Sarajevo (2014) Script

Bosnia and Herzegovina were annexed by the Habsburg Empire in 1908.

On June 28, 1914, the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand visits Sarajevo.

What took place that day would change the world.


Counselor, did you hear what happened?

Someone threw a bomb at the imperial car. Fortunately, it exploded behind it.

Lieutenant-Colonel Merizzi was hurt. Not seriously.

Was the assassin caught? -They tried to lynch him.

But the officers caught him in time. They want you to interrogate him.

What? Who does? -Attorney Fiedler's orders.

The heir is furious. He wants to know who's behind this.

Why is he so wet? -He jumped into the Miljacka.

To kill himself. But the water's not deep enough there.

What's his name? -I don't know.

Do you speak German?

What's your name?

His mouth is hurt. He tried to swallow something, probably poison.

Can you write?

Give me a pen and paper, please.

If you can't talk, write down your name and age.

Nedeljko Cabrinovic, nineteen.

Get Dr. Sattler to patch him up, then I'll question him.

Leo. -Hello, Herbert.

They broke his hand, and probably two ribs as well.

I put stitches in his cuts.

He must think he's invulnerable. -Who?

Franz Ferdinand. And he'd been warned, too.

Yesterday at dinner. Count Harrach told him it was dangerous.

Do you know what he said?

Our life is always in danger. We must trust in God.

God gave him a break, then.

What kind of poison did Cabrinovic take?

Probably cyanide. But it was too old and weak.

So I can question him?

A lot of onlookers were hit by bomb splinters.

Where were you at the time? -On my way.

You didn't want to cheer the visitors? -I don't think anyone missed me.

Will I see you tonight? -If I can manage.

You're a Bosnian Serb. They found your papers, a pass.

You came here from Belgrade. What do you do there?

Do you want to ruin Serbia? All of us?

Answer me, will you?

You injured people in your insanity. Now be brave enough to answer.

Who gave you the bomb?

Talking is not your forte, is it?

You'd rather be talked into things you believe in blindly.

Like you. -Excuse me?

The Emperor is good. The people love him.

And Austria too. That's what you believe.

Who ordered you to throw the bomb?

Someone shot at His Imperial Majesty. And the Duchess.

When? -Ten minutes ago.

Another murder attempt?

They've taken them to the Konak.

Excuse me.

Mr. Pfeffer?

Miss Jeftanovic. What are you doing here?

Looking for my father. He was to take part in the reception for the heir.

I can't get through. -Was he part of the convoy?

I don't know. We put our car at their disposal, for the visit.

I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything, alright?

Go home. Please.

Attorney Fiedler.

The Duchess died on the way here.

His Imperial Majesty bled to death clinging to her.

Commander Potiorek expects you in his office in 20 minutes.

What are you doing here?

I have to stuff the bodies for the trip to Vienna. Their physician can't do it.

The Duke and Duchess have to be preserved, so they won't decay.

Five liters of formalin in the carotid should do it.

So his faith in God didn't protect him after all.

Dr. Pfeffer.

Let's sit down.

You understand what happened? -No. Not completely.

They threw a bomb at him.

It bounced off his arm as he tried to shield his wife.

The bomb exploded under Merizzi's car. -The driver was alert, and accelerated.

They drove us all to city hall. -Us?

I was in the car with the Duke. He was outraged.

That somebody dared to throw bombs at him.

So the heir was already at city hall. He was safe.

Yes, briefly. But then he insisted on visiting Merizzi.

So everyone left again. What could we do?

I don't understand it all. -What don't you understand?

Who left again? To go where? -Everyone. To the hospital.

Merizzi was hit by a splinter in the first attack.

They took him to the military hospital. -That's across town. Does that mean...

Their Imperial Majesties drove down the Appel Quay again?

They could hardly go on foot.

What happened then?

A Serb appeared and fired right away.

The Duchess of Hohenberg was hit. Down there.

'Sophie, don't die. Stay alive for our children', the heir cried out.

The second bullet got him in the neck. There.

It's nothing, he said. Then he lost consciousness.

God rest his soul.

The assassin tried to kill himself, like his colleague. But he was caught.

This means they want war. The Serbs.

The Serbian government is obviously behind this.

And you're going to prove it.

But after a thorough investigation. We can't just pounce on Serbia.

And the Emperor needs time to consult with the Germans.

Körner, the report.

His Excellency drew up a report. As an eye witness.

You will lead the investigation.

What about Vienna? Won't they send someone?

That's not necessary. You can do it.

Can I question the people in the other cars?

No, they're leaving today by train. You'll get written reports.

We have to bring the assassins to justice.

Find out which Serbs are behind this. Vienna already knows who you are.

One question. Marija Jeftanovic wants to know where her father is.

It seems he lent his car to His Imperial Majesty.

Stojan Jeftanovic, the wealthy Serb? He was sent home.

He'll get his car back after the investigation.

Stay away from these people. Times are changing.

Your report is expected as soon as possible.

I'm Leo Pfeffer. What's your name?

Princip. -What else?

Gavrilo. -Age?


Were you born here in Sarajevo? -No, in the West. Obljaj.

What's your profession? -I'm a student, in grammar school.

Tell me what happened.

Where were you standing? On the quay?

Show me the spot.

By the Latin Bridge. Here.


Your accomplice had just tried to kill Franz Ferdinand, and you stood there?

Rooted to the spot? -No, I was already at the café.

Then they came back.

The entire convoy.

And you fired right away?

They turned into the street, and stopped in front of me.



The cars turned the corner, and stopped right in front of you?

I haven't committed a crime.

I've killed a tyrant.

Austria-Hungary oppresses all the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

That's why you shot the Duchess of Hohenberg? A woman?

She's dead?

My aim was bad.

I didn't want to hurt her.

I'm sorry.

How many of you are there?

You speak our language? -I'm from Osijek.

So that's why they chose you. Because you're a Slav.

I'm an Austrian, just like you.

How do you know Nedeljko Cabrinovic?

Who helped you?

Are you trying to tell me two 19-year- olds can plan and do this together?

Who gave you the weapons?


Strametz, take the man to his cell.

His Imperial Majesty wanted to drive to the hospital. To see Merizzi.

The hospital is here. Why did they turn this corner?

A mistake. The driver of the first car wasn't told about the new route.

What's that? -The murder weapon. A Browning.

Let Strametz do his job. One night with us can work miracles.

Princip must have stayed in town. Check the register.

Arrest everyone there.

The father of the other one, Cabrinovic, has an inn here in Sarajevo.

I sometimes eat there. -Have him arrested too.

The father. And all his other relatives as well. Can I help you? -I'd like to see Marija Jeftanovic.

Mr. Pfeffer. -I hope this isn't a bad time.

Is your father alright? -Yes, thank you.

Your car will be returned after the investigation.

Without inconvenience, I hope. -Were they really Serbs? I don't know. The investigation will tell us.

Are you responsible for it?

That's a big task.

She was very nice, I believe. The Duchess.

We had tea together yesterday, at the spa hotel.

She used to stay there.

My father had high hopes for Franz Ferdinand.

He believed he'd make us Slavs equal to the Hungarians, as Emperor.

Can I talk to your father, officially?

He's gone to bed. The events depressed him very much.

Can I come back tomorrow? -Yes, please do.

What's going on here?

The people are giving the Serbs hell. -Why don't you stop them?

Should I protect an entire city with 36 men?

Get the Bosnian constabulary. -They were sent home yesterday.

There were no constables during the imperial visit?

Where were the soldiers? -In the barracks.

How many policemen were there? -All 36 of them.

So the whole route was secured by 36 people?

I told them it wasn't enough.

There's rioting all over town. Be careful.

Hello. So how's it going?

The bodies will be taken to the Viribus Unitis tomorrow.

The ship will take them to Trieste. Almost romantic.

Beer? -Please.

Do you know Stojan Jeftanovic? -Sure.

He supplied food to the army, and made a fortune.

But that's all over now. -Why?

The military terminated all his contracts. Because he's Serbian.

How do you know?

I'm treating him for an ulcer. This won't help.

Do you know his daughter too? -Marija?

I understand.

She used to live and study in Paris. Just to warn you: She's a suffragette.

And a Serb, on top of that.

Another beer, Doctor? -No, thanks.

It was in all the papers. -What was?

The route. All the papers published the route.

Showing exactly where the heir would be at any given time.

They read them in Belgrade too. It's like an invitation to murder.

Yes, probably.

In spite of the first attack, the Duke drove through town again.

The first driver took a wrong turn, the others followed him.

They had to go back at a crawl, and stopped right in front of Princip.

Is that his name? -Gavrilo Princip.

They should run them out of town. All the Serbs.

You realize this is our chance, don't you?

War, Leo. Austria should attack Serbia right away.

If we wait, we're weakened. -Russia will support Serbia.

Then France won't stand idly by.

By the time the Russians are mobilized, we'll be in Paris.

We'll annihilate France completely. -We?

Germany. With help from your operetta army.

And then? -We'll take care of Russia.

And perhaps England. There'll be war, Moishele.

Don't call me that. -Come on.

A Jew allowed to solve the murder of an heir to the throne.

Only in your ridiculous empire, right?

I'm a baptized Protestant. -You all are. You're still Jews.

If you're successful, you can go far in Vienna.

Privy counselor Pfeffer, how does that sound?

I have to go. -You have time for billiards, don't you?

I'm very busy.

I'd like to talk to Miss Jeftanovic. -Please wait here.

Mr. Pfeffer. You don't waste any time, do you?

Could I talk to your father now?

Have you had coffee yet? -No.

Cornelia, coffee for the examining magistrate.

Dr. Pfeffer, this is my father.

Is he the examining magistrate? -Yes.

I am. -Where are you from?

From Esseg. -Please sit down.

I've always been a loyal friend to Austria. And to Germany. Always.

Now they won't buy from me anymore. -That's not his fault.

What about my wheat? -Please talk German.

We're Bosnian Serbs. He's a Hungarian Croat.

Why should we talk German? -It's our language.

Really? I'm afraid Austria-Hungary isn't my country anymore.

Your country is where you're doing well. -Are you doing well here?

If you have no ambition, and are content to serve, maybe.

Some people can't bear that. And fight back.

By killing innocent people? Women, children?

No one mourns the heir, not even in Vienna.

But it's an excuse to attack Serbia. And anyone else they want to get rid of.

Did you get your car back?

My files say you lent it out for the visit. Is that true?

With your driver? -We don't have one. My father drives.

So you were at the wheel?

A Serb? In the convoy of the heir to the throne? Definitely not.

So who did drive? -Why?

After the bomb, Merizzi's car was out of order. Your car led the convoy.

I want to know who instructed the driver, and what he said.

I don't know. It was a local man. Our servant will give you the name.

Potiorek, the Carinthian striver, wants to lead an army at last.

And Fiedler, your boss, has bought Turkish shares in the Bagdad railway.

They need Serbia to reach Bagdad by train.

For the raw materials. For the big money.

Excuse my father. He's bitter, his stomach is killing him.

Would you like to wait here for the driver's name, or in the garden?

In the garden, please.

What did your father mean by the railway?

The railway from Berlin to Bagdad. -What about it?

It will make some gentlemen in Berlin very rich. Krupp, Henschel, Holzmann.

Germany could control the Orient with its troops.

The line runs through friendly states, except for one.


Austria will get Serbia, Wilhelm his railway, and Fiedler will be even richer.

And troublesome Serbia will no longer exist.

Shall we sit down?

How old is Franz Joseph? 83? -84.

He'll die soon. Franz Ferdinand would have been Emperor.

He wanted to give us Slavs more rights. They killed two birds with one stone.

The adversary is dead, and his murder supplies a reason for war.

It's not that simple.

Europe is a pile of swords, crisscrossed like jackstraws.

Pull one out, and the others shift. -Then let them shift.

Moltke and von Hötzendorf have waited years for this.

Do you smoke?

That's right.

You ride a bicycle.

Are you leaving? -We're getting ready.

For the worst.

Franz Ofner. That's the driver's name.

I have to go. They're waiting for me.

I'll show you out.

Good morning.

Has Cabrinovic's father been arrested?

Here you are.

Can you find out where this man lives? -Franz Ofner?

They say he drove one of the cars in the convoy.

Princip sublet a flat in Bistric Street from Danilo Illic. We have a file on him.

He's 23, a former teacher and journalist.

He's written several revolutionary, anti-Austrian articles.

He's in the interrogation room.

The Black Hand. It says here you're suspected of being a member.

How do you know Gavrilo Princip? -Who?

Your subtenant.

Bring the two other prisoners in.

Were you too cowardly to shoot? -I don't know what you mean.

The Black Hand is a Serbian organization.

Officers who hire assassins like you. Don't you think we know that?

We are revolutionaries. -Congratulations.

The time of foreign rule is over.

From now on the workers will rule, not the parasites.

And what are you? You let two adolescents do the dirty work.

Gavrilo Princip, who's in grammar school.

Nedeljko Cabrinovic, a printer's apprentice.

And an unemployed journalist. Did you really meet by chance?

Three penniless idealists, who still have money to travel and buy weapons?

I want the other names.

Who else was involved? Who gave the order?

Dozens of people have been arrested all over Bosnia.

Merely on suspicion.

Do you really want innocents to suffer?

Look at it.

We're under martial law. People are executed on the slightest pretense.

We have your father. He's suspected of complicity.

That's not true.

Who else was involved?

Trifun Grabez. I don't know the others.

Where can we find him? -I don't know. He's from Pale. His father is a priest there.

Is that what you learn as an apprentice printer? Building bombs, shooting?

Just like that?

Do you believe in God? Probably not, you're a Socialist.

What will it be like? In the hereafter?

Look at it closely.

Think about whether you really want to die for others.

Those with ideas always survive, while the stupid croak in their place.

Let Dr. Sattler take a look at his hand.

He can talk to his father, for half an hour.

Under supervision.

So, Danilo Illic. When can we expect an indictment?


Delegate Hoyos is going to Berlin, to see the German Emperor.

To tell him about this investigation. -What? When?

Very soon. Germany is ready, and so is Vienna.

The sooner the war starts, the better. What can Hoyos tell His Majesty?

We have another name. Trifun Grabez. From Pale, I'm told.

I'll start a nationwide search right away.

There were only 36 policemen on duty. No constabulary, no soldiers.

Who gave the order for this? -I did.

Why? -The army was on maneuver.

We can't trust the constabulary. Too many Serbs.

But the visit was planned for St. Vitus, the biggest Serbian holiday.

In a recently annexed country. And no one protects the heir?

You bring the guilty to justice. Leave the governing to me and Fiedler.

The Emperor wants results, Pfeffer.

I hope I'll know more after I've seen Illic's house.

Yes, you do that.

And hurry, people are waiting.

Take this.

Mr. Pfeffer, we've got it. The confession.

By Cabrinovic. Illic and Princip confirmed it.

Ten co-conspirators. The weapons and instructions came from Belgrade.

Who did he admit this to? -Attorney Fiedler.

What have you found? -Weapons.

And money. -I have to give Potiorek the confession.

On your behalf, of course. His Excellency will be overjoyed.

Strametz talked to his father. If you know what I mean.

I've given him morphine.

How do you know Illic?

This prescription came from you. So he was a patient of yours.

The prescription is for laudanum. Opium. He's an addict.

I supply his poison. His, and that of many others.

Why? -Because I need money.

I'm not a very good doctor. Unfortunately.

Do you think I came to Sarajevo because it's wonderful here?

The Charité kicked me out. Now I patch up the people you guys beat up.

I won't mention it in the file.

The driver's address. You wanted it, right?


Is he happy? -Excuse me? Commander Potiorek. -Yes, he is.

He'd like a report for Vienna right away.

These banknotes were found at Illic's house. Fresh from the bank.

Check the serial numbers to find out where they were issued, and to whom.

Then you can go home, to celebrate.

The splendid confession.

I want to talk to Mr. Ofner. Franz Ofner. -Why?

I'm from the Justice Department.

I told the other one my husband will be back tomorrow.

The examining magistrate. Pfeffer, or something.

I am Leo Pfeffer.

Do you have an ID? -No, it's at my office.


I'm sorry. The door wasn't locked.

Yes, I know.

I don't have anything worth stealing.

Potiorek had our accounts blocked.

He's probably afraid we'll support the Serbs with our money.

We can't even pay our workers anymore.

I came here to tell you adieu.

Father and I are going back to Paris.

When? -In two days.

What if I came with you?

To Paris?

What do you want to do in Paris?

Make babies.

Four of them.

With you.

I don't care which gender.

What if I don't want children?

I'd regret that very much.

I'm married.

For now.

To a Frenchman.

Do you love him?

Not anymore.


The assassins have confessed.

There were ten of them, all armed. Spread out along the entire route.

Serbs? -Yes.

Bosnian Serbs.

Most of them weren't even adults yet.

They probably got help from others.

There'll be war. And you want to have children with me, a Serb. Why?

You're smart, pretty, and very wealthy.

I'll never get another opportunity like this again.

It was wonderful with you, Leo Pfeffer.

I'm honored, District Counselor.

District Counselor Wiesner, from Vienna.

He's here to pick up your report to the Emperor. Personally.

I can convey the warmest regards from Foreign Minister Berchtold.

When can we start the proceedings? -When we have a finished report.

Here you are.

Dörrer was kind enough to record your findings. You just have to sign.

I can't sign this.

Too many questions are left open.

But we've caught all the conspirators. They've confessed.

Which questions? -Why wasn't the route secured?

Why was it published?

Why did the convoy take a wrong turn, to become an easy target?

Fine. Investigate this, conscientiously.

The charge against Serbia must convince the whole world.

How long will you need?

A month. -You have 24 hours.


All the way from Vienna, and you let him wait?

There's no other way.

Have you suddenly become a Serb-lover? Overnight?

Is it really worth it?

Trifun Grabez was caught last night. One of the conspirators. In Pale.

How could you write this? -I just wanted to help.

I want to talk to Illic and Princip. In the interrogation room, now.

How did you find out about the heir's visit?

From the paper.

I told Cabrinovic and Grabez about my plan to kill Franz Ferdinand.

But we didn't know how.

That's why I asked Milan Ciganovic to help us.

Who? -He's a Serbian popular hero.

Why him?

He shared a house with me in Belgrade.

He taught us how to shoot. He got us the pistols, and six bombs.

He gave us the cyanide and took us across the border.

Where you waited for the other three?

Who are the others?

Vaso Cubrilovic and his brother.

Kranjcevic, Popovic, Jovanovic and Mehmedbasic.

Who took you to Sarajevo? Across the mountains?

We got reports from Priboj.

What reports? -I'll show you.

Do you recognize them?

They're farmers from Priboj.

They admitted helping you, that's why they're executed.

You miserable swine.

We're under martial law. I can't help you, or your friends.

But I can prevent other people dying. Innocent people.

What really happened?

Take the prisoners away.

Do you want to ruin your career, or just mine?

What is he so afraid of? -The gallows, where he will end.

The Emperor wants to revenge his nephew. Will you stand in his way?

The signed report will be on my desk at 10. Or you'll cease to exist.

Looters, Pfeffer.

Serbian looters.

Where is Franz Ofner?

Gone. -And his family?

Who gave the order?


Stop playing the fool. I want to know who gave the order.

Be grateful we need your signature. You filthy Jew.

What happened to you?

Look. The press are convinced Belgrade was behind the murder.

It's all a fake. -What is?

They want us to believe Serbs did it. -But they did do it.

Princip, Cabrinovic, Illic, all the ic's.

Who else? -I don't know.

It doesn't matter, the result is fixed. Serbia is serbed a death sentence.

I can stop it. -You? All by yourself?

Germany will give Austria a blank check, in fraternal support.

Prussian fighting power. They can't wait to pounce.

The inferior will be swept away, like weeds.

It's necessary, for a healthy people. -You're a eugenicist?

You're not, I assume. That's understandable.

And you don't care about the truth? -I do.

But there's a time for everything. I like you, Leo. Seriously.

So I'll give you some advice. Let it go.

Enjoy your promotion instead. And your little Serbian woman.

How do you know? About Marija?

Pure deduction.

You're a clever guy. Why does Serbia interest you all of a sudden?

You're not thinking with the organ between your ears.

Take care of yourself, okay?

Excuse me.

Here you are. -What's this?

A telegram from the bank. About the money at Illic's.

It was issued last month in Sarajevo. -To whom?

The military. For urgently needed medical supplies.

Who's responsible for this? -The staff surgeon.

Summon him, please.

Franz Ofner, the driver, has been attacked. By Serbs, allegedly.

There must be a police report.

Dalibor Nikolic, Jeftanovic's servant. -Yes, I know. What about him?

He was arrested yesterday, for breach of the peace. Looting.

Did he confess? -No, but he was seen.

In front of Franz Ofner's house.

Where is he? -He's been executed. The Jeftanovic family is under house arrest.

Who gave the order for this? -Fiedler.

Are you trying to blackmail me?

The war on Serbia. Is it about the railway?

You invested a fortune in Turkish shares, didn't you?

Would anyone in Germany or Austria invest in a Turkish railway network... without a connection to Berlin? -I understand. The fine railway.

First class to Bagdad? And I'll be filthy rich?

A nice thought. Do you really believe that?

A war always disturbs the economy. And it's very unpleasant.

That's why it must be short, resolute and victorious.

Then Europe will be ours. -And then?

France and Russia surround us. The Serb is lurking in the South.

This has to end, so that we'll finally have room again.

To breathe, and to act.

Nothing will stop us then. Who'll stand in the way of German vigor? You?

Marija Jeftanovic. Her house arrest will be lifted. Right now.

Her father's as well.

I'm afraid that's impossible. There's a risk of flight.

They have connections in Paris.

What are they charged with?

They're Serbs. They harbor looters, and probably collaborate with the enemy.

They're suspected of treason. That's punishable by death. Unfortunately.

You need my signature. Without a valid report, no one will approve an invasion.

Austria can't afford to act on mere suspicion.

You're overestimating yourself.

Do you want to sign it?

I understand.

If one of the accused talked at the trial... and told the truth, your reputation would be tarnished, not mine. Right?

Yours can't be tarnished. It's always been filthy. From birth.

Let Marija Jeftanovic leave, then I'll sign.

So it's love?

If it hits your people, the pickings must be rich.

It's your cultural heritage.

The Jeftanovic family leaves today.

It's nice that you finally came to your senses.

I'll have the papers drawn up today.

Everyone will be glad to see the back of the Serbian swine. Right. Now you're taking this to Dr. Wiesner. Personally.

With a smile. I insist.

They have your family, don't they?

That's why you won't talk.

Are they still alive?

You'll be brought to trial.

You'll be executed.

Do you want to tell me anything?

He wanted to prevent it. -Who did? Pasic. The assassination.

Nicola Pasic?

The Serbian head of government?

So the Serbian government was against the assassination?

Who else was involved?

Apart from Strametz, Fiedler and you. Who gave the instructions?

I can't tell you the names.

I would die anyway.

And all my loved ones as well.

It's good that Franz Ferdinand is dead.

Belgrade will fall.

And with Belgrade, those rich bastards.

Just like here, just like everywhere.

And then? -Then we workers will be in power.

Not you. You won't be there anymore.

Dr. Pfeffer would like to talk to you.

What's that? -The indictment. For Vienna.

At last.

Very good. And have your doubts been removed?

The guilt of the assassins is clear. Legally, the indictment is defensible.

But I will draw up another report. About the background.

Yes. You do that.

The 5th Army will advance towards Sabac. Across the mountains.

So there will be war?

Definitely. Our ultimatum to the Serbs will be worded in such a way... that Belgrade can't possibly accept.

Then we'll get going at last.

And the trial? Against the assassins?

That will take place, some time. There are more important things now.

I've been looking for you. Here you are.

What's this? -The name of the staff surgeon.

He's already been summoned by the police.

Get me a file on him.

He's a staff surgeon, there must be documents. A personal file.

These are tickets as far as Trieste.

You'll have to buy new tickets there.

Your passports.

No one will stop you.

And what about you? Are you coming with us?

They'll kill us all. The Austrians want to destroy every one of us. You too.

It's just one group.

Warmongers. Lunatics.

Who think they're above the law.

We have to go. Have you thought about it?

About what? -Children.

I don't know.

In these times?

Better times will come.

When? -Some day.

I hope.

The Sattler file.

Who blacked this out? -It's on the last page.

The military intelligence service.

Will you play a round with me?

Have they left?

That's good.

Since when are you staff surgeon?

Three weeks ago.

The cars didn't make a wrong turn at all.

The first driver, Franz Ofner, was clearly told to stop at the Latin Bridge.

Where Princip was waiting.

You gave Illic the money to organize everything.

There were several people along the route. All of them Serbs.

But they all crapped themselves. As always.

Young fanatics planning something big, it quickly gets too much for them.

Who are you really?

Sattler, Herbert, Doctor of Medicine.

And apart from that?

What do you want to know? Details?

Better not.

I'll write it all down. The truth.

The truth you mention doesn't exist.

Because it's fabricated.

By a few. -By you?

Among others.

He'd have prevented the war.

Franz Ferdinand. That's why he had to go, right?

You overestimate him. And plans in general.

But you can always find a reason for war, if you want to.

Be glad. You'll see her again soon, your Marija.

In Paris.


Commander, District Counselor. -What's that?

The description of the assassination. It all happened differently.


Please read it.

I'll read it.

I filed a memo about handing you the report. Personally.

Very good. Thank you.

The Serb won't put up serious resistance, will he?

The Serb is already finished. -Then a few more days won't matter.


On July 28, 1914, the First World War began.

40 states took part in the greatest war waged till then.

17 million people were killed.

The trial took place from 12 until 23 October 1914.

All 25 defendants denied ties to official Serbia.