Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy (2014) Script

Hola, Daphanatics.

We're back with another episode of Jeepers! It's Daphne!

Later in the show, you'll get a sneak peak at my new modeling portfolio.

A lot of you keep posting videos or comments... asking me about my other career as a mystery-solving teen monster-buster.

Like this video from AlexSuperfan2112.

I heard that you're responsible for breaking up the greatest band in history... the Alex Super Experience. Is that true?

It sure is, AlexSuperfan2112.

It all started when the band accidentally conjured up the ghost of Mamba Wamba... a creepy voodoo witch doctor.

Oh, look. We have a live video chat.

- Hi, Daph. Hi, Fred.

Great show. I just wanted to point out that, as Velma has taught us again and again... there's no such thing as ghosts.

Mamba Wamba here only pretended to be an otherworldly witch doctor.

He was really a music producer who got performer Lila... to pretend to be a zombie in order to steal a potentially lucrative pop song.

Oh. Wait, what?

- Like, hey, Daph. Shaggy. Scooby.

But I think the musical case was the one with the green phantoms, wasn't it?

Oh, yeah. They were really Creeps and Crawls, a pair of crooked, aptly named lawyers. We were in a tight spot... but once again, Velma's brilliance solved a musical riddle and saved our lives.

Huh? I thought we were gonna see your modeling pics.

Oh, hi, Velma. Hi, Daphne.

Great show. Thanks.

Hey, I was just singing your brain's praises.

I know, I was watching. But that's just number crunching.

It's your personal magnetism that allows us to get close enough to bust these sociopaths.

Like this one. Remember Old Iron Face?

Oh, do I ever. He was actually café owner Mama Mione... masquerading as the ghost of a weird pirate or something... to help convicts escape from prison.

Wait, no. Like, you're thinking of Redbeard's Ghost.

Man, ugh, that dude was creepy.

Yeah, creepy.

That's right. At least, until we found out he was C.L. Magnus... a shipping magnate who was stealing from himself and pocketing the insurance.

Mm-hm, that's right.

Hi, Daphanatic. What's your question? Is it about my modeling pictures?

What? Oh, no, I just searched "Velma Dinkley," and this website came up.

I have an urgent message for her. My name is Cuthbert Crawley.

I'm a lawyer for her family. Lawyer? Family? Uh, ha, ha.

Clearly this is some sort of scam.

Scam? Velma.

Oh, Daph. The Internet isn't exactly the most reliable source of information.

Nobody checks anything. I mean, look at this.

A super suit? Please.

And with tiny agents that sit inside this thing?


Wait, you're saying that tiny special agents aren't real? But...

Velma, you're ruining my show.

Besides, the beauty of the Internet is the freedom of information.

And all the cool stuff you can buy too.

Velma, please. It's a family emergency.

You must come to my office as soon as possible.

I'm texting you my address.

Whoops. Looks like we lost him. Moving on.

He said it was an emergency. We need to meet him right away.

- We don't, Freddy. It's really okay. - Come on, gang. Time's a-wasting.

Well, Daphanatics, I guess that's all for now.

Keep liking me. Please.

Ooh, wait. What about the modeling pics?

Boy, it's great to have the gang back together. Let's go.

Fred, you really don't have to go to the trouble...

Nonsense. A road trip is what we all need.

Come on, gang. Let's go see this lawyer Crawley.

But, Fred, wait. Is the Mystery Machine even ready?

Is she ready?

She's ready.

Record time once again.

Oh, careful, gang. I just had her detailed and her flowers touched up.

Daph, fingerprints.

Let's keep her as shiny as we can for as long as we can.

I know it won't last forever, but I have to try.

I love you.

Mm. You are such a beauty.

Such a beauty. I love you.

Velma, you are the sole beneficiary of your great-great-uncle Baron Basil's estate.

Like, Mr. Crawley, when you said the candy was complimentary... do you mean it's, like, free?

Uh, yes.

As I was saying, due to an unusual proviso in the will... you, Velma, as the youngest member of the Dinkleys... inherit the entire property, including the castle in Transylvania.

Aah! Transylvania? Transylvania?

Uh, heh, I see. You needn't worry.

This castle isn't in Eastern Europe. It's in Transylvania, Pennsylvania.

It's a rural village of ethnic Transylvanians, who, like the Amish... choose to live in a more traditional 19th-century lifestyle.

The 19th century?

Well, you must be thrilled about this.

You'll be a woman of property and inherit all of your family's fortune.

I don't want anything to do with my great-great-uncle Basil.

They can give all of it away, for all I care.

Give it away? Why wouldn't you want it?

Perhaps that's just as well... considering all that talk about the supernatural curse hanging over the estate.

Curse? Curse? Oh, ho-ho-ho.

Yes. It's said that anyone who gets too close to the baron's legacy... will lose what they love the most and then be utterly destroyed.

Don't worry, we'll stay away from the baron's legacy... and his arm-acy and his foot-acy.

Wait a minute, Velma.

If you're related to a baron, that makes you royalty.

You could inherit a tiara.

Why wouldn't you want your inheritance? You don't believe in the curse, do you?

Of course I don't believe in the curse. You should know me better than that.

Just leave it alone, Fred.

Jeepers, Fred. What...?

I know every sound the Mystery Machine makes, and that is not one of them.

Everybody, down.

And if it wasn't for you meddling kids...

Clearly it was all just an elaborate hoax.

None of it seems to add up.

If it wasn't for you snooping around, I would have gotten away with it.

Another mystery solved.

We don't need you kids interfering.

Meddling around where you're not supposed to.

It was really just a disguise to throw us off the...

Fred, behind you.


You'll have all the time you need to think about that, at the state prison.

I have a hunch that this whole mystery is about to be solved.

I guess you'll be going away for a very long time.

And that explains why those spooky creeps were able to fly.

That guy's the worst parking-lot attendant in history.

That's no valet, Shaggy. That's the Ghost of the Baron...

Velma's old ancestor and the source of the curse I mentioned earlier.

Perhaps I should've been more forthcoming about the details.

Gee, you think?

"Stay away from Transylvania."

Don't worry, we wouldn't be caught dead in that town.

Sorry, Shaggy, but that is exactly where we're going.

Jeepers, Freddy, I don't know.

We've faced a lot of ghoulish creeps before, but this one just blew up the Mystery Machine.

And that's why we have to go, Daph.

Together we've brought down more than our share of villains... with nothing more than pluck, jerry-rigged traps... and a box of Scooby Snacks... and for no better reason than a love of justice and my van... and a knack for meddling and a love for my van.

Did you just say "van"? No. No, I didn't say "van."

But now we find the forces of evil have come to us.

Why? We don't know why. Who? We can't say.

But there is one thing we can say for certain.

What? They killed my van.

This time... This time it's personal.

But, like, without the Mystery Machine, how would we even get there?

The Transylvania Express.

Who'd have thunk there'd be a night train to a town I never heard of?

I love this train. Like, why?

Two words: snack bar.

Hoo-hoo-hoo. Yeah, at least they do have a snack bar.

And I don't mind if I do.

Garçon, we'll take as many hamburger platters that will fit on these trays.

And don't be afraid of stacking.

Sir, the Transylvanian Express offers... only a tasty array of traditional Carpathian delicacies.

Carpa... Huh? Uh, what?


What's this? What's what, Daph?

It's that teen mystery solver gossip site.

I thought there might be something about my modeling or whatever, but check this out.

"What blue-spectacled teen super sleuth is hiding a terrible family secret?

Hint: She wears orange knee socks every day."

Velma, that's you.

The truth is out on the Internet.

Well, it looks like my big secret is exposed.

I never wanted you guys to know.

Did you ever wonder why I'm so obsessed with debunking the supernatural?

We just always assumed it was something you fell into.

I was always curious about the attachment to orange knee socks.

Because you totally pull them off.


It's time you knew the truth.

My crusade of reason is the result of my deep, shameful family secret.

Like many émigré families, our original name was Americanized... when we disembarked at Ellis Island from the old country.

America. We are free, ah, ha!

You can't stop here. Move it along.

Name? Von Dinkenstein.

Von Dinkenstein?

Yes, I am the direct descendent of the infamous Dr. Von Dinkenstein.

Back in the old country, legend had it that he was the man who created a monster.

It was this story that inspired Mary Shelley to write her famous novel...


I don't believe that my ancestor ever succeeded in actually creating the monster, of course... but the fame created by Shelley's story haunted my family.

It caused a kind of madness in some of my relatives... who wished to achieve where my ancestors had failed.

Basil reclaimed the family name, and its occupation.

Guys. Did you even hear a word of what I just said?

Well, yeah. Your great-great-uncle Baron Basil Von Dinkenstein... went crazy trying to re-create the experiment.

"Baron's monster runs amok. Loss of income, blow to tourism."

Oh, that's on the Internet?

Well, never mind.

Yes, this is why I'm obsessed with solving supernatural phenomena... and exposing them as hoaxes.

And we all thought you just loved solving a good mystery.

Like, man, did you feel that?

Feels like the train just sped up to like a gazillion miles per hour.

If we hit that turn at this speed we'll be hurled from the tracks and plunged into the abyss below.

Like, oh, no. I wouldn't mind being plunged into a vat of pudding or macaroni and cheese... but not the abyss.

Please, anything but the abyss. Yeah.

We're not slowing down.

I kind of wish I'd gone easy on the goat's head and ketchup.

Oh, no. We're going to lose this car too.

Come on, everyone, we've gotta save these innocent people before they all die.

They might already be dead. Fred.

All right. Everybody move. Next car.

Shaggy, try to reach the engineer.

We've gotta slow down.

We're on it.

It's locked!

What? He said, it's locked.

Try knocking it down!

Try what? He said, try knocking it down.

What? Are you nuts?

What? He said, are you nuts?


You should have heeded my warning... for now you have incurred the Von Dinkenstein curse.

Each will lose what he loves most, and then complete destruction.

What was that?

Tell the conductor to slow the train down.

We're all gonna die. What?

He said, we're all gonna die.

It's all right, it's okay The Scooby gang will save the day Whoo! Yeah! Daphne... this is hardly the time to cheerlead. Wait. It is. Daphne's onto something.

It's working.

Now pull us in. It's working.

I always knew your cheerleading would come in handy one day, Daph.

Go, team! Whoa!

We're not out of this yet. Depot ahoy.

No time to lose.

No, no, no. No need to thank us.

We were just doing our job. It's more of a hobby, really, it's...

What is the meaning of destroying our train?

Not to mention our town clock. Well, I'm waiting.

Well, heh, heh, you see, the train...

Actually, sir, we just did this town and this train company a huge service... for saving so many lives.

You. Girl Von Dinkenstein.

I'd know those glasses anywhere.

No Von Dinkenstein is welcome in this town.

It was your uncle's monster did this to me.

Why did the monster replace your hand with a duster?

The monster took my hand. It was I who put the duster on.

The police barracks aren't going to clean themselves, you know.

Plus, it traps and locks the dust on the dirtiest things you could ever imagine.

Never lets go. Hee-hee.

Never lets go.

Like, I feel all sparkly. Huh.

Sparkly clean.

You can't blame Velma for something her uncle did.

Of course we can.

We blame her entire bloodline for the Von Dinkenstein curse.


Seriously? Seriously, young lady.

I'm Mr. Burger, the burgermeister of this town.

You're a burger? Burger?

One hundred percent.


I've never met a talking burger.

Ugh. Needs ketchup.

That's "burgermeister." It means "mayor."

Now, to answer your question, young lady.

Ever since the monster was destroyed, the baron's ghost has haunted us.

And now tourism is dead and our famed factory barely stays open.

What does this town make?

We are the premiere torch manufacturer in the northeast.

Yeah, vult premiere.

You make torches? Yeah.

Our burning pieces of wood are second to none.

Let me demonstrate.

Flame on.


Guh! You... all of you... come with me.

Um, guys, maybe we should do what this little man says.

It's hard to leave a giant burger behind, but, ha, ha, like, where's your car?

So, Mr. Guy-Who's-Driving-Us-Down- a-Deserted-Road-to-No-One-Knows-Where... we didn't quite catch your name.

Me, Iago.

All generations Von Dinkensteins have hunchback for servant.

Bad posture bring good luck.

Iago, you must know the family history.

Why does the Ghost of the Baron wear that metal mask?

Legend say on stormy November night, baron work on his experiment.

He been collecting parts for project many months from zoo cemetery... harbor... and less savory places.

He find creatures, mutants, cobbled together.

Him poised to finally give life to creation.

But much to Baron Von Dinkensteint chagrin... the villagers became apprised of what he was about to do.

They feared the worst, that such a creature, assembled from parts discarded... would not know compassion or empathy... and have only the capacity for wanton destruction.

The villagers put an end to both the doctor and his abomination.

So the monster was destroyed and the barons face permanently disfigured.

That is why he wore the metal mask.

But before he died years later... he vowed revenge and cursed the entire town... for all eternity!

Like, eternity, huh? Heh.

That's a long time.

Wait, a minute ago you spoke in grunts and "ughs."

When did you become so loquacious?

Uh, Iago no understand brainy-girl words. Muh.


Get a load of this grill, Scoob.

I wish we had it on the train, because that face could stop a...

That's... That's a nice face.

That's a very, very nice "face" face.

Good evening, and welcome to Von Dinkenstein Castle.

We are so glad to have you.

That's quite a squeak. I've got some DW-40 in the...

Eh. Oh, never mind.

For our safety.

Like, what if we want to leave?

Come and find me. I have the only key.

Now, Von Dinkenstein girl...

Actually, it's "Dinkley." And it's "Velma."

And this is Daphne, Fred, Shaggy and Scooby.

I am Mrs. Vanders, the housekeeper here at Castle Von Dinkenstein.

I will show you to your rooms.

Follow closely. The darkness can be treacherous.

These old floorboards sure are squeaky.

Dude, it seems like this place is being held up with cobwebs. Heh.

I hope that is not a comment on my housekeeping skills.


No, no, no.

Like, we... We love cobwebs. Don't we, Scoob?

They're just, uh... It's just a really...

It's very European.

Where's Inspector Krunch's duster when you need it?

Ha, ha. You, Von Dinkenstein girl... did you say something you'd like to share with the group?

Nope. Nothing at all.

And again, it's "Dinkley," not "Von Dinkenstein."



With all these lights, your gas bill must be enormous.

Nein, the castle was built on a natural-gas resource.

We have all the gas we need.

Ha, ha. Yes, you do. Ha, ha. Ha, ha.

Did you say something?

Uh, nope. Nope.


Aah! Yikes!

Like, something invisible is playing the organ.

The only invisible things I know of are ghosts.

Only a trick of the wind.

And it is my favorite song.

This can be your room, Von Dinkenstein girl.

It's "Dinkley," and I don't think this will work.

Whoops. That one is certain death. These doors all look alike.

Perhaps you wish another room? The ones across the hall are available.

We do have bats that tend to screech around the clock.

I'm sure that would be irritating... if it wasn't being drowned out by Shaggy and Scooby's chattering teeth.

Otherwise, I'm sure you will be comfortable.

Now, let me show you to the crown jewel of the castle.

The laboratory.

My great-great-uncle certainly didn't do anything halfway.

Let's get a closer look at this place.

Uh, if we get close enough, will it be behind us?

Look at these notebooks.

Actually, Scoob and I will take a closer look... hee-hee, inside the freezer for snacks.

Mm. This is more like it. Halt.

Before you go any further, I must inform you of two facts.

One, these parts are not food.

They are the parts the baron rejected for his creature.

Zoinks. Like, what's the other fact?

That at which you sit is not a table.

Like, a real-life Frankenstein. Aah!

Just to clarify, Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.

It's scarier than Frankenstein. It's a regular Frankencreep.

That's catchy.

Sometimes I don't know why I talk at all.

It looks like a hodge-podge of various monsters.

Part scaly, part furry, and all ugly.

At least what we can see through this hazy block of ice is.

Now you can see why I keep the castle temperature... somewhat low.

It can't be real. It can't.

It couldn't be true, could it?

If the monster is real, then my entire world view is called into question.

This monster must be a fake.

And I'll prove it.

I'll re-create the baron's supposed life-imbuing experiment from his own notes.

When the ice is melted and the experiment fails, the hoax will be revealed.

My core hypothesis that monsters are fake will be vindicated.

I don't totally understand your goal.

But, Velma, you yourself told us how many of your ancestors were driven crazy... by this monster obsession.

I am not obsessed.

I am the opposite of obsessed.

I'll be proving monsters don't exist.

The opposite of what my ancestors were attempting.

Do I need to define "opposite" for you? Well, I guess if you think it's safe.

I know what I'm doing.

Everyone out so I can get to work.

Except you, Iago. I'll need an assistant.

Someone who can help me with this antique science equipment.

Wow, a Strickfaden electrowheel.

I've kept these machines clean and in good repair for decades. See?

Notice how the gyroscope spins, spinning slowly.

Look closely.

Very closely.

Listen to that growling. It sounds sinister.

It is. It's mine and Scooby's stomachs.

We haven't eaten in like 20 minutes.

And, like, the constant state of sheer terror makes you hungry.

Like, really hungry. Even I could go for a bite.

I anticipate your every need. Aah!

Please try a traditional dish of our homeland.

Is it gluten-free? Does it have hydrogenated oils?

And it's not shellfish, right? Because I'm allergic.

Racituri is all-natural, organic... jellied pigs feet.

It's a little chewy for me. But thank you anyway.

You might find more fare to your liking at the festival that's going on in the village.

There's a festival at night? Eh.

Yeah, we might dig the fare down at the fair.

Come on, gang. I'll drive us down to the village in the Myste...

We could walk. It's better for the environment.

We leave a smaller carbon footprint. Not with Scooby's paws, we won't.


Welcome to the torch festival.

Hmm. There don't seem to be many out-of-towners... at your fair, Burgermeister Burger.

That is because your friend's family's madness has cursed this town, Fräulein.

But please, make yourselves welcome.

Ah! Hey.

Uh, what's a gogosi?

I may not speak Transylvanian, but I know a doughnut when I see one.

Like, count us in.

He eats like one of us.

Eat, dog boy. Eat like the wind.

I'm gonna need some more chocolate sauce and powdered sugar down here.

Never has one man swallowed so many gogosi.

Even the ones with fish eggs.

I ate fish eggs?

This is adorable.

Could I see this in a size two?

Fräulein, at the very least you're an acht.

An acht? Heh. An eight? I don't think so.

Ja, and here's the only one in that size.

Jeepers, it does fit.

What? I'm an acht?

And what's going on with my hair?

This frizz. I use a sulfate-free smoothing shampoo.

What is happening?

You have prevailed in scarfing down, by the thousands... our culture's signature treat.

To reward you, we present you with our signature garb.

Two sets of traditional lederhosen.

The short leather pant is durable and allows for freedom of movement... while the suspenders hold them up for secure fit.

And they have all the traditional embellishments.

A latzbund, die messersack, and even a schlitzfleck.

Like, man, these threads are out of sight. Ha, ha.

They sure do take the cake. Or should I say "the gogosi"?

"You've got a torch in Transylvania."

Ha-ha-ha. That's rich.

This bumper sticker would be perfect on the Mystery Machine's bumper, if...

I guess not.

Everything reminds me of her.

She would've loved this antenna ball.

And here is the grand prize.

Look, Scoob. It's you and me made out of sausage.

A delicious blutenwursten... a Transylvanian blood sausage, the signature cured meat of our culture.

It must be eaten immediately.

Like, no problem there, Mr. Burgermeister.

We love anything made into sausage.

Ah. Okay, here we go. First big bite.

I'm not hungry. Me neither.

Hmm? I'm sorry, Mr. McBurgermeister.

This, like, never happens, but Scoob and I are totally full.

We couldn't eat another bite.

You reject the blutenwursten?


That is the greatest insult. No, it's not an insult.

It's a compliment. We can't eat your signature cured meat... because we're so full of your signature treat.

Yeah, yeah. Complimented.

It's the greatest insult, indeed.

Like, gulp.

Unh. Fred. Oh, hey, Shaggy.

Is this the saddest day or what? We're in big trouble.

We can't eat the blutenwursten and now an angry mob is after us.

Hey, don't worry. We'll just hightail it back to the Mystery Machi...


Oh, boy, he's still thinking about the van.

We need to find Daphne and get out of here.


Sorry, Scooby. Whoa.

Zoinks. Daph, did you do something with your hair?

Hmph. Daphne?

Oh, Freddy, don't look at me.

You've gotta hand it to them, this town really makes great torches.

They stay lit in the rain.

Quickly, you come.

Iago take you to castle now.

Iago, you saved us.

Not save you. You save her. Her.

Who? Your friend.

Her mind gone.

Velma now insane.

Stand back, everyone. I'm gonna break this door down. Unh!

That door is solid oak, too thick for even Shaggy's head.

Velma. Velma. Please let us in.


Aah! Your hair.

I mean, it's not that bad.

Come in, come in.

You're just in time for my greatest triumph.

You mean you've debunked the legend of the Von Dinkenstein monster?

Wrong. Just the opposite.

I am now convinced that the baron was right. He was a genius.

This monster can be brought to life.

It will live.

But, like, Velma, your whole life is about rejecting the supernatural... and magic and all that weirdness.

This isn't weirdness.

This is science.

We saw the strange lights in the castle.

We know shenanigans are afoot.

We demand to be let in. Heh-heh-heh.

No. I won't let you stand in the way of science.

We'll put a stop to you and your creature.

Let the ramming begin.

Iago, quickly, the generator.

Turn on the centrifuge.

Now the humidifier.

No! No more moisture!

I can't take it.

My hair!

Raise the platform.

Is everyone okay?

Like, let me check.

Fred, okay.

Daphne, looking a little weird.

Velma, ho-ho, totally nuts.


Ooh. Iago stubbed toe.

Iago, stubbed toe.

Von Dinkenstein's monster... ah, a little bit of freezer burn, I think.


It's alive.


It's alive. Really?

Don't worry. I've got an iron-reinforced net in the back of the Mystery Mach...

Dang it. You're really not moving on, are you?

I feel oddly not afraid.

Yeah, me too.

Like, hi there, Mr. Frankencreep.

You must be hungry.

Have a Scooby Snack.

It always makes us feel better.

It sure does.

No, thanks. I'm good.

Phew, he really stinks, huh? Just as well he can't see himself in a mirror, because he's pretty hideous too. Heh.

No, don't turn away.

Look at yourself. You're beautiful.

Lucky we brought our torches. Let's get him.

You fools. You've ruined everything.


Jinkies, Daphne. You look terrifying.


I'm hideous.

No, don't turn away.

Look at yourself. You're beautiful.

Really? No.

You are a monster, Velma.

Heh. You've got to find my creation, Fred. Find it before those fools do.

I'm sorry, but without the Mystery Machine, I'm no monster trapper.

I'm nothing. Jinkies.

Don't worry, Velma. Scooby and I will find him for you.

You will? You're volunteering to go after a monster? To go toward the danger?


Great, I'll get the Scooby Snacks.

No, thanks. Not hungry. Huh?

Without the Mystery Machine...

I'm useless as a mystery-solver.

And as a man.

I'm just nothing without my machine.

Vroom. Vroom.

Look at her go.


I warned you and your friends not to interfere.

Now you have brought the curse down upon your heads.

Each of you will lose what you hold most dear.

Is that why I've lost my looks?

Is this because I'm cursed?

Jeepers, a secret tunnel.

And it looks pretty creepy.

But anything beats a thousand mirrors on a bad hair day.

Hey, Scoob, I don't know how to explain it, but I'm feeling sort of, heh, brave.

Yeah, me too.

Like, even that shadow of the Frankencreep doesn't scare me.

Oh, right. Let's get him, Scoob.

Shake a leg and count to three This ain't no disparity Just a tip that it's worth knowing Don't just be terrified All you do is run and hide Best to get the party going Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah It's about...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Do the Transylvania polka

Do the Transylvania polka Velma, you got here fast.

Yeah. And in this dress too.

Well, it looks like our work here is done.

Not quite.

Hey, where am I, anyway? Oof.

Wow, look at all this stuff.

These could come in handy. So could this.

And I know just how to use it.

Who left all this old mining equipment here?

Wait a minute. This stuff doesn't look old at all.

Jeepers, there's something going on here that doesn't quite meet the eye.

So you've stumbled upon my secret, have you?

A pity you won't be able to tell anyone about it.

Daphne. Sounds like it's coming from... Aah! here.

Keep cool, Fred. Think.

These old air vents connect every room in the castle.

But based on that echo and air density... mm, and moisture...

Daphne must be in some kind of subterranean cave or tunnel.

Hang on, Daph! I'm coming!

Morning, Shaggy.

Ah. Morning, Scoob. Oh.

That's weird. I don't remember going to bed.

So, Velms, I stopped falling out of bed like months ago.

Why do you have us strapped in here?

Don't worry. I've deduced that the monsters brain is defective.

I just need to provide some additional cerebral material to correct the problem.

Oh, I see. Brains. Like, that makes sense.

Wait. Where you gonna get brains?

But, like, why do you need both our brains?

According to my calculations, between the two of you... you almost have one entire brain.

I must say, you're taking this rather well.

Well, Velma, you know I always say... there's no point in getting all bent out of shape over every little...

Zoinks. Ha, ha. Like, our new outfits.

Oh. Actually, I feel a little better. Me too.

Those things were a tight fit.

Shaggy, I'm hungry.

Oh, boy. Like, all of a sudden I'm pretty starving myself, buddy old pal.

Iago, bring me the brain extractor.

Yeah, Iago. Like, a good assistant would've anticipated that she needed the brain...

What am I saying?

You are trapped, Fräulein.

I don't think so, you grimy ghost.

I told you, you would never escape. Heh, heh.

Hey, baron, guess again.

I'm gonna clean your clock.

Freddy, look out!

You will lose this fight.

Just as you lost your precious Mystery Machine.

Fred, get up.

I... I'm sorry, Daphne, I...

Don't do it for me, Fred.

Do it for her.

This isn't over.

Wow, I didn't think I could do it without the Mystery Machine... but I guess I could do it for her.

Oh, Freddy, you're my Mystery Machine.

I'm just so sorry the curse has given you such a damaged damsel to rescue.

You mean the Mystery Mach...? No, Fred. Me.

I look so awful.

You're kidding. I didn't even notice.

You always look great to me, Daphne.

Really? Aw.


Freddy, look at the baron's cape.

This fabric is a synthetic blend.

I'd recognize it anywhere.

This should be real silk. Hmm.

So maybe the baron isn't a baron at all.

Maybe he's not even a ghost.

Hold on. Aah!

Please, Velma, don't take our brains.

We need what little we have.

No, mistress. It wrong to take brains.


Get ready to make your contribution to the greatest scientific accomplishment ever.

Are you all right, Daph?

Well, the good news is this dirndl doesn't look any worse covered in two inches of dirt.

And the bad news is we're sealed in tight.

Here, maybe if we... work together.

Gosh, all this digging is making me dizzy.

Sealed in, airtight.

Getting woozy.

Gotta dig through the...

Before we... Oh.

Fred! Oh!

Freddy? Oh, no.

Okay, Scoob, what's the number-one thing we're good at?

Uh, running away? Hiding?

Yes. But there's something else that we're, like, really good at.

Eating. Yes. You know us too well.

Tastes like chicken.


Get them.

Don't worry, Freddy. I'm gonna get us out of here.

Wow, jeepers, I'm getting a little woozy.


Wait, not "ouch"?

That didn't hurt at all.

Jeepers, I'm bleeding... air.

What? How...?

This dirndl has an inflatable suit built into it.

Fred, I'm still the same Daphne.

Oh, and also, we won't suffocate.

We have fresh air.

Perfect timing.

My hideous dress just ran out of air.

Ugh. I've gotta get out of this awful thing. Blech.

Library. Yeah, Scoob, it's the library.

And since old Tall, Scaly and Horrible doesn't have a brain... he probably doesn't have a library card either.

But just in case, we'd better find every single secret entrance and barricade it.

Yeah, yeah.



We did it, Scoob. Ha, ha.

Scooby, did we lock the door?

Fred, Daphne.

Shaggy. Oh.

Like, are we ever glad to see you guys. Ha, ha.

Let's get out of here. No. I'm tired of running.

I say we face down our fiendish foes once and for all.

Right on.

Why? Wait.

The baron! The monster!


Come with me if you wanna live.

Velma, I can't let you get my brain. It took me too long to get my hair just right.

No time. Hurry.

Gas is everywhere into the tunnels and seeping up into the castle.

We must flee the gas.

Natural gas. That's why I passed out so fast.

But wait, isn't natural gas...? Explosive.

We've got to get out of here right now, Freddy.

I was working on something.

It's a slim chance, but, uh...


Fred, we'll, like, never get a cab down here.

Oh, Shaggy. Fred can't be hailing a taxi. Use your brain.

I am, I am. Totally still using it.

I'm sorry I tried to take your brains, guys.

I think I was hypnotized by a device... disguised to look like an antique Strickfaden electrowheel.

Uh, that's okay. Yeah, Velma.

Like, that could happen to anybody.

Well, what do you know? It worked.

Gang, presenting the all-new Mystery Machine.

Hyah! Hyah!

And the amazing thing is... this gets better mileage than the old Mystery Machine.

Maybe you shouldn't mention the Mystery Machine, Fred.

That's okay, Velma. The Mystery Machine is still alive in here.

Hurry, Fred.

If something were to ignite this gas, this whole place will blow up.

Yeah, but, like, what could ignite it?

Oh, no.

That poor Von Dinkenstein girl and all her friends, kaput.

The Von Dinkenstein curse, it is no more. Woo-hoe!

Our plan, it worked. Success.


Vroom. Vroom.

Huh? What...?

Vroom. Vroom.

No. The curse.

It can't really be true.

No! Somebody help me! Somebody help me!

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

No, nein, impossible.

You, you leave me alone.

The curse, the curse. The Dinkenstein curse. Ha-ha-ha!

Ooh. Like, make us a snack.

Yeah, a snack.

Shaggy, I'm hungry. Get us a pizza and some ice cream.

Ha-ha-ha! Or pay the consequences. Aah! Aah! Aah!

All aboard.

Got them.

We're not moving.


Wait, let us out!

Open this door right now!

You, it was you all along.

They tricked us.

But how? Easy.

Looks like our work here is done.

Zoinks, like, don't speak too soon, Daph.

Iago, you were the monster? No.

And it's not "Iago."

It's Federal Agent Schmidlap from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Three weeks ago, one of our experimental exoskeletons... designed to increase the strength of the infantrymen of the future... was stolen from one of our research labs.

I traced it to this town and went undercover in hopes of ferreting it out.

Go ahead, guys.

Wait, you were the monster in the lab?

No, not me.

It was Burgermeister.

But that's impossible.

He was with Scooby and me when we were, oh-ho-ho... chasing the Frankencreep.

Ah, but that's because someone else was dressed like the Frankencreep at the time.

This is one mystery that doesn't have a culprit. It has a conspiracy.

Right. And that's why they hypnotized you, Velma.

Hypnotized? Who hypnotized you and why?

And how did Scooby and I become brave, not to mention full?

Like, that was the weirdest feeling in the world.

Wait, wait. Most importantly, how on earth did I end up in an inflatable suit?

Okay, maybe not most importantly, but I'd sure like to know. Spill.

First of all, I didn't solve this mystery. Fred had it figured out right away.

I did? I mean, I did. I did. Uh, could you explain how I did?

You said it when the Mystery Machine exploded.

"This time it's personal." And it was.

A personal attack on the Scooby gang.

Cuthbert Crawley?

Why would your family lawyer want to destroy us?

He's not my family lawyer. I'd never seen him before.

He's really Cuthbert Crawls, the partner of Cosgoode Creeps.

They were those creepy attorneys that haunted the Beauregard Sanders Mansion... as the green ghosts.

What kind of a ghost would travel hundreds of miles to haunt a lawyer's office, anyway?

He wasn't there to scare us off. He was there to draw us in.

Everyone knows we can't resist a mystery.

The so-called barons curse was supposed to take away the things we cared about most.

The first victim? The Mystery Machine.

The next victim was Daphne... who started puffing up thanks to her shellfish allergy.

She had no way of knowing that she was also slipping into its built-in inflatable suit.

And next up were Scooby and Shaggy, whose suits were also rigged... but with acupuncture needles concealed carefully inside.

The pressure points not only suppressed hunger... they also created a false sense of courage... giving them the confidence to chase after the monster.

As for me, I was hypnotized by Mrs. Vanders... into believing I could recreate my uncle's experiment.

Which I did. At least, enough to create a diversion.

A diversion for one of the conspirators dressed as the Frankencreep... to switch places with the lifeless dummy.

They sure went to a lot of trouble to scare us off.

But what was the treasure they were trying to scare us off from?

This time, it wasn't about money.

It was about us.

Huh? But why? Who would do such a thing?

We don't even know these people.

Don't be so sure.

C.L. Magnus.?

Yes, the shipping magnate who masqueraded as Redbeard's Ghost.

And as for our mysterious gypsy...


Yes. Aspiring pop singer Lila, who was one of Mamba Wamba's zombies.

That means this is no housekeeper.

Mama Mione?

Mama Mione?

You were, like, a criminal gang leader pretending to be Old Iron Face.

Jeepers, of course.

I should've recognized that mask.

I guess even criminals recycle.

You get it? Recycle.

Who would've thought there'd be a conspiracy of people determined to destroy us?

Are you kidding?

Everyone you've ever busted wants revenge.

We were turning people away in droves.

We fiended each other on the Scooby Gang Revenge social-networking page.

You wouldn't believe how many yikes it gets on a daily basis.

It took us months, but once we found out about Dinkley's family... we pooled our resources and bought the castle.

Then we slowly insinuated ourselves into the town with our chosen identities.

Imagine our joy when we discovered the natural-gas pockets under the estate.

The castle became one enormous death trap.

And we would've gotten our revenge on you meddling kids.

If it weren't for you meddling kids.

One thing I still don't get.

Once you discovered the gas, why didn't you just sell the land?

Huh? I mean, if you sold the rights... to the natural gas under the castle you'd be rich beyond your wildest dreams.


Why? Why? That would've been a good thing to do.

Like, you were so greedy for revenge, you forgot to be greedy for money.

Jeepers, Velma, you've really won the villagers over.

I guess they really appreciate you proving once and for all... that there's no such thing as the Von Dinkenstein curse.

Maybe. Or it could have something to do with my giving them the land rights... to the natural gas. Huh? You what?

It's the least I could do after what my ancestors put them through.

Well, gang, the wagon's all set to go.

It should only take us about 27 hours to get to the next town.

Not so fast, Fred. The Department of Defense really appreciates all of your help in recovering the prototype. And... well, we have a little surprise for you.

The Mystery Machine!


I thought I'd never see you again.

Oh, come to Papa. Mwah.

Oh, for the love of...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fred, uh, why don't you take her for a spin?

You may find a few hidden extras on her courtesy of the Department of Defense.

Come on, gang. Let's get this show on the road.

Yeah. Yeah.

There's just one last thing I don't understand, Velma.

How did you know the curse was a fake?

Easy, Daphne. The baron's curse said that the victims would lose... what they love the most and then be utterly destroyed.


Guys, don't you see?

Of all the things we lost, beauty, confidence, the joy of eating, logic... none of it was what we loved the most.

We love each other the most.


That's nice.


Acupuncture or no acupuncture...

I can't believe we ever passed up on this awesome blutenwursten.

I know. Hee-hee.

It's delicious.

You know, Scoob, one thing this little adventure did teach me... was that we can be just as brave as anyone.


And from now on, you and I will be the fearless furry twosome.

Deal. Ha!

That's odd. I've never noticed this button before.

It must be one of the surprises that Agent Schmidlap mentioned.

Let's see what it does. Oh, Freddy, I don't know about that.

What the heck? Go for it.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.

That's it?

But there's so many unanswered questions.

I mean, what about this?

Shaggy is wearing underwear in this scene, but moments later, he's wearing pants.

Where did he get them from? Are we expected to believe that this is real?

Does he have magic pants?


And what about this?

The train engine smashes into the tower clock in this scene, but later... ba-da-boom, its working again? Clearly this is a mistake, right?

And what about the train engine?

It went up in smoke, but later again... bam, there it is. Please.

Bogus. Are we expected to swallow all of this nonsense and believe...?

What? Hey, you just can't... What the...?