Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon (2016) Script

# Start your engine, turn the key

# The starting line's the place to be

# 'Cause the gang's all here

# To solve the mystery

# All the good people better keep the pace

# Pedal to the metal till you win the race

# There's nothing less

# Only victory

# So, let's go!

# And shift to overdrive

# Let's roll

# The toughest will survive

# Let's go!

# And shift to overdrive

# Let's roll!

# The toughest will survive

# Whoa!

# You wanna be strong then you put up a fight

# Either way, the dealer keeps you up all night

# Or you spin your wheels till you're all right

# So, let's go!

# And shift to overdrive

# Let's roll!

# The toughest will survive

# Let's go!

# And shift to overdrive

# Let's roll!

# The toughest will survive

# Oh #

Your favorite WWE Superstars...

Cutting-edge technology...

Who will survive WWE's Muscle Moto X Off Road Challenge?

This is awesome! Yeah, so awesome!

Welcome back, folks. I'm Michael Cole and today, we bring you, live, the final broadcast of qualifying for the WWE Muscle Moto X.

Today's time-trial will determine the starting order tomorrow for this extreme road race and its $1 million prize.

Scoob, can you do something about the reception?

I think so.


Back at the starting line, we've got Too Awesome rounding out another leg of the time-trial.

Oh, yeah. I forgot we were right here!

Close behind is the Celtic Cruiser fighting to take the lead.



A good run by Los Matadores in the Pamplona Especial.

They'll be near the front for the first leg of this three-day race.


We're in last place, Rusev.

They think you drive like a pierogi vendor.

But they are in for a surprise when superior power of Moscow Express conquers these pathetic Superstars.

Rusev crush competition!

Yes, and all it will take is Russian ingenuity.

Going to the pits in the Celtic Cruiser.

Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior, does not seem pleased with the brothers Goldust and Stardust at present.

Will you get inside?

You're making us look dead ridiculous!

We must purify our auras in the light of the setting star.

Its cosmic illumination reveals the path to our destiny.

The Too Awesome is pummeling this time-trial course with power and style that can only come from a pair of WWE champions.

Just look at 'em, tackling these jumps and turns.

Just like they take down their competition in the ring.

These two Superstars are on fire today!

Careful, sweetie.

Precious cargo.

Oh, of course, Miz.

I'd never wanna injure my teammate and new best friend.

Good girl. Wait, was that sarcasm?

Despite all the rumored friction between Paige and her teammate, The Miz, their car, the Too Awesome, could be a real contender.

One D.C. Pretzel, please.

I should be studying about ancient Sumerian traps, but these high-tech racecars, oh!

They're just so interesting.

And loud, too!

Uh, let's see.

I would like Skinny Man's Dead Meat On a Bun, please.

Our most popular item.

Excellent choice.

Hey, Scoob. One more DM on a B, ASAP.


You guys are a hit! Good job.

More like, great job!

Mr. McMahon said we can have all the food we can eat!

And we get the best seats in the house to watch the race!


Ladies and gentlemen.

A surprise guest has just arrived at the broadcast booth.

The Chairman and CEO of WWE himself, Mr. McMahon.

What gave you the idea for this extraordinary event?

Actually, Michael, my talented daughter Stephanie, thought up Muscle Moto X.

She carries forward the grand family tradition of new and exciting sports entertainment.

It's three days, three races and 300 times the action of any off-road race you have ever seen.

Who's your favorite to win?

Perhaps The Authority, with your daughter, Stephanie, and her husband, Triple H?

With all the work she has back at WWE, Stephanie's got no time for racing.

Time for a Muscle Moto X instant replay.

For current first-place qualifier, the Company Car, driven by The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

# It's all about the game and how you play it

# All about control and if you can take it

# All about your debt and if you can pay it

# It's all about pain and who's gonna make it #


We're just that good!

No one can challenge The Authority, and no one can challenge a McMahon.

Um, I thought you said she wasn't competing.

This interview is over.

Like, here you go.

Our Super Duper Scooby Dooby Sub Sandwiches on the house!

Or on the truck.

Like, Scoob, we gotta go. The Undertaker's up next.

Are you fans of The Phenom, too?

Like, Phenom-enal fans!

The Too Awesome crosses the finish line, currently in the second-place position.

Too Awesome, indeed.

Boy, these D.C. Pretzels are great!

Wonder what the "D.C." stands for. Delicious and Crunchy!

It stands for Deadman's Curve. See, it's part of the race.

These pretzels copy the road right down to where it crumbled away.

Deadman's Curve?


Like, how can something so tasty be so scary?

Yeah. Scary-licious.

Did you know, the Legendmobile has a 7.0-liter engine that puts out 600 horsepower and can do 0 to 60 in four seconds?

Uh-oh. I'm becoming a gearhead. This could cut into my trap studies.

Oh, Fred.

Like, I know that music! Yeah.

It's... it's... it's the legend! It's the legend!

Now approaching the starting line in the Legendmobile, WWE legends Dusty Rhodes and the Undertaker.

Whoo! Dusty Rhodes!

I thought you guys were Undertaker fans.

We are. When he's on TV.

But in real life... He's scary!

Boom! Fans at trackside are exploding at the arrival of these two WWE legends.

This is Kofi Kingston, reporting from the field. Back to you, Michael.

And, you're out. Excellent. This may be my best production yet.

Even better than Tornado Divers, or Tsunami Surfing.

I'm just happy to be a part of the action, Mr. Qualls.

Oh, you're gonna be right in the thick of it, Kofi. Just wait and see.

You're talking to the guy who pitched holding the Olympics in a hurricane!

The American Dream and the unstoppable force.

Let's bury the competition.

And they're off!

What acceleration!

They've passed the first marker two-tenths of a second faster than the Company Car.

There's a good reason why the Undertaker and Rhodes are the favorites.

Let me tell you what. We gonna make it to the pay window.

Oh, my! Ladies and gentlemen, there's been an explosion on the track.

And out of nowhere, a new car has appeared.

The new car is chasing the Legendmobile!

What the devil?

The devil it is.

This just got a lot more interesting.

Our sky drone cameras are picking up the driver, Michael.

That's no Superstar. Then who is it?

Like, not anyone I wanna know.

Me, neither.

Security's been called.

This monstrous vehicle must be stopped before it...

No! It just rammed into the Legendmobile!

Stranger, you just dug your own grave.

Yes! The Undertaker is fighting back!

This demonic driver picked a fight with the wrong...

Wait a minute! Is that a...

A scorpion tail?

My goodness! The demonic racer has wrecked the Legendmobile.

Team Legend may be seriously hurt!

I'm seeing some movement inside the twisted wreckage.

Yes! Team Legend is okay!

The curse of Inferno is upon you!

End this race or suffer!

Doesn't seem neighborly at all.

Looks like Dusty is gonna teach this monster a lesson.

We gonna get funky like a monkey.

Vintage Dusty Rhodes!

The American Dream is off his feet!

Oh, no!

Oh! Dusty!

Run, creature. But you can't hide.

In the end, no man or beast escapes the Undertaker.

Eh, I just threw out my back, man. Don't worry about it.

I know, Dusty, but the doc says you need to take it easy for a while.

I still ain't letting go of my dream.

Buy them grandkids that ranch.

So they can learn them three R's...

Riding, roping and ranching.

You'll get better, Pop. I've seen it.

We'll carry your dream across the finish line.

I know you will, boys.

I know.

So, Undertaker.

Does this mean, that you'll withdraw from the Muscle Moto X?

The Undertaker never backs down.

When I find that gutless demon driver, I will deliver him back to the darkness from whence he came.

And he will... rest... in... peace.

Paige, Miz.

Can I get your reactions to today's chilling events?

Another monster attack? Really?

Ow! We're all pulling for Dusty and we hope he makes a complete recovery.

To all my worried fans, the money-maker was spared.

The Miz is still in the game and the Muscle Moto X can now continue.

You can all thank me later.

We'll thank you when you dry up and blow away.

Like, let's get out of here while the getting is good.

Like, before that scary demon comes back.

Yeah. Good idea.

Whoa! Not so fast.

We need to get to the bottom of this.

The bottom of this might be way, way down!

Like, in the underworld down!

Shaggy, you can't run away.

Yeah, what about the food truck?

Oh, thanks for reminding me.

Grab the food, Scoob.

Gulp. Mr. McMahon.

We're just, like, um, taking your food for a walk.

I'm glad I found you all.

I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of that demon driver, and now, they're talking about a curse on this race.

I'd feel a lot better if Mystery Incorporated were on the case.

Will ya help me?

Don't say it.

Please don't say it.

You can count on us, Mr. McMahon.

He said it.

Gang, it looks like we've got another mystery on our hands.

This is where the Demon Rig disappeared.

Even the tire tracks.

They just stop.

Check this out.

According to this article, the demon has appeared before.

In the 1930s, there used to be races on Marauder's Mountain in homemade hot rods.

During one event, an unknown racer appeared out of nowhere to challenge them all.

He was ruthless.

This mountain is mine!

But as he reached the top, he realized too late that Deadman's Curve had washed away.



They say you can still see the racer to this day, cursed to forever haunt any attempts to race on the mountain.

Why can't there ever be, like, a comforting legend?

Hmm, what's this?


This smells like rotten eggs.

Ugh, horrible.

Ugh! Ew!

Sniff. Really, Fred?

Sulfur, also called brimstone.

A demonic substance, if there ever was one.

Also a natural chemical used in many smoke effects.

True, but boring.

Walter Qualls is my name.

I'm the producer of the Muscle Moto X.

Like, don't you produce Angry Shark Racers, where contestants swim past angry sharks wearing steak-covered wetsuits?

All seven seasons.

You seem to like the idea of the supernatural.

What's not to like?

I got WWE Superstars, a million-dollar prize, and now a demon's curse.

It's a producer's jackpot!

A 40 share.

So, could you take it easy and not snoop so hard?

Let's keep this mystery alive.

Sorry. The only time we stop is when the mystery is solved.

Or we run away.

I don't think Mr. McMahon would appreciate you trying to hinder this case.

Me? Hinder? No.

I'm just saying, demons are hot! Zombies would be even better.

Ooh, maybe the demon is part zombie.

Why don't you go down to the pit hanger and ask the Superstars what they saw of this zombie demon?

No one said zombie. No one didn't say zombie.


Superstars and super cars!

They're checking out the engines for tomorrow's race.

Oh, man. I'd like to check out a few myself.

I think we should split up and ask if anyone saw anything unusual.

You mean, like, besides a demon racer?

Huh? Huh?

The world is filled with surprises.


Like, no kidding. Huh?

You know, Scoob. We already got one mystery on our hands.

We don't need two more.

Let's skedaddle.

And fast.

Okay, let's go.

A talking dog?


Like, those dudes are like a bad toaster.

They pop up when you least expect it.

Well, I'll be...

You're the two that vanquished the Ghost Bear.


Scared, excited, same time.

Brain confused.

Skinny Man and Dead Meat, right?

Like, yeah.

But you can call us Shaggy and Scooby.

In fact, you can call us anything you like.

But please don't call us to our final rest, Mr. Undertaker-Phenom-Deadman, sir.


The bell tolls only for the demon.

And you can just call me Taker.

You learn anything about that creature, you let me know.

Scooby, Scooby, Scooby!


Looks like you've got another fan besides me.

We have no idea why a demon driver or anyone would want to stop the race.

Maybe it's someone who's desperate to get the prize money.

That would not be us, mi querida senorita.

We are in it for the honor of the Matadors.

What is that interesting scent you assault my nostrils with?

Sulfur. Looks like I've got a mystery on my hands.

Hey, Triple H.

Fred, Daphne.

Do you know my wife, Stephanie?

Just by reputation.

Daughter of Mr. McMahon and a champion in the ring and the business world.

Also known as the Billion Dollar Princess.

Really? That's great.

I like your friends, Hunter.

And I love those classic Takemotos.

Thanks. Fashion for the girl of action.

Daddy bought them.

A generous father.

Looks like we have that in common, too.

We're actually helping your dad on this demon case.

What do you know about the demon?

Only that he'd better not get on Hunter's bad side.

If he knows what's good for him.

Stephanie, I thought we decided you weren't going to compete because you had too much work to do.

And I told you I can think up Muscle Moto X, plan it and win it.

No, Stephanie. You're doing too much, and that's not safe.

You're out. But I'm Hunter's racing partner.

Scooby, Scooby, Scooby, Scooby, Scooby!



I'm sure I can find someone else.

You can't be serious.

Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is now being served.

I think I'm suddenly allergic to dogs.

Don't worry, honey. He can't take me out of the race that easily.

Like, Scooby-Doo, do you know what you could buy with a million dollars?

A pepperoni pizza every day for every meal for the rest of your life!


Extra, extra-large.

So, the show goes on without a hitch, huh?

Why, of course it does.

It figures.

Y'all better watch yourself.

It's more than that demon that got old Dusty.

It's the curse.

You can wrestle one, but the other's the devil's work.

Don't expect this guy to care, no matter how dangerous it gets.


Hmm, Mr. Rhodes sure seems to have an ax to grind.

He wanted the prize money for his family.

I understand the feeling.

'Cause I guess I'm out, too.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's not be hasty!

I'm sure there's something we can do.

He's good for five points in the ratings. We need him.

You know who'd make great teammates for Undertaker?

Skinny Man and Dead Meat.

Stephanie... That's brilliant!

Teaming Undertaker with a teenager and a dog makes him an underdog.

And people love underdogs.

And dogs! It's a win-win.

Yeah. A win-win.

You can thank me later.

Skinny Man and Dead Meat.

How would you like to race in Muscle Moto X with...

The Undertaker as your partner?

Partners? With the Undertaker?

I'm so scared and happy.

Uh-huh. "Scappy."

But what if the demon comes back?

Like a nightmare.

There can only be one nightmare in this race, and that's me.

Rest assured, if the demon appears again, I'll make sure it's his last ride.

Let's join forces and win this race.

What do you say?

One nightmare canceling the other is, like, a dream come true.

Here's to Team Taker.

Team Taker.

Ah, come on.

$300 for one darn textbook?

What's up, Earl?

My kids are going to college, but I'm the one who's getting an education.

Everyone, this is Big Earl.

He customized all the cars, including the Legendmobile.


So where's my little beast?

I warn you, Undertaker. She ain't pretty.

It caught fire before we dug her out.

Gas line must've tore.

About all that's left is your steering wheel here.

And, lo, the Legendmobile sheds its mortal coil.

Rust... in... peace.

Like, I guess, we can't race after all.

You know, I could give you a hand, Big Earl.

I've discovered I like wrenching, as, uh, we car guys say.

Mmm, okay.

You wanna help, that's great.

But I'm a mechanic, not a miracle worker.

How are we gonna make something that runs outta this?

I have an idea.

Go get some rest and I promise we'll have something by morning.

You guys work your magic.

If you build it, I will drive it.

Hey, what's all this powder?

Uh, who knows?

Washing day for my coveralls don't come round but twice a year.

Hmm, it's not brimstone.

I think it's talcum powder.

Oh, yeah. It's from replacing an airbag in one of the cars.

Do that a lot. They have powder in 'em to keep 'em from getting bunched up.

Like, man, if any race needs airbags, it's this one.

Come on, Hunter, it's late.

And we still need to get our pre-race manicures.


You're welcome to join us.

After all, beautiful nails lead to a happier life.

I know, right?

Really? Yes, really.

Come on, kid. Let's see what you got.

Oh, boy!

Welcome, WWE fans all across the world to the first leg of the Muscle Moto X Off Road Challenge.

Moments from now, your favorite WWE Superstars will charge forward into the fearsome Deadwood Forest.

Our sky drone cameras are ready to cover all the action.

Each Superstar team starts in the order of their time-trial finish, and the team that wins today

- gets a 30-second head start in leg two... Ugh.

...bringing them that much closer to the $1 million prize.

And this just in.

A last-minute change in the line-up.

The Undertaker teams with Skinny Man and Dead Meat.

It's team Taker in the Scoobanator.

You'll love the new modifications.

We bored it, rocked it, and then we...

Dropped it hot!

Huh, I'm on no sleep.

I appreciate the effort and all, but isn't this a food truck?

Yeah. It's like having a drive-thru window drive with you.

Remember, Undertaker...

Come on, Fred. Let's go. What?

Oh, yeah.

If you want more speed, be sure to press the...

Hey, wait! Press the what?

Okay, folks. They're all lined up.

Powerful, high-tech engines are humming.

Pulses are pounding, excitement is building, tensions are rising.

With $1 million up for grabs, these WWE Superstars will pull no punches to win it all.

Who will taste victory?

Who will suffer defeat?

It's anyone's game, folks.

And they're off!

Move, beast! Ugh!

This racing roach-coach is more like a dead weight.

Yeah. Look on the bright side.

Oh, man!

These are great seats to watch you race.

Go, Undertaker!

Looks like Team Taker's sandwich can't cut the mustard, but the rest of our competitors are rocking it off-road and into the Deadwood Forest.

Let's get a closer look.

It's your eye in the sky, the man who can fly, Kofi Kingston, reporting to you from above the action.

Looks like The Authority is wasting no time in showing the others who's boss...

...and the Moscow Express is the first competitor to take battle damage in today's race.

But don't count Team Russia out yet.

Rusev fix.

Da! I will drive.

Each competitor is equipped with magnetic boots and tools to make repairs on the go.

Magnetic boots?

This race just keeps getting more exciting.

Los Matadores are bringing the Pamplona Especial alongside the Celtic Cruiser.

They may be planning something especial themselves.

El Torito's small, but he's showing both heart and horns today.

Ole! Ole!

Torito may not be steering, but I bet his distraction drove Sheamus crazy.

Argh. Now you've got me Irish up.

Argh. Why don't you two fellas just get lost?

Keep it together, Sheamus.

Just keep it together.

The Authority holds the lead, but it's still early.

Anything can happen. The Company Car's leading!

Whoo! Go, Stephanie!

You know Shaggy and Scooby are also in this race.

I can have more than one favorite.

By definition, no.

These supercars are demolishing this off-road course.

Except for The Scoobanator.

Each of these amazing vehicles has been designed to withstand any obstacle.

Except for The Scoobanator, Michael.

This rig is 10 pounds of bolts in a five-pound bucket.

This race is cursed.

Team Taker won't be counted out, but they're struggling to build momentum.

Looks like The Authority is losing momentum.

I'd take the lead if I were driving, but I'm awesome.

The crazy Russians hit us again.

I'd dodge them if I were driving, but I'm awesome.

You know what you need? Mentoring.


The Too Awesome and Moscow Express docking for second, while the Company Car dominates the game!

Oh, no. The Demon Rig has returned.

I'm goin' in close, Michael. Careful, Kofi.

You're at the most dangerous part of the course.

The old Deadwood Bridge.

This race is doomed.

All those who oppose Inferno will perish!


Inferno's got some serious heat.

He's tryin' to burn down the whole race.

Go! Go! Go!

Look at 'em go, folks!

Facing the fire of a supernatural specter.

That's why they call them Superstars.

What bravery!

I'm too young to fry!

Great driving, Hunter.

Triple H is leading the charge past Inferno.

Now the demon is after the Company Car.

How's he driving, Kofi?

I don't know, but it doesn't look good for Team Authority.

I'm trying to get in closer to them.


My drones don't seem to want to be anywhere near that demon.

Nor do your jammers.

The curse of the demon must be interfering with the signal, too.

The horror. The horror!

Oh, no! Not the scorpion tail again!

Poor Stephanie! She just had her hair done this morning.

You'd think her father would be watching this.

He hasn't even been on any of the production cams.

Fred, pay attention.

Push the red button on the dash!

Zoinks! Fire.


Don't worry.

The Undertaker does not fear the flame.

But we do!

By thunder and lightning!

That's what Fred was trying to say.

We got boosters!

Oh, my! Deadwood Bridge is shattering apart!

Team Taker is in real trouble here.

Woo-hoo! Man, way to go, guys! Scoobanator! Yay! Scooby-Doo!

I cannot believe what I'm seeing.

Only the Undertaker could fly a sandwich out of the jaws of oblivion.

There's that yellow-bellied demon.

Inferno! Inferno!

Smoke! Smoke!

Where did he go?

Mountain! Mountain!



But where did Inferno go?

Company Car's through!

Here comes the Pamplona Especial.

No sign of the Demon Rig.

Wait. It's... It's...

The Scoobanator!

And the first leg of Muscle Moto X finishes with The Authority in first place, Team Taker in second and Los Matadores in third.

Join us again tomorrow for the next round of the Muscle Moto X.

Hopefully, no more spooky stuff happens.

Where did you fellas go?

It's not where we went that matters...

It's where we come from.

Huh, burrito, burrito!

Burrito, burrito!

You have to be pleased with your performance, especially with the appearance of this Demon Rig.

Are you concerned the race may be cursed?

Mark my words, Michael.

No demon or devil or any other ghoul will interfere with my race.

We'll take him out and then we will take the championship.

Just like we took the 30-second head start for today's win.

Second to last place!


You should wear pink, frilly dresses so the people know you're not the Russian champion, but a little bunny-man masquerading as the Russian champion.

Nyet! Nyet! Lies!

Rusev not take you to the outlet mall this weekend.


Undertaker, your team took second place today, using a modified food truck.

That's truly amazing.

Dark forces lashed out against us.

The flames of Inferno tried to swallow us whole, but the bell tolls not for Team Taker, it tolls for the demon.

Oh, are those McMahon's Mania Meatballs?

Meatballs? Meatballs?

I see you're lacking an A-List talent to train your camera on, Kofi.

Lucky for you, I'm here.

And yes, I am disappointed in my team.

Paige was beyond terrible.

I'd give her a grade of poor-minus.

You're blaming me? You did nothing.


First, I was performing like a champion, B, I was gracing this event with my style and credibility, and thirdly, I tried mentoring you, but you didn't listen to any of my excellent advice.

Hmm. You make several fascinating points.

Then let me show you my appreciation.


I wanted thirdsies. Rusev crush!

Bad move!

Ole! Ole!

Like, maybe we should order take-out.

What in the name of Gorgeous George is going on here?

Brogue Kicks for everybody.

I'm gonna lose my deposit.

I will not be partner with girly man Rusev.

Me. Me next! I need attention.

Paige has no respect for my greatness.

I won't race with her.

I want new partner, too.

That goes triple for me, 'cause I can't be paired with a man who uses more hair product than I do.

Uh, before you do anything rash, here are the spot ratings for the first race.

And controversy like this will mean they'll only get bigger!


Lana and Paige are now in Too Awesome.

Miz joins the Moscow Express with Rusev.

Really? He smells like borscht.

Well, if you don't like the sound of getting a new partner, perhaps you'll like the sound of me saying, "You're fired!"

Sorry, boss. Won't happen again.

Let's go, you two.

Can we go someplace, like, less fighty?

And more foody?

Who's "Too Awesome" now? Not you.

Kidding about the borscht!

Grammy Gram makes it every leap year.

Does anyone else want to trade partners?

Anyone at all?

And so, one turns against the other.

Brothers against sisters.

Divisions in the ranks.

Trust me, boys, the curse of the demon is only starting.

I thought tonight we could go over some clues, that is, if Fred ever emerges from his coma.

I didn't take your doll.

Huh? Oh. What?

Actually, Stephanie wanted to talk to me this evening about employment opportunities with the WWE.

To do what? Wrestle-wear designer.

She thinks I have a natural gift for spandex.

Far be it from me to interfere with the baroness' big business plans.

Mmm, I don't know why you're so judgmental about Stephanie.

She's really sweet.

She even said nice things about you.

Like what?

Well, she thought you'd make a great Superstar.

She said you're just the type fans love to see get slammed.

It was a compliment.

Are you ready, Daphne?

You don't know how ready.

Shaggy. Donut me. One donut coming up.

Zoinks. Is it Inferno?

Worse. We are out of snacks.

Like, I can't sleep on a partially empty stomach.

Can you? Uh-uh.

The Scoobanator!

Dude. Check it out.

Enchiladas with tuna fish, yogurt and chocolate sauce.

And fried onions.

Good thing I made two.


Did you just clank? Uh-uh.

Not me.

Inferno! Inferno!

You will pay for your meddling.

Like, how about we leave now and pay later?


Who's awesome? I'm awesome.

Who's awesome? I'm awesome.

Who's awesome? I'm awesome.

Strangely enough, I've been monster-mauled on a midnight jog before.

But this time, I'm doing the mauling.

Yay! Yay!

Ooh. Cool!

The demon.

The Miz has him! Go, Miz!

None can defeat Inferno.

Your fate will soon be sealed.

Gone again.

He overpowered my awesome Figure Four Leglock?

Oh, no. Could it be that the curse of Inferno is making you lose your awesome?

I... I can lose my awesome?

Like we lost our appetites.

What I'd like to know is what Inferno was doing here in the first place.

The only damage I could find was that the Company Car's oil line was cut.

Without oil, the engine would have seized up for sure during the race.


What about the other cars?

They all checked out okay.

Great work, guys.

You stopped the demon before it could sabotage the other cars.

We did? We did?

Oh, we did.

Look! Here's more of that talcum powder.

I can tell you where that came from.

Our airbags.

I checked them out this afternoon, right after the race.

Gotta protect my precious cargo.

He left a track.

Ew! Someone needs a pedicure.

Stephanie, I wish you'd reconsider this.

There's a good chance Inferno might attack tomorrow.

Well, I hope he does, because tomorrow, I'm driving.

Welcome to Race Two of the Muscle Moto X Off Road Challenge.

We're calling it the Spire Lake Sprint.

The Authority won the first race, so they get a 30-second head start.

So long, suckers!

While we're waiting, let's go to Kofi Kingston.

Lana's with Paige in Too Awesome.

While the Miz joins Rusev in the Moscow Express.


I love our girl power team-up.

Yeah. I can feel your enthusiasm.

I can't wait to see how these new teams turn out.

And there they go!

Hmm, that's strange. What?

Mr. McMahon is leaving.

You'd think he'd stay to watch what happens.

To overcome yesterday's last-place finish, Sheamus, Goldust and Stardust will have to work together.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

How we wonder where you are.

How about you two mad weirdos get out of my head and into our competitors'...

Dead creepy the way those two fellas do that.

The road to victory is a bumpy ride, but it looks like our Superstars are running out of road.

Where are they going?

They're headed toward that cliff.

Oh, my. You can lead these horses to water, but you can't make them sink.

Because these Superstars can drive on water.

When we named it the Muscle Moto X Off Road Challenge, we weren't kidding, folks.

Like, good thing these come with floaties.

Look at 'em hit the drink, like steel leviathans thirsty for victory.

That's right, Michael. And while The Authority held the advantage on land, Team Taker is closing the gap on the water.

The Spire Lake Sprint could be a real game-changer for these Superstars.

Mas rapido. Go for it, Torito!

I had my doubts about this partnership, Rusev, but look at us. We're doing great!

You driving and me being awesome.

Little man talk too much.

Step on it! Cut your turns closer and pass.

Hey! Are you holding back so Rusev can win?

Ha! Yes!

For the glory of Mother Russia, I will make sure Rusev is champion.

You two-faced...


Oh, my!

He's back, folks. The demon from the deep.

And now our Superstars are in hot water!

You said it, Michael.

Inferno set the last race on fire.

No doubt he'll bring this water race to a boil.



This Demon Rig is unstoppable!

It's after the Celtic Cruiser.

The Demon Rig. Bit of nice machinery there.

Got nothing on the Celtic Cruiser, though.

What power!

The Celtic Cruiser flung like a flaccid flapjack.

Argh! I swear, by me sainted mother, one way or another, I'm gonna beat that Inferno.

It'll take more than that to knock down the Celtic Warrior.

But what about the Too Awesome?

And the Pamplona Especial?


Such power.

With demon vehicle, victory would be assured.

Could you please stop admiring the thing that's smashing us to pieces?


I save you!

No, no, no. What are you doing?

You're going the wrong way.

Rusev just sacrificed his third-place position.

Which saved Lana and Paige from certain doom.

Now that's a Superstar.

Oh, no. Inferno is gaining on the leaders now.

The demon is after the Company Car.

Keep driving, Steph.

It's time for me to do what's best for business.

You wanna play games?

I am The Game.

Triple H has a score to settle, Michael.

He leaves Stephanie to face his demon, literally.

The King of Kings versus the demon of the derby.

It's a fight in the fast lane.

The stakes have never been higher.

And it looks like Triple H is done for.

Great Gobbledy Gooker!

He's safe!

Triple H was in trouble, but Stephanie came back for him.

Go, Authority! Nice driving, Steph!

So, she can turn a wheel. Big deal.

It's not over yet, folks.

The clash of the titans continues.

But this Demon Rig is undefeated.

There's no way The Authority can withstand these brutal attacks.

We may be witnessing the end of the Muscle Moto X!

Team Taker out of nowhere!

Forget about me?

Big mistake.

Like, is this part of the race?

It is now.

I never thought I'd be so happy to see a sandwich truck and a vintage Undertaker surprise return on the side.

What an emotional roller-coaster.


Things just took a turn for the worst, Michael.

The demon just rammed Team Taker out of the race.

But that was just the appetizer.

He's about to unleash the main course.

The Scoobanator's been hit.

The sun may be shining, but the day could not be darker for these Superstars.

Uh-oh. Not good.

Oh, no!

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse for Team Taker.

Everyone, in the back!

Hang on, Michael. I'm gonna see if I can help.

Whoa! I can't steer!

Oh, good. The camera still works. Keep us posted, Kofi.

Meanwhile, our sky drone cameras are still following the race.

The water course has reached its end. It's time for the surf to return to the turf.

Our waterlogged racecars once again put rubber to the road.

Coming into the home stretch, we've got the Company Car and Pamplona Especial wrestling for the lead position.

The foal and the boss are neck-and-neck.

And as they approach the finish line, the Company Car's in first place by a headlight.

It wins the big head start for the all-important final race tomorrow.

That's not the big story, Michael.

Team Taker's going down.

And I mean, way down.


There's gotta be something in here that can help us.

At least we're surrounded by all the things we love, Scooby-Doo!

Gosh. Yeah.

It's not over yet.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Team Taker goes over the falls!

Oh, the humanity!

Kofi, do you see anything?

Anything at all?

I don't know, Michael.

I don't think anyone could...

Wait. Wait!

They made it!

The Undertaker saves Skinny Man and Dead Meat.

Salvation by sausage wings, Michael.

This Inferno is getting more dangerous, and we're still not any closer to figuring out who he really is.

There's still Mr. McMahon. And Big Earl.

Big Earl? But he's so nice.

He needs money. Maybe he's getting paid to do two jobs.

Despite this criminal demon, we've come too far to quit now.

So the race is on!

Tomorrow, we award a million dollars, and any of you can still win!

Yippee! Woo-hoo!

Bring it on!

Yeah. Anyone with a car.

Sorry, Undertaker.

It's just...

I was racing for all my little creatures of the night.

The little Undertaker fans all across the world.

I was gonna use my share of the prize money to create the Undertaker's Comedy Theater and Puppet Jubilee.

I like puppets.

As the winners in the last race, The Authority gets another 30-second head start in the final race.

Let's have a big hand for us!

No reason to be sore losers. Losers.

Nobody's lost yet, but this whole thing smells like a stinkin' angle that seems to favor just one team.

Hey! We're victims, just like you.

We won today because we're that darn good.

And we're that darn disgusted.

Twice the demon shows up and twice you win a head start.

Coincidence? Don't think so.

Ole. Ole.

The cosmic tea leaves have soured.

Never more.

Never more.

Fine. Hunter and I will beat you without the head start.

See you at the races, suckers.


I hope you guys are close to solving this thing.

Uh, we do have one question, Mr. McMahon.

Just where do you go during the races?

What... Now I'm a suspect?

I do have a few things to do, like running the entire WWE.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to leave.

And I'm fully aware this may seem suspicious, but it's not.

Right. Not suspicious at all.

Don't take it too hard, Stephanie.

I know what other people think when you have a successful father.

Sometimes it's not great.

My father would never hand us a win.

He works us hard because we're family, and I have to work even harder than anyone to impress him.

My dad is a wealthy businessman, too, but I don't think I could ever work for him.

There's a difference between millions and billions, honey.

Uh, what?

Daphne, I'm sorry.

It's just this race, it's so frustrating.

So basically she said, "My dad is richer than your dad"?

Well, she said she was sorry after.

These Superstar Divas have been known to turn on each other.

You better be prepared, Daphne.

Before this is over, Miss Bossy McRustlepants might unfriend you.

That's fine, she's not my best friend, you are.

Good. Because if we're gonna solve this mystery, there's no one I'd rather solve it with than you.


Like, with the Scoobanator gone, we can finally kick back and relax.

Yup. No more racing for us.

Inferno! Lock the doors!

Oh, que padre!

Huh? Huh?

Look what we did.

Isn't it great?

We're back in the game.

If you thought yesterday's water race was over-the-top, you haven't seen anything yet.

Today, we finish where we started, heading up the dangerous Marauder's Mountain to the infamous Deadman's Curve before parachuting back to our original starting line.

This is the final leg of the Muscle Moto X Off Road Challenge!

With The Authority forfeiting their 30-second lead, the million dollar prize is truly up for grabs.

Oh, my!

Like, we're all going?

That's right. We're gonna win this race and deliver that demon back to the dark side.

We discovered a big clue, Shaggy.

Remember how Kofi's drones weirded out when he got close to the Demon Rig?

I can't steer!

It happened in the first race, too.

Those drones are set to specific frequencies.

They get disrupted if a different signal crosses with it.

So it makes sense that someone, at least some of the time, is driving the Demon Rig by remote control.

This time, when Inferno shows, we're gonna override his signal and stop him cold.

Buckle your belts, kids.

The Speed Demon's smackdown is about to begin.

And they're off!

The question on everyone's mind, will Team Taker's new Mystery Machine help them win Marauder's Mountain?

The answer will be hammered out of our Superstars by the most brutal and dangerous course of them all.

I hope you did the laundry, folks, because you're gonna need a clean pair of pants at the end this one.

You know, I'm beginning to like you lads.

Despite surrendering their head start, The Authority is still in front.

It's a new day, but it might be the same old outcome in today's race.

Michael, he's back!

Inferno was waiting for the Superstars to pass, cutting them off from any retreat.

This is Inferno's mountain!

I will cast you off like all the other fools before you.

Inferno's chilling warning resonates like a thunder strike to the Superstars invading his home ground.

Oh, once again, the Celtic Cruiser is the first to fall to the demon and the Mystery Machine is next.

He's behind us! Use your doohickey, Fred!

Team Taker smashed into the wall!

Our parachute's gone!

It wouldn't be a good idea to go up Deadman's Curve without it.

The Demon Rig is carving up this race like a Thanksgiving turkey.

The Pamplona mashed like a potato.

The Moscow Express, ladled with pain gravy.

Slow down.

Do you understand what a race is?

Perfectly. Rusev.

Take the demon vehicle now!


Where are you going?

Wait a minute, what's Rusev up to?

No way! He's attacking the Demon Rig with his bare hands?

Traitor! No.

I am loyal. To Mother Russia. Ha!

And now, Lana is leaving the Too Awesome?

What is Team Russia up to?

I claim demon car for glory of Russia.

What an agonizing backfire.

Ha, that was awesome!

The money-maker's at risk!

Repeat, the money-maker's at risk!

Get in, you big baby!

I can deal with the Russians, but I've had enough of that creep.

Finally, something we agree on.

How about we forget the race and...

Squash us a demon!

Text the others. Maybe they'd like to join the fun.

Ooh! The Miz.



Jinkies! They're all going after the demon.

As the race climbs toward the peak, our Superstars are uniting against Inferno.

This is my house!

Mess with the bull... And you get the horns!

I've never seen anything like it, folks!

It's like tag-teaming on wheels.

It's a numbers game. It's adding up against Inferno, and Inferno is feeling that frustration right now.

El Torito out of nowhere! El Torito out of nowhere!

Somebody get a towel because El Torito just turned this race into a slobberknocker, Lucha Libre style.


Time to cut down that sneaky snake.

Ooh! The Celtic sword, boys.

Grab the wheel!

Amazing! Sheamus just severed the scorpion tail!

Truly a Celtic warrior!


What a counter!

The strength of Inferno is too much for Sheamus and the demon just slithered his way out of the reach of our Superstars.

But he's not done yet.

Once again, he's focused on the lead position.

Roadblock! Roadblock!

For the first time in this race, Team Taker is really building momentum, no doubt fueled by the Undertaker's drive to take down Inferno.

Aren't we close enough?

Let's find out.

It's working!

Time for a new plan.

Is it, like, go somewhere and hide?

Uh, that could work!

As my official teammates, it's time for you two to get up here and drive this course like you've never driven before.

Good. Because we haven't!

Undertaker just left the Mystery Machine.

Oh, boy, Inferno's in trouble now.

Inferno, your day of reckoning is upon you and the Undertaker will have no mercy on your soul.

I'll show you, fool.

The Undertaker squaring off with the demon of Marauder's Mountain.

This is getting good.

The Phenom attacks first, the demon counters, Taker reverses, and as they lock up, it's clear that these two supernatural forces are evenly matched.

We're in for a wild ride, folks.

Stay on Inferno, I've got another plan.

Like, how many plans are there?

Just get us to Deadman's Curve. It's our only chance.

That sounds like a horrible plan!

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Shaggy, Scooby, you can do this, remember?

You ate dozens of these Deadman's Curve pretzels.

They're an exact copy of the route.

She's right. Like, we know every turn.

We do? Like the back of our bellies.

Scooby-Doo, we can do this!

Oh, yeah. Right, right, left, left.

The heavens above tremble as these two Goliaths battle it out.

With neither one showing any sign of backing down as they approach the pinnacle of this race, Deadman's Curve.

Here we go, Michael.

The company car takes the leap first followed closely by the Demon Rig.

Hold on, everybody.

Whoo! Parachutes have popped.

No! No!

Are you sure about this?

Trust me. Don't stop!

Incredible! The Mystery Machine has tethered itself to the Demon Rig.

This is some plan, Fred.

Cool, huh?

Your end is near, demon.

Prepare to be punished.


This race is in the bag.

The combined weight of two vehicles is causing the Demon Rig to fall faster.


And the Company Car falls to second place.

And despite this death-defying parachute plunge, Inferno and Undertaker continue their epic match.

Nowhere to run, demon.

Nowhere to hide.

You are mine.

Inferno just jumped to the Mystery Machine to escape the Undertaker.

Go, guys, go!

You won't escape the Undertaker that easy, demon.

As the other Superstars return to Terra firma, we're back to a road race for the home stretch of the Muscle Moto X.

You will both pay!

Ah! Oh! Ow!

With no competition in sight, the Mystery Machine finishes first.

I will not stop!

But, like, we will.

The demon is down, pummeled by pretzels!

And the Undertaker takes second place, piloting the Demon Rig!

Undertaker! Undertaker!

Brace yourselves, folks.

The Undertaker's about to deliver judgment.

That was the Last Ride.

It's over.

This is awesome!

That one was for Dusty.

It's not over!

And now you will... rest... in... peace.

Tombstone Piledriver!

Now, it's over.

Vintage Undertaker!

Yay! Yay!

What a way to finish the Muscle Moto X!

Now let's see who this really is.

Triple H?

We suspected it had to be a Superstar when the demon broke out of The Miz's wrestling hold.

But Triple H wasn't the mastermind behind all this, was he, Stephanie?

Oh, no.

You know what, Dad? I told you to fire them, but you never listen.

This is so heavy.

But we saw them both in the car during the races.

You thought you did, but you saw this.

An inflatable airbag dummy.

Then who was driving? Stephanie was.

With remote motion-control gear.

That way, she could drive while sitting in the passenger seat.

Meanwhile, Triple H could be Inferno and use the same motion-control system to drive the Demon Rig.

But it wasn't always Stephanie in the company car.

At the lake, it was Triple H.

That way Stephanie could be the demon in case anyone suspected her husband.

Sorry about this, honey.

Make it real, Steph.

What about the night their oil line got cut?

Why would they sabotage their own car?

Triple H wasn't intending to.

What he was doing was changing the airbags from the Triple H dummy to the Stephanie dummy.

That's why there was talcum powder on the ground.

But Shaggy and Scooby saw him...

Zoinks! he cut the oil line to cover his activities.

My plan would've worked, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your...

Your speedster dog!

Don't forget Taker.

Thank you, Scooby-Doo.

The only mystery left is, where did you go every time Inferno showed up?

Well, uh, to tell you the truth, I was practicing.

I planned to sing the national anthem at the closing ceremony tonight.

But what I want to know is, why, Stephanie? Why?

To win.

And to make Muscle Moto X a huge success.

Dad, I wanted to show you that I could do it all.

But I've always known that.

The only reason I didn't want you in the race is that I didn't want you to get hurt.

Well, I'm afraid this time, you're gonna have to pay for your mistakes, kiddo.

This must be kind of tough on you, Mr. McMahon.

I'm not worried. They'll learn their lesson.

And my lawyers will have this whole thing sorted out in 24 hours.

They're that darn good.

# O'er the land of the free

# And the home

# Of the brave #

Nailed it.

I heard you got plans for your winnings, Undertaker.


Thanks to my teammates, Skinny Man and Dead Meat and their pals, my little creatures of the night will now experience the magical art of puppetry.

And what are you guys doing with your share of the winnings?

Fair's fair.

It's going to Dusty Rhodes.

And his American dream.

Don't know how to thank you boys.

I've been so down, I couldn't even sleep.

Just spent the nights a-walking.

The good news is, it rehabbed my back and now I feel great.

Rusev and I have gift.

Like, don't you want to crush us?

In race, yes.

But is important to be good sport after competition.

Rusev hug!

Next year, we add sharks.

Today, the bell tolls to honor the triumph of Team Taker and all the WWE Superstars.

Victory is ours.