Sapne Saajan Ke (1992) Script

Thank you very much, Deepak.

Thank you. What is it for, friend?

A big person like you travelled with us in second class.

That's why, friend.

Ok, leave it. When are you meeting us again?

I will be available whenever you wish to meet.

First of all, let me settle down.

What's the need for a big person.. you to settle down?

Show your degree and open an own construction company.

People like us have to settle down.

No, friend. My family members are disciplined.

They wish me to do something on my own.

And then they will open the company.

In fact I too wish for the same.

What's the use of depending on parents..

..and thereby by demanding various things?

Our style is unique. We want everything to be our own.


Well, friends. My car has come.

What a car, friend?

It is imported. We have four like this.

My servants use Fiat, Maruti, and ..

..Gypsy vehicles. it?

Oh! Did you come?

Greetings. God bless you, child.

Come. Come. Make it fast.

Why are you staring like this?

I was brought up by him.

It's my duty to respect him and take his blessings.

Come, child. Come. Make it fast. Ok.

I am going, friends. Ok, Deepak.

Bye. Bye, Deepak. Bye.

Bye, see you.

Be careful.

What a car, friend?

Hey! Dear. Your son has come. Take car of him.

Did he come? Yes.

Where is he? He is coming.


Stop there. Stop there.

God bless you, child.

How are you? My eyes were longing to see you.

I am fine, mother. Absolutely fine.

God willing no evil eyes fall on you.

Are the formalities completed? Yes.

We will talk in the evening at leisure.

Eat some sweets.

No, no. There is no time right now.

You are always in a hurry. Our son has come after five years.

If you spend two minutes with him..

..then there would be any problem.

Hey! Dear. You know that boss is very punctual.

It is his greatness that he gave his car.. receive Deepak from the station.

If I talk to him then wouldn't I get late?

Do you think that talking to him is waste?

And boss knows that Deepak has come after five years.

If you go late by a couple of minute..

..then it wouldn't make any difference.

He too has children.

I have seen his condition..

..when they come from America.

He feels happy and leaves all his works. And you..

Who should explain you that I am getting late for duty.

Deepak, call your mother so that I don't face any problem.


His duty cares for nothing like happiness and sadness.

It is better that he might have joined military than this.

He would have worked for his country.. well as done his duty.

And in addition he would be called as soldier.

So what is that I don't have now?

I am boss's driver. Driver.

Jackie sir. I know. I know. You will pay in cash.

Anyway, Mr. Shah, we have hanged a board saying..

..that you would pay in cash today.. that you get credit tomorrow.

Because sir is under sealing.

And you know how difficult it is to sign a new film..

..when you are under sealing.

Then too Mr. Shah, I am making the adjustment for you.

And you adjust with me.

Very simple. Give with one hand.

And take with another hand.

Did you understand? You have understood.

Oh! Well, Mr. Shah. Well.

Oh! God. You are very intelligent.

Ok, ok. Thank you.

Oh! Well. Well. If I get couple of understanding producers.. him then I will construct a beautiful bungalow.. front of this bungalow.

"A beautiful bungalow will be constructed."

Whose bungalow are you constructing?

Mine. Ours. Yours. I mean you have got a bungalow.. Madh island.

You can do anything for your benefit.

What do you mean?

I mean you can do anything for your benefit.. cut off my hands, throw me into the well.

Yes, sir. By God!

Thank you very much.

I mean... that...bungalow in Madh Island... the one facing it.. the bungalow that is facing it in that..

A cat closes its eyes while drinking the milk..

..and thinks that nobody is watching it.

Similarly you too think that I don't know anything. Isn't it?

When did I say that you don't know anything?

In fact I didn't say anything like that.

Since how many years you are staying with me.

For many year, sir.

But why didn't you mend your ways till now.

I will do that, sir. In fact I have changed.

The thing is that the matter was something different..

..and it turned out to be entirely different.

I was worried because producer..

..were calling continuously.

So you should have told him that I will reach..

..on time given by me.

I told him. God, I told him that you will reach on time.

But the producers become restless.

I have also told that you are ready. You are ready.

Uncle has not come yet. And you will not go with uncle.

Bhram. Yes.

You know that where uncle is.

Yes. I know that he went to station..

..for receiving his son Deepak.

He must be coming. Anyway he is punctual.

He will come exactly at twelve o'clock.

He has come. Uncle has come.

You too become punctual else..

Else we will get late for shooting.

We will get late for shooting.

Secretary. Secretary. Secretary.


Did you keep the entire luggage?

Yes, yes. What is this, yes again and again?

Can't you say 'yes sir'?

Yes sir. Yes sir. This is good.

Oh! God. You people..

Greetings, sir.


Greetings, sir. Greetings, uncle.

Did you receive Deepak? Yes, sir.

Is everything good?

Well, it is.

What does it mean? Didn't you meet Deepak?

I met him, sir.

If you have met him then didn't you ask him..

..about his wellbeing?

If I ask about everything then I would get late.

In addition the traffic is so heavy.

I was thinking of you as we might be..

..getting late for shooting. You are a wonderful person.

Deepak has come after long time..

..and you didn't inquire about him.

I will ask everything in leisure, sir.

You start. We are getting late for shooting.

As you wish, sir. Let's go.

Mother, this sari is for you. And this shawl is for father.

Hey! Did you go there to study or earn money.

Where did you get so much of money from?

Mother, I have saved this money..

..from the amount sent by father every month.

I am proud of you. You are become very intelligent.

Now you become something and bring..

..a beautiful daughter-in-law for me.

Mother, your beautiful daughter-in-law might be..

..hiding herself under some cloud now.

"The climate is saying that there are some clouds.. some place."

"The climate is saying that there are some clouds.. some place."

"The birds are singing. And I will ask them your address."

"The maddened air is teasing the hair."

"I am always dreaming of my beloved."

"The climate is saying that there are some clouds.. some place."

What happened?

There is no air in the tyre.

You move aside. I will check it. You rascal.

Oh! Sir. The tyre is punctured.

What happened? The tyre is punctured.

Yes, puncture. Puncture?

Hey! We will come soon.

"The bees are singing for us. The girls are young at heart."

"It is youthfulness everywhere."

"There is beauty all around. The atmosphere is beautiful."

"The bees are singing for us. The girls are young at heart."

"It is youthfulness everywhere."

"There is beauty all around. The atmosphere is beautiful."

"I feel like committing some mistake..

..under these circumstances."

"The climate is saying that there are some clouds.. some place."

"The birds are singing. And I will ask them your address."

"I am always dreaming of my beloved."

"I will make you mine."

"I will keep you in my heart whenever I find you."

"I will make you mine."

"Who am I mad for?"

"How should I tell you whose story is mine?"

"I will make you mine."

"I will keep you in my heart whenever I find you."

"Who am I mad for?"

"How should I tell you whose story is mine?"

"If not today then I get his address tomorrow."

"The climate is saying that there are some clouds.. some place."

"The birds are singing. And I will ask them your address."

"I am always dreaming of my beloved."

"The maddened air is teasing the hair."

"I am always dreaming of my beloved."

"I am always dreaming of my beloved."

Common, girls.

Hi Rosy.

'How was the journey, Baby?

Hello, baby.


Take out the luggage.

Ok, Jyothi. We will meet again. Bye.

Hey! Jyothi. In which college are you taking admission?

Don't know. I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, tell us so that we too join the same college.

Did you take my phone number, Jyothi?

Yes, yes. Whom are you searching for?

My mother. Don't know whether..

..she has received my letter or not.

What's there to feel disappointed?

You are not a small girl.

Couldn't you go home alone?

Stop talking rubbish.

Jyothi. Is this your bag, Jyothi?

Thanks, friend.

Come. I will arrange either a taxi or rickshaw for you.

Jyothi. Jyothi. Mother.



My darling.

Well, mother. Why are you so late?

What should I do, child? The traffic was heavy.

That's why I am late.

Ok, tell me. How was your journey?

Was it too cold over there?

How did you do your exams? How are you?

Oh! So many questions at once.

If I answer all you questions now..

..then what would be there for us to talk after going home.

Let's go home. And I will tell you there.

But for your satisfaction watch yourself..

..regarding the last question.

Look, mother.

Thank you. Thank you.

You mischievous.

Not mischievous, mother. I belong tot his place.

Now who will talk to you?

Look. Who has come to receive you? Look.

Oh! No. Fool.

Yes, Gullu. Flowers have blossomed in the garden.

Mother, why did you bring this fool?

She is exactly as I have imagined. Fair, beautiful.

She is beautiful. She is beautiful.

He has brought the car and I couldn't say no. come.

Let's go.


Oh! Gullu. Are you hurt?

No, aunt. I am fine.

The bouquet worth three hundred..

..and seventy five rupees has gone waste.

Hey! Give it to us.

Hey! Leave. Give it to me.

Here, take this.

Uncle Ghulam.

Oh! Aunt, look how Jyothi is hugging that old man.

She didn't hug me. I have brought a bouquet..

..worth three hundred and seventy five rupees for her.


What is this, mother? You have made the entire house..

..a tailor shop.

What else would be the house of a dress designer other..

..than a tailoring shop?

Then too. The clothes are all around.

Now you have come. And you will make everything good.

Ok, tell me. What will you drink?

Something cold. - Ok.

Dolly. Come here, baby.

Uncle, dolly didn't forget me.

I too didn't forget you, Jyothi.

There is a difference between dog and donkey.



What happened?

Look at this.

God bless you, child.

Today you are entering a new life.

The paths of the world are very tough.

But you don't become sad. Don't loose your courage.

Success is achieved by trying. God will make you successful.

Mother, I am going.

Stop. Stop.

These are chapattis. Eat them in the afternoon.

But mother, I visit big companies then..

Take them. The hotel food will spoil your health.

And eat on time.

Ok, mother.

Where will you go today?

Look at this, mother. There are so many addresses.

Will you visit all these places?

I have to go, mother.

Yes, you have to go. But you walk under the shadow.

The heat is very high in the afternoon.

Mother, your blessings are my shadows in the heat of life.

So what is there for me to worry about?

Well, I will get some job by evening.

God willing, it happens like that.

Ok, mother. I am going.

Oh! God.

Thank you, uncle Jackie. Ok. Ok.

Autograph please, uncle.

What's your name?

Kishore kumar, sir. Shot is ready, sir.

Kishore kumar.

Thank you, uncle.

What's the scene? Read this.

What's your name? Radha.

Radha. What was the earlier scene?

In the earlier scene, the heroine's father..

..takes her away.

He sends the goons to trash you.

You have trashed them. Ok.

After that.. Tanuja.

Thank you, uncle.

Are the clothes perfect?

The clothes are fine, sir.

But there was a gold chain around your neck.

You took it to your house. Ok.

What's your name? Rakesh.


Get that chain.

I will get it.

Uncle. Uncle.

Yes, sir.

Uncle, the gold chain.. tell him.

What happened?

He is Jackie's driver.

What happened? What happened?

Uncle. Uncle. Uncle.

You go for the shoot. I will take him to the doctor..

..Shut up.

Pack up the shoot. I will pay the expenses to the producer..

..for the shoot.

I will take uncle. Go and bring the car.

Savle, help me.

What happened, Ramu?

Oh! Child. Did you come?

How come you are here?

Uncle received an electric shock today in the shooting.

But everything is fine, now. There is no nothing to worry.

Mother. How is father?

God has been merciful to us. Else your father..

But how did all this happen.

I don't know anything.

Aunt. Aunt, sir has sent this.

What are they?

There was a hole in uncle's footwear and..

..that's why he has received the electric shock.

So sir has sent new shoes.



Lakshmi. Yes.

Did Deepak come?

Yes, he has come.


Hey! Mad boy. Why are you crying like women?

Child, life has given me so many shocks.

Nothing will happen with electric shock.

Father, now you will not work. I will work.

You will take rest. That's it.

Ok, child. I will not work.

If such a situation arises then you have to take care.

But son, who will drive boss's car till I recover.

Anybody will drive.

No, son. It's not possible for everyone to drive boss's car.

Do you have driving licence with you?

What do you wish to say?

Son, until I recover completely you will driver boss's car.


Why? Is something wrong?

But father, I am an architect. And driver..

Why? You will not loose your respect.

Child, the degree and the position of architect..

..which you are holding today has happened due to boss.

Else an ordinary driver like me would never make you.. architect even in dreams.

Father, I am indebted to him.

Find out the difference..

..between being and remaining, Deepak.

You should remain indebted to boss all your life.

And God has given you a small chance.. repay his debt.

So don't ignore it.

But father after having good education, what will people say.

Are you afraid of the people?

You are working and not begging.

Father, how should I explain you?

Mother. Deepak is right. You just think of it.

I have thought about it. There is no need for you to explain.

You have to drive boss's car in my place until I get cured.

Understand it very well. Else do whatever you wish to do.

But not by staying in this house.

You calm down. I will explain him.

Lakshmi, you know that I refuse to accept..

..a no for an answer.

He will not say no. He is our blood. He will agree to it.

You calm down.

Good morning, sir. Good morning.

What is this?

Uncle will not be coming to job for some time.

That's why I have selected few drivers.

I have selected the best people.

This is Ram Prasad Yadav. He has retired from military.

He is strong and powerful.

He has got twenty years of experience.

If he comes across a crowd at the traffic signal..

..then will trash them and make his way.

He is from the military.

He is Gulzar. He always smiles like his name.

He has got ten years of experience.

He knows every street in Mumbai.

You give him any address.

He will give the entire history of that street.


Oh! God. You can go.

You want to hire military driver so that he acts.. my guard apart from driving..

..and thereby keep my away from the public.

You are absolutely right, sir. Wrong.

Bhram, remember one thing.

The affection from public has given me this position.

And we shall pay back to them by getting them trashed.. the public.

No, sir. No.

And what about Gulzar.

He always smiles. Always smiles.

Whom did you watch weeping over here?

No, sir. Oh! God. Nobody, sir.

And who else knows the history of streets.. Bombay better than me.

No, sir. You and Bombay.. Then what?

Henceforth there is no need for you to decide..

..about my personal life.

Not personal life, sir. I was looking for driver..

Driver is also a part of my life.

You will drive the car until uncle gets cured.


Yes, you.


Yes. I am Deepak.

I will drive your car until father gets cured.

Did uncle request you or order you?

No. He has made me to realise..

..the importance of responsibility.

What is the need for uncle to make an educated architect.. realise his responsibility?

Sir, you know father. He doesn't like other to..

..share his sentiments for life.

And all his sentiments are bound with you.

This style of uncle has made me his fan.

Give me the keys. This is not your job.

No, sir. If you give me a chance to your service..

..for few days then father and I will be very happy.

And for the sake of father's happiness..

You will do anything.

It is very good to help the parents but I will not..

Sir, I have got driving licence. You cannot say no to me.

Your company and confidant will stay in my heart.

And it will end with me.

Uncle has sent you with lot of preparation.

Sir, I will wait for you in the porch.



No. I will sit in front with you.

Bhram. Yes.

You sit behind.


Did sir leave, Lakshmi?

Yes, he has left.

Did Deepak open the car door for sir?

Yes. But sir sat by the side of Deepak.

Is it? He knows how to respect an educated person..

..who works as a driver in his father's place.

I have become boss's servant for these entire things.

God willing Deepak succeed in this new test.

You have passed in first division.

Congratulations. I am happy for it.

But all my joy has come done due to uncle's accident.

Else I have thought of a huge party on your success.

Oh! God. Sir has made so many big plans..

I think I didn't discuss anything with you regarding this plan.


Then please don't agree to it.

Ok. I will not do it. Thank you, Bhram.

Anyways what are you future plans?

Sir, if I could find some job then it would be fine.

It is very important to have some money in the pocket.

After that I will try to open a construction company.

And after that I wish to try outside Mumbai.

You drive quiet fast.

Yes. Remember one thing.

Drive fast but concentrate more on the gear.

They say that you need to control yourself..

..apart from having zeal.


I think the time has come for you to settle down.

I mean to find a beautiful doll.


I mean a beautiful daughter-in-law for uncle and aunt.

Daughter-in-law? Don't know where she is.

Mother, tell me something.

Yes, child.

If you taking me to make me a heroine..

..then I am saying it directly. I hare acting.

I am not interested at all.

Even I am too no interested to live on daughter's earning.

Then where are we going.

To the party.

Who's party?

Chokamal, the material given to you..

..from HongKong was absolutely pure.

Absolutely pure.

Rathimal, now the Bangkok and Singapore customs..

..have gone wrong.

Well, you know that there was a scandal..

..of one and half crore rupees.

I have called the boss.

Now the matter would be straightened out.. in two, three days.

If the customer gets the right goods on time..

..then only Lalchand's could keep his respect.

Lalu. Lalu. Lalu.

What is it, darling? Jyothi has come.

What will I do with Jyothi?

Hey! Shalini's daughter. Our daughter-in-law.

Oh! So tell like that. Come.

I thought it is some other girl. Come.

Chokamal, I will come and talk about Hong Kong.


The assignment is still left.

Hey! Why do you fill the glasses with whisky..

..and go to everybody.

Sir, this is our duty.

Is your duty to make losses to your boss?

If you go in front then the person who doesn't have..

..the habit of drinking would also start drinking.

If he drinks more than he will fall over here.

And then we should drop him at his house.

For doing that we will loose petrol.

Do one thing.

Fill the glasses with whisky and stand in dark.

In addition you are dark. So nobody will find you.

Whoever wants will search for you in the dark.

Keep quiet, Lalu. Stop joking.

My wife doesn't like jokes.

Once I have tried joke then my son Gullu was born.

Let's go.

He is laughing.

Greetings, brother Lalu.

Who is she?

Didn't you recognise her? My daughter Jyothi.


Jyothi? Well. She has become so big.

The material of your dress is very good.

We can sell it in Hong Kong very much.

Gullu. Where is Gullu?

Gullu? Gullu.

Well. Jyothi. My darling is standing there. In silver dress.

Isn't she beautiful? I have arranged..

..this party tonight for here.

Hey! Darling.

Hey! Why are you kissing her from long distance?

You darling is standing in front you. Go and kiss her.

Hey! It's your party, friend.

Don't be stupid.

What are you doing? Leave me.

Jyothi, now I have become your lover.

Did you see your face in the mirror?

I am not kidding, Jyothi. I am your lover.

Go and wash your face with phenol.

It's not a joke. You are going to become my fianc.

Come. Talk to my friends.

Jyothi, my bungalow and cars belong to you.

We will enjoy after marriage. I love you.

Your fianc? My foot.

Look, darling. Get lost.


Why did you come like this from there?

Because there wasn't any other way than this.

Do you know how much Gullu and his face.. humiliated due to your act?

Mother, people who have got some respect are humiliated.


You are calling those rich..

..and ill mannered people as respectable.

They look women with lust let they be their sister..

..or mother in age.


Mother, I am not a doll or statue that is kept in the.. case which you can decorate and sell.. the market for getting a good price.

Jyothi. Now you are insulting me.

Mother, save yourself before anyone insults you.

You are talking a lot.

The person who speaks truth can talk of anything, mother.

Because the truth hits harder.

Look at your status before talking about truth and facts.

Mother, a person builds his own status.

If status is built by money according to you..

..then I don't want it.

What difference would it make?

Today we are living in a cottage.

Tomorrow we will live in shanty.

But the people from your respect society..

..wouldn't look with evil eyes over there.

What do you wish to say?

Henceforth don't try to take me to Gullu's house.

Why shouldn't I take you? Gullu is my friend's son.

They help me regularly.

If they help you then you give them respect.

Why is it me?

Because I want you to like Gullu.

Gullu? Mother, this is the question of my life.

So I too have decided about your life after thinking well.

Gullu is their lone son. They have got so much of wealth..

..that you would enjoy your entire life.

If spending life using such money is called enjoyment..

..then I don't want it.

If you want me to get that enjoyment..

..then why don't you send me to the danseuse's place?

Jyothi, I..

Shalini. What are you doing?

Have you seen, uncle?

This is the result that I am getting..

..for working hard all my life.

You have seen how much of hard work I have done for her.

And she is..

I thought that she would be the support of my life..

..after her father.

I have spent my entire life for her.

And I have worked hard all day and night.. that her life becomes good.

But she is..

If you are worried about my future..

..then henceforth stop worrying about it, mother.

I will make my own life.

What will you do? Tell me. What will you do?

I will find a boy who is richer and smart than Gullu..

..who would be decent and respectable.

There is lot of difference between facts and dreams.

You have started watching the world recently.

And no rich boy will look at you..

..because you don't have wealth.

Child, your mother is absolutely right.

The consequences of the beautiful dreams..

..which you are having would be very dangerous.

You are young so you wish to hold smoke in your fist.

But by the time you open your fists, the smoke would be lost.

And the hands would remain empty as usual.

There is lot of difference between facts and dreams.

And it is not the behaviour of decent girls like you.. talk in louder voice with your mother.

Well apologise to your mother.

If I have committed some mistake..

..then I am ready to apologise.

But uncle I will give a try.

If I don't succeed then I will get married..

..according to mother's wish.

Look Shalini, you should accept the naive wish..

..of your daughter.

Ok. Then search for your rich and decent boy.

Uncle, if not today then at least tomorrow.. will find wealth.

Now the time has come for you to reap the fruits..

..which you have sowed.

Now enjoy the fruits. What else?

Sir, I enjoy by staying with you.

Anyways there is no desire left.

I just want to end this life with respect.

Uncle, cowards talk about birth and death..

..Talk about living.

Anyways how is your health.

It is good, sir. There is some weakness and nothing else.

It would be there. You only could bear such a big shock.

If it had been me then..

Sir, let the shock be of any intensity.

If you are aware that there is someone to look..

..after you after it then the shock has no affect.

Sir, I have saved because of you else I would have died.

Sir, have tea.

Thanks. Is everything good? Yes.

Do you need something? No.

Sir, I have a request for you.

Don't request me, aunt. Give the orders.

My Deepak is a child. He is innocent.

If something wrong happens with him then forgive him.

If you look after him then one day..

..he will become a great man.

He will become, aunt.

He is very intelligent and hard working.

Now I don't even need Ramu. Thank God.

Sir, your car is ready.

Where should we go?

Film City. Lawrence for Desouza's film shooting.


But sir, you have given time to the lady journalist..

..for the interview before the shooting.

Ok. I am coming.

What did I say? He is my dairy. I cannot work without him.

Ok, uncle. I am going. Ok.

Greetings. Greetings.

If you need something then please inform me. Ok.

Ok. This is Mr. Jackie's first song.


Ok, tell me. The climate over here is everything..

Hi! Brother Jackie.

Hi! Laurie. Did the shoot start?

No. Will they allow me to sit here if the shoot starts?

Then what? The program 'Laharein.'

Ok, Laharein is very good. Ok. I will arrange for the shot.

Yes. I will be sitting here.

Tell me something about your love life.

Love. Past.

What's the need for a person to remember the past..

..if he has fallen in love only once?

But people say..

People keep saying and everybody listens to it.

If you talk frankly with some person..

..then it is labelled as love and affair.

So it's not my mistake.

I was the same from the beginning.

My style hasn't changed and will not change.

Mr. Jackie, what do you mean by style?

It means that when I didn't have money in the past..

..then too my style was like this.

And now too it is the same.

I was talking with confidence then.

And I talk with the same confidence even today.

And regarding girls, they look into the heart of a boy..

..and not the money in their pocket.

They look how the boy is. His nature, character, smartness.

And not money. Money is not everything.

It means that have been frank.

Every person should be frank.

If you feel bad today then it is not a problem.

If the truth comes out later then you will feel worse.

And how can I change my style for somebody.

Sir, the shot is ready.

Anything else.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks. Come. Come.

Go away.

Good morning, master. Good morning.



"In my love.."

"In my waiting.."

"Tell me the truth as what you have done."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"In my love.."

"In my waiting.."

"Tell me the truth as what you have done."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Swear on me and tell how did you spend..

..your days and nights."

"My heart and I both have suffered."

"I couldn't control myself."

"Should I tell you more about the condition..

..of the restless heart, dear?"

"I have wept for you every moment."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"I don't want to live by staying away from you."

"I want to forget everything for the sake of your love."

"You are my love, life, patience and wish."

"Oh! Dear, listen to my heart hearts."

"Never get separated from me now."

"Oh! Dear, tell me the truth as what you heart has done.. my love and wait."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

Ok. Pack up.

'When I didn't have money in the past..

..then too my style was like this.'

'And now too it is the same.'

'I was talking with confidence then.'

'And I talk with the same confidence even today.'

'And regarding girls, they look into the heart of a boy..

..and not the money in their pocket.'

He looks like a hero.

Talk slowly. Look at the pose in which he is standing.

The poor guy must have come to become a hero.

And after facing troubles he became a driver.


Greetings. Tell me.

Your fate is that you will become successful.

The success is knocking your door.

I didn't understand you.

Show me your hand.

Oh! Well. The lines are great.

Everything is clear. Money will flow like a stream of water.

When is it, Mr. Priest? When?

Be patient, child. Be patient.

Patience will lead you to success. And then its wealth.


Yes. Are you talking about fraud business?

No. No, child. You are not fraud. You are quiet decent boy.

You are struck in the net of time.

And one day a girl will pull you of this net.


Yes, girl. And you will meet that girl where city's bigwigs go.

Bigwigs? So how can I go there?

Hey! You can definitely go.

You should keep in touch with that girl.

You bad time will come to an end with her contact.

And then you should marry her.

After that it would be total progress.

Don't forget me at that time, child..

..Deepak. Deepak Yes.

Deepak, sir has completed the shoot. Start immediately.

Hey! Bhram.

Yes, priest. Right now I am in a hurry.

I have to drop the boss at the airport.

I have many things to discuss with you.

I will meet you in one, two days.

Yes. But that.. Yes. It will be done. It will be done.

What will happen? What will happen?

Aunt. Yes.

Are you stitching this dress for some important party?..

..Twenty.. - ..Of course.

You know that there is a party.. Centaur Hotel for Navy ball.

And handsome guys come there.

You know that everybody comes there.. select their life partners.

I too go there each year.

And I am confident that God will change my fate.

Isn't it? Isn't it?

Yes, yes.

Will he change?

He will change. Will he change?

He will change.

Uncle, stitch it.

Aunt, there must be some pass for going there.

Of course, darling.

Well, here look at this. I have got it for two thousand rupees.

Two thousand rupees.

Handsome and good guys come over there.

And you know they come to select their life partners.

Listen, uncle. What else has to be done?

Well, measure the height, child.

Ok, aunt. You turn around.

Ok, darling.

Mr. Bhram. Take this.

I am leaving.

Where are you going?

To the house. Sit down, friend. We will check the mails.

Oh! God. You too are wonderful.

You are young and smart. But you are very cool.

Mr. Bhram, the thing is that this is not the job which I like.

I just need to fulfil my responsibility.

Whatever you are, be happy for it.

You get happiness for doing the job of your interest.

I have to become the driver going by fate. So I am doing it.

Yes, the fate reminds me about the priest.

What did he tell you?

He was talking about dreams which don't have..

..any relationship with the fact of life.

No, no. That priest is wonderful, friend.

Oh! God. Whatever he said about me became true.

And the people from the film industry do everything..

..regarding the movie by taking his advice.

What all things did he say?

He said that I will find a girl at the place where bigwigs go.

She will change my luck. And after that its total progress.

Oh! God. Find some girl and become successful.

But that girl will be found at a big place.

And how can I go such place.

How will you..

Oh! God. Well, Deepak. You have got it. Look at this.

Look at this. It is the invite for Navy ball program. Go. Go.


No ifs and buts. Oh! God. Now God too wants this.

That's why the card is here and sir outdoor.

Oh! God, friend. You are staring as though..

..I am talking to air.

What's the use, Mr. Bhram?

I don't have clothes for visiting such place.

Oh! God. Clothes are not a problem.

Come with me. Come.

Come. Come, friend.

They are from the movie Ram Lakhan.

They are from the movie Hero.

They are from the movie Parinda.

Oh! God. Select any suit of your choice.

Me? They are boss's suits.

So what?

No. I cannot do this.

Oh! God. You are worried as though.. have watched a murder.

Mr. Bhram, I..

Hey! Child. There is nothing to worry.

All these clothes are from his shooting.

This is emperor's cupboard. Emperor.

And our boss is no less than any emperor.

The clothes are worn once and then they are removed.

Do they remember about clothes?


No ifs and buts.

Look at this. They are boss' clothes.

I go them altered and they fit me well.

Did boss find out till now? Absolutely no.

I move with boss all day. Ever did he find out? No.

You don't worry. Here, take this.

You will not get this chance again and again.

Mr. Bhram. I got the clothes and card.

Very good.

And how about that.

Yes, they too will be arranged.

This is boss's credit card.

Show it in any five start hotel.

The bill goes to boss's account.

And you have got boss's imported car.

Go. Go like a prince. And come like a king with queen.

Go. Go. Best of luck.

Go. Hey! Listen. Listen.

If your luck becomes successful..

..then hire me as your part time secretary.

I will be with boss in day time.

And in the evening I will be with you.

You and I both will benefit.

'She is beautiful.'

'He is handsome'.

'Car would cost a minimum of five lakh rupees.'

'Car is superb. And also he must be rich.'

'My dream girl should be like her.'

'He is more handsome than Gullu.'

'If I could get her then nobody can stop my progress.'

Madam, you please take out your car.

Ok, take it away.

Madam, we are not allowing anybody inside..

..without checking the card.

It is inside. I have kept the card in this.

I have kept the card worth rupees thousand .. this. Forgive me, madam.

You move aside and search for your card.

Move aside. Please.

Hey! Don't you recognize me? I am Pilu Wadia.

Pilu Wadia. Film star.

Everybody recognizes me, isn't it?

Oh! Hello.


I have seen you earlier too.

Yes, yes. Maybe you might have seen.

Who are you?

I.. I am from King Ranjit Singh's family from Jaipur.

'She's a princess. Deepak, be careful.'

'This is a good chance. You will not get this change again.'

Oh! How wonderful?

Then I must have definitely seen you somewhere.

Madam, why are you troubling us again and again?

Let me go inside. Else I will remain a spinster all my life.

'She is alone. Go to her before anyone approaches her."

Hello. - Hello.

I am Deepak.

I am Jyothi.

Jyothi. What a coincidence?

My name is Deepak and your name is Jyothi.

Can I sit here?

Yes. Yes. Sure. Why not. Please sit.


Do you live in Bombay? Where?

Actually I keep visiting my friend in Bombay.

My permanent address..


How did you find out?

Just now. Outside. You were telling that you are..

..from King Ranjit Singh's family from Jaipur.

And you?

Me? I am from Bombay.

Oh! I see you.

But my business is spread all around so much that..

..I stay in Bombay, London, Japan and America.

In fact my business is spread in the entire world.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Are you reticent?


Because I am talking continuously..

..and you are just saying yes again and again.

The thing is that this is our first meeting and I open up slowly.

And I open up on meeting.

Should I tell the truth?

After watching you I felt I know you since long. Like my own.

And I too didn't think of you as stranger.

Thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, look what fate has got for each of us.

Look what fate has got for each of us.

They are sitting in front of us..

..with expectations in their eyes.

Well friends, we are going to start this Navy Charity ball..

..function with the two famous stars in India.

And we not only hoping but in fact we are confident that.. will remain spellbound with their sweet voice.

Hold your breath. The two singers sing duet for you.

The two favourite singers are Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik.

And the music to this beautiful song.. composed by Nadeem Shravan.

Please give them a big hand.

"I pray to God that you like my love amongst all your suitors."

"You like my love.."

"I pray to God that you like my love amongst all your suitors."

"You like my love.."

"I pray to God that you like my friendship..

..amongst all your friends."

"You like my friendship.."

"I pray to God.."

"You are the poem written by the colours of beauty."

"You are the poem written by the colours of beauty."

"You are the lotus blossomed in the river of love."

"I pray to God that you like my poem..

..amongst all the poets."

"You like my poem.."

"I pray to God.."

"I have got your picture in the mirror of my heart."

"I have got your picture in the mirror of my heart."

"Now you have become my life."

"I pray to God that you like my simplicity..

..amongst everything."

"You like my simplicity.."

"This is my prayer to God."

"My life has become subconscious for looking at you."

"My life has become subconscious for looking at you."

"I think of you all day and night."

"I pray to God that you like my madness..

..amongst everything."

"You like my madness.."

"I pray to God that you like my love ..

..amongst all your suitors."

"You like my love.."

"You like my poem.."

"You like my friendship.."

Ok. I am leaving.

You are leaving early.

Actually we rarely get permission for late night.

And today I am alone. And you?

This function would become a bore for me after your leaving.

And in fact I get lot of calls at nigh from abroad.

Because when if is night there then it is day over there.

That's why I thought that I will do the work first..

..and then take rest later.

Will you like to become my friend?

If you wish then why not.

Well, I can wish..

Anyways when will you meet me?

Whoever you are free.

Then give me your telephone number.

Ok. 6482467.


I have saved it in the computer of my heart.

Yes. And yours?

What's the use of taking my number?

If I had to stay at one place then you would get me.

You fingers will get swollen for dialling unnecessarily.

I don't know where I would be tomorrow.

But I know where you are. Isn't it or not?

Yes, you do know.

We will meet. We will keep meeting.

Good night.

Good night.

"You are exactly like what the heart has expected to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"

"You are exactly like what the heart has expected to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"

"You are exactly like what the heart has expected to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"

"You are exactly like what the heart has expected to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"

"My heart wants you. Don't know what happened to me."

"My heart wants you. Don't know what happened to me."

"I cannot live without you. I have started realising it."

"The heart is mad. You are my destination."

"Once look at me with love."

"You are exactly like what the heart has expected to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"

Aunt, she has fooled me and took my car.


What is he saying, Jyothi?

Mother, he is lying. I didn't take any car.

In fact he parked his car and said that he will return.

I thought that he will bring an ice-cream or something.

But he left and didn't return for long.

I sat for one hour over there.

And uncle, you know how many people stare..

..if they find a lone girl in a car like this..

And goons like mad.


But uncle they are lies. - Aunt..

Mother, he is lying. I returned after one hour.

What else would I do?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

You like Gullu. If I had told then you would have felt sad.

But aunt.. - This is wrong, Gullu. You should have done like that.

But aunt, I haven't done anything like that. She is lying.

You don't remember anything.

You forget what happens two minutes earlier..

..after two minutes.

Look mother, what did I tell you just now?

I said that you are dash on Gullu.

If I tell then you will feel dash.

Tell me what I said.

You are dash on Gullu.

If I tell then you will feel dash.

Dash? Dash?

Here it is. You like Gullu. If I say that then it would a lie.

Have you seen? - What is that? You forgetful.

I have said that you like Gullu. If I say that then you will feel sad.

Stupid. - If it is so then I am really sorry for yesterday.

Ok. I will take you to buy a natural ice cream.

Gullu. What are you saying? Are you in your senses?

Natural ice cream, aunt. There is a shop over there.

It is the name of that shop.

Aunt, I am promising that I will not get down from the car now.

I don't want your ice-cream.

Aunt, look at her. Let bygones by bygones.

I said sorry for yesterday. Now everything is finished.

Yes, child.

Nothing is finished. I am not going anywhere with you.

My respect is important for me.

Aunt, you please explain her.

She is unnecessarily getting angry with me.

Explain her, child.


Jyothi, it's me Deepak.

Hi! How are you?

I mean how are you?

How are you?

It's me, Deepak. Deepak.

I know that.

Oh! I have understood. Someone is there beside you.

Yes. Yes.

Ok. I will call you later.

No. No. No. Tell me. Tell me.

Jyothi, I want to meet you.

When? - Now.

Where are you calling from?

I mean where are you calling from?

I am calling from Taj Mahal Hotel.

Ok. Do you know natural ice cream?

Yes, I know that. But it will take..

..a minimum of thirty minutes to come from here.

It's ok. I will meet you there.



Gullu, I am ready to eat ice-cream with you.


Because I don't want my mother.. become unhappy for sad.

I will go and change my clothes.

Bye. - Yahoo! I am lucky.

Ok, listen. Go and bring the ice-cream.

You bring it.

Don't you feel shame?

Well. Why would I feel shame?

Does a boy sit in the car and a girl bring the ice-cream?

I have promised aunt that I will not come out of the car.


Don't abuse me.

Then bring the ice-cream.

Ok, if you are telling then I will bring it.

But don't tell aunt that I got out of the car.

Ok. I will not tell her. Go and bring it.

Which ice-cream should I bring?

The one you like.

The one which I like. Yahoo!

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Go fast.

But who was that monkey.

He? He was my body guard.

Body guard?

The thing is that many people run behind me..

..for being greedy for wealth.

So mother has sent him with me.

Oh! Is that the matter?

Jyothi, what if I am behind your wealth.

Then I will run behind your wealth.

Now, let's go fast. He might come.



Take it to the R.T.O.

Hey! The R.T.O. people are taking away my Jyothi with the car.

Jyothi! Jyothi!

Hey! Stop. My Jyothi is inside.

Jyothi! Jyothi!

Hey! My ice-cream too is lost. Gone.

"In my love.."

"In my waiting.."

"Tell me the truth as what you have done."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"In my love.."

"In my waiting.."

"Tell me the truth as what you have done."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Swear on me and tell how you spend..

..your days and nights."

"My heart and I both have suffered."

"I couldn't control myself."

"Should I tell you more about the condition..

..of the restless heart, dear?"

"I have wept for you every moment."

"In my waiting.."

"Dear. Tell me the truth as..

..what you have done in my love."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"I don't want to live by staying away from you."

"I want to forget everything for the sake of your love."

"You are my love, life, patience and wish."

"Oh! Dear, listen to my heart hearts."

"Never get separated from me now."

"In my waiting.."

"Oh! Dear, tell me the truth as what you heart has done.. my love and wait."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

Stop. Stop. Stop.


Because if my family members watch me going out..

..with a stranger then they will not allow me to..

..step out of the house.

And I don't know what would be the nuisance..

..created by that bodyguard.

When shall we meet again?

Whenever you wish.

Do one thing. Wait for my phone call. Ok?

What is the work left with me other than waiting?

Ok, bye.


Now you go.

No. First of all, you enter the gate and then I will go.



Stand up. What happened?

What happened, madam? - Stand up.

What happened? - Here, take this.

What is this? - Ten rupees for you. Wish me.

Open the gate. - But madam..

No madam or anything. Are they not sufficient? Take this.

I have understood, madam. I have understood.

Come. Come.


Thank you.


Rickshaw. Stop.

Seven bungalows. Go fast.

I am bending in front of you.

Even if you are there or not, I have got the support.

You are the tower of light which shows the path..

..for the lost.

Who got lost?

Sir? You?

Who? Me? Am I lost?

No, sir.

Then whom are you talking about.

About nobody, sir. It's just like that.

In fact I have lost my way. For being proud of my degree.

But your love has shown me the path to live.

Everybody can show the path to live.

But the one who live for real show some affect.

This is what I want to say, sir.

Your words are affective and your lifestyle too is unique.

Is it? So this is what you were telling to my photo.

Yes. No. sir, I don't have the courage to tell in front of you.

Remember one thing, Deepak.

The person who speaks at the back..

..and doesn't have the courage to speak in front.. called coward and traitor.

Are you too..

Sir, I am not from them.

It was good that you didn't praise me in front of me..

..else I don't like such people at all.

There is a special word for them in our industry.


Anyway I like to eat with hands.

Well, anybody can eat with spoon.

And yes, Deepak. The style of your wearing clothes.. absolutely like me.

Clothes? Clothes should be worn in your style.

You are my source of inspiration, sir.

It is fine with inspiration.

Anyway a person should create his one style.

If he copies someone then..

..there would be any importance for it.

And I forgot to tell you something.

You look no less than a hero in these clothes.

Thank you, sir.

And listen.

I have worn this suit in some picture.

I might need this tomorrow. Bring it with you. Ok?

Lakshmi - Yes.

I am very happy today.

There has to be a reason for being happy.

Yes. There is a big reason.

Then tell me.

If I tell you then you would say it is my son.

Is it about Deepak?

Yes. About him.

If I watch him today then I feel proud of him.

A boy who has got the degree of architect.. fulfilling his father's responsibilities very well.

By becoming a driver.

But feel sad by watching him becoming a driver.

It's not the matter of sadness, Lakshmi.

Today he has understood the truth about life.

He is not feeling shy for working like a driver.

He will not be depending on others.

He will stand on his own. Nobody can stop his progress.

Let anybody come in between. Anybody.

Hey! Gullu. Are you going to participate.. some fancy dress competition?

If you had told mother then she would have stitched..

..the dress for a joker, money and everything.

No. I am not going to fancy dress competition.

I am going to play garba dance (Indian ritual dance).

I have to passes for Sarvodaya Mithral Mandal's group.

One for you and one for me.

Me and with you? My foot.



Mother, I don't want to make fun of myself by going with him.

Oh! Jyothi, please.

No, no. I am having headache in my stomach.


I have become mad by going out with you.

I wish to say something. But I am telling something else.

Now I will not go with you.

Aunt. Aunt, please explain her.

I will try.

Please. - Jyothi..

Hello? - Jyothi.

Oh! Deepanthi! Yes, it's me. What are you doing?


Will you come for garba dance?

If you are with me then I will come.

Ok. Then meet me at..

..Sarvodaya Mithral Mandal group.

Ok, I will wait for you outside at the gate.

Ok. Bye.

Gullu. Whenever you say please, I become helpless.

What? - What?

If you are forcing me then I am ready to come with you.


Hey! Be good. I will go and change my dress.

Yahoo! I will wait in the car.

He is mad.

Come. Come.

Ok. Let's go.

Gullu. Park the vehicle.

Well. You wait here. I will go and park the car. Ok?

Did Gullu go?

Jyothi. Jyothi.

Hey! Where is your pass? - Jyothi.

Where is your pass? - Pass is with her.

Hey! What nonsense are you talking? Move aside.

I want to go inside. I want to play garba.

Move aside and make way for others.

Jyothi. What are you doing?

My darling is inside.


"My maddened heart is not agreeing."

"Nobody knows my restlessness."

"My maddened heart is not agreeing."

"Nobody knows my restlessness."

"You have robbed me of my sleep."

"You have robbed me of my sleep."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"It is making me suffer the entire night."

"It is increasing my restlessness."

"It is making me suffer the entire night."

"It is increasing my restlessness."

"It has robbed the peace in my heart."

"It has robbed the peace in my heart."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

Jyothi. Jyothi, you are standing here..

..and I was waiting at the gate.

"With a red drape on her head."

"With a red drape on her head."

"I will bring her as my bride."

"I will bring her as my bride."

"She stays in my breath. I have her picture in my eyes."

"In her eyes. Eyes."

"In her eyes. Eyes."

"One day the bed will be decorated with flowers."

"One day the bed will be decorated with flowers."

"I have brought the fragrance of bliss..

..with the dreams of lover."

"I have brought the fragrance of bliss..

..with the dreams of lover."

"I have brought the fragrance of bliss..

..with the dreams of lover."

"My maddened heart is not agreeing."

"Nobody knows my restlessness."

"It is increasing my restlessness."

"It has robbed the peace in my heart."

"You have robbed me of my sleep."

"It has robbed the peace in my heart."

"The dreams of my lover are..

..making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"The dreams of my lover are making my life difficult."

"My.. dreams of my lover."

"Dreams of my lover."

"Dreams of my lover."

For the first time I have found that there is so much..

..of strength in the delicate hands of girls.

Why don't you tell me where you have got the injuries?

No, mother. I have been injured at the places..

..which I cannot tell you.

Hello, everybody.


What is this? You were wearing a suit in the morning.

Yes, I went. My friend Mr. Lobo who is of my size..

.. said that the suit is very good.

I said that it is from Honk Kong.

So did you give him that?

Why would I give him easily?

I have brought it for three and half thousand rupees.

I have sold it for seven and half thousand rupees.

I made a profit of four thousand rupees.

And you returned like this. Didn't you feel shame?

What's there to feel shame about it?

Only the upper portion is seen in the car..

..and not the lower portion.

People might have thought that Jackie Shroff is going.

Well. Jackie Shroff.

Did you see your face in the mirror?

I will see my face later.

First of all, tell me what happened to his face.

He got thrashed.

Got thrashed?

Mother, it is paining a lot. The body is paining.

Stop your Akashvani (programme on radio).

And tell me who beat you. I will call the boss immediately.

I have got a lone son in my life.

What if the public trashes him?

Ask him. Ask him. Who has beaten him?

Jyothi has got him thrashed.

No, mother. Not Jyothi.

Then who?

I have touched a girl thing her to be Jyothi then..

It is natural. If you dial a wrong number..

..then you will get thrashed obviously.

Shut up. Stop joking.

I will keep quiet.

Was Jyothi with you, Gullu?

Not with me but she was moving around..

..with a long haired guy.

Get his head treated. He has lost his senses.

I will take him to Honk Kong.

No. No. I will not go to Honk Kong. I will not go.

My Jyothi is here and I will stay here. I will stay here.

Congratulations. Now you have become architect.

Yes. I have registered my name.. architects association.

I will get the licence in few days.

Good. Do you know the bungalow at Madh Island?


Demolish it and make a new design there.


And you start your duty after uncle resumes the work. Ok?


Do you know Rajhans?


Ok. He will meet you at the bungalow.


I spoke to him about you. He will help you.


Will you keep saying ok or say something else too.

Ok. - Again ok. What's the matter?

Nothing, sir.

If there is nothing..

..then why are you looking at your watch again and again?

It's just like that, sir.

Do you want to go somewhere?

No. Yes. I have to go somewhere.


To garage.

Garage? Why?

I have to get the car tuned.

Tuning? Car has come from the garage yesterday.

Sir, the thing is that we leave the car..

..with them by trusting them.

But they work according to their choice.

I have to driver the car.

That's why I want to get the car tuned in front of me.

Try to come early. Laurie and Mushtaq are coming.

I have to go out with them.

But sir, I don't know how much time it would take over there.

We cannot trust the garage people.

Ok. Try and come soon.

Ok, sir. Thank you.



What are these? - They are income tax papers.

And the rest are electricity, telephone and garage bills.

Ok. So much bill amount for garage.

Yes, sir. We get only bill from garage.

Sir, you don't know that Mr. Shetty and Mr. Khanna..

..have made so much of money.. repairing your vehicles.

Sometimes I think that if I too had opened a garage..

..then I too would have earned lakhs of rupees.

If it is so then why don't you open a garage?

Well, I will open it.

And when you are giving up your secretary job.

Secretary job? I will not leave it. I will not leave it.

Why? Are you getting more money in it?

You are making me feel shame.


What is that bill?

They.. they are hotel bills.

So much.

I don't know how it is so much.

I went on outdoor shoot for fifteen days in the last month.

Did you make them?

I never eat in hotels. I spend producer's money.

It seems someone is spending money in my name.

So much?

Jyothi, if you have one from each..

..then the entire money will be utilised.

But you are wasting money.

This is my style. Everything is for you.

Nothing is there from my side.

If you wish then I will buy this hotel too.

They are four scenes to be shot.

We will sit and discuss them.

Till then we can find all the other artistes.

Excuse me. - Yes.

Who has come in that grey Honda?

A girl and boy have come in it.

They are sitting in the restaurant.

Laurie. - Yes.

You sit down. I will come soon.

Come, Mr. Mushtaq.

We are having business deals with Jackie.

Actually I am doing Jackie's business and finance his cars.

Is it? - That is why he is getting a new imported car..

..every two months..

Hey! You too have got great cars.

It is because of him.

What does it mean?

It means that I took everything from my friend.

Jackie is my friend.

Oh! I have remembered.

Some of my relatives have come from Bangkok.

Make them to meet Jackie. They are all his fans.

And I too.

Ok. What's the big deal in it? I can call Jackie any time.

He will come to me.

Get up.

Cheat, traitor. This is how you paid back to me..

..for my sympathy.

But sir..

What is it? Did you look at your status?

You have brought this girl in my car for enjoying.

That too with my money.


The person who shows off his status by stealing my clothes..

..and by using my credit card should get the punishment.

But sir..

I have respected you for being the son of honest driver.

And you have misused it.

You are trying to trap an innocent girl.

Driver's son?

Yes, driver's son.

He lives in the servant's quarter behind my bungalow.

Servant's quarter?

I respect his father very much.

That's why I have hired him as driver in his place.

But this scoundrel..

Cheat, liar, traitor. You have lied with me saying..

..that you are a multi billionaire.

And tried to buy my love.

What happened, Deepak?

Nothing. Nothing.



Oh! Jackie Shroff.

Oh! Well.

Glad to meet you, sir.

My pleasure. - Glad to meet you.

Please sit down.

What are these formalities in friendship?

Sit down, friend.

She is too much. Both of our tastes are similar. Great.

You live for long.

Whether you live for long or not.. should live with respect and style.

Right, Deepak?

Why are you sweating? It seems you ate lot of chilly.

Anyways how come you are free today?

He took time for me. Else he would be in India..

..and foreign at the same time.

Absolutely like me. Some times indoors..

..and sometimes outdoor.

Yes. Sometimes in this office and sometimes in other office.

Sometimes in this studio and sometimes in other studio.

That's why he didn't give his phone number too.

Is it, Deepak? Then why didn't you use my phone number.


I mean that there are lot of similarities between us.

Yes, that is right. That's why your friendship turned..

..into business and he is financing you.

Whatever I am today is because of his him.

Else I would have been destroyed by now.

Right, Deepak?

You are making me feel shame.

You have made me to feel shame.

What all I was thinking about you. Anyways, bye.


Excuse me, sir.

Autograph, please.

Sure, why not.

What's your name? - Jyothi.

Jyothi. Nice name.

Do you want to marry him, Jyothi?


There is no use of getting worried.

If it is yes then tell me. I will go and talk to their parents.

Yes or no. Yes or no.


Great. - Ok, see you soon.

Call me if you find time. Anyway I would be calling.

Bye. - See you.

Excuse me.

Sir. - Write their bill in my name.


It would come into my name even if I don't say.

Deepak. Deepak. Deepak.

Will you not go to work?

Then get up.

What happened? Is your health good?

It is good, mother.

Then get up. - What happened, Lakshmi?


Get up. Quickly get ready.

If sir needs to go somewhere then he will get late.

Son, go and get ready soon.

I will get ready, father.

You are wonderful, child.

When you have to go then why are you acting lazy?

Common, get up. Go.

Deepak. Deepak.

Where are you?

Oh! Come, Mr. Bhram. Is everything good?

Everything is good till now.

If Deepak gets late then everything would..

..create a big problem.

Deepak, make it fast. Sir has to go to golf court. Come fast.

Sorry, sr.

Come, sir. Not you.

You take care of the building.


Do as I say. - Yes.

Do you know why I have brought you here?

To tell you the truth of life.

For telling you to earn by working hard..

..before enjoying the fake status.

Go and bring that ball.


Bring that ball.


You have misused my goodness..

..and soft hearted nature for your fake status.

I don't feel bad about it.

I feel bad that you have hurt my trust.

Go and bring the ball.


In spite of being an educated person.. have done this cheap act.

You have lost your respect in my eyes.

Why did you do this?

Because of you.

Because of me.

Sir, the other day you said in the interview..

..that you were having the same style..

..when you didn't have money with you.

You were talking with lot of confidence..

..irrespective of the person in front of you.

Sir, these days all girls look at style..

..and not the money in the pocket.

So I too have thought that..

To copy my style and become like me.

Did you ever hear that I have hurt some person, told lies..

..or cheat anybody?

Do you have any evidence?

But you are hanging your love on the wall of lies..

..which would collapse anytime.

Remember one thing, Deepak.

Don't tell lies with the person whom you love.

Sir, what should I do now?

What is there to do? Go and tell her the fact.

Tell her what are you and what you do.

One day or the other the truth will come out.

And then it would be cowardice.. run away from the truth.

And I don't consider cowards as my friends.


Hello? - Jyothi.

Deepak. Where are you? Where are you?

I want to meet you immediately.


Yes, there is an urgent work.

If you could come then come. Please.

You are saying that. So I have to come.

Ok, fine. Outside the gate of Palm Grove hotel.

Bring your car.

My car?

Why? What happened?


There isn't any car with me.

Ok. Fine. No problem.


Car. Car. Where should I bring the car from?

It seems there would be some problem today.

All these days I made him a fool.



Hello, aunt. It's me, Jyothi.

Oh! Jyothi. How are you, child?

It's been many days since you came to my house.

I will come, aunt.

Come soon. The house looks deserted without you.

Yes, aunt.

Is Gullu there?

Yes. He is there.

Then call him.

Yes. I will call him.

Whose call is it?

Jyothi's call. Jyothi's call?

Ask her whether should would like to eat papad Shut up. She wants to meet Gullu.

I will talk to her. It seems the matter is finalised.

It is finalised. But don't touch the phone..

..else you will create some trouble.

I will not touch it. There is a martial law in the house.

There is no respect for me at all in this house.

I am going to Hong Kong.

Then go.

Hello, Jyothi.

Hi! Gullu.

Hi! I am totally finished. What should I do? What should I do?

What happened?

Nothing. Nothing.

Tell me.

I want to meet you..

Meet me? When? Where? How?

You bring the car to my house.

It was good that you said car.

Else I would have come by either running..

..or walking to your house.

Bring the car.

Yes. I will bring the car.


Yahoo! "I had seen love for the first time in Jyothi's love."

Stop. Stop.

Why. - Hey! Stop.

Today neither I will go to buy ice-cream or change clothes.

I will sit here.

Don't go. But bring petrol.

There is sufficient petrol.

Fill the tank.

What's the need for full tank?

We are going for long drive.

What if the petrol gets finished?

Will there be a big problem if the petrol gets finished.

That's why I am telling you.


Long drive. Long drive.

My baby and I are going for a long drive.

Ok. Enough.

Yes, sit. - Fill the tank.

Well. - Well.

You know. You are exactly like my mother.

What? Am I your mother?

No. I mean my mother too pass orders.. my father exactly like this.

Oh! I see.

Whenever you pass orders to me then I feel very good.

Ok. Give me the purse.

And you go and call my mother.

Yes. But why to call mother.

We are going for long drive..

..and if we get late then tell her not to worry about us.

Long drive? Yahoo!

I love you, baby. I love you, baby.

Gullu is gone. Give me the keys. Give me the keys.

Permission granted. Permission..

Where is the car?

Madam took the car. And also she didn't pay money.


What? Long drive? But how do you know.

Aunt, Jyothi has told me to come soon.. that we would go for a long drive.

Well, what is long drive?

Here he comes. He doesn't even know what long drive is.

Long drive means long distance.

So this long distance will end at my child's friend's house.

No. She didn't go to any of her friend's house.

How do you know that?

I called up at all her friends.

She didn't go to any of her friend's place.

Aunt, sometimes I feel that..

..Jyothi is involved in some affair.

What kind of affair?

Maybe any boyfriend..

Shut up. Don't you feel ashamed..

..for using such bad words?

I do feel shame. That's why I didn't go to my father.

I came to tell aunt.

You have done the right thing, child.

Don't tell this matter to your father.

Aunt, if you saying then I will not tell to my father at all.

But aunt, some boy..

Gullu. Gullu, enough of it. Now go from here.

It is good for you to go.

How should I go? My car is with Jyothi.

Jyothi, go and sit in the car. You will get drenched.

You too are getting drenched.

You health will get spoiled.

Your health too can get spoiled.

Will the car be alright if you get drenched, Jyothi?

Go and sit in it.

Why are you looking at me like this?

You look very good while scolding me.

Jyothi, go and sit in it.

Is this a request or order?

It is an order.

Then ok. I have to go.

You repair the car quickly. This is my order.

Oh! Common. Go.

"There is fun in your arms."

"There is dizziness in my eyes."

"You are my desire and life. ..

..Oh! Dear, listen to my heart."

"There is fun in your arms."

"There is dizziness in my eyes."

"You are my desire and life. ..

..Oh! Dear, listen to my heart."

"There is fun in your arms."

"There is dizziness in my eyes."

"Sometimes it is here. And sometimes it is there."

How should I tell you where the pain is?

"Sometimes it is here. And sometimes it is there."

"How should I tell you where the pain is?"

"There is piercing and twitching."

"The breath of life is not getting extinguished."

"Come closer to me. I will find peace."

"There is fun in your arms."

"There is dizziness in my eyes."

"You are my desire and life. ..

..Oh! Dear, listen to my heart."

"There is fun in your arms."

"There is dizziness in my eyes."

"We are young. And the climate is beautiful."

"Don't know what kind of a thirst has been aroused."

"We are young. And the climate is beautiful."

"Don't know what kind of a thirst has been aroused."

"What is this restlessness and helplessness?"

"There is a fire in the entire body."

"How much will the love make me suffer?"

"There is fun in your arms."

"There is dizziness in my eyes."

"You are my desire and life..

..Oh! Dear, listen to my heart."

"There is fun in your arms."

"There is dizziness in my eyes."

"You are also my desire."

You are also my life..

.. Oh! Dear, listen to my heart."

"Always listen to my heart."

"Always listen to my heart."

"Always listen to my heart."

Jyothi. Where did you go?

Why don't you tell me? Tell me. Where did you go?

Where did you die?

Shalini. What are you doing, Shalini.

I will kill her. Has she got any shame?

Can a young girl stay out the whole night?

If somebody finds out then how would explain to them.

What does she think? Does she think that I will spare her?

I will kill her.

I will kill her.

Shalini. - I will kill her.

Shalini. Shalini.

You don't interfere.

What is the use of shouting?

She has come just now.

Calm down and ask her with a cool heart.. why she has got late.

Calm down? What is it for I should calm down?

Are these the traits of a young girl?

Do decent girls behave like this? Yuck.

All my life I have been struggling.

I talked to people with pride.

And this rascal..

Hey! No. No. What are you doing? Enough, Shalini.

Nobody will bring disgrace to you.

Wait. Stand quietly. I will ask her.

What's the matter, child?

Uncle, the car broke down.

What was the need to take Gullu's car?

If you want to show off then why don't you marry him?

And then go around with him in the car.

At least I would get rid of the burden.

Shalini, when the girl has said that the car broke down then..

If the car had broken down then she would have called me.

Being worried she must have forgotten to call..

Enough, uncle. This has become too much.

I have seen everything by letting her go free.

I thought that she is young and would understand later.

But she is taking advantage of it.

Come. Get up. Get up from here.

Be careful if you step out of the house.

And uncle, if you too let her go out of the house then I will..

Come. Come, sir.

Where have you been?

Now you please stop it.

Why should I stop? Why should I stop?

This is not a monastery to come and go as you wish.

Actually I too have got some right.

I am the father. And not the owner of monastery.

What are you shouting?

I am not shouting.

This hero should know that he cannot act..

..according to his wish here.

No person will become great by getting highest degree.

For that you need to have manners.

You should have some etiquette.

Now leave it. - How should I leave it?

I got tired of waiting for him.

We poor people long for love. We live and survive for it.

That's why nobody has slept the entire night. Look outside.

We were waiting for him restlessly.

If you act according to his wish then I will not accept it.

I will not accept it at all.

You went to enjoy with your friends.

Look over there. Look. He is such a big man.

But then too he has love towards people like us.

He woke up the entire night.

He didn't sleep. He didn't sleep.

He too suffers for us. But you are..

Why are you silent? Why don't you speak?

Where did you die all night?

What are you talking?

Then why don't you ask him.

Where were you the entire night, Deepak?

Mother, the car broke down.

Look he went out with his friends.

The vehicle broke down.

Vehicle broke down?

Deepak, go and take rest.

What is it? Will you talk like this with a young son?

What should I do, Lakshmi? What should I do?

I was waiting for him the entire night.

You know what the days are like.

If something happens to him then I will become hopeless.

Nothing will happen to our Deepak.

God is with us. Nothing will happen to him.

Why? Why are you crying now?

It is nothing.

You were tolerating them for long. I know that.

But what can we do, Lakshmi.

When he has his own children then he will understand.

Look, our Deepak is very intelligent.

That's why he is quiet. He has realised him mistake.

He won't do this again.

Now you don't worry either You rest for a while.

I'll massage your feet. Come on.

"Whether I complain or regret."

"Whether I complain or regret."

"But I just love you."

"But I just love you."

"Whether I revolt or become a rebel."

"Whether I revolt or become a rebel."

"But I just love you."

"But I just love you."

"There have always been fights in love..

..but never separation."

"There have always been fights in love..

..but never separation."

"Give me the entire pain of the universe."

"Come and give me your sorrows, dear."

"I am telling this for the first time by searing, dear."

"Whether I hate you or detest you."

"Whether I hate you or detest you."

"But I just love you."

"But I just love you."

"I too know as how to fulfil a promise."

"I will leave the world for the sake of you."

"I too know as how to fulfil a promise."

"I will leave the world for the sake of you."

"I too will uphold the promise by courage."

"I will break the customs of the society."

"Whether we get happiness for grief by love."

"We will never get separated."

"Whether I become upset with your or act naughty."

"Whether I become upset with your or act naughty."

"But I just love you."

"But I just love you."

"Whether I complain or regret."

"Whether I revolt or become a rebel."

"But I just love you."

"But I just love you."

"But I just love you."

"But I just love you."

What should I tell you, sir?

Deepak is calm and quiet for many days.

He neither eats on time nor sleeps.

Didn't you ask him what has happened..

..and what the matter is, uncle?

I have asked hi, sir. But he doesn't give any reply.

He remains quiet.

I don't understand what the matter is.

I cannot force a young boy.

And also we should respect our age.

Sir, he belongs to your age group..

..and also he is quiet frank with you.

Once you ask him. He might tell you.

Ok. Send him tomorrow morning. Don't worry.

I will send him, sir. Good night.

Are you doing the right thing? but sir..

No ifs and buts. Do you know that what aunt and uncle..

..are going through by your silence?

Your happiness is their life..

..and your silence is their death, Deepak.

I know that, sir.

If you know it then the problem wouldn't get solved..

..if you go around by becoming Romeo.

Earlier too I have explained you to go..

..and tell the truth about yourself to that girl.

If she likes you then she will accept you at any cost.

But sir, I cannot face her.

I feel ashamed of you.

Your father has worked with me for fifteen years.

I cannot watch him getting worried or becoming restless.

If you lack courage then give her phone number to me.

I will call her.

No, sir.

I will tell her on my own.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Oh! God. Give me enough strength for telling..

..the entire truth to my Jyothi.

Give me strength. Give me strength.



Jyothi, I have called you to tell you everything clearly.

I too was restless for meeting you.

Because I too wish to tell lot of things to you.

What if I am not wealthy, Jyothi?

And what if I .. not rich.

I am the..

.. son of a driver.

I am the daughter of a dress designer.

All those imported cars are not mine.

They belong to Jackie sir.

Even my car too doesn't belong to me.

It belongs to Gullu.

And my clothes belong to him.

I too was wearing heroine's clothes.

I have lied with you.

When did I tell you the truth?

Jyothi, I had forgotten my background.. the greed for wealth.

"Don't know how many mistakes have happened..

..due to a single lie."

But I was becoming incomplete..

..with every single truth.

I too didn't have the strength to talk frankly..

..after forsaking the truth.

I lost my identity under the pretext of lies.

But today my mind has found peace.

Yes, I too could realise a new of strength in myself.

Jyothi, it's true that I am an architect.

As of now I am nothing.

But in coming days I can give you food..

..and shelter with respect.

Enough. That is what I want.

Will you leave me now, Deepak?

Now only death can separate us.


Yes. It's true.

"I promise that I had fallen for you at the first sight."

"I promise that I had fallen for you at the first sight."

"I have told many lies for getting you."

"Now I have to live and die with you. My entire happiness is you."

"You are exactly like what my heart has imagined to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"

"I am a poor man. I don't live in mansions."

"I am a poor man. I don't live in mansions."

"It was my love. Now I am not telling lies."

"I have got neither a car nor a bungalow."

"But there is no dearth for love."

"You are exactly like what my heart has imagined to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"

"You are exactly like what my heart has imagined to be like."

"Will you make friendship with me?"


Leave me.

Well. You belong to me. But you are running away from me.

What were you doing with that long haired donkey?



Deepak. Deepak.

Don't do this. I beg of you.

You have to fall at my feet once we're married.

Hit him some more.

Deepak. Deepak.

Take him away and throw him at his house.

It was good that I have reached on time.

Else they both would have eloped from the city.

Tomorrow the whole world would have abused you..

..due of her, aunt.

Mother, he is telling lies.

Shut up. You shameless.

You are talking in spite of all these happenings.

You were talking proudly that you would marry a rich boy.

Is he your millionaire? The son of a driver.

Let anything happen. I like him.

I don't care for your wish.

Now everything will happen according to me.

Gullu, bring your parents tomorrow.

I will get you and Jyothi married immediately.

Well! Aunt, I will go and bring the marriage party in a jiffy.

Bye, Jyothi. See you tomorrow.

Make it fast, child.

I fear that the devil would appear suddenly.

It's complete, uncle.

Child, call me immediately after reaching there.

Yes. - And also tell me about Deepak's wellbeing.

Ok, uncle.

God bless you. Live happily. God help you.

Come Oh! God. My fear has come true.

The devil party has come.

What should I do? One minute.

Here, take this. Take them.

What should I do with them? - Cover your face with them like this.

Ok. - Hold it properly.

Don't worry. Go without any fear. Go.

Go to the R.K. studios.

Mother, please fix the engagement today..

..and the marriage tomorrow.

Come, fast.

Jyothi. Well. Are you feeling shy from now..

..after hearing about the marriage?

Tell them that they will get the remaining dresses by evening.

Go. - But..

He is a salesman, boy. - Is it man or Jyothi?

Dear, don't you know the difference..

..between man and woman?

He has lost his senses.

He is watching Jyothi everywhere.

It was good that Shalini has decided early.

Else he would have hugged all the dolls in the show case..

..and say Jyothi again and again.

Lalu, shut up. Now you are going to..

..become father-in-law in short time.

I will become father-in-law and you will become mother-in-law.

Is laughing prohibited in it?

Shut up. Come inside.

Shalini. - Aunt.


Aunt. - Oh! She must be making her daughter ready.

The cloth is very good.

If we could supply it to Hong Kong then we can make..

..some money for our son's marriage expenses.

Shut up. Sit down.

How are you, Shanti.

I am fine.

Greetings, brother, Lalu.

Greetings. Greetings. - Greeting, aunt.


Shalini, you have left Hong Kong behind.

Boy is over here. And the girl over there.

It is marriage over here. And there is a child over there.

Your service is quiet fast.

Lalu, shut up. No jokes.

I am just..

Shut up.

I want an early marriage because..

There is no need to say anything.

Gullu told us everything.

Give us our daughter-in-law. I will take care of the rest.

Where is our daughter-in-law?

She is in the room.

Why is it bolted?

A golden bird has to be kept in the case.

Else it will fly away.

Shut up.

Jyothi. Jyothi..

Gullu. - Yes, aunt.

Where is Jyothi, Gullu?

Isn't she in the room?

No. - Jyothi.

Uncle Ghulam.

Jyothi. - Uncle Ghulam.

Uncle Ghulam.

Where is Jyothi?

At the place where she has to go.

Deepak. Deepak.

Whom do you want?


Are you Deepak's friend, child?


Ok, come.

Do you know that some goons have beat Deepak yesterday.


Look, he has got many injuries.




Are you fine, Deepak?



Yes, mother. She is Jyothi.

So you are Jyothi. Why did you come here?

Go away from here. Your goons beat my son badly.


Then what else.

We don't want you wealth. We are happy with our lives.


Then what else.

We are poor for sure. But respect is our biggest wealth.

Mother, she is like us.

What do you mean by it?

Mother, Gullu got me thrashed by goons.

Gullu. - Who is Gullu?

The one who wants to marry Jyothi.

Mother, I have come to you by leaving everything.

I too was beaten.

Look at this.

They are very cruel.

Mother, I cannot live without Deepak.

If you don't support me then I will die.

I will die.

Yes, I too cannot live without Jyothi.

Are you listening?

Yes, I am listening.

Did you inform your family before coming here, child?

You too are wonderful. Didn't you watch how they beat her?

When she has come in boy's disguise.. will she inform her family and come?

Yes. I too want to hear the same from her.

But what should be done now.

Deepak. - Yes.

You take her and go to boss' Mad Island bungalow.

We will definitely find out some way..

..when boss comes back.


Go, child. Now don't get late.

Ok, mother.

Be careful. - Father.

God bless you, son.

Come, Jyothi.



Aunt, you go with Munna for taking Jyothi.


Where is Jyothi?

What's your relationship with Jyothi?

She is my daughter.

She is my soon to-be daughter-in-law.

Well. There are no card, no music, no ritual and nothing.

But you have become in-laws.

Quickly tell me where is Jyothi.

Else we will show our work.


Hey! What are you doing?

Leave him. - Now this is what will happen.

Beat him. - Leave him.

For God's sake, lave him. - Beat him more.

No. Why are you beating him?

I will tell you. I will tell you.

Jyothi went to boss's Mad Island bungalow with Deepak.

Who is this boss?

Boss.. Jackie.

Well. Jackie Shroff.

No. Come.

. Don't take him away.

Move away. - Leave him.

You will tell us the address of Jackie Shroff's bungalow.

Jackie Shroff.



Keep quiet.

Now you will get to know how boss is going to thrash you.

Well! Thrash us? What if he is a hero?

Are we good for nothing?

He is following us.

Hey! Munna. The hero is chasing us.

Munna, do one something. Become a villain for this hero.

Stop him. Stop him.

Hey! Stop Jackie's vehicle.


Hey! Jackie!

He is Jackie Shroff.


Sir, I am your fan.

Have a photo taken with us.

One photo.


Hey! Jackie!

One photo.


Jyothi, now you can sit and relax.

How can I relax? Gul and his men can come anytime.

They can only come if they find out that we are here.

Don't know why I am getting frightened.

Jyothi, I was thinking that you are very brave.

But you turned to be a big coward.

It is not the matter of being coward, Deepak.

For the first time in my life, I have..

..done something against mother.

Don't know what she must be going through.

She will never forgive me.

She will forgive you.

When you and I go to her after getting married..

..then she has to bless us.


You were over there. How did you come here?

There is no difference between me and lightening.

It is in the sky and I am on earth.

Did you understand?

Hey! Hero. Don't show your smartness.

You! I have become a hero now.

But I was smart long back. Did you understand?

Gullu, Jyothi.

Well. Jyothi.

Hey! Catch that long haired fellow.


He fights in the films. He is fighting here too.

Beat him.

Jyothi. Come on, Jyothi. I am telling you. Come.

Mother. - Jyothi is mine.

Finish him.


Jyothi, you are mine. You and I are going to get married.

My men will kill this long haired fellow.

You and I are going to get married.

Long haired fellow?

On one hand Jackie Shroff is beating.

And on the other hand the long haired fellow too is beating.

Mr. Inspector. These are the goons.

Nobody should escape.


Jackie Shroff too beats in real.

Police? Should I run away? But Jyothi is mine.

Let anything happen, Jyothi is mine.

Jyothi and I will get married.


Are you fine?

Boss. Boss.

Are you hurt, boss?

Today I have got the chance to fight after Teen Batti.

He has called the police at the wrong time..

..and spoiled everything.

Else I would have thrashed them badly.

Who is that woman?

She is Jyothi's mother.

Hey! Madam.


Which fool are you getting your daughter married to?

How can he take care of your daughter in his entire life..

..who takes the help of goons in getting your daughter?

If that fool has got guts in him..

..then let him fight with our Deepak alone.

Anyways what's wrong with this guy?

He is well educated and handsome.

If not today then he will get a job very soon.

He is going to become a big architect.

And when Jyothi has dreamt about her lover..

..then who will stop her.

If you still want to take her away then you can do it.

No, mother. I will not go.

Hey! Go. Jyothi. Go. I am with you.

Anyways how long will you keep her with you?

I too don't have any interest to keep her with me.

When a girl steps out of her house once..

..then she becomes an outsider.

Did you understand?

And if you are in a hurry then come home..

..with the marriage party immediately.

I too don't have the habit of waiting.

Mother, I love you.

Is it good, uncle?

Yes, sir.

Then what's the need to delay further.

Bless them. The marriage will happen later.

God bless you.

God bless you, child.

Autograph, please.

Not for me but for my six months old child.

He is your biggest fan.


He watches all your movies.

Ok. Six months old? Yes.

"In my waiting.."

"Tell me the truth as what you have done, dear."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."

"Sometimes I have forgotten you."

"Sometimes I have remembered you."