Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Script

How far back do you want me to go?


I was totally outgoing.

A real people person.

In high school, I felt like that mouse that gets dropped into the snake cage and just kinda sits there, frozen, trying to blend in.

I guess I remember being happy when I was a kid.

Back when you just naturally expect good things to happen.

Before my mom died.

Now I just expect the worst and try not to get my hopes up.

Which is why I'm here.

Does that answer the question?

Usually people just say where they're from and where they worked before.

Great. I'm already overqualified.

So, in your previous experience, can you give me an instance in which you went above and beyond the call of duty for a customer?


I get it.

You think you're too good for this. Why are you even here?

No, I'm sorry...

I really need the money.

I Iive at home, I work my ass off at this internship.

I just... Yeah, it's not gonna work out here.

I can tell your type. You're just not a quality hire.


No, I don't want the prepubescent Iook. I want a woman.

We don't retouch at Seattle Magazine. We're journalists.

No, not there. An intern.


That's what I'm saying. We respect women.

Don't put that there. That goes in the utility closet...

I know... And then refresh all the bathrooms.

I was just giving you this change.

Yeah, this is my job now.

It's Iike spelling things out for interns.

Fuck! Okay.

Writers, ideas.

It's idea time again. It's that time. What have you got?

Does anybody have an idea? Or a story?

Are you guys here? Can you hear me? Anyone?

Top 10 dog parks in Seattle. No.

Summer activities for winter people.

Not interested. Jeff?

AII right. How about this time travel ad?

What have you got?

Yeah, somebody e-mailed it in from the classifieds.

He's Iooking for somebody to go back in time with him.

Do a Iittle tongue-in-cheek investigation.

Find this guy, see if he thinks it's real or if it's a prank.

Not bad.

The guy says, "You'll get paid when you get back.

"Bring your own weapons.

"Safety's not guaranteed." And he's only done this once before.

See if maybe he believes in this stuff. I don't know. I think it could be funny.

You wanna do it? AII right. You got it.

Can I get a couple interns?

Help me with the research? I'll do it.

Do some heavy Iifting... Me, too, please. Me.

AII right. Give me the Iesbian and the Indian, and I got a story.

We sent a Ietter to the address in the ad and asked them to get back to us.

And I called the Iocal paper, but they're really uptight about giving out information on people that take out ads, so...

I fucked Bridget.

Yeah. You know, sometimes somebody pisses you off so much that you just wanna get in there with...

Did she Iike criticize your technique the whole time?

Like boss you around? She did, right?

Maybe a Iittle.

AII right, we should go. Let's go to Ocean View.

We can just find whoever put up the ad and stake him out.

We? What do you mean "we"?

I mean we, the three of us. Now you don't wanna go?

That place sucks. That place does not suck.

I had the best summer of my Iife in Ocean View.

I'm not going.

Yeah, you are. No.

It seemed Iike I was asking, but I'm actually telling as your boss.

You're coming.

Dad, I'm going out of town for a few days.

Out out? No, it's just this work thing.

Yeah, I think it'd be great if you went out, did a Iittle social stuff.

Get out of your funk.

I have no funk. I'm totally funkless.

Going out and being with your friends. I think it's a great idea.

What's wrong with me?

Well, you're sad. I don't know how to describe it.

It's Iike there's a cloud following you.

You're antisocial, and you're a virgin. What?

I don't ever see you with any guys.

I don't remember the Iast time you brought a guy home.

Yeah, well, how do you know I'm not on Craigslist having casual encounters?

Or when I was away at the dorms? You weren't there.

I talked to Amy.

Why are you talking to my college roommate?

We're Facebook friends.

Oh, my God! How do I eject?

Why do you have flames on your Iaptop?

It's a gaming Iaptop. It's really fast.

What time would you go back to?

If you could? I don't know.

I'm fine here. I would definitely go back.

Everything cool is gone.

The Aztecs.

People killing themselves for each other.

You wouldn't wanna see the dragons and the elves fight each other in the magical forest?

Come on! No. That wasn't a time.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Get in, retards.

So, here's what I'm thinking. We're budgeted for two rooms, but if we share a room, we can use that extra money for some other shit.

What, drugs? That's exactly right.

Easy, Arnau, we're messing with you, pal.

We're talking about using it for buffets and shit.

You never done coke or anything when you're studying for an exam?

Cocaine? Are you crazy?

What is it you study? Biological and Iife sciences.

Makes sense. So what are you doing interning at a magazine?

Diversity Iooks good on an application for grad school.

We got to get you Iaid on this vacation. That's what needs to happen.

Vacation? AII right, work trip, whatever.

It's freezing here.

It's got bite, don't it?

Reminds me of going back to school.

Yes. It's all one Iong school year now.

No start, no finish.

Except for this guy.

How many years till you graduate, Arnau?

Total, including doctorate orjust undergraduate?

Forget it.

How're we doing the beds?

We'll do me in one, interns on the other.

Okay. No.

Cool. Me and Darius.

Fine. I hope you moisturize, Arnau, 'cause I cuddle.

Tomorrow morning first thing, we hit the post office.

Let's hope our boy checks his P.O. Box every day.

There she is.


"Wanted, someone to travel back in time with me, "this is not a joke.

"P.O. Box 91 Ocean View, Washington.

"You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons.

"Safety not guaranteed."

Hey, here we go.

No way. He's too old to be time traveling.

Come on. That's the time traveling demo. White beards, spectacles, pipes.

Close. Wait, what about this one?

Yeah. She wants to stop whoever gave her that haircut from being born.

Yo! Yo! It's him. It's the guy.

Him? Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure. Box 91. Get in.

Wait, what are you doing? Following him.

What about Jeff? You should call him!

That's pretty amazing stuff, man.

I'll tell you about the cat in the box theory, it'll blow your mind.

It's Iike I'm the only one who really gets it. You know?

I started this dialog with some big shot theoretical physicist online, and I'm Iike, "Do the rules of quantum mechanics allow for alternate histories?"

And he just blasted me.

You know, people are just so convinced it's a fixed thing, but they're just, Iike, Iooking at this Iittle sliver of time, that's all people can see.

It's not a fixed thing, Shannon. You know, it's on and on in both directions.

It's Iike a "V," you know what I mean?

I gotta do a bathroom check, brother.

Yeah, you know what I'm saying.

I'd Iike to fill out a comment card on one of your employees, Kenneth.

What's his Iast name?

Sorry, ma'am, he's a Iittle...

No, no, it's a positive comment. It's Iike complimenting him.

Good. Kenneth Calloway.



Hit the thing that says I have a new message.

"Liz confirmed you on Facebook."

Here. No photos, that's a drag.

Okay, good. She still Iives here. She Iives in this town.

Who is Liz McHollis?

She was a girl I had a fling with when my family used to come here over the summers.

She was this really smokin' hot blond. She was my first blowjob.

If there's one girl that I still think about, honestly.

Here she is. Look at you, you went all rogue. What did you get?

Got his name, where he works. Great.

What did you guys get?

She accepted, but no photo, so I'm not really sure.


He came here to hook up with an old high school girlfriend.

Seriously? That's what you've been doing?

Well, I've been doing other stuff too, but maybe this will change your attitude a Iittle bit.

That's her when she was 18, I used to see her naked.


So I'm coming back to try to see her naked again.

I'd be weirded out if some guy tried to track me down after 20 years.

I'd be weirded out too if some guy tried to track you down.

Why? Who would do that?

Tomorrow morning, I'll go in.

You know, go undercover, pretend to answer his ad and get the scoop on this yo-yo.

991 Mallory. This is definitely it. What a piece of shit.

AII right, I'm goin' in.

How do I Iook, Arnau? Good. Good.

Can I go in? No, you did good Iast night, but I'm gonna handle this. I don't wanna overwhelm the guy.

AII right? Wish me Iuck.


Do you go out a Iot back home, Iike clubs and stuff?

Not really.

You know those really tight Ieggings that girls wear, do you ever wear those?


I think you would Iook nice in them.



Kenneth? Kenneth Calloway, right?

Is that right?

My name is Jeff.

Look, I saw your ad in the classifieds. I wanna know if you need a partner.

What's your mission? What do you mean what's my mission?

What's your reason for going back?

Well, who wouldn't want to go back? It's an amazing opportunity.

To go back in time, you know?

See gladiators and watch dinosaurs with my own eyes.

Have sex with a pilgrim.

Fun stuff, that's all I want. I wanna go back. It's neat.

Who wouldn't want to go back, Kenneth?

You wanna go back. Why do you wanna go back?

Well, do you need a partner?

Can you Iook fear and danger in the eye? That's an odd question.

Have you ever stared fear and danger in the eye and said, "Yes"?

Sure. Get off my porch.

Let's start over. Come on, we could be pals.

Let's go back in time.

Man, that smile...

What is that smile?

You don't know pain. I don't know pain?

You don't know regret. Yeah. AII right.

You don't know... Okay.

Well, it was really nice to meet you.

That's what I thought.

So, what'd he say?

Well, he's the real deal. That ad is no prank.

He's not Iike retarded, but there's something wrong with this guy.

Definitely didn't Iike my ass, I'll tell you that.

So, what, that's it? Oh, no, this just got good.

What makes you think he won't slam the door in my face, too?

'Cause you gotta be sincere and charm him, okay?

He's used to assholes Iike me coming and making fun of him.

Also probably none of the other people were beautiful girls.

Easy, Arnau. What?

But he's right. Use that, too. There's something off about this guy, okay?

So you gotta go slow, Iike you're trapping a skittish animal.

You know, Iure him, play coy. Girls know how to do that shit.

You're dangling my vagina out there Iike bait?

What if this guy's a murderer?

What if he cuts me up into Iittle pieces and eats me?

Then the story's even better.

Do you sell guns here?

What kind of guns? I don't know.

Something sexy and affordable with killing power.

You should try C&R Guns in Wilkins.

The state of Washington does not allow the sale of firearms in the business premises of a grocer.

What about those thingies with the spiky ball at the end of the chain things?

You know, with the... Do you have those?

What exactly is the intended use?

Is there a pest problem, or hunting?

Well, if your ad had been written properly, I may have a better idea of what I need.

My ad? Yeah.

It's pretty sloppy. Excuse me?

You heard me.

I hope you worked harder on your calibrations.

My calibrations are flippin' pinpoint, okay?

There are people after me. How do I know you don't work for them?

Because I've never worked for anybody in my Iife.

You ever faced certain death?

If it was so certain, I wouldn't be here, would I?

This is a bad place to talk.

I get off in Iike 15. Rendezvous?

See you in eight.

Get down! What's going on?

Just get down! Don't Iet him see you. Wait, is he coming?

Yeah. What the hell is he doing?

I don't know. He's all freaked out. He thinks people are following him.

We're gonna rendezvous. He's taking me to a secure Iocation.

Get down!

If this guy's taking you to some sex bunker, he's gonna be freaked out when me and Arnau pull out of this thing Iike it's a clown car.

Hey, what's going on out there? Get down!

Shit! He's coming!

Don't Iet him see me, it'll blow everything for you.

What am I supposed to do? I don't know! Do something!

We're being followed! Go! Get in your car! Go!

What the hell is this?

Oh, shit! Git! Git! Go! Get out!

What the fuck? He's got a gun!

Just get out. Where are we?

I don't know. Just get out. I'll come get you when I'm done. Come on!

I don't know. Yeah. Fuck that.

Are you guys racist? It's complicated.

Hello? It's too hot here right now. Can't talk.

Look, my gut tells me you're not with them, but I have to be absolutely certain.

I'm gonna do a quick background check on you.

If everything is good, I'll be in touch, okay?

Yeah, okay.

AII right, over and... Good night.

Hi, is Liz around?

And it's not necessarily...

It's not a false relationship, but she's so charismatic.

She's such a beam of Iight.

AII the reporters are saying that. Also, what I'm reading from...

I don't know. She was big, and Iike...

And Iike your age? Yeah. Gross.

It was more Iike...

I don't know, Iike the years have not been kind to her, you know?

They pretty much took a shit all over her face.

So, did your dude call yet? No.

Maybe we should do a background check on this guy, you know, make sure he's not a psychopath.

He seems pretty harmless. Don't worry, Darius, he'll call.

I'm sure your weird mojo clicked with his weird mojo and you got it in the bag.

C'mon! Ready, hike!


Thanks. Listen, I'm sorry about the noise Ievel here.

But we need to maintain cover.

I'm certain I'm being recorded, I'm certain I'm being followed.

So, who are we dealing with here?

I'm not sure yet. Government agents maybe. Probably.

But the joke's on them.

The technology I've invented can't be understood by the average mind.

So, what are the means of transportation?

Just hold it in your holster for a second, okay?

I'm still making up my mind about you as a potential partner.

I have to be absolutely certain that I can trust you before I include you in certain information.

Well, I just don't wanna be jerked around.

You know, jerking around is forjerks.

God, I remember this smell. The smell of grass.

I used to play a Iittle bit, back in the day.

I think you should give Liz another chance. Oh, you do?

That sucks to spend all that time thinking about her, and you're finally here and you don't follow through with it.

I think it's sad that you're a 22-year-old virgin with those creepy glasses, but I don't bring it up.

You know what? Actually, Arnau, there are Iots of hot chicks here, man.

You could kill in a place Iike this.

You should run game.

Arnau, Arnau, Arnau, be cool, run game.

She's in high school. I know!

I know she's in high school and you're in college.

Who do you think that girl wants to fuck? You!

Could you, please! What?

So what's the year? Where are we going?

2001. Is that gonna work for you? It's perfect.

I will need to know the timetable, though.

There's a critical step soon.

I need to obtain certain materials to facilitate the travel.

I plan to execute this step within the next week.

Why 2001? What are you going back for?

Like I said, certain information will have to wait.

Knock him on his ass, he's a bum!

Right there, these two. AII right. Let's go.

Why? Sit down. We're not going anywhere. Tell me why. Why?

You're drinking alcohol at a high school game.

You're damn right I am. United States ofAmerica.

Drinking a beer at a football game.

Don't get tough on me, big guy. Let's not do this.

Wait a minute, I know him. He came to my house.

I think that guy is recording our conversation.

Is there somewhere else we can go?

Let's get out of here. Come on.

Stay close. Yeah. Are you okay?

I really would have messed that guy up if I wasn't trying to keep such a Iow profile.

I'm glad I got to see your qualities, though.

I think you're ready for the next step, some basic training.

The heat's moving in. That's all for tonight.

I'm Ieaving. I'm walking out!

I'm Ieaving by choice. By choice.

Seriously? This place is a dump. Let's get out of here.


Pretty good. You might be a one arm shooter.

Okay, I'll try it. Let's just Ioosen it up.

You ready? Yeah.

Yeah! You smoked him! I smoked him.

Come on!

I think I'm getting better than you.

Hey, Iet's not get ahead of yourself here, okay?

It's one thing to hit a target that's standing still, but think about it when the heat's moving in.

Smoke it!

Double smoke!

How are your hamstrings holding up? Real good.

You're pretty impressive with a handgun.

It's a superlative performance under simulated pressure.

Our chemistry is starting to build.

I really Iike your intensity. You're, Iike, no-nonsense.

There's no sense in nonsense. Especially when the heat's hot.


I Iike your intensity, too.

Yeah? Yeah. You've got good moves.

Nobody's seen my moves before.

Haven't brought a candidate this far into the training process.


We'll be Iearning from each other from now on.


We still have to discuss your reason for going back.

That's classified information.

I can appreciate that, I respect that, but I have a certain responsibility to keep as the Ieader of this mission.

Then I have to tell you that it's personal.

Darius, sometimes I think we are progressing in this mission, and then other times, I'm not so sure.

I'm going back to stop my mother from dying when I was 14.

How'd she die?

She was killed by some guy.

Just some guy at a gas station took her and killed her.

Oh, man. Just some random thing? Yeah.

Well, no, actually.

She was driving home. It was really Iate, and she called me to tell me she was coming home, and I...

I asked her to stop and get me chocolate milk.

Because I had to have chocolate milk.

So Iike five minutes Iater, she called me to tell me that she got the chocolate milk and she was coming home.

And her voice was Iike, really excited, Iike she was really happy.

And I was, Iike, okay, whatever. I wasn't even nice.

That was the Iast time I talked to her.

That's not your fault.

Yeah. That's what they tell me.

AII right, Darius.

I think you're ready. I trust you.


You should.

Jeff! Hey! Hey. Liz, it's great to see you.

Look at you. Look at you.

So, this is where you Iive. This is my house.

Well, Iook, I wanna say I'm sorry about yesterday.

I was gonna come, but work's getting crazy and...

I was sad 'cause you got me thinking about you on that Facebook.

I never thought I'd see you again. I never thought I'd see you again.

Oh, God, excuse me. Would you come in?

I'd Iove to.

Your hair's red.


It's different.

Yeah. I changed it. It's just about the only thing I've changed.

Really? Yeah.

Kind of. What about you?

A Iot has changed. Almost, Iike, everything.

Tell me. The car... I got an Escalade.

And my job's going really well. Got a great condo.

Tell me about your Iife.

I just did.

I've got to read this magazine of yours. Oh, don't.

That is so exciting. It's not that exciting.

You know what?

I always thought you'd do something special with your Iife.

If you knew what it was really Iike, you wouldn't say it was special.

Oh, come on. What...

What's wrong with your neck? Sorry I'm doing that.

It's just I got this shooting pain. I have to share a bed with a male intern.

And I don't feel Iike rubbing asses with him, so...

Let me see. You don't have to do that.

You need to put some heat on that. I do?

I have pies in the oven. You make pies?

I made some pies. I made peach, apple, strawberry rhubarb.

Which one do you want?


Liz, that is unbelievable.

You bake pies, you give these massages, and you're not married?

I don't get it.

I was married. He was a ball player.

And I was the good Iittle wife, baking cookies for the team.

Oh, my God, you bake cookies, too?

Cameron got traded, and when he went up to the Marlins, he started making money and started messing around with those Miami girls.

Well, I can say this honestly, Cameron's an idiot.

Yeah, well, we were young.

Hey, do you have one free night while you're in town?

Because I would Iike to make you a homemade dinner.

I wanna eat that homemade dinner.

I'm just gonna press "record." Okay.

So, Kenneth, why are you looking for a partner?

I feel Iike the world is mostly full ofjankholes, but I believe that there are purists out there, and that's why I put that ad in the paper.

It's my hope that if you're watching this video, something incredible has happened.

I do believe that martial arts are for self-defense only.

While I would like to maneuver through this world with an open heart and mind, sometimes that doesn't gain you favor.

So I just need to be equipped with the necessary skill sets, guns, training, weapons, fighting, in case I encounter any obstacles that need to be defeated.

The area is clear. Oh, my God!

Mission accomplished.

Wow! Man, that was intense. Task completed.

The mission has to do with regret and the mission has to do with mistakes.

The mission's also about Iove.

I'm already saying too much.

Aren't you interested in some of this equipment or something?

Can we talk about something else?

So it's very important that you and I do not abuse the power that will come with our knowledge of the future.

No matter how tempting it will be to gain personal fortune or notoriety by say, being the first person to Iist the Contra code for up, up, down, down, Ieft-right, Ieft-right, B-A-start.

Or to say, "Hey, Ieave your Star Wars figurines in the box

"'cause they'll be worth Iike hundreds more if they are super pristine."

But what about if it's, Iike, for the betterment of future society?

Absolutely not. We have to stick to the plan.

So when do you fill me in on the plan?

Pretty soon. The action's getting hungry.

I can't eat here.

Why? See that kid? He's Iike a mutant kid.

Hey, there's something on your ear.

It's fine, it does... Are you okay?

It Iooks Iike it's falling off or something. No, no, no. It's fine. Don't worry about it.

Shit! Sorry. It's off.

Kenneth! The mission's off, I'm sorry.

Forget it. You're not the right one.

Hey, what's wrong?

It's fake.

What's fake? My flipping ear is fake.

They used to make fun of me, all the other kids.

My parents could only afford one prosthetic, so I had to wait until I was fully-grown.

You know that's not a big deal, right? Yes, it is!

No, it isn't. People used to make fun of me, too.

Yeah, right.

I shave my arms and wax my upper Iip, okay?

You're saying that to make me feel better. I'm serious.

I had a freaking mustache until I was 14.

Okay, we can still do this, but you have to promise me we're never, ever gonna talk about my ear ever again for as Iong as you and I both shall Iive.

Okay. Okay. Forever.

But can I say something? What?

I think it's kinda cool.

Get in. Okay.

So then, what did you tell him your reason for going back to 2001 is?

I just made up some story.

Yeah? What's the story?

I told him that I was gonna go back and stop my parents from getting divorced.

Arnau, you son of a bitch. Smash him!

What are you doing?

Whatever I'm doing, I'm feeling fan-fucking-tastic doing it.

Did you just have sex with that girl you came here to stalk?

No, I didn't, actually. We shared a nice conversation.

And you know the truth is, she's not that fat.

I don't know, a girl's beauty, it's in the eyes, you know?

And that doesn't go away with age.

So, anyway, can we please just focus on the article and figure out what's wrong with this guy, Iike Iow I.Q., or emotional disorder, or whatever it is?

What makes you think there's something wrong with him?

'Cause he thinks he can go back in time.

Was there something wrong with Einstein or David Bowie?

Not the same.

Just because the guy's trying to do something new doesn't mean he's a freak show.

So you think this is normal?

I don't know. Is it normal that your interns do all your work for you?

Is that normal? Right.

Is that how all your articles get written?

It's him. I have to go.

Okay, this is it.

There's technology inside this building that I need to complete the machine that will take us on ourjourney.

I'm gonna breach the outer perimeter, gonna disable their security measures, penetrate the target, Iocate and secure the package, then we'll rendezvous at the getaway point. You got it?

Rendezvous at the getaway point.

I've been watching this place for weeks. Yeah, got it.

The security's full of holes. We'll be fine. Okay.

Fuck! Stay focused.

What am I doing? Why am I doing this?

Let me see those keys.



Come on!

Excuse me?

Hey! Hey! What is that? What are those?

Lasers. Lasers?

Those are real Iasers? The mission's been compromised.

Hey. Where are you going?

Let's get out of here! Drive!

Floor it! Sorry.

What do we do with the van?

Leave it. I stole it from the Iot.

Hey, you didn't hurt anyone, did you? Like, you didn't...

No, no, no, no. Look, it's a fake.

No casualties. Here. Take it. Okay.

You okay? Yeah.

Take this. It'll make you feel better.

You're shaking.

It's just adrenaline from the infiltration. It's good.

You ready? Come on, Iet's go. Come on. Yeah. Yeah.

Go. Go.

We gotta stick to the back roads, we can't be seen out here.

Oh, my God! Okay.

Damn it! We're getting off the road. Why?

Those are government employees. They'll blow our cover.

We gotta wait it out.

Kenneth, it's fine. They won't tell.

No. We can't have any witnesses that will connect my car to the van.

The people that are after me are gonna be on full alert.

They'll put the pieces together.

Totally unprofessional!

It's okay.

It's just...

It's a girl.

My reason for going back is a girl.

Who was she? She's my first girlfriend.

Her birthday was the exact same day in April as mine is in October.

We ended up working at the same restaurant.

She was just so nice to me.

She would make me special food and after work, while all her friends were getting ready to go out, she would just hang out and talk with me.

She was really pretty.

What happened to her?

She died.

Some jerk,

some a-hole jerk in a band got drunk and crashed his car into her Iiving room.

I should have been there, you know.

People tell you that there are other girls out there, you know, and it's not just about a girl, it's about...

It's about a time and a place.

Do you have a favorite song?

Would you tell me what it is?

It's stupid. What is it?

Over the Rainbow.

It's a really beautiful song.

It's that time and that place and that song, and you remember what it was Iike when you're in that place, and then you Iisten to that song, and you know you're not in that place anymore and it makes you feel hollow.

Can't just go find that stuff again.

I Iike your reason for going back.

It's really nice.


Fucking Iasers? What kind of Iasers?

I don't know, I'm not a frickin' Stormtrooper.

This guy's awesome. He's over there right now thinking he's building a frickin' time machine.

Hey, Arnau, what are the chances he can do that with these Iasers?

How would I know, I'm not a... He doesn't know.

He's not a frickin' Stormtrooper either.

Stormtroopers don't know anything about Iasers or time travel, they're blue-collar workers.

I gotta see this shit.

Isn't this Iike violating his privacy? Don't worry about it.

I can't see much. Looks Iike an engine.

What are you building in there, Kenny?

Who's this asshole?

Oh, my God, there are people following him.

There are really people following him.

We're doing this.

Stay back. Don't spook him.

Stay back. Don't scare them. This is fucking intense.

We're going fifteen miles an hour.

Shit. He saw us.

Oh, shit, they're onto us.

Onto what?


Don't Iet him see you! Duck!

Stay down!

What the hell, did you see those guys?

They Iook Iike government agents or something.

He's really being followed. Holy shit! Is this guy for real?

Kenneth? Are you okay? I can't talk right now, okay?

Just watch your back. Okay.

Stay Iow and Iay Iow. Yeah.

Go to the beach, I'll pick you up. It's almost time, Darius.

This is totally crazy.

Who do you think those guys are? I have no idea.

Maybe he's not totally insane, maybe he really thinks he's doing something and...

I don't know.

What? Why are you Iooking at me Iike that?

I don't know. You got a thing for this guy?


No! I'm talk...

You saw those guys.

Can I ask you a question? Do you mind, as a reporter?


What is it that you two weirdos do when you're off alone?

I'm getting information. What are you doing when you're off alone?

I'm seeing an old friend.

Just take me to the beach. I have to meet him.

AII right, this is it.

It's pretty obvious they see a threat in me possessing this kind of power.

It's not clear yet what entity they represent.

Their presence here definitely accelerates the plan, though.

They're gonna have one of their guys at every door, but you should be okay. I don't think they've ID'ed you yet.

Got it. Good Iuck.


Go! Go!


I'm supposed to give this to you. This is from Kenneth.

Kenneth said to give this to me?

My wife, she's...

You tell him...

Tell him I hope he gets wherever he's goin' and it all works out Iike he wants.

I'll tell him.

AII good?




Yeah, we're getting some really great stuff, Bridget, I'm gonna need a couple more days.

Bridget, I'm doing an interview right now.

Yeah, I'll send you an e-mail with all the information, and I'll paint you a real picture.

Okay. I have to go right now.

That all seems so dangerous. Her running around with this guy...

She'll be fine. You got any more of that Ieftover pie? That was pretty good.

I was thinking about you and the time we spent together.

I was pretty ripped back then. Top of my game back then.

You were not ripped. Yes, I was.

Why don't you feel me now?

You Iook great.

Are you familiar with cryptography? Yeah. Of course.

Yeah. Well, I prefer the St. Goodnight code and cipher for sending messages that can't be compromised.

It's just 4-4-3-1 -4 and then you just reverse the whole thing, okay?

Yeah. Got it.

Learn it. Practice it.


If I show you something, will you promise not to tell anybody else about it, ever?


When we go back in time, if anything bad happens, if somebody gets hurt, or if you mess up, or if the guys who are after me find me and catch me, put a note inside this tin. I'm gonna do the same thing.

If anything goes wrong, we go back and we fix it.


So far so good.

So that's been there since 2001?

Since I was a kid.

I used to come up here and camp with the Boy Scouts near here when I was Iittle.

Do you know what Star Wars is?

Yes. Yeah.

So, when I was younger, I used to bring my Star Wars figures up here, 'cause I didn't wanna Ieave 'em back at the house 'cause they'd get Ionely.

And some of the more cynical kids would make fun of me, they would throw them in the fire and stuff... Really?

This was before my martial arts training, of course.

But I found this hiding spot and sneak out here at night, and put 'em in the tin, take them out, then put them back in the morning and...


I wish I could see you when you were a Iittle kid.

I was not as impressive as I am now, I can assure you.

What? Yeah.


Wanna see something cool? Yeah.

Come on.

That was the best sex I've ever had. And I've had a Iot of sex.

That's what you said about the roast chicken.

That was the best roast chicken I ever had.

You don't know how Iong I've thought about this.

You've become this, Iike, character in my head that's Iike, it feels Iike you're from a fairy tale, and you're Iike this purity that's just not in my Iife.

You are so cute.

Hey. This is gonna sound crazy.

I want you to come to Seattle with me.

What? Yeah.

It's crazy, but I want you to come...

Jeff, the minute you drive out of this place, you are not going to want to be with me.

That's just not true. That's what I'm saying, I mean, do you not feel this?

You're not in your right mind right now. I'm absolutely in my right mind.

This is the clearest I've been in a Iong time.

I've done this before.

You haven't done it with me. No, I've done this before and I'm too old.

We're the same damn age.

That's perfect.

That's unbelievable.

Unbelievable. Okay. Great. This is good.

This is perfect. I'm glad you said that 'cause this was a mistake.

You're right. You know what? I open up my heart to you and...

Thank you, because my head was turned around...

Jeff... But it ain't anymore.

I think you're being a Iittle crazy about this.

Yeah. I think you're crazy for saying no.

Please go.

I'm goin' by choice.

Why are you sitting here?

Why would you be sitting on your computer? You are a young man.

You got the whole world ahead of you.

I'm asking you to be a man and try.

Are you ready to have a crazy night with me? 'Cause I'm ready.

Say you're ready. Say you're ready. I'm ready.

My man. Good answer.

Let's do something stupid!

Stay here.

You guys ever partied in an Escalade?

Here we go. Here we go. Drink. Drink.

You drink. Open that up and start drinking, I didn't buy it for nothing.

Good girl.

Go. Go.

Drink, drink, drink.


This guy's getting Iaid tonight. He's my best friend!

Arnau! Pay the son of a bitch!

You warm enough?

This is all your stuff?

Well, I just kind of set up here, the Boy Scouts don't really come up here after September, so it's kind of Iike having a second home, come to spend some nights and clear the head.

Okay. This is for you.

I circled the Iocation on the map, this way you'll always know where to find the truck and this campsite.

Don't get Iost. Okay.

What's that? Is that a guitar?

No, it's called a zither.

Can you play this?

Not very well at all.

My dad had one, he was really good.

Belinda really Iiked music, so...

I always wished I could have played her something, so I've been writing her this song for when I see her again.

Will you play it?

It's... Please?

No, it's not finished and it's really just not very good, so...

Well, I'll tell you if it's good or not.


It's only halfway done, so it's just Iike...

Stand straight Fall back in Iine Comb your hair Get to work on time Everyone in the big machine Tries to break your heart And pull you underneath

Maybe I'm wrong And all that you get is what you see Maybe I'm right And there's something out there to believe Everybody's talking in their sleep

They push a lot of air around But don't say much of anything

Except when they laugh at me Like ghosts under a sheet

Everybody's talking in their sleep

I messed up a bunch of parts, but that's basically what it is. No, it's so good.

Shut up.

So good.


Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, you cold?

Trust me. Trust me.

Now, feel this.

It works, right?

What are you doing in the Iobby?

Are they still in there?

Yeah, that's the point. She's still in there.

You go. What do you mean I go?

I didn't want to hang out with these three. I did it for you!

I don't think so. It's fine. You go.

Are you gay? What? No...

Is that what this is? No.

I'm asking you seriously, I'm not judging you.

You don't know this about me, but I don't care about that stuff.

No, Jeff, I'm not gay, no.

This is set up perfectly. Do you not think she's hot?

You're acting Iike it's so easy. Because it is so easy.

No, Jeff. It's easy for you, not for me. Why not?

Because I'm not you, Jeff. Do you just wanna see me get embarrassed?


Arnau, come here, man. Come here.

Fucking come here. I'm not pranking you, man.

You're not gonna get this opportunity very much Ionger.

You're not always gonna be 21, young man.

I promise you fucking that.

I don't know. I don't know what to... How do I start?

First of all, take these pedophile glasses off and don't wear these, they make you Iook Iike a weirdo, man.

I'm gonna put these on you. Holy shit!

Look at that killer.

That dude right there crushes chicks.

I would take a photo of you and show you how good you Iooked right now, 'cause you Iook fantastic.

You Iook Iike a damn pilot. Okay.

Like a cool pilot who drives jets.

Pop this shit.

Act Iike you've been there before.

You're not gonna be your age forever.

One day, you're gonna be the old dirtbag.

AII by yourself. This is the moment you Iive for.

Okay. Okay?


Hey, Halloween, you smoke?

Yeah. Jeff, what the fuck?

It's so early, Bridget.

Yeah, I'm working here. Isn't that what you're doing down there?

Yes. That's what I'm doing.

I've been going over the notes that you've been sending in.

This Belinda St. Sing, the ex-girlfriend he said died in an accident.

Is that her name?

Yeah, that's right. Why?

You're past curfew.

Were those girls with you? 100 % Arnau.

Hey, you know that girl your boyfriend was going back in time to save, Belinda?


Well, she's alive and well. Lives about an hour away.

How? What do you mean?

Bridget called and set up an interview.

I think your Iittle boyfriend is seriously nuts.

Yeah, I know, he's totally nuts.

He's completely crazy. I know.

So she's alive. Okay.

I wanna do the interview. That's fine.

You sure you got this, kiddo?


Darius? Hi.

Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Come on in.

I've never been interviewed by a magazine before.

He worked at Anderson's, which was the restaurant I waited at all throughout college, and he was really nice.

Different just than the typical guys, I guess.

So how Iong were you guys together?

Well, we were never really together, together.

You never dated?

I mean, I wouldn't call it dating. He was...

He was one of those guys, who you kind of know has a crush on you, but he's really nice and so you're really nice back.

But he wasn't the type of guy who you could easily fit into your Iife, you know, with your friends and everything.

He was weird, I guess we've all had one of those guys, right?

Yeah. Yeah, I know what you mean.

So, then what happened? Do you guys still talk?

After that, I started dating Rob, who was my Iast boyfriend before I met my husband, and then Kenneth quit the restaurant.

I didn't see him for a while after that.

Then there was the accident.


Kenneth ran his car into my boyfriend's house.

There was a big dent under the kitchen window.

My God!

So I convinced Rob to just Iet him go and we...

We told the police it was a hit and run.

I haven't seen him since then. But you said you've seen him recently.

How is he?

He's good.

Excuse me. Darius?

Can we have a moment of your time?

Nothing to be alarmed about.

We'd just Iike to ask a few questions about Kenneth Calloway.

Guys? We're from Seattle Magazine.

We're just here doing a story on this guy.

We're not involved with what he's involved with.

What do you want with him?

He's been contacting government scientists on the Internet, asking questions about our particle accelerator in Berkeley.

We've been investigating Calloway for a couple of years now and we suspect him of being an agent.

He can't be a spy.

He was arrested in Colorado for breaking into a nuclear physics Iaboratory.

And then there was the recent robbery at a medical research center here.

Oh, yeah? And what did he take?

Are you sure it was him that broke into the medical research place?

You have evidence?

We're confident.

He hasn't been back to his house in the past 24 hours.

Give us a call if you hear from him?

Will do.

Thank you. Thank you.

So, what's your story about?

The story.

I don't know anymore, actually.

You all right?

You sure?


Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.


Kenneth? I'm coming in.


Hey. What are you doing here?

Everything's set.

We move the machine to the Iaunch site. Departure is at 5:00 p.m.

How'd you get in here anyway? The spooks are all over me. It's crazy out there.

I had to sneak in through the back.

Hey, we need to talk.

About Iast night. I know.

Last night was a thunderbolt.

But I realize our working relationship became complicated, so for now, maybe we just re-focus and concentrate on the mission.

Whose house is this?

It's my house. My parents Ieft it to me.

Where are the Iasers? Can you show me the Iasers?

What's wrong with your voice?

Where's the time machine? The time machine is at the Iaunch site.

Oh, right, it's at the Iaunch site.


What are you doing?

I talked to those guys who are following you.

And they told me that you stole those Iasers because you're some kind of spy or something.

That's perfect. Let them think that, it works in our favor. It's better. Seriously.

I also talked to Belinda.

What? Yeah.

You did not talk to Belinda. Yeah, I did.

I talked to Belinda. I was just at her house.

No! No!

What are you doing?

She's alive! She's alive! Okay.

This is good. Okay.

This means the mission must have been successful, and we have saved her and we've come back to the present... Hey, hey...

Hey, you can be honest with me, okay?

I really Iike you. Okay.

Yes. But this is the thing.

It's a complicated science and cannot be measured by our brains...

You can't time travel!

This is all crazy. Okay, you Iied to me.

Listen to me. What else are you Iying about?

Hey, hey, Iisten to me.

You come to that Iaunch site at 5:00 p.m., you take my hand and I'll show you who can't time travel.

Oh, shit!

AII right?

Darius! They're right behind the house!

Wait... They're right behind me.

Wait, you're with that guy?

Are you... No.

Were you making fun of me? No, I would have never...

Nobody was making fun of you, Kenneth.

We are writing an honest piece about you for a magazine.

Magazine? Darius, don't...

We're not making fun of you. Get out of my house!

We're on your side. We're here to help. No, I'm Ieaving tonight!

So is he really building a time machine or what?

Why did you make me do this?

I didn't make you do this. You wanted the story.

You don't care about the story! You don't care about him.

You just came here to hook up with old girlfriends.

What's going on? Hey, guys, check this out.

It's open.

Watch your head.

I know what they were Iooking for. I saw it, it was Iike a, Iike a jet engine or something.

It's gone!

Darius, have you seen this stuff before?

What the hell was he building in here?

I don't know.

You don't think he actually built it, do you?

Holy shit!



Kenneth, I'm sorry.

Were you making a joke of me the whole time?


I promise.

I Iied about the story, but everything else was real, okay? That was really me.

Then get on.

Come with me.

The mission's been updated.

I'm going back for you now.

AII right. You trust me?

Come on.

Take my hand. I know what I'm doing, okay?

Flip that switch. Do it. Flip it down.

Are you ready?

Go! go it alone or to go with a partner.

When you choose a partner, you have to have compromises and sacrifices, but it's the price you pay.

Do I wanna follow my every whim and desire as I make my way through time and space?


But at the end of the day, do I need someone when I'm doubting myself, and I'm insecure and my heart's failing me?

Do I need someone who, when the heat gets hot, has my back?

So, do you? I do.