Safe in Hell (1931) Script

[ Telephone ]


Oh, hello Angie.

Listen, dearie.

A friend of mine called up and he's lonesome, see.

His wife is out of town and he wants somebody to go places with him.

Sort-of show him a good time.

I'm practically there.

14 Claybridge Apartments.

Okay, I'll go right into my dance.

Morning, sister.

Park yourself, honey. I'll be right with you.

Well, well. If it ain't little Gilda.

It's you, huh? Right here looking at you.

How are you, baby? You got a nerve.

How come? Sending for me.

What's wrong with that?

I got lonesome for my little pal. Since when were you and me pals?

Well I don't just remember the dates. Oh, you don't, huh. Well I do.

Come on, have a drink. Not for a million bucks.

There is no danger of the wife walking in this time.

She's out of town. Come on, Hon.

Hey, that cost ten a quart.

You don't think I'd drink with you, you ..

Why not?

Say, what are you sore about?

You don't know?

You mean because I found out what you was doing?

On the level. I never figured you'd wind up like this.

Where else would I wind up after the deal I got from you?

Ah, that's all forgotten. Yeah?

Say, we ain't going to stand and chew the rag all night are we?

Come on. Cut that out.

Oh baby. You heard me, cut it out!

You're the one man I'm drawing the line at.

Why you ..

Fire, fire, fire!

[ Telephone ]

Oh ..

[ Telephone ]


Oh Angie, what do you want to wake me up so early for?

You're worse than that dame across the way with that Victrola.

Ain't you read the morning papers?

Well, listen.

The Claybridge burned to the ground last night.

"Piet went too."

Burned to death.

The fire started in his room.

And listen, dearie.

"The bellhop squealed on you."

He said Piet had a girl in his room.

Well, the cops came up here and gave me the third degree.

But I didn't spill a thing.

They got a pretty good description of you so you'd better lay low.

And listen, dearie.

Don't mention my name if they catch up with you.

No, I won't.

Thanks, Angie.

[ Door knocks ]


Yeah, it's me.

Yeah. Your long lost sailor has returned.

Let's see how you look.

Kinda peaky. You had breakfast?

I'm not hungry, Carl.

We'll stage a big feed at noon.

Gee, did I have a time finding you.

I traced you all over town.

You did?

Yep .. if you'd not left a forwarding address at the last place ..

I never in the world would have kept track of you.

What happened to the job at Van Saal?

Why .. I quit.

A long time ago. Didn't like the place?


Left 'em flat, huh?

That's the girl.

Say, I got a lot of junk here for you.

Come on, take a look.

Say. I didn't have this when I went away.

No, dear.

Officer? Bet your life.

Gee that's swell, Carl.

Officers draw down more dough.

When a guy wears a stripe like this.

He can afford to ask his best girl .. the big question.

You know what I mean, Hon.

We're going to get married.

Ain't we?

And look what I've brought you.

I made it myself.

How did you get the boat in here?

Wouldn't you like to know.

From Japan.


Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Say, get this.

Gee, that must have cost an awful lot. Nix on how much it cost.

Nothing is too good for my girl.

Here, try it on.

What's the matter?


I can't marry you, Carl.

Why not?

I can't.

You don't love me anymore. Is that it?

No, no.

Some other guy? No.

Well then, what's wrong? We always planned to get married someday.

I've changed my mind, so you might just as well be going.

I wish you would.

I'm not going until you give me a good reason. Have you got one?

Yes. What is it?

Piet Van Saal was killed last night.

I'm to blame.

And the police are after me.

You? What did you do? I went to see him last night.

I thought you stopped working for him. Yes, I had but he wouldn't believe it.

What do you mean?

When I was working for them.

One night he broke into my room and .. stayed there.

He threatened me if I told his wife.

She found out what he was doing and kicked me out.

She followed me every place I got work and told them so they bounced me so I ..

I made my living the only way I could.

I've been making it that same way for almost a year.

Why, you dirty little ..

Where you going? What's it to you?


[ Police siren ]

It's the Cops.

They've come after me.

Get your duds together. Hurry.

It's my fault.

If I hadn't left you alone to scrape for yourself, things may be different.


You couldn't love me after ..?

I do.

[ Door knocks ]

[ Door knocks ]

Hey, for the love of .. What's the matter now?

Do you know you can't smoke down here? Why not?

We've oil on board. Thousands of gallons of it.

You want to blow up the works? It's okay by me.

Ah buck up, kid. You're getting your first break.

What do you mean "break"?

I always travel Fist Class.

Oh, come on.

Now listen, Hon. There's a wireless out to search all ships for you.

And the skipper gave me the job. What will you do?

We'll pull out of this alright. Don't you worry.

All you got to do is lay low and cut out the smokes and everything will be fine.


What's that? It's a map.

It shows where I'm taking you, so you will be safe until this mess blows over.

You see that little dot there. That's an island.

It's a small one, ain't it.

Well, that's where we're going. We'll be there in three more days.

How many?

It won't be for long.

Then nothing can happen to you on the island.

I don't understand.

It's the one place they can't extradite criminals from.

You mean .. they can't send me back even if they find out I'm there?

Yes, right. It's the only place in the world where they've no extradition laws.

All the sailors know about it.

I'll go screwy if I'm alone much longer.

You'll be out of this soon.

Have a little faith, will you.

There's a great big plan that we don't get.

But the fellah that made the plan knows what it's all about.

He will see you through.

He's certainly been doing his bit.

Well, you got to believe me.

I do believe in you.

You are the only one that's ever been decent to me.

Where is this place?

It's in the Caribbean Sea.

Just off the coast of ..

I got to go now, kid.

Don't leave me.

I'm afraid.

Now come on, where's your spunk? I ain't got any.

Sure you have. Let's see you smile.

Come on, now. Smile.

That's the girl.

Hop out, kid.

What am I going to use for legs?

There .. you okay?

Yeah, if the ground would only stop moving.

Here you are.

Come on. Let's see how you're going to like your new home.

Oh, for the love of Mike.

Could you give a guy a break, huh?

You sure this ain't the YMCA?

It's the only hotel in town.

I don't know where else to take you.

Is there something I can do for you?

I want a room.

Oh, I have the most elegant room, sir.

How much?

Sixteen colons.

Sixteen? That's more than I can pay.

Why, it is my rate sir, for one night.

For a lady and gentleman.

Well, this is just for the lady.

And she is going to be here a long time.

What's your rate by the month? Single.

Oh, the lady is here .. for her health?

The climate up north got a little too hot.

New Orleans? Yeah.

Why, I was in New Orleans lately myself.

So you can have the room for six bits a day, Mademoiselle.

Lead us to it.

I'll pay you a month in advance and more to come by mail.

It's regular, too.


Yes, Madame?

Show the Mademoiselle to the single room at the top of the stairs.


Is this the extent of the luggage, sir?

Why, yeah. Nothing wrong with that is there?

Absolutely nothing, sir.

May I ask you to follow me?

What's her moniker?

Is she that sailor-boy's girl?

She is Señorita Gilda Erickson from New Orleans.


And a very charming lady.

A lady, eh? Ha!

What's she doing here?

Spending the winter for her health.

Send the best bottle of champagne to her. With my compliments.

Hey, lay off. I seen her first.

You? What about me, eh?

Now .. be patient, gentlemen.

She is the only white woman on the island.

You must at least give the lady time to get settled.


Yes, right.

Hey, remember boys. From now on ..

Refrain from using any words ending in "itch" and "ore".

Perhaps you would like something to refresh you, sir?

That's right. This is a free country.

Oh yes. We have gin, whiskey, rum.

And a dash of almost any cocktail.

Bring me a shot of gin.

Ah, just one. It would kinda steady me a bit.

Never mind. Forget it.

Certainly, Madam.

Perhaps something else? No.

Wait a minute.

I want to get a minister.

I beg your pardon, sir?

A preacher.

Oh, yes. There is a church on the other side of the island.

It will take a little while to get him, sir.

A church.

How do we get there?

I would suggest a carriage.

The centipedes are rather thick on the hillside this time of year.

Order us a carriage.


Is there a minister here?

He died last month.

They'll be another here in a few weeks, maybe.

We're out of luck, Hon.

I never really expected you to marry me, Carl.

Well I'm going to, just the same.

We're going to be man and wife before I leave this place.

But how can we? I'll show you.

Ready, Hon?


I, Carl .. "take thee Gilda, to my wedded wife."

"To have and to hold from this day forward."

"For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer."

"In sickness and in health."

"To love and to cherish."

"Until death us do part."

"According to God's holy ordinance."

"And thereby, I plight thee my troth."

Now, do I speak now?

Here, there: "I, Gilda .."

"I Gilda, take thee Carl to be my wedded husband."

"With this ring, I thee wed."

"And lead us not into temptation."

"But deliver us from evil."


You are mine now.

Yes, Carl.

What are you crying about?

Don't you know?

I wish I didn't have to leave you here.

I wouldn't do it if there was any way of taking you with me.

I can take care of myself, Carl.

I don't like the look of those fellows at the hotel.

Don't you have anything to do with them. You don't have to tell me.

They're crooks, all of 'em. Or they wouldn't be here.

They may get fresh and start something.

You turn 'em down cold and stick to your room.

Would you do that? Promise?

I promise, Carl.

You are my wife. You know what that means, don't you?

It means there will never be anybody else but you.

And there won't, Carl. I swear it.

[ Ship's horn. Loud ]

Here's some money. I'll send you more by the next mail.

And I'll write you from every port I touch.

But don't be lonesome, babe.

I'll try not.

All you've got to do is believe.

[ Ship's horn. Loud ]

Goodbye, kid.

Give me a big kiss, Carl.

It's got to last a long, long time.

Bye, kid.


[ Ship's horn. Loud ]

What are those things you are always eating?

I don't like them. Nuts.

Why don't you swallow them, shells and all?

Them ain't shells I'm spitting out. Them is worms.

Come here!

May I ask you Señor, what your intentions are for the chicken?

Honorable, I hope.

None of your business.

And that goes for all of you mugs.

[ Door knocks ]

Hello, cutie.

From me to you, with love and kisses.

What do you mean?

This here is a hen.


Smart, ain't you. Huh?

Take it back.

No. It's for you. It's for your room.

My room? Yeah.

We get a lot of centipedes down here.

And they run around the floor and they'll bite you.

And the hens, they eat them up. See?

I'm making you a practical present.

I ain't taking any presents from you or anybody else.

Ah, cutie.

You look like a million dollars to me.


Señor Egan.

It takes more than the ham to make the chicken.

Yeah? Newcastle.

Put this in the pot for supper.

Won't he make a tasty stew?

A most excellent stew, sir.

Have a seat, Mr Bruno. I was just going, sir.

Will you join us in a drink, Señor?

Brandy. The same.


Three brandies.

Coming right up.

How's tricks?

There are no tricks in my business.

When a man hangs.

He hangs.

What a satisfactory way to get rid of one's enemies.

I have no enemies.

No living enemies, eh Señor?

As jailer and executioner of this island.

I may not be popular with the criminal element.

Meaning us? Hmm.

My activities are confined to island crime, my friend.

Well, we do not believe in the international law of extradition.

Our own laws are very strict.

But as long as you behave yourselves here.

You are safe from both jail and gallows.

Safe in hell.

I do not know which I would prefer, Señor.

What do you mean?

I will not repeat what I have heard, Señor.

In my country.

We leave that to the ladies.

Gossip, eh?

So they say my jail is worse than my gallows, eh?


Yes, Madame.

Three brandies.

Three brandies.

Where will I find the drinking water?

In the rain barrel, Mademoiselle. Help yourself.


What is the matter, Miss?

This water is crawling with something. What?

Let's have a look.

They won't hurt you. What are they?


Don't do that. Why not?

You will only have to scoop it up again.

But I can't drink it with those slimy things in it.

Strain them out.

We keep them in all the drinking water here.


To kill the Yellow Fever mosquitoes.

We believe in protecting the people that visit our island.

Especially the ladies.

More especially ..

The white ladies.

With slimy wrigglers?



May I introduce myself?

I am General Emmanuel Jesus Maria Gomez.

I have had the honor of instigating three successful revolutions.

And annihilating three stupid presidents.

Ain't you lucky.


If you will allow me, please. Oh, please.

Your room is a small one.

I am satisfied.

I am fortunate enough to have a suite.

At the end of the battles.

It is my second home between revolutions.

May I offer it to you?

It is very comfortable.

And I shall be there only .. occasionally.

I don't want you to be lonesome.

Here is a few little wrigglers to keep you company!

Keep clean, General.

Hey .. peanuts!


[ Singing ] "Da, da, de, da, da, dum, dum .."

"Da da de, da, da da da!"

I bid two spades.

Three hearts.

Four diamonds.

What's the matter with you fellahs?

For the past two weeks you've been snapping at each other and ..

Prowling around like a pack of starved dogs.

A very apt simile, Señor.

The mail is here, gentlemen.

What-oh! The mail is here.


Is there anything for me?

Nothing for you, Señorita.

He ain't writ you yet?

No, and he won't either. Not him.

I'll write to you, baby.

And I'll mark a lot of crosses on the bottom, too. Huh?

Ah, Jeez, look.

The Walla Walla Penitentiary Gazette.

Is this all the mail there is?

Quite all, Madame. There wasn't a letter for me?

You can see for yourself, Madame. Better luck next time.

Again, you are disappointed.

Perhaps you will do me the honor, to dine with me later?

Hey, nix.

She's putting on the feed-bag with me, see.

Ah, take off. Why you ..

Hey, snooty.

How'd you like to have a big porterhouse steak with fried potatoes with me, huh?

How many times do I have to say "No"?

Newcastle, give me a light will you. Righto.

Hey .. come here, you.

Ouch! You ..

Why you ..

[ Singing: ] "Pale moonshine on the fields below."

"Darkies crooning songs soft and low."

"Oh, you needn't tell me boys, because I know."

"It's sleepy time down south."

"Soft winds blowing through the pinewood trees."

"All folks down home live a life of ease."

"When my old mammy falls upon her knees."

"It's sleepy time down south."


"Steamboats on the river a coming and a going."

"Oh, they're splashing the night away."

"You hear those banjos strumming."

"And the darkies under the moon."

"They dance until the break of day."

"Dear old Southland with his dreamy songs."

"Can take me back to my land of charms."

"Oh, how I'd love to hold him in my arms."

"When it's sleepy time down south."


Please, a toast to Leonie.

Whose eyes are as soft .. as her voice.


She has at last come out of her shell.

Wine for the Señorita. Go on, get it down.


Champagne only. Only champagne is good enough for a Queen.

Newcastle, champagne, glasses. Come on.

There you are! Eat that baby, and you'll feel like a man.


As I live and breathe. Old man river.

Hey. What's good for a pain in the neck?

Do you intend to join us, Señor?

I have already made up my mind. Why not?

I am glad to see you come to your senses, my dear.

Yes. So am I.

You are then, wise.

Say, one more day cooped up in that room upstairs ..

And I would have had the screaming heebies.

Wine is what you need.

Wine is only part of it.

Hello, Sven.


Skol yourself. Who's got a cigarette?

Oh boy, am I glad to be here. Lights, music, all I can drink.

Let's make a lot of noise everybody. Come on! Let's make a lot of noise!


I never told you why I had to come to this blistering hole, did I?

I'll buy it.

Well, it was like this.

He wouldn't hand over his spondulix.

So I had to wallop him over the napper.

And the silly blighter croaked it.

Ah, button up.

You ain't nothing but a cheap pickpocket, see.

You know what they called me, lady? T-N-T.

I got a ..

I got an international reputation for safe-blowing like nobody else.


Riff-raff, riff-raff anyway.

I am the only gentleman here.

As a General of the revolution.

I kill only Presidents.

And Vice Presidents.

That's swell.

You are exclusive.

You know, I'm a lawyer.

And as crooked as they make 'em.

I put a Police Commissioner on the spot and they took him for a ride.

The rest of these fellows are all small fry compared to me.

What's dear old grandpa doing in this gang?

I ..?

I burned my ship.

Unfortunately, the passengers and the crew.

Were either drowned or ..

Roasted to death.

I and the cook, we managed to save ourselves.

He .. he met with a little accident afterwards.

I collected the insurance for my boat.

Eighty thousand dollars.

And I hope to live happily ever after.


This is no place for you, my dear.

You better let me take you over to my house.

Oh yeah?


Nothing doing. I'm going to tick with the boys, Admiral.

Come on .. I know what's best for you.

Lay off! And I'm not kidding.

These people .. are not your kind.

What do you mean, they ain't "my" kind?

Because they're criminals?

Say, big boy. I'll tell you something you don't know.

I'm a criminal, too. I'm Gilda Carlson.

That's a phony name I've been using.

I killed a man in New Orleans and I'm just as tough and as hard as any of 'em.

And the sooner you find it out the better. Now scram, Commodore!

Who's got a cigarette?

[ Door knocks ]

Who is it?

What do you want?

I have something for your headache.

How you feeling, honey?

Not too hot.

What time is it?

It's going on five o'clock. What?

You see, the party didn't break up till morning.

So everybody slept all day. What's that?

Mr Gomez made you a little present.

That's rum, Mademoiselle.

Not for me, I'm through.

What do you mean, you're through, honey?

Looks like you're just beginning. Yeah?

Sure. Why, you got all the men crazy about you.

But when you came upstairs they almost broke each other's heads fighting.

Ha .. the only thing that kept them away from you ..

Was that they was too drunk to climb the stairs.

Those bozos don't mean a thing to me, and they never will. Get that straight.

What you say is foolishness, honey.

Do I? Listen.

I went downstairs last night because I had to talk to somebody or go crazy.

I had to blow off steam, let loose. Forget what was worrying me.

That was the only way I could do it.

And I did it and that's that.

And I'm climbing right back on the wagon.

What are you going to do with all the men? - Nothing.

You ain't taking any of them? No.

Honey, how come?

Oh, nothing you would understand. I made a promise.

To that sailor?

Uhuh ..

Yes, to that sailor. Uhuh ..

And I'm keeping it, too.

You're mighty high-handed now.

But the rent is coming due. And you got to eat.

Why, they all got money.

Especially General Gomez.

Why he's rich, Mademoiselle.

And maybe you're going to need somebody before you get through.

Because I've been fooled by them sailor boys myself.

Uhuh ..

Does this boat carry mail?

Room and bath. Best you got.

Righto, sir.


Well, I'm a son-of-a-gun.

It's you? Really you?

Sure it's me. You're alive?

I tell the world I am.

But what's happened The newspapers said you were dead.

Sure they did. That's what gave me the idea.

What idea?

I could go for a drink.

How about you?

Yeah. I'm as weak as a kitten.

Can I take the luggage upstairs, sir?

Yeah, be up in a minute. Righto.

What is your pleasure, sir?

Gin fizz. Plenty gin.



Coffee. Never mind what I'm drinking. I want to hear about you.

Well, it's like this. The joint caught on fire, see.

I know that.

I got out okay, but I was kinda goofy for a day or so.

Where did you go?

I woke up in a rooming house, blocks away.

How I got there or what I did, nobody knows.

Go ahead.

Well, I'm an insurance agent, you know.

Naturally, I carry plenty of life insurance.

See the point? No.


Well, the papers and everybody said I was dead.

Well, if I'm dead, my wife gets the insurance, don't she?

Yeah. Alright.

I get to the wife on the Q.T.

She collects while I lay low.

Then what happens?

I grab the corn and beat it.

I never did like her much after she kicked you out.

Then she squeals to the Cops.

Can you imagine?

Well, here I am.

Fifty grand is a nice little nest-egg ain't it.

I can lay low until the smoke clears away.

And then grab myself a new start some place.


As long as I'm here, I'm safe.

That's why I came.

It's safe for us criminals.

But I'm not one. Not now.

They can't do anything to me because I didn't kill you. They can't touch me.

What's the big noise? It's Piet.

Piet who? Piet Van Saal. - Hiya.

He's the man I thought I killed.

Now I don't have to stay in this rotten place any longer.

I can go home to Carl.

You've always got a home with me, baby. I forgive you for anything you've done.


Hurry back.

I ain't had a kiss yes, Hon.

Come in and have a snifter. Meet the rest of the guys.


I've got a drink coming, if it ever gets here.

Are you from New Orleans?


That's where you met her, huh?

You mean Gilda?


She's a pretty good little egg.

And straight as a dye, too.

None of us ever got to first base with her.

That's a laugh.


How long have you known her?

I was her first sweetie, brother.

Looks like she played you for a sucker.

I'm sorry sir, but the coffee has ..


Mister Egan, you know brandy don't sit so well with you.

Brandy, are you deaf?

I can just hear you.

Mister Egan.


Come on up, fellahs.

Come on up.

I want you to meet another inmate.

Buenos dias, Señorita.

How much?

Three colons, 50 centavos, Señora.


I left the old woman flat and blew the works.

With the dough and cash mind you.

Serves her bleeding-well right. Women are ..

You are a friend of Miss Gilda, I see.

You might call it that, yeah.

An old friend.

Look out for that bloke on the other side of you.

He's nutty about her.

Because he's her protector.

You want to hear some good news? I'm heading north.

You are doing what? I'm leaving for home. New Orleans.


As soon as Carl comes after me. Right away, maybe.

What about the criminal charge against you back there?

Ah, rats with that!

The man is alive. He came in today on the tramp.


Is that good news or ain't it. Oh boy.

Didn't I tell you she was spoofing you blokes?

Hiya, baby.

You think you can make a fool out of me, do you?

Haven't you made enough trouble for me already?

All comes under the heading of "fun", baby.

You took me for a chump, didn't you.

And played me strong.

You had better go to your room.

Who is this guy?

None other than our public executioner.

Warden of the Prison Workhouse. Mister Bruno.

The name is Van Saal.

How are you?

Mister Van Saal?

Egan is on a rampage.

I ain't afraid of him.

He's nothing but a big kid.

Not when he's drunk.

And unfortunately there is no law to prevent his drinking.

I am powerless.

I'm going to stay right in my room. He won't come up here.

He might. Have you got a gun?

What would I do with a gun?

I think you'd better have one around. Why?

I wouldn't use it if I had it.

Take it.

You really think I'll need it? On the level?

I want to feel that you are safe while you are on the island.

You can give it back to me when you sail.


Of course you know it is against the law?

But as long as I give it to you ..

We can forget the law, eh?

I am your friend.

Don't forget that, my dear.

I ain't got so many friends that I'm forgetting any of them.

Don't let her get out of here.

I'm going over to swear up a warrant.

She has a gun in her room.

When I get back .. I shall want you to arrest her.

Deadly weapons are against the law.

Well, I'll be seeing you, gentlemen. Right you are, cocky-legs.

Heh, porter.

Righto, sir?

What's my room number? Number 17, sir.

What room has the little gal got? She's in number 12, sir.


Well, 13 is my lucky number.


Perfectly, sir.

Are you sure ..

Your neighbor will put up no objection?

I'll fix that up right away.

It comes under the heading of "pressing business".

You guys watch me if you want to learn something about technique.

[ Door knocks ]

How are you, babe?

Is everything under control?

Yeah, and I don't want any callers.

No law against old friends, is there?

I'm your friend, baby. Don't make me laugh.

A laugh don't hurt nobody.

Go ahead, I can laugh too.

Unlock that door. Oh, look.

I just want to say something to you and I don't want nobody butting in.

Ain't that fair enough? Alright.

Say it and get out.

That's the girl.

Quite a dump you got here.

I've known a million women.

Some of them were plenty nifty.

But I forget them as soon as I leave them.

I never forgot you, babe. Not for a minute.

If that's all you got to say, give me that key. - Ah, listen.

I ain't holding nothing against you.

The time you crowned me, you mean? You're older and smarter now.

Yeah .. I'm older and smarter.

I've got plenty of dough and I'm going to be here for a long time.

Get me? Get out.

What's the matter?

You'll never lay your hands on me again. Have a heart, babe.

And nobody else will. I've made a promise and I'm keeping it.

Unlock that door or I'll kill you.

Well, if that's the way you feel about it.


How listen .. Cut that out!

[ Gunshot! ]

Order in the court.

You may continue, Mr Jones.

Your Honour.

Gentlemen of the jury.

I have placed before you the simple facts of this case. All self-evident.

All pointing unquestionably to the innocence of this girl, the defendant.

Having weighed the facts, you are about to judge her.

To decide if she lives or dies, for the law ..

Has delivered her into your hands.

That she shot a man, I do not deny, nor does she.

In a desperate effort to defend herself, a man was killed.

He paid with his miserable life for the vicious assault ..

He made on her person and her honour.

And it is but just and right that he paid that forfeit.

As you who have homes to guard must know.

Her character and her conduct since she has been in our midst is above reproach.

Her neighbours and her intimates have so testified.

And as you, sat listening ..

Watching her, analysing her.

You own intuition knew it for the truth.

She is innocent, gentlemen.


And I beg of you in your mercy.

To see her free.

Order in the court.


It is your duty to pronounce an unbiased verdict.


Unless you find strong evidence in favour of conviction ..

I ask you to give the defendant ..

The benefit of the doubt.

You're a cinch to get off, kid. Gee, it was a great line that he handed out.

Yeah, wasn't it. So buck up now. Will you?

Any message from Carl yet?

No, honey.

Not even a postcard, huh?


Look here.

Why don't you go over in that little room and rest a while?

Wouldn't you like to?

They'll call you when the jury comes in.



In a few minutes, we will hear the good news. - Yeah.

I'll be glad when it's all over. Of course you will.

We all will.

It's a strain .. having a death sentence hanging over you.

I have been under a strain, too.

It would wreck me to ..

To have to hang you, my dear.

Last night I had a horrible dream.

I dreamed I was tying a rope around your little neck.

I woke in a cold sweat.

Like a cigarette? Yeah.


Everyone has been so good to me.

Why wouldn't they be?

They came to see me the two days I was in jail.

I sort-of thought you would show up, too.

I hate crowds.

It sure will be swell to get out of this place.

Will they let me go as soon as the jury comes back?

I'm not so sure.

You see, there is something else to be settled first.


If they say I ain't guilty, I'm free, ain't I?

Not quite.

There is another charge against you.

Possession of a deadly weapon.

Well you can explain that. You gave it to me yourself.

Have you a witness to prove it?

You are the witness.

I don't get what you're talking about.

Perhaps I'd better explain. Go to it.

You would have to serve a light sentence. You can possibly escape it.

What kind of a sentence?

Six months in my prison camp.

Six months in ..? You will be made very comfortable.

I will see to that.

Your own cottage, good food, good liquor. - And you?


I will be around. Why you dirty ..

That's why you gave me that gun. You framed me.

Have your hysterics and get it over with.

You planted it in my room so you could railroad me. It was a trick.

It works sometimes.

But this time it don't.

What makes you think that? I don't think it, I know it.

You ain't smart enough to trick me, Bruno. You ain't got the brains.

You think I can't get out of this, don't you? Well, watch me!

Shut up and be sensible about this.

You'll be in my prison camp before night. - Will I?

Certainly. Tell the court whatever you please about that gun.

No judge or jury will believe you. They'll believe what I'll tell them.

What can you say that has any weight? I can say plenty. I will say plenty.

The court is waiting, Miss.

Will you please take ..

I didn't tell you the truth. I lied to you. Every word was a lie.

Piet didn't do anything to me. Not a thing.

But I had it in for him so I begged him to come to my room and ..

I shot him.

I killed him in cold blood.

I tried to kill him once before in New Orleans. It's on record there.

This time I nailed him.

I got him when he wasn't looking and didn't have a chance.

I murdered him! I am guilty!

Give me what's coming to me! No, no, listen.

The only time you'll ever touch me is when you tie that rope around my neck.


Miss Gilda, why did you ..?

Ah now ..

They let me off long enough to pack my things.

Yes. I know.

It won't take but a few minutes.

I haven't thanked you yet for everything you've done for me.

It amounted to exactly nothing.

You convicted yourself.

Why did you do it?

I had to.

It's the only way I can keep a certain promise I made.

Tell me.

To the one good, decent man I ever knew.

I love him.

With everything I've got.

You're a very brave girl, Gilda.

I've tried to be.

For him.

Do you see what I ..?

It's Carl! Oh, what will I do?

I'll tell him everything. No, no. They'll never let me go now.

I can't drag him into this.

And Bruno would kill him, too.

Why ..

I'll see him alone with no-one around to give it away.

Downstairs in the courtyard. Keep everyone away.

You're a brick.

There's a man coming here and I want to talk to him. It will only take a minute.

You can keep your eye on me all the time but don't let him see you do it, please.

Take anything I got in there.

There's clothes, money and other stuff. Take it all. I got to see him.

Honey. Carl.

How are you, Mrs Carl Bergen?

I'm fine.

Did you get my last letter?

Which one was the last one?

The one I told you about my new job.

The company has given me a good job ashore.

I ..

I never got that one.

At the end of this voyage, we're going to find us a little home in New Orleans.

And settle down.

No. You bet your life, honey.

No more of this being away from each other.

There's nothing to it.

Say, was that slick about Piet Van Saal showing up?



That was a break, what l mean.


That must have knocked you for a loop.

It did.

Didn't I tell you when things happen, it's always best if you believe in him.

Was I right?

I'm just now beginning to think so.

Oh you are, huh?

Why just now?

It just this minute struck me that ..

You'd never be happy away from the sea.

I don't get you, Hon.

Are you kidding?

Sure, you big baby.

[ Ship's horn. Loud ]

You'd better grab the first boat out of here.

I tried my darnedest to get the skipper to take you with us but he won't do it.

We're only in for a couple of seconds. That's all the time I got. Forgive me?

I'll meet you in New Orleans. You send me a wire just before you start.

I'll do it, Carl.

Just before I leave.

You're crying.


Just when everything is going so swell for us, you gotta cry.


Women haven't got any sense.

Mine has.

That's the girl.

[ Ship's horn. Loud ]

Gee, I gotta go.

You alright, honey?

Sure? Sure.

Nothing on your mind?

I love you.

I love you too, honey.

I know you do.

And it's made something different out of me from what I .. was.

But I'm good now, Carl.

Just like I was when we was kids.

I'll never be bad again.

Never again, Carl.

0h, my baby.

[ Ship's horn. Loud ]

Goodbye, kid.


Give me a big kiss.

It's got to last a long, long .. time.



Will you send him a .. a wireless ..

After it happens?

Yes, milady.

He'll be at sea.

He loves the sea.

It's like home to him.

And it's good to be home.

At a time like that.


You can tell them I'm ready.

Let's go.