Sarfarosh (1999) Script

Each grain of sand holds a brave heart.

Born from this earth are true patriots.

Beware lest life turns to death," my friends!"

"Peace is in peril and the nation in strife!"

"Light the flame of patriotism in your hearts, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

"On the one hand is love and duty!"

"On the other lies the quicksand of betrayal!"

"Quiet are the shanties! Quiet are the towers!"

"A weary sadness engulfs the entire nation."

"Those who shower flames from the skies."

"Will scorch the lush fields of the earth."

"Peace is in peril and the nation in strife!"

"Alight the flame of patriotism in your hearts, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

"Peace is in peril and the nation in strife!"

"Alight the flame of patriotism in your hearts, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

"For a few pieces of silver sell not your soul."

"For evil shall always beget evil."

"When have evildoers lived long, my friends?"

"The shadow of death looms over them at every step!"

"For evil shall always beget evil."

"Only cowards hide from the truth!"

"For true patriots will shed their blood..."

" cleanse this land!"

"Alight the flame of patriotism in your hearts, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

"Peace is in peril and the nation in strife!"

"Alight the flame of patriotism in your hearts, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

"Beware lest life turns to death, my friends!"

Calm down.

Please sit down.

How can the minister answer your questions? One at a time.

Yes, your question.

How did the tribals get such sophisticated arms?

We're investigating that. But I assure you...

I'm not going to spare the people responsible.

Innocents were slaughtered.

What guarantees it won't happen again?

I'm concerned too.

But I assure you it won't happen again.

The Mumbai Police Crime Branch is investigating this case.

A special team will be investigating.

Greetings, sir! - Greetings!

You're late, Major Beg.

I've good news.

The papers in Hindustan are full of news of our success.

Who did all this?

There's someone called Veeran.

And what was his grouse? - None. We cooked up some.

That's our mandate.

Find the disgruntled elements and help them.

Give them guns and money. Let them get used to it.

This is war.

And we've to win this war.

By the way, where is this Chandrapur?

Here's Bombay.

And Chandrapur is here on the border of...

...Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Greetings, sir.

How come so early?

Actually, you shouldn't be staying here.


The case has been transferred to Mumbai.

So what? For a couple of days...

They'll shout themselves hoarse and then be quiet.

Not this time.

Veeran's attack has raised a furore.

So what am I to do? Did I do anything?

People from the Crime Branch in Mumbai are here.

They might come here too.

You better slip away.

These special officer are unpredictable...

If they get their hands on you I won't be able to do a thing.

How far is the police station? Nearby. He'll escort you.

Hey go with sir.

Go to the police station and get the case papers. - Ok.

So you know inspector Salim in Mumbai?

Yes, sir.

He's all praise for you...

...and you're so quiet.

Bala Thakur is the man behind everything that happens here.

Bal Thakur? Who is that? The don in these parts.

There are so many complaints against him.

The police don't arrest him? He has been hauled up...

So many times. But he gets away every time with his contacts.

In the last three years or so, he has bought two wine shops...

...a huge hotel in Chandrapur and lot of land.

Interrogate him, and you'll know the whole game.

Where does he live? - Nearby.

Crime Branch, Mumbai. Where is Bala Thakur?

Gone out. - Out?


No one searches Thakur sir's house.

Don't. You'll regret it.

Don't do this! You'll regret it when the sir comes back!

Your sir isn't coming back, tell him to report to ACP Rathod...

...or he's dead.

C'mon, Kadam! - Yes, sir.

Make sure he understands.

Make sure you tell your boss. Tell him to get to Mumbai.

The only way to save his neck... to report to ACP Rathod.

If we find him, he's dead!

I told you not to shout here!

Get down. - He's becoming naughty.

Let's go, Papa!

Ajay, listen... - Yes, Uncle?

Would you like to attend a ghazal concert?

Gulfam Hasan is performing. Great! How can I refuse?

When is it? At six. Hurry.

Thank you.

One minute.

Daddy, I'm going to Gulfam Hasan's concert.

Mummy, here's your bread. I'm going out.

Where to? - I'll have dinner later.

Our guest this evening... someone who is world renowned...

...and this famous singer is Gulfam Hasan.

He's our guest this evening and also our host.

He's our guest as well as our host.

He belongs as much to Pakistan as much as he belongs to India.

He spent his childhood here and he grew up there.

His ghazals are written there, but his music belongs here.

I present the honourable Gulfam Hasan.

Thank you.

I belong as much to Pakistan as I belong to Hindustan.

My ties to both the lands are emotional and sentimental...

...which transcends all relationships.

In the poetic language of ghazal it's called love.

Lost is all awareness! Lost is all reasoning!

Obsession with love turns man inhuman!

"The conscious will never know what a trance really is..."

"The conscious will never know what a trance really is..."

"Do fall in love to know what life really is..."

"The conscious will never know what a trance really is..."

"Our eyes had only to meet for our worlds to light up."

"Our eyes had only to meet for our worlds to light up."

"Only then did I realise the true magic of love."

"Only then did I realise the true magic of love."

"Do fall in love to know what life really is."

"The cascading locks unveiled the blossoming seasons."

"The cascading locks unveiled the blossoming seasons."

"The lowered gaze told me what intoxication really is."

"The lowered gaze told me what intoxication really is."

"Do fall in love to know what life really is."

"My lips could never speak out the thoughts in my heart."

"My lips could never speak out the thoughts in my heart."

"She could never really know what my silence meant."

"She could never really know what my silence meant."

"Do fall in love to know what life really is..."

You know me, don't you?


I'm Nay Sins“-.


I want to tell you something. Go on.

Here? - Why not here?

Can we go somewhere else? Why? Just say it here.

Ok. We know each other...

No! I mean we don't know each other so well.

So I wanted to see you. - Bus...

Bus? - My bus is here.

They've been threatening. They've phoned twice already.

Listen to me! How much more do I listen?

I'm not letting you go out! They are terrorists!

Must you stand witness against them?

Why not? My friends were killed.

My colleagues are deposing too.

But they didn't get threats!

Don't worry, they're going together.

Let's go, Papa. It's time for the court. - Ok, let's go.

Off you go to granny.

Let's go together. - C'mon.

Do whatever you want, no one ever listens to me!

I'm going to college.

I want to go with grandpa!

Stop! Please!


Get out!

You come to the police station everyday...

...harass and drives me crazy!

Hey old man, who is he? He's my nephew.

If I see him here ever again, I'll fix him!

Am I the one who took your father away?

You want all my men to start looking for your father?

You'll be told when he's found. Now get lost!


How long are we to go on living like this?

We're doing whatever we can.

Have patience. Patience.

A car...

What happened to you? What have you done to him?

The same that the police do to us.

We told him not to depose. Then why did he have to?

Now show him to the police.

We treat people who help the police...

...the same way the police treat our people.

Staring at me, are you? Staring?

You'll end up just like your father.

Go and tell everyone!

This is what happens to those who depose against us.


You must realise there's nothing left here.

Come with me to Mumbai.

Stop teasing me.

Teasing you? - What else is this?

You're the one who does that... like the other day...

...when he came to see you. I was just pulling his leg.

I never thought he wouldn't come back.

Tell me. Why isn't he coming? No idea. I haven't seen him...

...and their house is empty. No one lives there now.

They say, Gulfam has his own charm!

Come on.

Your attention please.

Mr. Ajay Singh, you're requested to come backstage.

Mr. Ajay Singh from Delhi, please come backstage.

Your brother wants to hurry up.

Hurry up. Let's get out before the traffic jam.

Tell him I'm coming.

Mr. Ajay Singh... Mr. Ajay Singh from Delhi...

Please come backstage. Someone is waiting for you.

Mr. Ajay Sin9h---


You haven't changed!

But you have, since we last met at the bus stop in Delhi.

It's been so many years...

Your brother is getting angy. Tell him I'm coming.

We meet aRer so long... and now there's no time.

Come... let's talk on the way... - Alright.

Tell me, how come you're here? But before all that...

You disappeared from Delhi! I kept looking for you.

First tell me, how come you're here?

Won't you say something? Not unless I'm given a chance.

Sorry... so how come you're here? I live here.

Where? - In Colaba.

Where in Colaba? Do you know Rajari?

Raiasthan HandicraRs Emporium.

The one behind Tai hotel. It's ours. - Ok.

I'm in a hurry. Don't mind.

We're hosting a pam tomorrow. You must come.

I'll give you my phone number.

Show me your hand.

You must call me. Don't forget.

You won't so I'll drop the invitation.

Rajari, handicrafts emporium, behind Taj hotel. Right?

What took you so long? Who was he?

A friend from Delhi.

Is this handmade? Of course, it is.

How much does it cost? - Rs.850.

What can I do for you?

I'd like to meet the owner. Yes? What can I do for you?

I'd like to see Mr. Ajay Singh.

This way, please.

Anita, she wants to meet the boss. Mr. Ajay Singh.

So you want to meet the boss?

Yes. - Why?

Doesn't he see visitors?

Not all visitors. Do you know him?

Of course, all the way from Delhi.

Don't mind, we're good friends.

Here comes the boss.

Mr. Ajay Singh, sir, she wants to see you.

The owner of this shop. Don't pull my leg.

Seema, this is my sister-in-law.

Meet Seema. We were in college together.

I know.

And this is the owner. He's my uncle.

I came here to invite you... I mean, everyone is invited.

We're throwing a small pam. I'd like it if you come.

See you. - Have a cup of tea.

Excuse me. I'm in a hurry. Don't mind. Next time?

Namaste. - Namaste.

Do come.

Yesterday's verse has arrived in human form.

Politics is so ridiculous.

When we were born, the whole county was ours.

And suddenly we see there's a Pakistan and a Hindustan.

You should have remained a child.

How could I with such beautiful women around?

Come, sit.

There's something I don't understand.

A ghazal concert... Gulfam Hasan... this pam... and you?

Let me start from the beginning.

You know how things were in Delhi.

My brother's music business began to do well.

He bought a recording studio in Mumbai and we came over.

Don't mind, Gulfam sings exclusively for us!

Brother Roshan looks after the business and I get bored.

Brother... meet him.

This is Mr. Ajay Singh.

Hello. - Hello.

We used to be in college together. Very good.

Are you visiting Mumbai? - No. I live here.

Great. You should call him home sometime.

Roshan, a call for you.

Seema, just look after him.

Enjoy yourself. Don't leave without eating.

Yes, your honour!

The music companies want ghazals that sound like disco.

I'm a great Gulfam fan. I'll introduce you.

And where do you find good poets these days?

There is a dearth of meaningful poetry.

If good poetry isn't written, how will we sing them?

Gulfam sir, meet my guest. Mr. Ajay Singh.

If he's your guest, then it's my honour!

You're always on stage.

No, I dwell in the hearts of my admirers.

Any doubts, Mr. Ajay?

If there are any, let me put it to rest.

"When eyes meet, hearts do not..."

"...the culmination cannot precede the prelude."

That's a very old ghazal. And you're quite young.

Where did you hear it? Not me, my uncle...

...heard it in the court of the Maharaja of Chitpur.

Oh yes!

It was your first concert. My uncle recorded all the ghazals.

What a find! But where can I find the recording?

It's with me. I keep listening to it.

Ustad lmtiyaz Ali Khan introduced you.

After his recital, he said...

"Listen to this boy sing, and you'll forget me."

I still try to sing with the same honesty.

But, it's difficult.

But if not sing, I could hear it and relive those moments.

If you can give me a copy, I'll be obliged for life.

No obligations. You'll surely have what is yours.


Let's celebrate!

Thakun What is it?

How about a smile?

Cut it out, Sultan. I'm in no mood!

That's a perfume for women.

Perfume for women. - So what?

Who is that?

How are you Sultan? Thakur? Come... sit...

Boss, Rajan is waiting!

Yes, we will...

Everything all right? I got screwed!

And you're taking it easy? What's up?

The cops came home and threatened me.

What are you talking.

I'm to surrender to ACP Rathod or get killed.


Who's this ACP Rathod?

He's the head of the crime branch here...

...and you don't even know!

Thakur, now that you're here...

...relax for a couple of days. I'll take care things.

Hey Mala, take care of him.

Give him a drink. Get it?

I'll be back! Let's go, Shiva.

What would you like?

It's impossible to find an AK 47 in all of Mumbai.


I'm giving it to you because I'm a friend.

It's a great piece.

Here, dump it in a gutter...

...pick it up after a year, it'll still be as good.

No maintenance issues.

100,000 to a piece. Did you get cash?

Any hurry? - Not at all. Give it to him.


Don't touch the car. I'm cleaning the car...

...not your pockets! You aren't getting paid.

Who's looking for money? I'll take it from Mr. Rajan.

I told you not to touch it.

You hit me! You're new! You don't know me!

Your boss has known me for years!

You don't know me Greetings boss!

Boss, your man calls me a thief! I'm Fatka! Remember me, boss?

He calls me a thief! Don't talk too much.

The chauffeur calls me a thief!

All he gets is a salary of 1000.

I spend 2000 a month on booze!

Why is Thakur here?

Some cop named ACP Rathod has threatened him.

Surrender, or get killed.

I asked Thakur to stay put for a couple of days.

I asked Shiva to find out who this Rathod is.

He's still working on the Chandrapur report.

I hate this drudgey.

If I loved writing would I've joined the police?

Give it to me. Mr. Rathod hates mistakes.

Just fill up the pages.

That kid won't be able to make head or tail of it.

He's not a kid. He's big dad!

Here comes your dad. ACP Rathod!

The robbery case is due in court the day after. - Ok.

I want to discuss the brothel case with you.


Sir, we found the drug case corporater.

Where is he? - In there.

Stop staring at me.

Call up Rathod. Find out when he's coming.

I haven't got all day! I'm fasting today!

So he's the one?

When you sent for me, I knew. It must be a new officer.

I don't think they have introduced me properly.

I'm the local corporater Ganpat Rao.

The biggest of officers come to my doorstep.

No one confronts me.

Keep him in remand for 3 days...

...and don't record the arrest. Yes, sir.

Sir is here!

The report will be ready in 5 minutes. - Leave that. Come in.

Get me a glass of water.

Send for inspector Salim.

The information was correct. AK47s were used.

A leader instigated the tribals...

...his name is Veeran.

And this is Bala Thakur. He supplied the guns.

He got news of our arrival and escaped.

We've ordered him to surrender.

Did you investigate the tribal areas?

How do we face AK47s with service revolvers?

The tribals aren't our problem, Thakur is.

When's my meeting with the DCP? Eleven O'clock!

Where's Inspector Salim? On the beat!

I told your boss not to send you here. Then why are you here?

I'm just doing what my boss told me to.

Should I leave? - Leave the cash.

Is it the full amount? - Yes.

Close the door behind you.

Put the money away.

Who are you? Crime Branch, Mumbai.

Go inside.

Just a minute! Handover the packet.

Check if they're the same notes.

They're the same, sir.

Who is the deputy commissioner you report to?

Why call him up? Let's settle this mutually.

Where is Bala Thakur? Who is Bala Thakur?

In Mumbai. - Where in Mumbai?

His contact in Mumbai is Sultan... He's gone to meet him.

But I don't know anything about Sultan!

I'm telling the truth!

I've told you everythig I knew!

Please, sir! Let's end the matter here!

File a report against him in his police station.

And a copy of it should be at...

...the DCP's table by tomorrow morning.

Sir... sir... - Let's go!

Wow! Smells great!

Fatka, pay me up. Sure. I'm in a good mood.

Poor girl. It was her first deal.

Go on, now. - Give me the shirt.

See you! Hey Fatka, pay me! - Later.

All you want is money... money... Goddamn bum! Freeloader!

Fool! Go on!

Twinkle twinkle little stars!

Who will come into my arms?


Inspector Salim! Greeting sir!

My dreams are crushed... and so is my shirt.

I don't see you around these days.

Not at all, sir. I called you up. - What for?

That Raian whom you externed. What about him?

He keeps doing the rounds here. When did you see him?

Many times, even today. - Where?

In Sangam bar. You'll find him there.

No, thanks. This time, it's from me to you.

When you meet Rajan's chauffeur, give him a whack.

He insulted me.

Did you really see Rajan?

I swear it.

Twinkle twinkle little stars!

Had you come on time, we could've picked him up from the bar.

Overtake that car.

The police are behind us.

Take the first left. I don't want hassles.

They're turning left. Head straight on.

Good. They went past us.

Take a left from here.

Take a left!

Come to this side.

Take a right.

Easy now.

Get them.

Rajan... Rajan...

Take care of him.

Sultan! Stop!

Or I'm going to shoot!

Are you so hungry for medals that you take such risks?

I had the information. What could I've done?

Handled things more cautiously.

There was no time.

So you take three constables and a service revolver...

...and chase Rajan and Sultan? I had news only of Rajan.

I didn't know Sultan would be there with him.

Besides I had arrested Rajan earlier.

He used to carry a county-made revolver.

I had no idea he would have an AK47.

If you're so desperate to die, then kill yourself!

You've got 3 constables killed! Who's responsible?

Stay outside. I'll send for you later.

Salim won't work on this case anymore.

Sir, please. I'll explain it to him.

Explain what?

The whole department feels that he let Sultan off...

...because he's a Muslim himself.

Salim isn't such an officer.

As it is, I've enough pressures. I can't take chances.

The tribals are armed.

There's no news of Thakur and now even Sultan has AK47s.

This is just what I feared!

How many more Sultans are going around...

...this city toting AK47s?

Call Salim.

Sorry, Salim. I guess I was excited.

Please let Mr. Rathod have the case papers.

From tomorrow, you can take care of the godowns.

I know why you're taking me off this case, sir.

Salim was my training officer.

I know him. He's a good officer.

He has an extensive network of informers.

I need Salim on this case.

Officially, Salim is off this case.

I understand. Thank you, Sir.

The papers aren't ready. You'll get the file next week.

I don't want the file.

I want you to work with me on this case.

I know everyone's wants.

Salim, I trained under you. I learnt so much from you.

Don't ever say you trained under me, sir!

I never trained anyone to suspect someone...

...just because he doesn't belong to your religion.

You must have learnt that somewhere else.

You pass one exam... became my superior and rule over me.

Now you think you can ill-treat me because I'm a Muslim?

Now I know! In this county it's a crime to be a poor man!

And a bigger crime to be one like me!

Go away, sir.

I don't want to work with you.

Sultan's mother? Are you sure? - Yes.

How old is she? - 60 or 65.

She lives alone. She's a widow.

Sultan is her only son.

Are you Sultan's mother?

Who are you? - Police.

Speak up. ls Sultan your son?

Yes. - Where is he?

He doesn't live here. Where does he live?

I don't know.

You better say it or we've our ways.

Sultan was 21 when he committed his first murder.

I threw him out of the house.

It's been years...

...I haven't seen him since.

I didn't look for him...

...and he hasn't come to see me.

Forgive me. Sometimes, one has to be harsh.

Just a minute...

Please let me have your name and your telephone number.

If I get any news of Sultan, I'll let you know immediately.

Here's my card.

Thank you.

It's here.

What is it? - Veeran is here.

Why did you bring him here? They held a gun at my head.

They wanted to see you right away.

Sultan! It's Veeran!

Welcome, Brother.

You vanished after the first delivery.

I told you we need more arms. The cops came home.

So I came here.

This is Sultan. - Welcome Veeran.

What does it cost? How much?


Without the bullets, what's it worth?

Nothing! It's useless.

The stuff is worth 12,000, 000.

Here's the valuation certificate. Check it out.

Here's my list. I want 20 AK47s. The rest in ammunition.

You'll get it?


In two weeks...

Not earlier?

Sultan will ty his best.

Greetings! - Greetings!

Is my work done? I've drawn up your horoscope.

Greetings. - Greetings.

So Veeran sends cash? - Yes. And a new list.

But he wants less guns and more ammunition.

Anyone who gets a gun will want bullets... at any cost.

But Veeran is a dangerous man.

And he wants it fast. He will have it.

Pay the priest, and you'll be blessed.

Here, eat some offerings.

Thakur, here's your horoscope.

Keep it at the feet of the deity you worship.

I'm not a big astrologer.

But your Saturn is malefic. That I know.

But there must be a remedy. Stay clear of metals.

Saturn must be appeased. Chant the mantra for a fortnight.

If you survive this one, you'll live to be a hundred.

I thought you had forgotten me! How could I?

Here you're. The recording of your first concert.

May I keep it? - Yes. You have done me a great favor.

This ghazal is from the time when I used to sing for myself.

Nowadays, I sing for others. This is a priceless gift.

You can name your price.

A price for something priceless?

I'd rather you remember me some times for it.

How can I ever forget you?

But you must accept a gift from me.


Gulfam's friendship.

Hi Ajay! - Hi!

I was here to meet Gulfam and give him the cassette.

Don't mind, I introduced you to Gulfam.

Thank you. Ok, see you.

Where are you going? - Nowhere. Why?

I've to discuss something important with you.

Is it? Tell me.

Here? Let's go elsewhere. Get in.

So what's so important?

What I wanted to say...

I mean... you know I don't get sleep nowadays.

Must be the mosquitoes. You could get malaria.

Use a repellent.

I didn't meant that. What I wanted to say...

Do you know what it means when I say my heart is racing?

High BP. A heart ailment. Could lead to heart failure.

Avoid fats and iog daily.

I didn't mean that. What I wanted to say...

You know, this strange churning in the stomach?

An upset stomach. Eat a ripe banana with yogurt.

That'll fix it. - Ajay, don't mind. It's so pleasant...

...and all you think of are diseases!

You're a fan Gulfam. Don't you recite poetry?

Sure. Want to hear? - Go on.

"Neither medicines can cure, nor prayers can heal it..."

"Neither medicines can cure, nor prayers can heal it..."

"Lord, let no one suffer the pangs of love."

"Someone tell this fellow..."

"...not to be scared of love?"

"Someone tell this fellow not to be scared of love?"

"The sweet pangs of love are always a pleasure."

"The further he runs... the nearer I go... I go."

"Someone tell this fellow not to be scared of love?"

"He's blind to beauty and the heat of youthful love."

"Majnu to Romeo were ruined for the cause of love."

"I'm crazy about him. If he's good, I'm even better."

"Being a man, he's crazily shy... I wonder why... I wonder why..."

"Someone tell this fellow not to be scared of love?"

"I know for a fact that this is just an act."

"He hides his tremulous heart as it beats so fast."

"My heart's not a open resort that you can walk in and out."

"When alone he sighs with love but still pretends not to love."

"Never reveals the truth but keeps lying... lying..."

"Someone tell this fellow not to be scared of love."

"The sweet pangs of love are always a pleasure."

"The further he runs... the nearer I go... I go."

"Someone tell this fellow not to be scared of love."

In spring flowers blossom, in the heart so does love.

Words can't express true love, don't my eyes tell you so?

"Come... all are welcome..."

"...don't go astray..."

"Come... be one of us, don't make a fuss."

"Come... all are welcome..."

What is it? - Scoot!

Do you know ACP Rathod? - No.

Is he new here? - Yes. He's with the Crime Branch.

I want a full report on him.

Goodness! - Looks fine.

No. It isn't right. Don't mind, you look like a hero.

How about this one?

This? The other one was better. This is rubbish.

You don't have a sense of style.

These boring clothes you wear...

Ajay, where are we going?

I don't get this...

Give me your cell phone.

I'm Nailk here, Shiv. From fountain.

Rathod here. Get to Fountain with a few men.

Mocambo cafe... near the parking lot... hurry.

Ajay, don't mind... who is this ACP Rathod? - I am.

ACP? Assistant Commissioner of Police.

And I'm the Queen of Patiala.

I'm not joking. - Neither am I.

You're the ACP. I'm the queen! And that fellow is tailing us!

Why is he tailing us? I'll ask him right away.

Hey mister, why are you tailing us?

Why are you arresting me? What have I done?

Why are you arresting me? What have I done?

Take him away. Put him in remand.

What have I done?

Step back!

Who are you?

Tell me. Who are you?

Can't you safely escort one man?

You know how important he's for the case!

But sir... - Shut up!

Who was on traffic duty? - Me, sir.

Did you see the man on the motorbike? - No, sir. - Why?

I was booking a car.

I know what you were booking!

Weren't you on the beat? Yes, sir.

I had gone around the corner for a minute. - A minute!

Look what happened in a minute!

You know what can happen to you in a minute?

You can be transferred.

To a place where there are no corners to turn into.

Is Salim back from sick leave? No, sir.

Get ten copies of this photo. Ok, sir.

How many? Ten, sir. - Immediately!

We'll meet at Apsara bar at eight tonight.

Salim, how are you? - Fine, sir. Here's the file.

So you won't work on this case? No, sir.

Is that a final decision? Who am I to decide?

You higher-ups are the ones who decide.

I miss a target, and the whole department starts gossiping.

And I'm shunted off the case. Why? Because I'm a Muslim.

Today, a man dies in your custody and no one says a word.

Why? Because you're a Hindu. You're an IPS officer.

Maybe your father is some big shot?

IPS officer. A big shot for a father.

Do you know my father?

That is my father.

Ask him how I became an IPS. He won't be able to tell you.

He hasn't spoken in years.

And that is my sister-in-law. She's a widow.

Ask her how she became a widow.

Those who killed my brother, did this to my father...

...I don't even know who they are.

I don't want your sympathy but hear me out.

I broke my back working for the police services exams.

I was selected for the administrative services.

I could've become a bureaucrat and lived a comfortable life.

But I chose the police service.

Why? Because in every criminal I see those men.

I want to see every criminal groveling before the law.

But this isn't a personal grouse. This concerns my county.

Is it not my county? - Maybe not?

Maybe that's why you're shirking your responsibility?

For me, this county is family.

And I don't need a Salim to help me save my family.

Sir, the photos. Everyone has one?

Anyone knows this bar? - No, sir.

Comb all the bars in this area. We must find this girl.

Split up.

What will you do if you find her?

Arrest her? - No.

One man stays behind. The other reports to me.

You'll find me in Apsara bar.

"This nubile beauty captivates the young and old alike."

"This nubile beauty captivates the young and old alike."

"Who knows what tomorrow holds! Enjoy your life today!"

"This nubile beauty captivates the young and old alike."

"Who knows what tomorrow holds! Enjoy your life today!"

"This nubile beauty captivates the young and old alike."

Hello, sir.

Know her? - She doesn't work here.

Ask your boss.

Your men are looking for this girl.

"My young heart beats for all as old and young spirits soar."

"We know not what tomorrow holds so live your life to the hilt."

"This nubile beauty captivates the young and old alike."

Who are you looking for?

Know this one?

Who are you really looking for?

Bala Thakur of Chandrapur.

"The night is still young and every heart is in a trance."

"intoxicating is the ambience So live your life to the hilt."

"Life's fun for those who seek life's pleasures to the hilt."

"My young heart beats for all as old and young spirits soar."

"My young heart beats for all as old and young spirits soar."

"We know not what tomorrow holds."

"So live your life to the hilt."

"My young heart beats for all..."

Had your dinner? - No.

Go to Kheda Naka. You'll get the dinner you seek.

Tonight at Kheda Naka.

These girls keep changing jobs. She's nowhere in this area.

Let's try Bombay Central. Ok, sir.

You won't find anything there.

What are you doing here?

Is there a curfew here?

You're looking for her, aren't you?

But what's the use finding her? You want Thakur, don't you?

You'll find him at Kheda Naka.

Go pick him up.

Wait! Listen to me.

I've heard enough. I've given you Thakur.

Go save your county, your family.

I'm not needed!

I need you! I need ten Salims to save this family!

Not ten, you'll find thousands of Salims.

Only if you can trust them!

Listen to me, sir!

Don't ever tell any Salim that this county isn't his!

I won't.


If the information is bogus we'll be here all night.

It's genuine. He'll come!

A man on a bike. Looks like the killer!

Relax! Stay put.

He's the sniffer. Let him pass.

It's Sultan. - I know.

I won't spare Sultan tonight.

That's Pat“! The one we'd threatened.

So Thakur... sit...

No one shoots at Thakur. I want him alive.

Got it.

Ok, sir.

Careful! We won't get such a chance again.

Your stuff is here.

It will be delivered to Veeran.

How was the girl Mala?

I left so many messages but you refuse to respond.

Who are you?

Can't you guess?

ACP Rathod!

Get up!


Get the car! Come here!

Are you all right, sir?

See if Thakur's alive!

Do they want to start a war here?

Our enemies are fortunate.

They need not send their armies to fight us.

Sending arms is enough!

How is Rathod?

How irresponsible!

You should have taken him to the nearest hospital.

Anything could've happened. He has lost so much blood.

You cannot go inside.

Bring it here!

Speak up, Mirchi.

Everything has gone wrong.


The entire consignment of arms has been seized.

My men aren't to be blamed. Sultan's men were at fault.

It's not a mere fault. It's a major failing.

Let it be! They too have lost a lot of money.

Sure, but do you think the police will let things be?

Do you think they'll not follow up on the case?

If you don't want the police at your doorstep...

...then you'll have to do something.

You always have to pay for your mistakes.

Now look at what this creature has done.

Disturbed my privacy and trampled on my musical antiques.

Does it deserve to be spared?

Do you know how it will be punished?

Move on...

Take that helmet off!


Shut the shop!

Shut the shop!

Come out!

Look at the time! Shut the shop!

We should keep out of Bombay for a few days How did ACP Rathod reach Kheda Naka? I smell a rat!

I don't have the Don's brain but I know one thing.

The old racket was better... selling heroin.

There was no choice! Mirchi was adamant.

If we wanted drugs, we'd to pick up the guns.

What could we do? We had to accept.

Hello Veeran! We...

When will you deliver?

You know what happened! The consignment was seized.

Thakur got killed but you'll get the guns.

But Veeran, we need some time.

Time? Come here!

See them? Know who they're?

Reserve Police. They are surrounding us!

My men don't have bullets to fight back!

Tell your bosses even if one of my men die, I'll destroy them.

I'll deliver as soon as I can. I give you my word.

Your word? Think it over.

If you don't keep your word, I'll rip out your tongue.

Then you can give your life but never your word.

Don't worry. I'll take care of things here.

You'll be taken across the border and well looked after.

Veeran must get his arms.

He will get it!

Don't worry we'll get you back once things cool down.

Thank you...


News of Sultan's escape to Pakistan must reach the police.

Then things will cool down.

And for now, forget all your other businesses.

Find out how all this happened.

Thakur messed things up. This time, I'll take delivery.

Know why you were spared?

Because you aren't human.

I never spare humans for their mistakes.

Years ago humans here made a major mistake.

Political pimps drew a line across our land partitioning us.

Donkeys on both sides of the line...

...then got the freedom to elect...

...the donkeys that would rule over them.

The results are evident today.

We were doomed.

Once this beautiful palace was like a pre bride.

Now it lies neglected like an abandoned widow.

I'll not accept this cruel joke silently.


Sultan has been sent to the other side!


Have you convinced Haji?

Yes. But he has a problem.

Who will compensate his loss?

That's not our problem. He's in business!

He has made enough profits to take a few losses.

However I'll request the General across the border... compensate him!

Compensate? He'd promised us a hundred flashpoints in India.

Last news was the bus massacre... no good news after that!

I had great hopes of Gulfam Hasan but that fool mohajir... lost in the warmth of Indian hospitality!

Welcome Baig! You'll leave for India immediately!

Don't panic. You're going on an official visit.

India has offered to host an lndo-Pak meet of poets.

They don't want war which is fine with us...

As long as they've men like Mirchi and Veeran...

...what's the need to fight an actual war?

You're right, sir.

When you meet Gulfam remind him of his promise to us...

...if he can't fan the flames of our...

...proxy war he should come back.

He can keep singing with the useless migrants from India.

We've erected check posts all over the city.

We've clamped down on all night-life.

Fine! But why is there no progress in the case?

Where is the motorcycle man? And what news of Sultan?

Sultan's escaped to Pakistan.

He was their main agent here in Bombay.

Sultan and the motorbike man both lead to a dead end.

But they must have others in Bombay. Find a link!

Come in! Salim, this is Seema. This is Inspector Salim.

I'll take leave, sir.

Find that motorcycle man.

My entire network is hunting for that man.

We must find him. - Yes.

Stop! Someone may come!

That's why I'm shutting the door...

...I want the whole story now.

Every time you start narrating someone barges in...

...and the story is left incomplete.

Alright. Open the door. I'll tell you the whole story.

Promise? - Promise.

Tell me! - What's this?

My dress...'ll help brighten your day. Isn't it lovely?

Yes, but it's a bit short!

Don't mind, you're old-fashioned. just get on with the story.

Well, we reached the eatery...

Yes! Yes! I know all that! You waited for Thakur and Sultan.

They walked in and you asked Thakur Recognise me?

Then Thakur ran... you chased. They fired and you fired back.

We know all that. What happened after that?

After that I grabbed Thakur... Chintu has come! - Chintu?

Chintu... - Uncle!

Chintu has come!

Who else is with you? Mummy, granny and me.

God! Then I must be off!

You must meet my mother.

Not today. - Why not?

Since you didn't like my dress will she like it? Problem!

The girl from Delhi!

How are you, son?

I'm fine! They should take off this plaster.

Let the doctors decide.

This is Seema.

The girl from Delhi? - Yes.

Come here. Where do you live in Delhi?

Punjabi Baug. Now I live here.

Come home sometime.

She's been looking forward to that.


She's a shy girl.

No! She's not shy! She was sitting on uncle's lap.

Liar! She was next to me.

Rathod's still recovering. His leg is in a plaster cast.

He's on the first floor, room no.9. Things are as planned.

Is this room no.9? ls Mr. Rathod asleep?

Mr. Rathod, I'm a friend and I respect officers like you.

You should know some facts and not take foolish risks.

You're lucky the bullet hit your arm...

...or it could've even been fatal.

The case has now reached its nadir with...

...the fugitives have fled across the border.

And the police are harassing the innocents here.

We're losing out on business.

How long can we take it?

We're incurring huge losses.

A couple of millions is no big deal for us...'ll get it anytime.

These are bad times. Hitmen will kill for a pittance!

What do I tell them?

Mr Rathod,! This behaviour is unacceptable.

Your leg is in plaster and the wound is yet to heal.

Why take such risks when I've still to cut the plaster?

When will you cut it?

In a few days. Now rest or I'll have to lock you in.

Thank god he's left! Now I'm going to lock you in.

Now tell me the story.

Thakur and Sultan walked into the eatery.

They walked in and you asked Thakur... 'Recognise me'?

They fired and you fired back. Now proceed further.

Then I caught Thakur and we started fighting.

Wow!! Then?

I had him pinned down but I was attacked from behind.


He choked me so I had to let him go.

You let him go?

I didn't want to!

My hand was on his shirt pocket and it tore...

And then?

Go on! What happened?

What are you doing?

Do you've your car? Yes. But why?

Give me my shoes.

Shoes? What have shoes to do with the story?

Here! Are you crazy?

Be careful!

This is where I had pinned him down When the pocket tore off something fell from it.

It fell somewhere here.


What is it?

Someone's horoscope. - Whose?

Bala Thakur's? - Yes! It's his!

It is written by Ram Bandhu Gupta from Bahid, Rajasthan.

He wants a map of Raiasthan and all the evidence again.

Hurry up! He has arrived!

Good evening, sir.

What about the peppers?

They're from Raiasthan and North Gujarat.

The sand isn't salty and so, it's from Rajasthan.

This horoscope too is from Rajasthan.

Bala Thakur's horoscope. Someone in Bahid wrote it.

See this.

Do you know where Bahid is? In Rajasthan.

Here... on the border of India and Pakistan.

Yadav! Go to Bahid and find this astrologer...

...who has clients all the way to Bombay.

When do we leave?

Sorry, sir!

We'll meet at the guest house this evening. - 0k.

See you!

Sire! What's my future! Am I suffering for my past sins?

In your past birth you were a policeman.

Was I a constable? - What?

Astrologer Gupta says I'll be a policeman in this birth.

He's no astrologer!

He's a con man!

Smuggling is his real business.

He's Mirchi. Selling pepper is a front.

Both peppers are of the same quality. Trust me.

Trust me.

Your price is too high.

Mirchi's price is lower.

He can even give it for free. What do you mean?

I'm a pepper trader while he uses pepper as a cover.

Will you chew some tobacco?

This is for kids. I'm looking for the real stuff.

Real stuff? You get everything here. - Where?

Go to Mirchi's office.

Mirchi's office?

I'll wait here. Be quick.

Come in. Meet my brother. - Some other time.

If he finds out you didn't come in, he'll scold me.


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear... - Thank you.

Happy birthday to you.

My heart says a tale and your heart says the same.

Love, our hearts beat to this rare elixir.

My heart says a tale and your heart says the same.

Let's embrace in song...

...and dream in unison.

Let's embrace in song and dream in unison.

The sweet pain in our hearts beat to this rare elixir.

Love, our hearts beat to this rare elixir.

My heart says a tale and your heart says the same.

My heart feels your dreams your heart feels my dreams.

My heart feels your dreams your heart feels my dreams.

Lost am I as our hearts beat to this rare elixir.

Love, our hearts beat to this rare elixir.

My heart says a tale and your heart says the same.

Love, our hearts beat to this rare elixir.

My heart says a tale and your heart says the same.

Someone to see you, Ajay!

Good evening, sir. - You're late! You were to come at seven!

Sorry! There was work at the office!

Yadav needs you in Bahid. It's urgent!

Bahid in Rajasthan? - Yes!

Gulfam Hasan is there right now.

Where? In Bahid?

Yes! His ancestral house is near Bahid.

Will you deliver my letter to him?

Sure, he'll.

Don't mind...


Where's Mirchi?

I'm ACP Rathod.

ACP Rathod from Mumbai? From so far?

Yes! Some jobs lead you far enough!

Of course!

Do you know him?

No... who is he?

And him?


So you wrote his horoscope without knowing him.

This is your chance to confess!

No one can save you after this.

Many people come to me to get their horoscopes written.

If you wish I can also write your horoscope.

And I won't dare ask if you're a constable or an ACP.

Also, I never take the law into my hands.

But if I want to, I can write the horoscope of the law.

Think it over for we know everything about you.

If you don't fall in line we too can write your horoscope.

Saturn has turned retrograde! How did this happen?

I think we're on the right track.

Stay here! Keep me informed of his every move.

God be praised! What a lovely coincidence!

Last time you gave me a lost childhood treasure.

Today, like an angel, you bring excellent news!

Please! I'm just human.

No! You're an angel!

A million copies of the songs you gave me...

...are being released by Roshan.

One million!

This honour and admiration from fans is thanks to you.

No! It's thanks to your music which is so similar to ours.

It's not just similar. It's the same!

My music and my poetry are rooted here.

Urdu was born in India and so was classical music.

Why do you live all alone in this house?

I'm never alone. Memories of my ancestors keep me company.

This is my ancestral home.

We lost it during the partition.

Thanks to Roshan I'm permitted to live here sometimes.

Every moment I spend here is worth a lifetime to me!

Any special request for supper? Ask our guest.

No, thank you. I must leave. - Where?

Back to Mumbai.

Mumbai? So you didn't come here to see me?

Well! I had some work here.

You'll not steal my happiness. You'll stay here tonight.

But Gulfam sir...

Tradition here is that guests can come at their own will...

...but can leave only at the will of the host.

I promise to do the same before I leave your county.


At this hour?

Sire! - What is it?


Punish me if I'm at fault...

...but don't play games with me.

You've ruined my sleep. Tell me what's the matter?

A man comes from Mumbai and threatened to arrest me.

Now I find that he's your guest.

What am I to make of it?

Are you talking about Ajay?

Not just Ajay! He's ACP Ajay Singh Rathod.

It was he who seized our entire consignment.

Is he the one?


I can kill him right now and buy him in the desert... one will know!

No. He's a friend...

...and killing a friend is treason.

It's a big crime to kill a police officer.

I'll not get entangled with the law of this county.

Don't worry. I'll deal with him.

I'll handle him with my friendship.

Peanuts! Peanuts for sale! Who's that?

Where were you all these days? I left to get married.

Wife told me to change my career so I did.

Was I wrong?

Recognise any of these guys?


God! Death can change the look of a man. - Be quick!

Most of these guys were in and out of Victoria House.

Victoria House. It's next to Sangam Bar.

We must foster brotherhood and love been our to nations.

Politics has its place but art and culture must have its own.

Yes! We too wish to have such cultural exchanges.

Sure! Why not?

Hello... how do you do?

This is a friend who wishes your blessings.

How is the general?

He's fine and sends you his regards. He's disturbed.

He feels that your music has made you forget your mission.

He's told me to remind you...

Remind me? Thank you for reminding me.

Assure him that Gulfam is aware of his responsibilities.


You promised to create a hundred Veerans... But?

But what?

But there is only one and he too is undependable.

I was born here and understand the realities of India better.

The war that I'm waging is the one...

...that you should be fighting.

Tell the General that it's easy to talk nonsense...

...sitting in a guarded room in Karachi.

If he's desperate let him come here. I'll trade places.

Please don't get upset!

The general has full faith in your abilities.

That's why he has trusted a migrant mohajir like you.

I must meet Gulfam. - Sure. Go on.

Welcome, Ajay! This is Dr. Baig!

Baig is a poet at heart and a bureaucrat by profession.

He has come all the way from Karachi to attend this meet.

See that gentleman there with Gulfam Hasan? He's ACP Rathod.

He's Gulfam's close friend and is...

...with the Police Crime Branch.

Get him a plum posting so that his life will be made.

I understand. It will be done.

With so many fans in India you must be mobbed in Pakistan.

I've many fans but I'm still looked on as a mohajir.

Don't mind... what is a mohajir?


They're Muslims from India who sought refuge in Pakistan... the hope of living as equals in a new Muslim nation.

Instead of being welcomed they were rejected as mohajirs.

Fifty years have passed we're still mohajirs. Not Pakistanis.

Am I right, Mr. Baig?

I refute that. You're like a precious jewel to Pakistan.

Hell! That's Rathod!

Get everyone out! I'm leaving.

Stop. Quick!

Get out. It's a police raid.

Police! Tell Shiva to leave!

Shiva! Police!



He got away!

Never mind! We now know their hideout.

Gather all evidence and seal the building.

We've caught a few men.

Anyone talked yet? - No, sir.

I came into town yesterday. Isn't it?

I'm just an electrician. I'm innocent, sir.

So none of you're involved? No, sir!

Okay. Kill them all.


Shoot them and report it as an encounter.

Any last wish? Feed them. Fried Chicken? Kababs? Booze?

Give them what they want One minute, sir!

I swear I'm innocent! Believe me! I've children!

This is your last chance. Confess.

We're poor people! We didn't do anything!

I'm innocent!

It's no use, sir. They won't speak.

Go ahead and shoot them.

What... you mean it?

But the bullet shouldn't wound.

Fire to inches away from the ear.

Ok, sir.

Stop crying. There's still time. Speak up.

Don't kill me please.

Don't kill me. Please.

I'll speak, sir.

Take the others out. - Get going!

Speak up!

All I know is the stuff comes from Rajasthan.

Where is Sultan?

He's run away to Pakistan.

Who runs the business now? - Haji.

Who's Haji?

He runs a travel agency from Victoria House.

When is the stuff expected again?

I don't know. Haji just returned from Rajasthan.

Take him away!

Salim! - Yes, sir.

Inform Yadav in Bahid that I need daily reports...

...from the Intelligence Bureau in Rajasthan.

Check out who Haji is!

Keep tabs on him...

...but don't arrest him till I order. - Ok, sir.

What is it, Mirchi?

You promised to take care of your friend.

He has caught up with Haji...

...and also raided Victoria House.

Haji wants to get Salim on our side...

...and then kill your friend.

Don't do that! It will be our loss if Ajay is killed.

Then what do we do?

Put him out of action. Break his leg again!

Deliver goods to Veeran in the meantime.

I'll get him out of this case very soon!

Tell Haji to break his leg... only his leg. - Ok, sire.

Greetings, Mr. Salim!

Greetings. Tell me.

It's painful to see a fellow Muslim...

...working with infidels...

...against us!

Muslim? Do you know what it means?

Yes! One who believes in Islam. Not just that.

A true Muslim must have a pure conscience...

One whose conscience is alive at all times.

A conscience as solid as rock...

...and as pure as dew.

Speak of being Muslim only if you've such a conscience.

You're complicating matters. I believe...

I believe in live and let live.

We tried to reason with Rathod.

We were willing to pay as much as half-a-million.

So you've put a price tag on ACP Rathod...

What's the price tag for your county?

How many pieces of silver will you sell it for?

I'm a businessman...

...and I believe in fair play.

And never with one of our own.

We're both Muslims. We can sort things out.

Don't equate me with you!

I'm not like you!

You're a traitor!

Because of a few Muslims like you we're all suspects.

Men like you betray the county and...

...the whole community suffers. Enough of lectures!

Some day you'll come to your senses... your friend Rathod would've realised by now.

What do you mean?

Go, save him!

If you hurt him I'll not spare you!

Don't mind, how do I drive?

We're home safe and sound! Thank you.

I'm safe and sound! What about others!

Hey Stay quiet!




Help! Stop them!

Please don't hurt my son!

Please stop them from hurting my son!

Hold him.

Please don't hurt my son!

Please don't hurt my son! - Stop.


Shiva! The police! Run!

Salim! Catch them!

What are you doing? Ajay!

Aiay! Wait!

They got away! - Get the jeep!

We can get them at any time. Get the jeep!

Yadav has returned with vital information. - Listen to me!

Mum! I'm fine!

Let them be. We've enough to nail them.

The villages on the border are conduits for drugs and guns Unmanned camels smuggle the contraband across the border.


The camels are specially trained to travel on their own...

...they fery the stuff across without human supervision.

Intelligence reports suggest the presence of...

...a few Pakistani spies in these villages.

This one is Captain Javed Abbas...

...operating in Bahid as Shafi.

And this is Maior Aslam Baig.

He visited India recently to attend a poetry meet.

What's the matter, sir? Nothing.

Intelligence has intercepted and taped a message.

A huge consignment of arms will arrive in a few days.

We should prepare to leave for Rajasthan.

Yes. I'll talk to the DCP.

Even I want to talk to you.

Come in.

Hurt your leg? - Nothing much, sir.

If you...

If you didn't want take on this case... should've informed me.

I'd have arranged a lucrative posting for you.

What do you mean, sir?

You pretend to be honest and then angle for plum postings.

I haven't angled for anything.

Then why did I get this order?

It's a ploy to get me off this case... I'm close to solving it.

I must leave for Rajasthan immediately.

Believe me, sir. Trust me.

I'm being shunted, sir.

Let me go. Please.

Fine! This order stays with me.

You've not received it.

No! I shan't let you go! Forget this job!

You even got shot at! Mum! I must go!

Why can't they send someone else?

You were attacked!

You don't care enough! See the way he limps.

You're hurt but you still want to go to Rajasthan!

I won't allow it!

Stop him! Why doesn't anyone stop him?

I won't let you go!

Don't mind.

I won't let you go!

I've lost one son! You're all I've left!

Goodbye, Mother!

No! I won't let you go!

"I'm sleepless all night! As I long to be your bride!"

"Gift me pearls and diamonds! As I long to be your bride!"

"Will you die for me? ...oh yes!"

"Will you entice me... oh yes!"

"Want to save your life... then make me your Queen!"

"Are you true to love... oh yes!"

"Live a life of love... if you wish to live!"

"Hold me to your lips... if you wish to live!"

"Hold me to your lips... if you wish to live!"

"I'm sleepless all night! As I long to be your bride!"

"Gift me pearls and diamonds! As I long to be your bride!"

The stuff has arrived!

Be careful this time.

Rathod is here!

Come with me!

Salim! - Yes... - Shafi...


Come with me!

Go by the godown!

Come with me!

Where's the boss? - I don't know.

Where's he?


Today you'll die!

ACP Rathod.


He has escaped.

I know where they're headed.

ACP Rathod. Crime Branch. Mumbai Police.

Seize all this stuff! We're going to Bahid Fort.

Ask the control room to send your forces there.


Get up!

Come on!

Control room... hello...

Get out of here!

I can't! They've blocked the entrance.

Go up! Let me know when the back-up forces arrive.

Yadav! Baiju! Stay here! Salim! Come with me.


Stop firing!

Stop firing!

Stop firing!

Ask your men to stop firing!

Yes, Sire. Stop firing!

Gulfam Hasan!

You, Major Baig and Mirchi Seth...

...will be arrested for spreading terrorism in this county.

You cannot escape! Surrender!

How can you accuse us, Ajay, without any evidence?

Evidence is this traitor Mirchi...

...and Haji, who is in our custody.

Who is he? I don't know him!

I do know Mirchi because he lives in the neighbourhood.

You can ask him what he's doing here.

What evidence is this? I don't know Mirchi or Haji.

But you do know Shafi. Right?

A captain in your spy agency lSl, where you're a Major.

We've caught him red-handed smuggling arms.

Now your terrorist acts will be exposed to the world.

I'm a diplomat representing my county...

...a guest who is here on your Government's invitation.

I have diplomatic immunity.

Touch me and you'll see the repercussions in Islamabad.

Let's wait! Once the force arrives, how will they escape?

We don't have enough evidence against Gulfam Hasan.

He'll get away scot free.

Let's kill them and claim that we did it in self-defence.


I won't let them die so easily.

The force is here!

Salim! Give me your gun!

You don't seem to understand I've diplomatic immunity.

To hell with your diplomatic immunity!

That can be of use if you live through this!

I'll give you just one last chance to live...

...this Gulfam Hasan whom we loved and trusted...

...has cheated me and betrayed my county!

I won't let him walk away alive!

If you want to live... kill Gulfam Hasan!

I'll then free you and Shafi.

But why don't you kill him?

The law here forbids it!

What's the guarantee you'll free me after I kill him?

What nonsense is this?

You'll have to trust me. You've no option.

Sir! The force will be here in five minutes.

Hurry up, 3&9-

Once the force arrives I'll not be able to help you.

Take this gun and kill Gulfam.

Baig! Baig!

Are you out of your mind? You want to kill me?

Don't you know who I'm?

I know, but a singer can't be saved at the cost of soldiers.

Your death won't really affect my county... you aren't a Pakistani. You're a mohajir.

Is it?

Until now wasn't I a mohajir?

Now that your life is at stake I've become expendable.

Mirchi! Tell your men to kill him!

Mirchi! Don't interfere! It's between them.

I'll make you a state witness. Stand by us. That's the best.

Ajay! I saved your life ice from this man.

This man who you want to make a state witness...

...wanted to kill you! Is this how you pay me back?

Pqay'. AW'-!


You played a game with me.

I'm defeated.

You tricked me into killing a man.

I've committed a grave sin with these hands.

Today you lay hands on a gun and realise that it's a sin!

What about the guns you gave others to kill innocents?

Gulfam Hasan, my county gave you love and respect...

...gave you adulation...

...and what did you give in return?

Terrorism and bloodshed!

I didn't make you a killer! You were always one...

...I just ripped off the mask.

The world knows that I'm a true artiste.

Maybe but from now on you'll be known... a traitor and assassin.

You're a criminal and you'll be punished for your crime.

This land on which you stand today...

...and order me...

...was ruled by my ancestors.

I grew up in this palace...

We've ruled this land.

One day, for no reason...

...we were driven out like cattle...

To render families homeless is a crime.

To snatch everything from someone is a crime.

To orphan children is a crime.

What they did to us fifty years ago was a crime!

Yes! It was a crime.

It was because of the partition.

You weren't the only one singled out to suffer.

Millions were killed, orphaned and rendered homeless.

It happened on both sides of the divide.

Sadly some people want to push us back to the same situation.

They want to use religion to divide us again but...

...we won't let them succeed, no matter what their religion.

Gulfam Hasan, we didn't celebrate the partition.

We remember it with sadness and grief.

We want to forget the past and rise above that trauma but... and your kin rip open old scars to make new wounds.

And we'll keep doing that!

For our wounds are deep...

...and they won't heal so easily.

I wish that you and your future generations remember...

...the atrocities committed against our community.

Every time our weapons rain death...

...then you'll realise the pain...

...and the wounds suffered by our community.

Stop talking nonsense!

What do you mean by your community?

If you mean Muslims then India has more Muslims than Pakistan.

Guns do not discriminate.

Even Muslims die by your bullets.

Your deeds bring dishonour to the Muslims in India.

By spreading death, you aren't helping your community.

All this talk of community and religion is a fraud.

Men like you belong nowhere. You and this Mirchi Seth!

He bites the hand that feeds him!

The rogue was willing to sell his county.

People like you are enemies of humanity.

Gulfam Hasan.

I regret...

...having befriended you.

Salim, arrest him.

Gulfam Hasan, the renowned Pakistani singer, is dead.

He committed suicide at Bahid in Rajasthan.

His fans all over the world are shocked.

He'd expressed a desire to be buried in Bahid...

...while Pakistan wants his body to to be returned.

Government sources link him to anti-national forces.

How could an artiste like Gulfam Hasan do such deeds?

Artistes are human.

Some good. Some bad.

Twinkle twinkle little stars.

Inspector Salim? Here?

Yes, but what are you doing here?

I'm going to Dubai. - Dubai?

I'm now into import-export.

Good we met!

Let me give you one solid tip!

Remember Veeran? He's here! - Where?

Don't mind... how long is it going to take?

They should be here soon.

Mother has made a delicacy for you.

Excuse me, sir.


Go home and tell Mum I'll be late for dinner.

Where are you going?

Something important has come up.

Don't mind.

Don't mind.