Sairat (2016) Script

Catch, catch... Bowling, bowling.

Listen, bowler!

Stop the match! Hello! Billy Bowden!

Power's back on.

Get the sound system going first.

Where are you looking at, you moron?

Where's the sound guy?

- Come, quick. You should go.

Hello, hello.

Hello, hello. Mike testing 1-2-3-6... 1-2-3-6.

You dope head, move!

Who's that moron?

Is he Mahdya's?

Get rid of him. What the hell do you want? Buzz off.


- Damn! Bowling.

Mangesh Mohite-Patil has missed again! Big time!

So, after a long load shedding interval we welcome cricket fans political leaders, dope heads and petty thieves to Bitter Village Premier League cricket tournament.

Being played on this international stadium on behalf of Bitter village council.


Told you not to send him! He's just swinging blind.

Just once.

Even a dog lets go of a bone if heckled!

But Mangesh Mohite-Patil won't let go of the bat.

Prashant Kale, wherever he is report to the commentary box.

Winning team will receive the cash prize of 11,111 rupees at the hands of our favorite leader the Sugar Baron Honorable Tatyasaheb Patil and the second prize of 7,777 is being sponsored by country liquor dealer, reputed citizen Mr. Chagan Choudhary.

Mangesh Mohite-Patil is a street fighter. He can sure hit a blow but on the cricket field, he has not been effective.

45 runs in 27 balls and Mangesh Mohite-Patil has been hitting and missing.

Huge body but no swing.

Bowling, bowling.


Mangya, you dope head! Get bat on ball at least!

He's too fast, man! How can I hit?

You can't even touch bat on ball.

What right do you have to live? Fatso!

He said he could play.

And you believed this moron?

Mangya, come on, man! You can see for yourself.

Don't swing the bat before you see the ball.

You just watch now. The next ball is a sixer.

You'll get us in trouble.

Last ball, hit it out or get out.

101 rupees prize for that guy.

Where's Parshya? No idea.

If Mangesh hits a six, our young leader Nagesh Dada Zanzurne has announced a cash prize of 101 rupees.

And if Balasaheb Bansode hits a six he will be awarded a tricycle right on the pitch.

What are you saying, man!

A chance to win 11,000 rupees!

When his team is in need, why has the captain fled? Indeed!

Have you seen Parshya? No.

Players should work on their practice and Captains should not ditch their teams like this.

And if no one cares. Just stop this nonsense!

You moron! Who'll look after the cows? Your father?

The cattle's roaming the farms out there!

Hello, Ms. Sakuna!

He's our Billy Bowden. Let him stay.

Billy Bowden, my foot!

Billy has to take care of the damn cattle.

Even fathers of two kids are playing like kids out here.

Put it down, Aani. I'll do it myself.

Put it down there. I'll pull.

Parshya. Hang on.

Put it down properly.

Damn it! And you are the captain!

So let the captain have some water.

Look at that. She's gone.

All right. Let's go.

You couldn't get water at the game?

You should have opened the innings, but you disappeared.

We are seven down. Mangya's batting. He's killing us.

Play the music! Welcome them!

Young leadership of the village also known as the roaring tiger.

Our leader, our staunch support Maharashtra's future, Prince-Dada Patil has materialized on the stadium. Let's hear it for him.

I request Prince-Dada and Aaba to please climb up the ladder.

Someone hold the ladder, man.

I request him to come to the pavilion

and take his designated seat.

Welcome him with a round of applause.

This is tough final game between Bitter village and Bad boys.

Not easy to beat the Bad boys.

And suddenly Prashant Kale has arrived on the ground.

He's late, but he's at least here.

One shot... Mangya, get out of here.

Just one more, please.

Move it.

Just one... Go and rest.

What a snob!

Parshya, you are our only hope.

Hit some fours and we'll surely win.

Don't worry about it. I am here now. Okay.

Come on.

Dhoni of Bitter village. Hit a six, Parshya.

All-round player.

Prashant Kale.

Now let us see what Prashant Kale can do for his team.

One fight, atmosphere tight! And it's a four!

Our drums and players can beat any cheer girl any day.

A four in Billy Bowden's unique style.

Parshya, you did it!

Don't look with spite. This tiger's hit with might.

Number one flames and smoke together! And it's a blast.

We are winning! The batting side looks happy.

Prashant Kale has brought his team to the brink of victory with some excellent hitting.

Hit him out of the park!

Two balls four runs.

Let's see. Prashant Kale is on strike.


You miss you lose, you hit you win.

And it's a six! Get some hooch!

And in this close match, Ghatak team of Bitter village has won.

Bitter village is the first team to win this tournament in our district.

Let's put our hands together for them, especially the captain.


Runner-up trophy I request the lady to present it.

Tatyasaheb has arrived on the scene.

Come hail or high water Tatyasaheb is a man of his word.

Tatyasaheb has made a dashing entry.

And his Guru Maithunanda Maharaj is also with him.

All other leaders in the constituency have gone to the festival of dancing girls.

But we are proud that Tatyasaheb chose to come here, a small cricket function instead of enjoying the folk dance fest.

He has the heart of a lion.

I invite the winning captain, Prashant Kale to the stage.

A trophy to appreciate his efforts.

His Highness Sage Mithunanda Maharaj.

Town Council Chief Sonal ma'am and my sportsmen friends.

This is not a political platform, I am well aware.

But Mr. Satpute mentioned something.

He gave me his best wishes.

I tell you I don't really need them. The opposition needs them.

Tell him, don't give the trophy, give away your daughter.

He might hear us.

What did he say? Nothing. Just look that way.

Big damn mouth and their behinds take a beating!

I tell you loud and clear!

This election, the opposition will be buried six feet under.

Everyone knows about the murk under their collective behind!

Never mind about ruling the constituency learn to control your women first!



When did you get here? Just now.

I was thinking of you.

Me too a whole bunch. Hey...


They'll all wake up.

Shut up. You are a pussy. No one will wake up.

Speak softly... They are fast asleep. Shut up.

They are sleeping. Just shut up. Archie...

Give me a smooch. What?

A smooch, give me a kiss. Oh, they'll all wake up!

Shut up, you coward... Archie...

Archie, they'll wake up...

We'll wake them.

They'll wake up! Please don't.

They'll wake up. We'll wake them.

He already woke us up.

They'll wake up.

What's he worried about now?

Just kick him and wake him up.

They'll all wake up.

Bro, wake up! Brother.

I don't know what's gotten into him!

How come you get all these erotic dreams?

I keep thinking of such things day and night.

I never get dreams like you.

What were you saying in your sleep last night?

Concentrate on your studies.

Find a white-collar job.

Don't just fish around like us.

Make way, guys! Here I come!

Taking your soap, mate.

What are you gals doing here? Waiting for you.

♪ I can't sleep night after night... ♪

Mangya, out!


All of you!

Come on, guys.

Come on, guys!

Let's get out of here. Come on.

Mangya, wait... Dope head, get out of there.

Mangya, wait.

You got water in your goddamn ears?

Sankya, at least you wait up.

You understand Marathi or you want it in English?

You dim-witted, get the hell out.

Just a second.

Archie, I think he has a hole in his undies.

Get my clothes too.

Come on, Sapna, jump in.

Hello, hello, Chennai Express!

He just won't stop. Get back!

Back off!

All soaped up and all.

Buzz off!

He was hiding all soaped up, I think.

Damn Archie kicked his soapy behind.

Wait up, we'll swim after she's gone.

You guys carry on. I'll be right back.



What does the cripple want?

What's up?

Mangya's well... Swim... I was swimming...

What's wrong with him?

What's he all soaped up for?

Archie... She came and kicked me out.

Hey crippie, can't hear you!

The cripple's lost it.

Something bit him or what?

Can't you hear, damn it!

What's he saying?

Archie's out there!

Archie's at the well.

She forced all guys out! Me too!

♪ I've gone insane. ♪

♪ Lost in your thoughts, gone completely insane. ♪

♪ Smells like musk in the sugarcane. ♪

♪ And the wind has a candied taste. ♪

♪ The moon shows up during the day ♪

♪ and its dusk in broad daylight. ♪

♪ The mind desires and the heart flutters. ♪

♪ The heart has gone insane. ♪

♪ Lost in your thoughts, gone completely insane. ♪

♪ Smells like musk in the sugarcane. ♪

♪ And the wind has a candied taste. ♪

♪ Can't say what's on my mind. ♪

♪ The heart just churns up inside. ♪

♪ It runs hither, it runs tither ♪

♪ and comes back to square one. ♪

♪ I am all dressed up, rushing out to see you ♪

♪ forgetting all blushes and flushes. ♪

♪ I am also baffled, all muffled ♪

♪ utterly lost for you. ♪

♪ A strange new yearning is born. ♪

♪ The mind desires and the heart flutters. ♪

♪ The heart has gone insane. ♪

Where did this thing fall from?

You out!

Sorry, sorry.

You, sorry moron.

Just get out! I didn't know.

I never saw you.

You jumped with closed eyes, did you?

You can see now, right?

Out now!

What did Archie say? She said get out.

♪ I just don't get it ♪

♪ this new inferno within. ♪

♪ Yet this beautiful ache ♪

♪ is my only mate. ♪

♪ The night is enlightened ♪

♪ by this bright ardor of love. ♪

♪ I invite them stars ♪

♪ each and every night. ♪

♪ Sleep's all but gone and dreams take their own flight. ♪

♪ And the small little bird's taken on the deep blue skies. ♪

Goddamn it!

She can beat any Bollywood heroine!

Thank God! Lucky I didn't fall.

Why do you have to bring this beast to college?

When did you get here, Sapna? Just now.

You got this big bike.

My name is Salim Sheikh.

My hobby is driving and I work in a garage.

Look at him, guys.

He works and also pursues education.

I am Archana Patil.

I got 55 percent in 12th grade.

I like to swim.

To watch movies.

I like to ride my bullet too.

What else?

What? How would I know?

You are impossible.

Okay, that's it. Thank you.

My name is Pradeep Bansode.

I like to read. Hey...

I swear I do.

And in 12th, I...

Sir, he didn't say how much he scored in 12th.

Loudly, boy! Everyone should be able to hear.

36 percent.

Sir, my name is Prashant Kale.

I too like to read.

No, I really like to read.

Also like to write poems.

To play cricket.

And to swim too.

And in 12th, you know, I got 72 percent.

How much? 72? Too loud, Archie.

He's got 72 percent.

He's the one who fell in the well, right? Hmm.

He turned out to be a smart one.

Who asked you to bring such a monster?


Everyone's staring at us.

I am never going to ride with you!

Mangya, come here.

This fatso can start it? Can he start it?

He can?

Parshya, go.

Or should I?

With those crooked limbs?

Get off, I'll do it.

Can he?

Tell him...

Get your hand off.

It'll fall down. Get down.

Wasn't it? That was some kick, man?

Right... Kick of the century.

Why did you take the Bullet?


I don't take it every day now, do I?

I had to go out.

Yeah, right! Like you have to work!

Don't ever touch my bike again, I am telling you.

Don't make a big deal about it.

You should've taken the tractor if you were in such a hurry.

Who goes out in a tractor?

Your pop?

Give me the key.

What do you want? Gutkha (Tobacco).

How many? Two.


Pour it in.

Coming to the college tomorrow? Sure.

Who'll manage the garage? My dad.

Sure? Or he'll take you to task.


Stay away from Archie.

If she tells her folks, they'll bury you alive.

Never you mind.

Better to die for Archie than by chewing tobacco.

I'm worried about you and you want to mess with me.

Parshya, aren't you scared?

I get goose bumps just with the thought of looking at her.

Me too.

But it's a very sweet kind of goose bumps.

Hmm, the sweet kind.

The cripple's going the same way as you.

Parshya, enough. You'll break your neck.

Come on. Let's go.

He was staring at my face like he could eat me!

Archie, run!


I am not out. You're out.

Shut your trap, just play.

Kho... Such a spoilsport.

Got her!


Archie, enough. You are out.

She's staring at us, she looks really mad.

She's coming here! Just stay here.


We are dead meat.

What are you looking at?

Nothing. Watching the game.

Like hell! You've been watching me with those wide eyes.

How do you know I was looking at you?

I saw you with my eyes.

Why are you looking at me? You don't look.

I'll look at you or do what I feel like.

So will I.

If you don't like, don't look.

I never said I don't like.

What's wrong with you?

You didn't get what she said?


She said, 'I never said I don't like.'

It means she likes you.

Shut up, you cripple, don't talk crap.

Damn you! I am crippled in my legs not my ears.

I swear she said!

The cripple has gone nuts.

Don't give us crap! Come on.

I and L there...

Done. Search now.


A whole bunch of Archana Patils' here.

Can't see our Archie in here.

Pull down.

There are some actresses.

Do what you are told, mate. Don't go for actresses.

Can't find her.

Maybe she isn't on Facebook.

What now?

You think Sapna's there?

Sapni! Damn!

Salya, you think Archie will like me?


But if she says anything at home, we are dead meat.


Look at what she's sent him!

A love letter?

She sent him her nails!


He is crying.

What was I thinking?

Sapna and a cripple like me? Ha!

Too much!

Forget it!

Has he gone totally nuts?

Hello! I said hello!


Come on, guys.

That's life in a nutshell. After defeat, there's a triumph.

What's up, bro?


I fell flat on my face. But your story is different.

Yours is a done deal.

Archie won't say no to you. Take my word for it.

Yeah, right! Put crap in his head too.

Have you seen the way she looks at him?


Let's send her a letter. To hell with what happens!

But how do we give her a letter?

Faster, faster!

You guys didn't eat today? Yeah, we did just for you.

Say stop sometime, will you now!

What else do we need to do, Parshya?


Parshya has given you a letter.

A letter?

Ask him, why me? Go.

Archie said...

Archie said...

"Why did you send the letter for me specifically?"



Parshya said "I like you."

It means he likes you, that's why he sent you a letter.

Archie said "Why me?"

You just lick away.

He gave you the letter that's why he likes you.

He loves you and so he gave you a letter.

Are you done?

Archie says "What if I don't take the letter?"

Are you taking the letter or not?

Dear me!

What's gotten into him? What if I don't take it?

Why did he run? Let him go.

Don't pick it up, Archie.

No, don't take it.

Let's go.

She picked it up! Damn!


In our class today they're going to teach how to write a letter.

It's a special skill to write letters.

A damn difficult job.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't write a letter.

Very important to express what's in your heart isn't it, Parshya?

"You don't need to be single anymore" - Prashant Kale.


Did you know?

They used to write letters even during King Shivaji's time!

That's nothing!

In the Stone Age, pigeons used to carry letters! Pigeons!

Pigeons can screw up.

They can deliver to wrong people.

Silence, please!

Parshya, what about your uncle's letter?

What letter?

You were waiting for your uncle's letter, right?

The letter... What uncle? What letter?

You have what 50 uncles?

You were expecting that letter, remember?

Okay, I got it. What about it?

You should've said "No, man." That was for Archie.

How would I know?

You come here and start bullshitting suddenly.

Okay, let's go, I'll fix it. What?

Just trust me. Go to Archie.

Where? Walk up to her.

Both of you. I am right behind you.



Parshya, wait up.

Here's your uncle's letter.

Just let go, man. She's not biting.

What can we do now!

Show me that note. What's it with you?

Parshya, show it to me. Mangya, why do you want it?

Archie's my uncle's daughter. Okay, so?

I'll break your bones if you look at her again.

Go to hell. Mangya, just let it go.

Get out of the way, crippie.

Hand it over. Don't touch me, Mangya.

Or what?

Don't touch me! I am telling you again.

Here again.

I'll beat you black and blue.

Mangya, let go. Mangya.

Mangya, let go! I am telling you nicely!

Let go! I'm telling you nicely. Move!

You... Mangya.

Let go, Mangya! Mangya!

Mangya! You cripple!

Mangya, back off!

Let go!


Let him go!

You understand Marathi or you want it in English? Let go!

You were saved this time. Next time.

Mangya, come here.

You so much as touch him again, I'll break your face.

Why do you care, Archie?

Why do I care?

Go ahead and touch him.

I'll show you how I care in English.

♪ A delicate beauty, be easy on her. ♪

♪ She's smitten. ♪

♪ He's here, he's here. ♪

♪ She's all flushed, she's all blushed just because he's here! ♪

♪ I thought I had it all sorted. ♪

♪ Yet now everything's pretty much thwarted. ♪

♪ I lost my heart I never knew when. ♪

♪ I thought I tried my best, but my heart was in a zest. ♪

♪ Why is it now that my heart has faltered? ♪

♪ My heart's pretty much startled. ♪

♪ Your call made it to me, echoing through all odds. ♪

♪ Blushing me a lovely pink. ♪

♪ I tried to hold it all in. ♪

♪ And tried to calm my heart. ♪

♪ But the whirlwind inside had a mind of its own. ♪

♪ And it's left me gasping for breath. ♪

♪ The eyes met, they saw, they fathomed. ♪

♪ The poor heart had to melt and souls met. ♪

♪ Why did the heart falter? ♪

♪ My heart's pretty much startled. ♪

♪ The heart is in a trance, it rebels, it calls out. ♪

♪ The fragrance of love brings in a novel gaiety. ♪

♪ Her heart desires... It has mischief. ♪

♪ It pesters but a sweet pester. ♪

♪ And she has gone insane for him. ♪

♪ It was a lost battle, my heart knows now. ♪

♪ The heart's pierced through and through. ♪

♪ My eyes were closed. ♪

♪ Boundaries defined. ♪

♪ I had held myself back. ♪

♪ It's all shattered now. ♪

♪ All's lost and love's the winner. ♪

♪ Defeat accepted, my heart just bows. ♪

♪ And you, my love, pulled me through. ♪ So we were learning about...

Sir, I have a stomach ache. May I go home?

Sir, he has a bad stomach ache. I'll take him home.

Please go.

She can't take her eyes off you. Damn!

Sir, Aani's stomach's started to hurt badly.

I'm fine.

Come on.

Archie, you bluff all the time.

She was just staring at you? Right at me!

Damn! Nonstop?

Of course! She was killing me with that look.

Direct! No blinking.

Even I started blushing!

She was like spellbound!

I missed it. I should've been there.

Of course. She didn't blink.

She wasn't even blinking.

No blinking at all! We finally got out of there.

He said he had a stomach ache. Of course.

What's up, ma?

Yes, thanks, dear.

Archie, why did you stop here?

Oh my! She's calling you ma!

Archie's here! She's right here. And she brought a tractor!

You're Patil's daughter, isn't it?

Yep! I am Archana Patil.

Just dropped the trolley at home.

I am driving this tractor straight down to the farm with Aani.

Is it? Yep.

Dear me! You drive that tractor like a man!

Yeah, I sure do. I ride a Bullet too.

Now straight to the farm from here. Good.

Is there water to drink? Water?

Get some water, dear.

You are cleaning up in such a hot sun?

I didn't clean up in the morning.

She's telling you guys!

Aani, want some water? No, let's hurry.

She's gone stark mad. Nutty as a fruitcake!

All right then, ma. Straight to the farm from here. Direct!

You are a brave girl, dear. Be careful. Yes.

I am going there all by myself. Is that so?

Yep. Okay then. Drive safe.

Let's go, quick.

Okay then, ma. Okay.

You sure she wants us to go there?

Do you have any bloody brains or not?

She needed to print an invitation card with your name?

Prashant, you are cordially invited to the farm!

She comes right to your home and says going to the farm.

So loud that the whole village knows.

Let's go. Let's see what happens.

Should we? Of course.

Let's do it.

Do it!

Ta-ta! Bye-bye! Bye!

Did she really ask us to come? Let's have a look first.

Maybe she wants to beat us up in the canes. Oh come on!

She's waiting for you!

You are late. It takes so long to get here?

You, yes. I am talking to you.

Me? Yes.

You know her? She's Aani.

Yes, I know her.

And he's that bangle-seller's son Salya, right?

Yes, Salim.

Who's this one?

Who? This cripple?

Is that what you call him? A cripple?

He must have a name surely.

Yes, I do. Pradeep.

Such a nice name and you say he's a cripple?

Better call him by his name.

Come, I'll show you our farm.

As far as your eye can see, it's all ours.

The whole field, we yield.

It's sugarcane here. Banana on the other side.

No one's around at the moment. They've all gone for lunch.

Aani, show us the farm on that side, will you?

What's wrong?

Aani was saying she'll show us the well on the other side.

I didn't say that.

Carry on. The other side is all ours too.

What are you looking at?



So what are you staring at me for?

I just can't believe it.

That I am here and that you are talking to me.

What's not to believe? I am here and I am real.

I swear I still don't believe it.


Nope. No?


You are a goner.

I never dreamed we would meet like this.

Archie, I really like you.

Yeah, I like you too.


Don't understand Marathi? You want it in English?

I love you.

Gimme your number. Sure, write it down.


15? Yes.


Okay, bye.


Not on silent, is it, Salya?

Full range and all that?

It's full range, man!

Parshya, it's Archie!

Give it to me, give it to me.

At least answer.


Do you have any brains?

Why did you have to dance for so long?

What if she doesn't call again?

Too long with the dance. Too long.

Yeah, all right! You shut up, smarty.

I didn't know it would disconnect so quick.

I'll kick your behind if it doesn't ring again.

No damn credit balance in his phone!

Parshya, I swear it's her now.

Hello. Where's the bike?

Here, it's your pop.

You've had the bike for ages. I'll bring it back.

The customer's hounding me. Yeah, Testing.

It's Archie. I swear on my mother now.

Hello. Hello.


What are you doing?

I've been waiting for so long for your call.

Why didn't you receive my call?

Did you eat? Not yet.

I'll eat after you eat.

You should eat.

No, you eat first.

I won't eat until you do. You first.

You first.

You understand Marathi or want it in English? You first.

Did you eat? And you?

Don't know how many times they eat!

You are an atheist? Really?

Hang up! Hang up!

Check out the clutch.

So do you miss me at all?


You'll get killed and get us killed too. Quiet.


I used to work for my father, to help him out.

Parshya, I need the phone. I want to call the customer.

Hang on, man.

That wasn't for you.

Depends. We catch maybe 5 or 10 kg fish.

Bring the phone to the garage when you get bored.

Anytime. I have all the time in the world.

You've been waiting for long?

Yeah... It's been... No, no!

Just got here.

Are you chewing tobacco?

What no? Your mouth looks full of that crap.

You swallowed it or what?

Don't eat crap like that.

No, no.

You chew it too? No, of course not.

Go spit it out!

For real? I swear I don't.

No, he doesn't. Both of us don't. We never ever.

You eat that crap again.

I'll tell you in pure English the consequences of having tobacco!

Come on, climb up.

You do it.

Even higher? Go on.

Nah, that small branch will break.

Why did you make me climb such a tree then?

The branch will break!

♪ The sky echoes soothing tones ♪

♪ something beautiful's happened today. ♪

♪ It's tiptoed into this heart ♪

♪ the first flush of love has had a sudden start. ♪

♪ What was hidden on the inside ♪

♪ has burst out in the open and I have your hand in mine. ♪

♪ And the heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ And the heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ It's all changed. ♪

♪ These are the winds of love. ♪

♪ A bewildered, bemused, young love. ♪

♪ The heart speaks through the lips ♪

♪ and I have your hand in mine. ♪

♪ The heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ The heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ The heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ That innocent smile ♪

♪ the beautiful first rays of the sun ♪

♪ and the adolescent heart are filled with love. ♪

♪ Your song echoes through mind and heart. ♪

♪ And my whole being is adorned with your beautiful tunes. ♪

♪ The sun, the wind, the moon and stars are adorned too. ♪

♪ And my life is now full of color, O my love. ♪

♪ Sufferings of life are now a past. ♪

♪ Just one look is sweet poison of love. ♪

♪ It thundered up in the skies ♪

♪ and poured down with a sweet beat. ♪

♪ The heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ The heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ The heart's gone into a wild frenzy. ♪

♪ The unthinkable has happened. ♪

♪ It all seems like a dream. ♪

♪ And feels like I am knotted with you for life. ♪

♪ The togetherness of seven lives ♪

♪ has been confirmed by the heart. ♪

♪ Have worshipped you like my God. ♪

♪ The seed of love has been sowed deep within ♪

♪ and the heart is drenched in love. ♪

♪ The stifling of dreams is in the distant past. ♪

♪ The world has lost in the face of love. ♪

♪ A flash of lightning's struck ♪

♪ and the great big skies have burst open with joy. ♪

We should have a small home right alongside a river.

Beautiful, soothing, flowing water.

A big garden in the front.

I'll work.

I'll cook.

I'll bring home wood for the kitchen.

I'll wait for you every day at the door.

I need to say everything? What do you like?

I like only you.

You are just too much.

There are many revolutionary and modern poets in Marathi also.

Dalit Poet Namdeo Dhasal and others were also modern poets.

What's your brother-in-law doing here?

Keshavsut has an amazing Marathi poem named as New Soldier.

He says, 'I'm a brave new soldier of this new age.'

'I'm ready to accept any challenge.'

'I am no Brahmin nor a Hindu I am not restricted to a sect.'

I didn't get it yet. Shush...

Don't talk on the phone. I'll call you back.

Don't talk on the phone, you idiot!

Stand up!

Can't you hear what I said?

Which class are you in? What's your name?

What's your name?

Prince is the name. Do what you can.

You hit a professor? You should be ashamed.

You stay out of it. Don't teach me.

Go to hell! You'll never learn, you dope head.

Look at you!

A direct tight slap?

Just like your grandpa.

Sit. So Aaba, what's happening?

All good.

Come, sir. Sit.

Have a seat.

Principal of our college.

And this is... Sathe... Marathi subject.

He's quite senior.

That's Lokhande. New joining. Hello.

He and Prince had a confusion yesterday.

I am telling you, my Prince can never control his anger.

I'll talk to him, carry on.

Listen, Principal sir.

Get him introduced to all my boys. Sure, of course.

So he also knows who's who.

So he won't get confused next time. Carry on.

Listen, sir.

Prince's birthday's coming up. Ask our staff for contribution.

Sure, will do it.

So we were talking about...

Archie, it's been three days since I met you.

It's been three days, not years.

For me even a minute is like a year.


I swear.

I simply can't live without you.

I want to see you.

It's Prince's birthday party tomorrow.

Let's meet then.

At your bungalow?


You'll give me a kiss?

You get here first, we'll see then.

I am serious, Archie.

You come over first, we shall see.


Just a minute.

Have been looking for you so long?

Who are you talking to on the phone?

It was a girlfriend.

How many other girlfriends do you have?

Always on the damn phone.

These things aren't good for a girl.

Come down.

Go I'll be there.

So? We go?

Mr. Pradeep?

Mr. Pradeep!

A special invite from our sister-in-law.

Let's have a blast.

Smoke and fire at the same time.

♪ Enough with you, my baby ♪

♪ I'm crazy and I want you to stay. ♪

♪ Don't leave me ever! ♪

♪ Enough with you, my baby ♪

♪ I'm crazy and I want you to stay. ♪

♪ Don't leave me ever! ♪

♪ The heart's beating mad and the cheeks are brightly lit. ♪

♪ The head feels light, love bug's bit. ♪

♪ The heart's beating mad and the cheeks are brightly lit. ♪

♪ The head feels light, love bug's bit. ♪

♪ I am restless and then I go all senseless. ♪

♪ I am here as a Majnu, just for you. ♪

♪ My heart's all racing, running amok like crazy. ♪

♪ It's zingy, zing. Zing all the way. ♪

♪ It's zingy, zing. Zing all the way. ♪

♪ It's zingy, zing. Zing all the way. ♪

♪ I can't hold on any longer. ♪

♪ I have your initials tattooed on my hand. ♪

♪ I can't hold on any longer. ♪

♪ I have your initials tattooed on my hands. ♪

♪ My hands are full of tattoos... ♪

♪ My hands are full of tattoos and I've travelled many miles. ♪

♪ I have shaved all clean and the perfume's mean. ♪

♪ Don't you see, I am the only one for you! ♪

♪ It's zingy, zing. Zing all the way. ♪

♪ It's zingy, zing. Zing all the way. ♪

♪ They all ask what day's the wedding ♪

♪ and the day when you would mother me kids! ♪

♪ They all ask what day's the wedding ♪

♪ and when would you mother my kids. ♪

♪ High on your love... ♪

♪ Throwing caution to wind, at your doorstep with a zing. ♪

♪ Have come from afar, just to see my star. ♪

♪ This techno parade has only your doorbell to ring. ♪

♪ It's zingy, zing. Zing all the way. ♪

♪ It's zingy, zing. Zing all the way. ♪

Is this your house?

Is this your house?

Which one is it? Move it.

Which one is your damn house? Is this the dump?

Cat got your tongue. Get your father.

Now! Call out to his old man!

Call out to his old man!

Wake up.

Make sure you leave the village tomorrow or I'll cut him into pieces.

What happened, Prince Sir? I beg your mercy for my son.

You filthy moron. Just do as you are told.

Your brat is trying to mess with us.

I won't keep him here.

I'll send him to Karmala tomorrow.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?


What have you done!

Let's go.

Why the hell did you mess with those upper caste folks?

Why the hell did you mess with them? Don't hit him.

What's the use of your education!

Let us live, you pig. Don't hit him.

Don't hit him.

They're brutes! Prince will kill him.

Take Salya to Karmala too.

He has been a pain in the neck.

Where the hell are you going now, Salya?

I'll bring back Parshya.

Let's go home, Parshya. Come.

Let's go.


My own son won't let me live in peace.

You carry on.

Go home. I'll take care.

I've given up. See if you can do something.

They expelled him and blotted his record.

Not fair for him. Of course not.

He wasn't the only one at fault. It was the girl too.

Whatever they say has to be done.

It's all a Patil rule, a dictatorship.

You slept with her, right? So just let her go.

The Patils' defile our girls all the time. What say, sir?

Sir, I never thought you would say that.

I love Archie.

It's disgusting what you said, sir.

Salya, you work in a garage, right?

Why do such filthy things? Better focus on your studies.

Instead you get involved in such dirty business.

Don't cry, Parshya.

I really miss Archie.

I can't live without her.

I just can't.

She's from a rich, upper caste family.

Forget about her now.

Listen to me, Parshya.

Let's not go so close to her house.

Come with me. Listen to me for once.

You just come with me.



So Prince sir, how's it going?

Let's not, Parshya... They'll kill us.

I need to just look at her once.

They are on time... Yes, they are.

Please come.

Please come.

Come on, man, let's go back to Karmala.

I can't live without her. Let me see her just once.

Too many people in there, Parshya.

Cover your head. Please.

You want me to beg?

You wait here. I'll go.

Listen, please, I beg of you. They'll kill you.

Let me go see her!

They'll kill us, our families too! Listen to me.

Go ahead. Ask any questions that you wish to ask.




Go on. Tell about your studies.

First year.

Favorite hobby?

You got here in quick time.

I found out too late.

He's traveled in the hot sun. Give him some water.

He's a Patil.

So, a Patil doesn't get thirsty?

I'll get it myself.

Who are you looking for?


It's you! He was beaten up because of you. Get out now.

Old woman, just shut up.

Get out.

Get out.

Let go! Let her go. Both of you go out!

I'll go out. I'll go and lock you in.


Where's your rascal son?

What's wrong, Prince Sir?

Shut the hell up. Tell me, where that fool is!

I don't want to live in that house.

They whipped me up too.

Parshya, I can't live without you.

Parshya, we can't stay here.

See what you can do about the road.


Oh God!

But where do we go?

Pune or Mumbai. Never come back to this hellhole.


I have a lot of money.


Let's get out of here before anyone sees us. Come on.

Hurry! Come on.

We don't know... No idea. Where are they?

That Patil's slut kidnapped our Parshya.

Watch what you say, you witch! Let's search.

You just shut up.

The kids tore the sheets and ran.

Ambadas is out looking for them.

Parshya, the bus for Pune comes here.

Over there! Yes...

You are Paru's son, aren't you? Me? No, no...


That old bird's gone crazy or what?

He's my mother's uncle! My mom's name is Paru.

We gotta run. Let's scram.

Water bottle.


They are not here. Did you find them?

You checked all buses? Yes.

Ask where the bus is going to.

Where's the bus going? Bittergaon.

Where? Bittergaon!

Come in.



Where are the kids?

I don't know.

Don't know?

They must have said something.

No, they didn't say. I was there just for a little while.


There must have been some talk.


Who is it?

A friend.

Let me see.

Let me see.

That's him. It's Salya. The bangle woman's son.

Talk to him.

Hello, Salya.

Mangya, how are things there?


Ask them where they are.

Mangya. Hello.

Where are you guys?

Still in the farm. Why?

Where exactly in the farm? Hello, Mangya.

Where exactly in the farm?

The number that you're trying to reach is currently switched off.

The number that you're trying to reach is currently switched off.

Let's hide in the canes tonight. We'll leave in the morning.

Come on.

The number that you're trying to reach is currently switched off.

Please try after some time.

Search every nook and cranny. Mangya, look there!

Pull up the sheets and look.

Anything, Mangya? Not here.


Get the bikes then. Let's go.

Mangya, you told them, didn't you?

This way... Go!

Let's take the motor boat.


Let's go to the other side. Get the bikes.


Who's there?

It's me. Salim.


Salim. Open the door first.

But where will you go?

So these two have an affair. Agreed.

You two?

Why are you running? Just like that?

Just because you are friends?

Listen to me, Salya.

You are my guests, my friends.

I won't betray your trust.

Movies and real life are totally different worlds.

This girl's father isn't just a nobody.

He's a very powerful man.

He'll find you wherever you hide.

What your parents teach you and the things you do!

Archie and I shall leave.

You guys go back home.

Let's go, Archie.

Don't be fools.

You'll get in a bad mess.

There it is. I said what I had to.

Now you guys decide.


You go home.

I am going with Parshya.

Where are you going?


What are you doing here?

We are going to our aunt's.

Get in the car.

Don't you understand?

Get in the car.

Come on. Move it...

Get him too. Take him too.



What is it, Mangya?

You signed that paper?

Yes, why?

They raped you, kidnapped you.

That's the case they've put up against them.

Parshya, Balya even their families.

What do you want?

Ashwini, get in here. Sir, sit down.

I kidnapped them. They didn't. Fine.

Whatever case you want to file, do it against me.

Let go!

Tatyasaheb, please sit.

I kidnapped them.

File a case against me! Let them go!

Sir, please sit.

Calm down, please.

I told you I'll let them go. Let them go!

I want to see them released! With my own eyes.

You want them free!

Okay, I'll do it. Sure.

Ashwini, release them.

I kidnapped them! All my fault. Sit down.

You witch! Shut up! It's okay.

People are watching. Calm down, sir. You heard him.

It's all right. Dear, you sit down. Sit down.

It's all right. Sit down.

Get them out first! Sure, sure.

Can you just listen? You want them to be released, right?

Let them go! I will.

Sit here.

Sit. I'll let them go. Let them go first.

Let me go.

Break their legs.

You cripple, come here!

Get up!

Stop the car! Don't stop!

Let him go!

Archie! Kadu, let him go!

Don't try to act smart! Let go!

Let him go!

Let him go!

Let him go!

Let him go!


Easy, Archie! Give me the gun. No playing with that.

Don't you dare! I'll shoot! Don't act smart. I warn you.


Don't move.

Parshya, let's go. Archie!



Where to?

How did you get injured?

How's he related to you?

How are you related?

Show me your ticket.

How can you travel ticketless?


Mineral water, please.


Come here.

Coward! It's done now.

You should've seen your face!

Get up.

Can we get a room? How many nights?

Looks like they are on the run. Say no.

Rooms are not available.

If not, your friend's ID proof will do.

Without ID proof, no room.

Let's go.

What did he say? They need ID too.

Hey, where are y'all from?

Who are you guys? Let's go to the police station.

Let go... Move it.

Keep going.

Let go!

Let go.


Leave me!

Let go.

Let go!

Let go!

What's going on there?

What's going on there?

Mind your own goddamn business or else!

Or else what? Or else what?

Hold it.

Or else what?

Or else what?

Bro! Bro, get here quick!

Let's go.


Get out of here, you swines!

Go away!

Come on.

Come with me to my home.

I said come! Or do you want to die out on the streets?

Come, dear.

Come on.

Come in, welcome.

Come in.


Sanket, you want to eat something? No.

Will you have some snacks? No.


They'll kill us if we go back.

Hurry up.

We are off, mother.

You also can't live all your life sleeping at bus stations.

Pigs like last night are always on the prowl of helpless women.

They think they own such women.

I have suffered a lot myself.

They see a lonesome woman and men even fathers of two kids, turn into vultures!

I beat up some of these perverts in front of their wives and kids.

I may not be much to look at, but I can sure kick butt.

That's why no one gives me any trouble in the whole slum.

You are up, dear? Sit down.

You wash up, I'll make tea.

That's the bathroom there.

Watch your step.

Had your breakfast?

This is my other room. Come on in.

I store stuff for my shop here.

You know what you can cook here too.

Don't worry about rent.

We'll see about that after you start earning.

It's a bit...

It's a bit dusty.

Broom it up a bit and you are good to go.

I've been here 15 years!

The slum is full of only Telugu, Kannada people.

I've opened my shop already. I must go.

And I have cooked already. Eat when you are hungry.

This is yours now, dear.

I'll leave.

You better go to the other room. I'll clean up here.


Archie, come here.

It's all clean now.

It stinks here.

It's okay, it'll clear off in a day or two.

♪ Our world is colorful. ♪

♪ Like our crazy dreams. ♪

♪ In our friendship... ♪

♪ No relation to bind us. ♪

♪ Yet, we are together for life. ♪

♪ In our friendship... ♪

♪ A new way to live. ♪

- ♪ You take care of your friends. Bringing together... ♪

♪ Bringing together... ♪ I was watching that.

Archie, let him watch. Come, we'll go to our room.

What? I wasn't stealing his remote.

He's a smart, that little prick.

Stares at me with anger like I am a terrorist.

Go to bed now.

Make sure you lock up. Call me if you need anything.

Something stinks!

Where? I don't smell a thing.

It's this quilt.

It's nothing. Go to sleep.


Parshya, you don't love me anymore, do you?


Why did you leave without waking me?

You were in a deep slumber. That's why.

I helped aunty at the shop.

How long can we just live off her?


I have to go to work.

Don't go.

I need to.

Do one thing. Here's some money.

Get some grocery rice, pulses.

What else should I bring?

Well, onions, garlic, spices.

Bring stuff that you need for cooking.

You'll do it, right?

Parshya, don't go.

See you in a bit.

Eat this before you go.

Hello, who is this? Give it to me.




No one says hello. Give it to me. Hello.



Who is it? Let me see.

Hello. Let's play.


You got the groceries? Yes. It's there.

Rice, pulses, garlic.

That's all?

I got everything.

What? You don't know what we need for cooking, do you?

How much money did you save?

That's it?

I bought that poster.

Here, peel some garlic. I'll be right back.

You can't even peel garlic?


Can you at least make tea?

No. Not even tea?

Never mind. I'll do it.

Let's eat, Archie.

I don't want to.


What's wrong, Archie? Nothing.

Why are you crying then?

I said, it's nothing!

Talk to me, please.

Parshya, don't feel like living this life. Like filthy insects.

I miss my home a lot.

I feel like staying with you and I also want to be home.

I really don't know what to do.

I sit here all day and my mind is full of crazy thoughts.

Parshya, I feel very lonely.

Stop crying, come here.

Don't cry.

Please stop crying, Archie.

Calm down.


She's a friend of mine. She needs some work.

Okay, ask her to start tomorrow.

Thank you, sir.

He asked you to start tomorrow!

Come on.

If you are feeling so bad all of you can go. I don't give a damn.

You even mention her name and you'll have to deal with me!

Mom, dad, brother, sisters, cousins.

They are all very loving.

We own huge fields out there. A huge farm.

Banana, coconut, sugarcane... We grow everything.

My father takes very good care of it.

My father is a good man.

My family... They are all good people.

Archie, it's okay, be strong.


Chop up everything.

Hurry up.

Parshya, dosa!

Tell me.

Tomorrow without fail.

You'll never learn, will you?

Why did you put so much salt?

Really? Is it that salty?

What's the password?


Who called in the night?

Who was it, Archie?

It was Pooja, my colleague.

So late?

I forgot to return her pen drive.

That's why she called so late.

Anything else?

Why do you keep changing passwords?

So that no one can look into my phone at work.

Where are you going?

Hell! Where do I go every day?

I am so sick of your behavior.

Am I so bad?

Am I? I didn't say that.

You don't have to actually say it.

Must you go to work today?

Work load's heavy. Sir will get mad.

One more! Same?

You want something? No.


Hello, big Boss!

Want to go for a movie?

Need to work.

I'll ask Ms. Suman to relieve you.

Have other stuff to do.

Come on, now.

I said no! Don't shout.

It's a super hit movie. Your favorite hero.

I'll go by myself. Go.

I am not kidding. Go! Why are you still here?

You have a big ego. Go to hell.

Come. Who is she?

She works in the factory.

You've been standing here? Why didn't you come for the movie?

Great movie!

Had a great time.

I am starving. Let's eat in some restaurant.

Come on.

Have a little...


Very tasty, have some. I said I don't want to!

Aren't you ashamed? Screwing around with your boss in there?

I took the day off for you. So we could watch that movie.

What could I do if my boss was there?

You must have enjoyed squeezing in next to him in the theatre.

Don't talk crap!

He is a good man.

Of course he is. That's why you are screwing around with him.

Don't swear, you jerk.

Get out if you want to fight.

Archie, I need to talk to you.

Look at me. I am talking to you.

Don't you get it? I need to talk to you.


Archie, wait.

Archie, wait. Archie.

I need to talk.

Let go of my hand. I don't want to talk.

You are hurting me! But I want to talk.

Let go! I don't want to.

I left my family for you. I am repenting it.

You left your family? And me? What did I do? Tell me!

Tell me. I don't know what you did.

Who knows if you don't? Tell me.

Who knows if not you?

Who knows it then? Don't twist my hand.

You are really repenting me?

Hell yes!

I messed up and landed in hell with you here!

Go back then. Go screw around.

You've started to disgust me, you know!

What's there to cry? What?

What's there to cry? Look at me.


You want to hit me. Go on, do it! Go on!




Has Archie been here? No.

Any call? Anything? No.

What's wrong?

Falling in love and then getting married.

Not a joke, you know.

I have told you so many times. Don't fight, stop fighting.

You are both very stubborn.

You can't live life like that.

She's from a rich family.

The daily quarrels, the slum. It was too much for her.

She must've gone back home.

You should go if you feel like it.

You are a man. Who's going to stop you!

I ran away too when I was your age.

I was three months pregnant with Sanket when his father abandoned us.

Madam, please spare us two rupees.

Madam... Please spare us two rupees.

My husband hasn't eaten anything.




I'll die without you, Archie!

I'll die without you, Archie!

Don't ever leave me, please!

Sorry, Archie.

I won't say that again. Ever...

Never ever!

Parshya, I am sorry too.

I can't live without you either!

♪ The heart is in a trance, it rebels, it calls out. ♪

♪ The fragrance of love brings in a novel gaiety. ♪

♪ Her heart desires... ♪

♪ Her heart desires... It has mischief. ♪

♪ It pesters but a sweet pester. ♪

♪ And she has gone insane for him. ♪

Hold it like this.

No... Hold it...

I beg to the council elders.

Please forgive my grave mistake.

The day my son left our home, he was dead for me.

I have nothing to do with him now and never will in the future.

I swear on all our gods!

I had three proposals for my daughter.

But they all went back.

Don't push us into hell like this.

I beg of you.

Please don't push me into hell!

Hey, enough. Calm down.

Calm down.

All right then.

I request Mr. Sanjay Bhau to please felicitate our newly elected MLA, Mrs. Sonal on behalf of our entire district.

Brothers, I am telling you the state of Maharashtra has a great tradition of efficient women leaders.

Sonal ma'am has followed in the footsteps of the great Jijabai, Savitribai Phule.



Say "Grandma."


Ask her, "Where's Grandpa?"


You want to go to Grandma?



Doesn't seem to be in the mood.

Yes, that's why.

We call him Tatya.

We named him Akash.


He's a complete brat!

Sure yes, he's healthy.

Hello, mother.

How's father?

Will he talk to me? Ever?

You tell him.

Is he still angry?

Do you still suffer from headache?

I was a bit late, got stuck in traffic.

Prince, Aaru... How's everybody?

Together, we earn about 40 thousand.


We are out to book an apartment.

I'll hang up now.

There's a missed call from Balya. Balya?

Okay, I'll call him later.

Any problems with water supply? No problems here.

Why did you mess up with my design?

Take it.

Tatya. Want to come?

Come with me, Tatya. Let's go to the shop.


Say bye to mommy. Bye.

Bye. Bye.

Bye. Bye.

Say bye to her.

Bye. Bye.

Mother sent this.

Come in, please.


Have a seat.

I'll get water.

How are you, uncle Shyam? All good.

Aaba, your hand?

It's fine.

How are you, brother? Yes, I am good.

Aaru. Raahi. Mom, are they good?

Sure, they are all good.

And father? He's good too.

Watch TV if you like. The remote's right there.

I'll make some tea.

Inspite of so many people being there, our village...

- Lots of sweets. Sweets.

♪ Freedom, free! ♪

♪ It's light and healthy. ♪

♪ You're right to be happy. ♪

♪ Freedom, free! ♪ Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil.

Zero cholesterol...

Be blessed.

♪ Your coy smile... ♪

♪ To get pretty... ♪

♪ It's a miracle if you get this. ♪

♪ It'll stay forever. ♪

♪ It'll stay forever. ♪

RS Sale.


When did they arrive? A little while ago.

Look at what mom sent me.

Wool cap for the baby, sweets!

Everything's going to be fine now.

Go, serve them tea. What? No way! You do it.

They are my people. Give them tea.

You do it please.

I'm pouring tea. Be a good host.

There you go.

Give it to them.

♪ Fresh fragrance... ♪

♪ With a fresh splash of love. ♪

♪ In the garden of love. ♪

♪ The flowers of love blossom. ♪


Did you eat a chocolate?

Had your tea? Sure, be right there.

And we are home! Go on inside.


You went to the grocery shop? Yeah.