Salvador (1986) Script

ln the wake of the Nicaraguan RevoIution, chaos has descended on EI SaIvador... Central America.

Today 1 8 peopIe were kiIIed and 36 wounded in a fierce gun battIe...

..between antigovernment demonstrators and the poIice.

It started when students, workers, and peasants Iinked to the guerriIIas...

..occupied foreign embassies and took over the cathedraI in the capitaI.

In two months, more than 3,000 peopIe have disappeared.

Government spokesmen attribute this to Ieft-wing Marxist terrorists,...

..whiIe Ieft-wing spokesmen point to right-wing death squads.

You cannot walk in like this! You got some money for me? No? l have no money! l want you outta here. You understand?

No, we cannot move out. Lady, l put up with this shit every month. l want you, your crumb-snatcher and your war hero - or whatever the fuck he is -

..l want him outta here.

Fuck your husband! You got no bucks. Look, no bucks, no Buck Rogers, Boyle!

Just wait till l've had my coffee. You're disturbing my kid.

You gotta fix your bitch, Boyle. Shit on your paper!

Good morning. l've had it! l cannot live like this no more!

Hey, Nancy, hi. lt's Richard. Listen... Richard who?

Boyle. Richard Boyle. Yeah. Listen, l think it's gonna blow in El Salvador real soon. lf you could get me a new press card and two grand, l could get some good stuff.

No way. OK. Well, how about a new press card?

Forget it. Come on, Nancy. Please, man.

We've had it with you. We gave you $2500 on that Lebanon gig and you ended up... l can't take Muslim nightlife, OK?

Hey, Alice. How you doin'? You Iose tickets, passports.

You drink too much and you're a generaI embarrassment, BoyIe. l get you the piece. How about that thing on the lRA tortured by the Brits in Belfast?

And how about Cambodia? The last man out, you know.

Sidney Schanberg was having cocktails at the Plaza. l was gettin' my ass kicked.

How about freezin' my fuckin' nuts off for you guys in the Khyber Pass? l got giardia. l was staple-gunned to the toilet for a week.

How about EI SaIvador? How about El Salvador? How about it?

Didn't l call that one? BoyIe...

Hey, come on. Come on what? Get the fuck outta here.

Not you. Nancy? Nancy, l'm sorry. Nancy? Nice work, you piece of...

Thanks for my camera, but l need another favour.

I gotta be at the airport in an hour for Beirut.

Look, this is serious. l need one for old times' sake.

You gotta give me 500 bucks to go to El Salvador. 400 if...

They'll kill you if you go back. l need the money, not a lecture.

OK. 300 bucks. I'II meet you at Pan Am in 40 minutes.

Great! Here, take the quarter. ln such a fuckin' hurry.


Mr Boyle, your licence has been revoked.

You're driving without a licence, registration or insurance.

You've got four outstanding speeding tickets all gone to warrant.

You've got 43 unpaid parking tickets. Jesus!

Nothing is legal about your car.

And even your press card is out of date. Out of date? Goddamnit. l'm taking you in. No. l'm not that Richard Boyle.

This... happens all the time. There's another Richard Boyle.

Give me your other hand. Have some humanity, will you? l just...

Doc, man, thanks for gettin' me out. Come on, get your car.

Look, man, they got Bagel. The Nazis busted Bagel. He's in dog Dachau.

Get your car. l don't have it. l need 75 bucks to get it.

Shit! l just paid 1 25 to get you out.

Stop whining. Here. This is all l got.

Now come on before they drop the pellet. lt's a fuckin' dog. lt's my dog.

Faster, Richie. l can't, man. l don't even have a licence.

They'll throw the key away. How long's he been there? l don't know. l left him with some friends. Yeah, shit friends. lt's not like they're gonna gas the poor dog, OK?

Man, everything's turned to shit. Miriam's thrown me out, man.

She says l'm too old to be a rock'n'roll disc jockey.

She wants me to sell computers in Silicon Valley. Can you believe it? l can't take these yuppie women. With the Walkmans and the running shoes...

..and the rather go to the aerobics jazz class than fuck. Forget about it.

They got those pussy exercises, too. Latin women, they're different.

They're kind, understanding. Look at Claudia. She's the greatest.

She doesn't give a shit what l do. Primo.

Best thing about Latin women is they don't speak English.

Listen, can l crash at your place tonight? l got no place to go, man. l'll sleep in your shower. l need a home, man.

You better light up another joint, Doc, cos l got some bad news for ya. l don't got a place. We're evicted, man. We were gonna stay with you and Bosco.

Bagel. You mean l gave you my last 200 bucks and l got no place to stay?

That's great. Now what am l supposed to do, man? l'm in deep shit, you know that? l should've just left you in jail. l'd have stayed in jail. Move over, move over!

Another yuppie in a fuckin' Oldsmobile. This town is full of goddamn yuppies!

Yuppie town!

Bagel? Bagel.

Where's my dog? What's he look like?

Oh. Yeah. l know this dog. Where is he?

Bagel? Excuse me. Sir! Excuse me!

Bagel, come here, boy. No, that's not your dog. Excuse me.

We had to put your dog to sleep. We keep the dogs around 1 4 days.

We kept him more than 1 4 days, but... You put him to sleep?

Yeah. When's he gonna wake up?

You killed him. You gassed him. No. We gave him an injection. lt's much more humane, so you don't... What kind of humanity is that?

You're a murderer, you know that? l can't believe it.

That was my only relationship. My best friend. Seven years.

My marriage only lasted five. lt's just not just! l'm really sorry.

Would you like some puppies? We got a lot of puppies.

My dog's leash. l'm sorry.

Doc, man, she can't do anything. Come on. OK? All right?

What's it say? ''Fuck you'' in ltalian.

Shit! She's gone back to ltaly to her parents. Goddamnit!

That's too bad, Richie. Well, at least she left the TV.

lt was a marriage made in hell. l'm sure gonna miss my boy.

Maybe she'll be back.

Sure. Who could leave all this

Where are we goin' now? Guatemala.

Why? Why not?

No cops, no laws, sun. lt's cheap. No yuppies.

Great dope.

Look at you. You are like a walking museum of the '60s.

What the fuck are you? l am a forward-thinking human being. l know about life. l explore things. ln journalism, you're in touch with reality.

You come off with this journalist bullshit all the goddamn time. You know that? l haven't seen one goddamn article that you've written. l wrote a book. FIower of the Dragon. That was ten years ago, Boyle!

Expose. lt was a big expose. Ten years ago.

What have you written since? l've written articles.

What articles? One in a newspaper in El Salvador.

The one in El Salvador? Oh, yeah, l read that. My whole family read that Everyone saw that article, Boyle

You said Guatemala, man. You didn't say anything about El Salvador. l've never been out of the country.

They kill people here. You believe everything in the papers?

You're gonna love it here. Give me the joint.

Look, Doc, this is my last chance. lf l can get some good combat shots, l can make some money.

So l can pay you back. You better pay me back.

Then we'll go to La Libertad, the best surfing beach in the world.

Kick back for a few months. Be fantastic.

You could live in this country for 300 bucks a year.

What the fuck is this? Mace.

Mace for what? Wild dogs.

Wild dogs. That's bullshit, Boyle!

You've lied to me straight through. Want me to be honest with you?

No. What the hell you doin' with all these?

Here you could have a semblance of a life.

What are all these? Give me one. They come in handy.

You're gonna love it here, Doc. l'm goin' home, man.

You can drive drunk, get anybody killed for 50 bucks. l don't wanna kill anyone for 50 bucks. The best pussy in the world.

Where else can you get a virgin to sit on your face for seven bucks?

Seven bucks.

Better be the best pussy in the world, or l'm goin' home.

Two virgins for 1 2. You're just lucky l'm fucked up, Boyle.

Drugs, no prescriptions. They got stuff that keeps you hard all night long.

All these people wanna do is fuck. 1 2 bucks? l think we can get 'em down, don't you? Now you're talkin'.

You're such an asshole, Boyle.

You're gonna love this place. Ha!

You're gonna be in pig heaven, man.

Why are they blockin' the road? Stop asking why. This ain't gringo-land.

Take this. Be dumb, act cool, all right?

What is this? A tranquillizer? A permanent one: cyanide. l'm not taking that shit. You're gonna be sorry...

..when they cut off your balls and stuff one in each ear.

You're so fuckin' dramatic, man. Jesus!

Who are these clowns?

What the fuck...? Traffic accident.

Jesus, Boyle!

Oh, God, man! Would you relax? lt's just some guy.

Shit. HoIa, amigo. ? Como va?

The road to Santa Ana is closed. l understand, but Colonel Figueroa told me to give a present to you boys.

Because the road's closed.

They're journalists.


No. Get out of the car.

Si, si, si, senor.

Whatever you do, Doc, whatever you do, OK, don't get on the ground.

Jesus Christ. This is fuckin' scary.

? Que trae? No trae nada.


You! What's going on?

They're journalists. Bring them to me.


Yo estoy... ls it OK? Leave it. l'm a friend of Colonel Figueroa... l wrote an article.

Friends of Figueroa's. l'm a friend of Figueroa's.

Take them. ls that bad?

Let's go.

He's a friend of Figueroa's. l was...

Shut up!

Stop here. Do not move. Do not let these move either.

What's goin' on here, man? l think they're checking ceduIas. What's a ceduIa?

Birth certificates, voting papers. lf you don't have a ceduIa, you're in deep shit.

Lieutenant Sergeant.

Come here.

I want you to look for men and you put them in that truck here.

Doc, put your hands on your head.


What's happening here?

We've stopped a truckload of suspicious farmers.

Do they have weapons? I do not have weapons.

He's probably a student. That's the worst thing you can be.

Where are your papers? At home. l can take you there. Please.

Let's go. Fast.

I ask you if you have weapons.

Look, l'm a friend of Colonel Figueroa's.

Where the fuck are they takin' us? l should've never have bailed you out.

Who are your friends? Communists.

Take off your glasses.


Holy shit! They're gonna fuckin' kill us now, Boyle.

Goddamnit! l thought you knew your way around here. They're gonna fuckin' kill us!

They're gonna fuckin' kill us! Stop it! Shut the fuck up! Just be cool! l don't know what the fuck they're gonna do!

This is it.

This is it.

You got any of those tranquillizers left?

Hey, Boyle!

How the hell did you get in here?

No fuckin' journalists are allowed. l snuck in through Guatemala, Colonel.

You're a damn bastard! You're lucky you've still got your eggs.

But you look like shit! Gracias.

Come with me. Wait for me out there.

You wash up. You wash up. You have some drinks, some food.

My amigo here, he write me up in the American newspaper... the Patton of El Salvador.

You were, Julio. lt was the last great cavalry charge in history.

Your soccer war with Honduras, '69.

All the way to Tegucigalpa.

Not since Attila the Hun have there been such amazing cavalry tactics.

And this one takes it up the ass real nice.

How about this one? Does she take it up the ass too?

All right!

Libertad, Doc. End of the rainbow. l'm sick. My asshole hurts. My dick burns.

You know, l don't how to say this, but it's really been kinda fun travelling with you. l need to catch a plane out of this place.

You think you're gonna die? l got the best doctor in town for you.

You have nothin' to worry about once you meet the broad.

A little of this, too. And this?

We'll put that in, too.

This? In the ass? lt's a joke. l'm sick. What the hell's she laughin' at?

Nothin'. She's puttin' everything in there. lt'll clean you out or it'll kill you.

What about a subscription? All you need is an ass. See you later.

Don't pay her anything. l got credit here. l gotta run.

That's the biggest fuckin' needle l ever saw! Just give me a fuckin'...

Ow! Son of a bitch!

Go forward, please.

Forward. l'm going over there.


You cannot park there.

l'm going over there.

Ricardo! Ricardo!

? Como estas? ? Bien?

Did you miss me? Did you miss me, huh?

Very pretty girl.

They said you were dead.

Where's her father?


Shall we go to your house?

You still drunk? You still crazy?

No. For you l stopped. No more alcohol.

Shall we go to your house?

lt's a magic car.

And this is for you.


Do you like this? A television.

OK, Duglas. Come on. l'll see you at the casa, huh? OK.

At the casa we see the teIevision. l know you have another woman in the north.

Another woman? No.

That's over. The other woman.

You're the only one.

Come on. Come on. Please.

ls that you, Major Max?

What is this?

? Mierco? Toad!

Toad? What is a mierco? I dont know.


How are you? l like your friend. Dr Rock. Dr Rock. The doctor.

How bad is it here, huh? lf l had one of those l'd be better off.

You gotta be goodlookin' and rich.

Yeah, well, my ass hurts.

Hey, Ricardo, can l have some? Yeah. Go ahead.

That is the Guatemalan one? No?

Yeah, yeah. Guatemala gold.

Good poop So, Doc, you wanna be back in San Francisco? l'm tellin' you, man, everywhere l turn, just dogs screwing other dogs.

Pigs in the street. lt's like Baltimore or somethin', for Christ's sake.

How are we for cash? You hungry? Wanna get a hamburger?

Maybe just one before you take me to the airport. l got a life there, even without Miriam. l bailed you out of jail. You've owed me a lot of money over the years. l wish you'd pay me so we can, like, part company, you know?

John. l thought l'd find you here. l thought you were dead.

Dead? Why, do l look that bad? Yes. l heard stories from Guatemala. They were pullin' your toenails out.

Fuckin' Guatemala. Jesus. How was Beirut?

Fuckin' awful. Really?

You gonna eat those fries? No, no. Dr Rock, John Cassady.

That was a great cover for Newsweek. Thanks.

So what happened? How come you split so fast?

From here? l had a little beef with Major Max's boys.

They weren't too happy about that torture-chamber story. Waiter!

Major Max? Who's Major Max?

This guy is after you, too, on top of everything else?

That was a year ago. They don't have yuppie computers down here. l'm gettin' outta here. First plane, l'm outta here. l'm not kiddin' this time. l've had enough of this shit. l want my money, Boyle.

What money? The money you owe me. l'm serious.

No bullshit. You've been on Valiums too long.

There is no money. The transmission in Guatemala, gas, whores.

How about the border rip-off? We had 70 coIones.

You know how many we got left? 1 2. 1 2 coIones, all right?

How much is 1 2 coIones? Four bucks. Three bucks.

Three American dollars? Yeah.

You're tellin' me that's all we got left? My dog is dead, Boyle!

You know why... Stop doing that! You know why he's doing that?

This is why. Cos he drinks Tic Tack. lt's 1 7 cents a bottle, OK?

You can't get rid of the guy. He'll follow you anywhere. Wanna go to Beirut?

Tell me what it has to do with me. lt's your liberal, yuppie bullshit. lt's nothin' to fuckin' do with me, man! l'm stuck in this country, l can't speak the language,...

..l got the shakes, and l only got three fuckin' dollars! l gotta get outta here, man! Fuck you, Boyle! Fuck you!

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you!

He was this hitchhiker l picked up in Guatemala.

You know.

Look, John, l'm really sorry. lt's on Newsweek.

Look, l'm gonna be honest with you. l got fired by PNS. l could use a string down here real bad.

Could you help me out? There's no work here for you.

Nobody cares about the stinkin' war. l care.

They're not just shootin' the lndians.

Last week a Mexican TV guy got blown away by their paramilitary groups.

They're shootin' at us.

Why don't you try Angola? There's no nightlife. l can get you out with Figueroa, John. l got carte blanche with his elite unit.

You still got the deathmobile. Come on, Boyle.

Wanna go out on a little dawn patrol?

Or are you too big of a media star these days?

Let's go.

EL PLAYON DUMPSlTE FOR DEATH SQUAD VlCTlMS You haven't looked through a lens in a while, have you, Rich?

Come on, take some pictures. There's fresh bodies up there.

John, have you got a 24 or a 28 l could use?

You know what made photographers like Robert Capa great, Rich?

They weren't after money.

They captured the nobility of human suffering.

That was a great shot in Spain. The one flying through the air.

Yeah, but it was more than the bodies, Richie.

He got... why they died.

That's what Capa caught. He caught that moment of death.

You're right up there with him, John. You're in his league. You're the best.

You gotta get close, Rich, to get the truth.

You get too close, you die.

Someday l want a shot like Capa.



John, l gotta go, man.

We gotta go.

l don't have to tell you to watch yourself, do l, Rich?

Alvarez's people are staked out at the cathedral nowadays. l'll talk to him for you. And Tom Kelly's the new ambassador.

Tom Kelly from Cambodia? You should check him out. l know him. He's a good man.

There's a party at the embassy on Tuesday for the election.

John, thanks. Cambodia was somethin', wasn't it?


I understand you perfect ... Outside! Out of here!


What's goin' on here?

This is where people find out about their Disappeared.

What's happening here?

What did he say? They were kicked off their land... the police so they're here on strike. l saw that in Zapata.

Carmen. Carmen.

Carmen Sanchez. Hey, it's Ricardo.

Richard! How are you?

How are you? How are you doing? Very good. Thank you.

Where is Ramon? Ramon walks by aIIa.


Ramon. Did John Cassady talk to you about my going out with the guerrillas?

Ramon, here is the Iist. I need see this I'm not going to move from here ...

Ramon, l need a break real bad. l did a good story on you last year.

Look, Boyle, l'm not a travel agency for you guys. l know that. lf Major Max takes power, you people could use some good press.

Good press? There are 10,000 Disappeared and every day the list grows.

And you, stupid, talk about good press!

No. Leave it. Go away.

Ramon, l... l got some shots this morning.

Maybe they can help you. From El Playon.

And l'm sorry, OK? Thanks, Richard.

To the mountains?


Come back next week. l arrange it. Thank you, Carmen. Gracias.

Sister Stan? Hi. How you doin'?

Fine. Good to see you back. Good to see you.

Cathy's around here somewhere. You look awfully busy.

Parents missing, dead, lost.

These are some of the survivors from the massacre up at the river.

Government helicopters opened up as they were crossing. lt's very bad now. Very bad. Madness on both sides.

Cathy Moore. The prettiest colleen in all of El Salvador.

Boyle, what are you doing here? Back to see your old girlfriends?

You ruined all that by converting them. l try. l'm goin' to La Libertad. Need a ride? l can't. l got too much to do around here.

Fudge! lt's the wrong piece. This is for an elbow! l told Cleveland. This happens every goddamn time. They promised me.

Come on, now, Cathy. We'll have another shipment next month.

Anisetta can wait. Can't you, darling?

Ready? One... two...

..three... four... five.

Now you can go to any urban city and you can make it.


Try to haIt the infiItration into the Americas... terrorists and by outside interference...

..and those who aren't just aiming at EI SaIvador but I think are aiming at...

..the whoIe of CentraI and possibIy Iater South America,...

..and I'm sure eventuaIIy North America.

Can you believe that a straight man to a chimpanzee... gonna be the next president of the United States?

Doesn't that depress you? You are starting to depress me. l can accept that. l can't. l'm tryin' to make some money.

How am l gonna do that with you yakkin' and hobblin' around?

Just go get somethin' to eat or go to the pool or meet some girls.

Stay outta my face! Yakkin' all the time.

Boyle? l thought you were dead. Morgan.

Takes more than wishing. What brings you down here?

Colonel Hyde? Colonel Hyde, Richard Boyle.

You don't remember me, sir? Pacific News Service.

And this is Bob Samuels, USAlD. How do you do?

Millicent Davies, USAFL-ClO. Hello. How are you?

Remember me, sir? Yeah. l remember.

Last time l heard about you was when Thieu kicked you out.

But then Mr Thieu got kicked out after me, didn't he? l never understood why you guys like the Commies so much.

We guys. lf you were Vietnamese, you'd be working in a re-education camp pulling turnips. l never really liked turnips very much, Colonel.

And l'm not applying for Vietnamese citizenship.

They don't like that funny stuff you smoke.

Why, you got some? Colonel, let me ask you something. lt's a big favour.

You think you could get me out on a Cazadore op? ls that possible? lf l get you out,...

..what's in it for me?

These guys never change, do they? Vietnam. You know, Vietnam. l mean, are we gonna invade here or what? l don't know what you're talkin' about. l was kinda young during all that.

Look, l'm not supposed to talk to the press, OK?

And you're weird, so fuck off. l'm not the press.

You wanna go out with the guerrillas? l'll go out with anybody. l'll go out with the National Guard, the muchachos. Want a drink? Yeah.

Something big's in the wind. Rebels are getting weapons from Nicaragua.

They're gonna make a move, so any photos you can throw my way...

We can make life real easy for you. That stuff's hard to prove.

And l hate doin' that. l'm not asking you to spook.

Show me your pictures first. You'll publish them anyway.

They're gettin' their stuff from the black market in Miami, government troops.

Last year. This year Castro's got 'em organised. l'm not messin' around. This is all Warsaw bloc stuff now.

Jesus. Same old Black Jack Morgan.

Yeah, well, you're not gonna think it's all one big joke when they take this place.

Nicaragua was just the beginning. Guatemala and Honduras are next. ln five years you'll be seeing Cuban tanks on the Rio Grande.

Give me a break. l'm more worried about Major Max on the Rio Grande.

Major Max may be running things here pretty soon, so you better watch yourself.

Jesus. Could you lend me 50 bucks? What?

50 bucks. Tom. Tom Kelly, Richard Boyle.

Ambassador Kelly, hi. l'm Richard Boyle. PNS. l was the last man outta Cambodia.

After Schanberg. l wrote FIower of the Dragon. l'm a friend of Cathy Moore's.

Nice meeting you. Let me just ask you one thing.

Does this Reagan thing pose a problem for you? l'll just grab a couple of shots.

General, have you met Mr Boyle?

Hello. Nice to meet you. Boyle. Hi. Thanks.

Boyle. Mucho gusto.

ABC has projected the next president.

Ronald Reagan.

Peter, l gotta do a standup at ten boiling all this down.

Well, you could say ''With Reagan in the saddle, the guerrillas are in deep shit.''

That's lovely, Peter, but have you seen the JournaI today, by any chance? lt's real rah-rah democracy, free elections. l think that's what the networks are gonna want tonight.

So what's your sign?

Stop. That's really cute. l thought it was ''slippery when wet''.

This article and you, Pauline, are 100 per cent and unequivocally full of shit.

Look who's talking! You and your friend are so full of shit. l resent you, of all people... l resent what we saw in Santa Ana.

What was that?

A kid shot in the head and hung from a tank because he didn't have his ceduIa.

Know what a ceduIa is? Yeah. lf you're gonna analyse the situation, analyse it right.

You don't have a ceduIa on election day stamped, you're dead.

Democracy. What kind of democracy is it when you have to vote...

..and if you don't vote you're branded a Commie subversivo?

People would vote for Donald Duck or whoever the local cop tells them to,...

..because if they don't, this is what happens.

You're a real fuckin' pro. That's why you can't last two weeks with the network.

Yuppies. Do a standup from the Camino Real and think they got the whole story.

''My Two Weeks in El Salvador'' by Pauline Axelrod.

''Whoring and Drinking My Way Through El Salvador'' by Richard Boyle.

Blow-job queen of New York. Executive suites wall-to-wall.

No wonder you get your glamour puss on the networks.

Excuse me.

Look, Pauline... Fuck off!

Just be a sport, will ya? l'm an asshole. l'm an asshole, all right?

Well, you don't have to worry about her.

She's gonna boil down real good on that roof. l put 500 mikes of acid in her drink.

Are you serious? Yeah.

With Ronald Reagan sweeping the elections... at the Camino Real Hotel...

RonaId Reagan has been eIected president.

Finally we have someone in the White House with balls.

Yes. The time has come...

..for us brothers.

Former members of Orden.

Patriots of the Maximiliano Hernandez Brigade.

And brothers of La Mano Blanca.

These fucking priests that are poisoning the minds of our El Salvadorian youth...

..are gonna be the first to bleed.

They are pigshit.

And this Romero is the biggest pigshit of all.

A shitfaced desecration of an archbishop.

And with this bullet, he will be the first to die.

For every one of our people, we will kill one hundred of them.

We will avenge the deaths...

..of the South African ambassador,...

..of foreign minister Mauricio Borgenovo,...

..of Roberto Cuoma, of Colonel Rosario,...

..of Gutierrez and Molina, and of the mayor of El Paraiso.

These subversives that have sold our country out to the Communists will die.

Erlich, Zaun, Kelly, Duarte, et cetera, et cetera.

And these pseudo-journalists sent here by the Zionist-Communist conspiracy... divide and confuse our people,...

..they will die.


Who will be the one...

..among you... rid me of this Romero?

You will be famous.

As you weII know, I stand for nationaIism,...

..Iaw and order, and economic prosperity.

More important, I stand for Church,...

..famiIy, and a peacefuI SaIvador.

Go with peace.

There you go. You like that?

Your tab is way high. You owe me 400 coIones. l'm runnin' a restaurant, not a bank. l know.

OK? l got an NBC radio gig in the works, a CNN feed with Cunningham tomorrow. l'm hot again, OK? Have l ever stiffed you in ten fuckin' years? Come on. l'll pay you the whole thing next week. OK. Don't tell Elena. She'll kill me, man.

Besides being a prince, do you think you could throw in 100 coIones cash?

Come on. l don't wanna look like a jerk.

You're doin' this to me again. l'll make it a 750 even.

OK, man.

..the masters of deception.

Christian Democrat green on the outside.

Moscow red on the inside.

What a clown!

Please, Carlos, sit down.

Hey, hey.

Carlos. Carlos. Roberto, come on. Sit down, huh?

Come on. This isn't funny. Come on.


Fuckin' sit down.

lt's getting dangerous here.

Yes. We're living in a bad time.

Like 1 932 again, l detect a bad feeling in the air.

Boyle. Boyle. Yeah.

This stuff's like white lightning.

You keep drinking that stuff, you're gonna end up in the street beggin' for bottles.

You and your friends are real clowns. Why don't you entertain us some more?

But you'd look better without your balls. l'll cut yours off if you don't watch out.

Who are you, huh? Get off the fuckin' car!

Hey, hey, hey! Hey, shut up, Doc.

Boy cabron.

How about some beers for everybody?

Live the life moment by moment Get in the car, Doc. Supreme beer!

Quality beer.

Get in the car, Doc.

Let's go to the beach. l got my pickup truck.

Me with you? Not even to church. Why don't you ask your mother?

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, what are you doin'?


Amigo, beer.

Supreme beer!. Cabron.

Get in the car. Doc, get in the car.

Beer, friend. It is not probIem. It is tourist.

Where'd you get all those marks on your face?

Couldn't keep your hands off the old blackheads in high school, huh?

Doc, get in the car.

American, stupid tourist.

Discuss, friends. Good taste with beers.

If they return, the head is short.

OKAY. Beer! Live life.

Moment by moment.

A golden reLoj for my friend.

It is not a problem.

You can drop me here.

Where are you going? l'm going up with the guerrillas in the mountains.

What will your parents say? She knows. lt's not safe here any more. l go, OK?

You gonna join them?

Go with God friend. ln my country, amigo, there is no more God.

They took Carlos and Dr Rock! They saw the marijuana! l'll take care of it. Go in the house. l'll take care of it. Maria.

You have to do something. lt's my brother! l know he's your brother! Now get in the fuckin' house! l'll take care of it!


Excuse me, gentlemen.

It's for the captain.

Goodnight. Goodnight Mr. How are you?

Captain? It's for you, sir.

No, no, no, it's OK. Senor, it's OK?

Goodnight. It's for you.

Boyle, get me the fuck outta here! lf you wanna live, Doc, shut up.

What happens?

They're marijuanos. Subversives.

And that?

It's good. If true.

Handsome. It is true.

Look. Look.

What? Is for me? The teIevision of Dr Rock.

Yes. It's for you.

Is it a book?

Doc, just get outta here. Go, man. Go.

And this one?

No, he's a bad kid. No respect.

He stays here. Or you stay as well.

This is for me The other one does not?

Carlos, just say cool, man. l'll get you out, OK?

Hello, Cathy. How are you? Fine.

You look a little tired. No, l'm fine.

Ambassador Kelly. Richard Boyle. Good to see you again.

You remember me from the party? l do. l'm sorry. l had actually written two articles about you in Cambodia,...

..just before the fall of Phnom Penh. l was the last American journalist out. Schanberg was chasing his Pulitzer prize. l was almost getting cholera but we saved 1 100 refugees from the Khmer Rouge.

Terrible what they did to Cambodia. Yes, sir. lt was.

Were you one of the people writin' 'em up as the good guys for a while?

Yes, sir. l'm afraid l was wrong on that one. But a lot of people were. lf these guys in the hills took power, the Pol Pot incident would look like a picnic.

Are they as bad as Major Max and the Mano Blanca? l don't know. We got a pathological killer on the Right,...

..God knows what on the Left, and a gutless middle.

Anyway, Boyle, about your problem here.

Carol checked with the National Guard, the police, the regular army.

Nobody seems to know anything about this boy. We think...

With respect, Ambassador, they're lying.

He didn't just disappear. Nobody just disappears in El Salvador. They got him.

Have you checked with Human Rights? The Human Rights Office?!

They rearranged this kid's molecules and they took their time!

He is dying out there while we're talking. He's just a kid!

He's just a kid! Richard...

Richard, please calm down. l'm sorry.

Ambassador, look. His sister is my girlfriend. She's on the shit list. l gotta get a ceduIa for her. They could come tonight, take her away and kill her!

Richard, Richard! That doesn't have anything to do with us.

You know the laws of this country. She's gonna have to go back to her home town.

Where's she from? Morazan. She can't get near there. lf she does, the guards'll kill her as a suspected G. Fuck!

All right. l'll do the best l can, but it's very tough.

There are thousands of people in this predicament. Everybody wants a ceduIa.

Let me ask you this.

What if l married her? Richard, you're already married.

Sir, l know you're very busy. Thank you very much.

But that's in the States. Suppose l just married her? l'll do whatever l can. Thank you, sir.

Maybe you could talk to lmmigration? Just let me see what l can do.

We want to see you at the Christmas party.

Maybe l could keep in touch with you and we could talk over some ideas?

l give up on you. What do you mean, you give up?

Every time l get... He liked me, this guy.

What's goin' on? l gotta get a ceduIa for Maria.


Maria, they can't find Carlos yet, but the American ambassador is involved.

The thing is, though, you are in great danger.

Without a ceduIa, they can grab you at any time, comprende?

So l've been thinking about something, and what l think we should do...

Marry me. What?

We could have a family together. Duglas, Reina, you and me...

And Carlos, what about him? And Carlos too, when we find him. ? Si?

You already have a wife. No, no. That's been over for six months. l got a divorce. l never told you.

Hi, Boyle! Just a second.

Hey, Peter. Atlanta's gonna give you a shot!

No! lf you fuck up this time...

Not a chance. That's great, Peter. Thanks.

Right. Well, l want some real stuff on the Gs.

Sure you're set with Alvarez? We're like this.

OK. You got a camera, the crew and the Arena press conference tomorrow.

Right. Major Max. He's gonna declare for president. l'm going to Venezuela, so you'll have to cover for me.

That's great! Listen, could you lend me 50 bucks, man? l'm a little low.

You don't change, do you, Boyle?

Let's see what we've got here... Get out of it!

200 of them. You owe me. 200 coIones.

Out of my own pocket... Right. no whores. OK.

Do a good job, Boyle. See ya. You're a mensch. You're great.

So, ? Yes or no? Do not.

? Por que no, mi amor?

I'm a catholic woman. So what? l can't marry a divorced man. Oh, God!

And you, Richard, are a bad Catholic in all ways.

How am l a bad Catholic?

You're living in sin. No, no, no, l'm not.

You drink. OK, once in a while l drink.

You sleep with many women.

You smoke marijuana. That was Rock's.

And you lie. You scheme and scam.

What is good or decent about you?

What redemption can you expect?

Well, none, l guess, but look... OK, you got a point. l am a fuckin' weasel, there's no doubt. But think about this. lf l went to church - l haven't been in 30 years - but if l went and took confession... lf we took Communion together... redemption. That would be great.

We could go to Archbishop Romero. He likes me very much. l could become a lay Catholic worker. lt'd be wonderful. l could get a basket... l feel good about this. This redemption thing is good. l feel cleansed already.

You want some of this? No. No more marijuana. l'm gonna talk to Archbishop Romero.

Maybe he could annul my marriage to Claudia.

She was a Commie atheist anyway. l'm gonna talk to him about this seriously.

Very good man. He's a man of the people. He's a man of God.

They say he's gonna win the Nobel peace prize.

Hey, what's this? Another demonstration, Boyle?

Calm down. Take it easy.

Stop! Stop, please! l have orders to evacuate the plaza in five minutes. Do you understand me? l have permission.

Why don't you stop the repression? No matter. Five minutes or violence.

Why don't you do something about the Disappeared?

Violence. You understand me?

Stop the repression!

Do you follow in the way of Christ?

Not exactly. l mean, in my heart, yes,...

..but l've done a lot of, you know,...

..carnal sins and l've drunk a lot of alcohol and done some drugs. l've weaselled around a lot in my life, trying to get the edge,...

..but basically l would say that l'm a good-hearted person. l haven't really done anything malicious in my life. l haven't done anything very great in my life either. l tried to do some things, tried to find some truths.

And l do love this woman. For her, l could...

Are you willing to change for her? For her, yes. l mean, not just... l would... lf God gave me this woman,...

..then there must be a God.

So, if he knows what's right, then l would do what's right by him.

Just repent. Change your ways.

That's gonna be a little tough.

You love this woman, you will be willing to change.

OK. l can still drink and take a few hits of a joint once in a while? That's OK?

Twelve Our Fathers, ten Hail Marys, an act of contrition.

That's it?

Ask the Lord for forgiveness,...

..from your heart.

From my heart?

lf l'd known this, l would have come earlier, before 33 years.

You should have come earlier. l'll come back.

Next time, don't wait so long.

The governing junta has good intentions with their promises of land reform...

..and their desire to control the so-called paramilitary forces in the army.

But, sadly, it is a failure...

..because the power within the junta is the army,...

..and the army itself is an obstacle to the reign of God.

They know only how to repress the people...

..and defend the interests of the rich oligarchy.

Es verdad. Tiene toda Ia razon. l have called upon the United States, repeatedly,... stop military aid to this army...

..until it satisfactorily resolves the problems of the Disappeared...

..and submits itself to civilian control.

When a dictatorship seriously violates human rights...

..and attacks the common good of the nation...

When it becomes unbearable and closes all channels of dialogue...

When this happens, the Church speaks...

..for the rights of the victims of the violence!

We are poor.

The people in Washington are so rich.

Why are they so blind?

My children.

You must look to yourselves in this sad time for Salvador. l wish to close with an appeal to the men of the army...

..and in particular, the National Guard.

Brothers, you are a part of your people.

Yet you kill your own brothers and sisters.

But before a man may kill, the law of God must prevail.

And that law says ''Thou shalt not kill.''

No soldier is obliged to obey an order against the law of God.

Violence on all sides is wrong.

Violence is wrong. ln the name of God, and in the name of this suffering people,...

..whose laments rise to heaven each day more tumultuous,...

..l beg you, l ask you,...

..l order you in the name of God,...

..stop the repression!

Stepped! Motherfucker!

Is dead?

Arrest him for the murder of Archbishop Romero!

You will note l did not agree with the bishop.

He sometimes got carried away with his politics.

He did not understand that with the Left in power,...

..there will be no Church in this country, and he will be out of a job.

But in my book, it was the subversives that killed him. No question!

To provoke this atmosphere, this chaos.

lt is rumoured that you are the head of the death squads...

..terrorising the country. Would you care to comment?

The death squads. l think you're pressing your luck, Boyle. Nice goin'. l really resent that question.

Fuck off.

Why do you never ask the Communists this?

They are not the only victims. We have victims, too.

Senor, there are no death squads in El Salvador.

The outrage of the people against the Communist threat...

..cannot be stopped or organised by anyone.

Sir! Sir, the polls show you trailing the Christian Democrats.

Are you sure you can still capture both the Catholic and the woman's vote?

That's bullshit.

Do you mind? l'm gonna buy it for my sister. That's great, huh?

Here he comes.

Mr Gomez! A question, please!

Get that piece of shit out of here!

Stinky prick!

Come on! What are you gonna do about it?

Gomez! Think about your image. l wanna cut your balls off, Boyle!

Do it to yourself!

Hi, are you guys from Washington? Huh?

You're a real pro, Boyle

Doc! Where's Maria?

Boyle! Boyle!

They found Carlos, man. Where?

He's fucked up. Over there, man. He's really fucked up bad.

Maria, please. Don't touch me! lt's not my fault! He was acting stupid. Because of you he changed!

Since you arrived I have nothing but problems! lt wasn't my fault!

Great goin', Boyle. Have a drink.

Damn it.

l really love her, man.

She and the kids are the only decent thing l ever fuckin' had in my whole life. l don't know why l'm livin' any more.

Come on.

All l got is ten. 1 5.

Come on! l was only in there for five minutes. The guy kept interrupting me. l would have been outta there faster if he didn't interrupt me. All l got is ten.

OK, ten.


Another to be sure,? OKAY? Yes.


One more, but Tic Tack, please.

No no. I pay in two months. '' Promisio ''.

You asshole. lnterest 50%. 50% interest.

You know what you just said? You said you'd pay her in two menstrual cycles.

Mama Moncha This clock.

2,000 dolares americanos, ? huh?

For a Tic Tack and two beers.

Two beers!

FeIiz Navidad.



l'm sure you don't need it, and l can't say l approve,...

..but merry Christmas, Richard.

Oh! Get over here. Get over here.

Get over here!

Oh, Richard.

Cathy, talk to Maria. l gotta get Maria back. Talk to Father Paul. She'll listen to him.

Richard, you're 42 years old. You're old enough to be her father. Forget her. l'm in love with her! l love you, Richie.

Father Paul has to follow the papal orders. There's...

Agh! l hate that. l hate when you do that. So much. l...

What about your other wife and kid? She left me. She took my kid.

So what are you gonna do? Bring Maria back to the States?

What's she gonna do up there, Richard? Sell snow cones on Fisherman's Wharf?

Down here, she has a purpose, she has a reason. ln gringo-land, she's a fish out of water. l know...

And besides, asshole, you don't have enough money to support her or your kid. l need to talk to you about my whole life. lt's such a mess. l'm disgusting!

Richard, what are you doing here?

You're not making it as a journalist. l'll make it again. l will make it... again.

The white hand has been painted on the parish-house wall.

The altar boy is dead.

And the fuckin' Peace Corps has moved out.

l love it here. l just can't go back. l know. l love it here, too.

Will you have dinner with me? No.

Tomorrow night? No. l really can't.

Besides, you smell. l gotta go to the airport tomorrow. Two of the nuns are in from Nicaragua.

Sometime? Maybe.

OK, you... you be careful on that road to the airport, OK?


Wait a minute. l'll walk you to your car.

Merry Christmas, Richard.

You be good. l will. l don't trust you.

Bye-bye. Bye.



What do you say you and l take a walk down by the beach, gringo? l'm not going to the beach with you.

And l'll tell you something else. l'm not only a fuckin' lrishman, l'm a...

l'm a fuckin' Viking. l'll take as many of these creeps to fuckin' Valhalla as l can!

Stop. l want this asshole alive.

You got a big mouth, Boyle. Major Max is the person for you. Come to the beach.

Come on, cocksucker! You're gonna have to kill me. You ain't takin' me alive!

Agh! There, there, get a kick!

Stop, fuck, go!

You wanna play a fuckin' game, Boyle?


OK. First l'll take your arms.

Then l'll take your legs.

Then l'll take your balls. Sounds like a fun game?

Leave! Leave!

It is not in the bed.

OK, cocksuckers.

How do you like these odds, huh?


He's worthless.

You are an important man.

A photograph for me, please?


Thank you.



Let's move on. This ended afterwards.

Thank you.

Boyle, l'll be back for you.

Steal gringo marihuano bastard!

Up yours, too, Jack.

There we go.

How was Nicaragua? Oh, bad. There's no gasoline.

People have to line up for hours to get their food.

The war has been very destructive.

But on the other hand, there's been no political execution of the Somocistas. l can't believe this. Looks like police. Get your passports ready, sisters.

We have done nothing.

l am a very good friend of Ambassador Kelly.

You're going to be in a lot of trouble when he hears about this.

The fiesta is just beginning, hey?


The bodies of four American women, missing since Tuesday,...

..were found here today in a roadside grave...

..25 miles east of San Salvador. The victims were identified as...

l just heard that five guards did it for 1 5 coIones and a bottle of Tic Tack each.

They got this clown, the mayor, to sign the death certificates.

Will he talk? Not if we can't keep him alive.

What are the chances of that? Slim to none, and he knows it.

He had no business signing death certificates without an autopsy. l want one now, and l wanna know if those bullets are rebel or government!

You knew Cathy pretty well, didn't you?

What do you think? Rumour has it they may have run the roadblock,...

..and there was an exchange of gunfire.

The doctors won't do it because they... They don't have the surgical mask.

OK, pal. OK. All right!

How can it be who do not have their masks? l'm recommending we cut off all aid.

Sir, they were coming in from Managua. They were Communist-oriented.

Maybe they got spooked at the roadblock.

Maybe they were packing, and it got out of control.

Pistol-packing nuns, my ass! l knew Cathy Moore. You can't sell me that shit.

Sir, General Garcia has assured me of a complete investigation.

That's great. We'll let the fox investigate the chicken coop.

You must think l'm pretty stupid. l know all about you. Reagan's little transition team came here last month... talk to Major Max without checking in with me. lt's all going in my report.

Whatever you did, you gave a clear signal to the Arana people, and it resulted in this.

We want to do a real in-depth and sympathetic portrait.

For the first time, our four armies are united.

We now control the northern third of Chalatenango province in the west,...

..and Morazan province in the east.

We're asking government troops to join our offensive, and the people to rise up.

We will take all major cities: Santa Ana, San Vicente, San Miguel.

Then San Salvador will fall.

When, Captain? Before Reagan.

Then you think you're ready? With 4,000 troops, take all of El Salvador?

The odds are the Pentagon won't let that happen, sir.

The will of the people and the march of history cannot be changed.

Not even by the norteamericanos.

What does it say? Leticia cleans her gun.

Be careful on your way out of here. Don't worry. l've been doing this a while.

Thanks, huh? OK. Bye-bye.

This doesn't show much. l really stuck my neck out for you, Boyle.

You're not too popular around here. Where were these taken? l can't tell you that. But it's mostly old stuff:

..shotguns, bolt-action rifles, captured Belgian FLNs,...

..1 20 Mike-Mikes ripped off government troops.

Any antiaircraft stuff? Any SAMs? Nothing.

Good morning, Guillermo. Good morning, Jorge.

OK, so what about it? How about a ceduIa for my woman and her two kids?

There's not much here, or you're not telling us everything.

What about recoilless rifles, RPGs? They're in shit shape. They get nothing.

When are you gonna believe what you see,...

..and not what intelligence tells you to think?

We got AWACS, infrared, statements from a defecting FRAN commandant,...

..and enough military intel to prove...

..that this ain't civil war, but outright Commie aggression.

You guys have lied about that from the beginning.

You have not presented one shred of proof to the American public...

..that this is anything but a legitimate peasant revolution.

So don't preach to me about military intelligence.

Not after Chile and Vietnam. l was there, remember? l personally resent that kind of shit. Then resent it, OK?

You lied about the number of advisors here, about the trainers here on TDY,...

..about switching ''humanitarian'' assistance money... Salvadoran military coffers.

You said this war can be won militarily. lt can't.

Of course it can! Calm down, Boyle. l'm sorry. l'm not listening to this wino journalist's left-wing Commie crap.

We know where his sympathies lie. l don't even see why we're talking to him.

Look, Richard. You saw Marti.

We know they're starting an offensive... Hey! l'm not a fuckin' spy for you guys.

Left wing, Colonel? Well, maybe. But l'm not a Communist.

You guys never ever seem to be able to tell the difference. l love my country as much as you do.

You are the ones who trained Major Max in the Police Academy in Washington.

You trained Jose Medrano and Rene Chacon. You trained them... to torture and kill. You sent them here, and what did Chacon give us?

He gave us the Mano Blanca.

What are the death squads but the brainchild of the ClA?

You run with them, they're anti-Moscow. Bullshit!

You let them close the universities, wipe out the best minds here...

Bullshit! ..wipe out the Catholic Church.

You let them do it all because they aren't Commies.

And that, Colonel, is bullshit.

You've created Major Frankenstein.

We can control him. Like you control the Major Maxes...

Well, look who's here. Chile and Guatemala and Argentina?

What about Pol Pot and Castro? Are they any better?

Pol Pot and Castro? l don't know if they're better.

All l know is that some campesino who can't read or write,...

..or feed his own family, has to watch his kid die of malnutrition.

Do you think he gives a shit about Marxism or capitalism? lt was that kind of thinking that lost us Vietnam, this guilt shit.

You liberal assholes! What the hell do you think the KGB's doing? ls that why you're here?

A post-Vietnam experience - you need a rerun or something?

You pour 1 20 million bucks into this place,...

..turn it into a military zone, so you can have chopper parades?

You're blowin' it out your ass. You just bring misery to these people. l don't wanna see another Vietnam. l don't wanna see America get another bad rap. l lost my hearing in this ear over there. What did l do that for?

$1 5 a photo from Pacific News Service? l did it because l believe in America. l believe that we stand for something.

For a constitution.

For human rights - not just for a few people, but for everybody on this planet.

Jack,... gotta think of the people first. ln the name of human decency, which we Americans are supposed to believe in,... gotta at least try and make a just society here.

Look, Richard, it's all part of our national plan.

We do do a lot of good down here. l'm often asked by people like yourself to examine my conscience.

Every now and then, l do examine it. What do you find, Jack?

That whatever mistakes we make down here,...

..the alternative would be ten times worse.

Maybe l'll just forge a ceduIa for my girlfriend.

They're on the house.



There's something that you should know.

My Salvo counterparts are mighty pissed...

..about muy maIo periodistas going out with the terrorists. lf they can catch one of 'em, they'll make a lesson out of him. l'll get out of your hair, OK? Just get me a ceduIa for my girlfriend and her two kids.

Getting a ceduIa for your whore is the least of your problems.

Personally, l don't give a shit if they kill you or not. l happen to hate the species you belong to.

But l'm telling you, they're serious. lf l were you, l'd get my rubber shoes on and get to the airport.

You're gonna fit in here really well, you know that?

You sound just like another gangster.

Dumb fuck!

A panning shot for the beginning of the interview, OK?

Could you tell me your name, please? Sorry, we can't speak to the press.

Thank you, Private. Appreciate it.

Can you tell me your name, please. l'm sorry, ma'am. l cannot.

How about saying where you're from? OK. Long lsland, New York.

Thanks. Welcome to El Salvador. What do you think so far? lt's not bad, but l'm anxious to watch the Giants game.

Know where a TV is? l dunno. Maybe you'll get a hold of one.

Excuse me, Colonel. Hi. l'm from A&S News.

Can you tell me if this signals a build-up of US combat troops in El Salvador?

Ma'am, these are not combat troops.

They are trainers, officially authorised by Congress. l have no further comment.

Thank you, sir. This is Pauline Axelrod, A&S News, San Salvador.

Listen. You've got one thing going for you.

Maria still cares about you. She does! lf l were you, l'd straighten out my act and go back to that woman on my knees.

Doc, please.

All right. Just trying to help you.


Wilma, hi! How are you? Fine.

Boyle, did you meet Wilma? HoIa.

Wilma from the Panama Club? Yeah. She's straightened up her act.

Hey, look at this. Bagel ll.

Like the dog? That's great, Doc.

Come on... She wants to take me shopping.

Can you do something about the drinks? Yeah. A couple of bucks...

What's this? She had a long career.

Thanks, Doc.

Hey, Rich! You still got your wheels? Yeah.

The Gs just hit Santa Ana.

Wait! John! l gotta stop in La Libertad. No. l gotta see Maria. No.

Then go without me. All right. Come on.

Can we take photos?

Go ahead, yes.

We are journalists!


Journalists! Don't harm us!

What country?

What country? Journalists! U.S!



John. John, wait!

Wait! John!


You fuckin' fool! You're not that magic. Today l am, Boyle.

The Sandinistas have entered the war. We know major equipment is being unloaded.

Possibly troops, too. Any backup on this?

There's no time. Santa Ana has fallen, and the country's split in half.

The situation is deteriorating faster than expected. El Salvador will fall in 48 hours.

24. Their air force has got no ammo, no gas.

We either restore military aid now or go to phase three.

The 82nd Airborne is on alert, and the Marines are in position on the Ranger.

What do you wanna do, sir? l won't get steamrollered into anything.

Now, substantiate this Nicaraguan stuff. Sir, we can't. That would take days.

Sir, if we don't give the order to evacuate soon,...

..l can't be responsible for the safety of the embassy or the American community.

Tom, we all know you'll be leaving here in a couple of days. That's not the issue.

The issue is do you want to go down in the history books... the man who lost El Salvador?

That's hardly the issue here. We're talking about human lives here!

We're not playing some computer game.

Jesus, history books!


The line is dead, sir.

Where the fuck are the Americans?

Sir, you have a decision to make.

All right.

OK. l'll recommend that we restore all military aid.

Give the order to release the fuel and armaments at llopango.

Yes, sir.

Figueroa's coming!

Figueroa's broken through.

They're coming! Tanks!

Don't let Figueroa pass! l'll hold the front.

What about the prisoners? l'll take care of them.

My 1 20's fucked up.


Panhards. Shit.

John, can you lay two more rolls of Tri-X on me?

No pictures.

This your sense of justice? lt's necessary. Get them out of here.

You've become just like them! lt's war! lf you don't have the stomach for it, get out! l never hurt anybody!

Please, in the name of God...

You've become just like them!


Can you believe this?

John! John, no.


John! John!

Oh, Jesus. God! Oh God, John.

Don't move. Don't move. Don't move.

Breathe out. Breathe out.

Can you breathe? Can you breathe?

Can you breathe? OK.

l got the... l got the shot, Boyle.

You got the shot.

Take it to New York. l'll get it to New York.

Got it.

Oh, God. Oh, Jesus. God.

John, you got the magic shot.

You got it. You're the best.

We did it, didn't we? We did it.

Come on, man. Don't wipe it on your thing. Clean it.

Rich, you OK? You all right? Give me a Valium, will ya? Anythin'.

Here. l got somethin' for you. Papa, ? que te paso?

Here. There's two.

Goddamn, it looks horrible.

Hey, where are you goin'? Where are you goin'?

Oh, great. ls that OK? lt's all right. lt'll be all right.

Look, l got some good news for you. Look what l got.

The witch gave me some cedulas for Maria and the kids.

She did a pretty good job, man, really. And look. l got your exit visa forged, too.

She kind of fucked up on that, but l think it's gonna be all right. l think it'll work.

Good. Look, you gotta get outta here, man.

The police were at Roberto's last night lookin' for you.

They said you were in the country illegally.

Roberto said he thinks you're dead. So you got to get outta here.


When we get there, hang back. lf there's any trouble, call Kelly. lf Kelly's gone, Morgan'll help.

Got it? OK. l heard you the first time.

Doc, l'm tellin' you, take care of yourself, man. Don't stay here too long.

Hey, come on. They kill people here.

What? You believe everything you read in the papers? l'll miss you, Doc. Yeah, yeah.

Shit. Yeah, l'm gonna miss you, too.

ls that my watch? Give it to me. l'll need it at the border.

You cheap son of a bitch.

You say hi to gringo-land for me.

Goodbye, until then. Go with ... god.

Go with God. Go with God.

You guys be careful.


What happens? Check this, boss.

lt's fake.

All right. Look, l'm not gonna bullshit you. lt was a rush job. l have to get back to America. l'm a very important journalist.

Newsweek. Understand? Newsweek.

Time. CBS. Big shots.


Important American journalist.

Lord, what is the problem? The visas are fine. We have to go.

Maria, Maria.

Where's he going? Telephone.


God. l have an important appointment in the capital...

..with Ambassador Kelly and Mr Jose Duarte.

Why don't you hold that? And, um...

Where are you going? We have business to do inside.

Check this bastard's cases. l'm a big fan of the Raiders, actually.

He's got loads in here. Check the cameras as well.

The ambassador. You know, United States embassy. Hello? Hello?

Mira. Amigo de Major Max. l like the White Hand a lot.

Tremble, tremble, Communists.

With the instincts of animals.

The Mano Blanca doesn't hate you. But you make trouble for Mr Gomez.

Gomez is a friend of mine. That's why he wants you dead.

Shut up, asshole.

What do you have in your boots?

Open the. Do not move, cabron.

Oh, God. Not that film! That's the best war film of the year!

Shut up, asshole.

Cassady died getting it, you motherfucker!

Fuck you! He died getting that film!

Fuck you! Fuck you, cocksuckers!

Boyle is about to fuckin' die. And if he does, man, if he does,...

..your next job'll be in Redonda counting fuckin' spears! Understand?

Get the fuckin' ambassador on the phone now!

Here. In.

I like the huevos rancheros.

OK, l'm not kidding. l got $50,000 in traveller's cheques.

They're hidden, like, two kilometres from here.

You lie, stupid gringo.

Do not fuck with me Don't castrate him in here. You'll make a mess.

Do not get involved or I'll cut you too. Cone, relax.

You do not see that you're going to put us in a serious problem to all?

Shoot him.

Yeah, well, you tell General Martinez that l am still the ambassador for another day. l want those people outta there now or l'll make it the worst day of his fuckin' life.

Fuck it. Let's get it over with.

Chingada mother. What's up with this rifle?

Are you kidding? lt's not working. Why didn't you clean it?

It was not my job, boss. It's not my rifle. Again.

Chinga your mother.

You made a mistake. He has not done anything.

The colonel wants to talk to you. Quick!

Thank you very much.

A little American trick here.

You know what that means? lt means you're all stupid cocksuckers.

We are going to provide for the huevos rancheros.

l hope you get anal herpes.


Where have you been, sir? Just to Nogales for the afternoon.

Did you take the roast out of the oven? Yes, honey. l took care of it.

When are we going to Disneyland? Disneyland. l don't know. Next month.

This kid is spoiled, l'm tellin' ya. OK. Next.

Come on. Where have you been, ma'am?

? Todo es muy bien, mi amor? Yes. l always dreamed to come to California. lt's a wacko joint. Not like El Salvador.

You can be what you want here. You can do what you want.

Long as you got the money. l'll get some of my Salvador stories published. l could write a story on John. l think we're gonna be OK. Yeah. l think we're gonna be OK.

Why are we stopping here?

Ladies and gentlemen, don't be alarmed. Just a routine immigration check.

May l see your lD, sir? Yeah, sure. Will a driver's licence do?

Just took the wife and the kids to Nogales for the day. ls that right? Are you his wife? What is he saying?

Of course she is. ls there a problem? May l see some sort of identification?

What is he saying?

Papers. Passport. Green card. I have nothing.

What is the problem here? She's with me. She's been through hell in El Salvador. l'm a journalist. She's my researcher.

So l don't understand what the problem is here.

Will you come with me, please? Bring the children.

Come with me and bring your children, please.


Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What are you doing?

Sit down, sir. Please. Officer, wait a minute.

Sit down. OK, but l just wanna tell you she's...

Richard, OK, stop it. l go. l go. Take care. Maria, wait. l go. l'll be all right, OK? Just take care of yourself.

Come on, Doug. We have to go home Let's go fast.

Maria! lf you send her back, they will kill her.

They will rape her and they will mutilate her if you send her back there. Maria! lf you send the kids back, they'll kill 'em too!

You don't know what it's like there! You're under arrest.

You have no idea what it's like there! Move it!

You have no idea!



Checkpoint. Three illegals: one female Latino and two children.

Bringing 'em in.

One WMA. One Boyle, Richard.

Birth date: 2-26-43.

Check. Ten-four.

Get him in.