Schneider vs. Bax (2015) Script

Ready for it? Yes.

OK, let's go.

You first.

Long may he live Long may he live Long may he live in glory In glory In glory Hip, hip, hip... Hooray!

What's that?

That's lovely.

There's more.

Thank you.

Come, girls. Off to school.

Bye, darlings. Bye, Daddy. - Bye.

Yes, Schneider here.

Happy birthday. Yes, thank you.

Have the girls sung for you yet? Yes.

Schneider, listen. There's a problem.

I knew it. You're not phoning me just to say happy birthday.

It's a rush job.

I'm not available today. It can only be done today.

Ask Kraus. He's also very good.

Kraus is abroad. Nine sharp. Be there.

Bye. Bye.

You still there?

Yes, I'm still there. Nine o'clock.

Do you have to go? Mertens rang. An emergency.

You were going to help me. I know.

Any idea how long it's going to take? No.

Karin called off.

I don't mind. Me neither.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Can't it wait until tomorrow? No.

Is it that important? Yes.

Who is it?

Ramon Bax. A writer.

He's here, by the lake. In a wooden bungalow. On his own.

Approach it from the land side. Why not tomorrow?

Tomorrow he'll be gone.

I have to help Lucy with tonight's dinner party.

You'll be home by midday. I'm not doing it.

It's Tuesday, a good day for a job.

What does Tuesday have to do with it?

Tuesday is a lucky day. Didn't you know?

I'm not doing it.

Schneider, it's important. It is not a case of settling something.

It's to prevent something worse.

Ramon Bax is a child killer.



Breakfast's ready.

What day is today? Tuesday.

What time?

Quarter to ten.

Shit! What's the matter?

Sorry, sweetie. You've got to shower, dress and go.

Go? My daughter's coming.

She mustn't see you. And you tell me that now?

I forgot. That can happen.



How clean do you want to be?

I'm sad. Sad? Why?

I thought this was a serious relationship. It is.

Prove it then. How could I prove it?

Introduce me to your daughter. Not today.

You're ashamed of me. No, but I've got a strange daughter.

Who matters more to you, your daughter or me?

You, of course. But my daughter and I have a history.

Delete that history then. Like you do after you've watched porn.

Get dressed. Oh, I mean nothing to you anymore?

When I get to 10 you'll be gone. One, two, three, four, five, six...

How do I get home?


Yes? Do you know more now?

I'm at the pumping station. It's all seized up.

I'm waiting for the technicians.

So it could take time? Yes, don't count on me for help. Sorry.

Don't worry about me. See you later.

Bye, darling.

Thank you.


Have you been here long? 15 minutes.

The front door was locked. Why didn't you ring?

I did, but you had earphones on.

How are you? Fine.

And you? Yes, fine.

Is it a year since I saw you last? Something like that.

Cup of tea? Yes, of course.

Where are you? Why do you call me?

It's most unusual. Where are you?

On my way. How far from your target?

No idea. I'm on the other shore among the reeds.

Let me know when you spot the summer house.

Mum says you're writing.

That's true.

What are you writing, a novel? Yes.

What is it about? What all novels are about:

Fate, love...

Who was your visitor? Why?

I had a meeting.

With whom? An editor.

An editor. Yes, an editor.

An editor in a skirt? Indeed.

With coke and weed, apparently. Yes, to add to the fun.

Still? Do you still need that? Stop it, Francisca!

Sometimes I take coke or smoke a joint. You eat muesli.

I never comment on it, do I? Muesli is healthy.

I don't think so. Muesli makes me depressed.

Muesli's for goats.

Can we stop this, Daddy? We? You started it.

You haven't been here 10 minutes and you're already checking up on me.

What are you doing here? I'm a bird watcher.

You're not allowed here. It's a protected area.

Is that white delivery van yours? Yes.

If you drive on, you'll get to the free sector.

I've never seen you here before.

I've never been here before.

And? You said he's alone.

But he isn't alone. He's with a weeping woman.

A weeping woman? Yes, a woman who's weeping.

Young or old? What do I care!

Your information sucks. You didn't say this is a protected area.

A protected area? Does that make a difference?

I was sent away by a ranger.

Is that a problem? Well yes. I have to start all over again!

Why all over again? I'm in disguise- and I've been seen in it. In disguise? You're disguised?

Yes, in disguise. Don't pretend you didn't know.

I always work in disguise for this kind of job.

Disguised as who? As someone else.

He wrote down my registration number, - or I expect he did. I've got to go back for a new disguise and a different car.

My own car in other words!

A fucking damn nuisance, Mertens!

Don't call me anymore!

It will be done, but my way!

That woman has to go or I won't do anything!


I'm all emotional, Daddy.

Everything went wrong last year. Nothing of what I wanted to do went right.

Have you spoken to Cato?

To Cato? What do I need Cato for?

First of all, she's your sister. What do I want Cato for?

She has all the luck while living the high life.

That's why you should talk to her. You're too rigid.

You plan everything. Cato goes with the flow. That's the secret, sweetheart.

Why are you bringing Cato into it? I told you, Cato can help.

But Cato isn't here, is she? You are here. You have to help me.

You're my father.

You're not making yourself clear, girl. You're fucking around with me.

Just like that, you start fucking around with me.

Is it strange that I get mad?

Is it strange?

That's my question.

How many slaps have I given you all in all? 20?

Let's say 25.

Over a period of two years. Is that so terrible?

But what have I done for you? No mention of that.

I've pulled you out of the shit.

Out of 100% pure shit.

Don't be scared.

I want you to show yourself. I want you not to scream- and not to cry. And I want you to say: "Sorry, Bolek."

Go. I'll take your hand, I'll give you a kiss and we'll walk out of here.

Go to him, kiss him and leave this building.

I'm not going to look for you, Gina.

He'll hurt me. I don't think so.

If you don't show yourself, I'll leave. If he'll try anything, I'll step in.

He's armed. Forever, baby.

Just go.

Come in my arms, Gina.

Ah, there you are.

Are you going to stay there?

What are you going to do? What I promised. I'll give you a kiss.

I don't know, Bolek. Don't arse around.

I'm letting you make up.

Come on, baby. I've got things to do today.

A light punishment is in order, don't you think?

This is all very inconvenient, you know that?

Why didn't you hide somewhere else? This door was open.

Who's that jerk? A friend.

You mean a pimp.

What were you doing in this area? Nothing.

I don't even know what town I'm in. Where are you two from?

Culemborg. That's an hour's drive.

So you spent an hour in a oar without knowing where you were going?

He went to see a business contact. I just kept him company.

You just kept him company?

We had an argument. I got out of the car at a traffic light.

Where is that car?

Why don't you smoke a nice joint?

That'll calm you down.

As medicine. I need more to get out of this dark pit.

I understand, but if you want to feel better, you'll first have to calm down.

Hash makes me paranoid.

It's weed, a light, gentle weed. No, thanks, Dad.

I'll try again: Mogadon, a tranquilizer.

No. It's a sleeping pill.

It makes you fat. Do you want me to get fat?

Rohypnol then. That's also a sleeping pill.

Did I come here to sleep? What's wrong with sleep?

It will do you good. I'm trying to help you.

With drugs. Is that all you have to offer?

Some muesli then? Are you pulling my leg?

Yes, definitely.

You don't want to be helped. You're enjoying your dark shit pit.

Come on, Francisca. I care about you, but I'm not a psychiatrist.

You don't ask anything. You don't want to know. You're not interested in me.

I'm a burden because you want to work on your book.

Not at all, but I had different expectations of this day.

I expected a daughter in good spirits.

But then a totally different daughter turns up.

How can you expect a daughter who's doing well? You know me, don't you?

Life doesn't look kindly on me.

That isn't always so, is it? Nearly always.

I don't know how it's done, Daddy.

How what is done?


That's why you have to talk to Cato. What's all this bullshit about Cato?

Always Cato! Cato's in Egypt!

Just calm down first. You calm me down then.

You refuse to be calmed down. I've offered you plenty, goddammit!

In the past you used to comfort me with a story.

About Edward the Gnome, remember? Yes, I remember.

Edward only had one leg, but he was happy nevertheless.

You might follow his example. You can't stop, can you?

Tell me, Daddy. About Edward.

Now, at this very moment? Yes.

That will make me happy.

But I can't remember any of it, it's been so long.

Where does Edward the Gnome live again?

In the dunes.

Tell me, Daddy.

Hello? You're talking to someone else?

Francisca, this is important. No, you're talking to me now!

Bugger off, it's a short call. We'll carry on in a minute.

Hang on. I'm going outside.

Thanks for your wonderful story!

What's up? I'm coming to get my things.

Impossible. I'll bring them tomorrow. You think that's still up to you?

I'm coming round. Didn't you hear?

My daughter's here. She's having a nervous breakdown.

I won't come alone. I'll bring Jules.

Jules? Who is Jules?

A friend who can kill you with one thumb.

I don't want to die. I'm not killing you, only anaesthetizing.

When you'll wake up, you won't remember. I want to stay awake.

You're an obstacle. I want to go home.

What do you prefer tonight, meat or fish? I prefer fish.

How are you getting on? Not too well.

I'll spare you the details, but I'll be here for a while.

I'm not worried. If you don't worry either, everything will be all right.

Are you worried? No, not at all.

Bye, darling. Bye, sweetheart.


Come on, let's sit outside. No.

This is an impossible situation.

Come on out. No.

This little room is big enough for me.

I have good medication, take some. Don't just think of yourself.

Who's only thinking of himself here?

You want a fat, lazy daughter so you can work on your book.

I want us to have a good time together.

Smoking joints and boozing on the jetty, you mean.

Bax. There's a woman with you.

Yes, my daughter. Is that your business?

Have you lost your senses? He's coming, he's on his way!

Who's on his way? Who do you think?

Are you saying Schneider's on the way? Yes!

But isn't that next week? Today, Tuesday.

Shit. Jesus, have you been doing drugs again?

My daughter's depressed. She needs me.

Get rid of your daughter, you hear? Can't you call Schneider back?

We'll do it tomorrow. Out of the question.

How much time do I have?

I don't know. 45 minutes, 30 minutes?

Do you hear me? What?

Has it sunk in? Yes.

I'll keep you informed about his position.






I'm not giving you any further information. I can't work like this. No more calls.

I'll let you know when it's finished. Shut up! What do you think I'm doing?

Pestering me. If you keep me informed about your position, I can lead Bax towards you.

I don't need your help. Don't you want to go home early?

Yes, but not at the expense of my own safety.

Just listen to me first. I have an idea.

Do you want to know or not?

I'm listening. I know Bax personally.

I can phone him without raising suspicion.

Opposite his front door it's all reed. Lots of reed.

You can position yourself there.

I'll call Bax and make him go outside. You'll only have to pull the trigger.

Are you still there? It sounds too easy.

Good ideas always do.

I want it to succeed, understood? I don't know, Mertens.

What's stopping you?

Do we agree or not?


And get rid of the weeping woman. She's his daughter.

All the more reason. Make sure she leaves.

If I see that woman, I won't do anything.

I'll look after it. Where are you now?

Near St. Peter's Church.

You'll hear from me.


I'm running out of time, Francisca!

For God's sake, stupid cow.

It's getting very dangerous here, don't you understand?

Where are you? Problems with my daughter.

Is she gone? Yes, she's gone. Where's Schneider?

10 minutes ago, he was near St. Peter's Church. Time's running out.

Are you clear-headed?

Do you hear me?

Hello? Bax?

Mertens, are you still there? I am. Are you?

Yes, I'm here.

Are you clear-headed, I asked. Yes, yes, yes...

Listen to me. I told Schneider I'll talk you out of the front door.

He'll take up position on the opposite side.

I know enough. One more thing.

He's disguised.

As what? No idea.

Be careful, he's smart.

Why does he have to die exactly?

He's a child killer.

The weeping woman is gone. Where are you?

Near the water tower.


The bastard. I knew it!


Hi, Ramon.

What are you doing here?

I'm hereto see you, to introduce my girlfriend, to say Hi to Francisca.

Did you bring your mobile phone? Yes.

Give it to me.

Doesn't your father get a kiss?

Your timing's bad. I'm in a dangerous situation.

Don't ask. Do as I say.

I want you to close the curtains.

Why do they have to be closed? Do it or I'll slap you.

Maybe we'd better leave, Gerard.

Where's Francisca? She's hiding in the swamp.

The swamp? Which swamp?

Hello? Bax here.

What's keeping Schneider? Why can't I reach you?

My mobile's not working. Where's Schneider?

Listen and don't interrupt me.

Something's gone wrong. Schneider knows you're expecting him.

I accidentally sent him a text message that was meant for you.

What? You heard me.

Yes, I know, it's stupid. What did it say?

"He's near the water tower." Jesus, you're such an idiot!

You must get him, Bax. I'll pay you double. Double?

Triple! Schneider's become very dangerous now.

Triple. Yes or no?



Daddy! Help!

Francisca needs help. Go get her. There's no danger. The girl stays here.

I don't want to stay here. One moment, sweetie.

I have to go into the swamp at my age? It's an emergency.

Why don't you do it? You're her father. Quiet, girl.

What exactly is going on?

You think you can send me into a swamp?

Yes, I do. Goddammit man, get up!

Give me some speed.

I want some speed, too.

Is that speed? Yes, that's speed.

Go through the reeds, then there's a ditch.

On the other side, there's more reed. Behind it is the swamp.

Can I get my mobile back? No. Car keys?

Car keys!

And keep your hands to yourself.

Don't touch her. If you touch her, I'll kill you.

There's a girl in the bedroom.

Who is it?

No idea.

I thought you only came to get your own things.

Are you Jules?

Yes. You can kill me with one thumb?

Yes or no? Yes.


Francisca! It's your grandpa!

I'm coming to get you.

You're so beautiful when you look sad.

What are you doing here?

I'm coming to get you.

Your father wants you to come home.

I'm staying here.

Shall I comfort you a little bit?

I don't need comfort.

But you're depressed.

I'll just caress your knee.

There's no harm in that, is there?

Don't do that.

You're staying here. What did you take?

You look like a madman.

You're staying here. For God's sake!

Are you retarded? Jules needs to go to a hospital!

Where's grandpa? What happened?

Did that bastard touch you?

Where is he? Why did you send him to me?

Did you want to punish me or something?

I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry. I'm sorry? I stabbed him!

Dead or wounded? Dead.

It's all right.

Where did you leave him? In the swamp.

It's all right, sweetheart.

Grandpa was a bastard.

Listen, did you hide him well? Where it's really deep?

Calm down now.

I can't calm down, Daddy.

How can I go on living?

I'll give you something.


What is it? Innocent stuff, really.

Now lie down for a while.

I can't lie down. I have to sit.

Then sit there quietly.

I have to go somewhere but I'll be right back.

You have to go.

Where's Gerard? He'll come later.

I want to wait for him. Shut up.

Who are you?

I'm Francisca.

If you're Francisca, where's Gerard?

He drowned in the swamp.

So what? Are you going to cry now?

Why do you have a gun?

Somebody wants to liquidate me. Why? What have you done?

I have no idea.

You have no idea, but you carry a gun?

Tell me what's up, is that so difficult?

You've got to go, you can't help me.

Do you think I'm a softy? I don't think anything. You have to go.

I'm staying. Take grandpa's car and go.

I'm not leaving.

Dad, I can help you, really.

He won't hurt me. I'll be reading on the terrace. Do you understand?

That way, he'll have to go to the other side where you will be.

You have no idea. Do you think I'll let my daughter be shot?

I'm not feeling well. Are you surprised?

All that rubbish that you take.

I need some speed. It takes it away. Takes what away?

I have to be strong and smart. Schneider's also smart.

Schneider? Is that his name?

Yes, that's his name.

According to Mertens. Who's Mertens?

The man from the deep south who rides a goat at night.

You have any speed? Yes, I do.

Take some, for Christ's sake.

Jesus, what is all this?

This must be it.

Are you sure?


Here. And you need something to eat.

No bread, I only eat crackers.

There aren't any crackers.

Have you looked in the kitchen cupboard? Yes.

Don't get up. There are no crackers.

You don't know where to look.

No crackers.

The phone you're dialing may be switched off. Please try again later.

You're not allowed to be here, Madam.

Why not? This is a protected area. If you...

Dammit. Can I go home?

It's here. Go left at the container.

Give me your foot.

What? Give me your foot.

Why? Give me your foot, I said!

What is this? An explosive, so you don't run away.

I'm giving you 10 minutes. If you're not back by then...

...I'll press the button. Is that for real?

You bet. Are you crazy? I'll be straight back!

I'm not taking any risk. I won't be betrayed by a whore from Culemborg.

What happens if you press the button? You'll lose your lower leg.

Now go, get out of the car! What if I'm late and it's not my fault?

That's bad luck. Now get out!

And don't forget, you don't know me.

You've gone for a walk and you're thirsty.

All you have to do is get her to leave, you hear?

Or she's a goner. Your time starts now.

Would you have a glass of water for me?

Of course. I'll get it.

Where are you? Under the bed.

What's going on, Daddy? It'll go away. What does she want?

A glass of water.

You're in danger.

Excuse me? You're in danger. You have to leave.

Who are you? You have to go.

I'm not in the mood for this. Go, or you'll be dead before sunset.

Is this a joke?

It's a message. From whom?

You're from Schneider. If you don't leave, you're dead.

Thanks for the water.

Do you think I'm an idiot?

Why is all this necessary? Can't this Schneider just go home?

I have to go. What has my father done?

I don't know. Please, can't we talk about it?

I only have one thing to say: You're in danger. Leave this place!

I can't abandon my father. I've told you. Now I must go.

If I keep you here, will Schneider help you?

I don't know any Schneider.

Damn it, Schneider won't come and save me.

Look at my ankle.

What is that?

I have two minutes left. Then he'll blow me up.

Things aren't going well, Dad. Come.

I've tried my best.

She's not leaving. No.

Can you take it off?

Here, sugar water.

Drink it all.

Eat it.


Eat it! Could you be more quiet?

Quiet? We're in a hurry, Daddy.


I don't know if you remember, but there was a woman at the door. Remember?

Yes. - Yes? Yes.

She'd been sent by Schneider and wanted to convince me to leave.

But I stayed, as you see.

I can't keep this in. Do you get what I'm saying?


Why does Schneider want you dead?

Daddy, if you don't answer me, I'm off.

It's not interesting. Bullshit, of course it's interesting.

Answer me!

It's a trap.

I have to liquidate him.

Mertens was supposed to send Schneider to me, but something went wrong.

Now he knows I'm expecting him.

So you're a contract killer?

You kill people for money. I need some alcohol.

Let's drink alcohol together, so at least we'll have fun.

Fun? Clear your head and take control again!

Damn it, don't you understand the situation we're in?

What are you going to do? Puke.

Feeling any better?

In the boat.

Sit down!

Listen, you're less to me than a bag of shit.

But I'll give you a chance.

You'll go on the lake. Bax will think that you're me.

You've got two bullets to kill Bax.

And don't think you can run away.

I'll keep you within range and will shoot a bullet through your head- if you attempt any funny moves.

If you kill Bax, you're free to go.

I won't stand a chance. I don't think so either.


Is it him?

I can't tell, really.

I don't know. Shoot the boat first.

It's not Schneider.

Stay down.

Let the daughter live.

I can't.

She's a witness.

If I let her go, I'm fucked. I have two young children.

You could at least think about it.

Who was it? Mertens.

The man from the deep south who rides a goat at night?

What are you talking about? Mertens is the client.

Client gone, job gone. We're off. No, you're wrong.

Schneider wants to kill us both, sooner or later.

You think so, I don't. Mertens was a traitor and has been punished.

Schneider and me are colleagues. We don't have an old score to settle.

Daddy, Schneider just shot at me. He wants to clean up and go home.

Car keys? I don't have them.


You stay here. You could also decide not to do it.

Just think for a second. You're not an ape, are you?

Jesus, Gina. Goddammit!

What are you doing here?

I'll lift you up.

You... you can't. If we're fast you'll be OK.

Leave me here, Schneider.


I'm almost finished. There was a problem with the centrifugal pump.

They're always a nuisance. The girls want to say hello.

Say hello to daddy. Hello, Daddy!

Hello, darlings. We're blowing up balloons.

Very good. See you in a bit. Bye, dear Daddy!

Will you get here in time?

What time are they arriving? In an hour.

Should be no problem. OK, see you then.

See you then.