Scarecrows (1988) Script

Hot and hazy weather, with temperatures reaching into the 90s, is expected to continue throughout the weekend over most of the Southland.

WORZ news time, 12:00.

Good evening, I'm Don Herbert.

Tonight's lead story is the daring and deadly paramilitary robbery at Camp Pendleton.

It left three marines dead and at least nine others critically wounded.

Earlier this evening, a heavily armed commando unit held up the payroll office at the base and fled with $3.5 million.

The robbers exchanged gunfire with military police as they raced to a nearby airfield and then escaped in a twin-engine cargo plane.

The pilot and his teenage daughter are believed to be held hostage on board the Baja Air...

Turn that bloody radio off.

...was hijacked...

It's okay, Daxie. It's okay.

Here, keep it under radar.

You heard the man.

An intensive manhunt is underway as marine helicopter units track down the stolen craft which was reported heading south, presumably towards the border.

All right, I'll take care of it.

Hey, Roxanne.

Where's the fire? Back here.

Hey, somebody... Bert's taking the money!

Stop shooting, Curry. He tossed a grenade.

Fuck, it's somewhere in here. I'll kill him.

Where is it?

Pull up! Pull up, we're too low!

Hold on.

The grenade. Watch out, it's rolling back.



Throw it out!

The money? The money is gone.

Get ready to jump, we're going after him.

Where's the money? It's gone!

What happened to Bert?

He bailed with the money, dumb ass.

I saw a house back there where he jumped.

We'll be back, Bert. Yeah.

We'll be back, Bert.

The plane? Where's the...

Wait, my grenade exploded. I heard it.

All right, all right, get it together.

The money. I was right behind it.

Then it dropped by these crosses... like a graveyard.

Jesus, a scarecrow.

Bloody scarecrow.

I'll be damned, the graveyard.

The money's got to be there.

All right, the house.

There's gotta be a car or a jeep or something there I can use.

Bloody hell...


My lucky night.

Bingo, my lucky night.

What the hell is down there, Corbin?

Trees and bushes.

Great, let's find that house again.

That's where he'll go, the simple fuck.

I spotted it.

Closing, 11 o'clock.

It's the house all right, looks pretty dead.

Over there.

Hey, Bert, old buddy. Reading me?

That's right, you no-good, double-crossing, scum-sucking son of a bitch.

We are alive.

Damn it, I can't believe it.

Jack, what's wrong? I dropped my harmonica.

You can blow Bert's balls off. Come on, let's find him.

All right, Bert. Now it's personal.

Bang. I'm dead.

By the way, Bert, buddy, we owe you a live grenade, pal.

We'll nail you up like one of these scarecrows.

Then we're gonna burn you, Bert, just like you burned us, motherfucker.

Hold it, I saw a light. Where?

By the house, a car, maybe.

You're crow shit, Bert.

God to Bert, your birthday's been canceled.

Hey, Corb, hope you didn't forget your buffalo gun.

She's right here. That's too cruel, man.

That's the gun with the exploding shells.

And, Bert, this ammo is blessed.

So when I blow your ass away, buddy, every piece of you is going straight to hell.

Over there, the lights, they're moving.

Where? Come in. It's a truck.

Southeast of you. It's gotta be Bert. Move.

The cornfield. He's going after the money.

Rox, your transmission's breaking up.

Curry, Jack, come in. Where are you?

Damn it. We're out of range.

Hey, Bert, you dumb fuck, there's only one road and we're on it.

This isn't exactly Route 66, is it?

Here, hold this, will you?

It says “Keep out.” Will you just hold this?

Come on out here, Bert, you son of a bitch.

I'm gonna rip your heart out and feed it to you on a stick.

Give me that. Here.

What's in there? The Playboy Mansion.

That's it? Scarecrows.


Jack, Curry, come in. We're here.

Bert's heading for the gate. Are you guys on that road?

Yeah. Well, stay on it.

He's gonna have to come through you guys.


Coming to get you, Bert, you son of a bitch.

Good job.

Come on, Jack. Heaven can't wait for you.


Graveyard has gotta be on this road.

There. There it is.

Can't you fly this crate any faster?

I'm in full throttle.

He picked up the money. He's getting away.

You're pathetic.

Should I splatter your face around the cockpit or what?

There he is. Swing around and get him.

Swing around again.

He's headed your way, guys.

Which way is that? Behind us or in front of us?

Stupid assholes.

Damn, he's turning off the road.

I'm coming down.

Look for a place to land.

This terrain's for shit. We can't land down here.

We're landing.

You'll never make it. Never! Kellie, stay out of this.

You know, Bert, we were kind of hoping you were coming down that road to give us back our money and straighten things out, but you let us down again.

Now you've gone too far, dirtball.

Yeah, Bert, I think I'm gonna have to cut you out of my will.

God damn, now what?

The tank's full.

The fucking thing's flooded.

What the...

No engine? Wait a minute.

This is impossible. What is this?

Some kind of fucking joke?

Listen up, guys.

Bert's stopped the truck. I can't tell what he's up to.

But he's on foot now about a half mile west of the house.

We're almost there. I can smell him, he's toast.

No, take him alive.

The first bullet through his head is mine.

We're landing this sucker right now.

There's a field at 4 o'clock.

It may be long enough.

So, how's it feel, Bert?

I mean, it must be awful frustrating to have to die with all that money in your hands.

Yeah, real frustrating.

That money must be getting awful heavy.

$3.5 million is a lot of bread for one guy.

It ain't right to be so greedy.

All right, asshole, just hold it right there.

You see him? Shut up.

Oh, yeah, yeah. There he is.

Hey, Bert, we're gonna hang you up like one of these scarecrows and stuff you full of crow shit.

Hey, Corbin, start bagging some crow turds.

He didn't hear you, man.

He's into his jungles and Rambo bullshit.

With his radio turned off, right?

Whoa, there he is again.

I got him on my scope. Don't move.

Stand still, Bert.

Just one second, it'll all be over.

Turn around, Bert. I wanna shoot you in the back.

Over here.

Where is he?

He's coming toward us.

Keep coming, Bert. You're heading right for me.

I don't even have to move.

Over here, Bert, on your left.

Pretty lousy shooting. Bert's aim always sucked.

Everything he did sucked.

Now we're both right behind you, asshole.

We got you covered, Bert, from behind these scarecrows.

Put the gun down. You're not going to hurt us.



Curry? Jack?

Look, you want the money? Take it.


Jack! Take the money.

Please, don't kill me.

Who's he talking to, Curry?

Curry? Jack?

Look, take it.

We don't want your money. We want your blood, Bert.

Do you want me to run? Well, I'm not going to, see?

Running's over, Bert. It's time to bleed.

Like those MP's with their guts spilling on the runway.

Time to bleed, Bert.

Look, I'm not even carrying a weapon.

Start praying, Bert.

Look, you want the money?

Well, you can't have it 'cause I've hid it.

So, let's make a deal.

Bert, why don't you say something, motherfucker?

Come on, scumbag, talk.

Words of wisdom from a dying man.

Your seatbelt, move. Come on.

Christ, leave her out of this.

Daddy, stop them... Shut up.

Get the ladder down now.

Look, I'm asking you- Don't be a hero, Daddy.

Get the ladder, now!


Keep your ass on that seat.

No radios.

Nothing's going to happen to her.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, Curry. What?

How am I gonna live in Mexico if I don't speak Spanish?

I told you a hundred times, Paco, I'm gonna teach you.

You're a real pal, amigo.


Hey, the lights are on now.

What the hell is that? Guess we're expected.

This is some creepy shit, man.

Hold it.

Looks like we missed the party.


Yeah. Check out the inside, will you?

Somebody lives here.

Not anymore, they don't. Come on, check it out inside.

Bullshit, man, you check it out.

You're always such a fucking pain in the ass.

What am I, your mother?

Hey, Bert.

Christ, you think about knocking?

Knock, knock.


It's Rambo.

That you, Corbin?

Get down here.

I'm gonna look for Bert.

I'll tell you, whoever lives or lived here was very fucking weird.

Into devil worship or some shit.

Hey, guys, I'm coming up the trail. I can see the house.

Who lives here?

Mailbox says "Fowler."

There's a picture of three very mangy guys.

Bert could have killed them but there 's no bodies, just some very ugly vibes.

Slow down, I'm getting stickers everywhere.

You'll live. Come on.

Let me go. I'm not going anywhere.

Where's Jack?

Jack's still up on the roof.

Hey, Jack, come on down here, will you?

Yo, Jack. I found it, the parachute.

Jackpot! Where? At least one of them.

Where is it, Jack? It's by these three big crosses.

That's weird, there's no scarecrows on them.

Great, what else?


Come on, get down here, will you?

For Christ's sake.

I saw a scarecrow, out there somewhere.

Jack, where's the parachute?

No, no, the scarecrow thing, it was...

Come on, they're everywhere.

They're all over the place. Give me this.

Jack, the parachute?

Yeah, it was by these crosses. You can see it from the roof.

Come on, we're wasting time.

The whole damn army's looking for us.

We'll follow Bert's tire tracks out front.

I'll stay with the girl.

Let's go, Jack.

Get away from there before a scarecrow grabs you, huh?

Bert ran over this one.

Come on, let's go.

Curry, do you get the feeling we're being watched? NO-

Then how come your finger's on the trigger?

Shut up, asshole.

I think this place is possessed by demonic demons.

Your head's gonna be possessed by the butt of my gun if you don't shut up.

Demonic demons. Christ.

Get all the stickers out?

Here. Try a little rouge.

It'll make you look happier.

Curry, keep moving about 10 degrees past that little bush on your left.

Then turn right.

Hey, Jack, do you have any idea where you're going?

We're almost there. This way?

See those crosses? Just to the left.

If I were a crow I'd be someplace else.

Corbin? Forget it.

He's turned off his radio again, so he can go apeshit by himself.

Yo, Corb, you in the bush pulling your pipe?

Damn, I really miss my harmonica.

Coasting status Alpha one one, Alpha one niner.

Roger, Alpha one one, one niner. Negatory.

One eight alpha whiskey, gaining in altitude.

Base, we're heading... One niner. 3,000...

Heading... one niner. One zero zero.

From sectors Delta one zero to Delta one six.

On our way, let's hope we're on the wanted this time.

Son of a bitch, it isn't here! He took it!

Come on.

This place gives me the creeps.

Curry? What?

I said those things give me the creeps.

Yeah, well they give me the creeps too.

Why don't you just stop talking about them?

Can you imagine hanging on one of those things?

You know they had to put the nail through your wrists because your hands' little bones would keep-

Can't use nails.

Those things are made out of metal and you can't use nails on metal.

What if they used a little metal bolt or something?

He'd still have to- Would you just shut up?

Just some kind of superstitious things used to ward off evil spirits.

Hey, Corbin, wait up.

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy! Where are you, Daddy?

Daddy, Daddy, help!

Help me! Please help me, Daddy!

Roxanne, we found Bert's truck.

Looks like the bastard's in it.

WORZ news time, it's 3:00.

Top story: Cuban refugees are holding 30 hostages...

Alright, Bert, come on out. Let's not make a mess here.

Meanwhile, here in the Southland, one of the biggest manhunts in California history continues.

Federal agents aided by Marine helicopters tracked down the hijacked plane after last night's brutal robbery...

Son of a bitch.

Curry? Bart's playing games.

He put a goddamn scarecrow in the truck.

He's fucking with us. We're running out of time, boys.

If we don't find that money soon the Army's gonna have us for breakfast.

...and on the subject of money, two people were lucky enough to have selected the six winning numbers on their lotto 649 card.

So they'll split a jackpot of 12 million dollars spread over a 20-year period.

WORZ news time, 3:01.

My luck.

I don 't like this one bit, Curry.

We're being set up bigger than shit.

I can feel it.

Well, take your hand out of your pocket and stop feeling it.

Come on, these are his footprints.

Which ones? These or these?

These, the boot prints.

Then who made the other ones? They're just as fresh.

Fuck, I don't know, Jack. Your damn scarecrow, all right?

Is that what you want to hear?


Hey, there it is. Right there, look.

There it is. What?

The money, you idiot. Now, go on up and get it.

What the hell is that? Bert's chute.

It's the money.

Now, for Christ's sake, go on up and cut it down.

You cut it down. Jack, just go up and cut it down.

You cover me. If anything happens to me...

Yeah, yeah. Come on, let's have it.

Come on, cut it.

For Christ's sake, just cut it, will you? Come on, pennies from heaven.



Jesus Christ!



We're on the way back to the house.

Curry's not feeling too good.

Bert's not gonna feel too good either

...when I find him. What?

Bert booby-trapped his chute with some blood and stuff.

And now it's all over me, Bert, funny man, like I'm gonna be all over you when I find you, you motherfucker.

Chill out, Curry. You 're a dead man, Bert.

A corpse, you hear me, Bert? A dead man.

Curry, we'll find him. Dead!

That's too weird.


Curry. What the hell is it?

He's here. What?

Bert's at the house.

There is a God. Coming right up.

Fuck him up, come on.

Stop your bullshit games, man, you tried to fuck us.

Now, where's the goddamn money?

Bert, we're gonna get it out of you, one way or another.

Where is it?

Let's just start with his hand, huh?

Let's just start with his goddamn fingers.

Who were you shooting at, huh?

Where's the money?

What's your goddamn name?

Stop it, you're killing him!

Stop it! Change her diaper, will you?

You stay out of it.

Jack, where have you been?

Found some green stalks down by the stream. Hungry?

Motherfucker, you planned this heist, and you planned to double-cross us right from day fucking one.

Come on, harder.

Piece of shit.

All that time you were just jacking us off with sandpaper.

Kick his ass.

Hey, there, want an ear? Best way to eat corn.

Get away from me, you cold-blooded bastard, just get away!

Look, leave her alone, Jack, okay?

Sack of shit. I'll watch him.

He's a dead end. Man.

We're gonna have to sweep the area.

We'll get it back, that double-crossing scum.

I've never seen anybody stand a beating like Bert just did.

He hardly even bled.

Maybe he got a concussion or something when he landed.

He must have because he was numb even before I started smashing his skull in.

I don't think he can even talk.

I don't buy it.

I think the son of a bitch took some drugs or something, then walked in here hoping we'd kick his ass and leave him for dead.

Leaving him with all the money.

He knew we'd find him dragging that cash around, so he stashed it and took his chances coming up here.

So now the fucker is laughing at us

'cause he fried his brain and we can't get to him.

Well, the joke's on him

'cause I'm gonna be standing on his dick when he comes out of it.

He's just sitting there mocking us.

Right behind that face he's laughing so hard he's going to bust out any moment.

All right, asshole, where is it?

Forget it, Curry.

What's the matter, Curry?

Can't you take it?

Jack, help!

Jack, over here! I'm stuck to this guy!

Curry, move! Get out of the way!

God damn it, move! Move!

Son of a bitch!

Corbin, hurry!

Curry! Corbin! Help me, guys! He's not real!

Bastard, put him down!

Jack! Jack, get up!

Corbin, we're gonna go...

Watch out!

Shoot him, Roxanne! Shoot him!

Out of the way, Corbin!

He's not real, man. What the hell was he on?

Holy fuck, he's light as a feather.

Cut him open, Corbin.

God, I'm gonna be sick.

No wonder he's so light.

There's nothing in him except straw and...


The money.

He ate the goddamn money. Hey, Kellie, she's gone, man.

Corbin, go get her! Don't let them take off!

This is bullshit, man. We should be taking off.

You think Bert ate that money? You're all fucking crazy.

Somebody out there gutted Bert like a fish and stuffed him full of cash.

Your brains are gutted, dick.

How the hell did he kick our asses?



Help me.

Honey, please help me.

Oh, Kellie!

Please help me.


It's Daddy, Kellie. Help me.

On, God!


This isn't all of it, you know.

It isn't nearly all of it.

It's hardly any of it.

What if...

You know, whoever lives here, what if they did that to Bert, and they're waiting outside to do it to us?

Why don't you just shut up?

And what if those crosses...

"What if? What if? What if?" Why don't you just shut up?

Look, let's get out of here.

Let's take the money we have and split it.

Bert was walking around dead, for Christ's sake.

We've got to refrigerate this, it stinks.

You know... somebody is trying to scare us out of here... so they can get the money.

And we are not leaving now.

No way.

We've come this far.

We are not leaving without that money.

You bitch! God damn you!

Al's dead.

Somebody out there killed her father... just like Bert.

You killed him!

You all killed him.

Is she gonna be able to fly us out of here?

She has to.





Oh, my God. The money.

It must have been in a tree or something and the wind blew it down.

There's no way the money spread like that off a tree.

It must have got caught in an air current or a wind or something.

Let's get it. And get the hell out of here.

The hell with you guys. I'm gonna bury her dad.

That's the least we can do.

Hey, don't get too far away, will you?

Yeah, right.

If you see anything that moves, shoot it.

I wish I had my harmonica.

Take the path to your left there.

Yo, Roxanne, we're splitting up.

The money is concentrated in two separate areas.

We'll get it faster.

I'll be damned.

What? What's wrong, Jack?

You're kidding.

Where are you?

Okay, slow down. I can't see you.

You hear me, jerk?

Jack, wait up.



Come in, Paco.



I'm coming, Jack. I'm coming.

Which way? Curry?

Come on, talk to me, Jack! Which way?


Come in, Jack!

Hey, where are you guys?

Hang on, buddy, I'm coming. Oh, Jesus. I'm coming. Jack!

What's happening? Jack? Curry?

Jack! Come in.

Damn it, Curry. Where are you guys?

This way, let's move.


Jack, which way, man?



Jack, don't do this to me.

Curry? Jack?

Where are you? Who's shooting?

This way. I see 'em.

Come on. Let's go.

What are you shooting at?!

Man, they pulled his fucking guts out!

Where's Jack?

Listen, I fired at this thing... and it just kept coming. Bullets don't stop it!

What are you talking about? The scarecrows, man!

Like Humans. They got Jack!

One of them was missing a hand.

They cut off Jack's. There were three of them.

The Fowlers, those guys in the picture, well, they're just fucking scarecrows and all I shot was straw.

You people don't understand.

These bastards died and nobody told them.

And if you're packing exploding shells in that thing, pal, they'd better be fucking sacred or silver, 'cause these fuckers ain't real.

They're never gonna let us out of here alive, you know that, don't you?

I mean, it ain't the money they want, it's us.

We're dealing with some kind of zombie, something.

I mean, man, they ripped his fucking liver out with their bare hands.

Look, we don't need to hear this again, alright?

I want to leave right now.

Okay, why don't you do that? I'd like to see you do that.

I mean I think you should just take a little stroll right out there in the moonlight, kid.

They'll rip your tight little asshole out before you can say “Que fucking pasa?” I'm not one of you. They don't want me.

Don't worry, kid. Nobody's gonna hurt us here.

They're just gonna pick us off one by one, that's all, just like those crows on that fucking fence, huh?

Well, you do whatever you want to do.

I ain't going out there again. No fucking way.

Alright, Curry, you got a better idea?

Yes, I have a better idea.

Let's hear it.

Let's just wait till daybreak, okay?

And leave three and a half million dollars-

Guns don't work!

Don't you understand?

I tried it already, okay?

The motherfucker just kept coming.

I mean, you understand what's happening here, don't you?

Think about it.

You think it's an accident we're here, huh?

Well, you tell me why is it that those MP's just kept firing at us and they kept missing?

And we kept firing at them, and they kept falling.

They kept coming and firing and missing, we kept firing, they kept falling.

Why is that?

Don't you understand nothing?

We got away too clean, don't you see that?

Then we land here, see, and then it's Bert, and then it's Jack, and then it's all of us. Just one by one, all of us.

What if...

What if they didn't miss us, man?

What if they hit us, and...


We're dead.

And we're not... I mean, we're not really here.

This isn't real.

I mean, we're here, but... none of this is really...

What was that? What?

Who is that?

Hey, man, he's here.

Hey, Jack! Man, where've you been, huh?

Oh, Jesus, man, I thought you were toast.

Hey, man, where are you?

Curry, who the hell are you talking to?

Jack, he's on the radio. What, are you deaf?

Hey, man, where're you at?

I don't hear anything.

What are you trying to pull?

Look, Curry, let's get the hell out of here right away, okay?

We'll get the rest of the money on the way to the plane.

Come on. No!

Jack's on his way back to the house.

He's got the money.

Jack is dead, man.

He's on his way back to the house with the money!

The money is outside. You, shut up!

Curry, look, if we don't leave right now they'll kill us.

You go.

Those things don't go down, man.

Now Jack is on his way back to the house, and I'm not leaving here without him.

Curry, Jack's not coming back.

He's dead.

What are you doing with Jack's gun, huh?

'III How are we supposed to get out of here if Jack doesn't have his gun?

All right, Curry. All right, I'll give it to you.

You give it to Jack, all right?

All right.

Now you just get out of here.

We'll be fine.

Me and Jack, we don't need anybody else.

Now you just get the hell out of here.

You serious? God damn right, I'm serious.

Let's get out of here, Kellie. Get out!

Curry, come with us. Just get the hell out!

No trouble, man, no trouble. Get out.

Get out.

Get out!

Come on, move it! Let's go, let's go!

Come on, we can make it! Come on!

It's Dax, they're hurting him! Dax?

Kellie, don't listen! It's not your dog!

Don't listen! It's the scarecrows!

Dax, I'm coming!

Kellie, come back, it's not Dax!

Come on, she's going after Dax! Kellie!

Don't hurt him! It can't!

Stop! Kellie!

Daxie, I'm coming!

Daxie, where are you?

This way. I'm coming, Daxie!

Look, I found more money.

Forget the money. Come on, let's go.

Come on, Roxanne. Forget the money.

We're getting out of here. Come on!

Kellie, we have to get to the plane!

Come back, Kellie. Where are you?


Roxanne, we gotta make a run for the plane now.

I'll meet you there.

Go there now. I gotta get Kellie.

You hear me? Do it. Roxanne!







Dax, come here.

Come here.



Come on, your dog's at the plane.


Come in, Roxanne.

We're getting out of here right now.

Meet us at the plane.

Just forget the damn money and get to the plane.

It's not worth it. Do you hear me, Roxanne?

Forget the goddamn money. It's not worth it.

Roxanne! Roxanne, come in! Roxanne!

Hey, Jack. Cémo estés?

He!!! Jack, man.

You never grow up, huh?

He!!! Paco!

There's the plane.

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on, let's go! Hurry up!

Watch the wire. I got it. Go under!

Go on!

Fly the hell out of here, Kellie!

Hurry, get away!

Run! Don't stop, Kellie! Run, run!

Get out of here! Keep running!


Look, you fall on me, you're dead.

Hello? Hello, Curry.

Hello? Over here, in the fridge.

Reach out and touch someone.

Well, who is it?



Hey, Jack. Is that you, huh?

Motherfucker, don't play games with me!


Hey, Paco.

It's me.

I'm okay, let's go. Let's get the hell out of here!

Roxanne? Curry?

Can you hear me? We're at the plane.

Hey, Curry. You can still make it if you come now.

How come you locked me out, man? This is your last chance.

Let me in there, amigo. There are scarecrows out here.

Hurry up, Paco. They're getting closer.

I'm not fooling around. Let me in, Curry.

Gee, these fucking things, they're definitely demonic.

Curry, you're not one of them, are you, man?

Tell me you're not.

Curry, open the fucking door. It's me, man. It's Jack.

Open the goddamn fucking door!

Hey, Curry, how are we gonna live in Mexico if we're dead?

It's okay, Daxie. We're gonna be okay.

Kellie! Kellie! I'm coming, Kellie! I'm coming!


Please, Daddy, no!

Daddy, stop, no!

Daddy, no!

Corbin! Help me!

Please, Dad, help me!