Sacrifice (2011) Script


2011 Sacrifice

The Tragraciano family controls virtually all drug trafficking from Tampa to Toronto.

These fucks have become more violent with their alliance with two Mexican cartels.

Four American cops were killed last night in El Paso.

John, there's a short window to insert one of our men into their U.S. operation.

This is a multi-nation effort between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

We need to shut down Tragraciano's distribution north of the Mexican border.

You do that, he's dead.

You won't be able to have any contact with your family, John.

From anywhere from six months to a year.

Your family will be protected.

(woman) John, could this put us in any kind of danger?

(little girl) Where are you going, Daddy?

(Agent Ryan) Well done, John. Well done.

(Agent Brown) Great job, John.

The DA says those guys will never see the light of day.

No one made you go, John.

You knew there was a risk when you took the assignment.

Look, look, you knew how violent these fucks were.

I'm sorry. This comes with the territory.

John, I'm gonna give you three pieces of advice.

Get back on the job. Do therapy. And sell that fucking house.

[over P.A.] Ottawa penalty to number 38, Paul Kelly.

Two minutes for roughing.

[phone buzzes]


Hey, John, it's Tiaz. Look, uh, it looks like Chan's dealing again.

One of my Cl's called me.

Followed Chan down to the coliseum, and something's definitely going on.

The guy's been in and out of the place like six times. The guy's a fucking mess.

You better get your ass down here.

John, are you listening to me?

John? Jo--

Let's go!

Your partner's back on the job already? Yeah.

Any leads who whacked his family?

Well, he took down Tragraciano. You figure it out.

[tires screech]

[people cheering]


[over P.A.] Last minute of play in the game.




Ottawa wins the championship. Let's hear it for them.

Don't forget to check your tickets on the way out.

[people complaining]

Got him. Freeze, motherfucker!

Get down! Get down!

Drop it, Chan! Drop it!

Fuck you!

Drop it, Chan, now! Get down!


Let him go, you fuck!

I'll fucking kill him!

Don't! Let him go!

Fuck you! I get outta here or he's fucking dead! You fucking hear me?

Get me a fucking car so I can get the fuck out of here!


Let him go!

Jesus Christ, John!


(Tiaz) John?

What are you waiting for?

John. Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey, John! John, what the fuck?

John, you can't do that!

Aw, for fucks sakes, John!

[groans] Get off me! Get the hell off me!


Get this motherfucker off me! Help!

For fucks sakes!

Je-Jesus Christ.

He took my piece.

Are you fucking crazy? You are! You're fucking crazy.

[cops] Way to go, John!

Way to go, John! Welcome back.

[techno music]

[muffled gunshot]

I hear you're holding quality.

Are you looking?

If it's good.

Step in my office.


Don't you worry.

All right. Have at it, chief.

How about you go first?

I don't use.

[laughs] Hear that?

C'mon, man. What do you think I am, a cop?

So, you gonna do it or what?

I got other customers.

I wanna see you do a line.

That's not gonna happen.

The fuck you doing? Get off me!

What are you fucking deaf or something?

Get the fuck off me!

You can't possibly be this stupid.


Fuck you.


Not so talkative now, are ya, huh?


Excuse me. I thought this was the ladies room.

Hope I'm not interrupting.


Okay, just fucking relax.

No, you watch. You watch this!

Look! That's what's gonna happen to you.

You come in here again, that's your blood on the floor.

(Jade) You okay, baby?


Are you okay?


You sure?

Come on. Come on. Come on.

I told you. Totally fucking stupid.

It's okay. Come on.

Just relax. Here you go.

All right?

Aw! Fuck yeah!

Come on, Rook, baby.


Come on. Come on! Come on!

You've been doing a good job, M ike.

Moving product, not using.


Don't get high on your own supply.

Scarface. I love that movie.

Who doesn't? It's like the gangster's handbook.

[whispers] Thank you, honey. Have a good night.

M ike, I'm moving you up.

I want you to give Rook a hand with the shipment to L.A. tomorrow.


Rook's partying too much.

He's got my girls over at his apartment running his mouth. I don't trust him.

Yeah. Well, Rook's a partier.

Yeah, well, he's backdooring product.

Look at me!

You see how fucking good I look? Yeah.


He's supposed to be up here looking after Armand's interest.

The problem is, I think he's only looking after his own.

I tried to tell Armand but he won't listen.

What are you gonna do? Rook is his son.

That's why I need you to make sure the shipment gets where it needs to be.

All of it.

And M ike, clean up the paperwork.


Jade, um

there is something I've been meaning to talk to you about.

So talk.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

What's that mean?

I want out.

If you don't work for me what are you gonna do?

I don't know. Maybe work construction or something?


That's a laugh.

I haven't really figured it out yet.


what about that little sister of yours?

What about her?

Well, you wouldn't be able to take care of her the way you're used to.

You know, going straight seems good but what are you gonna make, M ike?

Fifteen, twenty an hour?

Don't forget where you came from, Mike.

I made your life a whole lot easier but I can make it a whole lot harder.

Be a smart boy. Don't ruin a good thing.

Get that little sister of yours some new clothes.

And M ike, you're in

'til I say otherwise.

Take care of that nose.

(babysitter) Angel did all her homework and she ate her dinner.

She's such a good girl. See you tomorrow, Mike. Good night.

[bell tolling]

(man) John!

I thought that was you.

It's been a while.

How's the therapy going?

I'm a new man, Father.

I can see that.

Did you sell the house, yet?


You gotta sell the house, John. You gotta move on with your life.

And what life's that father?

God works in mysterious ways.

Does he now?

I don't get it. Wh-why do you even bother coming in here to light these candles?

Because she did.

Anna did it because she believed.

She felt that the flame was a symbol of her faith.


Well, I'll drink to that.

I often wonder, did I choose God or did God choose me?

'Cause if he chose me, maybe he made a mistake.

Hey, Father! This'll take the edge off.

Shall I hold a seat for you on Sunday?


[car horn honks]

Mommy says they're going to give you a medal. I'm very proud of you.

(Anna) Are we gonna be safe, John?

I love you, Daddy.

[man complaining]

Okay, c'mon, give me the wallet.

No, I don't have any fucking wallet!

Give me the guy's wallet.

I work hard for that money, asshole!

You work hard for it, huh? Turn around. Hold on. Stay there.

Don't move! Fuck you!

Don't move!

Oh, who the fuck is that?


What the hell's going on there?

Listen, that stuff at the hockey rink? The lab says it's another match.

Yeah. And Mason checked his records, that stuff. You were right about the shipment.

Did he say where it came from?

Better. I got an address for an in-person pick-up. 1132 Orchard Glen Parkway.

Stop. So, I'll meet you there?

John? John. John.

(Mike) Jesus Christ, Sneese, look at this mess. What are you doing?

Yeah, you said to get rid of all the paper.

What about the computer?

It's fucking dead, believe me. We're just about done.


All right. All gone, Pete Tong.

All right, I'm out of here.

Last batch.

That's it. No more records, nothing.

All right, thanks.

So, we're cool?

Yeah, cool.

(Sneese) Who's this fucking asshole?

Get out of the car.


What the fuck is he doing?

You finished fucking around? Now, run him the fuck over!

Now! Do it!




[horn honking]



(Tiaz) You get any prints off the desk?

(man) No, nothing. The whole place is wiped clean. There's nothing.

How about the computer? Anything salvageable?

I don't know. I can't see.

I gotta take it down to the shop, maybe the guys down there can get something.

Hey, don't move that.

The, uh, the woman in the office next door said she saw a guy leave the office right before the two perps ran into the alley.

He was youngish. Maybe 20 . He had longish brown hair.

And the company that rents the place is Saturn cars.

They've been here about six years.

The computer's been wiped. There's nothing here.

John, you-- you hear what I said?



You're doing a hell of a job, brother.

[police siren wailing]

[piano music]

Hey, you. You're supposed to be in bed.

I can't sleep.

You're not tired?

No. I just can't sleep.

Okay. What if I told you a story in bed?


How's that sound?

Don't wake Mommy.

[whispers] Quiet.



Not on the stairs!

Not on the stairs, okay.

Ahh, my slipper! I lost my slipper!

You lost your slipper? Oh, I got it!

[both talking and laughing]

Once upon a time a long, long time ago in a land far away but not that far away there was a little sleeping angel.


(Anna) You did it for you, John.

Not for me. Not for our daughter.

You did it for you.

Don't lie to yourself, not even for a minute.


[cell phone buzzes]


Hey, John.

Hey, Rach.

So, uh, I made lasagna last night and I have way too much of it.

I could, um, I could bring some by if you're hungry.

Oh, Rach why do you bother?

It's no bother.

We both miss her, John.

I gotta go.

I'll talk to you later.


Hey, thanks for calling.



[techno music]

(Rook) You hear this shit?

I just fucking signed these guys. They're gonna be huge!

That's great, Rook.

They're not my taste.

Yeah? What the fuck do you know?

Let me throw on a shirt, then we'll go take care of Sammy.

Tell your dad that this is it. There's no more files, okay?

Don't lose it, Rook.


He doesn't trust me to handle this?

Jade had me do it.

Does that hurt your feelings?

Douche bag.

(Sammy) The statues are made of pure heroin.

From their base to their head. Each worth about 20 million.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It looks like she's crying.

Yes, I know. That is the dope curing.

I nteresting.

Okay, Sammy.

Bring his family in.

[woman speaking in Chinese]

Please. Please. Let my family go.

You fucking stole from us, Sammy.

No. I didn't.

Chan got busted with our stuff. Chan works for you.

And now your whole fucking family's gonna die.

I didn't do it!

You don't have to do this.

You know what, M ike? You're right.

You shoot Sammy and I let the wife and kid live.


What, did I stutter? You little fucking prick!

Shoot Sammy or I'll kill the wife and the kid.

Shoot 'im.

I'm not gonna do that.

Shoot 'im!

I'm not gonna shoot them!

Shoot 'im or I shoot the whole fucking family!


You want the wife and kid to die?

I'm not going to do this, all right? I'm not gonna shoot them. There's no point.

Fuck it. Do 'em all.

No! No!

What are you waiting for, M ike? Shoot 'im.

Shoot 'im! You faggot! Shoot 'im.

I can't do this.

Get off of me!


(woman) Oh, Sammy!

[woman talking in Chinese]

[woman cries]

[Rook applauds]

Good job, Mike.

Way to bust your fucking cherry, you pussy.

You little fucking cry-baby.

All right, boys, round 'em up.

Let's get the statues out of here.

Buck up, huh?

C'mon, let's go.

[bell tolls]

I don't think that the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith would approve of you building a stage over the altar.

Uh, I think the church has bigger issues to deal with, Father.

Valid point.

I have to hear confession.

Hello, M rs. Erin.

Good day, Father. Would you hear my confession?

I heard your confession last night.

Oh, you did?

Yes, I did.

That's great. Could you hear it again?


(worker 1) Hey, man, that wraps it up for today.

(worker 2) Good, I'm starving. Let's grab a burger and a beer.

I keep thinking that maybe there's different levels of heaven.


And what if my husband is in a lower level of heaven than where I end up?

We wouldn't be together.

Uh, I don't think that's a sin.

But isn't it a sin of pride to think that I could be on a higher level than my husband?

Say three Hail Marys.

Three Hail Marys?

That's all? For the sin of pride?


(Mrs. Erin) Oh, my. Oh, my!

Glory be, they broke the virgin.

And the collection box.

Oh, a desperate soul indeed.

So, 20 statues in all from Canada?


Good business, selling religious statues?

Well, what can I say? The faithful , they're steady customers.


Right there.

Thanks, M. What's that stand for?

Marvin. Stop right there.

Have a good one.

(Balt) Hey, Rook! We got the statues off the truck.

They're fucking heavier than shit, dude. Guess what?

I hate to say it, but looks like we're missing one. What?

That's right, genius, we're missing one.

What the fuck are you talking about?

See this?

Yeah, I fucking see it.

We're missing a hero statue, Rook!

That's impossible.

I checked 'em ten times. Now, where the fuck is that other statue, my man?

I loaded seven fucking statues.

There were seven fucking statues.

I'm not taking the heat for this, you little shit.

Now where the fuck is that statue? 'Cause it sure as fuck ain't here.

Are you saying that I took it?

Yeah. That's what I'm saying. Now, where the fuck is it, huh?

I will kill you, you little piece of shit. Fucking kill you.

Where the fuck is the statue?

I know marble. What I ordered was Macedonian bianco.


You callin' me a thief? You think I steal from my family?

Yeah, good. That's good. I couldn't agree more.

This has been a good day for me, too.

This is my house! Do you understand? This is my fucking house!

Prick, cocksucker!

What are you doing? C'mon, what's going on?

You're a fucking liar!

Hey-hey-hey! Fuck you! Fuck you!

Relax! Relax.

Fuck you, Rook!

What's going on?

One of the statues is missing. One of the good ones.

What did he say?

He says I fucking took it!

Shut up. What?

He's the only one that could have taken it.

Say that again? Fuck you I fuckin' took it!

Shut up! What's missing?

A statue.

A good one?

Yeah. One of the heroes.

I didn't fucking take it, Dad. Dad, he's a fucking liar.

Don't say that. He's the only one that could have taken it.

It's not true.


Is there really a statue missing?

Yeah. Yeah, there's a statue missing.

You checked?

Yeah. I don't know where the fuck it is.

Come here. Come here. Listen.

Now, you get your skinny ass back to Toronto and you find that statue.

So, who took the statue?

It wasn't me, Dad.

Rook, who took the statue?

There are only two people with unlimited access to that statue and that's me and M ike.

M ike, M ike, M ike?

The little punk. Works for Jade.

Had to be him.

I mean, it had to be him. It couldn't be anybody else.

All right? Well, that means I'm coming up there I'm gonna find him and I'm gonna kill him.

You won't have to because I will, once I find that goddamn statue.

That's exactly what I wanted you to say. You got your passport?

Yes, sir.

I always forget mine. This is big, Rook.

I mean, this is really big. This could set you up for life.

I know. I know, and don't worry, Dad. I'm gonna handle this.

You know, the only true crime in this world is being broke.

I'm convinced of it now. I didn't know it back then, but I know it now.

I mean, Wall Street, the bankers, how they rip people off they spend all that money, they're waltzing around, flying with their money.

People getting ripped off left, right, and center.

That's the true crime. The true criminal scumbags.

You know, when I worked vice up in Toronto, there was this guy. His name was Spratz.

I can't forget him. Dead now.

I killed him. I killed a couple of his buddies, too.

They were-- they were flying around selling drugs, doing all this dark shit and I thought was, you know, I thought I was doing the right thing.

That I was really in the groove, cleaning up the streets. I was wrong.

It didn't do any good. People want drugs, they get drugs.

They want to do bad shit, they do bad shit.

It's all about money, son.

I'm glad I'm on this side now.

The money side. And so are you.

All right? I'm doing all this for you. You understand that?

I do. I do, and Dad, I really appreciate everything you do for me, I really do.

I love you. I do, you're my son.

You be good up there, you get this thing done. You call me if you need me.

I will. But I'm not gonna need you.

I'm gonna take care of this. I'm gonna solve this problem.

If there was an application for trans-border clearance we can search it by customs broker or POS.

POS? Point of shipment.

We have the name of the broker. What about who hired the broker? Can you get that?

Sure. Give me ten minutes. I'll get it for you right now.


[cell phone buzzing]

[drunken voice] Hello?

The brokerage firm was exporting a large shipment of religious statues destined for a church in Los Angeles.

Religious statues?

Yeah. Twenty statues of the Virgin Mary.

They were shipped to a church in L.A, but I checked the address there's no such church.

The broker's company was flat-busted.

This guy, didn't have a dime. His house was under power of sale.

His wife had just filed for divorce. I mean , this guy was desperate for money.

He must have been bought.

Oh, he was bought. The company credited with hiring him, is bullshit, it's non-existant.

So, we've got nothing.

Oh, no, we got something.

What's that?

Twenty missing virgins.

And that's a bad thing?

Well, I guess that depends on your point of view.



It's M ichael, right?

Yeah. M ike.

Well, M ike, this is a very nice gesture.

Do you, uh, attend this church? You don't look familiar.

I'm here sometimes, yeah.

Well, again, thank you. It's a lovely gift.

Yeah, this, um--

Before I became a priest, I was in the military.

What's it mean?

It's Latin for sacrifice.

Me and four of my buddies, we all got one.

One word, all the same place.


So, what did the other guys get?

Freedom, family blood, and courage.

You got sacrifice?

Do you know what sacrifice means?


It means to make holy.

Me and my buddies, we were special forces in Afghanistan.

Our mission was to destroy heroin production.

We were in the mountains when we got hit by three rockets.

I was the only one who lived.

Of course, you can't really say you can live after something like that happens.

And that's why you became a priest?

I became a priest because I thought it would be the hardest thing I could possibly do.

Pretty stupid, huh?


Looks good. How you doing? You okay?

You know what? I bet your brother's gonna be here any minute now.

He probably just had some things to do.

And I don't mind taking care of you until he gets back. All right?

All right.


What I tell ya?

Hi. Sorry I'm late.

That's okay.


Yeah, no problem.

Hey, Angel.

How you doing?

So, um I think we're gonna move.


Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna move tomorrow.


Well, I thought, um I thought a change could maybe do us some good.

But where are we gonna go?

To a hotel for a bit.

For how long?

Just a few days. Then we're gonna get a place of our own. A house!

We are?

Yeah. Yeah, we are.

A house?

A house. Does that sound good?

Hm? Does that sound good? Yes.

Does it sound good? Yes.

Say, "Yes, I want a house."

Yes, I want a house.

Yeah, I want a house.

[cell phone buzzes]


The Chief says you gotta keep your appointments with that shrink Danni.


Yeah, she's been waiting for you for over an hour. I guess she--

John? Hello?

(woman) Doctor, doctor, maybe you shouldn't go up there.

God knows what he's doing.

Doctor, he's in another one of his moods. Doctor!

John? John!


Are you crazy?

Are you still in that house, John?

Why are you still there?

It's not gonna bring them back.

I should've died that night, doc.

Yeah, well, you didn't.


Nothing gets past you, doc.

You are right.

I am definitely here.

Yes, ma'am. Now, that's perceptive.

You're good

'cause I am definitely still here, in this bitch.

Angel, c'mon, you ready to go?


Well, hurry up.

[cell phone ringing]

C'mon, M ike, answer the phone.


Aren't you gonna answer it?

Aren't you too old to take that bear around everywhere?

Mom gave it to me, M ike.



(Mike) What do you think? It's good, right?


What's the matter?

I don't like this place.

Hey, look, it's just temporary, okay?

Just for a night or two. Remember?

Soon we're gonna get a house of our own. Who knows?

Maybe even one with a swimming pool.

I've just gotta do a couple of things first, okay?

And then we're gonna move far, far away.

You mean it?


You know, I'm pretty sure Bella likes this place.

No, she doesn't.

Oh, yeah? Let's ask her.

Is this place okay with you, Bella?

M m-hm.

Ooh, you see? She likes it. Hey, hey, Bella?

Bella! Do you want to jump on the bed?

M m-hm.

You do? Well, okay!


Whoo! Jumping on the bed! Yeah!

See? I told you this place isn't so bad. Wha!

[cell phone rings]

[whispers] Oh, shit.


Hello, M ike.

Where's the statue?

I told you I wanted out.

So you do have it.

Wow. You sure grew some balls.

Yeah. I want a million dollars.

How about you come and meet me and we'll talk.

I do that and I'm dead.

I take you to the statue and I'm dead . So here's how it's gonna work.

I get you the USB to I D it, I get my money then I'll tell you where you can find it.

You're playing a dangerous game, M ike.

You can't hide from me.

And I promise you, you're not the only one that's going to get hurt, M ike.

Don't make me do this.

Get the money for the transmitter. Then you can get your statue. Okay, Jade?

Look, I am trying to stop you from making a really bad mistake, M ike.

Just come down to the club and talk to me.

Get the money ready.

Mike, give me Bella.

One second.

Where are we going? We just got here.

You were right about this place. I don't like it, either.

Well, why are we going out the back?

Just in case.

Just in case what?


Yeah, M ike has the statue, all right? No fucking doubt.

Any idea where it's at?

I had Diamond park outside his apartment last night.

He and his little sister got into a cab this morning.

Diamond followed them to some hotel.

Okay, so do we have any idea where he's put the statue?

Who fucking knows? It could be fucking anywhere.

Jade, you're not fucking telling me anything . Don't make me come up there.

Why not? It's been a while.

What's the matter, can't get it up anymore?

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

I'm counting on it.

(Jade) You partner up with me and it will be the smartest move you ever made.

We'll make more money than you ever imagined possible.

Who knows the drug business better than a narco cop?

Who's got better contacts?

Who knows better who we can pay off?

Every drug lord should be a narco cop for a few years, Armant.

Watch me, M ike. Watch me.



I forgot Bella.

You what?

Mike, we have to go back. I forgot Bella.

How could you do that, Angel?

I'm sorry.

How could you do that?

I'm sorry.

Okay. I'll go get her.

Promise? Yeah!

You told me that Angel wasn't coming in today.

I haven't got room, I'm at capacity.

I know. I'm sorry. Please, just--I've got to do something first.

It will only take half an hour, that's it.

So take her with you.

I can't. I can't take her with me. I can't do that.

It's not possible.

M ike, what is going on?

You can tell me.

No. No, I can't.

Maybe I can help.

No, you can't help me. Trust me.

[whispers] You can't help me.

Okay. Go.

Thank you.

I'll be back, I swear.

Thirty minutes.

Excuse me.


♫ Amazing grace ♫

♫ How sweet the sound ♫

♫ That saved a wretch ♫

♫ Like me ♫

♫ I once was lost ♫

♫ But now am found ♫

♫ Was blind But now I see ♫ Good day, Father.

Good day, M rs. Erin.

Do you know we've seen the new statue of the Virgin crying?

Yes. Yes, I've heard that.

Oh, it's a miracle, Father.

It could be, Mrs. Erin. It could be.

♫ Did that grace appear ♫

♫ The hour I first believed ♫

[cell phone buzzing]


Hey. It's Rachel. Listen.

This kid just dropped his sister off here.

I was hoping you could talk to him.

John, I think he's in some kind of trouble.

[exhales] What's his number?

Where is it? Where is it?

[cell phone rings]

Come on.


Is this M ike?

Who's asking?

A woman down at the rec center, Rachel , asked me to give you a call.

She shouldn't have done that. She shouldn't have given out my number.

Yeah, well, she did. You in some kind of trouble?

Look, that's none of your fucking business.

Hey! I'm a cop, you hear me?

Buddy, I don't know who you are, so--

You left your sister with Rachel. Asked her to look after her. Why?

I can't help you if you don't talk to me, M ike.


These people they--they took care of me.

I mean--

What else were we gonna do?

We--we didn't have a father. Our mom's dead.

Me and my sister.

We had nothing.

I tried to talk to this priest, Father Porter, but--


They were never gonna let me go.

I mean

I know too much, man.

And I had to do it this way.

I had to.

For my sister.

Whoa, whoa. M ike, slow down. Listen.

I want you to meet me at the rec center in 20 minutes.

You hear me? I'm on my way there now.


[door opens]

(Jade) What the fuck is he doing here?

Get the fuck up here.

I trusted you, M ike.

I took you in.

Look how you repay me.

Cops are on their way.

That's fucking bullshit, Mike.

No, it's not.

Where's the statue, M ike?

One million dollars and you let me and my sister go. That's the deal.

You don't make the deals, M ike. I do!


The best you can do is to save your sister.

You tell me where that statue is now and she lives.

You don't, she's dead.

I promise you that.

Make that two million.

Where's the fucking statue, M ike?

Where's the fucking statue? Get up! Get up, you little pussy.

Get up, you faggot. C'mon. C'mon, M ikey.

Get up, M ike. Get up, you fuck. Come on. Come on. Come on!

Fuck you!

Let her fucking go!

My face! My face! You cut my fucking face!

No, Rook, no!

I'm gonna kill you!

Don't! Don't you shoot him! No!


Jesus Christ!

What did you just do?

He cut my face.

[siren wailing]

(Tiaz) Some guests called in reporting a disturbance.

The manager heard some shots.

Said he saw a car squealing out of the parking lot.

Did we get a license plate?

No. No, he didn't.

Our victim here checked in this morning. Paid cash.

He put a "do not disturb" sign on the door.

Here's the thing, John. He checked in with a little girl.

The little girl is at the rec center.

How the hell would you know that?

[door opens]

I believe this is yours.

You don't have any, uh, contact info for the next of kin?

I had M ike's cell phone. That was it.

You're gonna have to call Child Services.

There won't be anyone there till morning.

Can she stay with you for the night?

I've gotta work tonight. I have a shift at the hospital.

Maybe you should take her.



There you go.

You know, I think this might actually do you some good.

What's it gonna do for her?

You're a cop, John. She'll be safe with you.

Nobody's safe with me, Rach.

Thank you.

Where's M ike?

He had some things to do.

Work things?

Yeah. Work things.

You brought Bella to me.

Yes, I did.

Who are you?

My name's John.

Your brother asked me to look after you for a little while.

Do you always sleep with him?

Her name is Bella. It's a she-bear.

My brother says I'm too old for her.

You're never too old.

Try to get some sleep.

Can you tell me a story?

I don't know any stories.

Make one up. That's what my brother does.

Once upon a time a long, long time ago--


Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in a land far away, but not that far away there was a little girl and a bear.

[cocks gun]

We celebrate the lives of Anna, dearly beloved wife of John and Noelle, his dearly beloved daughter.

We cherish the time we had to know and love them.

This love will live on in our hearts as we commend them to God's merciful love the author of all life.

God has created each person for eternal life.

Jesus, the son of God, with his death and resurrection has broken the chains of sin and death that bound humanity.

[cocks gun]


(Porter) You have to move on with your life, John.

You keep punishing yourself but it doesn't help. Doesn't get you anywhere.

(Rachel) You can't go like this, John. You can't.

What good is it doing anybody?

M m.

Good morning, John.


You have a swing set?


John, do you have a family?

I don't have a daddy. And my mommy, she's in heaven.

I'm sorry to hear that, Angel.

I'm hungry.

Yeah? Come on over, let's see what we've got in the fridge.

It doesn't look good, John.

(Rachel) So, I spoke with Child Services.

They said, um, that you can bring her in anytime.

Oh, okay.

Uh, good.

Listen, uh, the kid's hungry. I gotta run to the store.

Do you mind stopping by and watching her for a little while?

Well, that's a first. You've never asked me over before.

Yeah, huh?

I'll take that as a yes, then.


I'll see you in a minute.

(Angel) Do you have an ace?

Uh, in my pile of pairs I do.

I have a pair of aces.

Do you--oh, my turn. Do you have any, um, jacks?

Go fish.

Do you have any six?

Go fish.

[voices from the TV]

[Rachel groans]

Rachel. Rachel.


[no audible dialog]

Angel. Such a pretty name.

You know, when I was a little girl, I had this doll.

She talked.

She said all the things I wanted to hear.

I got you one just like it.

Would you like it?

Honey, that man may have seemed nice but he wasn't.

He was going to do bad things to you.

I don't believe you.

Oh, you're just a child.

You'll just have to take my word for it.

Your brother's worked for me a very long time. You know that.

I've always taken care of him and you.

I love you.

I don't believe you.

Well, it's true.

Where is my brother?

Good question.

That's what we'd like to know.

We're afraid he's in some kind of trouble.

Would you like to help us find him?




Come on.

M ilk.

We have to find a statue.

This statue.

It's a very special statue.

Angel, have you ever seen anything like this before?


Good girl. Where, honey?

Where have you seen it?

I n a church.

Dad, his sister doesn't know shit.

You're sure?

I'm positive.

She says she's seen the statue in a church.

Of course she's seen a statue like that in a church.

They're in churches all over the fucking world.

Wherever it is, we fucking need it.

Look, I think we're gonna have to deal with the little girl.

Jade's right, but I can handle this.

I'll handle it. I'm on my way up.

Why? You don't have to. I'll take care of it and you hate Toronto.

This is now officially a mess and I will be cleaning it up.

Now I have a plane to catch.

(Porter) You informed your department the girl was taken?

They took her from my house.

How'd they know she was there? You can't trust anyone.

You can trust me.

Is that right?

M ike mentioned you by name, Father.

How well'd you know him?

I don't really.

Did you ever hear his confession?

Even if I did, you know I couldn't share it.

I don't have time for games, Father.

I never heard his confession but it looked like he was carrying the weight of the world.

The kid ever mention anything about the people he was associating with to you?


[soft beeping]

What is it?


How long has this statue been here?

The kid, Mike, he, uh, he gave it to us when he found out our statue was broken.

Are you shitting me?

The one we had broke. Vandalism.

The curious thing about this one is it seems to weep.

Or at least that's what my parishioners are calling it. They think it's a miracle.

Hey, what are you doing?

If you reconstitute heroin from paste it sweats when it dries.

Your virgin's made of heroin, Father.

[boat horn honking]

(drug dealer) You ain't going nowhere.

(woman) Get off me.

Nowhere. Nothing's yours. Not your skin, not your face. Nothing.

Get out of my face, now!

Give me your motherfucking baby!

Give me your baby, motherfucker.

I'm gonna fucking kill you! Get off me.

Hey, get the fuck away from me now!

Eddie. What the hell are you doing?

First your brother, now you?

Tina, I see you got your son back.

He's coming for a fix or what?

Same shit?

[baby cries]

Ah, my protector has come again. To visit.

Lazarus. I see our friends here have gotten a little bigger.

You still in the house, eh, John?

Ah, shit, you, too, huh?

How is Rachel?

Ah, she sends her best.

A little girl has been taken. I gotta find her.

Ah, holy quest. What a beautiful thing, the life of a little girl.

Grab that thing before I put a bullet in it.

Time runs out for her. I can feel it in her, John.

But time runs out for all of us, except you.

You're dead, man.

There's a club called Styx.

A woman named Jade owned the club.

But the man ya look for, him named Rook.

Jade will know where Rook is.

Does Rook have the girl?

Ask him.

This Rook is a young man.

Young men are very dangerous.

Be careful, my friend.

It's like you said, I'm already dead.

Hey! Where my rum punch?

Whe--where my ackee and salt fish, boy?

Foo-foo blood clot, man, me tell ya.

[techno music]

Fucking cop.

That's the cop that had the kid.

What the fuck is he doing here?

Fuck this, I'm gonna kill that prick.

[people scream]


[people screaming]



[women screaming]


Shut up!


Where do I find Rook?

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.


Fuck you!


[groans in pain]

You know now?

Dad, listen to me. Dad, give me a second, would you? Please!

I'm doing it all now because you're not focused. My guys have Angel.

There's nothing to worry about there.

You got to focus. You have to focus!

He cut my face. What the fuck you want me to do?

You're standing in front of a mirror, aren't ya?

You didn't have to come here, Dad. I can take care of this. I got it under control!

I took a goddamn red-eye to be here this morning.

I'm exhausted. I hate this fucking city.

You can't talk to me that way. I'm not a fucking kid anymore.

What the fuck happened to you?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You're a dead man, you know that?

It's not the first time I've heard that today.

Stupid fucking cop. Do you know who my father is?

Where's the little girl?

I don't know what you're talking about.

For your sake, I hope that's a lie.

Look at you, you stupid fucking nigger cop.

I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Where's the little girl?

[cell phone rings]



[cell phone rings]

Rook, did you--did you hang up the phone on me? Is that what you did, Rook?

I'm afraid Rook can't come to the phone right now.

Who is this?

Does it matter?

Put Rook on the phone.

It's too late for that.

If that's true I'm talking to a dead man.

So they keep telling me. Where's the girl?

Ah, yes, sweet little Angel.

I believe I have something that you want.

You got my attention.

The statue.


Bring the girl to me and you'll get it back.

Sounds like a fair trade to me. Where you wanna meet?

I need to know the girl is still alive. Her brother isn't.

Listen, I'm a businessman.

The death of the little girl is trouble I just don't need.

I need proof of life.

All right, just a minute.

Hey. Kid.

Say hi to somebody.

M ike?


It's me. John.

I'm--I'm scared, John.

I'm coming to get you.

That's good, sweetie. That's good.

We good?


Where and when?

[cell phone rings]


She's alive.

I'm ready.

(Rachel) You don't have to do this.

Call for backup.

They'll kill you.

John? I'm Armant.

Where's the little girl?

Well, how do I know you've actually got what I want?

Thank you.


Let the little girl go and I'll take you to it.

I'm scared.

Listen, listen. I want you to go with Rachel, okay?

Yes, go with Rachel.

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

Lord grant me the wisdom and the strength to do what must be done.

[bell tolling]

You gotta be shitting me.

It's inside there? This little girl was right all along?

Well, c'mon. Let's go to church.

Good afternoon, Father.

You look a little lost. May I help you?

I once was lost, but now I'm found.

[low beeping]

Ah, what a beautiful sound.

[fast beeping]

See you later.

Well, John, I gave you back the life of that little girl but I'm not sure that I can let you walk out that door because you killed my son.

What are you waiting for?

Gentlemen, please, this is a house of God.


John, it's all about family.

I know.

And you took mine away from me.


(Porter) Please!


[loud groan]

You know, I just cannot give shit kickings the way I used to.

(Porter) Please, leave. Leave!

Well, priest, you're in the wrong place. I'm sorry. Boys.

May I read a prayer first, please?

Make it fast.

(John) Go ahead, Father.

Chapter 11, verse 32.

"And the Lord God said--"

(Armant) Shoot him. Shoot him. Shoot that prick.


Stop running, John. Shoot him!


Shoot him.

Goddammit! Move!




Drop it.

Drop it!

[whispers] Drop the gun.

Stop, John. You stop!

Stop! I will fucking put a bullet in this motherfucking priest.

It'll be "bulletville."

Drop it!

You wanna shoot that scattergun?

Shoot it.

You'll kill us both.

Fuck it, John. Just shoot this crazy piece of shit.

His life for mine.

[gun clicks]

Seat belts.

[cell phone buzzes]


John? This is Agent Armstrong of the FBI.

I thought you should know we have a line on the people that killed your wife and daughter.