Savaari (2020) Script


[horse neighs]


-This guy is throwing punches at me, run! [gunshot]

Sometimes no matter how much we try, our dreams seem unattainable.

But we don't stop now do we, we keep running after them.

By the way, hello I'm Badshah.

I've been running at 85 kmph without even noticing that I'm on road.

I am running very speed that I can even listening my own heart beat... that is for only one person, only for that one person.

This story is about me and him.

This is our story.

[horse neighs]


[music blaring from the speakers]

This guy's name is Sandy.

I think you will understand the film if I start the story from here.

Well, there's not much to say about this guy.

Money grows on trees in his home.

His dad has much influence in the street.

So he thinks he can do anything because of that.

Let's see what happens.

How long will you fly kites here Sandy?

Why don't you elope with Bhaghi?

[both laughing]

[music playing in the background]

Dude, I wish I get a kite today nothing else.

[farts] -I don't even need my mom or dad.

All: We also don't need anything... All we need is a kite.

[phone rings]


What's up!

Bhaghi: It's over Sandy. I'm done with you. Let's break up.

Friends: Someone's trying to cut your kite!

-Hey Sandy! I am talking to you, pull it! -Pull it Sandy!

Bhaghi: And moreover I'm getting married tomorrow.

-What? -Let's never talk again. Goodbye.

Oh shit. We lost the kite.

Damn it!


[harmonium playing]

There is a kite lose, let's go get it.

Let's go boys! Run! Run!

Let's grab it before someone else gets it. Run! Run!

Run! Run!

"My prayer comes true,"

"All my dreams have come true overnight"

"My prayer comes true,"

"All my dreams have come true overnight"

"I'm coming closer to you, to become one"

"I can't lose the the love I have for you"

"I'm leaving myself to become one with you"

"I'm looking for you everywhere earnestly, oh dear god"

"My prayer comes true,"

"All my dreams have come true overnight"

Oh no! You've spilled all the rice on the floor!

-Will you play in between the houses? -Hey, please save me friends.

Sorry, we got a kite to catch.

Idiots! All your friends are gone, where will you go now?

Who'll get it back? It's 40 bucks a kilo.

"I have butterflies in my tummy"

"My heart is preoccupied with dreams"

"I want to be a piece of your heart"

"Beam with a smile"

"And beam with smile."

[knocking on the door]

-Brother! -Who is it?

There's a kite on your roof, please you open the door, we'll go get it.

Get lost! No kite nothing!

This lane is changing with full of losers.


If we are losers, then what are you?

I'll come bash you up!

I know you're pan shop Shekar's son Yelli.

Don't think I didn't recognize you, prick. I'll go and complain to your dad!

-If you disturb me! [kids laughing]

All: Brother, please open the door.

You guys won't listen like this, -I'll come and kick your butts. Losers! -Run, he is coming!

[gasps] [horse neighs]

[cleans throat]

Sir, actually we came from a survey, we wanted to know how many people are staying in your house?

How many people live here?

Me and my Badshah.


Yeah, my horse.

Sir, I think there's a horse in your house.

[cock clucks] -Oh, I see.

There's no horse nothing, get out of my property!

Badshah: I've told you about a guy in the starting by over speeding right?

This is that guy, he's Raju.

-He has a piece of my heart. -Badshah!

By now you should've understood what he does by the title.


He does horse rides and sometimes takes me to wedding processions for a living.

His world is very small.

It only has him and I as of now.

I know he will give his life for me. He loves me so much.

And together we'll conquer everything. Bang! Bang! Bang!

[door opens]

-Badshah! [door creaks]

[moving train in the background]

[horse neighs]


-Badshah! [horse neighs]

Badshah: Do you know why he's preparing the syringe, it's because I have cardiac arrhythmia. It sounds strange right?

It's very simple to explain. In layman's terms, my heart is weak.

Doctor suggested an operation 5 years ago, which costs 6 lakhs.

From then this guy has only been one meal a day to save money.

It hurts when I see him sleep hungry.

Told you right! He loves me.

Nobody can stop him.


T.V: Indraja, why have you stopped?

Badshah: This guy can't stop talking to me, it's like he's a machine.

He keeps telling stories different kind of stories.

He tells me everything, be it movies, girls, kites, etc., He chews my ears off for everything.

So Badshah, Sridevi madam loses her ring.

Her father doesn't allow her to come in.

Every time she tries walking in she gets a current shock.

It's all one big mess.

Then Chiru sir says, this is called eggplant.

Then Amrish Puri calls Sridevi Balika and wants her for some reason.

Then Chiru sir takes the rubble ball from their hand and crushes it.

In the end he asks Indraja to leave this world because it's a shitty one, where people will take you to the cleaners.

Then Sridevi madam...

-What happened? [horse neighs]

Do you know why he's blushing?

Even this guy has a Sridevi... Her name is Bhaghi.

She's the only other person who has a piece of his heart apart from me.

This is her.



He's been saying hi for the last two years!

But she doesn't even know who he is Do you think she's prude?

No way, this is what actually happened.


I love the card, aunty!

Are you getting married again?


Stop it Bhaghi, that's your wedding invitation.



I told you I can't marry that 55-year old uncle right?

But you don't care.

I know what's in it for you.

All you want is dowry in return.

You can send me off to his house and enjoy the money.

That's your plan, right?

We know what's good for you Bhaghi.

Then, why did you pick an uncle? Find me a nice guy!

But not like 50 plus old grooms.

Why am I explaining all this shit to you?

As if you people care!

Bhaghi, don't be silly.

This is an order.

Go to hell.

[drums playing in the background]

[wedding percussions]

Now, I want to tell you two things.

One, Bhaghi said yes to the marriage.

These guys are Khatri's clan.

It is their tradition to bring the bride on a horse to the wedding hall.

Second is that I've been trying to tell this dumb guy...

...that his Sridevi is riding me at the moment.

Doesn't look like he'll understand.


[horse neighs] -What happened Badshah?

[crowd clamor]

-Sister! -Bhaghi!

-Bhaghi! -Move!

-Badshah! -Bhaghi!

Bro, that's my horse!

This is the 13th time she's running away with a horse.

-Badshah! -Forget about it.

[horse neighs]

Uncle: Stop Bhaghi!



[vehicles honking]

[tyres screeches] [vehicle honks]

[laughs] Badshah: Raju was shocked to see me.

Badhash: She took me to the nearest liquor stores.

Hey, you wait here. I'll go get her.

[bottle cap opens]

Do you have any shame?

Why did you run away with Badshah?

Is this the way?

If you have any issue you should settle them after you get down the horse, but would anyone ride away on it like that?

More over it's heart is weak.

What if something happened to it? Who would be responsible?

How can she ride away with my horse?


I'm talking to you! Don't act like you can't hear me.

My goodness.

Come, sit with me.


Come! Sit.

Actually, I didn't see you.

Please don't mind.

I didn't know it was you.

Doesn't matter if you saw me or not.

My life is ruined.

-What happened? [sighs]

It's none of your business.

Hey! No business.

I give horse rides. Badshah.

But tell me what happened.

Do you know Nagbhushanam and Suryakantham from old films?



My uncle and aunt are the same type.


They're harassing me.

I lost my parents in an accident in my childhood.

These guys have been on my case since then.

They're asking me a marry a 55-year old fellow.

Any woman with brain would marry such guy?

Eh! Uh! Uh!

If he needs money, he should ask his wife...

Hey, don't use bad words.

Bhaghi, Bhaghi Control. Control Bhaghi, control.

There's no question about it.

No one would marry him.

You did the right thing.

Apart from this, I broke up yesterday.

I didn't get it.

What will you do if you understand?

Are you going to do a thesis on it?

Can you take the flowers off?

I think they're spoiled and are stinking now.

Nobody cares about me.

-It's not like that. -Flowers are more important to this guy.

-I didn't mean it that way. [weeping]

-God, please take me away. -Hey!

I don't want to live in this freaking world.

Hey, not like that. Don't cry... Please don't cry!

-Listen don't cry. [sobs]

Let me tell you something... Please listen and remember.

In life good and bad are like two wheels of a Tonga.

You have to ride it moving forward, If we stop somewhere...

We'll fall down.

How's my line? I saw it on Bathuku Jataka Bandi program yesterday.

[laughs] -They said the right thing.


Hello! Madam!

[snaps fingers] -Hello!

Pay the bill.

[horse breathing]

-Hey, wait. [horse grunts]

[knocks the gate] [cicadas chirping]

[door latch rattles]

Badshah, come on let's move.

Kid: Mom! Sister came home drunk again!

Aunt: Did she, is it something new for us?

Get her inside.

[kids playing]

[gate creaks opens]

Badshah: Do you think he's come to settle last night's bill?

Poor guy does that every morning.

Hey, why are you walking away?

I even paid your bill last night.

What the heck?

Did you forget already?

We drank together in the permit room last night at Bhavani Wines.

You were really drunk last night. Do you remember?


Did you saw your face in the mirror?

What do you mean we drank together?

Are you drunk? Get lost!

No, I promise I'm not drunk. I swear on Badshah.

[horse neighs]

-Is that horse yours? [laughs]


So what you are saying is, -I drank with a guy who rides horse. -Yeah...

At Bhavani wines.

I think you have lost your mind.

-Hey. [horse neighs]



Just leave now.

Oh no!

Why would I lie to you!

We did have a drink or two. This isn't about money.

Why are you roaming about with a bread packet?

I have many of them, should I get you one?

See, I have to leave now.

Hey you, where are you going?

Sandy, don't make fun here, just leave.

Looks like you're ready for a wedding... What about me?

I don't care who you go with, your first night should be with me.

-I'll kick you Sandy! -Yeah, come, come hit me.

Doesn't look like this is going to end any time soon.

Let me teach you a lesson.

Take, take how much ever you want.

You lost my respect with this attitude.

That's why I broke up with you.

To you a girl is just a baby making machine.

You'll smother a tree if a saree is draped around it.

I understood this late.

That's good for me.

Just leave!


Yeah, I agree a girl is just for lust for me.

What now?

Sandy please don't embarrass me.

Sandy get out.

How dare you slap me!

Did you find a new guy already?

[horse neighing]

What's happening?

-Look at him. [horse neighing]

He is my boyfriend.


This guy! He takes children out for a horse rides in our colony.

He's a loser.

Badshah: Sandy started talking bullshit again.

Maybe he's a loser but he's not stupid like you.

That's for sure.


Raju, I'm gonna kill you.

[mutters] Why are they coming closer?


What the hell is this Raju?

I knew you were a poor guy so I never bothered you.

How dare you steal my girlfriend.

It's hurting! My bone would break man.

Hey... Leave him.

I know she's lying.

How in this world can he be her boyfriend? Look at his beard.

-Let's go! Leave him. -It's hurting!


-Let's go. -Come on man.

Did you see Badshah, they're scared so they're walking away. They were holding their nerves in fear.

-He's a loser. -Hey! What man?

Why are you walking away? Have you wet your pants?

Hey sandy!

What kind of man are you?

Let's go beat him up.

Let's leave Badshah they are going to get us.

[Singing Shape of you]

-Those morons have hit you? [laughs]

Oh my god, I can't believe this.

Did it hurt a lot?

Now do you understand what happens when you play games with me.

What did you tell those guys?

They came at me like people who swarm actresses at mall openings.

I told them you're BF.


Porn? I have lot of porn at home.

I'll give it to you.

You duffer! Crazy girl.


You're such an idiot.

Do you have a matches?

-What? -Matches.


-What a girl. -Thanks.

Where do you stay?

Right here. In the lane next to yours in the slum.

Why? Do you need porn?

You don't need to come to my house for that. I'll get them for you.

See, BF doesn't mean blue film.

It means boyfriend.

[horse grunts] I didn't get her.

Hey, hey... kid wait.

Take this money. What does boyfriend mean?

It means lover, brother. Lover.

"Your mesmerizing eyes"

"are mine says my heart"

"Your mesmerizing eyes are mine says my heart"

"I must be in love, I'm running in circles like a wheel"

"You're looking like a moon,"

"can I take you home with me"

"I'm drunk on the way you move"

"my brain refuses to work"

"Like a pigeon sitting on charminar,"

"like a performer dancing in festivities"

"Thinking of you is enough, need no food,"

"I don't think I can live without you"

"Seems like I'm swarmed in perfume,"

"feels like I'm wearing flowers for clothes"

"I'll get my horse ready for our wedding procession"

"I'll paint the town with moonlight"

"We'll have a feast for all out friends at our wedding"

"We'll arrange drinks, food everything and DJ in dinner"

"The though of you next to me makes me feel like"

"I'm eating Kolkata meenakshi pan"

"Your mesmerizing eyes are mine says my heart"

"I must be in love, I'm running in circles like a wheel"

"You're looking like a moon,"

"can I take you home with me"

"I'm drunk on the way you move,"

"my brain refuses to work"

[radio playing in the background]

Badshah: Khali! Khali Bhai.

You would've understood by his pose...

That he is the villain of this story.

Radio: It's me.

Alias, the villain.

He's a deadly kidnapper.

If he targets someone, he will kidnap them.

He's waiting at someone's house so he can beat him up.

Let's see what happens.

[TV playing in the background]

In a week, I will catch Khali.

Have gathered all the evidence we need.

He can't escape anymore.

It's been 2 years since you told this.

You've enjoyed the benefits that our department has provided.

You bought appliances for your home, and now your wife enjoys daily soaps on that.

You had a kid and he started playing too.

This case has not moved an inch.

Boss, give me one chance!

I've given you plenty.

What have you done with them? You made us look like fools.

No more chances now, we are going to lock you up.

This time I'm sure. Trust me.


[continuous farting]

Shilpa, can you change the diaper?

Bloody soap opera.

[infant crying]

Do you clean butts all day?

You have your duty too.

He won't escape this time.

I'm running low on cash, can you give some money to buy diapers?

I won't give you a single rupee. Asking money!

I've given you enough.

Diapers it seems, why doesn't he take condoms too!

[radio playing]

[thunders rumbling] -Did we come to drink a liter of tea.

You are doing much! You pig!

Let's go.

Greetings, Paltan Bhai.

[infant crying]

What brings you here?

I heard your kid crying so I thought I'd come breastfeed him.

But then I realise that I can't do it.

You bloody pervert.

-What did I ask you to do? -Brother, please don't hit me.

Don't beat me up, it hurts.

Brother, don't beat me up.

[weeping] -What a wife!

I've been hitting her husband and she won't flinch her eye.

It's the same story in every house.

The same problem at my house too. These wives only care about serials, they don't even care when their husbands are dying.

Do you think you can get me arrested?

Have you decided? I'm scared now.

What do we do?

The fan isn't switched on brother.

Give me the handkerchief and turn on the fan you moron...

Brother, please brother.

I have wife and kids.

-Please forgive me. [sobbing]

What are you watching? A movie? Come kick his butt.


No, brother!

You bloody!

-Bhai. -Hey!

-Listen to me. -Hey.

Hey, Ballu...

This guy used to eat my money and now he's thinking of turning me in.

Rascal! You are good in back stabbing.

That's what I've been trying to tell you!

You idiots tell me everything late!

[pistol fires] -All: Oh no!

-There's tea on my face bhai, yuck. [TV playing in the background]

Bloody fools.

Slow down... Be careful, Badshah Look what he brought to college.

Badshah: Now that raju knows he's the boyfriend, he's been following Bhaghi everywhere.

He took me to her college this time.

You should've seen her being embarrassed. You too watch

Hey duffer...

Don't follow me.

You told me I'm your boyfriend.

Hey, you! Please leave me alone.

I'll pray to you.


How can we go back now? Everything is set now.

We make a great couple.

Trust me.

Did you ever saw your face in the mirror?

How did you think I'll be a good match for you?

And not just me...

No other girl would want to be with you.

Kindly understand.

I'm leaving. And don't you dare to follow me.


I'm so sorry.

Do you have any alcohol?

Do you have any liquor?

So, what's the matter is, you're different and I'm different.

I'm high class and you're all mass. It won't work out.

What, you are high class?

-Look who is talking. -Please try to understand!

Please understand my problem, I'll beg you.

Hey! Don't touch my feet!

[horse neighing]

Where did you get this horse?

I inherited it from my parents.

Does your whole family do these horse rides?

Yep, that's about it.

Now you're plotting to add me to your family, isn't it?

-Obviously! -You!


Hey Badshah!

[horse neighing]

-What is it? -Cigarette.

Do you think I'm a fool?

I know what it is.

You're gone.

If this is how you're going to play, you're gone.

I promise...

This is a cigarette.

Hey, hold it, take a drag.

-It's awesome, drag a smoke. -Hey, no need.

Try it once. Smoke up.

-Hey. -Hey!

Try it once. It's amazing.

All right! Let me try.

-Come on, have it. -Wait.


How is it?

Tell me.


-How is it? -It's awesome.

-Isn't it awesome? [laughs]



You're amazing.

People sell houses and even humans that come as inheritance these days.

But you're looking after Badshah with all you've got.

But please leave me alone, I beg you.

How many times do I have to tell you? Don't touch my feet!


I'll leave you alone.

But please dance for me.


I'll only leave you alone...

-I'll leave you alone. [laughs]

What is the connection between dance and leaving me alone?

You go and dance first.

-What? -Don't you know how to dance?



One minute.

Badshah: Then these guys started tripping, they didn't care about anyone, they've enjoyed all the night.

"You know me."

"Let's get high and fly tonight"

"Let's sway like cool breeze in this sky"

"I have you and you have me, we have no worries"

"Nobody can stop us now, but everything's upside down"

"I'm all high and dry"

"I'm slipping away"

"I'm high and dry, I lost myself"

"I'm slipping away, into deep meditation"

"Everything's new"

"I feel amazing"

"I feel relaxed"

"I'm high high high"

"One drag, two drags, third drag, puff puff puff"

"Fourth drag, I'm sorry here's the doob"

"I'm feeling euphoric"

"I'm feeling euphoric"

"I'm feeling euphoric"

"I'm feeling euphoric"

"This girl is so hot baby"

"Smoking pot bloody, Love her a lot shady"

"Oh my god! I wanna tie you knot lady"

"And put the holy dot on your head"

"Let's get high and fly tonight"

"Let's sway like cool breeze in this sky"

"I have you and you have me, we have no worries"

"Nobody can stop us now, but everything's upside down"

"I'm all high and dry"

"I'm slipping away"

"I'm high and dry, I've left my body"

"I'm slipping away, into deep meditation"

[vehicle honks] [cicadas chirping]

Dress is all wet.

How am I supposed to go home like this?

Badshah: Why are you looking at me? Let's take her home, what else.

[horse neighs]

Did you think I forgot to give you medicine because of Bhaghi.

Never gonna happen buddy. I love you Badshah, you are my life.

Come here.

[crow cawing]

Did you look at his color? Exactly like his dad.

Looks like he'll get his habits too when he grows up.

"I slipped and drowned in magic"

-"I've become dry..." [yawns]

-Good morning madam! [cock cock a doodle doo]

Good morning.

Hey, don't raise your tail.

[horse neighs]

How do you get fodder on your face all the time?

[horse neighs]

[Raju humming]

-What the hell!? -Hey!

Where am I?

[horse neighs]

Do you remember anything from last night?

You got drunk and weren't listening to anyone.




Come on, Badshah.

Come on.

[birds chirping] -Argh!

Hey! Who changed my clothes?

Who changed my clothes?

[snaps finger] -Don't tell me it's you.

-Who else will it be? [horse neighs]

I only changed it.

You puked all over your dress and it got wet.

So I washed it and put them to dry.


You jerk! Stay there you fool!

Ouch! It hurts.

Ouch! Ah!

Please don't bite me! It would get septic.

If you come to me again, I'll break your bones. Idiot.



She forgot her clothes.

[horse neighs]


I told you your husband would elope with her, -you didn't listen to me. -Why are you hitting your child?

Hey! Clothes from last night. Don't you want them?



You left them behind. Ouch! Ouch! Ah!

Don't bite me! Don't bite me!


Bitch. Confirmed bitch. You are a bitch.


Give it back brother.

Raju, I'm not going to spare you.

Why did your jaw drop? Have you never seen an underwear?

-He doesn't have shame, don't you too? -I'll finish you.

Bhai, how much should I tell him it'll cost?

-We'll decide that once we catch him. -Ok.

-Is that fine? -Okay, brother.

-Talk to you later. -Okay, brother.


I want you to kidnap someone. He lives in my lane.

-Photos? -Oh no!

I forgot it.

But people in my lane know him. He's the one who gives horse rides.

It'll cost you 50 lakhs.

I'll give you 2 crores. Here's 10 lakhs advance.

Why are you doing this kidnap drama?

It's none of your business.

Come here.

Come here, you fool!

-If everyother person questions... -Brother, it's paining.

-any loser wouldn't answer to it? -Ouch! Ah!

-Get lost! -Ah!

He'll tell answer me if I ask him.

Now tell me, why this kidnap drama?

He's coming between me and my girl.

We were in love and then he came along and now everything's a mess.

Just couple of days ago!

-I saw her in his clothes! -In his clothes?

I won't tell. It's personal.

Shorty, shut up.

-Take him away. -Hey, come on, chill.

Leave now, come on move.

Brother, we've got 10 lakhs right, can we party?

We will not spend a single rupee until we get the whole sum.

We've spent a lot already. Get out.

If he's willing to give 2 crores, there's something fishy about this.

Let's see.

[music playing in speaker]

Badshah: The joker getting ready in front of the mirror is Arul Bobdey.


He treats India and Indians cheap.

He's getting married tonight.

That's why he's acting like a drunken monkey.

So to take him to the venue Raju is waiting with me outside.

His in-laws and his extended family have been waiting for over 2 hours for him now.

I was told he wasn't always a joker like this.

Don't know what happened in the US.

Let's see what happens.

[making noises] [gasps]


Come on hi-five!

Hi-five! Hi-five! Hi-five! Hi-five! Come on give me hi-five!

Shit! Don't you know what is high-five?

You bloody bald headed.

This mad fellow.

I've reserved tickets for your honeymoon in Ooty. Will you go, son-in-law?


What do you find there apart from grass?

Let's plan it in Los Angeles.


That place is heaven I'm telling you.

-I'll enjoy with your daughter there. [laughing]

Duck your Ooty.

-Arul, behave! -Shut up, mom!

You bloody bugger.

I asked for a Ferrari to drive to the venue.

But what did you do? You bought me a dying donkey.

It's not a donkey!

It's a horse!

Anyways, I know that!

Don't tell me where to come and when.

Okay? I know how to make an entrance.

-Arul stop it! -Mom!

Ivanka Trump comes for my status mom.

You know that?



We will leave when I say to.

Okay? Tell him.

Bloody jerk.

[horse grunts]

Brother-in-law, I don't know what you saw in that guy.

I told you long time ago that we don't need that bloody alliance.

But you won't listen to me.


-I'm getting late. I'll leave now. [horse neighs]

He's better than him. All you wanted is a US guy!

What happened, he looks like a buffoon brought from Africa.

I don't know what will happen to our girl after the marriage.

-Shh... -You bloody!

Go mind your own business, enough of your dramas. Don't I know?

I'm already worried about my daughter.

Sir, I'm getting late, please let me go?

Both: Shut up!

Fool! How dare you!

Hey, drunkard fellows... I am telling you the plan, be attentive and use your brains. Do you understand?

Yes boss.

So this is Sitaphalmandi.

Here's the campus and next to it is the flyover.

-Do you copy? -Yes boss.

We have information that he's at a wedding procession at Sitaphalmandi.

You guys take our vehicle. Which one will you take?

-Sumo, remember that! -Sumo, boss.

Everyone get in it.

Police would be patrolling because it's night time.

Park the car under the flyover. Now get off and join the wedding procession.

-Do you understand? -Yes.

Take the gun out and fire couple of rounds.

-Do you get it? -Yes, boss.

Then point the gun on his head.

Whose head will you point it to?

Not any tom dick and harry, -Point it to the guy with the horse. -Okay boss.

He might try to run once he sees the gun.

Do you get it?

Nothing happens, just slap the senses out of him but don't kill him.


You moron, concentrate on the plan here. Pay attention.

What should we do once we point the gun?

You point it at yourself.

What else would you do once you point the gun, get him in the car!

And once you start the car, I don't want you guys to stop for anything!

I'll kill you guys.

-Is everything clear? -Yes boss, it's clear.

-Is it clear? -Yes.

Everything's okay, but I wish we had Manchuria to munch on.

-You want Manchuria!? -Yes boss.

-You guys want Manchuria? -Yes boss.

-Have you guys been drinking already? -No boss.

You guys are drinking?

Did anyone pay attention to the plan?

Now go get it done!

-Go in the Sumo guys, in the Sumo! -Okay, boss.

Hey, take the gun man!

-Hey, shorty come on let's go. -Come on blacky!

You bloody morons!

Look there Badshah, there he comes.

-Woo! [horse neighs]

Let's go!

So, you are the bloody fool whom I'm gonna ride with?

Yes, come sit. Horse ride Hey! Shit. Shit.

Don't touch.

Help me climb the horse without touching me. Okay?

-Come on. Hop on. -Careful.

Hey! Don't touch! Don't touch!

My son-in-law is finally on the horse. Let's roll!

[wedding percussions]

Stop it!

What is this boring music these days?

Can anyone dance to it?

Now I'll play the music.

Everyone should dance! Let's play my music!

[music muted]

[laughing] -All: Super, boss.

-Hey! [voice muted]

Hey! Come on! Wow!

-Hey! Super brother. [laughing]

[music muted]

I think we've reached the flyover.

Boss asked us to park over here.

Cops might trouble us.

Come here.

Come here.

Who will listen to that loser. Huh?

-Who will listen to that loser. -Sorry! Ah!

-You have to listen to me. -Yes, brother.

Yes, boss.

-I'm the boss when he is not around. [groans]

Get lost!

Keep moving.

[music muted]

-Hey, stop it! -Stop the music.

[pistol fires] [horse neighs] -Hey stop everything.

Silence everyone!

[mimicking pistol sound] [pistol fires] -Hey, stop everything.

-Stop it! [mimicking pistol sound]

-Everybody keep quiet. -Move.


That's the bride and the groom, that means we'll have to kidnap the guy with the horse.

Hey, my Armani Suit.

This our guy.

I'm talking to you.

You can't kidnap me, I'm a US citizen.


Come with us, you fool!

Hey... Leave me man!

Get your hands off my suit!

Leave me. It's my suit man!

-I am telling you I am... -Move. Move.

Let's go guys.

Hey! Start playing drums now.

[wedding percussions]


Let's party tonight.

Hold on. Hold on.


-Slowly. -We reached.

We've finally reached Yellappa.

Be careful. Hey! Hey!

"Thorn is stuck, where is it stuck?"

Boss we've enjoyed a lot at the wedding procession.

We rocked it. We danced with everyone.

And we bought the guy.

Who asked you to take the DCM?

It was you who told us to take it.

I asked you to take Sumo and not DCM, you morons.

[horse neighs] -Hey!

Hey! Shut up.

Shut up!

-Why did you brought the horse man! [horse neighing]

Why are you staring at each other, answer me you fools!


Hey! Stop the vehicle!

[tyres screeching] -What wrong, brother?

Did you all forget?

Boss asked us to bring the horse too!

-Turn around the vehicle. [muffed groans]

You asked us to get it, boss.

I asked you to get the guy with the horse, not the horse.

-Come here. -Ah! Boss...

Are you guys even capable of doing anything right?

I asked you to get the guy next to the horse, what did I say?

Guy next to the horse, boss.

[cicadas chirping] [phone beeps]

Can't even do one thing, useless fools.

[phone ringer]

-Hey Sandy. -Brother?

We've kidnapped the guy.

But we also got the horse along with him.

Get the balance Rs. 1 crore 90 lakhs amount and come.

I'll be there in 10 minutes bro.


-Why did you bring the horse? -Ah!

Why did you bring the horse?

[whistles] -Hey Bhaghi!

Hey! Come out!

You... Come out!

Sister, don't go, he's a useless guy.

I have a surprise for you.

Leave Sandy.


What's happening here?

[metal gate creaks] [giggles]


You have done so much keeping Raju beside you, right?

I've finished his game.

[whistles] -What?

I've got him kidnapped along with his horse.

So now you'll have to live with this Sandy.

He's been kidnapped!


Bhaghi! Enough of this circus. Come inside. Get in.

Uncle, I'll be back in 10 minutes.


10 minutes please.


[wedding percussions]

Are you looking for Raju?

He's in the next lane at the wedding procession.

You'll find him there.

[kids laughing]

I don't care about the money. I am happy that he is gone.

Hey, why are you here?

What are you doing here?

Nothing, Sandy told me that he got you kidnapped.

I thought I'd shave my head in Tirupati if that's true.

Hey! Stop fooling around.

Hey, come on dance man!

-Come on you too dance girl. -Let's dance.

Do you know your horse is gone?

I'm happy you're here, who cares about the horse?

I can't hear you.

I said, horse is gone but I'm happy you're still here.

I can't hear you.

I said, horse is gone but I'm happy that you are here.




-My Badshah! -He's gone.

Come on dance!

Badshah: It was the first time Raju slapped his lover, -Badshah! -And that too for me.

So understand how much he loves me.

[horse neighs]

So where were we?

Yeah, Khali's gang kidnapped me.

-Did you saw any horse? Badshah! -Raju searched for me everywhere all night Badshah!


Listen to me guys.

-Bro, have you seen a horse here? -All: No, we didn't.



-Poor Raju was heartbroken. [sobbing]

Bro, Badshah!




[sobbing] -Badshah!


[shutter opens in the background]

[vehicles honking] [reciting Adhan]

[indistinct chatter]

Hey Raju, I saw Khali's gang take your horse.

Beside our lane.


Khali Bhai! You did it.

Just a minute.

Fresh notes bro.

You said you'd come last night.

Pipe burst last night. Couldn't walk.

-Which pipe? -That's none of your business.

[muffled groans]

Just a minute bro.

What man? Do you want my girl?

You horse riding guy! Rascal!

Do you want my girl?

Look at those flowers! They look like they're for your corpse.

[sheep bleats] [horse neighs]

-Who the hell is this, bro? [muffled groans]

This isn't the guy I told you about, he's another guy.

Then who is this fool?

How would I know, who he is bro!

Whom did you guys bring?

You asked us to get the guy on the horse, so we got the groom.

You useless fellows, can't get one thing right.

Whom I asked you to bring and whom did you brought?

-Hey! -Bro, I'll go pee and come.

In the mean time you guys decide who this nutcase is.

Even he is giving me orders.

[metal gate creaks]

It's hurting boss.

-Ah! Oh no! [muffled laughing]

This woman didn't miss the target.

-Badshah. -Boss, it's painful.

-That horse is mine. I've come to get it. -Boss!

-Take it. -Thanks.

Hey Badshah, here you are! Where were you all night, I was worried sick about you.

Let's go, you need to take your medicine.

[muffled grunts] -Let's go to house.

Badshah, stay here.

[horse neighs]

You look in a pretty bad shape.

Do you want me to untie you? Okay wait.

Thanks bro.

Please pull me out of this shit. I'll pay you US dollars.

-Oh no! [panting in pain]

Oh no boss!

This is why India is still a developing country. Bloody locals.

Untie, untie, untie.

Hey! Why! Bro! Why!

Let them beat you up some more. That'll teach you a lesson.

-Bro! Horse man! Come here. -Come on Badshah!

Dollars, I'll pay you US dollars. Dollars.


[muffled groans] -Let's go Badshah!

[horse neighs]

Come let's go, Badshah.

Ah! Ah!

[screams in pain]

[horse neighs] -Thanks bro.

Don't beat me up, boss!

-Do you want to drink full bottle? -Boss!

I'm leaving. I'll pay the balance when you get the right guy.

Keep that horse, he'll come looking for it.

Hold this.

Where is the horse bro?

Did you guys let him go too?


-Where is the horse that was here? -Just an idiot came and took it.

-Ah! [screams in pain]

Would you go with anyone who calls you? You could have kick him.

You should have minimum sense.

It isn't right if you act like Gandhiji these days?

Oh... Are you even listening?

[horse neighs]

[laughs] But Badshah!

Poor Bobdey, why did they bash him in his underwear.

Good that he got beaten.

I couldn't control my laughter.

He is worth it. Let him suffer.

It's time for your medicine.

[horse neighs] -Hey, don't move.

That's right, Badshah.

He deserves it.

That will teach him a lesson.

What do you say?

[door knocks]

-Who is it? -Bro, there's a kite on your roof.

Let us take it.

Why are are you flying kites before Diwali? Get lost!

-Please bro open the door. -Kids: Please. Please.

They've hit him removing the clothes except underwear.

[door knock] Please open the door.

-You rascals, wait I'm coming. -He is coming run!

-You guys! -Hi!

[horse neighs]


Thank you.

Mmmm, not bad!

I shouldn't have slapped you last night.

Please don't mind.

I became motion.

-It's emotion. -Yeah that.

That's fine. Actually, I'm sorry.

I didn't know you love Badshah that much.

I thought about it after you left.

I felt worried.

I know he's your only family.

Last time I was drunk so I didn't notice, but I like your place.

Actually, I'm sorry I troubled you. Don't mind, please.

We don't need to say sorry to each other, you're like my wife.

What do you say Badshah!

[horse neighs] [laughs]

I knew it while making tea. I added too much sugar.

You're such a fool.

-Yeah. [laughs]

[phone rings]

[phone rings]

Why are you disconnecting? Just pick up the phone and talk.

I owe him 10 thousand rupees. I partied with that money.

That's why I don't want to answer the phone.

What? 10 thousand!

Yeah, 10 thousand.

How will you repay him?

Earning money is easy like eating fruit to earn.

Wait here.

-What are you doing? -Wait. Wait.

There's a total of 2 lakhs 88 thousand and 66 rupees here.

I've been saving up since I was a kid.

I've eaten only one meal a day in the last 5 years.

Do you know how hard it was to save this sum?

Your family's money has made you blind.

Every rupee in this bag knows my struggle.

What do you want to do by saving money?

If something happens to you your family would save you.

Who is there to take care of him, except me?

It's heart is weak. Doctors have told that they have to put strings on it.

-It's stents. -Yeah!

So, you've been starving yourself and saving up money for the operation.


I don't believe you.

I swear on Badshah, I swear.

-I don't believe you. -Wait.

Look at this.

Oh my God!

Man, I can't believe this.

Why are you struggling this much is it necessary to you?

It is because of him that I can even eat one meal a day.

It's very less whatever I do for him.


Badshah: After hearing Raju's struggles Bhaghi was impressed.

She was falling in love.

Control Bhaghi control.

Do you have any work?

Nothing, I need to go out for horse rides.

Let's go, I'll come too.


"Have you and I become one,"

"have you filled me with you love"

"Oh! I have fallen in love with your magic,"

"Oh! I have fallen in love, do you know that?"

"I want you with me all the time,"

"sweetheart you are my heartbeat"

"I want to call you mine, and spend my time with you"

"I don't think you understand how much I love you"

"Have you and I become one,"

"have you filled me with you love"

"Oh! I have fallen in love with your magic,"

"Oh! I have fallen in love, do you know that?"

"I have been daydreaming our future,"

"but when I see you I become dumb"

"I will cherish our time together,"

"as and when it happens"

"Oh I'm feeling high, in your love"

"Oh I'm flying now, all because of you"

"I want you with me all the time,"

"sweetheart you are my heartbeat"

"I want to call you mine, and spend my time with you"

"I don't think you understand how much I love you"

"Have you and I become one,"

"have you filled me with you love"

"No matter how hard I think, I'm still confused"

"I've filled my world with you and there's no place for me"

"It's not my fault, it's the age,"

"let's entwine each other"

"Oh I wanna say this in my words,"

"I want to stay with you forever"

"I want you with me all the time,"

"sweetheart you are my heartbeat"

"I want to call you mine, and spend my time with you"

"I don't think you understand how much I love you"

"Have you and I become one,"

"have you filled me with you love"

[indistinctive voices] -Rascal!

I won't leave her, what she is thinking of herself?

-Oh no! Bro, please... -Hey, dude.

Move aside!

[cicadas chirping] -Hey you big guy!

Sir, you know I'm not the guy you need. Why don't you leave me?

I'll leave. Can you please untie this rope?

What is your name?

Arul, Arul Bobdey.

Son of Jaydeep Bobdey.

What did you say? Is it buffoon?

Shit. Please sir!

I have to leave in 3 days to California. I have a meeting with delegates.

If we don't find the horse guy, we can ask for ransom for this guy.

This is a goose that lays golden eggs.

[phone rings]

Hey! Konda! Yellapa!

Go look for Raju.

Sandy has been calling me incessantly.

Beat him up.

Hey! Hey! No! No!


-Why did you stop me!? -Hey Bhaghi.

-Idiot! How dare you! -Bhaghi How dare you stop me!

-Are you done? -Idiot.

If you keep beating up the people who're going on the rides who will pay us?

That's what I'm saying too. Why are you still doing these rides?

-Don't you understand? -Shut up.

-Do you think he'll be home? -Where else would he be?

-Shh... -What shush?

-He and his horse. -What's his nonsense?

-It's locked dude! -It's okay, call our boss.

[muffled groans] Ah!

-Shh... -Muffled: Leave me!

Why is his mouth also so foul?

You know he's like that. Let's leave.

-Come on move. -Damn! Bloody!




You got me mixed up with those goons and now they come looking for me everyday.

Finally, you calmed down.

I am being clam because of your manhandling. Sit, I'll explain.

Where was I?

Who will pay us if you beat up people taking rides?

You know I need money for the operation right?

This is all we'll be left with eventually.


[cicadas chirping] [dog barks]

Badshah: Now Bhaghi started thinking about my operation too.

So she stayed up all night and started researching about horses.

Kinthan, it's already 12 pm now, -it's time to bed. -Yeah I'm coming.

[voice from the video] [murmuring]


[horse neighs]


Sorry, I didn't sleep last night that is why I've being late.

One minute.

Badshah, please walk along the line. Come on.

He won't do it.

Why not! He understands me right?

Yeah he does.

But he doesn't take orders, it does whenever he likes to do.

I don't agree. Okay? Badshah come.


Don't waste your time, it won't take your orders.

I need to take him for rides. Let me go, will catch up tomorrow.

-Come on Badshah! -Wait... Wait...

[horses neighs]

What's his name?

-Badshah. -What's my name?


Look the rhyming.

Badshah and Bhaghi that means we already have a connection between us.

Move along now. Be patient and watch.

Hey, I'm telling you he won't do like that.

He will listen, Badshah will only listen to Bhaghi.

Come on, Badshah. Come.

Hey, girl his heart is weak already. What is your problem?

-Listen to me. -That's why I'll make him do small tricks.

Listen Badshah, I want to tell you only one thing, if you do what I'm asking you to do, Raju can have 2 meals from tomorrow.

And you won't have to do these rides anymore.

You'll get nice food and sleep on time.

Think about it. It's your wish.

I'm doing this for your sake and for Raju's sake.

And moreover...

For us.

[horse neighs]


Come on Badshah! Come on!

Very good!

Don't stop.

Very good, Badshah. Very good.

Keep walking, keep walking in this circle until I say.

Hey! What are you doing?

-I won't let you beat him with belt. -Get out of my way. Move!

-Don't hit him. -Badshah!

Good Badshah, keep walking.

I'm winding the belt in my hand.

Observe correctly.

You should only stop when I release it like this and hold it.

Okay? That means you have to stop now.


I'm going there.

Badshah, focus.

Badshah, Look I've started to release the belt.




[horse neighs]

Badshah! Badshah, you aren't understanding what I am trying to say.

Look here Badshah, I've already told you that I'll be winding the belt.

Only when I release and hold it, then you have to stop. Okay?

[horse neighs]


-Superb Badshah! -Badshah!

How do you know these tricks?

-Bhaghi you are amazing. [horse neighs]

What's next?

Let's go, come on man. I'll tell you, come.

-Come on. -Don't know, come Badshah.

Can you pee wherever you like in the America?


Hey you bloody jackass, can you pee elsewhere?

Cop's would've kicked you in the US by now.

-Do you want me to pee on you? -Damn! Yuck!

Shit. You piece of shit.

Argh! Yuck!



-Take your shades off. -Get lost!



I don't think you can do this job. Give me my 10 lakhs back.

I'll go and get it done with Yadu's gang.

You're just wasting my time.

-Hey, what happened? What's your problem? -I'm talking to him, not you.

Sir. Hey you black flower.

Sir, would you please tell them to leave me, so that I can attend a meeting in California after 3 days.

That black ass, pissing on me.

-Hey, black flower please help me. -What the hell!

Bro, give me my 10 lakhs back. I'll go to Yadu's gang.

Sandy... calm down.

Don't worry, give me 2 days I'll bring him to you. Bloody drunkard.

Boss he's not coming to home. We are checking everyday, it's locked.

I don't care what you do. I'm giving you 2 days.

Otherwise, I'll take my money back.

How did he believe you, boss?

He's not even at home, how will we catch him.

-You don't know magic, right? [All: laughing]

He even forgot his pants here.

[pistol cocking] [laughing continues]

[pistol fires] [bullet shells clinks]

-What now? That's right. -I'll stay. I'll stay.

[indistinct chatter]

[clanks on metal]

-Pass me the 50mm rod. -Okay, bro.

-Thank god, is everything ready? -Ready, madam Superb.

Yeah, tell me madam where do we begin.

Yeah, bro wait a minute.

One minute.

"Let's see a path for life that you have not began"

"You don't know what happens in your life so you don't make a mess"

"The power in your hands, should be harnessed"

"This is something you love, you'll never tire of it"

"This is what you love ah yeah"

"You got to do this yeah ah"

"Because you want it"

"No matter what happens you don't give up in your life"

"This is your world play around like a cool guy"

"Cool, cool, cool guy, break all the rules yeah!"

"You never lose anything you got to know everything"

"Doesn't matter if you fall, keep moving on"

"Keep trying until you die, never miss a chance"

"So better love your work and do what you like"

"Keep riding forward in your life"

"Keep riding, keep riding"

"So never give up your target till your last breath"

SAVAARI [horse neighs]


It looks amazing.

Raju, you're going to work here from tomorrow.

-Let's get the crowd in here. -Call the crowd?

-Yeah! -In here?

-How? -Yeah.

But the people are over there. How will they come here?

-Should I shout? -Yes.

Badshah! Badshah!

-He can't hear. -It's not like that.

Hello! Hello! Let me show you. Give it to me.

-Hello! Hello! -Hey!

[echos] -This is how.

-Hey Badshah. -We're getting late.

-Let's go now. -Come fast.

Hello. Hello.

Call them.

Ladies and gentleman, please come inside.

There is Badshah inside. I mean a horse He is smart. But his heart is weak.

-What was that? -Yeah.

Why don't you tell them its shit is green in color and pee in yellow?


-One second. [clearing throat]

Ladies and gentlemen, Here is a small announcement.

Magic. Magic.

Badshah's magic.


First time in India.

First time in India, we present to you a trained horse from Karachi.

Please join us.

Badshah's magic exclusively in.

Savaari setup.

Kids: Please dad, let's go.

-Please dad. -No, dear. it might cost a lot. Let's go to a movie instead.

Entry is just 100 rupees!

That too only if you're pleased.

Please give 100 bucks when you leave if you like the show.

Kids are insisting, let's go. It's just 100 rupees.

Okay let's go. When did you listen to me.

Please join us.

It's just 100 rupees.

Please join us.

Come on. Come on.

Please join us.

Only 4 people came.

Dad, would there be a horse inside?

No problem.

Please come in! Please come in!

Hurry up!

Please come, join us! Join us!

Don't you have manners?

Just 100 rupees...

100 rupees...

100 rupees...

-What? What are you looking at? [scoffs]

Guy who sells bananas at Monda market shouts just like you.

Shut up. This is a tactic. You won't understand.

[indistinct crowd chatter]

We've come so close, now it's your turn to perform Badshah. We're all banking on you.

If you don't perform they will beat us up.

-You will listen to me, right? [horse neighs]

He will do it.

Take this, I brought it after I prayed for him tie it to his leg, fast.

Come come.

-Come on Badshah! -Come everyone are waiting.

[horse neighs]

[crowd shouting]

Please start the show, we don't have all day.

-Calm down. -Why are you so angry? We are starting.

[horse neighs]

What is this brother, you can't spit anywhere you like!

Hey... Get lost!

[indistinctive crowd chatter]

Badshah, go walk in a circle now.


[horse neighs]

Hey look, The horse is moving.

[kids laughing]

What is this nonsense, we didn't come here to look at a walking horse!

[All: laughs] -Wait for 2 minutes.

[cleaning throat]

Okay, Badshah Bhai.

Listen carefully.

There's a shameless guy... among us who's spitting... all over Hyderabad city... eating tobacco is one among this crowd.

Can you show him to the Savaari setup. Come on!

Come on, Badshah.


[horse neighs]

Open your mouth.

It is him!



-Sister me next! Me next! -[crowd applause]

Sister me next!

Ok Badshah Bhai!

Show the girl in the pink frock to the Savaari setup.

"The rising sun that never sleeps"

"Like rays that ride through darkness"

"The sea never sleeps, crashing waves don't tire"

"Reach shore eternally, riding along"

"Piercing through darkness, unchained untamed"

"The sky and land are becoming one"

"Don't give up, stand strong"

"Ride on"

"Ride on"

"You have wings now, sky is the limits now"

"Ride on"

"Ride on"

"Disregard paths and bring stars home back with you"


Badshah move!

-Raju, you announce. -Me?

It's okay, do it.

Do it, don't get scared.

Hey Badshah! There is a smart kid with glasses here.

Show him to the Savaari Setup.

"Don't heed to people, take the road less traveled"

"You are nobody's servant, you're a king"

"Ride on"

"Ride on"

"You have wings now, sky is the limits now"

"Ride on"

"Ride on"

"Disregard paths and bring stars home back with you"

Damn this lock!


-Have you seen a guy with a horse here? -No, please leave.

I told you I haven't seen him right.

Have you seen a bearded guy with a horse here?

No I haven't. Leave.

[laughs] -I'll kick you.


[indistinct chatter]

Oh god!

Do you want to check if he's in that circus?

We don't know we might just get lucky.

What will a guy who does horse rides do in a tent?

-Does he do rides for 100 rupees? -Boss, it hurts.

Let's leave.

"Your destination won't reach you, no matter how far it is"

"It won't care for your tears, failure has no heart,"

"How will you finish it when you don't start?"

"Every step you take isn't a mistake"

"Changes you make should inspire you"

"Fight like a soldiers waging a war"

"Ride on"

"Ride on"

"You have wings now, sky is the limits now"

"Ride on"

"Ride on"

"Disregard paths and bring stars home back with you"

SAVAARI [cicadas chirping]


There is a procedure to make money.

You were doing the hard work, now it's time to work smart.

Go get Badshah operated first. You got your money right?

Yes. Yes.

Badshah! We don't have to struggle anymore!

We got the money. I'll get you operated tomorrow.

You need to rest for a week, that's it.


-I have a doubt. -What?

Mmm... Suppose...

Badshah and I are riding and suddenly if we met with an accident.

Both of us are on the deathbed in the same hospital.

You need money for operation, otherwise both of us would die.

We both will die.

So, It will cost 6 lakhs each for operations.

The 3 lakhs you have with you, and the other 3 lakhs you have at home!

Who will you save?

Me or Badshah?

[chuckles] -This is easy.

I will save Badshah. Without a doubt.

But I'm happy you're admitting one thing.


That you're an animal.

Otherwise why would both of you be in the same hospital?


-Hey! -Now tell me who would you save?

I'll obviously pay for Badshah's operation.

-Catch me if you can. -I have to get him operated.

Bhaghi wait.

-Wait. -Tell me.

Hey, wait!

-Hey! -Hey!

[car honk] -Leave me.

Give it to me.

Fine, I'll give it to you.

Hey! Leave us alone.

What the hell is happening Bhaghi?

-Uncle I can explain. -Just get in the car.

-Now! [gasps]

-Hello uncle! -You!

Get lost!

Uncle, can you please come home.

I need to talk to you. it's urgent.

What do you have to talk about?

The wedding that's been cancelled.

I want to get her married tomorrow.

Are you talking about the wedding where Bhaghi ran away with the horse?

Ah, yes.

-Uncle. -Yes.

-Come home. -Right now?

-Yes, just come immediately. -Okay, we'll be there.



Just quiet!

[thunders rumbling]

[cartoon channel tuned on TV]

-Son, go inside and sleep. -Huh!

Look at her.

She isn't even feeling guilty about what she's done.

I did nothing wrong to feel guilty.

Shut up! You don't have the right to speak.

Like your aunt said, I should've left you on the road when your parents died.

[thunders rumbling]

You've taught me a good lesson for taking care of you.

[door creaks] -What happened?

Ask her.

Don't you think you're wrong?

These guys raised you, you have to listen to them.

Look at these letters from college.

Look at this, she is short of attendance.


I have decided. I want to get her married tomorrow.

Her mother was also stubborn like this.

We have all seen what happened to her.

Why are you talking about her parents now?

She's roaming out with a horse rides guy.

Atleast she should have maintain someone classy. Cheap fellow.

[thunders rumbling] [horse neighs]

Go! Go! Go!


Otherwise you'll miss the Las Vegas flight. Go.


[thunder rumbling]

[thunder rumbling]


Do you have liquor?


They've cornered me at home.

Yeah, I shouldn't have hugged you that way.

[horse grunting]

Hey Badshah!

Come in, why don't you come in when it's raining?

You'll get sick. Why don't you walk into the shade, when it's raining?

-I have to tell you everything. [sobbing]

Get in.

Do you want to drink more? Should I get another bottle?

Hey, what happened?

Please don't cry.

Did I ask them to raise me?

They're acting as if they own me now.

They belittle me infront of relatives.

At least they give me some respect they give to our maid...

I wouldn't have been drinking like this.

They are saying it for your sake Bhaghi. Please don't cry.

They're saying I go out with a horse rides guy...

They are talking so cheap.

They're right. I am cheap liquor.

-You don't have to cry for that. [thunders rumbling]

They want me to get married tomorrow.

If they get me married to that 55 years old fellow they'll get money.

Return dowary.

My attendance papers and roaming with you are just excuse for them.

I'm not that dumb.


Are you really getting married?


Get Badshah operated first.

Badshah! Take care of Raju.

[horse neighs]

I don't think we will meet again Raju.

Get Badshah operated tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

[both: crying]

[horse neighs]

What Badshah...

Don't I have a heart because I ride horse?

Why are they talking bad about me?

Badshah: My heart broke, that second, seeing Raju cry.

Badshah, stay here! I'll hit you if you move from here.

-Stay here, I'll be right back. [thunders rumbling]


Get ready for you wedding tomorrow.

Now go to bed.


Good night! It's final now.





[thunders rumbling]

Badshah: Raju understood that Bhaghi family only needs money.

So he wants to give the money he saved for me.

[horse neighs]

Go give it to them! Nothing is more important than Bhaghi.

I don't care if I'm dead or alive. All I want is you guys to be happy.

Go give them the money.

Take this money sir!

There's 6 lakhs 20 thousand 33 rupees here.

Take it all.

But don't get her married against her will.

She's a great girl.

Because you scolded her, she sat outside and cried alone.

Do you know why? She can't even talk to any of you guys.

This is her tragedy.

We shouldn't have allowed you inside.

Who do you think you are to tell us about our girl?

Who the hell are you!

Look at him! Cheap fellow! He and his clothes.

Yeah madam.

I am cheap liquor fellow, madam.

But your girl is very good. Please understand.

You are the one who ride horse on road, don't interfere in our family matters.

-Bloody hell. -That is what I am saying sir...

Yeah, I who ride horse on roads can understand your girls sorrow.

Why can't you understand sir?

Because you don't care, she is crying and roaming on the roads getting drunk.

There is no worse tragedy than this.

I at least have Badshah. She has nobody, sir.

What the hell are you waiting for?

Throw the bugger out!

Just throw him out.

Get out, you idiot.

Wait, wait.

This money is for roaming around our girl.

-This is you. This is all you are! [coins clinks]

You are worth this change man.

-Yeah, take everything, even the change. -Now throw him out.

-Throw him out! -Even Badshah he doesn't want it.

-Get out. -Throw him out!

-Get out. -Please don't get her married sir.


[metal door creaks]

[Raju grunting]

Badshah: She's getting married tomorrow. You should just die.

-Rascal! You deserve this. [thunders rumbling]

-Ah! [horse neighs]

Why did you bring the horse again you morons?

It followed us like the dog in the ad when we were bringing him.

Badshah: I'm waiting for Raju to gain senses. Bhaghi is getting married today.

If that happens he'll die.

-Wake up Raju! -What are you staring at?

Wake him up!

Do you want to make his first night?

He's been asleep since last night.

-Hey... -Psst!


Hey, wake up!

Is he dead or what?

Hey, wake up! He's not waking up.

What do we do now?

You like photos right? Let get a photo shoot done with the horse.

[groans] -My Armani suit.

-Boss! Look into the cam. -Hey. Hey!

Careful boss.

-Hey Yellapa! -Careful boss.

Badshah: Get off you fool. First get off me.

Bloody! Am I here for you?

Get off me.

-Click a nice picture. -Boss careful, careful.

Boss, look here.

[camera captures]

-Did you get it? -Yes, I got it.

Hey hold properly. You bloody.

Girls will stand in que after looking at this photo.

Be careful boss.

Careful boss.

-Look this side. -Careful boss.

[horse neighs]

Why did they still keep you here?

You bloody horseman.

They thought I was you and kidnapped me these morons.

Country less brutes Boss you are looking handsome on the horse.

Be careful boss. How do I take pictures with it?

How do I operate this?

-Why did you get off now? -Boss please let me go.

Boss let me go. I have lot of troubles.

Please let me go, I beg you.

Let me go boss.

-Sandy! -Bro?

We found the guy.

Come with the balance 1 crore 90 lakhs money.

I'll be there in 10 minutes, bro.

-Hey. -Boss.

Please get new notes when you're coming...


What does he think of himself?

-How the heck can he hang up? -He's being like that these days.

[horse neighs]

Wait for 10 minutes, let Sandy come.

Please boss, I'm begging you let me go.

Please, I beg you leave me.

Why did you fight with him?

I swear, he was the one who started it all.

He even broke my hand! I swear.

He is very dangerous.

He has all the vices.

He was the one who was harassing the girl.

He's an idiot and and dimwit.

[drums playing]


You've done it.

You're great.

This guy is complaining about you.

Yeah, obviously he would lie because he is with my girlfriend.

You bloody. -Oh no!

Sandy! My nuts!

Sandy I'll come back tomorrow. Please let me leave now.

-Hey! -Ouch!

[horse neighs] -Hey!

Did you bring all new notes like I asked?

[horse neighs] [chuckles]

Crazy horse!

[horse neighs] -All are new notes, all are fresh.

[horse neighs]

Bloody horse!

Bro, if you kill him, I'll give you 2 more crores of freshly minted notes.

-Give me the gun. -Boss.

Boss, don't kill me. Please boss!

Please, I'm begging you. Don't kill me.

Who should I kill first? Him or you? -Hey! No! No!

Bloody. [horse neighs]

I looked everywhere for you.

[horse neighs] -Bloody horse!


-Not you, let me kill this horse first. -Boss!

Badshah: Khali did the same mistake which he shouldn't.

You guys know what Raju would do when someone tries to harm me, right?

-Bang bang bang! [pistol fire]

[pistol fires] -Hey, Raju don't fire.

[horse neighs]

[pistol fire]

Raju, no please.

Please boss, don't harm the horse.

What did you do?

I told you he is an idiot, his dad prints fake currency notes. Check if you want to.

Yes bro, Gandhi is upside down.

Get hold of that Sandy traitor.

Beat him up.

Hey, horseman! Horseman! Please untie.

Untie man.

-Will you make fun of India again? -No, I won't man, untie.


[bashing] -Ah! Ah!

[horse neighs]

Badshah: This is the story so far.

I too don't know what would happen next.

All I want is one thing, Raju and Bhaghi to be united.

[wedding percussions]

Badshah: What can I do but neigh?

[horse neighs]


I'm dying out here to make you both together. Hey, woman! Come out!

-Come on clap! Clap! [laughing]

[singing hindi song] [phone rings]

I know right.

-Hello. -Sit down.

-Is she ready? -Yeah, she's getting ready.

We'll be there in 30 minutes.

Yeah, she's getting ready.

Looks like there's another wedding here tonight.

What can we do now?

[horse neighs] [sobbing]

Sister, last night horseman came and gave this money.

[horse neighs]

Dad beat him up and threw him out.


[siren wails]

Bhaghi, if you step out of the house, I won't let you in again.

Think about it.


You know he's poor and yet you took his money?

So, what's wrong with that?

I was teaching him a lesson, a good one.

It's a good lesson.


After my parents passed away, you've never given me happiness.

I swear.

You've always seen me as one more mouth to feed.

Everybody's same.

Expect Raju. Only he accepted me as myself.

Because you know why?

He's not polluted like you and everyone else.

And moreover he loves me.

Great. It's nice.

So you want to go ride horses with him, for 30 rupees.

Let's go fast.

Damn good.

I had some gratitude for you guys for taking care of me these many days.

But from today that's gone too!


Should I tell you the difference between him and you?


Even though he rides horse he feeds few people.

But you even driving a Safari... you drive onto those few people.

Good bye uncle.

[door creaks] -Serves you right.

-Hey. Stop! Stop! -Please, it's Bhaghi's marriage.

-Stop! [wedding percussions]

Badshah! Have you come for me.

What is this?

You guys who earned this money working hard, have given the money away at my home.

Am I more important than your life?

[horse grunting] -Why are you grunting?

I'll break your teeth.

Where is that idiot?

[wedding percussions]

Hey bro! Please stop! Please!

Please stop. I'm begging you stop it.


Are you getting married?

Okay, go get married nicely.

I want you to be happy, that's enough.

But let me ask you this, answer me.

How can you be happy with that 50 years old man?

Yeah, she will be happy.

But Badshah... not Badshah.

But Bhaghi,

I want to ask you one thing answer me.

Have you ever seen me get on Badshah?

No right?

I take care of it that well, then how well I can take care of you think Bhaghi?

You don't understand it.

What else could I do now? Everything is finished.

I won't say that I'll die if you aren't with me, I want you. You are my breath.

But I know one thing for sure.

I don't think I'll be happy anymore without you.

Yeah, I know you guys are getting ready to kick me.

I can understand I'll leave.

Bhaghi, I want to see your face before I leave.

Can I see your face or should I bribe you with alcohol.

Please let me see your face once Bhaghi. Please move brother.

[infant crying]

[horse neighs]

-Dad! I want this guy! -Shh...

-Shut up! -Badshah: Look over here buddy!

Now tell me, Badshah and I are in an accident.

Both of us are about to die

and you only have money for one operation.

Who will you save?

It's always Badshah!

Then what is this?

-Badshah has me... [sobbing]

But you have nobody.


Badshah: Finally, he did it.

Raju, it's time to dance now go and make them play drums, come on go!

One moment. Stay here.

One moment. Stay here.

Brother, play the drums please.

[wedding percussions]

How will you live with me?

Savaari setup is still intact.

One moment! Wait here.

Brother, please give me the sacred thread.

She agreed for marriage bro, please give it to me...

-What's all this? -Bro, I beg you please give.

-Please give it to me. -Do you want me to give?

Leave it.

Let's get Badshah operated first.

Only then we will do anything else.

Badshah: I learnt only one thing by watching Raju's.

Hope. Self-confidence.

Raju tried sincerely even though Bhaghi ignored him initially.

So if we try sincerely keeping that hope, we can achieve anything.

So, don't lose your hope guys.

Keep going. Signing off, it's me your Badshah.