Sanpo suru shinryakusha (2017) Script

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Good morning!



Oh, interesting!

Do not be funny.

I do not art.

Shinzy, what happened?

Your question is too general.

Provide a time period. fairly!

Will you be involved? Should I apologize?


Excuse me.

My husband walked along the street. It's a good thing that the car has not lost it.

I do not recognize him.

His condition is the result of a shock.

But it can not be ruled out that it is mental disorder or the first Alzheimer's symptoms.

What should I do? Please do not worry.

I am sure that you will be able to help me with your help. Stand up!

What about you? Do not do colostrum! I'm so sorry.

Do not be so polite!


I will not. Too much talking about it.

That's better?

If you have forgotten, I will explain to you:

You have betrayed me. You always told me that you do not remember anything, but it's true! how ?! Do not say that!

Instead of a delegation, you went on holiday with a young lady from the office. Do not pretend that you do not remember!

Interesting. Fasten your belt!

But are we still together? Already soon.


Will you be my guide, Narumi?


Low onI understand and I do not manage myself. Guide me.

... a hot day awaits us.

The rainy season in Hokuriku and Tohoku is about to end.

Let's look at the cloud. Over the prevailing part of Japan

the sky is clear, with few exceptions. Clouds from the continent move to the east, which promises night precipitation ...

And now a baroque map ... What about the work?

Call and take the time off.

Go for a walk. Do zo!

Kase says.

I have just sent the illustration. Well.

New quest? Thank you very much.

I'll be right back. Goodbye!

Well, no ... Shinzy?

Are you here? Hi?



I had to fall.

What are you talking about?


As I say, neither the Americans,

nor the Japanese Self-Defense Forces do not comment, so this is something serious.

I try to find out something in the US Embassy and MON.

Good morning sir! The driver and the cameraman are already in the return train.

I'm leaving too soon. Do not pitol! Bloody crimes It's not my brother. I write about serious matters.

Nothing of that.

No! I'm coming back with the last train. I leave the car from the rental shop.

Get him yourself, asshole!

Please, sir! AMERICAN TO HOME!

I from the weekly "World".You can?

You killed and maimed the whole family?


Weekly "World". The car is from the rental shop.

Are the corpses dissected?

Akira Tachibana survived?

You lose time.

Be a man! Do you know Akirê?

No. And you? What I? Speak sensibly.

Are you a colleague?

No. I want to meet her.

What should I do? I will not help you.


It's yours?

Yes. I mean - borrowed.

Evasive answer. And so?

Is the property of a Tokyo company, and I drive it. Better? It is excellent. That's what I need.

Be my guide.

Guide? How is it?

The car will help find Akirê Tachibana.

I will help too. Who are you?

My name is Amano. And you?


What do you want? I already said.

You are looking for Akira Tachibana. And then?

Keep your secret? Sure.

I will tell you. We will conquer Earth.

Did you understand me? Are you a stranger?

Are you serious?


Good luck.

Just hurry up.

Will you be my guide or not? Why not? I can be.

Until the train leaves.

But I have a request. I am older, so do not talk to me.

Can be: Mr. Sakurai?

Let's go, Mr Sakurai!

It does not play.

Is it still like that?

Already the third day. And work?

I wrote that he gives up. I can see it badly!

But if he returned to normal, we would begin to whimper again.

Return him to the plant. I was thinking about it.

You still love him, right? This is not the point.

Marriage is a murderer!

Once you will convince yourself.

Probably not worth it. My father and mother are constantly drying my head.

"Get married, let us hand over your home, live with us and provide us with care for the old age.

For your sister, we were too indulgent and that was a mistake."


I said I would put on my own, just like you. They got stuck. Are you married?

Not fair. It's my fault. Yes. Embrace me, then.

Good, but tell them that you are here. In it's time. part! Years!

Do you recognize her, Shinzy?

No. This is my younger sister Asumi.

Is the name "younger sister"?

His name is Asumi and he is my sister.

Yours also, or rather, sister-in-law. Your wife's sister.

Even it surpasses him. It's better not to talk to him.

Where has the pressure cooker broken? sister in law?

Younger sister?

I'm lost.

You can say that we are a family.

A family?

Do not understand? It's about blood ties.

It's even more complicated. Should I change the subject?

Speak. Me and sister we have common parents.

You have married with her,

so you are not my relative,

but as if I am an older brother, or - brother in law. And this is a family?

Yes. For brightness ...

Narumi is your ...? Older sister.

You two ...? We have common parents.

Are you my ...? Sister-in-law.

And together we are ...? Interesting. worry. Are you okay?

Yes. Asumi, what's wrong with you?


P³aczesz? What did you do to her?

Nothing. Something caught my eye.

Show me!

Do not touch me! I go home.

Do not stay?


What has entered you?

Are you angry?

Not at all.

Shinzy said something? No. Back off!

Wait! Are you coming back to Tokyo?

Listen to me, I do not have to explain anything. Are you the parents of Aman?

Do you feel good? Underwear, money.

It's enough.

Hey? Are your parents?

Yes. What aboutthem?

I gave them a lot.

What? Drugs? Calmly.

I would not take the guide.

Stuffing with parents with drugs is a crime.

Sir, please? Do you feel good?

Mr Sakurai?

Tell you what we do?

Are you a journalist?


It will please you. What? Speak!

We collect concepts.

Concepts? People rely on speech.

This makes it difficult. There are many words, and we strive to understand concepts. And we take them over.

I do not fully understand.

There is an interesting side effect.

When we take over someone's concept,

he loses it - for good.

It happened to your parents?


You do not get out of it!

You do not believe me?

Sure, no!

You can believe what you want.

But do you understand the essence of freedom? I do. I took it over.

From who? From the mother.

Looks happy.

I do not think so. Apparently this is a subjective issue.

Are you saving people? Please understand me well.

Our goal is invasion. Yeah.

If this is true, humankind is in danger of serious danger. That's right. Do you understand now?

Thank you. I've learned a lot.

What do you think about humanity? Good question.

You're typicalspecies. How is it?

You think that you reign over this planet.

So you mean it.

Even if we did not come, you would have perished within a hundred years.

I agree here. I am glad that I have chosen you as a guide. I am counting on you.

Nice to me.

The female train is leaving soon. Yes?

Will you leave without knowing Akira Tachibana?

Is one of you, right?

Ah yes. Do you know that in the course of half a year they open a shopping center?

Yes. If we win a tender, you will develop your advertising, leaflets and the rest.


Thank you! We have a presentation next week.

Will you prepare some suggestions? course. Until when? Before the weekend.

I understand.

What problem? No ...

Are you in the hospital? Heals at home.

This will make your work difficult.

I assure you that it is not.

If you would like to talk about your problems, I advise you. You are spiêta.

There's no need to.

Please do not be ashamed. Already good!

Ah yes...? Niewa¿ne. What are you doing?

There is no shirt. Which?

This blue one from you.

I can not find her. She was old.

I threw it away for a long time.



Never hernosi³eœ.


You said I was good at it.

Do you remember that? Insert anything!

Narumi, will we go for a walk?

I need to go to work.

I want to talk to people.

You are sick. I stay at home.

I will not know anything.

About what? about humanity. Learn about yourself.

About Shinji Kase? Right.

Interesting. Shinji was in disarray.

Create it again.

Become my perfect husband. Good.

It's stupid.

I have to go. Stay at home.

Sir, please?

Whar are you doing sir?

Nothing. Why are you standing here?


And you? Excuse me?

You ask me? It is my home.

It is my house?

Whar are you doing sir?! It is my house.

Not true! You do not live here.

This is the home of the state of Maruo.

My, after my father. After father? Is it important.


What is your name, sir?


Are you presenting yourself with a diminutive?

But knocked! I'm sure you live somewhere.

There is a Polish home there.

The Maruo family lives here, understand you?

I could live here too. What?

Well, maybe ...

Stop! Not allowed! It is my house!

Interesting. It's about property?

Ownership of?

Yes. Please think about it.

About property? You mean real estate?

Property ... property ...

Take over. So this is real estate.

Interesting. This is not my property.

Strange ... I will return to my home.

Go. Good thinking.

Please, sir!

You are amazing!


Are you sick?

I just did not get used to this world.

I'm a stranger, do you know?

But knocked!

I have not gone anywhere for years.

I am a housemate.

Walks are served. Thanks, Mr. Shinzy!


Not important ...

I ... I am sorry.


What are you doing? Narumi?

The dog bit me.

He did not want to listen. Ugryz³.

You were to be at home!

I need a guide. What guide?

A reliable partner. I should not talk to dogs.


Have we ever gone to one?

Long time ago, on the way to the supermarket.


What will we eat for dinner?


I will eat what you cook.

No change.

I added that to myself.

I do not recall this.

I can handle it myself.

I will keep you informed.

Mr. Policeman, what does "yourself" mean?

You still repeat it: "yourself."

No time for chatting, Miss Tachibana.

Whatit means "to yourself" to you,

sir? You probably know me best, right?

Focus on yourself.

Should I sleep again? Is Akira Tachibana lying here?

Who are the gentlemen?

Relatives. We visit. She has no relatives.

How is it?


How did you find it?

The family has their own ways.

You are not her relatives. Who then?

And who are you? I? Each other.

I do not understand. What does it mean?

I am me. And others?

Give me a break! I found you.

Finally! Miss Akira Tachibana?

Who is this?

My guide.

Not allowed! Wychodziæ!

First, you explain to us the difference between "ourselves" and "others". I want to hear it!


I am asking for peace! We're leaving soon.

We will only talk. Are you alone or from others?

For you I am someone else.

Another? So not us? Me, others - why?

Please tell us - about yourself.

What is it supposed to be ?!

I am myself, not someone else.

It's clear, damn it! Please speak.

I graduated from high school

and am a rank policeman, constantly skipped when advancing.

And so you are!

Now that. I do not have a diploma

an elite university.

I will not change this. Why can not I be like thisothers?

Sure. take over.

What did you do to him? We have taken the concepts of

'ourselves' and 'others'.

At the same time?


It will help.

Sir, please?

Everything is ok?

Yes. I have to go.


Me too. Now you are me.

By mistake I first went into a goldfish.

It was strange.

I realized the error. I have moved into some old man.

An older woman began to run away, so I cut her down. Then for the picu I drank myself tripe and my body began to freeze.

Stupid it was!

That's how it came out.

I did not know how the human body works.

When I was dying, a girl came in and settled in. I did it the first time.

Is it easier with a guide?

A lot. Right, Mr. Sakurai?

Yes ... Can I ask you something?

Yes? Are you two ... are you really a stranger? I already told you.

Let us assume that yes. Can I write about you?

To your weekly? Just before the invasion?

People are amazing! I have a real sensation.

I have not checked yet. But I saw it with my own eyes.

It's notit gives to the occult writing. It is worth taking the subject seriously.

I will not ask you for the second time. You should not speak, that you want to write about strangers. Just do not say it's yogurt.

I know not. I feel that you are going to do something important.

That's why I want to learn something about you and about what you are planning.

That's bad? You are really a journalist.

Is this a problem?

In no way.

We want to build a messenger.

Will you buy us some parts?

This is a task for the guide? Please.

And something more.

We have come here in three.

We do not know where the third one is.

Would you seek? Are you three?


What is this?

You were to copy the patterns from last year.

I did not want to copy exactly. You had to. They would not know each other.

I decided that this coloring would be more beneficial. It's proposition.

You do not try to be original.

We are to win the tender. You had to take an idea on the network. Do you understand

what is the job? What exactly do you deal with?

Is this work? What is work? Shinzy!

Who is this?

My husband.

What do you want?

I followed you.

I'm at work! Job?

So it looks like that? Do not go in here!

Good morning! What is work?

I asked my mother for it.

Do you know? course.

Please tell.

Work is money - management and personnel, employment and workforce, control and obedience. This is work?

Yes. Please, rewrite it. I do not understand.

Please say again. Work is a job.

Please introduce this differently than words.

The answer is in the head of the nation. Think more clearly. worry.

Strange ...

Let's get away from here. Do you feel good, boss?

What did you do to him? I have changed his concept of work.

How is it? You were his slave, also at home.

He owes himself. He must not be treated as my guide. That's why I picked up the concept of work for him.

You talk from things!

This company gives me a job.

Do not bury it! Please leave.

Maybe he wanted to be free from work.

You are a depth!

Narumi! We should talk.

For sure. Pos³uchaj.

I'm really a stranger. Beautiful!

I do not bow.

What now? I am not yet 100%

Shinji, but I am still. I do not understand anything!

I have changed,

buthe too could change.

Are you pretending to be someone else?


Do you check me?

Are you appealing? For what?

Calm down and listen.

You people do not see my real character. I can talk to you only when I co-exist with Shinji in his mind.

Perhaps, moreover, I present it too vaguely. Real Shinji is asleep.

I have taken over his knowledge and memories, and have become a new one. For what?

To collect human concepts.

It's my job.

For this I need a human neural network. I chose this Shinji. Asumi has changed because of you?

I did not think it would happen.

People lose their concepts, when I take them.

What did you take her?

Families. It's terrible!

Excuse me.

Can you fix it?


I also do my job. Start acting like a stranger!

Shoot with laser sight! Shinji is not like that.

I do not care!

Plugin - but which one? Is.

It's her. And batteries.

I'll take it. Of course.

How much do you belong?

Two and a half thousand. Thank you.

Editor Sakurai from the weekly "Œwiat"? Shinagawa. Ministry of Health.

Can we talk? Ministry of Health?

New virus strain?

There is no certainty. Akira Tachibana is probably a carrier.

Are there others?

We are investigating, however, in the local prefecture suddenly the percentage of patients has increased with mental disorders.

They also have a virus?

I do not know.

I understand. I am also looking for Tachibana.

I will know, when I find out something.

Mr Sakurai, you must know

that you are in great danger.

Maybe, but nothing will happen to me. I'm clever.

The virus infects and develops completely asymptomatic.

If so ... how should we combat it?

This is an unconventional opponent.

SkoK is just that we do not know that.

So it is really a powerful enemy.


Wait a minute. Future results.

Tell me I'm going. He from the ministry too?

It's time for me. Let's do it ...

Please take a GPS transmitter. If you need us, turn it on.

We will come.

I understand.

Mr journalist, any thoughtlessness

can have serious consequences.

Thank you, sir. STAA!

Excuse me! Is Dr. Yoshikawa, an astrophysicist?

Do you work for Self-Defense Forces? Ask for a comment!

Move away! Listening.

We stand at the edge of the war. OurDefense Forces and the American army are preparing for a clash. But did you think that we are just as guilty as our enemy?

Responsibility falls on us. We crowd so much into ourselves and we do not give it a go, right?

We want so many unnecessary things and we are afraid that somebody else will get them. It is this fear that brings war.

Oh, Shinzy! In the end I found you!

Mr Maruo?

Have you been used to Earth?


I have changed. I looked at my eyes after our meeting. I abandoned my old self.

I realized that all war does not make sense.

Please tell me,

what have you done to me?

But ... I'm not Shinza.

My name is Shinji Kase. Oh.

Mr Kase, let me say. What happened to me?

We're going. Yes.

How much is it!

Thank you.

Come on, Amano! ASSOCIATION



Is that enough for you? Yes.

The authorities have introduced a blockade.

The Defense Forces have gone out onto the streets. Is I the only one who is not blind?

Mr Sakurai, you have a topic for exclusion.

That's right. Do not make such a face.

I found the third one. I saw him. Great! How does it look?

Normally, like a guy around30-tuples.

Fantastic! Let's go to him. I do not have an address yet.

Well. And what next?

We will collect all concepts. We will summarize the knowledge about humanity and use the communicator.

Then what?

The invasion will start.

What will happen to Earth? Nothing.

Only humanity will die.

It is known that he will not give up without a fight.

After all.

First, I thought that the invasion would last three minutes ... and it would take three days.

Yours will also die. Who knows ...


We could not co-exist? How is it? Do you want to live?

If possible.

We will probably keep selected specimens.

Do you want to be one of them? No.

Thanks. However, no.

These earthly parts are hopeless!

Suck! I will look for a cable.

What are you doing here, miss? In which school are you studying?

I ...

Akira Tachibana? Alarm!

Leave! To the headquarters!


You will not get away with it! You can not stand the police either.

So what?

Where are you calling?

For ambulance. You are on Earth!

There is punishment for killing.

What is "punishment"?

Same fate.

Let's not lie down!

Do not forget that I am on the side of humanity.

Do not take it, freak!

You're like thatthe voice of humanity? what?

You must admit that you have done wrong.

If they do not return, they will search for them.

They will throw all their strength against you. Let's get wrapped up!

Are you called strangers?

Do you want to conquer Earth in three days? It's a lie! You took me!

Think what you want. JADE.

I am with you! What happened?

Someone follows us. It seemed to me. Paces!

We turn into an alley.

In these?

And we are escaping!

Who are they?

I'll ask.

Stop! Do not go alone!

Something happened?

Are you looking for someone?

Do not go anywhere alone!

They have already gone.

Why did you run away?

Do not leave me alone!

Right. We are a marriage.

That's not the point.

I am your guide,

a reliable partner.

You can not handle it without me.

Will we find a friend,

let us share sorrows with us ...

Have sung us at the wedding.

That's right. WejdŸmy.

WHAT IS MINE? Love ...

Come! We tasted then.


Odorous smells! We end today. Thank you.

Say: what is love? You sang about her.

Mi³oœæ? This is something between a woman and a man.

No.Love is needed, that there is peace in the world. Love is so rosy,

soft heart.

From this can faint.

This gentleman asks what love is. Ah yes?

A priest for sure

will describe it to me in detail. Love?

Right. Love is in you.

Not true.

That's why I'm asking.

It's in you. "Love is patient,

gracious." Love does not envy, does not look for applause,

does not hover, shamelessness is not allowed,

does not look for one, does not rise in anger,

no memory of evil, no he enjoys injustice, but he sympathizes with truth. "

This is too much. "Everything abolishes,

believes everything, hopes in everything, survives everything," and - more - "never stops". Where have you been, Shinzy?

Well, you know.

There it was written that they teach about love.

Did you go to school?

Nothing happened.

After all, love

can not be clearly described.

Looks like it.

Please, do not take it away from anyone.

Do you sleep?

You are worried.


we committed a crime.

It happened. I'm finished

as a journalist. Already for me.

Letyou do not care. Did you find the address of our third?

It's difficult because it destroyed my phone. And what did you say?

What are you doing? Mount the switch.


What can you do?

I use what is in my hand.

How does it work? Connect to the antenna.

It sucks! What's up?

Someone is here.

Do not act rashly!

Here we go again! They behaved suspiciously.

You can not kill! One has pulled it out.

Ordinary cops do not. It's a war!

How did they find us? How is it?

Thanks to this. What is it?

GPS transmitter. Where do you have it? Niewa¿ne. It's turned off.

The switch is a dummy. It's constantly working.

He cheated me!

He cheated the representative of the Polish species.

It's time for you to speak to one side. Tasty.


Once you hated it.

Yes? Unbelievable!

I made it happen, but you did not even touch it. I wonder why? It's delicious.

I am happy to.

Eat for health!

Listening. Narumi Kase. Yes, doctor?

No, my husband is getting better.


New virus strain?


So he is not a stranger ... It's not for you.

Of course, I will bring him. What's up?

It turns out that you are sick.

End of the world! And the dog was catching him!

Brother, stop!

Sorry! Doctor!

Mr. Kase? The Lord does not have to wait.

Ask for me. This way.

Speed ​​...

Faster, please!

For a minute.

Please go to the office.

We're about to enter.

I am waiting for you.



It is not safe here.

Are you really a stranger?

Now I understand.

We pack and leave the city. Any further.

Stay in the car.

Who are you? Editor Sakurai, weekly "Œwiat".

Does Mr. Shinji Kase live here?

And what's going on?

At home?


You are his wife? Do you serve him as a guide?

I am also. Mrs. husband take over concepts from people?

Do not ask me.

And changes their personality?

From where should I know?

Do you know why he's doing this?

Prepare an invasion. I did not know.

I know two others like him.

They want to destroy humanity.

Husband has nothing to do with this.

Is one of them.

You can not allow him to meet with them.

What is it?

The beginning of the invasion.

Convince those two, that they would stop her.

If I could, I would not come here.

Please, do not hesitate to take my husband as far as possible.

YesI'm going to.


You should wait!

Who are you?

You are a stranger, right?

Please do not spare.

You are an invader and a thief, yes? What is this guy?

He claims to be a guide.


Are you a guide?

Where are those? I searched for them. Come on!

Unfortunately, I can not. Where are they?

A stranger comes out of you.

It's here. Bravo, online! You will not run away from us!


Who was it?

My companions. They are kids.

My companions.

You did not talk about them.

Yes. On invasion too.

No. Will it come to her? That's the plan.


I think soon. The conference has just taken place.

For this moment ?!

More or less.

Now we will enable the communicator.

And then?

The invasion will start.

Do you, strangers,

can not wait 50 years? No.

So is the end with us? It's not gonna happen?

No. Unnecessarily I was hoping! Wait!

Am I really Shinji?

Am I not?

I'm lost. Did he become a part of me, did I become part of him? Anyway, I'm fine with it.

I would like to start with you frombeginning. Too late!

Why are you only saying this now? There is no time anymore ...

I'm going to get something to drink. Want?



They want you to talk to them. Will you agree?


You are Shinji, my husband! You have nothing to do with them.


JedŸcie! Do not stop!

Oh no!

What the hell ?!

I have tapped her.

Do not think about it. It could have been removed.

But ...

He is not a man.

I will lead.

It was mean ...

You could have dodged. But ...

Do you want a different body? I'm horrifying.

I did what belonged to me.

You are ready.


It's probably already ...

People! Listening! And do not laugh!

Humanity is at present threatened with great danger - in the person of this boy.

At first glance looks normal, but is a visitor from space and prepares an invasion of Earth.

I know it is difficult to take me seriously ...

but if we continue to

remain inactive, it will soon be too late!

For sure

you have sensed something like that. It is really happening!

Understand, please, what I want to say.

It's alien! The invaders areamong us!

It's nothing.

He knew.

I had so much to say. Decide for yourself.

Good luck! I'm falling.

Glad? Yes.

We drive? Is the beginning of the invasion?

No, sunset.

And exactly - do you have a family?

Why do you ask? I want to know.

I have a wife and son.

There are more or less your age.

We have not seen each other for two years.

And you?

Do I have a family? Not as you think.

But I have many companions.

At home?

I envy you.

I also try for their good.

Listen ...

Do you remember what you said?

About what?

that you will

keep some people alive.

Selected specimens.

I think I will report anyway.

Critically? I would be very happy.


We will stop here?

Get to work!

Thank you. fairly!

Mr Sakurai?

We have nothing to you. You have been involved in an accident.

Please come here. The presence of a lady here is harmful and only gives us hope. We understand each other?

I do not understand. What does it mean to "harm" and "hinder"?

What is the difference between "irritability" and "annoy"? Because I do not understand. So it's you!

My name is not "you". No difference, boy.

-Words differ in meaning. Does not matter!

It's about people like you.

I do not understand. Please repeat. People like you harm our planet.

Please illustrate this.

"Pity" and "making you sick". Now it is clear to me.

No ...

Too late! Przej¹³em.

What's wrong with you?

Are you OK?

It's a trifle.

Are we friends?

How! Stand up! Let's go!

Cholera. My body freezes.

You should change them.

Do you want mine?

What are you?

You do not have a choice. Fact.

But - how did they find us?

Surely the car

is tracked by satellites.

There are no people with people! Awesome!

We are amazing.

Come on!

You are a stranger. Hold on!

Mr Sakurai?

I give it to you.

And what should I do about it?

I think ... that it's time for me.

You are so close! Do not die! Complete the task!

You need me?

They succeeded.

The invasion will start soon.


I completed the task.

What will happen to people?

You will leave.



This is the purpose of the invasion.

And you? I?

I will also leave.

Come here. I could ... leave early.

You will help me. It's easy.

What? Œciœnij.


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