Sandome no satsujin (2017) Script


Let me see.


Take this.

A second charge of homicide is quite serious.

But, did he confess? Yeah, as soon as he was stopped.

There's no doubt they'll sentence him to death.

Sure. That's why I need your help.

I wish you have told me before he was accused.

I know. I thought I would be able to manage this on my own.

But he changes his story each time I see him.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

So many today.

I'm glad it didn't rain.

Listen, let me introduce you to Mr. Shigemori. The lawyer I was talking to you about.

Remember the trial from thirty years ago?

Are you his son?

I'm Shigemori.

And I am Misumi.

Your father was very good to me.

The other day I asked you if there could be any doubt that you killed him. Is there?

No, there is not.

You killed him? Yes I killed him.

Why did you kill him?

He was the owner of the factory where I worked, Why?

I needed money to gamble.

Were you in trouble? With debts?


I had asked for money and couldn't return it.

When did you stop working? September 30th Were you fired? Yes.

Why were you fired?

I stole money from the safe.

Tell me, did you drink any alcohol that day?


Three glasses of shouchu.

Maybe you decided to kill him before starting to drink?

Or were you driven to despair while you were drinking?

I was in despair while drinking.


The last time I asked, didn't you tell me that you were thinking about killing him for a time now?

Oh, did I say that?

You hit him from the back with a wrench.


Did you confirm he was dead? Yes.

He wasn't breathing anymore.

Your hand.

Were you injured?


When I burnt his body.

Where did you get the gas from?

I went to the factory storehouse to get it.

That far?

I ran, it took less than ten minutes.

So, you didn't take the gas with you from the beginning?


Write it down.

Another thing, I asked you to write a letter to the victim's family. Do you remember?


I'll take it, they will give it to me at the exit.


Are the prosecution going to ask for the death penalty?

It's very likely.

It isn't possible to change the accusation of homicide with premeditated theft.

But we have to try.

We must object to the facts.

If we don't, we will have lost before starting.

Hey, Settsu.


Is Misumi okay with us opposing the facts?

Yeah, sure, why?

It didn't seem like it to me.

I'll take life in prison, no possibility of parole.

Has he got any family?

A daughter, that we know.

Age? Daughter?

She's 36 years old.

Do you want to see her? She lives in Rumoi, in Hokkaido.

That's very far away.

It's very cold.

I don't think she had any contact with her father.

No, he's spent 30 years in jail.

I doubt she can tell us anything of value.

It's crab season over there. Thanks.

Rumoi is known for its octopus, not crab.

Oh, poor octopus. Don't underestimate the octopus.

Like you were from Hokkaido. Exactly.

I have got to stop eating meat.

We have to take the plane to Asahikawa and finish the trip on train.

Are we being paid for expenses?

To see a witness?

Forget it, didn't say anything.

Then it's not worth it.

Exactly, it's too cold up there.

And there's only octopus. Yeah.

But, shouldn't we go to understand Misumi better?

Understand him better? Yes.

You don't need to understand a client in order to defend him.


Of course, it's not like we're gonna be friends.

What does it have to do with the case?

Okay, it's possible.

I have the sensation that it still smells like gas.


Would you call this

a coincidence?

You could tell something was off with him.

He seemed to have burnt hands.

Stop, please.

Can you rewind a little bit? Yes.


Look, he opens the window.

The window? Yes.

Did something smell wrong?

I remember now the gas smell.


What did you smell? The wallet, the one that came out of his pocket?






He has confessed to doing it. Why do you bother?

Okay, okay.

Don't take it out of the bag.


Tell me, are these gas stains?

Have you analyzed it? Yes.

They confirmed that it was gasoline.

That could mean, that he decided to rob him after pouring the gas.

Therefore, that would mean that he wasn't thinking of killing him in order to rob him.

Are you doubting the accusation because of a gas stain?

It's proof against the accusation.

At least if he hadn't confessed, we could defend from a better position.

It's too bad they didn't call us in the beginning.

We'll take the letter, visit the factory and comfort the family.

I give a present to the family in cases such as this.

Thank you.

Regarding the motive.

Ask his coworkers if he had something against his boss.

Yes, I'll do that.

Settsu has given us the case, and now he's washing his hands of it.



Good day, I'm Shigemori, the lawyer.

I'm defending Misumi Takashi.

I'd like to deliver a letter he wrote to your family.

I'll tell my mother.


Excuse me.

My name is Shigemori.

Before anything, I would like to express my condolences.

Should I forgive him just because he sends a letter?


He killed a member of this family.

Then he burned the body.

During the funeral,

we couldn't even see his face to say goodbye.


He's really sorry about what he did.

I'm so sorry.

Tell me, do you think Misumi hated his boss?

More like he was grateful to him for giving him a job.


Did you watch them arguing about something?

Well, He always complained to the boss that he paid so little.

Did you get in trouble again, Sakurai?

Don't be an idiot.

He's a lawyer, not a cop.

Did you know Misumi spent time in jail?

I knew it.

Many of the people here did time.

Even myself.


Do you wanna know?

What I did?


Your boss seemed like a good man.

He hired us because we were cheap.

We were in no position to demand anything.

Ok. I see.

Good. Thanks a lot.

How was it?

Wow, that bad.

Not that...

That's how things are now.

Victims think they can get away with anything.

I wonder, why defend him?

But that's our job.

Okay, which strategy should we follow?

First, we reject the premise that he killed with the intention of robbing.

We go from homicide with intentional robbery to plain homicide.

He didn't kill him with the intention of robbing him.

He burnt him after killing him, and then thought about robbing him.

In reality, after he killed him, he went back to the factory to get some gas.

He came back to the factory? He came back.

The logical thing would be to run away.

So what's the motive for the crime?

Revenge, it seems would be best.

They often argued about salary.

I don't know all the details, but that will be our strategy to defend.

He got enraged because he got fired.

You're betting on revenge? That's not much of a defense.

Is it less serious to kill for revenge than stealing money?

It's always worse to kill for money.

It's considered a crime of selfishness.

For the kind of killing? Good question.

If it was out of revenge, we need to know how that revenge came to be.

If that's enough to lower the sentence, it seems to me that the law is really strange.

Shigemori speaking.


I'm her father.



You called me. Are you her father?

Just "hello"?

Normally, we would've called the police immediately

I'm deeply sorry about all the hassle my daughter has caused here.

You're a lawyer.

I'm in the middle of an important homicide case and I'm spending a lot of time outside home.

I'm sure this happened because of that.

Yuka, I'm sorry.

I haven't been taking care of you.

Why haven't you called your mother?

In a case like this, a lawyer is more useful.

I'm very grateful.

Well, let's see, Tell me about Nemo.

He's history now.

Do you want the fish tank?

Are you okay with it?

No, I didn't mean it like that.

They died.


All of them? Yes.

Why are you sad?

They were just fish.

You didn't flush them down the toilet, right?

They were living beings, and had to be properly buried, with respect.


All of a sudden, you sound like a real father.

What do you mean I sound?

I am your father. At this moment?

Yuka, Tell me, why did you cry before?

I can cry on command very well.

Look, check it out.

Isn't it cool?

Everyone falls for it.

Go ahead, pick it up.

Not now.

Pick it up.

Is that your lover? Don't speak nonsense.

It's Settsu.


Right now?

Yes, I can.

No, not yet.

Has Misumi read this?

I'll send it for him to read.

He can't keep saying the first thing that pops in his mind.

Sorry for the delay.

It's cold today, isn't it?

Let's see.


we're here because of this piece.


Is what you state in this interview completely true?

Especially the part where it says that his woman asked you to do it so she could cash in on the insurance.


Did you really say this?

Yes, probably.

What exactly do you mean with "probably"?

Mr. Misumi, there's a record of money transfer into your bank account of 500,000 yen at the beginning of October.

Beyond your regular salary.

Was it his woman?

Yes, a transfer from his woman.

So, this was an advance payment for what you had to do?


Why didn't you tell us from moment one?

I honestly don't know.

Maybe because... the journalist asked you first and it was an exclusive interview?

I don't recall.

Here we go again.

How did she ask you to kill her husband?

In an email from her mobile phone.

An email? Yes.


Two weeks before I killed him.

Do you still have it?

It's very likely.

This can work. Conspiracy, instigation and complicity.

You think so? Yeah.

After the crime, did you contact the wife?

Yes, I called her from a phone booth.

And then?...

She told me that if I didn't involve her in this, she would take care of me.

And tell me, did you and the wife have something to do with each other as man and woman?

According to the article there is some unexpected news about the killing of the factory owner

"Can you handle the deal for 500,000 yen?"


"I must return the money by the end of October".

"Understood. I'll handle everything".

What do you think, do you have a bad feeling? No.

If we show she paid that money to Misumi.

It's a criminal conspiracy.

She would become a guilty party.

But if they had a sexual relationship, like it seems they did according to Misumi, then they'd be co-conspirators.

But, did he acknowlege it?

He was really uncomfortable.

By his expression, I'd say yes.

But he didn't openly acknowlege it.

I'm sure they were sleeping around.

I could sense it as soon as I saw that woman's face.

But in no moment does he say: "She asked me to kill him."

Let me see.

Give it to me. Yes.

I doubt the prosecutor will reduce the sentence because of this email.

They've decided he's guilty, there's no turning back.

I know what I'm talking about, I was a prosecutor once.

Yes, but, and this?

"She said that if I didn't involve her in this, she'll take care of me".

Here it is.

Yeah, but she could be referring to their sexual relationship, not the killing.

What's the motive?

Revenge or life insurance?

Whatever works best for the client, clearly.

Yes, of course, as a legal strategy.

What else should we consider?

Nothing, I guess. Exactly.

We'll never find out what the truth is.

That's why we lean to the more beneficial motive.

Okay, so what'll we do?

Follow it and risk it?

We have to look for mitigating causes. It's a jury trial.

Personally, I'd doubt before asking for the death penalty.

The defense is asking that some emails be admitted as evidence.


Very well. Why? And to what is this objection?

Do you consider that the emails are not reliable?

No, because they are irrelevant.


These are objective evidence.

Objection overruled in this case.


Okay, fine.


The defense is not denying culpability, correct?

No, we don't deny it.

Is this in regards to an intention of robbery?

Yes, we oppose the accusation of premeditated robbery.

Let's see.

I see that the prosecutor will call wife Mizue and daughter Sakie as witnesses.

That's right.

What does the defense say? You decide, Chief Justice.

Will the defense call some witness?


The defense will also call to testify, Mizue, the wife.

To rebuke the accusation of premeditated robbery.

That's right.

We will also call Megumi, the accused daughter.

Yes, that's our intention.

What say the prosecutor?

As you wish, Chief Justice.

Okay. In that case, The visit will be celebrated...

I doubt that an email can demonstrate that she asked him to kill her husband.

It will do to knock down the charge of premeditated robbery.

I think he panicked and decided to blame someone else.

You seem to be convinced this is a robbery/homicide.

You're only concerned about reducing time.

That's what lawyers do.

Lawyers like you stop criminals from confronting their blame.


What exactly does it mean "confront their blame"?

It means not to look away from the truth.

The truth?

Okay, I think that's enough.

We're clearly on opposite sides.

Aren't we?

Good day.

I have kept you waiting It's okay.

This house doesn't follow the norms.

They didn't respect the minimum distance.

That one over there is now on his second wife, 24 years younger than him.

Wow, I almost envy him.

But at night it's hell, they're so noisy.

Go ahead. Thank you.

How did Mr. Misumi behave?

He was respectful of the norms. Took the garbage on time.

By the way, he asked me to send some jerseys.

Did he get them? There was a green one.

Yeah, he was wearing it. It must be cold in jail.

Although no different to this.

It smells wet in winter. There's no ventilation.

Tell me...

Do you remember if some time, this woman came to see him?

Well, I've seen her on TV, that's it.

But I've never seen her around here.

She might've tried to go unnoticed.

Honestly, very few people came to see him.

A young girl came a couple of times.

A young girl? Yes.

What age?

An adolescent. Had a uniform and couldn't walk well.

Walked like this, look.

How did she behave?

Laughed a lot. Talked with a happy voice.

But, wasn't she his daughter?

It might have been.

Oh my, there's a spider.

That means no bad luck for the day.

I just remembered, that when his bird died, he asked me if I would mind burying it outside.

I appreciate you bringing me a gift.

I thought you'd like peanut butter.

I saw a jar in your house.

I love it.

Twice a week we get bread with our food.

Did you have... a bird?


A canary.

But he died, of sickness.

The grave...

The grave? Yes.

Under the window.


I was surprised to see the cage was so big.

I dug up the grave.

Five birds don't become ill all of a sudden.


I could've set them free, but they wouldn't have made it on their own.

One of them,

managed to escape.

The cold will last for a couple of weeks.

I wonder how he is managing, to eat and find shelter.

Can I know, how much you paid for rent?

38,000 yen.

It's small, but has a full bath.

I talked with the landlady.

You made the payment for the next month, ten days before the usual date.

I think...

you were planning to be arrested, weren't you?

You don't understand. Mr. Shigemori, right?


Paying the rent, is a pleasure.

A pleasure? Yes.

You don't pay rent in jail.

That was the reason for doing it.

Mr. Shigemori, show me your hand My hand? Yeah.

Like that.

You have a big hand.

No, keep it there.

In a while, you'll notice the heat.

You see, I...

You learn more about a person like this than talking to them.

Can I try to... guess what you're thinking?

Go ahead.

How old is she?

Your daughter.


14 years old.

Sure, I see.

The next person to testify will be Misumi's daughter.

Well, if we're able to find her.

Then we'll interrogate Misumi himself.

That will be the hard part.

Following the theory that the widow is the real main guilty party.

Yeah, that's it.

I don't understand you, you don't seem to be sure.

I can't sell the flat for the amount I was expecting.

That's why you're like this?

I beg you, Shigemori, Misumi's life depends on "you know what".

What's "you know what"?

You know what.

Let's leave it.

Hey, Settsu. Yes?

Did you tell Misumi many things about me?

What did I tell him?

We practiced in the same firm.

Did you talk to him about my daughter?

I didn't tell him you had one.


What did he say?

Nothing, don't worry.


It seems she limps from birth.



It's rumored that she did it to herself, when she jumped off the roof of the factory as a child.

Why does she lie?

I'd like to know.

Where was Sakie the day of the crime?

She came back home after school and didn't go out again.

She has difficulties walking.

Believe me, prosecution and defense often differ completely when it comes to psychiatric evaluations.

Psychiatry isn't a science.

It's pure fiction.

You enjoy messing with the evaluations.

Here you are.

This is the file I promised Rumoi's case, homicide and robbery.

I was surprised at your call. Wasn't expecting it.

I present to you, Judge Shigemori, now retired.

Your father.

Thank you very much, sir, this will come in as very helpful.

You shouldn't have bothered bringing it here. You could've sent it via messenger.

Which promotion are you? Number 69.

It must be hard, because of the competition.

Your son has me entertained.

Do you always work here? Almost always.

Your father told me you wanted to be a judge when you were little.


I didn't think so.

Would you mind not talking about my childhood?

What's up with her? What?

Divorced women are very patient.

I'm not legally divorced.

Then, I'll offer as a candidate.

Ok, do me a favor and go home as soon as you finish your tea.

No, I intend to stay for a few nights.


Do you know the Italian restaurant La Bisboccia. In Hiro-o?

I don't.

So, where will you sleep tonight?

Do you want me to reserve a room?

A suite for two, please.

You're so funny, sir.

His own intention was to kill someone.

Was it the only motive?


Killing for fun and then burning the body.

Some people resemble beasts more than they do humans.

However, when the sentence was declared, you used his conflicted childhood, his poverty, as mitigating circumstances.

That was thirty years ago.

We still believed that social condition was an influencing factor.

In other words, you blame a time?

I have never been in favor of abolishing the death penalty.

Now, because of a too lenient sentence, another person had to die.

And it weighs heavy on me.


An abyss sets apart killers from the rest of humans.

To cross that abyss is a matter determined at birth.

I think that's a very arrogant statement.

Don't you even believe in possible rehabilitation?

Remember he sent you a postcard.

You are the arrogant one to think one can change so easily.

This time he killed for money, right?


Something tells me the motive had nothing to do with money.

Don't waste your time on that.

No, don't say it's wasted time.

If we can't even understand family, imagine a stranger.

Dear Judge Shigemori It's been a long time since you presided over my trial. I am Takashi Misumi.

Last year, I was granted parole.

Now I'm working in a food plant in Kawasaki.

Last week we had a snowstorm that reminded me of my hometown in Hokkaido.

When my daughter turned four we made a huge snow mound.

My daughter wasn't using gloves, so I gave her mine.

Her hands were red with the cold, while we made the snow mound taller than her.

It's a memory, both cold and warm at the same time.

Next stop, Rumoi, end of the road.

How old were you when it went to trial the first time?

In the eighties?


I must've been about a 2nd year high school student I'd guess.

Do you remember?


Hokkaido is a big prefecture.

Who can remember a killing in this tiny town?

He killed two loan sharks.

Stole their money and burnt the floor.

It's amazing he didn't get the death penalty.

If he had, he wouldn't have killed again.

Your father wouldn't like that.

Those were his exact words.

I stopped him, let's see, January 22nd, 1986.

The train wasn't running because of the storm.

A hell of a cold night, that night.

Did you stop Misumi personally Mr. Watanabe?


The day after the incident, I found him sitting on the beach, in front of the station.

What was the motive of the homicide?

Well, officially, it was revenge.


To tell you the truth, nobody knows.

He contradicted himself several times during the interrogation.

After the coal mines were closed, around that time, many people were left out of work.

Yakuza gangsters offered them loans with very high interest.

Treated them really bad.

Thanks, no tea for us.

I imagine that his lawyer thought revenge would be a mitigating factor.

That he would avoid the death sentence like that.

Didn't he feel anger towards someone or have any enemies?

Takashi wasn't resentful, and he didn't hate anyone.

That was the unnerving part of him.

A little like he was an empty pot.

Be careful. A car's coming. Ok.

World one tower.

Ran, Hitomi, Asuka.

Isn't it there?

Yeah, it's there.

Do you know if your father made contact with her?

Sent her any money?


Megumi talked about her father sometime?

I know the men she called "dad".

Not that, idiot. I mean her real father.

Good evening everyone!

How long were you there? Until five am.

You have a swollen face. Shut up, I was at the karaoke.

Seems you made it with Ken on Saturday.

Hey, listen, listen, Do you know where Megumi is?

No idea.

And even if I knew. I wouldn't tell you.

I beg you to think it over and tell us.

Her testimony is vital to reducing her father's death sentence to only life in jail.

She wanted him dead.

Once she said: "I hope he dies, and dies soon."

Tokyo police came here, after the killing.

That's why she couldn't remain living here.

For how long do the children have to pay for the crimes of their parents?

I wish you'd told me that you were thinking of going there.

We're thinking of calling your daughter, as a conduct witness.

She won't come.

Not for me.

She just wants me to die as soon as possible.

Some things are better forgotten, understand that.

But, I feel it's important, that you face clearly the crime you committed.

Face it? yes.

That's what everyone is doing?

I think so, isn't it?

No, of course not, you see...

You have to pretend not to see a lot to live out there.


But I guess you're sorry you killed your boss, right?

Sorry? Yes.


That's what you wrote in the letter to the widow.

Because the other lawyer wanted me to.

Mr. Misumi, even if you think that way don't show it on the trial.

I know.

It's going to be a trial with a people's jury.

Yes, I know.

But I think that man deserved to die.

Deserved to? Yes.

What makes you think that?

There's some people in this world, who should've never been born.

But that doesn't allow you to kill someone to solve the problem.

Don't you solve the problems that way?

When you say that, are you referring to the death penalty?

Enough for today.

There's nobody...

There's nobody

that shouldn't have been born.

We're done!

I don't know.

He seemed like another man, he was totally changed.



Let's see.

You've said:

"There's nobody that shouldn't have been born".


You really think so?


Don't you agree?


I don't.

I don't agree.

Why not?

I think our lives are defined without having our will on account.

What do you mean?

Some people are born in circumstances that they would've never chosen.

And others are deprived of life unjustly. No explanations.


It's very good right?

They gave it to us in school.

We fought for the remains.

It always came in a small plastic jar.

What do you want?

You visited him at his apartment...

Mr. Misumi.

That's what you wanted to ask me?

Well, it isn't normal.

What do you call "normal" exactly?


I haven't asked my question well.

No, it's me who is sorry.

Did Misumi talk about his family?


You see,

he has a daughter.

It seems he hasn't seen her for 30 years.

His daughter has a problem with her leg. Like you.

I thought that's why you became friends.

I understand.

You didn't know that?

Someone says they saw her with him in the karaoke, next to the station.


At the New Year's party.

Have you never been alone? Of course not, this is ridiculous!

Regarding your husband's insurance, you're the only beneficiary. Right?

Are you ok?

Turn off the light, they can see us from outside.

How could that man be my lover?

Who came up with a story like that?

Take care.

After what happened to your father.

You're the only one I can count on.

This pan is too ugly.

Too worn.

If you finally go to university in Hokkaido,

I may very well die from loneliness.

You won't die.

Nobody dies from loneliness.

That only happens to rabbits.

Why is the insurance not paying?

What do you think?

Are you worried about money at a time like this?

Could it be because even the insurance company thinks I sent... to kill him?

If you worry so much, why don't you tell them the truth?

The money wasn't to kill him. It was for the fake tags.

Don't be silly.

If I say that, the factory would go bankrupt.

If it's making money doing something that repugnant, it should go bankrupt.

Now you're talking like a child.

That dirty money

has taken care of you until now.

I know.

You'll be called to testify as well. You know, right?


Answer only what is strictly necessary.

Have you heard me?

What's strictly necessary?

What does that mean?

You already know.

Don't say anything about the factory.

Or your father.


What about my father?

You see, your father...

didn't have all the blame.


Hello Yuka.

This is a bad time, I'm working.

Have you gotten in trouble again?

No, not at all.


That's good.

If something happens to me again, would you come to help me?

Would you?

Yes, of course.

You wouldn't say no?

No, I wouldn't.

I'd help you.

But... that doesn't authorize you to do something stupid.

Don't worry.

Because everything's alright.

I'm sorry. - For what?

I'm sorry

I haven't spent enough time with you...


The prosecution will insist that it was a robbery murder.

But be patient.

As we have rehearsed, as soon as you are called to testify by defense, remember, most important is to say you never intended to rob him of his wallet.

I understand.

And... that the principal offender in this entire affair is the wife.

She asked you to kill him.

Yes. Good.

Sorry, do you really believe that story?


Yes, about the robbery and the life insurance.

It does give us more chances to win, right?

Well, of course, I won't deny that's the case... speaking only from the legal perspective.

Mr. Shigemori, what do you think the real motive was?

The real motive? Yes.

Why did I do it?

It's possible you don't want to know the truth.

No, I'm interested.

So, tell me.


but I'll ask you something first.

You want a hint... Okay.

That cross symbol.

What did you mean by it?

Is it like a judgement against you?



For your crime.

Which crime?

That I don't know.

I don't judge anyone.

I'm the one who's constantly judged.

Remember? I told you that one of the canaries escaped.


He didn't.

I let him escape.

I wonder if someone, somewhere, plays with our lives.

Like I did with the lives of the canaries.

If it is so, I'd like to meet him.

Meet him to tell him

that it's not fair.


you haven't been treated unjustly up to now.

My father, my mother,

my wife.

Nobody did anything, but misfortune killed them.

However, I'm still here.

The life of people is already decided. (La vida de las personas está decidida.)

Without taking their wishes into account.

It's unfair!

What you just said, where...?

No, leave it.

Why did you...

send a postcard to the judge when you were released?

Because I was envious and I admired him.

A judge can do whatever he wants with the lives of others.

Room 404.

Would the accused please enter.

Remove his handcuffs.

Everyone stand.

Court is now in session.

Would the accused approach the dais.

What's your full name?

Misumi Takashi.

Date of birth.

December 1st, 1959.

The public trial is now open.

You're accused of homicide and corpse mutilation.

The prosecutor will proceed to read the charges.


These are the charges.

The accused decided to kill Yamanaka Mitsuo, 50 years old. With the intention of robbing him.

At approximately 12:30 am on the night of October 11th 2017, alongside the shore of the Tama River.

The accused struck the victim repeatedly with a wrench.

I ask the accused, if the prosecutor accusation contains any erroneous declaration.


I didn't kill him with the intention of taking his wallet.

His wife.

Called Mizue, asked me to kill him.

Your honor.

With the end in mind of refreshing the witness's memory, I would like to present defense evidence number one, the email that the witness sent the accused on September 27th.

Go ahead.

I ask you, regarding this email, to explain to us exactly what you are referring to.

It's about a work issue.

Which work?

Honestly, I do not know.

My husband took care of everything related to the factory.

I guess he gave him an order.

Regarding, 500,000 yen, over his usual salary, right?

Wasn't that payment to fulfill an order given in a message from your phone?

I don't know.

I just know my husband sent it from my phone.

So the accused lies when saying that you hired him to kill your husband?

I believe so.

You better ask him. I don't understand anything that's happening.

Didn't you promise him that if he killed your husband, you'd pay him 10 million yen of the 80 million of insurance?

Of course not.

Wasn't the 500,000 an advance payment? Not at all.

At approximately 8 o'clock on the night of October 13th, two days after the crime...

Exactly where is this?

At the river's side.

What were you both doing there?

Mr. Misumi had made a campfire.

I was going by there, on my way back from the library.

I told him it was my birthday.

And he said, "We'll make a snow mound".

Soon after, I told him everything.



When did your father start with...?

I was fourteen.

To be blunt, was he abusing you sexually?


Then, did he rape you?


Mr. Misumi

did it for me.

Just because of that.

Mr. Misumi and my mother have nothing to do.

Are you willing to testify to this on the witness stand?

Yes. Because you want to save him?


But you didn't ask him to kill your father, right?

No, but deep inside I wanted someone to kill him.

Mr. Misumi discovered that.

But how, did he find out?

He understood.

I know.

Where did he rape you?


In a hotel?

At home?

On the river shore? Shigemori, not now.

It's very important.

The prosecution will ask that without a doubt.

Where and how many times.

I can handle it.

Think about that, they'll be trying to undermine your testimony, the prosecution will investigate your friends, will find out if you've shoplifted.

Everything will come to light in the trial.


Also the thing about your leg.

My leg?


It seems you tell everyone that you injured yourself falling off a roof.

That's not a lie.

I threw myself off the roof.

Be aware, they will make several harsh questions. Will you be able to handle it?

It won't be nice. can you endure?

Until recently...

it was much harder,

when I couldn't tell anyone.

We'll be in touch with you.


Do you want a candy?

The stairs are steep, be careful.


Thanks for telling us this.




I don't want to close my eyes, like my mother did.

You can't sleep?

Neither can you?

The cold woke me up

Don't get too cold You're getting old. Shut up.


do you know a story told by the Chinese?

It's a popular tale of some people who can't see.

They are all in front of an elephant, touching it.

I know.

The one touching his trunk argues with the one touching its ear because nobody can distinguish the trunk from the ear.

Exactly, that's the one.

I bet you feel like that right now.

You're absolutely right.


I wonder,

what part I'm touching right now.

Am I judging?

Am I saving?


Excuse me for coming so late.

On the contrary.

I couldn't sleep.

I came to talk you about Sakie.

Remember this photo?

February 15th of this year, in the snowstorm.

Sakie and you took a selfie near the river.

That day.

According to her, she opened up with you and confessed that her father raped her regularly.

I don't remember.

I see.

But you remember this postcard.

The postcard you sent my father

dated February 20th, five days after the selfie.

For you,

Sakie became the daughter you haven't seen in years.

Wanting to save Sakie, you decided to kill her father

You guessed she wanted to kill him.

That's what she told you?

That an outright lie.

A lie?

Mr. Shigemori.

That girl lies a lot, everyone knows it

Ok, but explain to me why would she lie to help you.

You better ask her.

Allow me to ask you something else.


About the day of the crime.


How did you manage to make your boss come with you to the river?

How? Yes.

He had fired you.

No offense, but for starters, he wouldn't come with someone like you.

I told him it was something very important.

What was so important?

The fake tags.

Fake tags?

Yeah, fake tags.

Once a month, flour from an unknown destination came illegally to the factory.

He bought the flour for nothing and used it in place of good flour.

A repulsive practice.

So, the 500,000 yen...

Yeah, it was the money for that.

But, why... did you came up with that lie?

To judge her?

For being a mother

that pretended not to see what the father did to his daughter?

Mr. Shigemori.

Tell me.


You wouldn't believe me anyway.

No, tell me.

What's it about?

It's a lie.

A lie?


I have never been to that place near the river.


The truth is that I didn't kill him.

what do you mean you didn't?

That's the truth, I didn't kill him.


Why are you telling this to me now?

Why didn't you say it from the start?

I did.

I told everyone I didn't do it.

The police, the prosecutors.

Even the lawyer.

The lawyer? Yes.

When you came to see me that first time.



He advised me to stop lying.

If I confessed, I would avoid the death penalty.


But even if you're not sent to die.

They'll put you in jail again.

I prefer that to work for a boss that decieves people.

In jail, at least I don't have to lie.

Do you believe me?

Mr. Shigemori.


You've always said...

And now you want me to believe this story?


Give me a minute. Sure.

I knew it, you don't believe me.

Let's see, Misumi. Tell me. Did someone came to prison?

To see you?

Tell me!


Just you. Man, come on.

That's enough!

I want to know the truth!

Don't worry.

They can't hear you.

The wallet?

You stole from him.

The wallet.

Did you steal it?


I stole it the day of the crime.

I threatened the boss, to reveal the fake tags thing.

And the money?

I sent it to my daughter.

The burn in your hand?

I made a campfire the previous night.

So, the river shore...

I told you already I wasn't there that night!

It's the truth.

You've told me, you weren't there.

Do you belive me now?


are my client.

So, I represent your interests.


to deny the facts at this time is the worst legal strategy possible.

I don't care about the legal strategy!

All I'm asking you is if you believe me, nothing else!

I understand you.

You understand me?

Do you want to take a chance?

Are you sure?


No way, is he saying that now?


He says his lawyer advised him to confess in order to avoid the death penalty.

Don't listen to him.

You'll see how he changes stories again.

I think we should focus in Sakie's testimony.

In other words.

The three of us recognize he committed the crime?

And who would believe he didn't?

There is no eye witness.

Let's see, The only tangible evidence of the prosecution is his confession.

It's simple, he's starting to be afraid.

The trial has begun, the death penalty is real, he starts to improvise.

It happens a lot. No, this man isn't like that.

And how would you know? Because I know.

This story is becoming dangerous.



This man is capable of doing this, look at it.

Can a human being do this?

A father like that deserves to be killed!


The prosecutor is right.

You're one of those lawyers that prevent the criminals from facing their crimes.

We'll lose.

And we'll play an awful part in front of the judge.


But if he denies having done that as a lawyer, I must guide myself from his word.

Please make two lines.

The family of the victim will take the stand today.

People are lining up to obtain tickets and...

Does he deny it?


He says he didn't kill him.


That being the case, we'd rather have you not saying he did it to save you.

We're sorry.

I have to testify.

We're sorry.

I beg you to allow me

to tell the truth.

Are you saying you want to testify

to please your sense of justice?

1279 01:41:40,310 --> 01:41:41,651 Of course not.

You wanted to save him, Right?


If that's so, mustn't your desire overcome anything else?

Can you tell me, what are your feelings towards the accused?

He brutally murdered your beloved father With the only end of robbing him. Right?

I'm sure that Mr. Misumi

didn't kill my father to steal his wallet.

I will ask again.

What kind of punishment do you want the accused to have?

I don't want him to die.

Is there anything you would want to say to your late father?


I am thankful for him giving me life and educating me.

The night of October 11th.

You waited in front of the plant for your boss to come back, right?


What was your intention?

I wanted to threaten him so he would give me his wallet.

I was angry at him because he just fired me.

What happened with the wallet?

I took it from him.

But that's it, I didn't do anything else.

I didn't go to the river shore.

I didn't kill him.

I object, this is not about opposing charges.

I told them it wasn't me!

A prosecutor followed me to the bathroom. Your honor. No...

He said that if I confessed, I would avoid the death penalty.

Silence, please.

Where does the defense want to go with this?

They all agree.

We oppose the facts.

Even the lawyer advised me to declare myself guilty.

If I didn't wanted to die.

Accused! I order you to be silent!

Nobody believes anything I say.

That's why I beg you to listen to the truth.

Your honor.

I didn't kill him.

Excuse me. Please.

Counselor, what are you trying to do?

We will proceed to demonstrate the intentional robbery.

The accused has suddenly changed his declaration.

So, what are you going to do?

Do you object to the facts?

No, we do not object to the facts.

YES! We do object to the facts.

Make up your mind.

We can't go through with this.

We object.

What does the prosecutor say?

The defense had accepted the charge of homicide.

Now there will be a retrial.

Defense counselor, I would rather go ahead and debate the accusation now.

Yes, let's carry on with the trial.

I understand the prosecutor's position but this is an extemporary declaration.

The defense would rather continue with the trial.

We must think of the jury too.

No, we should establish guilt first and...



It's an objection without foundation.

Let's think of the cost that a retrial incurs.

The costs it has...

The prosecution will present objective evidence of guilt.

Now that we agree, the trial will continue.

I thought that a retrial was necessary.

It seems the judge doesn't think it's proper.

They all have exchanged looks.

You had an agreement.

The judge was very clear that having a retrial won't affect his final decision in the least.

Nobody believes that Misumi is not the killer.

We can't do anything.

The judge musn't delay the conclusion of a trial.

If he wants to keep his reputation.

And even if we are in different shores.

We all sail in a boat called "justice".

Take this.

Eat, eat.



Come close.


Come, come close.



Misumi. Yes.

Come, please. - Thanks.

Good day.

I will proceed to give sentence in this case of robbery, homicide and bodily mutilation.

I sentence the accused to death.

The reasons given by the accused to deny his guilt are without sense and are irrational.

The defense argument referring to the victim's wallet, the robbery, is inconsistent in light of the evidence, and thus, unacceptable.

Now regarding the email...

And given that there was no conversation between the accused and Ms. Mizue wherein the killing was discussed.

And no possible mention of a killing in that mail, to interpret it as an order to kill is mere speculation.

Besides, the accused confessed during the investigation, then changed his declaration in the trial, invalidating his defense. with the intention of getting...

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

What he predicted, that's exactly what happened.

Nobody is telling the truth here.


Who decides,

who is to judge?

The cherry trees...

in front of the building where I live, the blossoms are this big.

They are about to open.

Cherry trees blossom very soon here.

In Hokkaido they blossom at the end of April, right?

That's right.

Closer to May's celebration.

I've thought what drove you to say you didn't commit the crime.

You could've accepted the crime. in order that

Sakie not be forced to talk about painful things.

Is that why you did it?

Is that why you denied it deliberately?

Mr. Shigemori, tell me.

Is that a question?

No, I guess that isn't a question.

Can I ask you something else?

Is that the reason that drove you to accept my sudden change?


Was I wrong?

It's... a good story.

A very good one.

I have always thought I shouldn't have been born.

Why... are you saying that?


I harm... everyone around me with my mere presence.

But if what you've said is true.

Then even I... can help someone.

Even dealing... with a murder?


If what you've said is true of course.


according to you,

I'm only wishing it's true?

You should not put... too much hope... in a killer like me.

Be that as it may,

are you only an empty pot?

What does that mean?

...being a "pot"?