Sasori (2008) Script

No light, no heat.

Before dawn, I'll definitely freeze to death.

After my death, they'll gradually forget I ever existed.

They'll forget me.

The people who set me up, from whom I seek vengeance.


And those who loved me.

All of them will forget me.

They turned off the lights.

Maybe because they know that I'm dying.

Punishing me to threaten the other prisoners is now worthless.

I can't die. I can't die in this place.

I still have unfinished business.

Female Convict Scorpion

Message Hei Tai Nami, should I wear a tuxedo or a suit tonight?

If I have a say, it's better to be naked.

Message Hei Tai Oh, it's a party. Other women will see me naked.

I will kill them all.

Message Sent

I'm picking them up at the airport. Be right back. Cook something for Dad.

He hates the Spanish food at the party.

He wants to eat the noodles you cook, okay?


Good evening, Miss Nami Matsushima.

The more you struggle, the more excited he gets.

He once cut a whore's nose off.

Then he stabbed her 420 times.

What did he stab her with? I don't think you want to know.

If you want your boyfriend to be safe, you'd better be more cooperative.

Thank you.

Did you come here to do something to Hei Tai?

If yes, I beg you to kill me first.

The reason we came here tonight is to kill him.

Is this your cop boyfriend, Hei Tai?

Do you know?

All men stink.

I originally only wanted to kill an old man.

But knowing you love this lousy man so much, I'm really a little unhappy.

So I have to kill one more.

I was only paid to kill one person, so I'll only kill one.

Don't worry.

This lady will help us kill one more person.

Nami, we're here!

Dad, Nami cooked some noodles. Please eat some.

Some? I'll eat till I'm full.

The food at the party isn't fit for human consumption.

Overeating makes you sleepy. You've got a speech.

The speech is right here.

Okay, go in first. I'll get the luggage.

Hey, open already.

Hei Tong! Sis!



Girl, whether you live or die depends on this woman.

Killing is actually simple.

There's a pig in front of you.

Stab with a lot of power, then pull out the knife.

If you stab deep enough, within thirty seconds...

We'd like you to take a lie detector test to prove you're not an accomplice.

She's already confessed.

With your statement, we can wrap things up quickly.

I thought about letting her go... I thought about letting her go.

Someone this dangerous ought to be locked up.

You thought about letting her go?

We'd like you to take a lie detector test to prove you're not an accomplice.

She's already confessed.

With your statement, we can wrap things up quickly.

Hei Tai, you can go now.

Are you the newcomer, 701?

Hey... Do you know how to fight?

You don't like to talk much?

Crawl over here.

Your skin is smooth.

You're definitely from the upper class.

I hate your type the most.

I permit you to see him once.

Hei Tai Lam.

You really miss him?

Okay, I'll tell him to go.

Women are good at saying the opposite of what they feel.

I'll let you see him.

But your clothes are torn. I'll give you new ones.

Hands off!

Take her back.

I suddenly don't want her to see anyone from the outside.

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai! Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai!

Hei Tai! Hei Tai! Hei Tai!

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Hei Tai, kill me...

Hei Tai, kill me...

Hit her! Hit her! Hit her! Hit her! Hit her!

Dieyou! Dieyou! Dieyou! Dieyou! Dieyou!

If you don't want to be beaten, learn how to beat others!

Sister, don't disappoint me.

Make use of the corner.

Sister, force her to the corner! Force her over there!



Take good care of my sister or I'll twist your head off, got it?

I hate this.

Dieyou is an arrogant wild beast.

But an arrogant beast will eventually make mistakes.

I can definitely cause her to make a mistake.

There's no grudge between us.

But I killed her.




Sorry, Warden.

I just want to do my time in peace.

I don't want to kill again.

I didn't kill Dieyou's sister.

That's right. You don't seem to be able to fight.

Unless you ambushed her.

If you find me dangerous, you can put me in a single cell.

This isn't the Four Seasons.

Do you know if you die here, I could feed your corpse to the dogs, and no one would know.

Do you understand the rules here?

If you treat me better, there will be no harm to you.

I can move you to a single cell...

Without a lot of people...

If you're obedient, maybe I can release you on parole.

Or I can transfer you to another prison.

You don't want to end up like Dieyou, do you?

Nami Matsushima.

Am I going to die here?

No mistake. Have any last words?

My last words are, "I want you to go to hell with me."

If you touch her, you'll die terribly too.

Get lost.

A person who crawls out of the grave will be good at kung fu.

You have grievances...

You have grievances. You want revenge.


You're really useless.

You can't even unsheathe the sword. How can you take revenge?

Just bottle up your grievances.

Every fight has one fatal blow.

The most important thing is to control your enemy's emotions.

If you can control those emotions, you still have a chance to win even if you're outmatched.

Get out of here. I'm not going to kill you.

Corpse collector, can you tell me your story?

What? Feel sorry for me?


Go where you want.

With my current skills, do you think I can get my revenge?

If you have doubts about yourself...

Well, just stay here for the rest of your life.

This sword hasn't tasted blood for a long time. Feed it well.

When I wake up tomorrow, I don't want to see you again.

I still want to know who wanted to kill Hei Tai's dad.

I knew a science student named Hayayoru.

She always wore a smile on her face.

But she was cunning.

Miss Hayayoru, there's a call for you.

You haven't changed your number?

You haven't changed your number? Who is this?

Nami Matsushima.

It's been a while. How have you been?

You don't know?

I've been with Professor Manyuu the last few years and blind to the world.

Professor Lam was killed.

Really? Did they get the murderer?

After Professor Lam's death, there was no one to criticize Manyuu's scientific studies that advocated inhuman organ-transplant procedures.

We haven't stopped the research.

Persistence is a must in scientific research.

Can we meet up?

We live in seclusion. We don't want visitors.

Let me send someone to pick you up, okay?

How many? Four?

One is enough. Where are you now?

I once cut a whore's nose off.

I took off her pants.

Then I kept thrusting.

And kept thrusting.

I counted a total of 420 times.

My name is Tetsujin.

Why would a whore feel shy?

Look at me. Why are you shy?

Please help me out.

Take this knife and cut his nose off.

Killing is actually simple.

There's a pig in front of you.

Stab with a lot of power, then pull out the knife.

If you stab deep enough, within thirty seconds...

Doesn't Hei Tai recognize me?

Am I not remembering right?

Or have I already forgotten Hei Tai's face?

My first thought when I saw this man was that it was him...

Bartender, what's the name of the guy playing guitar?

Do you know him?

He's weird.

His name's Tai.

Buy more drinks and I'll tell you his story.

He started to come a year ago. He got drunk easily.

Mister, we're closing now.

Sir, we're closed for the night.

Did someone else drink it?

I'll treat you to another glass.

That's the way. It's good to drink yourself to death.

You want to die, and I want more money.

I won't save you.

No one can help you.

Except yourself.

Do you believe in hypnotherapy?

Someone said she could give me hypnotherapy.

To remove my unwanted memories completely.

Memories are something precious.

To be human is to feel pain.

Have you decided to lose your memories?

After you lose your memories, will you still come back here for a drink?

I don't know if you mean your life or your memories, but remember my words.

I hope I can see you again.

Later, when he showed up again...

Bartender, can I stay here?

I have no place to go.

He had already forgotten me.

Telling my story again?

Of course.

I've become this bar's attraction.

The monster with no memory in a zoo.

You don't remember anything from your past?

I don't remember.

Did I know you before?

Are you a woman who broke my heart?

No, I've never seen you before.

I'm willing to let a pretty woman like you break my heart.

Many girls are touched after hearing my story.

Are you touched?

I'm not like them.


Do we actually... have a future?

I don't need a future.

No one needs a future.

I had a dream when I was in prison.

In my dream, I killed Hei Tai.

I know...

I really wanted to kill Hei Tai too.

You'll have to send someone else to kill me.

I'm so happy I didn't kill you that day.

Because I've never met a woman who could fight me.

I haven't treated you like a woman.

You're not even human.

Do you think you'll feel better if you kill us all?

Or has killing become your hobby now?

I want to get this over with as soon as possible. I hope you don't mind.





I'm sorry. I don't feel so good.

Sorry, I really feel sick today.

Enjoy the category III movie by yourself.

Miss Hayayoru, I beg you to replace Sen Sou's leg.

Just like what I did for your hand?

Bring me my shoes. Go for a walk with me.

One year ago, someone came begging for hypnotherapy.

He had this matchbox with him.

His name is Hei Tai.

You want to find him?

He isn't around. I bet he's spending a holiday in the Caribbean.

You love to joke, huh?

You want to protect yourself, right?

What good can come of helping others lose their memories?

Don't think about other people. Just think about yourself.

Three minutes from now, you might want to lose your memory too.

Do you think you can be that optimistic?

Do you smile away all your pains?

How are you?

Who's this?

The one who helped you lose your memory.

I want to see you. Where are you now?

I don't think it's necessary.

But your life is in danger.

If you don't see me, you may lose your mind.

If you lose your mind, you may hurt other people.

I'm sorry.

I forgot where to find you.

Where do you work? I'll come to your place.

I don't know whether you know that bar or not...

Have you kept anything from me?

Yes. I'm seeking revenge.

You seem to know a lot about me.

That night you were at the bar, I kept staring at you the whole night.

I was afraid you'd suddenly go away.

What was I before?

I'm just one of those women who slept with you.

You'll forget me soon.

I'm going out for a while.

I want to get rid of that bitch, Nami.

She was one of my good students.

Should I not kill her?

I just can't imagine her dying so young.

Nami Matsushima, do you want to meet an old friend?

It's Hei Tai, before he lost his memory.

If Akagi defeats you tonight, you'll have no chance to see him.

I promise that Hei Tai will wait for you all night.

He'll wait to kill you.

You're worthless!

The most important thing is to control your enemy's emotions.

Akagi, were you poor when you were little?

Give me more money and I'll tell you.

You still have a chance to win even if you're outmatched.

Nami Matsushima, which one is you?

In front of your man, you were selfish and afraid of death, so you killed his father and sister.

You think you can seek vengeance?

If anyone should seek vengeance, it's Hei Tai.

Not you.

I had already forgotten you.

Why'd you come back looking for me?

Now that you know, killing Nami is the only way to end your nightmare.

I thought about letting you go.

I thought about letting you go...

Let me go.

I'm tired of killing people.

Sen Sou...

Hayayoru is dead.

You can forget her now.

I'm going back to see her.

We won't kill any more people.

Do we actually... have a future?

The flower was flattered when it was called beautiful.

Once it blooms, it's scattered moments after.

The stupid, stupid, stupid woman's melody of regret.

Giving up and saying it's a sad fate...

When you show your tears, you're put to tears yet again.

The melody of regret of a woman's... woman's... woman's tears.

Hateful... regretful... unforgiving...

Tries to erase... Can't erase... Can't forget...

The unending, unending, unending woman's melody of regret.

Being laughed at and told she's just dreaming.

Waking up but not woken up.

The melody of regret of a woman's... woman's... woman's heart.

Thorns exist on red roses.

Don't want to stab, but it cannot be avoided.

The passionate, passionate, passionate woman's melody of regret.

Flowers and fruit bloom at death.

Live your life on with regret.

The melody of regret of a woman's... woman's... woman's life.