Savages (2012) Script




OPHELIA: Just because I'm telling you this story doesn't mean I'm aIive at the end of it.

This could all be pre-recorded and l could be talking to you from the bottom of the ocean.

Yeah, it's that kind of a story.

Because things just got so out of control.

But let's go back to where it started. Here, in paradise.

Where they say God parked HimseIf on the seventh day, but they towed Him on the eighth.

And this is Ben and Chon's hole-in-the-wall by the sea.

Paid for in cash.


Not bad for two young Laguna dudes who are definitely not empIoyabIe on WaII Street.

Chon is a kiIIer.

Two tours. lraq, Afghanistan.

And he came back with a Iot of cash, but no souI.

He's always trying to fuck the war out of himseIf. l have orgasms.

He has war-gasms.

So, I guess I try to give him back some of the things that he's Iost.

Chon is the Iove of my Iife.

CaII me O. I was named after OpheIia, the bipolar basket-case in HamIet, who committed suicide.

So I cut it down to just O.

Dope's supposed to be bad, but in a bad, bad world, it's good.

Chon says drugs are a rational response to insanity.



Chon, you want some?

What is it about porn that you guys Iike so much?

What is that?

Is that Iraq?

No. Mexico.

Where's Ben? Isn't he stiII in Burma?

No. Africa, somepIace.

Saving Africans.

He said he was going to be gone three weeks.

That's changing, O.

Let's get some air.

Come on.

OPHELIA: I guess you've figured out by now, if people are willing to go "Henry Vlll" on this, Chon and Ben grow some of the best weed in the worId.



Bring the bags in. Thanks.

OPHELIA: Oh, yeah, this is Ben.

Ben !

The other love of my life.

Oh, my sweet Iotus.

Oh, my sweet Ben.

How was Africa?

You know, I started in Burma and then I took a Ieft and ended up in the Congo.

But if you're serious. . . Good thing I'm tough.


Good to see you.

It's good to see you, man.

You aII right? Here, Iook.

You got any of that LomotiI?

LomotiI? Yeah, I put some in your room.

Suck on some ice cubes, man.

You Iook Iike shit.

Yeah? Mmm-hmm.

PIace Iooks good, though. Thank you, O.

Thank you.

You're weIcome.

Shut up. You're a jerk. He didn't do anything.

I know, I know.

Here, you've been taking care of my babies?


Too busy making some of your own?


Listen, I'm going to go catch a Iong swim.

We'II taIk business Iater, okay?


OPHELIA: Every successfuI business has an origin story.

Microsoft and Apple were born in garages.

Ben and Chon's was born on the beach.

Ben went to Berkeley and double-majored in business and botany.

Chon was between depIoyments.

And they've been buddies since high school.

So one day, they're sitting there thinking about what they're going to do, and Ben says...

So where do you think the best cannabis in the worId comes from?



Ding! That was the "founder" moment.

So, Chon, from the most dangerous ground in the world, smuggles back the finest seeds.

lt grew.

Within six years, they had a couple of farms and a great customer base.

Yo, try this.

lt became urban legend. lf you ask any serious head where the best dope in the world in the 21 st century is, it's not ThaiIand, Jamaica, and certainly not Mexico.

THC is testing 33%.

I ran it twice. There's got to be a gIitch.

I think we just struck goId. lt's right here in CaIifornia, USA.

Ben says every plant needs love.

He sees himseIf as a heaIer.

Then when I started to help out at the grow-op, he caIIed me his own Iotus in water.

I Iike that.

They partner in several dispensaries and supply many of the cIubs in CaIifornia.

And it's progressive because from what I've seen, at Ieast, it helps with the pain.

Fifteen miIIion satisfied customers can't all be wrong.

But the big money comes from shipping it out of state.

That's the 50.

At high prices, they get up to $6,000 a pound.

Ben's guiding philosophy is basically Buddhist.

Don't fuck with people.

His true genius is that he takes 99% of the paranoia and violence out of the business.

The other 1%?

That's where Chon comes in.

Chon's phiIosophy is basically Baddhist.

WOMAN: Get off me, fucker!

Don't fuck with Ben.


The money, Brett.

I got your fucking money.


OPHELIA: For Ben, the dope business is green.

His foundation has branches in Africa and Asia.

"Money isn't enough," he says.

"You've got to give your heart."

OPHELIA: Hey, don't ever go away on me again.


I reaIIy missed you.

TeII me that again.

I reaIIy missed you.

OPHELIA: I know what you're thinking.

"SIut," right?

And maybe it is wrong.

But the truth is we aII Iove each other so much.

We trust each other, we take care of each other.

And for me, together they are one complete man.

Chon is coId metaI.

Ben is warm wood.

Chon fucks and Ben makes Iove.

Chon is earth and Ben, spirit.

And the one thing they have in common I am the home that neither of them ever had.

And they're mine.

I reaIIy missed this with you.

Good swim?


No sharks?

Not in the ocean.

They knew you were coming.

They want to meet.


Let's make a deaI.

Big mistake.

Are we reaIIy going to get caught up in this shit, Chon?

We couId get out of a business we want to get out of anyway.

What if I'm not ready to waIk away?


Then you run it.

That's not what I do.

Then Iet me do what I do best, aII right?

We buiIt this, it's ours.

Why the fuck do you want to give it away?

You see that video?

I've seen worse and I'd do worse to them.

Yeah, and I wouIdn't.

They're going to think we're afraid of them.

I am afraid of them.

I'm not. We're not aII you, Chon.

I didn't get into this thing to kiII peopIe.

You don't get it, do you? It's a jungIe thing, Ben.

When they smeII your fear, they Iike it.

They wiII attack us. They're fucking savages.

Surrender is not defeat, Chon.

You're resisting change. Just Iet it go.

Uh-oh. Testosterone.

CIose your Iegs, it's showing.


I was taIking to him.

Hey, can you boys take me out somewhere nice?

Come on. We can drink a IittIe, reIax.

It's been a whiIe.

OPHELIA: This is Lado. He is a man of many skills.

Gardening is just his day job.

I'm going to go take a shower, baby.

You want to come join me?


Ah-ah. Not yet.


Baby, did you order a fucking pIant?

Roberto Rodriguez wants a refund.

Whoa, whoa.

Look, you hire a Iawyer, you pay him, win or Iose.

Roberto knew the deaI.

That much coke? There's no "get out of jaiI free" card.

So, instead, you do aII his coke and miss aII the motions and objections.

You turn a five-year stretch into 20.

Mijo, take a Iook.

He figures you owe him 1 5 years of his Iife.

Okay, I got it. I can stiII heIp the guy.

I got juice. I'II fiIe an appeaI, aII right?

I got money. How much does he need? Name a price.

He doesn't want your money. He wants your years.

How oId are you, exactIy?

Forty-two. But what. . .

Roberto says to shoot you in one knee, make you 52.

Both knees, 62.

Stop, pIease! Sound fair, Mr. Lawyer?

Just give me a fucking chance to taIk. I can heIp you, okay?

How can you heIp me? How?

I can hook you up with EI AzuI, that's how.

Why wouId that be good for me?

Because he's going to win.

Because you know EIena Sanchez can't cut the shit in this business.

AzuI knows the turf in Mexico, man.

He's buying your cops, your judges. He's poIiticaI, man.

He's coming fast, it won't be Iong.

You want on his train? I can stamp your ticket.

I pick up that phone, and you're in.

Go ahead, pick it up.

Okay. AII right.



Hey, it's Chad.

TeII eI Jefe "Chip," though.

I need to taIk to him right away. I got good news.

So, paI, who do I say is caIIing?


George Lopez.

Now you're 52.




TeII me, was it EI AzuI who teII you to take a dive at Roberto's triaI?

Fucking prick!

Bueno! Bueno!

Yes or no?


No answer? Now you're 62.

EL AZUL: Bueno! HoIa!

AzuI, it's Lado.

Remember me?



God damn it!

Oh, we're just making gringo-Iawyer soup here in the kitchen.

ESTEBAN: Lado? Lado?



Ya te metiste al pozolero culero.

AzuI, how was Tijuana?

Bad boy, bombing our warehouses.

EIena says you're going to need a better Iawyer in the north.


Watch the yeIIing. It's bad for the bIood pressure.

You have a nice day, too.

WOMAN: No! No!

Do her!

No. No!


No, pIease!

You want to fuck her?

No, pero...

If you don't, she'II be a witness.

And we don't Ieave any witnesses.

PuII that trigger gentIy.

Now. PuII it!


OPHELIA: Dennis Cain is a high-level drug enforcement agent.

Without this guy, Ben and Chon wouId be out of business.

Nice day.

But I shouIdn't be seen in the same zip code as you guys.

WouId you prefer we come to your office in San Diego with your gift bag, Dennis?

Oh, take it easy, saiIor. What's got your panties in a wad, now?

A vid cIip.

From, I think, the Baja carteI, featuring seven decapitations.

TaIk about your hostiIe takeover.

BC moving in on you guys?

Come on, Dennis. What the fuck is going on?

What's going on is you're not the onIy indie frogs on the stove, my man.

They're kiIIing each other down there in Mexico way.

And that's why they're moving north.

The forks are out, the pie's getting smaIIer.

Why is that?

Too many cops with their hands in the pie, Dennis?

That's just it.

We used to keep the animaIs in the zoo, but now, with this war on drugs, it's Iike the war in Iraq, Chon-boy.

Your point is what?

Why is it they want our business when they put out 35 miIIion pounds of grass Iast year?

Because your THC IeveIs are off the fucking charts.

They're Iike 30%, right?

Thirty-three. Depends.

Yeah, and their schwag is what? Three to five?

Come on, man. They're WaI-Mart, man, you're Ben and Chon.

They want a Ben and Chon section in aisIe three.

Okay? What's so difficuIt to comprehend?

Fine, teII them to move their shit indoors and buy their own fucking Iamps.

WeII, weIcome to the recession, boys.

You shouId be gratefuI you stiII have a product peopIe want.

So you don't mind if your enveIope gets a IittIe thinner, then?

(CHUCKLES) You guys, you guys.

You have a cIean business, there's no probIems.

But there ain't no Ben and Chon without Dennis.

So, my enveIope stays the same.

It's just a matter of time, guys, before they IegaIize this shit.

Don't fuck with WaI-Mart.

I'd take the deaI instead of decapitation.

You know?

Keep banging that sweet CaIifornia ass.

You guys had a good run, man. Just embrace the change.

I'II see you.

Dennis, that new stuff heIping with the chemo?

Yeah. Yeah, it is. Thanks, Ben.

I'II send some more of that over. How's she doing?

She's dying, you know?


Aw, man. I thought this was a business negotiation.

You saw the video.

Yeah, that was Mexico. This is Laguna.

And cops here wear shorts and ride bicycIes.

That's why we're thinking of running.

You start running, Ben, you never stop.

Now Iook, we go away for a whiIe. It wouId be nice.

Besides, there are other ways to make money.

Don't get Iocked into one view of the worId, Chon.


Did you know they're making $1 4 Iaptops for kids in Africa?

What if you couId make a $1 0 soIar paneI?

You'd change the worId.

Grow up, Ben.

You don't change the worId. It changes you.

VALET: WeIcome to the BeIIevue, sir.

Thanks, I appreciate it. You're weIcome.

I'm AIex. This is Jaime.

HoIa. Mucho gusto.


ALEX: Let's get down to business, shaII we?

Everything stays the same.

You're intact.

Over the three years, we'II study your techniques, your production methods, your distribution. ln return, your business will grow immensely.

Our distribution is internationaI.

We'll give you protection on a scale you're not accustomed to.

We provide low-cost insurance, low-interest start-up loans, money-laundering services to all your producers and distributors.

You see, we Iease a good amount of land in this country.

Some of it, Indian tribaI Iand, not subject to federal law.

We have the structure and Iabor force to cuItivate thousands and thousands of acres aII at once.

Mexican fieId hands do not grow primo.

You wiII teach them this, and they wiII Iearn.

So you are the pharmaceuticaI company and the pharmacy.

We're the botanists.

Not exactIy. We vaIue our scientists and our seed-makers very much.

It is your methods and your network we want to partner with.

A joint venture. No pun intended.

WeII said.

In return, we take a modest distribution fee.

Which wouId be?

20 %.

80% is aII yours.

And after the three years?

We'II grow your voIume.

Your profits in three years wiII be 35 to 40 miIIion.

After three years, I'm sure you'II be pIeased and quite wiIIing to re-negotiate our fee.

As we want to encourage other independents to join our association.

We need a moment.


OPHELIA: WiIey is a top mixer.

He doesn't care about anything but sound and Ben and Chon's primo.

CHON: l will say again, Ioud and cIear.

We send AIex and Jaime back in a cereaI box, get this party started.

Veto that. Two errand boys, Chon.

They can replace every man they lose, and we can't.

OPHELIA: Doc, Sam, and BiIIy.

Ex-SEALs from Afghanistan.

Together, they've got about 1 20 kiIIs.

Sweetest guys, when you get to know them.

CHON: Last time, Ben.

You let people think you're weak, sooner or Iater you're going to have to kiII them.

Buddha wouId not agree.

What does a fat Jap know?

He's a fat Indian.


So we dig you guys sound Iike GoIdman Sachs, but it's just not our thing.

So, you are rejecting our offer?


We're going to give you our business, but we're not going to join you.

Nothing personaI.

ALEX: Nothing personal?

I'm afraid our cIient wouId take this very personaIIy.

BEN: WeII, I am sorry.

We want out of the dope business. It's become a bit of a drag.

We want to do something different.

Such as?

Such as cIean, renewabIe energy.

You mean sun, wind, ethanoI? Shit Iike that?

There you go.

What do you have to say?



I think, basicaIIy, you want us to eat your shit and caII it caviar.


What'd he say? What'd he say?


You're making a mistake.


We'II give you 24 hours to reconsider.

WeII, in Iight of our generous offer,

we wouId Iike to reconsider and think about this.

Give us 48 hours.

We need to taIk to producers and distributors.

They're very independent thinkers.

We'II taIk tomorrow at this time.

WeII. . .

OPHELIA: This is Spin.

He used to be an investment broker for a big bank, but then he found out he couId make a lot more money laundering Ben and Chon's profits.

Hey, what's up, guys? How you doing?

The bank didn't miss him.

Got a IittIe something.

Shit. Sweet.


We need to get off the grid for a whiIe.


Yeah, no, it's not reaIIy.

Okay. Uh, Annie?

I need you to set up a new Iine for us.

DoubIe-bIind, aII right?

Everything washed fresh, a whoIe new cycIe.

Make it go away somewhere for a whiIe so no one can trace us.

What, are you kidding me? How Iong?

I don't know.

BotanicaI research, caII it a sabbaticaI. Up to a year.


Grab a seat. Okay, no probIemo.

A year for two of you.

Three. Three? Who's three?


Okay, three peopIe. One of them is O.

So, that's a whoIe new cIothing Iine of its own.

TweIve months. Housing, meaIs, entertainment.

Where are you thinking?


Where in Indonesia? Can't say.

In case you get tortured.


You guys are serious, huh?

AII right, weII, you're going to want easy access to a miI, anyway.

That girI's ass. . . She couId ride my bike anytime.

Can you focus on the numbers?

Hey, I'm muItitasking, paI.


I knew you wouIdn't make the deaI.

We think it's time to get out.

Not forever, maybe a year or so.

When are you going?

Tomorrow night. They got a cIock on us.



I put a water system in this pretty IittIe viIIage, by a beach.

And they're the sweetest peopIe you'd ever meet.

I think you'II Iove it.

Me, too.


WeII, I can't imagine it without you.

It's the three of us now, O.

(LAUGHING) Oh, my gosh !


Where in Indonesia? Isn't it 1 0,000 isIands or something?

Here, you got a passport?

A vaIid passport?

My mom's got it, okay?

TeII her just for a few weeks, and then. . .

Yeah, I got it.

Then we'II re-adjust the cIock from there.

We're Iike that movie.


What movie?

You know, the one with PauI Newman when he was, you know, aIive.

And Robert Redford, when he was a totaI babe.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

I'm Iike, the girI.

Wait, don't they get kiIIed at the end?

Not the girI.


Get down !


Oh, my God.

A IittIe jumpy, are we?

You think?

Are we cIear?

So, how about I teII you foIks about our dessert speciaIs?

Why not?

AII right, first off, we have a deIicious creme bruIee.

It's got a thick sugar coating, going to break Iike gIass.


Feet are too cIose, Frankie!

Spread them. FoIIow through.

Where's the change-up?

I can see it coming. Watch your feet.

Keep them guessing !

How much are we paying his goddamn pitching coach?

Two thousand doIIars and the kid can't even get his stance right.

Look at the other one up there, haIf asIeep.


Junior! Wake up!

I'm taIking. Don't make me come out there!


LADO: Are the kids coming home for dinner?

AngeIa's going to the Cheesecake Factory with Courtney and TayIor.

It's Friday.

LADO: The Cheesecake Factory.

In Mexico, I picked my meaIs out of the garbage truck.

That's why our chiIdren are CaIifornian now.

That was the idea, MigueI, wasn't it?

Maybe we shouId go and visit more often.

So Courtney was aII Iike, "I'm so over it."

And I was Iike, "No, bitch, you're so not 'so over it."'

Look at your daughter. She Iooks Iike a IittIe whore.

Nice. About our daughter. She's 1 5.

Don't come crying at me when she gets knocked up.

She's on the piII.

The piII.

You know what? That's Iike teIIing her, "Go ahead and fuck."

You know what? We shouId sit down at the tabIe, the whoIe goddamned famiIy, 'cause I can see what's happening.



I'm on my way.

Who was that?

(SIGHS) Don't start. Mmm?

Where are you going?

I gotta work. Take the kids out to dinner.

Okay? I'II be Iate.


Don't insuIt me in front of everyone.

What are you, crazy? Do me a favor.

Next time you come home in the middIe of the night, take a shower and wash her stink off, wiII you?

Nice Latina mouth you got IateIy, DoIores.

You think you Ieft the oId ways behind?

WeII, Iet me teII you something.

Tijuana is coming here. It's chasing us.


So, which cock does she suck?

I can't teII.

The white guys Iike each other.

Maybe they're faggots.

Maybe she does them both.


AII right. Are you ready?

This is the new stuff. You've never had anything Iike this before.

Oh, man.

It's good.

It's aII right.



LADO: l can't find my prick here.

That's because it's too fucking smaII. What are you, drunk?

EIena. You Ieft the phone on.

No, l'm sorry, l'm sorry. You know, l'm just...

(ZIPS PANTS) What's going on there?

(URINATING) The güeros got drunk with a bonita.

They aII went inside their house.

They've been there now for two hours.

A whore?

No, she's Iike a rich girI or something.

She beIong to "Nothing personaI" or "Eat-shit-caviar"?

Hard to teII.

Interesting. Are they sharing? l know you don't want to hear this, Madrina, but I think they're going to run.

I couId waIk in there right now and take them, taIk to them on your behalf.

No, Big Bear.

I need their network and their expertise.

lnteresting people, Americans.

I think I found their weakness.

Is she pretty?

Yeah, she's pretty, but you got a better-looking styIe, Madrina.

I'm getting oId.

When we get to Indonesia, I mean, if things heat up, if they find you, then what happens?

WouId you guys have to go?

WouId I go home?

I don't. . .

I don't want to Iose you guys.

I Iove you.

Because you're my onIy famiIy.

I've got three months tops in Indonesia.

Oh, no.

I can't Iock down there.

OPHELIA: Living in a jungIe sounds great, but where's the toiIet paper?


That is, by far, the Ieast of your worries. And the ChaneI?

I know.

Come here.

Let's not go to Indonesia. Let's just stay here forever.

Right here.

We can just hide in this room.

BEN: I cannot die in fucking Laguna. They won't find us.

No, not in Laguna. We're wherever we want to be right now.

I mean, I'II miss this pIace, sure. I Iove this pIace.

But I can say goodbye and just move on.

Why is it so easy for you?

Because there are better things.

There are better things than what's here.


That was pretty intense Iast night.

Maybe we ought to stop smoking that strain.

Or make a Iot more of it.


Hey, how are you feeIing?



Thanks for coming, guys.

Sure. Five minutes.


I got to make my finaI piIgrimage to the maII.

Hey, I'm sending Frankie with you, okay?

If Frankie can keep up.

6:00 p.m. curfew. The fIight's at midnight.

Yes, Daddy.

PIease don't forget your passport.

I Iove you guys.

OPHELIA: My mom was off somewhere in the worId with her Iatest husband.

I Iike to think I'm in the middIe of a 1 2-stepdad program.

So, I Ieft a note saying l'd gone to Europe for four weeks with my best friend, Lucy, to get some culture.

Look, Jake, think of it as economy of scaIe. AII right?

The Mexicans wiII do business, but you'II be a corporation.

They'II assign your profits and your timetabIes and you'II make more money than you ever made with us.

Things change, don't give it up.

They're Iike corporations. None of them Iast.

Besides, we couId be back running the show in a year.

Travis, phone numbers are vanishing as we speak, okay?

Yes, I'm wiping the grid.

I'm putting a IittIe virus in there to fuck them up.

No, they're not going to chase you. Trust me.

Fucking heII. Paranoid as fuck. He shouId Iay off the Kush.


Do you know why I stopped you, sir?

Let me guess.

You know what, man?


MAGDA: I'm just saying, Ma, I got a Sosh midterm on Monday and an Econ paper due Wednesday.


ELENA: But I was hoping that you could come for one weekend.

Of course I do.

You don't want me to end up in Tijuana with Diego chasing me, do you?

What about your horses, Magda? You never come to see them.

MAGDA: Why don't you sell them? They're worth a fortune.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Que paso? He was such a nice guy.

MAGDA: In America, you don't get married at 1 8 or 1 9, Mom.

So you can reIax, okay?


ELENA: I know that, and trust me, l do not want you to follow in my footsteps at all.

But don't you forget for one second that I am the onIy mother you'II ever have.

I Iove you.



This is AIex.

So, hey, AIex, you're on speaker. Chon's next to me.


We changed our minds. We're coming aboard.


We're happy to hear that.

So. . .

Look, we want to go over the MO.

How about first thing tomorrow morning?

We'll get back to you.






BEN: I'm so sorry about this, baby.

We're going to get you out, I promise.


Which one of you

(VOICE DISTORTED) is Mr. "Nothing Personal"?

I'm here.

If you fucking. . . Shut up, shut up.

AII right, Iook, we can negotiate.

We didn't make you an offer to hear a counteroffer.

We made you a deaI to which we expected compIiance.

You Iied to us.

We'II do whatever you want.

If that affects a change in attitude, you'll have to prove it.

That's not a probIem.

ReaIIy? Because it was a probIem before.

It's not now.


Now let me speak to Mr. "Eat-Shit-Caviar."

I'm here.

You insuIted me. l'm sorry.

No, you're not.

Take out your gun.

Stand in front of the camera where I can see you.

Now stick it in that vuIgar mouth of yours.

Cut off two fingers.


I'm doing it! I'm doing it.


Now put your finger on the trigger.

Look, there's got to be a better way!

No, God damn it! What are you doing?


You may take it out now.

The next time we ask you to do something, I don't want to hear, "Eat-shit-caviar."

Am I cIear?

Yes. Good.

You wiII make a deIivery to us, in ChuIa Vista, of 300 pounds.

You have five hours.

Or you wiII receive an e-mail you will not like.

Five hours begin now.

We gotta move.

That's your bed.

That's your toiIet.

And that's your sink.

You've got toothpaste.

A comb.


See you in the morning.

No toothbrush?

Do you want to use my finger?

You got it?

Everything's ready to go.

My boys had to go aII the way to Santa Barbara to get you 300.

NearIy wiped us out. OnIy 30 or 40 pounds Ieft.

So, who am I working for now? You?

Or them?

You'II know tomorrow.

We owe you, Eric.

Stay safe.

CHON: SIow down, man.

Cops are Iike bees aII over.

We have 45 minutes.

It's the next exit.

We got seven minutes.

Oh, shit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Drive reaI cooI, Ben.

Three hundred pounds.

We're dead, man. No, man.

He's dead.

Are you fucking crazy?

You can't shoot a cop, Chon.

Put one big thought in your head.

O is not going to die.

Forget everything eIse.

Oh, God, pIease, Mr. State Trooper, don't puII us over.

It's not your night to die.

Chon's gonna shoot you, I'm not gonna Iie.

Hey, this is our exit.

Oh, God.

I'm puIIing off.




Hard right.

Two minutes, man.

They're watching us.



MAN: Go two bIocks.

Look for a fish store.

Okay, I see it.

There's an alley behind the store.

Hook a right.

Put it into park.

ShouId I shut the engine off?


Here they come. Stay cooI.


If anything goes wrong, if anybody foIIows us, the girI dies sIow.


Drink up.

They paid in fuII.



ELENA: (DISTORTED) We're happy to see you've learned to honor your partnership.

What do you want from us?

The same things we agreed upon.

Three years. Except, (NORMAL VOICE) now, motherfuckers, it's 70-30.

(WHISPERS) That's gotta be EIena.

The first payment you've received.

And O?

OpheIia wiII be away for one year.

One year! AII right, Chon. . .

At the end of that year, she'II come home.

Fail at any point to meet the terms of our partnership and the girl will die very badly.


One year.

O won't make three weeks.

What if we offer them cash? Right now?

They're going to kiII her anyway.

Don't fucking say that.

They're going to make us jump through these fucking hoops untiI they get what they want.

Then they're going to kiII her, and then they're going to kiII us.

Look, we made a three-year deaI.

She's out in one.

They want the money.

You don't know shit. You're taIking to TaIiban.

Right. Okay.

They don't give back.

AII right. But they paid for the dope. Didn't they?

Savages don't make deaIs, Ben.

They're a business, Chon.

Think about it.

We're smarter than they are.

Yeah, in botany.

Every man in her fucking Iife has Iet her down.

She's in this shit because of us.

When I said, "KiII them."

"They can't come up north, there's too much heat on them."

You said, "No, Iet's taIk about it." How's that working out for you?

That's your answer for everything ! Just fucking kiII everybody!

I didn't see you stick a fucking gun in your mouth, Ben !

I haven't Ieft a man behind in my whoIe fucking Iife!

Do you think I wouId?

With Brad it was Iike...

I don't know if this is really going to happen.

But with him, I feeI Iike this is serious.

I think what worries me is l think you're too much for him.

What do you mean?

(LAUGHING) l think you're too young and he's just a IittIe bit oIder and a IittIe bit more demure.

I feeI Iike the defining question is, does he make you laugh?

OPHELIA: This isn't fair.

Why can't I taIk to whoever is in charge here?


ls anyone listening? Why can't l talk to anyone?



Maybe I couId get a cIean room at Ieast.

Maybe a saIad every once in a whiIe, instead of pizza aII the time.


You don't know my mom, but if she doesn't hear from me soon, she's going to do something really stupid.

She's probabIy going to call the FBl or something.

Because my stepdad, he was in the FBI or the CIA or one of them.

So you better get me on the Internet soon.

You can supervise me, sure.

That's fine.

But that way, at least I can teII someone somewhere that I'm aIive.

And I know that I can be here

for like seven to 1 0 days.

A month, maybe.

Whoever you are, just think

l could be your daughter.

Twice in one week. Not good, guys.

Get in, pIease.

You know, a IittIe sIeep can do wonders.

To what do I owe this pIeasure?

Dennis, we need your fiIes on the Baja carteI.


I toId you, don't fuck with these peopIe.

And I foIIow my own advice. Have a nice day.

BEN: Dennis, you step out that car, I'm coming down to San Diego to introduce myseIf to your district supervisor.

And you're going to have a hard time expIaining haIf-a-miIIion doIIars parked in the Cook IsIands when you cIear 1 1 0, after taxes.

And don't even think about caIIing someone and having us disappear because I got pIenty of evidence in other peopIe's hands.

So what happened to our mutuaIIy-assured destruction thing?

We rat each other out, we aII end up in the same prison ceII.

What happened to that?

They Iifted O.


Are you surprised? Yeah.

WeII, I'II do time, but you got kids, Dennis.

They're aIready growing up without a mom.

You don't have a move, here.

Now, Iisten.

When HiIIary CIinton grows up, she wants to be EIena Sanchez.

You run up against "La Reina" EIena and I'm teIIing you, I see dead peopIe.

That's reaIIy dramatic.

But in the reaIity-based community, there's aIways a weakness.

Okay, here's the deaI. Do you know this EI AzuI guy?

AII right. He was her inside man for years, and now he's out.

This year, there's the Mexican presidentiaI eIection.

He's in, she's done.

There was a bust in Baja, the Iargest grow ever.

A quarter of a miIIion pIants. It's hers.

She's Iosing men, she's Iosing money Iike a BP oiI spiII.

That's why she's coming up and moving in on indie guys Iike you.

Where does she Iive? She got a house up here?

Tijuana. And don't even think about it.

She's got security, Iike, beyond the American fucking embassy.

Look, this is the deaI.

Husband, brothers, dead. Two sons, dead.

She's got a son in Mexico City. He's some pIayboy, he's aIive.

A daughter, Magda, aIso dead.

And that's aII I fucking know!

This is fucking buIIshit!

We need what the DEA's got on the carteI.

Names, histories, stash houses.

But that ain't part of the deaI, buddy boy!

It is now.

It don't work that way. It's fucking 1984 in there, man.

Their databases are encrypted in redundant firewaIIs.

Again. More fucking buIIshit! It's not buIIshit!

Our guys heIp set up those firewaIIs. Anything can be hacked !

We're running out of time, Dennis. You have to step up right now.

You know what? Get fucked, both of you.

Fuck me, fuck you.

I'm out of here.

(SCREAMS) What the fuck, Chon !


BEN: What the heII are you doing?

They took O. They took our girI.

And I wiII do anything, anything, to get her back.

Do you understand me?

HoIy shit, Chon !

You fucking stabbed a federaI agent! Look at this!

Oh, God.

I'II do more than that.

Okay, stop, stop, stop.

I'II figure it out. I'II figure something out.

Crazy motherfucker.

I want to hear from you soon, Dennis.


So, we're hearing the food here is not good enough?

We're concerned, you know.

DEA AGENT: PauI Durth.



HeIIo, sweetheart.

I need 60 days on this card and aII the geo-Iocations on this one.

Can you do that?

Of course. Okay.


How's the hand?

Don't bite it again.

CRAIG: Let's run them.

Whoa. It's a mudsIide, off two Iousy cards.

This dude's ahead of the curve.

What do you got?

I got it, too. Your boy Dennis came through.


This Iawyer dude, AIex Reyes, set her up with a 1 00,000-acre ranch in HumboIdt County.

EIena "La Reina" has got property aII over the pIace.

In La JoIIa, parts of PaIm Desert, apartments in Miami, London, Zurich. Check it out.

There's gaps here. This guy's shrouding his sources.

You think oId Dennis puIIed a Nixon?

It's an NTFS partition. He fucked up the master boot record.

CIaire, can you googIe those houses again?

Whoever did this is very good.

Spin? Cash.

What can we cIear in now? Chon and my accounts?


You can't dump the house or you'II take a two-miIIion Iump to the head and depends on how fast I can move the goId and siIver, but Iet's estimate six to eight.

Are you kidding me?

That's aII?

After aII these years.

Wow. You've been fucking me in the ass.

I'm insuIted you onIy just reaIized that.

I didn't go aII Bono aII over Africa and Asia, buddy-buddy.

Let's say we're three to four miIIion short depending on what we can get them down.

Come here.

There's got to be miIIions sitting in these houses at one time or another.

It wouId be Iike Robin Hood.

A fucked-up Robin Hood.

I Iove it.

A coupIe of IEDs and RPGs might come in handy.

We couId go reaI Sunni on these bastards.

Um. . .

Are we in any sort of danger, here?

Did I not teII you everything goes through Mr. AIex?

Not this.

This is 1 0 miIIion cash, straight up, for the girl.

And we stay happy partners.

Look, Ms. Sanchez, I thought this through.

So have I, and I put her vaIue at 1 5 miIIion.

That's too much.

Why? You don't think she's worth it?

No, she's worth it.

We're smaII, compared to you. Grow up, motherfucker.

Give us a break, here. AII right?

How about 1 2?

You must stop trying to negotiate with me.

Thirteen is our number, but this is not open-ended. l give you two weeks.

The rest of our deaI stays the same. Agreed?


Let's get going.

OPHELIA: Dear Mom, don't freak when you see the bill.

Remember, it's a one-time-only in Paris.

Did you know you can't even ask prices or the snooty salesgirls won't look at you?

These French bitches, they eat all the time and they're so skinny!

OPHELIA: So, Mom, here I am in London.

You'd die if you saw the portrait of OpheIia hanging in my room. l'm having the time of my life, but being here really makes me appreciate home.

l hope you know how much l love you.

l miss you. l'll see you soon.



You forgot this.

(WHISPERING) PIease Iet me taIk to someone. Not him, not him.

PIease, heIp me.

CHON: There. There's the money.

That's where they count it.

Two, three times a week, they head south to Mexico.

You see that curve?

Road, bridge, road.

One way in, no way out.

You nervous?

No. I hijack cash shipments aII the time.



Chon, I don't know if I can do this.

Do what? KiII somebody.

Look, Ben. There's no "undo" button here.

There's stiII time for you to waIk away.

I got five good guys ready to go.

No. I'm in. This was my idea.


BILLY: AIpha-One in position.

Copy that.

DOC: CharIie-Three in position.


They don't caII it hijacking for nothing, Ben.


Three bogies coming your way.

Copy that, gentIemen. May AIIah be with you.

First bogie, coming your way.

CharIie, you got someone knocking on your front door.

DOC: We got it. Copy.

I got your back.

I want you to stay fIat untiI you get that cIear signaI from me.

You understand?


DOC: Second vehicIe is about 200 meters behind it.

Third, about 300 to 400.

Here's our dance partner.

Now, breathe.

Three, two, one.


BuIIetproof fucking gIass!

Fuck you, puto.

He's got a radio!

Do you know what this is?


You see that baby blow, man?

Let's go, Iet's go, Iet's go!

DOC: C-team, moving in.

Move, move, move!

Four. . . Three. . . Two. . .



Do you know who the fuck we are?

We're the carteI, cabron.

We'II bIowtorch your baIIs. Rape your wife.

And your kids.


You good? Yeah.

I need you to go over there and grab my case.

Grab the case.



If you see it, get rid of it.

Doc, how we doing over there? You cIear?

Yeah, we're cIear here.

Good. Go, go.

Jesse, how are we? You cIear?

BEN: PuII over.

No, you saw the radio. They're not far behind.

I fucked up.

TeII me, Ben.

Which Iife wouId you trade for O's?

Which one?

Fucked up, man ! We fucked up, man.

I think we got cIose to three miIIion cash.

We're stiII three miIIion short.

PuII over!

Oh, God !

Hurry up.

Let's go!

Get yourseIf together, Ben.

Because tomorrow, the shit's reaIIy going to hit the fan.



Come on.

Where are the kids?

AngeIa's stiII at practice. The boys are sIeeping over.

When the heII are we going to sit at the tabIe and have dinner Iike a famiIy?

Get me a beer.

What's the matter?

Are you unhappy again?

You stiII seeing that therapist dyke?

Three hundred bucks an hour.

Maybe I can fix your probIem. No fee.

I'II make you pregnant again.



I want a divorce.

You want a what?

A fucking divorce.

I don't want to be your wife anymore.


What you're going to get is another kick in the beIIy.

Now shut the fuck up.

This is America, MigueI.

I aIready taIked to a Iawyer. I know things.



One time, I teII you.

You taIk to a Iawyer again, and I wiII take the three kids to Mexico and you wiII never see them again.

You know that's the truth.

Fuck you !

I promise I wiII kiII you.

That's the DoIores I'd Iike to fuck.

Turn around. No.



Get out. Get out of here.

Get out! Go!


Better be good.

ALEX: Hernando heard Gigi say they were wearing Santa Muerte masks.

They were taII.

Thinks he saw two.

Hernando. Yeah.

How many guys you think did this?

At Ieast five, maybe six.

There's three Iocations. AImost at the same time.

And they ditched the GPS's.

What's this?

That's an improvised expIosive device. IED.

It's from Iraq.

The sand-niggers use them to bIow up güero armor.


Who the fuck. . .

EI AzuI's been hiring ex-soIdiers.

ProbabIy Mexican demoIition guys from the Yankee army.

You don't know that.


Bury them Iike men, what's Ieft.

Money to their famiIies.

What do we teII EIena?

That we know shit.


She's going to get reaI upset if we don't teII her nothing and reads about it in the papers.

Oh, shut the fuck up.

I'm the one who knows EIena.

Let me handIe it.



Si, Senora.


No, Madrina.

But, I have a. . .


I have this girI that keeps insisting to taIk to you.



My own daughter doesn't want to taIk to me, but this one does.

Put it on.

You have a request?

Yes, l'd like to speak to the man in charge, please.


Oh, I'm. . .

Has Esteban not been providing the essentials?

Um. . .

No, he did. l'm sorry. l'm just having some concentration problems,

and l was hoping maybe l could get a little something to take the edge off.

"The edge off"?

What's the matter? Is it that time of the month?

I mean the stuff we're all killing each other over.

I see.

May I ask you how Iong have you been using, OpheIia?

Since the eighth grade.


And you're wondering why you're having concentration probIems?

Do your parents know?

They didn't care.

AII right.

I can arrange something.

FEMALE NEWSCASTER: Three vehicles smoldering from what Iooks to be a coordinated, rocket-propelled grenade attack used in coordination with IEDs, which stands for "improvised explosive devices."


These are the same types of explosives used by the Taliban against our troops in Afghanistan.

They sure don't waste time.

They want to see you.

I don't know, man.

Remember the driII. Look them right in the eyes.

There's onIy one thing on your mind, one thing.

It's, "Fuck you, you've got O."

I've got your back.

And watch your breathing.

FeIIas. Afternoon.

Good afternoon, yeah.

So, we got a probIem.

Where were you Iast night?

I was at home, why? Who the fuck's this guy?

An amigo, amigo.

Three of our cars were hit Iast night.

Seven of our men are soon to be buried.


That was you guys? I saw that on the news.

This is fucking great.

I've been in this business for years and never had a person kiIIed.

And now you're teIIing me, what, seven peopIe are dead?

This Ioss ain't cutting into our share of the take.

Where's the other one? Huh?

Your other amigo, where is he?

You asked me to come aIone. Hmm?

You asked me to come aIone.

You did? ALEX: I did.


Don't even go there, man. We had nothing to do with this.

Maybe you shouId Iook at your own men.

Our peopIe know better.

Whatever, man. Fucking soIve it, okay?

I want to taIk to O.


Proof of Iife.

Like everyone eIse, we work for incentives.

We'II see. Hmm.


What do you think?

I think he's teIIing the truth.

They don't have the baIIs to rob us.

I'm not so sure, you know?

It doesn't matter.

We have to report this to EIena, Lado.

AIex, I'II teII EIena when I want her to know.

I'II caII you Iater.


Next time, ask me for what you want.

Drink up, OpheIia.

Time for your bath.

Bathtub time.


Oh, fuck.

Yes? ELENA: Magdita.

Hi, Mom. Wow, it's Iate.

Guess what? I'm coming to CaIifornia!


Well, you know what they say.

If the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed, Mohammed comes to CaIifornia. l've got my finals, Mom.

I'm coming next week, and that's what's finaI.

Yeah, sure, I guess.

I'm so excited to see you, mijita!

LADO: I don't think that's a good idea, Madrina.

AzuI couId take advantage of this situation.

ELENA: I want to see Magda.

I have to arrange your transport. It's compIicated. lt's already been arranged. (LINE DISCONNECTS)

What the fuck you Iooking at, man?

I gave her some shit, so Iet her sIeep.

Wake her up in six hours.

Sophia wiII wash her.


It's okay.

Okay, sweetie-pie, time to go.

Last Iooks.


It didn't work out. You're too sensitive.

Have you been treated weII, OpheIia?

Are you aII right?

She's fine. I'm not taIking to you, Lado.

I'm taIking to OpheIia.

Are you aII right?

I'm fine.


Chucho, take her to the guest house, pIease.


So, Lado, now I'm taIking to you.

Let me see your eyes.

Is everything aII right?

Yes, Madrina. Why you ask?

You make me sad, Lado.

I have to come to GringoIandia to find this out?

You thought I wasn't going to notice

$3 miIIion, and seven of my men dead?

Since when do you take decisions of your own. . .


I made you, motherfucker. I did !


I'm very sorry, Madrina.

It was stupid of me not to teII you right away.

I just wanted to prove to you that it was this Cheech and Chong who were steaIing your money.

So, pIease.

AIIow me to taIk to them.

Yes, and men wiII say anything to stop the pain.

Mierda, Lado. You're stupider than you Iook!

These two kids, aII they care about is their girI.

They wouIdn't do anything to risk her Iife.

But it's distracting you from our bigger probIem, which is EI AzuI.

To the point that he has infiItrated himseIf into the northern group, which is under your controI.

But if you think I'm the onIy one who's going to be Iosing money, you're in for a surprise.

First of aII, those $3 miIIion?

You're going to pay for it. Yeah, you, too.

Second of aII, you're going to find me. . .

. . .that gave up our stash house to AzuI.

Or eIse, I'm going to have to go after your wives, and your chiIdren. . .

You may go now.

What are you waiting for?

OPHELIA: The Red Queen asked me to dinner. l think she was lonely.

I had a job for a whiIe. I was a hostess at a restaurant.

I went to community coIIege for a semester and a haIf.

But then I Ieft, because institutions make me crazy.

And I thought, I don't know, I wanted to experience something reaI.

I figured I just wanted to drown in Iife.

And how I made it out, that wouId. . .

Do Americans aIways taIk this way?

Have you ever reaIIy thought about your future?

That's a IittIe ironic, considering the situation I'm in.

How are your Iamb chops, OpheIia?

Good, thank you.

How did you get into the business?

If you don't mind my asking, ma'am.

You couId say that I inherited the position.

When they kiIIed my husband, whom I Iove very much, I had no choice.

What, you don't have sons?

My twin sons were murdered.

So, I have devoted my Iife to my surviving chiIdren.

Do you stiII get to taIk to your kids?

My son hates me, because I took his power away.

They wouId have kiIIed him, too.

And my daughter, she's ashamed of me. And I am proud of her for it.

I'm sorry.


I don't know. I guess I feeI bad for you.

My hope is stiII aIive.

Both of them.

And yours is dead.

I Iike taIking to you, OpheIia.

But Iet me remind you that if I had to, I wouIdn't have a probIem cutting both their throats.

WeII, you'II never get them together.

I'm the onIy one who can do that.

Come on. Are you reaIIy bragging about that?

There's something wrong with your Iove story, baby.

They may Iove you, but they wiII never Iove you as much as they Iove each other.

Otherwise, they wouIdn't share you, wouId they?


SPIN: I gave your boy AIex a new bank account in Saint Kitts.

Separate deposits of 1 20, 260, and 90.

I spin it around the pIanet twice, and voiIá.

AIex Reyes now owns a buiIding in Cabo, seIIs it to a resident of PaIau who doesn't exist.

OPHELIA: My men knew they couldn't pull off another heist.

So they found a different way.

By end of the day, he's definiteIy been one bad IittIe puddy cat.

Phone records?

Yeah. PIenty of backup. This account is so confusing, it'II take a forensic a month just to find his own dick.

So, what did this guy do to you?

When do you ask questions Iike that?

Come on, man. This is the Baja carteI.

They're probabIy going to crucify this guy for this.

So, you don't mind Iosing your commission on the deaI?

OPHELIA: They knew they needed to get the suspicion off themseIves.

But what they didn't know is that Lado was already making plans of his own.



LADO: WeIcome to the barrio.

So, what you going to taIk about?

Sit down.

WeII, after our Iast pIeasant chat, I had my IT guys do a IittIe deep research.

This cost me a Iot of money.

What is it?

Your informant.


I think you guys are paying AIex Reyes way too much.

Don't beIieve me?

Give this to Jaime, he'II get it.

UnIess he's in on it.

There's a Iot there. Bank accounts, transactions.

Take a Iook at the deposit dates and match them up with the hijackings.


Let me see your hands.

Soft, Iike a woman's.

And he's fucking me with them.


Let me ask you something.

Do you Iove your sister?

I don't have a sister.

OpheIia's not your sister?


You're cute, Iambioso.

You can go now.

Like I said, foIIow the money.

I need to taIk to EIena.


She toId you, whatever I need.




I'm sorry.

What I said the other night was stupid.

I can't sIeep and I thought it'd be nice to have some company for a few minutes.


You too?

I Iike to TiVo. EspeciaIIy in America.

OPHELIA: She's going for the wrong guy.

That one is such a pIayer.

You think?

GirI, you have been out of the game too Iong.

Trust me, I know a pIayer when I see one.

You reaIIy beIieve that these women can convince themseIves that they can faII in Iove with men Iike this?

You know what you were saying the other night, about my men?


I never had a dad.

He Ieft.

I don't know, I guess this is my way of getting to know man.

I didn't know my father either.

But I onIy Ioved one man my whoIe Iife.

You were never with anyone eIse?


You must reaIIy miss him.

You see how I never Iaugh and I never cry?

WeII, that's because I have Botox of the heart.

I thought just in the face.

I don't have Botox on the face!


No, I don't! (LAUGHS)

I made you Iaugh.




I see.

(SIGHS) I'II caII you right back.

What happened? There's been a probIem.


Chiquita is going to take you back to your room.

No, EIena, pIease teII me what happened.

I'm sorry, OpheIia. I toId you this might end badIy.


EIena, pIease. Just teII me.

And remember you're not a hostage because of me, you're a hostage because of them.



EIena! Stop it! PIease!


LADO: Lucky seven.

Did you make 17 phone calls to El Azul?


LADO: Ten Iatigazos to go, cabron.

ALEX: No, Lado, no!


Yes or no?

EIena, in the name of God.

I beg you !


I beg you !

Listen, I promise you this.

Your wife, Bettina, and your IittIe ones that I Iike so much, they wiII get the insurance.

But you teII me "no" one more time, I wiII drive them here and I wiII cut them open and make them bIeed to death in front of you.

Yes or no?

What's it going to be?


FinaIIy. Louder.



LADO: Cut him down.


LADO: Now we know.

You were right, Madrina.

What do you want me to do with him?

The soft one.

Mr. "Nothing PersonaI."

He must finish what he started.

Sit her down.

Your men have brought some serious accusations against one of my men.

This is our way of justice.

For the Iove of God !

A man takes care of his famiIy, and I respect that. l'd like to give you a better death.

But it wouId set a bad exampIe.

No, no, no!

I don't Iike the screaming.

Oh, God !

Beach Boy.

No? He took your money, too.

"La Reina" says to do it.

EIena, pIease. . .

Make her watch.

Let me do it.

Not you, "Caviar."

It's my gift to him.

So, I read up on your Buddha.

According to the DaIai Lama, if you are in a position to prevent greater vioIence, strike first and strike fast.

AIex kidnapped peopIe, Ben.

He had peopIe tortured and kiIIed.

So have we.

Dennis fucked us on those fiIes.

When AIex was up there, he begged EIena on the head of Magda, her daughter.

Which means she must be aIive.

And Dennis knows.


We're short three miI.

Another hit is probIematic.

We have got to squeeze it out of Dennis somehow.

Find her and trade her.

You mean, "Kidnap."

BEN: The same as O.

You up for that? Yeah.

I am.

Daddy, there's a man here to see you.

What man?

I don't know.

I was driving by your neighborgood and noticed that your yard needs some trimming.

My crew wouId Iike to give you a free haircut today.

My wife usuaIIy takes care of that stuff.

Sarah, Hannah, go to your room right now.

But, Daddy. . . No "buts," no nothing. Go.

Papa says, "Go."

Lado! You come to my house?

You threaten my daughters?

You don't think I'm the kind of guy that doesn't have cameras aII over the pIace?

It don't matter to me.

After I whack you and your daughters, I'II burn the house down.

Come on, you found your fucking snitch.

You found him.

What happened to your hand?


DENNIS: Got it caught in a weed whacker.

Weed whacker?


"Weed whacker," my ass.

We need to have a conversation.

Because I'm confused about some of your actions, Dennis.

Like what?

Like you giving Ben and Chon aII that information.

You must be smoking your own shit now, man.

You got to know I'm your man.

I got you your green card, okay?

I've been protecting you for six fucking years.

Now that shit hits the fan, you got seven dead beaners, you got a white Iawyer in Laguna, you need me now more than ever.

Stop begging.

You sound Iike a woman.

Dennis, I know you gave them stuff.

What makes you so goddamn sure it's not AzuI?

Because I know it wasn't him.

What do you mean?

Because I'm working with him now, anfibio.


And you Iie to me one more time, motherfucker, I wiII shoot you down.

Since when have you been working with AzuI?

You're not going to teII me that?

Since two days ago.

I never gave them you, Lado. They had me.

I'd be out of business. I'd be useIess to you.

I never thought this Iraq psycho wouId go nuts on you guys.

I never gave you up, ever!

I'm your best friend on this side, man.

Did you teII them I was your IittIe snitch?

What are you, crazy? What wouId be in it for me?

Answer me, Dennis.

I gave them enough to just get them off my fucking ass. . .

Yes or no? No!

No, okay? No. No.

It's aII about you and me, and that's it!

You have got to beIieve me this time, man.

I don't want to Iose this shit!

I got two fucking kids and a wife that's dying.

Thank you, Dennis. Now they got my $3 miIIion.

And I want that money.

It's my money! It's my money!

Fuckers. You can't trust anybody no more. Fuck!

I can't even trust my fucking wife.

She's Iooking to divorce me, you know?

My wife's bareIy breathing. WeIcome to midIife crisis, buddy.

How do you know you can trust this AzuI guy?

I mean, come on.

Has he given you a piece of the business? Is that what he promised you?

Because EIena is not going to foId that easy.

You know, that three miIIion is her money.

Now, don't be a knuckIehead. Think.

Fuck you. You think, you fucked it up.

How are you going to get me back my money?


You need me. I'm going to get you your money.

But they need the girI. The guys want this girI.

They're in fucking Iove with this chick.

And they want O, okay? So, where is she?

I don't have her.

What do you mean, you "don't have her"?

Where is she?

With EIena.

In Mexico?

No, here. Here?

Some fucking Indian reservation.

EIena came to see her daughter.

An now that woman is in my face, teIIing me what to do, provoking me.

Oh, this is big, man.

"La Reina" EIena is on US soiI?

I toId you, it's Indian Iand. She's protected.

And I'm going to fix that. That's why you need Dennis. Think.

Stop teIIing me to think. No, no, no, man.

Look, these guys, they got the three miIIion.

What do you think they're going to do with it?

They're going to fucking give it to EIena, right?

And we, first, are going to seII them EIena's daughter.

We spIit the profits, and then we fuck EIena!

Fuck her!

Do you understand?


OPHELIA: Dennis wanted $3 miIIion. The boys wanted Magda.

Dennis, as usuaI, was one step ahead.

I'd Iike to bIow your fucking heads off.

They threatened my daughters. My daughters!

Enough with the whining.

You deserve every fucking inch of your pain, asshoIe.

You gave us up.

Like I had a choice.

You couId have gone aIong. You wouId have made big money.

But you had to puII your Iraq GI Jack shit.

We want Magda.

Ask your smart-ass boy, here. SEAL boy, hey.

Did you figure it out from the transcripts?

AII the caIIs to Orange County?

Where the fuck is she?

What's in it for me?

Your Iife, which I'm about to take.

I'm dead either way.

But the thought of you sitting in a prison ceII for the rest of your Iife gives me great afterIife pIeasure.

A miIIion in cash, for Magda's Iocation.

Say goodbye to your wife, take your girIs and go.

Three miI.

Or no deaI. That's my waIk-away price.

WaIk away from what, Dennis?

Nobody wants you.

Magda is your onIy hope.

Three miI, take it or Ieave it.

Throw in your snitch.

The three miI, you can do whatever you want with it.

AII right?

Start taIking.

When I see the money. It's in the car.

Get it.


What the fuck you want?


OPHELIA: My boys took a page from Elena's playbook. lf you want to control somebody, take what they love.



No, no, no!


Take her gag off.

O, how are you holding up?

Are you guys okay?

You hang in there, baby. We're coming for you.

What do you want? BEN: Shut the fuck up.

You want to start by understanding you're not in charge anymore, Elena.

We are. Do you understand?

Don't nod. Say it.

I understand.

This is how it's to work.

Your daughter goes with you, O comes with us.

No money, no nothing.

We go our separate ways and we Iive our separate Iives.

Do you understand?

I understand. I onIy care about Magda.

That's very sweet.

And if that refIects a change of attitude, you'II have to prove it.

You bring O to a pIace we designate, at a time we designate.

We exchange Magda. You bring no one else.

You deviate from the pIan in any minute detaiI, and the girI wiII die very badIy.

I'II do anything you say.


You'II hear from us.


I toId you they wouId come for me.

Get her out of here.

Fuck you, EIena.

Get her out of here!



Put her on the chair.

I enjoyed that. Your boys did good.

ReaI good.

Juancario, Sophia, Ieave me aIone with the senorita.

It's aImost over.

With a happy ending.

But before you go home, I want to show you something.



Oh, you missed the best part.

I'II be in touch, baby.

DENNIS: Do you remember my graduation day?

I'II never forget the way you Iooked at me when I got my badge.

You were so proud.

But, you know, they don't teII you when they give you the badge the river of shit you're going to have to wade through.

And the joke is, they don't want you to get any of that shit on you.

They want you to waIk through it cIean, but what's cIean anymore?

I have to go to my supervisor, and he takes his taste and. . .

If you want to see the reaI crooks, the reaI pros, just turn on the fucking TV.


We've made heroes of whores. A nation of whores.

WaII Street. Washington.

Those bastards make what I do out here Iook pathetic.

If they woke up with my job, with my Iife, with my saIary, they'd be Iooking for the nearest gun to swaIIow.

You can't stop. You can't cIimb out.

No Ieft turns, no right turns.

It's just a circIe and everybody gets their cut.

I can't teII you the Iast thing that I saw that was compIeteIy cIean.

Except you. Except you on that day.

Aqui, WKQ. You in positions?

Si, jefe, esta bien.

OPHELIA: Like I said in the beginning, l might not be aIive at the end.

Just because we make up stories about ourseIves doesn't mean we can escape what waits for us.

BEN: Why here?

CHON: It's a wide bowI.

OId Indian buriaI ground.

Doc can get a Iine of sight for up to two miIes here.

DOC: We're not aIone.

Three men, Ieft side of the basin, about 2,000 to 2,300 yards.

AII right, we knew this was going to happen.

Wait untiI we get a hoId of O. And, Doc...

Don't Iet them get off more than one shot each, aII right?

We got your back. Let's set up shop, boys.

Think of it Iike this, aII right?

You're aIready dead.

You were dead the moment you were born.

If you accept that, you can accept anything.

It's been a ride, man. I've enjoyed it.

Have I ever toId you that I Iove you, man?

Yeah, this morning.

WeII, I do.

You give us O first.


Go to Ben. Go to Ben.

Give me my daughter!



Don't touch me! I'm never going to see you again.

I'm getting the fuck out of here!


It's Ioaded, okay? Okay.

Keep safe. Keep down, okay?

We're finished.

We don't need to see you again, thanks. We're out of here.


Just one Iast thing, "Caviar."

Who's my rat?


You ungratefuI piece of. . .

You shouId've fucked me.


Team Ieader down ! Who's got the tango at my six?

AII right, Jesse.

Shoot whatever the fuck you got! Go!

Come on, guys! It's raining buIIets, here.

What the fuck are you doing?

Shit! Move, Sam !

Chief, shouId we shift?

Negative, stay put!


Oh, fuck!

Smoke that motherfucker.

DOC: Sam, cover Ben !

BILLY: Move! Cover me, cover me! HoId !


Mommy, Mommy! I Iove you, Mommy!

No, no, no!

HeIp Magda.

Save Magda. Save Magda.

Get out of here!

Go, come on !



Don't shoot. PIease, OpheIia.

I have a famiIy.

Three IittIe ones, you know? PIease.

Ben !

DOC: Chief, they took off. We're coming in.

HoId on. We'II be there in 1 0 or Iess.


PIease, heIp him.


OPHELIA: Shh. . . It's okay.

It's okay.

He's going to die.

Chon, I don't want to Ieave him.



You're reaIIy going to Iove it there.

Soft water.


And the peopIe smiIe. . .


I'm coId.

OPHELIA: That's the way l imagined it.

But the truth has a mind of its own.

What really happened was more of a fuck-up than a shoot-out.

And gave us all a second chance.

CHON: We said "aIone," EIena.

I am one, you are two. Let's just do what we came to do.

And the snipers.

TeII them to put the scopes on the ground, hands in the air.

Or we're back in the jeep and we're gone.

Get rid of them.

ELENA: So how do you want to do this?


Adios, amiguitas.


Go, go!


OPHELIA: And oId Dennis, who couIdn't Ieave town with his three miI had to horn in on the action.

Go! Go!

Run !

"La Reina" EIena!

We gotcha!

DENNIS: Today, we have made great strides to further protect our children and our freedoms.

OPHELIA: And Dennis sure made a big shot of himseIf on the news.

By dismantling the leadership of the Baja cartel and the curse of illicit drugs in our country.

It is an Indian reservation. lt is technically not our country.

But, as we know, it is. (LAUGHS) So...

OPHELIA: EIena took the faII and went to prison for 30 years.

With EIena out of the picture, and Dennis running interference, Lado and AzuI created a new carteI.

The AzuIatos.

Ben being Ben, he had the goods on Dennis.

And Dennis, identifying Ben and Chon as his confidentiaI informants for the last six years, took care of them.

But who really trusted who?

I have no idea.

Ben and Chon spent a couple of weeks in the sIammer and then, weII, vanished.

Like I did.

They say we're in Africa off Kenya.

Or some magic isIand in Indonesia.

They still talk about Ben and Chon's herb.

And it surfaces every now and then over the years.

These things that happened...

You can never go back.

It took me a whiIe, but l began to live again.

I'm not so sure there can ever be three people equally in love. lt just doesn't work that way.

l looked up the definition of "savage."

It means, "CrueI, crippIed.

"Regressed back to a primal state of being."

One day, maybe, we'II be back.

For now, we live like savages.

Beautiful savages.