Sadie (2018) Script

Hey Dad... not much to report.

Francis found some old bullet shells in the junkyard last week.

But, I couldn't tell how old or what kinda gun or anything.

I wish you were here... you'd know for sure.

The news said we were scaling back troops.

Do you think you'll be able to come home for good soon?

Last time it felt like you were barely here.

Or next time you're back at base I could visit you?


I'd probably fit in better there.

Anyway, I guess that's it.

I'll try to do something exciting this week so I can tell you about it in my next letter.

I miss you a lot, Dad... but, you already know that.


Get off!

Come on!


What? Did you just get a boner?

It's okay if your did.

I mean, it's nature. Sadie!!!

I'm just saying it's fine, don't be embarrassed.

Easy for you to say.


Be embarrassed about your boner.

You get a job yet? No, Grandpa.

Who's that?

That's... what'd you say your name was?


That's Cyrus.

What's his deal?

His deal?

What the hell is that?

His deal. Like, what's his story, why's he here?

What's your deal?

She tells me that's some kind of way to ask why you're here.

Fuck if I know.



You can say "fuck" if you want to.

Oh yeah?

I don't care.

Well, okay then, good to know.

What's your dog's name?

That lump of fur is Benny.

Like Benjamin?

Well, we never really had that formal of a relationship... so we just kinda went with Benny.

She hasn't corrected me yet.

I'm Deak.

This is Sadie.

So, are you from here? Nope.

What brought you? Job.

Used to be a pilot. Cool.

Used to be?

What do you do now?


Anyway, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other.

Good to know you Deak, Sadie.

And you too. Francis.

You too, Francis.

He's awesome.

Just because he was a pilot doesn't make him awesome.

Yes it does.

Think you're entitled to become an old coot at the ripe age of thirteen?

What's a coot?

I'm a coot.

Hey Sadie!

How's it going?

She's not home yet. Oh yeah, I know.

She's held up at the hospital, I told her I'd wait for her.

So you wanna come in or something?

Oh, that'd be great. If that's all right.


Thank you.

Hey, so did you like any of those... any of those clothes from that box that I brought?

Some of them.

Yeah, I guess it's not really your style.

I'm not really into pink.

My daughter loved pink at your age.

Is that from your dad?

How's he, how's he doing, anyways?

Well, I guess he's doing okay... considering you're over here trying to sleep with his wife... while he's defending our country.

Sadie, I'm not...

I mean, me and your mom are...

Only because she won't let you.

How's it going? Hi, good.

Actually, would you... help me with the rest of the bags? Yeah.

How long has he been here?

Few minutes.

Sorry babe, we're just going to a movie.

Oh, looks like you got the staples.

Yes. Bread, milk and ba-na-nas.

Come on, Francis.

Can you turn up the heat?

Francis, I'm sorry, it's broken.

I saw the letter from your dad.

You know, I thought he'd be coming home this time too.

You don't have to act like you're sad.

I know you don't care.

I care, Sadie.


You know what, I'm not asking him to stay over there.

He's deciding to do that.

Maybe we both need to think about that.

I shouldn't have said that.

I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm sorry!


Bye, Mrs. Steves!

These reports show a dismal lack of information retention.

We'll be working on this over the next few weeks... as I highlight methods for your... future reports.

It's like no one's even paying attention.

They just decide who you are... and then just give you that one grade forever... so they don't even have to act like they care.

I don't even get why they're teachers in the first place.

Well, Sadie, when you figure out people... you be sure to let me know.

How do you get the eyes to look so good?

What else do I have to do all day?

Is that supposed to be our neighbor?


It's just a person.

No such thing as just a person.

Everybody's got details.

You gotta know 'em to carve 'em.

Honestly, Sadie. I don't know what you find to talk about... with an old guy like him. Don't you think you're a bit... long in the tooth for that kind of get up?

Do I have to remind you... that my tips pay for your room and board?

They're pity tips! Oh, whatever.

Does he harass you too?

No, not too bad.

I'm Carla.

I'm Cyrus. Cyrus, nice to meet you.

You too. I work at this bar, Chen's, up the road.

You should stop by sometime and I'll buy you a shot.

I have to take you up on that. All right.

You can stop sucking it in.

I love you too, dad.

I'd keep it simpler.

Frogs, squirrels and whatnot.

Men are tough.

I'd give it a little more time before starting on them.

Hey, I'm going out tonight, babe.

With Bradley?


Not with Bradley.

Just keeping Carla company.

Are you gonna be okay?

Hey, about what I said this morning.

I don't want you thinking that your dad doesn't miss you.

I know that... he thinks about you all the time.


I can't hear again that he's gonna stay over there.

I'm just... it's driving me crazy.

It's making me crazy at this point.

Okay, let me stop you right there.

I don't think you owe that man another day.

Much less another year, okay?

You put your whole life on hold.

And I know for damn sure he ain't saving his self... this whole time!

Look, I know you don't like to hear that, Rae... but come on, face facts.

Maybe it's time... for you to give it up to Bradley.

See, this is the problem, right here.

I don't understand why you're leading him on... if this is how you feel about him.

I'm still married, Carla.

Girl, I've been hearing you say that for four years.

I mean, come on.


Hey, Jake.

Oh, come on, seriously?

No, no, it's fine. But you should know you're... probably about the most unreliable asshole I've ever dated.

And that's a pretty serious lineup of dudes... we're talking about here.

Come on, like, this is like the second time... already that you've...

You know what, it's fine. You just stay at work.

I'll talk to you later. Bye, bye.

So, you decided to show up, huh?

Are you here for that shot I promised you?

Yes, I am. Alright.

You know, this is your neighbor, right?

Rae, Cyrus, Cyrus, Rae.

Hi, hello.

Hi. Hello.

You seem like a whiskey man, Cyrus.

You have me pegged.

Don't I wish.

To neighbors getting neighborly.

Yeah, let's do that again.

All right.

Hey, Dad.

Got your letter.

I'm disappointed, but I understand.

I guess you still have more stuff you need to do over there.

I kinda wish I could just be there.

That probably sounds weird, but I don't know.

I guess it just seems more exciting.

I just don't think anyone here thinks about things the way we do.

Everyone gets distracted by the dumbest stuff.


I think adults just get nervous... when kids are smarter than they are.

Okay, I should go to bed.

I miss you.


They joined the mile-high club in the back of my plane.

And you didn't, like, get in on it? What?

Get in on it?

He's flying the plane. I had to fly the plane.

You guys good over there?

Oh, it's nice to be remembered.

Oh, hush Jimmy, what do you need?

What I need is a waitress who thinks about filling up my drink every once in a while, huh?

You know what? I will come to you... how 'bout that? When in trouble, go for a double.

Look, you can rhyme all you want.

But, I will pour you a double... when you pay for your tab on time.

Don't get technical with me, Carla.

Money shouldn't stand between us.

You get me every time.



So, where were we?

I think I'm just gonna head out.

Really? Yeah.

I'm just beaten, I gotta work in the morning, and...

That's probably a good idea. You too?

Thanks for the invite. Thanks for coming.

And I'll see y'all later. Love you.

Be safe. Thanks.

And behave.

It's a school night.

Did you drive here? I...

I walked... here.

Well, let me give you a ride.

It's just a few blocks.

We're going the same way.

It's true.

I mean, you just had a bunch of shots.

I don't know if I should be getting in the car... with someone who's... been drinking.


Well, that is a very responsible way of looking at the situation.

That's... that's me.

You wanna walk me home?

Yeah, okay.

Yeah, it's got character.

I'll give you that.

This is me.

Well. Yeah.



I didn't shave.

Shut the fuck up.

Oh shit, I'm sorry.

Oh yeah, right, I have a daughter.

Just found that out. What?

My God, Jesus Christ... I just flashed my junk at a kid.

Sadie, right?

You... you've met?

Briefly, yeah.

For this admiration paper... you should consider this person's impact on your personal growth.

Times New Roman, 12-point font. One-inch margins.

Did you hear that Jesse Durantz got suspended?

I guess he was the one who did that bomb threat yesterday.

I hate Mr. Lee's stupid assignments.

Think about how much more interesting it would be... if we wrote about somebody we hate, like Jesse Durantz.

He's beaten you up, what, how many times?


Yeah, so what would you write about him?

I don't really know anything about him.

But how do you feel about him?

Oh, come on, Francis.

You hate him.

I think he might come from a broken home or something.

Don't make excuses for him.

You don't even seem happy that he's suspended.

I mean, do you know how risky that was?


I took his cell phone from his bag at lunch and put it back before he ever even knew it was gone.

They traced that bomb threat right to him.

That's on his permanent record!

Permanent record?

We're kids, Francis.

Nobody cares what we do.

Geez, you're welcome.

Hey, Sadie, what's up?

How's your day going?

Do you mind if I... wait inside?

Yeah, thank you.

Your mom said that she'd go to this... school board thing with me tonight.

I'll just sit right here.


Sadie... listen.

I wanted to let you know that I'm bringing home pizza... and Cyrus is coming over to eat with us.

So, we can both get to know him a little better.


Great... see you soon.

You want some coffee?

Wow, what service.

Thank you.


Bradley, I saw your car... but... I didn't know you would be here.

Oh, really?

We had our date tonight.

Did you forget it? Oh, shit!

You forgot?

No worries.

I'm so sorry. It's fine, we all forget.

I just... you know, tonight is... not good as it turns out.

Yeah, it's fine, it's no biggie. I'm sorry.

No, please, it's fine.

Can we... can we maybe meet for lunch tomorrow?

Yeah, lunch is great. Lunch would be great.

Okay, I... I think we should... talk, have a talk. Yeah.


Okay, all right.

All right, I'll see you later. Okay.


All right, well...

I'll call you soon. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Have a good night.

Who was that guy?

Just a friend.

Does he know that?

He does now, I guess.

Yeah, it looked like he might be in love with you.

Yeah, he's not in love with me.

We were just... not being alone together.

Sadie, come have some pizza!


Guess she's mad at me.

Maybe I should go. No, no, don't. Stay.

It's... she's fine.

Yeah? Yeah.

Do you want a beer?

Yeah, sure. Yeah.



So you lived here long?

Yeah, you could say that.

Eleven years. Oh, Jesus.

Okay, that's pretty long.

Thanks. Yeah.

I don't know, you think... you'll grow up and you'll... have a house and have a yard and...

You know, but it's good too. I mean, we know... everyone around at least.

Couple I wish I didn't.

Carla and I have known each other forever and... we have Francis and Sadie are inseparable.

So, it's not... tragic.

That's nice.

Where did you move here from?

Just across town.

Just looking for a change of scenery?


Yeah, something like that.

It's a pretty sad view.

I think it's all right.

Can we talk?

I don't wanna talk with him here.

Cyrus went home.

Sadie... did you know I haven't gotten a letter from your dad in three years?

He writes every other week.

He writes to you every other week.

He loves you a lot, babe.

He just got over me.

Well, I mean maybe the letters are supposed to... be to both of us.

Scoot over.

Hey Dad.

I wrote a paper for class... where I tried to imagine my life as a soldier with you.

Mr. Lee will probably hate it.

Teachers can't handle violent stuff, even though it's literally everywhere.

I mean, Francis gets messed with all the time... and he deserves it less than anyone.

Luckily Francis has me, and I learned from the best... so we don't need some dumb teacher to solve our problems.

Seriously, adults can be so pointless.

By the way, Mom and I talked about you last night... and she said she misses you so much.

I know she wishes you'd write to her as much as you write to me.

Maybe send something for her the next time you write, okay?

Miss you... Sadie.

Leave your admiration papers on my desk.



Let's go out the back way. Don't worry about it, Francis.

He won't even notice you.

Pops, could you get that?

You can ogle Cyrus from inside. Whatcha think windows are for?


I would have got it, but... ours are in there.


Thank you.

Coffee? Thanks.

Would you mind holding on to it for a sec? No, keeps my hands warm.

Did you figure out what was making that noise?

You should have had this looked at a while ago.

The hose was practically burned through.

Oh, really? Yeah.

Who was it?


You tell him to bring that moonshine tonight?

He can't make it. He gotta work.

That boy should be a billionaire amount of time he works.

You wanna go out tonight?

Sadie's making us dinner. Right, that's right.

Must have asked real nice to get her to cook for me.

It was her idea, if you can believe it.

Hey, Rae!

Let's go inside, it's cold as shit.


Okay. See ya.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Why don't you like Cyrus?

I think he's nice.

He's not.

How do you know?

Nice people don't break up families.

Well he fixed Grandpa's radio.

You're right, Francis, that changes everything.

I don't get why you're cooking for him... if you don't even like him.

Don't worry about it, Francis.

Do you know that bastard stood me up three times this week?

He's... you know how I feel about him.

I know. He's not.

Cyrus must be doing some good... things to that body because it's buzzing.

I can practically hear it.


Yeah, Sadie, I'll tell her. All right.

Dinner's ready.


You didn't short me now, did ya? Wanna count this?

Come on over here and meet my brother.

So this is Rae.

This is Randall.

And this here is Kritch.

Hey, guys.

So Sadie has dinner ready.

You really got girls cooking you dinner?

So what're you bitching about? Hey, fuck off.

Oh, fuck off?

Yeah, dude. Fuck off?


Don't worry, Rae.

He steps out of line, you just gotta show him who's boss.

Dammit, Randall! Stop it!

Such a fucking asshole.

Barely touched you.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Good to meet you, Rae. Good to meet you.

Bye, guys. I'll never forget this.

Asshole. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, good.

Okay. Dinner, yeah?

Yeah, you wanna? Yeah.

I'm starving.

What kind of name is Kritch anyway?

Smells amazing in here.

My back is giving me some trouble tonight.

How come?

I tweaked it a bit.

I already poured milk.

We're gonna have a beer.

Oh, actually.

Do you wa... do you want some water?

No, water?

Yeah, it's probably not good to mix beer with your pills.

Oh, no... it's fine.

You could take them with your milk.

I don't remember the last time I drank straight milk.

That's pretty hardcore.

This is so good, Sadie.

Where's the ground beef?

Sadie doesn't eat meat.

Oh yeah? How come?

It's weird.

Weird how?

Like, you wouldn't go up to your dog and start gnawing on her leg, right?

Well, you'd get all that hair in your mouth.

I mean, even if you skinned it and cooked it... like a cow, it'd still be weird.


It's just some random decision made by some guy a long time ago, that... dogs would be pets and cows would be dinner.

Do we have to talk about it though?

What? There's no dog or cow in here, this is tofu.

Tofu, where?

It's in the cheese.

How am I supposed to pick it out then?

I'm just teasing, Sadie.

And I can't argue with your logic either.

I would never eat Benny, that's for sure.

Hey, do you think, maybe... you'd wanna come by the hospital and get your back checked out sometime?

I think I can get one of the doctors to look at you.

Like, as a favor.

I don't need a doctor to tell me what I already know.

Which is?

I landed on it wrong and it is now forever fucked.

Oh, it's cool, Sadie said I could swear.

Oh, did she?

So... you've never had it looked at?

I did once, back when it happened.

How do you get your pills then?

My brother gets them for me.

I know, I know.

But it would cost five times that much... to go to the doctor for 'em and I can't afford that.

How is your brother get them cheaper than the hospital?

You know what, I think I need to go lay down.

Sorry to eat and run.

Thank you for dinner, Sadie.

That was damn good for some veggie lasagna.

You know, Sadie.

It wouldn't kill you to give people a chance.


Come on in.

I brought, in case.

Oh, gosh.

How's it feeling?

Easing up a little bit.

Is this okay? Yeah, feels good.

I'm sorry she was...

Takes her a minute to warm up to people.

She's a teenager, she's allowed to be a little bit ornery.

I guess she is a teenager.

Don't worry.

Girl always needs her mama.

How this happened? Your back.

Bar fight.

Really? Yeah.

So stupid.

That's when you lost your pilot's license?

Yeah... grounded me for six months.

How come you didn't go back?

You must miss it.

If everybody got to do what they loved... then there wouldn't be any janitors or fry cooks... and the world would just be a big... messy place without any fried food.

There's something I should tell you... that I haven't yet, because...

I don't know why.

I'm married.


Yeah, Carla said.

Carla told you?

She said he was out of the picture.

Well, he's in the service.

He's overseas.

But yes, yeah, he's... out of the picture.

Is this even helping?

Yeah, that's nice.

It's kind of cold to be outside.

Be a man, Francis.

Plus, I have to pee.

Do you wanna try, kissing each other just to see what it's like?

I think we'd both learn something.


Are you gonna kiss me or should I kiss you?

What do you think?

We could do it on three?





Take this paper to the counselor.

Why? Use the pass by the door.

Hey, how's it going, Sadie?


Oh, yeah. Mr. Lee... he showed me this this morning, I had a chance to read it.

Oh it's, it's intense stuff... and actually really darn specific.

I'm curious, does... does your Dad, does he talk to you about these kinds of things?

No, most of that stuff is just on the news.

Really? I personally have not seen this kind of stuff on the news.

You know why you're here, right?

I mean...

Well, you probably think that the paper... is too violent and that... a girl shouldn't be writing about war and stuff.

Okay, come on, this is not because you're a girl.

This has nothing to do with you being a girl.

Well, I'm sorry if it was too much for you.


Mr. Lee, he's kinda hard to shock... and he was, this was shocking.

This was pretty alarming.

And I feel like I need to tell you... these horrors that you're writing about... they got extreme consequences.

And what your dad does... is, that's not a game! That's not a game!

Do you understand that?

Have you ever served your country, Bradley?

Okay, when we're at school it's Mr. Capperchack... but, no, I have not.


Bradley, then I really don't think you know anything about it.

Maybe there's some different things you can focus on, like...

Like boys and lipstick and when I get my period?

That's not what I'm saying, that's not what I'm saying.

I mean, like... Like how my mom is cheating on my dad?


Mr. Lee needs you to rewrite this paper... and I need to back him up.

So, I'm sorry, you're gonna have to, you're gonna have to rewrite this.

Do you wanna, do you wanna tell me what's going on with you, Sadie?

I'm fine, I'll just re-do it.

You think you can steal my phone and get away with it?

It wasn't me!

Let him go!

You're dead.

You're just gonna let him go?

What did he do?

Just forget it, let's go, Francis.

Come on, Francis. What did he say?

He knows about the phone thing, Sadie.

He said I'm dead.

You wanna explain who the hell's gunning for my grandson?

Don't worry, I'll figure something out.

What're you doing here?

Just... trying to see what's new since I've been out of the cockpit.


I can turn off the sound if it bugs you.

How 'bout I take a break and join you?

Okay... but I'm pretty good.

Why does that not surprise me?

Damn girl, you weren't kidding.

Oh, yeah, well, how 'bout...

No, he didn't do it.

How did you do that?

Use the controller.

I'm trying.

What? Okay. Kick, X, kick.

He's not kicking.

Oh, I hit you once.

You hit me once?

Did you see that? Congratulations.

Well, it was a pretty good hit.

Man, my guy's all messed up.

Man, I can't believe you've never smoked weed.

Okay, what do I? Oh, you just gotta take this.

And you light that and just inhale through that.

Don't... Simple.

Don't laugh at me. Okay, I promise. I won't laugh.

That's it.

All right. You did it.

I did it. Yeah.

Well now am I supposed to feel something now?

It might take a minute but you will.


Hey, you know what I was thinking about?


I was thinking about...

maybe going to see the doctor, you were telling me about.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

Randall's on my ass. I just...

I need out of that shop.


Yeah, I can schedule something for you.

You will?

Of course.

That's great.


Nothing, I'm just happy. I'm just... glad you're here.

Hey, Francis.

I just have to go to the bathroom. Then we can go.

Don't worry.

Jesse's at practice and I'll just be a second.

Oh yes, Tucker.

Good shot.


Well, I've been meaning to talk to you.

Oh, yeah?

You know my friend, Francis?

Yeah, well... lately he's been, different.

He's been talking a lot about Columbine.

What's that?

You know, that place where those students went crazy... and killed all those other kids.

Francis has been obsessed with it.

And then...

I found this in his bag.

Anyway, I've just been meaning to warn you because... since you've been threatening him.

Okay, I'll let you get back to practice.

What did you just do?


I don't think you have to worry about Jesse for a while.

What did you show him?

Okay... don't freak out.

What is that?!

My dad gave it to my mom when he left.

Well, Jesse thinks you're psychotic now... so I don't think he'll mess with you.

What if he reports me or something?

Settle down, it's not loaded.

Well, what's to report?

I mean, you didn't do anything.

I'll put it back when we get home.

Come on, let's go.

Wow, sexy. Yeah.

I think I'm pulling it off.

Yeah, I think you are too.

Don't tell me you're scared of needles.

I thought he was just gonna x-ray my back.

No, I gotta draw your blood, it's just part of the work up.

Don't worry, I'm really good at it and you're not even gonna feel anything.

You just have to loosen up.

Cyrus, what? Babe, we just smoked pot.

That shit stays in your system for weeks.

Come on, the doctor is not gonna care about some marijuana.

It's not even illegal.

You guys had me waiting here for like an hour.

I need to get back to work.

I really think you're overreacting, okay?

Look, I'll see you later, okay? I see you later.

Can you stop for a second?

I know what's going on. What?

There's nothing going on, I need to be at work.

Cyrus... I'm a nurse.

You think I haven't seen someone with a pain killer problem before?

What? Hey, I'm not judging.

I have pain, I take painkillers. It's what they're for.


It's a small town.

Every third person who comes in has something in their system.


But if you wanna fix this thing long-term... you, you gonna have to stop with the pills, okay?

There's stuff you can do, physical therapy...

I mean maybe you need surgery.

And how am I supposed to get by in the meantime?

How am I supposed to work?

We can figure it out.

Jesus Christ.

I can't even afford any of this in the first place... and now you tell me that I have to stop taking the pills, which means I have to stop going to work and gettin' paid.

Now, does that make any sense to you?!

Can you just come back inside?

I can't be this guy that you want me to be.

What do you think? What guy?

This is fucking stupid.

Oh, God.

Sorry, Bradley.

Oh, thanks hon.

I'll be out until late.

Deak's taking us to a gory movie.

Better him than me.

Is Cyrus coming over?

I don't think so.

How come?

We had a fight.

How come I'm getting calls from Bradley about you?

Maybe he misses you.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

I did my English assignment.

Have fun at the movie.

Here you go.

Well, isn't this a nice surprise.

What do you got that cheap and potent?

Bad day?

Pretty shitty, yeah.

You wanna talk about it?

Well, my asshole boyfriend just got back with his wife.

You can take that with whiskey?

Numbs the fuck outta ya.

Why not, I get off in an hour.

Bad boy, Cyrus, huh?

I can't believe we paid for that garbage.

What, you didn't like it? It was disgusting.

Yeah. What'd you think, Francis?

It was okay.

It wasn't 'okay'.

You liked it or you didn't.

I guess I didn't like it then.

How could you not like it?

Why don't you just tell me what I think... instead of making me guess?

Fine, don't like it then.

I thought it was great.

I'm just gonna get some ice cream for my mom.

Wait, wait. Hold on a minute.

Pick me up some hemorrhoid cream.

What? I need it!

You're gonna need some too when you get my age, here.

And hurry back.

Where you going?

I have to pee. Oh, fuck.

Shit, Carla.

Just, just come inside and have a drink.

No, I gotta go. Fuck.

Just wait for me then.

Oh, shit.

Sadie, you're sopping wet. I have to talk to you.

Okay, I...

Just put dry clothes on first, okay, and then we'll talk.

Hey, babe, can you sit for a sec?

I have to tell you something. I need to tell you something too.


Let me go first, okay?

It's kinda big.

I got a call tonight about your dad.

He's at a military hospital in Jordan.

It's okay, babe. He's, he's, he's gonna be okay.

Yeah, I talked to him.

Dad, what'd he say?

Well... he said that he just has to stay under observation for a few weeks.

And then...

he's... he might be coming back.

He's coming home?

That's... what he said.

That's what he said but, you know, he's said that before.

And babe, he also said that you told him that I missed him.

Well... don't you?

You know what I think? I think that... all I need is you.

Well, you and Carla.

My girls.

You thought I didn't see there was ice cream?

Hey, what did you wanna tell me?

I was gonna tell you about a scene in the movie, but...

I think it's too gross for you.

If you think it's too gross, I'm, I think it's gonna be too gross.

You know I can't stand it.

I know.

You liked the movie?

It was good.

You bring me my hemorrhoid cream?

Guess what?

You got something you wanna say to me, spit it out!

Making me guess.

My dad's coming home.

He got injured but he's okay.

Isn't that good news?! Sure it is, sure it is.

What? What? What?

You want me to start whoopin' and hollerin'?!

I guess it'd just be nice if someone else besides me was happy.

You look like roadkill.

Good morning to you too.

I guess you don't want this coffee I made you.

You'll be amazed at my ability to insult you... and drink your coffee all at once.

Morning, Sadie.


Have Mom and Carla ever fought?

Oh, my daughter's thoughtless enough to piss off... just about anyone if you give her enough time.

But... they've been the steadiest thing in each other's lives... for coming on twenty years.

Like you and Francis.

Can you imagine that little fella getting along without you?

I'm not really used to getting called out on my shit.

I know that I've been making some boneheaded decisions lately, but I don't wanna fuck it up with you.

Well... what about the pills?

It's over.

It's over? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm stopping, It's done.

Do you think it's gonna be that easy?

I don't know what it's gonna be like, I just know that I can.

I can't do it anymore, you know.

I'm not kidding around here, Rae.

I think...

I think I love you.

I just, I do.

Well, I... I do too.

Yeah? Yeah.

Do you need some coffee, babe?

No, I practically had a whole pot at home, so.

Must've been some night.

Okay, I need to talk to you.

John is coming home.


Cyrus... said that... he loved me.

Yeah, I know.

I actually... gotta go take a shower because he's making me dinner.

I know.

And here I am this whole time thinking... you're making this fancy mousse for me.


Hey, baby girl.

What's wrong with you?

You alright?

You ain't gonna talk to me?

You, ain't, gonna, talk, to, me?

Hey, your mom's going to Cyrus' for dinner.

If you want to, you can come over to the house.

We're gonna have something on the stove around seven, okay?

Is this... is this a bad time? I'm sorry.

I mean, kind of. Yeah, sorry.

Bradley, I'm sorry that I didn't return your calls.

I, it's been so crazy. No, it's fine.

I, I, I thought... could, might, might be less awkward meeting here than at school, but... now I'm realizing that was, that was probably a bad instinct... on my part.

I mean, is it important, or?

Yes... but you obviously have plans. You know what?

I... let me just get dressed... and you can come in and talk to me while I finish doing my makeup.

Okay, thank you very much.

Not now, Francis. I had the worst nightmare... from that movie last night. Someone trapped me in a room full of meat... and then, it wasn't meat at all.

It was dead rats!

Francis, can we please just hang out later?

Okay? I'm busy now.

Why you wearing a dress? Francis!

I'll come over for dinner.

All right.

Yeah, come in.

Oh hey, Sadie.

Come on in, I'm a hobbled right now... or I'd get up to welcome you better.

Why are you all dressed up?

I wanted to see if people would look at me differently in a dress.

People like a pretty girl in a pretty dress.

You think I look pretty?

I do think so, yeah.

And what if I wasn't wearing the dress?

Well, you'd look fine in your old jeans and a sweatshirt too.

Damn it, Sadie, put that back on! You said I didn't need the dress.

Jesus, I didn't meant it like that.

Your mother's gonna be here any minute.

Don't you think she should know?

I don't think my mom would... wanna be with someone who likes to look at... little girls without their clothes on.

You want your mother to see this.

This is really low, Sadie.

I know you're not my biggest fan but this is not okay.

I saw you and Carla last night.

Sadie, what would your dad say if he could see you now?

Don't talk about him.

Do you think he would be proud of you right now?

Don't you talk about my dad.

You don't know anything about him.

I know that his wife... is spending just about every night with me.

And I know that his daughter is standing here right now... without her goddamn clothes on, in my RV... and he's nowhere to be found.

You need to stop taking about my family.

You don't know anything about us... and you don't know anything about sacrifice!

Okay? My dad is a hero!

Your dad's a deadbeat, Sadie.

He left you.

He left you and he never looked back.

Who does that?

You know, they needed him over there.

Okay, they needed him more than us!

He wanted to be with me!

Shit, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I said that.

Yeah, well...

when he comes back... you'll really be sorry.

And if you tell my mom about this, I'll tell her about Carla.

Bradley... it really makes me feel better... knowing you're at that school looking out for her.

Yeah, wow.

That's nice to hear, thank you.

Thank you for bringing that paper.

Yeah, sure. I'll take a look at it.

Sorry I'm so late. I got held up.

I don't know, I guess I felt sorry for him, you know?

But he's a good guy though.

He's pretty worried about Sadie.

How come?

I guess she's been... writing some inappropriate papers.


Inappropriate like... like what, like sexual?



You forgot this.

My gosh... you did this whole thing with the cups and everything.

You saved me a trip. I was gonna have to go back for that.

Where have you been all day?

Just been walking around.

Just walking around.

Well, do you wanna have some, I'll share.

Come sit with us. No, I'm gonna go see Francis.



Bye. Well, thanks.

I think she's warming up to you.

Cyrus crashed out early.

Hey, I need to talk to you about some things.

Does it have to be now?

I'm doing homework.

I guess not.

But soon, okay? Okay.

Can I lay down here for a minute?

Yeah, that's okay.

I love you.

Love you too.

I couldn't get him to wake up.

Is he gonna be alright?

Dispatch medical team on scene. We have an unconscious male.


I'm okay.

Wait, what?

No, I'll come right there, I'm leaving now.

Oh my God.

I'm so glad you're here.

They said the doctor will be out soon, so we can just...

Okay, just sit here? Yeah, sit.


Wait, why are you in here?

Did they call you?

No, I found him.

You found him?

In his RV.

He was, he was out cold.

Why were you in his RV?

Hey, Rae.

Hi, Dr. Ross.

How is he? Not great.

He overdosed.

All right.

Go ahead and come with me.


Was I a good kisser?

I don't really know much about it.

But, did you like it?

It was okay.

Would could I do to make you like it?

I don't know if I could really like, kissing you, Francis.

I mean, I'm just... you're still a kid.

I saw Cyrus when they put him in the ambulance.

He looked all Grey.

What do you think happened to him?

Took too many pills.

Why would he take too many pills?

His back probably hurt.

I don't know, Francis.

It's not like they write on the bottle how many it takes to put someone in the hospital.

Did you eat?

Yeah. Yeah?


I have to tell you... that, that's... Cyrus... is... he's dead, he's...

He died... at the hospital.

He went into a coma and they couldn't get him out of it.

Did you hear me?


Just thought I should tell you, and, you know... if you have questions or if you wanna talk to me about it.

Not really.

But... you understand what I'm saying, right?


When dad comes back I was thinking that...

I could take some walks with him to help him recover.

Like physical therapy or whatever.

When... when your dad comes back?

Sadie, he's not gonna be living with us.


He's, he's going to live with your grandpa when he comes back.

But that's an hour away.

I know it's not what you wanted, okay?

But it's what is going to happen!

But Cyrus is gone now.



That doesn't... that doesn't make it any different.


I don't understand what's going on with you?

I'm sorry.



It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

Hey Dad.

I thought when you came home we'd be... able to get things back to how they were, but...

I don't know.

Maybe they were broken then too.

You probably gave up on fixing them a long time ago.

Because I'm thinking the stuff you do to fix things over there... doesn't work here.

Maybe it doesn't really work there either.


I guess I just wanted to say I love you.