Sang pemimpi (2009) Script

People call me Ikal.

I'm a Bachelor of Economics graduate.

But my luck right now isn't too good.

Just like my shoes.

Obsolete. Secondhand.


Everything starts from a dream.

Excuse me, sir.

I work hard to reach my dreams.

Coming from a ramshackle primary school in Belitung, I leaped until I graduated from University of Indonesia.

He is a famous celebrity.

But now

I am a mail sorter at the post office.

I'm willing to work on anything in pursuit of my dream.

However, this is not the job I like because I don't trust postmen.

Later, I'll tell you why I don't trust postmen.

There's mail.

It's funny.

A postman got a letter at the post office.

How do you like that?

Since I was a kid, I like to write.

People who are close to me also said that I have the talent to be a writer.

I used to think this is how I would change my way of life.

By being a novelist.

THE SCRIPT IS LACKING DISTINCTION But my script is always rejected.

-Pass the ball. -Pass.

-Here. -Pass.

-Again. -Pass.

-Pass the ball again. -Pass the ball again.

Pass the ball again.

-Over here. -Pass the ball again.

-Pass. -Pass.

Pass the ball again.

-Come on, pass. -Pass.

-Pass the ball again. -Again.

Kal, I think there's a letter for you and Arai.

I tucked it under the door.

Arai hasn't come home yet?

Thank you, ma'am.

The ball got it again.



It's all because of him.

My own cousin.

That awful loudmouth.

He made me keep a dream which turns out to be pointless.

He encouraged me to dream high.

Where is he now?

He left.

He disappeared without saying a word.

Left me alone to rot for three years here.

A total bastard.

This is the dream, my friend.

He made me believe that we can pursue the dreams to get to Paris.

To explore the world.


-Let's go home. -Come on.

Arai, run!

This was Arai.

And this was Zakiah Nurmala, his crush.

That day, he caused a scene during the flag ceremony.

He provoked our headmaster, Mr. Mustar.


He was the meanest teacher in our school.

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

-Hurry up! -Hurry up and run!

You're nuts, Arai.

Just wait here.

This was Jimbron.

The one friend who were dragged along in our adventure.

That's Mr. Mustar, Ikal!

Running, my friend.

Running fast was our strength.

Arai always managed to drag me to run with him towards the embrace of countless troubles in my life.

Put a lot of ice.

Mr. Mustar.



Follow me, Ikal.

Jump there, Ikal!


Don't you see?

Mrs. Alung is there.

Come on!

Come on, Ikal!

That's Arai, my friend.

A trouble maker.

A part-time loudmouth.

A top-level dreamer.

But he always managed to turn bad luck into something fun.

Wait, Ikal, this is too big.

He must know who we are, right, Jimbron?

We will be punished later.

GANTONG, 1980 I met Arai a few years before when I just lost my childhood best friend.


We received news that one of my distant uncles just passed away... and what's left of the family was just a boy.

He's the last lineage of his family.

That boy was Arai.

For hours, he waited for us to pick him up.

It was unimaginable to me a kid that small had to live alone.

Carrying the burden as the last lineage of his family.

Until the end.


I made it myself.


There is more.

What? Only one?

An extraordinary child.

When I should've been the one consoling him, he made me laugh.

That day became the happiest day for me.

I found a new friend.

Who is that?

The road is broken!

The noisy one has to take a turn, Ikal.

You saw it already.

How is that enough?

Yes, we must be active.


Is it okay now?

It's good.

Fate also brought us together with another friend.

A kid we saw in the mosque, his name was Jimbron.

The horse is called a stallion.

The horse is an extraordinary animal.

Why is that?

Strong animal, vehicle in battlefield, animals that won the Battle of Badr.

Jimbron had his own sad story.

His mother passed away since he was a very little boy and his dad raised him.

One day, his dad had a heart attack.

Jimbron was still too young, he didn't know how to save his dad.

His dad didn't make it.

Since that night, Jimbron started to stutter.

After his dad died, Jimbron was taken care of by his family friend, Reverend Geovanny.


Apparently the man who drove him to the mosque at that time was a priest.

Get ready. Those who have made ablution, go inside.

Those who haven't, do it now.

Though they believed in different religions, but Reverend Geovanny wanted Jimbron to obey Islamic rules.

That's why he decided to bring Jimbron to recite Quran with us at Taikong Hamim's place.

-Aseng! -Hey!

Where is yours, Slacker?

You hear it yourself, it's almost full.

Peace be upon you, ma'am.

Peace be upon you too.

What's wrong, Maryamah?

If you have leftover rice, can we have some?

We will not be able to return your kindness.

We only have this violin as the most valuable possession.


Nurmi, come on.

Don't separate Nurmi from her violin, Maryamah.

That's her dad's legacy.

If your rice runs out, you can come again.

Ikal, come on!


Ma'am, I want to buy flour, wheat, and sugar.

What are you doing?

We have saved it for almost a year just to buy flour? Are you crazy?

This is important.

What is important? I put a lot of effort into this.

I have more money than you do.

If you want to play around, use your own money.

Gosh, you're so stupid.

Don't fight here!

Let go!

-Give it to me. -No.

Ikal, look.


This saving...

We need it later.

Just follow my plan, Ikal.

And you'll understand.

Ikal, Arai.

What is that?

These are ingredients so you can make cakes to sell, Ma'am.

You're good at making cakes, right?



Play songs for me.



At this moment, Arai managed to surprise me once again.

I'd never been able to guess his imagination.

It turned out he wanted Mrs. Maryamah to sell cakes.

Our savings for that year was given as a fund so Mrs. Maryamah could have a permanent job. and she didn't need to ask someone else for rice.

His heart was as soft as snow.

Since then, I promised I wanted to be with Arai.

With the presence of Jimbron, our childhood was fulfilled adventures and dreams.

Arai wanted to be a cowboy.

I became a Native American.

Jimbron... dreamed bigger.

Arai was the best in reciting the Quran.

Taikong Hamim!

But, he was the one who convinced us to skip Quran class to watch TV in the village hall.

Is it okay if we run away?

Do not be afraid.

I, Arai, and Jimbron moved to Manggar because there was no high school in Gantung back then.

We left the village to continue our education here.

You have to be brave to talk to Laksmi, Jimbron.

I often tell her about you.

School is important, but this is also important, right, Ikal?

That's right, Jimbron.

Am I right, Jimbron?

-Mr. Ayung! -Good morning, sir!

Our school was the first public school in Manggar.

Even though we attended a humble school, our family didn't have to struggle to meet the expenses.

This school didn't have any proper toilet, due to gross Malay teenagers.

We had a vicious headmaster like Mr. Mustar.

However, we were proud and always excited to go to school.

Do you want to know why?

He made poetry.

This man was the reason, my friend.

You have to know how words have extraordinary strength.

If you put those words together into a fine sentence, you're not only capable to make amazing work, but you can also move other people with things you write or you say.

Julian Balia, our favorite teacher.

Pioneers, before we end the class today, please, shout any words that inspire you.


“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” Mahatma Gandhi.


General Douglas MacArthur.

Zakiah Nurmala.

"We need men who can dream of things that never were."

John F. Kennedy.


"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

Albert Einstein.


Very smart, young man!


"Youth is such a fiery time."

Hajj Roma Irama.

Hajj Roma, sir!

-Yes! -Great!

Laksmi's skin will get thinner if you keep looking at her.

Let's dance again.


Allah is the Greatest.

Allah is the Greatest.

Peace be upon you.

Ticket owners, please come in.

Do you have a ticket?

For how many people?

How much do you want to buy? Three?

Ikal, please help Jimbron with his Biology homework.

Jimbron, where is your book?



What does survival of the fittest mean?

The strongest ones will survive, sir.


Why are you so stupid?

The meaning of survival of the fittest is the most adaptable is the one who can survive.

That's why evolution happens.

You must remember that.

You have to learn science accurately so you can be smart people, and be a leader.

Don't just talk, fantasize, and sing.

Malays today are lazy.

When changes happen, they will go gossiping at the coffee shop.

As a result, we got robbed and we just kept quiet.


Is there any story about horses there?


Do you still want to get into that foul place?

Hey, beautiful.

Smile a little for me.

My dear, if you're areca nut, then I am the tree.

If you're--

You dorky Malay!

Why would Zakiah fall for that poem?

Just sing.


Aim high.

Dream big.

Get as much knowledge as possible.

Learn from the nature around you.

Absorb the meaning of life.

Explore your vast Indonesia.

Take a step in exotic Africa.

Explore the magnificent Europe.

Then stop at the altar of science at Sorbonne, Paris.


Learn where science, literature, and art processed to change civilization.

Remember the most important is not how big your dreams are, but how big you are for that dream.


I have read your essay.

You have a talent in writing.

Don't hesitate to express yourself through your essay.

If you keep your imagination free, someday you will be a great writer.

Thank you, sir.


I know you are young.

Your spirit is still burning.

But I'm worried you give them high expectations.

Children are no longer realistic.

Later they will be hard to discipline, and will easily give up.

It's been almost a month.

-Mr. Wahid. -Hi, Arai.

Thank you!

If we are needed again, we will meet.

Hi, Zaitun!

What is the name of your girl?



-How old is she? -18 years old.

Mr. Jo. Where's our show next month?


Mambang. That's Idris's village, I remember.

We have to play happy songs.

-That one... -Flowers.

Flowers. Try flowers.

Call it Like that.

We have to play songs like that.

That is good.

Hey. Do.


Try playing.

Call it A flower Blooms beautifully You are my sweetheart Please come to my garden of heart She ran away.

So this is the plan.

We will graduate from high school with the best grades.

Then we go to Jakarta, we study there.

Then we pursue a scholarship to Paris.

While studying in Paris, we will explore Europe and Africa.

As Mr. Balia said.

This must be our dream.

Now we have to try harder so we can go to Jakarta.

Later, in Jakarta we can find work with a bigger salary to pay for our living expenses in Paris and for us to explore Europe.

What do you think?

We go to Paris and travel the world.

These are Malay youths who want to study...

You want to work before going to school?

Let me introduce you to Ikal and Jimbron.

Rokib, the captain of this ship.

He has traveled everywhere.

We got the world map from him.

Thank you for the job!

Have you ever seen an Australian horse?

Free your life.

Take the highest risk so you get the richest experience in life.


From that day onwards, our lives were filled with passion.

We will go to Paris.

We studied and worked extra hard so that we could travel the world.

Come on, Jimbron.


Let her soul be raised, may her body be awakened For Indonesia the Great

"By the grace of God Almighty and urged by the lofty aspiration to exist as a free nation..."

Invitation letters have been sent to your parents.

I hope you won't embarrass them when your report cards are distributed tomorrow.

For Mr. Mustar, this row of chairs was the most correct teaching method.

It's where we need to be responsible for our behavior.

Were our parents going to sit in the honorable front row or slumped in the back row?

My dad was the champion of all dads in the world.

The four-pocket safari was my dad's special attire.

Worn only for extraordinary occasions.

Taking my report card and Arai's was one of them.

Zakiah Nurmala.


Take care of yourself here.

Study hard and work hard.



-Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you too.

Only that word.

Only that smile.

But he is still the number one dad for me.

Did you win again?

Your report card grades are also good.

These cassava and coffee are free for you.

-Thank you, Mr. Ayung. -Sure.

Free coffee tastes the best.


You're smart, Jimbron.

If there is no real horse, clay horse will do.

Where did you get this?

Rokib just arrived from Jakarta.

Both of them will be filled with equal money from me.

Two horse piggy banks to buy two real horses?

Coffee, Jimbron?

Finally we got a permanent job in Capo Alung's place.

We were lucky to get this job.

-How many kilos? -How many?


Not only the salary was quite good, we only needed to work when the fish come.

We could focus more on studying and pursue our dreams.

Arai kept looking for ways to make Zakiah Nurmala fall for him.

If there is a horse, you won't be tired.

Jimbron also focused on making Laksmi smile.

I want to be a horse for you.

The girl whose whole family died in a boat accident had lost her smile long time ago.


Come along.


I'm tired.

Come on, you will be amazed later.

I'll introduce you two to a Malay treasure.

His name is Zaitun.

The pond in that village, dear Is full of water Rain falls, clouds pass Poisoned weapon, dear Can kill nobody Pure love is brought to death The sound of the drum is tingling The heart is confused instantly Who knows what's inside our heart The sound of the drum is tingling The heart is confused instantly Who knows what's inside our heart Don't eat cucumber, dear Cucumber has a lot of water Don't be day dreamer, dear Daydreaming is a lot of trouble

How long have you been a musician?

It's been 30 years.

I lead my Malay orchestra from village to village, jungle to jungle.


I played the same song hundreds of times.

But I never get bored.

How many years have we not gone home?

Sometimes, I think about changing professions.

When I see a teacher, I want to be a teacher.

Even though it is difficult to educate children.

When I see a policeman, I want to hold a gun.

But I don't want to be a member of Parliament.


Their task is only to make an invitation.

You mean law?

That's it.

So, your problem for 17 years of your life is that you've never dated anyone?

Sometimes life is unfair.

I've dated 47 times.

I have four wives.

You must be wondering what is my superiority.

I'll tell you my secret.

Wait here.

I told you.

He is a treasure of Malay men.

At least this is better than going to a shaman.

Here it is, kids.

This is my secret.

You have to learn to sing while playing the guitar.

Women will adore you.

Teach me.



Find your own song.

A song that suits your dream girl.

I'll teach you later.

Tighten it a little.


What do you think is the right song to flatter Zakiah Nurmala, Ikal?

Are you sure, Arai?

Zakiah lives far away from where we live.

I often tell her about you.

I ask forgiveness from God.

What happened to you?

Time for prayer.

The Australian horse is the toughest type of horse, Ikal.

A horse that can survive anywhere.

Even in Jakarta.

But the distance is not far away.

What do you mean?

Australian horse, closer...

Looks like we have to watch the movie.

So you will get your act together, Ikal.

He's losing it again.

I heard that PN Timah will face bankruptcy.

There's going to be a massive dismissal in PN Timah Gantung.

In fact, I heard many people overran PN Timah housing in Gantung.

It was said that the place was looted.

Is that right?

How could it be?

PN Timah is very powerful.

I thought school students were much smarter.

World tin prices are falling.

What else can you do? Of course go bankrupt.

Arai, Ikal...

Eat the vegetables, will you?

Whatever will be, you must return to Manggar tomorrow.

This whole time, I thought PN Timah was too powerful, that's where our lives depended on.

Have you ever thought, that sometimes wealth is a curse?

That's what I often think about this Earth, about this nation, and about my hometown.

We had never really enjoyed what belonged to us.

We were here as spectators. or merely worked as coolies.

We even paid the price of greed from those who exploited our land.

For example, my dad.

He had dreamed of promotion for decades.

But, until now, he's still a xenotime shoveler in tin washing department.

Now, everything stopped.

PN collapsed.

My dad lost his job.

That night, the confidence I held of my dreams started to falter.

Let alone Paris, I wasn't even able to go to Jakarta.

However, Arai remained enthusiastic.

He kept encouraging us to continue working and saving again.

-Mr. Ayung. -I'll do the same tonight.

Pass that for me.

You don't have that here?

-Wan. -Two.

He said he wanted a racehorse business.

They said it was sent to Batam.

-Kang. Thank you. -Yes.

It's the best horse, Australian horse.

Maybe it will come this month.

They shipped it in South Sea Star ship.

It's really crazy.

In this difficult time, he risks everything.


We have to watch the movie, Ikal.

We have to, Ikal.

Tonight, Ikal.

Did you forget?

Mr. Mustar told us not to watch the movie.

Remember what Mr. Mustar said about the movie?

Watching Indonesian movies is unlawful.

Ikal, you want people to tell you about what we can or cannot watch?

After all, we are 17 years old.

We don't break the law.

You also have to remember Mr. Balia's words, we have to take risks.

Come on, man.

We have to know more about women.

What now?

The ticketing staff definitely will not let us in.

He was threatened by Mr. Mustar.

Why, Jimbron?


You're a genius, Jimbron.

Come on, the movie is about to start.

Who doesn't have a ticket.

Sir, do you need a ticket?

Don't fight.

This way?

It's really great.



Yes, as you see.

Not for too long.

I like a calm lady.

Ouch, it's wet.

You're pretty sexy.

Sorry, I have to go.

I'll come in.


Don't pull out.


What is this? The movie stopped?


We've incurred loss!


Go home!

Go home!

Apparently the three punks have not been deterred.

In the past, they disrupted school ceremony, even cutting grass is not enough to deter them.

Now, they made a fatal mistake.

Watching movies is the same as eating the forbidden fruit.

The punishment can be expulsion.

But according to some teachers,

two of them are best students in this school,

so the punishment is canceled.

However, that doesn't mean they will not be punished.




The three of you have to be able to make our toilet clean.

No matter how long.

I want to see a shiny floor, ceilings are clean from bat droppings, everything is fragrant.



Never mind, Ikal.

This is indeed the risk faced by knowledgeable people.

At least, now I have new knowledge, so I now know what I'm looking for isn't a woman like that.

Now I'm determined to choose Zakiah Nurmala.


South Sea Star ship has arrived.

I cannot wait.

But it will be better if Capo didn't just bring Australian horses.

Do you know Libyan horses?

Can you stop talking about horses?

You stink.

What do you know about horses anyway?

Your rank may be high, but you certainly don't know Libyan horses can survive in 45 degrees temperature.

Your skin can burn.

It's different from Canadian horses.

They can survive in minus 20 degrees temperature.

Your body must have been frozen.

Shut up!

-What is wrong with you? -What's wrong with me?

This is because of you. Your dreams!

Is it not enough?

We are poor! And we're being punished like this.

What is wrong with you?

Are you angry about PN's bankruptcy?

We are poorer because of that.

Come on, Ikal.

This is nothing.

We have a bigger challenge waiting for us in Jakarta.

Not to mention Paris.

-Ikal. -You can go to Paris alone.

You and Jimbron!



Stop it.

I want noodle for one!

Dendang, ma'am.



-Sir, Tanjung! -Dendang.

Get on.

-Ma'am. -Dendang.


Ma'am, Tanjung.



This is the tobacco.


Have you never seen anyone smoking with a pipe?


You're the first Malay I've seen smoking like that.

Where did you get the pipe from?

I got this from a British ship crew.


The tobacco is also from the Netherlands.

That's the fun of being a sailor.

I once set foot in Korea, Japan, and China.

I travel the world.

Hey, your world isn't as narrow as Manggar.

Have you ever been to France?



I'm waiting for a call to be the deputy captain of a goods ship for European and African lines.

Around next month.

That's great, right?

I don't have to go to school.

Malays like me have set foot everywhere.

Not to mention the money, it's a lot!

What happened to you?

I also want to go to Paris.

I want to study there.

I want to explore Europe.

Hey, if you want to go abroad, the only thing suitable for Malays like us is just working as a sailor.

Our ancestors wading the world through the ocean.

Come on, Kid. Just accept this life.

Can you take me?

I will take care of anything on the ship.

What about your school?

I want to see the world as a true Malay man.

Come here.

Wait here for another month.


Where have you been?


Don't talk about our dream to study in Paris again.


This is comfortable.


It turns out what I heard is true, you're here.

I've sent the invitation to your parents to take your report card.

What is wrong with you, Ikal?

Are you tired of going to school?

What do you want?

Are you chasing your dreams here?


Do you know why I'm being hard on all of you?

Because I don't want you to be inert and think that the journey to achieve your dream is easy.

If you want to dream big, do it.

But you must believe in that dream and find the best way to reach it.

Don't you ever think that the journey to achieve it will be easy.

Many obstacles are waiting for you.

You must be strong in dealing with it.


Don't just think about yourself.

You have someone extraordinary in your life who always comes to take your report card with the only safari shirt he has.

He didn't wear it even when he met the Major.

He only wears it for you, Ikal.

You are his pride.

Idris Nawawi.




Zaskia Nurmala.

Ali Imron.

Ahmad Haikal.


That day, I disappointed my dad.

The number one dad in the whole world who always smiled regardless the struggles he needed to overcome.

Even though there was a bitter event which made me promise to never disappoint my dad,

there was some good news.

My dad received a letter regarding his promotion.

That was some very big news.


On that special day, I was so proud because my dad invited me to participate.

It had been 31 years since my dad became a coolie, and then we heard the word "promotion".


The names were mentioned alphabetically.


My dad's initial was S.






It seemed like they weren't going to call my dad's name.

But we waited.


-It's not here. -Not here.

It's okay, ma'am.

-It's not here too? -No.

We found out later my dad wasn't the right recipient of the letter.

That was the reason.

Since that time, I don't believe the postman.

Once again I am sorry.


But on that day, I also learned something from the fortitude of his smile.

Determination and faith in his heart.

The number one dad in the world.

I'm sorry.


Maybe in your eyes, I'm a lunatic who doesn't accept reality.

I can only dream and laugh.

My dad often said, "Dream, and God will embrace your dreams."

But then he left me alone.

I was so scared, Ikal.

But you have to know, the first time I saw you and your dad picking me up after my dad died, my fear, my sadness, they instantly went away.

I was very sure that you and your dad are the people who can save my hope, so that I don't stop dreaming.

Without dreams and hopes, people like us can die.

I'm a lucky person.

Always surrounded by people who care about me and willing to forgive my mistakes.

Come on in!

Come in, pioneers!

Before we start class today, let's shout the words that inspire you.

We worked hard to get the best grades in the last semester with fiery spirit.

That's my book.

Quickly finish your meal and study comfortably.

For Arai, this was the last chance.

He had to make Zakiah Nurmala fall for him before we graduated.


That's two humans.

But then, they shouted the Takbir phrase three times."

Arai used to come home last.

You are there.

He often disappeared mysteriously.

It seemed like he was doing another job.

Take him, Jimbron.

Take him to Laksmi.

Arai was indeed a crazy artist.

Take it easy.

Hold the reins.

He worked all out for Capo.

He proved that the horse existed.

For Jimbron.


With some payment, you can learn to ride, you're also allowed to take the horse for a day.

Come on, Jimbron!

We will meet

You're ready, kid.


I am indeed an excellent teacher.

Don't forget to recite the Quran before you sing.

Wait here.

-Okay. -This is Zakiah's house.

But it's unfortunate Unfortunate Very unfortunate

Where did you Addressed my letter?

I received your past letters Full of flattery words Poems and verses Beautifully arranged, dear Like the words of poet

But it's unfortunate Unfortunate Very unfortunate Where did you Addressed my letter?

Accept this answer Just a divine blessing I hope you're not desperate, dear Surely we will meet Definitely later We will meet

Zakiah Nurmala won't forget tonight.



Mr. Mustar.

You haven't gone home?

School is quiet.

Everyone's on holiday.

No, sir.

I still have some things to finish.

Would you like to go for a coffee?

My wife makes the best coffee in Manggar.

Go ahead, sir.


Our students are graduating with excellent grades.

Yes, sir. Praise be to Allah.

Praise be to Allah.

-Enjoy the drink, sir. -Please.


It tastes good, sir!

Most delicious in Manggar.

Right, sir.

Don't put it outside.

It will be lost.

Just like our plan before, after graduation, we left for Jakarta to study in the University of Indonesia and pursue our dreams to get to Paris.

-Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you, too.

My dad and mom could only pray.

We saved our earnings for months for the costs.

Put it below first. Only put in there when it's full.

Got it.

For you to eat during the journey.

I prepared this for you.

You two get the same amount.

Like you said before, Kal.

You two will go to Paris by riding my horse.


Take care of yourself here.

Take care, Ron.




Wait for me, Zakiah!

I will be back!


Wait for me!




Zakiah Nurmala!

Rokib promised us that his friend will give us a place to stay in Ciputat area, Jakarta.

-Ciputat? -Yes.

My friend is waiting for you there.

Where are we?

This is not Ciputat.

We couldn't find Ciputat.

We were stranded in Bogor.

We worked hard.

From a copier operator, to a spoon seller, while trying to enter UI.

You can pay it with three-month installment.


We passed!

Finally we were accepted in UI.

My major was Economics and Arai's was Biology.

DEPOK, 1993 Hey!

At that time, it felt like Paris was only one step away.

But our financial problem was hard to overcome.

We had to continue surviving before making a plan to Paris.

If you want to go from there...

Looking for a job in a big city wasn't as easy as what we had imagined.

It's finished, sir. Thanks.

All right.

We worked odd jobs for more than two years.

It's not bad, Kal, there are good jobs for undergraduates.

How could I be a postman?

Then I got a permanent job as a post office employee.

But Arai was still unemployed.

But he's Arai, the dreamer.

He never loses his enthusiasm.

Is this afternoon edition newspaper?

Mr. Tatang.

Look at this.

This is what we are looking for.

I'll go first.

That day was the last day I saw Arai.

After that, he left me and he took the horse piggy bank from Jimbron with him.

POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM But today, everything was unraveled.

In fact, Arai has taught me a lot of lessons.

One, is to always believe in my dreams.


Please forgive my anger.

I hope you are fine and living comfortably.

Let me go to Paris alone.

For our dreams and passions.

Pioneers, before we end the class today, let's shout the words that inspire you.

"By helping ourselves, we can be better in helping others."

R.A. Kartini.

"A thousand old men can only dream.

One young man can change the world."


"National independence is not the final goal.

The people who are free to work is the peak."

Sutan Syahrir.

"With books, you can imprison me anywhere.

Because with books, I'm free."

Mohammad Hatta.

"Fly, my Garuda.

Get rid of fleas from your wings."

Iwan Fals.


I really hope your horse can take me to Paris.

Kal, it's finished.

Check it first.

So, until this day, you haven't met Arai yet?

No, ma'am.

I don't know where he is.

Your story is truly extraordinary.


Enthusiastic, full of dreams.

I don't know how to do small talk.

Your proposal is extraordinary.

I cannot promise anything.

But I hope you can get this scholarship.

Please wait for words from us.

Sure, ma'am.

I certainly will pray so you and Arai can meet again.

Thank you, ma'am.

Most of the concepts in this proposal is taken from my own S1 thesis.

And personal experience from growing up in a village, sir.

And more than three years of experience living in the remote area as hinterland resident.



You're nuts!

You disappeared!

You're here too?

I am confused why you are here.

You're something.

You're here!



It is not difficult to send a letter from Kalimantan.

If I had sent a letter, you would've forced me to go home.

After all, you don't trust the postman, right?

I didn't want to burden you.

I was unemployed in Bogor.

I lived off you.

While I was sure I could get a job in Kalimantan, I started compiling my proposals for this scholarship.

You think I forgot about Paris, right?

You must have cursed me when I was gone and you are left alone.

But I'm sure you finally realized that dreaming is something beautiful.

I know you very well.

I'm also sure that fate will bring us back together.

Hey, Rai.

Peace be upon you, Mr. Seman.

Peace be upon you, too.

Here's a letter for you.

-Peace be upon you. -Peace be upon you, too.



Ikal and Arai got the scholarships to Paris, Europe.

-Ikal and Arai? -Yes.

-Scholarship? -Yes.

Praise be to Allah.

-Praise be to Allah. -Praise be to Allah.

Check it.


They delivered it to the right address, right?

"Mr. Ahmad Haikal."



Our children.

Where is the word "scholarship" written? Where?

-This. "Scholarship to Paris." -Yes.

-Europe. -Yes.

Snow, Rai!



But, Rai.

We haven't arrived in Paris yet.