since evening.

There's no point in scolding this innocent girl.

So she's 'innocent girl', eh? I know her very well.

She's a loose woman. Aunt!

Calm down. You're upset as it is. Shardat Take me to my room.

What's this? After all this, you let her go with him?

You leave it to me. I'll see to her!

For the 1st time I'm sorry I'm blind.

If I could see, nobody would insult you... demean you.

Don't worry about me. You're wet. Change your clothes.

Sit down.

You have high fever. I'll give you an injection.

There are no injections? I'll just get them.

Stop! You can't stay here anymore. Let me go to him. He has fever.

He must be given this injection. Didn't you hear? Get out!

I promise to leave when he recovers. You don't realize the danger he's in.

We'll take care of him! Throw her out!

Please... don't be so cruel. If his illness worsens, it'll be fatal.

Here that? She's sounding as though he's her husband!

Get out! Don't do this.

Let me go to him. I beg of you, Madam.

Close the door!

Madam! Madam!

Please open the door.

Open the door! I beg of you.

Isn't doctor Ashok at home? Please send him here when he comes.

Tell him that his friend Ravi is having a very high fever.

I'm unable to sleep. Please have my chair put here.

Hold on. Let me inform our daughter, Rajni too.

She still hasn't returned from Gita's house.

You're crying?

No, I am not.

Then what's this?

Water... I had got wet remember.

You're still in wet clothes?

You neglect yourself, to look after me.

See that you don't get fever! Go...

Go and change. Okay.

O Lord, I've become a bane to all. Everybody's unhappy.

What's the point in living, Lord? Why should I live?

Ravi! How come you're here? Are you hurt? What's the matter?

No I'm not hurt; But I hurt others. Why do you so?

Yes. I'm worthless. Blind. Cause of everybody's woe!

Nobody can get happiness from me. So why should I go on living?

You know nothing, uncle. Nothing at all!

Because of me your daughter's life too has been turned to a hell!

Yes. I could never forget Shanti. I could never be a husband to Rajni.

I'm so ashamed to face you, Rajni and also myself.

You're here! You've high fever. How come you're here?

What happened, Daddy?

Sit down.

Where's Shard a?

I've sacked her!


You don't know...

But why you had to sack her?

Ask your son-in-law, whom she was playing up to!

Auntie! Don't say such things it's a sin even to think like this.

Sure! What I say is a sin, and the one who sticks to you 24 hours... takes you out for walks is holy! Mom! What nonsense!

I had asked her to take him out.

What are you doing here? You should be in bed.

Come I'll give you an injection.

I've already given it to him.

But where are you coming from? How did you barge in here?

It's not proper for a nurse to leave her patient when he's ill.

That injection was vital to him. Now that my duty is done, I'm going.

Wait! Auntie, I'm sorry that you misunderstood an able nurse like her.

I think Ravi's lucky to get such a capable nurse to take care of him.

Shard a will not go anywhere. Rajni, take her inside.

Let's go, Ravi

I apologize for my mom's behavior. It's all right.

I'm eternally grateful to you, for nursing my husband so sincerely.

Just do one more favor. Yes?

Make him agree for the operation.

Don't worry. It being my duty, I'll try my best.

God will bless you for it, come...

There is no fever, Doctor. You both made sure it went!

The fever's gone, but... when will the bee in your bonnet go? What do you mean?

Your love for your blindness. It's not love, but a patronage.

I see the one I love for 24 hours, in this world of darkness.

And believe me, I don't wish to see anything else!

He's hell of a stubborn guy! But I won't give up either.

I'll be leaving now. I'll be back to continue the argument.

Why do you love Shanti so much?

She was a heavenly beauty... an ideal wife, like Sita. A goddess of virtue.

She not only embraced my ideals but even died for them.

Do you know, who wrote "Ramayana” in Hindi?

Yes... Saint Tulsidas.

As long as there is Hindu religion Tulsidas will be remembered.

He too loved his wife a lot. What do you mean?

Even he couldn't live without his wife and followed her everywhere.

She got fed up of it. Once, when she went to her mother's...

Tulsidas followed her there too. She couldn't stop herself she said...

You follow me, but if you give this time to Rama, you may find him.

This moved Tulsidas very much.

His love for his wife made way for an inspiration!

He wrote Ramayana in Hindi, and gained immortality!

Go on... don't stop. Can't your love inspire you?

So that you can succeed in your ideals for which Shanti died?

I wanted to be successful... but, destiny snatched my sight... and my opportunity, to be successful.

You were deprived of a chance but you are given another one.

With an operation, you can get your sight back.

Why do you refuse this chance? Tell met

Why are you silent? Can't your love turn into devotions?

Is suffering in remembrance, an ideal of your love?

Or do you want Shanti to suffer by suffering yourself?

Don't you want to be successful, and let Shanti's soul rest in peace?

Enough! Call Ashok. I'll get myself operated.

Yes, Shard a I'm ready for the operation.

Congratulations! The operation is successful.

How are you, Ashok? Fine.

And how are you? Alright.

The bandages will be removed tomorrow, isn't it?

Yes, tomorrow... you will be back to this colorful world.

God bless Shard a.

If I'll be able to see again, it's all due to her.

She convinced me for the operation. I envy Sharda!

What Rajni and I couldn't do, she has done it, solely on sincerity.

She has not only opened my eyes physically, but spiritually too.

She rekindled my ideals. A real sincere girl.

I really respect her. Really?

Tell me, what does she look like?

Very beautiful. I've no words to describe her beauty.

You like her? Yes. But why?

Will you marry her? Marry?

Yes. I can bet, that, you'll never find a wife like her.

If you agree, I'll speak to her. Not in my presence please.

I think she's coming. I'll go now.

What have you brought? Your favorite porridge. Today...

What is it today?

Today I'll feed you for the last time.

Tomorrow your bandages will be removed and then I'll have to go.

Go where? Wherever destiny takes me.

It'll be a very lucky place where you'll go.

Ashok has given my sight back. Shouldn't I also give him something?

As a gift? Of course. He's a very good man.

I'll be indebted to him for life! You? How come?

The patient whose nursing is my duty, he has provided sight to him.

I think my wish will be fulfilled. What wish?

Only you can fulfill it. You won't refuse, will you?

Not at all... I'll fulfill your every wish.

Think it over. What for?

If I can't fulfill your wish, while I'm going away... then it's a shame on met!

I promise not to disappoint you.

If a doctor and a nurse marry they can always be happy.

I've experienced it. But I turned out to be unlucky.

Anyway, now I have but one wish. That you and Ashok...

What! Yes, Shard a.

The joy which I experienced for a short while...

I want you both to enjoy, forever... by marrying.

Why are you so quiet? Feeling shy, eh?

I know, that's why, I said, 'ves' to Ashok without asking you.

See how grandly I celebrate your wedding.

When you both stand before me wearing garlands, I'll be delirious!

...mad with joy! What better gift can I give you both?

Am I not right, my dear? still silent, eh?

Ashok too ran away when he saw you coming! Mean thing!

Tomorrow when my bandage is removed, do you know whom I'll look at first?

Nobody else Shard a... I'll look at her first.

My Shanti. This is her. Take a look.

There can be nobody like her on this earth. Nobody Shard a...

Am I correct?

Ashok, did you see Shanti? Where did she go?

Who's she? That nurse... Shard a.

Shanti? She's Shanti. His first wife.

He has her photograph. I've just seen it myself.

Do you have Shanti's photo? Yes. Did Shard a tell you?

May I see it? Why?

I want to see who's that lady for whom you preferred to stay blind.

Why are you quiet?

We've committed a great blunder. What blunder?

We didn't recognize her. Sharda's your Shanti...


What are you saying?

1 can see Ashok! 1 can see!

Give me that photo. This is Shard a?

Is she really Sharda? Yes...

This is my Shanti, Ashok! Where is she? Tell me!

Where to? No idea!

Uncle, my Shanti's alive! Alive!

Go away Shanti. Rajni has a right on Ravi now.

Let me go... Where?

From where I'll never return.

To spoil your heaven. You know nothing, Shanti.

Our marriage is no heaven, but a dungeon where I held him prisoner.

Where the prisoner weeps for his helplessness and his warden... for his own deeds.

But I'm very sure that when I go all this will disappear.

You'll both become life-partners, tied together in the bond of love.

I've learnt what love is, from you both.

One preferred to die for her husband's ideals.

The other turned his heart into his wife's grave forever.

But my love? It was merely adamancy, greed, selfishness.

Now I've realized that life's joy is not in acquiring the world...

...but in losing oneself. Please make her understand.

That's the problem with her. Nobody can convince her.

She takes her own decisions. And I've already decided!

The happiness I'm experiencing now, I've never felt before in my life.

My heart was heavy with guilt. There's only one way to be rid of it.

Returning your happiness to you!

Bravo! I'm very proud of you, dear.

Here you are, Shanti. Cherish him. Your husband... your home.

Bless me, Daddy.

What's this, Mom? You're crying. My only daughter is leaving home.

But daughters always leave home. Daughters-in-law come instead.

And your daughter-in-law has already here.

"May you be happy in your world with your life-companion..."

"Here is your love; I gift it to you"

"Far away from me, the one whom your eyes sought..."

"in your possession,