Scarface (1983) Script

In May 1980, Fidel Castro opened the harbour at Mariel, Cuba, with the apparent intention of letting some of his people join their relatives in the United States.

Within seventy-two hours, 3,000 U.S. boats were headed for Cuba.

It soon became evident that Castro was forcing the boat owners to carry back with them not only their relatives but the dregs of his jails.

Of the 125,000 refugees that landed in Florida, an estimated 25,000 had criminal records.

They are unwilling to adapt to the spirit of our revolution.

We don't want them! We don't need them!


What do you call yourself?

Antonio Montana. And you, what you call yourself?

Where'd you learn English, Tony? In school.

And my father, he was from the United States.

Just like you, you know?

He was a Yankee.

He used to take me a lot to the movies.

I learned.

I watch the guys like Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney.

They teach me to talk. I like those guys.

I always know one day I'm coming here, United States.

So where's your old man now? He dead. He die.

Sometime. Somewhere.

Mother? She dead too.

What work you do in Cuba? You know, things.

I was this, that.

Construction business.

I work a lot with my hands. I was in the Army.

Any family in the States? Cousins, brother-in-law?

Nobody. Everybody's dead.

You ever been to jail, Tony?

Me? Jail? No way, no.

Been in a mental hospital? Yeah. On the boat coming over.

What about homosexuality, Tony? You like men?

You like to dress up like a woman?

What is wrong with this guy? He kidding me or what?

Just answer the questions, Tony.

Okay. No.

Fuck, no.

Arrested for vagrancy? Marijuana?

Never, man. Heroin?

Cocaine? No.

Where'd you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eating pussy?

How am I gonna get a scar like that eating pussy?

This was when I was a kid, you know?

You should see the other kid. You can't recognise him.

And this?

What? That's nothing. That's from my sweetheart.

Sweetheart, my ass! We've been seeing more and more of these.

Some kind of code these guys used in the can.

Pitchfork means an assassin or something.

You want to tell us about it... or you want to take a trip to the detention centre?

Okay, you got me.

I was in the can one time. For buying dollars. Big deal.

That's pretty funny, Tony. That's true.

It was a Canadian tourist.

Did you mug him first? Get him out of here!

Come on! So I fuck up!

Let me talk to this guy. Please! Let me talk to him a minute.

You a Communist?

How'd you like it?

They tell you always what to do, what to think, what to feel.

Do you want to be like a sheep? Like all those other people?

I don't have to listen to this!

You wanna work 8, 10 fucking hours? You own nothing, you got nothing!

Do you want a chivato on every corner... watching everything you do?

Everything you say, man?

You know I eat octopus three times a day?

I got fucking octopus coming out of my ears.

I got fucking Russian shoes, my feet's coming through.

How'd you like that?

You want me to stay there and do nothing?

I'm no fucking criminal, man. I'm no puta or thief.

I'm Tony Montana, a political prisoner from Cuba.

I want my fucking human rights, now!

Like President Jimmy Carter says. Okay?

Carter should see this human right. He's really good.

What do you say? I don't believe any of this shit!

They all sound alike to me. That Castro is shitting all over us.

Send the bastard to Freedom Town. Let them see him.

Get him out of here. Know something?

You can send me anywhere.

Here, there, this, that. It don't matter.

There's nothing you can do to me that Castro hasn't done...

Get him out of here!

So? So?

What'd you tell them?

What you told me to tell them. That we... I was in sanitation.

They didn't go for it.

Sanitation? Yeah.

I told you to tell them you was in a sanatarium, not sanitation.

Sanatarium. Yeah. You didn't tell me that.

No, I told you to say you had TB and you was in a sanatarium.

You was cured.

When did you tell me that? You should've kept your mouth shut.

They'd think you was a horse and let you out.


Tony! Montana!

Tony Montana! Come here.

Come here, man. I gotta talk to you.

Come on, man. It's important.

So close, man. Come on.

I gotta talk to you. Where are you going?

Leave him alone. I got better things to do.

You're chicken, man. You almost made it.

Are you ready for some good news?

Sure. What you got, man?

We can be outta this place in 30 days.

Not only that, but we got a green card and a job in Miami.

Now are we made or are we made, man?

What do we gotta do? Go to Cuba and hit the Beard?

No, man, somebody else. You're kidding?

No. You're not kidding?

Guy named Rebenga, man. Emilio Rebenga.


I know that name. Yeah?

He's political. Yeah.

Well, he's coming in here today. Castro just sprung him.

This guy was one of the top dogs for Fidel in the early days.

Castro felt he couldn't trust him and threw him in jail.

But while he was on top, he tortured a few guys to death.

One of the guy's brothers is a rich guy in Miami now.

He wants the favour repaid.

That's where we come in.

It's ugly, man.


You tell your guys in Miami, your friend... it'd be a pleasure.

I'd kill a Communist for fun... but for a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice.


Libertad! Libertad!


From a friend you fucked!

That face. That's nice.

That doesn't look like me. That looks pretty, man.


Your big shot friend better come up with something soon.

I didn't come to the U.S. to break my fucking back.

He's coming! What do you want from me?

Fucking thing!

I told you.

What's wrong?

Look at that one.

That one in the pink. She's beautiful.

Look at those titties.

Look at that punk with her.

What's he got that I don't have?

Well, he's very handsome, for one thing, you know?

I mean, look at the way he dresses.

Come on. That's style, flash, pizzazz.

And a little coke money doesn't hurt nobody.

Look at this.

Fucking onions.

They ought to be picking gold from the street.

There's two guys looking for you out there.

That's him, man. That's El Mono. I told you.

Don't stay too fucking long.

We've got a lot of work to do.

Waldo! Good to see you, man.

This is my friend, Tony Montana, I've been telling you about.

Tony, that's Omar Suarez, and that's Waldo Rojas over there.

I got something for you.

Yeah? What do we gotta do?

Gotta unload a boat. Marijuana. 45 tons. You get $500 each.

$500? That's great. You gotta be kidding.


Who do you think we are, baggage handlers?

The going rate on a boat is $1,000 a night.

You know that.

First you gotta work your way up to $500.

What I did for you in Freedom Town, what was that?

That Rebenga hit was a game of dominoes?

That was something else. Shut up! Take it easy.

What's with this dishwasher, chico?

Don't he know we could've got any space cadet to hit Rebenga cheaper?

$50! Then why didn't you?

Don't call me no fucking dishwasher, or I'll kick your monkey ass.

Who the fuck are you?

You can't do that, man!

The Colombians!

Okay, all right, big man!

You want to make some big bucks? Let's see how tough you are.

You know something about cocaine?

You kidding me or what?

There's a bunch of Colombians coming in Friday.

New guys. They say they got two keys for us, for openers.

Pure coke. Hotel in Miami Beach. I want you to go over there.

If it's what they say, pay 'em and bring it back.

Do that, you get $5,000.

Go, pay them, bring it back, yeah?

You know how to handle a machine gun?

Yeah, man. We were in the Army.

You gonna need a couple other guys. That's no problem.

Be at Hector's Bodega at noon Friday.

You get the buy money then.

If anything happens to that buy money... my boss will stick your heads up your asses... faster than a rabbit gets fucked!

I'm scared.

You're pushing your luck. Don't worry.

That was dumb. You worry too much.

You'll have a heart attack.

You act like that guy's doing you a favour or something.

What's this with the Colombians? What does it matter?

He says Colombians, and you make these eyes...

I don't like fucking Colombians, okay?

What you guys doing?

There's a lot of dishes to be washed.

Wash 'em yourself.

I retire!

What the fuck you gonna do now?

Don't come back here! I gotta look after my investment!

Fuck you guys! Close the shop!

Look at those tits. She's begging for it.

Are you fucking crazy? She's 103 years old.

Not that one, man! That one!

Which one? The young one.

Move the fucking car. We're at a stop sign.

We're just staying loose up here. You gotta stay loose.

You can't worry. You'll have a heart attack.

Just play it cool. Miami Beach. Miami Beach, man!

The money stays in the trunk till I come out.

You got it? Me, nobody else. Okay.

I'm not out in 15 minutes, something's wrong. Okay?

Room 9. You ready? Sure thing.

Okay. You mind leaving the door open?

So my brother-in-law sees everything's okay.

Sure. No problem.

No problem.

Hello. This is Marta.

Marta, hello.

I am Hector.

And I am Tony.

So, Omar says you're okay.

Yeah? Good. Omar's okay.


So, you got the money?

You got the stuff?

Sure I have the stuff, but not right here with me now.

I got it close by.

I don't have the money either, man.

I have it close by too.


In the car?

No, not in the car, man. No?

How about you? Where you have your stuff?

Not far.

Okay. You want me to come in? We start over again?

Where you from, Tony?

What the fuck difference does it make where I'm from?

Take it easy, man.

I just want to get to know who I do business with.

You'll know me once you do business with me and stop fucking around.


What's the story? Tony!

You know, Frog Face, you just fucked yourself.

You steal from me, you're dead. Yeah?

You want to give me the cash... or do I kill your brother first... before I kill you?

Why don't you try sticking your head up your ass?

See if it fits.

Yeah? Okay.

It's very important. I understand.

Thank you. You're welcome.

You forecasted an earthquake... in the 3-to-4-point range this morning.

We had an earthquake in the 3-to-4-point range.

I'm impressed. Thank you, sir.

However, isn't it rather slender evidence...

You have such beautiful skin.

I like the way you...

I don't know what I'm supposed to do today, but...

Antonio, mira!

Watch what happens to your friend.

If you don't want this to happen to you... give me the money.

Come on, come on.

Now the leg.

Let's do it, man. Come on.

We're all gonna be all right.

Okay, cara cicatriz.

You can die too. It makes no difference to me.

Last chance, pendejo!

Fuck you!

You okay? Yeah, man. It went in and out.

Okay, take him out of here, quick!

Chi Chi! Get the yeyo.

Your turn. I kill you!


Hurry up! Get in! Come on. Let's go!

Close the door!

Bunch of cowboys. Somebody fucked up.

Yeah, well, I'll check it out right away.

You do that, Omar. You do that.

You still got the money? Yeah.

And I got the yeyo.

You got the yeyo? Yeah, right.

Bring it here. Fuck you.

I'm taking it to Lopez myself.

Not you, me.

Nice fucking guy.

Frank Lopez. Tony Montana.

Tony Montana. Mr. Lopez. It's a real pleasure.

You can call me Frank.

Everybody calls me Frank. My Little League team.

Even the fucking prosecutors around town... they all call me Frank.

Okay, Frank. How are you?

Manny Ribera.

He caught one on the job. Went right through.

We heard about that.

Omar, he tells me great things about you guys.

Well, Omar's okay.

Not to mention, of course, the nice job you did for me.

That Commie son of a bitch... You don't have to mention that.

That was fun. That was fun?

Damn right. That was fun.

Sometimes it's fun.

What do you want to drink? Scotch, gin, rum? What do you like?

Gin is fine. Want some? Two gins.

I need a guy with steel in his balls, Tony.

A guy like you. And I need him around me all the time.

You, Tony, and your compadre here.

Here's the stuff.

Two keys.

It cost my friend Angel his life. Here's the money.

My gift to you.

I'm sorry about your friend, Tony.

If people would do business the right way... there'd be no fuck-ups like this.

Don't think I don't appreciate the gesture.

You're gonna find, you stay loyal in this business...

You're gonna move up. You're gonna move up fast.

And you'll find out your biggest problem... is not bringing in the stuff... but what to do with all the fucking cash!

I hope I have that problem someday.

You'll have that problem, don't worry.

Sit down over here.

Where the hell's Elvira? It's late. Go find her, will you?

Jesus! Fucking broad.

She spends half her life dressing, the other half undressing.

Gotta get her in between.

She's coming. Yeah.

You gotta jump on her when she's not looking.

That's the best time.

What are you guys doing tonight?

You wanna go to a nice restaurant with me? You hungry?

I could eat a horse.

Okay, they'll cook you a horse. I'll eat it.

Tell me, where'd they get you? Right there in the side?

It's nothing. It went right through me.

It hit the wall.

I ran out of bullets like an asshole.

When I changed the clip, a guy who I thought I killed... wasn't dead and shot me.

The guy was behind me. I killed him.

How many bullets you catch? Bullets? One bullet.

Nine millimetre.

Elvira, where the hell you been? It's 10:00. I'm starving.

You're always hungry. You should try starving.

Where you going? Come on.

Come over here! I want you to meet a friend of mine.

Tony Montana. Elvira.

Hello. Manny Ribera. Elvira.

So, there are five of us. Where are we having dinner?

I thought we'd go to the Babylon Club.

Again? Again.

You know, Frank, if anyone wanted to assassinate you... you wouldn't be too hard to find.

Assassinate me? Who the hell would want to kill me?

I got nothing but friends!

You never know. Maybe the catcher on your Little League team.

The catcher? That son of a bitch, he didn't get a base hit all season.

I should kill him!

You know who that is? Luis and Miguel Echevierra.

They got the biggest distribution set-up from here to Houston...

Tucson, all down that way.

What do you think of that?


You see that fat bastard? That's Nacho Contreras.

El Gordo!

He's got more cash than anybody in this place.

He's a real chazer!

You know what a chazer is?

No, Frank, you tell me. What is a chazer?

It's the Yiddish word for pig.

A guy who wants more than he needs. He don't fly straight no more.

So, it comes down to one thing, Tony boy, and you never forget it.

Lesson Number 1.

Don't underestimate... the other guy's greed!

Lesson Number 2.

Don't get high on your own supply.

Don't get high on your own supply.

'Course, not everybody follows the rules.

Your champagne, Mr. Lopez.

That is '64? The best, Mr. Lopez.

Omar, you pour it, and you bring another bottle right away, will you?

$550 for this bottle, Tony. What do you think of that?

That's pretty good. For a bunch of fucking grapes.

So, here's to old friends and to new friends.

How you like it, Tony?

That's good, Frank. That's good?

Like you say, man. That's good!

I'm gonna get you new clothes too.

I'm gonna get you $550 suits... so you look real sharp.

'Cause I want you to work for me.

I want you and your boys to work with Omar here.

We are going to do... something big next month.

We are running a string of mules from Colombia.

You do good on that, there'll be some other things.

That sounds like fun to me, Frank.

You want a cigar?

You wanna dance, Frank, or sit here and have a heart attack?

Who? Me, dance? I want a heart attack instead.

Don't foam into the Dommie P.

How about you?

What? You want me to dance?

Yeah, sure. Go on, Tony. You dance.

Go on. Have some fun.

What do you think of him?

I think he's a fucking peasant!

But you get a guy like that on your side... he breaks his back for you.

What's your name? What?

What's your name? Elvira what?

Hancock. What?

Hancock! Hancock?

Sounds like a bird. Hancock.

Flying around.

Where you from?

Baltimore. What?

Baltimore! Baltimore?

Where's that? It doesn't really matter, okay?

I'm just trying to be friendly.

I don't need another friend... especially one who just got off a banana boat.

Banana boat?

Hold it. You got the wrong guy. I don't come off no banana boat.

You're thinking of someone else, maybe.

Aren't you part of the Cuban crime wave?

What you talking crazy for? I'm a political refugee here.

So take it easy. Don't talk crazy. Sorry.

I didn't know you were so sensitive about your diplomatic status.

What is your problem, baby?

You're good-looking.

You got a beautiful body, beautiful legs... a beautiful face, all these guys in love with you.

Only you got a look in your eye... like you haven't been fucked in a year!

Hey, José.

Who, why, when and how I fuck is none of your business, okay?

Now you're talking to me, baby. That I like. Keep it coming.

Don't call me baby! I'm not your baby.

Not yet, but you gotta give me some time.

Even if I were blind, desperate... starved and begging for it on a desert island... you'd be the last thing I'd ever fuck.

That chick he's with...

Yeah? She likes me.

She likes you? How do you know?

I know.

The eyes, chico. They never lie.

Are you serious? Serious? What do you think?

That's the boss's lady, okay?

You're gonna get us killed. Fuck you, man. The boss's lady.

That guy's soft.

Look in his face.

The booze and the concha tell him what to do.

Don't fucking go crazy on me, okay?

Just remember last year at this time we were in a fucking cage, okay?

You remember.

I'd like to forget that.

I say be happy with what you got. You be happy.

Me, I want what's coming to me. What's coming to you?

The world, chico... and everything in it.


This is paradise.

This is paradise, I'm telling you.

This town's like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked.

I should've come here 10 years ago.

I'd have been a millionaire by this time.

By this time, I'd have had my own boat... my own car, my own golf course.

You know what I want? I thought of this the other day.

A line of blue jeans.

With my name written on the back of chicks' asses.

How's that?

That sounds completely crazy to me.

Look at that. Look.

You're missing the sights. That's what you're doing.

We're missing the action.

Want to have some ice cream with my friend and me?

Get lost, greaseball!

Look at that. Ice cream?

That's right. You said ice cream?

Girls like ice cream. Come on. That won't work.

You can't do it that way.

You know how you pick up chicks in this country?

What was that? What you just did? That's what you do.

That's disgusting. Watch.

Look at that fucking thing. You look like a lizard.

Like a bug coming out of your mouth.

Figures you wouldn't understand.

But the women in this country, when you do that, they know.

They know what? They understand. They go crazy.

It'll take practice, but you gotta learn.

'Cause women love when you suck the pussy.

Look at that.

She's looking at us.

You think you can do it with her? I think I can.

You want to try it with her? Why not?

You gonna watch me? I'm looking at you. Go ahead.

You won't do it. Watch this.

I'm with you, man.

I'm gonna get her.

Go ahead, Romeo! Do your thing.

Just be quiet. Just hang back. Romeo!

You're looking very pretty today. Yes, you. I've been watching you.

You want to see something funny?

Take a look over there. See that man?

Watch that guy. I gotta sit down here.

I gotta watch my friend.

He gonna stick his tongue out to that girl.

Look at that.

You're sick!

You see what happened to him?

If I wasn't a nice guy... She's too big for you.

Causing trouble like that, come on.

Bitch! Lesbian! What I try to tell you?

What I try to tell you?

This country, you gotta make the money first.

Then when you get the money, you get the power.

Then when you get the power, then you get the women.

That's why you gotta make your own moves.

That's the one I rented.

No. That's her, man. There she is.

About time.

Frank got held up at the golf course.

He told me to pick you up.

He said he'd meet us at the track later.

He said to bet on Ice Cream in the first, by the way.

In that thing? You must be kidding.

What you talking about? That's a Cadillac.

I wouldn't be caught dead in that. Come on.

It's got a few years, but it's a cream puff.

It looks like somebody's nightmare.

So, you like this better?

It's like one of them tigers from India.

Crazy guy. Know what he's been doing?

Dragging me to the zoo to look at tigers.

He says he's gonna buy one.

You do that and you won't have any friends left.

Not that you have any now. You'll like that tiger, man.

You gonna drive around with a tiger in your passenger seat?

Maybe. Some lady tiger.

How much? $43,000, fully equipped.

That all? Machine-gun turrets are extra.

He's a funny guy. Come here, Manny.

Bulletproof this, okay?

And this here and here.

And the windows.

Get me a phone with a scrambler. A scrambler.

And a radio with scanners... to pick up flying saucers, stuff like that.

Don't forget the fog lights.

In case I get caught in a swamp. That's a good idea.

Get out of the way, lady! I'm trying to drive here!

I thought you were taking me to Frank.

We got an hour. You hungry?

No, but I'm bored.

Well, that figures.

Check it out, Manny, okay? And pay the guy.

And you take a taxi. Meet me at the track, okay?

Good doing business with you.

I wouldn't buy the car if you didn't like it.

Planning on driving the girls crazy, aren't you, Tony?

Yeah. You know who?

What would Frank say?

I like Frank, you know?

Only I like you better.

You got some for me? Sure.

Don't get confused, Tony. I don't fuck around with the help.

You wanna play that way with me, I play with you.


Would you kiss me if I wear the hat?


Playtime is over, okay?


Long time.

No postcards from jail?


Tony? Look at you.

You're beautiful.

I didn't... Mama, look at those eyes.

Look at that. She looks like me.

You know the last time I saw you, you was like that.

You looked like a little boy. Now look at you.

I got something for you.

It's no big deal.

I never thought I'd see you again, you know?

You think they'd keep a guy like me down?

Well, no.

You look so good. Look, open that up. Open it.

For me? I think so.

It's nothing much, you know, nothing.

See what's written on the back?

On the back?

Always. Always. It's beautiful, Tony!

Mama is still working in the factory... and I work part-time in a beauty parlour.

I'm doing hair, Tony. Do you remember Hiram Gonzalez?

His father owned that barbershop. It's his place.

Plus I go to junior college. Miami Dade.

In two more years, I get my cosmetology license.

Then I'll be making enough money... Surprise!

All that's over, starting today.


My kid sister don't have to work in no beauty parlour, and Mama... she don't have to sew in no factory.

Your son made it, Mama.

He's a success.

That's why I didn't come around before.

I want you to see what a good boy I've been.

Here's $1,000.

For you, Mama.

Who did you kill for this, Antonio?

I didn't kill nobody, Mama.

No? No.

What are you doing now?

Banks, or is it still bodegas, you and the others?

No! Things are different now.

I'm working with an anti-Castro group.

I'm an organiser now.

I get a lot of political contributions.

Sure you do.

A gun sticking in somebody's face is how.

You know, all we hear about in the papers... is animals like you and the killings.

It's Cubans like you who are giving a bad name to our people.

People who come here, work hard and make a good name for themselves.

People who send their children to school.

What are you saying? That's your son...

Son? I wish I had one.

He's a bum.

He was a bum then and he's a bum now.

Who do you think you are?

We haven't heard a word from you in five years.

You suddenly show up here, throw some money around... and think you can get my respect.

You think you can buy me with jewellery?

You think you can come into my house with your hotshot clothes... and your jail manners and make fun of us?

You don't know what you're saying. That's not the way I am, Antonio!

That is not the way I raised Gina to be!

You are not going to destroy her.

I don't need your money.

I work for my living.

I don't want you in this house anymore!

I don't want you around Gina.

So come on. Get out!

And take this lousy money with you. It stinks.

Why do you have to spoil it for everybody?

I'm sorry, Tony.

Okay, Mama.

No. Tony, wait a minute!

Don't go, please! Gina, stay here!

No, Mama. He's no good. Gina!

Tony, wait, please!

I'm sorry. I don't know. Mama, ever since Papa left she's...

Forget Papa. We never had one.

I know you did some bad things back then.

In the Army, I know you got into some trouble.

The Communists... they're always trying to tell you what to do.

Mama doesn't understand that. I know.

I just... I don't know.

I just want you to know that I don't care.

It doesn't matter to me how long you've been away, five or ten years.

You're my blood, always.

I know.

Come on. I want you to take this. I gotta go back in.

No, Tony. Please. You need this.

What will I tell her?

Take that. You don't tell her anything.

Don't tell her I gave it to you, but give her some from time to time.

And listen, you go out yourself.

Go ahead, go out, do some things. Have some fun.

You gotta get some fun out of life.

You gonna beat yourself to death at 19?

A pussycat like you? Come here.

I'll talk to you again. Okay.

Put that money away. Don't let her see it.

I'll talk to her.

I'll talk to you.

Let's go.

She's beautiful. How come you...

Stay away from her. You hear?

She's not for you.


So, this and my other factory, I can guarantee production... of 200 kilos refined every month of the year.

The problem is, I have no steady market.

Basically, what I'm looking for is somebody in the States... who can share the risk with me, somebody who can guarantee... to buy from me, say, 150 kilos a month.

That's a big commitment, Mr. Sosa. Something like that...

Too bad Frank's not here. You should talk to him.

It would've been nice if he'd come. He would like to come... but with his trial coming up, it's hard to leave the country.

So he sent you instead? Something like that.

We'll talk at my house, shall we?

You got good stuff here. Class-A shit.

This Lopez guarantees to buy 150 kilos from me... every month of the year.

He picks it up here.

I can sell it to him for as little as...

$7,000 a key. You can't do better than that.

But then we got to take the risk of moving it.

We'll be cutting out the Colombians. Know what that means?

That means we have to go to war with them.

We cut out the Colombians, we take risks on both sides.

Why don't we split the risk?

You guarantee your delivery, say, as far as Panama... we take it from there.

Panama is risky. It costs me more.

Panama I can sell for $13,500 a key.

$13,500? What, are you nuts?

$13,500? We still got to take that shit to Florida.

Do you know what that's like these days?

You got the Navy everywhere.

You got frogmen. You got EC-2s with the satellite-tracking shit.

You got the fucking Bell 209 assault choppers up the ass.

We're losing one out of every nine loads.

That's no duckwalk anymore, let me tell you.

Forget about $13,500.

What do you suggest that is reasonable?

Excuse me. One moment.

What the fuck's the matter with you?

Are you negotiating for Frank Lopez?

Don't worry about it. Take it easy.

I'm not worried about it. You should worry about it.

If he wants to make a deal, it's up to him, not you.

We're doing this one deal. That's it.

Fuck you. How's that?

Fuck you. Fuck you.

You need to open your eyes and keep your mouth shut.

That's it. Let it go at that. Don't worry about it.

Your head's in the wrong place. You must watch out for yourself.

Why not talk to him?

You think he wants to give you the money?

Shut the fuck up.

I'm doing the talking here, not you.

You're here to watch my back. Watch my back.

Better than your front, let me tell you.

That's easier to watch.

Close your mouth.

I can't wait to see what Frank's gonna react to this one.

Just shut up. I'm doing the talking here.

Now where were we? Panama.

You're looking for a partner, right?

Something like that.

Look, Mr. Sosa, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

I am down on Frank's authority to buy 200 keys, that's it.

That's my limit. I got no right.

Nobody got no right to negotiate... Let the man finish, okay?

Let him propose a proposition, then we can talk more.

You got no authority here.

I started you in this business, so shut the fuck up.

Frank is gonna love it. That's up to Frank, not you!

I'm sorry about this, Mr. Sosa.

No, it is all right.

You're right. Maybe you should talk to Frank.

Well, good.

I don't think it's something I want to do on an overseas phone.

But as soon as I get back to Miami, I will talk to Frank personally.


My associates can escort you to my chopper... to take you to Santa Cruz.

I have a jet there. You'll be in Miami in five hours.

You'll be back here tomorrow in time for lunch.


Good talking to you.

Why not leave your friend here?

While you're gone, he can tell me how to run my business.

I think Frank wants to see him. No, that's okay.

You tell Frank I'm keeping this guy on ice for him.

I guess so.

Let's finish our lunch.

I have to hand it to you, Mr. Sosa.

You got everything a man could want.

I like you, Tony. There is no lying in you.

Unfortunately, I don't feel the same about the rest of your organisation.

What do you mean by that, Mr. Sosa?

I'm talking about Omar Suarez.

This garbage was recognised by my associate at lunch... from several years ago in New York.

He was an informer for the police.

He put Vito Duval and Nello and Gino Ramos away for life.

So how do I know you're not a chivato too, Tony?

Let's get this straight now.

I've never fucked anybody over who didn't have it coming.

You got that?

All I have in this world is my balls and my word.

I don't break them for no one, you understand?

That piece of shit up there, I never liked him...

I never trusted him.

For all I know, he had me set up... and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed.

But that's history. I'm here, he's not.

You want to go on with me, say it.

You don't, then you make a move.

I think you speak from the heart, Montana.

But I say to myself... this Lopez, your boss... he had chivatos like that working for him.

His judgment stinks.

So I think to myself... how many other mistakes has this Lopez guy made?

How can I trust his organisation? You tell me, Tony.

Frank is smart, you know?

You can't blame him for that animal.

It's a crazy business we're in, you know?

That could happen to anyone, even you.

Why don't I go back and talk to Frank... and work it out?

I'll fix things between us.

You got my word on that.

I think you and me, we can work this thing out... we do business together for a long time.

Just remember...

I'll only tell you one time... don't fuck me, Tony.

Don't you ever try to fuck me.

You what?

You made a deal for fucking $18 million... without even checking with me?

Are you crazy, Montana? Are you crazy?

Coño. Take it easy. Coño, my ass!

At $10,500 a key. It's puro.

You can't lose money. No way.

We make $75 million on this deal.

$75 million.

That is serious money.

What is Sosa going to do... when I don't come up with the first $5 million?

What is he going to do? Will he send me a bill?

He'll send a hit squad up here! There'll be a war in the street.

Relax! Take it easy. I'm in tight with Sosa.

You short a couple of million, I go on the street for you.

I make a couple of moves... a million here, a million there, you got it.

You've been making moves on your own?

I got ears, you know? I hear things.

What do you hear about Echevierra and the Diaz brothers?

What about Gomez?

What'll he do when you start moving 2,000 keys...

Fuck Gaspar Gomez and fuck the Diaz brothers!

Fuck 'em all!

I'll bury those cockroaches!

What they ever do for us?

Look, Frank, the time has come.

We gotta expand.

The whole operation. Distribution.

New York, Chicago, L.A.

We gotta set our own mark and enforce it.

We gotta think big now.

Think big.

Like your friend Sosa.

Let me tell you something about that greaseball cocksucker.

He is a snake, that's what he is.

You turn your back on him, he'll stick it in.

You don't trust a guy like that.

You want me to believe...

Omar was a stoolie because Sosa said so?

You bought that line?

Maybe I made a mistake sending you down there.

Maybe you and Sosa know something I don't know.

Like what?

Like what?

You tell me, like what.

You calling me a liar, Frank?

That what you're calling me?

Let's just say I want things to stay the way they are for now.

You stall your deal with Sosa.

Stall it?

Okay, boss.

Come on.

I am the boss.

Sure, you're the boss. Hey, Tony.

Remember I told you when you started... the guys who last in this business... are the guys who fly straight... low-key, quiet.

And the guys who want it all... chicas, champagne, flash... they don't last.

You finished?

Can I go now?

Hi, there.

You just missed Frank.

Too bad.

Only I didn't come to see Frank.

This is not the time or the place, Tony.

Make an appointment. That's okay.

I got something important I want to talk to you about.

So why don't we have a couple of drinks... act normal...

and just take it easy.

Come on. I like Scotch.

Sure. Why not? Okay. I won't bite you.

We're all normal here.

I heard you and Frank aren't working together anymore.

That's right.

I think it's easier, don't you?

Makes things easier.

Thank you.

Here's to the land of opportunity.

For you, maybe.

You like kids?


Kids. You know, kids. Little kids.

Sure. Why not?

As long as there's a nurse.

Good, 'cause I like kids too.

I like them. Boys, girls. Don't matter to me.

Frank's gonna be back any minute.

Come here.

Sit here.

I want to talk to you. Sit down. I'm not gonna bite you.

Okay, here's the story.

I come from the gutter. I know that.

I got no education... but that's okay.

I know the street... and I'm making all the right connections.

With the right woman, there's no stopping me.

I could go right to the top.

Anyway... what I got to tell you is this.

I like you.

I liked you the first time I laid eyes on you.

I said, she's a tiger.

She'll belong to me.


I want you to marry me.

I want you to be the mother of my children.

Me? Marry you?

That's right.

What about Frank, Tony?

What will you do about Frank?

Frank is not gonna last, okay? He's finished.

Just think about it, okay?

I want you to really think about it.

I'll go now. Take care.

All your enemies are gone.

Mr. Montana. How are you? Hello.

What the fuck she doing here?

Come on, man. She's just dancing. Come on. Take it easy.

It's just a disco. Who's that guy she's with?

He's some guy who works for Luco. He's nobody.

He's harmless. Works for Luco?

Yeah. Forget him.

Hello, Tony. You remember me?

Bernstein. Mel Bernstein, right?

Chief Detective, Narcotics.

That's right, yeah. I think we should talk.

Talk? What are we going to talk about?

I ain't killed nobody, not lately.

No, not lately.

What about ancient history, like Emilio Rebenga?

Or a bunch of whacked-out Indians at the Sun Ray Motel?

Whoever's giving you your information... is taking you for a long ride.

Tony, baby, we gonna talk... or am I gonna bust your wiseass spic balls... here and now?

Keep your eye on her.

I'll do that. Okay.

My office. Good.

The word on the street is you're bringing in a lot of yeyo.

That means you're not a small-time punk anymore... you're public property now.

Supreme Court says that your privacy can be invaded.

Okay. How much?

How much?

There's an answer to that too.

Here's how much.

Can you see it?

Big number. Yeah!

That's on a monthly basis, same thing every month.

You know how this works?

No. You tell me.

We tell you who's moving against you... and we shake down who you want shaken down.

Let's say that you got a real problem making a collection.

And then we step in for you.

Got eight killers with badges working for me.

When they hit, it hurts. Same thing works the other way.

You feed me a bust now and then.

Some cowboy setting himself up in business.

Small fry, you know?

We like snacks.

How do I know you're the last cop I'm gonna have to grease?

What about Fort Lauderdale? Metro? DEA?

How do I know what rock they're gonna crawl out from under?

Well, that's not my business, Tony. We don't cross no lines.

You think I want this conversation going any farther than this table?

My guys got families. They're legitimate cops.

I don't want to see them embarrassed.

If they're embarrassed, they'll suffer.

If they suffer, they'll make you suffer.

You understand what I'm talking about?

Thanks for the drink.

By the way...

I got a vacation coming up.

I'm gonna take the wife to London, England.

We've never been there.

So throw in a couple of round-trip tickets, first class.

You gotta smile more, Tony. You gotta enjoy yourself.

Every day above ground is a good day.

Hello. Hello.

Yeah. Now that's the idea.

Okay, Mel.

You think about what I said?

About the kids?

You know, you are really nuts. I'm nuts about you.

Why don't you find your own girl?

My own girl? Yeah.

That's what I'm doing. Do it somewhere else.

Maybe I don't hear so good sometimes.

You won't hear anything if you go on like this.

Will you do something?

You're fucking right I'm going to do something!

I'm giving you orders. Blow!

Orders? You giving me orders?

The only thing in this world... that gives orders is balls. You got that?


Let's go.


When you gonna learn?

Looking good, honey. Keep up the bad work.

That cocksucker. What happened?

He put that prick Bernstein on me. Who? Lopez did?

How do you know?

Who else knew about Rebenga? Omar?

He's fertiliser.

He's letting me know he's got weight on me.

I'll tell you what, man.

You know our little trip we've been planning to New York?

It might be a good time.

Wait. Where you going?

Welcome to my private room.

Your private room. This is my private room.

I got a beautiful, nice, white lounge chair for you.

Gina, you taste so muy bueno.

What are you doing? Shut up!

We wasn't doing nothing! Fernando, wait!

Get out!

Damn you!

You think he's cute?

I saw him putting his hand all over your ass.

My kid sister in a toilet.

It's none of your business.

None of my business? The fuck it ain't!

Don't tell me what to do! I'll tell you!

Listen to me. Come here.

I catch you here again, I'm gonna wipe you all over the fucking place.

Yeah? Go ahead! Do it now. I want to see it.

I want to see it now, big shot. Don't push me.

I want to see it now! Don't push me! Get outta here!

Go outside. You got some nerve, Tony!

You think you can tell me what to do?

You can't tell me what to do. I'm not a baby anymore.

I'll do what I want to do, see whoever I want to see.

And if I want to fuck them, then I'll fuck them!

Fucking, man! Come on, man.

What the fuck you want? You want something?

No. Don't touch me.

No. We've got to get out of here.

Not there. I don't want to go out there.

Another great night here at the Babylon?

Okay. All right!

Do another gram, you'll all be babbling on.

Is that coke in your bra, or are you just glad to see me?

A little bit of hope, I'm sure, yes.

I'm in a good mood. I was depressed when I got up this morning.

I had a dry dream, but I'm better now.

I do Laurel and Hardy in Spanish too.

That's the height of culture, I assure you.

But my favourite Cuban of all time has to be Ricky Ricardo.

Mr. Babalu himself.

He had the same problem for 10 years.

Lucy, don't come down to the club.

He's your brother. He loves you. That's why he did it.

All right? He cares about you.

To him, you're still his little sister.

That's the problem. He still treats me like I'm a baby.

I'm 20 years old now.

I'm not anybody's baby. You're so grown-up.

Come on, Gina. Put yourself in his place, okay?

Right now, you happen to be the best thing in his life.

The only thing that's any good, that's pure.

Of course he doesn't want you mixing with those people... growing up to be like him.

He has this father thing for you. Feels like he has to protect you.

Protect me against what?

Against guys like that asshole you were dancing with tonight.

I like Fernando. He's a fun guy and he's nice.

And he knows how to treat a woman. All right?

He knows how to treat a woman? Yes.

By taking her to the toilet to make out?

You've been a great audience. I got a special treat for you.

Here's a guy I found in the jungle.

From Caracas, Venezuela. He's unlike anything you've seen.

Give a warm Babylon welcome to the one and only Octavio!

Look around. Go out with someone who has something on the ball... who's going somewhere in life. Like who?

For instance, someone who's got a real job, like a banker.

Or, or a doctor, a lawyer... What about you?

What are you talking about? Why don't you take me out?

Are you crazy?

I see the way you look at me, Manolo.

Do you think I'm blind? I see. Come on.

What? Look, Gina...

Tony and I are like brothers, all right?

You're his kid sister.

So what? That's where it ends.

That's where it stays. Are you afraid of Tony?

You afraid of Tony's kid sister? I'm not afraid of anybody!

That's not the point here!

It's not for me. Don't look at me.

How do you know? 'Cause I'm not here.

Really? Then where are you?

Shit, you're weird.

I'm weird? Hello?

Hello, Miriam? Tony!

Put Manny on, okay? Okay. Just a second.

It's Tony.

What are you doing, checking up on me?

Get your clothes on and meet me... in front of Lopez Motors in 45 minutes.

What? What happened? Nothing we can't face.

All right. I'll be there.

You're still on the phone. Let's go.

Take it easy, okay?

I'm leaving now. Fuck.

Nick? Yeah, Tony.

This is what I want you to do for me.

You call Lopez.

Call him at his office at 3:00 sharp.

And you tell him.

We fucked up, he got away.

Okay. Yeah. Got it? What're you going to say?

We fucked up. He got away.

What time? 3:00 sharp.

So when are we gonna make some money on this thing?

Six months to start don't mean shit, Larry.

I'm not a Rockefeller, you know. Not yet, anyway.

So you owe me.

Listen, go down to the ball game tonight.

I couldn't make it. I got things. I'll tell you about them.

You're kidding? What was the score? Three to two?

Mel, guess what?

My Little League team, the Little Lopezers... they won the division tonight.

That's great. Congratulations.

What'd you do, fix the umpire?

Jesus Christ.

Tony, what happened to you?

They wanted to spoil my $800 suit.

Who the fuck did this?

Hitters. I don't know.

Somebody must've brought them in.

I've never seen them before.

Hello, Mel.

Got an answer to this too?

There always is, Tony. I'll bet it was the Diaz brothers.

They got a beef going back to the Sun Ray thing.

Maybe you're right, you know?

Anyway, I'm glad you made it, Tony.

We'll return the favour for you, in spades.

I'll take care of this myself.

What is the gun for, Tony?

What, this? It's nothing.

I'm... How do you say? Paranoid.

You gonna answer, Frank?

It must be Elvira. She got mad after we left the club.

I'll tell her you're not here, okay?

No, it's all right. I'll talk to her.


It's all right. I'm gonna be home in an hour. Don't worry.

Frank, you're a piece of shit.

What are you talking about? You know what I'm talking about... you fucking cockroach.

What are you talking about? Listen to me.

You know what a chazer is, Frank?

That's a pig that don't fly straight.

Neither do you, Frank.

Tony, why the fuck would I hurt you?

I brought you in.

So we had a few differences, no big deal.

I gave you your start. I was the one who believed in you.

I stayed loyal to you.

I made what I could on the side, but I never turned on you, Frank!


But you...

a man who ain't got his word is a cockroach.

Mel. Do something, will you?

It's your tree, Frank. You're sitting in it.

All right, Tony. I was the one.

Please, give me a second chance.

Will you do that? Please?

Give me a second chance. I'll give you $10 million.

Okay? $10 million.

I got it in a vault over there in Spain, Tony.

We go over there, we get on a plane, and it's yours.

Okay? All of it. $10 million.

Okay, Tony?

Please, Tony?

Elvira? You want Elvira?

You can have her. I'll go away. I'm gonna disappear.

You'll never see me again. Please, Tony, I don't want to die.

I never did nothing to nobody.

No, you never did nothing to nobody.

You had somebody else do it for you.

Tony, I'm begging you.

Get up! Get up now! Jesus! No! God!

Look. Tony, no! Don't kill me, please.

I won't kill you.

Christ, thank you. Get off my foot.

Thank you. Manolo, shoot that piece of shit!

No! No!

Every dog has his day, Mel?

I told him... it didn't make any sense... clipping you when we had you working for us. He wouldn't listen.

He got hot tonight about the broad.

He fucked up.

You too, Mel. You fucked up.

Don't go too far, Tony.

I'm not, Mel. You are.

Fuck. You can't shoot a cop!

Whoever says you was one?

Wait a minute!

You let me go. I'll fix this up.

Sure, Mel. Maybe you can hand yourself... one of them first-class tickets to the Resurrection.

Fucking punk! Son of a bitch!

So long, Mel. Have a good trip. Fuck you!

Okay, come on. What about Ernie?

You want a job, Ernie?

Sure, Tony. Okay, then you call me tomorrow.

Man, you got a job!

Tony! Thanks.

God, what's happened?

Where's Frank?

Where do you think?

Come on. Get your stuff.

You're coming with me.

So you come to me with some kind of thing. Okay.

You propose it, I talk to you.

But we got a problem. I can't pay more.

I'm bringing in twice as much as I ever did before.

We're doing $10 million, $15 million a month. Come on.

That's serious money.

You bank boys gotta come down a bit.

No way.

That's crazy. We can't do that. Then that's too bad.

What am I gonna do? We're not a wholesale operation.

We're a legitimate bank. The more cash you give me... the harder it is for me to rinse.

That's a problem. I didn't know.

The fact is, I can't take any more of your money... unless I raise the rates on you.

You gonna raise the... I gotta do it.

The IRS is coming...

Don't give me that shit! Let's talk.

I'm talking.

1 go low, you go high. I know the game.

This is business talk. Let me explain something.

The IRS is coming down heavy on South Florida.

There was a Time Magazine story that didn't help.

There's a recession.

I got stockholders I got to be responsible for.

I got to do it, Tony. You'll learn from him.

I got to go 10% on the first $12 million in denominations of 20.

I'll go 8% on your $10 bills...

6% on your fives.

We'll go somewhere else. That's it.

There's no place else to go. Fuck you, man! Fuck you!

I'll fly the cash myself to the Bahamas.

Once, maybe. Then what?

You'll trust some monkey in a Bahamian bank... with 20 million of your hard-earned dollars?

Come on, Tony. Don't be a schmuck.

Who else can you trust?

That's why you pay us so much. You trust us.

Did you hear that guy?

You got to listen to him. You'll learn something.

Stay with us.

You're a well-liked customer. You're in good hands with us.

And I got to run. I'm safe but poor.

How's married life treating you? Better than you are.

Say hello to the princess for me. She's beautiful.

I'll see you. Take care. You too.

That prick!

Fucking WASP whore.

Talking to me like I'm some maricón who came over on a boat.

I tell you what. We don't need that smiling motherfucker.

We should talk to this Jewish guy, Seidelbaum, okay?

He's got his own exchange. He charges 4% at the most.

And he's connected.

Fuck them. Mob guys. Guineas.

I don't trust them.

Did you sweep the house this month? The cars?

Yeah, I told you about it. The $5,000?

Look at that. What?

That cable truck there.

Since when does it take three days to rig a cable?

What? You been watching it for three days?

The thing has been there for three days.

What am I gonna do, not look at it?

What, you think it's cops, right? I don't know.

Could be the Diaz brothers, coming to get me.

Maybe. I'll check it out, okay? You check it out.

Then we're gonna blow that fucking truck back to Colombia!

Come on. We're not the only dopers living on the block.

Okay? Remember that.

That truck could be anybody and anything.

It could be a cable company...

You know something? You got some fucking attitude.

For someone who's in charge of my security...

Here are the keys to the front door.

Go down there. Give them the keys!

I'm just trying to say something.

You're spending a lot of money on this counter-surveillance.

I don't give a fuck.

It's 12% of our adjusted gross.

12% isn't peanuts.

I don't give a fuck!

It makes me sleep good at night. That's what counts.

Okay? You worry about it. I am worried about it.

I'm telling you. We're getting sloppy.

Our thinking, our fucking attitude, you know?

We're not fucking hungry anymore.

Miami's changing. You can see it everywhere.

New construction. New jobs.

Growth that's financed by Florida Security Trust.

We've put your money to work for 75 years... building a more prosperous Miami.

Count on us being here tomorrow.

That's because for 75 years you been fucking everybody.

Somebody should do something about those whores.

I mean, charging me 10 points on my money.

They're getting away with it. Fuck, there's no laws anymore.

Forget it. Anything goes.

They been around 1,000 years. They got all the angles figured out.

You know what capitalism is? Getting fucked.

True capitalist if ever I met one.

Did you hear that?

How would you know, bubblehead?

You ever do nothing besides get your hair fixed... and powder your nose?

Look at you. You do too much of that shit.

Nothing exceeds like excess.

You should know that, Tony. I should know what?

What should I know?

Why do you have to talk to me like that all the time?

Like I got to know something. Let me talk to you.

Listen. What time is it?

This Seidelbaum.


Okay. I met with this Seidelbaum...

The drug-related violence that's plagued South Florida...

He's good for a laugh, this guy.

With a small law-enforcement budget, how can you put a dent... on an estimated $100-billion-a-year business?

It seems at times all you can do... is put your finger in the dike and pray.

Put your fingers in a dyke?

The only place you can get your fingers... is in some dyke.

Not by outlawing the substances, but by legalising and taxing them.

These voices say that will drive out the organised crime element.

I am not one of those voices.

I know that. But you know why?

'Cause you got your head up your culo, that's why.

That fucking guy, he never tells the truth.

Splendour of our city at its best.

It's those guys, man!

It's the fucking bankers, the politicians... they're the ones that wanna make coke illegal!

So they can make the fucking money, and then get the fucking votes!

They fighting the bad guys. They're the bad guys!

They fuck anything and anyone.

Can't you stop saying fuck all the time?

Can't you stop talking about money? It's boring, Tony.

Where's this coming from? Boring? What's boring?

You're boring.

Money. That's all I hear in this house.

Look at these pelicans fly. Come on, pelicans!

Here it is. Frank never talked about money.

That's 'cause he was so smart.

You know what you're becoming?

You're an immigrant spic millionaire who can't stop talking...

Who the fuck you calling a spic, you white piece of bread?

Get out of the way of the TV!

Dig a hole in the yard, bury it, and forget about it.

I work hard for this! I want you to know that.

Somebody should've given it to you. You would've been a nicer person.

Know what your problem is, pussycat?

What is my problem?

You got nothing to do with your life.

Why don't you get a job or something?

Do something. Be a nurse.

Work with blind kids, lepers. That kind of thing.

Anything beats lying around all day waiting for me to fuck you!

Don't toot your horn, honey. You're not that good.

No? Frank was better?

You're an asshole!

Where you going? Come here!


I was kidding!

I was only kidding!

I guess sometimes married life is not all it's cracked up to be.

Where you going? I got a date.

You got a date? Come here.

What? This Seidelbaum thing.

Yeah, it's all set up.

Yeah, well, you forget it.

Stay out of it. I'll take care of it.

Stay out of it? It's my deal. I set it up.

You're not a negotiator, Manny, you know that.

You like the ladies more than the money.

That's your problem.

What the fuck are you talking about? I'm your partner, okay?

If you don't trust me with that kind of thing... who're you gonna trust?

Junior partner.

Bullshit, man.

Don't talk to me about trust, I don't like it.

You should listen to your wife. She's right.

You are an asshole, man!

Come here. Give me a kiss. Come here.

Fuck you, man!

Who put this thing together? Me! That's who!

Who do I trust? Me!

Fuck him. Trust.

Asshole. Fuck called me an asshole.

I need that shit.

I don't need him.

I don't need her. Fuck them. I don't need nobody.

Back then I worked in pictures down in Colombia.

I was in that movie Burn. You ever see it?

You saw me with Marlon Brando? You know, we're good friends.

I was his driver. No shit?

Brando. They shot it there. Cartagena.

Gillo Pontecorvo. He was the director.

Italian guy.

Tell me about him. I also know Paul Newman.

I worked with him in Tucson. No kidding?

Do you know Benny Alvarez?

In Tucson. Benny Alvarez?

Subtotal. No?

He's a nice guy.


You want a company cheque here?

I got $284,600.

That's just not possible. The machine don't make mistakes.

Let's count it again. No. Come on.

Business is business. Come on. You're talking $1,500 here.

Okay, you keep the change. Okay? I don't give a shit.

I'll count it again for you. No, come on.

This cheque here, where does this check go?

Montana Realty Company. Montana what?

Montana Realty Company.

Montana Realty Company.

That's $284,000. $284,600.

How come you don't know Benny Alvarez?

Me and Benny have lunch together. He probably knows me.

You ask him.

We're up to what?

Seven cheques. $1,325,623.

$200,000 more.

We ought to take a leak. Freeze!

Get your hands up!

Go against the wall, turn around.

You're not kidding.

You're under arrest for violation of the RICO Statute.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be taken against you.

How do I know you guys are cops? What's that say, asshole?

That's pretty good, man. Where'd you get that?

You call yourself a Cuban? You make a real Cuban throw up!

Call your dog off me, Seidelbaum.

I want to call my lawyer. Lot of good he'll do.

You see that eye there in the clock?

Say, hi, honey.

That's pretty cute. Look at that.

You jerk off in front of us, Seidelbaum?

I was supposed to meet this chick at 3:00.

You're a fucking pain in the ass.

All right, Benny, kill it.

You understand the rights I've given you?

I know all that bullshit, Seidelbaum!

Save your breath.

You got nothing on me. You know it. I know it.

I'm changing dollar bills, that's all.

You want to waste my time? Okay. I call my lawyer.

He's the best lawyer in Miami. He's such a good lawyer... that by tomorrow morning, you gonna be working in Alaska.

So dress warm.

Give me a cheque for $100,000 plus $300,000 in cash.

I guarantee you walk on the conspiracy charge.

They're gonna come back at us on a tax evasion... and they'll get it.

So, what am I looking at here?

Five years. You'll be out in three.

Maybe less, if can make a deal.

Three fucking years!

For what?

Washing money? The fucking country was built on washed money.

Can't be that bad.

It's not like Cuba. What the fuck you talking?

The jails are like hotels. You kidding me or what?

You fucking high? I'll delay the trial.

A year and a half, two years. You won't even start...

Fuck you, man!

I'm not going back in any cage, okay?

No way. I been there.

Okay, look.

I give you $400,000 more. Okay, now that's $800,000.

With that kind of money, you can buy the Supreme Court.

Tony, the law has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

I'm an expert at raising that doubt. But when you got $1,300,000... undeclared staring into a videotape camera... honey baby, it's hard to convince a jury you found it in a taxicab.

I'm so glad you could come on such short notice.

I really appreciate it.

It's okay. How's Elvira?

Great. How's your wife? Three more months.

Yeah? Congratulations. How about you?

When you gonna have another Tony to take your place?

I'm working on it. You have to work harder. Come.

I want you to meet some of my friends.

This is Pedro Quinn... chairman of the Andes Sugar Corporation.

Pleasure meeting you. Nice to meet you.

General Edward Strasser, Commander of the First Army Corps.


This is Ariel Bleyer... with the Ministry of the Interior. Tony Montana.

And here is our friend Charles Goodson from Washington.

Nice to meet you. How do you do, Mr. Montana?

Sit here, Tony.


I would like to discuss something... that is of interest to all of us here.

You have a problem, Tony.

We have a problem.

I think together we can solve all our problems.

We all know you have tax troubles in your country... and that you may have to do a little time.

We have friends in Washington... that assure us these troubles can be taken care of.

You may have to pay some back taxes, a big fine... but there will be no prison.


So what's your problem, Alex?

I'll show you my problem.

I've heard about financial... support the government receives... from the drug industry in Bolivia.

Well, the irony of this is that this money... which is in the billions... is coming from your country.

You are the major purchaser of our national product... which is cocaine.

You're saying the U.S. government... is spending millions to eliminate the flow of drugs onto our streets.

At the same time... we are doing business with the same government... that is flooding our streets with cocaine.

Let me show you a few of the other characters... that are involved in this tragic comedy.

My organisation just recently traced a large purchase by this man.

This charming face here belongs to General Cucombre.

He is the Minister of the Defence of Bolivia, my country.

And General Cucombre just a couple months ago... bought a $12 million villa on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.

Now, if Cucombre is supposed to be the Bolivian Defence Minister... what is he doing living in Switzerland?

Guarding cash registers?

This man here, Alejandro Sosa, a very interesting character.

He's a wealthy landowner... educated in England, very good family.

But this man is the business brain and drug overlord... of an empire that stretches across the Andes.

He's not your ordinary drug dealer.

Well, discussing it openly...

He's scheduled for 60 Minutes next.

He is going on French, British, Italian, Japanese television.

People everywhere are starting to listen to him.

It's embarrassing, Tony.

That is our problem.

You remember Alberto, don't you?

How could I forget him?

Alberto is an expert in the disposal business.

He's going to help us fix our problem.

But he doesn't speak English.

He doesn't know his way around the States too well.

He needs a little help.

Is that a problem, Tony?

No problem.


So what's the big mystery with the Bolivian situation?

You gonna tell me what happened with Sosa, or what?

A lot of bullshit, that's what happened.


I want you to stay down here for a while.

Run things for me.

I gotta go to New York next week.

Fuck this, man.

I don't like it, man. I don't like this at all.

You don't like it?

You got me into this mess in the first place.

With that fucking Seidelbaum, that right?

With Seidelbaum?

What does Seidelbaum have to do with Sosa?

How do you connect those two?

Why don't you eat your food? What's wrong with it?

I'm not hungry.

You're not hungry? Do you know about the trial?

What did you order it for then? I lost my appetite.

Do you even know that Sheffield said he can get you a postponement?

Is this it? That's what it's all about?

Eating, drinking... fucking, sucking...

Come on, man. Snorting?

Then what?

Tell me. Then what?

You're 50. You got a bag for a belly.

You got tits, you need a bra.

They got hair on them.

You got a liver, and they got spots on it... and you're eating this fucking shit... and you're looking like these rich fucking mummies in here.

Come on. It's not so bad. It could be worse.

Is this what it's all about? Forget it.

This what I work for? Tell me.

Look at that.

A junkie.

I got a fucking junkie for a wife. She don't eat nothing.

Sleeps all day with them black shades on.

Wakes up with a Quaalude... Don't pick on her, man.

And who won't fuck me 'cause she's in a coma.

I can't even have a kid with her.

Her womb is so polluted...

I can't even have a fucking little baby with her!

You son of a bitch!

You fuck!

You shouldn't talk like that. How dare you talk to me like that!

What makes you so much better than me?

What do you do? Don't worry.

You deal drugs and you kill people. That's wonderful, Tony.

Real contribution to human history.

Go ahead. Tell everybody. You want a kid?

Tell the world.

What kind of a father would you make?

Gonna drive him to school in the mornings?

Are you even gonna be alive by the time the kid goes to school?

You don't know how to be a husband! Sit down before I...

Do we ever go anywhere without having 600 thugs... hanging around all the time?

I have Nick "The Pig" as a friend.

What kind of life is that?

Can't you see...

what we're becoming, Tony? We're losers.

We're not winners, we're losers.

Go home. You're stoned. I'm not stoned, you're stoned.

Get her out of here. Come on.

I'm not going home with you.

I'm not going home with anybody.

I'm going home alone.

I'm leaving you.

I don't need this shit anymore.

Okay, but I'll walk you out. I'll take her home in a cab.

Let her go.

Another Quaalude, she gonna love me again.

What're you looking at?

You're all a bunch of fucking assholes.

You know why?

You don't have the guts to be what you want to be.

You need people like me.

You need people like me... so you can point your fucking fingers... and say, that's the bad guy.

So... what does that make you?


You're not good.

You just know how to hide... how to lie.

Me, I don't have that problem.

Me, I always tell the truth.

Even when I lie.

So say good night to the bad guy!

Come on.

The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again... let me tell you.

Come on. Make way for the bad guy.

There's a bad guy coming through!

Better get out of his way!


No. You tell Sheffield to keep his nose out of it.

There's gonna be no trial. I got it all under control now.

Just tell him to stay out of it!

Okay, what about Elvira? Did she call?

Yeah, all right.

Tony, everything go okay?

Yeah, everything is roses.

Ernie, what time do you got?

Ten to. Ten to.

Where is this guy? I gotta call Manny.

Sit down.

You don't tell me what to do here!

He's coming out. He's coming.

I don't give a fuck. It's him, man.

We do it in front of the United Nations.

That's how they want it.

I don't care where you blow him up.

Tell me when, okay?

You just tell me when. That's all I care about.

I want you to stay thirty metres behind the car, okay?

Thirty metres. No more.

I heard you the first time.

One time. That's all you gotta tell me.

I told you thirty metres.

This fucking guy, I'm telling you.

Look. Here he comes.

Where's he going?

What's he doing that way?

What the fuck he doing?

What the fuck is that? Come here.

You said she took the kids in the other car!

She did, every fucking day. I don't know what's going on.

No fucking way. No fucking way. That's it!

Forget it!

We kill this guy alone. No wife, no kids.

No way. If Sosa says we do it now, we do it now. Let's go.

This fucking guy.

Okay, just stay behind him.

Slowly, slowly.

Fuck you, you fucking vulture.

Okay. Easy.

Two little kids in the car. This is so fucking bad.

This is so fucking bad.

You're losing them. Look! You're losing them!

I see them, all right? I see them!

Ten metres, ten metres!

Move it. Move it!

Shut the fuck up, okay?

You don't have the guts to look them in the eye when you kill them.

You gotta hide with that shit...

Shut your mouth.

He's getting up. Let's do it.

Make you feel good?

Make you feel good to kill a mama and her kids. Make you feel big.

Shut your mouth!

Like you, big man! Fuck you!

What do you think I am?

You think I kill two kids and a woman?

Fuck that! I don't need that shit in my life!

You die, motherfucker!

What do you think I am?

You think I'm a fucking worm like you?

I told you, man! I told you, don't fuck with me!

I told you, no fucking kids!

No, but you wouldn't listen! You stupid fuck! Look at you now.

Nick, where the fuck you been?

On a delivery?

Where the hell is Manny?

I been calling all over. Where is he?

I don't know, Tony.

He's been gone the last couple of days.

He didn't say nothing. He's gone? Where?

I left him in fucking charge, man! Where the fuck is he?

You can't trust nobody anymore!

I don't know, Tony. He just took off.

He didn't say nothing. He took off?

Are you all right? No, I'm not! I'm pissed!

When I get back there...

I'll kick some ass all over the place!

When you coming back? I'm coming back tonight!

This fucking cocksucker.

Tony, your mama called. Gina's gone.

Gone? Where? She got to see you right away.

Tell her I'll call her tonight.

Listen to me. What about Elvie? She call?

No. No.

Okay, listen to me.

If she calls, just tell her I love her.

Okay? Just tell her that.

You hear from Manny? No.

Your mama called, she gotta see you.

Sosa's been ringing every half hour. He sounds pissed.

Get him on the phone. Elvie call? No.

You keep trying Manny. I want that cocksucker here.

I want him here now! Okay? Okay.

Come on. Go ahead, get him! Let's go. Come on!

Yeah? Mama. Yeah, I know.

They told me.

Okay. I'm coming over.

I'll be over to see you. I'll be over, yeah.

Put it on the speaker.

What happened, Tony?

Alex, how you doing? What happened?

We had some problems.

Alex? Tony, what happened?

We had a little problem. I heard.

How you hear that?

Our friend gave a speech at the UN.

He was not supposed to give that speech.

Well, your guy, Alberto, he's a piece of shit.

I told him to do something, he didn't listen... so I cancelled his contract.

My partners and I are pissed off.

That's okay. No big deal.

There's other Albertos. We'll do it next month.

No, Tony, you can't do that.

They found what was under the car.

Now our friend has got security up the ass.

The heat will come down hard on my partners and me.

There's not gonna be a next time...

You dumb cocksucker! You blew it! Take it easy when you talk to me.

I told you a long time ago, you fucking monkey, not to fuck me!

Who the fuck you think you're talking to?

You want to fuck with...

Who the fuck you think I am, your fucking bellboy?

You want to go to war? We take you to war, okay?

Alex, you there? Hey!

He's not there. Calmate, man.

She got a place of her own. She don't tell me where.

One night, I follow her in a taxi.

She goes to a fancy house in Coconut Grove.

Where'd she get the money? You!

You were giving her the money! You see what you do to her?

I don't give her that much money. You did!

One time, $1,000 you gave her. Was a guy with her?

I don't know.

There was this car in the driveway.

I know if I go there, she'll kill me.

She's like you. Where's the place? Where is it?

400 something...

Citrus Drive.

400 what? 409, I think.

You gotta talk to her, Antonio. She don't listen to me.

She says to me, mira, shut up!

Mind your own business.

Exactly like you do to me.

Ever since you came back, she's been getting this way.

I gotta go. Why do you have to hurt everything?

Why do you have to destroy... everything that comes your way?

409 Citrus Drive.

Tony, I can't find Manny anywhere. Fuck!

Okay. Listen, boss, I'll try again.

You stay here. Keep trying Manny, okay?

We got married just yesterday. We were gonna surprise you.

Jesus, Tony.

Tony, we gotta get outta here, man. We gotta get outta here.

Go get Gina.


No, Gina. Come on, Gina. No!


Tony, we can't stay here. We gotta go.

We gotta get out of here.

Come on, Gina.

Here we go. It's gonna be okay.

You got her? I got her.

No! This is Tony's place! Let me go!

We put some pills into her. She's gonna be all right, Tony.

She's cooling down. Right?

She's gonna be fine. Just fine. Right.

What are we gonna do now?


We're going to war.

That's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna eat that Sosa for breakfast!

Close that fucker down.

Tony, take it easy.

All right, Ernie. Let's go. We'll take care of the house.

Come on.

This cocksucker's gonna run all over you.

Come on. I'll bury these cocksuckers.

We gotta get organised here.

Fuck! Manny.

How the fuck I do that?

How the fuck I do that, Manny?


Is this what you want, Tony?

You can't stand for another man to be touching me.

So you want me, Tony?

What are you talking about?

Is that it?

Here I am, Tony.

I am all yours now, Tony, you see?

I'm all yours now.

You better come and get me now.

Come on. Come and get me.

Come and get me.

You do it now before it's too late.

Come on, Tony.

Fuck me.

Fuck me. Come on and just fuck me!


They're all over the place! Get out of here!

Come on. Look at your face. It's all dirty.

Please talk to me.

Don't be mad at me.

Please. Gina, come on.

I love Manny, you know?

I love him.

And I love you too, you know?

Give me a smile.

They're coming from everywhere! Open up! Open the fucking door!

Please! Tony!

Let me in, boss! Please!

Tony, open the fucking door!

You wait here, okay? I'll be with you. I'll be back.

You wait for me. I'm coming back.

Okay, Sosa. You want to fuck with me?

You're fucking with the best!

You want to fuck with me?

You cockroaches.

You want to play games? Okay, I play with you.

You wanna play rough?

Say hello to my little friend!

You want to play rough?

There! You like that?

You want more?

You whores!


Want to fuck with me?

Go ahead!

Come on!

How do you like that?

You fucking maricón!

You think you can take me?

You need a fucking army if you gonna take me!

You hear? Come on! I take you all to fucking hell!

Who you think you fucking with? I'm Tony Montana!

You fuck with me, you fucking with the best!

I'm still standing.

Come on! I take your fucking bullet!

Come on! I take your fucking bullet!

You think you kill me with bullets?

I take your fucking bullets! Go ahead!