Sand Castle (2017) Script

"I was lucky to get a war." That's how the old guys saw it.

I'd have the rest of my life to tell folks how I'd made history.

Well, I signed up July 11, 2001, two months before that really meant something.

Oh, I'd love to say, "I'm here to fight for freedom."

But honestly... I joined the reserves for the college money.

I don't belong here. And I'm ashamed of that.

A war story can't be true unless it's got some shame attached to it.

Hey! Ocre!

What do you think?

Pokey was my dog's name.

Mirra Loma's the name of the street I grew up on.


It's my porn name. I'm going balls deep in Iraq, get it?

Yeah, yeah. Clever.

That coming off?

Yeah. Yeah, headin' that way. Just in time. Armored's rollin' out.

This place will be a ghost town. Ticktock, ticktock. Right?


Hey, if I don't see you for the rest of the war, be safe.

You too.

A little pressure.

Scale of one to ten, how's the pain?

It's a ten.

Whatever the suggested dose, double it. That'll handle the discomfort.

Discomfort? Nah, I...

I can't even make a fist. I can't roll out like this.

Let me see your hand.

A door did that? Yeah.

I've seen guys rollin' out with a lot worse.

Here's one of the potential targets.

When you're in Baghdad, it's really quite...

That a boy, Enzo.

Get it!

I'm telling you guys, I'm gonna be on the cover of men's health, fuckin' two big-old-tittied chicks on each arm, waves splashing on my pecs and shit.

Chutsky, we're gonna see you on the cover of out magazine with a dick in each hand and shame in your eyes. Like this.

Hey, you smell that?

Smells like pussy. Why would it smell like pussy?

Oh, hey, Ocre.

What's up? We were just talking about you.

You look like shit.

That malaria pill is giving me nightmares.

This whole place is a nightmare, man.

So... what'd the doc say?

Yeah. I'm good.

Welcome back.

Did you see armored's rolling out? Come again?

Whoa! Is that true?

Yeah. And I saw Cole loading the Abrams.

Sergeant Harper, are we staging?

I know what you know, Chutsky.

Come on. What do I know? Tell me what I know.

Hey, sarge, if we are staging, we should start moving.

Guys, command will let us know when they're ready.

Army's kept me in a cage for six weeks, sergeant Harper.

Ooh, time to let me out.

So how's the hand feel?

It's not a problem. Okay.

Get the stick, huh?

What are you doing here?

Uh, whatever you tell me to, sergeant.

That's a very good answer. But that's not what I mean.

You're a smart guy.

Smarter than most of these boys.

Why aren't you being all the fuck you can be somewhere else, huh?

Well, uh, it was laundry day when I signed up.

Needed the free t-shirt.

Come on, Ocre.

I don't know. My dad was in, my granddad.

Something you did, you know?

Glorious day for the infantry, sergeant Harper.

As you were.

Hooah, sergeant major. Which way is the shit rolling, lieutenant?

Downhill, as always.

Just as gravity intended, son.

We're being moved up the manifest.

Chalk two packs as slow as my fuckin' wife, apparently.

Roger that, sir. We're gonna be about an hour till we're square here.

Well, better make it 30.

You boys proud and ready?

Proud and ready, sergeant major. Proud and ready.

Yeah, you got that right. Beautiful goddamn day for the infantry.

Burton? There's no way. Not this guy.

All day. Burton. This little... this little...

Little baby-faced, wet-nosed puppy dog, care bear motherfucker right here?

Yeah, I'm outside. I don't know none of this shit's going on, right?

So I'm looking up, and I swear to god, just as the first fireworks went off, Mitch comes flying through the front door, face bloodied, mangled, just all messed up.

And then out of the corner of my eye, I see this white flash comin'.

I look over.

It's Burton taking a running leap off my front porch.

Came down on him with the knee, like this. Boom!

He grabs him by the ponytail, drags him to the middle of the street and beat the brakes off of this grown man.

I mean, he hit him with shit I ain't never seen before.

What, and everyone just watched? Yeah.

Damn, Burton.

Bottom line, his mom took care of me when I was a kid.


This guy was a piece of shit. He got what was coming to him.

That's it.

You need, like... Like, anger management for that.

No, I'm good.

You're clear to cross phase line, Alpha.

Well, I got really into Pilates.

Roger that, noble lion. We are ready to go. Over.

Guys, game on. Let's go. Come on.

Baghdad or bust, bitches.


No, I'm good, thanks. Don't smoke.

Keep me safe up there. You know it.

Yeah, let's get it up!

Gonna ask you boys to get to your war.

Whoever built that berm, if they ain't scared, they're gonna get scared.

Double time!



That fuckin' sucks. Yeah, no shit.

All right. Well, you're gonna have to flank.

All right. Well, Charlie team's got a... A team across the way.

Maybe I could flank with them.

Oh, Chutsky, you want it? Go get it, boy.

Hey, Burton. Yeah?

Give me some smoke!

Hey, hey, hey, but don't bum-rush the guy, okay?

Command does not want us destroying a mosque.

It's gonna be a bad PR problem. Fuckin' liberals.

I don't think it's coming from the mosque. I saw muzzle flashes behind it.

What building?

I, uh... I think he's in the hotel.

Hotel. I'm gonna take the kid.

All right, Ocre. Hey, Burton!

Go on, point it out! Rockin' and rollin'. You ready?

Let's go. Follow me, Ocre! Moving.

Oh! Shit!

Fuck! Shit. Fuck me!

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

All right, all right!

Where's the co?

Co! Right here, sergeant!

Co! Get over here!

All right, private here knows where the fire's coming from.

Where's it coming from? He's thinking the hotel.

He's in the hotel.

Alpha, follow him.

Bravo, with me. All right, on me!


You got it.




Move, move, move, move, move, move, move!


Contact! Contact! Southeast building.

Ocre, cover fire! Out the window.

Guys, get the fuck up the stairs!

All right. Ocre, cover fire.

I got ya. I got ya. Oh, you're good.

You're good. You're good.

Just quit your bellyaching. You're fine. Just a little gun wound.

All right, help me out here. Help me out. God damn.

He okay? Fuckin' do something.

Yeah, we're fine. We're fine.

All right, Ocre, you're with me. Yeah.

You, follow me.

Whoo! Ah.

Call it in.

Noble lion, this is eagle one. Do you copy?

Go ahead, eagle one.

Sniper fire is not coming from the mosque. I repeat, not the mosque.

It is confirmed from the hotel.

It is, uh, 260 degrees and...

What is it, about 100 meters from the mosque?

Hundred and fifty.

And 150 meters from the mosque. Over.

Do you have a floor number, eagle one? Over.

Wait, one... Yo, they want a fucking floor number.

Floor number? Do they want a room number, too?

Is this motherfucker ordering room service?

Get the fuck up top. Get 'em a fuckin' floor number.

God damn.

And watch your head. Yeah.

Shit. Whoo!

Yeah. Third floor, southeast corner.

You say third floor, southeast corner? Yeah.


Fuck that!

Noble lion, this is eagle two.

Sniper fire is too heavy.

I'm suggesting an air strike. Over.

What the hell are you doing? What a clusterfuck of a...


It's just such a clusterfuck. Hey. No, no, no, Chutsky.

This whole thing is such a fucking clusterfuck.

No. No, no, no. Sergeant... Hey, sergeant, we're too close.

We're not too close. We're right where we need to be.

Sergeant, how long do we have? Can I move? Do we have time to move?

No, we don't have time to fuckin' move. We called in an air strike. Stay put.

Okay. Hang on.

I mean, we're sitting here all day.

It's hot as shit. My balls are sweating.

Fuckin' salt stains under my arm and shit.

Oh, yeah.

Keep your head down. We've got fuckin' backup.


You lose, motherfucker!

Oh, fuck. That's why I'm in Baghdad. That's why I'm in fucking Baghdad!

Ocre! You deaf? What?

Ocre! You about to puke?

I'm good.

Whoo! We fuckin' did it, sir.

That was the most American shit I've ever seen.

Yeah, come on out, Chutsky. Walk out now. We're coming from the north.

Ready them titties, Kansas City.

Corporal Enzo, hero, will be home soon.

Okay, right here. Right here. Right here.

Oh, I'm a bad man.

Let's go. Dismount. Yo, I'mma get all kinds of titties.

Big titties, little titties, fuckin' medium titties.

Oh, shit. I'll be straight up, man. Back home I was fucking threes, fours.

After a story like this, I'm definitely fucking fives, sixes, maybe even a seven if I catch me a drunk patriot.

What's the sitrep, sergeant?

Uh, we've got a WIA on the roof.

Uh, Charlie team three's medevaccing him right now.

Ocre and I blew up a building.

Yeah, you did. All right, good job.

Good job, private Ocre.

Yeah, he can't hear you.

Ocre! Huh?

Come here.

How you feel?


All right. I'll be sure to pass your complaint on to management.

Come on.

Hey, don't let these little mini-jihadists get too close.

Fuckin' little bombs strapped all over 'em and shit.

All elements, this is Sierra two-eight.

Primary mission, collect all primary intelligence requirements.

Bag it and tag it.

Area has been cleared. But keep your head on a swivel, boys.

And welcome to your new home.

Is this a photo op or what? Take a picture.

Wait, wait, wait.

I gots to do this one. Yeah, boy!

Hey! Hey! Bad motherfucker.

Hey, knock that shit off. Come on.

Let's go, corporal. Sorry, sergeant.

Get the fuck outta here, bro!

Does anybody fuckin' knock anymore? I'm trying to have a moment, motherfucker!

Hey! Hey, I found Saddam's porn stash.

What? Hold up. There's... oh, my god.

I'm taking off my pants now!

Oh, yeah, cannonball run, the longest yard, Navajo Joe, Hooper.

This isn't porn. These are Burt Reynolds movies.

Huh, guess that explains Saddam's 'stache.

Are you worried that if we don't find significant evidence in the coming weeks and months, that our credibility and the integrity of this country is in jeopardy?

Uh, I, of course...

Did my guys roll out yet?

They're running behind. Having trouble with the load.

Uh, can I get one of those?

Thank you.

Is that, uh, good? Good. Shukraan.

All right, motherfuckers, it's ready. Let's get it moved.

Hey... shut up, motherfucker.

Burton! Do you remember Steph Bertolini? With all the ass?

Oh, the, uh... that chick with polio?

She did not have fuckin' polio! How many times we gotta go over this shit?

It was, like, a leg thing or, like, she had, like, a baby foot or something...

Oh, my god, it... It couldn't have been polio, 'cause they cured that in fuckin' 1957. And why do you know that?

Because, asshole, I looked it up.

Yeah, you looked it up 'cause you thought your girl had polio, so...

Well, fuck you very much. Here. Here. Here.

You know what? I'm hitting every pothole and every fuckin'...

Let's take a picture with this guy.

- In 1991... Give me the comm.

- He had weapons of mass destruction. All right, Jim?

Uh, eagle four, this is eagle six.

Whatever the delay, pick up the fuckin' pace. Over.

Eagle six, this is eagle four.

Why do you hate me when I love you so much? Over.

Now, corporal. Out.

You guys all right?

All right, ready? Come on, take it. Come on.

One, two, three. America! America!

Oh, that's solid. Do I look good?

Yeah! Look at this... All right, load him up.

Let's get him in. One, two, three.

Hold this. All right.

Y'all fuckin' around with my taste in women and shit.

All right, hop in, hopscotch. No, I'm not going in the back.

Get the fuck in the car.

I'm the biggest. That doesn't make sense.

Sergeant, private. Get in the fucking back.

Oh, he pulled rank on your ass!

You're gonna love it. You got no jokes now, huh, boy?

All right. You can touch him.

Just keep below the waist. Yeah, great.

He's gonna touch his hajji peepee.

Oh, Enzo, yo, came up with a nickname.

You can't come up with your own nickname, man.

That shit's gay. Nobody's gonna fuckin' call you by it but you.

Boss murderer.

Okay, so that's badass. Yeah?

That is badass. That's why I said it.

I'mma give you that one.

Shit. Hey! Hey, guys! Guys, he just moved!

Hey! Hey! Hey, he's not dead!

What the fuck is going down?

Hold up! Open up! He moved! He's not dead!

Calm the fuck down. What are you talking about?

He's fucking movin'. What the fuck?

What the hell you talking about?

Oh, shit! See?

Hey! Whoa! Are you crazy? What the fuck?

Will you put the gun down? It's 113 degrees, all right?

He's thawing out. That's why he's jumping around like a catfish.

You sure? Will you chill out? Put that shit away.

This shit ain't funny, Burton, man! I almost had a fuckin' heart attack!

Mission came down.

0200 this morning, an Apache spotted a weapons exchange.

Unleashed hell on a truck filled with RPGs.

Hey, whereabouts are we talking?

Small village up north. Outskirts of Baqubah.

I mean, a Toyota filled with dead terrorists...

Doesn't seem like a big problem, sir.

No, the big problem is the big fucking hole we left in their water station when the Apaches fired on them.

Command wants some of our guys to attach to the sf team on the ground.

You'll report to a captain Syverson and run water to the town.

What do you mean? Like delivery boys? That, and we're giving you some capital to get the locals working with the engineers on the pumping station.

Look, lieutenant, everybody's been talking about going home.

And now you want us to go to some place we don't control. For what? A photo op?



You look like you went swimming.

There was no ventilation back there. Oh, that's why I ride up top.

I see more of the country than anyone else.

Nah. Nah, you couldn't pay me enough to ride the turret.

We hit shit, all the fire's coming your way, buddy.

Yeah, that's true.

But when we get home, I'll remember the breeze, sunshine.

Like you'll remember sitting in the dark, sweating your ass off.

Are we just fucking allergic to good news or what?

Special forces? We don't do that shit.

That's true.

Look, guys, I don't want anybody who's not fully on board. Okay?

You don't want in, you let me know, and I'll get you replaced.

Oh, I think you should take the tampon out of your ass.

All right? I'm tired of this whole green zone shit.

I'm in.

I fuckin' knew it.

Hey. You go, I go. You want that on your conscience?

Are you a grown man? Then make your own decisions.

Can we at least get the sat phone to call home?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll make it happen.

Hey, sergeant, you done?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, I was just calling my fiancée.

Well, how is she doing?

I got the... the answering machine.

You tell her much about Iraq?

Only the stuff that won't worry her. I figure what's the point, right?


I mean, my mom thinks I work in the kitchen.

I told her...

It's stupid. I told her everyone calls me private okra.

Okay. But your dad, right? He was in. You could talk to him. He gets it.

He went awol when I was six.

That burn you up?

No. No, I was too young.

All I remember is, uh, the day he left...

He told me he was going to get a coke, and then just never came back.

So now I only drink Pepsi out of spite.

What's on your mind, Ocre?

I was just, uh, thinking about this place they're sending us.

Baqubah. Yeah.

You know, these small towns, we don't control them.

Yeah, it's not all Yahtzee and flip-flops like it is here.

And... you know, we destroyed their water supply, so they're not gonna be happy to see us.

Yeah, but they will be when we get that water flowing again.

Right. Right.

I just think that there's a chance we're walking into something bigger.

I don't think I'm cut out for that shit.

Burton's tough as nails, and Chutsky isn't afraid of anything. I... I'm...

Look, Chutsky sees a fire, he sticks his hand in it.

I need somebody smart, somebody who sees the bigger picture.

And if I don't go?

If you don't go, then I was wrong about you.

And I don't want anybody I was wrong about watching my back.

It's up to you. You can't come out here and outsource your decision to me.

If you're in, here's the sat phone. You got a call to make.

You ain't gotta look good. Just gotta do good, right?

Shit. Looking good's the most important part.

He's strange.

Okay, where the fuck are your plates, private?

There's not enough to go around. But... somebody cough up a plate.

Here, take one of mine.

No, Burton, you're top gun. That's not... fuck. Chutsky.

Hey, sergeant, I'm good... Just shut the fuck up, Ocre.

So you gotta ask yourself, "am I more likely to get shot in the chest or the back?"

Choose wisely.

Okay, kit up. Downstairs in 20 minutes.

Yes, sergeant! Hold up.

Morning. Morning, lieutenant.


The tank. Fasi, the driver.

Salaam. Sergeant Harper.

IED attacks up and down the way, so maintain convoy integrity.

Roger that. No vehicles in or out.

Money in the back. And that's it. Load it up!

Get on it.

Oh. Enjoy Syverson. He's a blast.

Holy shit!

All right, look.

Hide this up your asshole, I will split it with you.

Y'all wanna maintain 10 to 15 meters at all times. Thank you.

Enzo! Mount up.

Dad's coming. Missed out on the fucking money, Ocre.

We could've been rich, Ocre!

Hey, Sy. Convoy's pulled up.

Give me a moment, gentlemen.

Hey. Get that water flowing. What?

Get that water flowing.

I say get back! Get back! Let's go! Let's go!

Get back!

Burton, get those fuckers off that truck! Chutsky, come on!

God fucking damn it!

Get the fuck off the truck! Get back!

Get off the truck. Get the fuck back!

Ocre! Ocre!

I want these people back! I know. Yes, sergeant.

Stay down! Get off the fucking truck!

Get off! Stay there, okay?

Let this kid through. Let this woman through.

Women and children first! Stay back!

Get the fuck down! No!

Hey. No, get back! Chutsky, you okay?

Hey! Hey! Hey! Stay the fuck back!

All right, guys, your job is real simple.

You keep that water flowing, win their hearts and minds, and then the Iraqis start pointing fingers and giving me and the boys some targets to hit.


Machmoud. You got my 20?

This is Machmoud.

These boys are gonna fix your water problem.

Are there more?

Yeah, isn't that a Daisy?

Go on. Get.

But I want my 20, okay? Dollars, not dinars.

How about I pay you in freedom and democracy?

Taught that guy Texas hold'em. Do not play him.

Turns out he's a goddamn prodigy. Come on.

This one's me.

Have you guys had much contact with the tribal leader?

Sheikh's a waste of time. You ladies are in here.

Make no mistake, no one outside that gate wants you here.

So you do your job and turn those roars to a whisper.

At night, we go dark.

Snipers so much as see a bit of light, they will start popping shots.


Who wants the bunk by the window?

Ocre. You're up top.

Mission is water distro.

Order of movement, three vehicles, two mil, one tanker.

Vehicle number one, tanker. Number two.

Your route is as follows.

We are here. Pumping station is here.

Distro points here, here, and here. Hit as many as you can.

Wheels up in five Mikes. Any questions?

No, sir.

All right. Let's go to work.

Roger that.

Come on, mount up.

Hey. "A" positive. Me too.

How you doing? You good?



Enzo, we're pulling out. Chutsky, we're moving.

How you doing? Civil affairs said to fill this up.

Roger that.

What the fuck, sergeant?

Command said it's gonna take a couple of days.

Command says lots of things, but I'm standing here telling you two weeks for electrical and four for the pipes.


I got 12 guys working in shifts. Half on guard duty, half on the pump.

We have to clear the debris before we can assess the extent of the damage to the pipes.

You wanna go faster, roll up your sleeves.

Yeah, well, we're only here to distribute the water, so...

But, hey, I got good news.

We're gonna get you some workers, and we're gonna speed this up.

You got more guys on the way?

Yeah, we'll get some Iraqis. We got cash to spend.

That's the plan? That's the plan.

Pay Iraqis to work? Yeah.

You got a better plan, sergeant?

You get me a couple dozen, it might cut your time in half.

Good. Done. Turn it up!

No, all the way up!

It's taking forever.

That's as good as it gets.

Well, can't you engineer, brain something up to make it go faster?


All right, so hour each way. How long does it take to fill this thing?

I'd say 45, give or take.

Three hours a trip.

Plus distribution time.

But the Iraqis line up fast. Should get their water fast.

Okay, so four hours and three trips a day.

I mean, we're still gonna be pushing sunset to be safe.

We got a pickup truck, six o'clock!

Okay, Enzo, Burton, I don't want this guy getting in my convoy.

You understand?

Enzo, this guy's gonna try to pass!


Get the fuck back!

Chutsky! This thing breaks, I want you descending on this guy.

Hold tight.

I'm gonna fucking shoot! I'm gonna take a fucking shot, man!

Get the fuck outta here!

God damn it. Coming in.

Let's go!

Show me your hands! Show me your hands!

Get out of the car! Get out of the car!

Machmoud, where the fuck are you? Machmoud!

Get out of the car!

Ocre, what the fuck are you doing?

Ocre, when I say get out the fuckin' vehicle, it means get out the fuckin' vehicle. I got stuck, sergeant.

That's a smart move. That's... that's way safer, Ocre.

Ocre, search him.

Let's go, Ocre! What is he saying?

Machmoud, what the fuck is he saying?

He says his daughter is with him. His daughter?

Hey. Hey, there's a little girl back here.

She armed? No. No, I don't think so.

All right, Enzo, check the back.

He's saying his girl is sick and he's taking her to a relative who has an apothecary.

A what? An apothecary.

A pharmacy.

Hi, honey.

Can you step out of the vehicle for me?

Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

Hi. I want you... I want you to stand right there for me, okay? It's okay. She's okay.

Check his legs.

He say he has nothing.


Nothing back here, sergeant. The truck's clear.

Clear, sergeant. Yeah, we're good. Enzo?

Clear, sergeant.

Okay, you can step back in your car now.

Chutsky, come here.

Look, these... these people, they use kids as cover all the time.

I think we arrest him, we let the sf guys handle him.

I got a bad feeling about this guy.

Okay. Ocre, cut him loose. Let's go, cut him loose.

Look, this is, uh...

This is for your trouble and your little girl there, okay?

We're sorry for the trouble.

Okay, but hey, hey, hey. You can't drive this road anymore, okay?

I don't wanna see you on this road. Machmoud, tell him.

What'd he say? He doesn't want the money.

Enzo, get the door.

Who the fuck doesn't want money?

All right, let's go. Come on. Let's go.

Ocre. Ocre.

You need an invitation? Come on.

Move your fuckin' ass. Let's go.

We will be distributing water at this location every day at 10:00 A.M.

Now, our engineers are working very hard to get your pump station fixed, and we're very sorry about it. We're gonna get your water flowing again.

But we need help. We need workers.

And we are going to be paying each man.

We're willing to pay him in cash for a ten-hour work day.

Okay, move it along. This guy is next. Come through.

And we're gonna be here tomorrow at sunrise.

We're gonna transfer every willing worker to the pump station.

Get the fuck back. All right.

Help us help you.

Thank you.

Gimme a straight line!

All right. Men over here, women over here.

That's how we do it in America. That's how we're gonna do it here.

Gimme more children. All the children up here.

Get the fuck back. I'm not gonna tell you again.


Hey, no, you weren't next! You weren't next. This guy's next.

Join the line. Okay, you're good. Move on out.

All of you guys... All right, fine.

Okay, you're next. Thank you, sir.

Calm down. Keep it back. Keep it back.

Enzo, help out, will you? Back it up. Back it up.

Next in line, here we go.

Hey, easy. Get back.

Here you go, sir.

Please, keep back, sir. Back in the line.


Okay. Let's go. Back them up.

Okay, let this guy through. He's good.

You guys go around and join the line. Go around and join the line.

I'm serving people who've been waiting first, okay?

Oh, yeah, that's good.

Let's get some sleep.

Rodriguez, I got you a movie!

Keep your hands off of me. I'll be thinking of you!

Well, so much for our local labor.

Where the fuck is everybody at, sergeant? Fuckin' lazy is what they are.

I got a bull's-eye on me the longer we stay here.

Request we move this shit along.

All right, we're not gonna wait any longer.

Let's go. Mount up.

Machmoud, come on.


How we looking?

Like halfway.

Harper, where are my Iraqis?

Uh, they didn't show, but... But I'm working on it.

In fact, the captain and I have a meeting with the sheikh later.

What about you? Any progress?

My team's trying to figure out this system.

Half the parts they don't make anymore.

Shit sandwich, huh?

We'll do our job. Just get me some labor.

Will do.

Sheikh's only ever talked to me, so I'll make the introduction.

Take your boots off when you get inside.

Have some Chai. And after Chai, get down to business.

He... he don't like that you bring more soldiers to his home.

These soldiers are gonna give water to your people.


We want the inclusion of your people, okay?

We want them to work alongside us to help fix the problem that we caused.

And with your blessing, sheikh, your people will help us, and get y'all's water working again.

He say this is very dangerous.

If he helps the Americans, he will pay with his life.

Him and his people.

Yeah, we're gonna keep everybody protected, okay?

The captain and... and his men, they're gonna keep everybody safe.

He say Baqubah is two different cities.

One during the day belongs to the us, and one at night belongs to other people.

Uh, he say his people do not trust the Americans.

When the night comes, you cannot protect.

Tell him...

I understand your fear. I do.

But if we don't have help, there's not gonna be any water.

No water. Tell him, Machmoud. No water.

He say you destroyed the water, you fix it. It's your problem.

Hello. Welcome. Hello. You deliver water?

Uh, yeah, we'll be back tomorrow. Bring some containers.

Oh, we have tanks in the school.

We have children, many people.

We don't need too much. But we need water.

Yeah. Yeah, I'll see what I can do.

Thank you. I'm Kadeer. I'm the director of the school.

Kadeer, I'm Matt. It's good to meet you.

Thank you. Thank you, sir. Have a good day.

We're gonna pay, okay?

We have money. We will pay. Do you understand?

He say you don't understand him or his people.

Uh, the us come here and say they help. But when you leave, what will happen?

Okay. Right. We... I want you to be real clear about this.

We will not leave. We will not leave until the problem is solved.

He say those people you say are bad will not hurt us unless we help the Americans.

He wants us to leave.

Listen here, you piece of shit. I hope you get shot and fuckin' die.

Uh... Don't translate that.

Thank you for your time, sheikh.

So let me get this straight. Now we're doing the Iraqis' work?

Yeah. But, we, uh... We get the Iraqis' money, right?

You don't do this shit for free.

Right, sergeant Harper?

See how the soil won't clot?

No water means it can't form.

If it can't form, it can't be fertile.

Even before you guys came here, Sunni farmers in the north would steal the water from the Shiites in Baqubah.

How'd you stop it from happening?

We don't. It's not about the water. Chutsky! It's full. Let's go.

It's the Sunnis and the Shiites.

They will always find an excuse to kill each other.

So it's definitely a thing.

Yo, Chutsky. Yes.

Oh, thanks, Ocre.

Is it in this country? Yes.

Is it in all countries? Yes.

Is it on you right now? Are you carrying it?

Yup. We all carry it.

We all carry it?

Contact, three o'clock! Contact, three o'clock! High, Fifty meters!

Keep moving! Keep moving! Keep moving!

Move through! Move through!

Damn it.

Eagle six, this is eagle four. We're FUBAR behind this goddamn truck!

Everybody out! Dispatch!

Cease fire! Cease fire.

Chutsky, h report.

I got two mags, .600 link. Up, up. Roger that.

Ocre, h report.

Yeah, I'm two. Up, up.

Roger that. Machmoud, you good? Fine, sir.

Eagle four, this is eagle six. Gimme a status report.

This is eagle four. We got six mags, several hundred .556. Up, up.

Okay, Roger that. Chutsky, stay in the gun. Ocre?

Yeah. On me.

Hey, sergeant.

Fuck this, man.

Fuckin' Iraqi in the truck. I told you we should've arrested him.

Yeah, I'll be sure to put your complaint in my sitrep, okay, sergeant? Thank you.

Fuck it. Fuck it.

Fuck it. I'm tired of this shit.

I don't give a fuck anymore. This is bullshit. I'm taking a shower.


You in on this? No. I'm good.

All right, this is happening.

Whoo! I'm glad I'm not even watching you guys.

Oh, yeah! Oh, that's good. Oh, yeah.

Let's go. Get back to your posts. You're good and clean.

Sir, I need someone to loofah my back, sir.

Oh! Oh, yeah. Whoo!



This is bullshit. There's a whole village on the other side of that hill.

We're sitting here scabbing our hands like fuckin' chumps.

Don't worry, assholes! We got it!

They're just scared.

What is that, some kinda fuckin' excuse?

We're all fuckin' scared, Ocre. Yeah, well, give it time.

You know what? You need to crawl out from behind your faggotty little rainbow.

All right? We sit here all day, breaking our backs gettin' these fuckers water.

And we turn around, they're fuckin' shooting at us.

I know a loaded deck when I see one.

Get to show his neck?

Just say "one by one." But how do you say it?

- Have a good day. Salaam. Salaam.

Call it out!

Oh, shit! Call it out!

Jesus! Fuck! Where's it coming from?

Call it out! What do you see? Chutsky, gimme a report.

It's coming from everywhere! We're gettin' fuckin' lit up. Jesus!

Don't move! Stay the fuck down!

Burton, foreign rooftop! Fifteen meters, your 12!

I got you.

All right, we're getting tagged from all sides.

Burton, get up on the truck!

Warhorse, warhorse, this is eagle six.

We are in contact in the city square.

Do you copy? Warhorse?

We got rooftop, twelve o'clock!


Okay. Okay. There he is.

At the city... fuck.


Enzo! I'm here, sarge! I'm set!

Fuck, I'm dry.

Fuck, I need a mag! I need a mag!


See anything? Nah. He's up there.

I'm waiting for a fuckin' head.

Go, go, go!


Get moving! You got him?

Not yet. There's at least two up there. Okay.

Ready to rock? Let's light 'em up. Yeah.

Keep his head down! Yeah.

Fuck! Chutsky, wait!



Hey! Hey, Chutsky, you okay?

Guys, Chutsky... Chutsky's down, guys!

You think, um... You think his family knows yet?

I ain't running that dirt road again.

That thing is death on a fucking stick.

Tell me I'm wrong.

We're making progress.

At a goddamn snail's pace, sergeant.

Tell him, Burton.

Tell him what you said to me.

Forget it.

Speak the fuck up and tell him what you said to me.

Please, man. Come on! Go on, sergeant.

It's okay. Speak freely.

That we have a job to do and we'll do it.

But if we stay on this course, we'll get picked off one by one.

So I say we about face the fuck up out of here before I'm folding your shit in a box.

Why don't we just go out and shoot 'em?

I wouldn't mind putting some bullets in those motherfuckers.

Nope, guys. That's not our job, okay? That's not...

We are here to help these people.

Those assholes don't want our help.

Why the hell should we give it to 'em? Yeah. The mission's a loser.

Even Machmoud knows it.

He said they were fighting over the water before we got here.

If we put it back to normal, that's just what normal is.

Okay, guys, you got tonight.

Okay? You get a whole fuckin' night to be sad or angry or whatever the fuck you need to secure your shit.

And tomorrow we're punching back in.

We're going back to work.

Ocre! Someone here for you.

Mr. Matt!

Mr. Matt, I'm sorry for what happened to your friend.

Uh, why are you here?

You say you bring water to the school. I said I'd try.

That got fucked up yesterday though, didn't it?

Mr. Matt, with no water, the school will close.

There are people there.

It's a community center, not only for children.

That's great. Just stop shooting at us.

We... we don't shoot. Not the people at the school.

We want the same thing as you do.

Really? What?

We want clean water. And for you to go home.

We've been trying. No one will help us.

Maybe you are asking the wrong people.

Mr. Matt! Mr. Matt!

I don't get it. You're gonna have to talk me through this.

We've been given money and told to use it to get local labor.

I've done this before. You talk to the guy in charge, and that's the sheikh.

And he's been very clear that the locals will not work with us.

Well, that's exactly why we need somebody who's gonna do what the sheikh won't.

And you think a schoolteacher is the answer?

All due respect, sir, we're down a tanker and we lost a man yesterday.

I gotta activate these guys.

Okay? And we can't do this on our own. I'm just...

I'm requesting you hear the private out.



Sir, I'm... I'm gonna be honest. I... I haven't really formulated a plan, but...

You know, nothing we've tried is working.

This man...

Seems to have a legitimate reason to wanna work with us.

So maybe we could use that as an opportunity to reach out to the community.

What makes you think we can trust this guy?

I think if sergeant Harper and I go to the school, perhaps we can figure something out, sir.

Just don't fuck this up.

Roger that, sir.

Is that all?

Uh, yeah, yeah.

Unfortunately, without the tanker, that's the best we can do.

I understand.

Thank you.

Very grateful. Thank you.

Kadeer, um, you said we were talking to the wrong people.

Could you explain to the people here what we're doing, why we're here?

They know. Yeah, but they won't help.

Working with the Americans is very dangerous.

How can you guarantee their safety?

Well, they won't be seen collaborating with us.

Everything goes through you.

You talk to them. You bring them to the pumping station.

Nobody has to know.

Look, it's your terms, okay?

You bring us the workers, we give the water at the pumping station.

And look, we're gonna pay them in cash. And you.

Uh, I don't need the money. The money is for the school.

I will try. I will speak with them.

Hey, Machmoud.

Sergeant Harper, main gate.

Looks like your hajjis are here.

Could you come down and verify, please? Over.

Yeah, we'll be right down.

You wanted workers? You got workers.

What's in the bag?

Hey, hey. Step away from the bag.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, calm down.

Step away from the bag. Kadeer.

Mr. Matt! Mr. Matt. My name is sergeant Harper.

Guys, guys.

I need everybody to calm... I need everybody quiet.

He's got this bag. I... it's suspicious.

There's precision tools in there. I don't like the looks of it.

Kadeer. Kadeer, please tell... This is your brother?

Yes, Mr. Harper. My brother is an engineer.

Here... here he... He is here to help you.

Okay. Uh, we're gonna need your brother to show my private the contents of that bag.

I'm sorry. It's procedure. Please.

There's no disrespect. Please.

Nice and slow.

Okay. Okay. Perfect.


Yeah. Can you move this?

Move this.

Okay. Okay, that's great. It's clean.

All right, everybody... Everybody, calm down.

Thank you. Please put the bag on the ground.

Machmoud, tell him to get to the back of the line.

You're still gonna be patted down.

Corporal, I want you to start patting guys down.

Ocre, help corporal. Yep.

Private, I want you to search that car right now. Thoroughly. Thank you.

Please step up right here.

Machmoud, come on.

Come on, Machmoud.

He said they stopped manufacturing this piece.

I know that. Can he fix it?

He can't.

He can make a new one.

How long does he need? Uh, two or three days.

Great. Have at it.

So you, um... You speak English too?


How... how'd you learn all that stuff?

Here, in university of Mosul.

Ah. Mechanical engineering.

You go to university?

No. No, no, no, it was too expensive.

You have to pay to study? It's not free?


What, it's free here? Of course.

Shit. Well, in America nothing's free.

Aika. Hey.

Hey, baby.

Here, man. Spray her for me.

Huh. Okay. Hey, why do you paint her green?

Strays around here, wild and pissed off. People shoot 'em on sight.

Green dog, that's a good dog.

Anyone shoots a green dog, they answer to me.

Any tips?

Yeah, just don't get it in her eyes.

Hey, you said her name's Aika? Aika.

Hey, Aika.


Robinson said we should be done in a week.

Yup. Can't come soon enough.

All I'm looking forward to...

Is getting back home to the frisky kitty buffet.


Hmm? Getting me a... Who do you wanna see?

Who you wanna see?

Mercedes. Mercedes, baby.

You know why. 'Cause how we like 'em, Burton?

We like 'em thick!

What are you eating?

MRE. This is, uh... penne and vegetable.

It's good? Yeah, you want some?

No. You try chicken pilaf?

Yeah, man. Chicken and rice.

Do you want it? No, no.

Try some chicken. Okay.

Here, taste.

My wife, she made this.

Uh-uh, sarge. It's not chicken.

Don't do it. How many chickens do you see out here?

Here, you try it first. I'm good. I'm full.

I got lasagna and... oof!

Don't do it. Uh-uh.

That's fuckin' amazing.

My compliments to your wife.

Thank you. Thank you.

Nah, I'm joking.

Yeah, I told you he would, man.

You sure you don't want some of my penne?

No, really, it's... no.

Smart man.


♪ oh, no! The fight's out I'm about to punch your lights out ♪

♪ get the fuck back guard your grill ♪

♪ we can't stay still ♪ I wanna be serious, all right? Say it.

This is for...

This is for fuckin'... This is for fuckin' Chutsky, man.

Chutsky, baby. Chutsky.

Okay? R-i-p. Miss that motherfucker.

He loved this music. He did not fucking love this music.

He fuckin' only listened to country music.

He's good. No, he's good for it.

Okay, where the fuck is Kadeer and these guys?

Okay, Enzo, Burton, full security.

Machmoud, come here.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

We got... We got a situation here.

You're gonna have to get higher on the horn, okay? Out. Copy.

The downtown market here is where they are based.

They meet at night.

The flower shop here... Is where I think they hide their weapons.

I know the place. Thank you. And we're sorry for your loss.

I don't need your thanks.

BJ, would you, uh, escort this gentleman out, please?

Harper, Ocre.

Do you guys think this info is credible?

Should see what they did to this guy's brother.

He's got every reason to want to help us.


Seems like too good an opportunity to pass.

Okay. Well, this intel's only gonna last so long before it goes bad, so we got to move.

My guess, we can take two teams. I'll lead Alpha on the back.

I'll take bravo and make entry, hold the front.

I can get the guys in there, but we don't have enough vehicles to block the street, so...

We're gonna be needin' your help. Yeah, Roger that.

Good. Full brief in about an hour.

I know. I've... I heard you, Anne.

Anne, I... look, will you just... Will you say it?

Shit, sorry. I'll come back. No, man, You're good.

Will you just say it even if you don't mean it, Anne?

Just say it.

No, never mind.

Okay, Anne.

You take care too.

Hey, phone's free if you want.

You good?

Yup. Yeah. Yup.

Hey, bro, you know, we're finally gonna get a chance to get these guys.

Then we can finish the pump station, fix it, go home.


"There's a bullet out there for everyone...

With their names written small on the side.

Mine is coming."

No, my dad used to say that.

That's comforting.

But it is, if you think about it.

You know, maybe... Maybe my bullet's waiting out there.

Or maybe my bullet is cancer. Gonna hit me 50 years from now.

Oh, but that's not up to me.

So why worry?

Sure you're up for this, huh?


Are you good? Hell no, I ain't good.

This is war, baby.

I'm just fuckin' scared, man. My hands shaking and shit, like...

Now look at me. Look at me. A little bitch.

Now you drive this motherfucker.

And I shoot anything that gets in the way.

You understand me?

You keep me safe up there.

You know it. Come on.

Hey, James.

Your boys good?

Yes, sir.

All right. Let's do this.

Mount up. Roger that.

Hey, Ocre, I want you on twelve and three.


Eagle six, this is eagle four. Blocking position three is set.

Roger that, eagle four. All positions are set.

What you got up there, brother? Yeah, I got your fuckin' mom up here.


Contact! Copy?

Go, go, go.



Let's go! Let's go!


Fuck! Shit!

Eagle six, this is blocking position three! Under fire!


Contact! Six o'clock!

Roger, six o'clock!

Where? First-floor porch! Thirty meters!




Ah, fuck! Ah, shit! Shit! Fuck!

Are you good? No, man! The son of a bitch shot me!

Where are you fuckin' hit? Where are you hit?

I'm hit in the shoulder, man. This shit fuckin' burns.

Enzo's fuckin' hit!

Okay. Stay put! Stay put! Eagle four, give me a sitrep now.

Okay. Fucking returning fire, man!

Shit! Ah, fuck!

Fuck! Contact, three o'clock!

Roger that! Three o'clock!

Sergeant, you got the six?

No, I got the six. Stay on three! Stay on three!

Roger! Roger!

Eagle, this is eagle six. We are in contact.

Blocking positions two and three taking heavy sniper fire. Copy?

Standby, eagle six. On the move.

- Load 'em in. Load 'em in. Roger that.

Let's go, pack it in. It's hoods.

Back to warhorse, back to warhorse. I say again, RTB, RTB.

Roger. Copy. Returning to base. Eagle four, we are on the move.

The sergeant says we can move! Get in the fuckin' truck!

God damn right, I'm getting in the fucking truck! Shit!

Eagle four, hightail it! Go!

Sergeant, we moving?

Yeah, yeah, hold tight! Hold tight! We're waiting on eagle four!

Let's go!

Blocking position three, moving to rally point.

Hey, sergeant, they're here! Let's move! Let's move out! Come on!

Ah! Fuck!

Sergeant, they're hit! Move! Go back! They're hit! Move!

Get back, get back. Oh, shit.

Burton. Burton!

Oh, shit!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Come on, baby, we gotta get outta here. Come on, boy. Come on!

Fuck, sergeant, I'm out!

Come on, baby! Cover fire!

Come on!

Come on, baby! Come on! Let's get out of here!

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Get him in!

I got him! Enzo, you're good! You're good! You're good!

Come on, let's go! Move, move, move, move! Come on, get him in the car!

Get in the car!

You gotta help me get him in!

You gotta get him in! Help me get him in, Enzo!

Come on, come on!

Ocre, get in!

Go! Get in, sergeant! Let's go!

Go! Get the fuck in!

Go! Go!

Move! Move! Move! Move!

Baby, you're gonna be all right, okay?

All right? Yeah, that's right. Breathe. Come on, baby, breathe. Breathe.

You got it. Fuck is he?

Sarge is gonna get us there real quick, okay?

Sarge, you gotta hurry the fuck up. You gotta hurry up, please!

He's my friend. He's my fuckin' friend, man.

Is he breathing?

I don't fuckin' know, man. He's hurt pretty fuckin' bad.

He's hurt bad.

All right, just breathe. Just breathe. Come on.

Come on. Come on. That's right. Stay up. Stay up.

You'll be good, baby, all right? Just breathe. Just breathe. Come on.

Sarge, he's not look... He's not looking too good, all right?

He's not looking too good.

Eagle six, you are directed to go back to your operating frequency of two-zero-eight-zero-zero in the red.

Medevac is two Mikes out.

Get a stretcher over here!

Cowboy comin' in hot!

Come on. Let's go. Get him up. We got you. We got you.

Ah, fuck, man!

Okay, let's go! Move!

Hey, pat, you all right? Yeah.

Lay him down. Lay him down.

Right here. Right here. Wait, wait, wait!

He's gonna be fine.

Hey, man. You're gonna be fine, Burton.

You need to wake up, man.

What have we got? Both wounded!

One stable, one critical!

All right. Get ready to move! Get him up!

I'm going with him. One, two, three.

I'm going with him, man. Come on. Take me with him.

You all right? I got you. I got you.

It's gonna be okay! Let's go. Get up!

We're gonna see you at base, okay?

We'll see you at base! I'm sorry, sergeant Harper.

Enzo, you're all right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

We'll see you soon, Enzo.

You just watch Burton!

You watch Burton, okay? You're gonna be good!

We'll see you soon!

You fuck!


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

No! No! Ocre!

No, man. No, man.

It's not like that, man. Not like that!

Hey! Wake the fuck up! Wake up!

Not like that, man!

It's okay. He's okay.

Just don't be like that.

Just don't be like that.

It's not gonna be like that.

Well... a rough night, but it was not for nothing.


Arif, your wife make the, uh, tagine?

What? The chicken.

Uh, not today.

I wonder what's he's got. 'Cause I am fucking sick of the penne.

All right.

Hey, where are you going?

Hey. We got spaghetti and meat...

Captain Syverson. Captain Syverson!


What do we do? You okay?

Yeah. Yeah...

We've suffered an IED attack at the northeast pump station.

There are multiple casualties.

Requesting immediate medevac and immediate reinforcements.

Say again. This is eagle six.

We have suffered an IED attack at the pump station, northeast.

We're requesting immediate...


You all right, man? Yeah?

Yeah? Go sit down, man.

Warhorse. Nine lives. Follows. Break.

Line one. Papa-Yankee- five-four-three-niner.


I say again...

It can be beautiful.

Can't it?

How you men feeling? Good, sergeant major.


At ease.

Sergeant Harper...

Three weeks' leave to return with us in Riyadh.

Roger, sir.

Private Ocre.

What do you say we get you back on level ground?

There's a convoy leaving at 1400.

It'll take you to the balad flightline and a c-130 will take you back to the states.

I'm happy to waive my leave, sir. If it's all the same, I'll stay.

The lieutenant is not giving you leave, son.

You're going home, private.

Sergeant major, there is no reason to be concerned about...

Your war is over.

No, it isn't over.

The war isn't over... Excuse me?

With all due respect, what happened in Baqubah...

Permission to speak freely, sir?


As the NCO in charge of private Ocre, it is my opinion that he has nothing more to prove to himself or to anybody else.

It's not about proving anything... Ocre. Ocre.

It's time to go home, Matt. No.

This is the time when we are... Take it easy there, son.

Sergeant major, I think we need to talk about what happened, and then maybe we can fix it.

Your job is done here!


No, please, someone tell me how my fuckin' job is done here, because I don't see how it's... God damn it, private!

You're dismissed.

What, you a smoker now?

They, uh, made me see the chaplain.


What'd he say?

It's, uh, god's plan.

Then he asked if I smoke. I said no.

So, uh, he gives me these and said maybe I should consider starting.

How about you? What you thinking about?

What am I thinking about? Uh...

I'm thinking about a royals game.

A royals game...

A tecate...

And garlic fries.

Ooh, garlic fries. Yup.

I start thinking about that, and all this other shit starts rushing back, you know?

I haven't even thought about home for a long time.

Did I tell you some captain told me to blouse my boots today?

Can you believe that shit?

Some dude fresh off the boat, hasn't done a damn thing, tells me to blouse my boots and look professional.

I was fucking pissed, not just 'cause of the boot thing, but...

But what?

You know, we fucking had it, sergeant.

The people were with us. The water was gonna flow.

It wasn't ours to have, Ocre.

You got nothing to feel guilty about. No, but...

Okay? For whatever you did or whatever you didn't do.

No, I...

I broke my own hand back in Kuwait. I slammed it in a Hummer door.

Just... trying to get out of all this shit.

Well, now you can.

Hey, you want these?


Confusing feeling, ain't it?

All we do is think about going home...

Now, here it is.

I don't feel anything, sergeant major.

Yeah, it takes a while before it kicks in.

But it'll catch up. Believe me.

Good luck, son.

Hey, sergeant major?

Beautiful day for the infantry?

Beautiful day, son.

Beautiful goddamn day.

All right.

Better get a move on. Gonna miss your flight.


I'll see ya on the other side of the berm.

I'll see you on the other side.

Beautiful goddamn day.