Sathru (2019) Script

My dear people!

Greetings to all spectators!

Theme of the folk dramato be played before you by Ramar Koothupattarai of Chennai, we are going to watch the annihilation ofevil demon Sooran known as 'Soorasamharam'

What you steal is money!

What you find in shop is sweet honey!

What you offer as sweet Puttuon a girl attaining puberty!

You get rap on head if you goto place you don't want to!

We are a troupe of folk artistes!

Applause please!

Ruling over this universe,troubling Gods and their devotees, to kill Sooran, the demonwho killed innocent people, to protect us from the evil demon, Lord Muruga killed him!

Silence please!


Lord Muruga, who got the divine Spearas boon from his mother, we will present youthe action of-

Lord Muruga killing demonSooran over 16 days!

We request devotees to watch the show onall the days to get blessed by Lord Muruga.

We humbly request you to forgive usfor any mistake in this presentation.

Let's watch the atrocitiesof demon Sooran!

What? Is Sooran coming now?

Is he going to torture people?

What if he kills us too!

If he comes, he'll definitely kill!

What can we do now?

I'll run for my life,if also fear for life, run!

No one can kill me in this world!

The world is my slave!

People are my slaves!

Infact Lord Siva is also my slave!

My word is law now!

My word is rule!

World is at my command!

Kill people, devotees and Godswho refuse to pray me!

Let their blood flow like riverand flesh as bank!

Only then my thirst of ragewill get satiated!

What's it, brother?What happened?

You made me laugh likea mad man, right?

Didn't you buy the liquor I had asked?

I bought it, brother.- First, make a drink for me.

What's it, brother?Still thinking about morning incident?

Let bygones be bygones,let's think about what to do in future!

Say something, Prabha!

Shut up, you're responsible for everything.

Had you kidnapped the child properly,we could've made a crore easily!

He could've settled down in life, right?

We were helpless at that time, brother.

You should've killed him, right?

A crowd gathered, brother.If not we would've killed him, brother.

Women surrounded us, had we killed him,they would've raised an alarm.

Had it been men,they wouldn't have neared us in fear!

Forget it, brother.

We kidnapped two kids in Coimbatore, right?

Let's plan similar kidnapping here.

As soon as he knew about kidnap,he came running with cash to pay ransom.

We must plan it like that, brother.

Prabha, tell me who our next target is!

I'll ensure we don't bungle it again.

Kutty, get me that bag.- Okay, brother.

Watch out...careful!


He's the next target.

I want complete details about himand his family in a week.

Unlike our previous assignments,this is very big deal!

If accomplish this well,all of us can settle down in life.

One more thing, if anyone crosses4 our path, just kill him!

Brother, call from Anbu.- Don't answer it.

They showed their true colour.They always do things mindlessly.

Let's call when we need them.- Okay, brother.

Don't loiter under theinfluence of marijuana.

Do your work properly.

I'm going to keep a watch on them, right?

Where did you keep the key?- It's with you.

Why are we living separately?Why not stay together, brother?

How happy we can beif we're together!

Having a blast of life with liquorand game of cards!

Kutty, it's good for us to live separatelyinstead of living together.

Because our work demands!

If there's any problem,all of us would get caught together.

Who would take care of our families then?

If I'm in trouble,you'll take care of my family.

If you're in trouble,I'll take care of your family.

That's why!

You always say this, brother.

Whatever you may say,it's out of world when we are together.

Don't worry,if we execute this plan well, We can live together happily ever after!Okay?

One more important thing Keep your homes cleantill this job is over.

If anyone comes in search,he mustn't get even a bit of paper.

Raghu, buy 50 Korean Mobiles.- Okay, brother.

Kutty, talk to Das and get SIM cards.- Okay, brother.

Bye, brother.- Bye.

Bye, brother.

Call from Anbu.- Cut it.

I'll take leave, brother.- Okay.

Bye, brother.

I know everything about it.

That's why I inquired him.

Don't take law into your hands.

If this happens again,will not stop with warning.

Who is he, sir?AC is shouting at him!

He's standing his ground bravelywithout moving an inch.

His name is Kathiresan, Royapuram SI.

He joined the dept. 2 years ago.

Go suspended twice in 2 years!

About 3 months ago,for an eve teasing case, though the teaser was MLA's son,he thrashed him mercilessly on road.

Infact he took on Commissionerfor a case involving his son.

Its all not because of new toDepartment or Young Blood.

His character is like that!

Why are you here early in the morning?

SI is here to inquire you again,came to inform you, brother.

I told him everything, right?What's his problem?

Come.- I don't know, brother.

What's your problem, sir?

If you visit me often like this,I'll get bad name in this neighbourhood.

I don't know anything about the goods.Won't I tell if I know about it?

I'll do one thing, I'll send two of my men,close the case with them.

They'll have a tour of jail andyou can close the case.

Why inquire me instead of...

Why are you hitting while I'm talking, sir?

Don't hit me, sir...don' hit me, sir...'s paining...

Stop it, sir.

I asked you to tell me the truth,will you complain with AC?

I know whose goods it is!

Till you come and accept it,I'll keep on inquiring you.

Okay, sir.

Greetings, sir.

He turned approver, sir.

Had you turned approver earlier,I wouldn't have inquired you, right?

Forgive me, sir.

Sir, Perumal has agreed he smuggledthe goods confiscated in harbour.

What to do now, sir?

Shall I file FIR or....?- Do something.

Take their statements and arrest them.

Sir...sir...don't hit me...

Hello There's trouble in Sunshine bar, sir.

Please come immediately, sir.- Okay, we're coming.

Sir, it seems someone iscreating trouble in Sunshine bar.

Okay, check it.

Sir...- What?

Shall I send someone elseto the court, sir?

You carry on the court work,I'll go to the bar.

Okay, sir.

Where are they?- Upstairs, sir...come. sir.

Inside?- Yes, sir.

'm straight forward..."

I don't tell lies..."

What happened?

Are you mad?- Yes, I'm mad, sir.

A young man loved me for 2 years, sir.

He chased me till I accepted his love.

After our marriage is fixed, he isn't calling me on phone.

Arrest him, sir. him in an encounter.

Look dear, I was on duty since morning.That's why....

How did you come now?

I'm on duty now also.

They said trouble, so I'm here...

You're on duty, right?

Don't answer the call.

AC is calling me urgently, can I go...?

Okay, go.

How many days are you going totake leave for Kathiresan's marriage?

'Kashmir'One week. Why?

Shruthi wanted to visit Ootyfor quite long time.

If you take 2 weeks off,we can also spend some time in Ooty.

Is it for her sake or you...?

Oh no...for her sake only.

She has been insisting on havinga kid brother for quite long time.

Just a sec, wait.Darshini is calling, I'll call you later.


Hey Yes Get going quickly.Darshini would be waiting on road.

Okay, father.

Brother, that boy's father is Mahendran.

As you told me, he owns3 jewellary shops in city.

His family consists of 4 members.

He, his wife, his mother...and then his son.

His wife and mothercome out of home only on work.

That boy is studying class 3in Srividya School.

There are 3 cars in is house, brother.

He uses BMW, his wife uses Audi,Benz for that little boy.

Driver is Namasivayam.

Inquired about him, honest man.But short tempered.

If we seek help from him,we'll get caught.

That little boy leaves home at 7.30 am.

There's no else with him otherthan that driver.

The car takes left turnafter coming out of home.

The car races without any trafficfor 700 meters, then takes two left turnsand two right turns, brother.

Takes last right turn near Gandhi statue.

Driver will go fast if there's no traffic.

He'll stop at school gatein next 3 minutes.

School is on the left side, so the boysits on the left side in back seat.

The boy enters school immediatelyon getting down from car.

Distance between parking car andschool gate is 20 feet only.

Two watchmen at the gate,we can't enter the premises.

After school closes,the car is parked at the same place.

But the boy's mother or father willdefinitely accompany him from school.

Any which way we look...

It's risky, Prabha.

Brother, car has started.

Hey you, what's your problem?Why are you going on honking horn?

Why did you leave my son alonein car and got down?

ICICI Bank account has Rs.70 lakhs.

HDFC Bank account has Rs.10033000, sir.

Rs.70 lakhs in City Bank, sir.

Withdraw all the cash.

Okay, sir If that's not enough, let's take outcash hidden in bank locker. Okay?

No need to rush, Mahendran.

We know AC very well, let's inform him first.

Uncle, keep police out of it.

What can we do if they refuse to returnthe child after taking ransom?

Let's go to police first,that's safe for us.

Do you've enemies?

I mean in business or personal?

No one like that, sir.

Do you suspect anyone?

Suspect?No one, sir.

Can you see anything else?- Nothing.

But called AC sir directly on phone.

What's their demand?- Rs.3 crores.

It's not Rs.3 crores but Rs.5 crores.

Will call you again at 3 pm.

Keep the cash ready.

Arrange the cash instead ofwasting time on tracing this call.

Call came from Avadi this timebut the caller is another man.

Please take her out.

Sir, I'm scared...let's pay ransom, sir.

Sir, don't rush,first demand was Rs.3 crores, now their demand is Rs.5 crores.

Can't pay ransom as they demand.

Sir, Money is not important to me,my son is important to me.

Correct, sir.

Sir, let's first pay ransomand save the child.

Then, let's trace them...

What are you saying, Kathir?

Can we give money if somestranger calls and demands ransom?

They kidnapped his son for money,why did they kidnap another child also?

Their target is not moneybut some other motive.

Moreover how can we believethe child is with him?

Sir, please listen to me.

Sir, I feel money is the motive from their phone calls.

We can't decide like that, Kathirwe've to think in all directions.

Wait I'll show you How to handle this?

Let's be little patient, sir.

Is money ready?- Arranging it.

Please give me little time.- What? Arranging money?

Yes, earlier demand was Rs.3 crores,now, you're asking Rs.5 crores.

Shouldn't we arrange it?

We're serious here,can't you arrange Rs. 5 crores also?

We're arranging the cash.

Can we talk to the child before that?

Will you talk non-sense like thisin the name of smart moves?

No use in talking to you,give the phone to Mahendran.

Hey! I think you don't love your son.

That's why you went to policedespite my warning.

They're now playing with your son's life.

They're trying to save your moneynot your son.

Watch, what they're going to save! Not like thatHello...hello

Please save my son, sir.

Let's pay them, sir.

I want my son, sir.

Please something, sir...- Don't worry, please sit down.

Sir, they killed my son!

Oh son!

Look at my son's body!

My son...

Look at my son...

Hello Assistant Commissioner,I'll warn only once.

Don't force me to kill another child.

Don't stop me now.

Just listen to what I say!

Exactly at 9, one among you, must come with cash to B2 coachof Kaveri Express leaving from Chennai.

No smart moves,it may take another child's life.

Last thing, I'm watching your every move.

I'm listening to every word you say!

From which platform trainto Vizag leaves, brother?

I don't know.

Give the bag to any girl boardingB2 coach and leave the place.

Which girl?

What is this hair style?

It's there...get inside.

That right side.

Please take care of it.I'll buy water bottle.

Be careful!

One water bottle, please.

Madam change


Brother, I forgot to take the change.

I called you, madam,but you didn't turn back.

Excuse me Madam, a small help.- What?

My name is Kathir.I'm a police officer, a small problem.

Will you please keep this bag with you?

Who the heck are you?What's your problem?

Why are you giving it to me? i call the police Please try to understand me, madam.I'm also a police officer.

Please check my ID card.

A child has been kidnappedand they're demanding ransom.

This bag has cash.


Sir, please don't get me into trouble.

Please give this to someone else.

You won't get into any trouble, madam.

They've already killed a child andblackmailing us with another child.

Please try to understand.

You please try to understand Please find someone else, sir.

Mother!- Coming!

Excuse me, sir- Madam He's also of your son's age.

His mother is also waitingeagerly to see him.

Please help at least for her, madam Sir, child...- Mother!

Coming, son.

You're saying child...kidnap...ransom...

We'll not get into any trouble, right?

Madam, you won't get into any trouble,I'll travel in the next compartment.

Please, take it.

Thank you- Okay.

Excuse me Move please!

Move please!

What happened, madam?

Don't know who he is!

Suddenly a man came,without caring that she's a woman,

I'll come with Prabha.- Okay, brother.

Hello May I come in?

How did he come here, Prabha?

Whatever it may be,let's think about it tomorrow morning.

He was faithful to us!

Police must arrest criminals,why did he shot him dead?

What are we to tell his family?

He was talking about seeing his motherand sending money to family.

They killed him at young age!

Why are you silent, brother?

I must see him...I must talk to him...

I feel like sharing food with him, brother.

Kolathur Munusamy's body is ready.

Who's the claimant?Come here.

Wait, I'll come

Oh God!

They killed Kutty, man

They killed Kutty brutally


Let's go brotherCome

Do you know what you're doing?

Say something.- No sir...that is..

I don't want any explanation.

Had anything happened to the child?Who would take the responsibility?

Will you explain it tohigher officers and press?

You'll do something like action film hero.

But if anything goes wrong,you'll stand here like an innocent boy.

We've to bang heads for it, right?

No sir, they already killed a child...

That's why, I...- Stop it! Don't we know to do it?

Are you teaching me what I should do?

Earlier you bashed upRoyapuram Perumal to turn approver.

He called me up to tell this.

What the hell are we here for?

Leave it.

What did I tell you?

I told you to give money andcome back, we'll discuss later Why the hell did you do like that?

Thank God, the child is safe.

This is not the first time, you disobeyedsenior officer's order many times.

I've warned you many a times.

You take every warning first time.

Sir, this will not happen again, sir.

I am very sorry Panneerselvam, you takecharge of the case.

Enough of him.

Thank you, sir

For disobeying senior officer's orderand without my permission, for the action you had taken,I'm suspending you for 3 months.

Go home and take rest.

I am very sorry I heard about your suspension.

Idiots! Suspension for your heroic deed!

That's why our dept. is like this.

Sir, if you recommend'll be helpful.

Oh roll down my dead.

That's why our police dept. is like this.

But one thing, had I been Commissioner,I would've celebrated this grandly.

Sir, you don't need to bea Commissioner to throw a party.

Am I right?

Then, I'm throwing a partyon Sunday in my home.

Okay?- Super sir.

Then, be careful. on't know how many boyswere there in the gang?

They may attack you in retaliation.

Sir, it is not possible.

How many they would be? 10?


Okay, assume they're 20.

We're over a lakh in our department.

Police officers getattacked in films only.

In real life, they'llwet their pants.

Killed one, right?Others would've run away in fear.

Even if they do come,I'm not afraid of them, sir.

Because we're police men!

You don't forget that, sir.- Okay, sir

If he kills one of us, does he thinkwe would run away in fear?

We must make him run for his life.

Though so many of us are here,Kutty is lying there as unclaimed body.

He deserves death for this.

No, brother.Not just him, brother.

Before he dies, he must cry forevery gory death in his family, brother.

Prabha, he must answerfor Kutty's death.

Let this be a lesson to every police officerwho kills people in encounters.

We must do this beforethe hurt wound heals.

We're doing it one day!

This must be the headline ofevery newspaper next morning.

Every police officer must thinktwice before killing any criminal.

They must fear!

Shruthi Where's the photo that was here?- I don't know, mom.

You throw away things.


Mother!- Wait...wait..

Mother- Don't come.

Mother!- Hey!


Oh God!


Look at me, Shruthi.


We came here half hour ago,doctors are checking.

She's in ICU.- Nothing to worry.

I've talked to doctor.- Who is patient's father?

Her father is out of station.I'm her grandfather.

Please sign this.

Pay money in cash counter.

Operation is on, nothing to fear.

When are you coming?

Flight leaves tomorrowmorning only.

I'll be there by afternoon.


Sister, a child was admitted lastevening after meeting with an accident.

Where is she now?- Second floor operation theatre.

How is she doing?- Serious condition only.

Thank you- Okay

Father!- How is she now?

Operation is on, father.

You don't worry, dear...nothing will happen to her.

We've boarded train.

We'll come straight to hospitalby morning.

Which train?- Cheran express.

Train is moving,I'll talk to you personally.

Okay, father.

What?- My parents are coming.

They're coming in Cheran express.

Uncle?- Yes.

Paid cash, father.No problem.

I inquired, I'm sure the childwill not survive.

Had you said yes,I would've burnt down the hospital.

Let's stay here and kill every memberof his family one after the other.

Yes Prabha, if two are inside,two of us will wait outside.

Let anyone come out, we'll kill them.

No Guna, it's risky to attack now.

What's the risk, brother?

We can take any risk for Kutty.

Don't talk like a mad man.

You saw the crowd inside, right?

Be patient.

Entire hospital will be sleepingearly in the morning.

That's the best time for us.

Sekar, take him with you.- Okay, brother We're meeting here againtomorrow morning at 3 am.

At dawn, he must see anotherfamily member dead Guna, let's go.

Get in quickly.

If he says, he'll surely come.

He won't go away.

You keep the gate open.

Must do something todistract opposite house man He's disturbing us a lot.

Why you want to see him?- Where's your husband?

Don't cry.Someone may come in.

Let's go.

Police shot him dead.

I can't bear it.

He was right before our eyes.He used to come silently.

He said let's take care of ittomorrow morning, let's go.

Why should we waittill morning?

We should've killedhim there itself.

You brought me herelike a coward.

I don't need anyone's help,I'll kill him myself.

Are you blabberinggetting drunk?

I said let's go, right?Come, let's go.

Tell me.- Buddy...

Got the vehicle.

But records are fake.

But still we're inquiringabout the vehicle.

One more important thing.

Handicapped man's bodyis missing from mortuary.

Everyone knew about it since morningbut didn't tell anyone.

I came to know just now.

Better to be careful.

Don't know how many are in the gang?

They may attack you in retaliation.

Kathir, Shruthi has met with an accident.

Okay What?

Had food?

Buddy, you go home, I've asmall work will finish and come.

I'm nearby Baby Okay, Okay I'll tell my parents thatI'm going out with a friend.



I'll hang up, Bye

Hello- Kathir?

Yes, you...?

Got to know who we are now?

She should've died immediatelyon hitting her.

Her good time, got postponed by a day.

Don't keep hope of her survival.

Nobody can stop her from death.

Who are you, man?

You killed and sent my friend to mortuarythinking there's nobody to question you.

We're there for him.

We'll kill your entire family andsend them to mortuary in 24 hours.

Had he allowed me,I would've killed you all tonight.

You're a little boy!

You shot him dead becauseyou're a police man, right?

Fear will enter you now about who inyour family would die next and where?

It'll tell you, who we are!

Who the hell are you?


Boy, pay for the phone call.

Hello Got a call from this number just now,do you know who he is!

Who the hell are you?

Who is on phone?

It's for me, brother.For me.


Cradle the phone properly.

I'm telling you,cradle the phone properly.

Answer the call.

I said answer it.

They don't know what they doif they're drunk.

They'll never come good in life.

They'll reform only if we go to policeand get them thrashed.

No way, if we go police,I've to spend more than my broken phone.

What do you want?- I want 4 packets.

What packets?- Condoms.

Super Unlike you today's young mendon't worry about safety.

Who was on phone?

No one...wrong number.

Lie, tell me the truth.Who was on phone?

What's the problem?

I said nothing, right?

What happened to you?It was just a wrong call, right?

Why are you getting so angry for that?

What's it? Come out bravely.

Father, it wasn't an accidentShruthi met with.

Yes, father.

They did it with a planto kill her, father.

Moreover, Shruthi isn't just their target.

All of us are their target.

A man died in child's kidnap case, right?

His gang members.

Who are they?They're threatening you!

I think they don't know about you.

What? Would they killall of us in 24 hours?

You too have the same time.

Don't leave anyone.

Pain of a police man mustn'tbe seen in his eyes.

It must be seen in his action only.

You must show your angerin every step you take.

Your anger must instill fear in enemy.

This is not for me or my family.For this country.

The day you took the oathas police officer, you've sacrificedyour family for this nation.

Go bravely, son.

I'll take care of our family.

Ensure never again anotherfamily faces this problem.




Sir, he's drunk.

Brother, a man called on phonefrom your shop.

Do you know who he is?

Did he call you?

What's the problem between you guys?

Why did he break my phone?

Buy a new phone for me,if not I'll call police.

We too are police officers.We're to investigate a case.


Sorry sir A man did call from here, sir.

After making the call,he broke my phone and ran away.

New phone, sir.

Do you know him or not?- I don't know him, sir.

Buddy, if a man callsfrom here to threaten you.

I'm sure he's not from this area.

Let's inform AC about this problem.

No, he's already angry on me.

The problem is he's angry on you.

If you do anything now,it'll create more problems for you.

So, better to inform him immediately.

No...- Don't think.

Call him immediately.

Tell me.

I'm Kathir here, sir.

Police do get threatening calls,can we fear for every call?

You should've listened to my orders.

You went overboard, okay...Call and inform Inspector Panneer.

What did he tell you?

He asked me to callInspector Panneerselvam.

Have you started it again, Kathir?

Don't forget you're under suspension.

You should've called me firstto talk about this case, right?

Why did you call AC?

You killed a criminalyou should've arrested.

Now body is missing from mortuary.

I'm investigating from all sides.

I'll catch them in couple of days.

It's safe for you to stayin hospital with your family.

I'll send two police menfor security, be careful.


It seems he'll catch themin couple of days.

Suggested me to hide in hospitalwithout fearing them.

If a girl is hacked to death on road,it takes 2 hours to clear her body.

It takes 2 days to decidewhich station must deal the case.

Even after seeing thekiller's face clearly in CCTV, it takes 10 days to catch him, they'll entire police responsible for this.

But the real reason is officers like him.

Don't know who they are,how many they are, don't know how they look like, in such a situation, not just 2 days,they may not catch them in 2 months also.

I don't have that much time also.

What time did you get the call?- About 9.

Tell me if the manwho came here is in this.

Give me.

It vehicle goes to court, it may take about a week.

Pay fine and take your vehicle as sir says.

I don't have money, sir.

I've to withdraw money from ATM.

Get it, I'll talk to sir.

None in these photos, sir.

He was dark with curly hair.


If you see him again,call me immediately.

Okay, sir.

Bye, sir.- Okay

Sir, bike keys, sir.

Come tomorrow morning to collect slip.- Okay, sir.

Take it.

Okay, I'll go now, sir.

Kathir, I'll inform youIf I find anyone suspicious.

Get me that file.

Sir, phone.

Greetings, sir.

Get me weapon!

Why are you asking weaponat this hour, sir?

Any problem?Tell me, sir.

I've boys in my area,who can do the job easily.

No thanks, you carry on.

Bye, sir.

Who are they?

I thought they could be usefulin times like this...

None in these photos, sir.

He was dark with curly hair.

Catch him!

The number you've dialledis switched off...

His number you've dialled is switched off...To send message press...

Tell me only truth for my questions.

If you tell truth, I'll let you livefor 5 or 10 years in jail.

If not you'll left dead here.

Tell me.

Tell me.

I'll tell you, sir...I'll tell you, sir...

We're a gang of 5.

Native of Madurai.

Two of us are here.

Will you come tomorrow, Sekar?- I've work.

Where's the guy who was after you?

He went out, sir.

Where are the other two guys?- In Poonamallee...

Tell me.

Why your phone is switched off?

No charge, so got switched off.

He told us everything, what next, Kathir?

No, sir...

Can we believe what he says?

Don't sir Man afraid of death will not tell lies.

Am I a kid to you?

Then, I'm your king for a year.

You're my queen.

Tell me, Kathir.- I need little information, Pandian.

Don't worry about your husband's death,I'll take care of you, darling.

Shall we do a thing, buddy?

Shall we call other guys hereusing his phone?

I'm tired, I'll go to sleep.

You too go to sleep.- Okay.

Hey Raghu Raghu

Hello brother, Raghu isshot dead by police.

They're after me now.

I'll somehow escape,they may find your hideout, brother.

Go away from there.

I'll call you later...

Go away!

Go away!

Come on Come on Come on Come on Come on

Who is it?Velan?

Oh God!

'Poonamalli Main Road


My life for dear ones...

My blood brothers...

Velan, who killed them...

He, his devotees,Gods supporting him mustn't anymore!

Anyone there?

Kathir, doctor wants todo another surgery.

Uncle went to home to get money.

He's taking unusually long time,he hasn't come back yet.

I'm trying to reach him on phone,he's not answering my calls.

Okay, I'll try.


'Poonamalli Sakrabani Street


Father...- Prabhakaran.

Hello I'm Prabhakaran here!

You rushed into this withoutknowing about me, Kathir.

We were like on family,you tried to terminate us.

Had you thought about family,you wouldn't have killed my friends.

You wouldn't have come searching me.

Your father is coming here,I'm not a eunuch like you.

I'll kill every member ofyour family informing you.

If possible, try to save your father.

Hey- I told you not to shout.

I'm giving you an hour's time.

You must be here.


'Anna salai


Get up...



Check upstairs.







Pain of police mustn't beenseen in eyes but in his action. how anger in action.

Anger must instill fear in enemy.

This is not for me or our family.

For this country.

The day you took oath as police officer,not just yourself, you've sacrificed your familyalso for the nation.

Go bravely.

I wanted to see your family deadby dawn, I've seen it.

I think you too would've seen it.

Don't shout.

Complete your father's funeral.

I'll arrange for yourentire family's funeral.


Hello Where are you Darshini?- In hospital!

No problem, right?

Problem? Nothing like that.What happened?


Sister-in-law is here.

Give the phone to sister-In-law.

Where are you?

Uncle's phone is still unreachable.


Sister-in-law said he was feeling little drowsy....

I asked him to take rest.

What are you saying?What happened to him?

No sister-in-law, he didn't sleepentire night, right?

That's why..

One more important thing, don't goout of hospital under any circumstance.

Stay inside only.


Complete your father's funeral.

I'll arrange for yourentire family's funeral.

'Chennai Central06:45:02AM'

Tell me...Kathir..

Where are you, uncle?

Got down at Central station just now.Coming to hospital from here. there.

There's a police booth in station,tell them my name and stay there.

I'll be there in 30 minutes.

Son-in-law says he'll come here.

'Chennai Central


Aunty...aunty...- Son-in-law...

Where's uncle?- He went to a shop just now.

Mr.Shanmugham is requested to cometo police help booth immediately.

Mr.Shanmugham is requested to cometo police help booth immediately.



I told you to wait in police booth, right?- Went to buy water bottle.


What's this, Prabha?

Instead of conductingfather's funeral, he's here.

Moreover his friends too are with him.

Does he know we're here?

Call Anbu.

'Pookadai Police Station09:00:24AM'

Nagesh, be alert.

If any suspicious person enters station,call me immediately.

If Inspector asks,tell him, I know them well.

Get some food for them.

How long will it take?- They'll take care of them.

How come you're here?

Pickpockets, sir.

Gang of thieves.

Didn't get caught all these days,we trapped and arrested them yesterday.

What happened?

Where's your mother?

I'm asking you a question.

How come you're here?

Where's your mother?

He's asking you a question, right?Answer him.

If not I'll thrash you to death.

You can't thrash anyone as you like, sir.

There are rules, right?

Keep quiet.

If I tell, will you pay me?

I'll surely pay you.

Tell me the truth.

Where's your mother?

Who are you asking about?

The lady you saw in train that day?Sister's name is Kasthuri.

She's not my mother,at times she calls me to work with her.

She asked to act like her son,I acted, she gave me Rs.1000.

Why did they hit her then?

Hello, he's in the next compartment.

I can't get down in Arakkonam.

You come, hit me andtake away the cash.

Do you know who took away the cash?

I know him butI don't know his name.

Parthi, give me your mobile.

See and tell if anyone of themare in this.

That's him, sir.

Is there anyone else with him?

There are many with him, sir.

Do you know where they are?

I don't know where they are,I know Kasthuri sister's house.

Where?- Ambattur.



This is the building,come, I'll show you, sir.

This is her house.- This one?

Why is it locked?- I don't know, sir.

Do you know where's thelady in this home, sister?

Why did she go away giving angry looks?

No one will tell about herbecause of that lady's reputation.

"Hey elderly man,he's new guy on the block..."

"Path is different..."

"Heart yearns..."

"Neither intention nor heart is clean..."

"There are no sorrows or sadness..."


Do I've diabetes?Add sugar and give me.

It's your time,my fate, I've to obey your order too.

Shall I take a bun, sir?- Take it.

I can't take it myself,take one and give me, sir.

If you want, take one yourself, sir.

Why are you staring at my bun?

For the present they'll notdo anything, Kathir.

All are safe.

They too know that, go to hospital immediately.

They're alone there.

It's not importantthey'll not attack now, before they plan anything again,I don't want them to be alive.

Where are you, Kathir?

I've been trying to reach uncle,it's still switched off.

Shanmugham uncle and aunty toohaven't come yet.

Any problem?- No problem.

I've asked them not to comeand kept them in a safe place.


I've withdrawn maximum cashfrom ATM, may need more cash.

My bank is nearby butyou've asked me not to go out.

That's why I called you.

Stay there, I'll send cash with Arun.

'ADS Matric School


Isn't it him?- Yes.

'Ambathur CTH Road


Sir, your tyre is flat!



I'm Anbhu here, brother.

Killed a man in our area.- Who?

Vadapalani SI!

What about the other two?- I don't know, brother.

He was alone.

I'll instruct you on phonewhat to do next.

Wait for my call.- Okay, brother.

What? Scared to answer phone call, right?

I want that.

Fear in you is nothing but my anger.

As I told you I killedanother member, right?

I'll not tell who will be the next victim,what's the name of person who is with you?


Ask him, he'll tell you.

He's asking me to checkif my son is in school.

Class Four C Section?- Go to the last class room.

This last?- That last!

Okay, what we first saw is Countries...

My son Vijay...

He didn't come to school today.

Sorry, I'm responsible for everything.

Don't worry, we can find your son.

How can we find himin such a large city?

We can't do anything hereafter, buddy.

Let's inform and get entire dept. into action.

Let's alert entire city police.

Don't rush, how can they searchentire city without any evidence?

They want only me,they'll not harm your son.

If they suspect anything,it'll be dangerous to us.

No, they're angry on me too.

If not why would they kill Arun?Why did they kidnap my son?

They're around us,everything is happening as they say.

Kathir, we're losing to them.

Sir, please don't harm my son.

Please sir, leave him.

Can't leave your sonif you request me, Parthiban.

Your son has a price...Rs.5 crores.- Rs.5 crores?

Where am I to go for Rs.5 crores?

There's a guy with you, right?Tell him to ask from Mahendran.

He'll give to save the child.

Don't toy any new ideas, I don't have to tell you about me anymore.

What did he tell you?

He wants Rs.5 crores.- Rs.5 crores?

Don't think too much, sir.

We'll arrange to repay the loan, sir.

My son's life is in your hands, sir.

Bhai...sorry Bhai...I was thinking of calling you this week.

I'll definitely settle itby this weekend.

Just 3 days only, right?

Why is he silent?

What shall we do?

Can we ask someone else?

How can we ask someone else so much money?

Moreover who would trustand give us so much money.

One minute...sorry Bhai...

Not you...please wait for a minute.

Be on line, I'll get back to you.

It has Rs.5 crores,The money what you saved for my son Don't worry,nothing will happen to your son.

Child's life is more important.

'Royapuram-Stanley Hospital01:30:16PM'

They've come out, brother.

They're carrying moneybut a boy is with them.

Boy? Who?

I don't know, brother.

Already he paid cashand played game with us.

He may do something elsewith the boy.

Follow him carefully andtry to get the cash bag from him.

Okay, brother.

Is money ready?


Exactly in 30 minutes, aftercrossing Korukkupet bridge, just before third signal, there's a garbage can on right side, throw cash bag into and come toEnnore Railway station in 30 minutes.

Where are you, Kathir?- I'm outside, sir.

Inspite of warning you,what are you doing outside?

Do you know the news?

Two unknown assailants hackedSI Arun on Ambattur road.

Entire dept. is boiling over itunable to find any clue.

Arun is your friend, right?So AC Sir told me to inquire you now.

Reach AC's office in 10 minutes.

What did he say?

He asked me to reachAC's office in 10 minutes.

Hey, go!

There's nothing to eat in this,it has just cash.

Mad man!

Mad man!

Brother, taken money.

Kasthuri will come,give money to her and be ready.

Be safe.- Okay, Prabha.

'Ennore-Bike Parking02:26:44PM'

Tell me, Pandian.

I inquired about themwith inputs from you.

After finishing school, all of themstudied in the same college in Madurai.

But one of them died intrain accident while still in college.

Before he died, Rs.6 lakhs werestolen from college admission room.

Didn't know who did it!

When I inquired their families, they said all five of them were working in Chennai, and were sending Rs.20000to homes every month.

But nobody in their homes knowswhere these boys are working.

Only once in schoolthey created some trouble.

But there's no police recordor black mark, clean slate.

Got any photos of them?- Yes.

WhatsApp their photos to me.- Okay

Talk to him.

Have you reached?

I'm Ennore station as you told me.

You want only me, right?Do anything with me.

But please free the child.

Don't rush, Kathir,you still have to travel a long way.

Local train will leave in 2 minutes-

-catch it and come toGummidipoondi Gowri Theatre.

Prabha, police!

How come so many are here?


Come to the right...


Get your papers and come out.

Come out I say!

Operation Amla C3 A1 checkingAny status

Buddy, operation Amla!

Who is on duty to checkin which place, message me their personalnumbers and details.

I'll send you photos of two men,share the photos in WhatsApp AMLA group.

Where's your license?

Take it, sir.

Papers are correct, right sir?

I told you, right? Meet sir.

Take your paper, go.

Sir is standing there, meet him.

Sir, I'm from press.

This is operation AMLA.

We've to check everyone.

Vasu, check and send him.

It seems they'll come like terroristsand they will catch them.

Then, they'll celebrate grandlyvictory of eliminating them.

This operation is knownas Operation AMLA.

Why are they torturing us like this?

I'm Royapuram SI speaking...

Did you catch anyonewith Madurai license?

I've sent their photos on WhatsApp, please check it.

No, we didn't find anyone.

Is that you in the License Photo?- Yes sir.

Annamalai, he appears suspicious,check his vehicle thoroughly.

Hello I'm busy with work,I'll call you later.

Open the boot!

I said open the boot!

I told you, right?

Hey, open it quickly.

What are you doing, man?

Operation Amla Success C3 Operation Amla Success Success Congratulations!

Send all vehicles.

Hello Sir, I'm Royapuram SI here.

Did you catch anyonewith Madurai license?

I've sent their photos on WhatsApp.

Madurai license?

I checked it myself.

But Operation AMLA is success.

This is not operation AMLA,this is different case.

Please apprehend him.

They left the place, sir.

When did they leave?- About 5 minutes ago.

Which side they went?- Towards ECR, sir.

Details about vehicle,black Honda City.

Number plate is TN-01-AF-2138.

Okay, sir They're travelling on ECR,crossed Thiruvanmiyur just 5 minutes ago.

I'm sure they wouldn't have crossedNeelangarai police station.

'ECR Neelankarai


Stop...stop...pull over to left.

Get down.

Guna, police are checking again.

Prabha, all are black vehicles.

They're searching for us.

Speed off!

Go fast...faster, Prabha.

Pick up the call.

Hello The car you informed is speeding away.

We are chasing him Sir!

Inform me immediatelyon catching the vehicle.

We're coming there.- Okay, I'll inform you, sir.

He's catching up...go...go..go...

Watch out the vehicle, Prabha!

Come here...lift it.

Pick it up!


We tried our best butthey managed to escape.

Sorry, sir

Where are you, Kasthuri?- I'm very near, Prabha.

I'll reach there in 10 minutes.

Didn't face any problemon the way, right?

No, didn't face any problem, Prabha.We're safe We'll also be there in 10 minutes.

Okay...we'll come there, Prabha.

Be careful.- Ok, bye

I'm scared, Kathir.

Sir, you asked me to inform about anytransactions in Kasthuri's account, right?

Just now Rs.1000 has beenswiped from a petrol bunk.

Sir, I came once to an Beach House withKasthuri sister.

What did you say now?

Yes sir, I came once toan Beach House with her.

Do you know where it is?

I don't know which area that is.

There are just few houses in the street.

More the house is last, its dead end.

If you go there,I'll definitely show you.

Which petrol bunk?

Just now a car passedafter filling petrol for Rs.1000.

Number plate is TN-09-AS-0792.

Do you know which side the car went?- On Mahabalipuram road, sir.

There's a toll gate in5 kilometers from here, right?

Yes sir, just before Maayajal.

Ok, thank you- Thanks, sir That particular car didn't cross toll gate.

If my guess is right, this toll gateis just 5 kilometers from Panaiyur.

They must be somewherein these 5 kilometers range only.

Moreover beach side home...

I think we're very close to them.

Scoundrel police mentality!

Are you playing with mewith your silly mentality?

Though there's a life in my hands,you still want to take my life, right?

I'll show you my power!

Who is it?- It's him!

Where are you guys?

Outside the hospital, brother.

What the hell are you doing outside?Go inside.

Okay, brother.

'Uthandi-Beach House04:33:39'

Sir, this is the house.- This house?

Yes sir Kasthuri sister is caretaker of the house.

Owner lives in foreign.

I'll take a leak, sir.


That military man is here, brother. also police there Very difficult to enter now.

What are you saying?- Yes, brother.

Can't kill anyone here as you say.Entire place is crowded.

Moreover police are guardingin civil dress.

I'll call you later.

Hello!Who are you, sir?

Who are you planning to kill?

Are police guarding upstairs for you?- Wait...

Who is it?

My wife.

She's calling me getting scaredon not finding son in school.

What did you tell her?

I managed her by telling he's with me.

Look, I don't know aboutthe situation inside.

Call AC and get entire teamto reach here.

Surround the house.

Police? Playing with me?

If we go to police,they may harm my son.

We know they're here, right?Let's deal it ourselves.

Don't be so naive We don't know how many there are insideand what weapons they're carrying!

It's not safe to enter now,have little patience.

What are you saying?Should I be patient?

It's my son inside there.- Don't shout.

I don't mind if you don't come in,forget it.

I know how to save my son.

Just a minute.


Boy, you stay put here,we're entering the house.

If we don't come out after sometime, go to the nearest police stationand bring them here.

Okay?- Okay, sir.

You go inside, I'll take care.

Be patient, please.

Please forgive me...I want my son!

Hello Finally you've came tomy place itself, Right?

Okay, listen to me.

We want only him.

Sir, no...

Not you or your son, If you want your son alive,just follow my orders.

Who is it?- My wife.

My son...

Kasthuri, can't trust these guys.

Check outside for safety.


Prabha, it's clear.

Clear?- Yes.

Hello!- Why are you staring?

I'll ask Prabha to call later.

What are you thinking about?Kill them first.

Let's think about killing others later.

If I wanted to kill him,I would've done it long back.

He mustn't die so quickly.

He must know no onein his family is alive.

He must die only after that.

Only then all my effortstill now would be justified.

Where are you guys?- Here only, brother.

Made a small mistake.

A nurse heard our phone conversation.

She tried to call police.

I didn't have choice,I killed her, brother.

She's dead, right?To hell with it.

Go immediately to thebackside of hospital.

That military man will come alone.

'Hospital - Parking05:15:24PM'



Who are you?What are you doing here?

Brother, killed military man.

Kill those women also.

No, very difficult, brother.

We can kill themonly if you come here, brother.

Okay, stay there, I'm coming.

Do you know the matter?Your brother is lying dead.

I'm going there,I'll tell you who else is dead.

Guna, you stay here.

Be careful.

Kill them if they make any move.

Okay, Prabha.

Tonight is your last night, don't worry.I'll come back soon.



Where is he?

Who are you, sir?What are you doing near car?

How did you hurt your head?

You showed your true colour, right?- We didn't have any choice, brother.

Take him away.

Entire police force willbe here in few minutes.

Already entire city policehas been alerted.

By now police would've killedthem in encounter, right?

You're next.

If you surrender yourself to police, at least you'll be alive in jail.

Untie them, boy!- Okay, sir

I told you to bring police, right?

I'm an accused myself,how can I go to police station?

Get in.

Take him to nearest hospital.


'East Coast Road


Sister, you stay here,I'll go to canteen.

Are you Shruthi's mother?- Yes.

Get this medicine immediatelyfrom outside No stock here.

What are you thinking about?Doctor is waiting upstairs for it.



My sister was here...- She went out to buy medicine.

What happened?

Sister-in-law has gone outto buy medicine.

Are you crazy?




Oh gosh! They've stabbed my brother Come away


Hey...get up!

Sir, please forgive me.

I joined them without knowing anything.

They promised to pay formy son's heart operation, sir.

That's why I joined, them, sir.

You saw that day in station, right?He's my son, sir.

Please forgive me, sir.

Please sir....

'Vannarapettai- Dyeing Factory


His name is Kathiresan, Royapuram SI.

He joined the dept. 2 years ago.

Go suspended twice in 2 years!

About 3 months ago,for an eve teasing case, though the teaser was MLA's son,he thrashed him mercilessly on road.

Infact he took on Commissionerfor a case involving his son.

It's all not because of new to DepartmentOr young blood His character is like that!

How could you kill so manyin one encounter?

We were working on them for a week.

We got an opportunity,we finished them.

Is there any name for this operation?

Yes, operation Kathir.

"Hands that protect innocents..."

"Legs that stamp out poisonous snakes..."

"Justice is blindfolded...He's endowed with it..."

"He will finish traitorswith iron hands..."

"Will rule the land with eyes..."

"Revolutionary in khaki uniform..."

"Rain or shine...heat or dust..."

"One who stakes awakeeven on facing cyclone..."

"One who unfolds the mysterywith baton and brain..."

"He's one man army of secret service..."

"His eyes will detect andsnuff out life of fakes..."

"His heart will find evidence..."

"He's a live gun with police cap..."

"Hands that protect innocents..."

"Legs that stamp out poisonous snakes..."

"Justice is blindfolded...He's endowed with it..."

"Will rule the land with eyes..."

"Revolutionary in khaki uniform..."

"He's one of a kind..."