Sabaibaru famiri (2016) Script




I input the data This one's next, right away

Yes, thanks for another package I catch so many, I have fish left after I give them away How have you been? Busy?

You should come home once in a while to see me I should. I want to visit Mom's grave, too Oh, so disgusting! From Kagoshima, again?

Yui just got out of the bath Your grandpa No thanks, I won't talk to him What? Hey!

Sorry, yeah Oh, I see Bye,then

I won't eat that crap

I can't do this Say, can you do it, please?

Me? No thanks

Maybe I'll do it tomorrow We won't eat it, so tell him to stop sending fish I can't tell him that All he cares about is fishing and farming

And this thing I know it's organic, but...

Get me rice Get it yourself

Oh, I forgot

What! What is it?

I don't know It looked like this That's why l hate his packages!

Oh, I gotta go!

Don't put it here!

Oh! There it is!

Don't do that!

Hey! Can't you even greet your family?


You're unbelievable You've got dinner at home, but you buy that crap!


"New Folder 'International Economics"'

No way, for real!?

"Nakamura Satomi"

Suzuki speaking Sorry, can you talk?

What? Yeah I can't hear you well Oh, sorry Did you grab screen shots of the notes in today's class?

I'm just uploading them now Oh, great Can you send it to me?

Sure To which address?

To my PC

I got it, thanks See you Tomorrow


Why are you filming yourself?

Why'd you already eat? Shut up!

Let's settle who's buying lunch

She's cute

What a pain!

"Your battery is low"

Stop it

Say, did you take a look?

The children's smart phone bills You have to tell them, too

Are you listening?

I'm tired Tell me tomorrow I'm going to bed

"Day 1"

Hey! What time is it?

I don't know Why not?

There's a blackout A blackout?

Why? I told you, I don't know Oh, no There's no lights, can't watch TV What a mess Why are you screaming so early?

It's a blackout!

What's that?

Oh, crap! Move!

Are you checking?


Can't you even do that?

I can't figure it out

No breakfast, right?

The rice hasn't cooked and the electro-magnetic stove doesn't work Do you want cold bread?

No way, I'll buy something Oh, I know Why do they all stop at once! You should change the batteries The number for the time is 117, right?

There's a number for time?


What's going on!

No newspaper delivered?


Look, it works

Hopeless. It's stopped We'll have to take the stairs What, the whole building is blacked out?

Do they ever inspect it?

Shut up, old man

It's a long way down 10 flights of stairs

Don't be late

Due to a blackout, all trains are stopped I'm sorry, so sorry All trains are stopped No one is allowed on the platforms That's all we know When will they start?

There are no current plans, please wait Do you have a proof of delay form?

I need to check This is closed now

We'll update you with new information Please wait Can we wait on the platform? Please wait here Are they any temporary buses?

Apparently there are no buses yet We don't know when the trains will resume, please wait here What...


Oh, great I finally found one Can I? No, no It may be the batteries, but none of them will start What? Can't you help me? I can pay cash It seems the plugs won't spark Here it is That's just plain water Don't you need battery fluid?

They're basically the same All right, try it

Oh, it doesn't work This is when bicycles sure are handy

Good morning

A blackout is so unusual these days And it's not just this building Oh, really? That one, too?

All the buildings Do any of your lights work? They're all still off Oh, I have to buy candles Me, too Power will be back tonight But maybe not, so I'll go, too

I'll buy some, just in case Oh, my purse

Oh, no...

Hopeless It won't open?

It won't open

You're late You live at the next station The next, next station What time is it?

Excuse me It's an old building, so all the doors can only be manually opened from inside Then we'll break in lf you don't mind, just invoice us later Nobody can get in unless we do May l have someone's business card?

Here goes

It's open Watch where you step

I bet the elevators aren't working

The lights?

Computers? Nope, you?

The server's down What do we do?

The other floors? I'll check

Hey! We can't work like this


We had a blackout Your place,too? You guys,too?

What a pain A total pain

You're all sweaty The trains were stopped and I freaked I rode my mom's dorky bike It's an electric bike, but it didn't work It was just so heavy You're so sweaty Your teacher, Mochizuki, can't get here, so the first period is study hall

Quiet down Somebody, write "Study Hall"

Study Hall

Morning, the trains are stopped today

No power here, either How wide is the blackout?

It's probably pretty local Call your house in Kanagawa and find out Like I said, it's networking!

You are an idiot Oh, right Hey, where do you live?

Hey! Ouch! What?

He's hopeless

Um, excuse me Where's Nakamura...

You mean, Satomi? I haven't seen her yet

What's going on with him?

No idea What happened, suddenly?

Say, any lunch boxes?

I'm sorry, the bento and the bread haven't been delivered yet No rice balls?


I'll buy water Yeah

Oh, no

230 Yen

198 Yen

Say, hello I won't be able to wash clothes or clean house today I've given up on today I can't even cook This is tonight's dinner No choice, right?

Makes things so easy

I'm sorry, we can't take credit cards because of the blackout!

We can only accept cash!

Tell us sooner I was waiting in line


Oh, no!

That doesn't work either?

When are the young guys going to get here?

We don't know how far out the trains are stopped They should walk, even part way But you live at the next station It's the next, next station Only part of the file is printed The rest is stuck in the computer We can't miss the fiscal report deadline!

That won't happen It'll get back to normal soon, I guess.

Oh, what a mess All the other departments are hopeless, too The outlets don't work and the batteries are dead, and the cars won't start. That's just crazy Everything electrical is useless This isn't just a normal blackout...

We can't do anything until power is restored Everybody can go home now What?

That's an order from the top They want everyone to go home before it gets dark What's that about?

Thank you

"Special: 44,800 Yen"

How much is that one?

We're stripping this for parts It's not for sale

I'll buy this one Can I ride it now?

Oh, my God!

Are you OK?

Do you have to work at a time like this?

That's exactly why l have to work!

Be careful with that flame

Using the toilet?

It doesn't run very well, so flush it with the bathwater Answer your mother!

What is he thinking!

I'm turning off the burner

The toilet, too? It doesn't use any power I don't understand this I'm taking this Thanks for the food

Things will be back to normal tomorrow

Say, dear!



What a drag You two, come here The stars are beautiful What? Stars?


Without any city lights, they look brighter What's that?

That's the Milky Way What? You mean, there really is a Milky Way?

Are you an idiot?

This isn't so bad, once in a while

"Day 3"

This is endless

Listen up, everyone All employees need to wait at home until the power is restored Please be careful going home It could be restored any minute We'll be delayed in responding Also, the building entrance is smashed so please take your valuables with you Hey

Aren't you worried about your family?


If you stay here, things will get dangerous Are you crazy? Of course, we'll be fine

Where are you going?

We're going to the mountains to find water There's a camping ground l know


What are you doing!


"Welcome to Saitama Prefecture"


"Nakamura Satomi 5-3-6 Kawaguchi"

You might be right

This is really heavy Get it together

Let's go

Other prefectures?

We need food, I'll try the supermarket...

Oh, hello Hello I've been waiting here two hours My feet are so cold Do you have gas at your place?

We cook with electro-magnetic There's no gas, either?

Do gas meters run on batteries?

My husband said the meter wasn't working and tried to fix it, but there's no gas

Excuse us, everyone!

The situation is that there is water underground Then give us the water!

However, the entire operation is shut down so the pumps can't pump water After making us wait this long!

Go underground and bring up the water!

You guys get the water!

It's not water for drinking, but there's a well in the park...

We're here to get water to drink!

That's right!

Give us drinking water!

You cannot withdraw cash with ATM or debit cards You must have identification, your personal seal and bank passbook Each person can only withdraw 100,000 Yen in cash!

Don't push! Don't push!

Don't push! Wait your turn!

"Day 7"

"Study at home until we contact you"

I heard they're distributing emergency food in Saitama I went there, but they ran out a longtime ago They only gave me a small bottle of water What I want to know is, what's causing this?

It's a natural disaster, a natural disaster Our only choice is to gather all our food and water and share it all That won't last a month We should all move away What if you've got nowhere to go?

Look, over there!

Don't bother coming back!

If all the apartments empty out, they'll get looted by those idiots They belong to all of us, so we all have to protect them, right?

No, no you stay inside I'm sorry

Do you know Kato san who lives above us?

The old lady who lives alone?

I saw her on the steps before Why?

She wasn't at that meeting I haven't seen her in days

What! Kagoshima! You mean to Grandpa's house?

If we wait a little longer, the power will return You're so useless It's been like this for a week Don't you see that if it doesn't come back we can only survive for so long?

That may be true, but why Kagoshima?

All my hometown family is dead It's a lot warmer in Kagoshima and we'll be able to find water and food But how?

A plane from Haneda Airport If they're flying...

I hate that stupid village Why?

You visited when you were little You played with Grandpa on the beach nearby What? I don't remember that Oh, how do we get to Haneda?

On bicycles It's straight down the main road No way! For real!

Leave everything to me! Follow me and you'll be fine Why Kagoshima!

I told them I don't want to go I'll take both

ls this enough, to buy us all plane tickets?

Can you buy discount tickets at the airport?

Well, um...

I saved this money for an emergency

It's sunscreen, put it on

Isn't this great?

Are you still carrying this like some treasure?

Yuck And look at how you're dressed Who wears false eyelashes, now?


Hang in there!

We haven't been cycling in a while We went with the children's group That's ancient history Did we go?

You slept through your days off You never came on any of those outings

OK, 2,000 Yen Thanks, next

Step right up One bottle of water for 1,000 Yen How about it? Anyone?

Step up No, no, you rip-off!

Step right up Bottled Water 2,000 Yen Bottled Water going fast 2,500 Yen

We should have bought the first one!

A little farther, we might find cheaper water Or more expensive Yes, welcome Oh, nothing...

What will you do?

At the store, it was 500 Yen No, this is our current price You'll never sell them at this price I'll buy them all, at 600 Yen per bottle

Why did you make red beans and rice?

Why? I just thought...

The celebratory food would give us energy

Don't waste precious food

Where did he go?

Wondering off again

Gross I'm looking for a bathroom

Don't let anyone pass Don't look!

My turn, next

"Take your dog poop home with you"

Excuse me, excuse me

What's going on?

Get back! Get back, please!

The planes are not flying!

Get back for your own safety!

Get back! It's dangerous Get back, get back!

How long will this go on!

The whole Tokyo area is blacked out!

No one knows when it will come back!

We know that!

Hey cop! Do your job!

They're useless! Where's the Self Defense Force!

Who threw that!

Hey! You!


"Motel Royal"

It's open, it's open!

You need to pay first 30,000 Yen per person


There's no water OK

Oh, good We'll go home tomorrow, right?


What! No!

No way! We're going? To Kagoshima?! By bicycle!

Right, it's our only choice What!

No way!

You saw it at the airport!

It's dangerous to stay in a city without food or water Impossible! I totally refuse!

It's not impossible That's what they did in the old days Yaji and Kita walked from Tokyo to Osaka Who the hell is that! I'm not from the old days!

I had a feeling it would turn out like this Then why didn't you say so sooner?

We came so far out of our way!

We had no way of knowing until we got here


We need another bicycle And a map and food and...

Oh, I know!

Yaji and Kita are buddies on that samurai TV show!


Of course they're all gone

"Children's Map of Japan"

"Resorts in Kagoshima"

Maybe it's not so bad

What are you doing?

No matter how fast, it'll take one month to ride to Kagoshima What! It's that far?

I just heard someone say that beyond Osaka, it's not blacked out ls that true? Who said that?

Someone walking I told you so Heading west is the right plan How could that rumor spread here, all the way from Osaka?

It spreads because it's true But...

Oh, look!

"Rice Store"

Oh, a sea bream

That much

A real Rolex What good is that?

How about this?

What's that? A Maserati Get out!

Don't bother bringing things no one wants!

Only water or food All your stuff is worthless

Excuse me What have you got? Well, um...

About the bicycle parked out back, can I buy it from you?

Sure, I don't use it anymore I have no use for money

Hey! That's my...

And that rice, too


"Do Not Enter"

Let's go this way OK!

Let's try that way

What's with this map! It's totally useless!

Oh, no!


Let's take that

This way I know that!

This way!


All right!

"Service Area"

It's locked

"Closed Toilets out of order"

Oh, no

Now we're camping out

"Kanagawa Prefecture"

Where are you going?

We're going as far as Osaka We heard there's electricity there See! What do you mean, see!

Is that true?

It's a rumor That same rumor Could you spare a bottle of water?

We can pay money Get the money We can exchange it for food We don't have anything left This is our last bottle Oh, I see Let's go Let's try someone else

It's cold

What are you doing! Go grab him!

"Tunnel Guides for Food or Water" lf you pay me, I'll guide you to the other end This tunnel is 2 kilometers long Step right up I'll guide you What's that?

It's a tunnel One straight road

They'll be right back

It's so dark, dark!

Oh, no, what is this?

Are you sure we're OK?

This is no good

Ouch! There's a car stopped here What shall we do?

So, this is how ii is What!

I stepped on something! It's squishy!

There's a dead raccoon right there Don't step on it

Here we are

Too bad you have to see everything Thanks for your business

"Day 16"

Oh, no, this is all that's left What are you whimpering about?

You can light a fire without matches How?

Cavemen could do it, of course we can,too So, how?

I'll show you when the time comes

Give me water!

That was the last bottle Why didn't you tell me first!

I told you!

You did? I didn't hear you Let's go look for some later We won't find any here

What are you doing? Can you drink that?

Don't do that See? Look how clear it is You guys are such wimps

Tastes great!


Leave that!

I can't stand it!

Where are you going!


He drank that water

Hopeless Oh, no

I only wore this once

Oh, no

Oh, dear...



Maybe there's food

"Rice Sold Out"

"Tires and Tubes Sold Out"

"No Matches or Lighters"

Where is it?

"Silicon adhesive"

Found it Hey, hey! Do you think we can eat this?

The Internet says they can tuna and catfood at the same factory Really? Maybe we can flavor it and make a soup We still need water and matches

"Battery Liquid Replenishment"

Don't! Stop!

It's fine, you can drink it It's fine It's purified water

You're right! But it doesn't taste good

Are you still at it? You should rest

Look at our great haul!

There was one smoke candle left

What? Use this to light a fire

"Remove from the..."

That hurt! What are you doing?

Rice cakes

Eat it raw?

But your father...

Look at this


Are you sure?

"Day 22"

Tastes awful

You'd better listen to your mother

Oh, hello

"Shizuoka Prefecture"

Oh, what a great idea!

How are you getting water and food?


When you ride through the mountains, there's water seeping through rocks, right?

Moss is proof the water's pure, so we bottle it lf you're worried, you can boil it to disinfect it

You should air dry or smoke any food It lasts longer that way And most weeds that you see are actually edible. Wait

Weeds like this plantain and dandelion or weeds with leaves growing from the earth are fine

You can boil them for a soup filled with vitamins

I recommend cicadas Cicadas?!

Don't be so shocked Locusts have been food for centuries Insects are quite nutritious In Africa, everyone eats caterpillars You just like that stuff

Look over here

What? You can take pictures with that camera?

Yeah, but it's not digital Film was always mechanical When you print it, please send it Sure, but... I have no idea when Please A notepad I'll write down my address What humans need in order to survive are, first, to maintain body warmth Next, secure water and three, start fires Food is next on the list Hang in there, go, go

Hang in there Looking good Your dad's in the lead Just ignore him

He's fast

This is great The landscape is so different The breeze feels great


Look at that

Oh, Dear Excuse me...

They came from a nuclear power plant What's the situation?

They don't know why but it won't turn on They're going to Shizuoka to inspect another one ls it true there's power in Osaka?

We don't know that Even if there's power in Osaka, we don't have to go there This is how things are, we might as well enjoy it, right?

That's right

"To Osaka"

Take care


"Day 43"

"Looking for Abe Takashi"

I've had it!

Dad,you said, "We're only bicycling to Osaka!"

I never said that What will we do?! We have no food or water!

I can't change or bathe and my head itches!

That's not my fault You never take responsibility!

You said, Follow me and you'll be fine You did, you liar!

How dare you speak to me like that!

Then act like a father! You talk big, but you're useless What the hell!

That's enough!

You should have figured that a long time ago!

That's just who your father is!

I'm putting it in

Kobe Aquarium

Here comes the fish

It's hot, be careful

Looks tasty Sure does

Here you go I'm sorry, we just ran out Can't you give us some?

I can pay you money! It's all gone

Just enough for the children Please!

It's all gone I beg you!

"Day 67"






Honey, grab him!

Are you OK, Dad?

I did it Oh, good We did it Meat

You do it I can't even fillet a fish

Can I start anywhere?

Just do it!

What are you doing!

Where are we being taken?

Can you drink the well water?

Of course you can

The electric fences on my pig farm stopped working and they all ran away

I'm sorry we killed one without...

In exchange, if you help me catch the runaway pigs, I'll forgive you

Will you?

Aren't you hungry?

It's not a free lunch

What's this?

Smoked pork This is what you do when you can't use the refrigerator

Why are you crying?

I don't know

Oh My, you have guests I thought your son's family came home You're always so generous

Why just this one pig?

The pigs haven't come back yet?

With their help, I'll get them back How nice Young people can do anything See you Take one home

This is the last one Gee, thanks

Now, you can start by helping me butcher Hanako Was that pig's name Hanako?

That was a joke What pig has a name?

Come over here and help Open this and spread it!


Hold it here!

Hold it down!

This is a huge job It's tough job alone, but no big deal with you all here

Look tasty? Yes!

If you work hard, I can share a little with you

You can't eat it right away Have to let it rest underground before smoking it Um, how long does it need to rest?

About one week One week?

You're useless I take the first bath Yes

We're in Okayama

How are the pajamas?

They're perfect Who do they...

I bought them for when my son's family visits

His whole family's in America Good looking, right?

I don't want to waste the oil Oh, yes Good night Starting tomorrow, you'll work hard

A futon...

He must be worried about his grandchildren


Found one Here we go!

Grab it!

Not over there!

That's the last one. Hang in there.

Mom, is this OK?

Looks fine

That's not for smoking

If you want, you can just move in

I wish my washing machine and car would work, but living alone in these conditions is tough Will you think about it, please?

I did it!

Hey! Shoo!

Get out of here!

His offer is generous, but we need to get to your father

Let's go to Kagoshima Do you two agree?

Are you sure you want to give us so much?

You sure helped me out Thank you so much You take care

Dear, wait!

Are you OK, Mitsue?

Hang in there, Mitsue!

No way...

What! What?

Why? There is no bridge!

We left that road 3 days ago! Do we have to go all the way back!

That map is out of date


Stop it

Here Thanks This way

Are you two going to be OK?

You made us take all those swim classes We'll drop Mom on the other shore and then Kenji and I will shuttle the bikes over

Get on! Get on!

I'll go!

No, stay there!

Let's load them all The river will get too fast

Hold it! I'm holding it!

Hold it!

The raft broke!



Oh no, Dad!





"Day 94"

This way

Come Stop!



Are you OK?

It's fine, let's go

No, I can't

From Tokyo to here on bicycles?

That's a grueling trip And, where's your father?


We're almost to last big tunnel The Falcon used to run through it ls the Falcon a bullet train?

Of course not Oh, you're awake

The Falcon was an express sleeper In those days, airplane fares were expensive Yes, they were Your mom's parents wouldn't let me marry her So we commuted together to Kagoshima to ask their permission Wow You never told us about that

Time to close it Better close the window...

What is this! My eyes!

The window!

"Day 108"






"2 Years and 126 days later"

All together!

Big haul today Give me a hand Right away

Keep the threads taut

Looking good

They're back We're back!

Big haul! Big haul!

Lots of great fish

Hurry everybody!

Oh, Dear

The lights are back on They're on! They're on!

The sudden global blackout that started 2.5 years ago, experts now believe was caused by a solar flare, or a comet that came close to Earth It might also have been cyber-terrorism, aimed at the power grid and power plants but this has never been proven... prove any theories, the blackout stopped all computers and electronics, leaving no records from that time However, it is important to establish...

What's that?

Tonight, I'll cook mackerel Great!

That's so pretty Right?

Looks tasty

I'm off I'm off Off you go

Coming, coming


Wait, wait!

What is it?

Your father forgot his lunch

How could you forget!?

Sorry about that!

Thank you Suzuki san, mail for you Thank you so much I wonder what it is?

Oh, that was when...

Fumiyo Kohinata Eri Fukatsu Yuki lzumisawa Wakana Aoi

Original story, Written and Directed by Shinobu Yaguchi