Sausalito (2000) Script

Good morning hello

36 Grant street please Grant street is just about blocks madam Marilyn dislikes guys over there keep staring at her and me sure

The guys we meet...

Are ruthless they know our dot. Com is going to be a big hit they want to get it remember to keep a high profile what do you mean?

Be cool we don't need answer what they ask?

I won't sign any deal less than $10 billion no kidding sooner or later we'll have that much of money but we don't have it now. Brother any new plan in mind? Tell me did you feel my punch down there I was about to beat this level Really?

Hey... pass the bridge... Tidy up yourself...

We want to go...

To a restaurant green leaf in China town which restaurant?

My son works there, he makes a lot of money do you have the address? On what street?

I don't have the address with me. No address english...

We are taiwanese, we don't know english

China town a restaurant named, green leaf they're taiwanese and want to go green leaf restaurant in China town green leaf restaurant?

I heard of it...

China town, well... yeah...

Thank you so much...

How come you Chinese don't understand each other?

You know Chinese can be very complicated people sometimes thanks anyway alright, let's go thanks.

We'll use about 50 million to own 51% of your dot. Com business

Excuse us for a sec.


Bob, you're happy too early. It's not firm yet

The answer is no fine. Our ceo Virginia chow will be here next week why did you turn down the deal?

To do business is just like chasing after girls when she says no, that means maybe when she says maybe, that means okay okay means to take off your clothes fast. Come on you knew how it plays, right?

You've so many women around you I never bring women home why?

Just like acquisition of a company women will bring in their cooking utensils, clothes...

What can I do?

Too much pressure that's right. Once they come, they'll bother you all the time invade your privacy and ruin your life no more sexual fantasy. Impossible!

No way! No...

Finished don't worry!

Yes, take it easy stop the car please why?

Pay the fare how much?

20 bucks thank you

That's so easy isn't it normal? Genius like you must win the game it's lucky that you didn't break the computer come on... stop playing come on... drink some be a good boy. Give me some great ideas...

To be proposed at nest meeting wow, once it's signed, we can easily get the $10 billion give me some more time cool, man. Look see anything? This place is filled with inspirations smell it?

Don't worry if you're hungry, I'll get you some food if you want woman, I'll get you one if you want man, I'll be at your service okay, I'm going to buy some food will be back. Don't go out

Mike, do you know why I brought you here you completed your first...

Search engine at this place

give me another mind-boggling idea!

Please don't go I'll get you some shark fin soups and abalone I'll be back soon


Copy Ellen your son Scott is really something he's a genius what are you doing?

I want to marry your son don't be silly! My son is only ten years old mom yeah?

I found something inside uncle wong's car Scott listen up. Scott...

Mike, I can't find any shark fin or abalone how about having a hot dog and Sandra ng


Handsome, where are you going?

Pretty, get me to the nearest bar so early?

Absolutely I like that

Dance one more time your son is really something amazing. Look at him!

What did you found in the car?

Quick, come here, watch him Scott, show time show time?

To my mom yeah?

Uncle wong sunny boy aunt chiu

what are they doing?

What are they playing? Tom♪me Tom and me tell me! What is it?

He found this

Scott look like it?

You'd better stop.

Let's go! Come! Stop...

Come - stop it let's go home. Say goodnight to everyone goodnight aunt chiu, check the engine for me it's slower than the cable car...

Driving on California street

Mel g. One more time come on. Do it one more time

see, this is the best size-big

you're big! You're bigger you're bad! It's sick!

Hey, stop! Don't take it...

Mom, you hate to see me playing the vibrator?

Of course!

Mothers don't like their children playing this kind of game also, don't copy whatever they teach you understand?

Mom, I taught them oh! Really?

Monster is here too!

Tina said it's normal to have a vibrator every woman has one in her drawer don't you dare look at my drawer?


take your meal, I'm just kidding

Scott, no...

You chicky monster!

Hey, baby, come meet me where are you?

Friday night, come and have a drink I met...

A Hugh Grant here I'm not going I've saved...

You a Richard Gere, salt and pepper hair you keep him for yourself

mom, you aren't going out? No goodnight goodnight remember to brush your teeth before sleep


Ellen what's going on?

Hugh Grant...

Hugh Grant left...

With a Spanish girl!

How about your Richard Gere?

I want a friend now, not a man no way yes how come?

Come and keep me company it's too late. I'm not going Ellen, I want you!

Can you just enjoy yourself?

I threw up 3 times, Ellen uh?

Ellen, I'm feeling bad

come, please


Excuse me, where is Tina koo?

She just left with a man she did? The 6 feet 27?

Silver hair richar gere?

More like Danny devito, shorter no

It's on the house. It's anniversary thank you

It's you?

Come on what are you doing?

You Chinese?

Yeah from Hong Kong?

Me too. Come...

Guys, my friend, from Hong Kong.

I don't want to play okay they don't believe all Chinese are psychics I don't believe it either okay, I'll show you what? What is it?

Can I quit?

One second...

Whose leg I'm sitting on now?

A woman's.


What color is her dress?

Okay she looks like she's going to a funeral black?

Yeah okay, give me five okay, what's your name?

Ellen I'm Mike okay - okay we create a fantastic San Francisco okay?

Final act who's the guy wearing sunglasses?

Point him out

There yeah

I've told you, you did it!

Unbelievable how did you do that?

You know never underestimate a Chinese woman right I guess not let me buy you a drink

It's you help me out thanks


thank you

Don't move. One minute

I get off work

what do you want to do with my car?

What you want?

Alright. Pretty!

Why'd you piss on it if it's pretty?

It's a beautiful painting come closer to have a better look really?

What is it?

Sausalito sausalito?

How do you know?

It's sausalito really?

I don't think so

I paint it. I say it is you paint it? Yes!

A great scenery, like sai kung in Hong Kong you live there?

I can't afford it just kidding. Don't get too serious


I don't really know you

My home is not a good place

So is mine

Please, don't stare at me

No... the other side a little bit more... keep still!

Good morning!


Have you seen my shoe?


No? Impossible

where is it?

Just buy another pair no! This one...

Forget it! Go...


Alright where are you going?

303 central street

I don't care call FBI and defense bureau find Mike for me I want him back ceo from c&g you know she'll be here the day after tomorrow go find him

Mike, your favorite curry chicken it can go with bread or corns enough for several days if you've time to have a nice dinner at our restaurant you pan is badly burnt

you ignore me!

I'm trying to be nice to you, to cook for you!

You don't care at all! Can you say a word?

I am only your landlord

you're very sick!

Your muscle is really tight

Bob called the restaurant to look for you did he make trouble at your restaurant?

He dares not, but he scared my honey though he's insane but when he goes nuts, he scares us stiff actually, why you're hiding from him?

I'm not I just want to take a break, can't I?

Scrape for a few more times San Francisco is humid if you don't scrape your back well, you'll have rheumatism you nag all day long!

Last month it's on the 5th it should be on the 8th this month Scott, what's the date yesterday?

It's the 10th should be okay mom, where did you go last night?

I came to this place don't lie to me!

It's bad for mommy to lie mom, I am not coming home next Saturday try to scare me I'll go to foster...

With Charles' family. Okay?

You go with Charles or his sister?

Mom, I'm not gay let's go to work

wow, you've many scratches on your back did it last night?

Yes where?

Sausalito mom when will we move to sausalito?

Soon. Very soon Scott, do you want to have a dog?

Yeah but you can't take it home

For couple times?


with a woman?

Of course!

It eases my worry Mike, it's about time so, what's her name?

Mom, what should I call it?

Call it Mike let's go home bye, Mike

Did you fight with Charles?


Don't stay up too late I'd know

I'm home

Hello Tina, you still at home?

Not feeling well. Not going anywhere really?

Sick on Saturday night of all nights get some rest, don't go out alright, bye

It's you. I thought that was you I was thinking about maybe I could run into you tonight then I do how are you?

Great glad to see you

honey I don't remember seeing you around here sit down how are you?

Glad to see you again

You have a date with Mike?

No Good. Mike has a little potential yeah?

Big companies are interested in his Internet firm.

If the deal is sealed he'll be the new icon of silicon valley wherever he goes he's the light of the party

should we go?

Want to come join me in the shower?

That's fast what do you mean?

With that guy

why not?

Except banning indoors smoking, San Francisco is a great place if you follow the rules of the game, you'll have fun what's the rules of the game?

Take it easy

relax! Don't make other people and yourself unhappy want to be serious then go ahead. Get it?

You came all the way...

To tell me to take it easy?

We're friends if that guy was tough and took three hours, you would be here waiting for me waiting for a woman who had a one-night-stand with you tell her to take it easy what a caring man

Does it mean take it easy?

Forget about last time let's start all over again, okay?

Not in the car this time

Why you keep looking at me?

Can't 1?

I've pressure

Mike? You can't fool me I've been looking for you please return my call I know you're at home. I'll come to get you!

Come see me at once. Mike...

I was in college at that time except chatting up with women at bar, I know nothing

when I came here, I completed a search engine program bankers started to visit me. They supported me in launching my own startup

the first miracle in my life began at that time, I found earning money easy

I devoted myself to my work

But then...

I thought I'm a step ahead others are 3 steps ahead of me

I got a lot of pressure

It doesn't matter, Mike just quit! You don't need to fabricate story, okay?

Is it really your home?

Does it make a difference?

You just sounded like a rich man impossible to live at this kind of place

I came here at the age of 14 I hung out in Chinatown...

And followed the orders of the triad boss here do you remember the case of golden dragon restaurant?

Yes. Many people got killed I was there really?

Yes that's why the FBI is tracking me down

no wonder you don't want me to look at you that's right you're better off not to know too much

Hi, are you looking for Mike?

I want to give him something but he hasn't got up this early can I pass it to him?

Alright. Thanks.

Sorry, you're his friend?

Come in to have a seat? Just get him out of the bed that's okay. I've to go to work. Bye

sorry, what's your name?

Ellen goodbye no bad!

Good morning morning my dear. How are you?

Thanks Mike I know it's none of my business, but are you serious with her?

The millennium has passed, why did you buy so many stuffs?

To stock up for the new year?

Two frying pans?

No I only bought one. Another was from Ellen which one you want me to use?

This girl is very caring toothbrush, toothpaste, and towel I forget to buy them

wow... there's more whose bag is this? Yours?

This is mine. And that bag is hers

what are you doing? Mike

Can you give me a minute?

Sorry, please wait for a second?

What's up?

You forget your stuffs I bought them on my way. It's for you don't eat too much can food it's bad for your health I don't like people leaving their stuff at my house it's nothing. After you eat it, nothing is left at your house how can I eat up the towel toothpaste, and pan?

You told me to take it easy, right?

Okay, I pay you the money pay me back?

You pay me for the small things I bought for you then...

Should I pay you for what you did last night?


How can you do this to me?

Alright, I'll pay you next time, okay?

It's my purchase, okay?

Forget it. Give me back!


Who are they? Triad gangsters stop! Mike...

Ellen, sunny boy's on his way with Scott to meet you for lunch copy - where are you?

Tina, call our guys to come and help help!

Hurry up!

You give me the $10 billion?

$10 billion...

Are you able to pay me the money?

Why you're hitting him? Stop...


How dare you hit my mom? Want to die?

Kid, you don't move! Stop!

Ellen, what happened?

Triad gangsters!

What gangsters? Nonsense!

Who are the triads? You? Triad!

Come here if you've guts Bob...

Tell them to stop guys stop Mike, come over here!

Show her my card

this is my name card

I'm not in the triad, he isn't too he's my cousin

I was just kidding last night didn't imagine you would be Serious, right?

This is me

let's go it's fine. Get back to work

Mike, I've an appointment with c&g...

I don't want to sell!

Why don't you call me to go out to have fun?

You look just like the time when your husband divorced you


Something in your mind?

You did it better in college dessert?


I don't want to nag you but you can't be unrestrained all your life when you realize you can't put it down...

Then hold on to it

I experienced that in the past not too bad though at least I've someone with me now it makes your life easier...

If you can pull out every time you'll enjoy yourself more the next time when you find that horn can't put it down you got to face it

seriously, every woman needs...

A warmer true! It's not a bad idea to use men warming up our feet in winter you haven't tried it?

Mike if you can't put it down, don't force yourself you know my boy!


Copy some one has called for you where?

Castro copy that

My landlord wants to invite you for dinner. Would you come?

I'm sorry. I've to work

What are you doing?

I'm not for delivery

you care only about yourself I can't do that



You're the first woman in my life I said the most sorry

it's a simple dinner and you can leave anytime

Let me introduce you...

To my landlord, Robert hi - hello Ellen - Ellen, right?

Yes - we met before my dear, Ellen is here come to say hello my honey is a good chef I'm sorry to bother your wife I don't have a wife

Don is my husband. I'm his wife hello, nice to meet you

Mike, go to help Don I'll keep Ellen company

when Mike was 14, he moved here with his parents they rented their first house from me but his parents died not long after then, Mike stayed with me I bought him up he's quite a good boy when he has time, he comes to see me he earned his way to college don't worry I never make advances to him I've treated him like my own son you know we're gay how can we teach him to be a real man?

That's why he's not too serious about life I don't know how to teach my son, either sometimes, I feel he's stronger than me really?

Okay let's cheers for two unqualified mothers

Sometimes Mike is wrong but he's no bad intention sometimes, he hurts people without knowing it I'm fine. Don't worry but he isn't fine you're the first woman he's willing to bring home never mind who knows what will happen next cheers!

Ellen, try Mike's cooking Mike is good at two things one is barbecue chicken the other is burned the pan

you've talked too much. I know I'm bad give me a piece of pork!

Good a toast to Mike's chicken and self-criticism

I don't mean to keep quiet, but I've nothing to say you must tell or, drink up don't force her. She has nothing to say what?

Ellen doesn't look like a taxi driver why you chose this job?

Alright first, my old classmate Tina...

Operates a taxi rental business second...

I can't think of any other job that can earn money with your back facing customers third, I can look at handsome guys from my mirror is that good enough?


Let me share with you my new plan great!

I plan to design a global community, a nation-state on the Internet I'm the president there people of different nationalities...

Can be naturalized to be the citizens it's just like the real life...

With everything available

it has a bar, and you two can be the bosses you can install a view camera...

To see the faces of each other everyone can see what you're doing you can listen to music together this jazz music is created by some friends on Internet if you don't like music, you can watch a movie there've a lot more what a meaningful idea!


For you...

I'm sorry there's no taxi on the Internet but it doesn't matter. You love drawing you can post your drawing of sausalito...

On the Internet and to share your inspirations...

Your affection for sausalito...

With them

I wish this dream can become true

let's cheers!

Okay cheers for our gay bar

In fact, I don't really like San Francisco

I'm tired of all the hustle...

In my life

Can you read palm?

Not this. That one

It represents San Francisco no love line, no life line, no career line it's doomed to have...

No accomplishment, and it won't live long but it has its own charm like earthquake, every thing will be destroyed with seconds what can they do?

We should treasure...

Our time together

you gave these sweet-talks to your other women?


I start to like it...

Nirvana nirvana?

What did you say earlier? Empire? Emperor?

A global community on the Internet called it nirvana do you like it?

It's suitable

Good morning! Good morning!

Breakfast will be ready in a second I don't know where you like that's why I drove you here it's your house?

Yes. Like it?

It's burning

That is my style when I work on something, I become very focused I will forget what I did in the past even at home, I've burnt so many pans each year

is it really your house?

I mean...

Your own home I've most of my underwear here

yours want to join in?

How can I afford it?

I mean... we both live here

You're kidding me

no, I'm serious

Where is my car?

At the door I go to work now

can you think about it?

Mom, where were last night?

I went to my friend's place oh! Wo wo?

Mom, do you know that? I have a holiday in every year but you don't, you must have a holiday I hang out with you whenever you've a holiday then, I won't have any vacation?

Sick of me?

I'm afraid that you are sick of me I'm ten, but I can already take care of myself do whatever you like aunt Tina taught you to speak to me like this?

I think she's right go ahead, mom!

Let's see wow! Handsome!

Go wash your head thank you, mom I love you. Go

Hi Hi, come in, please I want to tell you, the kid who hit your cousin...

Was my son Scott I know. He called you mom how old is he?

Ten I got a divorce when he was two good

the only thing I'm grateful for is my ex-husband let me have Scott

I don't know why I slept with you the first time we met?

And slept with you again at the second time we met?

I wonder if we'll have the third time...

At the third time you slept here, we...

I feel sorry for Scott

come in and talk, okay?

How old are you?

33! And you?

Me too

a 30 something woman is no fun in a game right. What's the fun?

A man has dealing...

With a woman of 30 something you think I want to see with your choices, not being able to turn back why me?

I love you

I don't want to give Scott too high an expectation let's try first?

I want to tell you one thing in fact I'm 35 years old

Why you like sausalito so much?

Don't you think it's like sai kung?

You lived in sai kung before?

I bought a house there when I got married

Why divorce?

Because I was married

Do you miss your ex-husband?

If you don't remind me of him, I've already forgotten about him

hey, you can't make a mess. No!

Virginia, just wait for one moment.

See! He has come. Mr. Mike!

Let me introduce, Ms. Virginia chow, the ceo of c&g nice to finally meet you, Mr. la...

We can start anytime where did you go?

To watch Scott play baseball play baseball?

As you know the recent rapid development in Internet technology has created 19 new age but many of these new startups lack proper management as a result, highly unprofitable that's why you've found yourself drowning in debts that's why we're here to talk with you my company c&g will help turn this around

Yeah. That's our style while meeting we have this kind of style. Have fun.

You can. Fun time

we're prepared to station our most experienced technical crew and management team and myself to your company nonsense sorry?


Mr. lau, what did you say?

I just said nonsense I usually like to be on top when I'm with a woman

Virginia, just a minute this time, we have big trouble!

What was this being on top couldn't you change a position once a while what can we do?

The only way out is to secure a loan from a bank!

Bank? Darn!

The bank is not your atm everybody is doing...

It now we got to come up with some new gimmick...

To fool those suits hey, friend, my new proposal don't trick me!

A suicide manual? Check?

We can go public completely redeemable...

For cash at the bank

You look nervous

I just want these!

You should have given me this much earlier problems solved I also hate the women being on top, no taste by the way, why you call it nirvana?

A peaceful and tranquil city a peaceful and tranquil city?

A wonderful name!

It works. Great!

Ellen will invite you to join her party good name! Wonderful...



I'm talking about Mike go to helll have some biscuits!

You don't like him, but I do Scott don't eat too much candies I made it - thanks slow down

Mike, Ellen is really nice don't let her go Robert, this is for you easter present. Thank you you are welcome how about me?

No, I forgot how about it?

I just said it

happy easter!

Come over here Mike, I want to talk to you about what? Sit down first over here I've a good news and a bad news for you the good news is I read through your proposal and realized that you're a genius!

But the bad news is...

I'm the only person recognizes the bankers rejected the proposal we can't get the loan we can find other banks I talked to...

Over 20 banks, but they all rejected your proposal I heard...

That Virginia has been...

Bad-mouthing us so...

If we can't get a loan, we've to pay back our debt I talked to Virginia on the phone next month she'll come to San Francisco and stay one day we must meet her this time you let her ride you just for once okay?

Mom when can I move in with you?

Soon also wo wo said he would take us to sausalito to see new houses really?

I don't want it! Go!

Come on... listen to me just see her once again. Shut up why didn't tell me earlier?

I wanted to, you didn't try at all. You keep me in the dark how I can find you? My master!

Call me!

I called you, but the line was always busy get out!

Mike, what happen?

Shut up! It's none of your business Mike, there're guests here

Goodbye, everybody

Let's get something to eat over there okay



What happened?

What's up?


didn't you take precaution?

Yes! I do! But it's not yet come I just check it for safe safe?

Yes that good yes, nothing be careful next time no problem


I'm going to pick up Scott it's okay. I'll go by myself no. Let's go together

Mike, let's play baseball?

You go ahead come on. Just play few games Scott, I'm working ask your mom to play with you Scott, mom plays with you, okay?

Mike, listen I can't implement your proposal...

At this stage hire someone to help us I'm in debt how can I find money for a new hire?

Okay, I'm a programmer, I'll write it myself you're happy now?


Mike, how long you want to hide?

I need some more time we have no money I know, I should get a mortgage on my house my business also start from zero, okay I would come to talk to you

I want to talk to you. Go ahead Tina has a taxi available I want to work it's up to you!

Mike, why are you here?

You're not inside



Where should I go that you like? Tell me sorry. I'm in deep trouble recently my company runs into debt the bankers no longer support us I've great financial difficulties didn't bod say someone wanted to buy your company?

Don't follow them to talk about the god damned buy I won't sell my company

anyway, you won't understand

Leave me alone!

I know I'm ignorant and can't help you I just want to take care of your house and cook you a nice dinner I didn't ask for too much do whatever you like, it's up to you satisfied tell me have I done too much or too little?

You've given me too much it's my fault. You are very kind to me

I think, it's better for Scott not to move in no. Let him move in

I didn't expect to meet you here I thought we would meet at the office your company's style is too free not suitable for me

you've something to say?

You never say sorry to a woman?

If it's too hard on you, it's okay

in fact, I should be the one to apologize I did tell the bankers not to loan you the money I make it happened because I appreciate your talent

Bob showed me your nirvana city proposal it's very impressive

we didn't have enough communication before so we had some misunderstandings then...

Can we be frank to each other today?

How about we go back to the office...

Contract? Don't worry the contract is up to my decision

Mom. Copy when will you come to pick me up?

I'll get off work soon Tina will take you home first, okay?


See you soon

good afternoon I would like to go to the majestic hotel sure

Don't worry tomorrow I'll send my assistants to discuss the details with you okay

You come to my place, tonight no Alright, whatever


Maliza, I'm running a little late. Sorry

remember that pretty boy Mike?

Didn't work out. He's not my type

where's my comb?

I'll see you in 5 minutes okay?


Tina, mom will take me to wo wo's house hi

Mom is home

Are you slept with Virginia?

Ellen will be sad if she finds out she left!

It maybe a good thing

I sold all my shares to c&g they'll hire me as financial controller they want to kick you out from the board of directors

don't sell!

I've no choice the take-over announcement demands for your withdrawal from the board that means they want to own the company 100% but kick you out obviously, she just playing you

What's your plan?

No! Under this circumstances...

It's better to sell it

did you hear me. I don't sell them don't you know our situation?

We've no choice if we don't sell it, we should both dead banks will liquidate us what do you mean?

We're on the same boat

do you understand? We've no choice

You betrayed me you sold our company to her why did you sell it to her as she kick me out?

You're out but I'm still in we're on the same boat we create this project together this is betrayal!

How can I possibly betray you?

If I betray you I won't wait until today am I insane?

I've been taking care of you and acting like your dog why would I betray you? Where is your mind?

Had I betrayed you, I would have done so much earlier I've been standing by you all these years...

Only because I like you. For what?

I must be crazy. It isn't easy at all to serve a boss like you

well, it's normal

we cannot get marry! Because you are my cousin?

Don't be too stubborn sell it when you can otherwise, carrying a debt all your life I got paid, at least you won't have to scramble to make a living alright

Am I being kept by you?

It's no big deal. Right?

You'll be used to it it's okay

what's up?

We'll come back. Then, sell it absolutely to rebuild our own world a fantastic new world no one dares to bully us

how's Ellen?

Will see

then, I've chances no!

Why not? Crazy!

Yes why you tell me now you are gay?

Where's your mind?

Take out your hand I'll pay you you've to give me some advantages...

Are you crazy?

Nirvana is not an Internet concept it's an entire new form of nation state a person becomes the citizen of nirvana through Internet as a citizen of virtual nation we will collect profit taxes and use this kind of taxes to benefit our community and citizens

any questions?



whose call?

Bill gate!

What do you have to say to the half a million nirvana citizens today?

I hope our population will increase to 10 million in 3 years and our gnp will increase 3 times nirvana has officially applied for the un.

Thank you. Excuse me!

See you later. Thank you...

Mom, I've joined nirvana I'm the citizen of nirvana look at that

Yes sir?

Are you Ellen?

Yea this is for you. Please forgive him thank you

Ellen? Yeah?

Please forgive him thanks guys


Robert, why you have it too? What happened?

Ellen what happened? Who are they?

Forgive Mike, please all of them are nirvana citizens yesterday, Mike chatted with them on the Internet about you he told them the story about you he feels guilty Mike told you to do that?

No... we ourselves want to do it

Many people told me that you're here

how are you?

Alright. Just the same a big shock to you?

A little bit

they said it all for you would you forgive me?

Don't mention it congratulations, your dream comes true

you're part of it you chose the name of nirvana people in nirvana enjoy their lives

Sorry don't be silly don't be kidding I'm not kidding

I'm serious would it work this time?

If I were you, I'd already said yes!

Come with me again?

No Why?


Tell your friends not to be crazy I can't take too much surprises


You said no to him?

If I were you, I would have dashed to hug and kiss him say yes Ellen, why?

I rejected him down already I can't take back my words why not?

If you still love him, you can change your minds for 100 times taking back my words it simple the problem is...

Do I want to start all over again?

What's wrong with it?

He may play the tricks again!

Who knows what will happen next?


Okay I forgot to buy some butter let's get it for you

let's kiss first be careful your mom, she's so angry!

Eat faster!

It's no big deal, you can post it on the Internet perhaps miss world will come for interviews, right?

Why you're running so fast?

Do I have any chances?

Fine! I won't ask you anymore I shut up and leave you alone for while just only give you a second


Oh, my god. Scott, come with me this way

I'm Mike yeah?


Are you both alright?

We are all right, Tina, come to take care of Scott


Your shoe.

Are you alright? Scott is safe?

Do you get any hurt? I was worried about you

Tell mom which one you want?

That one which one?

The pink one pink one

we'll ask the house owner, if he'd sell it or not?

If he won't? We build a new house next to his!