San Andreas Quake (2015) Script

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A little game. I just found it ... 4-thirty in the morning and then he swears I have neighbors and why are you doing at the moment?

Actually they do have new 3½ hours only. You need to get up early.

Remember? I swear. he valve Kids I slept all night for one time only.

There are gas lines. water lines here. I could not risk that.

I checked already. What?

I've checked and I do not touch one. where you have stupid.

And that's how much money there?

Do not lose money to pay bills anywhere. Kids longer just expected it.

Okay. he was always awake before.

Let me see what I'm doing yet. the professor.

I invented the sensor to collect vibration frequency of the volcano You put it here to try ... Gauge à volcano?

Exactly. it felt of ground vibration.

Molly out of there immediately.

Molly. out of there now!

Then it stuck. stuck then.

I did not pull it out.

Dear God!

Pull away yet! Pull out!

Get out of here quick!


Offers two father. okay. it seems we will not met on the 2nd the least.

Work installing sensors will finish tomorrow afternoon and I can not wait to go home. remember both of you. goodnight.


6 months later.

Molly. I'm going?

One night not sleeping?

Science does not have to sleep anywhere.

But ordinary people do. I'm asleep. just get up soon.



Maybe just because of weak electricity only.

19 sensors have up perfect wave. Eat eggs. OK?

No. I'll cook breakfast. What? Since when was that?

Because I think we will eat together there.

Cute too. but I told you he must carry two love gone.

What? When is it? Last night.

Oh my. Maybe I should send a message to me.

Okay. I'm sorry. I did distracted.

And more overworked. Hey. I'm sorry.

Then I'm going to succeed. we have 12 workers lost in the past 72 hours.

Something big is about to happen.

I do not know how much time to waste.

I'm sure you'll find out how.

I know you will do it.

At least let me get bread for him.

Seems a bit too fire it? Just perfect.

Ali got up before? You do that her favorite dish.

Legal Bread and sausage. cream sauce. I know how to work?


But I have found a book guiding each step.

I really like it.

She'll love it. Hope so.

That's for sure. Stepmother not compare with her boyfriend was.

I have experienced it before and I think you will agree and I will seek to convince she returned to school.

Work to. Ali. she made breakfast for me then.

Dad. Molly.

That all? Hank.

Thank you. but I have to go. French Bread I like it.

Too much sugar and fat.

To her take me away. I have a car then. but go far too.

Why do we live in?

Because this place at the edge and will be less affected by the quake.

18 years is not. I invited her boyfriend over the eating you?

No where boys do. See you dad.

His guests breakfast before? Much longer.

Refrigerate go. he will dinner.

And do not think too much about earthquake.

Several tremors occurred in soft ground. did some people in Los Angeles head injury in this morning.

Now we are going to weather ...

This sensor with 18 others will collect data and send it to me. we aggregate the data and get this.

Already aired. Each sensor collects oscillator in the ground. and it has scope 15 mile radius.

Track real time. not unusual. Do not just track. also forecast operations San Andreas's aftershock.

Not see the circle here. it was a small commotion there.

Does anyone tell me the significance seismic of this small?

Because .... - Because in theory One can predict earthquakes and we are working as seismic so that is the best data source.

But that's not going to happen.

What is impossible?

Predicting earthquakes. Maybe. but this device can.

Really? What results in 2008?

There must also be wrong. right is me was wrong. I too hasty conclusions.

But this is another. this is predictions have firm grounds.

I bet it is accurate within few hours predict seismic will have more time to act.

I would not buy it ... And today it was enough.

Everybody did a great job. need nothing I'm in the school cafeteria.

All right.

See how.

Let me see something cool off.

You deserve an A instead. You need it. you will lose the scholarship.

I should study. I'm trying. but I learned a lot.

You must read and longer working. Grade A Student's always time.

I know the students very well promising then carouse. they must find a way.

I do not have time go anywhere.

As a teacher. I recommend you should have time to relax.

You should go out and play. but for you intelligent. does not mean you do not do all.


You alright? Just about normal students.

Any news from Ali on the first day Reception do not?

Nothing to worry about. she can do fine.

Yes. British holiday yet?

He was pumping fuel. Go situation how?

Just okay.

Except where kids bring something 2008 off.

Forgot 2008 go. remember Edison failed thousands of times all 10 before inventing the light bulb.

You mean before he stealing other people's ideas?

I was just nervous. Data are waiting ahead.

Dear God.

What's up? Dear God!

Molly. say you know what? It worked before. it is happening.

Lord Hank! What?

These are real boring Transmitters.

Sensors are transmitted to for children.

That's great. right?

God. I recall for him later.

They have called for the committee. I love you.

I love you. do come. I'll call you later. bye.

Professor Dunn? Look. the blue is confirmed there.

It predicted 45-60 minutes.


Rather than absolute Oh no! Clearly there is something. Look. it is close to the town.

She says that 2 minutes with you? It is accurate to 97.9% there.

We have to get everyone out. Are you sure?

Are you sure about the Data that?

Yes. I'm sure. to straight commission seismic.

Do you think is it wrong?

Hey. we have to bring people diner right out.

What? Organise an earthquake there.

This professor. I thought nothing Where to worry.

Guns! Guns! He had a gun. out of here now!

I did not have a gun anywhere. No. he did not have a gun anywhere.

Hands behind! Code Red! Code Red! At the diner!

Man. I'm sorry. he no weapons. I make mistakes.

He had no weapons anywhere.

I made a mistake.

He does not have what? Yes.

Confirm for me was unarmed. No. no one.

Is there a weapon? No one carries a weapon. I'm sorry.

Cancel Code Red! False alarm! Again. false alarm!

I'm sorry. I'm just trying to ... This is no fun anywhere.

You know it affects How not?

I thought ... you know ...

We must warn committee immediately!

Are you alright? Yeah. I'm fine. thanks.

Fantastic too! Other than Miami. huh completely.

He had never seen the sea. I shall seen before but not like this big.

Overlooking the cliff and behold. it has often occurring?

Center. this is the B4-Delta. I saw rock slide on the west coast. there may be casualties. Please bring rescue to the right.

Dear God. It then. B4-Delta. an earthquake.

We are stuck in this. Please seek answers. - It then centers.

Sorry. I need to make a phone call.

Ali. announced here. you alright?

What's she so happy?

The forecast is almost exactly. nearly died.

Not the right every minute. but almost the ...

Hank. are you okay?

He was about to ask me like that. here also see. you all right?

I'm fine. how Ali? Ali okay. he just called.

Actually everything was great. I have Balance 3 minutes to evacuate everyone.

Today it is too much right know. Yeah.

Tell me see.

The committee has said? Do not keep calling again. many things too.

Well. be careful jog.

Hank. Lord.

We got to get out of here. Ali.

What did you say that?

All sensors have been confirmed. the strongest blow will come today.

But not as strong vibrations. a 4.0 earthquake just happened in Malibu.

Hi everyone. I'm Ronions and this is a special report.

Malibu residents today snooze no casualties at all ...

100 years old. but I thought how. how safe is?

I assure you. hotels will withstand earthquakes.

No. no. at least. must have insurance contract ...

I always say the first kiss mine and he makes the earth shake.

Turns out it was the fault of the position. How do ahead.

Communist beautiful necklaces. Oh. he demanded white gold. diamond loves.

I do not usually like this procurement. but today is the anniversary.

Yes. it was wonderful. We're kissing right there then it is blue. but fashion must change.

Anyway. two people carry the we went to eat while offline.

That's for sure.

Never go to bed when anger. which is confidential.

The two will be a pair cute. Do not wait too long.

You hungry. come on. Eat fast. back straight.

Go on. please.

We're going as a couple cute.

Boyfriend he would say? And your boyfriend? 4 way always.

Sorry. stepmother called. probably For the last concussion.

Really? He's going to help him.

Molly. you okay. in this did not hear anything.

Good. But now I have to go now. things are going badly. - What. no!

Not a chance. I will give you $ 1000 She would not say anything about boyfriend the eldest.

Listen. this time will be 10.0 The hotel is only equipped for 8.0 earthquake alone. Center will be the place to be destroyed.

Party committees are TV directly and say there is nothing to worry about.

A Lot? Ali. do you hear?

Ali? Hank? A Lot?

Hank? Are you here. sure to hang up now.

I'll call again. Wait. there is the loss of the waves already.

What? Molly. do you hear?

We must get out of here. this time everything will fall off.

Ali ...

I'll go pick her.

Wait. I'll go catch it. I will not have enough time to it.

Yes Molly. do you hear? Hank?

Listen. you do not have enough time pickup 2 where mother.

Take Ali go. meet on the roof. He also said such provisions.

80 minutes. Not later than Hank there.

Molly? Molly!


We will look yards to refueling.

Damn. Hank!

Preferably. you should go there. Ali must stay there.

Good afternoon. I was Ronions. and here is the latest news about the quake.

We are preparing to watch Committee press conference of seismic.

All right.

It started.

We did predict earthquakes 5.1 with center in Malibu. will be ...

She has a phone in here?

Internal call you? Urgent there!

Come on. Damn.

Seismological Commission. this is the ... Ched. Molly Dunn here.

Oh. hello Molly. are you alright. Earthquake heard near her.

Yeah. I'm fine. and I'm going to have a new session do not know how long. so he had to hear me speak.

We evacuated level 4.

This time will be very large. the level 10.0 that Ched.

Molly. come on.

My system has been in operation. it knew about previous Malibu 4 minutes.

And now I see it alerts San Andreas wide. Ched game.

Well. in 2008 she also said the same thing. And I do not want to make a fool anymore.

That's his code base that. Ched. This time the new code and it works.

Evacuation level 4 that Molly. you know I have to do anything?

He checked my data go get it?

Okay. send. I will see through. I send it. see outbox. must evacuate immediately.

She wanted me to evacuate 13 million people For her project once lucky stars?

That is not science ... Level 10 Ched. hear me speak.

I have to go.

Oh no. no. no. Professor Dunn?

Nick. I'm sorry about grades of you. but now is not the time.

Ali is this?

Ali. she ok?

Yes. she's fine. She's out of the hotel yet?

He is the son of Ali you there?

I wanted to say. but Ali not allowed.

She said she did not accept. Yeah. she's right.


She will go? I will go.

You need a car right? Yes. I will seek.

We can use your car.

"We" it?

Or you do yourself go also. if she thought she went there before me.

Okay. Where's my Car? This side.

Not you? There are not any on?

Take sugar out. we should avoid the coastline.

Just go away.

Lobby was okay. no damage. even a crack.

It is true that last shake intense too. huh.

Everything okay? Well. it's only slightly older. was fine.

I would love modern technology. shooting yore costly.

5 years ago I photographed while more than a lifetime there.

Smile yet.

Send us do offline. Of course.

Well. with her manager there?

No. he was meeting. but will be happy to see two doctors tomorrow.


I'll wait outside. Well.

It was okay. but after the earthquake? Sure. withstand 8.0 magnitude fraud.

Also no other choice. Okay. 14th floor.

It will arrive only. Completely safe.

Okay. Hank. Ali. I tried contacts but only this way only.

Only a small seismic without call the telephone calls.

Okay. this plan. you will in the center. Ali. she knew about Nick already.

He accompanied her to come children welcome.

On the way there is a fire. fire. people panic. Ali. stay there.

Stay in the hotel.

It seems that the most powerful blow will come sooner than expected.

She could not be sure until have all the data. at rest that go Ali.

If you get this one. then people are going to pick them up.

According to this one going with one small blow. What size Small?

3 or 4. sometimes we Where not feel it ...

No. no. no. no!

Are you alright?

Oh god.

Okay. take me out of here. Do not worry. it's alive and well 100 years.

You alright? What next?

Brother. Where's my medicine? To forget it.

He left. then. did he back to it again?

Hey. have technicians there?

Please open the door. please.

Seismic small stop too? The system is interrupted before.

It sends each packet and missed something.

Maybe we have to find wifi data or new phone.

It's fine.

I will do? Look at the bright side.

I can not believe it going on.

How at this center?


Come on. You fix it is not?

It can not go anywhere.

What to do now?

I have a few comments.

Goodbye. sweetheart. Really?

What are you doing there? It is my pet department.

Come on. let's go. Ali thought it very quiet.


Nothing. to me get some things did.

Please hurry up.

Lord. art huh?

What is it? Nothing. go.

We use it to do what?

She likes the public. leaving anyway? I will steal the car back?

The vehicle should then why? For more than us?

No. no. this is not the key. no need to do it where alarm.

I'm trying to convince her that Her daughter did not choose the wrong person you?

Hey. did not convince her anything. okay?



We're in the elevator.

I love well. look at me. he will be all right.

Ho goes. it would be useful.

Breathe deep into his travel.

He ah. do not leave me. please do it. Stay here.

Hey. help me get her purse. with aspirin. I think would be useful.

Damn. no signal anymore. I do not know what has changed.

Take away the canyon road. Road canyon it?

It will take a year.

You think the highway will faster at all?

I just wanted to say I only know each Ali. Thought you did not want to convince me?

I have commitments with Ali. So why support she quit school?

She thought it was her star reviews?

And the tattoo is What are your reviews?

God. she did not know anything on Ali right?

Hey. she quit school. she do not want to study Biochemistry.

Honestly that I wanted to go to college. They need it.

But she did not? She can go to work outside.

Thank you for your consideration of children.

Stop the car. What's up?

Bridge blocked then. they missed block earthquakes. why?

Overlooking the cracks there.

Should I turn around it?

I did not have enough time to it.

We have to go through that. Carefully only.

Go over there? Be careful.

It will collapse any time there. Just go slowly through it.

All right. We're still fine.

Come on then. To stop! Slow down.

All right. Do not block. too.

Go away. Go away.


We caught the signal before. Coming magnitude 5.1 tremors.

When? A few minutes away.

Across the bridge already.


Out of the bridge away. Leave the car went.

Help me with this. My son. Must take it to the hospital. It is going to collapse and know.

Nick. wait. Get me a hand go.

He's dead.

We have to go. We have to take him to the hospital.

Must take it to the hospital. We have to go soon!

Hello everyone. I will tell everybody know all the news of the earthquake in Los Angeles.

Starting with strong tremors in Malibu. And here is the information we learned.

President and vice president ordered evacuate all the people in the nearby area.

According to reports. there were 44 or 45 houses was destroyed by the tremor.

Then the earthquake came. People seek shelter away.

This is not good then.

Sorry. boss. There are new signals.

He will not believe this.

I want to probe the aftershocks after the earthquake ... Sorry boss.

Wait wait. Yes.

These notes ... It is a sign of today.

That signals in The last 30 minutes.

This is my guess.

Everything is happening as my prediction.

Graph purely coincidental the duration and intensity of aftershocks.

And you have to cross the data yet? Three times. sir.

Very accurate. And this is not an aftershock.

Henry. Government office called me.

For those just joining us. Los Angeles now a whole being evacuated.

Including the suburbs. I repeat. the whole city is being evacuated.

Including the suburbs. The whole city is being evacuated.

Predicting the next seismic waves can destroy many buildings in the city.

Now we've received verify predictions about concussions. next seismic waves will have a 10-magnitude intensity.

And the evacuation is being statewide implementation in California.

Have any luck? - No. Listen. we need to hurry up.

What? We have to find her first.

No. we can not wait anymore.

Listen. my wife and child. they depend on me.

But the city are suffering from the quake.

Actually only Malibu bear alone earthquake zone.

But we can not adventure is.

But we have to save people. We do not get any more adventurous.

But we can not give them back. Wait wait. - Listen. we'll be fine.

UK you. very happy to see him. We need a helicopter.

I'm sorry. but there was nothing at all. I must find a way to get out of here already.

Come on. there must be something could run okay. The What then?

Please. sir. There's still hope anything.

Listen. I have to get out of here. This whole area was under water.

Listen. I beg you. my wife and child waiting for me to pick.

I regret that I did not help. $ 5.000.

What? I'll pay you $ 5.000 to milk it.

I do not know if I can that amount is not used anymore.

$ 10.000. I will try my best. Where no promise.

I have a condition. We have to pick up my child before.

Okay. listen. we have try a few times to find the survivors.

If anyone hears it Please answer me.

We will continue to search.

See you soon everyone.


Jackson? Hello. please take me out of here.

Thank God. Open the door.

You think I'm doing? Help me open this door type.

Thank God.

I have to go looking for drugs. He is a heart attack.

Please help her. Room 1333.

Second drawer in bedside. Hurry!

Brother. can you do not give me a hand?

He Parklin.

He Parklin.

We have received confirmation for the next earthquake.

And the evacuation is underway.

Which is?

I have known Gary to find people to help us. I'll be back soon.

Breathe. Breathe.

I repeat. the whole city being evacuated.

The evacuation will take everyone out of earthquake zone.

Evacuation stars? We have to get out of here.

We must go. Right away. This will collapse took place.

Wait wait. We must help them. I can not help him be.

Alley? Yes.

Speak now. - I just called the National Guard. they will welcome us in 30 minutes.

Okay. we'll go down there.

We must hurry. We will go up. I promise that.

I can not miss this opportunity. Please go.

All right. We should not miss more seconds anymore.

Who would have imagined rather earthquake. Actually. we were predictable.

Where are we?

Shortcut to where we need to.

Hopefully we can through this.

Alley never listen to me.

She also never listens to me. She does not accept the things that are about to happen.

Yes. I understand that.

I told her it was dangerous place but she did not listen.

She said I do not tell her.

He will come to New York stars?

I will go.

After graduating.

Why? Because I want to live there.

And he will put daughter design My go with you?

I do not take her out. okay? We want to live together.

No way.

Certainly not.

Okay. for starters. she to go back to school to learn.

Because that new really important.

Listen. we do not ...

What the hell is that? I do not know.

Perhaps a dog.

Dear God. Dear God! As a baby hippopotamus.

It's still alive.

No no. Do not!

Molly. run away.

Run away. run away.

May be it is not dead. We're still in luck.

I have a feeling Something is about to happen.

Something we never met ever.

I was Edna ... Edna Lowenstein.

Franklin. Fine Franklin.

Thank you so much.

He is a very kind person.

Not as good as that.

This is an anniversary Our wedding day.

Can you help us? We have a disease.

I'm okay. I will keep everyone.

Come on.

Hi everyone. I will continue coverage of the earthquake for everyone.

The quake has caused a lot of chaos on the streets.

We are trying our best to continue reporting to you.

As long as we out of town okay?

Highways were National Guard intercepted. And both ends of the road were stuck in traffic.

Please do not talk at all. She'll be fine.

Currently subway was shut down. The buses are helping to evacuate people.

Suddenly I remembered about 6 years ago when I have to learn a new child psychology major.

That is part of the parents do that.

Maybe you did not know anyway. My mother used to be.

My mother must worry all without my father.

I do not know about that. That's why I try my best in school.

You know I will not change their minds. I do not ask that.

I just wanted her to understand that I've always been a very trying.

Okay. if the school remain after this. he wins.

And with Alley. too. I do not lie. I do not need to hear that.

Listen. exactly. she is someone I need.

Because she'll be a man worthy of her.

I'll do it all. Cute there.

But just so you know well. it is my daughter. and I'm interested in what you make it.

Please stop. To stop.

Please stop.

I think that we should not stop. Where time is running out.

Everything all right?

I apologize for blocking two again but nobody tries to stop both.

I tried to call people to but nobody heard the machine.

All right.

Let me see the car for her. Why two people to go that direction.

Two people should go from here.

You're in the city. Two people can not do it.

We must try it.

No. two people have to listen to me. This car is so much money?

Approximately 100.000 thousand. Try threads machine go.

Now go off.

I can not fix it then. - No no. We still have room.

You two can go together. We can not return to the city.

Roads are blocked then. But we must try.

Do not the mother. I'm sorry.

We must get out of here immediately.

My daughter is all I have.

And we no longer Time to go back there.

I have taken my children away. So we have to go right.

I also had to save my friend. I can not leave her be.

We must go immediately. If you do not hear what I say.

I could not abandon her.

That is the end of you?

Okay. whoever you are away. I'll shoot him.

Do not the mother. I back away.

Please mother. - We'll take them away. Fine fine.

I no longer need to go from here. Let's say that I love her. She went away!

Mother! I will shoot him there.

I'm serious.

I'm serious.

She took the car away. Get the car. Get out of here.

I told her to go take that. And I said you do not stop that.

The entire street in Los Angeles was blocked.

People unable to Los Angeles again. The government ordered the estate all those who want to LA.

Maybe it is coming.

What do you mean? What are you doing?

We do not have much time left. She caught the signal back?

This is data implicitly. I'm running out of battery already. I have a spare battery here.

Thank you.

No no. Damn. What happened?

What happened?

The thing that ... I was about to give Alley. Is something wrong?

Signature. - Of whom? Source easy to use?

Are you okay?

Do not be like that. What?

Data is updated then. The next earthquake to magnitude 12.

Nothing can withstand. So we have to hurry.

Today's quake a magnitude of 5.3 on the Richter scale as reported by the US Department of Geography.

The earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks as destroying many buildings and apartments.

But nothing ever occur as in the last 60 minutes.

Prevent people to the street. Of.

Sir. please stop.

What? No vehicles to welcome us?

You stay calm. Bus next will come soon.

The evacuation took almost the entire people out of the danger zone.

Major earthquake prediction will occur in the heart of Los Angeles.


They're catching people. You'd not be here.

We have to do?

It seeks to place it. Road sewers.

Are you sure? Can not be driving anywhere.

He does not know a shortcut? Okay. follow me.

There is road side.

We're going out there may not be. That's the only way.

How driven are down here?

Continue to run away. run away.

Just follow this road. Will there be exit over there.

Crazy really. Are you sure you know this is way under it?

Now. do not go back any further. Come on.

Dear God!

What happened to happen?

Maybe the earthquake that killed him. But so what?

Looking coins are considered. Perhaps the quake did the gas leak.

Toxic gases stars? Maybe. We got trouble.

I did not go straight anymore. Try to go.


Pulling this one out. We must get out of here.

I can not do it anymore. Come on. I'll help you.

Hi Alley. we both are trying to my place.

We can not keep mum go anymore.

You are to stay in hotels. Will someone to take me out of there.

I can not stand it. Please tell them that I helped the people.

Dear brother. I understand your feelings. I have to get out of here. I have to live.

Why should I take this story because they helped you?

I must be on the vehicle. Brothers. - Take your hands off me.

Do not touch me. Get off me.

I would have come long ago. Calm down. sir.

Calm down. sir.

Stand back. These people have no right pick out who was alive who have died.

I would have to that vehicle.

I helped them.

I should be living.

He Franklin. please. Do not do that.

She took advantage of me.

I want to tell you this.

I do not want you to lose hope. Do not lose hope.

We'll get over this. And I want you to know that she loves me.

You are to be strong.

Next to me is happiness Mother's largest. she was really happy.

Son of a colleague. a friend of the mother.

Mama thought the children.

I do not know that she was afraid things can happen to you all about.

And no matter what happens away. it will not take away the love of mother for child anywhere.

And if we can not survived out of this together.

I want you to know that a mother loves her child.

Mom loves you.

Con hold on. Let's get out of here.

Alley very strong. She is going through.

We never know it will happen.

We tried. Yes.

Alley enjoyed this.


Noon 1977 movie.

He loves that movie.

And that was the first film that I see with it.

Wake up.

We are going through.

I am so sorry.

He was supposed to secure. It is my opinion that.

We have to save her.

So how about New York? Where Nothing changes.

I think so.

That's where me and her will have the first kiss.

Alley had such promise. She will accompany me to it.

Now we no longer be met again.

I just hope that she going through this situation.

Anyway. I also ...

just an idiot.

Nick. air.

Come on. I saw the exit.

Fresh air.

We can not go out?

Where impossible.

Wait. I think that the way out already.

We can go through it.

The door. No! No!

I can open it.

To me for something.

Wait. wait. I'll spoil it there.

Insert the key for me. We do not.

Our mission is keep safe for everyone.

I do not believe these people. These people want to put us here.

She has a car. right?

Putting the key for me.

It's too late. I think we should find a hiding place.

No. everything will fall down. We must try it.

In turn. I need help.

Can not believe it.

It was that hotel. We have to pass it.

Hey. stay away from the girl out!

No. leave me out.

I deserve to live that.

I helped them.

That's not fair to me.

I helped them.


Can not believe that you've come here.

We must get out of here.

Here is safer. No. this place will collapse only.

Guys. listen. we have to go. No way. We're going to take 12-magnitude earthquake.

Nothing will withstand it.

Come with us. Above the roof with a helicopter.

I hope so. Seriously mother there?

Ma'am. I have received the order. People have to go with me. I tell you it's the only chance for survival.

Sir. help him up. Come on.

Come on. - But what about Jackson? Do not talk anymore. let's go.

You alright? We do not have much time.

We must be up on the roof.

I am so sorry. But we must hurry.

I saw how two people looking at each other. Her boyfriend. right?

Do celebrating 40 years as we.

We only people slowed only.

Go away.


On the other side there are other stairs.

Alley. take my hand.

Mom. save me.

All right. Fighting!

Mom can not pull both up. You must stick to the wall away.

No. I can not. I can do that.

Slowly clung onto it.

Come on.

Damn. fire already.

We have to rush through it. Do it again and the same goes away.

Time to do?


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry baby.

I'm sorry.

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