Say You Will (2017) Script

[police siren]

[police car door opens]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[unbuckles seat belt]

Are you gonna say anything?

What the hell were you thinking, Sam?

You're lucky you just lost your license, and you know you're paying for everything, right?

I know.

[takes keys out of ignition]

You're lucky they felt sorry for you.

[soft guitar music]

[woman on TV] Wake up, Charles!

[heart monitor through TV]

[door opens]

Please wake up.

[door shuts]

I don't know what I'd do without you.

You're the one that taught me to be strong.

[soft guitar music continues]

Please, Charles.

Tell me who did this!

[man on TV] Previously on "Every Breath I Take"

Hey, Sarah.

[soft instrumental music]

She's alive.

[opens tin]

[food sizzles]

[woman on TV] Hey, Sarah.

We didn't do anything wrong.

Hey. Morning.


What are you doing here, you're supposed to be at school.

No, I already took my finals from my first three periods.

French toast on the menu for you this morning?

Could you please make sure you sign those three checks?

They're for gas, electric and your credit card.

Yes, Mr. On-the-Ball.

Where's your bandage?

I thought Audrey killed her son's babysitter on that speed-boat?


She escaped on a life raft, spent six months on a desert island and now she's back for revenge.


[woman on TV] Their real mother is...

-No! -Gotta go.

[man on TV] You're delusional.

[woman on TV] Can't you see that you're sick!

Sick, is leaving your babysitter...

OK, have a good day.

...years of caring and...

...Sick, is pretending to not have any...

Sick, is calling me delusional when I say they are my children, just as much as they are yours.

[man on TV] It's not.

[school bell rings]

[professor] Alright, time's up.

Pass your tests and journals to the right.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Since it is our last day, I figured it'd be appropriate to popcorn read our five year plan assignment.

What will you be doing in five years?

Who do you want to be?

Maybe somebody we haven't heard from?

How about Sam?


Read your five year plan assignment.

It's alright.

You could really use the participation points.

My mom always told me that there were two types of people in the world.

The kind who leave and the kind who... stay.

It's all I have actually.

You didn't finish?

Who really knows, am I right?

[classmate nervously chuckles]

Take your seat.

Well, who else would like to have an opportunity?

-Hold still, road-rash. -[Sam] Just take it.

Can you act like you're not about to be executed?

Just for a second, c'mon.

[camera beeps and snaps]

That's the winner right there.

On the old mantle piece, you know.

Bobby, that's great. Thank you.

Where are your parents, by the way?

I don't know, probably at home converting my bedroom into a new office.

-[laughing] No. -No, they're fartin' around here somewhere.

[girls laughing]

Do you want me to get a picture with you two?


Ellie! Ellie Vaughn.

Well that would require Sam to talk to her first rather than breathing heavily in her direction.

We talk all the time, it's not a big deal.

Ah, buddy.

I will never forget the story about the gym shorts.

Mom, can you open the door please?

Story time, I love story time. Do tell.

Well, OK. It was seventh grade and Ellie had been chosen by the teachers to write everybody's

-names in their gym shorts. -Oh, yeah.

And Sam came home that day, still wearing the shorts.

He said:

"Mom, do you know who wrote my name in these shorts?

The most beautiful girl in the world."

-Oh, my God. That's... -I know.

I'm gonna cry, dude. That's sweet.

He was just so taken by her that he didn't realize that she hadn't written Nimitz, she'd written Nimnuts.

-And that-- -Wait, that's the origin of Nimnuts?

Everything makes sense. They've been calling him that for years.

Yeah, it was so sweet.

Yeah, just a magical childhood memory.

Why don't we tell it a little louder?

Dude, c'mon, man. Don't go all Samming the mood on us.

What does that mean, Samming the mood?

It's just a term I've coined for when Sam just gets his vibe all off-putting and depressing.

-C'mon now, be nice. -Only half kidding, half not.

Anyways, I'm gonna go find the parental units.

-Bobby. -Always a pleasure.

-Well done. -Thank you. Hey, Sam.

You, me, tonight.

Our old friends, fun, laughter and merriment.

Remember them? We're gonna be hangin', man.

Whether you like it or not. See ya later, man.

[Janis] Bye, Bobby. Congratulations.

[Bobby] Thanks.

-He's just looking out for you. -Bobby looking out for me?

Yeah, of course he is. You guys have been friends forever.

No, he's my neighbor. He's geographically obligated.

Sam, would you please do me a favor and have a good time tonight?

'Cause you know what tomorrow is, right?

Job hunting. Yes.

-Every cent, I mean it. -Yes.

I will start looking tomorrow.

-OK? -OK.

[girl] Alta Loma High is at Disneyland right now.

Then Alta Loma High can suck it.

[girl laughs]

[party music]

Hey, the party's over here, buddy. You know that?

-OK. -Come a little closer.

C'mon, man. Cuddle up, man.

What's your do?

Bobby, we have to think of a way to make our grad night way better than Alta Loma High.

[Bobby] I mean, there's a few things that come to my mind.

[Bobby laughs]

So, just please clarify this.

Well, I was gonna look really good in my grad night dress.

And you missed it.

[Bobby] Why don't you put it on?

[muffled party music]

[girl] Stop. Calm down.

-It's not a big deal. -[guy] No, stop.

-Just calm down. -Just do what you want.

-Calm down. -Just get away from me!


Can I sit?

It's a public swing set.

I'm Sam.

I know who you are.

No, I know. It's just that there are a lot of kids, -and a lot of people. -You're Sam Nimitz.


You wore your gym shorts with your name wrong in them for two years 'cause of me.

Kids from that class still call me Samnuts or "Nimnuts".

Just assholes.


Actually I have this thing, it's kinda like a grad night hit-list and I came over here to kill you, but you apologized so we're cool now.

Thank you for sparing me.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm a little drunk.

-Do you want some? -No.

Thank you. I don't really drink.

How come?

It's a little personal.

OK, well. Just for the record, I saw you reading my journal.

So, I think you owe me something a little personal at this point, just to make things even.

-I was not. -C'mon.


I think I might be at some type of genetic... disposition, 'cause my dad drank a lot.

I dunno, maybe that's a weird reason.

No, that's not weird.

It's an extreme all or nothing attitude, but it's not weird.

I dunno, I just don't wanna end up like that too I guess. I dunno, kind of a fear of mine.

Do you have anything like that?

I try to live my life without any expectations.

'Cause who really gets the life they planned on, right?

And spoiler alert, we all end up like our parents anyway.

Is that not and expectation in itself?

No, 'cause it's fact.

Trust me.

Transformation is inevitable.

Nimitz... Your dad, I'm sorry. I didn't realize.

-I'm sorry. -It's OK.

No, it's not OK. It's a horrible thing to say. I'm sorry.

Do you think I'm a huge bitch now?

No, honestly it's...

You just got put back on my hit-list so that kinda sucks for you.

Well, I think it's cool that you don't drink.

I kinda want more people like you in my life, you know, just to keep me out of trouble.


So what are you doin' this summer?

Uh, pretty open.


I leave in August for Rochester in New York, but that's about it.

-That's awesome. For what? -Their music conservatory.

[soft guitar music]

-That's what you wanna do? -Yeah.

Something with music. It also runs in the family.

And I'm supposed to get a summer job, so there's that.

Really? Because I might have something.

-[guy] Babe. -Oh, God.

-Come dance with me, c'mon. -I'm sorry did you forget

-we had a fight or...? -I'm sorry, that was like forever ago. Come dance with me.



-C'mon, I wanna dance, c'mon. -OK.

I'll see you this summer, Nimitz.

[soft guitar music fades]

The guys will be out here soon with the jumper thingies.

Did you purposefully leave the lights on all night?

No, Amy and I came out here and...


Let's just say I'm a lights on kinda guy.

OK, no.

What did you do? Just jack-off in the jungle gym all night?

No, actually I hung out with somebody.

Oh, yeah?


Ellie Vaughn.

-No way. Are you serious? -Yeah, it was really random actually.

No, you're lying to me.

-Who'd you hang out with? -I'm not lying!

Oh, my God!

Dude, that girl is major pipe, so how was that?

OK. Wrong question, dumb question.

-Please tell me you made a move. -No. Pipe?

What? No, we talked. That's it. What?

You gotta make that shit happen, man.

Nah, I dunno. She kind of hinted hanging out, but...

Uh, OK. Dawg, anytime a girl eludes to hanging out with you, that's your cue to make it happen.

Don't let this slip through your fingers.

-Not this, not Ellie Vaughn. -Really?

Dawg, I'm here for you.


Ellie Vaughn, man!

That's exciting!

Jesus and all his blessings.

[car approaches]

[electronic music on car radio]

Alright, dawg.

[switches off radio]

[Bobby] Hey, good work nice, fine soldier.

Proud of you.

[on answering machine] Hey, Sam, it's your aunt.

Just wondering what you're gonna do for your moms birthday.

You two can't hide out in that fortress forever. Call me.

[machine beeps]

Hey, it's Ellie Vaughn, I'm calling for Sam Nimitz.

909-508-3212 is the number. Alrighty.

[machine beeps]

[phone beeps and rings]

[Ellie on the phone] Hi.


May 2002, freshman year, "Ellie, have a great summer. Maybe I'll see you around.

909-921-5805. Take Care. Sam."

Look at you just smoothly trying to give me your phone number four years ago.

-You never called. -Who reads these things?

I do?

Figured you'd say that.

You're looking for a summer job, yeah?

The search starts today.

I work at Video Flicks, it's that really shitty video store off [indistinct] and Baseline And we're looking for someone if you're interested.

[soft guitar music]

Yes. Yeah.

Yeah, should I like, I dunno, fill out an application?

Can you be here in thirty minutes?

[soft instrumental music]

[DVD's crashing]

Don't worry, it's tradition. Every time someone quits they get to destroy the wall.

[clears throat]

-Hey, bro. You're Sam? -Yes.

-J.D., General manager. -Hi.

Come hang out in my office.

[J.D.] What's your story?

I don't normally hire someone unless they can give me six month commitment and Ellie here tells me that you're leaving in August.

Right, yeah. I'm going to school.

I have to pay off some bills before I go.

Bills? What?

You're like, 12. What bills do you have?

Um... It's...

I crashed my dad's truck and I have to pay off the damages. It's not a big deal.


I've been there, dude.


Yeah, I can...

I can hook you up with a part time till you leave.

Thank you.

You have a form of transportation?

Nah. I got my license suspended because...

-I can give him rides. -Really?

Yeah, I'm here every day anyway.

Thank you.

Alrighty then.

-Welcome to the team. -Thank you.

-Ellie will show you around. -Yup.

[soft guitar music]

[movie chatter in the background]

Came out a little big.

-Hmm. -Do you...?

It's the only one we have.

-OK. -Wash it on hot a few times.

Here, follow me.

Each day you're gonna need to straighten the wall which requires you to walk up and down the DVD aisles and make sure everything's straight enough for presentation.

They're Nazis about it. Trust me, you're gonna have nightmares about shoveling DVD shelves.

[Sam chuckles]

[soft instrumental music]


OK. It's easy enough.

Alight, you go down there and you start. I'll be here.

Well, -good first day, Sam. -Thank--

Thank you, J.D.

[soft instrumental music fades]

[J.D.] Have a good night!

[car engine turns on]

Do you know of any places open late like for food?

Yes, off of Haven and Baseline.

Cool, OK. I'll follow you over there.

Wait, how did you get here?

Friend took me.

Is that your scooter over there?

Is that yours?

-That? No. -No?

It's good that your expectations are like down here.

-Yeah? -Because it's not about to...

-Blow my mind? -...blow your mind, yeah.

-You ready? -OK.

Yeah, OK. Ready? Alright.

[Sam chuckles]

Oh, my God.

-Yeah. -Wow.

I need more, like twelve more.

-They're the best donuts. -Yeah.


Um, why Video Flicks?

It pays. I dunno.

-I've had a lot of jobs. -I wouldn't think that.

Why? 'Cause I hang out with a bunch of entitled brats who's parents pay for everything?

[Sam chuckles]

Well, when you put it like that.

Hey, it's a social circle we share, that's it.

-Sorry, I didn't mean anything. -No worries, it's fine.

I've been working since I was 16.

What about college, aren't you leaving soon?

Yeah, I'm figuring it out. Weighing my options.

Which is code for "no clue", so there's that.


Is Zach one of those options?

Wait, what?

You... I mean, it has to be more complicated making a decision when you have Zach to consider too, right?

Is that your sly way of asking me if like I have a boyfriend?


Zach and I are on a break.

OK. What does that mean?

Just that we're not talking.

But you're together.

Yeah, sometimes things aren't one way or the other.


-That's fair. -Anyway, I...

I like this.

-What? -This.

I'm starting to realize that all of my friends for the past four years have just been party friends.

-What do you mean? -Party friends, like friends you get trashed with or friends you talk about nothing with.

Like, it's not real.



I'm not used to hanging out with anyone at all.

[soft guitar music]

C'mon, let's get you home.

See you tomorrow for work.

Are you tired?


Me neither.

[door shuts]

[indistinct TV chatter]

[Sam whispering] It's over here.

Wait, you live in a recording studio?


Yeah, it used to be a garage, my dad converted it.

He was a musician too?

He was in a bunch of bands when he was younger, but he made a living off of commercials...

He wrote songs for commercials.

-These were his guitars? -Hm-hmm.

They're mine now.


"A poetic demise"?

Do I have to tell you about that?

-Yeah. -[sighs]

It's this little stupid band Bobby and I had... a long time ago. He lives next door.

He's my neighbor.

-It's a pretty expressive name. -Yeah.

Those were not subtle years.

What's with the recorder?

Oh. [chuckles]

Bobby's parents felt he was spending too much time with the band, something about not wanting him to end up homeless, so they sent him to a math camp for young entrepreneurs one summer.

So my dad bought us that voice recorder and we recorded music tracks on it, sent it back and forth all summer.


So, you any good?

I'm OK.

Rochester's one of the best music schools, right?

Yeah, something like that.

OK. So... you're a little better than good.

[Sam chuckles]

Play me something.

OK. You know, you play me something now or I listen to a track from a poetic demise.

-That's pure evil. -C'mon.


-Put the recorder down! -OK.

[Sam sighs]

-This is a work in progress. -No disclaimers.

This is called "Our Only Son".

[strums guitar]

♪ I've been having dreams Of my hometown in flame ♪

♪ You're watching me Run from the border ♪

♪ You've been Having your way ♪

♪ Hiding from me for days

♪ A reminder of all That you wanted ♪

♪ How could you be

♪ Be without me

♪ How could you be

♪ Be without me

♪ Wish that I knew

♪ Wish that I knew

♪ Wishing I knew

♪ And I miss the days Before we were estranged ♪

♪ Your suitcase half-full With belongings ♪

♪ Life swept away By one single day ♪

♪ Still spinning in The wake of his leaving ♪

♪ And I wish that I had

♪ The strength to carry you And I wish that I said ♪

♪ I'd never leave this town

♪ But I'm learning every day

♪ That sometimes we can't stay

♪ How could you be

♪ Be without me

♪ How could you be

♪ Be without me

♪ Wish that I knew

♪ Oh, I wish that I knew

♪ Wish I knew how

♪ Wish I knew how

♪ Wish I knew

That's it.

I don't know what to say.

-I'm sorry. -No.

No, that's the last thing I wanna hear.

Can't get your face out my head.

What do you mean?

Your face when you were playing.

I just wish I was that passionate about anything.

Maybe you are.

I'm pregnant.

What? Uh...


That was abrupt.

Oh, um. No it's...

What? But you were drinking on grad night.

[Ellie sniffles]

I like you, Sam.

But I'm not really an all or nothing sort of person like you.

Wait, what do you mean?

Can we talk about it later?


Hey, wake up.

Hi. Gotta go to work.

Get up.

-Hey, mom. -Hey, Sam.

I thought you were staying at Bobby's.


-Hi, Ellie. -Hey, Miss Nimitz.

-Hey. -We're just goin' to work.

-You got a job? -[Sam] Mm-hmm, Video Flicks.


Look at that. I didn't know they were still open, is that...?

-No, that's cool. -Good to see you.

And you. That's...

Have a good day, kids.

[door opens]

[door closes]

What's with the men's pj's on the couch?

They're my dad's.

She wears them when I'm not around or thinks I'm not.

She hasn't slept in their bed since, well...

That is the saddest thing I've ever heard.

At least you guys still have each other.

You know, after everything.

-You're right. -Yeah.

[car doors open]

Actually, no. We don't really talk at all.

I don't know why I lied just then.

[soft guitar music]

OK. Just wait right there.

Boys, wake up! Just 'cause it's summer doesn't mean you get to sleep all day!

Hey, let's go.

[Ellie] C'mon, you're mine.

[playful voice] Ah, you're mine. We're gonna eat breakfast!

We're gonna eat all the goodies.

Alright. So we're gonna do cereal... a...

No phones. I said no phones this year.

[Ellie] Yeah?

Yeah? Here we go.

-[indistinct] -Yeah? Alright.

-[mom] Good morning. -I have work, so I'm gonna go.

[playful voice] Alright, bye.

[mom] How are my boys.

Cool, you ready?

[movie chatter in the background]

Sorry to do this to you, but this morning I'm gonna need you to call everybody on the 30 day list.

OK, what is that?

It's a list of everybody who's checked out a movie for more than thirty days.


You got any tips?

Don't let 'em kill your spirit.



[phone rings]

-Yeah? -Hello, is this Mr. Foster?

-Who the fuck's askin'? -Oh, um...

This is Sam from Video Flicks.

I'm calling about the copy of Mona Lisa Smile that you rented in January and you've yet to return.

Sounds like my snake ex-wife is still using my account.

Actually it says that you're the only one with access.

-So... -Are you calling me a liar?

-[door opens] -[bells jingle]

Sorry, excuse me?

Jesus, kid. Are you even paying attention?

What kind of DVD-jockey are you?

[hangs up phone]

Mr. Foster, right?

-How'd you know? -He's a regular.

Don't take it personal.

[door opens]

What the hell is this?

Oh, here we go.

Do you realize that a cat washes down a gigantic waterfall in this movie, and survives?

A waterfall.

It's a kids' movie.

Oh, wow. This place is losing its way, man.

First these stupid grape shirts, now the required factory films where animals are surviving totally impossible dangers, giving kids impractical expectations for their own lives.

What can I say, Gus.

Corporate wasn't too keen on you showing "Y tu Mama Tambie"

-on every afternoon. -Y tu Mamá También is a beautiful, perfect film, and corporate is stupid.

[picks up wrapper]

-Who are you, who's this? -This is Sam, friend of Ellie's.

And yes, he is of working age.

He's gonna be with us until August.

Nice to meet ya, how are you doin'?

You like shit like this?

Oh, um. Yeah, when I was a kid.

Don't worry, I'll show you some real movies.

-Hey, Gus. -Hey, Ellie. How's it goin'.

You look good today. Saw you brought in the new kid.

-Yeah, be nice. -Always.

-Should we initiate him tonight? -I dunno.

What are you talking about?

Every Friday night Gus screens a movie on the roof, it's kind of a ritual.

Not bullshit like this, I promise.

-Important stuff. -Cool, I wanna go.

-OK. -Yeah, we'll think about it.

[whispers] Just joking, kiddo.

-[Ellie] Cool. -No way that golden retriever would make it out there alive.

It's a golden retriever!

You ever seen a movie that shows

16 minutes of a tree growing?

That's the kind of crap we're gonna watch tonight.

Talking about my first short film right now? Wanna go there?

[soft guitar music]

[door closes]

[typing can be heard]

-Oh, look who showed up. -Sorry I'm late.

Did I miss the screening?

We were just about to play hide and seek, you in?

Oh, I'm just gonna hang out.

-If it's cool. -Suit yourself.

Everybody form up on me over in the drama section, we're gonna discuss the rules.

Alright, guys. Follow me.

We don't need to know the rules 'cause it's hide and seek.

[Ellie] What are you thinking about?

Thinking about how there's a child inside of you, firstly.

What are you gonna do?

What do you think? I have an appointment.


Yeah, just imagining a life with Zach, a life with like my mom's, I just can't.

Why do you care so much anyway?

You trying to be my boyfriend or something?

Just a friend looking out for a friend.

[whispers] Just checking.

What else is on your mind?


They're playing hide and seek for three hours, I'm gonna get it out of you.

Found all these photos of my mom with this guy.

-Some guy before my dad. -Like a high school boyfriend?


It was serious, they were engaged.

There were all these letters.

Did you read them?

[whispers] You did.

They were so different.

Different how?

My mom really loved this guy.

She loved my dad too, but these letters...

Every single one of them was about forever.

My parents never talked like that.

-Have you asked her about that? -No.

I don't think she's ready to talk about anything, but especially this.

Why don't you let her decide that.

Why do you care so much?

Trying to be my girlfriend or something?

[chuckles] No, no way.

Thank you for caring.

Of course.

[soft guitar music]

[scream, DVD's fall]

Tag, you're it, fresh meat!


[whispers] I think you'd better run.

[Ellie screams]

Hey, what's up?

You didn't go to bed?

[whispers] You ready? One, two, three.

[grunting] Oh, yeah.

Hey, guys. Ready? Let's go to bed.


My room's the first door on the left.

[soft guitar music continues]

[soft guitar fades]

You have good taste in movies.

-That surprise you? -No.

Just saying.

Your... mom's gonna be cool with me bein' over here this late?

Yeah, we don't have what you'd call a normal parent - child relationship.

Yeah, I can relate.



I knew that I wrote your name wrong in your gym shorts.

I was just too shy to tell you.

No, you? Shy? I can't imagine it.

I was, it was the first day and there was this cute guy and I was...


-[chuckles] -Me, cute?

Yeah, you were!

You had this big brown moppy head of hair.

You were... cute.

You're... a little sadder... a little more lost, but you're cute.

Still cute.


You don't know... how badly I've wanted to know you ever since that day.

I'm sorry I took so long.

I forgive you, again.

-Am I back off your hit-list? -For now.

Is that why you didn't wanna read your five year plan essay?

Just 'cause it was like a huge list of all these people you were gonna kill?

I was hoping you'd forget about that.

Wait, let me see if I remember correctly.

-The type of people who leave -[Sam gasps]

-and the kind who stay? -No.

That was incomplete, OK? Don't judge me.

Why don't we break out yours.

Well you read mine. Why don't you recite it for me, you creep?

I don't think we can trust anyone who says they'll know where they'll be in five years.

Will you take me to see Dean?


The guy in the photos.


What is she gonna do when I leave in August?

What is she gonna do without me?

I think that she'll be alright.

I'm gonna be across the country.

She's gonna be all alone.

We've built this weird little life together.


I dunno, if there's something more for me, there has to be something more for her.

That's all I'm thinking about.


Yeah, let's go.

-Are you sure? -Yeah, let's go.

[soft guitar music]

Thank you.

[muted voices]

-Hello? -Can I help you?

Um, hi. You're Dean Hall?


This... Uh.

I'm Sam, This is Ellie.

Pleasure, what can I do for you?

We're just...

We're wanting to furnish our new place.


Your new place?

It's not ours, it's for my mom.

Oh, OK. Is your mom here?

-No. -No.

-She's not? -No.

It's a surprise.

Are you guys brother and sister?

-Yeah. -No.

Kids, c'mon. I don't have time for this.

Try Living Spaces.

Do you know Janice Nimitz?

Yeah, I did.

I knew her as Janice Hansen back then.



I'm her son.

So you wanna explain the weird cover up... out there?

[Sam] Can you tell me about that?

Oh, my God.

What do you want me to say?

I didn't know about you guys until now.

Well it's not like it was a secret or anything.

Mom and I met at high school and dated for... a couple of years and then... eventually we got engaged.

But then what?

-She met your dad. -You knew him?

Yeah, he was my best friend when I was about your age.

We were in a band about the time me and your mom got together.

She left you for your best friend?

I wasn't perfect, you know, I had my problems I was...

I was a really angry kid.

He was a better choice.

How could you be so cool about it? I would...

I'd die.

20 years is a very sobering amount of time.

Why are you guys here? So your mom had boyfriends before your dad, I wouldn't call that uncommon.

It's 'cause she wants to see you.



How do you think I got the photo?

She kept it, everything.


I really don't know what to say about all this.

Would you see her again?

-I mean, I don't know. -She's having a birthday party next week at our house.

-She wouldn't wanna see me. -I think she would.

Are you sure it's OK? I was just like: "She wants to see you."

-Then I was like: "Shit." -No. I wanted to say it myself.

Yeah, I was just thinking about what you said, it's like, she's gonna be alone. This could be a good thing, right?

Yeah, definitely.



You guys miss your dad.

Do you remember James Keller?

James Keller, the kid with the prosthetic hand?

Yes, I do.

-That's an unexpected reference. -Yeah.

We had a class together the year after his accident.

He used to complain that it hurt where his hand used to be.

It's this thing called phantom limb pain.

He was supposed to take pills for it, but he told me that he wouldn't, sometimes just because he liked the feeling of it being there even if it hurt.

It's like a part of us has gone and our only connection to him now is the pain.

Trying to move on would mean erasing him.

I dunno, it's messed up maybe.

It's not messed up.

I understand.

What about your dad?

Where are we?

This is the house I grew up in.

We had to give it up after my dad left 'cause we couldn't afford the mortgage anymore.

I told myself I'd come back when I was older and buy it with my new family.

I have so many memories in this house.

Before my mom was dating a new guy every week, and I had to explain to my brothers why I had to take care of them and live on.

My dad used to park his station wagon over that oil stain in the driveway.

I have this memory of Christopher, Frank and I; it was a Sunday afternoon, my dad came home from the store and he was like, "guys...

look what I found in my basket at the store."

He got out his bag and we were just running around circling him, desperately wanting to know what was inside.

What was inside?

I can't remember.

[light piano music]

Can you take me to my appointment on Saturday?

Please? I need someone to take me.

OK. Yeah.

-Yeah, I'll do it. -Really?

Yeah. Terrified, but...

Yeah, I'll do it.

Thank you.

-[indistinct] -No, you don't.

[soft guitar music]

I wanna do it.

I love you, you know.

Thank you.

[soft guitar music fades]

So do you just get paid to stand here all day?

Yeah, it's for now. I'm getting trained on register next week.

Oh, nice.

-Keys to the castle already. -Bobby, I don't...

It's really nice of you to give me a ride, but I don't want them to think we're just hanging out here.

What? No, I'm thinking 'bout buying some previously owned DVD's, as advertised. I'm a costumer.

What happened to your girlfriend, I thought

-she was giving you rides. -She is.

I dunno, she took the afternoon off.

How's that going?

I guess it's getting pretty real.

Oh, yeah?

Alright. Gettin' out of your shell.

-Gettin' in that pipe. -No!

What? Pipe? Stop saying that. It's not...

It's like, we like each other, you know. We actually like each other, it's a real thing.

Whatever blows your hair back, man.

As long as you're out of the garage.

-[Ellie] Alright. -Oh, 12 o'clock.

-I will see you tomorrow. -[Zach] Later.


-Hey, how's it goin'? -Hey.

Well, DVD's are safe.

Man's guarding it like a junkyard dog.

Were you at the beach?

Yeah, my friend had a birthday thing.

Alrighty, I'm gonna go change.

See you in there.

[door opens]

I feel you, man.

So real.


It's kind of funny, though.


What are you doing after work?

Just watching my brothers, nothing exciting.

[movie chatter in the background]

[J.D.] So... what are you guys doin' this Friday?

-What's Friday? -Pool party.

My place.


Sam, you in?

I can't, it's my mom's birthday.

Bummer. Come after, maybe.

Yeah, maybe. Are you coming to my mom's birthday?

It's your family thing. I'll just see you after, OK?


Alright, let's close it down, yeah?

-Yeah. -Can I drive you home?

Yeah, sure.


I don't... wanna make it awkward, but... what's going on with you and Zach?

Is that why you've been so quiet?

We've been friends for a really long time, we dated for a little bit.

Didn't work out, so we're just trying to move passed it.

You understand?


-Yeah. -Don't be sad.

I'm not.


[soft guitar music]

[engine starts]

[all whispering]

[all] Surprise!

[all laugh]

Oh, you're such troubles.

[indistinct chatter]


[soft guitar music fades]

You missed the surprise, but...

Yeah, sorry.

I sat in the car for about 30 minutes before I tuned on the engine.

You don't have to do it if you don't want to.

No, I know. I do.

I do. OK.

I just can't believe you all drove in.


Someone's here to see you.

Hey, Janice.

Peggy, Allen, nice to see you guys, it's been a while.

I'm sorry, I just don't...

I don't und..


I'm sorry, can you just give me a second?

Excuse me.

One sec.

[door closes]

[knocking on door]

Hey, mom?

Can you open the door, please?

I was just trying to...

[door shuts]

What have you done? What are you doing?

I'm trying to help you.

You're trying to help me do what?

I saw all those letters and the photos between you and Dean.

I saw how in love you guys were.

Oh, my God, Sam.

That was 20 years ago. 20!

What are you thinking?

What gives you any right to go through my life?

I'm sorry.


I do not need your help.

I don't need to be saved by anybody, let alone my own kid.

You are the child, I am the parent, -stop forgetting that. -Then act like one!

You can't just quit your life because something bad happened.

I already lost my dad, I don't need to lose my mom too.

-You're not losing me. -I already have.

All day, every day, all you do is sleep on that couch.

You never talk to me.

You made me move into dad's studio, so you wouldn't have to see me.

-I did not make you. -You sure as hell made a good argument for it.

And you never come to see me.

You just threw me in there with all of his other stuff you don't wanna see. Now I'm alone with it all the time.

I didn't know you felt like this.

Of course I do.

You practically just waiting for me to leave for school next month.

I just remind you of him and now you want me gone too.

[door opens]

[door closes]

I'm sorry.

[soft guitar music]

[party music muffled]

[party music intensifies]

[J.D.] Sam!

Yeah, I'm glad you could make it, man. C'mon.

Hey, J.D.

-Have you seen Ellie? -Ellie, yeah.

I think... Hey, man. Uh, Ellie, yeah.

She's around here somewhere. She's with Zach. Why don't you try the pool, man. Good luck.

-[guy] Yeah. -[girl] C'mon.

[all cheering]

Your turn. Up. Go!

No, you go.

-Sam, stop. -What do you want from me?

Just talk to me, please. Sam!

-No, shut up. -What?

Shut up!

You told me...

-that you were just friends. -We are just friends!

You don't act like that with your ex-boyfriend when you're starting a relationship with somebody new.

Back off, OK. I didn't know this was a relationship.

Are you...? No! Are you kidding me?

Not everything has to be one way or the other, right?

Must be easy living like that.

I think you might be right, we might just all end up like our parents.

-What's that supposed to mean? -Go ahead and have that baby, get on with it.

I let you into my life, Sam, and then...

You're just gonna use it against me?

Yeah. Doesn't feel good to have people you trust be reckless with you, does it?

I'm sorry, OK?

God, give me a break!

Haven't you ever been unsure about anything?


Not when it comes to you.

God, stop looking at me like that!

Just 'cause you liked me all these years doesn't mean I have to be your fantasy.

No, it's not about that.

Then what?

I thought we were in it together.

[Sam walking away]

Don't you think it's weird that we drive?

[electronic music on radio]

And like we're... monkeys.

OK. So like, imagine Lucy driving a car.

Who is Lucy?

Did I...?

I can't...

I think you've had enough of this.

Hey, there's Sam.

-Sam. -My man, Sam arrived.

-Yo, Sam. What are you doin'? -Sam.

-I'm going home. -[car door shuts]

[Bobby] Come here real quick.

What's going on, man?

What's up?

Trouble in paradise with Ellie Vaughn?

Now you join the army of other young men who have been burned by miss Vaughn.

You guys should start a scholarship.

On the bright side you're back on the horse.

Get off me!

Hey, man. Don't be killin' the fuckin' vibe like that.

Killing the vibe, Samming the mood, -aren't I? -Yeah.

As a matter of fact you were Samming the mood.

I'm really sorry that my dad killing himself has been cramping you style so much.


Alright, dude, I'm too high for this.

You're always high, drunk, trying to sleep with some girl.

Don't you care about anything else?

Please stop pretending we're friends.

Alright, come here, dude. I don't know what's goin' on.

You know...

For the past year I've been trying to get you out of this house.

No, you just wanna stay cuddled up on your little island in your garage, don't you?

It's just me pretending to be your friend, right?

What about our band you just totally bailed.

[laughs] I didn't think Poetic Demise was gonna make any real waves! Can you stop?

-It was ours, though. -I know.

Look this shit was hard on all of us.

OK? Everybody misses your dad.

Me, you, your mom. Everybody who knew the guy, misses him.

I knew him since I was a little kid!

He was the only person that believed in my music.

The only person!

My parents are sending me to math camp and shit like, who the fuck does that?


Just take the fuckin' chip off your shoulder, man.

[soft guitar music]


Order number seven... zero, one, zero, zero, zero, one.


Hey, can I call you back?

Alright, yeah. Bye.

You wanna come in?

You're not gonna run my hand through the band saw, are you?


C'mon. C'mere.

I'm... so, sorry.

It's alright.

-Just like that? -Just like that.

Are you not pissed at me?

I was.

I get it.

You're a good kid, you just... did somethin' stupid.

I just...

I can't... handle the kind of people who leave.

Now with the going to school, my...

And in doing that, I am that.

People who leave, people who stay, man.

I haven't heard that in a long time. Let me tell you something, it's easy to draw lines in the sand.

But trust me, people don't exist... on one side or the other.

You don't have to listen to me, but I think you should.

-Yeah? -Yeah.

All this bullshit... doesn't have to define you.

OK? That's what you need to control.

How do you control it?

This... is where I feel in control.

[table saw whirls]


I dunno, isn't it all kind of tedious?

[chuckles] Sometimes it is.

But you know, I get to beat the shit out of wood and metal all day.

And over time make something beautiful.


You don't have any dead bodies, right?

[chuckles] Yeah, they're in the freezer.

Wanna give it a shot?

-Yeah. -Yup.

Look at that, it's easy.

-Wooh! -Wooh!

-Yeah! -Yeah!

-Alright. -Wow.

What do you say, you wanna build somethin'?

Oh, um...

-Yeah. -What are you thinkin'?

[soft guitar music]

Kitchen table?

Coffee table?

Actually, I think I got something.

[soft instrumental music]

Eleanor Vaughn?

Please put this on for us.

And the doctor will be right in.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[J.D.] Welcome back.

[movie chatter in the background]

Let's do four, -so what we'd get out is four. -Yeah.

3, 12, 16.

OK, 'cause we're gonna turn it into squares, right?


[indistinct chatter]

[soft instrumental music continues]


Tomorrow your last day?


When do you leave for Rochester?

Three days.

Can I give you a ride home?

Can I drive us somewhere?

-What? -I wanted to drive us somewhere.

What about your license?

I don't know.

[engine stops]

How do you turn on your brights?

Oh, here.

So, are you gonna tell me why you took me to the middle of nowhere?

[unbuckles seat belt]

[opens car door]

[door closes]


This is where he did it.

Hey, come here.

I tried to come before, I just wanted to see it.

The police said...

The police said that they didn't find anything.

Just his truck and a gun.

You know...

Is that when you crashed his truck?

It's a stick shift.

I didn't get in very many lessons, so I was obviously not very good.

I don't know, it got stuck in third.

I lost control. I dunno.

It didn't feel right to leave this place without seeing it.

I'm sorry, Sam.

-You don't have to be sorry. -No, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about your dad.

And I'm sorry about the party.

And I'm sorry for everything.

-I'm sorry. -Don't be.

No, listen. OK, we got close.

We got closer than I've ever been with anyone in my whole life.


I let my relationship with Zach bleed into ours, and that's not fair.

I didn't mean what I said about... you ending up like your mom.

I don't think that.

I wish we could've met down the road.

When we were like 27 and we have everything all figured out.

I think we needed each other now.

I hate that you're leaving.

Maybe we'll try again when we're 27.

[laughs] OK.

I like that. You'll be some like... world-class composer and I'll be like this...

That's T.B.D, but it will also be great and world-class.


It's a great plan.



So nine years.

I'm gonna be waiting.

Just tell me you will too.

I will.

[soft instrumental music]

Sad to see you go.

You know what this means, though, right?

[DVD's crashing]

[Sam] The truth is people are much more complicated than that.

They don't exist on one side or the other.

You have to let them in just as often as you let them leave.

Bye, guys. Bye, I'll be back later, OK?

[Sam] It's the phantom limb pain that we carry with us even after people leave.

And that's OK because it's ours to share.

[Sam on recorder] Alright, here's what I was thinking for the intro track, it's kind of rough, but I feel like it captures that raw mood we were talking about.

[Sam's narration] This may not be a five year plan per se, but who really knows.

We're all just doing the best we can and if that's good enough...

It has to be.


[whispers] Oh.


Thank you.

[Janice chuckles]

Love what you've done with the place.

Thank you.

I know you've been spending time with Dean.

He called me and asked if it was OK.

Is it?

Dean's a good guy.

He did not deserve what your dad and I did to him.

I have a question.

Looking back...

Do you still think you made the right choice?

I loved your father.

I mean, I loved your dad.

And I know you've tried really hard to understand why he did what he did.


It's so hard to accept that...

Sometimes people are just... sick.

I mean, that's it, you know.


Nothing more to it than that.

At least that's what I've spent the last year trying to convince myself of.

And I know you think I'm a hopeless shut-in.

You are not wrong, it's true.

I know I haven't made a lot of attempts at normal since...


A couple of months before it happened...

we got into a really bad fight.

I was just so sick of him making me suffer with him, you know?


He asked me if I regretted choosing him over Dean.


I just didn't answer, I just didn't say anything.

I just let him sit in it, you know, just let him wonder.

[Janice sobs]

[whispers] Mom.

Then a few months later he did what he did.

I really need you to forgive me for that because I can't forgive myself, Sam.

[whispers] It's OK that we don't have all the answers.

[Janice continues to cry]

My God, you're leaving.

I've been hiding from you, I've wasted so much time.

We've just been hiding from each other.

Can I show you something?

Please. [Janice let's out a laugh]


[Sam begins to strum]

♪ I've been having dreams Of my hometown in flame ♪

♪ You watching me run In the border ♪

♪ You've been having your way Hiding from me for days ♪

♪ A reminder of All that you wanted ♪

♪ How could you be

♪ Be without me

♪ How could you be

♪ Be without me

♪ Wish that I knew

♪ Wish that I knew

♪ Wish I knew