Saiki Kusuo no sai-nan (2017) Script

Your doggie is adorable!

Really? Did you hear that, Poochy-poo?

"Poochy-poo"? Her name is adorable, too!

I named her.

You have amazing taste.

Extrasensory Perception (E.S.P.)

I love dogs. Can I pet her?

Sure. I can read people's minds.

Tell a girl you're a dog-lover and she's as good as yours.

Actually, I hate dogs!

This dog stinks! Bleh!

What the hell kind of name is "Poochy-poo"?


I can see through walls, too.

Watch out!

For instance...

I can move things without touching them.

Did that van just fly?

It did...

My name is Kusuo Saiki.

I'm a psychic.

16 years ago, an ordinary couple was blessed with a baby boy.

You're the cutest, Ku-chan. After your mom.

You're the second sweetest! After your dad.

But the boy was far from ordinary.


Really weird? Did he just speak?

Come on. He's only ten days old.

Excuse me, but I pooped in my diaper.

He spoke!

Oh my god, so adorable!

At one month, I was already walking...

Baby steps, baby steps!

...on air.


Ku-chan, you're amazing.

You're an idiot, Luffy.

At the age of one...

Oh, no. I'm out of cooking wine.

...I went out on shopping errands.

Here you go.


Even my mom was incredulous.

Who wouldn't be? A kid like me is creepy. Parents feel uneasy.

Normal parents would take me to a hospital or an institute.

This isn't normal.

We'd better take him.

But my parents...

He shoplifted.

Let's take him back to the market.

...were a bit lax.

Ku-chan has magical powers.

Just like you.

Because you worked your "love magic" on me.

Aw, you're so sweet!

Happy-go-lucky airheads.

So I grew up completely comfortable with who I was.

"Picture of Kuniharu Saiki"

Look, Dad! It's you!

It looks just like me!

He has artistic talent, too!

See how your glasses shine!

And now...

I'm a high school student with my psychic powers intact.

Bending a spoon is mere child's play.

I can see right through cards.

I know what girls are thinking.

He's my type.

Gambling is just a means to get vast sums of money.

My life is like a dream.

I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Born with super powers.

That's me. Kusuo Saiki...

Is that what you think? Wrong. These powers have ruined my life!

I can't help bending spoons. It's hard eating curry like this.

"Concentration" requires no concentration at all.

Continue to match poker.

He's kind of my type.

Whatever. I have to go to the toilet.

I need to get home. Come on, bus!

I'm going to poop in my pants!

His face is starting to look like poop.

What a mood-kill. I'm not a poop.

Getting rich from gambling? I'd be arrested as a con artist.

Luckiest guy in the world, born with it all?

Everything has been taken from me. May be arrested.

I'm the unluckiest guy in the world.

Sure, I have supernatural powers.

Telepathy, psychokinesis, X-ray vision, teleportation, clairvoyance...

I can do almost everything.

Take role-playing games.

I can defeat the 'Final Boss' without weapons or teammates.

Boring. There's no sense of accomplishment.

I did not feel the sense of achievement of hard working.

You idiot! I'm going home!

Wait a minute!

I love you. I love you.

No love games...

Happy birthday!

You got me!

No surprise parties...

I can't do any of those things.

Never feel mad or sad.

Relatively, there is no happiness or expectation.

My only goal in life is to be normal.

"PK Academy"

What I've just said is not the things that I obsess every day.

I just wanted to set the scene at the beginning of the movie.

Just want to introduce myself and explain.

Basically, I've accepted my fate.

At this high school, I'm just an ordinary student.


Yo, Saiki! 'Morning! 'Morning.

Saiki! Did you watch that TV show last night?

No. Was it good?

I didn't, either. What the hell?

I have ordinary teen conversations. Talk nonsense.

I can ace any test, but I get average grades on purpose.

Running 100 meters, I can teleport myself across the finish line on Sports Day.

But I come in 3rd or 4th.

Just an ordinary student. That's me.

I don't want to stand out.

Saiki! Did you do the homework?


Let me copy it!

Go ahead. Thanks.

I say, "I don't want to stand out"...

But you may be wondering about my weird hair and antennae.

What exactly are they?

I was born with pink hair.

These antennae help me to control my ever-increasing powers.

Without these to hold me back, my emotions fluctuate slightly, I could destroy all of Tokyo.

A high school student like me is bound to stand out.

But, I can hypnotize everyone around me.

I have control their cognitive abilities and make them think I look "normal."

Good morning!

Good morning!

Good morning.

"PK School Festival"

Alright! Your first school festival is coming up next month.

So squeeze every drop of festivities out of yourselves!


Each year, we've had some sort of "incident."

Last year, it was fighting, sexual behavior, complaints from neighbors about the noise, and so on.

If even one problem arises at this year's festival, there will be no festival next year!

Those are the consequences!

No festival next year?

Are you kidding?

Why should we be penalized?


Shut up! This is fate.

You'd better pray for an uneventful festival.

Make it happen!

School festivals are a pain. Who cares if they're...

Wait! No!

This school festival is a special time for me.

Once it starts, no one knows if I'm there or not...

Ku-chan! Go and experience the festival!

I've been using the school festival as a cover to get away.

I can't lose my only chance for "alone time."

So! Discuss it and come up with a good idea for an activity.

Oh, from now on I'll be the representative of the class activity.

This guy is Kineshi Hairo.

He's annoyingly passionate.

Give me all your balls! I'll dominate the offense!

Let's goooooo!!

Way too passionate.

I'll let it hit me.

Saiki! Are you all right?!


I'll avenge you, Saiki!

Take this!

I'll just stay on the sidelines.

Catch! Go!

I'm the only one left.

But I'll fight!

I'll fight to the end!

Throw the ball!

As hard as you can, and come back inside!

Hairoi, if I threw it as hard as I could, I'd kill someone.

But I have to throw it, so I'll hold back.

Throw it like you mean it!

Is that a perm? Yeah.

Barbers give perms for boys?

Sure! Really?

Discussing about perm during a dodge ball game?

Throw the ball to me and come back inside, Saiki!

If Hairo gets out and I'm the only one left, I'll stand out.

That will attract attention.

If I get out too easily, they'll hate me.

If I try super hard, they'll like me.

My goal is to maintain 50% popularity. It's my survival skill.

Die, Hairo!

I'll let it hit me.

A curve ball!

Did I do that?


I'll save you!

Mind your own business.

You're safe, Saiki!

He's so intense...

You're hurt, Hairo!


Saiki... I think I'm done.


Take this ball.

For me.

Why are you bleeding from your mouth?

This ball... covered in our blood, sweat and tears!

Your blood, you mean.

That's him.

He'll never know how I suffered, being the last one out.

The safest is to do fried noodles stand?

Sounds good.

My club is sponsoring a booth, so I can't work any shifts.

Same for the brass band.

How about an exhibit? Exhibition?

Then we won't have to work shifts.

Sounds good.

An exhibit!

Let's spend all of next month working on it after school.

I have club activity after school.

I have part time work.

What's that?


I found it on the school grounds. It looks like a turd, doesn't it?

That's it!

An exhibit of interesting rocks found on campus!

We can play after school and on festival day.

Right? Rock exhibit, it is!

Hairo! An exhibit of interesting rocks on campus!

So Class 3's booth will be

"Interesting Rock Formations on Campus."


Okay. Everyone agrees. As for me, I...


You're scary...

Rocks found on campus?

Are you kidding me?

We'll only have 3 school festivals.

Can we say we gave it our all?

If you're busy after school, come early!

Where is your passion?! Get fired up!

He's unstoppable now.

We'll have to get busy.

I guess.


What is this farce?

Speaking of an exhibit, what about 1,000 origami cranes?

If everyone folds 1,000 cranes, we'll have 30,000 cranes!

Let's make it 100,000 to commemorate the festival!

That's 3,333 cranes each!

I'll fold the 10 extra!

Hairo insisted we go with the 1,000 cranes idea.

However, we ended up with the Rock Exhibit.

It doesn't have to be cranes!

Any bird!

Any bird will do!

In any case, I guess no "alone time" for me this year.

Seems that I can't go travel during this year's festival.

If something goes wrong, the festival will be cancelled next year.

Guess who?

Cut it out, Nendo.

Bro! Let's go to look for rocks.

This guy is Riki Nendo.

I never let people sneak up on me, but Nendo always manages to cover my eyes. I mean, mouth. Why?

Although he is high school student. He looks like a middle-aged man and his chin's split, like buttocks. But that's not the reason.

He's an idiot.

His mind is blank.

I can feel the presence of anyone within 200 meters of me, I can sense everyone's thinking, but not him.

I'll say it again. He's an idiot.

A gorilla is more talented than him.

I wanna take a crap!

Somehow, he's taken a liking to me, and calls me "bro."

Let's hurry before all the interesting rocks are gone.

Calm down. No one's rock hunting.


Let's go eat noodles.

We just finished morning homeroom.

I'll go pee with you, then.

I don't need to go.

I'll follow you anywhere.

Stop it.

Saiki, I want to show you something.

What is it?

Not here. Come with me.

I'll go with you.

This was in my shoe cubby.

Do you know what that is?


A note from the "Dark Reunion."

A secret society that espouses natural selection.

Here we go again. He started talking nonsense again.

They're finally on to me.

They seem to have found me.

Their aim is to steal the force in my right arm.

The "Black Beat."

"Black Beat".

They want to steal my power and create a new world order.

That's a problem.

Now that they know my true identity, I have to fight.

What's your true identity?

Shun Kaito, the high school student, is a cover.

My true identity is...

Code name...

Ebony Wings.

He's afflicted with "Middle School Syndrome."

That's fine, but why do you want to show me?

Don't play coy. We have the force. We must fight.

I have the force all right, but he doesn't know it.

He just thinks I'm a loner, like him.

But what's in the letter?

I don't know. You don't know?

But Saiki, I have a bad feeling about this.

I don't.

The enemy...

...will attack at the festival!

Who are they? Neighborhood thugs?

I have a feeling that's what it says.

You have no idea.

But who would do such a thing?

Ebony Wings.

Can I keep it?


My force will tell me who wrote this letter.

"One Week before the PK Festival"

Check it out! Cool, huh?

Where'd you find that?

Behind the gym.

Did you actually find it?

Have you find a rock yet, Hairo?

I searched every day, but haven't found one that inspires me.

That's definitely man-made.

You found that? Yeah.

That's amazing!

I'm going to keep looking after class.

Does it looks like a soap? Honey soap.

It really does.

I have only this piece, it's heavy.

But nothing special.

This one is more common.

It's a lame project, but they're into it.

What? You're not entering the Miss PK contest?

I look so common, I'm just going to lose anyways.

Her name is Kokomi Teruhashi.

In this school year... not...

The most popular girl in the class. No, make that the school.

But I have no interest in her.


You'd be voted Miss PK for sure!

Me? No way!

But in her heart...

It'd be total chaos if I entered the contest. Do you know why?

I'm beautiful, right? I'm not vain. It's just a fact.

No matter what I do, people will say "too beautiful."

"Too Beautiful Doctor"

"Too Beautiful Policewoman"

"Too Beautiful Receptionist"

"Too Beautiful Flight Attendant"

That's it, she's vain.

There's too many people, so she says.

Like from a modeling agency.

And this.

If I enter the contest, it wouldn't be a contest at all.

And this does not feel excited at all.

Rika, you're cute. You should enter.

I told her she's cute, because I'm cuter!

How cute can I be?

There's not an attractive thing about her.

I'm cute and I'm sweet. Know what that means?

I'm invincible.

She's scary.

Since you said that, maybe I will enter.

You should! You're way cuter than me!

No, I'm not.

But for some reason, she's into me.

Ever since that day...

"Summer Break"

It's you, Saiki!

I saw you walking and ran over!


Now this will be the highlight of your summer!

Alright! First, he will "Oh WOW."

Every guy that sees me, they will say, "Oh WOW."




"Original manga artist" Oh WOW.

Drinking tea, eating watermelon, watching TV, drinking more tea...

You spent a miserable summer just drinking tea at home.

Then you ran into the most beautiful girl in the school!

And she ran over to you! Bam! You fell in love.

You don't deserve me, but it's okay.

That's it?!

What kind of non-reaction was that? Where's my "Oh WOW"?

Every guy I meet on the street says, "Oh WOW!"

You're supposed to panic out!


"Kokomi's Fantasy"

Oh my god! Kokomi!


Don't act like you just ran into the old woman next door!

I get it!

You're too shocked to speak! No time to respond.

You're probably filled with self-loathing right now.

"Kokomi's fantasy"

She was kind enough to speak to me and I was speechless!

I missed my chance!

I'm so stupid!

"Saiki's reality"

Poor guy. I'll give him another chance.

Because I'm not only cute, I'm also sweet. So perfect!

Hey, you totally ignored me.

Not even a greeting!

Ignored, again! No "Oh WOW", either!

I get it!

He probably thinks I'm a mirage or something!

Running into Kokomi would be a miracle.

"Kokomi's Fantasy"

I have this illusion, it must be a mirage.

Kokomi is tearing my heart apart.

Poor Saiki. He's led such a miserable life.

I'll touch you, just as a treat.

Then you'll know I'm not a mirage.

Saiki. Where are you going?

What? He dodged me!

What does that mean?

Really? I get it!

Except this reason, I think nothing else.

He's too humble to touch me. Even as a mirage!

How could I?

"Kokomi's Fantasy"

How could I touch her, even if she's a mirage?

My heart would stop.

"Saiki's reality"

I've become an overwhelming presence in his life.

My existence is "so close" and "so far"

What a pain.

Sure, she is popular.

But if I'm staying with her, there must be a lot of gossip.

I have to teleport when no one's around.

Where'd he go?

Where is Saiki?

Was he a mirage?

Did I see the mirage of Saiki?

Why am I so into him?

Am I... in love?

Did you find a rock to exhibit?

Yeah. This.

So cute!

You have such good taste.

Not really.

An exhib...

...means we're free on festival day.

What do you plan to do?

Just hang out.

Me, too!

What a coincidence. Both of us, just hanging out.

Sorry, Kokomi, but Saiki and I will be battling the Dark Reunion.

Oh, really?

Unless you have some sort of force, and want to join us and...

Sorry, that's over my head.


I guess I'll go look for rocks.




"Day of the PK Festival."

"Saiki Residence"

A broken coffee cup! A bad omen.

It must be Kusuo's doing.

"My doing"?

The toast is burned! Another bad omen!

You forgot to set the timer.

A blackbird! A bad omen!

They're always around.

Something bad is going to happen. Don't you feel it...

Psychic Kusuo?

That's the title of the movie.

Psychic Kusuo!

The title blows my cover, you know.

Ku-chan, be careful at the festival.

Mom! Let's do the "flint ritual" for Kusuo.

Let's do it!


Good luck.

I'm not feeling it.

I can hear any sound within 200 meters of me.

I can also see the future, but to avert every incident at the school festival is almost impossible.

And now there is more trouble Plus a shadow has been following me all morning.

In a normal movie, you'd ask, "Who is this strange shadow?"

But unfortunately, I already know.

It's Kokomi.

Saiki, I'm going to take advantage of this festival, and get 100 "Oh WOW" from you.

I'm getting 100 "Oh WOW"!

Then you'll be mine.

What the hell is this "Oh WOW" you keep talking about?

"PK School Festival"

"Let's Have a Problem-Free Festival!"

"Interesting Rock Formations on Campus"

Fantastic? Where to pick?

Too big does not work.

"Campus Rock - Kusuo Saiki. A nice rock I found"

Okay, display your rocks.

We found some pretty amazing ones.

It's quite impressive, actually.

My rock is not a common rock.

It has magical powers entrapped inside it.

It's a common rock.


To me, it looks like a common rock.

Look at mine! It has a face.

Which temple did you steal that from?

Look at my heart-shaped one! Isn't it cute?


Adorable? Very adorable It's cracked in the middle.

Your rock is unusual, Kuboyasu.

See the vivid, red pattern?

Is it scary?

I found it behind the school, as if someone hid it there.

I sense trouble.

We found a good variety of specimens.

But it was only possible because we all worked really hard.

Even how hard.

You will not find this stone.

All right! Let's huddle up!



Let's make this festival a success!



What was that huddle for?


I showed a dyed rock suddenly.

To the audience, it may be a bit abrupt that I show up so sudden.

Don't I need a proper introduction?

Aren Kuboyasu is a transfer student.

This guy is Aren Kuboyasu. He transferred here 3 months ago.

He was a badass thug in his previous school.

He also headed a gang, but now he's turning over a new leaf.

He thinks his delinquent past is under the radar, but of course, I know everything.

Normal guys don't bash people over the head with fire extinguishers.

Even a thug wouldn't do that.

Whew. No one saw me.

That was a short introduction.

There wasn't much to say.

I thought he might know something of me, but I guess he doesn't.

If any problem and next year's festival will be cancelled.

Normal people will think

"Nothing will ever happen to me."

That's typical. They're so carefree.

But seeds of trouble are popping up everywhere.

My biggest problem is...

...this girl who keeps stalking me.

What's the meaning of this, Saiki?

Have you not read the letter I snuck into your shoe cubby 3 days ago?

He has not seen it?

It was an invitation to go with me to the haunted house after the festival.

I wrote seductive words, but he haven't even responded!

"To Kusuo Saiki" Why?


In spite of myself, I wrote a letter!

I even put a little heart on it. Unbelievable!

What could be the reason?

Could it have taken 3 days to come up with words that were worthy?

Totally possible!

Or is your writing so illegible that you need to go to the pen writing course?

That's possible, too!

No, wait! Are you teasing me? Me?

Are you enjoying my dilemma? A lowly peon like you?

Also possible!

That's exactly why I'm not into you.

I have to calm down!

Just calm down.

Who cares about a stupid letter?

A school festival is a chance for love!

I'll get 100 "Oh WOW" from Saiki in one day.

If I can get 100 "Oh WOW" from him, he'll be mine!

Your attitude has been prohibitive.

And what the hell is this "Oh WOW"?

What a pain. In order to preempt problems that can pop up anywhere, I may have to teleport myself.

It's hard to do when she's constantly stalking me.

I'll create one coincidence after another at this school festival.

One coincidence after another?

Yes, it's a school festival, but there will be no festivities for you.

Festivities were never my thing.



The Kokomi Fan Club think that you must join the beauty contest.


To my understanding, if Kokomi participates, other girls would look like a pig...

...No, a dung beetle.

No, the dung that dung beetles feed on!

That's all we know how to describe it!

If someone besides you is crowned Miss PK Academy, we would suffer unimaginable shame and pain!

What? But there are plenty of girls cuter than me.

Not really.

If I enter, there'd be no contest!



Kokomi! Kokomi!

Good-bye, Kokomi.


There goes Saiki.

With something going wrong, now I can teleport myself without hindrance.

"Uryoku Chono, Master Illusionist"

"Uryoku Chono, Master Illusionist"


"Master Illusionist"

How do you do?

His mother?

Yes, that's his mother.

Why is she assisting him?

I sense trouble...

Thank you!

The illusion I'm about to present is called the "Great Escape."

First, I'll tie up my hands and feet.

Next, I'll go into this box.

His script sucks. I can tell he's going to suck, too.

Then I'll close the box.

And wrap it up with chains.

Around and around.

Then I will escape from this box in three minutes! And then,

my assistant... Jessie...

She will stab this box, here and there and everywhere.

He'll die, for sure.

Entry No. 2, Rika Hoshino, Freshman, Class 3.

Kokomi will win, for sure.

You should enter. You're hot.

What? I am not a student here.


The Dark Reunion is planning to destroy this festival and then, the world.

Their goal is to destroy the earth from the beginning.

I don't have time for this...

Please vote for me.

Now all the contestants have introduced themselves.

Next is the swimsuit competition.

What do you think so far, Mr. Headmaster?

Quite arousing.

What about Kokomi?

How about you, our super judge of Miss PK.

Special Student Judge, Miss Teruhashi?

Everyone's so pretty and cute.

It's hard to choose.


Guess what this is.


Now I'll tie my hands and feet.

If he dies, next year's festival will be cancelled for sure.

It's too tight!


Now my hands and feet are tied.

I'm entering the box!

I'm going in!

And now...

Wait. Let me finish before closing the door.

And, close the door.



Is he okay? I heard him say, "Wait..."

He's pounding the box from the inside. This is bad.

3 minutes to escape.

2 minutes to escape. It's Matsuzaki.

I guess he's checking for trouble.

1 minute to escape.

30 seconds to escape.

This is scary!

20 seconds to escape.

He's going to die.

10 seconds to escape.

Someone's going to die.

I'll get you out...

He's better than I thought.

I have to wait 10 minutes before I can teleport myself again.

Okay, I'll insert the sword into the box.

I have no interest in a swimsuit contest without Kokomi.

Why? Because my name is Ebony Wings! I have to battle the Dark Reunion.

You must be Ebony Wings.

Who are you...?

You know us... Dark Reunion.


Is he okay?

Are you kidding me?

Now we'll drop the box from a crane 30 meters high.

Then the box will fall.

No way!

I can't teleport for another 5 minutes.

Drop it!

I don't know if this will ever be useful, but here's how you'd avoid injury in this situation.

How to avoid injuries Jump.

Wait! Did he really escape?

Don't worry. He did.

Next, we'll burn the box!

His mom is an amazing assistant.


Come to think of it, the queen in that Disney film did this.

A waste of a good trick.

Now we'll crush the box with a steamroller!

Watch this, you punks!

Mom, you're good.

10 minutes must have passed by now.

"Due to the image being too exciting, it must be blurred"

Where is... Uryoku Chono?!

I'm here.


It's not over yet!

Now, the entire school will take part in my grand illusion tour!

5 seconds later, and I would've been dead.

What are you looking at?

Saiki isn't here.

Why am I even judging this contest then?


So this is your hideout!

You're here, Ebony Wings.

I'm the cross-chaser, Moonlight Butterfly.

Search your memory.

So you're Moonlight Butterfly.

Do you remember the password?

You are Ebony Wings.


Did you forget the ritual?

Oh, yeah.


What do you know about me?

I was once a Class A Dark Reunion warrior.

I uncovered the "Extermination Plan" the true goal of the Reunion.

I stole the Stone of Destruction, which is critical to the execution of the plan.

Then, I fled the union.

But! I was chased down and forced to use the forbidden "phantom spell" to become a spirit.

I entered the body of Shun Kaito.

I know everything.

I see.

So you were waiting to destroy the traitor under the guise of the school festival.


You can still return to the union.

No thanks.


The time has finally come to use the force within my arm!

You think you can harm us?


Come on, everybody!!

PK Festival practice, the PK 10K Marathon will begin!

A marathon at a school festival? Aren't they held at sports festivals?

I've never heard of a 10K Marathon at a sports festival either!

Our class held a rock exhibition.

I thought of the marathon so we could do something active.

Yes, a marathon!

Who's gonna run? What's so fun about running by yourself?

By myself?

Look behind you!



"Winner gets to stare at Kokomi Teruhashi for 10 minutes!"

Not even a chat and a handshake?

Just 10 minutes of staring?

I'm in!

It's time!

The thrilling battle begins now!

The Annual PK Festival...

It's not annual.

...10K Marathon. Go!

Someone will get hurt. All they see is Kokomi.

I'll have to follow them.

I can't believe all these people would do this to stare at Kokomi.

Hey, you! Be careful!

I guess I can leave it to Hairo.

You won't win if you're worried about everyone else.

I'm just happy to be able to take part in the PK Marathon.

So you won't mind if I take first place?

Okay. Let's run together.


Nendo... in first place...




I'll never allow it!

Hey, let's run together.

"Letter of Challenge"

Bring it on.


To bring down the Reunion, you need the seven sacred balls scattered throughout the campus.

We came to eradicate the only thing that could destroy us.

Then I'll collect them first and destroy you all!

No! Anything other than this!

If we're exposed to the light emanating from those balls...

You've leaked some very sensitive information to Ebony Wings!

Stop him! Stop Ebony Wings!

This looks like an ordinary shoe cubby.

One, two, three... See it?

I sense trouble brewing around here.

Although preparation is commendable.

I'm opening it.

You stuffed the box with doves.

But they're so crammed.

Students are running recklessly in the marathon.

Alert security to prevent an accident! Please deploy more guards.

It's a bit late for that.

I must take the first place.

I will win the game.

I'm a man who lives to win!

No one's coming.

If I get serious, no one can beat me!

I'll be the first to cross the finish line!

Hey, Hairo. I said, let's run together.

You took off when I went to buy a drink.

What? He went to buy a drink and still caught up?

He's not even panting or breaking a sweat!

In uniform, no less?

He went to buy a drink. Maybe he's dehydrated...

Corn chowder?

Ahhh. Nice and warm.

Why does he need something warm?

I refuse to lose!

I cannot lose!

Hey, let's run together.

10K is long. Even the thought of staring at Kokomi isn't enough.

Tired people, how can they try their best?

So he'd be the only guy who'd still be running hard...

He doesn't even see the signal.

I ran too fast.

I sprinted all the way. I'm at my limit!

How did he catch up?

You're sweating like a pig. Are you okay?

Did you catch a cold?

How could I run like this with a cold?

You should hydrate. I bought you a drink, too.

He went to buy more drinks? And he still caught up?


Warm bean soup?

I see the finish line.

I'll drink it, then.

Where should we go afterwards? Class 5 will go to the haunted house?

Why? He's running backwards and he's still beating me!

Class 2 has cross-dressing waitresses. Sounds fun, huh?

Nendo. You're so dense. Be a good guy and let him win.

At this rate, I'll lose to a guy running backwards.

Kineshi Hairo, the super athlete is going down!

Look, the sumo wrestler!


I won!

Your butt's showing.

Are you happy, Hairo?

Saiki, what were you doing?

Just hanging out.

The beauty contest just ended. I was a special guest judge.

That's nice.

I'm cuter than any of them. She won by default.

Good job.

Want to go to the haunted house?

You should let Hairo stare at you. He won, after all.

Or get something to eat?

Let Hairo stare at you.

Maybe not.

You lied to me.


Where's Kuboyasu?

Why isn't he where we told him to be?

He must have chickened out.

He doesn't have the guts.


They'd never recognize me. I look so different.

What are you doing, Kaito?

You don't need to know.

This... for my battle with the Dark Reunion.

What are you looking at?

Hey you with the bowling balls.

Do these look like bowling balls to you?


You don't need to know.

I'm going to battle the Dark Reunion with these.

What the hell?

Photo! It's here Have you seen this guy? You know him?


His name is Kuboyasu.


That's him!

Kaito! Hurry up! Go defeat the Dark Reunion.


You really disguised yourself good, Kuboyasu.

I don't have time to play with you guys anymore.

What?! Come play with us!

Everyone put a lot of work into their booths.



I feel sparks of trouble smoldering everywhere.

I have to do something.

But Kokomi is in my way.

I must pretend to be very scared at the haunted house.

I'm cute, sweet and perfect. I'm very timid.

How unexpectedly adorable!

In the haunted house, when I get scared, I expect an "Oh WOW."

By the time we're done, I should have at least 30.

Cute girls who are afraid of ghosts are normal.

Kokomi, that's actually quite common.

"Haunted House"

Oh, no! I'm already scared!

That's good for 8 "Oh WOW."

No reaction!

That same, cool expression!

How can you be so cool with a cute girl like me nearby? Impossible.

Did you practice being stoic and strong for me?

Did you spend 3 nights in an abandoned hospital and 3 nights in a cemetery?

5 continuous nights listening to ghost stories?

The door opened...

I wanted to push him backwards, but when I tried...

Did you go through all that stoicism training for me?

It's possible! Impossible.

You even saw that girl coming out of the well with the long hair and white dress.

You went to that dark place so you could protect me!

It's possible!


Go ahead and protect me, Saiki.

As soon as I enter the haunted house I'll show you "scared" expression that you've never seen before.

Then you can protect me all you want.

Shall we go in?

If I say "Oh WOW", will you let me go?

Let's go in together.

Nendo. I thought you were in the 10K.

I was. It is finished.

Aren't you tired? Maybe you should rest...

Not at all. So tough!

I'd rather go to the haunted house with you and say, "Oh WOW."

Wow, thanks!

You always say "Oh WOW" anyway. Even in the hallway.

Let's go in together, Nendo.

Sure, bro!

Oh wow.

Oops, we're not even inside yet.

This is scary.

To me, haunted house is not scary.

Normal people see things in a haunted house like this.

I see it like this.

I see people in weird costumes hiding and waiting.

That's my haunted house.



It's pitch black! I'm scared.

They say, "Leave your pride at the door in a haunted house."

I'll use the old trick of acting scared and falling into the guy's arms.

That's worth at least 50 "Oh WOW."

I'm so scared. Oh WOW.

Why does she want "Oh WOW" so badly?

I'm scared.

The ghost fainted.

How can I pretend to be scared if you've fainted?

Look! Some props.

Let's scare the ghosts!

Sounds fun, right?

Saiki, you're going to join him?

If the ghosts are scared of you, how am I going to pretend to be scared?

That's enough. Let's go wash up.

Sure, bro.

Nendo... you third wheel.

Just started, I hear extremely brutal fighting going on somewhere.

I have to stop them.

If Matsuzaki sees that...

These are Nendo's glasses.

Looks good on me, eh bro?

What? Give them back, idiot.

Oh no!

Too late.

I wear that pair of glasses most of the time not to correct my vision.

But to suppress a certain power.

Any living thing that looks at me...

...turns to stone.

I had to reverse the process.

My first thought was to turn back time.

But that's no good.

Dead things remain dead, even if I turn back time.

The easiest way is to wait.

He'll be human again in 24 hours.

But... but!

Where should I keep him for 24 hours?

Where would something like this look natural?

I know!

"Interesting Rock Formations on Campus"

In fact, there is nothing wrong.

Quite superb.

Hello? Ku-chan?

Your glasses? You lost them?

You have a spare set in the room?

I'll try to find them.

But you know I hate doing that more than I hate cockroaches.


Can't find them!

She didn't even look.

What's up, Saiki?

A cockroach!

Is that a celebrity? Whoa!

I have to find a place where I won't see anyone.

We're starting now.

What's going to happen?

Can you take a guess?

Weird props.

Can you guess?

A gym storage room should be safe during the festival.

Why are you here?

I have to do something.

Embarrassed? Show you're embarrassed at Level 5.

Of course! We're all alone in a storage room.

What are you doing here?

No! If he find out this is my plan, everything will be ruined.


It's the crowds. Very noisy, I feel tired.

Can you leave?

Please leave.

What do you mean?

Suddenly I feel like I'm a comic girl.

He must be too nervous.

It's possible.

You've never read "Strobe Edge" or "Aoharaido" or any of those mangas!

You're too shy, he could not do the wall-smack.

So it is...

No such thing.

If I do the wall-smack, the building would collapse.


I'll wait until my glasses arrive. I'll stay here.

So this is it!


What are you doing?

I was just...

Playing lifting weight. Liar.

Badgered. Liar.

Lend me your glasses.

These aren't for looking good. They're pretty strong.

That's even better. Hurry.

I can't.

You eyes would turn into "3"



I can't see.

I can't see anything.

Thanks. I don't have time. Have to clear as soon as possible.

No time?

Matsuzaki's coming.

Did you appear out of nowhere?

No. Your myopia is really deep.

You wait and see!

They actually say that in real life.

What did you just do?

I've just reversed time and unharmed your body, but it only remains for one day.

They'll be covered in bruises again tomorrow.

What did you do?

Listen! Do not fight! This will cause trouble.

We weren't fighting.

I know everything. But I won't tell anyone.

Don't worry. Like the fact that you were a thug at school.

I'm not a thug!

Sorry, a little bit closer.

We were just playing around and it got out of hand.

Although there is a little trouble...

I'm just an ordinary high school kid with ordinary dreams.

I want to marry a girl right out of high school and live in a crummy apartment with a pet cat.

I'd be a truck driver.

Typical thug.

And on the weekends, we'd wear matching sweats and go shopping.

And when we have a kid, we'd drive a compact car with a sheepskin dashboard, and leopard print steering wheel.

Barefoot, of course.

Super typical thug.

My kid will have long hair and grow up.

And I'd name him


And if it's a girl...

There must be a word with 'Marine'.

Typical thug. This thug is too perfect.

Why would I be a thug?

I'd never fight.

Never! Ever!

What are you guys doing?


Sexual misconduct is prohibited, even amongst boys!

Don't worry.

Don't give him that look. You'll get into another fight.

I can't help it. I can't see.

Sorry. I'll give them back soon.

I have glasses, maybe I can "aport."


"Aport: The ability to interchange and teleport similar items"


Good. Aside from the sudden deluge of stone statues, I don't feel any trouble smoldering.

I can finally relax.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Fine.

The upperclassmates are hosting a "couples game."

Are you kidding? If I couple up with Kokomi, I'd be the center of attention.

I just want to hang out.

Kokomi Fan Club!

This is bad.

Iron-clad rule No. 1!

Anyone who gets close to Kokomi Teruhashi will be purged!

She's getting close to me.

Saiki, you're getting awfully close to Kokomi today.

That's unacceptable to the Club!

We hate you!

Your passion is refreshing.

Saiki, do you know what this is?

Middle School Syndrome?

At the school's opening ceremony, I coincidentally sat next to Kokomi and she shook my hand.

I haven't washed it since then.

That's gross.

Even when I bathe or use the toilet, I keep it from ever getting wet.

That's disgusting.

It has Kokomi's scent...

That's your smell from not washing.

Saiki! Look at this!

"Kokomi is my life"

What? You won't be allowed into the pool.

Do you know what this is?

My feelings for Kokomi were so powerful that these characters just appeared on my back!

Don't lie.

So we're going to purge you, Saiki!

I'm glad that you care for me.

I'm super happy.


Run, Saiki!



We'll be safe here.

We were here earlier.

They'll never find us here.

Did you hear that?

What? Oh, no!

We're locked inside!

Can't open an automatic locking door?

I've never heard of a door locking from the inside automatically.

Too bad.

We're totally isolated!

Your weakness.

These balls are your Achilles' Heel, Dark Reunion!

I've finally found all seven!

Point those balls at us, and we'll turn into black smoke!

Stop! Our plan is not over.

I have to stop you.

You don't have to act so panicked out.

We're all alone again. Your heart must be pounding out of your chest.

You don't even know it was all part of my master plan.

I plotted meticulously to get you alone during the festival.

First, I got the Kokomi Fan Club to evoke the Dark Reunion to make Kaito play the stupid dragon ball game.

I suggest Hairo to join marathon and let him suffer from heat stroke.

I didn't expect Nendo to be so tenacious and not suffer from heat stroke.

This is unexpected, but I don't know why he was missing.

I wrote a Letter of Challenge so Kuboyasu would get into a fight.

And finally, I got the Fan Club to pretend to purge you and drive us into this room, then seal the lock with Super Glue!

The windows are sealed, too!

I even changed the windows to bullet-proof glass.

I didn't expect you to catch me making my preparations.

This is something I didn't expect.

But your heart was beating so fast, you didn't even notice!

You walked right into my trap!

Now we're in this typical girls' manga-type of situation.

It's worth at least 100 "Oh WOW!"

A perpetrator's inner monologue. That's the first time I ever heard.

I can break through the sealed doors and bullet-proof glass easily, but not in front of her.

There's no way out.

What shall we do?

This is bad.

Where's Kuboyasu? We want Kuboyasu!

Kuboyasu is here.

But he's an honor student. He'd have nothing to do with you!

Kuboyasu beat up our guys.

That's impossible!

He's a quiet, bespectacled...

There he is!

Hey, Kuboyasu, we need to clear up this...



What? What's going on? I can't see!

I can't see clearly, I can't see...

I have not seen a student like you I don't get it! I don't understand!

Where's my glasses...

"Balls to Defeat the Dark Reunion"

Take this!

Bring chaos into this world!

This is bad. A life-or-death situation.

I can teleport, but not with Kokomi here.

But there is a way.

I can turn back time and send those thugs into yesterday.

But time travel is risky. Send everyone back to yesterday.

Especially for such a large group. My powers will max out.

What should I do?


You messed with our guys!

Go to hell!

Bring it on, punks!

Oh my god.

Could it be...


What's wrong?

What have happened to you, Saiki?

He must be too nervous to being with me alone.

It's possible!

What should I do?

I didn't realize he cared for me that much...

Why is his hair pink, anyways?

"Saiki's 'hypnotic' effect over Kokomi is broken while he is unconscious."

And... what's this?

Chief! What's causing this? Report now!

Cause not known, sir.

This is unprecedented.

Remaining systems completely failed.

Get it to the President now.

What's going on?

God damn it.

Chief! What did you just say?

I told you.

This world is coming to an end.

Great! System is back online. Well done.

Sorry. It's going to be fine.

Wow. This is definitely implanted.

System is down again.

Everyone find the cause now!

Are you okay, Saiki?


Did you take it?


Give it back.

It's gone.

Give it back without touching my hand.

Don't touch me again or you'll disappear.

It's gone!

It's really gone!

Does this work?

Of course not.

Oh, no!

Look, this room is freezing.

It's a glitch. The power is growing stronger, but it's warped.

I can't control it.

I'm freezing.


It's like that Disney movie.

Kind of fun.

This is no time for fun.

We're not on earth anymore.

It's dangerous to scramble around looking for it.

Get out of my way! Go Away!


Bring chaos into this world!

Dark Reunion!

If only I had my antenna, I could save us.

I'm cold... Saiki.

Saiki are we going to die?

Be strong.


As long as I'm with you...

She fell asleep... or fainted.

We're in space. The air is thin.

It's do or die...

If I mess up, the school will crumble and we'll become cosmic waste.



Could anyone give me hint...

If I landed on the wrong place, we'll be in big trouble.

Someone, be my beacon and guide the way?


It's no use...

I have no power left.

The air is thin.

And it's cold.


Someone... help...


We're saved.

"The next day..."

I have nothing but good feelings about today.

Look! It's a good omen!

How much tea did she put in order to get this result?

Look! A crane and turtle!

That's obviously a lie.

Go and enjoy the festival.

I'm leaving.

Because of what have happened, I had to use all my power to rollback one day, and everyone's memory along with it.

"PK School Festival"

So what does that mean?

I have to relive all the craziness I just went through to ensure there won't be any trouble.

Just thinking about it is depressing.

All right! Let's huddle up!



Let's make this festival a success!



Kento Yamazaki Kanna Hashimoto

Hirofumi Arai Ryo Yoshizawa Hideyuki Kasahara Kento Kaku Murotsuyoshi Jiro Sato

Original Story: "SAIKl KUSUO NO SAINAN" Shuichi Aso (SHUEISHA Inc., Weekly Shonen JUMP)

Music: Eishi Segawa

Production Company: Plus D Inc.

Produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment & Nippon TV Screenplay and Directed by Yuichi Fukuda

© Shuichi Aso/Shueisha ©2017 "Psychic Kusuo" Film Partners