Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar (2020) Script

Excuse me.

I need to get out of Delhi.

I will pay whatever you want.

I'm sending this photograph on WhatsApp.

Need to 56/12 them.

I'm pregnant.

Why were they trying to kill us?

I would have been killed as well.

What have you done?

Your girl is quite cunning.

Knows you're tracing her.

Phone's off, she's off email, off Facebook, off everything.

You needed someone dispensable for this job.

Pinky was the best option.

Any decent hotels there?

Gone are the days of clean towels and hot water.

We'll go where other outliers go.

Are you a tourist?

Haryana Police.

Anti-terrorist squad.


Parivartan Bank.

Yes Uncle, Parivartan customer service.

Will you try the stinging nettle curry, it's a local delicacy.

What are you?

Can I get a Nepali Platter?

Offer him some pickle.


No thanks.

Offer them some pickle.


If you need to rough someone up, I will do it.

But I need the passport.

You're a cop, you work like a crook.


When will we cross the border?

Things change when sex gets in the picture.

Boss what do you think? Who do you think I am?

Why do you think they want me dead?

Two passports for you.

Need just one.

You're condemning this operation.

Kill her man, kill her and finish it.

Use your head not your heart.