Scars of Dracula (1970) Script

'Tis Joanna. Shall we never be free?

We know where the evil lies.

We must free ourselves... Now!

No, my son. But it will soon be dark.

Then we must hurry. Maria, take the other women to the church.

And stay there. My son, I beg you not to go.

Your violence will only lead to further violence.

Father, this evil must be destroyed!

Then I will go with you.

And may heaven protect us all.

Get behind the rocks.

Keep out of sight.

Open the door. I've something for you.

Go on, open up.

I'm quite alone.

Open up.

Open the door.

Come on, open it...

Stay where you are, you'll get hurt.

You fools! Do you think you can destroy my master?

The flames will never reach him.

Come on, men, burn it down!

A torch...

That's enough. That's enough! We're going back.

Good. Come on, then.

We must give thanks. Thanks to our Saviour for his protection.

Yes, Father. Let us go to the church and tell our loved ones they are safe.


The devil has won.

Friends of Sarah, I would like to propose a toast to Sarah.

Very happy birthday and many happy returns.

Happy birthday.

And... And to you. Speech, speech.

Reply, reply. Yes you must reply. Speech, speech.

Speech! No.

We insist, don't we? Yes.

Good luck, Sarah. Er...

Thank you, thank you all very much.

Great speech. Yes, nice and short.

Now she can cut that cake.

Simon, where is your brother?

Where is Paul?

He can't have just forgotten, can he? No, he won't have forgotten.

I expect he's just working late.

Was it good, darling? Hmm?

Paul, was it good? What?

Oh, yes. What time is it?

Was it the best ever?

Best ever. What's the time?

Oh, it's early.

Good. Why do you want to know?

Got to go. Go where?

To some other girl? No.

Where then?

Night school. What?

I'm trying to improve myself.

You couldn't improve yourself, darling.

The times I've lain here, all by myself, just listening to that silly clock chiming.

Wishing I could have someone beside me.

Seven. Someone like you.

Eight, nine. Now my wish has come true.


I thought you said it was early. It is.

Come on, forget night school.

Can't. Late already.

Don't go. Stay here with me.

Can't. I say you must.

Sorry. I shall scream.

Now, don't be silly.

What's that? Present for your teacher?

I don't believe you are going to night school.

You're going to meet another girl, aren't you?

Shh, not so loud, the servants! I hate you! Hate, hate, hate!

Come back!

Come back!

I'm not going to let you go.

Father. Alice!

He attacked me.

Came in through my bedroom window.

You young swine!

He tried to...

...interfere with me.

What? Rapist!

Look I... I must be going.

Excuse me, sir. Ahh!

Get after him, you fools.

Burgomaster! Don't stand there. Get after him, you fools.

Leave me! Get after him, you fools!

Oversexed young puppy!

A spell in prison'll cool him down.

And now, young lady, I should like a few words with you.

Come back down here!

Come here! Ooh...

Alice... Open this door!

It's a lovely party, Sarah. Hope you are enjoying it as much as we are.

Oh, I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty.

Well, are you? Huh?

Am I what? Enjoying your party?

Oh, yes, yes.

Well, happy birthday then.

Oh! I nearly forgot.

Well, I didn't forget at all, really.

I was just waiting for the right moment.

Oh, Simon.

It's lovely.

It's only small, I'm afraid. No, it's lovely.

Thank you, Simon.

There, look.

I was hoping you would try it on the other hand.

Is it Paul?

Ah, here's Paul. Paul, you're late!

Where've you been? Don't ask him, he might tell us.

Sarah, Simon, I really am sorry.

Well, where have you been?

As my elder brother, I suppose you've the right.

I, um... Had a meeting with our Burgomaster.

Paul, you?

In fact, I had great difficulty in persuading him to let me leave.

You're fooling. Cross my heart.



Many happy returns of the day, Sarah.


Just another example of my photographic genius.

Oh, it's beautiful.

I have to admit it. You do have a talent for photography.

It's a very expensive frame. How can you afford it?

Ah, I'm not a penniless student.

Penniless now, but you wait, when I'm a great lawyer...

Then I'll take your photograph.

You'll notice how the tinting is... Oh...

Look what I've done. It doesn't matter. It's nothing.

I'll take it. No, no, I'll fix it myself first thing in the morning. Excuse me, sir.

I think I'm going to have to leave you.

There he is...

Excuse me, sir. Excuse me, sir! Just a moment.

Paul what have you done now? Not again.

Sorry, Sarah.

Happy birthday!


Hey! One minute!



Whoa, boy, whoa. Whoa, boy, whoa!


Goodnight. Goodnight, everybody. Thank you.

Goodnight. Shh! Shh!

Happy birthday.

It was happy, wasn't it? The happiest.

Thank you. For the party and for everything.

It was a good party. I know I enjoyed it.

That makes it perfect, then.

What's wrong? Paul. Will he be all right?

He always has been. It's not the first time he's been in trouble.

I know.

He means that much to you?

I'm attracted to him. So are a lot girls.

I'm worried about him because he's your brother and I know how close you are.

I don't want you to be hurt... Ever.

What d'you want?

Can you let me in? I just... I'm sorry, we're closed.

Yes, I see that but... I'm sorry, really.

Where can I go then? Well...

There isn't anywhere, not in this village.

The next village is 10 miles away.

There's nowhere else for miles around, except the castle.

Do they do bed and breakfast? Oh, you can't go there. You mustn't.

Oh, why not?

Well, I don't know. I'm new here. But you mustn't go there, not at night anyway.

Just have to bed down here then. You can't do that, you'll catch your death. Possibly.

But what alternative is there?

Wait a minute.

We always close soon as it's dark.

Oh? Why?

Well, I don't know. Nobody'll tell me.

But not a living soul in this village'll open up after dark.

Well, couldn't you stretch a point?

Just once?

I've come a long way and I'm tired and hungry.

Well, I can give you a bite to eat. Won't be much, mind.

And a room? Sorry, there aren't any.

What about a bed? There isn't one.

I don't mind sharing. I bet you don't.

I wouldn't want to get you into trouble of course.

Oh, you wouldn't. I'd see to that.

I'm very tired.

I'd be off as soon as my head touched the pillow.

Oh, yes? I've heard that before.


I can hardly keep awake now.

I thought you said you was hungry.

I am. Well, make up your mind.

What are you doing here?

How did he get in?

He's a traveller, got lost. I let him in.

I told you never to open that door after dark!

It wasn't her fault, it was mine... Get out!

Please let me explain, I...


Well, thanks for nothing.

I only hope the castle is more hospitable.

He's going to the castle.

He can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. Get to bed.

But I... Get to bed!

Get on.

Are you hurt?


At least I don't think so.


You are hurt. No.

No, I've just sprained it a little.

And cold.

Go over to the fire.

Is this your... Are you hungry?

Would you like some food? Well, it's late.

I don't want to put you to any trouble. But I am rather tired.

I'll have a bed prepared. Wait.

The blade is very sharp.

I'm sorry. I'm not an intruder.

I realise it must look like it, but I'm not.

The girl, a... A young lady invited me in.

She's gone to arrange a bed for me.

But if I'm not welcome... But you are welcome.

Before the castle was destroyed, strangers were always welcome.

Please be seated.

While your room is being prepared, you will take some wine?

You have some beautiful things here.

All that was left.

What happened exactly? To the castle.

May I introduce myself? My name's Carlson. Paul Carlson.

This is Tania.

I am Dracula.

I'm sure I'm putting you to a great deal of trouble.

Your wine?

No. No, thank you. I really must be going.

Going? Well, yes.

You must stay here.

It's very kind of you, but I can't bother you any longer.

I'm sure I'll find a place to stay.

There is nowhere else.

Well, I'm a good walker.

And my ankle seems better.

This is not Kleinenberg.

You are not acquainted with the countryside here.

How did you know I was from Kleinenberg?

You will accompany Mr Carlson and show him to his room.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Well, good night then.

Sleep well, Mr Carlson.

You're not going to believe a word of this when I get back, Sarah.

Who is it?



They are free. Free to wander as they please.

If only I were free.

You... I'm a prisoner here.

There's nobody I can turn to, nobody I can talk to.

Please help me. Please.

Hold me.

Love me.

Love me.


Help! Somebody help me!

Hey! Hey, up there! Help!

There's no way out! Help!

Wine, Landlord. Are you paying?

Here on official business. Official.

You can have a beer each.

We got wine the last place. You'd better get back to the last place then.

We'll take it. You know what this is?

It's a warrant. A warrant.

For an arrest.

You know who it's for?

Just so long as it's not for me.

No, it's not for you.

It's for the arrest of a young man from Kleinenberg.

You know what he done?

That's what he done.

And to the Burgomaster's daughter. The Burgomaster.

Well, are you expecting to find him here?

Not here exactly, but he might have passed through here.

We tried everywhere else.

Our orders were to make a thorough search.

Thorough. Search everywhere.

He's not here.

I know he's not here now, but has he been here?

There was a young man tried to get in here last night.


I sent him away. It was dark. I didn't know who he was.

Wise. Where did he go?

I've no idea, and I care less.

I've got work to do.

You want to know where he went?

I'll tell you where he went.

To the castle, that's where he went.

Castle? Yeah.

It's a long way from here, but that's where he went.

Long way. Oh, long way.

You said your orders was to search everywhere.

Well, fact is that's really outside our territory, as you might say.

Oh, yeah, well outside.

But we'll report the matter, never fear. We'll make a report.

He won't get away with it. We'll see to that.

Lazy pigs! Is that true, my child?

What say, Father?

About the young man. He went to the castle?

Yes. It's true, Father.

May Heaven protect his immortal soul.

It certainly isn't like Paul to disappear like this. Not for so long.

Or he's in more trouble. I know it.

If he'd had an accident, we would have heard something.

Oh, I don't know. I only know I'm worried.

We don't know that anything bad has happened to him.

Then where is he? Where?

We'll find out.

The man at the frontier said he had come this way.

Whoa, back.

This is as far as I go.

And thank you for the ride.

Will you be staying here? Huh. That I won't.

I'm going to get back as soon as ever I can. Soon as I've unloaded those.

Before dark, anyway.

I wouldn't advise you to stay here too long either.

Why not?

There's been a lot of trouble here.

Anyway, it's no place for a young lady.

Well, wait a moment, won't you?

I'll just talk to them here and then we'll come back with you.

I'll wait for nobody. I'm going.

Well, at least take the young lady back. No, I want to stay.

Come on, boy. Come on. There's a good boy. Come on.

Look, Sarah, we've come a long way today.

If you don't go back with him, we may not get back tonight and they'll be worried about you.

I'm not leaving with you and Paul.

Please, Sarah. I'm staying with you, Simon.

Then let's see if they know anything about Paul here.

Afternoon. Good afternoon.

Uh, may we have something to eat, please?

I could get you some soup and some cheese.

You just passing through? Yes.

Oh, good. Julie!

A stein of beer while you're waiting, sir? For me, yes, please. And a brandy.

We've been travelling all day.

Oh, Julie, lay the table up for this gentleman and his lady, will you?

Students, are you, sir?

Well... On vacation?

Hope you're enjoying yourself.

It's the best time of your life.

Yes, we're from Kleinenberg.

But we're not on vacation. We're looking for someone.


Yes, a young man about my age, my build.

I was wondering if you might have seen him.

If he came in here perhaps?

No, sir.

Well, he may have come in for a drink and you not noticed.

I said no, sir.

It was just a question.

I think you're hiding something.

I think you're lying.

Don't you accuse me of lying.

I think he was here.

Well? Get out!

Not until I know what's happened to him.

Simon. Get out! And now.

He went to the castle.

The castle?

What castle?

What castle? Simon.

Out. Both of you. You're not wanted here.

Well, at least let her stay. No, Simon, not without you.

Well, at least we know where he went.

The castle. What castle? We can ask.

You think anyone would tell us anything in this godforsaken spot?

I'll tell you.

You follow the road out of the village.

And you take the mountain pass as far as you can go.

But Sarah... It's miles yet.

I think we should find somewhere for you to stay. I'll go to the castle alone.

You must be exhausted. No, Simon. No.

This is the first real clue we've had.

We'll follow it together. I'm not leaving you.

Not forever, I hope.

Not forever.

You're beautiful.

You're very beautiful.

Wait here.


I... Sarah...

The young lady is ill.

She's suffering from shock.

There was a bat.

We're sorry to intrude.

Why have you come here? We're looking for someone. My brother.

No one has been here. Oh, we were told...

What were you told?

They told us in the village. In the village?

Still, it's not very likely, is it?

I mean, why should he come here? There's no reason.

We have guests.

The room is prepared, sir.

Bring blankets. You shall sleep here.

I must apologise for the inconvenience, but since the fire...



The young lady will be quite comfortable.

Who is he? Sir?

Our host. Your master.

He is the last remaining member of the Dracula family, sir.

Dracula? One of the oldest families in this land.

If not in the whole of Europe.

He said there was a fire.

Yes, a tragedy.

An accident?

No. No accident. They did it.

The villagers. They came up here one day...

It was terrible.

They tried to burn my master, burn him alive.

But why?

The young lady is asleep. A drink?

Thank you.

Excellent. Thank you.

The cross.

It's her. The picture.


The cross! No!

Sarah. Must find Sarah. Sarah.

Who is it? Me.

Oh, come in.

It's locked. Oh, yes.

You can come in. It's open.

Feeling better?

I don't know.

I'm confused.

I had a dream, it was horrible.

Oh, I don't know, darling.

What time is it?

It's late. We both overslept.

There's service for you.

Hot broth. Drink it. It will do you good.

I'll go and find Klove and ask him some questions.

No. Please don't leave me.

I won't be long. I promise.


Is that you, Paul?

It's my picture!

God almighty. Who did that to you?

You'd better get away from here.

He'll do the same to you. Your master?

And worse to her.

Where did you get this?

He was here, wasn't he? Paul was here.

What happened to him?

Tell me! I won't tell you anything.

You will tell me everything!


Tell me! He was here. It's true.

He was here but he got away.

You must get away, too. Now.

Take her with you.

He'll do terrible things to her if you don't.

Terrible things.

Don't let him.


I'll help you to get away.

Oh, you may be too late.

Why? The broth!

Have you drunk any yet? Tell me!

A little.

We're getting out of here. Come on. Quick. Quickly!

My portrait. The one Paul gave me.

Yes, Paul. He was here, but hurry.

Come on.

I need help.

That young man. My brother.

He's up there in the castle. I'm sure of it.

Now, I want you to come with me. Help me find him and bring him back.

Are you mad?

I beg you to help me.

Did none of you hear me?

A man's life is in danger. It's nothing to do with us.

Then I'll go alone. Simon, you can't.

But at least let her stay. I can't take her back up there again.

Go back where you came from. We want no trouble here.

In God's name!

The devil's, more like.

Take her with you.


We must find somewhere for you to stay. But you can't go back there alone.

Come with me.

A church. Thank God.

Not any more.

It was once vilely used.

The villagers refuse to come here any longer.

Father, you will look after her? I'm going to look after you both.

I must go back. I'm sure Paul's there.

No, you must do nothing at the moment, but stay here until dawn.

No, I can't wait. I will explain.

You must give me time to prepare you for what we both have to do.

Both? Yes, both of us.

Without my guidance, you would never survive the ordeal.

Without your courage, I could not even attempt it.

Now, there is nothing either of us could do until daybreak.

What are you doing?

I'm going and don't try to stop me. I just can't stand it here any longer.

You can't go now. Why not?

You've heard what's going on here. You've seen.

I've heard a lot of superstitious rubbish, but I've seen nothing.

My village isn't like this. I'm going before I end up like you.


There's something I've never told you.

Something I must tell you now.

My Maria...

You know how she died? Well, you said...

I lied to you.

I wanted you to stay, so I lied.

Well, how did she die? She was murdered.


How? Who did it? Him.

He did it.

He killed her.

Who? You saw him?

Well, then how do you know?

The bats.

He has power over animals, you don't understand.

No, and I don't want to. I'm leaving before it gets too late.

You let them go!

I have sinned, master.

The man had been savagely beaten.

His back was...

Well. He said his master was a monster.

He was right. Yes, I can believe him.

Anyway, he helped us escape.

For that you should be grateful. Was he telling the truth?

Yes, he was telling the truth.

But only part of it.

His master is indeed, as he rightly said, a monster.

He's also a vampire.

A vampire?

But vampires are bats. The bat.

He has dominion over some animals.

And bats being creatures of the dark like himself...

Don't vampire bats drink blood?

They do. Vampire bats drink the blood of animals.

And human vampires?

The blood of human beings. Oh, my God.

Now you are beginning to realise what we shall be facing.

My dream... What dream?

I dreamed he came to my room.

He bent over me.

I could feel his breath on my neck.

And... And then...

Ah, the crucifix.

Did that save her? Without a doubt.

It is one of the things he fears most.

The symbol of our Saviour.

Now, wear this.

Don't let it leave your person even for an instant.

You understand?

What we shall be facing in a few hours' time is not a man.

He is evil.

He is the embodiment of all that is evil.

He is the very devil himself.

I have work for you.

Yah! Get up!



Ah! No, let me go!

Have I pleased you, master?

Am I forgiven?

You have done well.

We have a long way to go, Father. Hadn't we better hurry?

Yes, you're right, my son.


The bat. The bat!

Father, you have told me what I have to do and I am grateful.

Do one more thing for me. Go back to Sarah.

Watch her as if she were your own child. But...

Do this for me. See that no harm comes to her.

Do this one thing for me.

I've failed you.

No. Yes. Yes. Failed.

I can look after myself.

Sarah can't.

You will only have failed if any harm comes to her.

Yes. Yes.

Thank you, Father.

God be with you, my son.

Klove? Open up.

You can help me.

Go away.

Sarah's with me.

You haven't brought her back.

Yes. Now, open up.

Now, I don't want to hurt you.

You don't think you can hurt me.

What happened to my brother?

The young man who was here.

Give it me. Tell me!

I told you. He climbed out of the window.

I found the bed curtains knotted together and hanging out of the window.

Show me.

Show me and you shall have it.

He couldn't have climbed all the way down there.

Where did he go? That window.

That's where he is.

That's where the master sleeps.

Well, there must be another way in. No.

It's the master's protection, you see. While he's sleeping. There is no other way.

A rope. I shall need a rope.

The portrait. Give me the portrait.

Run! Run!

You have decided to return to my house.

You are alone.

Yes. Thanks be to God.

Where is she? She is safe.

I think not.



No. Don't be frightened.

Don't. Don't be frightened.

No. I'm not going to hurt you.

I want to help you.

The cross!